bluelightI have monitored the channel for four days and have yet to see signs of life. A responce of some kind would at least let me know I have it working right !19:45
starcraftmanbluelight: oops, hi.19:59
starcraftmanWhat can I do for ya? If your here for open week, that's in #ubuntu-classroom, connect with lernid19:59
bluelightI just read about irc and loaded the program and set it up. I don't really know what it about. Just trying to learn something new20:01
starcraftmanbluelight: looking for support? Problem with ubuntu?20:02
starcraftmanbluelight: openweek ongoing if you want to learn some new things > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek20:02
starcraftmanLil bit more than just beginner stuff though.20:02
bluelightstarcrraftman: no problems to speak of for a beginner. I am trying to follow the ubuntu help guide and I am learning but it is slow20:04
pleia2bluelight: this channel is primarily used for writing coursework to be taught in classroom20:04
starcraftmanpleia2: carefully disguised with the enticing hash ubuntu-learning. :)20:05
pleia2we've all been pretty busy lately getting prepared for the developers summit next week where we'll be discussing redeveloping our process, so there hasn't been much activity here20:05
pleia2starcraftman: we link our wiki page in the /topic! :)20:05
bluelightSorry, I'll find another channel20:06
starcraftmanbluelight: if you care for it, pop over to #ubuntu-beginners probably better for just learning.20:06
pleia2bluelight: you'll probably want to check out #ubuntu for support20:06
pleia2and Ubuntu Open Week that starcraftman linked is great :) that's happening in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat20:06
bluelightthank you20:07

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