humphreybcthe schedule for UDS is up at summit.ubuntu.com00:42
godbykMy lulu order has just been shipped out.  Yay!02:10
humphreybcthat must mean mine has too02:26
humphreybcwhere do you  check?02:26
humphreybcmine is still "Fulfilling"02:28
humphreybcprobably coz I ordered two02:28
humphreybcI think I went with one day shipping02:29
humphreybcMartin doesn't leave till saturday night02:29
* IlyaHaykinson waves06:24
jcisioI have a question: how do I get ss uploaded by quockshot?06:25
jcisioI looked into the ubuntu-manual-screenshots project, but it's empty06:26
IlyaHaykinsoni'm afraid you'll need to ask ubuntujenkins06:27
jcisioI'll ask on the mailing list06:30
IlyaHaykinsonsorry i'm not of much help.06:30
jcisioI wanted to search, but it's not searchable06:30
IlyaHaykinsoni think there's a screenshot server, where it'll upload the screenshots06:30
IlyaHaykinsonbut i don't know the process06:30
IlyaHaykinsongodbyk may also know enough to help.06:31
jcisioI see this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-screenshots06:31
godbykWhat's up?06:31
jcisiohi godbyk06:32
godbykHey, jcisio.06:32
jcisioDo you know how to incorporate screenshots into the manual?06:32
jcisioI couldn't find the uploaded ss nowhere06:32
godbykubuntujenkins will pull the screenshots for a translation and place them in the lucid-e1 branch. Then they'll be automatically incorporated into the manual when I next compile it.06:33
godbykjcisio: Which language are you working on?06:33
jcisioand what if I want to test now?06:33
godbykYou can see the progress of the screenshots here: http://screenshots.ubuntu-manual.org/06:34
godbykSince the Vietnamese screenshots are done, it looks like you should be able to download a zip file of all of them.06:34
jcisiogreat, thanks I'll download it06:34
godbykIf you drop them into the screenshots/vi/ directory and compile ubuntu-manual-vi.pdf, it should pull them in automatically.06:34
godbykDon't upload the screenshots to the branch, though.06:34
godbykubuntujenkins checks over them manually to make sure they're all okay first.06:35
godbykBut you can at least compile a local copy that way.06:35
godbykIt looks like there's a ways to go yet on the Vietnamese translation, too.06:36
jcisiothere's someone who translated the whole manual himself, we'll commit it into LP in a day or two06:40
godbykOh, wow!06:40
godbykThat's a lot of text to translate by themselves.06:41
godbykWe're going to have a meeting on Thursday to better define the process for releasing the translated editions.06:41
godbykBut the basic plan at this point is to assign an editor to each translation.06:42
jcisioone error when I compile the manual: the first time it returns error, I create manually an empty ubuntu-manual-vi.txt, it is ok then06:42
godbykThe editor will handle proofreading (others can help, of course), make sure the layout and design looks okay (I can help tweak things if needed), and give us the final word on when it's ready to be released.06:42
godbykjcisio: Can you paste the .log file contents to http://paste.ubuntu.com/? I'll take a look for you.06:43
godbykI don't recall if I've set up the Vietnamese fonts and whatnot yet.06:43
jcisiook I'll paste it, I worked on another computer06:46
jcisiohowever there a few missing images06:46
jcisio57 in screenshots/en, but only 48 in vi06:47
jcisiofor example 01-ubuntu-login.png is missing by Quickshot06:47
godbykI think a few screenshots are just copies of the English versions.06:48
godbykI'm not sure which ones, though.06:48
godbykI think a few screenshots are just copies of the English versions.06:51
godbykI'm not sure which ones, though.06:51
=== jcisio_ is now known as jcisio
jcisiogodbyk, http://paste.ubuntu.com/427434/07:04
godbykjcisio: Hmm.. I'm not sure what that error means.  po4a is complaining about something.07:06
jcisiothen I do this http://paste.ubuntu.com/427436/07:08
jcisiorecompile, and it fails07:08
jcisiothen a "make clean", recompile, and this time it's ok07:08
jcisiodon't know why07:08
godbykWell, the po4a-translate line is what generates the .tex file.07:09
godbykThe .tex file contains the source (all of the text).07:09
jcisiook, I just report that, now I can compile, it's ok lol (the first time when I compiled en_US it's ok, too), so it's po4a problem07:11
godbykpo4a is kind of finicky sometimes.07:12
jcisiothe last question: is it normal that there are plenty of Warning? Will it pass the QA?07:12
jcisiouh no, another question, as you said about the font07:14
jcisioVietnamese fonts are not good in the manual07:14
jcisiosome capital characters are converted to lowercase07:15
godbykjcisio: It looks like I haven't set up any Vietnamese fonts yet.07:15
godbykjcisio: I'm open to suggestions if you have some in mind that would look good in a book.07:15
jcisioI think any Unicode font should be ok07:16
jcisioI think we will have some idea once we finish the translation07:18
ubuntujenkinsmorning all07:19
ubuntujenkinsjcisio: how can i help you?07:19
godbykjcisio: It looks like our current font *should* support all of the Vietnamese characters.07:21
humphreybcubuntujenkins: Luke, I just approved SunK to the Quickshot team. He's been doing python for about two years and is keen to help out.07:21
SunKhey ubuntujenkins07:21
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: yust saw it :-)07:21
ubuntujenkinshey SunK welcome along to quickshot I have a few pages for you to read. If I can remerbr the factoids07:22
quickshotdevsThe main development focus for the gui can be viewed by doing "bzr branch lp:quickshot"  . The server source is "bzr branch lp:quickshot/server ".  You can browse it here https://code.launchpad.net/quickshot07:22
quickshotdevsThe Quickshot code base tries to follow some conventions  a list of them is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/style .07:22
ubuntujenkinsSunK: If you have a read of those, what would you like to do?07:23
quickshotdevsThe new design idea can be found here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5012868/quickshot-ui.odp . This is just a guide of how Quickshot might look in the next release.07:23
SunKoh yeah style guides07:23
ubuntujenkinsthere thats it I think I forget the links all the time so I made a bot :-)07:23
ubuntujenkinsThe new design is what we aim to create this time. some more of our aims are on this page  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/next-release-plan07:25
SunKI would prefer the backend stuff07:25
ubuntujenkinsso not the gui, but the code behind it right?07:26
jcisiohey ubuntujenkins, problem solved by godbyk :)07:26
ubuntujenkinsok jcisio07:26
godbykjcisio: It looks like I need to set up a couple extra thing for Vietnamese so that the type renders correctly (especially with the positioning of the accents).07:26
ubuntujenkinsSunK: few team members  to meet hemanth and Red_HamsterX are the onl  ones on line at the moment. Red_HamsterX deals with the server stuff07:27
jcisionot only accents, but also fonts07:27
SunKoh ic07:27
jcisiocheck it out at http://jcisio.com/upload/ubuntu-manual-vi.pdf07:27
ubuntujenkinsSunK: Have a look at the main branch lp:quickshot and familirize your self with it07:27
jcisiolook at header of page 807:28
SunKwill get on that07:28
jcisiosome capital characters (those with accents) are in lowercase07:28
godbykjcisio: Give me just a couple minutes and I'll take a look at them.07:29
jcisiowhen I do LaTeX in Vietnamese, I use this: \usepackage[utf8]{vietnam}\usepackage{lmodern}07:29
ubuntujenkinsSunK: we haven't done much since the last release mostly as I have exams for a while but there is plenty to do. humphreybc is doing some mock ups of the design to amke it easiery to make07:30
humphreybcSunK: if you know anything about web application development, we could use some help in the very near future for a project we're going to start soon07:31
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: don't nab him :)07:31
SunKI have playing around with django for a while07:31
SunKnothing fancy though07:31
humphreybcubuntujenkins: hehe07:32
humphreybcthis would be an HTML5, CSS, javascript thing I would think07:32
godbykjcisio: We're using XeLaTeX and polyglossia.07:32
godbykjcisio: Can you point out a couple spots where the capital letters have been malformed?07:34
jcisio ắ ầ   ớ  .07:34
jcisiooh no, copy paste from pdf shows weird things07:35
godbykThat's okay.07:35
godbykYou're looking at the small-caps in the running head?07:35
godbykThe manual title at the top of the even-numbered pages?07:35
jcisiobut in the header (p.8 for example), all letters with accents are in lowercase instead of SMALLCAP07:35
godbykOkay. I'm guessing we don't have small-caps versions of those characters.07:36
godbykI'll file a bug against the font.07:36
godbykIf we can't get them soon enough, we can check other fonts.07:36
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: am i alright to add the el gl and de screenshots to lucid-e1?07:50
godbykubuntujenkins: Sure, go ahead.07:50
godbykLemme know when you're done. I've got a couple things to push to that branch, too.07:51
ubuntujenkinsok will do07:51
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: pushed r 82507:54
godbykubuntujenkins: thanks07:54
ubuntujenkinsthat is all the complete langauges as far  screenshots are concerned07:55
godbykI just pushed updated translations.07:59
SunKubuntujenkins, humphreybc thanks guys...I'm all setup now08:10
humphreybcfor anyone wondering what we do in New Zealand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoW7boJbkkg08:23
ubuntujenkinsSunK: cool08:24
ubuntujenkinsSunK: the code is very messy at the moment last release was a rush to get a working program this release is a rewrite from scratch pretty much08:30
humphreybcskinny jeans to UDS or no?08:33
SunKubuntujenkins: oh08:33
SunKubuntujenkins: I was just looking at some of the code08:34
ubuntujenkinswe will be reusing allot of it, some just needs making better, putting in different places. Comments need to be improved an such like08:34
SunKtime for me to hit the sack...getting late here08:35
SunKwill be back...ciao08:35
ubuntujenkinsok night SunK I am around day time utc so shout when you are next on08:35
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: you know the groundcontrol swirl we were talking about well..........08:37
humphreybcubuntujenkins: yeah?08:43
ubuntujenkinswe need one thats about 60 x 60 pixels if you stumble across one. Or get bored an feel like designing one :)08:44
ubuntujenkinsthe ground control ones are tiny08:44
humphreybcknowing Martin, they'll be vector based SVGs08:44
ubuntujenkinsthey svgs but they look silly huge08:45
humphreybci'll work something out :)08:45
ubuntujenkinsthanks have a look at ground control to see what they look like its made of 8 image08:45
thorwilhumphreybc: no jeans, business suit with tie, if you don't want to be off-beat!08:50
humphreybcI don't own a suit, or a tie!08:53
humphreybcthe nicest thing I have is a sports jacket, with some dark boot cut jeans and a shit underneath. I don't have suits or any of that shiz08:54
thorwilhumphreybc: now seriously, i saw a lot of 3rd rate t-shirts, jeans, sandals ... but too bad you can't go for a partner look with doctormo ;)08:55
humphreybci thought i saw no suits in the videos i've seen of UDS'08:56
humphreybcMartin and I shall be juxtaposed beautifully08:56
thorwila google wave wannabe written in python: http://pygowave.net/  too bad the project looks rather dead09:08
humphreybcgoogle wave itself is dead09:09
godbykThis doesn't bode well.09:31
ubuntujenkinsinternet again?09:31
humphreybcgodbyk ?09:31
godbykMy PC has been dropped off the network from both of it's network cards over the past couple days.09:31
godbykI originally thought it might be just the network switch it's plugged into.09:31
humphreybclol, you do seem to have a few PC problems09:31
godbykNow I'm guessing it's either the router, the Ethernet cable from the router, or my PC's on-board NICs.09:32
godbykYeah, I've had it for a while now. It's probably about time to build a new one.09:32
humphreybchow long's a while?09:32
godbykRight now I'm connected to the network via a wireless USB dongle.09:32
godbykI think I built this in 2005 or 2006.09:32
ChrisWoollardubuntujenkins: No, I am at work now.09:34
godbykI'll be back in just a couple minutes.09:34
godbykI'm going to trace this Ethernet line and see if something's up with it.09:34
ubuntujenkinshey ChrisWoollard09:35
humphreybchey ChrisWoollard09:37
ChrisWoollardhumphreybc: Hello09:37
godbykI'm going to reboot my router. I'll be right back.09:40
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ubuntujenkinshola nisshh10:51
nisshhwatching some stargate atlantis, thought i might sit in here at the same time10:54
ubuntujenkinsI am learning activity based costing10:54
nisshhubuntujenkins: what is that??11:00
ubuntujenkinsnisshh: some finance thing for working out how much a product should be sold for i think.11:01
ubuntujenkinswow I know something11:02
nisshhubuntujenkins: right :)11:03
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: I think this might be big enough for quickshot http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5012868/process-working.png . what do you think?11:55
humphreybcthat's nice11:55
ubuntujenkinsjust have to work out how to make it move.11:56
nisshheveryone check this out: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/05/windicators-ubuntu-meerkat-innovation.html12:45
ubuntujenkinsI have seen it nisshh . Not convinced it will work but we shall wait and see.12:46
vishlol! , weird that a re-post gets more attention than the main post ;)  go OMG ;p12:47
humphreybcsome of my thoughts on it12:47
nisshhto be honest, the first thing i said was not "WOW!" it was "WHAT!"12:48
vishhumphreybc: sometimes you could reply just imagining that the world is not depending on your approval ;)12:49
* vish runs12:49
* nisshh follows vish12:50
nisshhhumphreybc: i agree with quite a few of your points there!12:50
nisshhto be honest i have no idea how im going to get around this12:52
nisshhi want to switch to KDE because of this but at the same time im a GNOME app dev too... AARRRHHH!12:52
humphreybcew, don't switch to KDE12:53
humphreybcIt's not the end of the world, everything can still be changed12:53
nisshhhumphreybc: have you tried KDE 4.4.2 SC yet?12:53
humphreybcfor example, buttons, you can stick them wherever you like12:53
nisshhits really good12:53
humphreybcyep, hated it12:53
nisshhhumphreybc: i also dont really like gnome-shell that much12:54
humphreybcgnome shell is also terrible, at least right now12:54
nisshhplus the fact that it wont have any decent features for over a year atleast12:54
nisshhhumphreybc: its not the left placed buttons i have a problem with, i think they are great12:55
nisshhplus gnome shell is slower than KDE for me currently12:55
nisshhits a CPU hog for intel hardware!12:56
* nisshh is done ranting now :)12:56
nisshhthat made me feel better!12:56
nisshhhumphreybc: you have to admit that kwin is far better than metacity12:57
nisshhhumphreybc: also, iv been working hard on that bzr noob script and its coming together now, it should be ready by the meeting on thursday13:03
humphreybcGround Control is also fixed apparently13:11
ubuntujenkinsthe total number of manual downloads is  5537713:29
godbyk42 books sold13:30
ubuntujenkinsnice godbyk I just got a 404 message for one of the stats pages is this e-mail correct? webmaster@stats.ubuntu-manual.org13:31
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: ubuntujenkins> the total number of manual downloads is  5537713:32
ubuntujenkins<godbyk> 42 books sold13:32
godbykHmm.. I don't know where that address would go.  Maybe limbo.13:32
humphreybcwholly shit13:32
humphreybcwe're over 50,000!13:32
humphreybcsurely not *all* of those people are OMG! readers13:32
ubuntujenkins44545 from out site alone 2193 from omg13:33
humphreybcwhere did those 44,000 come from though =S13:33
ubuntujenkins#ubuntu uses !ubuntu-manual13:33
manualbotFactoid 'ubuntu-manual' not found13:34
humphreybcoh really?13:34
manualbotFactoid 'ubuntumanual' not found13:34
manualbotThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:34
ubuntujenkinsyes I have manual on highlight13:34
humphreybcbut manualbot doesn't chill out in #ubuntu, does it?13:34
ubuntujenkinsno manual bot is sinked with ubot13:34
ubuntujenkinssebsebseb suggested it for ubot and then manual bot got it13:35
humphreybcwhat's the stats URL again?13:37
humphreybcI've switched browsers so it's not there in Midori13:37
ubuntujenkinsstats.ubuntu-manual.org/downloads/?id=8 and stats.ubuntu-manual.org/downloads/?id=913:37
ubuntujenkinsbe back in a bit13:46
humphreybcShock horror!13:52
nisshhhumphreybc: i thought you didnt like midori??13:55
humphreybcI'm warming to it, i've found some more things that allow you to customize it some more13:56
humphreybcbut the real shock horror is that my window buttons are on the left and they may stay that way13:56
humphreybcI actually don't mind em there13:56
nisshhhumphreybc: enlighten me, im starting to be put off firefox again and chromium is giving me issues13:56
nisshhhumphreybc: neither do i13:56
humphreybcwell, you can change Midori to pretend to be Safari or Firefox so Gmail 2.0 works with it, which is good13:57
nisshhAND i found out ubuntu tweak can swap them over too13:57
humphreybcyou should add the PPA for midori and get the latest version13:57
humphreybcyeah, Google doesn't support the Midori browser, but Gmail works with it anyway, you just have to pretend to be someone else13:57
nisshhadding the ppa now13:58
humphreybcit's not as refined as Chrome, and it's lacking some features due to it being in GTK, but it makes up for that in raw speed and integrating into your theme13:58
humphreybcyou have to add the webkit team PPA too13:58
humphreybcas far as being stable, it's not as stable as chrome but stable enough. there are a few things I'd change, and a couple of them are already scheduled to be fixed soon13:59
humphreybcbut yeah, it's cool. make sure you check out the extension "customize toolbar" and also the keyboard shortcuts one13:59
nisshhhumphreybc: you should use chromium instead of chrome14:00
humphreybcI don't like the name :P14:00
nisshhgrrrr problem with the ubuntu keyserver14:00
humphreybcwhat's the difference, apart from the name and branding?14:00
humphreybcoh, and the fact that chrome now has flash built in but chromium doesn't14:00
nisshhbranding and privacy options14:01
humphreybcflash built in = win14:01
humphreybcmeh, I trust Google. They already know everything about me anyway!14:01
nisshhonly if they managed to get you naked on streetview!14:01
nisshhhehe, apparently some chick in america appears like 7 times on streetview14:02
nisshhcreepy or what??14:02
nisshhlooks like ill have to add the ppas manually14:03
nisshhoh freaking hell!14:05
nisshhthe keyserver is sooooooo sloooooooooww14:05
nisshhwhat id really like to see is a web browser built purely for speed and without ANY extra features14:07
nisshhchromium + midori14:07
humphreybcthat's sort of midori14:08
nisshhgrrr cant reach the ubuntu keyserver right now14:08
nisshhyea, but midori isnt as fast as chrome yet if you ask me14:08
nisshhnot quite14:08
nisshhif midori used the v8 js engine it would boost its speed14:08
humphreybci find midori faster than chrome14:09
humphreybcit has a different way of rendering websites to at least give the impression it's quicker14:09
humphreybcbecause it seems to load stuff as it goes, whereas chrome waits for most of the site to be loaded and then displays it14:09
nisshhi have found midori good for just reading online docs and stuff14:10
nisshhno flash, java or anything14:10
humphreybcit handles flash, java etc14:10
humphreybci'm finding it an ample replacement for chrome at the moment14:10
nisshhoh does it? didnt know that14:10
nisshhwhat about extensions? missing them yet?14:11
nisshhit does feel naked without them14:11
humphreybcit has a few extensions built by the developers, but I never use extensions14:11
humphreybcdidn't in FF, didn't in chrome14:11
humphreybcI don't need dancing hula girls on my browser, I just want to get work done or concentrate on facebook :)14:11
nisshhhmmm, the one big turn off is the rather bad ad blocker14:12
humphreybci've never used an ad blocker14:12
nisshhvery true, no distractions is good14:12
humphreybcwhat does it do?14:12
humphreybcblocks ads, obviously14:12
humphreybci never see ads?14:12
humphreybcmaybe i just don't go to sites with ads14:12
nisshhyou never use adblock plus in firefox?14:12
humphreybclaunchpad and gmail doesn't really have that many ads14:13
nisshhARE YOU INSANE!?14:13
nisshhadblock plus is only THE MOST POPULAR FF extension!14:13
nisshhi think its had over 200 million downloads or something14:14
nisshhplus, gmail has ads in it14:14
popeymine doesnt14:15
humphreybcgmail has like one tiny ad that you can turn off14:15
humphreybci like ads, some of them are quite funny14:15
nisshhok, good point14:15
popeyhumphreybc: get d0od to fix omg14:15
nisshhpages do load much quicker without ads14:15
humphreybcpopey: what's wrong with it?14:15
nisshhads are always the last thing to load14:16
popeylook at teh first links in that story14:16
popeyyou can't middle click them to open in a new tab14:16
popey(which isn't an unreasonable thing to do)14:16
popeyand if you highlight a piece of text the dumb dropdown thing at the top tries to search those terms online14:16
humphreybcI can14:16
humphreybcit works okay in Midori14:16
nisshhpopey: control + click14:17
popeynot in chrome14:17
popeyno, middle click works everywhere else14:17
popeyif i have to change the way I click on your site, then your site is broken14:17
humphreybcsee, here's an example of what one might consider a "feature" :P14:17
humphreybcI personally don't think any of that cruft is necessary14:17
nisshhyou dont need 7 ways to do the same thing14:17
popeymiddle click has always worked14:18
popeysince firefox first introduced tabs14:18
nisshhjust like the new stuff in maverick14:18
humphreybcalthough it is kinda cool how you can hover over the book beside canonical and it brings up a little window with the wiki page14:18
popeyits not the book, its the whole link14:18
nisshhkinda cool = anti-productive14:18
* humphreybc tries in chrome14:18
popeyhighlight some text too, press ctrl+c to copy, you get the popdown14:20
humphreybcyou're right, middle click doesn't work but ctrl + click and right click, open in new tab works14:20
humphreybcI don't get that in chrome14:20
humphreybc Canonical are currently  the only Linux company to license  H.264/AVC, the patented non-free technology used to compress video and favoured by companies such as Apple & Microsoft for HTML5 Video.14:20
humphreybcI can copy stuff without the dropdown appearing14:20
popeyi am on windows here, dunno if that makes any difference14:20
humphreybci think the middle click thing is just the widget, i don't think Joey can edit that. He'd just have to remove14:21
humphreybcremove it*14:21
nisshhpopey: thats a likely reason14:21
humphreybcit probably does something fancy like backlinks to get one more RSS subscriber or something, that's usually a reason :P14:21
humphreybc"But this huge amount of crap at the bottom of my articles gets me one more subscriber a month! It's worth it!"14:22
humphreybcmight be moving to wordpress some time this year anyway14:22
nisshhdarn it, dont you just hate it when you want to test out something new and you have trouble with a keyserver?14:22
* nisshh is now grumpy!14:23
humphreybcnisshh: the one in the ubuntu repos is 0.2.214:24
humphreybcthe PPA is only 0.2.414:24
humphreybcnot a huge difference, if you wanted to install the repo one for now to try it out until the keyserver behaves14:24
nisshhdude, 0.2.4 is newer14:24
nisshhyea, i have the repo one installed from a week or so ago14:25
humphreybcthere's an even newer version you can build from source if you want :P14:25
humphreybcgo into #midori and there's a nice chap in there who will walk you through it14:25
nisshhhumphreybc: hmmmm, nah!14:25
popeyah well, mo more omg for me then14:25
humphreybcpopey: because of middle clicks?14:25
humphreybcthat's like changing to fedora because ubuntu moved the window buttons to the left!14:26
popeybecause of both those usability issues14:26
popeyi find it incredibily frustrating to use sites that bend/break browser default behaviour14:26
humphreybcokay then!14:26
popeyand the popup things are just stupid14:26
nisshhor browsers that break site compatibility!14:26
popeyon wordpress based sites there's a little "X" you can click to make them go away forever14:27
* nisshh glares at IE14:27
popeyomg doesnt have that14:27
humphreybcThere's an X on my popups14:27
humphreybcbitch to Joey about it: joeysneddon@googlemail.com14:27
nisshhanyone know of some good rock/metal bands?14:28
nisshhhumphreybc: how nice of you to suggest that14:28
nisshhtrying to push my music collection past 4k songs14:29
nisshh3.8k is not enough to listen to in one day14:29
c7pnisshh: I've recently found Pearl Jam, they are pretty good14:33
nisshhc7p: thanks, ill look them up right now14:34
nisshhuuuuhhhh, i just heard i guy on youtube call gwibber g wibber...14:37
c7pnisshh: ah, also the scorpions are really good -one of my fav bands- (their best albums are humanity, pure instinct, love at first sting and string in the tail)14:38
nisshhc7p: whats your favourite scorpions song?14:40
c7pnisshh: it's difficult ... i can't distinguish one :/ this period I like The good die young , Raised on Rock, Sly, Hour 1 and and ....14:41
nisshhc7p: thats cool, just getting a picture of the better stuff14:46
nisshhhumphreybc: just looked at the UMP growth video you made on youtube, thats cool!14:54
humphreybcnisshh: yeah, program called "Gource" creates them14:54
godbykI was going to make a video of our web server stats when the manual was released, but ffmpeg hates me, apparently.14:55
nisshhgodbyk: gstreamer?14:56
godbyknisshh: maybe. the program can export ppm to stdout.14:57
godbykso if gstreamer can read that in and dump to a video of some sort, that should work.14:57
nisshhgodbyk: dont thank me, i know im a genius!14:59
godbyknisshh: heh.. you'll have to give me the gstreamer chain before I go that far! :)14:59
nisshhhumphreybc: turns out midori 0.2.4 introduces bookmark export and vim style nav keys15:00
nisshhgodbyk: hehe15:00
humphreybcvim style nav keys?15:00
nisshhinstead of the arrow keys its15:00
godbykhumphreybc: hjkl?15:00
nisshhyes, what godbyk said15:00
nisshhi like the vim style they are using15:01
nisshhthere is a FF extension you can get that does the same thing too15:01
nisshhhumphreybc: it is changeable15:02
humphreybci just like it how my browser now matches the rest of the OS15:02
humphreybcnisshh: I don't know what you mean by "vim style nav keys"15:02
nisshhwhat do you mean?15:02
humphreybcwell it's a GTK browser, innit15:02
nisshhso instead of using the arrow keys to navigate pages, you use the keys h j k and l15:03
humphreybcso it uses the correct theme, window borders, icon set etc15:03
nisshhah right15:03
humphreybci believe they're called "keyboard shortcuts"15:03
nisshhno here15:03
humphreybcanyway, i  am going to bed!15:04
nisshhscroll down to the movement section15:04
ubuntujenkinsyes the manual from lulu has been dispatched16:12
godbykmine, too.16:13
godbykWonder if humphreybc's has been shipped yet.16:13
godbykI think he was shipping it to a US location.16:13
ubuntujenkinsstrange ours are out first16:14
godbykyeah, since he ordered his a couple days earlier.16:14
godbykI'm a little worried and hoping that it'll still get printed/shipped even though that particular revision was replaced by a later revision.16:15
ubuntujenkinshmm we will see16:20
jcisiosomeone has translated the whole manual into Vietnamese http://jcisio.com/upload/GettingStarted-0405-vi.pdf and we'll now import it into LP!16:50
jcisioAny idea to do it quickly? The document is in .odt16:50
godbykjcisio: I don't know how to do it any faster, I'm afraid.16:50
ubuntujenkinsjcisio: do you not have it as a vi.po file ?16:52
jcisiono, he did the translate from pdf and saved in ODT16:53
jcisioso without any LaTeX macro or command16:53
ubuntujenkinsit could be a long copy and paste session I am afraid . I assumed you had copied the vi.po into the ODT16:54
ubuntujenkinsand you will have to add all the latex commands back in16:55
jcisiofrom ODT into vi.po, you mean that?16:56
jcisiowell, LaTeX commands is the big problem, too many change16:57
jcisiobut no other way, hmm16:57
ubuntujenkinsnope no other way16:58
ubuntujenkinsI think you have 3 options.17:01
ubuntujenkins1 translate the po file17:01
ubuntujenkins2 translate in launchpad17:01
ubuntujenkins3 copy and paste the right sentences from the ODT into the po file adding back the latex stuff17:02
jcisiohmm, if it were longer, I'd write a script to match each paragraph into the po file, then just adding back latex stuff when reviewing, it's much faster17:05
jcisioI think we can do 2+3, so that many people can work at the same time17:06
jcisiopb is that few people know the TeX stuffs17:07
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: do you have your guide link handy?17:07
godbykhttp://files.ubuntu-manual.org/style-guide.pdf (I think)17:07
ubuntujenkinsjcisio: they is a chapter in there for translators17:08
jcisiothanks this is more detailed than the latex-handout17:10
jcisioabout translation, do I have to translate the define \polang en_US (I can't remember exactly)?17:11
godbykjcisio: Nope, you should leave that as-is.17:12
godbykThe style guide is based on the latex handout, but I've added a lot more material.17:13
godbykThere will be more coming at some point, too (whenever I get around to it).17:13
humphreybcOMG! Ubuntu! podcast is up18:02
humphreybccheck it out18:02
* ubuntujenkins plays it18:03
* ubuntujenkins counts how many times ubuntu-manual is mentioned :)18:06
dutchieubuntujenkins: obviously only listened to the first 30 seconds then ;)18:07
ubuntujenkinsI am listening to it as i type18:07
ubuntujenkins2 days to spin all of the cd's what?18:10
ubuntujenkinsthat seams a long time18:11
humphreybcthat's coz it is a long time?18:11
humphreybcdid we all like the cheesy sketch at the beginning?18:11
humphreybc(and my american accent)18:11
ubuntujenkinsI was trying to work out who you were, I like the "is mac free now" jibe18:12
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: is there anything you can do in murri ?18:13
ubuntujenkinsthe other browser thing, you just listed a massive list of stuff you can't do18:14
humphreybcohh right18:14
ubuntujenkinshey SunK o/18:15
SunKhello ubuntujenkins18:16
ubuntujenkinsgood day ?18:16
humphreybcubuntujenkins: can you understand me?18:16
ubuntujenkinsdood has mentioned ubuntu manual twice18:16
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc:  yes18:16
humphreybcdoes my accent sound cool?18:16
ubuntujenkinsyour accent sounds great :)18:17
* hemanth on omgubuntu podcast 18:17
humphreybcgreat? awesome! i sound really geeky to myself, whereas Joey sounds awesome to me. Ahh, accents.18:18
ubuntujenkinsthree for dood18:19
humphreybcsee! i was good :D18:20
ubuntujenkinsyour on three18:20
humphreybci love the music i chose to totally just dump in the middle18:20
ubuntujenkinsto be fair there is a section on it18:20
ubuntujenkins*the manual18:20
humphreybci won't be talking about the manual in every episode hahaha18:21
ubuntujenkinsI know I have started counting in gedit18:22
humphreybchave you got to the musical interlude yet?18:22
ubuntujenkinsyes just now I was very confused I thought body was driving a moped past my window for the first 4 seconds18:23
ubuntujenkinsthen i realised it was my pc18:24
ubuntujenkins+hello | daker18:30
quickshotdevsdaker: Welcome to the channel enjoy your stay :-)18:30
humphreybcJoey missed like this gigantic spot of editing18:30
SunKubuntujenkins: is there any bugs I can fix?18:30
dakerubuntujenkins, hello18:31
ubuntujenkinsSunK: not that i am aware off but I have something if you have the knowledge / would like to have a go at doing18:31
SunKubuntujenkins: what is it?18:32
ubuntujenkinswe are designing the windows in glade but it doesn't show the windows very well. It was suggested by neil that we write a script that can open just which ever window is specified. Or a script for each window. make sense?18:34
ubuntujenkinsit would save use going trhough the work flow to check the desgin18:34
humphreybcI never heard Joey's edit of the WHAT MAKES MY KERNEL KRASH intro18:35
ubuntujenkinsI am on that bit as well18:35
humphreybcthat's hilarious!18:35
humphreybcIt's not a very good rant on my part18:35
humphreybcI've done better18:35
ubuntujenkinsIs that to much ?18:36
SunKi can work on that18:37
SunKi'll ask for help if i'm stumbled18:37
ubuntujenkinsIf you can make it work for the current windows then we can change the new name into it.18:39
ubuntujenkinsthat would be great :-)18:39
ubuntujenkinsthis is neils description of it http://paste.ubuntu.com/427790/18:40
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: your rants are not as good as fab's18:40
ubuntujenkinslinux outlaws18:41
humphreybcoh right18:41
humphreybcmy rants will improve18:41
humphreybcthe hardest bit of that entire podcast was coming up with a sketch for the intro lol18:41
humphreybcwe're gonna do a new sketch each week18:41
dakerhumphreybc, have you done the podcast ?18:42
humphreybcdaker: yep, it's on omgubuntu.co.uk18:42
SunKgot it18:42
humphreybcalso, check out the short review Shane wrote about UMP: http://planet.ubuntu.com/18:42
humphreybctop post18:42
SunKi'll play with it18:42
humphreybcI need to sleep now!18:43
dakerhumphreybc, cheking18:43
ubuntujenkinsthanks SunK, untill we get the new gui functioning there isn't so much to do i am afraid18:43
ubuntujenkinsbye humphreybc18:43
ubuntujenkinsI have exams that take priority18:43
quickshotdevsFactoid 'help' not found18:49
ubuntujenkinsdaker: why do you try the only one i haven't done :)18:49
quickshotdevsThe main development focus for the gui can be viewed by doing "bzr branch lp:quickshot"  . The server source is "bzr branch lp:quickshot/server ".  You can browse it here https://code.launchpad.net/quickshot18:50
quickshotdevs1 - Open Quickshot (Applications → Accessories → Quickshot)   2 - Create a Quickshot user and login   3 - Let Quickshot set your screen resolution   4 - Download the list of screenshots   5 - Choose a screenshot   6 - Set your desktop up   7 - Capture, Compare and Upload.18:50
quickshotdevsAlready using Ubuntu 10.04? Add our PPA by running these commands in a terminal(Applications → Accessories → Terminal):  $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quickshotdevs/quickshot-release   $ sudo apt-get update   $ sudo apt-get install quickshot'18:50
ubuntujenkins+help >> daker18:59
quickshotdevsFactoid 'help >' not found18:59
ubuntujenkins+help > daker18:59
quickshotdevsdaker, please see my private message18:59
dutchiehumphrebc does have a ridiculous accent :)19:00
dakerdutchie, lol19:00
dakerubuntujenkins, it seems that there was a problem19:00
daker<daker> +ppa19:00
daker<quickshotdevs> Error: "+ppa" is not a valid command.19:00
daker<quickshotdevs> Already using Ubuntu 10.04? Add our PPA by running these commands in a terminal(Applications → Accessories → Terminal):  $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quickshotdevs/quickshot-release   $ sudo apt-get update   $ sudo apt-get install quickshot'19:00
ubuntujenkinshmm i thought that only happend for me19:01
dutchiesupybot is getting confused :)19:02
dutchiethe main bot tries to read the command, and so does the factoid plugin19:03
dakerubuntujenkins, on thursday i'll will show you my new bot19:03
ubuntujenkinssweet daker19:03
dutchieno more bots! ;)19:03
dutchiealso, haha at "tixt"19:04
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: commands are a different symbol19:04
dakerdutchie, just to learn19:04
ubuntujenkinswhich is why i don't know what it is doing19:04
dutchieubuntujenkins: not in pm19:04
dutchieit responds to everything in pm19:04
dutchiedaker: i was only joking19:04
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: I bet thats a silly setting somewhere19:05
* ubuntujenkins gets digging19:05
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: manual bot does the same for me19:08
dutchiei might subscribe to this podcast just to laugh at ben's accent19:08
dutchieubuntujenkins: i know19:08
ubuntujenkinsfair enough, I'll let you know if i find it19:08
dakerubuntujenkins, there is a bug here http://screenshots.ubuntu-manual.org/19:17
dakerlook at the vi language19:18
ubuntujenkinsthe whole date thing?19:18
ubuntujenkinsdoesn't matter it works to the function it is needed. not sure whats causing the error.19:21
ubuntujenkinsfeel free to solve it, not sure if we are using it in the next release19:22
dakerthis is not a bug, just warning19:22
jcisiohello, how often translation in LP is pushed into bzr?19:31
dutchiewhen we get round to it19:31
jcisiowhat if I export the po and push myself?19:32
dutchiei'd rather you didn't, in case you break stuff19:33
jcisiook thanks, I'll export and test it in local, though19:34
ptuxhi all.19:35
ptuxi'm reading the ubuntu manual and i'd like to kow if it exist an italian translation of it.19:35
jcisioItalian? 40/1647 translated!19:37
dutchiewell, I say nearly, it's about 3% done19:37
ubuntujenkinsptux: you can help here https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual19:37
ubuntujenkinsif you like :)19:37
ptuxubuntujenkins, with a great pleasure.19:38
ubuntujenkinsyou should also read this19:38
quickshotdevshttp://files.ubuntu-manual.org/style-guide.pdf This is useful for translators to find out what latex stuff needs translating19:38
ubuntujenkinsits very helpful ptux19:39
ptuxi started a privat translation of your book... but i think that with a group could be better. ;)19:39
dakersee you guys :)19:41
ubuntujenkinssee you daker19:41
ubuntujenkinsptux: have fun :P19:41
jcisioexactly ptux, do it on launchpad is way more beautiful19:42
ptuxi'll do, jcisio. thanks for ur suggestion ;p19:46
* ubuntujenkins shouts at matlab19:49
dutchiedo it by hand!19:50
ubuntujenkinsits one of those things you have to hand in as a script. not sure it want to do it by hand its long winded19:52
ChrisWoollardubuntujekins: I didn't know about that style guide. It looks very useful.19:55
ptuxok, thanks for information, i'll let u know more in a few days. see u soon.19:55
ubuntujenkinsChrisWoollard: you have godbyk to thank for that.19:55
ChrisWoollardI noticed this name stamped on it19:57
=== jcisio1 is now known as jcisio
ChrisWoollardgodbyk: thanks :)19:57
ChrisWoollardif only that file was linked to on the "Getting Involved" page of the wiki.19:59
ubuntujenkinsyes the launchpad build queue is short \o/20:02
diekiHey, I was noticing that the "Buy the book" button on the manual's website doesn't match the website or Ubuntu's colors. I've created a hopefully much better button here: http://ubuntuone.com/p/2Cx/20:04
ubuntujenkinsdieki: thanks for the contribution you will have to take it up with humphreybc (ben) or daker . neither are here I suggest you e-mail the list ubuntu-manual@lists.launchpad.net20:06
diekiAlright, I will.20:07
ubuntujenkinsthanks dieki20:07
jcisio_godbyk, I don't know why, but by compiling with the exported vi.po, problem with accent letters in small-caps 's gone20:24
ubuntujenkins+seen godbyk20:25
quickshotdevsI have no seen command20:25
ubuntujenkinsseen godbyk20:25
ubuntujenkinsjcisio_: I think godbyk is asleep20:26
ubuntujenkins-seen godbyk20:26
quickshotdevsubuntujenkins: godbyk was last seen in #ubuntu-manual 3 hours, 13 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <godbyk> There will be more coming at some point, too (whenever I get around to it).20:26
jcisio_ok I'll tell him later, thanks20:27
=== jcisio_ is now known as hainam
* dutchie buys a hard copy21:22
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: wait21:24
ubuntujenkinsif you haven't got it try using FREESHIP promo code21:25
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: ^21:25
dutchiedon't know if i went past that21:26
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: makes it £5.17 or it did for me21:28
dutchieSubtotal (GBP) £2.1821:28
dutchieoh, before shipping21:28
ubuntujenkinsadd the postage £2.9921:28
jcisioI made a customized titlepage-vi.svg, should I push it into bzr?21:34
ubuntujenkinsjcisio: Whats custom about it?21:34
dutchieit's in vietnamese?21:35
jcisioI've just translated the title and team name, resize the title to fit the width21:35
jcisioyes vietnamese21:35
ubuntujenkinsjcisio: I think if the translations are done in the po file I think that is all done automatically.21:36
jcisiono it is not done automatically21:37
jcisiothere're a few other languages in titlepage folder21:37
jcisioand a bash script to generate customize titlepage, but I'm not sure how it works21:38
ubuntujenkinsI suggest you send it to the list as thorwill will probably want to review it.21:38
jcisiook thanks21:39
* ubuntujenkins has fixed all the missing dependants in the ppa, now to wait for them to build22:27
ubuntujenkinsnight all22:31
dutchienight ubuntujenkins22:31
ubuntujenkinsnight dutchie and c7p22:31
c7pnight all22:44

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