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noumaanCan a ubuntu loco team lead ask us to remove Ubuntu logo from our facebook group that we created for ubuntu local users? 20:42
noumaancan we use ubuntu logo and trademark to promote ubuntu? 20:42
azopwho was the team lead?20:48
azopwas it a Canonical employee?20:48
noumaanhe is not a canonical employee but he does have an ubuntu.com email address20:49
noumaanazop he has sent us a message on facebook threatening us20:49
azopwhat's the threat?20:49
noumaanand he is trying to stop us from organizing an Ubuntu release party in our towns20:50
noumaanallow me to copy paste his message20:50
noumaanI guess we stand in conflict on what I had shared earlier that yes you are cracking the community which is alright at this point. In my role as Pakistan Team Lead, I request you to kindly remove the Ubuntu Logo and Pakistan mention in Ubuntu Fonts, you may add an image in your own capacity but your group is not a member of the Ubuntu Pakistan Pakistan Team. As per Ubuntu Trademark Policy, you may not design any such logos that mention Ubuntu Pakis20:50
azopI'm not sure, you might post a question about it20:55
noumaanok 20:55

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