Pwenhi all02:41
PwenI just dist-upgraded 9.10 to 10.04 and it worked. then update manager said I had some packages to upgrade. so I did and it uninstalled my nvidia binary blob. now I cant install it again. ideas?02:42
Pwenexact message is: No candidate version found for nvidia-glx-19502:42
PwenI had previously been using the custom mythtv & driver builds from avenard.org, but they were superseded by the update to 10.04 AFAIK02:43
Zinn[avenard.org] Jean-Yves' Avenard Home Page02:43
Pwenok, the problem is now, apparently, when I reboot the system with my TV off, x complains of no displays. how can I override this?03:11
Jester05hello guys04:06
Jester05so, upgraded from mythbuntu 9.10 to 10.04 and after a few configuration changes and reboots, IT'S ALIVE!!!04:06
Chaorainhey, just setup Mythbuntu ontop of 10.04 and live tv iss really dark. How can I fix this?04:24
Jester05should be in the utilities/settings04:25
Jester05idk exactly where th o04:25
ChaorainI found "Enable picture controls" but activaing it didn't seem to do anything04:26
Chaorainpressing G while watching tv cycles through some settings all at -1%04:29
Jester05screen wizard?04:29
Chaorainscreen wizard?04:29
Chaorainwhats that?04:29
Jester05utilities -> setup -> screen setup wizard04:30
Chaorainthat seems to just adjust screen size04:32
Jester05idk man04:33
ChaorainJester05: Got it, Monitor brightness04:43
Jester05haha really04:44
Pwenhi all, I am having trouble since dist-upgrading 9.10 to 10.04. my frontend cannot connect to my backend, nor can mythfilldatabase run. it seems to pause on New DB connection, total: 1 - checking mythbackend.log reveals: MainServer, Warning: Unknown socket closing MythSocket(0x8dd81b0)08:44
Pwenwhat would cause this? thanks08:44
st8ofmi9dI'm in the process of upgrading many of my systems to Ubunto 10.04. I noticed that when I install MythTV frontend through the 10.04 package manager that it  installs a newer version that is not compatible with my Mythbuntu 9.10 backend. How can I install an older version of MythTV frontend that is compatible with my backend until I can upgrade my backend?13:20
mrandst8ofmi9d: another choice is to enable auto-builds for 0.23 on the 9.10 system(s) until you can upgrade them to 10.04.13:52
Demerzelfolks, as promised, here's the first in a 3 part series about creating a diskless frontend with lucid13:52
Zinn[learnonthejob.blogspot.com] Learning on the Job: Building a Diskless MythTV Frontend with Mythbuntu 10.04 - Lucid Lynx13:52
st8ofmi9dmrand: What is auto-builds? Where can I learn more about it?13:53
Demerzeli'll add the other pieces as the week continues13:53
ZinnAuto builds contain more recent bug fixes than the normal Ubuntu repository contains.  See http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds for more info.13:53
mrandst8ofmi9d: ^13:53
st8ofmi9dmrand: Thank you. So auto-builds will updrage my 9.10 to the latest verstion of MythTV so it'll work with my front ends?13:54
mrandst8ofmi9d: yes... it should.  You might have to enable auto-builds on the 10.04 system as well (which I'd personally recommend anyway - it has a number of stabilizing bug fixes).13:56
mrandDemerzel: awesome!  Do you have any interest in placing it directly into the Mythbuntu wiki?  I could see it fitting under either how-to or installation http://www.mythbuntu.org/wiki13:56
Demerzelmrand: sure ... let me finish the series first and then we can figure out how to place it in there13:56
Demerzeli also mentioned that i could write up a script to automate the process somewhat13:57
mrandDemerzel: Your efforts on this will be widely appreciated.  Many requests per month for that.13:57
Demerzelthat'll be after the article is done too13:58
Demerzelarticles i.e.13:58
mrandDemerzel: a script would be cool, especially if it can be easily called from MCC.13:58
Demerzelthat's the thought although I'll focus on getting a commandline script done first and then worry about how to interface it with MCC13:58
mrandDemerzel: Makes perfect sense.13:59
mrandThat's the approach I would take as well13:59
Demerzelaight i'll bbl14:03
funsheephi, i initiated an update through the update manager a couple of hours ago. After that the plugins mythvideo, mythgallery and mythmusic stopped working. MythGallery complained about a wrong version of mythtv to be used with. Did anybody else have these problems?15:13
mrandhmmm... perhaps a conflict with mythflix still being installed or something (which has been discontinued)?   You might get more info if you command the upgrade from the command line.15:15
funsheepthe update went through without problems15:16
funsheepi just used the update manager of ubuntu. mythtv also starts, but when trying to access one of the plugins they either do nothing (i.e. enter does nothing) or, like mythgallery complains being used with the wrong version15:17
mrandSo what versions of mythgallery, mythvideo, and mythfrontend are installed?15:17
funsheepi use the autobuild repository15:18
mrandsorry, I should be more specific.  After 0.23-fixes, there is a revision number15:18
mrandAlso, please check and see if mythflix is installed.  If so, you'll need to remove it.15:19
funsheepsorry, my wife is calling. ill come back later. thanks for the first suggestions15:28
wsuetholzIf I want to upgrade to 10.04, how do I deal with the netboot frontends?16:38
st8ofmi9dwsuetholz: Demerzel posted this link a few hours earlier. http://learnonthejob.blogspot.com/2010/05/building-diskless-mythtv-frontend-with.html16:59
Zinn[learnonthejob.blogspot.com] Learning on the Job: Building a Diskless MythTV Frontend with Mythbuntu 10.04 - Lucid Lynx16:59
chilukWhat is the best way to back up the mythtv database for upgrade accross version numbers .22 -> .2317:25
chilukI have a feeling there's a lot of stale or bad data in my database, and I'd prefer to save as little as possible.17:25
chilukwait check that.17:26
chilukI'd like to validate all data in the database before upgrading.  Then back it up.  What's the best way to do that.17:26
mrandchiluk: what kind of validation did you have in mind?  In general, if myth isn't complaining about the database, there is nothing wrong with it.  The upstream mythtv developers strongly prefer that you use the backup and restore scripts outlined here: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_Backup_and_Restore  Having said that, a backup is automatically created on upgrades and stored away somewhere in /var17:28
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Database Backup and Restore - MythTV17:29
chilukthat's what I figured you guys would point to.17:29
chilukI guess I just hate black boxes.  I should probably go read the code.17:30
mrandchiluk: no harm in doing that... do both, in fact!  Manually run the script, then do a backup yourself, and then save those off and let myth handle the upgrade (and create another backup in the process).17:30
chilukso thanks guys. I'll be back on in a sec.17:35
tgm4883then he really is going to hate the black box that is mythbuntu-backup-restore17:36
mrandheh.  We were in the loco channel talking myth and then he popped over here.17:40
mrandSo there is at least one other mythbuntu user in Texas.17:40
rhpot1991and I know of at least one in PA17:41
rhpot1991therefor we are a success17:41
tgm4883There are other in Oregon17:44
tgm4883and a local computer shop apparently sells a Mythbuntu box17:44
rhpot1991tgm4883: like they have one that they constantly sell, or they had one on a shelf for 3 years and no one bought it?17:44
mrandrhpot1991: selling the same one over and over would be the same as it sitting on the shelf for 3 years.17:45
* tgm4883 shrugs17:45
tgm4883I haven't been in the store, a coworker told me about it17:45
tgm4883I really need to head in there and take a look17:45
mrandBe sure to wear your developer shirt17:46
rhpot1991tgm4883: you may be disapointed when you find an 8 year old box with a happauge pvr-150 in it17:46
tgm4883I will17:46
tgm4883I was wearing it the day he told me about it17:47
tgm4883rhpot1991, apparently its a small box, a little larger than a mac min17:47
rhpot1991interesting, wonder what tuner they have in it then17:47
wsuetholzZinn: while that is a decent explanation..  Not complete, but decent.  It doesn't address my question at all.18:56
ZinnHi wsuetholz, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.18:56
tgm4883wsuetholz, I think you are looking for st8ofmi9d18:57
wsuetholzI have working 9.10 netboot frontends?  What is the proper way to upgrade them when upgrading the backend?18:57
* tgm4883 shrugs18:57
tgm4883I don't use diskless18:57
wsuetholzYes, well I'm trying to get new frontends setup that are using a 16GB SSD instead, but the darn thing is locking up in myth..18:58
wsuetholzFoxconn NT330i, which is a nice sized NVidia ION/Atom 330 device18:59
qwebirc23296hi all20:17
qwebirc23296ive just installes mythbuntu and have a phillips DVB-T tuner card, but it cant find any channel :( what can i do about that?20:17
qwebirc23296i dont know what to do20:17
qwebirc23296and is there any guide about how to set up my LIRC COM1 (UART) device?20:18
mrandqwebirc23296: tuner and scanner questions are typically better answered by searching the forums, mailing list, or asking on #mythtv-users (there are a number of ways to do it wrong)20:19
qwebirc23296isnt there any guide anywhere?20:21
mrandA guide for tuner/scanner config?  Not that I know of, but I might not be up-to-date... #mythtv-users would know for sure.20:23
qwebirc23296can you tell me which network this here is? its not listet on the page, thats why im in the web client20:24
rhpot1991qwebirc23296: freenode20:25
mrandfreenode network20:25
qwebirc23296and while were at it: can you tell me where to configure my IR receiver?20:28
qwebirc23296and where to set the buttons for the remote, etc20:28
rhpot1991qwebirc23296: its automagically generated, if you want to tweak them you have 2 options, you can change what the buttons do in mythtv, or modify ~/.lirc/mythtv20:29
qwebirc23296does it find my UART receiver? because my remote doesnt work atm20:30
rhpot1991qwebirc23296: you need to select your remote in MCC and if it is in there it will generate the buttons20:34
qwebirc23296it isnt20:45
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slaineanyone having problems with xmltv's uk_rt grabber ?21:57
slaineI'm seeing date problems, which I thought had been fixed upstream.21:58
slaineXMLTV requires a Date::Manip timezone of +0000 to work properly.21:58
slaineCurrent Date::Manip timezone is 1.21:58
slainehmmm, seems to be a known bug22:01
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #544522 in xmltv (Ubuntu): “[lucid] latest version of Date::Manip breaks tv_grab_uk_rt ”22:01
slainesnap :)22:02
slainefixed a month ago though22:02
mrandslaine: it was fixed in debian a month ago, which was after the ubuntu freeze.22:27
slaineAh, after the freeze22:30
slainehow long before the upstream churn gets into lucid's updates then ?22:31
slainethe freeze is usually lifted after a week or so post release isn't it ?22:31
tgm4883slaine, IIRC, there needs to be a request for it22:33
tgm4883there isn't an auto-pull from debian anymore22:33
slaineI assume that's upto dave walker then22:34
slaineseeing as he's the owner of the launchpad bug above ?22:34
slaineI guess I'll just go grab the latest cvs of xmltv then22:34
mrandslaine: yes, he's well aware of the issue - it affects him (or did, at least)22:34
slainenod, I'm just saying that it's probably up to him to make the pull request ?22:35
* slaine isn't too familiar with the policies22:35
mrandHe actually already has.22:35
mrandThe question is, after it lands in maveric (10.10), does it get pulled back into lucid somehow or not.22:35
slaineI'll hang on them22:35
mrandUnknown timeframe right now.22:35
slainewould have thought it was a big enough bug for the mythbuntu guys22:36
slaineaffects UK and Eire22:36
mrandyeah, it was just discovered late, and then it looked like the fix might go into debian, but that happened late.  Kinda a perfect storm.22:36
slaineI'll pull from CVS to get my system working for now then and I'll keep an eye out for the updates22:37
slaineor I suppose I could just grab the xmltv debian source package22:37
slainenever really done much repackaging under ubuntu, I'm more of a fedora man by day ;)22:38

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