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akgranernhandler, when you have a moment, can we add something to the effect of "if you do not get your team reports submitted by the the UWN is published it has to wait to be included in the following month. Do NOT edit UWN after publication" to the team reports page.11:51
akgranerI'll send out an email today about that as well11:51
akgranerthe time not the the11:51
nhandlerakgraner: I don't know if putting in on the team reports page would be the best place to put it. And shouldn't the UWN in general not be updated after publication?12:07
akgranernhandler, yes12:08
nhandlerakgraner: Maybe add a big comment to the top of published UWNs?12:08
akgranerbut since it was someone editing the team reports after publication I wanted to make sure they understand not to12:08
akgranerteam reports section12:09
nhandlerakgraner: The issue is, most people don't touch the TeamReports wiki pages anymore since their content is included with <<include()>>, so adding a note there would not help much12:10
akgranerI'll send out a note today and add to the issues not to change once published12:10
akgranernhandler, can they add the <<include()>> to the may reports without breaking your script?12:28
akgranerso that on the team report for May it includes April?12:29
akgranerwithout having to physically put the team reports for April onto the wiki for May12:30
nhandlerakgraner: I don't think we want that. It just gets confusing. If they prepare a late april report, anyone who is interested in finding it can see it on the april page. They can also publish it themselves. It will just become a mess trying to get it published12:34
akgranernhandler, ok  - I was just trying word this correctly, so that when I ask them not to do that I give a solution as well :-)12:36
nhandlerakgraner: Just remind them that if they prepare a late report, it will still show up on the team report wiki page for the month12:36
nhandlerI also try to poke people who I think might be working on late reports to try and make sure they get them done before I submit them to the UWN12:37
akgranernhandler, you do a great job at that :-)12:37
akgranernhandler, did you want the Ubuntu Open Week Daily reviews to go up on The Fridge  - this time as well?17:12
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nhandlerakgraner: I'm not sure. I'm thinking now that we have a classroom blog, it might be best to re-post it there. But I'm open to other opinions22:22
akgranernhandler, whereever is cool with me :-)  I'll have day 2 up in a couple of hours gotta cut my grass23:25

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