dholbachgood morning07:24
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txwikingerMorning dholbach.. looking forward for your presentation on Friday!14:46
dholbachtxwikinger: not sure I can teach you so many new things :)14:53
txwikingerdholbach: hehe.. well.. The arrogant man believe he cannot learn anything anymore, but the wise man can learn from anybody :D14:54
dholbachlet's see :)14:54
txwikingerdholbach: Did you see our awesome release party cake?14:54
dholbachtxwikinger: nope14:56
txwikingerdholbach: http://kwartzlab.ca/blog/darcy-casselman/2010-05-03/very-lucid-release-party14:56
dholbachI guess it wasn't http://jonathancarter.co.za/files/images/DSCN2265.jpg :)14:56
dholbachwoah nice14:56
txwikingerthat one is nice too.. but I like our better14:56
hexmodedholbach, pleia2: you guys could help with packaging by making sure that ITPs are filed :)18:00
hexmodeOh, he left18:00
pleia2hexmode: is there a PPA for the NGO packages? I think we only overlap on two, and there are debian ITPs for both18:01
pleia2(or a list of packages is fine too)18:01
hexmodepleia2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/ApplicationPackaging18:01
hexmodeunder "unbundling"18:02
pleia2ok, yeah, HTML/QuickForm XML/RPC (there is also another fellow pitching in here) and DB/DataObject are all ones I'm working on, they're in the debian pkg-php-pear svn18:04
hexmodesure you don't want help out more ? :) :) :)18:05
pleia2and unfortunately "working on" means "I should really get those done before squeeze, but I have 100 other things I need to do today, maybe tomorrow..." :(18:05
hexmodeoh, I have a kabjillion things to do! and I'm only ever gonna complete a tenth of them :)18:05
pleia2I'll work on getting mine completed, then I'll see about taking on more, php really isn't my forte so maintaining these is a bit difficult for me (frequently need help)18:05
pleia2less with packaging, more with active maintaining (backporting patches to stable, etc)18:07
pleia2^^ that I'd need help with18:07
hexmodewell, feel free to ask .. I'm usually here18:07
pleia2thanks :)18:07
pleia2I actually have a pretty calm-before-UDS-storm week this week, so I'll probably find some time to make progress this week18:08
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