knomeooohh... what will happen next00:02
knomeave caesar!00:03
knomemorituri te salutant00:03
Tm_The promised to come back later calmly00:03
Tm_Tsmall victory, I guess00:06
knomewinning a battle, losing the war00:07
h00kknome: naysayer!00:13
macoknome: so are you a kde user that switched to gnome or vice versa?00:17
knomemaco, actually went from gnome to xfce...00:17
* Tm_T huggles maco00:17
macoso whats the k for?00:17
macoTm_T: what?00:17
* maco huggles Tm_T back00:18
knomemaco, for the sake i wanted a nick starting with "k" (i know, that's ridiculous)00:18
* maco is unsure why there is huggling, but doesnt mind it00:18
knomehad this nick even before using linux00:18
Tm_Tmaco: just felt like it, isn't that reason enough? (:)00:20
macoTm_T: hehe ok :)00:20
h00kd'aw. teh love.00:23
* knome can smell the love in here00:23
Tm_Tknome: no, it's you00:24
knomeyes, i just noticed that00:25
* knome blushes00:25
PiciTm_T: Thanks for dealing with sudobash earlier.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help, I lost a day's worth of transactions and the finance department was breathing down my neck.00:43
h00kPici: cat /dev/urandom > transactions.db00:44
Picih00k: if only...00:44
h00kPici: heh.00:45
PiciSome nightly job failed over a week ago and no one noticed until now.00:45
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Tm_TPici: np01:13
h00kubottu: login01:47
ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:47
ubottuuse @login01:47
h00kApparently I suck at using this search interface.01:50
Tm_Thow so?01:50
h00kwell, I'll tell you if I got it as soon as it loads...01:50
h00kI want to look up kicks/bans on that nick01:50
h00kin any channel, by anyone01:50
h00kNo matches for: "soundconjurer" in % by %;01:51
Tm_Tthat's it then?01:52
h00kThey just asked if I rememberd them from Release Day01:52
h00kI do remember having problems with them01:52
h00kapparently I didn't have any activity in #u-r-p01:54
Picih00k: the real ubottu wasn't in #u-r-p, so no bans were recorded01:56
h00kOh. I should have known that.01:56
bazhangrlease party not in db01:56
* h00k facepalms01:57
Semitoneshey there02:03
Semitonesany -ot ops, could you keep an eye on bobby02:03
Semitonesstarting to get a bit punchy02:03
PiciPerhaps someone should move the conversation with bobby to pm02:13
rwwHello. MTechnology is on a crusade to whine at people over language that a reasonable person would not consider problematic. It is highly irritating and I would appreciate it if someone would look into his history of this and get him to quit it.02:13
funkyHatI've just spoken to him02:13
Picifeel free to poke me if you need help, I'm only halfway paying attention here.02:14
funkyHatbazhang: was just about to remove him but I won't tread on your toes02:16
bazhangfunkyHat, no toes to tread on :)02:16
Picibean ops?!02:16
h00kbazhang: doesn't have toes?02:17
=== TheOracle is now known as KB1JWQ
Tm_TIgor took 'em02:17
h00kit happens.02:17
h00kKB1JWQ: Oh, that was you.02:18
rwwAlso, a "rww, I think you're crazy and biased" would be better than just ignoring me ;P02:20
Picirww: I thought funkyHat replied to you.02:20
Picibut I like ignoring you too.02:20
rwwI thought funkyHat replied to you!02:20
funkyHatI was replying to rww02:20
rww!who | funkyHat :(02:20
ubottufunkyHat :(: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:20
Picirww: Also, good IRC related blog post.02:20
rwwfunkyHat: oh, okay. In that case, thank you.02:21
rwwPici: Thanks. Will be interested to see if anything comes of it at UDS :)02:21
Tm_Tlet's just get everyone to use irssi?02:21
* Tm_T hides02:21
rwwTm_T: in a perfect world!02:22
Tm_Trww: in a perfect world, we wouldn't have anything like IRC02:22
rwwheresy :(02:23
rwwbut yeah, not having a decent IRC client really is a problem, and if any of you are going to UDS or otherwise can help with the situation, I would really appreciate it :)02:24
Picirww: jussi is02:24
* persia is convinced there are no good IRC clients, sadly (although irssi comes very close)02:25
Tm_TI find irssi good, not perfect but good02:26
Tm_Tbeen using it some 10 years now, only02:26
rwwmy irssi is starting to exhibit emacs syndrome. i use it for irssi, IM, identica, am working on email and rss...02:27
Tm_Theh, good boy02:28
Paddy_NI<rww> Paddy_NI: You weren't here earlier, would have made more sense to you if you were.03:16
Paddy_NIthere you go03:16
IdleOnePaddy_NI: everything ok?03:20
Paddy_NIMob mentality03:21
Paddy_NIIdleOne: I wish no harm but cant stand this03:21
Paddy_NIseems to me like having ops is like living in a small village with a flaming torch03:22
Paddy_NII wish it was not03:22
bazhangPaddy_NI, please take a time out first before you continue03:23
IdleOnePaddy_NI: not sure what is going on but I don't think anybody is ganging up on anyone. I do know this. I am sure that if you need to speak to any op about a particular issue you can always PM if you need to.03:23
IdleOneor like you did03:23
IdleOnecome here and ping that op :)03:23
Paddy_NIIdleOne: I tried to but was denied03:23
Paddy_NII am done03:23
bazhangrww is not an op03:24
IdleOneWell unless I am wrong the #*buntu ops don't block pm03:24
IdleOneyeah rww is not an op03:24
h00kI was not quite paying attention at the time, I could read backlogs though.03:24
IdleOnePaddy_NI: care to explain the situation to us and maybe if there is something that needs to be done one of us can take care of it03:25
Paddy_NIOH dear.. it seems I got ahead of myself..03:26
IdleOnemistaken identity?03:26
IdleOnehappens on irc all the time03:26
Paddy_NII really do not want to cause fuss on this channel as I have come to love #ubuntu03:26
Paddy_NIits my first IRC channel03:27
IdleOnethis channel is all about fuss03:27
Paddy_NIand I guess I am the self obvious "tw*t"03:27
Paddy_NIno harm intended03:27
IdleOnetwit is not a bad word afaik03:27
bazhangthat was not what he meant03:28
Paddy_NInow I need to put my head under the sheets03:28
funkyHatIdleOne: s/i/a/03:28
bazhangPaddy_NI, okay then03:28
Paddy_NIokay cool down time03:28
IdleOnePaddy_NI: cool beans then, have a good night.03:28
bazhanggreat idea03:28
Paddy_NIsorry guys03:28
bazhangcya later03:29
Paddy_NIbazhang: no harm03:29
Paddy_NIcalm too03:29
IdleOnePaddy_NI: you ain't got to go home but you got to get out of here :)03:29
Paddy_NIoh woops03:29
IdleOneI think it was just like rww said, mistaken identity03:31
IdleOneGuess what I did?03:32
IdleOneyou will never guess03:32
h00kbanned yourself from somewhere.03:32
IdleOneI apparently have so much money that I forgot to submit my hours for last week03:32
IdleOneh00k: no :P03:32
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)05:20
bazhangmook_ seems to be trolling05:44
IdleOnethink we need to drop the entire subject and get back to support in there.05:53
Tm_TI agree05:54
Flannelbazhang: It's perfectly appropriate for that channel with regard to the way he's addressing it.06:01
Flanneland trying to get him to come here is just going to cause more disruption06:01
bazhangdiscussion of removal is appropriate for here, always has been in the past.06:02
Tm_Tindeed here, not in support channel06:02
Tm_Tor in PM06:02
bazhang-ot right now06:02
Flannelbazhang: appropriate for here, yes.  But "here" isn't the only place it can be discussed06:02
FlannelHowdy syn-ack, how can we help you?06:04
bazhangsyn-ack, he was making a sarcastic comment06:04
syn-acknm then. :P06:04
bazhangie Semitones06:04
IdleOnehe is pushing it. needs a ban. I don't have ops or he would be banned already06:05
bazhangthat is not the proper channel for it.06:05
bazhangnow he is banned in -ot and #ubuntu06:07
bazhanga simple request for him to come here and discuss from the outset would have perhaps alleviated the necessity for that06:08
IdleOnewell he can come here and insult us and be banned again06:08
* IdleOne will stay out of it if he does.06:08
macois he gonna be auto-redirected here?06:08
IdleOneI'm a little upset06:08
macoif so a gandalfian "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" could be amusing06:08
bazhangnope not banforwarded06:09
* maco hugs IdleOne06:09
* IdleOne huggles maco 06:09
bazhangso what is the IRCC policy on this? removes/kicks/bans OKAY to be discussed in #ubuntu-offtopic ? or should they be asked to join here? My impression was that outside of PM this was the sole location to discuss.06:13
Flannelbazhang: Why would discussion of community events/policies be offtopic in the community offtopic channel?06:14
IdleOnebazhang: I would think this is the place to discuss that06:14
bazhangIdleOne, that was my impression (longstanding) as well06:14
FlannelBy the time he got really going, it was less about his particular kick, and more about ranting in general06:14
bazhangFlannel, up until now, it has been here. to my knowledge discussion of such has not changed. I may well be mistaken though06:15
IdleOneallowing it to go as far as it did was a mistake imo but there really is no way to tell how far a person is going to take the rant so :/06:16
Flannelbazhang: "Discuss your [disciplinary action] with the ops in here"  Not "Discuss community policies with [arbitrary people]".06:16
bazhangthe entire rant was about being removed.06:16
Flannelbazhang: He didn't have to come here to get unbanned or anything, I don't see why he needs to rant in here as well.  That puts a chilling effect on any sort of discussion of those sorts of things.06:18
FlannelOnce he becomes an issue in -ot, that's another story about it being inappropriate for that channel.06:18
Flannelbut had he done it in a calm, polite, etc manner, that wasn't abrasive, or disruptive to -ot's other discussions, I don't see any reason we should be worrying about it06:19
elkyI personally wouldn't trust the -ot crew to not make a circus of it.06:36
macoelky: actually he got a roaring smackdown from the -ot crew06:38
elkycircuses can go both ways06:39
elkythe -ot crew has been known to take the gender and race "weaknesses" when doing their "roaring smackdowns"06:39
elkyHence why we tend not to trust them with nice things.06:40
dholbachgood morning07:24
=== popey_ is now known as popey
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:16
ubottu(help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.13:17
maco@help mark13:17
ubottu(mark [<channel>] <nick|hostmask> [<comment>]) -- Creates an entry in the Bantracker as if <nick|hostmask> was kicked from <channel> with the comment <comment>, if <comment> is given it will be uses as the comment on the Bantracker, <channel> is only needed when send in /msg13:17
* Pici sighs13:57
ubottumacr0x called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()14:05
macr0xohai ops14:07
elkybefore we start:14:07
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:07
macr0xshall we sing rick astley first please?14:07
elkyI want you to read the stuff at the link above.14:07
macr0xbut my browser only renders korean text14:08
macr0xi think kubuntu is better than any ubuntu derivative because its more windows-ish14:09
macr0xalso i got the source for NT 614:09
macr0xi tought that you want14:09
macr0xwhy u mad tho elky14:10
elkyI want you to read the guidelines.14:10
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:10
elkyThose ones.14:10
macr0xit redirects to my own apache server =/14:11
elkyjussi, care to try?14:12
txwikingermacr0x: It is very easy... Either you abide by the guidelines or you are not allowed on the channels14:12
txwikingerIt is up to you14:12
txwikingerwhat a kindergarden :)14:13
Tm_Twas about to do it...14:13
jussitxwikinger: welcme to normality...14:13
Piciin -irc now14:13
txwikingerjussi: I have one at home, so I am used to it :D14:13
macr0xthe perfect ubuntu person always tries to support14:14
macr0xother people14:14
macr0xbut you guys kick me14:14
Tm_Tmacr0x: if you are not willing to deal with us without silly games, you can leave14:14
txwikingermacr0x: We try to support you to learn proper ettiquette14:14
macr0xTm_T:are you provoking me to  a challenge?14:15
Tm_Tmacr0x: no, I'm asking you to behave14:15
txwikingermacr0x: but your part of it is to listen and obey..14:15
macr0xu mad?14:15
Tm_TI have no reasons to be mad (:)14:15
macr0xthen why you mad14:16
txwikingermacr0x: Nobody is mad14:16
macr0xexcept you man14:16
macr0xyou are really angry14:16
txwikingermacr0x: You just need to behave or keep out of our channels.. it is very easy14:17
macr0xand if i dont want to14:17
macr0xyall get mad14:17
macr0xthis is pure bdsm14:17
Tm_Tno, we just do our job with smile14:17
txwikingermacr0x: please grow up and learn to accept your limits :D14:18
macr0xyou funny guy14:18
macr0xyour internet explorer can render good jokes14:18
macr0xas i se14:18
IdleOnemacr0x: this is not a discussion, you are expected to follow the rules. Don't and we will be forced to ban you.14:18
macr0xHoly Qu`ran14:18
macr0xwhy you do this14:18
Tm_Tbecause that is our job14:19
macr0xThat, meaning, this, Book, which Muhammad (s) recites, in it there is no doubt, no uncertainty, that it is from God (the negation [lĀ rayba fĪhi] is the predicate of dhĀlika; the use of the demonstrative here is intended to glorify [the Book]). A guidance (hudĀ is a second predicate, meaning that it [the Book] ‘guides’), for the God-fearing, namely, those that tend towards piety by...14:19
macr0x...to commands and avoiding things prohibited, thereby guarding themselves from the Fire;14:19
macr0xenjoy your inexistent girlfriends linuxfags14:20
elkyI think we can stop it there.14:20
elkysomeone lift it in ten or so if i forget14:20
IdleOnethere was no talking with him and he won't change his position.14:21
IdleOnetroll is troll14:21
elkyIdleOne, there was never a chance of it. we just go through the motions of trying.14:21
IdleOneshame though, he seems like he is fairly intelligent14:21
txwikingerHe is from Romania14:21
elkymaco, i dont think english was his native tongue14:21
IdleOnePici: , oh that last sentence makes sense now14:22
macowait my girlfriend is *totally* non-existent14:22
txwikingerIdleOne: not really14:22
elkyIdleOne, the smartest person in my family is my brother. a jailbird truckie. life is funny like that.14:22
macoIdleOne: back to that bit in -ot where he was asking about linus's sexual preferences14:23
macothe last line i mean14:23
IdleOneI didn't even see that14:24
IdleOneI just sat down at the computer 10 seconds before I spoke in here14:24
macoill pm you14:24
IdleOnesure :)14:24
IdleOneI love morning pm's from maco :)14:24
Tm_Teveryone loves morning pms from taco14:26
Tm_T...I need some food ->14:27
txwikingeryo quiero Taco Bell14:36
jpdstxwikinger: Pues, no lo puedes tenir.14:37
IdleOneCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois15:20
IdleOneI would like to have the "pour les Quebecois" part removed. It reads as exclusive :/15:20
IdleOnelike if your not from -qc then we don't want you15:21
IdleOneubottu: !fr is Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:22
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, IdleOne said: ubottu: !fr is Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:22
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Seveas-train said: !esr is insane15:26
Tm_Tubottu: no, fr is <reply> Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:27
ubottuI'll remember that Tm_T15:27
Tm_TIdleOne: ok now?15:28
IdleOneyup thank you.15:28
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:28
jussiubottu: join #ubuntu-packaging17:47
=== KB1JWQ is now known as MrPancake
jpdsubottu: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2898723&group_id=131204&atid=72041921:25
ubottuError: Sourceforge bug 2898723 not found21:26
ubottuMrPancake called the ops in #ubuntu (Barley)22:20
pelegHey there. I am trying to enter #ubuntu, but it keeps telling me that I am banned. I believe that it is a mistake. Can you check that? thanks :)22:21
MrPancakeSomeone want to take care of barley? :-)22:22
MrPancakeI just quieted him for ten.22:23
Picione moment22:24
nhandlerpeleg: You are using the web gateway22:24
nhandlerPici: Is the bot not working again?22:25
pelegnhandler: that's true. I am using a machine which is not mine - I am not allowed to install here any software22:25
pelegnhandler: but I am also a registered and identified user.22:25
nhandlerpeleg: Yeah, there is a bot that should give you a ban exemption to join #ubuntu , but it breaks every now and then22:25
pelegI see. I can wait :)22:26
pelegnhandler: thanks22:31
Picipeleg: you should be fine now.  Just make sure to /part #ubuntu-proxy-users first before trying to join #ubuntu again22:33
pelegPici: I am there already, thanks :)22:33
nhandlerpeleg: If there is not anything else we can help you with right now, would you mind /part'ing here ?22:40
pelegsure, sorry :)22:40
MrPancakeUrm... the channel ban list is full in #ubuntu23:03
MrPancakePici: Ping.23:07
MrPancakeA lot of 'em look like they're ancient; anything set by operserv is from the ircd migration.23:07
MrPancakeReally, really tempting to clear the ban list entirely and repopulate it as needed.23:07
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from barley)23:13
ubottuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (Barley)23:15
jpdsHeh, now I have Barley in PM.23:19
ubottuserver is <repy> Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !$curLTS ($curLTSLong $curLTSNum). For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - Use the #ubuntu-server channel for support.23:33
Picioh. spelling23:33
Pici!server > sebsebseb23:35
ThomasG33Ksorry to be a bother but, I would like to know why I was banned from the #ubuntu channel?23:37
h00kThomasG33K: give me a second23:42
ThomasG33Ksorry thought this was wrong channel for me23:46
PiciThomasG33K: We current;y ban freeshell.org due to an inordinante amount of abuse from that host.23:47
PiciI can add an exception for you though.23:47
h00kPici: thanks, I was trying to look up that information but couldn't find it :)23:47
ThomasG33Ksorry. Just switched to that host23:47
ThomasG33Ksome of those regular users are pretty bad IRCers from what I have noticed23:48
ThomasG33Kthanks for your help :)23:48
PiciThomasG33K: I can't garuntee that the exception will be there forever though, we regularly prune that list.23:48
ThomasG33KPici: Okay, Ill let you know if I have further problems23:49
ThomasG33KAlso, the host sverige.freeshell.org has the paying users on it, not the free users. So I think they tend not to abuse as much as the other hosts. Some consideration for modifying the blanket ban to make an exception for sverige.freeshell.org would be appreciated23:53

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