nigelbabupersia: ok, so tomorrow is patch day,who does the starting delights? :)02:22
nigelbabuerr, today rather02:33
nigelbabubdrung: just reminding you that patch day starts today :)03:04
nigelbabunhandler: ^03:08
nigelbabuwho else to remind now03:08
nhandlerThanks nigelbabu03:08
nhandlerWhere is the schedule?03:08
nhandlernigelbabu: One thing we might want to do is poke the next reviewer when it gets close to their turn03:40
ajmitchgood to see all the slots filled now03:49
dholbachgood morning07:24
persiaPatch Day! Patch Day! Patch Day!11:05
persiaSo, this is the beginning of patch day.  The 5th of May is slowly winding itself over the globe.11:05
persiaWho all's here?11:06
* vish never seen persia so excited ;)11:06
persiahey vish.11:07
BlackZhey persia11:09
persiaHey BlackZ.11:10
persiaSo, 330 outstanding patches seeking quick review: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-reviewers/+subscribedbugs11:10
persiaLet's get that down to 0 by the end of today.  We've almost 50 hours, so if we can do better than one patch every 10 minutes, we win!.11:10
ajmitchhi all11:16
persiaHey slytherin, popey.  Welcome!11:16
persiaSo the list of patches we're trying to clear today is https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-reviewers/+subscribedbugs11:16
persiahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/ReviewGuide is a guide to how we review the patches.11:17
persiaThere's other informative links in the /topic if you're curious :)11:17
kermiachey ppl - I've never done patch review before but I'm willing to give it a shot :) is there anything I can help with?11:18
persiakermiac: Absolutely.  We've a little over 300 patches we're targeting today.11:18
persiahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/ReviewGuide is the procedure we're using: just grab any bug to which ~ubuntu-reviewers is subscribed, and have at it.11:19
vishyay , knocked one out..11:19
kermiacok, I'll have a look. Thanks persia :)11:19
persiaHurrah vish!11:20
vishpersia: hmm , Bug #111939 , has the debdiff , earlier sponsors [ bdrung ] mentioned there was no debdiff , but now we have one , we can unsubscribe the reviewers and subscribe the sponsors right? also nigelbabu has spoken about this bug to didrocks11:21
ubot3Malone bug 111939 in metacity "Not possible to alt-tab during a drag-and-drop operation" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11193911:21
persiavish: Needs a maverick patch at this point, as well.11:22
vishah.. ok11:22
persiavish: If yo'd like, you can probably easily convert nigelbabu's lucid-proposed debdiff to maverick, and then drop it from our queue.  Looks like it's already upstream, so would probably benefit from some tags.11:24
yofelhm, what needs to be done on bug 154349? correct the tags?11:24
ubot3Malone bug 154349 in synaptic "synaptic won't remember certain preferences" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15434911:24
persiayofel: Looks like it's tags only there, yeah.11:25
persiayofel: Might be able to just drop from the queue, depending on the upstream status of the patches.11:25
yofelmvo merged it into lucid but not trunk yet (as said on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~oliver-joos/synaptic/lp154349/+merge/23250)11:26
yofelwould that be accepted or sent?11:26
persiaI think just patch-forward-upstream: needs to have been merged to be patch-accepted-upstream11:27
yofelremove the patch tag or leave it?11:28
bdrungvish: yes (subscribing ubuntu-sponsors)11:29
persialeave it.  Otherwise it just gets added again and the team resubscribed.11:29
vishpersia: hmm , i think nigelbabu already has the debdiff for that too..11:29
bdrungnigelbabu: do the review team recommend DEP-3?11:29
* persia didn't see if, but if it's there, yeah, bdrung is right.11:30
vishah yay.. bdmurray just replied ;)11:30
vishoopd bdrung ^11:30
persiabdrung: We don't really care: we focus on getting patches to upstream, mostly.11:30
persiabdrung: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/ReviewGuide#Workflow11:31
bdrungpersia: getting patches upstream does not conflict with using DEP-3 header.11:31
yofelpersia: tagged, the workflow says to unsubscribe the reviewers team now, can you do that?11:31
persiabdrung: Right, but we don't insist on it: we assume that it's best to pass the patch around with appropriate attribution, regardless of the format.  DEP-3 is more important in the context of getting a patch applied as a distro-patch than in the context of ensuring communication with usptream is happening.11:32
persiayofel: Sure.  154349, right?11:32
persiayofel: Done.11:32
yofelthanks :D11:32
yofelnext one...11:32
persiaDamascene: Are you finding everything you need?11:32
bdrungpersia: yes. IMO a reference or recommendation for DEP-3 in the reviewguide would be nice.11:33
Damascenepersia, I found out that I'm not a member of bugsquad nor understand how to make .deb files11:34
* yofel didn't know about DEP-3, will read it later11:34
persiabdrung: Do you really think it's relevant for patches that aren't being applied at a distro-level?11:34
bdrungpersia: i think it's useful. You have the link to launchpad in the patch.11:35
persiaOK.  You do know that we don't expect patch authors to read the reviewers guide, right?11:36
bdrungpersia: yes. the member of the review team could add the header (at least when he/she creates a debdiff)11:37
persiaBut generally we *don't* create debdiffs.11:37
persiaWe mostly just forward the patches upstream.11:37
persia(the exception being patches to distro-patches or packaging, but those don't generally get DEP-3 anyway)11:39
ajmitchpersia: so where the patch comes from upstream via the debian maintainer, and it's only SRU material (mysql), does the review team need to be subscribed?11:40
persiaajmitch: In cases like that it's be nice of us to debdiffise it and push to sponsors, but not, that doesn't need us to do anything.11:40
ajmitchwell it's being handled by a server team member11:41
* ajmitch isn't in the team, so can't unsub11:41
persiaIn that case, we don't need to care about it at all: just add the tags (patch-accepted-upstream, etc.) and move on.11:41
ajmitchbug 343870 if you want to take it off the list11:41
ubot3Malone bug 343870 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "php-cli segmentation fault with mysql extension" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34387011:41
* dholbach adds ajmitch11:43
persiadholbach: Thanks!11:43
dholbachblogged about it too http://daniel.holba.ch/blog/?p=67811:44
ajmitchdholbach: ta11:44
persiahey duanedesign!11:45
yofelhow would one handle bug 251335? part of the patch was accepted, part  of it needs work, the bug is tagged as patch-needswork already11:45
ubot3Malone bug 251335 in synaptic "Synaptic searches on UI thread" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25133511:45
persiayofel: I'd probably call that "patch-forwarded-upstream" and "patch-needswork".11:47
persiayofel: Shall I unsub the team for that one?11:48
yofelI think yes (at least that's what I believe after reading the review guide)11:48
persiaSo we've finished the first hour of patch day, and are already 6% complete.  At this rate, we'll be done in 16 hours!12:00
ajmitchpersia: the 312 that's showing is a bit high, too12:01
ajmitchas multiple bug tasks on the same bug show up in the list12:02
persiaajmitch: Sure, but since I started with the 330 number (also a bit high), I figure it's only fair to compare against that.12:02
* persia tries to convince LP to provide a more correct number12:03
* ajmitch tries to decide what to do about this bug12:03
persiaWhich bug?12:03
ajmitchbug 551901, it's sort-of-but-not-quite upstreamed12:04
ubot3Malone bug 551901 in krb5 "likewise-open fails to join Windows 2000 SP4 domain" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55190112:04
ajmitchagain, being handled by the server team people :)12:04
* ajmitch is going for familiar territory in the list12:04
persiaProbably the same: needs tagging, and unsubscription.  Bugs well-in-hand tend to just need gentle poking.12:05
ajmitchI think I'll get back to this tomorrow, a little late for me to think straight this evening12:06
persiaThanks!  Have a good night.12:07
persiahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.subscriber=ubuntu-reviewers seems to be the URL for the lower-number (but I don't have the count from the start of Patch Day).  201 now.12:07
persiaAnyone looking for instructions, or buglists?12:08
persianigelbabu: Are you about?12:08
yofelpersia: can you unsubscribe the team from bug 33288? nigelbabu seems to have forgot about it (and should one re-ad the patch tag for those bugs?)12:11
ubot3Malone bug 33288 in poppler "Evince doesn't handle columns properly" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3328812:11
persiayofel: I don't see the point of re-adding the patch tag, personally.12:11
yofelah wait, there's no patch on it anymore right12:12
persiadholbach: Could you add yofel to the team?  He seems to have a good handle on the process :)12:12
dholbachyofel: is your launchpad id yofel too?12:12
yofelthanks :D12:15
* persia pokes nigelbabu again12:26
persiaHey hyperair!12:27
hyperairhey persia =)12:27
persiahyperair: Would you be up for starting a bit early?  nigelbabu doesn't seem to be about.  We're down to 200 according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.subscriber=ubuntu-reviewers and 309 acording to https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-reviewers/+subscribedbugs  (from 201 at 11:00 and 330 at 10:00)12:29
hyperairheh? it's already review day?12:29
hyperairi need to be running at 9pm, though, it seems.12:31
hyperairthat'd be in 1.5h12:31
* hyperair goes to grab some dinner first12:31
persiaOf course, and you're listed as next on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PatchDay :)12:32
persiaOf course, and you're listed as next on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PatchDay :)12:32
hyperairi swear i thought that was 24h from now.12:32
persiaThe 5th of May is creeping around the globe :)12:32
hyperairoh looks like i put my name in for today as well!12:32
hyperairokay i'll go look at things12:33
persiaLooks like you're also scheduled for 24h from now.12:33
hyperairyes, i am12:33
* hyperair kicks java12:33
hyperairuh what do i do if launchpad decides to hate me today?12:33
hyperairit's been hating me a lot recently12:34
persiaAsk for help?  Lots of folks are active and doing stuff, so if you can't get somewhere, I'm sure someone else can.12:34
persiaMain thing you need to do during your shift is make sure people know about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.subscriber=ubuntu-reviewers and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/ReviewGuide and answer any questions that come up.12:35
persiaalso, maybe good to post statistics at the top of each hour, and make sure you coordinate with the next person on the schedule when the time comes.12:36
persiaThanks for starting early!12:39
hyperairpersia: is there an easy way to filter only bugs affecting packages *i* can upload to?12:49
nigelbabuI'm here, sorry to be late13:00
nigelbabuhyperair: you're on now?13:01
yofelhi nigelbabu13:03
nigelbabuhey yof13:03
hyperairnigelbabu: no, you're on.13:03
nigelbabuhyperair: ok.  the wiki shows you, since you covered for me, gladly13:04
yofelcan someone double check bug 202009? IMO that's not a patch, but a scritpt that somehow workarounds the issue changing the default and user settings while at it13:04
ubot3Malone bug 202009 in grub "update-grub not updating menu.lst" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20200913:04
nigelbabuheya yofel (didn't tab earlier)13:04
persiahyperair: Not that I know.13:05
hyperairpersia: =(13:05
r0tes_pf3rdwhen do the patch-day start?13:08
nigelbabur0tes_pf3rd: we've started already13:08
r0tes_pf3rdoh, cool13:09
r0tes_pf3rdhow can i help?13:09
nigelbabur0tes_pf3rd: You can help by reviewing patches.  I'll point you the documentation so you can start off13:10
nigelbabu182 untouched bugs to go, so there's still plenty out there :)13:10
r0tes_pf3rdok, i will look on the page13:11
nigelbabuyofel: I think we have something similar to that grub bug already13:11
nigelbabui.e. a fix is already in I think13:11
nigelbabufrom karmic on I remember only 1 kernel being displayed on boot13:12
BlackZhey jono13:14
nigelbabuhyperair: you cool for next hour?13:15
yofelnigelbabu: well, I do remember the discussions about menu.lst not updating in karmic, but I'll leave the bug handling to someone that knows a bit more about grub, do you agree though that that's not a patch?13:15
hyperairnigelbabu: unfortunately not. got a meeting at 9pm (45min from now)13:15
nigelbabuhyperair: wait, so you're taking care of this hour or you want me to?13:15
nigelbabuyofel: agreed there, its a new script13:16
hyperairnigelbabu: er. up to you, which do you prefer?13:16
jonohey BlackZ13:17
nigelbabuhyperair: I did around 20 minutes to prepare a presention for UOW, either now or next hour13:17
hyperairalright, go do it, i'll handle this hour =)13:17
nigelbabuhyperair: thank you, poke if you need something, I should be around :)13:17
hyperairnigelbabu: sure.13:17
* hyperair regrets not remembering set theory and curses java's weird transformation API13:18
nigelbabuanyone think its worth it to update review lead on topic?13:36
nigelbabudholbach: about?13:41
* persia thinks it's not worth updating the /topic for every change, as it's likely to be more flexible than scheduled.13:57
nigelbabuyeah, hence I didn't d it13:59
nigelbabudo it13:59
nigelbabuhyperair: ok, taking over :)14:00
nigelbabuFolks, 180 bugs unreviewed in the queue.14:00
nigelbabuI'll be the review lead for the next few hours14:00
nigelbabubdrung: I've been lazy to follow dep-3 on that metacity bug since I wanted someone to first test14:04
nigelbabupersia: do we want to advertise in -bugs and -motu every 6 hours or so?14:12
nigelbabuhello fschrat14:12
persiaI'd say 4, but sure.14:12
nigelbabupersia: hm 4 is fine too :)14:12
nigelbabumalev: hey, nice to see you here, Patch day is today!14:13
* hyperair grumbles14:15
fschrathello everyone14:15
hyperairi spent all my time trying to test that chkrootkit patch14:15
hyperairturns out chkrootkit hung trying to read /proc/kmsg14:15
malevhi nigelbabu ! I'll start in a few minutes14:15
nigelbabuhyperair: awesome14:15
nigelbabufschrat: hey, welcome14:15
nigelbabumalev: great :)14:16
nigelbabupersia: can take a look at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/40823731/vncExtInit.cc.patch ?14:34
nigelbabuisn't the patch file formatted wronly ?14:34
persiaNo, just differently.  We're used to looking at the output of `diff -u ...`: that's the output of `diff ...`14:39
nigelbabuoh, ah14:42
nigelbabulooks like I need to test tht bug14:42
nigelbabuwhat would be the call on bug 424927? leave it for jfo?14:51
ubot3Malone bug 424927 in linux "include CK patch set (BFS)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42492714:51
dholbachnigelbabu: yes14:53
persiaIndeed.  It's in one of the blacklisted packages, but left over from before the blacklist was in place.14:53
nigelbabuoh, then I have some cleaning to do14:54
nigelbabudholbach: you'll be around for my session right, just in case I cna't handle questions14:56
dholbachnigelbabu: around that time I was planning to meet somebody for dinner :-/14:57
dholbachnigelbabu: what about bdmurray and james_w and bryce?14:57
nigelbabudholbach: I'll talk to james14:58
dholbachbetter ping all of them :)14:58
nigelbabuyeah, good idea14:58
nigelbabubdmurray, james_w:  My UOW session on patch review is at 1700, if you folks can be around to help with questions, would be great :)14:59
dholbachnigelbabu: I have an idea for when the patch day is over: we could start making a list of bugs that were solved where the patch reviewers put some time into fixing them and we blog "the story of these patches" later on15:00
dholbach(a bit like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Diaries)15:00
nigelbabudholbach: I'm +1, I actually want to ask brian for a tar of all the mails in moderate on the patch review m/l during patch day15:01
nigelbabumoderation queue15:02
nigelbabudat way we can know who did what15:02
nigelbabuStatus update: 172 unreviewed bugs15:06
nigelbabuheya arand :)15:08
arandnigelbabu: Hello, hmm, I'm likely not going to be of much help, but I though I might listen and learn, it that is ok?15:09
nigelbabuarand: sure :)15:09
nigelbabuok, good news15:23
nigelbabuwe have gone below 170 mark15:24
nigelbabu167 unreviewed bugs15:24
nigelbabuhello there dyfet15:28
nigelbabuwould you like to help with patch review?15:29
dyfetI would be happy to try15:30
nigelbabudyfet: great! you can go through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/ReviewGuide15:30
nigelbabuplease ask if you have any qiestions15:30
nigelbabuthere is always a review lead here till the end of patch day15:31
nigelbabuheya qense15:45
nigelbabuwe're down to 160 unreviewed bugs folks :)15:46
qensehi nigelbabu!15:46
nigelbabuqense: patch day today!15:46
qenseMy congratulations to the review team!15:46
nigelbabuqense: another 40 hours or so to go15:48
yofelmeh, what's the policy if someone adds an upstream patch to a bug?15:48
qenseHuh? How long is your definition of a day?15:48
nigelbabuyofel: if its integrated upstream, add patch-accepted-upstream15:49
nigelbabuqense: a day in all time zones, 49 hours15:49
qenseGood idea :P15:50
qenseSo for my timezone the day's actually tomorrow!15:50
nigelbabuqense: haha15:50
yofelfor me too, but who cares :P15:52
nigelbabuqense: see, you should be inspired by yofel :D15:52
qenseI'm already working very hard on Mergimus!15:52
qenseEven though it's not Write an App-day!15:53
nigelbabuqense: lol15:53
nigelbabustarcraftman: /ws 2915:55
malevanyone choose a patch as they want or there is a sort of order or something like that?16:04
nigelbabumalev: have you seen the query link on review guide16:05
nigelbabujust take a pick from that query16:05
nigelbabuit should show you all unreviewed patches16:05
malevthis is the query: All open bugs with patches attached: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_supervisor=&field.bug_commenter=&field.s16:05
malevubscriber=&field.component-empty-marker=1&field.tag=&field.tags_combinator=ANY&field.status_upstream-empty-marker=1&field.has_cve.used=&field.omit_dupes.used=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.affects_me.used=&field.has_no_package.used=&field.has_patch.used=&field.has_patch=on&field.has_branches.used=&field.has_no_branches.used=&field.has_no_branches=on   ?16:05
malevsorry, it's a big query16:06
malevI'm here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/KnowledgeBase16:06
malevand I take the query from there16:06
nigelbabunot that one, let me find it16:07
nigelbabumalev: click on query here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/ReviewGuide#Workflow16:07
nigelbabumalev: to start off you can go with bug 56946916:09
ubot3Malone bug 569469 in update-manager "[lucid] program crashes when string "%s ago" is displayed" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56946916:09
nigelbabuit seems easy enough16:09
malevnigelbabu, oks! going there16:10
nigelbabumalev: so, what do you make of the situation there16:13
malevI'm trying to reproduce the bug16:13
malevoh there is nothing to reproduce, it's only bad english :D16:14
malevgonna check the patch16:14
malevnigelbabu, which branch should I download to chech the patch?16:17
nigelbabumalev: I'm just checking tht up16:18
nigelbabumalev: https://launchpad.net/update-manager16:18
malevyes, but, if you go to branches, there are a lot! which onw16:19
malevthe development?16:19
malevor the lucid?16:19
nigelbabuif you notice the bug, mvo talks about trunk16:20
nigelbabuso you should check the trunk brach16:21
malevnigelbabu, you are giving a talk in a few minutes?16:23
nigelbabumalev: the 3rd session today16:23
nigelbabumalev: if you didn't find the commit yet, its commit 180716:27
malevnigelbabu, I'm downloading the branch. It0's REALLY solw16:27
nigelbabuyes, because of maverick stuff16:28
nigelbabumalev: when hunting for commits, its easier on the web interface16:31
malevnigelbabu, might be, but, how can I test the patch if I don't use it?16:31
nigelbabustring changes are kinda easy to predict looking at the code :)16:32
nigelbabubdrung: poke16:34
yofelanyone got a minute to look at bug 491940? would that be accepted or needswork o.O? LTSP seems to be happy with the patch, Chris not16:37
ubot3Malone bug 491940 in ltsp "Patch for LTSP clients to properly reboot/shutdown" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49194016:37
yofeland are we seriously supposed to get subscribed just to package a patch? (not that I mind, I'm just not sure there)16:38
nigelbabuyofel: yes, thats part of we do16:40
nigelbabupackaging patches16:41
malevlauchpad is down?16:41
nigelbabuyofel: talk to chris and hear his take on it (especially after lxde accepted a similar patch)16:42
nigelbabumalev: checking16:42
nigelbabumalev: nope16:42
malevdon't now is working16:42
malevnigelbabu, I donwload the trunk and it's on commit 1817 ten more than what the web site says...16:45
* nigelbabu stabs loggerhead16:46
nigelbabumalev: what is 1807 about?16:49
malevI'm with the patch of update-manager. I can't aply the patch. don't know why16:49
malev1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file Desktop/UpdateManager1.py.rej16:49
malevbzr: ERROR: Patch application failed16:49
malevI think I'm using a different branch16:50
nigelbabumalev: you can't apply because the code changed16:52
nigelbabumvo applied another change to fix the same issue16:52
nigelbabuand second thing, look at the path you're trying to patch, it doesn't exsit16:53
malevthat is what I was looking now!16:53
malevwell, I'm going to try to create another patch with a good path :D16:53
malevI start enjoying this :D16:53
nigelbabumalev: you dont need to, it would still fail16:53
nigelbabubecause like I said, mvo already fixed it :)16:54
malevooo too bad16:54
malevthen I'll close the bug :(16:54
nigelbabuno no16:54
nigelbabujust change tag to patch-rejected16:54
nigelbabusay in comments that another fix for this has been commited already16:55
malevbecause.. it's all ready fixed16:55
nigelbabugetting a feel for the process now?16:55
malevI think16:55
malevthere are some bug reports with doesn't has a patch attached but has the patch tag. should I delete the tag?17:03
nigelbabubug number?17:03
yofelsometimes a patch is just pasted into a comment, check for those too, or the patch is upstream and only a link to the commit is given17:05
nigelbabuStatus update: 155 bugs to be reviewed17:08
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
malevHey I am in a BR that: It has a bug, but there is newer verstions in which it is fixed. so the OR recomend us to apply the patch or to update the version provided. what do you whink?17:12
ubot3Malone bug 538774 in python-scipy "scipy.io.loadmat() excessively slow (regression)" [Undecided,Fix committed]17:12
nigelbabumalev: there is not talk of an upstream commit, ask OP for a link to upstream commit to confirm its fixed17:19
malevnigelbabu, ok17:20
nigelbabucyphermox: all yours in 10 minutes17:52
nigelbabuand be ready to handle a huge influx after the UOW session17:53
nigelbabustatus update, 154 unreviewed bugs19:12
bdrungnigelbabu: pong20:51
lucasmocellinI'm customizing a Ubuntu distro for distance learning, and the main point is to apply online tests. I would like to know if there is someone involved to version control in Ubuntu, mainly related to "what/how it happens" when canonical upgrade a ubuntu version like from 9.10 to 10.04. I would like to upgrade my distro and keep an easy control of everything modified.21:18
cyphermoxwell, I have to get going, sorry I can't stick around longer22:59
ajmitchmorning all :)23:12
persiacyphermox: Sorry about that.23:16
persiaGood morning ajmitch23:17
ajmitchhow's the patch day going?23:18
ajmitchI see you're booked in for an extra-long session now23:18
persiaDepends on how one counts.  Down to 277/175 bugs left to track 12 hours in.23:20
persiaYeah, seems like nobody else was up for being the named contact during these hours :)23:21
ajmitchsorry, it sort of falls in my work hours as well :)23:24
persiaUnderstood.  Mine too, but I don't mind answering some questions on IRC (and expect the number of folk around to be light for most of it)23:25
ajmitchyes, thanks for stepping up todo it23:27
persianigelbabu has a handy way of helping people up the steps :)23:28
persiaOOh.  only 152 bugs by another count.  I defintely need to use the right queries, I think.23:33
ajmitchwhich count are you using now?23:33
persia152 is the number from the query at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam/ReviewGuide#Workflow23:34
ajmitchok, so that doesn't show the tasks fixed in ubuntu but still pending in debian, which is probably what we want23:35
persiaIt also doesn't show a lot of the bugs that have already been properly tagged and forwarded, etc.23:36
ajmitchI should clear up that krb5 one that I asked you about last night23:37
ajmitchand apt-xapian-index, I can ask upstream about that directly23:38
ajmitchit's useful to have a few active developers in the NZ loco channel23:39
ajmitchquite a few of us are DDs in there23:39
persiaI have to run off for a bit: I'll definitely answer any unanswered questions when I return.  Apologies for anyone who gets stuck in the meantime.23:47
* ajmitch will be around, sort of23:48
persiaThanks :)23:48

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