maddhatcclausen: yes, pfsense is BSD based as cain stated.  ive tried etherwake from an ubuntu peer though.  and yes, WOL is enabled in BIOS00:01
maddhatcclausen:ii have other machines working with WOL on the subnet so i know that my tools are working correctly.. jsut not the destination machine.00:02
reckonercan i get support here for ec2?00:17
erichammondreckoner: Go ahead and ask your question00:20
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RoAkSoAxmathiaz, in server-maverick-uds-cloud-loadbalancing means to set up lighttpd/nginx/apache as loadbalancers/proxys or to have loadbalancing for those services?00:38
mathiazRoAkSoAx: how to use lighty/nginx/apache as load balancers00:39
RoAkSoAxmathiaz, ok. Why not IPVS?00:39
mathiazRoAkSoAx: the use case is that you have apps servers running into the cloud and need to distribute http request among them00:39
mathiazRoAkSoAx: that's another option00:40
mathiazRoAkSoAx: you're welcome to add more options to the Blueprint00:40
RoAkSoAxmathiaz, will do :)00:40
mathiazRoAkSoAx: as we'll be discussing what's the best option00:40
RoAkSoAxmathiaz, i was planing to talk about that (loadbalancinhg for web apps in the cloud) in the cluster-stack session00:41
mathiazRoAkSoAx: seems like there is a dedicated session to load balancing00:41
mathiazRoAkSoAx: make sure you attend the session as well :)00:41
RoAkSoAxmathiaz, I will for sure, and I guess that what I planned to talk at the cluster stack session will fit better in the load balancing session :)00:42
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mathiazjiboumans: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-maverick-aws-client-libraries00:59
mathiazjiboumans: ^^ AWS client library seemed to be missing from the roadmap00:59
mathiazjiboumans: I've just creating a blueprint for it01:00
jiboumansmathiaz: very good01:00
jiboumansthe mail-stack and cluster-stack ones that carried over from last cycle aren't showing up either01:01
jiboumansjcastro's looking into that01:01
smosermathiaz, that was already present01:03
mathiazsmoser: hm - ok - I hadn't found it01:04
mathiazsmoser: I'll update my blueprint then01:04
smoserit was linked off https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/MaverickIdeaPool01:04
smoserwhere did you look ?01:04
mathiazsmoser: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~jib/+specs?searchtext=server-maverick&role=approver01:04
smoseri called it 'cloud-libs'01:05
smoserso it didn't have aws in the blueprint name01:05
jiboumanssmoser, mathiaz: the summit system doesn't actually show me what i have scheduled and not and what fell through the cracks01:05
jiboumansso please be vigilant01:05
smoserhggdh, still around ?01:06
Davieyjiboumans: If summit isn't doing what you want/expect, you can raise a bug :)01:06
smoseri think that cloud install needs a full kick01:07
jiboumansDaviey: can i have it fixed before tomorrow? ;)01:07
smoseri can't even run an instance now01:07
Davieyjiboumans: well tommorrow for me is the 5th.. so perhaps :)01:07
jiboumansDaviey: heh01:07
mathiazDaviey: o/01:07
Davieymathiaz: \o01:08
jiboumansDaviey: amidst my massive multi-tasking; specs that were in previous sprints don't show up. specs have to be manually assigned to the server track, it says 'oops' a whole damn lot, tracks with spaces in the name don't work and i can't see what fell between the cracks (items that are uds-m' but not scheduled to a track, or in LP, but didnt make it to summit)01:09
Davieyjiboumans: last time i had an oops, i seem to remember some colourful language in the error box :)01:10
jiboumansDaviey: this is when dragging/dropping in the organizing window01:10
jiboumansit says 'oops' and then loads the lp blueprint page of the thing youw ere moving01:10
jiboumansnot useful :)01:10
Davieyjiboumans: Is this for blueprints that were defered from a previous UDS?01:11
jiboumansDaviey: simply not completed01:11
jiboumansrenamed to server-maverick-*01:11
Daviey^^ sorry, for the missing specs01:11
uvirtbotDaviey: Error: "^" is not a valid command.01:11
jiboumansDaviey: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-maverick-cluster-stack01:11
jiboumansfor example. i 'declined' it for uds-l now on jcastro's suggestion01:11
jiboumansbut it doesn't seem to make it show up (yet)01:11
jiboumansmade the change about an hour ago01:12
* Daviey looks01:12
jiboumansmathiaz, smoser: do we now have a duplicate session for cloud-libs/aws or do we need both? please check summit.ubuntu.com01:13
smoserdo not need both01:13
Davieyhmm, certainly not imported.. server-lucid-cluster-stack is only in summit for uds-l01:13
smoserpage does not exist ?01:14
smoserdid we already go over that ?01:14
mathiazjiboumans: server-maverick-aws-client-libraries is a duplicate BP01:16
mathiazjiboumans: I've removed you as the approver01:16
mathiazjiboumans: but cannot decline it from the uds-m sprint01:16
jiboumansmathiaz: i think i already hit accept. not sure how to unaccept01:16
mathiazjiboumans: yeah - there may be a link to decline the BP afterward - I don't know :/01:17
jiboumansDaviey: ^ suggestions? :)01:17
jiboumansor just remove the 'uds-m' from the blueprint itself?01:17
Davieyjiboumans: no idea of the LP side i'mafraid01:17
mathiazjiboumans: right - declining a BP for a sprint is done in LP01:17
Davieyjiboumans: LP API and summit, i can help with..01:17
jiboumansmathiaz: mark it superseded with smoser's spec please? that way it doesn't show up as 'dangling'01:18
mathiazjiboumans: have you tried to make a BP superseeded in LP?01:19
jiboumansmathiaz: i have not01:19
mathiazjiboumans: it's pretty much impossible01:19
mathiazjiboumans: the UI isn't working well01:19
mathiazjiboumans: done01:21
jiboumansthank you01:21
jiboumanscloud-libs isn't in the summit system either01:22
jiboumanssmoser: propose it for uds-m please?01:23
smoserand i verified the others that i wrote are01:24
smoserbut i'm out now01:25
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zainhi there. I'm running ubuntu 10.4 server, and for some reason, nothing in /etc/hosts is being picked up. I add something there and ping says "unknown host" when i try to ping it. ideas?01:43
zaini've tried restarting /etc/init.d/networking, no good.01:43
bcanyone have any experience getting ubutnu server to install as a guest under Xen?01:44
MTecknologyIs there anything I can use to keep track of my servers as far as their uptime and heartbeats and such?01:47
MTecknologylandscape look snice but the cost is way out of the question01:47
MTecknology$150/node/year * 25 nodes...01:47
erichammondThanks to the Ubuntu Server Team for the great work on Lucid.  The day after it was released a group of friends used it to build a prototype of http://CrowdPhoto.com which we launched over the weekend (running on EC2): http://alestic.com/2010/05/crowdphoto-net01:53
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uvirtbotNew bug: #574867 in samba (main) "package samba-common-bin 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57486702:06
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zuljiboumans: server-maverick-addtional-stacks didnt make it?02:37
zuljiboumans: its the vscan zafara etc spec02:39
zuljiboumans: sorry didnt read the email02:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:03
imjessIs everyone else afk? lol...03:04
lifelessimjess: no, but you don't want 200 people all saying hi; it would be very low signal03:05
lifelessimjess: this isn't a chat channel, its ubuntu-server assistance-and-development03:06
imjessAh I see. Ok, well I'm new to ubuntu server stuff. My company are going to use ERP system under open source server. So I not sure if Ubuntu going to be right choice considering we might use "Active Directory" etc03:07
imjessAnd do we actually need Cloud?03:08
lifelesscloud is entirely up to you; it depends on what you're doing03:08
lifelessUEC can be great for deployment of many related systems and/or test labs and/or dynamic load scaling03:08
imjessWhat I have in mind is LTS server / virtualization / cloud , Hmm wondering which one should I go for the first time on ERP..03:15
imjessAm I asking too general? #Ubuntu eh?03:15
lifelessyou're not really asking questions03:15
lifelessall that you say sounds plausible ;P03:15
imjessHah! Ok, say we want to set up an ERP system with "Active Directory logins" for the staffs..  and in the future we might host a web server as well... So should we go for virtualization using Ubuntu server of course.. hmmm :D03:19
lifelessvirtualisation sounds unrelated to this03:21
lifelesslike, it won't make it easier or harder03:21
lifelessit would bring its normal benefits03:21
lifelesswe have pretty good AD integration via ldap03:22
lifelesswhich AD speaks03:22
imjessNo, I thought separate the LDAP(ERP) and the web server by using virtualization would be easier to implement in the future eh?03:24
lifelessconsider the difference between a vm and real hardware03:25
lifelessin a vm you usally use NFS or something for persistent storage03:25
lifelessyou can do that with real hardware (and should if you're trying to run separate servers for different tasks)03:25
handheldCarThe purpose of virtualization is to utilize the unused power of one's server.03:26
imjesslifeless: I don't want get another physical server to keep the IT budget low :P03:28
lifelesshandheldCar: or provide dynamic deployment of different images - to shuffle around tasks more easily than having every server configured to do everything.03:28
lifelessimjess: you'll need 2 machines to run UEC anyway03:28
lifelessimjess: *and*03:28
qman__yeah, if you're in a one or two server deployment, you don't need virtualization03:28
lifelessimjess: databases can be an issue on VM environments [depending on load/optimisation needs]03:28
qman__it doesn't show most of its benefits until you get into at least half a dozen03:29
lifelessqman__: I'd say its really domain specific - some domains are a win with just 2 vm's, others need many more [e.g. clustered static ubuntu archive mirrors] :)03:29
imjessI see. I guess UEC out of question since we got only 1 machine lol03:30
qman__yeah, it's software specific03:30
qman__if you wanted to run a whole bunch of services that don't really belong on the same machine for security/manageability reasons, but don't want/need a bunch of physical servers, virtualization is great03:31
qman__but you've only listed two03:31
qman__LDAP and web03:32
lifelessERP server, web server03:32
qman__how many clients are you intending to serve? and is the web server public-facing?03:32
imjessYes to be excat.. ERP+LDAP , web server maybe next year.03:33
imjessNot many in the beginning, like 10 staffs.03:33
qman__if you're just looking to serve an intranet site, I would just install both on the same physical server03:34
imjessYes public web. Company's home page.03:34
qman__in that case, I suggest two physical servers, or getting a VPS for the website03:34
qman__either of those would be much easier to set up and maintain than a virtual configuration03:35
imjessHmm I see.03:37
imjessBecause the OpenERP has this integrated ecommerce, that's why we might need a web server aahh lol03:38
qman__if the ERP needs to interact with a web server, it would not be any more difficult to configure it to use a VPS running the web half over a virtual machine running the web half03:39
qman__or another server in your closet running the web half03:40
qman__now, it may be easier if both run on the same machine without virtualization03:40
qman__but security concerns come into play03:40
qman__having your user database on a public facing server is a risk03:41
handheldCaris it possible to install a virtual machine in a command-line environment like ubuntu-server?03:43
imjessHmm so if we want to use a web server for public viewing, its not recommended on same machine..03:43
qman__handheldCar, of course03:43
qman__imjess, yes, because if the web server were to be compromised, it enables access to all that data03:44
ChmEarlhandheldCar, apt-get install Vnc4server tightvnc  then you have vfb for xen03:44
imjessI guess we will put LDAP+ERP using LTS server on a single machine at the moment... but what about ERP to other branches of company>03:45
qman__I'd probably use a VPN setup03:46
qman__openVPN is pretty easy to use and very secure03:46
qman__you could configure a site to site VPN, and have it 'just work'03:46
qman__there are other ways to do it, I'm sure03:47
qman__and probably SSL-enabled03:47
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imjessSo all I need is LDAP+ERP+VPN for ubuntu server... for now :)03:48
imjessHows the reliability of using ubuntu as production server?03:49
lifelesswe run all our stuff on it :)03:49
qman__very reliable, only downside I ever run into is semi frequent reboots because of kernel updates03:49
imjesslol they kept advise me on Redhat03:49
qman__I honestly can't stand to work with redhat/fedora, just don't like the system at all03:50
qman__but that's my personal preference03:50
fbc-mxhi all!!!03:51
imjessSome linux forums, forgot which.03:51
handheldCarDoes Debian have less kernel updates?03:51
* fbc-mx ducks are random things a thrown at his way!03:51
qman__handheldCar, debian stable perhaps03:51
lifelesshandheldCar: should be identical03:51
qman__not sure, I don't use it on a regular basis03:51
lifelesshandheldCar: releases in both distros only changes kernels on security updates03:51
qman__but ksplice is honestly very cool03:52
qman__haven't run into any problems with it yet03:52
imjessHow good is ubuntu.. can we run server 365 days without restarting it lol..03:52
fbc-mxYes, it's me again guys with another question that probably requires another brainlessly easy solution..03:52
qman__and I haven't had to reboot my router machine yet03:52
qman__imjess, yes03:52
qman__I get power outages here frequently, so my longest uptime is ~156 days03:53
qman__but there's no reason it couldn't run longer03:53
fbc-mxHow do I enable ACPI shutdown on my server again? Before I upgraded to LUCID I used to be able to press my power button and shut down my server. now I can't any more. What might be the issue?03:53
qman__yes, my router runs ubuntu03:53
qman__Jaunty, that was the latest when I set it up03:53
qman__haven't rebooted it03:53
qman__ryan@gatekeeper:~$ uptime03:54
qman__ 22:54:17 up 208 days,  8:14,  4 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0003:54
imjessNever seen people use server as router lol...03:54
handheldCaris this an actual routing device or a computer that's routing?03:55
qman__a computer that's routing03:55
qman__four NICs, nice long iptables script03:55
imjessWhat's the advantages compared to those regular router?03:56
qman__cheaper for the feature set03:56
qman__a professional grade router with four interfaces and the kind of software I'm using would be pretty pricey03:56
imjessLoad-balancing eh03:57
qman__as opposed to a low-power PC with a few extra NICs, loaded up with free software03:57
qman__nah, operating three separate internal nets03:58
qman__one's a public wifi03:58
handheldCarwhat protocol if u don't mind telling03:59
handheldCarno RIP, OSPF?04:00
qman__no, no other routers04:00
qman__just separate internal nets, sharing one net connection04:00
qman__firewall rules between them, bandwidth tracking04:00
qman__and a few other little things04:00
qman__my ISP's network is a total mess04:01
qman__messages coming from everywhere04:01
qman__like their whole network is just hubbed together04:02
imjessOh, by the way, once the LDAP server established, should we reinstall client's PC...04:03
qman__not sure why you would, but I've never set up an LDAP outside a lab setting04:04
imjessWhat do you mean...?04:05
qman__my network doesn't have enough users to justify LDAP04:05
imjessI see.  The Client PC's data all will automatically stored in LDAP server.. right?04:06
qman__not with just LDAP04:06
qman__you'd need to set up a file server and configure the clients to store the user data on the server04:07
imjessSo no files will stored in Client PC.04:07
imjessOh file server04:07
qman__LDAP only manages the users and authentication04:07
qman__your ERP package may handle that, but LDAP alone does not04:08
imjessGot it.04:08
imjessSo this file server will restrict user to store any data on thier client PC eh04:10
qman__no, that needs to be configured separately04:10
qman__the file server just stores the files04:10
qman__are your clients running windows or linux?04:10
imjess2 Windows, others Linux.04:11
handheldCarredirect profile and home folders to server04:12
qman__yeah, that's going to be quite a bit of work04:12
qman__you're probably going to need to set up security policies for the windows clients04:12
imjessCan Windows client PC connect to LDAP server...? Or I need another apps04:14
qman__you're going to need to configure samba+winbind most likely04:14
qman__on the server, to allow the windows clients to join the domain04:15
imjessWhat is this Zimbra?04:15
fbc-mxwhere can I find the menu-lst for grub in lucid?04:15
qman__zimbra is basically an alternative to microsoft exchange04:16
qman__fbc-mx, lucid uses grub2, and doesn't have a menu.lst04:16
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:16
imjessOk. So by steps, I should install LTS>LDAP>SAMBA>Winbind>File>ERP...04:19
* handheldCar think when you install #ubuntu-server , there is an option for file server, which is samba.04:19
imjessFile server = samba?04:20
qman__well, not necessarily04:20
qman__but samba is the tool for windows-compatible file sharing04:20
qman__there's also things like nfs, sshfs, sftp04:21
imjessShould during install Ubuntu server, I should go for file server option?04:21
imjessWhat's nfs, sshfs, sftp?04:21
qman__samba also is used for integrating with windows clients in a domain-style environment04:21
fbc-mxqman__, I'm kinda lost with this new grub. I've found the new config file that generates the one in  /boot, but how or where do I put in acpi=force?04:21
imjessDo I need those as well?04:21
qman__probably not, depends on what you want04:22
qman__those are other ways to share files, that are less windows friendly04:22
fbc-mxqman__, disregard... found it04:22
imjessSo even I install them randomly, it won't messed up the setting huh04:23
qman__no, when you install them, they will install dependencies04:24
qman__so generally, it doesn't matter04:24
qman__but be prepared, setting this up is not a simple task04:24
qman__you're going to want to find some guides and do research on it04:24
qman__and don't do it in your production environment until you know it's going to work04:24
imjessThe ubuntu website for guides is sufficient for newbies eh?04:25
qman__getting windows to play nice can be quite difficult04:25
qman__setting up a directory server and clients is definitely an "advanced" task04:26
qman__where a simple file server or web server is "easy", and email is "intermediate"04:26
imjessI'm screwed lol04:26
imjessWell I got like 2 months to put it into production.. operation04:27
imjessI'm going bug this channel in the mean time.04:28
qman__unfortunately ubuntu doesn't have an easy single-checkbox directory server yet04:29
qman__it's definitely high on my wish list04:29
imjessOh another thing, is this LTS ubuntu server is GUI?04:29
qman__no, ubuntu server does not have a GUI04:29
qman__you can install one if you really want, but that's not a supported configuration in this channel04:30
imjessWithout GUI is all right, but would OpenERP able to run under non-GUI format04:31
qman__it looks to be web-based, so yes04:32
imjessI tried on ubuntu desktop, couldn't find the server guides.04:33
imjessSo during the installation, should we pick file server(Samba) or install it right after.04:34
qman__looks like the 10.04 guide isn't up yet04:34
qman__but don't worry, it should be soon04:34
qman__lucid just released04:34
imjessThis latest LTS version is Lucid?04:35
qman__the 9.10 guide should be mostly accurate04:35
imjessHow long this Lucid LTS will last..?04:36
ScottKFive years for servers.04:36
qman__and an LTS to LTS upgrade path is supported04:37
qman__so you don't have to upgrade to each release in between04:37
imjessI see.04:38
handheldCarlts every 2 years04:38
imjessIt is wise to choose latest version of Ubuntu's considering new bugs may arise..04:40
qman__well, the main releases can be bleeding edge, meaning there are some issues04:42
qman__but the LTS is designed to avoid that as much as possible04:42
qman__while still providing new and useful software04:42
qman__right now lucid is still a bit up in the air, because it just released a few days ago04:42
qman__but give it a week or two and it should get much better04:43
handheldCarit's not too bad in my case, a couple bumps04:43
twbFive years for *some server packages*04:44
imjessSo we should stick with 8.04 LTS for now04:44
twbAFAICT it's non-trivial to avoid packages with less-than-five-years support04:44
twbYou can't e.g. apt pin based on support lifetime04:45
qman__no, only if you're already running 8.0404:45
qman__on a new setup, start with 10.0404:45
qman__documentation and such will be a little hard to find right now, but it'll be easier than upgrading after you get it set up04:45
twbEspecially given Ubuntu's track record for upgrading04:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #574901 in bind9 (main) "package liblwres60 1:9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57490104:46
qman__I haven't upgraded any of my servers yet, should be interesting04:47
qman__I upgraded my laptop, and it broke my fingerprint reader04:47
qman__otherwise fine, once I fixed the window buttons04:47
twbThere's no way I will trust do-release-upgrade on a server without making a block-level snapshot first04:48
twbI tried it in an 8.04 VM in early April, and it fell over hard04:48
twbI'll stick to aptitude safe-upgrade, which I know how to use.04:48
imjessIt seems Dell monitors can't function properly on Xscreen04:49
imjessThe dual screen thing. I had to disable special effects.04:49
twbXinerama breaks hardware acceleration, yes.04:50
twb(Unless matters have improved in the last six years...)04:50
qman__I've always had trouble with compiz04:50
qman__I still don't use it, because every time I tried, it leaks memory04:50
qman__fancy effects are not worth having your computer crash every week or so04:51
twbThat's how I feel about X04:51
qman__for the most part, I agree04:52
qman__need it for some things, but servers are not one of them04:52
imjessSeem interesting, like learning to write ABC again lol04:53
imjessDoes anyone here using ERP on ubuntu server....04:54
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:54
qman__to be perfectly honest, I couldn't figure out what it was for through all the buzz words04:54
twbERP is something you don't need to care about unless you're big business04:55
imjessI will do that. Just curious. Take it easy.04:55
qman__zimbra is interesting because one of the major stopping blocks I see, when getting windows based businesses to switch, is that they use outlook and outlook's calendars04:56
qman__I'll have to try that out04:56
twbZimbra is extremely Not Fun04:56
twbWait until it's packaged properly04:57
qman__ah, good to know04:57
imjessGood to use on Evolution Mail as well?04:57
twbThe current install process involves installing Zimbra's custom-patched versions of stuff like postfix and openldap in /opt/zimbra04:57
twbimjess: Evolution is the only FOSS client I know of with Outlook calendar support04:57
twb(Maybe if mutt supported calendars, I'd actually give a shit about them...)04:58
qman__I use thunderbird, but I don't really like it04:59
RoAkSoAxkirkland, ping04:59
qman__slow, features I don't need, etc04:59
qman__though it's nothing compared to Flash05:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #574906 in clamav "Clamav 0.96.0 clamd fails to start on powerpc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57490605:11
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drusepthI downloaded a 32-bit ubuntu install cd and have booted to it to try to follow the steps at http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/private-steps, but I never get the menu in step 2, I'm thrown directly into the usual ubuntu server installer -- is this.. normal?05:45
LynXnzHey Can Anyone Help Me With Getting a startup daemon to run as a user that i select?06:11
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:12
twbLynXnz: simply pass the appropriate arguments to start-stop-daemon.  --runas, IIRC.06:12
_eagles0513875_hey guys is there a 32bit version of ubuntu server floatin around06:31
_eagles0513875_as it seems on the site that there is only 64bit available for download06:31
LynXnzStill having issues with starting an init daemon as a specified user :(07:10
twbLynXnz: without detail, it is impossible to help you further.07:11
twb!smart questions07:11
LynXnzhow about i post my init config up somewhere so you can have a look?07:11
twbAny reason you aren't using metainit?07:15
LynXnzwhats metainit?07:15
twbAsk apt.07:15
twbFor that matter, why aren't you using upstart?07:16
LynXnzdunno, this is always the way that has been taught07:16
twbYes, well, Ubuntu is helpful and annoying and likes to do things differently just to annoy me07:17
LynXnzdo you segest me using upstart?07:17
twbI don't really care.07:18
LynXnzokay, what can i put into that init script to excucute it as a specified user?07:18
twb15:12 <twb> LynXnz: simply pass the appropriate arguments to start-stop-daemon.  --runas, IIRC.07:19
yasuhitoHi I have a question about python-vm-builder08:07
yasuhitowhen I executed "sudo vmbuilder xen ubuntu --ec2", I met an error: "vmbuilder: error: no such option: --ec2"08:08
yasuhitomy ubuntu version is 10.408:08
yasuhitoany idea?? thanks in advance08:11
yasuhitoHi I have a question about python-vm-builder08:13
qman__hey, does lucid still have a 386-compatible kernel? I've got a machine that doesn't work with the generic kernel (i686) running hardy08:20
twbqman__: check /boot/config08:21
twbBut I think it's unlikely that lucid would run on a genuine 38608:21
qman__yeah, this one's i586 IIRC, I had to install linux-image-386 to get it working08:22
qman__I know they changed around the kernels and naming schemes08:23
qman__since hardy, that is08:23
qman__just wondering if I should try to upgrade or not08:23
qman__I need to just replace the thing, but it's still running08:24
qman__hard to argue with results08:24
twbIf you're still running an i386, I'd say leave it the hell alone08:24
qman__yeah, it'll still get security updates for a while yet, so might as well08:26
qman__see if the hardware outlasts hardy08:26
imjessHey guys, is encrypted LVM do any good?08:29
twbIf you go down to your local hardware recycling place, you can probably get a complete, second-hand Pentium4 of Celeron system for $2008:29
twbimjess: define "good"08:29
twbqman__: unless you're in China or India or something08:29
qman__nah, the only thing is08:30
qman__I've got lots of dead P4s and celerons08:30
qman__but this old thing just keeps going08:30
imjessI don't know. I mean do we need encrypted LVM?08:31
qman__that's entirely up to you08:31
qman__more work than it's worth in most cases, if you ask me08:32
imjessOh we do not need it then lol08:32
qman__according to http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/allpackages?format=txt.gz there is still a linux-38608:32
qman__surprised they haven't dropped it, frankly08:32
qman__I must not be the only person still using 14 year old hardware08:33
twbMost of them wouldn't be using ubuntu, though08:34
twbWhat with it being targeted at schmucks running the latest bleeding-edge powerbook or whatever08:34
imjessIf we don't use multiple partition or drives..  I guess we could ignore LVM perhaps08:35
qman__you don't have to use LVM at all if you don't want to, it's entirely optional08:35
qman__makes some things easier, like encryption or resizing partitions08:35
twb"do we need encrypted LVM" depends on whether you need block-level encryption08:36
imjessNormal guided entire disk with raid 1...08:36
twbWhat security cert do you need to qualify for?08:36
qman__encrypted LVM makes sense on a laptop, but otherwise it's not very useful08:37
qman__or perhaps removable backup disks or something08:37
imjessI see.08:37
twbqman__: that depends on whether the laptop contains confidential information, whether you take it offsite, etc.08:37
qman__but if your server isn't in a secure location, that's a bigger problem08:37
twbimjess: with security, you should start by working out what attack vectors you care about, rather than looking at what techniques you can use.08:38
twbFor example, there is not much point learning about iptables if your host isn't connected to a network.08:38
imjessGot it.08:39
qman__also keep in mind, in order to use encrypted LVM, you will either need to type in a password or insert a removable storage device containing a key every time you boot08:40
qman__not very convenient08:40
imjessNot going to use encrypted LVM...08:40
twbblock-level encryption is most useful when your physical security is weak (i.e. your disks aren't bolted into a rack behind a locked door.08:40
twbqman__: that's assuming the root device is encrypted.08:41
twbYou could conceivably encrypt your "user data" filesystem but not your root filesystem.08:41
qman__yes, but it would be difficult to use the server without unlocking said filesystem08:41
qman__and if your swap isn't encrypted, that's a pretty big hole in the scheme08:42
twbBut yeah, any kind of encryption should have multi-factor authentication08:42
twbqman__: well, I think you've heard my policy on swap :-)08:42
imjessReconfigure partition with LVM..  it stopped at 33% like 20 mins now...08:42
qman__my general policy on that matter, RAM is cheap08:42
qman__that's normal08:43
qman__the progress bar only goes by the steps themselves08:43
qman__the first step is quick08:43
twbqman__: you could conceivably have a /srv/customers encrypted, but /home not encrypted.  That way you could do web browsing and suchlike, while your customers' data is relatively safe.08:43
qman__the second step is slow08:43
twbqman__: e.g. if the laptop has a combined work + personal role08:43
imjessIs this encrypted LVM is a new thing on Lucid or just server only?08:44
qman__it's not very new08:44
qman__but it's not in the desktop CD, only the server and alternate CDs08:44
qman__the desktop CD supports encrypted home directories though I think08:44
imjessOh no wonder I haven't encountered em before.08:45
qman__the desktop CD doesn't support RAID at all either08:45
qman__if you want features like that on a desktop, use the alternate disc08:45
twbThat's because Ubuntu makes the desktop CD, and they lag behind Debian :P08:46
qman__I'm not really sure why it doesn't08:46
qman__since it apparently uses the same partitioner08:46
qman__and other than the GUI-fication, it looks the same as the menus08:46
twbI hear that ubiquity backs onto d-i, but that doesn't mean that ubiquity is just a GUI for d-i08:46
twbOtherwise, ubiquity would be g-i, which is Debian's GTK-based d-i GUI08:47
imjessThe server documentation doesn't show the installation proccess doh..08:48
twbimjess: apt-get install installation-guide-amd6408:48
imjessCool thing we do not need install drivers for Raid software08:49
baffleHum, "service <not running service> status" returns with 0, not 4.08:50
baffleThat's quite shitty.08:50
twbbaffle: isn't that for compatibility with broken RHEL/LSB service(8)?08:50
imjesstwb: After install the guide, how to retrieve it lol08:50
twbimjess: dpkg -L will tell you where files are installed.08:51
baffletwb: Well, /etc/init.d/upstart-job status also returns 0.08:51
baffle(I.e. a upstart-job wrapped upstart-service)08:51
twbI hate upstart08:51
* baffle too.08:51
twbAt least cinit didn't embed sh in a completely non-sh DSL08:51
baffleThis means that a cluster is now unable to check if deamons are running! \o/08:52
twb(Yes, I realize that it was job-based not event-based)08:52
twbbaffle: just use pgrep like the muck-dwellers08:52
baffletwb: Well, I don't really want to change all kinds of agents just because upstart is stupid; I'd rather fix upstart. :-)08:53
twbGood luck with that08:54
imjessListfiles needs at least one package name argument..08:55
imjessOh no, it seem without LVM, can't configure Raid lol...08:57
baffletwb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/55278608:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 552786 in upstart "initctl: lacks proper exit codes" [Medium,Invalid]08:58
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twbbaffle: thanks08:59
baffletwb: So it seems I'm not the first. :-)08:59
baffletwb: But this will lead to data loss at some point, I'm quite certain.09:00
twbYeah, well, my plan is to get shit-faced tonight09:00
twbI've been dealing with oracle and sybase and sles all day.09:01
twbAnnoying as ubuntu is, at least I can RTFS and sometimes fix stuff by in-house monkey patching09:01
baffletwb: Well, to be honest, I prefer Ubuntu over SLES/RHEL any day.09:12
twbMe too09:13
twbI'd just prefer it to be more anal and less cool, i.e. debian09:14
baffletwb: But there are some quite critiacal bugs that slips thru the cracks, I feel that the Canonical server team does not have the resources to test enterprise grade solutions. Not enough manpower, possbily not enough experience (not in general, ofcourse) and not the lab environment.09:14
baffleWow, that sentence was broken.09:14
bafflethose sentences. \o/09:15
willembHi there.  I have spent the morning reading documentation about uec, eucalyptus, etc, and I am still unsure how some of it works.09:15
bafflewillemb: How it works?09:15
imjesswillemb: Make it two of us.09:15
willembWhat I want to know is:  If I have a cluster of servers with cloud packages installed, can I instantiate what is effectively a single vm combingin the resources of all of them?09:15
bafflewillemb: That's why they call it cloud; You're not supposed to understand. :-)09:16
bafflewillemb: No, a VM runs on one machine. But you have a pool of server resources that you can deploy your VMs to.09:16
willembok, so I can run apache with multiple vhosts 'on the coud' ?09:16
bafflewillemb: It doesn't really solve your scaling problems; You just have a bit simpler deployment.09:16
willemb:-( so i can't just install a cloud version of apache, set up 2000 web sites and point all their a-records to my node controller?09:17
bafflewillemb: Nopes. It is not magic. :-)09:18
willembadding more nodes as demand increases09:18
willembright, so it is called cloud cause it solves nothing and is merely nice to look at?09:18
bafflewillemb: That's cloud for you.09:18
willembie, i could do the same thing with xen/kvm anyway09:18
bafflewillemb: Yup.09:18
imjessVery cloudy if you ask me.09:18
bafflewillemb: But it has a nice webinterface. And you kindof can't use nice enterprise features.09:18
willembright, so ubuntu cloud services is to xen and kvm what gedit is to vi09:19
bafflewillemb: You have cool distributed storage, tho'. Wich ofcourse isn't as fast as a nice SAN. And probably not as reliable. And you kindof loose control of the network. And basically you just loose control.09:20
baffleIn my not so humble opinion, ofcourse.09:21
willembSo what is everyone so excited about?09:21
baffleI'm not?09:21
twbwillemb: kool-aid09:21
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willemblooks like an easy way to get into virtualization if you don't want to spend any time figuring out how any of it works.  like an mcse's fast-track to consolidating resouce usage09:22
bafflewillemb: If you buy into the amazing cloud thingy, it's kindof neat. If you design your applications from the start to be deployed on a cloud it is kindof neat. But it has to be done from the ground up. :)09:22
sorenwillemb: Trust me... This is not the easy path to virtualisation.09:22
twbI think the excitable weenies are just the usual kids running a server in their dowm09:22
willembright, so as a web hosting company, I can't move my mom and pop clients with joomla/wordpress into a cloud09:22
sorenSure you can.09:23
willembwithout rewriting their sites?09:23
sorenIt's just not going to magically make stuff scale better.09:23
twbI'd be more inclined to use jails than full VMs for those09:23
baffleIn other news, our web based KVM management software is kindof progressing. :-) I'm thinking about opensourcing it.09:23
=== Hans-Erik_H is now known as larsemil
twbbaffle: just remember that "let's open-source it!" doesn't mean "then our developers will work for free!"09:23
bafflewillemb: It's nice if you just think of it as a nice way to deploy VMs. For simple VMs without high demands for high availability it is probably cool.09:24
willembi was really hoping all the vm's would kind of share disk space and connection handlers09:24
lil_cainwe have something already partly written (and open source)09:24
twbwillemb: that sounds like a jail to me09:24
sorenwillemb: Cloud (in this context) means that you have a programmatic interface to server provisioning. If your application can make good use of that, you win.09:24
lil_cainaltough, ours is far more for !centrally managed VMs.09:24
twblil_cain: where "!" means "non-" ?09:25
willembok, so maybe migrating our 1300 web servers (each with hundreds of sites on it) onto vm's first, then worry about a nice cloud interface for managing it afterwards09:25
baffletwb: Yeah, I know that. I'm thinking about open sourcing it to share our work for free, basically. Because it is something people want. A nice web GUI, that can talk to a cluster of KVM machines, that can use a proper cluster backend, where there is access control so you can give customers remote control of their VMs. :)09:25
* twb grumbles about web interfaces09:25
baffletwb: I.e. a free VMWare VirtualCenterish application.09:25
lil_caintwb: Aye.09:26
twbSounds more like cpanel backed onto euc09:26
baffletwb: Hey, you're free to do everything from commandline, it just uses libvirt and the cluster (pacemaker/corosync) tools. :)09:26
lil_cainpretty much. A cpanel backend is handy for a lot of things though.09:26
baffleYe of little faith.09:26
twbbaffle: that's nice in theory, but I have had to fight too many sites running stuff like sysconfig-blah and webmin, where you can *technically* use the CLI, but you're instructed not to because it'll webmin will either break or delete your changes09:27
twbNot that I much like libvirt's UI as it stands09:28
baffletwb: All state lives in libvirt and the clustering software.09:28
twbI'm used to just using qemu's user-space networking with dnats and curses and maybe no disks at all, but libvirt wants to be in charge of brctl and run everything as root and suchlike09:29
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larsemilare there any public PXE servers that i could use to install ubuntu?10:23
Jeeves_larsemil: Not that I know off10:24
Jeeves_It is on my todo-list, for about a year and a half now :)10:24
larsemilJeeves_: would be cool.10:24
bafflelarsemil: Hmm, I seem to remember there being a public TFTP server for all kinds of distros actually..10:27
twbYou can't PXE boot off a remote network10:30
twbPXE starts with a DHCP broadcast10:30
Jeeves_Your dhcp server needs to be local10:30
sorentftp can be routed.10:30
sorenSo yeah, what Jeeves_ just said.10:30
Jeeves_But you can tftp from somewhere else10:30
twbPersonally I found di-netboot-assistant to be pretty awesome, though a highly available tftp.debian.org would be awesome10:31
twb*more awesome10:31
larsemilany news in 10.04 server edition except newer packages?10:33
twblarsemil: I don't understand the question10:34
halvorsI have heard it is simple to setup a emailserver on Ubuntu using the package "dovecot-postfix" but what more will i need to done?10:34
twbhalvors: have you read the Ubuntu server guide?10:34
larsemiltwb: are there any new feats? like in 8.04 its easy to make your machine virtual host etc..10:34
twblarsemil: did you read the release documentation?10:35
larsemiltwb: actually not10:35
larsemiltwb: :)10:35
larsemilwhat service is a gpg key server running, cant find when searching10:43
jpdslarsemil: SKS.10:43
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halvorsYes, i have tryed but it didn't work, i only wounder if i only need to install dovecot-postfix or need i to do more?11:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #575040 in tftp-hpa (main) "tftpd-hpa.postinst keeps hanging with a Password: prompt" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57504011:47
baffleRegarding me complaining about upstart-job not returning 3 (or, well, not 0) when doing "/etc/init.d/service status"; I made a small change to upstart job that makes it at least report 1, so stuff works. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/55278612:48
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 552786 in upstart "initctl: lacks proper exit codes" [Medium,Invalid]12:48
baffleIn upstart it is by design, but in the LSB-wrapper it should support it...12:49
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andriijasare there any known issues in lucid with php5 and apache segfaulting??12:58
zulandriijas: yes please use the version in lucid-proposed13:12
andriijaszul: how?13:14
zulandriijas: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed13:16
andriijaszul: any eta when this will be published to lucid?13:17
zulandriijas: after it gets some testing13:18
andriijaszul: but i can disable proposed after upgrading php again?13:18
zulandriijas: yep13:19
halvorsIt is possible to make self maded sertficates for Webmin??13:19
sorenhalvors: Ubuntu does not support webmin.13:19
halvorsHow admin panels should i use?13:31
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox13:31
zuladmin panels?13:31
zulttx: ping13:36
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=== oubiwann is now known as oubiwann_
smoserhggdh, are you around ?13:55
hggdhsmoser almost ;-) what can I do for you?14:04
zul*sigh* if it was only that easy14:10
ahasenacksmoser: hi14:10
ahasenacksmoser: just noticed that the lucid AMIs don't have a ramdisk14:11
ahasenacksmoser: so, that was unexpected. What's the change, how does it work? The kernel has all the drivers and stuff?14:12
smoserahasenack, yes, that was a feature we chased.14:23
smoserthey just dont' need one.14:23
smoserthe kernel can mount the root filesystem.14:24
ahasenacksmoser: ok, so that's going to be the norm from now on, if possible14:24
smoserthats the goal, yeah.14:24
ahasenacksmoser: also for the other distros you think?14:24
smoseri dont know about other distros. it works here, its always been possible, its just that ramdisks are more generic, and "standard"14:25
smoserbut since the cloud environments (UEC and ec2) have well known hardware profiles we dont really need them.  the ramdisk never actually did much.14:25
smoserhggdh, i was going to ask about the order of powering up topo214:26
hggdhsmoser: still looking for me?14:26
smoseri turned on cempedak first14:26
ahasenacksmoser: thanks14:26
hggdhsmoser: when cempedak is up, copy the SSH key to the mabolo and marula preseeds14:27
hggdhthen up both14:27
hggdhsmoser: the docs are up-to-date, BTW14:28
smoserhggdh, sorry, how to copy ssh key ? what key ?14:28
smoserhggdh, sorry, please point me to TFM14:29
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hggdhsmoser: under mathiaz tamarind bzr, README.testing14:30
hggdhsmoser: the SSH keys I am talking about are the eucalyptus user keys14:30
smoseryeah, i can read. i didn't open README.testing. sorry . i'll bother you if i have more14:31
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
smoserhggdh, wiat. i'm sorry.14:32
smoseri didn't do "lucid-amd64-multi"14:32
smoseri set topo to lucid-amd64-topo214:32
smoseris that not right ?14:32
halvorsDoes ebox provide adminpanel for domains?14:39
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hggdhsmoser: yes, lucid-amd64-topo2 is the correct one14:46
smoseri didn't realize this was 4 steps14:47
hggdhyou need to copy the keys anyways (at least this was my experience)14:47
hggdhso you copy the bloody CLC key to Walrus and CC preseed, then copy both CLC and CC keys to the SC/NCs14:48
hggdhsmoser: oh, I follow you now. The README.testing states you only need to copy on -multi...14:49
halvorsI installed ebox, but how access the interface? I tryd https://myip/ebox but it does not work14:49
smoserhggdh, would be nice if that could be a single 'go' command.14:56
smoser(which i'm sure is no new thought to you)14:56
hggdhsmoser: you bet... but it might be possible15:05
smoserwell its definitely possible15:07
henkjanhmm, disabling ipv6 autoconfiguration15:09
henkjannet.ipv6.conf.all.autoconf = 015:09
henkjanthat should be enough i thouhgt?15:09
henkjanon lucid I still get my eui-64 address15:10
_rubenhenkjan: might need to change default as well?15:13
_ruben(not just all)15:13
MkoolsHello, I want to add a virtual host in tomcat6 for that I have read doc on tomcat6, from which I concluded that I have to add three elements namely: 1. Engine 2. Host 3. Context in my server.xml. I have also created one instance of tomcat. I wanted a review on my above statements that is whether they correct or not or any further addition is needed. Do I have to defaultHost= 'ip of dns or name of dns'?15:14
MkoolsI am using bind9 and I have created domain prctimp.private.15:15
MkoolsI am using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic15:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #575175 in apache2 (main) "apache running at 100% indefinitely" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57517515:16
henkjan_ruben: didnt help..15:17
_rubenhenkjan: http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&m=123599691025508&w=2 (havent fully read it myself yet)15:19
smoserhggdh, ping15:36
ttxjdstrand: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/security-m-apparmor-profile-packaging is currently scheduled in the cloud_and_server track, I suppose it's a misplacement ?15:40
jdstrandttx: yes, that would be. kees? ^15:40
ttxjdstrand: want me to fix that ?15:40
jdstrandttx: sure15:40
ttxWill mark it a "security" track15:41
jdstrandttx: should be in the security track (semi-obviously)15:41
hggdhsmoser: I am here15:41
ttxand let kees carry on from there15:41
jdstrandttx: thanks15:41
* ttx tests admin superpowers15:41
smoserhggdh, pm15:41
MkoolsIt is written in the docs that Engine should have one default host as localhost. Now I want to add a virtual host is there any other syntax like <virtualHost> in apache 2.0 or <Host name = > will do it?15:50
MkoolsPlease reply.15:50
henkjan_ruben: thnx for that url. Enabling forwarding helps to disable autoconf. ugly16:10
keesttx: the scheduler is so strange... why did it mark it as cloud?16:16
ttxkees: someone must have marked it as such in the summit admin system16:17
ttxkees: takes special power to assign a session to a "track"16:17
keesttx: well, they're supposed to be auto-marked on creation.16:17
ttxkees: ?16:17
keesttx: yeah, you (or I) can change it, though.16:18
halvors1Can i make new domains on my server with ebox?16:18
ttxkees: auto-marked based on what ?16:18
ttxkees: natural language analysis ? spec name ?16:18
keesstuff named $WHATEVER-m-$NAME is supposed to be automatically marked by the summit system into track $WHATEVER16:18
ttxkees: first time I heard such a thing :)16:18
keesanyway, thanks for fixing it.  :)16:18
keesttx: hm, well maybe there is some quiet human doing it, but most of my BPs were already in the right track when I did scheduling.16:19
keesand the rest lacked any track at all.16:19
ttxkees: I suspect some quiet human interaction yes16:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #570648 in libubuntuone (main) "rhythmbox crashed with SIGSEGV in _nss_wins_gethostbyname_r() (dup-of: 529714)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57064816:22
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bondiblueos9after booting the 9.10 server cd and select rescue system, how can I get my tape drive into /dev ?17:11
bondiblueos9maybe I'll just start downloading the 10.04 cd to do a clean reinstall in the meantime17:14
AlexMaxI've just updated to ubuntu server 10.04.  My IP Aliases aren't working anymore.  What am I missing?  http://bpaste.net/show/9lHotcyYnGQh7LaiuMPc/17:33
AlexMaxHrm, I added the netmask and it works....but restarting networking doesn't seem to bring them up automatically17:37
AlexMaxi still have to use ifup17:37
clintbAlexMax: maybe 'auto eth0:0' ? I haven't tried aliases in lucid yet17:40
AlexMaxI have that17:40
clintbI see 'auth eth0:0'17:40
jiboumansmoring clintb17:47
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SirDerigo_hello people, i just installed ubuntu 8.04 server edition, i ran apt-get upgrade, and it decided to download grub-pc, the problem is that when it is installing gives this error msg and dies: grub-probe: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/cciss/c0d0p1.18:10
SirDerigo_it is and hp proliant ml150G6 server18:11
pmatulisSirDerigo_: sounds like we are pushing GRUB2 on people18:15
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arthurjohnsonI'm not a big fan of grub2, the failcount thing scares me18:16
htcanyone familiar with server 10.04 / cannot set static ip problem?18:16
pmatulishtc: no, tell us about it18:17
htcpmatulis, well i was in main there, but ok.18:18
htchm.. apparently my new host is incapable of setting a static network ip with server 10.0418:18
htcnow this sounds rather redonculous to me, but i figured i'd check in and see if it was a bug, as i've seen a few vm's do this18:18
htcvm images rather, build by some faulty humans i'm assuming, or more likely deployed by some faulty human logic that we dont need to check :)_18:19
htcany decently common nic's not included these days? some odd realtek or so? but something that would still have very large scale sales.. say the odd desktop board?18:20
pmatulishtc: seems good over here18:26
htchm, depressing... i might have to teach this guy to host then. thx for the input18:27
pmatulishtc: maybe get more details at the very least18:28
bondiblueos9I often boot up my system without some drives connected; after upgrading to 10.04, I have a prompt that tells me they are not present and wants me to wait or press a key to continue; how can I disable this prompt (as though I hit S to skip)18:28
htcpmatulis, wish i could :P18:28
pmatulisbondiblueos9: you've changed your nick.  i believe we've gone over this18:29
bondiblueos9pmataulis: this is the first time I've gotten an answer about it, though I have asked a couple times the past couple days in #ubuntu18:30
htcthat was only with 64bit host/vm's btw18:30
bondiblueos9pmatulis: but it was with this nick18:30
htcttyl o/18:30
pmatulishtc: ok, i've just tested with 64-bit lucid server (kvm guest)18:31
federicohi, I want to login via ssh to an UEC instance with credentials that I've downloaded from the firefox18:31
htcpmatulis, and let me guess, its fine :P18:31
pmatulishtc: yeah, like i said before18:31
htci dont doubt YOUR competence18:31
federicoWhat I have to do?18:31
htcnor mine - unfortunately no real-time connection to host, so lame18:31
htcbut cheap heh18:31
htcl8 and thx again m818:31
pmatulisbondiblueos9: ok, your nick is getting truncated, looked different18:32
federicohi, I want to login via ssh to an UEC instance with credentials that I've downloaded from the firefox18:33
neverblueok, in attempting to setup eth0, statically, I need to enter a search domain, what is that going to be, the address of my router?18:37
pmatulisneverblue: no18:38
neverbluei setup the IP, mask and gateway, and the DNS Server, but no idea on what to set the Search domain to18:39
pmatulisneverblue: it should be optional but if it's not just put in your local domain name (ex: 'example.com')18:39
neverblueand I am unable to get outside my netwoek18:39
bondiblueos9pmatulis: do you have a quick tip to bypass this prompt? or can you at least point me in the right direction to search for the answer?18:40
pmatulisbondiblueos9: what kind of device again?  usb or sata18:41
bondiblueos9sata, ide, and firewire; all of them prompt unless I remove them from the fstab18:41
pmatulisbondiblueos9: what kind of device is troubling you?18:42
=== RoAk is now known as RoAkSoAx
neverblueok, something else is messed18:43
neverbluecannot get online at all18:43
chasmanrors__New to list, How do I move my setup to better hardware?   Do I need to reinstall everything?18:43
bondiblueos9pmatulis: external firewire drives if they are not turned on at boot time, and internal sata drives if they are disconnected at boot time18:43
pmatulisbondiblueos9: try the 'nofail' option in /etc/fstab18:47
federicoalguien habla espanol, porque quiero preguntar  algo de una traduccion18:48
mathiazbdmurray: hi - could you investigate why http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/fixedbugs.ubuntu-server.2010-05-03.html is empty?18:50
mathiazbdmurray: running the script from a lucid chroot works correctly18:50
bdmurraymathiaz: of course, thanks for letting me know18:50
federicohi, I don't undestand this sentence(I'm learning english),     * Source eucarc script to make sure that the environmental variables used by euca2ools are set properly. To validate that the euca2ools are able to communicate with the UEC,  try fetching the local cluster availability details.18:51
federico$ . ~/.euca/eucarc18:51
federicowhat . ~/.euca/eucarc does?18:51
pmatulisfederico: "sources" the specified file18:52
AlanHmmm, things like VirtualBox are pulling in a crapload more on Lucid than they used to on Intrepid, for the same VirtualBox repo and version18:53
AlanIs this something to do with a change towards installing all recommended stuff instead of not?18:53
pmatulisfederico: usually used to import variables18:53
AlanBecause it's resulting in getting X for a server, which is pointless...18:53
federicothat copies to the enviroment variables of the sistem?18:54
pmatulisAlan: isn't virtualbox a desktop application?18:54
Alanpmatulis: it works for server too18:55
Alani swear it never used to pull in x11-common...18:55
pmatulisfederico: well, for your current user18:55
pmatulisAlan: you're x forwarding it?18:56
Alanhmm, on the other hand, i could probably use the new virtualisation stuff, since I actually have a virt-capable CPU now....18:56
Alanpmatulis: no18:56
federicopmatulis: thanks18:56
Alani'm using the command-line VBoxManage etc.18:56
pmatulisAlan: ok, so you can actually use vbox like that, good to know18:57
Alanpmatulis: yup, been doing it for the last 8 months or so18:57
pmatulisAlan: nice18:57
AlanI might switch to using KVM stuff now though18:58
AlanPreviously i couldn't because my server hardware was too old to support hardware virt18:58
Alanalso, i think maybe having those extra deps won't be a problem18:59
Alanprunes it a lot if i use --without-recommends18:59
ttxmathiaz: in case there were any doubts, you should run the meeting19:00
Alanpmatulis: my usecase is using a virtualised server so I can have a public-facing webserver that is somewhat isolated from my important data-carrying server19:00
mathiazttx: ok19:00
bogeyd6-I am getting a download request for  application/x-httpd-php  (in firefox) but it should be serving the php page instead. How do I go about fixing this?19:05
leniosbogeyd6-, you should serve the page as html, not php19:06
bogeyd6-lenios, please describe how to fix19:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #575303 in tomcat6 (main) "tomcat6 has two webapps/ directories" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57530319:06
leniosi don't remember where, but it's related to apache19:06
leniosapache should serve the content as html mime type19:07
AlanWhat is the suggested method for server virtualisation?19:08
jpdsAlan: KVM.19:08
Alanjpds: are there any comprehensive guides on it?  most of the stuff I find in the ubuntu wiki is patchy and for older versions19:11
bogeyd6-lenap_, turns out it is a firefox bug19:11
Alanand is it still necessary to screw around with bridging manually?19:11
bogeyd6-lenios, turns out it was a firefox bug19:11
leniosbogeyd6-, your apache is most certainly wrong too19:12
leniosthere should be no sign of php to the browser19:12
bogeyd6-IE loads it fine19:12
bogeyd6-clear the FF cache and it now loads fine too19:13
failoverAlan, setup kvm with ubuntu is not so difficult !19:18
failoverbut still need manually work !19:18
LeblinuxHello, anyone configured subversion on ubuntu-server? I have a problem with adding a group to to the svn group.19:19
failoverAlan, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM is a good start !19:19
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oru_workhow do I login to mysql ?19:22
pmatulisbondiblueos9: well?19:23
bondiblueos9pmatulis: I'm having other issues19:24
bondiblueos9pmatulis: that I thought I had fixed when I posed the question19:24
oru_workERROR 1046 (3D000): No database selected19:27
oru_workhow can I select a database ?19:27
pmatulisoru_work: www.google.ca/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=mysql+how+can+I+select+a+database+%3F19:28
Alanfailover: yeah, i've been looking there, but I'm still not entirely sure what's going  on :|19:32
Alantrying out ubuntu-vm-builder right now19:32
oru_workpmatulis, thanks19:32
failoverAlan, if you have doubts just ask for a explanation :)19:33
atomic__1ugh, anyone from the Netherlands? need to settle an argument here...19:36
=== oubiwann_ is now known as oubiwann
hggdhmathiaz: sorry, my reminder failed19:38
mathiazhggdh: no problem19:49
mathiazhggdh: it's the begining of the release cycle19:49
mathiazhggdh: and the meeting time has moved19:49
mathiazhggdh: did you have anything important to report?19:50
hggdhmathiaz: no, nothing new19:56
hggdhI will beef up the blueprints19:56
bdmurraymathiaz: fixed19:56
mathiazbdmurray: great! -thanks19:57
failoverHey, i'm using kvm with lucid, but i can't load the kvm-amd module, http://paste.pocoo.org/show/209864/ ! Someone know why ?20:18
smoserfailover, what does 'kvm-ok' say ?20:23
failoversmoser, kvm is disable in bios ! i'm working on this now ;)20:27
failoverbut, tanks !20:27
RoAkSoAxkirkland, ping?20:33
smoserkirkland is travelling to UDS RoAkSoAx20:34
RoAkSoAxsmoser, oh thought he was already there... thanks :)20:35
smoserhe told me he'd arrive Wednesday mornig20:35
halvorsSomone know a good hosting panel i can use on my server? Who manage and create new domains?20:36
RoAkSoAxsmoser, ok will have to wait for him until tomorrow then. thanks :)20:36
gregcoitin lucid server, I'm seeing rsyslog Recommends logrotate, logrotate Depends fcron, fcron Recommends sysklogd but rsyslog and sysklogd conflict20:40
guntbertgregcoit: are recommendations automatically installed? I think that is configurable somewhere20:42
gregcoitguntbert: oh, that would be nice to be able to control20:42
guntbertgregcoit: I found "Recommendations are standard installed with apt. This can be prevented using the switch --no-install-recommends"20:44
guntbertgregcoit: it was on http://superuser.com/questions/70031/what-is-the-difference-between-recommended-and-suggested-packages-ubuntu20:45
bondiblueos9my boot fails after "init: plymouth-splash main process (xxx) terminated with status 1"20:45
gregcoitguntbert: thank you!20:48
guntbertgregcoit: you're welcome :-)20:49
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uvirtbotNew bug: #575381 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus script post-installation installé a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57538121:16
bondiblueos9pmatulis: thanks for your help; I never got that prompt again, but it was probably because the system hung on boot when the drives weren't connected, heh; I ended up putting noauto in fstab, so it works, I just have to mount manually every time21:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #575387 in chkrootkit (main) "support excludes in the sniffer test" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57538721:27
kirklandRoAkSoAx: here, briefly21:28
kirklandRoAkSoAx: whats up?21:28
Pirate_Hunterany python programmers can help me with this bug found in denyhosts - http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2898723&group_id=131204&atid=720419 looking for a fix as the edit in line 47 doesn't fix the problem and python 2.6 is intalled in ubuntu 10.0421:39
dvheumenhi, is there anyone who can help me with my ticket refreshing issues that winbindd has. I have this thing where, after rebooting the Windows server, winbindd loses access to the server and consequently can't check access for users accessing its samba file shares21:42
dvheumenI have searched on the internet via google and such, but I keep getting the same settings that simply do not seem to do the job in my case.21:44
dvheumenAnd I'd like to know where exactly the error occurs because 'wbinfo -t' keeps failing, and I'm wondering why21:45
dvheumenor how to force a ticket refresh from winbind21:45
dvheumenthe server is Windows SBS 200821:48
storrgiecclausen: You around? I have some questions regarding the network config we worked on on sunday21:49
cclausenstorrgie: I am sort-of here21:59
cclausenI'm at work, so if I go afk I have actual work happening21:59
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.22:03
plavcikhello, I had intention to upgrade my old ubuntu server LTS (8.04?) to 10.04 LTS, I did firstly apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, but during reboot, I'm can't boot again even with old kernel and getting busybox22:04
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox22:05
cclausenplavcik: you be upgrading using do-release-upgrade, not directly using apt like that.22:05
plavcikthat's option on live CD?22:06
cclausenplavcik: you should do the upgrade from the existing system.  I'm not sure what happened nor how to recover your current system.  Maybe try reinstalling grub or something?  Do you get any additional information?  Or do you just end up in busybox?22:07
plavcikmounting /dev/sda2 on /root failed: No such devices (I noted udev upgrade, may be its related)22:08
plavcikgrub is ok, sda is not recognised anymore (SCSI)22:09
plavcik/root/dev on /dev/.static/dev failed22:09
pwnguinok, so why exactly is webmin bad?22:10
viezerdsomeone told me (onces) webmin might be insecure22:13
cclausenviezerd: in general anything that makes administration easier for you, makes it easier for an attacker as well22:14
pwnguinwell then22:15
pwnguinbetter throw out ebox!22:15
cclausenpwnguin: wedmin doesn't follow Debian/Ubuntu policy for config file updates and doesn't use apt correctly to install packages22:15
cclausenyeah, I'd consider that insecure as well22:15
pwnguincclausen: which policy does it violate?22:15
pwnguinit wasnt dropped from debian for violation22:15
cclausenif you want secure management, I'd setup single sign on with Kerberos and possibly use remctl22:15
cclausenpwnguin: I think not using pat would be a policy violation in itself.22:16
cclausenerr, apt22:16
pwnguinall i want really is for a specific user to be able to reboot apache. not concerned about package installation22:17
cclausenremctld can do that22:17
cclausenyou could setup: remctl <host> invoke-rc.d apache2 restart22:18
pwnguinyou're assuming specific user is capable of dealing with remctl22:18
cclausenor do the same thing with sudo and a forced SSH command22:18
pwnguinand not say, a professor of interactive media22:18
cclausenyou can make a button that they click call the correct command from their computer22:18
cclausenor do they need to be able to do this from anywhere in the world?22:18
pwnguinwell, the last ticket came in on friday at midnight22:20
pwnguincampus closes at midnight22:20
pwnguinso i assume they were not actually on campus22:20
cclausenwell, allowing login from untrsuted systems is its own problems22:21
cclausenagain, if its easy for end users, its easy for attackers22:21
pwnguinwho might what22:21
pwnguinreboot the server22:21
pwnguini think im sticking with my reboot every 30 plan22:21
cclausenbuffer overflow -> root access22:21
cclausenjust run invoke-rc.d apache2 reload from cron every 30 minutes22:22
cclausenunless you actually need to stop and restart22:22
pwnguinprobably restart graceful22:22
cclausenwhy does apache need to be restarted in the first place?22:22
pwnguini dont know22:22
pwnguinbecause he's breaking wordpress22:22
cclauseninvoke-rc.d reload does a apache2ctl graceful22:22
cclausenbreaking it how?22:22
cclausenand how does restarting apache fix that?22:23
pwnguinso lets start there: we're running wordpress. anything security related you want to address has to be more scary than that22:23
cclausenyeah, true22:23
cclausenI'd run wordpress under mod_Fcgid22:23
cclausenand actually, I DO run wordpress under mod_Fcgid :-)22:23
pwnguinhe installed some wp plugin22:23
cclausenoh, I see22:24
cclausenyou are using mod_php22:24
pwnguinand when i came in on sat, his wp install was broken22:24
cclausenyeah, the fcgid stuff can be restarted per app instead of per-server22:24
cclausenjust pkill -9 php5-cgi as the wordpress user22:24
cclausenor if wordpress the only thing running on here?22:24
cclausene.g. is it his server?22:24
cclausenif its just that user's stuff, go for ebox22:25
cclausenif its a shared system, you probably can't do that...22:25
pwnguinit's for him and his students22:25
storrgiecclausen: I pmed you a dmesg file22:25
storrgieyou may share it with the group if it is necessary22:26
storrgieI am the one who had that bridged interface to eth122:26
storrgieand another interface to eth022:26
pwnguinim willing to take him at face value when he says he can totally handle apache and mysql22:26
storrgiewe had some issues with gateway22:26
cclausenpwnguin: sounds like ebox could work for that.  as the prefessor if he thinks the risk is ok22:26
pwnguincclausen: he's already asking for 'phpmyadmin or similar software'22:26
storrgiepwnguin: use webmin?22:27
pwnguinand the circle is complete!22:27
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.22:27
storrgieyes it has issues, especially as the ubuntu distro changes over to things like upstart22:28
storrgiejpds: is there alternatives?22:28
storrgiesometimes it is very nice to see all the options, instead of config file madness22:28
cclausenstorrgie: did you read that message that said to see !ebox ?22:28
* clintb never liked webmin even when he was a padawan learner sysadmin .. 22:28
storrgieahh I didnt22:28
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox22:29
storrgiecclausen: if you have some time22:29
storrgiecclausen: having some werid stuff with that network configuration22:29
cclausenstorrgie: I'm not sure what I'm looking at here?22:29
storrgiewell ok22:29
storrgieeth0 is still connected22:29
storrgiebut no route to outside world22:29
storrgieonly internal network22:29
cclausenstorrgie: pastebin ipconfig -a22:30
cclausenand netstat -r22:30
storrgieone moment22:31
storrgiecclausen: i am a little confused about the vnet interfaces22:33
storrgieI think kvm is making those22:33
storrgieI would prefer it didnt22:33
storrgieand just left me with eth0, eth1 and br022:33
RickyWh1is hardy heron considered too old?22:35
cclausenRickyWh1: for servers, hardy will be supported for 5 years from release, so there are still 3 years of support22:36
cclausenRickyWh1: I still have servers running dapper22:36
RickyWh1is it rock solid?22:36
storrgieRickyWh1: thats qualitative, we are dealing with deterministic machines22:36
cclausenRickyWh1: depends what you mean by that.22:36
RickyWh1i'm interested in running an amazon ec2 instance that runs ubuntu server, any recommended AMIs?22:37
cclausenstorrgie: br0 and eth1 have the same IP address.  that looks wrong22:37
storrgiebr0 is bridged to eth122:37
storrgielemme send my ifconfig22:37
cclausenyou did22:38
storrgiei meant my /etc/network/interfaces22:38
cclausentry giving the br0 interface .4, if its available on the laptop22:39
storrgieon the laptop?22:39
storrgiei'm confused22:39
cclausenstorrgie: on whatever machine you sent where br0 and eth1 are both .322:42
cclausensorry, I assume it was a laptop22:43
storrgieahh its my server22:43
storrgieso wait22:43
cclausenI am probably wrong22:43
cclausenyeah, ok22:43
storrgiei;m a little confused22:43
storrgieif you look at my interfaces22:43
storrgieeth1 is set manual22:43
storrgiebut has it all commented out22:43
cclausenoh, I see22:43
cclausenit is commented out22:43
storrgieyeah so... this is the way ubuntu docs said to do a bridge22:43
cclausenI guess I am confused why it shows up in ifconfig with the same IP then22:43
cclausenmaybe that is how it is supposed to work22:44
storrgiebut something about this config is making eth0 not route to the outside world22:44
Pirate_Hunteranyone care to help me with this daemon message - ubuntu mdadm[1655]: DeviceDisappeared event detected on md device /dev/md1, component device Wrong-Level - checked online and got nada, this is on lucid with raid0+lvm22:44
cclausenstorrgie: did you paste netstat -r ?22:44
cclausenyes you did22:45
cclausensee that you have TWO default routers22:45
cclausenthat is the problem22:45
cclausenI'm not sure how that happened, but if you figure it out and just get one default route, I bet it will start working22:45
storrgiehrm well22:45
cclausenstorrgie: "default" in the netstat -r output22:45
storrgieI'm noteven sure where to start22:46
cclausenstorrgie: there shouldn't be two of them22:46
storrgieI don't know much about networking22:46
RickyWh1what package manager does ubuntu use?22:46
cclausenstorrgie: try downing the br0 interface and see if it starts working22:46
RickyWh1ahh sweet22:46
storrgieRickyWh1: aptitude, apt-get22:46
storrgieRickyWh1: what distro are you from?22:46
cclausenRickyWh1: apt and aptitude is the command line interface to it.  I believe synaptic is the GUI22:46
storrgiecclausen: sorry for being so newb, what is best way to down interface?22:46
storrgiesudo ifdown br0?22:46
cclausenstorrgie: that should work.  I use ifconfig br0 down, but I am old school22:47
Pirate_Hunternever mind found it here http://man-wiki.net/index.php/8:mdadm apparently raid0 can't be monitored :p22:47
cclausenPirate_Hunter: basically if it goes down, it IS down22:47
cclausenand you would know b/c its broken :-)22:47
storrgietook it down22:47
storrgienetstat is same22:47
cclausenstorrgie: hmm22:47
storrgiecept no br0 line22:48
storrgiemaybe a gateway in the br0 config?22:48
cclausenstorrgie: can you safely run /etc/init.d/networking restart ?22:48
Pirate_Huntercclausen yup and its bye bye everything22:48
cclausenstorrgie: looks like you had the gateway commented out, except for eth0 ?22:48
storrgiecclausen: yep i can22:48
storrgiecept for eth022:48
cclausenstorrgie: that should be the only thing adding a default route then22:48
storrgiePirate_Hunter: any other messages around that pirate hunter?22:48
storrgielike ata messages?22:49
cclausenstorrgie: or dose the bridge_up rule do something funky with routing?22:49
storrgieI have no idea on that...22:49
storrgieI am new to bridging...22:49
storrgieserver is down hard....22:50
storrgieno network now22:50
storrgiewith the gateway on br022:50
storrgielemme run down to the basement and log in via tty22:50
Pirate_Hunterstorrgie, nope it is as cclausen stated if it goes down I will know straight away as I will lose everything, hopefully before that happens the other machine will be ready22:50
clintbjiboumans: belated "good afternoon" :)22:52
plavcikcclausen: I used ubuntu server CD / selected recovery, then fdisk -l /sda and noticed, that root shall be sda3 not sda2, I don't understant, how grub-update get confused and putted sda2 to menu.lst (now I'm back, the system is 6.06.02 LTS)23:08
cclausenplavcik: upgrading directly from dapper to lucid is not supported.  is that what you did?23:12
plavciknot, I did last apt-get update && apt-get upgrade before going to study, how to upgrade23:15
plavcikhow to dist-upgrade23:16
plavcikwhat is the recommendet/supported path?23:16
cclausenplavcik: you need to use do-release-upgrade to go hardy first23:20
cclausenand then reboot23:20
cclausenand then go to lucid from there23:20
plavcikis do-release-upgrade part of upgrade-manager-core? this package is seen by apt23:21
cclausenoh, right.  I don't think that dapper has that installed by default23:22
plavcikthe upgrade-manager-core package even not exist23:22
cclausenthere is a work-around23:23
cclausenhold on... let me find the upgrade notes for dapper -> hardy23:23
cclausen1.Enable the "dapper-updates" repository23:25
cclausen2.Install the new "update-manager-core" package23:25
cclausen3.Run "sudo do-release-upgrade"23:25
cclausenalso read the "Troubleshooting" section23:25
plavcikcclausen: thx, will follow that23:25
plavcikcclausen: i see, I did typo, package update-manager-core exist, I wrote upgrade-manager-core :(23:30
cclausenah, ok23:32
storrgiecclausen: server wont boot.....23:34
storrgiecclausen: I did a reboot just to make sure everything would come up alright23:34
storrgieits been rebooted multiple times over the last 2 days23:34
storrgienow it says something along the lines of:23:34
storrgielemme dredge it up23:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 522197 in upstart "init: shouldn't log a warning/error when a job fails with a status in "normal exit"" [Low,Triaged]23:35
storrgiethere I posted at the bottom23:36
storrgieI dont know what the issue is23:36
storrgiei dont know how to fix it23:36
storrgieI fear I have to re-install tonight23:36
storrgieso i can even use my system in the coming days23:36
storrgiegetthing this in terminal:23:38
storrgieinit:ureadahead-other main process (1004) terminated with status 423:38
storrgieand cannot boot23:38
storrgiewont boot beyond that point23:38
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:51
dominicdinada!bcm 4423:51
dominicdinadaHi, Does anybody know about the Broadcom 440x NIC ? Which drivers are needed. I have my Winblows drivers but somehow I doubt they will work23:53
dominicdinadaThe only documentation I can google refers to the BCM440x chipset and wireless always shows up however it is not a wireless23:55

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