Obsidian1723Ill stay with Hardy and then probably move to Debian.00:02
TakyojiI get a kick out of people being deterred. :P00:04
TakyojiBut hey, people ACTUALLY have choice!00:04
tonyyarussoYeah, I'm hoping to get out of the sixth month upgrade cycle either way - it's a bit tiring.  Will use Lucid for a bit, then probably see what Debian looks like compared to what shows up in Ubuntu 12.04 I guess.00:04
tonyyarussoTakyoji: WHOA00:04
tonyyarussoNot that I have a problem with six month cycles - that's awesome.  I just can't keep up :P00:05
TakyojiI have yet to upgrade my Fedora server. :P00:05
TakyojiI'm too afraid of doing a distro upgrade live. :P00:05
tonyyarussoWe had Fedora servers running FC3 and 4 at a previous job.00:05
TakyojiI believe mine is FC800:06
TakyojiAnyone use password-less login on a multi-user desktop?00:08
Takyoji(It's the current case for the family computer, but kind of as a basic workaround, but to still have an encrypted keyring and so forth)00:09
TakyojiI'm just unaware of how that'll work with 10.04 yet00:10
TakyojiWhich I suppose I could test in a VM00:10
* Obsidian1723 have fun all...00:34
TakyojiBleh, I cringe when people use the word: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html#PowerPoint03:36
Takyojihttp://www.gnu.org/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html#LAMP :P03:41
Obsidian1723blah, thats just GNU fundamentalism.04:03
TakyojiGLAMP. :P04:08
tonyyarussogwords to gavoid?04:47

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