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cjohnstonmdke: you still here by chance?14:56
mdkecjohnston: I'm here now21:53
cjohnstonmdke: I just want to clarify.. There is no desire/it isnt going to happen when it comes to translating help.u.c?21:53
cjohnstonfrom the web team21:53
mdkecjohnston: from the docteam's point of view, we follow the same approach that is taken for www.ubuntu.com - i.e. local teams are very welcome to do it, but they are best hosted on the local team's own websites so that users can find all localised material in one convenient place21:54
cjohnstonI was asked I guess to host this..21:56
cjohnstonbut if its not going to happen, I don't see a reason to host it21:56
mdkehow do you mean "to host"?21:56
cjohnstonhost the uds session21:56
cjohnstonand i guess probably also coordinate the actual project21:56
cjohnstonsince im doing the website localization project21:57
mdkeas I understand the website localisation project, you will just detect the user's browser language and offer a link to the local team website, right?21:57
cjohnstonto a translated wiki page, yes21:57
mdkenot to the local team website?21:57
mdkehow come?21:58
cjohnstonit will be to a translated wiki page that will offer links to resources in that language.. a 'landing page' if you will21:58
mdkeI mean, what's wrong with linking to the localised website straight away?21:59
cjohnstonnot all teams have a localized website21:59
mdkebut for those that do21:59
cjohnstonand because that isnt the desire of the boss21:59
cjohnston(read matt)21:59
mdkenewz2000: ^^22:00
* newz2000 reads22:00
mdkecjohnston: anyway, there's no reason a similar approach couldn't be adopted for help.ubuntu.com22:00
cjohnstonmdke: to link to the same page as the regular website localization project, or to something else22:01
newz2000mdke: the problem with linking directly to a loco team website is two fold, the greater issue being that there is not a 1;1 mapping of languages to loco teams (some langs have many more than one)22:01
newz2000the second point is that we want to have quality control of the intermediary page22:02
mdkecjohnston: in my opinion, each site should link to an equivalent site - i.e. www.ubuntu.com should link to www.ubuntu-it.org in italian and help.ubuntu.com should link to help.ubuntu-it.org22:02
mdkenewz2000: who is "we"?22:02
newz2000we = ubuntu.com webmaster and the people he reports to22:03
mdkeI'm not sure that's the right "we" for this case.22:04
mdkeanyway, I can see that there might need to be some subtlety to deal with instances where there isn't 1:1 mapping, but in the vast majority of cases, it seems cumbersome to make the user click through twice to get to the right result22:04
mdkecjohnston: anyway, I don't see any harm at all in a discussion along the lines of adapting the same project for help.u.c., I just won't support a solution where localised material is hosted away from the local sites22:05
cjohnstonok.. so doing the same thing as my project would be ok22:06
mdkefrom my perspective, certainly22:06
cjohnstoncan the website localization project just be added to the help. pages as well?22:07
mdkeI'm not familiar with the technical solution that's adopted. But the help.u.c are just static pages so I suspect anything is possible, within reason22:07
mdkeit is hosted on Canonical servers too so the usual rules about code review and security apply22:07
mdkeI'll assign myself as approver of the spec, if you don't mind - even if I'm not at UDS22:07
cjohnstonmdke: we have a general approval from sysadmins.. it will be run via apache's detection of preferred language, and display a small "Resources in <language>" link22:09
cjohnstonand then link to the landing page22:09
cjohnstonim just not sure that we need a session for it22:09
mdke"resources" fits help.ubuntu.com much better than it does www.ubuntu.com - so that sounds fine22:10
mdkeI don't mind whether a session is scheduled or not22:10
mdkemaybe a separate spec isn't even warranted :)22:10
cjohnstonso for now.. mdke newz2000.. I'm going to tell dpm that I want to hold off on any discussion of the current spec that has been made.. and then after applying the current project to w.u.c, mdke and I will meet (and maybe others) and determine if it meets requirements for h.u.c22:11
cjohnstondoes that sound like a good plan to all?22:11
mdkefine by me22:11
newz2000ok by me22:12
cjohnstonthanks guys22:12
cjohnstonmdke: I just added text to the whiteboard saying as such also22:16
cjohnstonDo we want to change the status to reflect that it wont be done22:16
mdkecjohnston: possibly - is there an appropriate status?22:17
cjohnstonI can't see them since im not a part of it22:18
cjohnstonlet me see if i can find one22:18
cjohnstondefinition obsolete?22:19
cjohnstonor maybe superseeded?22:20
mdkepossibly superceded.22:20
cjohnstonsuperceeded by my project?22:21
mdkeis there a spec?22:21
cjohnstonspec and blueprint can be found from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/WebsiteLocalization22:21
mdkeok, I'll mark as superceded and add a link to that22:22
cjohnstonty mdke22:22
cjohnstonand ill try to talk to dpm tomorrow22:22
mdkesure - he's subscribed to the spec so he'll see those changes too22:24
cjohnstonhope so22:25
cjohnstonbut ill still explain to him since he asked me to do it22:26
cjohnstonyour hard to get ahold of btw :-P22:29

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