dholbachgood morning07:24
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akgranerhey vish!11:38
akgranerCan you make the orange part square?11:38
akgraneror rectangular11:38
vishsure , i could try variants..11:38
akgranerthat would be awesome - that way I can add these ideas to #6 on the roadmap11:39
akgranerthen the team can make a decision11:39
akgranerI'll up date the page sometime today11:39
elkyvish, nice. I'd kind of recommend doing what troy did with our current logo and making the "women" font a serifed font.11:46
elkythe sans font is way too similar to the ubuntu-whatever-it-is-called font.11:47
elkyalso, I think round top square bottom is going to be the best for the orange part :)11:51
vishelky: hehe , i was doing exactly that and akgraner mentioned no need.. so i stopped :D11:52
akgranerelky :-)11:52
* vish trying now11:52
elkyI think primarily she wanted other people's opinions before you went and did too much work, amirite?11:53
akgranerelky, yep11:53
akgranersorry if if wasn't clear about that11:53
AlanBellis there a linkie?11:53
* AlanBell is curious11:53
elky<vish> 10:34:33> akgraner: oh , ok.. thanks .. anyways something i was playing around with ;) > http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/uwomen.png   the "women" i didnt have the font yet11:53
akgranerelky, you have "quick draw" cut and paste skilz  :-)11:54
elkyakgraner, triple click highlights a whole line, ctrl+c, switch window, ctrl+v11:55
elkyyour mac hardware might behave different, i dunno11:55
akgranerelky, I am coming to the conclusion I need to lose the mouse11:55
* vish found out a neat triple-click trick!11:55
elkyakgraner, if it's a mac mouse, then probably11:55
akgranerelky, back to my Dell now :-)11:55
vishelky: i always wondered why [sometimes] the lines got selected fully.. thanks11:56
elkyakgraner, I don't know how you mac fans cope with only one mouse button11:56
akgranerI always change the mouse11:56
akgranerI don't think I have ever kept the mac mouse11:56
elkyctrl+v can also be swapped out for middle click if you have that, or both left and right mouse buttons simultaneously will simulate it on any laptop that's worth having11:57
elkyakgraner, just remember I've been doing this irc thing for longer than you :P11:57
akgranerelky, yep I don't forget - it's one of those awesome skills of yours I rely on heavily ;-)11:58
akgranerbrb - my core temp is at 76C need to figure out what the heck is going on11:58
* AlanBell hopes that is akgraner's laptop's core temp11:59
akgranerwell not me , my Dell, I thought this was fixed11:59
elkysounds java.11:59
elkyfacebook can do it to firefox.11:59
elkyand akgraner don't worry about not knowing everything. it took me a full week in chrome to figure how to stop a page loading.12:00
vishelky: akgraner: gtg , now... will talk to troy tonite and get back about this..12:02
vishwas actually looking at the UDS blueprints and landed on that page..12:03
czajkowski /c12:03
akgranervish thanks!12:05
akgranerhmm I'm thinking it's Chromium or Qwibber and my money is on gwibber that's making it run so hot12:06
elkyI discovered my chromium instance yesterday with like 20 threads of 800mb ram use each. I only had like 5 tabs open. A restart fixed it12:08
elky(of the browser, not the system)12:08
akgraneroh wow it's still gwibber - I go from 42C to 63C in just a few seconds after I start gwibber back up  - and I love gwibber...:-(12:42
elkyakgraner, eep12:44
* elky puts this down as another reason to not upgrade12:44
akgranerelky, that was happening before as well12:44
akgranernot anything new with Lucid12:45
elkyakgraner, it's currently not doing it with gwibber-daily12:45
elkynot on my system anyway12:45
akgranerI think it has something to do with my Dell12:45
akgranerI know others are having the issue as well12:46
akgranerwe got the Fan issue sorted out so now the fans will kick on  - tons of people were having that issue as well (not just me)..12:47
elkyThe problem I get with gwibber-daily, which I seriously hope isn't an issue on lucid, is that gwibber closing doesn't get rid of gwibber-service12:47
akgranerb/c in Karmic my computer would just reach 80C and shut down with no warning12:47
akgranerand that was a kernel and qwibber issue12:47
elkywhy the heck is gwibber messing with the kernel?12:48
akgranertwo separate issues12:48
akgranerit just so happened I was running into them both at the same time in Karmic12:48
macoakgraner: ive been having where my fans wont kick /off/12:49
macocomputer runs 60-70C all the time12:49
akgranermaco, that happened yesterday to me12:49
macomine's been like this solidly since march12:49
akgranerbut I updated and now they kick off12:49
akgranermaco, there is a new -proposed kernel but ask in -kernel if you should try it12:50
macoakgraner: meh no reason to ask. i always run whatever's in proposed :P12:51
akgranerI don't know enough about the technical details to recommend or not for anyone else12:51
* maco updates12:51
macomeh. if it's screwed up, there's another laptop on the floor under my bed12:52
akgranerelky, you have to click"quit" just closing the window it still runs in the background12:52
macoon and ready to go :)12:52
macohmm i guess ill install ubuntuone. then homework can sit in there... the little bit of homework that isnt kept in bzr12:53
akgranerelky, so yeah just closing doesn't get rid of qwibber-service unless you actually choose "quit"12:53
elkyakgraner, it still running in the background should not stop it reopening.12:53
akgraneroh I had that problem12:53
akgraneryou would close it and the account window pops back up?12:53
akgranerit that what is happening?12:54
elkyno you close it, and you click the icon to start it back up and simply nothing happens12:54
akgraneroh it takes forever to start back up - well for ever in the sense it's not instant12:54
elkyforever in the sense of hours?12:55
akgranerno like 15 -20 seconds12:55
akgranerhmm I haven't had that happen12:55
elkyI don't close things by going in to a menu and choosing quit. or if i do, it's a right-click menu for an indicator area icon12:56
akgranerbut for a while I would close it and it would try to reopen, and when it did I got 15 account windows, and I would close those then 3 mins later 7 account windows12:56
elky[x] is how I close things. Universally.12:56
akgranerahh - I always go to the menu otherwise it doesn't seem to quit for me12:56
akgranerThere was a social from the start session yesterday in Open Week - I don't remember all the questions, but the logs are up now12:57
akgranerThere might be some information in there and there is a /Qwibber/FAQ page too12:58
akgranerI would ask kenvandine, but his mom passed away yesterday  :-(  jcastro might be able to point you in the right direction though12:59
elkyI really don't have the time to chase it.13:00
akgranerI'll ask about it - :-)  I love qwibber so I'll see what I can find out13:01
nigelbabumaco: gwibber perhaps ;)13:16
Pendulumdinda: hey, can I PM you about something?14:22
dindaPendulum: sure14:22
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Pendulumakgraner: are you around for a quick question?16:52
akgranerI'm here16:52

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