Sarvattthats the rotate stuff you're looking for I assume, automatically rotates the tablet with the display rotation settings00:02
Alanthat is definitely a help00:02
Alanthe other part is actually hooking the ACPI events for the lid rotation00:03
Alanso that it does something in the first place...00:03
Alanalso, that code is a little scary00:03
Sarvattyeah thats a kernel problem, I think hp touchpads are the only ones that do that now00:03
Sarvatterr hp touchbooks? whatever they are called00:03
Alanbut mainly because snippets of your xorg configuration become part of the command line....00:03
Alanyou can do it on lenovo thinkpad x200t00:04
Alanwhich is what I have00:04
Alanbut you need to add the ACPI event and handler scripts yourself....00:04
Alanyou're kidding....00:04
Alanlooks like it's stopped working in Lucid00:04
Alanwhy's that...00:04
Sarvattneeds udevification?00:05
VladimirBGcan someone help me with xorg.conf in Ubuntu 10.0400:07
SarvattVladimirBG: if you're using KMS that option has no effect, you need to use a kernel module option instead (which should already be defaulted on if your card supports it)00:08
Sarvattif that question was in reference to dynclks that you asked about earlier00:08
Alaninteresting, not firing the ACPI events :(00:09
SarvattVladimirBG: echo "options radeon dynclks=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf00:09
VladimirBGSarvatt, how do I implement that command, just copy/paste in terminal, or?00:10
SarvattAlan: acpi_listen doesn't show it?00:11
SarvattVladimirBG: yeah just copy/paste that into a terminal00:11
SarvattVladimirBG: first though, check if its already enabled00:11
VladimirBGI apologize for my ignorance, I'm a long time windows user...00:11
Sarvattcat /sys/module/radeon/parameters/dynclks00:12
VladimirBGI pasted it, and got "-1"00:12
AlanSarvatt: the events happen, acpid doesn't appear to be firing them...00:13
Alanalso, i just tried to run acpid in the foreground to see what's happening, and Xorg crashed when i put the lid down...00:13
Alanweird stuff..00:13
Alanay  3 23:55:43 scribus kernel: [  200.579077] Xorg[1273]: segfault at 18 ip 00007f8bf27a17ce sp 00007fffc6581940 error 4 in wacom_drv.so[7f8bf2799000+12000]00:15
AlanIn an unrelated note, Virtualbox needs to catch up and support a non-HAL'd Ubuntu :(00:17
SarvattAlan: try wacomrotate from this PPA, this guy has the same tablet and set it all up as a deb - https://edge.launchpad.net/~thjaeger/+archive/tabletpc00:17
VladimirBGSarvatt, when I used the cat command, I got -1, does it mean it is already enabled? Also, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/en/man4/radeon.4.html shows an option called "ForceLowPowerMode", will that work?00:17
SarvattVladimirBG: no the powermanagement options in xorg.conf don't work with KMS, if you really want to use them then just echo "options radeon modeset=0" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf00:18
Sarvattif you do that one then they'll all work and ya can go to town with all the stuff in the wiki00:19
Sarvattonly thing you'll really notice is the boot will be uglier and your terminals ugly again, but things will be faster :D00:20
VladimirBGit that command permanent?00:20
VladimirBGmeaning I don't need to use it after?00:20
Sarvattyeah, to remove it just sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf00:20
AlanSarvatt: will try that, thanks - such a thing didn't exist when i bought this laptop!00:21
VladimirBGSarvatt, done. so, after I reboot, I'll have power management enabled on my gpu and have longer battery life?00:21
Sarvattdepends on if your GPU supports it :) you still have to add the xorg.conf options too00:22
Sarvattpower management sucks on hd2000+ at the moment but they are working on it heavily upstream00:22
VladimirBGso I need to make xorg.conf, add some generic stuff like this: http://pastebin.com/cJ2ynTRi and add Option "ForceLowPowerMode" "enable" ?00:24
Sarvattyup, add it to the device section underneath driver "radeon" and before EndSection00:25
Sarvatttry adding Option "ClockGating" "1" Option "DynamicPM" "1" Option "ForceLowPowerMode" "1"00:26
Sarvatt(all on seperate lines)00:26
VladimirBGcan you give me a pastebin of that?00:27
AlanSarvatt: that wacomrotate is doing exactly nothing00:27
SarvattAlan: you rebooted?00:28
AlanSarvatt: yup00:28
Sarvattmaybe he hasn't updated it for the latest stuff yet :(00:28
VladimirBGby the way, what is KMS?00:28
Sarvattit puts the kernel in charge of low level things like managing the memory on the GPU and setting the resolution00:30
Sarvatt(and power management in this case)00:30
Sarvattsad as it is i'd really recommend just using the crappy fglrx if you can and you're worried about power management00:30
VladimirBGso, I need to also turn that off?00:31
SarvattVladimirBG: thats what "options radeon modeset=0" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf did00:31
Sarvattit's enabled by default for the pretty boot stuff00:32
Sarvattnot that it makes much of a difference getting loaded so late in the boot process as it is now :)00:32
VladimirBGI love Ubuntu... but getting little thing to work puts a lot of people off... But I guess that is the price of free...00:34
SarvattVladimirBG: just curious, why don't you use the proprietary drivers on your system?00:35
VladimirBGah... used to be too much hasle a few years back00:36
VladimirBGand video playback was bad00:36
VladimirBGaside from power management, radeon is really nice00:36
Sarvattyeah its still crappy but its pretty much required if you care about battery life on a recent GPU, that will definitely change by 10.10 though00:37
AlanSarvatt: hmm, methinks there's a bug here... :(00:37
VladimirBGso, the lesson is next laptop has either nvidia or intel?00:38
AlanMay  4 00:37:09 scribus kernel: [  823.134541] Xorg[1241] general protection ip:7f3e7c4947ce sp:7fff89fe3540 error:0 in wacom_drv.so[7f3e7c48c000+12000]00:38
Alanmore segfaults :(00:38
bjsniderVladimirBG, the linux graphics situation across the board is a disaster. you can't go right no matter what hardware you buy00:39
VladimirBGwhat is the least bad solution?00:40
AlanThere we go, "xsetwacom set stylus rotate cw" is enough to segfault Xorg :(00:40
bjsniderVladimirBG, it involves firearms00:40
VladimirBGbjsnider, any light at the end of tunnel? Any hope for a good driver set?00:45
VladimirBGfor any manufacturer?00:46
SarvattVladimirBG: you'll probably find something annoying no matter which you pick, ATI is good but power management with KMS is a sore spot with it at the moment, it getting a lot of work done on it and should be better with 2.6.35. nvidia has great binary drivers but you're stuck with problems like being unable to suspend/resume for months until they fix them. intel gpu's just suck in general :)00:46
RAOFVladimirBG: *Modern* intel chips tend to be well supported, but they're pretty sucky chips.00:46
bjsniderwell, we all thought gallium3d would solve most problems, but now the developers don't want it because there'd be too much pain and it's only a vmware thing. so mesa's crappiness remains00:47
* RAOF concurs with Sarvatt: the open ATI drivers are most likely to get better fastest.00:47
cozzimotohey guys.. anyone having issues installing nvidia drivers from nvidia on lucid and also setting  fast writes and sba on agp cards?  00:47
bjsnideryou cannot use the nvidia-installer on lucid00:48
Alangoing to live dangerously and try xorg-edgers....00:48
cozzimotobjsnider, i noticed :)00:49
cozzimotobjsnider,  why is that/00:49
VladimirBGIf I install fglrx from repo, it will disable radeon, and power management will work?00:50
bjsnideri'm tired of explaining why00:50
bjsnidercozzimoto, use jockey and do whatever it wants you to00:50
cozzimotobjsnider,  wow i am tired of doing support myself with things00:50
RAOFVladimirBG: Yup.  Use System→Preferences→Hardware Drivers for the most-tested route.00:50
cozzimotobjsnider,  well apparenlty i have no choice  unfortunately00:50
VladimirBGRAOF, I tried that, but fglrx isn't offered there, but I did find it in ubuntu software center00:51
cozzimotobjsnider,  may add the reason in the topic  :000:51
bjsnidercozzimoto, i'm for that00:51
RAOFVladimirBG: Hm.  If fglrx isn't offered there it's entirely possible that fglrx no longer supports your card.  What *is* your card?00:52
cozzimotoi meant to say  "maybe add it"00:52
bjsniderthat's certainly why. it scans for the pciid00:52
bjsniderit doesn't match a supported card00:52
cozzimotowhat about enabling fast writes and SBA on agp nvidia cards...nothing seems to work on lucid00:53
VladimirBGRAOF, mobility radeon x130000:53
bjsnideryep, not supported00:54
bjsnidercozzimoto, how did you do that before lucid?00:54
cozzimotobjsnider,  never on lucid  just on pevious ubuntu versions   on lucid it doesn work00:55
bjsnideri said before lucid00:55
bjsniderprevious distros00:55
cozzimotobjsnider,  i would edit  /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-kernel-nkc00:56
cozzimotoalias char-major-195* nvidia00:57
cozzimotooptions nvidia NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=1 NVreg_EnableAGPFW=100:57
cozzimotoreboot and magic happened :)00:57
RAOFYou'll probably need to s/nvidia/nvidia-current/g; the kernel module got renamed to allow parallel-installability.00:58
bjsniderif he even has it installed. it sounds like it isn't00:59
cozzimotoRAOF,  I tried that once no  luck00:59
cozzimotobjsnider,  the nvidia_current is installed   I had no choice00:59
cozzimotoalthough on the one system i reinstalled  karmic  so I didnt have to deal with this :)01:00
bjsniderwhat do you mean you had no choice?01:00
cozzimotobjsnider,  I cannot installe the current nvidia driver from nvidia,,which is what i started with01:01
bjsnideryes, because it will overwrite system files. that's always beent he problem with it01:01
cozzimotobjsnider,  no I have never had issues with the official nvidia driver01:01
cozzimotoonly on lucid01:02
bjsniderbut it has always overwritten and destroyed mesa files, you just didn't notice01:02
cozzimotobjsnider,  mm  that may have affected compiz at some point no?01:03
bjsniderno, it replaces mesa's libglx files with its own01:04
bjsnideri don't know why, since mesa works so smashingly well, and always has01:04
cozzimotobjsnider,   well  still I always preferred the official driver but with lucid  "i have no choice"01:05
bjsnideroh, you can override the block if you really want to. i'm sure google has the instructions somewhere01:05
cozzimotook I will try to figure out the fast writes and SBA  at some point01:05
bjsniderRAOF, the intel chips may suck, but their windows driver destroys the linux driver in opengl performance in the recent phoronix tests01:06
bjsnideralthough he did note amusingly that they locked up the windows kernel on numerous occasions01:07
RAOFbjsnider: Heh.01:07
RAOFThat's entirely possible; our graphics stack still hasn't had a bunch of optimisation work done.01:07
RAOFSarvatt: Thinking of which… are you building r300g in xorg-edgers alongside nouveau?  My ati box isn't here yet, but I'm interested to see how it's going; as far as I've gathered it seems to be roughly equivalent to the classic driver ATM.01:09
SarvattRAOF: yeah libgl1-mesa-dri-gallium01:12
RAOFI suspect that we might want to be shipping that in Maverick.  We probably want to have nouveau gallium in there, at least.01:13
RAOFDiscussions can be had in a week or so! :)01:14
jgSarvatt: OK, I get basically the same results with both 32 and 64 bit images, with and without modesetting: the panel does not appear to be on once X has started.01:14
Sarvattthe intel drivers in windows are such an abomination compared to the linux ones, the 945g ones were lucky to get yearly updates the past few years and i had to do allll kinds of faking support for features to get games to work (which is probably where some of the performance losses are from since at least you get software fallbacks for those features in linux)01:14
Sarvatti had the 965gm drivers hacked up to work on 945 so anything recent that needed vertex shader support could work01:15
jgSarvatt: the system does seem to mostly boot up; sometimes I get the cheery ubuntu audio sound to make me think so.01:16
SarvattI cant find any bugs with the same symptoms :( do you see the splash screen during the boot?01:25
Sarvattdid you put the livecd's on a USB stick with persistant storage space so you can see the logs by any chance?01:26
jgSarvatt: I've not tried usb sticks.  I can try to dig one up.01:33
jgI get the little keyboardish icon on the bottom of the screen, and press a space bar so I can interact with the menu.01:34
jgIf KMS is off, I get the textish version of Ubuntu with dots that animate as it spins the CD a long time.01:34
jgIf KMS is on, I don't get that; the screen goes pretty close to black, while the CD spins a long time.01:35
jgSarvatt: I'll try to grab a usb stick tomorrow.  do I have to do anything magic to get persistent storage?01:38
ilmarichoose it in usb-creator01:46
Bernardogood morning04:59
furananyone messed with lucid & gma500 recently?05:46
RAOFfuran: Yes indeed.  Both Sarvatt and Bernardo have been looking at it.05:52
furanI saw a blip on an updated ppa(https://launchpad.net/~lucazade/+archive/ppa) but it's still building 32 bit05:53
furanI was curious if I could just download and build myself05:53
RAOFIs there anyone here crazy enough to be using Xinerama?  If so, how's your lucid experience?  I'm noticing a number of bugs with Xinerama being the tying theme.06:02
Bernardohi all06:08
furantrying to get gma500 up on lucid, not sure where to start06:09
BernardoLucazade set up a repository with me06:09
Bernardoall we need now is to fix dri06:09
furanthe googlecode one?06:10
BernardoI've ported all Mandriva patches, including the renaming of drm to psb-drm to that repository06:10
furanwhat's left to do on dri?06:11
BernardoSarvatt here suggested the problem might be with udev, but even after renaming lbm-drm to psb-drm in the udev scripts it doens't work06:11
slytherinI am getting very slow video playback with KMS enabled on Radeon 7000. Should I file a separate bug for this or reopen bug #544496?06:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 544496 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[RS100] desktop became slow after upgrading to Lucid" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54449606:11
BernardoI don't know... The problem is that the modules get loaded (psb and psb-drm), with debug enabled there is no error, but still /dev/dri never gets created, and the xorg psb driver fails because of that06:12
BernardoI've already put my xorg log on the ubuntuforum thread, and my dmesg in dropbox, if you want to take a look06:15
Bernardofuran: the repository in googlecode is http://code.google.com/p/gma500/06:27
slytherinWhat cab the reason that for a particular resolution part of the UI goes off-screen?08:16
RAOFBecause you're connecting your display over a VGA cable, which sucks?08:17
RAOFOr because you have a thrice-damned LCD TV that refuses to believe that digital inputs shouldn't be overscanned?08:17
slytherinRAOF: Looks like either or both are possible. With KMS this resolution does not work at all. Without KMS some UI goes off screen.08:18
RAOFAre you actually using a VGA cable?08:19
slytherinyes. and connected to an year old LCD TV (32").08:19
RAOFMmm, double the fun!08:20
RAOFSo, if the top and bottom go offscreen then the answer will be “televisions do that deliberately”, and if it's shifted left/right the answer should be “fiddle with the display settings until the TV has scaled the image correctly”.08:21
slytherinthe display is shifted left. But that happens only for 1360x768 resolution. So I am inclines to think that the frequencies used by TV are not getting detected properly.08:22
RAOFActually making what comes out of a VGA cable centred on a display is somewhat of a hack.  Which is why displays which accept VGA input generally let you shift the output until it matches what it needs to be.08:24
slytherinby the way, should reopen bug 544496 if the symptoms are still present? Or should I file a new bug.08:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 544496 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[RS100] desktop became slow after upgrading to Lucid" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54449608:25
RAOFOther answers include “you can fiddle with the ModeLine (xrandr --newmode is your friend) until it's shifted nicely” which is basically doing what fiddling with the TV's alignemnt thingy would do, but without useful guidance.08:25
slytherinI will try that08:26
RAOFI'd only try that if the TV really doesn't have any way to adjust the picture; fiddling with the modeline will be annoying and slow.08:29
RAOFI guess another option would be to buy a DVI or HDMI cable (and potentially a new laptop to plug those in :))08:30
RAOFslytherin: I'd be happy for you to reopen that bug; the upstream bug is still open, and Bryce wasn't sure that commit would help.08:33
RAOFvline seems to be pretty much the same as vsync, which is a serious performance impediment if your card isn't powerful enough to draw at or above the screen's refresh rate.08:35
slytherinRAOF: After setting resolution on PC and using 'Auto Adjust' on TV it looks almost perfect. And looks like I will need to buy a new graphics card soon.08:36
RAOFslytherin: Turning off kms doesn't resolve the performance problem?08:36
slytherinIt does.08:36
slytherinThat's why I added comment in bug first.08:37
RAOFRight.  My understanding is that vline is only enabled with kms, which makes your performance problems make sense.08:37
RAOFPossibly the other reporter's card got a kms blacklist ;)08:37
RAOFThere is hope from the upstream bug; there's a suggestion that things will improve once DRI2 swapbuffers have been implemented.08:38
slytherinalso with KMS enabled EXA is being used which is known not to work with cards with low memory. With KMS disabled, XAA is used.08:38
slytherinI am also wondering if I should first try "RenderAccel off" with KMS, if that is going to make any difference.08:40
* RAOF is off to dinner08:41
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
SarvattRAOF: it looks to be our friend vga16fb causing the problem this time15:00
Sarvattvgaarb is screwing up the blob with multiple cards15:01
tseliotSarvatt: I uploaded a patch about the vga arbiter and multiple cards15:10
tseliot(with nvidia)15:10
Sarvattoh nice! i haven't had the time to dig into it more but that seemed to be what the problem was15:10
tseliotSarvatt: bug #57355715:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 573557 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "nvidia-current 195.36.15 + kernel 2.6.32 + dual cards crashes system" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57355715:21
Sarvattyeah I saw in your changelog message, uploaded it with 195.36.24 to x-updates too15:23
Sarvattphew i'm lucky dch doesn't pick up maverick yet :)15:24
tseliotI uploaded that to lucid-proposed too but it will have to be accepted15:27
tseliotSarvatt: do we have this patch in lucid? http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/rpms/xorg-x11-server/F-13/xserver-1.8.0-dri2-fix-handling-of-redirected-pixmaps.patch?view=markup15:30
Sarvattnope because its a fix for another patch series that only applies to xserver 1.8 (and was reverted to be done a different way upstream even) and we dropped the glx 1.3+ stuff so it shouldn't be needed15:36
Sarvattthat was fixing a problem where compiz was showing the same image for different windows sometimes on xserver 1.8.015:36
VladimirBGhow to get fglrx insted of radeon? Tried ubuntu software center, but ubuntu still uses radeon16:04
tseliotVladimirBG: try Jockey16:05
VladimirBGnothing is offered there16:05
tseliotVladimirBG: what card are you using?16:06
tseliotgraphics card16:06
VladimirBGati mobility x130016:07
tseliotSarvatt: what's the fix that upstream adopted?16:07
tseliotVladimirBG: I don't think your card is still supported by the fglrx driver16:08
SarvattVladimirBG: fglrx doesn't support that card, the power management options you can do in xorg.conf is as good as it's going to get for those because they dont have all of the power options that newer cards do anyway16:08
Sarvattugh libdrm-psb needs a complete packaging overhaul now16:10
Sarvatttseliot: they reverted the commit that needed that patch for now :D16:11
tseliotSarvatt: and what are we going to do in Ubuntu? The netbook remix causes compiz to crash (as it uses clutter)16:12
Sarvattthat patch didn't fix any crashes, it just fixed a display problem afaik..16:12
Sarvattwhat is crashing?16:13
tseliotSarvatt: "application calling glxCreatePixmap when glx 1.3 is not supported"16:14
Sarvattits still crashing?16:14
tseliotI have just installed Ubuntu on my netbook16:14
Sarvattits valid for compiz to call glxCreatePixmap because it needs to to use GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap and compiz has always done that (except when we had the glx 1.4 enablement)16:15
Sarvattits just a harmless message in that case, if its crashing its something else probably..16:16
tseliotyou're right, the gnome decorator was not installed16:17
tseliotnever mind16:17
Sarvattah yeah i've seen a few reports of that too, any idea how you got into the situation of not having compiz-gnome installed?16:17
tseliotyes, I installed some compiz packages manually (as they are not installed in UNE) and forgot to install the decorator16:18
tseliotI guess ubuntu-desktop installs all of the required packages16:18
Sarvatthmm wonder why mandriva is setting up the alternatives for the standard libdri.so and libglx.so in libdrm-psb16:30
Sarvattdarn Bernardo is gone, need to see what the contents of /proc/ are for him when booting with psb16:34
outlaw45anyone else working on the gma500 on lucid at the moment?16:41
tseliotSarvatt: because poulsbo works with a rather old version libdrm16:43
tseliotwas it libdrm 2.3 ?16:47
tseliots/works/used to work/16:47
outlaw45I believe its 2.3 indeed16:47
outlaw45but poulsbo doesn't work on lucid, myself and a couple of other guys are trying to get it working for a few days now16:48
outlaw45most credit goes to the other guys :p16:48
jcristaucredit goes to intel16:50
outlaw45not a big fan of intel at the moment16:50
outlaw45no working driver for x-server 1.7 from them!16:50
tseliotI think it was powervr + intel16:50
tseliotbut yes...16:50
outlaw45yeah you're right powervr are the real bastards16:51
Sarvatti'm working on it here too but its rough without access to any actual hardware to see whats happening - https://edge.launchpad.net/~sarvatt/+archive/psb/+packages16:51
tseliotdo they packages use alternatives?16:52
Sarvatthaven't gotten to the parts that need changing to alternatives yet :)16:52
outlaw45some guys think the problem is in drm16:53
outlaw45that's the repo we're using, maybe you can check if you're on the same path?16:54
lucazadejbernardo found the problem - libdrm2 now installs to /lib instead of /usr/lib16:55
Sarvattyay svn16:55
lucazadeI removed /lib/libdrm.so.*, and the driver loaded!16:55
jcristausvn + psb.  all the fail in one place.16:55
outlaw45@lucazade: do you need to compile libdrm manual or did anyone edit the debian files?16:56
outlaw45back in a minute...16:56
Sarvattchange the install rule to usr/lib/lib*.so.* /lib to fix that16:57
lucazadeok... going to try it16:57
tseliotlucazade: does it mean that the driver works or just that the module can be loaded?16:57
lucazadethe drivers works16:57
lucazadejbernardo had anyway a segfault, and was dumped out of X16:59
Sarvatttseliot: yeah mandriva got the driver working with xserver 1.716:59
jcristauso, err, rather than introducing yet another set of fucked up alternatives for psb, i don't suppose it's possible to rename the psb libdrm to libdrm_psb or so, and rename its symbols..16:59
jcristaubut i guess "blob" means no17:01
tseliotI guess it's possible but I don't remember why we didn't do it when we maintained the driver17:01
lucazadei believe jbernardo already renamed the module to work with the mandriva patches (haven't checked myself)17:01
lucazade"Rename of the module to contemplate the changes (drm to psb-drm, psb_ added to various prefixes, added mandriva patches), and most changes applied" revision617:03
=== |Bernardo| is now known as Bernardo
BernardoI only changed the kernel module (drm to psb-drm)17:07
BernardoI was thinking of doing the same to the lindrm17:07
Bernardoseems like I lost tseliot by a couple of minutes17:09
lucazadeSarvatt said:  change the install rule to usr/lib/lib*.so.* /lib to fix that17:09
BernardoIt is not enough17:09
BernardoI've already changed the preinstall and postrm scripts, just need to change the rules file to install in /lib17:10
lucazade@Bernardo have you seen my pm? got some issue compiling xpsb-glx17:11
Bernardolucazade: I'm booting my netbook now, will check that asap17:11
lucazadeok thanks17:11
BernardoSarvatt: that is to apply to the "standard" libdrm2, or to the hacked libdrm-poulsbo?17:12
Sarvattall of the mesa stuff is going to need a huge amount of changes for the way things work in lucid17:13
Bernardook, I guessed as much, when the driver started crashing like crazy17:18
Bernardolucazade: I cleaned xpsb-glx, I'm uploading it to svn asap17:19
Bernardojust need to check if my tree is "clean"17:19
lucazadeBernardo: ok17:20
Bernardooutlaw45: give lucazade or me your email so we can add you to the project17:21
BernardoI've also updated libdrm-poulsbo, just need to add this patch from Sarvatt, what did you do?17:21
outlaw45gonna install psb-kernel-source package from sarvatt and then build libdrm17:21
Bernardoare there many diffs between sarvatt's and ours?17:22
lucazadeoutlaw45: added to the project17:22
outlaw45Error! Could not find module source directory17:24
Bernardooutlaw45: did you check the diff's between sarvatt's source and ours?17:24
outlaw45that's what I get if I try to install the package..17:24
Bernardowhich are you building?17:24
BernardoTry ours... :)17:24
Bernardoand try purging the previous version before installing the new one, that usually helps with that error17:25
outlaw45purging did the trick :) thx17:26
outlaw45installing the one from svn at the moment17:27
Bernardolucazade: I am building xpsb-glx, if it finishes without problems I'll upload it to svn17:28
lucazadeBernardo: perfect... there also some redudant .patch inside xorg-xserver-video-psb 17:30
Bernardolucazade: I think I left one or two that have been superseeded, I'll check if I can remove them also17:31
Bernardorev 19 has the libdrm changes for /lib17:33
Bernardobut still needs to be tested17:33
=== apachelogger is now known as huntlogger
BernardoSarvatt's patch doesn't apply, I'll check why before adding it17:36
outlaw45crappy system hear, multiple versions of psb.ko and drm-psb.ko17:37
outlaw45try to clean and retry17:37
outlaw45removed psb-kernel-source but still have17:39
outlaw45anyone one know where they're from?17:40
Bernardoremove the package and those two17:40
outlaw45just rm?17:41
* Bernardo kicks svn, seems like my tree is borked (again)17:44
Bernardolucazade: rev20 has the correct xpsb-glx17:48
lucazadeok checking17:49
outlaw45dh_install --sourcedir=debian/tmp -Xlibdrm.la --list-missing17:56
outlaw45dh_install: libdrm-poulsbo-dev missing files (usr/lib/lib*.a), aborting17:56
outlaw45that's what I get if I compile libdrm17:56
Bernardooutlaw45: just fixed that on rev 21 :)17:56
BernardoI had made the changes as I was compiling xpsb-glx and didn't check them :(17:57
outlaw45building again ;)17:57
lucazadexpsb-glx gives me same error17:57
lucazadetrying also libdrm latest rev17:58
Bernardostrange... Let me check again17:58
lucazadelibdrm same error of outlaw4517:59
Bernardoyep. I am going to delete it from svn and re-add it17:59
Bernardolucazade: which svn rev?17:59
BernardoI've fixed libdrm on rev 2117:59
lucazadehaven't seen18:00
outlaw45build libdrm and installing now..18:01
outlaw45installed.. I'll try xpsb-glx now18:01
BernardoI'm uploading the fixed one in a few secs18:02
Bernardocommiting now the working sources from lucazade's tar, will tell you when it finishes uploading18:04
lucazadeok i'll wait18:05
outlaw45dpkg-checkbuilddeps: error: syntax error in debian/control at line 23: block lacks a package field18:08
outlaw45if I build xpsb18:08
lucazadeyes xpsb-glx is broken.. bernardo is uploading a new one18:09
outlaw45ow ok..18:09
Bernardostill uploading... it is big18:09
outlaw45gives me some time to finish my pizza :D18:09
Bernardoand xpsb-glx is one of the huge problems with the psb driver - it basically installs a older version of mesa18:10
lucazadeanother thing: echo "blacklist i915" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf18:11
lucazadeis still necessary?18:11
outlaw45maybe intel releases an IEGD version which works with xserver 1.7 in the future..18:11
Bernardolucazade: no idea18:11
Bernardobut psb still corrupts the screen if you try to load it in fb mode18:12
Bernardooutlaw45: they have already made some noises to the effect that they will jump 1.7 and work on 1.818:12
outlaw45yeah I read..18:13
Bernardoand the mythical driver using gallium3d tech seems to have vanished18:13
lucazadelike duke nukem 3d18:14
Bernardook, rev 23 commited18:26
Bernardostill need to change dependencies, it is looking for libdrm18:28
Bernardosomewhere inside configure18:29
Bernardotime to check my backups again18:29
Bernardolucazade: had you managed to build it in lucid?18:30
lucazadeno.. haven't been able to compile on lucid18:31
Bernardothe strangest thing is that it used to build on my tree, but svn ultimately didn't like it18:32
lucazadeyes still looking for libdrm18:33
BernardoI'm trying to hack it now18:36
outlaw45building xpsb-glx takes a loooong time :p18:43
Bernardook, it seems like pkgconfig isn't finding the file in /lib/pkgconfig/ (libdrm.pc)18:43
Bernardooutlaw45: it is building for you?18:43
lucazadecome back soon18:47
Bernardotemporary solution - copy /lib/pkgconfig/libdrm.pc to /usr/lib/pkgconfig, but obviously libdm-poulsbo install needs fixing18:50
outlaw45still building without errors...18:52
outlaw45dh_install: xpsb-glx missing files (drivers/*), aborting18:58
outlaw45only thing I haven't installed is xserver-xorg-video-psb18:58
lucazadei'm back19:05
outlaw45got a file named libdrm.pc.libdrmdev in /usr/lib/pkgconfig..19:06
outlaw45gonna copy libdrm.pc to /usr/lib/pkgconfig and try building again..19:07
=== Rusty is now known as Guest20947
Rusty73lucazade, are you building deb only for amd64?19:18
lucazadeno.. also i386 but launchpad is going slow.19:19
lucazadei'll also update those package as soon as they are working19:19
Rusty73launchpad made debs alone???19:19
lucazadei386 packages are in queue19:20
Rusty73Excuse my ignorance but i don't know that, that will help me for my project19:21
lucazadenp :919:22
Rusty73you and bernardo are gods of gma50019:22
lucazadewe should thanks intel19:24
BernardoRusty73: I wish... :)19:24
=== huntlogger is now known as apachelogger
leed__my respect for all guys working on the gma500 problem19:28
lucazadeBernardo: i'm not able to compile with the workaround (copy /lib/pkgconfig/libdrm.pc to /usr/lib/pkgconfig)19:31
awoodlandlucazade: I was just abouts to point out that very problem19:32
lucazadesudo cp /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libdrm.pc /lib/pkgconfig/libdrm.pc 19:34
awoodlandthe obvious workaround built for me just now, by adding -Llib in libdrm.pc as well as doing that19:34
Bernardostrange, for me it built19:35
Rusty73I don't follow all things about your workaround, but if you make only a symbolic link to the correct folder don't solve the problem?19:35
Bernardoshould work, also copying the file to the right place should work19:35
Bernardolucazade: what error do you get?19:36
lucazadeno package libdrm found >= 2.3.119:36
awoodlandanything in config.log?19:38
Bernardowhat does pkgconfig say if you call it from the command line "pkg-config --exists --print-errors libdrm"?19:38
awoodlandpkgconfig tends to say a lot more in config.log than it does out loud19:38
lucazadepackage libdrm was not found in the pkg-config search path19:39
Bernardook, so it isn't finding the libdrm.pc file19:40
lucazadei've copied it with "sudo cp /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libdrm.pc /lib/pkgconfig/libdrm.pc"19:40
Bernardoshould have been the other way around19:40
Bernardowe're now placing it (erroneously) in /lib/pkgconfig, and it should be in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/19:41
Bernardocheck if it is in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/19:41
Bernardoawoodland: what is in your /lib/libdrm.pc?19:42
lucazadein /usr/lib/pkgconfig there is a "libdrm.pc.libdrmdev"19:42
Bernardoyep, that is the one libdrm-poulsbo-dev redirects19:43
Bernardoso it isn't detected by pkgconfig19:43
awoodlandnothing special in mine19:43
Bernardoawoodland: mine already has libdir=/lib19:43
lucazadeyes pkgconfig seems to not detect it19:44
awoodlandso does mine actually19:44
awoodlandI just assumed that libdir was formed usign ${prefix}19:44
awoodlandand was keen to avoid building things for the 7th time19:44
Bernardowell, things seem stable on my pc now19:45
outlaw45mine does compile, but fails with the error 19:45
outlaw45dh_install: xpsb-glx missing files (drivers/*), aborting19:45
outlaw45make: *** [binary-install/xpsb-glx] Error 219:45
Bernardowith the rebuilt xpsb-glx19:45
awoodlandhmm mine is decididly unstable 19:46
awoodlandi.e. I'm lucky if I get past login19:46
Bernardooutlaw45: try doing a "svn revert drivers/*"19:46
outlaw45still empty..19:47
awoodlandthey seemed to be missing in r2319:48
awoodlandso I pulled them from r1919:48
Bernardoooops... My svn seems to be in a very bad mood indeed. Time to re-upload them19:48
outlaw45ok.. :)19:48
Bernardook, x crashed again19:50
Bernardoand svn is (once again) complaining of a changed special status19:51
Bernardolucazade: can you please add the missing dirs from your original tarball and upload them? Seems like svn on my machine goes crazy when I add them19:52
outlaw45can I download them?19:52
outlaw45bypass the svn thing :)19:53
Bernardodownload lucazade's tarball from the thread, it's there19:54
awoodlandhmm I have a backtrace in a log now19:55
awoodlandwhich is more than I had this morning19:55
awoodlandhttp://pastebin.org/201625 trying to make it useful now19:56
Bernardowe need to edit the debian/rules in xserver-xorg-video-psb to build debug packages also19:58
outlaw45copied content from dri/ and drivers/ folder and building again..20:01
awoodlandccache is your friend :)20:03
BernardoI knew I had forgotten to install something... :)20:03
awoodlandbtw there were a couple of missing build deps I noticed today as well20:04
awoodlandon libtool20:04
awoodlandand autoconf20:04
awoodlandbut I've rather briliantly forgotten which package that was in20:05
BernardoI know I added those for one of the packages, probably xpsb-glx20:05
Bernardobut since svn is acting up on my pc, I'm no longer sure20:05
awoodlandhmm I can't make it break in gdb20:07
awoodlandit seems to hang gdb20:07
awoodlandrather than actually get to the point where a backtrack would be insightful20:07
awoodlandand I think I'd probably better go home20:08
lucazadeBernardo i'm fighting with svn authentication...grrrr20:09
Bernardolucazade: you have to go to the google code site and check the password they generated for you20:09
outlaw45still have anonymous svn access so if this build finishes I checkout again and commit the missing files..20:10
outlaw45build xpsb-glx succesfully20:24
lucazadecommitting missing files20:24
gang65I'm xserver-xorg-video-openchrome developer and I would like to start creating PPA 20:24
lucazadegang65: interesting...20:25
gang65sorry 20:26
lucazadeBernardo outlaw45 committed 24 xpsb-glx20:26
gang65I'm openchrome developer20:26
Bernardook, will pull it20:26
gang65 I would like to add patch to  xserver-xorg-video-openchrome package20:29
gang65to my PPA 20:29
outlaw45thx, but already had it and compiled succesfully :) but also screwed up svn and was unable to commit..20:29
outlaw45xserver-xorg-video-psb doesnt compile because psb_drm.h is missing20:41
fkeferis the issue with the .h file in two packages fixed already?20:42
outlaw45can't find it in the sources package from lucazade either20:42
fkeferit wasn't that one though, was it?20:42
lucazadei gotta go... i'll check when i'm back guys!20:43
lucazadeoutlaw i was able to compile xserver-xorg-video-psb20:44
outlaw45@lucazade: cya :)20:44
lucazadehaven't seen that error20:44
outlaw45did you install psb-kernel-headers package?20:44
lucazadeno headers no20:45
outlaw45psb_drm.h is there..20:45
lucazadebecause they provide some files like the ones in libdrm-dev20:45
lucazadei've never installed psb-kernel-headers in karmic20:46
lucazadesee u20:46
Bernardooutlaw45: the missing headers are in libdrm-poulsbo-dev20:49
Bernardoit should be a dependency to xpsb-glx20:50
outlaw45have got libdrm-poulsbo-dev installed and still can't compile the xorg driver20:52
outlaw45psb_drm.h does exist in /usr/include/drm20:53
mfonvilleah, so more people here fighting with the new psb progress? :)20:54
outlaw45the file doesn't exist in /usr/local/include/drm20:54
outlaw45gonna symlink it there and try again..20:54
mfonville@outlaw45 to solve the not found libdrm when compiling xpsb?20:54
Bernardoit should never be in /usr/local/20:55
Bernardomfonville: the librm.pc file is being installed to the wrong place (lib/pkgconfig), you need to copy it to /usr/lib/pkgconfig to build xpsb20:55
Bernardooutlaw45: which package is looking for includes under /usr/local/20:56
outlaw45I'm compiling xserver-xorg-video-psb at the moment20:56
outlaw45I believe the symlinks work.. just passed the file causing problems20:57
outlaw45maybe it should be configured with --prefix=/usr20:57
Bernardoisn't it?20:57
mfonville@outlaw, ok thanks. I will tweak the pkgconfig then now20:57
Bernardoaren't you using the debian/rules file?20:58
outlaw45make is run with '-I/usr/local/include'20:58
Bernardoshouldn't be20:58
Bernardoand isn't on my machine20:59
outlaw45rules file does at the --prefix paramter20:59
outlaw45CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" ./configure --host=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) --build=$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) --prefix=/usr --mandir=\$${prefix}/share/man --infodir=\$${prefix}/share/info --enable-static=yes 20:59
BernardoI know, I just checked20:59
Bernardohow are you building it, using debuild?21:00
outlaw45debud -i -uc -us -b21:00
BernardoI used "debuild -i -us -uc -b" which should be the same, and it didn't look into /usr/local21:01
Bernardoyour autoconf setup is possibly with some problem21:02
outlaw45purging autoconf and trying again..21:04
pazoSo... anyone got poulsbo working?21:06
outlaw45ok.. psb-kernel-headers screwed up everything... I'll try a reboot21:06
pazoI see.21:06
DRKpazo: they are still fighting21:06
mfonville@pazo still busy with it21:06
mfonvillegrmbl, compiling on a netbook takes ages :P21:07
Bernardopazo: I have it "working". I can boot into X, login, but after sometime it crashes21:12
Bernardoawoodland seems to be at the same stage21:12
awoodland_I'm somewhat worried that this is another symptom of something bad in a part we don't have source for21:13
pazoBernardo, hmm... sounds like a hard problem to debug21:14
outlaw45ok.. fried my system..21:14
awoodland_because there were a number of corruption bugs before anyway21:15
outlaw45gonna reinstall and try again :p21:15
awoodland_fried as in permanently? 21:15
outlaw45no.. psb-kernel-headers screwed up apt21:15
outlaw45kan't purge it.. and that causes that I can't purge anything..21:16
outlaw45@Bernardo: could you upload your packages? that would save a lot of time getting up to speed21:16
awoodland_is it prerm that's broken?21:16
awoodland_with the purging21:17
awoodland_i.e. how does purge fail?21:17
awoodland_(lvm2 root fs+snapshot is pretty handy though)21:17
outlaw45@awoodland: if I purge any package it want's to purge psb-kernel-headers to and that fails21:18
Bernardooutlaw45: ok, I'll add them to the repo21:19
outlaw45@Bernardo: thx21:19
Bernardosvn failed (again) as it claims I have some unexpected special status under xpsb-glx.21:21
mfonvilleabout puring the psb-kernel-headers21:21
mfonvilleyou have to manually remove a directory that itself can not delete during the diversion changes21:21
mfonvilleif you do that, it wil purge succesfully (at least, here it always did)21:21
mfonvillermdir /usr/include/drm-linux-libc21:23
outlaw45@mfonville: the file causing the problem is provided by another package which I can't remove through the previous error21:23
awoodland_just delete it/move it manually?21:23
outlaw45removing it manually breaks the other package..21:23
mfonvillefirst start the purge21:23
awoodland_put it back again later?21:24
mfonvillethen the purge will fail halfway21:24
mfonvillethen remove that directory21:24
mfonvillethen retry the purge21:24
mfonvilleand it will succeed21:24
mfonvilleyou dont have to put it back later21:24
outlaw45I'll try always faster then reinstalling :p21:24
mfonvilleit is a directory only for this poulsbo mess ;)21:24
mfonville(and it should be empty at the point where you delte it)21:25
Bernardooutlaw45: uploading now. I'm going, so keep checking, it should be there after a while21:26
outlaw45ok.. thx21:27
outlaw45I'll post the outcome on the forum..21:27
outlaw45ok a lot more errors now.. so just gonna reinstall.. gives me a clean system to start with...21:27
mfonvillewhere is that repo of @Bernardo?21:27
mfonvilleah ok21:28
mfonvillethat one :)21:29
awoodland_it's hidden somewhere in that massive thread21:29
mfonvillei thought maybe a binary repo ;)21:29
awoodland_unless there's some extra repository I don't know about21:29
mfonvillei just compiled xpsb btw21:29
mfonvilleduring install i get this warning, but not sure whether it will be critical: 21:29
mfonvilledpkg-divert: rename involves overwriting `/usr/lib/libGL.so.1' with21:29
mfonville  different file `/usr/lib/psb/libGL.so.1.xlibmesa', not allowed21:29
mfonvilledpkg-divert: rename involves overwriting `/usr/lib/libGL.so.1.2' with21:29
mfonville  different file `/usr/lib/psb/libGL.so.1.2.xlibmesa', not allowed21:29
awoodland_that won't break anything early on21:29
awoodland_might be a problem when it comes to running opengl apps21:30
awoodland_but if you get that far it's working  better than mine21:30
awoodland_and trivially hackable21:30
awoodland_mine reliably crashes just after login and the sound21:30
awoodland_but sometimes it breaks earlier21:31
awoodland_and so far I've not managed to get anything interesting from a backtrace21:31
outlaw45@awoodland: did you compile form the repository?21:31
awoodland_yes mostly21:31
awoodland_I had to work around a few problems with the version I checked out21:31
awoodland_but no new patching, only packaging things21:32
Bernardoawoodland: we need to build debug packages for everything21:32
Bernardowell, bye guys, see you tomorrow21:32
Bernardothe binaries just finished uploading, btw21:32
Bernardodon't blame me if your pc burns when you install them21:32
=== Bernardo is now known as Bernardo|away
mfonvilleso there is a binary repo somewhere :P21:33
outlaw45@Bernardo: I'll hunt you down if it happens :D21:33
outlaw45he put the binary packages in the svn repo..21:33
mfonvillethat is kinda evil :P21:34
mfonvilleso then all the people who want the source will also get binaries :P21:34
outlaw45it is... but at least you could get up to speed fast21:35
mfonvillelol, he also uploaded skype :P21:36
DRKpsb*skype=build in remote desktop? ;)21:39
mfonvilleok, installed my psb mess21:43
mfonvillenow time to activate it in the xorg and to reboot21:43
awoodland_you have a 2nd machine for remote debugging?21:44
mfonvilleif necessary, yes. but my gf is using it atm :P21:44
mfonvillefirst i will have to see how good/bad the whole situation is ;)21:45
mfonvilleok, also my psb here crashed after the login21:53
mfonvillei did already see some windows and stuff21:54
mfonvillesome things drawn 'bad'21:54
awoodland_mine was drawing the login incorrectly21:54
awoodland_if I started X manually I could run an xterm21:54
mfonvillebut i think the autostart of some application (skype?) can trigger the bad opengl stuff21:54
awoodland_but making it scroll was enough to kill it for me21:54
awoodland_I can't do much more until I'm back at work tomorrow21:55
coz_well guys sorry to say i had to go back to karmic  ...cannot enable fast writes and SBA on lucid plus a few more issues.... and cannot install official nvidia driver  so I guess I must wait :)21:55
mfonvilleand i will be hitchhiking tomorrow21:55
mfonvilleso i also wont be able to work on it :P21:55
awoodland_take two laptops with you? :)22:00
mfonvillehehe :)22:01
mfonvillei have another laptop at my destination, so there i can continue the work22:01
mfonvillebut i will have two nights in Berlin in between, where i wont spend the time debugging ;)22:01
bjsnidercoz_, i wonder what it is you're waiting for22:02
coz_bjsnider,  waiting for  well  wallpaper rendering is buggy at the moment  along with sba and fastwrites not being enabled...also when external drive with mulitple partitions...selecting all has no unmount availab;e  in right click options and umounting one partitions of course gives errors ...all of which I have already reported  ...<< is that what you meant ? :)22:04
Sarvattcoz_: "options nvidia NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=1 NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf22:06
coz_Sarvatt,  didnt work on both agp machines here22:06
coz_and cannot install official nvidia driver which is not such a big deal but a little kink for me22:06
Sarvattthen you're going to have to force it in the source package like you had to before because your card doesn't think it works with it22:07
Sarvattit might be "options nvidia-current NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=1 NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf22:07
Sarvattactually :)22:07
AlanBellhi all22:08
Sarvattnot sure if its aliased to nvidia-current at the point it loads that22:08
bjsnideror maybe nvidia_current22:08
coz_Sarvatt,  yea I also tried that with no luck  but combined with the other issues I can't suggest to any client to upgrade22:08
coz_bjsnider,  I have tried both actually22:08
Sarvattor whatever driver you're using, guessing nvidia-96 instead if you care about SBA and fastwrites (that dont really do anything anyway)22:08
coz_Sarvatt,  no the nvidia-current 22:09
bjsniderwhat card?22:09
AlanBellI have a new laptop with a 1366x768 internal screen. It doesn't pick up 1024x768 as a valid mode, here is the Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/kWfbGcuG22:09
coz_be back have to restart x22:09
SarvattAlanBell: tried adding the modeline manually?22:10
AlanBellI can use xrandr to add a 1024x768 mode and it works fine. This is useful because when cloning the screen onto a projector on the VGA port it picks up 800x600 if it doesn't think the internal screen can do 1024x76822:10
AlanBellit would be great to have it working a bit better out of the box with projectors, this is on Lucid.22:11
bjsniderwell, lucid consumes almost twice as much power as windows 722:24
bjsnideron nvidia graphics anyway22:28
bjsnideri think that's the issue. i don't really think their kernel is better at power consumption than linux22:29
* aarcane signs up to watch the poulsbo progress23:23
lucazadeBernardo: installed your debs (mainly because of xpbs-glx) on my acer751h, X starts but crash at gdm and/or at desktop.. will continue check it23:50

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