sebsebsebTelvana: I tried and tried when testing Ubuntu 10.04 in development to like the default black theme, but I kind of do, but then open Firefox and things look way to black for my likeing.00:00
bobbyand the "move to the deleted folder" or whatever - seriously?00:00
Scunizioly562: then you have a choice to make.. we all get a little fat eventually :)00:00
sebsebsebbobby: no they aren't00:00
sebsebsebbobby: this is only the start of it, they want Ubuntu to be more like Mac OS X00:00
kevroly562> you might tryout wireshark m8.00:00
demifurorhello, how can i make empathy launch on system startup?00:00
bobbysebsebseb: yeah that was my firstr thought00:00
sebsebsebbobby: maybe in Gnome 3 they will be on the right, but probably not for the Canonical themes.00:00
bobbyi'd drop ubuntu and go with debian in a heartbeat00:00
oly562so my original question needs rephrasing, what is a nice gui driven wireless sniffer designed for wireless networks that my son could use, he is 900:01
mfoxsebsebseb: thats BAD00:01
oly562something simple00:01
rick_how do i get the cpu scaling monitor in 10.04 to default to ondemand instead of performance when i boot my pc?00:01
oly562pretty yet featured00:01
Telvanaok, well I have found one serious dealbreaker with Ubuntu One. It requires me to use Firefox to sync my favorites. No dice. I have been a pretty big fan of Chrome lately. =(00:01
sebsebsebmfox: They want Ubuntu to compete more properly against Mac OS X00:01
kevroly562> ..what do you mean by sniffer m800:01
running_rabbit07No, they want Ubuntu to be like ubuntu!00:01
bobbyi'm setting up a new system, and didn't like kubuntu - absolutelly awful, ubuntu was going to be my savior, but now i'm unsure00:01
kevrlooking at the network packets, or cracking wireless?00:01
ktzqbpTelvana: fair enough then, if ubuntu one's got features you like. I don't have experience with the paid service myself sorry :)00:01
sebsebseb!controls | bobby00:01
oly562i have wireshark ethereal so forth, not what i want for him00:01
mfoxoly562: use wireshark00:01
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oly562just something simple00:01
kevri see.00:01
lee_I deleted my intel_drv.so driver now the highest my resolution is 1024x768? Is there anything I can do00:01
bobbyubuntu is becoming commercial - free 2gb space00:01
oly562mfox: he is 900:01
sebsebsebbobby: indeed00:01
bobbyit feels dodgy and wrong00:01
oly562not simple enough00:01
kevroly562> if hes 9, why does he need a packet sniffer?00:01
GeekSquidlee_: reinstall xorg-video-intel00:02
kevri doubt he can even understand what he'd be seeing00:02
sebsebsebbobby: 9.10 was the start of the commerlisation, more will be coming00:02
oly562kevr: i dont think that is relates, think of it as a toy00:02
lee_GeekSquid how?00:02
oly562i gave him my old linux lappy00:02
Telvanaktzqbp: Do you know of any other file backup utilities kinda like (GASP) Mozy that will work with Linux? I suppose I could always get some hosting space that has SSH access and just rdiff it.00:02
bobbysebsebseb: i've only used 8, and was happy with that00:02
kevroly562> you could setup wireshark for him so that its a few clicks and ready to go..00:02
sebsebsebbobby: well Canonical is a for profit company they want to make money,  so that's ok, but depending on how they do it,  they will annoy certain users, and others will really like it00:02
kevrmaking it simple00:02
bobbyi think it may be time for me to look elsewhere then00:02
oly562i would like to also purchase a prism2 usb or pcle card with that chipset for him to play around with00:03
sebsebsebbobby: well there's Debian sure,  and  Mandriva and loads of great other distros out there00:03
oly562kevr: wireshark is info kill lol00:03
Naryacan I run KDE based games on gnome?00:03
bobbysebsebseb: i understand, but then why contribute your time freely to dev for an os so they can make money from what you do00:03
kevralright, alright00:03
sebsebsebNarya: yes00:03
lee_GeekSquid also the reason why I deleted it I wasn't able to see the login screen in lucid, it just went to a black screen00:03
oly562now that you know, other suggestions00:03
bobbyit'll kill the community00:03
bobbynever tried mandriva00:03
Naryasebsebseb, thanks!00:03
sebsebsebbobby: Are you a dev?00:03
conneralrighty, im in need of some more help someone, i got a dell desktop with a wireless linksys card in it, well ive tried running xubuntu, pupy arcade, the Gadget Os, and everything, but none of them will use to wirelsess card00:03
kevroly562> im still looking for another one i used to use...00:03
running_rabbit07It is nice to see ubuntu get bashed in the ubuntu help irc00:03
kevrit was really great00:03
kevrand simple00:03
Loshkirunning_rabbit07: :-)00:03
Guest49523Can anyone help me with Python? I have a simple question00:04
kevrlike you need :P00:04
bobbyi remember this one great windowsey nice-looking pc-linux i think00:04
bobbysebsebseb: no, but i've thought abotu it00:04
oly562i was thinkin bout the kde desktop for him, but the new 9.10 look is too much, he likes gnome better00:04
oly562father like son ;)00:04
sebsebsebbobby: Going off topic even more,  and probably not really the best place to say this,  but maybe you should find out about Canonicals copy right assignment as well.00:04
kevroly562> tried out darkstat?00:04
ubuntu_madCan someone PM to advise on this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:04
bobbysebsebseb: i've dev'd for other open source projects though :)00:04
kevrmeh actually00:04
Kitsunecurrently playing pwi on windows box from jaunty box using vnc, the update rate is so slow its impossible to play on the jaunty box, however, with a mounted monitor above the jaunty box connected to the windows box, the annoying mouse/keyboard problem is now solved ^~^ thankies for the help.00:04
kevrdarkstat is a bitch to setup00:04
kevrforget it.00:04
bobbysebsebseb: they own and can sell everything you do?00:04
* kevr continues looking00:04
FloodBot4kevr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:04
FyreFoXhi since upgrading to lucid, my keyboard seems to get stuck on random key and repeats. in the end I have to reboot. have tried several keyboards since00:05
kevrno, it works through hosting a local web server on a non-standard port00:05
vinpani can get into my network and when i go to files nothen shows. can anyone help?00:05
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sebsebsebbobby:  no not exactly, but sort of for some of the apps00:05
kevrthen access the network analyzer through web00:05
kevrit runs as a daemon00:05
oly562i have a web server00:05
AcolyteVersion1Aha!  I finally got the Windows hostname mounting working!00:05
cordellCan some1 give me the web address on how to fix grub so it detects my other partition. Thanks00:05
bobbydoes mandriva have the same deb package management?00:05
kevryes, it runs its own web server, on a non standard port..00:05
oly562ill take note of that,, darkstat00:05
sebsebsebbobby: no it uses RPM00:05
kevrf.e, if you want to look at darkstat00:05
bobbyi looked at suse but really didn't like theirs00:05
kevror whatever00:05
oly562yah, that would work00:05
oly562i want him to work with apache00:05
AcolyteVersion1Had to install Winbind and edit /etc/nsswitch.conf00:05
bobbyi'm really liking the debs, though some of them are awfully out of date00:05
sebsebsebbobby: nice graphical control centre and so on as well00:05
ReilithionFyreFoX: Have you noticed any odd messages on boot?  Perhaps something about udev?00:05
running_rabbit07cordell, sudo update-grub00:06
kevrthis thing runs its >own< tcp web00:06
kevrnot through another server00:06
AcolyteVersion1That... wasn't obvious.  But got there in the end.  No idea if this is the proper way of doing things, but hey, it works.00:06
oly562its it apt-get00:06
oly562is it00:06
bobbyyou think u will lose a lot of users over this?00:06
Nullifi3dhow do you change the color of the splash screen?00:06
connercan anyone help me with the wireless on my desktop?00:06
kevrshould be in there00:06
vinpanshould i install samba anyway00:06
kevrnot sure, im running arch00:06
bobbywith linux, jumping ship is trivial00:06
sebsebsebbobby: let's continue in pm00:06
ktzqbpTelvana: that would work... I've seen some favourable comments about Dropbox (http://www.dropbox.com/downloading?os=lnx) around the place, so maybe that's worth a look too00:06
bobbythough i can understand the long run to compete as a serious os00:06
bobbysebsebseb: why? this is related to #ubuntu?00:06
sebsebsebbobby: 1. we are off topic 2.  this kind of convo isn't really  the best one to have in this channel00:06
Guest49523In PyShell, how do I make it so I can do multi-line coding with out it interpreting every line00:06
ubuntu_maddropbox is great00:06
Guest40262is openoffice 3.2 available in backports?00:07
vinpandropbox there is a hack to trick it to host ur website00:07
oly562its a stand alone prog, it doesnt look like from synaptic description that it requires anything,,, ill try it out00:07
rick_can anyone tell me how to get my pc to default to ondeamd instead of performance on the cpu scaling?00:07
bobbywhy, it's ubuntu, and it's honest criticism. i have been an ubuntu user for 2 years or so now, my opinion matters ;)00:07
ubuntu_madhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent I dont know which one to choose00:07
conner... how can i get my linksys wirelss card in my dekstop to work correctly when running a unix OS?00:07
sebsebsebbobby: well if we continue long enough in here, someone will say that we are off topic00:08
kevroly562> vnstat is nice too.00:08
ReilithionI have a few problems since upgrading to 10.04.  Most notably, sound no longer works, and I get some strange errors from udevd on boot.  Something about worker [220] did not accept signal -1 ... kill it00:08
RolcolDoes Ubuntu automatically change the CPU frequency?00:08
Guest49523How do I do multi line coding in pyshel so it doesn't interprest each line individually?00:08
h00kbobby: this channel is for Ubuntu support, you are free to discuss this but elsewhere is best, perhaps #ubuntu-offtopic00:08
sebsebsebbobby: there we go see00:08
sebsebsebhi h00k00:08
h00khello, sebsebseb :)00:08
oly562those are terminal progs00:09
kevrah yeah, sorry, forgot :P00:09
Loshkihi sebsebseb00:09
latDoes anyone here use msmtp to send mail through a bluehost.com server?00:09
kevrbut darkstat is just a daemon00:09
sebsebsebbobby: heh if you want an audiance to complain about Ubuntu and so on, I guess #ubuntu-offtopic will work00:09
kevrso he wont even use CLI00:09
kevrfor that00:09
GeekSquidRolcol: yes, by default if the chip supports it00:09
bobbyh00k: i am receiving support, and because of the support i got, i kinda realised that it isn't for me!00:09
mfoxoly562: i think you should wait till your son got 15 :D00:09
sebsebsebbobby: however depending on how it's done, may not last that long in there00:09
bsmith093have there been a lot of updates for lucid because im running it and ive barely seen any00:10
Loshkilat: No, but I use ssmtp to send mail thru a comcast.com server. It should be broadly similar...00:10
sebsebsebyes hi Loshki00:10
Guest49523Does anyone know how to turn the interactive mode off in PyShell? So it doesn't interpret each line?00:10
FyreFoXReilithion: no I havent00:10
GeekSquidbsmith093: not yet, it is only a week old,00:10
sebsebsebbobby: since Ubuntu is based on Debian, it's rather much so like Ubuntu, but with out the commercilisation and such00:10
oly562kevr for my own edification, darkstat, do i pipe stdout somewhere or is there a log in /var00:10
LoshkiGuest49523: weren't you asking about this yesterday?00:11
vinpanim connected file sharing but when i go into it no file in the folders not show.00:11
sebsebseb!debian | bobby00:11
bobbysebsebseb: exactly and is why i'd migrate naturally there00:11
ubottubobby: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!00:11
MaximLevitskywill ubuntu 10.10 mandate gnome-shell?00:11
bobbyubuntu is a commercial debian ;)00:11
kevroly562> the program outputs the correct web formats including what its receiving, it probably stores in files00:11
sebsebsebbobby: there's a good article  quite recent, about someone who  went back to Debian from Ubuntu,  but yes we are off topic in here00:11
oly562mfox: why?00:11
kevrthen displays depending on the parses00:11
MaximLevitskyor compiz will be supported too?00:11
oly562mfox: he likes linux00:11
latLoshki, would you please share your .msmtprc? I haven't been able to get it to work.00:12
kevroly562> im glad to see a 9 year old using linux, the new generation will be kickass :)00:12
Loshkisebsebseb: got a url for the ubuntu to debian article?00:12
kevr13 year old c/cobol gurus00:12
oly562kevr: i just see a process in ps ax00:12
sebsebsebLoshki: I can probably find it, there have been quite a few articles like that00:12
kevrbecause its running as a daemon00:12
Telvanakevr: Cobol? =) Brings back fond memories.00:12
oly562kerv test monitoring port 2200:12
sebsebsebLoshki: people leaving Ubuntu for another distro, for whatever reason,  recent articles00:12
mfoxoly562: no i dont mean linux, most sniffers are advanced, command-lines such nvstat or GUI like wireshark shows protocols and headers! he'll confuse!00:12
kevrTelvana> i know right? :)00:12
sebsebsebLoshki: aritcles/blogs whatever00:12
kevroly562> find out how to monitor a range of ports00:13
kevrget the top port, its 65XXX (cant remember the last... might be 65500)00:13
oly562mfox: zackly, that is why i mean a nice little pretty fun game like wireless sniffer to watch things go by on the screen00:13
Loshkilat: ssmtp uses /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf instead. Want to pastebin your  .msmtprc (take out any passwords) and tell me what your problem is?00:13
oly562heck i could just run tcpdump for that lol, no i want a pretty little fun gamey gui for him, kinda like DS00:13
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free00:13
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kevrwell, sufficite to say.. there aren't any net traffic gui's that act as simple as nintendo ds games00:14
Loshkikevr: it's 2^16 - 1 (65535)00:14
kevrah k. ty00:14
con-man!info unrar-free00:14
ubottuunrar-free (source: unrar-free): Unarchiver for .rar files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.0.1+cvs20071127-1 (lucid), package size 21 kB, installed size 108 kB00:14
oly562Loshki: yap00:14
Nullifi3dhow do you change the color of the splash screen?00:14
kevroly562> you could always code your own simple one00:14
OooHi Room..00:14
localgh0stMy sound (via spdif) stopped working after lucid lynx upgrade and all, anyone know some things I should check or read to help me figure this out?00:14
kevrin python or something00:14
oly562kerv i guess00:14
localgh0stIt crackles...00:14
Oooi want to delete one of my raid disk..  check out this pastbin00:14
appaHello people, I am having problems getting Lucid Lynx Live CD to boot proper on a computer where I want to install it. Seems after doing a verbose boot that it stops at the cupsd daemon and then nothing. Just dead.00:15
sebsebsebLoshki: can't just find it at the moment00:15
Oooi have also installed OS.. so which and how should i delet RAID..00:15
kevroly562> sorry i couldn't find what you needed man, i fail.00:15
kevrbut i have to go clean up for a short bit00:15
kevrbe back soon.00:15
appaNot very easy to do anything with the Live CD as it isn't installed on the computer yet, so if anyone knows a workaround to get it working please let me know A.S.A.P00:15
Loshkisebsebseb: no matter, I'll poke around in google...00:15
jiohdiappa, you could try the NBR version, it has less stuff and is lighter load, perhaps easier to install, you can get other packages later00:16
Loshkilocalgh0st: it *just* crackles, or you have sound but it's crackly...?00:16
oly562im starving, going to take my ubuntu laptop to starbucks, ill be another time00:16
oly562thanks guys00:16
sebsebsebLoshki: well you can get on similar articles maybe  even the one if you search the archive of http://www.linuxtoday.com  link to the archeive is towards the bottom of the page00:16
vinpanappa: i had same problem would not boot, so i installed 9.04 and then updated it but it takes a long time00:16
appaJiohdi: Thanks for the suggestion, is that one available on the same page where you get the desktop version?00:16
localgh0stLoshki, let me double check, pretty sure it *just* crackles00:17
sebsebsebLoshki: articles/blogs whatever00:17
jiohdiappa, yes00:17
OooI have two Disks, i want to free up one of my 80GB hard drive whic is now RAID.. so how and which should i delete ??00:17
jiohdiappa, less people seem to want it, so its faster to download as well00:17
tharveyanyone know where I can get a users crontab?  I'm restoring files from an offline linux system so 'crontab -l' doesn't access the 'old system'00:17
appaAlso -- I think Ubuntu should boot proper from the full desktop CD - its quite a turnoff when you want to try it and you come up against a bug.00:17
localgh0stLoshki, yup. Nothing discernible.00:17
appaPersonally I run ArchLinux but this one is for a friend who is new to linux and wants to try it out :)00:17
jiohdiappa, NBR is pretty noobie friendly00:18
running_rabbit07How does one add Windows to grub when update-grub is not working? http://pastebin.com/tBbgQ5PA00:18
Reallycoolnever installing enlightenment again... is it supposed to try to take over gnome or is that just a glitch?00:18
p1und3racicula_ friggin fixed it by blacklisting nouveau :D w0000t00:18
Loshkilocalgh0st: in that case, I had good luck with the nosound link of this article: http://www.unixmen.com/linux-tutorials/937-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-1004-lts-lucid-lynx, but note I had *no* sound, not even crackles, so it might not work for you...00:18
localgh0stLoshki, I'll give it a looksee thanks!00:19
appayes but don't anybody know what to do to get the GUI to boot proper, is there a way to bypass cupsd entirely during the bootup?00:20
opopi'm a little concerned that there hasn't been a 10.04 update on amd64 since thursday.  Also, anyone experiencing repetitive crashes in openoffice?00:20
Loshkitharvey: user's crontabs are completely custom. Unless you have a backup, there's no way to know what was in there...00:20
Oooappa: r u using live CD or do you have installed copy of ubuntu ?00:21
Loshkiappa: why is ArchLinux good enough for you but not for your friend?00:21
mfoxbye guys00:21
kevrahhh damn00:21
kevrhe just left and i just found the old program i used00:21
kevrperfect one :(00:21
bluebaron_My laptop keeps hanging.  The scroll lock starts flashing.  What's the best place to look?00:22
Loshkikevr: this channel is notorious for people asking questions and not staying for the answer...00:22
tharveyLoshki, found it in /var/spool/cron...00:22
ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:22
localgh0stLoshki, what exactly in that pertains to sound? Am I missing it?00:22
Loshkitharvey: very good..00:22
macman_hi all .. what does this mean s1.addVariable('config', encodeURIComponent00:22
kevriptraf = win :)00:22
Loshkilocalgh0st: 2nd paragraph, search for 'nosound', there's a link...00:23
LoshkiI notice that I have daemons running named jfsIO, jfsCommit and jfsSync. Nothing in init.d seems to be responsible for them. Anyone know what they are and where they came from?00:23
localgh0stLoshki, oh sorry, I didn't see that as part of the article :300:23
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ActionParsnipLoshki: are you using JFS ?00:24
bluebaron_anyone know what logs might exist if my system hard crashes, the scroll light starts blinking and the computer is unresponsive.00:24
DarkHelmutI've just finished the upgrade and my whole screen is "fuzzy" any ideas on how to address this?00:24
LoshkiActionParsnip: definitely not!00:24
maximi89hi people, Ubuntu Lucid what kernel version use_00:25
ActionParsnip!info linux-image | maximi8900:25
ubottumaximi89: linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)00:25
maximi89thanks ActionParsnip00:26
LoshkiDarkHelmut: find out what graphics chip your mobo uses and then see if there's a better driver for it...00:27
DarkHelmutLoshki, kk00:27
DarkHelmutwill start there00:27
bluebaron_My laptop keeps hanging.  The scroll lock starts flashing.  What's the best place to look?00:28
drclueAnyone know how to fix the broken 9.10 -> 10.04 Ubuntu upgrade, and perhaps a moment to help a fellow through it? I've got a machine that the best I can get out of it right now is an old 9.10 shell prompt and as it uses a USB WiFi connection that won't work either, I'm sorta stumped00:29
SegfaultDr.Clue what seems to be the trouble with your wifi?00:29
Loshkibluebaron_: hangs are extremely hard to diagnose. Did it run something else previously that didn't hang?00:29
ActionParsnipdrclue: read /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:30
drclueSefault: Well , it won't connect. I have been able to get it to come up under the Ubuntu CD's test drive mode but thats about it00:30
SegfaultDid it work in 9.10?00:30
SegfaultWhat kind of hardware?00:31
SegfaultAlso is the connection secured?00:31
balleyneI'm trying to sync Tomboy notes using sshfs but getting a pretty vague error ("Error connecting", "something went wrong"). Log file is practically empty. Any suggestions?00:31
TheMozartis this a proper command I can type in terminal: "$gnome-cups-manager"00:31
zagabarHow can I forward ports to a computer that is below my servers external IP Through ICS?00:32
TheMozartincluding the $ ?00:32
ActionParsnipTheMozart: tab complete it, if it completes then yes00:32
drclueAfter the upgrade , GRUB could not mount the file system, and only the oldest entry in the GRUB list would do anything and only in the shell mode.  The WiFi thing is a netgear USB adapter.00:32
ActionParsnipTheMozart: you dont need the $00:32
TheMozartActionParsnip: so the command starts with a dollar $ symbol?00:32
TheMozartActionParsnip: ok00:32
ActionParsnipTheMozart: just means run as user00:32
TheMozartActionParsnip: so I type the $ first?00:33
ubuntu_madhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent which one??00:33
latLoshki, here it is: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/GR3ydvPW00:33
ActionParsnipTheMozart: no, just from the first g00:33
ActionParsnipTheMozart: try tab completing the command too, makes sure you got it right00:34
drclueubuntu_mad: I'll have to look up which model that was again. Just a sec00:34
ubuntu_maddrclue which model...what you mean?00:35
duliis upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 recommended? or should I make a fresh install?00:35
lee_I deleted my intel_drv.so driver, just to be able to boot into Lucid, but now I would like to install another intel driver is that possible?00:35
drclueYes , I had that model number around here somewhere , it started with a w and ended in a v2 , but I need to look it up again00:36
ubuntu_madduli upgading was straight forward for me00:36
RichiieAnyone here whit Amsn that can help me whit a quick question ?00:36
duliubuntu_mad: hum, great to know that...00:36
Gangrelanyone knows how to create ad-hoc on ubuntu ? i am trying to create an ad-hoc station from my desktop (ubuntu) and connect my laptop (windows 7) on it, Any idea how?00:36
aplundI've just installed 10.04 and updated to grub2.  Now I have no boot splash until X loads.  Is this how things are meant to be?00:36
drclueWG111v2 I think the model number is for that USB WiFi stick00:37
Loshkilat: is it missing the 'From: ' header? like in http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=8492800:37
ubuntu_maddrclue i ment which method to put ubuntu on usb00:37
minjooHow to command in terminal to see one's graphic card driver version?00:37
drclueOh , no , I did not put unbuntu on the USB stick. The USB stick is a WiFi adapter00:38
acerimmerminjoo: ls00:38
=== randomusr is now known as Guest62884
acerimmerminjoo: lshw00:39
drclueThe original Ubuntu installation was from a CD mailed to us ForUbUntu00:39
ubuntu_maddrclue ok00:39
mitchellwith the ambience look, is there any way to move the controls to the right side like they always have been? why would you change it now, to confuse people?00:39
minjoothanks acerimmer00:39
drclueDang cats are trying to help me type00:39
acerimmermitchell: ubuntu tweaks will do that00:39
ubuntu_maddrclue just looking to know best method to have ubuntu on usb00:39
mitchellacerimmer, well all you have to do is change the controls to another look such as clearlooks or new wave00:40
greezmunkeyminjoo: try lspci | grep VGA00:40
mitchellbut that will change the menus as well and controls00:40
acerimmermitchell: good to know00:40
mitchellacerimmer, no, it's not good00:40
captjackanyone available to help me get my wireless USB working?00:40
mitchellit will also change the menus and controls00:40
minjoogreezmunkey, Thanks. It Works well00:40
greezmunkeyminjoo:  :)00:40
VladimirBGhmmm, totem's youtube funtionality isn't working in 10.0400:41
minjoogreezmunkey, I've just done memo. hehe thanks00:41
drclueI'm just looking for the best route to recover from the 9.10 ->10.04 upgrade problem where GRUB cannot mount the OS. I get the message00:41
drclueKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown wn-block(0,0)    /etc/default/grub00:41
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ubuntu_madanyone have ubuntu on a pen drive?00:42
plouffeVladimirBG, totem's youtube functionality?00:42
VladimirBGyes, totem has a dropdown menu with youtube00:43
VladimirBGyou can search and watch videos without using browser00:43
VladimirBGbut it does not work now00:43
plouffeVladimirBG, thx, doesn't work for me on 9.10 either00:44
VladimirBGit says: The response from the server could not be understood. Please check you are running the latest version of libgdata.00:44
lampe_if got some problem i isntalled linux from a usb stick and now grub is only starting when the usb stick is in the laptop!00:44
plouffeVladimirBG, same here00:44
soundconjurerI'm having an issue getting past the splash screen on my other laptop with Ubuntu 10.0400:44
soundconjurerIt just dies after loading the splash.00:45
daftykinssoundconjurer: have a quick google for 'nomodeset'00:45
Guest62884Is openoffice 3.2 available in the repos for 9.10?00:46
latLoshki, yes. That seems to be the problem. But that link seems to give no solution. Or did I miss something?00:47
ZykoticK9!info openoffice.org karmic | Guest6288400:48
ubottuGuest62884: openoffice.org (source: openoffice.org): full-featured office productivity suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.1.1-5ubuntu1.1 (karmic), package size 5 kB, installed size 52 kB (Only available for armel i386 m68k mips mipsel powerpc s390 amd64 ia64 lpia ppc64 s390x sparc all arm)00:48
Dmoleanyone know of something like curl/wget that will save a file using Content Disposition filename without getting it twice?00:49
Guest62884ZykoticK9, is it available in some back ports repo?00:49
demifurorguys, ever sicne ive installed my gfx card using the restricted drivers, teh boot screen of ubuntu is ugly, very low res and poor color quality. how can i make it go back to teh nice boot up image splash screen?00:49
JosieSo I have this weird issue with my internal dns server, I was wondering if anyone could help? It appears if I try to ping/resolve any hostnames that the internal dns provides, it takes _forever_, but external dns works fine.00:50
ZykoticK9Guest62884, no idea.  best of luck.00:50
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DmoleJosie: how long for dig?00:50
acerimmerlampe: try to reinstall grub to your active partition00:50
ZykoticK9demifuror, you might want to have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146947500:50
Loshkilat: well they (and I) recommend changing to ssmtp. Is that a possibility for you?00:50
Josie2msecs on one client00:50
drclueAfter the Ubuntu 9.10->10.04 upgrade , I simply get the Kernel panic about VFS not being able to mount root fs. The only thing I can get to load at all is Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-14-generic in recovery mode, and then when I try to drop to root with networking , several DHCPDISCOVER requests go by and the WG111v2 USB WiFi adapter is never able to make a connection. Sorta up the creek without the paddle otr the boat00:51
demifurorZykoticK9: cheers dude!00:51
DmoleJosie: and ms of ping?00:51
bluefox83ubuntu keeps auto-mounting a hard drive to a really odd directory: /media/c420de04-c112-48da-bdee-174cf332844c   how the heck do i fix that? O.o00:51
JosieDmole: Excuse me, that's wrong. 909 msecs for dig00:51
ZykoticK9demifuror, if you're using nvidia, after making the change verify that your virtual console (f1-f6) still work, if they don't you might want to undo the change(s) you make to correct it00:52
DmoleJosie: wow00:52
latLoshki, yes. I'll give ssmtp a try. Thanks. I appreciate the help.00:52
luis__I need urgent help: something went totally wrong with the actu to 10.04, some packages are missing, the boot is failing, I try to repair files with safe mode but in cannot access the server, not able to get any package, please help!00:52
JosieDmole: Amazing, ping _reports_ accurate statistics, but it takes _forever_ to actually ping.00:52
darolu!fstab | bluefox8300:52
ubottubluefox83: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:52
Loshkilat: let me know if you need a sample config for ssmtp....00:52
Josieluis_: Live cd?00:52
clglso like, ubuntu eats through my batteriez!!!00:52
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bluefox83darolu: nothing like that is listed in my /etc/fstab D:00:52
ZykoticK9clgl, if you are comparing Ubuntu to Windows battery life - i'm affraid MS is going to win00:53
DmoleJosie: accurate statistics like what?00:53
JosieDmole: I have  zywall router that's on this network, only my ubuntu machines seem to have trouble with it.00:53
M1ck3y1Hello all, does anyone know about VPN's?00:53
darolubluefox83: I know, that's the problem; it's mountint with your hard drive's UUID, edit fstab file to mount to the mount point you want; labeling the HD may help too00:53
drclueluis_: you and I have the same problem it seems, and it appears many others have had this issue , but thus far I've not been able to find any answers myself00:53
latLoshki, yes, please. I've wasted several days on this already.00:53
clglZykoticK9, is it cause of drivers or acpi?00:54
JosieDmole like the same as directly pinging the ip, < 1.5ms.00:54
bluefox83darolu: it's the only drive it mounts that way, and i would really like it to automatically put something on my desktop like it did the other drive...00:54
ChogyDanluis__: you may need to burn a livecd00:54
JosieDmole: It just moves in extra-slow motion, like it takes forever to send the packet, but it comes back immediately00:54
ZykoticK9clgl, linux doesn't do as good a job at powering things down as Windows, or so someone who knows much more about the subject then me said.00:54
guest1Ubuntu Geeks, please help me.. getting very frustrated with new Ubuntu install00:55
darolubluefox83: I told you, you have two options, one is to label your hard drive and see if it mounts it with that name, the other way is to add a line to your fstab file.00:55
drclueChogyDan: I have the liveCD that was mailed to us when we installed 9.10 , would that be of use in solving this issue?00:55
DmoleJosie: pastbin some stuff... did you ntpdate00:55
acerimmerguest1: problem descriptions...00:55
ChogyDanclgl: I've heard you can use a program called powertop to see what is using power00:55
guest1hello Acerimmer00:55
bluefox83ZykoticK9: my laptop got (on average) an hour more of time out of the battery while running ubuntuk, than it ever did running windows00:55
guest1my default panel has disappeared and i dont know how to restore it00:56
ChogyDandrclue: I would give it a try00:56
JosieDmole: I'll give you anything you wanna know. Just tell me what you need?00:56
guest1desktop is completely blank except trash icon on lower right corner00:56
Blue1guest1: ru running gnome?00:56
ZykoticK9bluefox83, good to hear :)  You are the exception, not the rule i'm affraid00:56
acerimmerguest1: you on Gnome or KDE?00:56
guest1i have unbuntu 10.04.. thats all i know .. sorry00:56
clglChogyDan, i tried that00:56
clglonly changed two things00:56
Blue1guest1: well we need more info00:56
guest1i just installed 10.04 yesterday00:57
luis__ChogyDan: to install everything again? but I will loss all my data!00:57
acerimmerguest1: what picture is your desktop background?00:57
guest1purple solid00:57
wildbathi~ i have a problem in ssh keys ~ i have two machine running ubuntu~ x64 and x86, i tried to setup ssh keys on both so that i don't need to enter password. funny thing, when x64 one try to ssh x86, "Agent admitted failure to sign using key". how ever after i log in x64 from x86 and ssh back to x86 ~ the key works~ anyone got a clue?00:57
daroluguest1: no icons on your desktop is normal if that's what you mean00:57
drclueChogyDan: I know that the live CD boots and will run the demo mode of the desktop with the WiFi USB working , but what should I do to correct the boot problem resulting from the 10.04 upgrade? Install the 9.10? Use the CD in some other way?00:57
guest1darolu i and acer i have no panel on the top00:57
ChogyDanluis__: drclue one second00:58
guest1no System Places Applications icon because the whole panel has disappeared00:58
mxe5Hi Setting up a webcam for a friend that I setup with Lucid 10.4 - Anyone have any suggestions on a webcam that "Just Works" in Lucid ? ?00:58
ActionParsnipwildbat: ownership of thefile etc?00:58
myeyespyI need help configuring compiz with 1 option. I am using CCSM. I want to the rollup function stopped (doubleclicking top bar "rolls" the window up). Which option is it? Feels like I've tried them all00:58
DmoleJosie: do you have >1 dns server listed?00:58
ActionParsnip!webcam | mxe500:58
ubottumxe5: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:58
JosieDmole: No, just one, my zywall
daroluguest1: press Alt+F2, a window should pop up, type "gnome-panel" in (no quotes) and hit enter, see if that makes it appear00:58
acerimmerguest1: go to an empty area of your desktop and rightclick to get display properties - check your screen resolution00:58
ZykoticK9myeyespy, if you don't get an answer here try in #compiz good luck.00:58
mxe5ActionParsnip; Thanks00:59
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latLoshki, I just realized I can't use ssmtp as it requires that postfix be removed, and I use a program that requires postfix.00:59
guest1darolu, I will be right back. I have to log back into my original account that had icon disappeared. I will try this and come back00:59
wildbatActionParsnip, of which file?~00:59
ChogyDanluis__: drclue https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery00:59
diffraHi, upgrading wubi 9.10 -> 10.04, and i've got a prompt asking me what device to instlal grub to, but the loop device isn't listed.00:59
ActionParsnipwildbat: the key file00:59
Loshkilat: you should be able to use postfix for the smtp stuff that msmtp is doing now, though postfix configuration is a scary business...01:00
soundconjurerSo when nomodeset doesn't work what do you do next?01:00
wildbatActionParsnip, belong to the account ~01:00
JosieDmole: The Zywall's DNS is setup to contact comcast's dns servers if it doesn't know an address.01:00
sontekIf i'm plugged into wired, is there a way to create an access point with my wireless so others can get Internet?01:00
drclueChogyDan: OK, I'll go read on that , and hopefully I'll only be back to say thank you , but either way , I'll be back01:01
ZykoticK9soundconjurer, have you already tried removing "quiet splash" to see if you get any additional ouput (or removing splash corrects the issue)?01:01
ZykoticK9soundconjurer, you might also want to try noacpi or noapic01:01
ChogyDandrclue: luis__ you guys want the update failure section01:01
DmoleJosie: and dig taks a long time for local and foreign lookups?01:01
soundconjurergoing to go try01:01
drclueChogyDan: Update failure section CHECK and RODGER01:02
_pHI_kernel-ppa question: i was wondering what it means that the kernels there "don't come with ubuntu drivers"... i'm trying to assess how different my experience is going to be if i update to 2.6.33 for lucid?01:02
bluefox83oops, lol01:02
DmoleJosie: dig @ -x
cordellCan some1 give me the web address on how to fix grub so it detects my other partition. Thanks01:02
S-001can someone help me?01:02
ZykoticK9cordell, grub2?01:02
latLoshki, yes. It is scary. But I'll give it another try. Thanks again for the help. At least I understand the situation better now.01:02
acerimmers-001: state issue01:03
cordellyes in ubuntu 10.0401:03
ChogyDan_pHI_: just go for it, and keep your normal kernel.  The worst is that it won't boot01:03
DmoleJosie: gtg eat good luck, you could test with a second dns server (just install it on an ubuntu box) and see if you get the same thing01:03
ZykoticK9!grub2 > cordell01:03
ubottucordell, please see my private message01:03
S-001i just tried to install ubuntu 10.04, and now when i boot, it gives me a black screen w/ a blinking cursor01:03
acerimmercordell: wait 101:03
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JosieDmole: Thanks. I'm getting around it by adding certain things in the hosts file. lol01:03
S-001and it won't do anything after even after sitting for an hour01:04
drclueChogyDan: is apt-get in this instance going to be able to fetch from the CD? As is with the WiFi adapter down , there is no network connection01:04
_pHI_ChogyDan: i tried on a ddifferent machine but the nvidia native drivers stopped working..01:04
_pHI_ChogyDan: i thought DKMS would fix that01:04
acerimmercordell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20GRUB%20201:04
MikeH_hi guys, I'm trying to fix my 10.4 server install (grub broken), however when trying to chroot to my install from the rescue mode, I get: chroot cannot execute /bin/sh exec format error01:04
ChogyDan_pHI_: dkms is one of the things that is missing01:04
soundconjurernomodeset removing quiet splash didn't work01:05
_pHI_ChogyDan: so i have to download the drivers from nvidia.com and run their .run script?01:05
soundconjurerThe wubi fails and so does the live disc... also the install...01:05
ubuntu_madIs this proceedure correct?? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:05
psusiMikeH_, you trying to chroot across machine architecture (32bit vs 64)?01:05
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MikeH_psusi: hrm, possibly actually if I've mounted the wrong partition - is there any way of listing how big each drive is?01:06
MikeH_df -h01:06
ChogyDandrclue: well, you would need the 10.04 cd to do that anyway....  I'm not sure...01:06
MikeH_oops, wrong keyboard01:06
S-001can somebody please help me? I don't mean to annoy anyone, but my primary machine won't boot to windows or ubuntu.01:06
drclueChogyDan: would it work as well if I booted to the live demo (where the networking is functioning) , dropped to the shell , went over to the main drive and issued those commands?01:06
acerimmers-001: error messages??01:06
drclueThe updates I mean01:06
guest1hello darolu01:06
guest1I am back01:06
S-001just a blinking cursor01:06
daroluguest1: hey, did they show up with that?01:07
guest1I tried alt f2 and typed in Gnome-panel01:07
guest1no luck01:07
ChogyDan_pHI_: I dunno, its not supported to do that, so you may have issues.01:07
LoshkiS-001: but the live cd worked ok?01:07
acerimmers-001: have installed ubuntu or are you running live cd01:07
soundconjurerUbuntu does boot into failsafe graphics though01:07
S-001i'm running it now01:07
guest1it says could not open //home/username/  something01:07
S-001but i had tried to install, and it does that every time01:07
soundconjurerjust won't boot the normal way.01:07
Theravadanhow do i get a frickin' 3d cube desktop going?01:07
guest1as a temporary fix, what i did was create a new admin account and i am logged into machine with that new account to access the default panel01:07
S-001running the live cd now, but won't boot to any hard drive now01:08
guest1i need that panel restored to my original account01:08
acerimmers-001: what version of Ubuntu *.iso?  32 bit/64 bit/kubuntu/ubuntu?01:08
S-00164 reg Ubuntu01:08
tophyris there any performance or "real" difference (ie non-legal, non-ideological) between openjdk-6 and sun-java6 package sets?01:08
FeasibilityStudyTheravadan: install compiz-settings-manager01:08
S-001burned to a disc01:08
ChogyDandrclue: yes,  that's actually what a livecd recovery is01:08
acerimmers-001: are you SURE you need 64 bit?  and that your box runs 64 bit?01:08
acerimmers-001: easy fix, download and run 32 bit.  Most issues should fix01:09
S-001i'm sure i need 64, i've got 6GB of ram, running on a core 2 quad q9550 and w/ a GTS 25001:09
FeasibilityStudyTheravadan: compizconfig-settings-manager01:09
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S-001and I'm doing graphics01:09
guest1any other suggestions darolu/acerimmer01:09
S-001yes i do need 6401:09
daroluguest1: go back to the faulty session, press Alt+F2 and run a terminal with gnome-terminal, once you're there run "sudo debconf gnome-panel" (no quotes) that should restore your panels01:09
daftykinsdoes anyone recall that boot CD you can make which will allow booting of USB flash drives / CDs / etc ?01:09
drclueChogyDan: Cool, I just wanted to make sure I was not reading too much into the answer01:09
wildbathi~ i have a problem in ssh keys ~ i have two machine running ubuntu~ x64 and x86, i tried to setup ssh keys on both so that i don't need to enter password. funny thing, when x64 one try to ssh x86, "Agent admitted failure to sign using key". how ever after i log in x64 from x86 and ssh back to x86 ~ the key works~ anyone got a clue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/427305/01:09
MikeH_hrm, if an ext4 volume becomes unmountable01:09
MikeH_because its busy, could it be it needs checking?01:09
FeasibilityStudyTheravadan: First make sure you got your graphics drivers installed.  Then make sure "Desktop effects" are set to all or full or whatever it is.  Then install the package I just listed above.01:10
acerimmerguest 1: coffee is gone - I'm out of ideas for u.  sorry01:10
daroluguest1: if it fails, make sure permissions and ownership are correct in your $HOME01:10
garicwhich port do i need for xchat file transfer?01:10
psusiMikeH_, no, if it is because it is busy, then it is because it is busy...01:10
psusii.e. already mounted01:10
MikeH_psusi: its not being used by anything though01:10
ChogyDandrclue: yeah.  You just boot the cd and get internet working.  The tricky part is setting up an upgrade which gets your HDD install, the the live install.  That's where the webpage will help01:10
MikeH_I can mount /boot (/dev/sdb1) fine, but not / on /dev/sdb5 - it isn't mounted either01:10
S-001acerimmer: are there problems w/ 64 bit? cuz I kinda need 6401:11
zbanksI've talked to someone before about memory issues, but today I noticed something really strange. Right on boot, I was using 980MB/2GB of RAM (not including caching!). My computer always seems to gobble up memory, but this is rediculious. I'm running karmic x64, if that indicates anything.01:11
garicwhich port do i need for file transfer on xchat, or where do i set the port?01:11
Loshkiwildbat: never seen that message before. Try ssh -v for the failing case and see if verbose output tells you anything interesting...01:11
acerimmers-001: I've GOT  a 64 bit dell laptop, dual core, etc.  For some reason, I couldn't get the 64 bit ubuntu to load up or install.01:11
S-001well, i don't exactly have a way to dload 32 now and burn it01:12
S-001cuz i'm running off the live cd01:12
acerimmers-001: try 32 bit and if it runs, cool.  If not, research the forums.01:12
S-001i don't have a way to burn it01:12
zbanks(I've ran htop and was unable to find any process that was using any crazy amount of mem. a few programs were using 1-2%, but not *that* many!)01:12
S-001cuz i'm running the live cd01:12
guest1darolu, let me try this and i will be right back.. hope this works01:12
soundconjurerI am beginning to dislike the fact Ubuntu isn't booting on my other laptop. 8.04 worked fine01:12
acerimmers-001: time for  a trip to your local coffe shop/hi speed wifi.01:13
soundconjurernow 10.04 hangs after splash screen.01:13
S-001heh, i wish01:13
daroluguest1:  yeah, it should work, good luck; the other option is to delete the gnome-panel conf files from your home with "rm -f ~/.gconf/apps/panel"01:13
S-001and i need 6401:13
S-001so 32 isn't an option01:13
acerimmers-001: actually, can you install under wubi? assuming you dual boot01:13
MikeH_Am I right in thinking that with guided + LVM setup that / would be on sd*5?01:14
S-001acerimmer: Not anymore. Ubuntu borked my windows bootloader too.01:14
xomphi, I'm attempting to compile something for the first time provided I can learn this. Any extremely easy to use SVN software for ubuntu out there?01:14
Hawaiian_Eskimohow do i install software that comes in a tar.gz file rather than a .deb file?01:14
daroluMikeH_: that's the most common way but it's not always like that01:15
acerimmers-001: DOH!  well if you still need windows, install that FIRST, then do ubuntu.01:15
garicwhich port do i need for file transfer on xchat, or where do i set the port?01:15
wildbatLoshki, hmmm ok ~ http://paste.ubuntu.com/427309/01:15
daroluMikeH_: find out with "sudo fdisk -l"01:15
S-001it was installed01:15
S-001acerimmer: so i gotta reinstall?01:15
keith_well hey all,01:15
acerimmers-001: wait01:15
darolugaric: go to Config-preferences in xchat, you'll find network options there01:15
S-001grr... 3rd reinstall in as many days...01:15
ChogyDanHawaiian_Eskimo: extract the archive, and read the included directions.  That aren't any set tricks.  What are you trying to install?01:15
Hawaiian_EskimoChogyDan: ddrescue01:16
acerimmers-001: ok, sounds like maybe you got bit by grub.  If you're dual booting, it's easy to mess up BUT01:16
acerimmers-001: if it's noly a grub issue, windows should still be there.  XP/Vista/7?01:16
garicdarolu, yes i did look at those, but no option for ip port.01:16
ChogyDan!info ddrescue | Hawaiian_Eskimo01:16
ubottuHawaiian_Eskimo: ddrescue (source: ddrescue): copy data from one file or block device to another. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.14-1 (lucid), package size 19 kB, installed size 84 kB01:16
MikeH_I have sdb2 as extended and sdb5 as linux lvm01:16
S-001acerimmer: 7 ultimate x64. I think the bootloader for 7 was installed on the drive that i formatted for Ubuntu, but i thought Ubuntu would work around it.01:17
S-001acerimmer: stupid mistake?01:17
MikeH_So should I be able to mount one of them?01:17
MikeH_Is it an issue with LVM?01:17
keith_this is more complecated than i thought,01:17
acerimmers-001: yes and no.  easy way to find out is run the windows repair01:18
S-001ok, will that allow me to at least boot to windows?01:18
quesoTrying to use easy_e17.sh, got this configure error: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/209550  I'm on Ubuntu Desktop 10.04.01:18
Hawaiian_Eskimook, i got some of it figured out01:18
amdsolutionBoot from cd windows and repair installation01:18
queso(Sorry, wrong channel.)01:18
Hawaiian_Eskimohowever, what package do i need to install to be able to use make?01:18
acerimmers-001: if windows comes back, then keep going.  Am I correct, Ubuntu will not INSTALL?01:18
Loshkiwildbat: ah, it's something to do with the ssh-agent. http://jimmyg.org/blog/2008/beginners-guide-to-ssh-keys-with-ssh2.html, see 'Disabling SSH Agent'. Dunno what the fix is though...01:19
darolugaric: you can always edit options manually, "gedit $HOME/.xchat2/xchat.conf"01:19
zetheroowhen I leave my computer for a bit it automatically locks the screen after a few minutes ... how do I stop this ?01:19
rodrihello, i need help01:19
ChogyDanHawaiian_Eskimo: I think build-essential   but it is in the repos, so if you are running ubuntu, you don't need this01:19
S-001acerimmer: it INSTALLS, just won't boot after it finishes installing.01:19
rodrii can not run livecd of ubuntu 10.0401:19
wildbatLoshki, kk let me take a look01:19
acerimmers-001: send me private chat invite01:19
beav_35how do i get mythbackend (built from source) to start at boot?01:19
daroluzetheroo: System - Preferences - Screensaver01:20
garicdarolu, thanks, dcc_port_first and dcc_port last is there...01:20
zetheroodarolu:: ok thanks01:20
xompjust installed Bazaar SVN yet can't find it anywhere. It was grabbed from the "Ubuntu Software Center", where can I located this installed program?01:20
Loshkibeav_35: you build mythbackend from source? You need to add a script to /etc/init.d and softlinks to it from /etc/rc*.d...01:20
rodridebo tener un error con mi placa de video01:21
rodriI have an error with my video card01:21
amdsolutionvenet0:0 help01:21
Loshki!es | rodri01:21
ubotturodri: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:21
acerimmers-001: multibooting is always fun.  I've got ubuntu/win7/mac osx.  It can be done - CAREFULLY01:21
VigoHawaiian_Eskimo: : Just dropped in, maybe this will help:> http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/make.1.html01:21
S-001acerimmer: can i do that from the freenode web interface? or do i need to use somethin else?01:21
acerimmers-001: right click on my nick and send the direct chat invite command01:22
haavarosIs it possible to use another kernel, and still run lucid?01:22
zetheroodarolu: do you know if it's possible to select a folder of pics as a screensaver slideshow?01:22
daroluhaavaros: yes01:22
Loshkiwildbat: that's why it happens the first time but not the second. On the first invocation, ssh consults ssh-agent. On the second, it doesn't, because only sessions started from the console use ssh-agent...01:22
beav_35loshki: do u know where i could find one? can i use the ones for fedora?01:22
soundconjurerHaving trouble with a computer not booting ubuntu. It gets to the splash screen and crashes and hangs01:22
jmspeexI ran update-grub to try a boot option and now I seem to have lost some of the original options (like boot splash and all). How can I re-install grub with the same options as it was installed.01:22
jmspeexI'm running Lucid BTW01:22
daroluzetheroo: yes it is possible, you have to create a directory with the images in it and create a xml with the options, they need to be in /usr/share/backgrounds (I think)01:22
hydesteri'm trying to flash a bios on a motherboard that requires a dos EXE program.  i tried to make a bootable cdrom via k3b and using "edit boot image" and then dragged the files i wanted in the project and burned.  it boots fine, but i don't see the files i added. any suggestions?01:23
xompjust installed Bazaar SVN yet can't find it anywhere. It was grabbed from the "Ubuntu Software Center", where can I located this installed program?01:23
Loshkibeav_35: hold on, let me see if I can pastebin my 8.04 ubuntu script...01:23
bobbybazaar cvs is slow01:23
bobbyuse git01:23
zetheroodarolu: oh ok ... I know nothing of creating an xml file etc ... I thought there may be a simpler way ...01:23
bobbyit's VERY slow as a cvs infact01:23
Picixomp: bzr is a command line application.01:23
xompbobby, thanks will do01:23
bobbygit is niiiiiice....01:24
haavarosHow do I use another kernel for Lucid? Any of the ones from Karmic would do ... my hw has problems with the kernel in lucid.01:24
rodrisomebody speak spanish ? Cause in the spanish channel, no there arent nothing.... (sorry 4 my english)01:24
daroluzetheroo: there may be a simple way to do it but I don't know it, it's easier for me to create the XML :p it's very simple, xml is a very simple language, open the cosmos one with gedit to study it01:24
ChogyDanhaavaros: Ive used different kernels without any trouble.  It is just unsupported.01:24
Loshkibeav_35: http://pastebin.com/1nXYcqDJ01:25
cmwslwis grub normally installed on drives, rather than partitions?01:25
daroluzetheroo: gedit /usr/share/backgrounds/cosmos/background-1.xml01:25
haavarosChogyDan: Yeah, but how do I get there? I.e. what do I do to install the kernels? Just via synaptic?01:25
ChogyDanhaavaros: there is something called the mainline ppa01:25
beav_35Loshki: got it thanks01:25
cmwslwi need to select where to install grub on since i'm upgrading to lucid01:25
ChogyDanhaavaros: you may want to file-a-bug01:26
zetheroodarolu: so you have to specify each photo to be used in the xml file?01:26
daroluhaavaros: yes you can install them via Synaptic, that would be the smart choice; there is a PPA with the latest kernels, you can use them too but they are not 100% reliable01:26
xompbobby, installed gitk guessing it's one of them command line apps too huh?01:26
rwwcmwslw: yes, it's usually installed on drives01:26
cmwslwrww: thanks01:26
daroluzetheroo: yes01:26
ivo_guys do you think btrfs will be in the next release of ubuntu?01:26
haavarosdarolu and ChogyDan, thx for helping01:27
Loshkibeav_35: there should be something like it in the sources somewhere, or in the mythtv ubuntu package...01:27
luis_I think I will have to reinstall Kubuntu from a live CD again lossing all my data... for some reason the actu to 10.04 is broken and fucked my OS. At the start of the boot, before user and password, something related to an kernel error is displayed and after login some packages are broken and there is not application panel, just the pic of the desktop, is there some way to install again the OS without losing data?01:27
rwwivo_: stuff like that won't be decided until the Ubuntu Developer Summit, which hasn't happened yet01:27
rwwluis_: watch your language, please.01:27
wildbatLoshki, hmmm ~ thanks ~ didn't know that gnome will cache my id01:27
MikeH_Hrm, managed to reinstall grub01:27
wildbatLoshki, worked after rm the key and relog gnome01:27
cmwslwhooray, the new grub can distinguish between vista and the vista recovery partition01:28
Loshkiwildbat: gnome does altogether too much if you ask me :-)01:28
MikeH_but wheen booting, I still get a flashing white cursor01:28
cmwslwits always been a major confusion01:28
daroluluis_: do you have separate /home partition?01:28
ChogyDanluis_ can you get to a terminal?01:28
MikeH_no grub screen, no kernel boost messages01:28
wildbatLoshki, hehe ~ too nosy ! XD so they have to name it NGnome ~01:28
luis_darolu: No, ChogyDan yes01:28
Loshkiivo_: I'm not convinced they even have ext4 working fully yet...01:29
ChogyDan!tty | luis_ not even this way01:29
ubottuluis_ not even this way: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.01:29
=== Guest82984 is now known as Xffix
amabois there a shortcut or some way to detect displays? i like to disable the display for my laptop when its plugged into my monitor but if i unplug the monitor (or close my laptop) i can't re-enable it. any help on this would be greatly appreciated01:29
daroluluis_: you can still save your data, back up your /home files, either via terminal, creating a new user with default options or (if necessary) using a LiveCD/pendrive01:30
dassoukiwhat's the netbook ubuntu remix ? called again01:30
acerimmerdassouki: ubuntu netbook edition; UNE01:30
ChogyDanluis_ what happens when you run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  ?01:31
U-b-u-n-t-uI did a fresh install of ubuntu 10.04 and there was always an i/o error so I downloaded the iso again reinstalled same issue... so I reverted to 9.04 and went through the updates and its running perfect now... I dont know why it happen but im mentioning it just in case someone else is in the same situation01:31
dassoukiacerimmer: thanks01:31
wildbatMikeH_, make sure you are booting the correct HD in your BIOS setting01:32
monty_halldelemi:  thanks, your suggestion fixed the slow wine problem.01:32
juancacan anyone help me here to use ubuntu server in virtualbox... I mean how to comunicate with the host and use it from there01:32
KaOSoFtIs it just me, or since 9.04 (or 9.10), whenever the installation ends, it ejects the installation disc, and then starts displaying errors?01:33
juancathe host is ubuntu desktop01:33
GeekSquidjuanca: best bet ask in #virtualbox01:33
U-b-u-n-t-uKaOSoFt, thats what happen to me01:33
LoshkiU-b-u-n-t-u: if it ever happens again, you can check the iso without having to re-download it by running an md5sum on it, and also if you see it again, please write down the exact text of the i/o error message, ok?01:33
aguitelU-b-u-n-t-u, you upgrade to 10.04?01:33
KaOSoFtOh, I did a fresh install.01:34
KaOSoFtAlways do.01:34
demitriusI didn't get errors at the finish of installing 10.04 Netbook, but I got lots of errors when I added software.01:34
U-b-u-n-t-uaguitel,  yes01:34
aguitelU-b-u-n-t-u, the problem is fresh install01:34
KaOSoFtIn any case, the errors appear, but the OS works just smoothly fine.01:34
demitriusI wiped 10.04 and put back in 9.10 Netbook01:34
MikeH_wildbat: I am01:35
MikeH_out of curiosity01:35
cmwslwdemitrius: were there any improvements in 10.04?01:35
U-b-u-n-t-uaguitel, I have no idea why it happen... however after reverting and upgrading its running wonderful01:35
MikeH_what do I need to run after updating grub config?01:35
aguiteldemitrius, what netbook01:35
luis_ChogyDan: this is whats shows when I type your command:http://pastebin.com/YB0vLJsr01:35
demitriusI didn't see any compelling improvements in 10.0401:35
soundconjurerSeems the bug is really much deeper than just grub lines.01:35
RhamphoryncusKaOSoFt: the release notes say it's a harmless error in the installer.  The worst it does is hide the message telling you to reboot :)01:35
demitriusbut it did *look* cooler!  ;-D01:35
LoshkiMikeH_: update-grub :-)01:35
j800rwow. still so many people having problems with 10.04..01:35
U-b-u-n-t-uLoshki, when it happen i posted the i/o error msg in here01:35
demitriusAcer Aspire One 531H01:36
KaOSoFtRhamphoryncus- Ough, didn't read the release notes. :s01:36
ChogyDanluis_  well, you are uptodate.  Maybe try creating a new user and loging in there01:36
KaOSoFtIn any case, like I said, it works marvelously. :)01:36
Loshkij800r: it's only been out a couple of days. Come back in a month...01:36
LoshkiU-b-u-n-t-u: very good, that's all I would've asked of you...01:36
luis_ChogyDan: Mmm maybe I am up to date but I have still the kernel problem01:36
soundconjurerIt just can't get past the splash screen without it flat out crashing.01:36
demitriusI have to say for the first time I was disappointed with an Ubuntu install with 10.0401:36
demitriusbut I'll get over it.01:36
luis_ChogyDan: can you explain me how to make a backup of my home folder? I am gonna reinstall01:36
MikeH_what the hell01:37
KaOSoFtdemitrius- Why...?01:37
MikeH_where has menu.lst gone in 10.4?01:37
amabois there a shortcut or some way to detect displays? i like to disable the display for my laptop when its plugged into my monitor but if i unplug the monitor (or close my laptop) i can't re-enable it. any help on this would be greatly appreciated01:37
cmwslwMikeH: grub201:37
j800rLoshki, lol. i'm just surprised at the huge volume of people with issues. it's working fine for me. juast as good as 9.10, in fact, better01:37
h00k!grub2 | MikeH_01:37
ubottuMikeH_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:37
demitriuslike I mentioned, I got errors when adding software01:37
j800ri love the social networking integration etc01:37
U-b-u-n-t-uLoshki, np I tried to send a report but the os wasnt functioning and was crashing... but like I said its great now01:37
demitriussomething about MS fonts01:37
wildbatMikeH_, you are in grub2 now ~01:37
ChogyDanluis_ I use rsync -aS01:37
j800rdemitrius, ms core fonts?01:37
wildbat!grub2 | MikeH_01:37
ubottuMikeH_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:37
luis_ChogyDan: lol wut01:38
j800rhave you installed the ubuntu restricted package?01:38
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:38
demitriusyeah, the social networking stuff was pretty cool on 10,0401:38
soundconjurerI've installed all the proposed updates01:38
Loshkij800r: me too, but actually I think 10.04 has had fewer problems than the 9.X releases, and in a few months I hope it will be as stable as 8.0401:38
soundconjurerdone all the grub modifications01:38
demitriusyes, MS core fonts01:38
soundconjurerand it still doesn't boot.01:38
j800rdemitrius, did you install the restricted extras package?01:38
demitriusoh yes! I got errors when installing restricted package too!01:38
j800ro.0 that is strange01:39
MikeH_apparently what would normally be in menu.lst should be in .etc/default/grub yet theres nno entries?01:39
LoshkiMikeH_: and grub2 is a nightmare compared to grub1...01:39
demitriusJ800r,  yes, I did.01:39
U-b-u-n-t-usoundconjurer, was it a fresh install? and you just get a cursor?01:39
ChogyDanluis_: something like, on a terminal: sudo rsync -aS /home/. /backup_location/.        You _might_ be able to just reinstall as is, but you should always have a backup of your important stuff01:39
soundconjurerIt doesn't even cursor01:39
U-b-u-n-t-usoundconjurer, but it was a fresh install?01:39
soundconjurerIt just goes black and does nothing endlessly01:39
LoshkiMikeH_: /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d...01:39
soundconjurerThat and live disc fails too01:40
demitriusI'll try again in another month or so with 10.x01:40
h00kMikeH_: Actually, Grub2 is quite nice, if you check out the wiki, you'll see the menu list is generated and uses defaults and things you change in /etc/default/grub and then there are other ways to customize the entries01:40
soundconjurerbut booting from recovery on failsade graphics works01:40
cmwslwi'm taking my chances with 10.0401:40
Loshkih00k: I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that point :-)01:40
MikeH_h00k: I want to add vga= to kernel params01:40
j800rbest thing about 10.04 imo. Chromium in the repos ^^01:40
CNLiberalUbuntu 10.04 x64 with iPhone 3GS, I plug in the phone, its recognized on desktop.  GTKPod opens automatically, and as soon as I open RhythmBox, the iphone icon disappears from the desktop.  What am I doing wrong?01:40
cmwslwif it screws up I could always use a reinstall every now and then01:40
h00kMikeH_: you can do that!01:40
h00kLoshki: and I'm okay with that :)01:40
=== d is now known as Guest11673
U-b-u-n-t-usoundconjurer, I had this issues too and it said i had a disk error or grub would sit there... but I reverted to 9.04 then upgraded to 9.10 then 10.04 it boots perfect now... I know this is a long way of doing it but just saying what worked for me01:41
MikeH_h00k: I've yet to find my default entry yet?!01:41
h00kMikeH_: in /etc/default/grub, check line 801:41
soundconjurerWell your way sucks and I am not going to do it that way.01:41
U-b-u-n-t-usoundconjurer, lol01:42
Loshkisoundconjurer: please keep it civil...01:42
U-b-u-n-t-uits ok01:42
luis_ChogyDan: /backup_location/ what I type if it is a USB and also how I can save the back up in the new reinstall?01:42
h00kMikeH_: you can add that to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT01:42
phearret_hey all.. just browsing the diff from koala and thus far .. I LOVE IT !!01:42
synicalcan anyone suggestion a frontend gui or possible webgui for KVM?01:42
zainhi there. I'm running ubuntu 10.4 server, and for some reason, nothing in /etc/hosts is being picked up. I add something there and ping says "unknown host" when i try to ping it. ideas?01:42
TheOraclezain: Sure you got the syntax correct?01:42
soundconjurerSo any fixes? Any takers?01:42
mackeydoes anyone know a command to get the label of a particular ext2/ext3 volume?01:42
h00kMikeH_: you should see 'quiet splash' there right now, you can just add more stuffs after that01:42
sebsebsebzain:  you can get help in #ubuntu-server01:42
U-b-u-n-t-usoundconjurer, the only thing that was worse than my way was looking at a black screen and cussing01:43
soundconjurerOr is this release just a flop?01:43
ChogyDanluis_ where ever the usb is mounted, maybe something like /media/sdf983kj49d8f983l4kj9d8f3klj49e8f01:43
zainTheOracle: pretty sure. "     testing "01:43
soundconjurerOr maybe a different distro01:43
soundconjurerGot it.01:43
mrbook1I'm a nwbie Is there someone here available to help me get my webcam to work.01:43
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:43
MikeH_not keen on this, but fair enough :/01:43
h00kMikeH_: once you do that, do sudo update-grub and it will generate a new grub menu01:43
MikeH_I'll try it01:43
h00kMikeH_: so, that line would look like blablabla="quiet splash VGA=yourptionshere"01:44
mrbook1Seems that no camera is loaded when I use Cheese01:44
MikeH_h00k: yeah. done that, just rebooting now to see01:44
MikeH_I just don't like the idea of not being able to specify my menu entries01:44
h00kMikeH_: you can01:44
phearret_but I have a few residual issues ...  on boot the resolution halts and makes me choose the correct setting, how do I make it permanent ??01:44
MikeH_ffs, still jsut a flashing cursor01:44
h00kMikeH_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#User-defined%20Entries01:45
h00kMikeH_: did you do a sudo update-grub after?01:45
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:45
S-001acerimmer: Didn't work... Reinstall windows?01:45
soundconjurerHey Hook remember me, release day.01:45
soundconjureryou did a number on my IP changes01:45
CNLiberalanyone have an issue with an iPhone and RhythmBox?  i open RB and the iPhone icon on desktop disappears and the phone itself doesn't think it's connected anymore01:45
soundconjurerGo it01:46
gluonmanI just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a separate HDD from my current 9.04 installation.  How can I restore my grub menu from my 9.04 installation (which has now been replaced by a fresh install of grub on my 10.04 partition)?01:46
soundconjurerno answers here01:46
acerimmers-001: NOOOO!01:46
acerimmers-001: details01:46
phearret_looks like MikeH has same issue ... I'll follow his trail..01:46
S-001acerimmer: same deal, nothing changed after i did the repair01:46
MikeH_phearret: black screen, flashing cursor?01:47
acerimmers-001: you mean WINDOWS, right?01:47
altavatarI'd like to have a 3 monitor setup where 1 monitor is cloned. Can anyone recommend a graphics card that'll make this work? (dont have spare pci ports)01:47
njbairisn't there a way to have qt apps use gtk widgets in ubuntu?01:47
ItsMeMariohello guys, i'm on lucid. My pendrives are not mounting automatically. What can i do?01:47
S-001acerimmer: didn't boot to windows, just did the black screen, flashing cursor01:47
S-001acerimmer: changed boot order, repeated, got a "grub-rescue" prompt01:47
ItsMeMariohello guys, i'm on lucid. My pendrives are not mounting automatically. What can i do?01:48
vanishinghi everybody01:48
vanishingis it possible to change a window's title?01:48
acerimmers-001: ...from grub rescue?01:48
localgh0stThere's no sound in mah flash... And I've looked about and tried many fixes to no avail01:48
ItsMeMariohello guys, i'm on lucid. My pendrives are not mounting automatically. What can i do?01:48
localgh0stAnyone have thoughts? It worked before I upgraded to lucid...01:48
j800rlocalgh0st, you using Firefox?01:49
localgh0stand chrome01:49
S-001acerimmer: I booted from the windows dvd, repaired, rebooted, got a black screen w/ blinking cursor, just like before.01:49
armencesynaptic has a whole bunch of "doc" packages, but I can't quite figure out where that documentation goes after I get the package. What's the easiest way to look for said doc?01:49
j800rlocalgh0st, google chrome??01:49
KaOSoFtWhere can I find what does the + mean in "service --status-all"?01:49
ItsMeMariohello guys, i'm on lucid. My pendrives are not mounting automatically. What can i do?01:49
j800rchromium is in the repos. don't bother downloading google chrome01:49
U-b-u-n-t-uwhat is secret storage service01:49
S-001acerimmer: changed boot order, repaired from windows dvd, got a grub rescue prompt01:49
KaOSoFtI see some services with -, others with +, and most with ?.01:49
j800rinstall chromium from the repos. flash works great with it01:49
crdlbvanishing: can you be more specific?01:49
ItsMeMariohello guys, i'm on lucid. My pendrives are not mounting automatically. What can i do?01:49
ItsMeMariohello guys, i'm on lucid. My pendrives are not mounting automatically. What can i do?01:49
vanishingcrdlb: like01:50
acerimmers-001: private01:50
localgh0stj800r, I'll give it a try01:50
vanishingcrdlb: change firefox title01:50
TViYHdoes 10.04 have as many sound problems as 9.10?01:50
j800rlocalgh0st, it's practically identical to google chrome but a little more stable on linux01:50
j800rthat's what i've found anyway01:50
amabois there a shortcut or some way to detect displays? i like to disable the display for my laptop when its plugged into my monitor but if i unplug the monitor (or close my laptop) i can't re-enable it. any help on this would be greatly appreciated01:50
vanishingcrdlb: usually firefox's title is "Firefox", is it possible to change it to "something else"?01:51
crdlbvanishing: you mean what is displayed in the titlebar?01:51
TViYHi'm sure there is an extension01:51
vanishingcrdlb: yes01:51
LoshkiU-b-u-n-t-u: secret storage service: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1423760&page=201:51
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:51
U-b-u-n-t-uLoshki, thanks01:52
guest1Darolu, still no luck01:52
rhettI need to do some xrandr commands to get video the right resolution to my external monitor01:52
rhetthow do I make that happen automatically?01:53
siavashserverHi, can somebody share his grub.cfg please? :)01:53
rhettit went away when i rebooted01:53
crdlbvanishing: here, it is: current page title - Mozilla Firefox ; what do you want it to say?01:53
MikeH_Any suggestions on my black screen, white cursor on boot? :/01:53
hemangpatelhey anyone there01:53
GalaxorHi.  I just upgraded to Lucid.  My network-manager appears to be on the fritz.01:53
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:53
LoshkiTViYH: not quite as many sound problems, but still not zero...01:54
vanishingcrdlb: can you change it to "something"?01:54
wildbatMikeH_, you have boot menu?if you hold shift while boot?01:54
=== randomusr is now known as Guest46867
gluonmanI have an installation of Ubuntu 9.04 on my primary HDD (/dev/sda) and recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my secondary HDD (/dev/sdb).  Now the boot menu from the grub installation on /dev/sdb is the default one.  How can I make my grub installation from /dev/sda, where I would prefer to boot from, become default again?01:54
hemangpatelWhen i first install ubuntu01:54
hemangpateli need to update it01:54
GalaxorMy network manager now says "networking disabled".  I can bring up the network myself using ifconfig, iwconfig, dhclient.  What can I do to make network-manager do this work for me?01:54
hemangpatelto run some video files01:54
hemangpatelhow can i update without internet01:55
hemangpatelmeans offline01:55
sebsebsebrww:  Typed this here since it was an Ubuntu support issue, and your in here as well.  Just tried what you suggested to sort the Plymouth issue out in other channel, in a virtual machine,  has worked there.  Splash  was in another line though, which made me think what you meant by remove splash.  So I removed splash and the space after it in that line.01:55
StuckMojoGalaxor: if you right click on it, can you check the box to enable it?01:55
siavashservercan somebody share his grub.cfg?01:55
haavarosHi! How do I make the grub menu appear in Lucid? I can't find /etc/default/grub anymore01:55
StuckMojoGalaxor: should be 2 checkboxes, one for wired and one for wireless01:55
kzmanhello, i try install a .run, and happens : /home/pablo/.setup3179: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:55
j800rhemangpatel, i'm not sure that's possible i'm afraid01:55
GalaxorStuckMojo:  Yes, that worked gloriously.  Thanks!01:55
j800ryou'd need a distro with native support for the formats01:55
MikeH_wildbat: nope :/01:55
StuckMojoGalaxor: np01:55
GalaxorI wonder how that got unchecked.01:55
j800rwhich in most cases costs :\01:55
siavashserverhaavaros : /boot/grub/grub.cfg :)01:56
crdlbvanishing: you could try this firefox extension I just found: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1457601:56
StuckMojohi. the last step of the upgrade, removing of "obsolete packages". if i choose not to (because there's a couple i want to keep and it doesn't let you select) how can i regenerate that list later?01:56
haavarossiavashserver: thx man :)01:56
MikeH_I've selected the correct drive to boot, and also done a grub-install /dev/sdb to no avail :/01:56
vanishingcrdlb: thanks01:56
StuckMojosomeone suggested compter-janitor01:56
hemangpatelso i need internet to update ubuntu01:56
StuckMojobut when i run that with "find", it produces a slightly different list01:56
hemangpatelis it provided in live cd???01:56
matthew123I'm trying to edit an .inf file, but i can't get past the "read-only" property no matter what I try01:56
Little_Ba_FruitPIs ubuntu restricted extras illegal in the US?01:56
wildbatMikeH_, a) you don't have bootloader installed, so reinstall grub2  b) you set the wrong frst boot HD in bios01:56
j800rhemangpatel, to download restricted packages you'd need internet access. including from the live cd01:57
guest1can some one please please help.. darolu was helping me but looks like he left01:57
chenmjit can't be cancelled?01:57
Guest46867What are my options for installing openoffice 3.2 on Karmic?01:57
wildbatMikeH_, then make sure your /boot partition is flagged boot01:58
GneaLittle_Ba_FruitP: not if it's for a personal playback01:58
daftykinsGuest46867: probably find a repo or install from the site01:58
Tapoutis there a list of wireless nics that ubuntu supports?01:58
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:58
LoshkiI notice that I have daemons running named jfsIO, jfsCommit and jfsSync. Nothing in init.d seems to be responsible for them. Anyone know what they are and where they came from?01:58
Andrew12This is really cool. I can google something I'm having an issue with and I get IRC logs for someone else who had the same issue in here. :D01:58
StuckMojoTapout: sup01:58
wildbatguest1, what you need?~01:58
TommyThaGunIf I just reinstalled Ununtu, but kept my original '/home' mounted partition, can I just create a user with the same name that I was using before and keep all it's old settings?01:59
Guest46867daftykins,  the site isn't working. and it's not available in the backports. do you know of an http mirror that I could use?01:59
GneaLoshki: if you have any partitions mounted on your system that use the JFS filesystem, they're basic01:59
quesoJust installed Lucid, my volume control disappeared from my notification area.  How do I get it back?01:59
guest1wildbat my DEFAULT PANEL disapeared and i m ahving hard time restoring it01:59
haavarosHow do I get the grub menu to show every time in lucid?01:59
daftykinsGuest46867: no idea sorry. have you queried ubottu for open office related aid?01:59
haavarosqueso: Tried right-clicking and adding volume control?01:59
guest1as a temp fix, i created a new admin account and default panel is there on new account however, i need that panel on my original account01:59
wildbatTommyThaGun, yes~ but keep in mind that some setting may not be fully compatible02:00
Pici!resetpanels | guest102:00
ubottuguest1: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:00
mrbook1i have no idea what I'm doing. I am looking for a webcam driver. I went to http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/#download and ran in terminal02:00
TommyThaGungot you, thanks wildbat02:00
localgh0stj800r, yeah still no sound.02:00
matthew123I'm trying to change the autoplay value in an .inf file that is embedded in my western digital MyBook, but I can't get past the read only property no matter what I try. Any advice?02:00
LoshkiGnea: I'm all ext3, plus one windows NTFS partition and a usb stick that's FAT32. I wouldn't know jfs from a space alien...02:00
mrbook1git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git uvcvideo cd uvcvideo git remote add uvcvideo git://linuxtv.org/pinchartl/uvcvideo.git git remote update git checkout -b uvcvideo-master uvcvideo/uvcvideo02:00
quesohaavaros: In the 'Add to Panel' dialog?  Yes, "Volume Control" isn't an option there.02:00
guest1i am lost wildbat02:00
wildbatguest1, can you run gnome-panel ?02:01
j800rlocalgh0st, how did you install flash?02:01
localgh0stvia adobe.com02:01
crdlbkzman: it looks like jaunty was the last release to offer gtk+-1.202:01
Little_Ba_FruitPare they legal?02:01
haavarosqueso: weird. Did you upgrade or do a clean install?02:01
j800rlocalgh0st, there's your problem02:01
_pg_Are there any e17 distros that run on ppc? For a g3 iMac.02:01
quesohaavaros: Upgrade02:01
guest1darolu had me try ALT f2 gnome-panel and it came u p with an error cound not find //home/uname something02:01
j800ryou should've installed the Ubuntu restricted extras package02:01
hiexpowhat is the command to see the list of my drives02:01
matthew123guest1 just follow ubottu's instructions, just copy and past everything between the arrows (not including the arrows)02:02
j800rit would've included flash and a lot of other useful codecs, and it's better supported02:02
crdlbkzman: anything that relies on gtk1.x is probably so old that it wouldn't work for other reasons though02:02
stevecamhiexpo, ls /dev/sd*02:02
guest1matthew i am sorry what instructions ?02:02
stevecamhiexpo, are you new to linux?02:02
hiexpostevecam, oh ya thanks02:02
localgh0stj800r, what is the package?02:02
kzmanyes, i fixed it, i go to old repo02:02
guest1i am new to linux matthew and wildbat02:02
matthew123!resetpanels | guest102:02
ubottuguest1: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:02
hiexpostevecam, no just being lazy lol02:03
GneaLoshki: are the processes eating up more resources than usual?02:03
=== TannerF-hw is now known as TannerF
electronicsjaris there a way to install gpe-contacts onto ubuntu-10.4 as I'm having trouble with some gtk and pango libraries?02:03
wildbatguest1, run a terminal and do gnome-panel pastbin errors if you see02:03
MikeH_wildbat: I've disconnected all other hard drives, checked fdisk -l that boot flag is present and grub-install /dev/sda02:03
MikeH_oh hell02:03
MikeH_about 3 minutes later grub just loaded02:03
stevecamhiexpo, you sound new, you should have a linux in a VM so you can experiment with it02:04
phearret_sorry mike was reading the notes02:04
LoshkiGnea: they use no cpu as far as I can see, so it's not critical, just unexpected...02:04
quesohaavaros: I can control the volume using System->Preferences->Sound, but obviously that's not as convenient02:04
phearret_no its having the system choose the correct resolution @ boot02:04
MikeH_Is it possible the hard drive has died? or could there be some other reason for grub taking so long to load?02:04
guest1matthew and wildbat so i just type this >>  !resetpanels |  in terminal02:04
j800rlocalgh0st, search "ubuntu restricted extras" in the software manager02:04
wildbatMikeH_, you are suffer from grub delay bug :< just grub1 ~02:04
j800rbut make sure you uninstall your current flash installation first02:04
MikeH_wildbat: oh, how do I go back to grub1 then?02:05
matthew123no guest1, in terminal paste this:   gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel02:05
phearret_did you try starting the xserver ?  either xstart or startx02:05
cordellI installed ubuntu 10.04 and in addition to grub not detecting the windows partition, it says it might be corrupt. What do i do02:05
GneaLoshki: are you doing any virtualization or mounting iso's anywhere or anything like that?02:06
kzmanis it possible mount a  directory like a CD?02:06
j800rcordell, reinstall grub02:06
MikeH_this bug isn't an issue, the machine will be on 24/702:06
electronicsjaris there a way to install gpe-contacts onto ubuntu-10.4 as I'm having trouble with some gtk and pango libraries?02:06
j800reither do it from the live cd or reinstall ubuntu entirely02:06
MikeH_but now I know its there, I've figured out the other problem :D02:07
haavarosqueso: is volume control ticked off in System / Preferences / Start-Up Applications?02:07
Gneakzman: what do you mean?02:07
phearret_MikeH: did you try starting the xserver ?  either xstart or startx  ?02:07
wildbatMikeH_, the info is in !grub2 ;p ~02:07
radhikaHi, I don't think this question belongs here, but how do I join the opengl channel on xchat02:07
HardDiskor sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:07
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:07
LoshkiGnea: no isos mounted, and the only virtualization is running vmware workstation with XP inside it. Otherwise just surfing and email. I was running 8.04 on this same rig 2 days ago...02:07
quesohaavaros: It's not even listed there :/02:07
rwwradhika: type /join ##opengl in your message box02:08
GneaLoshki: if you shutdown vmware altogether, do the jfs processes stick around?02:08
radhikathanks rww02:08
LoshkiGnea: good question, let me do it and report back...02:08
Paddy_NIHello, as someone who advocates Ubuntu to all my clients/Customers is it now possible to use 'Empathy' to IM, Video and talk to MSN/Windows Live clients?02:08
radhika@rww: this is what I get [##OpenGL] As per http://freenode.net/policy.shtml#aboutchannels we are now ##OpenGL. If you were using irssi and tried to join #OpenGL, you might need to part and join again, irssi is a bit flaky with redirects.02:09
radhikaand I cannot send any messages02:09
kzmani am trying install the UT game with the intaller for linux, and it tells: "Please mount Unreal Tournament Disc One. Choose Yes to retry, no to cancel"02:09
phearret_MikeH: if you run commands like lsusb does it list anything ??02:09
kzmanand i have it in a folder, not in a CD02:09
LoshkiGnea: vmware is stopped, no change, still have jfs daemons (and xfs daemons too, come to think of it)...02:09
localgh0stK well that's not working02:09
rwwradhika: you need to be registered and identified to nickserv to talk in that channel02:09
rwwubottu: register | radhika02:10
ubotturadhika: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode02:10
daftykinskzman: temporarily symlink it to /mnt/cdrom or whereever it's looking02:10
localgh0stanyone have any other ideas as to why my flash has no sound?02:10
localgh0stIt was working fine until lucid02:10
Gneakzman: is it an .iso file?02:10
GneaLoshki: by 'stopped', did you actually type:  sudo /etc/init.d/vmware stop ?02:10
dharrisonhello room.....im looking for an expert on rsyslog please?  :-)02:10
kzmanGnea, is not, it is a folder02:10
dante123hi all, im pulling my hair out trying to help 70 year old dad get on internet at his home with isp that uses pppoe?  Can anyone help?02:10
Gneakzman: should be able to just run the files from there02:10
LoshkiGnea: yes, that's exactly what I typed. ps ax confirms it's gone...02:11
dante123First, is pppoe/dsl broken in 9.10???/02:11
anon0hey is there a /sbin/chkconfig NetworkManager off command in 9.1002:11
Gnea!pppoe | dante12302:11
ubottudante123: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE02:11
anon0or stop02:11
gluonmanI have Ubuntu 9.10 installed to /dev/sda and Ubuntu 10.04 installed to /dev/sdb.  Right now when I turn on my computer, I get the grub menu from /dev/sdb showing up by default.  How can I make the grub menu from /dev/sda (which I customized a lot) become the default instead?02:11
kzmanGnea, no, the installer is independient to the cd02:11
haavarosqueso: gnome-volume-control seems to be a part of gnome-media. Can you check it's status in Synaptic?02:11
Gneakzman: is the installer asking for the cd?02:12
guest1hello matthew and wildbat02:12
guest1that command does not work. i copied and pasted into terminal02:12
kzmanGnea ,yes, this installer is downloadable only02:12
dharrisoni have data coming into rsyslog and into a mysql database, but now i need to break it up in chunks. does anybody know how please?02:12
Dark_WolfAlright.... the upgrade to the new version of Ubuntu botched everything on my Ubuntu installation. Now GRUB is flashing "Windows Recovery Environment." Should I be worried?02:12
wildbatguest1, waht error msg you got then?02:12
GneaLoshki: and the output of this command: df -Th  shows no JFS or XFS partitions mounted?02:12
guest1command filter not identified or something like that02:13
Gneakzman: may I ask what the installer is for?02:13
GeekSquidlocalgh0st: have you tried flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound ... fixes some problems02:13
guest1i copied and pasted just like you gave me02:13
quesohaavaros: gnome-media is installed02:13
kzmanGnea, i did it, Unreal Tournament02:13
=== krafty_ is now known as krafty
Gneakzman: which version of UT?02:14
haavarosqueso: I'd suggest marking it for reinstalling02:14
dante123cant u setup dsl (pppoe) through the network manager (no way this terminal stuff will go very far with my dad)02:14
haavarosqueso: see if that helps02:14
kzmanGnea:first version02:14
wildbatguest1, copy and paste the errors then02:14
Dark_WolfAnyone know about the upgrade issue?02:14
Gneakzman: that's a bit old...02:14
guest1also wild bat the new admin account created have some problems too now with the PANEL02:14
quesohaavaros: okay, I'll try that.  when I run gnome-volume-control in a console, it opens up the same window as System->Preferences-Sound02:14
localgh0stGeekSquid, yes it's installed, should I try without it?02:15
kzmanGnea, it is a good game02:15
phearret_dante123: yes you can as long as you have root access to make it system wide on all users02:15
LoshkiGnea: nope, just the expected ext2, ext3, devtmpfs, tmpfs, vfat and nfs filesystems. A quick google turned up this from 2005 where someone was complaining of the same thing: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-11721.html so maybe it's not a new problem after all?02:15
guest1network manager icon keeps disappearing on new admin account. I removed and reinstalled Network Manager applet and it does not show up in the system notification area02:15
aprendiendo_linuhola a todos alguien me puede ayudar02:15
Gneadante123: is this ubuntu 9.10?02:15
Pici!es | aprendiendo_linu02:15
ubottuaprendiendo_linu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:15
Loshki!es | aprendiendo_linu02:15
LoshkiWow, Pici is fast...02:15
quesohaavaros: Shouldn't there just be some command I can run that would open it up?  if you edit Volume Control in Startup Programs, what command is there?02:16
dante123well, i tried like ten times over the phone with my dad...but to no avail.  It just won't connect....it tries but fails.  We have checked and double checked the username and password with ISP.  Of course, they say the do not support linux....so no help from them.02:16
phearret_guest1: did you sudo it when you installed or ran it  ??02:16
dante123I thought it might be the authentication that is giving the problem....like eap, etc.02:16
haavarosqueso: It's gnome-volume-control-applet02:16
guest1wildbat we can troubleshoot panel issue later.. just tell me how do i bring back network manager icon on the panel/system notification area02:16
matthew123guest1 try just:  killall gnome-panel. I'm going to be honest though, upgrading to 10.04 from 9.10 caused major issues for me with the panels. I had to do a fresh install.02:17
justntimeI used to go with i386 just because I knew there was more support..say flash, drivers..etc.  Is there any awesome performance advantage to compel me to go with the amd64 version if I can support it?02:17
Gneadante123: so what version of Ubuntu is he using?02:17
gluonmanIf I have two installations of grub on two separate discs (/dev/sda and /dev/sdb), how can I change the default regarding which grub gets loaded when I start my computer?02:17
LoshkiGnea: let me do a reboot and see if that makes a difference...02:17
GneaLoshki: okay02:17
dante1239.10 Gnea02:17
quesohaavaros: haa, that did it, lol.  thanks for your help!  I'll try reinstalling gnome-media anyway, maybe it'll add it the way it should be.02:17
=== TheOracle is now known as KB1JWQ
dante123I was wondering Gnea if there is something broken in 9.10 pppoe/dsl02:17
localgh0stGeekSquid, same result without the package...02:17
acerimmergluonman: the most recent write will be default02:17
GeekSquidlocalgh0st: another thing, in order for flash sound to work you need to be running the desktop kernel.. disabling "it" doesn't technically change anything, except it falls back to esound, then OSS then ALSA, depending on how your sound is setup in lucid .. as we are using pulse audio in lucid by default, you'd need to have "it" un installed for it to fall back to pulse, except that in my case it works with or without it installed02:17
guest1matthew this was a fresh install. i wiped vista and only installed linux ubuntu for first time.. i am a newbie and hence FRUSTRATED02:17
gluonmanacerimmer, I know. How do I change the default has been my question.02:18
haavarosqueso: Np. Yeah, or just add it to startup programs02:18
hiexpooops booted myself02:18
acerimmergluonman: sudo update-grub?02:18
quesohaavaros: Thanks again ;)02:18
haavarosqueso: glad to help :)02:19
gluonmanacerimmer, that was my initial idea, but it didn't work.02:19
Gneadante123: not that I'm aware of, but then, I haven't done dsl/pppoe in years.  When I did, I used pppoeconfig, like the website suggests to do.  after a few runs through it, I got it to connect, so it wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible either.02:19
wildbatguest1, try run nm-applet02:19
localgh0stGeekSquid, what are you suggesting I do then?02:19
justntimeI'm taking no response as no compelling reason to use amd64 if I want good performance but maximum support & compatibility.. :) thx02:19
codygmanHas anyone ever had the terminal stop displaying?02:19
Gneadante123: not sure if this will help or not: http://www.khattam.info/2009/11/08/solved-dsl-pppoe-not-able-to-connect-in-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/02:19
codygmanthat is in xx02:19
dante123Gnea we just did that, and we seemed to connect but still no internet on his firefox...02:19
GeekSquidlocalgh0st: please paste the output of uname -a in terminal02:19
guest1wildbat you mean type run nm-applet in terminal02:19
acerimmergluonman: pretty sure the answer is here...https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:20
localgh0stGeekSquid, 2.6.32-21-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 08:10:02 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux02:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:20
gluonmanacerimmer, I'll check that out. thnx02:20
codygmanMy terminal doesnt display, only the canvas (or panel) behind it. What is the problem?02:20
localgh0stGeekSquid, Also my desktop just crashed and is acting really funky. Can't type in some windows... If I disappear I'll be back in a few02:20
Gneadante123: he's not using a proxy, right?02:20
=== eztk_ is now known as eztk
wildbatguest1, that or in alt-f202:20
dante123Gnea he plugs right into adsl modem02:21
guest1yeah i tried it in alt f202:21
guest1nothing happend. no error either02:21
Gneadante123: I meant in his firefox configuration02:21
connerdoes anyone know if gimp will open a psd file from photoshop cs5 portable?02:21
guest1i did alt f2 and simply tried nm-applet02:21
Tech-Mikesup peeps, uped to 10.04 and the purple boot screen sux - what are my customize options?02:21
sebsebsebTech-Mike: there are some plymouth themes in the repo02:21
Gneadante123: it might be worth exploring at some point, just to keep your bases covered.02:21
GeekSquidconner: it should, as the psd format is  a standard, however it may not have all the extensions that have been added to CS502:22
dante123not that I am aware of, but he often gets the welcome to ubuntu screen..which is a file on the computer.....how do I check that proxy thing on firefox02:22
sebsebsebTech-Mike: also some of us have had some right issues with it, but  a little while ago I found out how to fix mine,  thanks to rww02:22
wildbatguest1, did to install gnome-panel at all? ;p02:22
Gneadante123: go to preferences and check advanced->network02:22
hiexpoTech-Mike, go to sofypedia it tells all the options to fixing that problem02:22
connerGeekSquid: thanks man much apreciation im new to Ubuntu much less any other unix based OS just got xubuntu last night02:23
hiexposoftpedia sorry02:23
dante123okay, what should he select No proxy, or use system proxy or what?02:23
Gneadante123: it should say "Connection" with a 'settings' button to the right of it, that's the button to click on02:23
Tech-Mikesebsebseb: "right issues" ?02:24
gluonmanacerimmer, that doesn't seem to have mention of switching defaults between two different installs of grub on the same computer.  If I boot from the liveCD and use the root command in grub and specify the partition where my desired grub install is located, will that make it default? Or will that actually re-install or overwrite it?02:24
deborahi just got wubi and i have an nvidia gpu, should i dl anything else to run video games? I play wow02:24
dante123yeah, what should that look like.....which choice should he go there02:24
amabois there a shortcut or some way to detect displays? i like to disable the display for my laptop when its plugged into my monitor but if i unplug the monitor (or close my laptop) i can't re-enable it. any help on this would be greatly appreciated02:24
GeekSquidconner: go ahead, keep in mind I don't have all the answers02:24
sebsebsebTech-Mike: yes Plymouth doesn't like propritary Nivida and ATI drivers02:24
=== dabomb69 is now known as Chazz
Gneadante123: should be 4 choices, and it should be set to 'no proxy' (which connects directly through the internet connection)02:24
acerimmergluonman: I belive that will overwrite it02:24
sebsebsebTech-Mike: so when that's installed,  there will be problems02:24
dante123choices are no proxy, autodetect for this network, use system and manual02:24
gluonmanacerimmer, that's what I was afraid of, and so didn't try it.02:24
localgh0stGeekSquid, did you see my response? Any ideas?02:24
Tech-Mikesebsebseb: ya ive got nvidia geforce 8800 gt02:25
dante123okay will try02:25
sebsebsebTech-Mike: Plymouth has been loading up ok for you though, it sounded like02:25
sebsebsebTech-Mike: did you install propritary driver?02:25
GeekSquidlocalgh0st: you are back, yes, no02:25
Tech-Mikesebsebseb:  yes02:25
sebsebsebTech-Mike: Plymouth is still loading up alright though?02:25
Companion-Cubeugh. i hate my router.02:25
deborahi installed linux 64bit from the nvidia site02:25
localgh0stGeekSquid, yessir, it started behaving02:25
connerGeekSquid: i have  a dell desktop with 4 gigs ram duel core at 2.4 ghz ea, hd radeon graphic card, and a linksys wireless car, i use a live boot unix/linux based os such as xubuntu or something like that but it never registers my wireless card02:25
sebsebsebTech-Mike: well depends on card and driver if there are issues or not02:25
Tech-Mikesebsebseb:  the driver was installed before my distro upgrade02:26
sebsebsebTech-Mike: the driver was stilll installed, when I upgrded from 9.10, and then I had Plymouth issues02:26
GeekSquidconner: have you tried using the Restricted Drivers Manager? in System>Admin02:26
deborahi read that radeon card drivers arent typically linux friendly, is that true or still true?02:26
Tech-Mikesebsebseb: i havent noticed any issues, just dont like the purple02:26
sebsebsebdeborah: ATI is known for bad Linux support02:26
goddardI have some ideas I would like to write down but I was wondering if there was a good program that had the ability to draw and put forumlas in code highlighting maybe flow charts and what not anything like that around?02:27
sebsebsebTech-Mike: right well as I already told you, some other themes you can use instead, that are in the repo02:27
connerGeekSquid: no, not sure how to use it after all this is only my first full day with xubuntu02:27
sebsebsebTech-Mike: also that's the new colour of Ubuntu, purple02:27
Tech-Mikesebsebseb:  alright ill check it out02:27
goddardUbuntu's color for me is Gold :D02:27
GeekSquidconner: If you run it, it may solve your problem02:27
sebsebsebTech-Mike: aburgine or whatever it's called02:27
Tech-Mikesebsebseb: well whoever is in charge of picking these colors - has bad taste02:27
the20yris there a way to find out if i'm running a persistent build of ubuntu on a USB drive or not?02:27
sebsebsebgoddard: for me  it will still be brown in 10.04 as well, yep the old human theme02:28
the20yr(from the ubuntu desktop?)02:28
connerGeekSquid: alrighty ill try that real quik since im talkn to you through my lappy02:28
sebsebsebTech-Mike: yeah brown is better than purple02:28
Scunizithe20yr: yea.. save something to it.. then restart and see if it's still there.02:28
Tech-Mikesebsebseb:  indeed02:28
sebsebsebTech-Mike: for an OS02:28
goddardsebsebseb Radience is sweet02:28
Eddy4My apache is showing 403 (forbidden), & "namei" shows the dir as "drwx" - http://pastebin.com/EU03N5SA -  how can I fix it?02:28
GeekSquidthe20yr: save a file on the desktop, reboot, if it is still there you are in persistant02:28
mrbook1What does this mean ---- Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 10.04 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ - Release i386 (20100429)/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs02:28
mrbook1Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 10.04 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ - Release i386 (20100429)/dists/lucid/restricted/binary-i386/Packages.gz  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs02:28
mrbook1Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.02:28
FloodBot4mrbook1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:28
the20yrk , i don't think things are saving , is there a way to change settings , or did I burn the wrong ISO?02:28
amabohow do i refresh the battery indicator on the panel?02:28
sebsebsebgoddard: the black theme you mean?  the black theme is alright yeah, untill Firefox is opended, then things like way to black for my likeing02:28
sebsebsebgoddard: look not like above02:29
goddardsebsebseb not it is kinda Goldish light brown02:29
deborahfor some reason my adobe flash isnt running farmville. any fixes to that? i just dl and restarted my comp after getting the dl from the adobe site02:29
Scuniziare CD/dvd drives listed in fstab anymore?02:29
winXPuserthey should?02:29
anom01yis the plymouth and Nvidia issue fixed yet ?02:29
GeekSquidmrbook1: you have the CDROM set to be one of your software sources, in that case you need to have the LUCID disk in the drive when updating02:29
sebsebsebgoddard:  Tech-Mike  I use the older version of human, so the one before 9.10.  human-clearlooks if you install Human.  also with 10.04 depending on the user it's being set up for.  i'll remove stuff from top panel,  and  have how it is, or do gnome icons02:30
vago_hi it's me again :-) I try to find some prog in repo to change my login form and splash screen, but I can't find anything work..02:30
gluonmanHow can I change the default grub that is loaded when my computer starts when I have two installations of grub (one on /dev/sda and the most recent on /dev/sdb)?02:30
Scunizisebsebseb: hey there.. can you cat your fstab and see if there is a listing for your cd/dvd drive in there?02:30
sebsebsebgoddard: users as in my brothers,  I get to set up there accounts.02:30
the20yrit's amazing how much faster ubuntu is than windows (even though ubuntu is on a USB drive) on my 1.6ghz system02:30
mrbook1GeekSquid; I am running Ubuntu as a guest using Vbox. Where do i change this02:30
ZykoticK9Scunizi, no cdrom entry here02:31
goddardI have some ideas I would like to write down but I was wondering if there was a good program that had the ability to draw and put forumlas in code highlighting maybe flow charts and what not anything like that around?02:31
wildbatgluonman, by changing the first boot HD inbios02:31
sebsebsebScunizi: Mandriva One 2010 on here as my host :)  I am actsauly running  updated Lucid from RC in a vm at the moment still, but that was since,  I was testing my issue fixer for Plymouth,  and seeing if I could get xplash to work instead easilley02:31
GeekSquidmrbook1: in virtualbox on the host it will allow you to mount the cdrom or iso prior to booting02:31
sebsebsebScunizi: so in other words, someone else will do that I guess02:31
vago_Somebody can help me ?02:31
hoglahoo-LeeI just upgraded to the Lucid LTS and the sound sucks.  it seems like the volume is about 10% of what it should be when it is turned all the way up for both speakers and headphones.  Sound worked fine in 9.04 :(  Any ideas?  I've looked through some bug reports but none are describing exactly this issue02:31
ScuniziZykoticK9: ok.. thanks02:31
gluonmanwildbat, lol I strangely hadn't thought of that. Thanks, I'll give that a try.02:31
hoglahoo-Leevago_: I hope so02:31
=== vago_ is now known as NoobInUbuntu
FloodBot4hoglahoo-Lee: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:31
Scunizisebsebseb: np.. thanks02:32
mrbook1GeekSquid: i check this out. i should be mounted as iso02:32
goddardhoglahoo-Lee did you check alsa mixer?02:32
hoglahoo-Leegoddard: I turned everything up to 100% for good measure02:32
stoneDJayHi, is it possible to change my kernel and keep the drivers (modules) working? I just installed some modules manually and I need to change my kernel02:32
the20yris there a way to make ubuntu persistent while running ubuntu?02:33
goddardthe20yr what do you mean?02:33
bazhang!usb > the20yr02:33
ubottuthe20yr, please see my private message02:33
the20yri'm running ubuntu off of a USB drive , last time I did it , it was persistent , so when I installed stuff, it worked02:33
the20yrhmm, for some reason , your PM isn't showing up02:33
avisi couldn't install a persistant desktop of lucid today02:34
Scunizithe20yr: if you're not registered on freenode then it won't02:34
avison usb drive (sorry for double enters)02:34
winXPuseravis, what is the exct problem that you have?02:34
PiciScunizi: that isn't true anymore.02:34
avisthe slider never appears02:34
ScuniziPici: really?  didn't know that.02:34
avisits faded out02:34
avisit took once with 10.04 but then i couldn't get past boot:02:35
deborahI'm trying to instal wow and i get an error message   End-of-central-directory signature not found. is there a dl i should get to run games? i should i stick with windows for gaming?02:35
the20yryeah , this SN isn't registered on freenode02:35
Eddy4My apache is showing 403 (forbidden), & "namei" shows the dir as "drwx" - http://pastebin.com/EU03N5SA -  how can I fix it?02:35
anom01ywell team Ubuntu; even though the whole Nvidia vs Plymouth deal didn't work out... Version 9.10 Xubuntu is still a beautiful OS.,02:35
ChaorainHey I just installed 10.04 and I love the new theme but having the close, minimize, and maximize on the left confuses me ALOT. Is there a way to keep the theme but put those on the right?02:36
Pici!controls | Chaorain02:36
ubottuChaorain: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see http://alturl.com/b6ja | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://alturl.com/x5d602:36
ZelozelosChaorain, yes its very simple, alt f2, type gconf-edit02:36
lakeofteahow do i make it so that a shell script i wrote can be ran from any place in the file system?  like move it to /usr/bin or something?02:36
cruudHi, I just installed ubuntu for the first time. I want to move the title bar to the external display, how do I do this?02:36
gartral|pWhat the hell is wrong with ubuntu.. fresh install wants to run disk checks every boot and crashes.. completly.. after 25 minutes.. alt sysreq k/alt ctrl bksp does nothing, have too hard reboot and all logs are continuosly blank..02:37
anom01yavis: yeah thats why I reinstalled Xubuntu 9.1002:37
Zelozelosnavigate to app, metacity, general, find the right key and change it to menu:minimize,maximize,close02:37
phearret_conner: it wont ever register the wireless as your booting from a -r-w disc02:37
ChaorainPici: Zelozelos: thanks02:37
hoglahoo-Leegartral|p: that is unfortunate indeed02:37
Bash128I promise that I will never buy any shit Acer laptop anymore in all my life. My laptop is old, ok, was made in 2005, but today don't load the bios, only a black screen. Anybody has some idea for this? (sorry for my poor english :P )02:37
anom01yavis: make sure you /home folder is on its own partition (can do that in the Ubuntu Installer in manual partitions mode)02:37
amabois there a shortcut or some way to detect displays? i like to disable the display for my laptop when its plugged into my monitor but if i unplug the monitor (or close my laptop) i can't re-enable it. any help on this would be greatly appreciated02:37
anom01yreinstalling after that is a breeze02:37
lakeofteahow do i make it so that a shell script can be ran from any place in the file system?  like move it to /usr/bin or something?02:38
GeekSquidEddy4: seems like you are trying to run a webserver off a pendrive? yes then sudo chown www-data:www-data /media/4gb-flash-drive/www -R02:38
Eddy4cooool yes!!02:38
Eddy4i am, thanks02:38
lampe_i can not ajust the brightnes of my laptop screen02:38
=== cordell is now known as cordell_brb_in_1
ScuniziBash128: battery might be dead.. go into the bios so it looks up all your hardware then save/exit/boot ..02:38
crdlblakeoftea: either ~/bin for your user only, or /usr/local/bin for all users02:38
ScuniziBash128: not the main battery but the bios battery02:38
lampe_i can not ajust the brightnes of my laptop screen when i try to change it nothing happends02:38
cruudI have an external display hooked up to my macbook. It will not let me put the titlebar on the external display02:39
ZykoticK9lakeoftea, so long as it's your user - just create a ~/bin folder and copy the script into it (by default this is in your path, although the directory doesn't exist by default)02:39
winXPuserlampe_, what is the exaact problem? do you not know ehere to adjust the brightness, or do you know it and try it but it does not work?02:39
lampe_i try it and it dont work its a intel hd450002:39
deborahAnyone able to help me? I'm trying to install WoW and i get an error message:   End-of-central-directory signature not found. how can I run wow on ubuntu 10.4 or should i use another version of linux or use windows for gaming?02:39
Bash128Scunizi if I press any button ... 5 seconds... beeps02:40
hydesterdoes a SATA drive need to be added in pairs?  i have an abit av8 motherboard and it isn't detecting the single SATA drive I added, and i tried setting it to 1.5 Gb/s.02:40
anom01ydeborah: you have to go to #winehq02:40
deborahk ty02:40
ScuniziBash128: what is the button you have to press on boot to get to the bios?02:40
nb72Just installed Lucid, installed Nvidia driver (version current).  Seems fine, but when I run firefox the screen goes blank for a second, and when it comes back it's angled, any ideas?02:40
Bash128Scunizi also I hear motherboard beep02:40
lampe_i can not ajust the brightnes of my laptop screen when i try to change it nothing happends. its a samsung x120 with a intel 450002:40
gartralhoglahoo-Lee: yea no shit... but this a production system that ive trusted ubuntu on for some 8 years.. all of a sudden, without any prevocation or major changes, the thing wants to stand on its head like a loony patient even after complete system reinstall and hdd swap. im really pissed cause i was just starting to like 10.04...02:40
haavaroshydester: No, s-ata drives can be added one by one. Do you see it in BIOS?02:40
=== cordell_brb_in_1 is now known as cordell
cruudHow do I set my external monitor to be the default monitor and have a titlebar while still using laptop screen?02:41
anom01ygartral yeah I wen back to 9.1002:41
hoglahoo-Leegartral: I haven't much cared for it yet02:41
Scunizigartral: this is a "G" rated channel.. watch the expletives02:41
hoglahoo-Leebut it's free :)02:41
hydesterhaavaros: no02:41
haavarosgartral: I've been beaten up by the lynx too, let it mature for some months02:41
Bash128Scunizi, Delete (Suprimir in spanish) but also don't see Acer initial logo02:41
zetherooI don't know why of all things networking in Linux seems to be such a  pain ... something as simple as sharing files etc ... or printers ...02:42
gartralScunizi: if your $2500 computer started randomly locking up on you, you'ed swear.. trust me02:42
zetherooit hardly ever works ..02:42
ScuniziBash128:  so you're saying you can't get into your bios?02:42
zetherooand this is stuff that should be working like a breeze ...  especially in Linux02:42
progesteroneQuestion: It sound a bit funny and stupid. I remove the button near the close menu button on the top right corner of the screen. And the close button disappears together. How can I make that button appear?02:42
Scunizigartral: I build my own.. they never cost that much.. but still.. I'd say it to myself outloud but not here.02:42
cruudDoes anyone have any idea? I've never used ubuntu before had to get rid of osx02:42
gartralhaavaros: well now that upstart has nuked my hal stuff in my /home drive, i cant revert, cause the system wants upstart now.. not hal.. im screwed02:42
lampe_i can not ajust the brightnes of my laptop screen when i try to change it nothing happends. its a samsung x120 with a intel 450002:43
Bash128Scunizi, yes, I don't show anything02:43
ScuniziBash128: ouch.. sorry I'm stuck from here.02:43
gartralScunizi: this was a home build, i never buy prefabbed cause they all come broken02:43
hydesterhaavaros: any suggestions?02:43
hipitihopI have a swap partition defined but top shows 0k total so is it possible to enable swap while running or is that something I need to do via livecd02:43
ejvi've had my laptop crash twice on 10.04, way to go Lucid! \o/02:43
NoobInUbuntuhelloooo somebody will help me or no?02:43
Bash128Scunizi, ok thanks02:43
wildbat!anyone| NoobInUbuntu,02:44
ubottuNoobInUbuntu,: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:44
haavaroshydester: Well, check and doublecheck all cables (if you havent done so already), and then check in BIOS if you have an option to enable/disable RAID02:44
gartralScunizi: i7 860, 8 gigs ram, gtx 275, p55 ftw mobo, bluray and dvd burners, 4x1tb hdds and all in a very nice case02:44
daftykinsejv: that's a little open a problem to pin down to a specific OS version :P02:44
matthew123NoobInUbuntu, what issue are you having?02:44
NoobInUbuntu I try to find some prog in repo to change my login form and splash screen, but I can't find anything work..02:44
ejvdaftykins: well never did it on 9.10 lol02:44
ZykoticK9hipitihop, try "swapon <device>"02:45
GeekSquidhipitihop: sudo swapon /dev/sdxxx xxx being your swap device02:45
cruudPlease help! I just installed, can someone at least say hello?02:45
NoobInUbuntumatthew123, and sometimes I have problem with my sound.. it's gone... but after sometime it's again work02:45
winXPusercruud, sure, help with what?02:45
ejv!hello | cruud02:45
daftykinsejv: they're not exactly the same thing strictly :)02:45
Scunizigartral: random locking can be lots of things.. outside the os that is.. ram, cpu overclocking/heating, vid card, bios setting.. etc.. wow sounds like a nice system.. have you considered removing all hardware back to the basics, bare neccessities and trying .. then adding one piece at a time to see what might happen?02:45
ubottucruud: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:45
haavarosgartral: Wouldn't just reinstalling 9.10 be the thing to do?02:45
hipitihopGeekSquid, ZykoticK9 thanks02:45
ejvdaftykins: of course, i was just celebrating the annoyance02:45
hydesterhaavaros: raid is on, and i checked the cables.  unfortunately i was only using IDE before, so have nothing to swap with :(02:45
nsahoowhat is the difference between google-chrome official and ubuntu chromium?02:45
cruudI'm using an external display, I can't get the titlebar to go to just the external display not the laptop one02:45
haavaroshydester: Turn off RAID; seems like your motherboard is expecting a RAID array, which requires at least two disks02:46
ZykoticK9nsahoo, Chromium is the opensource basis of proprietary Chrome.  new features are in Chromium first.02:46
matthew123you want to change the look of your login and splash screens?02:46
winXPusernsahoo, google chsomr is proprietry, icludes some closed source featuyres, otherwise no difference02:46
gartralto recap: my system is running fine.. for about a half hour between lockups, all the lockup seem too be happening with wine sound events more than anything.. but none of the logs are being written too, despite proper permissions..02:46
daftykinsejv: ok :)02:46
ejvdaftykins: im wading through dmesg right now, looking for some clue-age02:46
NoobInUbuntuand again nobody answer ..02:46
ejv!patience | NoobInUbuntu02:46
ubottuNoobInUbuntu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:46
cruudI don't know what you mean by login or splash screen02:47
matthew123noobinubuntu http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-do-you-change-the-boot-splash-screen-image-for-10-04-lucid-lynx.html02:47
daftykinshydester: sorry not read your issues in much detail, but just wanted to check you're aware of: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes#Dmraid%20active%20by%20default%20on%20Desktop%20CD02:47
NoobInUbuntuejv,  u wanna say, that nobody never change splash screen and login form? or not activate animated wallpaper?02:47
bazhangNoobInUbuntu, no one has an answer for you at the moment. Please be patient02:48
kermit`Dear all, I can't use touchpad on my current user in ubuntu-10.04. But if I login with another new user, I can use it normally. How can I solve it? Thanks.02:48
Dr_WillisI tweaked my GDM a bit. and use a diffrent  Plymouth theme. (i like the solar/sun one)02:48
NoobInUbuntubazhang, ok...02:48
hipitihopGeekSquid, is that the same if I used gparted swapon option ?02:48
GeekSquidhipitihop: yes02:48
NoobInUbuntumatthew123, I read this one, but I don't understand how to set up splash screens or something else from art.gnome.org ?02:48
Dr_Williskermit`:  sounds like some user setting is causing an issue. Find what setting file, and remove it.02:48
cruudHow do I change primary monitor?02:48
zetheroowhat is my "Server name"?02:48
* hipitihop oops wrong window02:49
Bash128My laptop does not display anything on screen. Do not show the bios, but it tries to read the CD and the hard disk. I have not given any shock or anything, any idea?02:49
lampe_i can not ajust the brightnes of my laptop screen when i try to change it nothing happends. its a samsung x120 with a intel 450002:49
anon0<Bash128> video card quit02:50
Dr_WillisBash128:  if the laptop isent even showing the normal boot up/bios screen - it could be the thing is set to use the external monitor (check your laptop's special fn keys) or it has a broken lcd.02:50
anon0always? or just with cd<Bash128>02:50
daftykinslampe_: there's a slider in power management that might be worth a try02:50
lampe_daftykins, iam using the slider and nothing happens02:50
progesteroneQuestion: How can I restore Ubuntu close button near clock at the top right corner of the screen?02:50
=== Ertwin is now known as phillipsjk
cruudHow do I change my primary monitor?02:50
daftykinslampe_: ah, what make of laptop?02:50
Dr_Willis!controlls | progesterone02:51
amabois there a shortcut or some way to detect displays? i like to disable the display for my laptop when its plugged into my monitor but if i unplug the monitor (or close my laptop) i can't re-enable it. any help on this would be greatly appreciated02:51
Dr_Willis!controls | progesterone02:51
ubottuprogesterone: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see http://alturl.com/b6ja | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://alturl.com/x5d602:51
daftykinsoops sorry you already said02:51
lampe_samsung x120 with intel 450002:51
daftykinslampe_: i'm out of ideas then, sorry02:51
GeekSquidgartral: yeah, I know the feeling02:51
bazhanggartral, no caps02:51
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:51
Bash128anon0, always02:52
macrocatCan anyone read this?02:52
progesteroneDr_Willis no ... I mean the button to shut down the machine or logout.02:52
kermitweidr i killed some volume control applet and now suddenly all these applications have sound effects that i've never heard in 2 years using ubutnu02:52
cruudHow do I add a panel to an external display?02:52
phillipsjk /topic is supposed th have FAQ listed, but I don't see it....02:52
cruudmacrocat I can but I'm a noob sorry02:52
ZykoticK9progesterone, add to panel - indicator applet session02:52
wildbatmacrocat, i read you02:52
Dr_Willis!resetpanel | progesterone02:52
ubottuprogesterone: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:52
gartraldamnit! does noone here have a clue as too what went wrong here. is anyone else seeing similar issues.. what the fuck is happening here..02:52
anon0Bash128: i have a stack of those in my garage02:52
macrocatOkay thanks wildbat02:53
Dr_Willisprogesterone:  or right click  panel - add to panel - its one of those items in there.02:53
bazhanggartral, language02:53
lee_How can I tell what video driver i'm using - in Lynx lucid02:53
hoglahoo-Leegartral: you should get your money back for sure02:53
wildbatDr_Willis, any idea y my speakicon in the tray is missing?02:53
anon0<lee_> lsmod02:53
Dr_Williswildbat:  you tried to remove the mail icon..and it went with it?02:53
chuyzozHelp  - I've upgraded to lucid lynx, my microphone is not working at all.. when i go to sound preferences.. the microphone seems to be disabled ( highlighted grey) how can I enable it  ?02:53
Bash128Dr_Willis, I was trying whit external monitor via VGA and dont have singnal02:53
daftykinsgartral: what's happening?02:53
gartralhoglahoo-Lee: shut up ok.. im in no mood to be toyed with.02:53
krummlaufi have a strange question02:53
wildbatDr_Willis, mails icon is there~ i did a setup ~ not didn't help02:53
krummlaufi installed a dual-boot using wubi02:54
winXPuserkrummlauf, sure, just ask.02:54
nb72Really weird video problem.  When I open gmail the screen flashes black for a second.  It will then keep flashing every couple seconds.02:54
daftykins!enter | krummlauf02:54
=== patrick is now known as Guest92292
ubottukrummlauf: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:54
Zelozelosheay Dr_Willis ive been hoping to catch you in here if anyone knows, you will my places with the menu bar wont open the locations, its not a bookmark issue ive already tried that resolve w no luck, even the desktop one dosent work which isnt a bookmark, the error is "Could not open location 'file:///home/ed'  No application is registered as handling this file02:54
* NoobInUbuntu ... :-(02:54
nb72fresh install of lucid tried nvidia current and 18502:54
cruudHow do I put a panel on an external display02:54
Dr_WillisBash128:  i would try plug in external monitor again, try the laptosp special fn keys see if  display comes back to one of them. Normally that key has   several modes it goes through. Internal, extermal, clone,02:54
nb72any ideas?02:54
lee_anon8 I looked in lsmod but don't see the video driver02:54
Bash128anon0, I have not understood02:54
wildbatNoobInUbuntu, sorry idk your issue ~ don't cry ~ /hug ~02:54
krummlaufi installed a dual-boot using wubi, then i reformatted without uninstalling wubi on my netbook, im supposed to have 160 GB, but it seems im missing 10 GB...is there a hidden partition im not aware of?02:55
daftykinsZelozelos: you need to open nautilus and change the default action for folders02:55
deborahi dl'd wine and WoW still wont install and i get the same error. am i doing something wrong? I got wubi ubuntu 10.4, should i get a different version02:55
Bash128Dr_Willis,  ok I will try this another twice02:55
zetheroodoes anyone have any input on shared printers and folder in Ubuntu?02:55
moesDownloaded lucid 10.04 using windows and instructions from Ubuntu documentation I continue to get a different md5sum on each download02:55
cruudWhat's the best itunes replacement? I have a Droid.02:55
Dr_WillisZelozelos:   file assoication with the 'directory' type has been messed up I think. I normally just reset all my gnome settings.  try a new user see if it works for them as a test Zelozelos02:55
winXPuser!anyone | zetheroo02:55
ubottuzetheroo: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:55
wildbatKrumar, you have 160 GB not GiB ;p ~02:55
daftykinszetheroo: how to do it? see samba02:55
gartraldaftykins: system is randomly locking up, i cant boot sabayon or fedora cause HAL crashes while trying to get conf info from my /home drive (HAL being removed from ubuntu in favor of upstart breaks /home partitions that are needed by OSES that still use HAL. making reverting to old ubuntu impossible) and wine is causing lockups at sound events02:55
Dr_Williszetheroo:  it works ? :) is that input enough?02:56
localgh0stI guess I'm just destined to exist without sound in my flash :(02:56
ZelozelosDr_Willis, i will , and if so how do i reset those settings?02:56
zetheroowinXPuser: read the question before answering!02:56
matthew123cruud, I believe songbird works on droid, I may be wrong though02:56
Krumarwildbat, what?02:56
zetherooDr_Willis: ha ... yeah .. no ... it doesn't  ... it does and then it doesn't02:56
daftykinsgartral: sorry for suggestions that you may have already heard, but is your computer perfectly stable? passes memtests?02:56
=== Guest92292 is now known as Sp0t
NoobInUbuntuwho know where i can download plymounth themes?02:56
Dr_Williszetheroo:  ive had quirks where as a user. i had to connect to a share . befir i could print02:57
kermitzetheroo: i like them!02:57
Dr_WillisNoobInUbuntu:  theres several in the repos.02:57
wildbatKrumar, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibibyte02:57
cruudI figured it out! You can drag panels like windows! Awesome!02:57
progesteroneDr_Willis Thanks02:57
zetheroodaftykins: yeah ... I have been through all of that so many times .. but no sooner do I have it set up then it ceases to work suddenly02:57
progesteroneZykoticK9 ubottu Thanks02:57
anon0<localgh0st> try apt-get autoremove flashplugin-nonfree and then compile from source and put the .so file in /usr/lib/mozzilla/plugins as root02:57
NoobInUbuntuDr_Willis, how i can find it ? what I should write in repo ?02:57
cruudmatthew123 thanks!!!02:57
Dr_WillisNoobInUbuntu:  fire up the synapatic package manager and search for 'plymouth'02:58
ZykoticK9progesterone, glad to help02:58
localgh0stanon0, I've never compiled from source...02:58
zetherooDr_Willis: I just find that 80% of the time I cannot access anything on the network ... be it printers, files or folders02:58
daftykinszetheroo: it might be worth talking to samba people about your config02:58
anon0<localgh0st> at your own risk02:58
greenjonprogesterone, you got it figured out now?02:58
Krumarwildbat, you auto typed th wrong name, and i have over 2 TB02:58
cruudbye guys! happy already, first hour away from osx02:58
anon0<localgh0st> it is easy go read02:58
daftykinszetheroo: could also be a driver issue with your server's given LAN interface02:58
ZelozelosNoobInUbuntu, keywords work, just keywords itll search filenames, package names and descriptions02:58
Dr_Williszetheroo:  could be a sign of a deeper samba issue.02:58
localgh0stanon0, I've tried everything else, why not02:58
zetheroo kermit: I like them too ... who are we talking about? :P02:58
lee_How can I tell what video driver i'm using - in Lynx lucid. I deleted my intel driver, and don't know what driver i'm currently using. There is no xorg.conf file, so...02:58
matthew123cruud, also http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131684202:58
anon0<localgh0st> yeah sure that's my motto02:58
cruudthanks again matthew12302:58
MefachedHow to install GRUB from Xubuntu 10.04? I didn't see the option in the installer.02:58
deborahanyone able to help me? I dl'd wubi unbuntu 10.4 and wine 1.0.1. I'm trying to install wow but it wont work and i also restarted my system but I still get the same error message. what should i do?02:58
wildbatKrumar, ooh ~ sorry ;p ~02:58
raviepic3_help | when ever i install or upgrade a package using apt-get i receive this error dialogue http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/3059/errorze.png02:58
kermitzetheroo: shared folders and shared printers, you asked for input on them02:58
raviepic3_please help me understand whats happening02:59
gartraldaftykins: win7 runs fine with superpi running 72 hours straight, memtest passed.. i even swapped out hdds that could be bad.. ive narrpwed this down to a specific ubuntu/upstart error..02:59
raviepic3_help | when ever i install or upgrade a package using apt-get i receive this error dialogue http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/3059/errorze.png02:59
NoobInUbuntuZelozelos,  and do you know, how I can change that themes after I install it?02:59
progesteroneQuestion: I have two monitors showing the exact things. How can I make them to be able to use side by side?02:59
zetheroodaftykins; I don't know man ... I have had this working so well in 7.10 and 8.04 .... but not since then02:59
winXPuserdeborah what is the error message text?02:59
ZykoticK9lee_, "lspci -vnvn" then find the VGA section and the line "kernel driver is use" good luck.02:59
progesteronegreenjon Yeah02:59
zetherookermit: ah ...02:59
ZykoticK9lee_, s/is/in02:59
deborahArchive:  /media/Lich King/Installer.exe02:59
deborah[/media/Lich King/Installer.exe]02:59
deborah  End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not02:59
deborah  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the02:59
deborah  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on02:59
FloodBot4deborah: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:59
deborah  the last disk(s) of this archive.02:59
moesDownloaded lucid 10.04 using windows and firfox and instructions from Ubuntu documentation I continue to get a different md5sum on each download02:59
daftykinszetheroo: pretty sure hardy (8.04) still has a bit of support left, could be worth keeping it going02:59
greenjonprogresterone: ok good stuff :D02:59
Bash128Dr_Willis,  fn keys don't works with VGA external connection. Says "No hay entrada de video"03:00
ZelozelosNoobInUbuntu, yup, right click desktop, hit change background (easiest way to get to appearance)03:00
daftykinsmoes: do you rename the downloads after they're done?03:00
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:00
zetheroodaftykins: just extremely annoying that there are all these options in the GUI to share files and folders, but none of it works withotu tinkering in the background anyway03:00
anon0<localgh0st> basically go find the source tar.gz at the adobe site03:00
ZelozelosNoobInUbuntu, then click the theme tab ;)03:00
gartraldaftykins: also, i cant reformat my home cause i have so many different conf files, and i dont have a external or enough cds to hold it.. had i known upstart would completly fry hal i wouldnt have upgraded03:00
ZykoticK9debes, use pastebin next time - install wine first then "wine /media/Lich\ King/Installer.exe" from a terminal *should* work03:00
lee_zykotick9: what is s/is/in03:00
LtHummusCan someone help me set up x11vnc?  It's set up right now, but I want it to launch a new gdm session instead of using the one that I normally use (if that makes sense)03:00
zetheroodaftykins: I left 8.04 a while back ...03:00
NoobInUbuntuZelozelos, and u think it will show me plymounth themes too ?03:00
ZykoticK9deborah, see above not to debes03:01
moesdaftykins, no I do not rename03:01
daftykinszetheroo: ah i see just the GUI stuff, mmm that and properly configured samba will be totally different03:01
r3dhatI have a slight issue with 10.04...I accidentally removed the icons from the top panel for empathy and all that. how do I get them back?03:01
daftykins!resetpanels | r3dhat03:01
ubottur3dhat: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:01
ZykoticK9lee, when i make a spelling or typo -- it's like a regular expression s/ for substitude "is" for "in"  :)03:01
zetheroodaftykins: exactly ... I think all that rubbish GUI stuff should be banished until it actually works!03:01
NoobInUbuntuZelozelos, I install some of themes, but it's not any effect :-) in right click > background :-)03:01
ZelozelosNoobInUbuntu, idk, probably any themes, but i personally dont care much bout the themes, i'll stick w the default one, but backgrounds on the other hand, i change all the time03:02
phillipsjk<localgh0st>, I am not sure why anon0 was telling you to compitle from source. The Falsh player from Adobe is a Binary blob. Just put the .so file (from Adobe) in ~/.mozilla/plugins  (As a normal user: flash will only affect that user)03:02
raviepic3_please help me understand whats happening03:02
raviepic3_help | when ever i install or upgrade a package using apt-get i receive this error dialogue http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/3059/errorze.png03:02
zetheroodaftykins: its totally misleading ...03:02
daftykinsmoes: hmm, you could always just take the plunge and try it03:02
r3dhatthanks daftykins03:02
daftykinszetheroo: i know it works for some, plus things can't be trialled unless they're included. i understand your point though03:02
moesdaftykins, I cannot burn an iso03:02
anon0<phillipsjk> good call03:02
zetheroodaftykins: although in 8.04 and prior to that it actually seemed to work pretty well .... I don't know what happened since then to mess it all up03:02
ZelozelosNoobInUbuntu, itll help if i check out what plymouth themes are, 1 sec ;)03:02
localgh0stphillipsjk, and what about if I use chrome? Same path or somewhere else?03:02
daftykinsmoes: what's your intention as to how to install then?03:03
lee_Well I found the Kernel driver in use: agpgart-intel? With this driver I can't get higher then 1024x768 resolution03:03
lee_I'm on a 32in. screen03:03
Bash128Dr_Willis,  if I put the ubuntu CD does not show me anything. A few seconds separating the hard disk.03:03
MefachedHow do I install Grub2?03:03
hiexporaviepic3_, are you useing sudo in front of apt-get03:03
gartraldaftykins: as far as suckage factor goes: this system was FINE a few days ago.. and now ubuntu is haywire03:03
moesdaftykins, I have a second drive designated to ubuntu and want to install on that drive03:04
Zelozelosahhhh now i see, you're tkin about the flash screen rofl, idk anything about that i thought you was talking about window themes03:04
raviepic3_hiexpo, ye03:04
raviepic3_in order to install03:04
raviepic3_is that the cause of this error ?03:04
raviepic3_hiexpo, ^^03:04
Bash128My laptop does not display anything on screen. Do not show the bios, but it tries to read the CD and the hard disk. I have not given any shock or anything, any idea?03:05
hiexporaviepic3_, looks like it or you have another repo open03:05
daftykinsgartral: fine in Lucid and the same config, or?03:05
daftykinsBash128: booting a livecd or booting a previously working installation, or...?03:05
Zelozelosanyone know how reset the nautilus settings?03:06
hiexporaviepic3_, oh you have synaptic open is what it says03:06
gartraldaftykins: yea, lucid was up and flying, all my games were playing nicely, even alongside compiz.. running for months like that and all of a sudden: even firefox is fucked03:06
raviepic3_hiexpo, another repo open  ! !03:06
Bash128daftykins,  previoustly working normally with Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP03:06
phillipsjklocalgh0st, I think Chrome uses Mozilla's plugin directory, but I am not sure.03:06
raviepic3_but it didnt open synaptic03:06
raviepic3_hiexpo, ^^03:06
lee_Nope I made a mistake Kernel Modules: i91503:06
zetheroodaftykins: my household has a shared MF unit as well as a lot of media content that we are used to having shared over the network ... and with Windows it all works 80 - 90 percent of the time ... whereas with Linux it's the complete opposite ... makes it very hard to use Linux at all with those issues ... I have even been over the Ubuntu docs and what I have seen is all really old material ...03:06
bazhanggartral, stop cursing here03:06
ZykoticK9gartral, i think the language has already been mentioned to you03:06
hiexporaviepic3_, yes close synaptic or ubuntu software center or something is still installing and yu clsed the terminal03:07
lee_Anyway to get it widescreen?03:07
gartrallook.. im mad alright. im using speech to text and it aint filtering.. sorry03:07
daftykinszetheroo: i am totally not a Linux fanboy, i actually run windows 7 on my desktop at the moment, but i genuinely believe there to be more than just Ubuntu or Linux to blame there03:07
winXPusergartral, any firefox problem I caan help you with?03:07
gartralwinXPuser: if you can tell me why firefox INSISTS on using a proxy even after ive purged it.. that'd be great03:08
Bash128daftykins, 2 months ago it happens, but last weekend returned to work until now (sorry for my english)03:08
zetheroodaftykins: how so ...03:08
temonhello ...03:08
ejv!hi | temon03:08
ubottutemon: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:08
winXPusergartral, edit preferences advanced networking tab settings button03:08
daftykinszetheroo: well if i'm reading you right, you refer to a multi-function printer device, those have shocking Linux support at the best of times03:08
gartralwinXPuser: "no proxy" is set.. i tryed taht03:09
temonhelp me to upgrading bios in my lucid..03:09
zetheroodaftykins: the one I have works very very well and has Linux support03:09
gartralwinXPuser: no proxy set for gnome prefs too03:09
zetheroodaftykins: it's an Epson03:09
progre55hi guys! where is the splash screen wallpaper located?03:09
winXPusergartral, where is proxy set then? in your router?03:09
gartralwinXPuser: ITS NOT03:09
temonhelp me... how to upgrading bios in my lucid.. my mobo is msi h55m e3303:10
GeekSquiddaftykins: I think you were referring to the Brother line of products,,, If you run linux By HP or Epson printers03:10
winXPusergartral, where in thereal end does the system know that there is a proxy? (dont shoud, we can read lowecase too))_03:10
progre55I have installed "kubuntu-desktop" on my ubuntu, and now the splash screen has changed to kubuntu. Although I have that bug with reeeeally low resolution splash, I still want it to be ubuntu =)03:10
daftykinsGeekSquid: nah03:10
temonhelp me... how to upgrading bios in my lucid.. my mobo is msi h55m e3303:11
Bash128daftykins,the strange thing is that I do not show or bios or the manufacturer's logo at startup. Shows nothing03:11
ejv!patience | temon03:11
ubottutemon: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:11
GeekSquidtemon: you may want to ask your question in #hardware03:11
temonubottu: ha ha ha Iam sorry...03:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:11
CavalierPrimeBash128:  is this everytime you boot up or are you stuck from a hibernation?03:11
phillipsjkgartral: ISPs have been known to use "transparent" proxies. What are the symptoms you are complaining about?03:12
temongeekSquid: ok... I go to #hardware now...03:12
kofleri wanted to feel intelligent. so i came here03:12
kofleris ubuntu any better since 8.10 or whenever i stopped using that piece of junk?03:12
Bash128CavalierPrime Yes, I remember I try to hibernate in Ubuntu last good boot!03:12
kofleron a serious note, does ubuntu have kickstart working yet?03:12
hiexpoIdleOne,  - got a dvdshrink written for linux working on here no wine neccesary   :)03:12
Guest249hello all03:13
CavalierPrimeBash128: hold power for 4 secs to fully power down then reboot03:13
gartralphillipsjk: i know it isnt my isp.. chrome works, wine-firefox works, it's speciffically ubuntu ff thats borked.. it's saying the proxy is refusing connections when i have n damn proxy03:13
kofleri remember that was one really interesting bit about the ubuntu project03:13
DarkHelmutI've just finished the upgrade and my whole screen is "fuzzy" any ideas on how to address this?03:13
rainofkayosit appears programs are not starting properly when called from the indicator applet in my taskbar.. mail/pidgin/gwibber.. looks like they go into the process table and are running but not on a desktop anywhere,, and tty is ? for them.. is that a known issue?03:13
temongeeksquid: to join #hardware need an invitation...03:13
bazhangtemon, register03:13
daftykinsBash128: oh i see, so you get no POST screen at all. how old is the computer? sounds like it needs some maintenance03:13
bazhang!register > temon03:13
ubottutemon, please see my private message03:13
bazhangtemon, /join #freenode for help03:14
gartralphillipsjk: i even SET a proxy with adb with my droid (ADB teathering by proxy) and ff complains, when chrome and others just work03:14
temonubottu: thanks..03:14
Guest249I have just installed 10.14 and when I go to change the screensaver I get white lines and the screen blinks why03:14
Bash128daftykins, Acer Aspire 1692WLMi 200503:14
GeekSquidkofler: alot of things happend since 08, and in my opinion ( which means nothing ) it is better, ubuntu uses upstart, not kickstart as you call it and it does work,03:14
Bash128I don't show anything :(03:14
gartraldaftykins: wow..im impressed, ubuntu stopped crashing03:14
Mefachedgartral, why don't you just use chrome?03:15
CavalierPrimeBash128: hold power for 4 secs to fully power down then reboot03:15
koflerGeekSquid: what's the boot time like? still 1 minute+?03:15
NoobInUbuntuhelp me please! I install some plymouth themes from repo but I don't know how to change it now ? how to set one of them ?03:15
daftykinsBash128: oh a laptop. have you tried removing the mains power, removing the battery, then plugging in the mains only (and no battery) and trying?03:15
gartralMefached: gmail: "your browser/operating system isnt test and may crash" and it does, unless i use ff..03:15
GeekSquidkofler: uh, my lappy boots in about 35-40 seconds, I have heard good stories of 10 second boot times with Lucid, (in some cases)03:16
gartralanyway.. im done for now.. im rebooting into win7 so i can at least game03:16
hiexpoNoobInUbuntu, got to softpedia there is a tutorial there on how to do it03:16
raviepic3_hiexpo, nope i didnt open anything, i installed app using apt-get03:16
raviepic3_thats it03:16
NoobInUbuntuhiexpo, can you give me link ?03:16
ejvmine takes around 1003:16
* NoobInUbuntu lol03:16
safeDoes anyone know if there's a way to make recieved messages minimized by default in emesene?03:16
hiexpoNoobInUbuntu, one sec03:16
Mefachedgartral, unless you're using some absolutely ancient version of chrome, that doesn't make any sense.03:16
MefachedUse the HTML interface, then.03:16
ZykoticK9progre55, if you are using lucid these directions *should* work (i haven't tested though) http://tuxtweaks.com/2010/04/how-to-select-the-splash-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/03:17
phillipsjkgartral: on my computer Edit> preferences>(Advanced)>(Network)>Settings (button)>is set to "Use system proxy settings"03:17
zetheroothis information is useless and does not work! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu03:17
koflerGeekSquid: hahaha, still 35-40?03:17
koflerGeekSquid: wow, i'll come back in 5 years then03:17
zetherooespecially the Ubuntu 9.04 info03:17
GeekSquidkofler: 4 year old laptop03:17
hiexpoNoobInUbuntu, http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml03:17
koflerGeekSquid: yeah, i had a 3 year old laptop and it took a similar amount of time03:17
koflerstill all eye candy and no solid ideas03:17
perry_can anyone help me with a quick issue please?  I am trying to run a script that amends a couple things in /sys/devices (trackpoint settings).  The permissions appear fine, but it tells me 'Permission Denied' if I try sudo echo, but I can sudo vim or sudo gedit and change/save with no problem.  Anyone have any directions on where to read up on it?03:18
* Mefached wonders why cold boot matters when hibernate and suspend take even less.03:18
greenjonkofler: i'd say it depends. my acer aspire one boots in 30 TOPS and my custom desktop is about the same. easily 30 secs or less03:18
progre55ZykoticK9: thanks, let me have a look.03:18
Guest249has any1 had problems when trying to change screensavers??03:18
kofleroh really? my noncustom, stock archlinux boots in less than 1003:18
koflerthat's fully setup with wireless and kde403:18
Mefachedkofler, lol "stock archlinux" clearly you don't understand what rolling release means03:18
koflersad. why is ubuntu so far behind. quite seriously, i'd like to see it succeed03:18
GeekSquidkofler: you may have better luck with Lucid than I, my machine is really crap, but it works... 10 second boot times are possible on newer machines in Lucid running Grub2 and other enhancements provided by the newer kernels03:18
MefachedThere's no such thing as stock Arch. Get out.03:18
koflerMefached: no, as in, i didn't use any custom kernels03:19
CavalierPrimewhat OS do you run kofler?03:19
phillipsjkperry: script must be set executable.03:19
psychHey guys is anyone aware of an alternative to remastersys? Or when remastersys might be back03:19
Bash128yes daftykins03:19
greenjonkofler: awww come on. 30 isn't bad at all lol03:19
koflerMefached: nice strawman though.03:19
NoobInUbuntuhiexpo,  no u don't understand my question... I here is no any info how change themes :-)03:19
Mefachedkofler, lol @ arch users who don't use custom kernels03:19
perry_it executes, it just doesn't save the settings.03:19
MefachedGrow some balls or don't03:19
NoobInUbuntuhow select one other :-)03:19
bazhangpsych, ubuntu customization kit03:19
ZykoticK9perry_, you might ask in #bash if you don't get an answer here.  FYI sudo do not cross pipes so if your script relies on them you need to use tee instead.  good luck man.03:19
psychbazhang, thanks i'll check it out03:19
koflerMefached: ah, still the lowest common denominator occuping the user base i see03:19
MefachedMy laptop uses a kernel I customized because if I'm going to run Arch or Gentoo I'm going all out03:19
GeekSquidbazhang: Hammer, nails, glue03:19
bazhangGeekSquid, what?03:19
MefachedJust stopping by Ubuntu to test 10.04 on my family desktop03:19
koflerhahaha, going all out. i used gentoo back in my "i'm hardcore" phase03:19
GeekSquidbazhang: ubuntu customization kit?03:20
Mefachedkofler, spoiler: I actually use Arch. :)03:20
perry_thanks for the responses.  10.04 working pretty well for me.   Take care all.03:20
bazhangkofler, Mefached lets take this to #ubuntu-offtopic03:20
Guest249Im soooo lost help pleases03:20
hiexpoNoobInUbuntu, themes or splash screen to change theme right click on desktop/change desktop back ground/ click themes / drop your file you downloaded in there and than hit customize03:20
daftykinsperry_: it would seem from a quick google to check, that /sys is a kernel related folder and may not actually be anything you can edit (i may be wrong). just as /proc is a virtual filesystem provided by the kernel03:21
Bash128CavalierPrime, I think isn't hibertating, cause the CD do sound when I introduce a CD03:21
mdelwhy is the default refresh rate set to 50hz?03:21
NoobInUbuntuhiexpo, it's plymouth theme, and I download it with sinaptic manager03:21
GeekSquidmdel: are you in europe?03:21
Bash128CavalierPrime,  is so strange this pffffffff03:21
h00k!ask | Guest24903:21
ubottuGuest249: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:21
mdelGeekSquid: nope03:21
mdelGeekSquid: wait... ok nom definitely not03:22
psychbazhang, this may be silly but I've already done whatever I wanted to do in virtual box. I'd like to export that to a iso or something03:22
Trolumhow i can edit the inittab in Ubuntu?03:22
perry_daftykins:  I am able to edit it, just not via echo.  Thanks for the added input though, I will do some more looking.03:22
hiexpoNoobInUbuntu, so the theme you wanna change is in the enviroment right03:22
phillipsjkGuest249 !ask03:22
psychubuntu customization kit would make me do it all over it seems03:22
phillipsjk !ask03:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:22
rwwubottu: inittab | Trolum03:22
NoobInUbuntuhiexpo, I think yes03:22
ubottuTrolum: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/03:22
hoglahoo-Leemy sound preferences volume bar always reads "unamplified 100%" no matter where I slide the bar. Is that normal?03:22
FeasibilityStudyCan anyone tell me how I can change the system from metric to imperial?03:23
Guest249ok, so I was trying to change the screensaver in the new distro and I guess the thing locked up. It changed the screen to white lines halfway down the screen and then it blinked onn and off03:23
* phillipsjk didn't read all the back-scroll03:23
FeasibilityStudyI have looked and looked and see nowhere to do this.03:23
crdlbhoglahoo-Lee: those are marks on the bar, not the curent status03:23
FeasibilityStudyIn KDE, it's simple03:23
GeekSquidmdel: the monitor is reporting that back to the video card, which is strange, as 50hz is commonly used in europe, you may have one of those strange monitors that reports that back, normally 60hz, 70hz or 85hz is the norm03:23
crdlbhoglahoo-Lee: ie the first notch is unamplified, and the second one is 100%03:23
hoglahoo-Leeah, lol.  thanks03:24
hiexpoNoobInUbuntu, ok than right click on desktop / than click change desktop back ground / than click theme and change it and you can customize it to by clicking customize03:24
mdelGeekSquid: yeah I thought it seemed weird. i just set it to 60hz03:24
losingAny reason why applications on lucid can't seem to connect to a network?  Web browsing works fine, but nothing else can connect to the internet / local network03:24
hoglahoo-Leewidening the window makes it obvious. thanks03:24
NoobInUbuntuhiexpo,  there is no any of plymouth themes..03:24
phillipsjkGuest249: did you check some kind of "use fullsceen" button? maybe the monitor does not like the chosen screen mode.03:25
deborahi have a 1tb hard drive that has windows vista on it and also linux. i tried installing a game and it said i need at least 15GB of space for the game. how do i get more space on the linux side?03:25
Guest249oh, I also have lucid on my laptop and i have had no trouble with it at all03:25
progre55ZykoticK9: thanks man, appreciate =) it worked03:25
hiexpoNoobInUbuntu, when you get to themes click customize youll find it03:25
Bash128CavalierPrime,  any more ideas?03:25
Bash128(thanks for all)03:25
phearretkofler: as usual the boot time is dependent on variables like which manager, how many effects, how much eye candy .. etc and then the hardware bottleneck issues03:25
progre55ZykoticK9: now I somehow need to fix the poor resolution problem..03:25
ZykoticK9progre55, glad to help03:26
magn3tsAfter upgrading, my Nvidia kernel extension has taken to requiring me to reinstall it constantly. I have to uninstall all of my nvidia packages and reinstall them, and then when I reboot, it's managed to get screwed up again.03:26
bikcmpErm, I was upgrading to ubuntu 10.04, and it says 3 hours remaining... this can't be right, can it? lol03:26
ZykoticK9FeasibilityStudy, are you using lucid?03:26
bikcmpthat's... a lot of time.03:26
jiohdibikcmp: yes03:26
magn3tsbikcmp, my upgrade took like 5 hours total03:26
Guest249phillips, i went to do the preview and it just locked up. so I tried again and while browsing thru them it did it03:26
* bikcmp hits head on table03:26
magn3tsbikcmp, its worth it03:26
bikcmpI wish I knew that before I started it at 10:30 hehe03:26
greenjonbikcmp: really worth it :D03:27
phillipsjkbikcmp: how many packages at 10 seconds each?03:27
* bikcmp kills the process.03:27
bikcmpYea, I know, it's a joke.  :p03:27
FeasibilityStudyZykoticK9: yes03:27
ZykoticK9FeasibilityStudy, System / Admin / Language support - Text tab - "Display numbers, dates and currency ammount in the usual format for" dropdown to a country that uses the format you want.03:27
bikcmpbut gosh, why is it going to take so long?03:27
rainofkayosis there a place indicator-applet errors would get logged?03:27
Code_BleuI ran the 10.04 upgrade alternative CD and it got to prob 99 percent complete just before the cleanup part and crashed.  It is complaining about selinux.  I installed this a long time ago, and thought that i remove it.  What do i need to do to get selinux off and verify that the upgrade can finish successfully?03:28
magn3tsbikcmp, it takes a long time to generate this much magic. except my nvidia problems of course03:28
Bash128My laptop does not display anything on screen. I can't see the bios, but it tries to read the CD and the hard disk. I have not given any shock or anything, any idea?03:28
wizard_Code_Bleu: go into Synaptic and unmark SELinux03:28
CavalierPrimeBash128:  unplug your laptop, take the battery out.  After 2 mins put it back in and try to reboot03:28
phillipsjkbikcmp: because you are updating all the installed software at the same time.03:28
deborahI have a 1tb hard drive and it's partitioned with windows and linux. i tried installing a game on it but it says i need at least 15GB of space. how do i fix this problem so that i have more space on the linux side?03:28
Code_Bleuwizard: I have tried 'sudo apt-get remove selinux' with and without -f and nothing works...do you want me to paste the error?03:29
siOuX_where i find a virtual print to BMP?03:29
CSSnubI'm having a lot of trouble with my laptop wireless (Intel 5100) and 10.04, anybody else had issues? It drops the connection about every 15secs if I'm using the web - command line I'm fine though. Haven't had an issue in IRC or using apt-get, but Google Docs kills my wifi repeatedly.03:29
zetherooow do you restart samba in Lucid?03:29
phearretBash128: what happens without the disc after what CavalierPrime: states03:29
CSSnubI uninstalled NetworkManager and I'm using WICD now, not much better.03:29
wizard_Code_Bleu: try sudo apt-get purge packagename03:30
doleyb_CSSnub: i have trouble with ath5k wireless driver, but I guess you have a different chip.03:30
Bash128ok CavalierPrime03:30
kandinskiGnome starts but Metacity doesn't03:30
wizard_Code_Bleu: then apt-get autoremove03:30
hoglahoo-Leewhat game requires 15gb of space. holy cow03:30
ZykoticK9siOuX_, not sure about the print to BMP - but you might find using screenshots easier03:30
kandinskihow can I recover it?03:30
bikcmpwhat's the command to start the lucid upgrade from the command line?03:30
Bash128pheareet nothing, it dont boot03:30
bikcmpapt-get dist-upgrade doesn't do much.03:30
siOuX_ZykoticK9, How?03:30
Sylphidbikcmp, do-release-upgrade03:30
CytotoxicTCellDoes ubuntu support turbo mode on I5?03:30
Code_Bleuwizard_: that doesnt work either03:30
FeasibilityStudyZykoticK9: Thanks.  What I really want, though, is to get rid of the 0 in front of my time.  For instance right now I am showing "09:30" PM.  I want to get rid of that 0.03:30
Bash128don't show me anything03:30
Code_Bleuwizard: this is what i get "E: selinux: subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 127"03:31
CavalierPrimedeborah: d/l partition magic03:31
Picibikcmp: sudo do-release-upgrade03:31
Picibikcmp: check do-release-upgrade -h   for options03:31
deborahwill do ty03:31
wizard_Code_Bleu: I suggest you use the Synaptic GUI and make sure it and all dependancies are removed.03:31
ZykoticK9FeasibilityStudy, siOuX_ both get ? as a reply i'm affraid :)  good luck guys.03:31
phillipsjksi0uX_ ouch! What resolution are you thinking of?03:31
=== William_ is now known as Guest80542
phearretpower it down & disconnect the HDD .. double check the video cables then try to boot to see if you get anything03:31
Code_Bleuwizard_: i did, and that is the error i got "E: selinux: subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 12703:31
CSSnubCan somebody help me diagnose these wifi issues? Is there some sort of error log generated by WICD?03:32
ZykoticK9siOuX_, to take a screenshot Application / Accessories / Take screenshot - and configure it to only take a window, the timer is handy as well.03:32
wildbatdeborah, gparted can do it03:32
=== mikebanks is now known as MikeBanks
amabois there a terminal command to log out? the keyboard shortcut brings up the prompt but i'd like a keyboard shortcut to just log out03:32
rainofkayosyou can also hit print screen button..03:32
siOuX_ZykoticK9, ok.. thanks03:33
wizard_Code_Bleu: that's odd.  Hmm.. I cant think of anything else at the moment, but if I find anything I'll let you know ASAP.03:33
hololighttrying to use the broadcom sta (wl) driver. It loads and is shown by lsmod, but there is no interface (iwconfig). kern log shows no error03:33
=== jason__ is now known as Roasted
rainofkayosor ALT + prt screen to get a specific window03:33
CytotoxicTCellWat kind of kernel is linux?03:33
Bash128phearret, is a laptop03:33
bazhang!ot > CytotoxicTCell03:33
wizard_Linux is a Linux kernal.03:33
ubottuCytotoxicTCell, please see my private message03:33
jiohdiCytotoxicTCell: marine :)03:33
jiohdispecial forces03:33
exobiti just got ubuntu03:33
GeekSquidamabo: Lucid, the default kbs for logout is Ctrl-Alt-Delete03:34
exobitand its awsome03:34
phillipsjkCytotoxicTCell, This sounds like a homework assignment...03:34
rainofkayosis it normal for the indicator applet thing to not work at all?03:34
amaboGeekSquid: it just brings up the prompt to shut down, restart, hibernate, etc03:34
amaboGeekSquid: i'd like to *actually* log out03:34
CytotoxicTCellno its not =)03:34
scratchmeHi all.  Is there any remote admin interface besides using ssh to manage iscsi-scst and related?03:34
bazhangCytotoxicTCell, its offtopic here03:34
CytotoxicTCelli know03:34
konnerWhy does firefox keep saving my tabs when I quit firefox03:34
phearretBash128: ok ... should still be able to disconnect the hard drive.. trying to get the system to boot without HDD or cd03:34
zetheroohow do you restart samba in Lucid?03:34
CytotoxicTCellsince ubbotu told me03:35
Guest249woould it be the monitor that screws up when it does the lines on-screen and blinks....or is it the PC?03:35
rainofkayosrestart smbd03:35
Guest249cause it is not set to be fullscreen03:35
hololightGuest249: could be the cable/ connectors03:35
wizard_konner: go into preferences and make sure it isnt set to save opened tabs.03:35
hoglahoo-Leekonner: the firefox setting tells it to do so03:35
Bash128phearret, ok03:35
CytotoxicTCellhow can i make it so i dont need to enter my password on synaptic?03:35
CSSnubI've turned on debug mode in WICD - is it now generating a log file I can view somewhere?03:35
Guest249but I use this on my laptop running this distro03:35
wizard_CytotoxicTCell: that's generally not a good idea, for security reasons.03:35
konnerI have it to start up to the homepage03:36
konnernot keep the tabs03:36
CytotoxicTCelleven if i am the only user on my laptop?03:36
konnerbut it keeps them anyways03:36
bazhangCytotoxicTCell, why would you ever want to do that03:36
wizard_bazhang: lazyness.03:36
ZykoticK9CytotoxicTCell, lets just say "it's not supported"03:36
jiohdiCytotoxicTCell: its part of the reason viruses have no foot hold on linux03:36
phearretBash128: if there is nothing to boot from you should get the BIOS screen or a bunch of beeps03:36
connerneed help running crunchbag on dell desktop with linksys wireless card but crunchbag isnt picking up the wireless card03:36
wizard_conner: CrunchBang is not an official Ubuntu derivitive.  You might want to ask them.03:37
bazhangconner, join #crunchbang for support03:37
konnerHurts my feelers when it saves my tabs03:37
scottyghi how do i add a facebook acct to empathy?  it wont work?  neither does my google talk!03:37
connerahh ok thanks03:37
konnerI like a nice startup for firefox but it decides to keep them anyways03:37
theGmanI'm running 9.10 in a VM and I have the guest additions installed. The shared folder is my host system's html folder and I was wondering if I could symlink the ubuntu /var/www/html folder to the /mnt/html or should I just change apache's conf to handle it?03:38
Code_Bleuanyone else have any ideas on this:  I ran the 10.04 upgrade alternative CD and it got to prob 99 percent complete just before the cleanup part and crashed.  It is complaining about selinux.  I installed this a long time ago, and thought that i remove it.  What do i need to do to get selinux off and verify that the upgrade can finish successfully?03:38
zetheroohow do you restart samba in Karmic and Lucid?03:38
phillipsjkI am in a non DMCA country; how do I go about installing the dcss  (DVD descrambling) library?03:38
scottyghi how do i add a facebook acct to empathy?  it wont work?  neither does my google talk!03:38
ZykoticK9scottyg, re:facebook chat - for the detail for empathy see "other" on http://www.facebook.com/sitetour/chat.php03:38
GeekSquid!medibuntu | phillipsjk03:39
ubottuphillipsjk: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:39
zetheroosudo /etc/init.d/samba restart returns with Command not found!03:40
GeekSquidphillipsjk: install that repository and install libdvdcss203:40
ZykoticK9phillipsjk, two options i use http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/enable-dvd-video-playback03:40
phillipsjkThanks, GeekSquid.03:40
losingAny idea why Chromium connects to the internet just fine, but Boxee and XBMC can't on Lucid?03:40
leetuserWhats a really good bittorent client? Ive tried transmission, deluge and qbitorrent.. I dont like any of them compared to utorrent.03:41
hololightor rather smbd?03:41
phillipsjkZykoticK9, I did have libdvdread4 installed already :P03:42
=== zebastian__ is now known as zebastian
uLinuxHow do I update ClamTk? I go to 'Help > Check for updates' but there is no button to update...03:42
ZykoticK9phillipsjk, did you run the script!03:42
=== jexmex_ is now known as jexmex
phillipsjkZykoticK9, didn't know about the script :)03:42
GeekSquiduLinux: install freshclam, it grabs the updates for clamav which is the backend for ClamTK03:43
ZykoticK9phillipsjk, it's the important part - that actually installs03:43
CSSnubIs there any easy way to downgrade to 9.10 to get my wireless up?03:43
uLinuxGeekSquid it's already installed03:43
phillipsjk  "http://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/free/libd/libdvdcss/"  <- it used the mubuintu repository I see.03:43
theGmanI'm running 9.10 in a VM and I have the guest additions installed. The shared folder is my host system's html folder and I was wondering if I could symlink the ubuntu /var/www/html folder to the /mnt/html or should I just change apache's conf to handle it?03:43
ZykoticK9CSSnub, i was really tempted to send you the !downgrade factoid, but what do you mean?03:44
GeekSquiduLinux: I don't have to worry about viruses, they arn't written for linux... are you running ClamTK as gksudo03:44
uLinuxit shows 2 updates: Signature updates and GUI Updates03:44
uLinuxi also have windows partition03:45
uLinuxand wine03:45
ZykoticK9phillipsjk, yup :)03:45
diego_Anyone knows how to make the microphones work on a HP tx2500 with lucid ?03:45
CSSnubZykoticK9, 10.04 is causing my Intel 5100 agn wireless adapter to drop the connection every 15-30 seconds, but only when I'm doing something that requires bandwidth like Google Docs or video03:45
uLinuxGeekSquid command is "clamtk %F"03:46
CSSnubZykoticK9, I already tried swapping out NetworkManager for WICD03:46
nb72Now I'm really confused.  When I go to gmail the screen goes blank (all black) for a second, does this a few times, and then gets stretched diagonal.  It's consistent and I've tried two of the nvidia drivers, and the default one with no change.03:47
ZykoticK9CSSnub, sounds like it might be this bug - you should read it, see if it applies to you and add yourself if it does.  good luck.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/37818903:47
Avaszis there wifi problem in lucid?03:48
ZykoticK9CSSnub, it's probably a driver for the card issue, so no matter what frontend you use it probably won't make much difference.  good luck man.03:48
GeekSquidAvasz: not on my machine, yet some hardware seems to have a problem03:48
Avaszwhen i start the pc i can see lots of networks.. i can even connect to one.. but after sometimes.. it doesnt show anyhing and disconnects03:49
diego_Anyone knows how to make the microphones work on a HP tx2500 with lucid ? I do have sound, and I was working with Karmic03:49
AvaszGeekSquid, so.. is there solution to it?03:49
nikunji cannot mount some new partiotions i made03:50
zipperhow do i uninstaller a driver?03:50
CSSnubZykoticK9, It worked great with 9.10 though - Read that thread and tried those fixes. So if I decide to go back I had better just format and reinstall?03:50
phearretBash128: anything yet ??03:51
zipperhow do i uninstaller a driver? can any1 assist?03:51
omgircis there a secret to making 10.04 mount an ext3 file system ?03:51
Avaszhow do i make my wifi working in lucid?03:51
omgirchow do you mount a usb drive in 10.04 when it's not dected?03:51
ZykoticK9CSSnub, downgrading can go VERY wrong, so it's not supported.  are you sure there are no other options?03:52
deborahwhats the best partition code for linux? it's default on msdos03:52
Bash128phearret I don't know what disconnect the GD03:52
GeekSquidAvasz: as of yet, IDK, we are a week into lucid and things take a little longer to fix, we have to know the problems first before we can fix them, ... I got lucky, more stuff works on my machine than ever before, probably because it is an older machine,03:52
AvaszGeekSquid, mine is old too.. :(03:52
AvaszGeekSquid, but it will be solved wont it?03:52
amabois there a terminal command to log out? the keyboard shortcut brings up the prompt but i'd like a keyboard shortcut to just log out03:52
ZykoticK9CSSnub, do you happen to know if the wireless works ok from the livecd?03:53
phearretBash128: what make of laptop ?? there should be a cover on the underside that you need to remove.03:53
GeekSquiddeborah: msdos is fine for a partition block code, in fact it is what ext2,3,4,+++ is designed for03:53
tech-mikesebsebseb: i installed the solar theme and i now notice the uglyness of the resolution and right offset03:53
zipperCan ANY1 ASSIST ME how can i uninstall MY driver from LINUX?03:53
omgirchow do you mount a usb drive in 10.04 when it's not detected?03:53
phearretBash128: there should also be a cover for the RAM.03:53
GeekSquidzipper:  what driver?03:53
sebsebsebtech-mike: I have a fix for the plymouth issue I had :)03:53
Avaszzipper, calm down03:53
daftykinszipper: funnily enough repetition frustrates people. which driver?03:53
Bash128yes, but I cant extract the HD directly, i'msearching an pdf manual03:54
tech-mikesebsebseb: do tell03:54
zipperGeekSquid: my 3g card03:54
phearretnot GD ... HD = hard drive03:54
sebsebsebtech-mike: well this is for getting rid of Plymouth03:54
lee_Hello. I need help getting my cd/dvd drive to work.  Any one want to help me?03:54
Bash128phearret, yes, but I cant extract the HD directly, i'msearching an pdf manual03:54
Bash128yes, hard drive03:54
tech-mikesebsebseb: softpedia said something about startupmanager03:54
AvaszGeekSquid, are there problem similar to mine in others too?03:54
diego_Anyone knows how to make the microphones work on a HP tx2500 with lucid ?03:54
GeekSquidzipper: you want to "uninstall it" so something else can work?03:54
CSSnubZykoticK9, I don't but I suppose I could try. Would that be different somehow?03:54
zipperGeekSquid: yea03:54
sebsebsebtech-mike: nah you don't need that,  rww told me how to do it :)03:54
tech-mikesebsebseb: well i dont want to get rid of plymouth03:55
GeekSquidzipper: do you have network manager installed?03:55
ZykoticK9CSSnub, don't know - just that the livecd would be a fresh install vs an upgrade03:55
tech-mikesebsebseb: i like the solar boot theme03:55
asrGuest80542 lee_ techhelper1 CSSnub MetaMucil fassl Code_Bleu magn3ts Rondom anom01y_ sunzoje losing samrose CPAMX gaurdro faron1 Rhamphoryncus quesada_ barna pvelkovski gladiator jerone-mobile t_pol Cpudan80 CarlosKnight keffie_jayx reprore Andorin perry_ progesterone tk_mr mdel SkiDawg Sylphid hggdh naquan alpharesearch Grim76__ hypetech leetuser jbicha jGarrido Destine Chipaca jdobrien ronj Matrice64_ temon atompower Pet_R ikepanhc the[V]oid basix di3gopa03:55
asrluis_lopez Sp0t GRUBaDubDub hebz0rl Kravlin radioman Dreaming askhader lucas-arg Pokeruler r3dhat zdwc01_ davidk01 hiexpo porter1 awolfson SirDidi alberto wet jedlhl jonazdnb Reallycool Cory` deborah phillipsjk thesnarky1_ munz YBH_1 zetheroo mosno jamur2 adalal Krumar Vampire0_ greenjon switch10 lakeoftea Bash128 Toews M- Viciu5 SpaceTime Enissay__ FourDollars murrayc_ okto goddard Companion-Cube angusb winXPuser Grande rizzuh Horus codygman eggonlea03:55
sebsebsebtech-mike: well that's what startup manager will do as well03:55
zipperGeekSquid: no idea03:55
sebsebsebtech-mike: if you use that03:55
tech-mikesebsebseb: oh03:55
sebsebsebtech-mike: well I think so anyway,  yes if it does stuff wtih Grub it will03:55
ade2_lee_ : why not give us some details?  What cd drive, and what is going wrong?03:55
Destinewhat's wrong here?03:55
Martyr2k6heya, can anyone offer some help to me? I'm a newb who is learning how to use Wine03:55
lee_I have a toshiba satalite laptop03:55
CSSnubZykoticK9, This is actually a fresh install as I had problems the first go so I formatted the system partition and reinstalled.03:56
lee_Im not sure what make the drive is03:56
lee_I know that I can see it in file browser03:56
tech-mikesebsebseb: theres another option, editing the grub config and initramfs-tools03:56
bsmith093new version of banshee isnt seeing my ipod03:56
lee_but I can read or write to it03:56
tech-mikesebsebseb: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml03:56
sebsebsebtech-mike: I like most of those themes as well, but now have a proper reason to get rid of Plymouth (except for the two packages that won't just go of course, but don't need to remove those anyway) on other computer03:56
ZykoticK9CSSnub, oh :(  that's not promising.  sorry man, best of luck.03:56
scottyghow do i get my google talk to work in empathy?03:56
AvaszCSSnub, are you having wifi problems too?03:56
zipperGeekSquid: i have network manager installed just that i wanna uninstall my 3d card03:56
amaboi've plugged my ipod in but i can't find out where it might be located on the file system - anyone got an idea? i'm trying to scrobble it thru the last.fm app03:56
scottyghow do i get my google talk to work in empathy?03:56
* ikepanhc wakes up, looks around, and dives again03:57
TraceRouteany of you figured out a fix for the nvidia drivers issue and how it breaks usplash?03:57
Martyr2k6anyone now how to apply a nocd patch to a Windows game in WINE?03:57
scottyghow do i get my google talk to work in empathy?03:57
ade2_lee_, has the drive worked at all?  that is, was it working earlier, and it failed now?03:57
GeekSquidMartyr2k6: for questions about wine there is a channel for that #winehq03:57
Martyr2k6ah cool03:57
bsmith093but i do see a share thats never been there before firefly svn 169603:57
lee_I hasnt worked in ubuntu at all03:57
scottyghow do i get my google talk to work in empathy?03:57
lee_It wokrs in windows xp03:57
ZykoticK9!repeat | scottyg03:57
ubottuscottyg: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:57
bazhangscottyg, please dont repost every 5 seconds03:57
scottygdoes anyone have a google talk account?03:58
diego_Anyone knows how to make the microphones work on a HP tx2500 with lucid ?03:58
scottygif they got it to work in empathy, please tell me how!03:58
ade2_lee_ could it be a permissions thing?  Are you in group cdrom?03:59
CSSnubZykoticK9, Thanks for your help03:59
amabois there a terminal command to log out? the keyboard shortcut brings up the prompt but i'd like a keyboard shortcut to just log out03:59
lee_I dont beleive I am.  How would I check?03:59
ZykoticK9CSSnub, glad to help :)03:59
Martyr2k6how about how to get my zune working in ubuntu?03:59
primetimeAny idea why my internet doesn't react for 15-30 seconds?  If I try to go to a website, it takes that long before it tries to load a webpage.  Pinging something like weather.com fails for the first 30 seconds03:59
ade2_at the command prompt, run "groups".03:59
AvaszZykoticK9, did u just fix CSSnub's wifi?03:59
lee_Im looking at the permission window and it says the permissions of cd/dvd drive could not be determined03:59
TraceRouteAny of you with nvidia figure out how to fix usplash after installing drivers?04:00
ZykoticK9Avasz, not even close!04:00
AvaszZykoticK9, oops!04:00
mark_Hi all, I am trying to install a wireless driver using ndiswrapper; the card is a Zonet 1602, and I am following the instructions at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=403139 ; this card works on my 32-bit machine but I can't get it working on my 64-bit machine (and I am using 64-bit drivers). When I do "modprobe ndiswrapper", nothing happens.04:00
zipperno 1 seems to wanna assist me04:00
hypetechscottyg, my google talk works fine in empathy04:00
zippermy question again is HOw do i uninstall my 3d card from linux????????04:00
hypetechzipper, you do the opposite of whatever you did to install it04:00
bazhangzipper, how was it installed04:00
=== cam_ is now known as Guest15356
zipperbazhang: via hardware driver04:01
djamaya2010Is there specifc channel for hardware issues?04:01
zipperbazhang: i can just pull out the graphic card right?04:01
bazhangzipper, deactivate? or completely uninstall?04:01
zipperbazhang: completely uninstall04:02
bazhangdjamaya2010, ##hardware04:02
nb72I'm just really confused.  Can anybody think of a way gmail could mess up screen resolution?  I'm at a loss.04:02
primetimeAny idea why my internet intermittently freezes?04:02
greenjonnb72: not that i've heard of04:02
nb72It's consistent and I can't seem to make it happen on any other site.04:03
zipperbazhang: any idea how?04:03
nb72within a couple seconds of gmail loading, my screen will go blank for a second.  It will flash blank some small number of times before the screen gets stretched diagnal (top left corner is correct, but bottom right is wrapped around back to about the middle)04:04
lee_This is what it cam up with... adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare04:04
nb72It's nvidia 6800 over DVI04:05
zipperbazhang: ok i think i solved e problem already04:05
kswannb72: just a guess, but try running firefox without any extensions04:05
greezmunkeyWHere should I join to ask questions about web based forms (that I want to interact with mysql)? I'm thinking #php, but not sure where to start.04:05
nb72I haven't installed any, just did a fresh lucid install.04:05
decogreezmunkey: #web04:05
greezmunkeydeco: many thanks :)04:06
deconp :04:06
kswannb72: wow, very strange04:06
primetimeAny idea why my internet intermittently freezes?04:06
=== TannerF is now known as TanenrF-zzz
=== TanenrF-zzz is now known as TannerF-zzz
m1ndctrlhey folks - does anyone know how to check whether xserver-xgl or xserver-xorg is running?04:07
nb72and it's only gmail, youtube is fine, facebook is fine.04:07
abadabad00something is wrong with my sound configuration in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit. When I start up Ubuntu I see three dashes next to my volume icon (instead of the normal three waves). Indeed something is wrong with the sound - playing audio files produces a strange oscillating sound... To fix the issue I run paconfig and choose advanced configuration, and 'combine all sinks into one'. After this, my volume icon correctly displays waves and p04:07
abadabad00laying audio works correctly. The issue is that if I restart, or even log out and log back in, the problem reappears and I have to repeat the solution... Can anyone help?04:07
kswannb72: so after loading gmail, when you open the System -> Preferences -> Monitors,  it shows a different resolution?04:07
Avaszhow to make my wifi wok? it will give me problem if it doesn work.04:08
zetheroowhy has Guest access been disabled in Sharing Options?04:08
nb72No, the res stays the same.04:08
blazai have a gateway lt2104u, the scroll does not work in the new netook version. any ideas?04:08
TraceRoute_anyone with a nvidia card here using 10.04?04:08
nb72It flashes like it's changing the resolution, but it doesn't, just stretches it.04:08
abadabad00TraceRoute - yes04:08
kswannb72: hmm, do you have compiz running?04:09
deborahI'm feeling slightly horrified. but i just did msdos partition with gparted and I'm not sure how to proceed with the unallocated space or if I in fact erased the windows side of the hard drive04:09
TraceRoute_ok, well did installing drivers break usplash for you all?04:09
nb72When I have the nvidia driver installed I can change the resolution to something else and back to fix it04:09
nb72I turned off all effects04:09
Bash128phearret, I just extract the hard disk and restart but i dont see anything, back screen always04:09
nb72It was the middle selection, but I turned off all effects.  haven't even installed compiz04:10
greezmunkeydeco: Me thinks their all asleep x_x04:10
abadabad00something is wrong with my sound configuration in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit. When I start up Ubuntu I see three dashes next to my volume icon (instead of the normal three waves). Indeed something is wrong with the sound - playing audio files produces a strange oscillating sound... To fix the issue I run paconfig and choose advanced configuration, and 'combine all sinks into one'. After this, my volume icon correctly displays waves and p04:10
abadabad00laying audio works correctly. The issue is that if I restart, or even log out and log back in, the problem reappears and I have to repeat the solution... Can anyone help? [More background info: I upgraded from 9.10 and this problem didn't exist before the upgrade. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 4 and an M-Audio Audiophile 192. I just got the M-Audio card after the upgrade to 10.04, but the problem was there before putting in that04:10
abadabad00second card.]04:10
FloodBot4abadabad00: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
ZykoticK9Lernid appears to have 2 bugs on my system, but I believe one is infact due to a settings issue.  Anyone have any idea how I could reset all the settings (i'm worried they are in gconf).  There does not appear to be any ~/.lernid or ~/.config/lernid directories.04:10
abadabad00Traceroute - no. My video works just fine04:11
abadabad00Traceroute - I have the Nvidia 8800 GTS 768mb card04:11
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Zelozeloswhat dock in the repos will let me have more then 1 dock like docky?04:11
decogreezmunkey: yeah lol forgot to tell you they are mostly active during work hours well usa pacific work hours04:11
nb72I started with the recommended nvidia driver, tried the 173 (I think) and tried with turning off the nvidia drivers and none of that seemed to make a difference.04:11
kswannb72: another guess, have you tried Chrome?04:12
m1ndctrlanybody know how to see which version of xserver is running? I want to get xserver-xgl in use but I think X is still using xserver-xorg04:12
TraceRoute_strange.. i have a gtx260 and after i installed nvidia it screwed up TTY and the res of plymouth is messed up04:12
Zelozelosheh, seems like every time in in this room thers someone with nvidea issues, makes me glad i dont have nvidea04:12
nb72I'll give chrome a try04:12
YankDownUndernb72, Just a quick question mate...have you, in between mucking about with the different nvidia drivers, deleted your xorg.conf - just as a test?04:12
abadabad00TraceRoute and nb72 - I am using the 195 NVIDIA drivers and everything is okay here...04:13
abadabad00Can anyone help with my sound issue?04:13
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:13
ScuniziI'm into my new upgrade but I have no idea what video driver is being used.. It won't let me install the nvidia binary and I uninstalled the neuvou (sp?) driver.. xorg.conf isn't controlling anything at the moment.  What do I enter in cli to find out what driver is being used?04:13
abcabcis there a configuration menu somewhere for the (what I think is called the) MeMenu? the indicator-applet-session display in the top right of gnome?04:14
Cornwall1Hi, how do I run a script at resume? I keep seeing posts about placing a script in /etc/acpi/resume.d, but there is no such folder. Creating one doesn't make it work04:14
YankDownUnderScunizi, lsmod04:14
GodricBrutussometimes it takes me at least 3 double-click tries to double click something. can anyone help me with that?04:14
bastid_raZorZelozelos: cairo-dock will.. you can have sub docks that are detached from the main dock04:14
acegiakdoes 10.04 netbook remix have a decent on screen keyboard?04:14
ZykoticK9abcabc, i don't think the me-menu is very configurable at the present time.04:14
Zelozelosahh thank you bastid_raZor ill give that one a look04:14
Bash128My laptop does not display anything on screen. I can't see the bios, but it tries to read the CD and the hard disk. I have not given any shock or anything, any idea?04:14
ScuniziYankDownUnder: looks like it's the nouveau driver but I thought I'd uninstalled it.04:15
phearretBash128: ah .... ok did you try the BIOS key ie esc or F1 etc ??04:15
h00kBash128: if you can't even see the BIOS, your backlights might be out04:15
ZykoticK9abcabc, me-menu relies heavily on Gwibber, so check for your setting in there.04:15
abcabczykotick9 or anyone: can i turn off the thing where it sometimes shows a bubble with chat text in it, floating on the screen?04:15
raviepic3when i try to install any package using synaptic i get this error http://pastebin.com/7y0J4N2K04:15
ZelozelosBash128, do you see anything at all?04:15
abadabad00something is wrong with my sound configuration in Ubuntu 10.04 64bit. When I start up Ubuntu I see three dashes next to my volume icon (instead of the normal three waves). Indeed something is wrong with the sound - playing audio files produces a strange oscillating sound... To fix the issue I run paconfig and choose advanced configuration, and 'combine all sinks into one'. After this, my volume icon correctly displays waves and p04:15
abadabad00laying audio works correctly. The issue is that if I restart, or even log out and log back in, the problem reappears and I have to repeat the solution... Can anyone help? [More background info: I upgraded from 9.10 and this problem didn't exist before the upgrade. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 4 and an M-Audio Audiophile 192. I just got the M-Audio card after the upgrade to 10.04, but the problem was there before putting in that04:15
abadabad00second card.]04:15
FloodBot4abadabad00: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:15
nb72Ok, just had the same thing happen with crome browser.  One second while I un@#$ the display.04:15
Bash128phearret, yes, don't see anything04:16
phearretBash128: any of the bios beeps ?04:16
YankDownUnderScunizi, delete your /etc/X11/xorg.conf => reboot => check to see what the recommended hardware driver lists for your machine to use => should be two or three => start on the first, etc etc etc...if they don't work, again, delete the xorg.conf and try again...04:16
nb72OK.  I can see again.04:16
abcabczykotick9: i've uninstalled gwibber and i use pidgin instead of empathy04:16
zetherooanother LTS release with broken network shares ... doh04:16
zetherooI am glad at least we have a new Ubuntu look ... :P04:17
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Works fine here amte.04:17
onetinsoldierabadabad00: did you click on the speaker icon and then click on 'Sound Preferences and then configure the sound card in there?04:17
zetherooYankDownUnder: you sharing folders and printers?04:17
raviepic3when i try to install any package using synaptic i get this error http://pastebin.com/7y0J4N2K04:17
nb72YankDownUnder: what was that bit about deleting Xorg.conf?  think I should try that?04:17
kswanabadabad00: try booting into the live CD.  See if it works there.  If it works in the live CD, it might be an upgrade problem.04:17
YankDownUnderzetheroo, yeppers mate...however, I did manually double check my smb.conf beforehand...04:18
Bash128h00k batery seems work ok04:18
OddbioHello. I have a screen brightness issue after installing the new 10.04 LTS.  I had Windows XP on it and the screen brightness was set to the lowest setting.  Once I installed Ubuntu, the screen brightness is now stuck at that low setting even though the Ubuntu screen brightness applet says it's at 100%. It also won't let me move the brightness slider at all, it's stuck at 100% (even though screen is dark).  Is there perhaps a way to change it 04:18
phearretBash128: is the ubuntu disc live boot ? if so what if you use it ?04:18
FeasibilityStudyHow much RAM are your systems running?  I have 2GB and am using about 60%.04:18
Bash128Zelozelos, anything04:18
YankDownUndernb72, Worked here in the lab mate.04:18
h00kBash128: your backlight might be out on your monitor, then04:18
YankDownUnderFeasibilityStudy, RAM works differently in unix/bsd/linux than under M$04:18
deborahi tried partitioning my hard drive for more space on the linux side and I'm slightly freaked out because I think i may have erased the windows side of the hard drive. what do i do to try to partition my drive? also, did i really just erase my drive? it says unallocated 1tb04:18
ScuniziYankDownUnder: did one better.. just renamed it.. nothing shows in the driver list.. looking in synaptic I see the nvidia drivers up to vers. 185 but I've been running the 195 binary blob from nvidia.. when trying to install that it complains that the kernel was either compiled with a lower version of gcc or it has a residual left from (insert 2 file names here that I forgot.)04:18
nb72YankDownUnder: so just delete the Xorg.conf and reboot?04:19
zetherooYankDownUnder: I have been in there too .. nothing seems to make it work ... I had it working to the point where I could see the other systems shared folders ... but that lasted for just under 2 minutes ...04:19
YankDownUnderbacklight on an LCD is called the F/L inverter04:19
Bash128phearret,  whith any CD, I try supregrub disk, Ubuntu, Windows....04:19
abadabad00onetinsoldier - Yes. If I click on the icon and then 'Sound Preferences' BEFORE fixing the issue with paconfig the Sound preferences never come up. I forget the exact copy, but it tells me something like it is trying to load it, but never does. It all works fine after running paconfig though...04:19
FeasibilityStudyYankDownUnder: I know that.  I am not talking about cached RAM here.04:19
Bash128h00k, a hardware problem no?04:19
onetinsoldierabadabad00: hmmm, roger. i don't know, sorry04:19
h00kBash128: that is what it sounds like to me04:19
YankDownUnderScunizi, You're using the stuff directly from NVidia instead of what's in the repos?04:19
YankDownUnderFeasibilityStudy, Just checking04:19
Scunizipolkitd is hammering 100% of 1 of my cpu's04:19
zetherooYankDownUnder: also when i share a folder I cannot select the Guest Access option anymore ... can you?04:19
phearretsounds like there is an issue with the bios if that doesnt load then it doesnt see any hardware04:20
ScuniziYankDownUnder: I have since 6.06.. it just seems to work better on my system..04:20
YankDownUndernb72, ya - rename or delete - poweroff is best.04:20
noahhello, I'm new to ubuntu, and am trying to get terminal server client to connect to my vista machine on same network, but keep failing.  Anyone have a suggestion?04:20
Bash128h00k, but... i was boot this system this week, and the problemhas been ocurred last year04:20
abadabad00onetinsoldier - I guess what I need to do is get whatever paconfig is doing set up in the startup of the machine04:21
nb72YankDownUnder: poweroff as in click the shutdown right? not hold the power button?04:21
YankDownUnderzetheroo, If you use a "brown bag" version of the smb.conf, and add the shares using the Samba configuration admin utility, all should be happy mate.04:21
abadabad00onetinsoldier - where are sound configuration things placed in ubuntu 10.04?04:21
onetinsoldierabadabad00: yeah, sounds like that might be a reasonable solution04:21
zetherooYankDownUnder: what part of "down under" are you from?04:21
YankDownUnderScunizi, S'all good - I just gave up mucking with it and stuck to the "repo" stuff for clients - do other things for my personal systems04:21
zetherooYankDownUnder: is that in synaptic?04:21
h00kBash128: If you cannot see your BIOS come up, that means that you are having a problem occuring before the SO even boots04:21
Bash128h00k,  in the past, I can boot this system when this problmen was04:21
h00kBash128: OS *04:21
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Shire - below Sydney04:21
Scunizixorg also goes to 200% of cpu rather regularly including dbus-daemon and rtkit-04:21
wildbat_laptopnoah, what do you mean by connecting terminal server client? windows don't have ssh support04:22
zetherooYankDownUnder: oh ok .. I am in Adelaide04:22
nb72OK.  I'll be back after I give this a try.04:22
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Yes...you'll find the Samba admin util there04:22
onetinsoldierabadabad00: i don't know. i'd have to start looking around.04:22
Bash128yes h00k04:22
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Adelaide is great - when it's not COLD04:22
zetherooYankDownUnder: yeah .. moving back to Sydney in August04:22
onetinsoldierabadabad00: perhaps in --> ~/.pulse04:22
mark_having trouble getting a wireless card working in ubuntu - wireless chipset is 88w8335, using ndiswrapper on 64-bit machine, can anyone help?04:22
zetherooYankDownUnder: is it system-config-shares ?04:23
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Sutherland Shire, mate. Cheap, and far enough away04:23
mark_I can install the driver with ndiswrapper but when I do "modprobe ndiswrapper", nothing happen04:23
Bash128h00k,  the update of my bios is impossible... there is an updater in Acer's website but ir runs in windows04:23
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Hang on...04:23
caldwellcan someone tell me how to fic the lag in movie player plz04:23
decocaldwell: what CPU do you have ?04:23
ScuniziYankDownUnder: yea.. this box I just upgraded from 8.10>9.04>9.10>10.04 yesterday.. everything was smooth until I hit 10.04 then the trouble began.. not much really.. just little annoyances.. like not being able to boot to the recovery kernel but desktop work.. dropping to TTY2 and issuing a gdm stop then trying to install the nvidia driver only to have it tell me X is still running.. etc.. weird..04:24
Bash128and I try to make an bootable USB whith the BIOS but dont boot from USB04:24
YankDownUnderzetheroo, /usr/sbin/system-config-samba04:24
caldwellamd turion 6404:24
Scunizicaldwell: use vlc04:24
YankDownUnderScunizi, Ain't happy on "upgraded" boxen mate...too much clutter laying about, and dangerous on my end04:24
Jordan_UBash128: http://www.flashrom.org/04:24
zetherooYankDownUnder: ok .. thats the one ... I suppose I should reinstall samba now that I have mucked with it04:24
h00kBash128: Yeah, I guess I'm not sure if it's a BIOS problem, graphics card problem, or a monitor problem04:24
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Just steal a blank smb.conf and work from that...04:25
caldwelli had to use movie player to watch this quicktime clip to do my homework off the internet or can i switch it to vlc04:25
ScuniziYankDownUnder: yea.. I though I'd try it this time.. typically just fresh install.. I do have a cd so I may go that route still.04:25
bikcmpIf I restart/shutdown the computer when it's upgrading to lucid... will it explode? (you get what I mean. as in what will happen?)04:25
noahwildbat, is it possible to connect remotely to a windows machine using terminal server?04:25
zetherooYankDownUnder: as in completely blank?04:25
Scunizibikcmp: you'll be toast with burnt edges04:25
un214explode no, but you have a slim chance of needing a rescue cd to fix it booting again04:25
Bash128h00k ok thanks04:26
Jordan_Ubikcmp: Is it still downloading or actually installing packages?04:26
YankDownUnderScunizi, What can be done, with a live cd, is to manually blow out all the mods and kernel source links to the nvidia driver - then start again - know what I mean?04:26
Bash128Jordan_U, thanks too04:26
bikcmpactually installing.04:26
zetherooYankDownUnder: btw, was there a Lucid release party in Sydney?04:26
bikcmp4 hours left.  it's 12 here. lol04:26
Jordan_UBash128: You're welcome.04:26
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Not completely blank, no - just the "barebones" smb.conf that comes with the original code04:26
ScuniziYankDownUnder: oh yea.. I just reformat / for the fresh install leaving the /home partition intact04:26
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Not sure - I had it on a boat...hehehehehehe04:26
tech-mikesebsebseb: well i tried what was on that softpedia link, and it didnt work - dont know if its because of nvidia or my resolution 1440x900-2404:26
zetherooYankDownUnder: where would I find one of them?04:26
zetherooYankDownUnder: ahh ... good an ya04:26
Jordan_Ubikcmp: Things could be very hard to fix if you reboot then.04:26
YankDownUnderScunizi, Yeah - tha'ts always a good one - just don't touch the /home part and you're good as gold - Bob's yer uncle!04:27
bikcmpJordan_U: Oh.04:27
un214thank goodness glibc is binary compatable backwards or you could be in a world of hurt04:27
bikcmpwouldn't apt-get -f install fix it?04:27
YankDownUnderzetheroo, www.sydneytallships.com.au => had a to-do there04:27
IdleOneanyway I can use the Brother mfc-240c printer drivers which are included in lucid 32bit on 64bit?04:27
un214bikcmp: if the machine comes up, yes04:27
caldwellhow do i direct my ? to a certain person on xchat04:27
bikcmplol, I see my pc transforming too.  Background changing, all that stuff.04:27
Scunizizetheroo: YankDownUnder you'll find it in /usr/share/doc/linpopup/examples/smb.conf  .... also /usr/share/samba/smb.conf04:27
onetinsoldiercaldwell: /msg <nick>04:28
Jordan_Ucaldwell: Include their nick in your message.04:28
zetherooScunizi: thank you04:28
YankDownUnderScunizi, Ta mate!04:28
ubuntui pulled my HD from one computer an6d stuck it in a 2ed computer i need to revover the system how??04:28
PCHey guys04:28
un214ubuntu: it probably boots04:28
PCabtibe gere04:28
ubuntuthe sceen6 is messed up04:28
Scunizizetheroo: the seocond reference is probably more like the original.. the other might be an "example" version04:28
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un214if not, you need rescuecd to chroot in and reinstall grub04:28
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Mate, use that one, manually edit it and DON'T do anything other than change the workgroup name and add a share - should be all ya needs04:28
zetherooYankDownUnder; I hope its that simple04:29
nb72No luck.  Still gets stretched.04:29
MrKeunerhi, how can I see what version of the microcode does the iwlagn driver use in kernel 2.6.32-21-generic04:29
ubuntuthe system is messin6g up, i n6eed to recover the files04:29
ScuniziSee ya all04:29
zetherooYankDownUnder: although that Guest Access option is greyed out now ... is it the same for you?04:29
nb72Although now I can't configure with the nvidia display tool04:29
YankDownUnderzetheroo, shut down Samba, then edit...should be right as rain from there04:29
phillipsjkGha! I tried to load an old CD-ROM game: I'm not allowed because the file is not set as executable, even though the filesystem doesn't support execution permissions!04:30
nb72I assume that's because the xorg.conf isn't there.04:30
ubuntuis there a recover mode on6 this live cd?_?_?_04:30
zetherooYankDownUnder: ok ... thanks for your help mate!04:30
onetinsoldierphillipsjk: is this using wine?04:30
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Set it up for "Security settings = share" and not "user"04:30
zetherooYankDownUnder:: yep, I had that in my old file04:31
safeHow do I make gnome resize by alt+right click, instead of middle click?04:31
ravibnI need the system tray to show up in Karmic 9.1004:31
phillipsjkIt may be possible to mount the CD-ROM with a blanket mask making all the files executable.04:31
ubuntuthere is no recovery?_?_?_?_?_?_04:32
un214how would one fix a system so that logging into X as root is no longer inherently dangerous?04:32
onetinsoldierphillipsjk: i has the same thing with Dune 2000 with the setup.exe in the root folder of the CD. however, there was a 'setup' directory on there, and in it there was a setup.exe which worked04:32
un214ubuntu: there is04:32
un214at worst case, reinstall on top of the existing w/o reformat04:32
ubuntuwhere is it?_04:32
h00kubottu: punctuation | ubuntu04:32
ubottuubuntu: Punctuation is good, but its overuse hurts readability:  Please refrain from adding many ?'s or !'s to the end of your sentences.  See also !enter04:32
crdlbsafe: gconf-editor /apps/metacity/general/resize_with_right_button04:33
safecrdlb: Perfect, thanks.04:33
zetherooYankDownUnder: btw, what command do you use to restart/stop/start samba?04:33
faron1Yesterday,I was cleaning off the ol' keyboard.But,before I began doing so,I completely spaced shutting down the ol' browser.Needless to say - I now have a bit of a problem.My main problem seems to be that I have no min/max/close/shade/hide buttons.That whole top row there seems to be gone.Anybody got any ideas what I did ?04:33
YankDownUnderzetheroo, service samba restart (in a term as root)04:33
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Else, /etc/init.d/smb restart04:33
onetinsoldierphillipsjk: is there an 'autorun.exe' on there? have you tried that?04:33
LoshkiGnea: turns out I'm having hardware problems (flaky disks)...04:34
faron1Shoot.I'm sorry guys/gals.I really didn't mean to send that until tomaorrow04:34
ubuntuhow do i recover my system usin6g the live cd?_?_?_04:34
safecrdlb: Ah, forgot to mention I'm using compiz.04:34
safe(emerald that is)04:34
h00kubuntu: what is wrong/what are you needing to fix? also, please drop the unnecessary punctuation04:34
zetherooYankDownUnder: see when I put samba in the first command I get "samba: unrecognised service"04:34
zetherooYankDownUnder: instead I have to use smbd .... why is that?04:35
un214ubuntu: it's hard without knowing exactly what's broken. However reinstall over the existing w/o formatting/erasing should do it in most cases.04:35
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Strange that - well, you do the /etc/init.d/smb restart04:35
phillipsjkThe problem is the autorun.exe is not set executable, neither is setup.exe  DOS/Windows9x used extensions to determine if a file was executable.04:35
crdlbsafe: well, that setting will work with gtk-window-decorator04:35
pepeezetheroo, SaMBa Daemon04:35
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Not sure mate...however, that's a mystery to ponder under the influence of beer...!04:35
ubuntui pulled the hard driver from on6e computer that didn6't have a grapichs card, an6d in6satlled it in6 a computer that has a card an6d its all screwed up04:35
safecrdlb: Gotcha, I'll go into the compiz # instead.04:35
un214phillipsjk: remount with umask=02204:36
zetherooYankDownUnder: And this command "sudo /etc/init.d/smb restart" doesn't work at all .... command not found04:36
un214isn't it samba restart?04:36
zetheroopepee: meaning?04:36
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Checking on machine here...hang one04:36
onetinsoldierphillipsjk: roger. the only thing i can think of at the moment is to copy the cd to the hard drive, where you can set it as exec04:36
hackelWhy does simply formatting an external drive bring my computer to a near halt?04:37
un214hackel: I/O contention04:37
ubuntuhw d yu d that??04:37
crdlbsafe: now that I think about it, it should work with emerald too04:37
charels88is anyone having problems with the lucid lynx live cd? i cant install from it04:37
caldwellcan someone tell me how to switch movie player to x1104:37
pepeezetheroo, it means that samba will run as a daemon (in background)04:37
phillipsjkonetinsoldier, both I and un214 mentioned an alternative: mount the disk such that all files are deemed executable.04:37
winXPusercharels88 what is the exact issue of yours?04:38
onetinsoldierphillipsjk: ahh, sounds like that would work04:38
zetheroopepee: ok ... but why are those commands not working for me?04:38
charels88i can boot from it but it wont install i just stalls when i select it04:38
YankDownUnderzetheroo, Ah....ah ha...one of the machines HERE didn't have Samba installed on it - hence it didn't have the smb or samba service - however, the SMB configuration was there, and it's able to access SMB shares via GnomeVFS....right...so I'm installing Samba on that machine now (apt-get install samba)04:38
Jordan_Ucaldwell: If you mean totem, and you mean the video backend, use "gstreamer-properties". But before you do that, what are you trying to accomplish?04:38
hackelun214:  So it's normal? I don't remember this being so bad before.  It took me 3 minutes to type this sentence!04:38
zetherooYankDownUnder: ok ... well I have samba installed for sure ....04:39
onetinsoldierphillipsjk: you could also try asking in the #winehq channel about this04:39
pepeezetheroo, sorry, I wan't giving attention... do you have the "samba" packages installed? checked the init files?04:39
un214hackel: low-level format must be able to hog the system bus to function04:39
intokAnyone give me a hand with this? 10 hours and nothing on the forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9227361#post922736104:40
zetheroopepee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427372/04:40
YankDownUnderzetheroo, So, once it's installed/happy, then it's "service smbd restart" - or whatever...right...04:40
zetherooYankDownUnder: are you running Lucid?04:40
VarangerI've been having problems with the Lucid installation in both regular and alternate versions04:41
pepeezetheroo, try sudo /etc/init.d/smbd start04:41
YankDownUnderzetheroo, On four laptops, one box => the rest here (two laptops, two servers) are Karmic for the moment. The one Lucid laptop has been a test server and have been rebooting after changes (cuz I'm lazy)04:41
pepeezetheroo, if you want the daemon to start automatically, you should use update-rc.d04:41
TeenySHAD0Wis there an easy way to get the old version of evince from jaunty in karmic?  this new one has bugs...04:42
zetheroopepee:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/427390/04:42
VarangerIn regular, everything is installed but no X after the installation. My laptops is a Dell Inspiron 6400. ATI Mobility Radeon X1300, RAM 2 GB, HDD 80 GB. There is not /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /var/log/Xorg.0.log What can it be?? please help04:42
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jribTeenySHAD0W: bug number?04:42
caldwellim trying to fix the choppyness of movie player because im using it to watch a quicktime clip04:42
zetherooYankDownUnder: and on the Lucid system "sudo /etc/init.d/smb restart" works?04:42
pepeezetheroo, that's just a warning, not an error04:43
YankDownUnderzetheroo, /etc/init.d/smbd restart04:43
zetheroopepee: ok04:43
nb72Gaaaa.  Still no luck.04:43
TeenySHAD0Wjrib: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=60609004:43
pepeezetheroo, if does not work, try service smbd start04:43
ubuntuwell i guess i have to erase my damn6 systrem, lost every damn6 thin6g04:43
TeenySHAD0Wjrib: i installed the update, but it still lacks.04:43
caldwellhow to get to ggstreamerproperties04:43
un214"Logging in to X as root may cause very serious trouble." I want one good reason why that's acceptible.04:43
pepeezetheroo, or service start smbd04:43
Guest99344QUESTION: I'm having a problem. The desktop vanished, icons missing, can't right-click desktop. I tried using gconf-editor and setting apps->nautilus->preferences->show_desktop to "true", and it works, but as soon as I log out and back in again it is once again broken. Any ideas? Packages I can reinstall? Help!04:44
zetheroopepee, YankDownUnder: ok now with my fresh and clean smb.conf file and samba stopped I will attempt to add my shares using that Samba utility and then start Samba again ...04:44
un214Guest99344: don't bother reinstalling anything, the problem is resident in your home directory04:44
Guest99344un214: How so?04:44
ubuntun6eeds to b5e a damn6 system recovery on6 the live cd this is b5ullshit04:44
Guest99344un214: The problem exists on all 4 accounts on the system.04:44
jribGuest99344: nautilus is responsible for your desktop04:45
un214find . -user root might yeild the reason04:45
Guest99344jrib: Yes, I understand.04:45
jribTeenySHAD0W: best thing to do is probably to rebuild with the workaround in the comments04:45
un214you see, the problem has to do with the config file change not sticking04:46
Guest99344un214: yields nothing04:46
jribTeenySHAD0W: assuming the workaround isn't already in lucid04:46
TeenySHAD0Wi was able to find and install the workaround, but it doesn't do everything the original did.04:46
Guest99344un214: I checked the ~/.gconf/.../%gconf.xml file relating to nautilus04:46
Guest99344un214: the config is set04:46
un214I lose04:46
TeenySHAD0W99334, i had that problem before.04:46
jribTeenySHAD0W: well you can build the jaunty source package if you really want04:47
TeenySHAD0Whad to load desktop and panel manually in startup.04:47
TeenySHAD0Wthe jaunty binary won't work in karmic?04:47
VarangerWhen I install Ubuntu Lucid, there is no X after the installation. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6400. ATI Mobility Radeon X1300, RAM 2 GB, HDD 80 GB. There is not /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /var/log/Xorg.0.log What can it be?? please help04:47
jribTeenySHAD0W: wait, why are we talking jaunty and karmic and neglecting lucid?04:47
TeenySHAD0Wi'm sorry, the karmic worked fine, the lucid one has issues.04:48
jribTeenySHAD0W: right, rebuild the karmic source package, that's the cleanest way I can think of.  You're also gonna have to pin the version so it doesn't get upgraded04:48
Guest99344QUESTION: I'm having a problem. The desktop vanished, icons missing, can't right-click desktop. I tried using gconf-editor and setting apps->nautilus->preferences->show_desktop to "true", and it works, but as soon as I log out and back in again it is once again broken. This happens for all 4 accounts on the system.04:48
TeenySHAD0Wcan't just run the karmic binary?04:49
jribGuest99344: was it false before you changed it to true?04:49
TeenySHAD0W99334, i had that problem before.04:49
TeenySHAD0Whad to load desktop and panel manually in startup.04:49
YankDownUnderGuest22032, Have you also cleared out the /tmp dir => possibly also renaming the .gnome* and .nautilus* dirs in your homes for your other accounts?04:49
jribTeenySHAD0W: maybe.  Just rebuild it from source as that's safer04:49
TeenySHAD0Wokay, thank you.04:49
jribTeenySHAD0W: you understand that by "source" I mean "source package".  Not the make install dance04:49
TeenySHAD0Wi'll probably just wait.04:50
Guest99344jrib: No, it was always true.04:50
jribGuest99344: so how do you set it to true...?04:50
phillipsjkun214, umask does not apply to iso9660 filesystems according to the mount man page. umask applies to "msdos, umsdos and vfat "04:50
un214oh yes it does04:51
Guest99344jrib: I opened the gconf-editor, on a hunch, turned it to false, then BACK to true, and that fixed it temporarily.04:51
VarangerPlease help, there is no Xorg after the installation. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6400. ATI Mobility Radeon X1300, RAM 2 GB, HDD 80 GB. There is not /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /var/log/Xorg.0.log What can it be??04:51
Guest99344jrib: upon logging out and back in, however, it was broken again.04:51
jribGuest99344: create a fresh new user and verify the problem exists there please04:51
Guest99344No problem. I'll PM you.04:51
YankDownUnderVaranger, Er...so you're only getting to the cli login?04:51
Lovesyncyay ubuntu~04:52
almoxarifeGuest99344: add a startup action with this command 'compiz --replace'  , no quotes. I assume you are using compiz, that's how I beat the monster04:52
NaryaI can't change the default program for mp3 players for some reason04:52
VarangerYankDownUnder: The first time my laptop crashes with a black screen and red points in the upper screen04:52
CogitoErgoSamVaranger:  Do you mean an X session doesn't start, or just that you don't see an xorg.conf (which isn't really needed)04:53
VarangerYankDownUnder: Then I only get the cli login04:53
jrib!defaultapp | Narya04:53
ubottuNarya: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.04:53
Guest99344almoxarife: tried compiz --replace, no effect.04:53
Naryajrib: tried that04:53
YankDownUnderVaranger, Boot using livecd, copy the xorg.conf from the liveCD to the /etc/X11 dir on the local drive, reboot => see where that leads...eh?04:53
jribNarya: and what happened *exactly*?04:53
Guest99344almoxarife: the problem is nautilus, or more specifically, whatever keeps forgetting nautilus' settings.04:53
CogitoErgoSamVaranger:  Are you able to use recovery mode to get a lowered graphical session04:53
_pg_i downloaded xubuntu 9.10 for PPC iso but its 757 mb! how can i burn this on a cd?04:53
Naryajrib: I right click a file, open with, choose program, check box04:54
VarangerCogitoErgoSam: First my PC crashes and in the 2nd boot, X session doesn't start04:54
Naryaand go to open a file of the same type04:54
Naryaand the program isnt changed04:54
jribNarya: read what ubottu said more closely.  You are missing a step (click properties, before "open with")04:54
CogitoErgoSam_pg_: you sure you didn't download the netbook version?  It's meant to go on a > 1gb usb drive04:54
Naryajrib: Im an idiot04:54
_pg_no, Xubuntu-9.10-PowerPC Desktop04:54
jribNarya: nah04:54
VarangerYankDownUnder: isn't the liveCD's /etc/X11/xorg.conf vesa?04:55
GodricBrutussometimes it takes me at least 3 double-click tries to double click something. can anyone help me with that?04:55
jribGodricBrutus: try with a different mouse04:55
GodricBrutusits not my mouse settings04:55
GodricBrutusi tried with a different mouse04:55
intokAnyone give me a hand with this? 10 hours and nothing on the forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9227361#post922736104:55
YankDownUnderVaranger, Doesn't matter - just give it a go - see if it gets you to a graphical desktop of any sort...at least you're giving X something to work from...04:55
GodricBrutusi set the double click to really slow04:55
Guest99344jrib: Just created a new user. Logging in... No desktop interactivity. Can't right-click, and no icons display.04:55
jrib!enter | GodricBrutus04:55
ubottuGodricBrutus: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:55
=== Freek` is now known as Freek
jribGuest99344: what ubuntu version?04:55
_pg_i downloaded xubuntu 9.10 for PPC iso but its 757 mb! how can i burn this on a cd?04:56
loftus49I have a dual boot system with Ubuntu Lucid on one hard drive and Windows xp on the other.  The default boot is to Ubuntu.  However, if I want windows then I scroll down to it and select within 5 seconds.  However, most times, the keyboard doesn't respond and I am unable to scroll down.  How can I fix this?  I could not find a grub.conf file.04:56
Guest99344jrib: 10.04 -- installed the minimal ISO then did apt-get install ubuntu-desktop to install the remainder of the system -- the system has a dodgy CD drive, and no other ISO images would work.04:56
VarangerYankDownUnder: Ok I'll re-install Ubuntu. I tried to install Ubuntu from the alternate CD and it can even finish the installation04:56
jrib!grub2 > loftus4904:56
ubottuloftus49, please see my private message04:56
jribloftus49: that tells you about how to configure grub, don't know about your issue though04:57
VarangerYankDownUnder: ... can't even finish04:57
YankDownUnderVaranger, Didn't say to re-install mate...just use the xorg.conf from the livecd...04:57
onetinsoldierintok: what video card does that system have? make/model04:57
jribGuest99344: anything in ~/.xsession-errors?04:57
CogitoErgoSamVaranger:  If you can get in through recovery mode's low-graphic session you might need to change your grub boot parameters to include i915.modeset=104:57
Guest99344jrib: let me check.04:57
VarangerYankDownUnder: I know you told me that, but I have a broken installation so I have to re-install everything04:58
YankDownUnderVaranger, AH...sorry mate...didn't catch that bit...yeah...coolbeans04:58
Luija1006I got one doubt about lucid 10.04: The resolution is not the correct, but the system of getting the right nvidia resolution has now changed, before u had to enter hardware drivers and download the driver, now the windows simply says the laptop is not using private drivers, how I can download the nvidia driver in 10.04? (Kubuntu)04:58
_pg_i downloaded xubuntu 9.10 for PPC iso but its 757 mb! how can i burn this on a cd?04:59
henkboomI'm writing an application which needs to write out errors to a log file, is there somewhere specific that log file should that log file go?04:59
Juzzy_pg_: dvd?04:59
phillipsjkApparently not being able to execute software without the executable bit set is Ubuntu policy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/ExecutableBit  However, I can not set that bit on a read-only medium. Should this be reported as a bug?04:59
_pg_Juzzy xubuntu 9.10 desktop ppc cd04:59
YankDownUnder_pg_, Er...use the program you usually use to burn CD's with? Just "create from image file" ??05:00
adityagcan i update from 9.10 to 10.4 from a live cd?05:00
onetinsoldierintok: hello... you here?05:00
_pg_YankDownUnder: 757mb. cd=700mb05:00
Guest99344jrib: Nothing in .xsession-errors mentioning show_desktop, nautilus, or anything I can immediately relate05:00
Juzzyphillipsjk: heh :D05:00
wildbat_laptopphillipsjk, like what ? can't you cp over your home?05:00
onetinsoldierintok: hello... you here?05:01
Guest99344jrib: polkit, power-manager, compiz (GLXFBConfig), evolution, update-notifier, gnome-terminal05:01
Juzzyadityag: you dont need to even do that. change /etc/apt/sources.list to "lucid"; then apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade, reboot when finished05:01
* SuNk8 http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/contributor/SuNk8/ideas/05:01
YankDownUnder_pg_,      cdrecord -v -pad speed=1 dev=0,0,0 src.iso05:01
VarangerCogitoErgoSam: I should use i915.modeset=1 in grub.conf even I have an ATI card (ATI Mobility Radeon X1300) ?05:02
craigdoes anyone know what happened to the upnp plugin in 10.405:02
HinHinI found a rather nice script for new Ubuntu installations05:02
HinHinsaves on a bit of work05:02
_pg_Yankin osx?05:02
FloodBot4HinHin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:02
_pg_YankDownUnder: im in osx*05:02
HinHin:P basically it's a script to install things like flash, non-free codecs etc all automatically05:02
phillipsjkwildbat_laptop, trying to run an old CD-ROM game under emulation. The official Wine policy is that Windows should be emulated, rather than circumventing any "Disk check"05:02
CogitoErgoSamVaranger:  Hmm...forgot it was for intel drivers.  Can't hurt to try before makin anything permanent though if you do it this way:  At grub, select the kernel and press E05:02
jriburl 205:02
YankDownUnder_pg_, What program in OSX do you use to burn disks with?05:02
HinHinall the things really needed for a Ubuntu desktop05:02
CogitoErgoSamadd it after "quiet splash"05:03
CogitoErgoSamthat will try it once but not save the setting05:03
_pg_YankDownUnder: disc utility, or burn, or toast05:03
adityagJuzzy: where do i type "lucid"?05:03
mikebanksdoes anyone know how to set up synergy?05:03
YankDownUnder_pg_, Then Toast is yer answer mate05:03
CogitoErgoSamMikebanks:  Yeah what's your setup05:03
=== winXPuser is now known as Gryllida
_pg_YankDownUnder: ill look around for overburning. ive never heard of that before05:03
Guest99344jrib: Rebooting -- I just "aptitude reinstall"ed gconf2 and nautilus05:03
wrinkliezhey guys, is there a way to make gwibber minimize to the indicator applet? it seems to close every time05:04
VarangerCogitoErgoSam: It means it is a kernel option not a new line.05:04
intokonetinsoldier just the IGP, it only has PCI, I've only got an ancient rage 2+ dvd which doesn't like newer xservers05:04
un214I feel like answering questions with "Does somebody" or "Does anybody" with "Yes, but I don't."05:04
wildbat_laptopphillipsjk, you can mount cd with mask with exec bit on then~?05:04
adityag: Juzzy: where do i type "lucid"? /etc/apt/sources.list to "lucid"05:04
un214where it says jaunity or karmic05:05
jribHinHin: please don't recommend "magic scripts"05:05
nocturnusafter running unetbootin on my usbkey it says "no valid operating system when i try to boot it", boot flag is set, what's wrong?05:05
onetinsoldierintok: i looked at the forum post. only recently clicked on where you show your lspci output... you have an Intel 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device05:05
HinHin:p jrib i don't use it on my own systems05:05
phillipsjkno, according to the man page that is not supported for iso9660 filesystems05:05
Juzzyaddisonj: yep, you'll need to change every line there that has your current distro name in it05:05
HinHinit's for installs on other computers05:06
HinHinthat i want to get done quickly05:06
MrKeunerhi, how can I see what version of the microcode does the iwlagn driver use in kernel 2.6.32-21-generic05:06
Guest99344jrib: System reboted after reinstalling nautilus and gconf2 -- no effect, still having the issue.05:06
jribHinHin: I see "force" and "rm" all over the place, not even going to bother reading the rest05:06
dnivrahello. I am updating my sources and I get the error "ppa.launchpad.net Lucid Release signature couldn't be verified: no public key". How do I add the public key then?05:06
crdlbGuest99344: does adding a 'nautilus -n' autostart entry work around the problem?05:06
jribGuest99344: does it happen if you don't use compiz?05:06
un214yeah that's bad05:06
dnivraupdating package lists*05:06
YankDownUnderGuest99344, Have you tried creating a BRAND NEW USER and checking if that issues applies to the new user?05:06
Guest99344jrib: I'm not using compiz.05:06
onetinsoldierintok: it's known bug... there's nothing you can do but wait. see here at bottom of the Release notes titled "Intel 8xx X freezes/crashes" --> http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100405:07
Guest99344YankDownUnder: Yes, same problem as the other 4 users.05:07
tomatowhat user permissions is recommended for storing non critical files such as movies, photos, and music? 777?05:07
Guest99344crdlb: no effect05:07
=== ruben is now known as Guest99910
YankDownUnderGuest99344, So you've JUST NOW created a brand new user, and the same thing happened?05:07
Guest99344yankDownUnder: Yes, already tried this a while ago.05:07
CogitoErgoSamIntok:  Just caught the conversation...having probs with intel integrated graphics?05:08
YankDownUnderGuest99344, Is this a fresh install, or an upgrade, or a reformat of the / leaving the /home partition?05:08
CogitoErgoSamIntok: I might have a fix for you05:08
intokonetinsoldier dam, cause the box isn't mine, working in new linux converts from broken windows installs05:08
wildbat_laptopphillipsjk, isn't mode and dmode aer for that?05:08
Guest99344YankDownUnder: Fresh install of 10.04 from minimal ISO -- apt-get install'd ubuntu-desktop and set up new users. Having the issue now. Tried making a new user, same problem.05:09
CogitoErgoSamIntok:  Nm you said 8xx, I thought you were referring to i8xx/i9xx laptop chipsets05:09
GodricBrutusis there any way to convert an x86 .deb to an x64 .deb?05:09
jribGuest99344: keep an eye on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/57394705:09
onetinsoldierintok: i imagine they'll fix it... it's just going to take a little time for 'em to do so05:09
VarangerCogitoErgoSam: I am sorry but I still don't understand why I should use i915.modeset=1 in an ATI card ?05:10
onetinsoldierintok: perhaps CogitoErgoSam can help you somehow05:10
bz0bhey guys does anyone here know how to use lpr drivers in ubuntu, i am trying to get this brother printer hooked up05:10
adityaghow do i update from 9.10 to 10.4, my internet connection stops after some time so  i cant update it from update manager05:10
fabianhjralarm-clock is crashing after a few minutes. Defeats purpose.(1.2.5-1) Happened After Upgrade. Anyone experiencing the same problems?05:10
tomatoif i created a user named sabnzbduser to use sabnzbd, does it make sense to add the sabnzbduser group to my main login so that i can access its files?05:10
chetnickanyone good with sound troubleshoting? I need help really bad http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147151105:11
CogitoErgoSami915.modeset seems to help with a lot of the "black screen after grub" probs05:11
maxxistWhat is a good app in the repos for decrypting dvd's?  kinda like dvd-decrypter for windoze.  i am not looking for transcoding.05:11
jribadityag: you can update from update-manager, it will resume the download.  But you could also use the alternate CD I suppose05:11
CogitoErgoSammight even just be a conflict that stops other drivers from loading for all I know05:11
bz0bi installed the lpr driver but it still doesn't detect the driver in the gui printing service05:11
Guest99344jrib: Thanks for the link. I'll submit my information as well. Problem is, this is a family computer, I'm only visiting for a week. By the time this gets fixed, I'll likely be out of the state.05:11
* ramenfan123 has had i915.modeset problems05:11
YankDownUnderGuest99344, Ok...strange thing this - what about just quickly installed windowmaker on the system (small install), setting that as the default, make sure X boots graphically? Otherwise, I'm beginning to think that there is a residual issue in the /home dirs relating to .gnome* or .nautilus* or .config* or .cache* => but I'm guessing on history of your issue mate05:11
=== radar3d is now known as radar3d|Zzz
jrib!dvd > maxxist05:11
ubottumaxxist, please see my private message05:11
adityagjrib: whats the alternate cd?05:11
CogitoErgoSamRegardless, its a quick fix to try just by using E at the grub list and adding it to the boot params05:11
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal05:11
CogitoErgoSamif it works, great, if it doesn't, it only applies it for that session05:11
jribGuest99344: see if you can workaround it by running gconftool on startup05:11
bz0bdoes anyone have any idea on how to help me with my prob05:11
Guest99344YankDownUnder: The window manager boots fine. The issue is that I can't right-click the desktop or see any icons.05:12
maxxistjrib, ty.05:12
adityagjrib: and it does not resume when i restart05:12
stanley_Hi guys, just upgraded from 8.10, I am using a dell dimesnion 2350 and I can't get the enhanced graphics to work...I still have the integrated graphics card05:12
linuxgeckoi am currently trying to install lucid to my brother's soon-to-be pc. i'm in the livecd environment, and i get a black gui.  what am i missing?05:12
stanley_any suggestions?05:12
jrib!alternate | adityag05:12
ubottuadityag: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal05:12
YankDownUnderGuest99344, Yes...this you've stated...05:12
aigooAny suggestions of a good pdf viewer for Ubuntu05:12
jribaigoo: the default one... evince05:12
bz0bhey does someone have an idea on how to use lpr drivers?05:12
Guest99344YankDownUnder: basically, gconf2 is missing the show_desktop variable.05:12
YankDownUnderGuest99344, That's why I'm trying to get to things from a Gnome related thought train...05:13
CogitoErgoSamlinuxgecko:  Does the PC have intel integrated graphics05:13
intokonetinsoldier CogitoErgoSam any hope to get the ATI Rage2+ DVD going on 10.04? Currently it just crashes at boot, I'm guessing not thoguh since it's a GPU from '9605:13
onetinsoldieraigoo: evince works ok for me05:13
onetinsoldierintok: no idea... sorry05:13
Guest99344YankDownUnder: I don't see how this is relevant... How would a different window manager matter? The issue is with nautilus in gnome.05:13
linuxgeckoCogitoErgoSam:  yes 82865G.05:13
abadabad00can anyone help me fix my audio in ubuntu 10.04. I simply want my sound to work. really frustrated at all the hooplaa regarding audio and soundcards in ubuntu... alsa, pulse, 20 million different set-up tools. Hand holding. Sure, maybe i need some after dealing with this for as long as I have and googling so much useless outdated information.05:14
CogitoErgoSamintok:  I'm honestly not sure, I just know that the i915 fix seems to help with a fair amount of the "black screen" probs05:14
adityagi want to download a 64 bit for intel i3 processor, but there is no option for downloading 64-bit intel processors05:14
jribadityag: amd6405:14
YankDownUnderGuest22032, IF you can right-click the desktop in something else...ergo ergo ergo...checking to see if it's not something more...elimination of "the obvious" narrows down the "not so obvious"05:14
adityag jrib: that must be for amd processors, right?05:14
CogitoErgoSamlinuxgecko:  Not sure if it will help with that particular line of cards, but you can try the fix that worked for me by selecting the kernel from the grub list and pressing E05:15
jribadityag: no, that's just the name for the architecture05:15
jribadityag: I'm using it on my core 2 duo right now :)05:15
Guest99344YankDownUnder: Trying windowmaker.05:15
CogitoErgoSamlinuxgecko:  then, right after where it says "quick splash" you can add "i915.modeset=1" on the same line05:15
adityag jrib: so i should download the alternate 1, right?05:15
CogitoErgoSamthen boot with that and see if it works05:15
jribadityag: right05:15
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash05:15
CogitoErgoSamif it does, great, if not, it only uses that parameter once05:15
jribadityag: then follow the instructions on using it to upgrade05:16
bz0bhey anyone here know how to use lpr in 9.10?05:16
adityagthanks jrib05:16
chetnickanyone good with sound troubleshoting? I need help really bad http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147151105:17
bz0bno one here know anything about lpr seriously man like how long does it take to get a frickin response here05:17
stanley_hey guys, dell dimension, just upgraded would really like to get extra effects working but I can;t - REALLY need help05:17
TUplinkif im looking to see what chipset my system has where can i find it?05:17
Geoffrey2since upgrading to Lucid, I'm getting a configuration server error on startup, telling me gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 25605:17
chetnickbz0b: i've been waiting for years05:17
bz0bso chetnick do u know how to use lpr?05:18
fabianhjrAnyone having issues with alarm-clock 1.2.5-1? It is crashing after a while. Trying to downgrade.05:18
ade2_bz0b, it would help to have a little more info.  Have you added the printer?  What happens when you try to use the lpr command?05:18
macobz0b: if there's nobody online right now that knows how to answer your question, ubuntuforums.org is a good place to ask since it doesnt depend on getting the right timing05:18
chetnickbz0b: go to gentoo, you'll probably get some help there.05:18
jribbz0b: 1) ask a better question than "anyone know anything about lpr".  If someone doesn't answer, repeat the question.  2) We're users like you volunteering our time and we're more likely to help you without the attitude05:18
macochetnick: are you the one that i told to file a bug earlier today?05:18
bz0blol really? i dont think gentoo ppl like ubuntu ppl05:18
abadabad00i have a sound blaster audigy 4 and an m-audio audiophile 192 sound card in my pc running ubuntu 10.04. Simple question, how can I get Ubuntu to make the Audigy the sound card taking care of output (playback) and the Audiophile the sound card taking care of input (recording)05:18
chetnickmaco: yeah.05:18
TUplinkWonder why   APPLE MICROSOFT dont like each other LOL05:18
macochetnick: you just have to wait for the bug to be fixed05:18
chetnickbz0b: lpr is not ubuntu utillity.05:18
bz0bjrib: ok well whats a better question how about can someone help me figure out how to hook up my brother mfc490cw printer up?05:19
jrib!print > bz0b05:19
ubottubz0b, please see my private message05:19
macobz0b: thats a cups question more than an lpr question, i think05:19
chetnickmaco: i dont think it's a bug. By the way i read the rules for filling the bug, and i dont meet the requirements.05:19
macobz0b: lpr just sends jobs to the printer. cups is how you setup the printer05:19
Besogonhello. I can't share my home dir for guest account with samba. Could you please help me?05:19
macochetnick: "dont meet the requirements"?05:19
chetnickbz0b: try man lpr05:20
bz0bok so how do i get the cups driver for my brother printer05:20
phillipsjkOk, I can't file a bug report because the package in question (wine) is following Ubuntu policy. How do I file a bug report against a policy? should I file a bug against mount because it does not support "umask" for iso9660 filesystems?05:20
abadabad00i have a sound blaster audigy 4 and an m-audio audiophile 192 sound card in my pc running ubuntu 10.04. Simple question, how can I get Ubuntu to make the Audigy the sound card taking care of output (playback) and the Audiophile the sound card taking care of input (recording)05:20
macoabadabad00: install pavucontrol and you can move streams between devices05:20
macophillipsjk: er...what? because its following ubuntu policy? what do you mean? whats teh bug?05:21
macochetnick: what do you mean you dont meet the requirements to file a bug?05:21
kepp1oabadabad00:  I have essentially the same setup05:21
linuxgec1oCogitoErgoSam: is that card a known issue? i lost my connection05:21
chetnickmaco: you need to be able to reproduce condition, and some other stuff i read today.05:22
abadabad00kepplo - any help would be appreciated. I just installed pavucontrol and am looking into it05:22
macochetnick: does it consistently Not Work?05:22
macochetnick: if so: reproducible05:22
think_hi all05:22
think_Hey guys, I'm trying to install a .bin app on Ubuntu and it doesn't work at all... Do the .bin files work on Ubuntu? If yes how? Thank you05:22
kepp1oabadabad00:  I just set the input and output to the different devices.  You'll have to figure out what the devices are referenced as05:22
CogitoErgoSamlinuxgec1o:  Yes I believe the intel prob is in the bug database05:22
pvl1think_, whered u get it from05:23
phillipsjkmaco: to file a bug, you must identify the package at fault. In this case, wine on executing files on a CD-Rom is doing the right thing according to Ubuntu policy, but the wrong thing according to the policy of the wine developers05:23
pvl1think_, link plz05:23
Guest99344YankDownUnder: Installed wmaker -- how do I set that as the window manager?05:23
chetnickmaco: i think what they meant is, get working system, and hibernate again, if it doesn't work ... then file a bug. I will try to file a bug, and see what happens.05:23
aigooWhat should I download to make the mouse work in cli?05:23
abadabad00kepplo seems like my audigy is being referenced as "dummy device". i think Ubuntu is the "dummy device" here...05:23
phillipsjk*not executing05:23
macophillipsjk: what are the right thing according to wine and the right thing according to ubuntu?05:23
macochetnick: im a developer ;-) i know what they mean05:23
mook__ I am sick of this system asking me for a password on everything i do? how do i setup up my main user name as root or super user or what ever? the frist password i enter should be the LAST passoword i am sick of these damn passwords and not able to enter the ROOT FOLDER or the lost and found, i am sick of ubuntu restriceding me, this is worse then windows...05:24
think_ried /.name.bin and it gave me the following error:./GoogleEarthLinux.bin: command not found05:24
pvl1aigoo, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83848205:24
macochetnick: because the hardware varies from system to system, trying it on some random other system and finding diffrent behaviour doesnt make it not-reproducible05:24
kepp1oabadabad00:  not recognized?  Does it work in windows?05:25
pvl1mook__, or u can rewrite ur access. i guarentee iwth a root account sooner or later ur gonna screw this ups05:25
macochetnick: if your installed system and a live cd behave the same, it verifies that its a bug and not "chetnick was screwing around and messed up the configuration" which makes it perfectly valid for you to file05:25
=== PhilMath- is now known as PhilMather
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:25
CogitoErgoSamEau du humanity05:25
abadabad00kepplo - yes. sorry to say, but everything seems to work in windows. only a headache to get it installed here05:25
mook__the fuck is that flood bot05:25
macomook__: watch your language05:25
Guest99344YankDownUnder: Installed wmaker -- how do I set that as the window manager?05:25
bazhangmook__, watch the language05:25
phillipsjkmaco: Ubuntu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/ExecutableBit Wine: http://wiki.winehq.org/CopyProtection05:26
chetnickmaco: there was a bug filled for sound not working after coming out of hibernation. But after reboot sound is back. My completly broke.05:26
=== Guest99344 is now known as hunter
macochetnick: i dont care what /other/ bugs are filed. as i said, hardware varies.  what about *your* bug?05:26
=== hunter is now known as Guest61642
safeSomehow I can't see the menu in nautilus, is there a way to reset all values to default?05:26
=== Guest61642 is now known as z3row3b
phillipsjkmaco from the wine site; "Wine cannot and will not break the functionality of these copy protection products. Wine's goal is to be compatible with Windows software including copy protection. Although some would advocate the use of illegally modified or 'cracked' games, Wine does not support, advocate, or even view this as a solution."05:27
pvl1CogitoErgoSam, #ubuntu-fr05:27
vexati0nSo... I purchased 2 albums from the Ubuntu One store, and the songs are in by Ubuntu One files, but not syncing anywhere on my PC... wtf ?05:27
YankDownUnderz3row3b, Oyo...hang on a tick05:27
pvl1aigoo, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=838482 just making sure u got it05:27
linuxgec1oCogitoErgoSam:  i don' have a gui to peruse it..  is the a readerss digest workaround?05:27
fabianhjrManually downgrading from alarm-clock 1.2.5-1 to previous Karmic Latest version fixed the alarm-clock crashes. Thanks for the help :|05:27
CogitoErgoSamI was making a joke, not actually tryin to speak french05:27
pvl1CogitoErgoSam, oh lol just making sure05:28
kepp1oabadabad00:  on my setup I have a built in soundboard encoding aux into a stream and an external USB SoundBlaster for playing audio.05:28
nawk_what system is responsible for providing multiple workspaces?05:29
abadabad00kepplo - nice. now how did you get it working in ubuntu? and what version of ubuntu are you using?05:29
mxe5what is the Shell command to tell what version of Ubuntu you are running ? ?05:29
CogitoErgoSamlinuxgec1o:  Send me a pm and I can walk you through the i915 fix05:29
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »05:29
safeLet me rephrase: Where does the conf files for nautilus exist?05:29
linuxgec1oCogitoErgoSam:  kk..  sending soon.05:29
onetinsoldiermxe5: lsb_release -a05:30
mxe5bazhang; Thanks05:30
linuxgec1omxe5: head -n 5 /etc/apt/sources.list ??:)05:30
onetinsoldierdoh.. i was too late05:30
macophillipsjk: where on the executable bit page does it say anything about cracking software though? im a bit confused. and this should probably go in #ubuntu-bugs ...05:30
kepp1oabadabad00:  I set it up initially on ubuntu, but then I moved the box to dreamlinux.  Same setup though05:30
abadabad00which is..........05:31
abadabad00same hardware setup you mean??05:31
kepp1oabadabad00:  playback is on /dev/dsp1 and recording on dev/dsp05:31
kepp1oabadabad00:  dreamlinux is another flavor of linux.05:31
phillipsjkMaco: since I cannot mount the disk with an executable mask, I would have to copy the files to the hard-disk; requiring the circumvention of any "copy protection"05:31
abadabad00i know that05:32
kepp1oabadabad00:  same hardware05:32
abadabad00sigh. i'm god damned tired of tinkering with this crap for hours rather than making music, or building circuits, or reading a book, or writing code, or being in the sun.05:32
kepp1oabadabad00:  it's always a pain to setup audio though.  Have you tried both the ALSA and OSS ?05:33
YankDownUnderz3row3b, You can change it at the login screen (it's in the SESSION option dialogue)05:33
mclark1129Hello, I am having difficulties using WPA encryption with my Ubuntu 9.10 setup.05:33
macophillipsjk: ah.... i dont see umasks being mentioned particularly on the wiki page though. is it actually not possible to mount them executable or not default?05:33
abadabad00kepplo - i don't really know how. I have been messing around with pulse audio05:33
ravibnHi! How to get back the system tray in Karmic 9.10  ?05:34
mook_How do i remove the stupid password window and become the suprem super user of the system, i should olny have to enter the password at boot up not a million passwords just to do simple stuff, this is some big brother type shit, can't even acces the root folder, i havem my acount in the group ADMIN but it still asking me for a password... i want rid of thar crap, i have a firewall and there are no virus and i know what i am installing, at least windows alows me05:34
mook_full access05:34
FloodBot3mook_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:34
FloodBot1mook_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:34
=== rgreening__ is now known as rgreening
YankDownUnderravibn, Er...right-click the panel, ADD => System Tray ....?05:35
phillipsjkMaco: the umask feature is limited to umsdos, vfat, hfs, fat05:35
kepp1oabadabad00:  I used audacity to switch devices around to figure out which one was which.05:35
bazhangmook_, you have been asked not to curse here05:35
onetinsoldiermook_: sudo -i05:35
kepp1oabadabad00:  haven't mucked around with pulse audio much05:35
Horussomeone knows how to get again my file login 'cause i deleteed it with seahorse, i waas trying to delete a code and deleted all the file05:35
=== MikeH__ is now known as MikeH_
UbuntuJeffI was wandering if anyone here has used cairo-dock before? If so do you know how I can make it smaller? its really big to me and I want the dock and all the icons to go smaller.05:36
ravibnYankDownUnder : cannot see the system tray in that list of applications05:36
krelboynemook: sudo -s if you want to shoot your feet ;-)05:36
mclark1129What does it mean when it says wpa_supplicant[822]: Association request to the driver failed in the syslog?05:36
skydromemook_ try windows05:36
macophillipsjk: i see. i'll poke some other developers when they wake in a few hours and see if they know anything about making iso9660 play nice with that. thanks05:36
mook_thats it?? sudo -i? will i have to enter it ever again?05:36
think_pvl1_  it  worked think u05:36
YankDownUnderUbuntuJeff, Change the size under the Appearance => Icons05:36
onetinsoldiermook_: no05:36
macomook_: thatll get you a root shell05:36
YankDownUnderravibn, Gnome or KDE or XFce or what ??05:36
mook_i want to stay root forever!05:36
pvl1think_, ty too, never thought to do that05:36
mclark1129My router is periodically will not let me authenticate05:36
macomook_: you could also read "man sudoers" and learn how to make sudo run without a password05:36
ravibnYankDownUnder : Gnome05:37
gnufunmook_: man sudo05:37
pvl1think_, oops wrong person. but np05:37
Loshkimook_: that is *such* a bad idea. Not doing everything as root is one of the reasons linux has almost no viruses...05:37
YankDownUnderravibn, "Notification Area"05:37
macoLoshki: stop it with your logic :P05:37
UbuntuJeffYankDownUnder, thanks that helped a lot, fixed just what I needed to :)05:37
Loshkimaco: :-)05:38
ravibnYankDownUnder : what is that ?05:38
YankDownUnderUbuntuJeff, Awesome mate - deposit 40 mil in my account and we're cool mate! :)05:38
PsynoKhi0greetings, I was wondering if the old partition alignment applied even in dual-boot with other previously installed linux distros05:38
mook_ubuntu is a SERVER... not a desktop... you never see windows asking for passwords05:38
abadabad00wow... how about that.... audacity just works. No bs. I just tell it "hey, this is my output card and this other one here? its my input card". Audacity goes - "oh yeah, super. let me just do that without a hassle!"05:38
UbuntuJeffYankDownUnder, lmao! I wish I had even 1 mil lol05:38
YankDownUnderravibn, Add => Notification Area05:38
macomook_: thats because windows is Doin It Wrong05:38
mxe5linuxgec1o; I just used the shell command - head -n 5 /etc/apt/sources.list - and it said this -  http://imagebin.org/95506 - So is this the Final release version ? I have been doing updates all along ? ?05:38
abadabad00now to get ubuntu proper to do this.....05:38
krelboynemook: if you really want to... go on and get a password for your root acount, that way you could access from gdm as root05:38
YankDownUnderUbuntuJeff, Ok..I'll take beer, and women05:38
macomook_: why do you think windows gets so much malware issues?05:38
UbuntuJeffYankDownUnder, all I got is whiskey and no women sorry, but if you like whiskey got a full bottle in there05:38
krelboynemook: not a good idea by the way05:39
ravibnYankDownUnder : Thanks a lot man got back all that was minimized05:39
macomook_: i suggest you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo to get an idea of the security implications of what you want to do05:39
YankDownUnderMS Windows was designed from the beginning as a single user OS => basically a graphical menu system sitting ontop of MSDOS. It hasn't changed in the past 18 years much.05:39
pvl1maco, what about a keyring?05:39
macopvl1: what?05:39
mook_i do not have full access to the entire system, i can't mod system files with just copy and paste like i can in windows, i been modding windows since 95..05:40
PsynoKhi0YankDownUnder: cancel or allow? hehe05:40
pvl1maco, if mook_ sets up a keyring, would the sys still bother him05:40
YankDownUnderPsynoKhi0, Both.05:40
linuxgec1omxe5:  that output makes no sense to me..05:40
macomook_: hint: thats a GOOD thing because it means *neither can crackers*05:40
macopvl1: yes05:40
macopvl1: the keyring has a password too :P05:40
pvl1mook_ ,ever crash a system05:40
pvl1maco, oh right05:40
mook_linux is suppose to be OPEN SOURCE....05:41
mxe5linuxgec1o; ok - try a different one ?05:41
UbuntuJeffI know this is random, but I will say in my opinion I think 10.04 is better then 9.04 to me anyways. Seems to run smoother and faster.05:41
Adman65I'm on 8.04 LTS, is there some way to upgrade to 10.04 LTS ?05:41
Out_Coldmook_, maco also means you can't 'accidentally' mess up your compy05:41
macomook_: read th wiki page i linked you to05:41
macomook_: itll answer your questions and tell you why you're making a big mistake05:41
pvl1mook_, OPEN SOURCE means u can DOWNLOAD the SOURCE CODE05:41
FeasibilityStudywhy is Ubuntu One downloading all the stuff I uploaded when I do a sync?  I don't want it all back on my PC.05:41
macoOut_Cold: oy yeah that too05:41
UbuntuJeffAdman65, yeah upgrade to 8.10, then 9.04, then 9.10, then 10.04. you would be better off just doing a clean install.05:41
macoFeasibilityStudy: because thats what "sync" means05:41
mxe5linuxgec1o; I know that why I'm confused about it reporting something about Beta05:41
Out_ColdFeasibilityStudy, that's One for ya... syncs all computers connected05:41
bazhangAdman65, UbuntuJeff lts to lts upgrade is supported in one step05:41
macoFeasibilityStudy: synchronized... matching... whatever's on your desktop matches the server05:42
FeasibilityStudymaco: yeah I understand that, but is there a way to turn off downloading?05:42
PsynoKhi0mook_: open source and privileges have nothing to do with each other actually05:42
UbuntuJeffbazhang, oh! sorry. I didn't know that.05:42
Adman65bazhang: how ?05:42
macoFeasibilityStudy: so you just use it as an ftp server?05:42
PsynoKhi0user privileges*05:42
FeasibilityStudymaco: basically yeah05:42
bazhang!upgrade | Adman65 please read this05:42
ubottuAdman65 please read this: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading05:42
FeasibilityStudyremote storage05:42
mook_i would be making a misstake by using windows, which can easily play all my games without locking them out, thats why i have firewalls, i never got a virus on windows in 3 years, i always checks my system prossess05:42
LoshkiAdman65: note that if you are accustomed to and like 8.04 stability, I think it's premature to upgrade to 10.04...05:43
AbuMaia1mook_ so why are you coming to Ubuntu if you haven't had problems with Windows?05:43
macoFeasibilityStudy: im not sure about that...its probably possible to set the server up as an ftp network folder, but i wouldnt know the info to give it to do that05:43
Out_Coldmook_, linux isn't for everyone. if you love windows so much, stick to it05:43
Adman65need more up to date ruby packages05:43
YankDownUnderFunny that - after years and years of folks ALWAYS saying "Don't upgrade" - and that advice is reflected all over the net - everywhere you look - you still find people doing upgrades and wondering why they have issues...sorry, just had to state the obvious.05:43
mook_i only needed 15 process to run windows!!!05:43
macomook_: good for you05:43
PsynoKhi0Out_Cold: bad answer >.<05:43
UbuntuJeffAdman65, try this link, its for the beta but should work still for what you want. http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/beta105:44
Out_ColdPsynoKhi0, can't change the unwilling05:44
macoYankDownUnder: eh? i dont tend to see lots of "dont upgrade!" rather "zomg the new stuff is so cool!! UPGRADE!"05:44
UbuntuJeffAdman65, has a section called "Upgrading from Ubuntu 9.10 or Ubuntu 8.04 LTS"05:44
Loshkimook_: I was interested that you mentioned modding above. I would say that modding takes on a whole new dimension when you have the source code for everything...05:44
PsynoKhi0Out_Cold: you can always direct them to other distros with separate root user and let them trash their system to heir heart's content :P05:44
YankDownUndermaco, Well, then after 32 years, I must be wrong, and must be researching in the wrong areas/places/groups/sites. Thanks for the insite!05:44
IdleOne!windows | mood705:45
ubottumood7: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:45
macoYankDownUnder: 32 years? ubuntu's only been around for 5...05:45
goddardIs it possible to put a link up so people can download one of my Ubuntu One files?05:45
mook_this is like the govement telling me it would be unsafe for me to have a gun... that they would protect me...............05:45
IdleOne!windows | mook_05:45
ubottumook_: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:45
abadabad00kepplo - so Audacity worked and it is isung ASLA. Ubuntu doesn't and apparently it is using PULSE. How do I get Ubuntu to use ASLA instead of Pulse?05:45
IdleOnesorry mood7, tab fail05:45
Out_ColdPsynoKhi0, i thought that was the point of windows... linux is not for the closed minded05:45
macomook_: if you dont like the way ubuntu works, then *dont use it*05:45
bazhangmook_, stay on topic please05:45
FeasibilityStudyPsynoKhi0: You don't need a different distro for that:  I use Ubuntu and I have a root user.05:45
doleyb_abadabad00: you can simply apt-get remove pulseaudio05:45
macomook_: nobody is forcing you to switch to ubuntu05:45
CogitoErgoSamYank:  I think some of the problems might be that people interpreted 10.04's status as an LTS to mean it is completely and utterly stable, perfect, etc...05:45
AbuMaia1methinks mook is trolling05:45
YankDownUndermaco, Linux => Since 1992. MS Windows => Since 1992 => OS/2 => Since 1988 => UNIX => since ferever05:45
abadabad00you guys are all being really hard on mook05:45
Flannelmook_: Please calm down and stay  ontopic.  If you'd like Ubuntu support, we can help, but you'll need to remain polite and rational.05:45
PsynoKhi0FeasibilityStudy: shhhhhh!!05:46
jud1i don't suppose anyone can help me? I got a bit out of my depth and messed my operating system up a bit05:46
AbuMaia1what's the issue jud1?05:46
macoYankDownUnder: ok but whats that have to do with whether people tend to say you should or shouldnt try the latest ubuntu release?05:46
karma_policei want to install ubuntu to a flash drive so i can use it on multiple host pc's. what is the best way? i have been using live usb but it takes long to boot and shut down05:46
aaaoooaaahi guys, im running virtualbox on karmic and am having issues getting winxp on VB to find any connected devices besides my mouse; can someone help me?05:46
LucidFoxI try to boot the Lucid desktop CD, and it says:05:46
PsynoKhi0btw I was wondering if the old partition alignment applied even in dual-boot with other previously installed linux distros05:46
goddardIs it possible to put a link up so people can download one of my Ubuntu One files?05:47
macoYankDownUnder: i will agree that some people say to wait a month or two after release so the remaining kinks get worked out05:47
macoYankDownUnder: but "dont upgrade EVAR"... not so much05:47
YankDownUndermaco, "Using" "Installing" and "Upgrading" are three different things, my friend...upgrading from versions ain't always a nice happy clean way to go...05:47
Flannelmook_: sudo exists to protect users from a variety of things, including malicious things but not solely for that purpose.  It also protects you from accidentally screwing up your system, and a variety of other things.05:47
LucidFoxBUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [plymouthd:1062]05:47
vexati0nkarma_police, that's the best way i've found. you might get a real install to work but it won't load all the drivers for different computers (which is what takes the live usb so long to boot)05:47
IdleOnegoddard: not in here05:47
Semitonesgoddard, I think you're talking about public links05:47
AbuMaia1I actually enjoy the hunting and problem solving it takes to get a new system up and running ^_^05:47
FeasibilityStudyPsynoKhi0: What is your question?  The way you worded it makes no sense.05:47
macoYankDownUnder: wait are you making a distinction between upgrading via reinstall versus upgrading over the network?05:47
goddardSemitones yep05:47
Semitonesgoddard, I don't know the details of ubuntuone, but I think it's possible -- just look for how to find the public url05:48
karma_policethats what i thought.. i like the versatility of having multiple computer access.. that and i can show linux off to windoze users when i fix there crap05:48
=== huber is now known as huber-
CogitoErgoSammook_: the sudo setup also helps log actions taken with the higher level of authorization to help you audit and/or fix changes made through sudo05:48
macogoddard: yes you can make things public/shareable. might require using the web interface05:48
MrKeunerintel wifi 5300 keeps getting disconnected, anybody has a solution for that? Lucid...05:48
Out_ColdCogitoErgoSam, how is that?05:48
goddardmaco cool good to know05:48
YankDownUndermaco, Here, in my biz and my lab, upgrading is NOT an option. Backing up data, blowing out the entire workstation (even the /home dir) is the best way. Path of least resistance. Least trouble, least work, least support. Hot donuts!05:48
CogitoErgoSamIts been a while since I needed to check, but don't commands run with sudo get logged?05:49
IdleOnegoddard: sorry I misunderstood your question05:49
karma_policeis there a way to get it to save your settings and log in with a user other than root when you boot it?05:49
=== AbuMaia1 is now known as AbuMaia
PsynoKhi0FeasibilityStudy: oh? hmm ok so the release notes state that "By default, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS aligns partitions on disk to 1 MiB (1048576 bytes) boundaries."05:49
mook_i already had t reinstall my entire system 10 min again becuse the grapics driver failed and everything went down hill, i don't think i need t worry about a crack or sudo screwing up my system05:49
mxe5onetinsoldier; Does this shell return mean I'm running the Final release version ???  http://imagebin.org/9550705:49
bazhangmook_, on a server?05:49
AbuMaiajud1: are you still there?  what's your issue?05:49
LucidFoxOr alternatively. How do I show the Lucid boot menu?05:49
macoYankDownUnder: oh sure, blowing everything away is the most foolproof, but its far from the most convenient if you dont want to spend 3 hours reconfiguring everything and cherry-picking bits of your .kde/ to get all your mail back05:49
onetinsoldiermxe5: yes05:49
LucidFoxfrom the live CD05:49
FeasibilityStudyPsynoKhi0: Yes there were a lot of controversy about that.  Ubuntu changed the way KB and MB are counted.05:50
pvl1mook_, in modding your system did u ever crash it? also you have to worry about viruses on windows. here you dont. also, dont u get bored of looking at windows05:50
pvl1or thru05:50
mclark1129I am having trouble with WPA2 Personal encryption on my router authenticating me.  What does it mean when it says wpa_supplicant[822]: Association request to the driver failed in the syslog?05:50
goddardIdleOne its all good05:50
mclark1129I am using the right password, and sometimes it works just fine, other times it times out and gives this message.05:50
pvl1mclark1129, did u install wpa_supplicant yourself or what05:50
macopvl1: there are linux viruses (though not in the wild for current systems) but the more common issue on linux systems is targetted attacks... where passwords are a *good* thing05:50
pvl1mclark1129, oh what about your driver then05:50
mxe5onetinsoldier; Cool - Thought so - just wasn't sure - Thanks05:50
mclark1129no, it came stock on my 9.10 setup then05:50
macoFeasibilityStudy: ubuntu didnt change it. the IEEE did05:51
PsynoKhi0FeasibilityStudy: oh actually I'm wondering about the implications of the new partition alignment05:51
onetinsoldiermxe5: sure. your welcome05:51
mclark1129I'm using the hybrid_wl driver for BCM431205:51
YankDownUndermaco, Kmail/Kontact is backed up...(or was)...always a good thing! (but renamed it, and re-imported to save from any KDE related strangeness - as there is ALWAYS strangeness with KDE applications)05:51
pvl1maco, well sure u can rip a system with SUDO rm -r /*05:51
mclark1129I installed that myself05:51
macoFeasibilityStudy: ubuntu just started following the established standard terminology05:51
vexati0nWill Ubuntu One still sync while I am logged out?05:51
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!05:51
mook_i never got virus on windows, never will, i have crashed every linux system out well over 50 times in the last 5 years, most of the crashes was from the system screwing up05:51
PsynoKhi0FeasibilityStudy: I way past the MB vs MiB thing05:51
pvl1maco, but making it run via an email?05:51
macopvl1: sure, email someone a .desktop file and tell them it's an e-card05:52
amabodoes anyone know how to get the Last.fm official application to scrobble a connected ipod? it asks "where is your ipod mounted" and i don't know where to direct it :-\05:52
macopvl1: yay trojans :)05:52
karma_policei love 10.04. very snappy... i'm using linux mint menu tho >:)05:52
pvl1mook_, then that just means that ur arrogant and ignorant. why did u even choose to come to linux if youwere so happy with windows?05:52
Flannelmook_: If you've used Linux for five years, you'll have no problem figuring out how to make it so sudo doesn't bother you.  Is there anything else we can help you with today?05:52
ubottuIn Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see http://alturl.com/b6ja | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://alturl.com/x5d605:52
goddardWhats the project website for deb?05:52
CogitoErgoSamJust double checked, and yes, sudo actions are logged in /var/log/auth.log05:52
macoamabo: type "mount" in a terminal and itll tell you. should be /media/IPOD or something like that05:52
bazhangpvl1, keep it civil and on topic05:52
FeasibilityStudymook_ GTFO05:52
CogitoErgoSamso commands you run at the higher level of rights can be checked to try and undo anything terrible05:52
pvl1maco, my friend did that exact thing and manage to rewrite every filename to "penis" on another friend05:52
chetnickmaco: i filled a bug.05:52
mook_it seems ubuntu removed ROOT? uhh crap05:52
pvl1bazhang, my b05:53
h00kFeasibilityStudy: that attitude is not welcome here05:53
IdleOneFeasibilityStudy: don't please05:53
bazhangFeasibilityStudy, that is enough05:53
Flannelmook_: No, that's not true.05:53
macochetnick: bug number?05:53
karma_policeubuntu tweak is the best way to fix the button placement.. simple gui05:53
mook_no wonder its not working05:53
amabomaco: nothing for iPod05:53
macoamabo: is there anything listed as being in /media ?05:53
chetnickmaco: Bug #57491805:53
phillipsjk<YankDownUnder>, you may be interested in Debian stable ;)05:53
YankDownUnderI've tried to undo past commands to rectify the present, however, my ex-wives never agree...05:53
macomook_: there is a root user, but its password is locked, thats all05:53
_pg_Is there a room for ppc?05:53
macomook_: if you'd read the wiki page i pointed you to, you'd know this05:54
amabomaco: no but i found some software for it - going to try that05:54
CogitoErgoSamIts been said several times but root is not removed, it is simply disabled by default for a number of well-described reasons05:54
YankDownUnderphillipsjk, Heheheheheh...good one mate....05:54
CogitoErgoSamBut you can reenable it in seconds if you really want05:54
macoamabo: is the ipod plugged in? it should show up on your desktop when its mounted...05:54
FeasibilityStudymook_: are you just now noticing Ubuntu locks the root account?  Wow, perceptive aren't ya?05:54
FlannelFeasibilityStudy: Let it go05:54
aaaoooaaahi guys, im running virtualbox on karmic and am having issues getting winxp on VB to find any connected devices besides my mouse; can someone help me?05:54
linuxgeckoCogitoErgoSam:  no fix.05:54
amabomaco: it does05:54
_pg_I need help installing ubuntu on a ppc g3 iMac.05:54
macoYo, folks! Please be nice!~05:54
amabomaco: mount only tells me where the macintosh HD is l05:54
macoamabo: ok can you double click it and bring up a file browser?05:54
UbuntuJeffaaaoooaaa, try install virtualbox guest addons, its under one of the menus at the top of the window with XP in it05:55
CogitoErgoSamlinuxgecko:  Bleh, sorry it didn't work.  Was worth a shot at least and won't change anything permanently05:55
_pg_ I need help installing ubuntu on a ppc g3 iMac. I downloaded ppc xubuntu but it won't fit on a cd. And I cant get any intel macs to boot to it to install via target disk mode.05:55
linuxgeckoCogitoErgoSam: no other solution?/ this box has no working cd drive.05:55
pvl1_pg_, got a thumb drive?05:56
mxe5onetinsoldier; What would be a good shell command to list some of you're hardware - specifically your CPU & ram - etc. ? ?05:56
CogitoErgoSamlinuxgecko:  I'm sure there's some other way, but I am still relatively new and don't know much about network booting and other methods05:56
macomxe5: sudo lshw | less05:56
* phillipsjk wasn't going for funny...05:56
onetinsoldiermxe5: lshw or lshw-gtk05:56
Geoffrey2it appears that when I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04, some options were left in Gnome, looking for file for programs that aren't installed anymore...is there some preferences file that can be blown away and automatically rebuilt to eliminate that?05:56
macomxe5: thatll list all your hardware05:56
pvl1mxe5, free for ram/swap05:56
gerzelQ: sudo chown <user> <filename> doesn't appear to actually be changing the owner of the file05:56
abadabad00so I removed pulseaudio and sound mystically works now. But my volume icon has dissapeared from my taskbar and when I launch System --> Preferences -->Sound, I am told to please wait while sound preferences load (which never happens)05:56
gerzelwhat am I doing wrong?05:57
_pg_pvl1: G3 cant boot from USB.05:57
mxe5maco; Thanks05:57
karma_policei've been using linux since 9.04.. its still new and fresh to me.05:57
macoGeoffrey2: hit ctrl+h in a file browser to see your hidden configuration files in your home directory05:57
CogitoErgoSamAnyone else that can help linuxgecko with post-grub video driver issues?05:57
pvl1_pg_, aw that blows. get a smaller ubuntu disc and just install w.e else u need. im guessing xubuntu is xfce?05:57
macogerzel: you need to give it user & group i think.  sudo chown user:group filename05:57
abadabad00any way to get my colume icon back in the taskbar? (presumably i am no using 'ALSA'05:57
UbuntuJeffabadabad00, curiousity, what were you having troubles with sound working in? with pulseaudio I mean.05:57
macoabadabad00: the volume icon is a pulseaudio thing. youre going to have to use "alsamixer" in the terminal to make adjustments05:58
macoabadabad00: wait your issue was just audacity, right?05:58
karma_policewhats the easiest way to backup a list of what all you have installed to make it easier for next install?05:58
macoabadabad00: just use pa-suspender with audacity05:58
abadabad00sorry about that om....05:58
krelboynegerzel: is root the owner of the file?05:58
_pg_pvl1: Yeah. But the g3 won't boot to any disc I burn.05:58
IdleOne!clone > karma_police05:58
ubottukarma_police, please see my private message05:58
mxe5onetinsoldier; Thanks again - trying to see if my granddaughter older lappy will run Lucid - should be fine - wasn't sure what version of Ubuntu I had installed on there before.05:58
abadabad00my issue was sound working in all of ubuntu. it seemed to work only in Audacity (ALSA). This prompted me to uninstall pulse audio05:59
pvl1_pg_, y not, and im guessing uve checked bios? or does it not have that either05:59
CogitoErgoSamkarma_police:  If you just want a list of all the packages, you can also do dpkg -l and pipe it to a text file or somethin'05:59
CytotoxicTCellhow often are updates released?05:59
onetinsoldiermxe5: ah, roger. good luck!05:59
gerzelYes root is the owner05:59
macoabadabad00: is it that it didnt work in anything else while audacity was running?05:59
_pg_So I tried target disk mode but my intel macs won't boot to the ppc disks. And no bios haha05:59
abadabad00maco: yes..05:59
gerzeltried giving it the group no dice.05:59
abadabad00oh no05:59
PsynoKhi0ok I'll try again with a concrete example: I currently run karmic/arch linux as dual boot on an oldish laptop, ubuntu manages grub, both share a partition for home, different users... I'm planning to upgrade to Lucid, do I need to pass the partman/alignment=cylinder parameter at the start of the ubuntu installation?06:00
karma_policety.. thats what i was lookin for06:00
dabaRmaco: you're saying that the volume icon in the panel is a pulseaudio thing, and if one uses alsa they can't have it/use it?06:00
macodabaR: right06:00
gerzeltried giving it the group no dice.06:00
abadabad00look... it didn't work in anything at all. but it did work in audacity. (nothing to do with simultinaety)06:00
mxe5onetinsoldier; Thanks - she is a progressive 17yr old that thanks to her Papa loves Linux :o)06:00
dabaRmaco: and do you happen to know how I can tell which I am using?06:00
gerzelThe original owner is root and I need to change the ownership to my user.06:00
macodabaR: ps -ef | grep pulse06:00
abadabad00so it 'happened06:00
abadabad00'happened' to work in audacity06:01
mook_i just06:01
dabaRmaco: interesting06:01
pvl1_pg_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40593406:01
pvl1_pg_, all i found06:01
dabaRmaco: I thought all you have to do is have indicator-sound installed, and a notification area in your panel06:01
macoabadabad00: please file a bug about your issue. "ubuntu-bug pulseaudio" and in the meantime i suggest either using alsamixer or... installing kmix (kde's mixer applet) should work too06:01
_pg_pvl1: Qlready read thatbwhole rhing lol06:02
macodabaR: that applet talks to pulse though. no pulse, no applet06:02
mook_i just installed ROOT i am now login as root, i can now delete system files and do what ever i want! thats freedom! something windows has and you all will never have06:02
dabaRgerzel: I would like to see some output on a pastebin, if possible. do a ls -l file, then chown, then ls -l again, and paste all output to a pastebin, please.06:02
onetinsoldiermxe5: 17 years old... pretty old relic there, hehe. i wouldn't think lucid would run on that, but i don't know.06:02
gerzelgerzel@gerzel-desktop:~/WebSites/EmpoweredGame$ ls -l index.html06:02
gerzel-rwxrwx--- 2 root plugdev 3675 2010-05-04 00:33 index.html06:02
gerzelgerzel@gerzel-desktop:~/WebSites/EmpoweredGame$ sudo chown gerzel:gerzel index.html06:02
gerzelgerzel@gerzel-desktop:~/WebSites/EmpoweredGame$ ls -l index.html-rwxrwx--- 2 root plugdev 3675 2010-05-04 00:33 index.html06:02
FloodBot3gerzel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:02
CogitoErgoSammook_:  Yes, we'll never have that...unless we take 15 seconds to enable it.06:02
macodabaR: it just goes "oh look i have nothing to talk to *disappear*" because gnome has decided that pulseaudio is their preferred sound server (replacing esound)06:02
pvl1_pg_, yeah then im at a loss. post in the forum then06:03
dabaRwell that's been for a while, rgght?06:03
gerzelget it?06:03
onetinsoldiermxe5: nvm.. i thought you were talking about a computer. my bad06:03
macomook_: you can go on thinking that's what software freedom's about, but it's not. it's about the freedom to read and modify and share *source code*06:03
CogitoErgoSammook_: And I'm not going anywhere near the irony of you referring to windows as being more "free" than *nix06:03
macodabaR: 9.10 was like this too, yes06:03
orlokDoes anybody here have a logitech C600 webcam?06:03
CogitoErgoSamTry looking at the source of the *nix kernel, and then at windows' os06:04
orlokI'm seeing a green tinge on the right hand side of my images under low light conditions06:04
gerzeldabar: see my paste?06:04
CogitoErgoSamOrlok:  Does it follow images if you drag them around the screen or stay in place06:04
dabaRmaco: well, really software freedom is about what that sharing/availability brings :)06:04
MrKeunerintel wifi 5300 keeps getting disconnected sporadically, anybody has a solution for that?06:05
dabaRwhich is I guess the same thing06:05
mxe5onetinsoldier; It is a computer - It's a laptop (a.k.a. lappy) my granddaughter is running linux on - .........06:05
onetinsoldiermxe5: roger :-)06:05
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* dabaR wonders what mook_ was even saying...it was not very clear from his sentence06:06
=== piju[QRX] is now known as piju
nocturnushelp me pls06:06
nocturnusunetbootin won't creata  a boobletable usb (it says there's no bootable drive -- but boot flag was set in fdisk), from an ubuntu iso06:06
PsynoKhi0dabaR: he sounded very confused06:06
mxe5onetinsoldier; Ah - I just saw yer other post further up - there are so many posts after a new release the screen is constantly scrolling - ha06:07
Geoffrey2ok, I'm looking at .xsession-errors, and it appears gnome is trying to open a bunch of programs that simple don't exist anymore, like...Unable to open desktop file /usr/share/applications/firefox-3.5.desktop for panel launcher: No such file or directory06:07
FeasibilityStudymook_ OFTG06:07
CogitoErgoSammook made up his mind to be dissatisfied no matter what anyone said06:07
orlokCogitoErgoSam: it stays in the image, just wondering if its a common probllem06:07
Geoffrey2obviously, that's because 10.04 doesn't install the 3.5 version of Firefox.....06:07
futsuriaiHello, is there some way to install a clean 10.04 from within an instance of 9.04 w/o access to external peripherals?06:07
CogitoErgoSamorlok:  I've never run into it, but my point in asking was to determine if it was a software (follows image) or hardware (stays still) issue06:08
mxe5onetinsoldier; The laptop if I remember is a Dell Latitude D600 w/2gb's ram or so.06:08
onetinsoldiermxe5: roger. i've always built my own06:08
orlokCogitoErgoSam: oh - def. hardware06:08
mxe5onetinsoldier; It's older but should be fine.06:08
CogitoErgoSamif it stayed still I'd say it was a problem with the monitor, like stuck pixels06:08
jeeezi installed xp and did 'grub-install' again to get grub back. now it doesn't show the menu, directly boots into ubuntu, how do i fix this?06:08
dabaRgerzel: I saw it, just makes no sense.06:08
Geoffrey2so, is there some file I can edit to strip out this fun stuff?06:08
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: what version of unetbootin and how do you point to the ubuntu ISO?06:08
orlokCogitoErgoSam: i'm using it for astrophotography, i just painted over the LED to make sure it wasnt light bleedfrom that06:09
mxe5onetinsoldier; Your own laptops? or Desktop clones?06:09
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: select it in the GUI06:09
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: unetbootin vers 42406:09
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: drop down menu or browsing for the file?06:09
YokanzoAnyone familiar with A8V motherboards?06:09
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: either or06:10
onetinsoldiermxe5: desktops. i've never had a laptop06:10
aaaoooaaahi guys i just added a line into fstab to make something work and was wondering what it actually is doing:  none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=userid,devmode=664 0 006:10
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: is it known to matter?06:10
Pike6Hi Does anyone knows a way to get rid of Grub lines?06:10
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:10
mxe5onetinsoldier; Ah - makes perfect sense.06:10
CogitoErgoSamOk who farted06:10
onetinsoldierlol CogitoErgoSam06:10
aaaoooaaaCogitoErgoSam: damn barking spiders06:11
YankDownUnderCogitoErgoSam, Coulda been me - I ate beans last night...06:11
UbuntuJeffYankDownUnder, well that explains the smell then lol06:11
CogitoErgoSamI didn't know beans were a standard part of penguin diets06:11
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: I never use the drop-down menu06:11
mxe5YankDownUnder; That'll do it...06:11
YankDownUnderYes...my bad... :)06:11
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: the drop-down menu doesn't select an iso06:11
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: it downloads one06:11
Callum__o_O massive netsplit06:12
YokanzoI got this problem which is partially related if anyone doesn't mind helping me out for a sec06:12
crucialhoaxWhen I plug in my usb flash drive it freezes the whole system, ubuntu 10.04 x6406:12
PsynoKhi0that's why I never use it :P06:12
aaaoooaaahi guys i just added a line into fstab to make something work and was wondering what it actually is doing:  none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=userid,devmode=664 0 006:12
engineerI want to know basics about System administration, which channel should i join? any help06:12
_pg_How o install from06:12
_pg_How do I install ubuntu on an external06:13
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: how did you format the USB?06:13
_pg_From ubuntu06:13
aaaoooaaaengineer: maybe redhat?06:13
IdleOne_pg_: with a cd or USB06:13
YankDownUnder_pg_, Can the machine boot to an external? You said it was a G3, right?06:13
YokanzoArgh.... VIA8237 southbridge controller is driving me insane06:13
aaaoooaaaengineer: or gentoo?06:14
_pg_Yes I don't think it can boot USB and it won't boot any ubuntu cd don't know why06:14
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: using fdisk06:14
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: ext306:14
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: mkfs.ext3 rather06:14
engineeryes aooooaa06:14
YankDownUnderNot Gentoo - RHEL, RH straight, SuSE or CentOS is best for "learning" the ins and outs of sysadmin06:14
engineerits linux administration06:14
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: ah, here's your problem, unetbootin works only with FAT32 AFAIK06:14
engineeri want to know wehter i can learn linux administration at home06:14
wersfor some super weird reason, i can't install Adobe Air with the .bin file. whenever i run the .bin, the output says that the file does not exist. i'm 100% sure that i entered the right file location06:15
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: good call!06:15
wersany idea/06:15
engineeror do i have to join any particualr06:15
PsynoKhi0mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdx06:15
dabaRengineer: well, what are you trying to learn? Anything specific?06:15
PsynoKhi0I think06:15
dabaRI mean, pick a distro, install it, and take it from there.06:15
YankDownUnderwers, The command SHOULD be: ./AdobeAir.bin (and you have to make sure  you're doing it as root, and that it's been chmod +x *.bin)06:16
aaaoooaaaYankDownUnder: where down under are yuou?06:16
wersYankDownUnder, i did that. it worked on another laptop but not here06:16
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: correction, it works with fat16 to but... :|06:16
YankDownUnderAnother tool for playing with system administration is "Webmin"06:16
=== jonathaN1 is now known as jonathaN
crucialhoaxShould I add all my USB drives into fstab or is mtab? They are freezing my laptop upon insertion.06:16
CogitoErgoSamwers you tryin to run it through the console?06:16
CogitoErgoSamahh ignore that06:16
YankDownUnderaaaoooaaa, I'm in Sydney (basiically)06:16
CogitoErgoSamscreen wasn't scrollin to keep up06:16
=== homer is now known as Guest84976
wersCogitoErgoSam, yep. that's the way i'm trying to do it06:16
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: so it doesn't work with ext2/3 ?06:16
aaaoooaaaYankDownUnder: cool06:17
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: did you install ubuntu from USB?06:17
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: nope06:17
crucialhoaxPsynoKhi0: No, a CD.06:17
CogitoErgoSamdid you put ./ in front of it, assuming you're in the directory it resides in06:17
aybabtuIm having some issues getting stickam.com to work properly for me. When I click into a livechat, the flash looks all plain and messed up, and it displays my webcam but only when it wants to. Anyone heard of such errors?06:17
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: thanks a lot06:17
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: hmm ok, had an issue previously with USB acting up because fstab thought they were CDs06:17
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: np06:18
dabaRYankDownUnder: What kind of an advice is "go to another distro" on #ubuntu when someone asks about learning to administer linux systems....06:18
crucialhoaxPsynoKhi0: It did it even in 9.1006:18
YokanzoI have an ubuntu 64bit edition but the problem is that my harddrives aren't recognized by the VIA SATA controller attached to my harddisk. I'm forced to use Promise which doesn't have drivers that work in 64 bit unless I raid my drives06:18
Yokanzobut I don't want to raid them06:18
steven__why cant i change stuff in compiz06:18
YankDownUnderdabaR, Not "advise" the person wanted to study up on sysadmin.06:18
Geoffrey2ok, what exactly is the .xsession-errors file?06:18
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: might be a HAL (or lack of) related issue06:18
dabaRYankDownUnder: so they should get another distro?06:18
CogitoErgoSamwers: did you put ./ in front of it, assuming you're in the directory it resides in06:18
linuxgeckohow do i force a gui to work???  i can get the pre-gui ubunut loading screen, with dots for s progress bar, but i can't get a gui, and i can't get any errors to help..  it's like it's blindly goofing up.06:18
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: can mkfs make fat32 partiitons?06:19
wersCogitoErgoSam, yep. i even tried putting the whole location06:19
* wad wonders why the heck they moved the window control buttons to the left side of the title bar. Then made it so that there is no simple radio-button somewhere that lets you choose which side you prefer them to be on.06:19
YankDownUnderdabaR, They should look at every linux distro - and NOT look at M$. We don't have to be distro-centric, but info-centric.06:19
linuxgeckoeven if i have to force a vesa driver06:19
crucialhoaxPsynoKhi0: Is there a workaround or a fix? When I plug it in, the usb light dies then the laptop just freezes lol, its quite weird.06:19
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: yes, scroll up, I typed the line you need earlier06:19
PsynoKhi0mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdx06:19
ZykoticK9linuxgecko, try removing "quiet splash" from your kernel boot option06:19
QuarterstaffFor those that cannot get compiz to work in Ubuntu 10.04. I fixed it for gnome by running sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager06:19
dabaRYankDownUnder: OK, just sounds like a bit of a weird advice to suggest another distro when someone asks for help with learning sysadmin on ##ubuntu06:19
AbuMaiaIf I have to cd to directory, then ./program --modifier to run the program, how do I set that up in startup programs06:20
=== William_ is now known as Guest64709
steven__why cant i change compiz06:20
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: text is flying by so fast, can you just psate it again?06:20
dabaRYankDownUnder: makes it sound like...if you want to do sysadmin, Ubuntu is not really the right tool.06:20
nocturnus01:15:12 < PsynoKhi0> mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdx06:20
linuxgeckoZykoticK9:  noted.. how does that help?06:20
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: got it ;/06:20
dabaRsteven__: you tell us06:20
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: is the partition type in fdisk w95 fat32?06:20
ZykoticK9AbuMaia, just use the whole path to the script06:20
CogitoErgoSamTo support what yank's saying, the fact is that different distros come "out of the box" suited for different tasks, and while certainly you can customize any of them to fit your needs, if someone was looking to learn to do sysadmin / hosting stuff, there are specific distros that are more commonly used06:20
nocturnus01:15:12 < PsynoKhi0> mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdx06:20
steven__dabaR: i like to but i cant06:20
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: can't even reach a terminal session with e.g. ctrl alt F206:20
ZykoticK9linuxgecko, you'll get more output, and X might start booting06:21
dabaRsteven__: is there something you do in particular, and you get an error, or what?06:21
AbuMaiaZykoticK9: without the ./ ?06:21
dabaRCogitoErgoSam: and Ubuntu is poorly suited to being a server?06:21
crucialhoaxPsynoKhi0: Nope, everything is dead. I even tried killing X with Ctrl+alt+Bkspc absolutely nothing works but the power button.06:21
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: yes but for some reason I've never gotten it to work from fdisk :P06:21
YankDownUnderdabaR, If someone is studying history, you can't tell them to only study US history...study EVERYONE'S history. Either which, I'm not a zealot in any sense of the word. As long as they're using linux, that's all that matters.06:21
ZykoticK9AbuMaia, ./ means from this directory just use /home/USERNAME/REST_OF_PATH -options06:21
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: what do you mean?06:22
ZykoticK9AbuMaia, try running it with full path from a terminal first06:22
CogitoErgoSamdabaR:  I didn't say that at all.  I admit in the spirit of full disclosure that I don't do much sysadmin stuff, but my point is that there are legitimate reasons to recommend someone interested in learning to sysadmin look at several distros, not just ubuntu exclusively06:22
futsuriaiHello, is there some way to install a clean 10.04 from within an instance of 9.04 w/o access to external peripherals?06:22
steven__dabaR: idk when i was running 10.9 i could not do it and now when running the upgraed i cant06:22
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: have you activated ctrl+alt+bkspc? in case you're unaware of it it's off by default nowadays in ubuntu06:22
crucialhoaxPsynoKhi0: Yes, it is activated...06:22
* dabaR wonders now whether he should do the same since he uses Ubuntu at work for servers. Maybe there is some purpose in trying out some other distro.06:23
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: that setting the partition type as fat32 in fdisk has never worked for me, I use mkfs.vfat06:23
dabaRsteven__: What do you click, what happens.06:23
dabaRsteven__: That's the relevant info.06:23
roger_Hey everyone06:24
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: ok hmm... unfortunately I haven't had my hands on lucid yet, I'm speaking from experience in Arch linux with usb not behaving nice06:24
wershow do I install a 32bit deb on 64bit lucid (yes, i need to install this 32 bit one. there's no 64bit version)06:24
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: well you gotta set the partition type with fdisk, and then build the filesystem - so how could you just have skipped it?06:24
chmacAnyone know if keyserver.ubuntu.com is down / having issues?06:24
linuxgec1odabaR: i tried 3 different ditro's before i settled on my home distro of choice. ubuntu is my "this is your first time away from M$." distro. extreme power-users like myself,  i recommend aanother disstro.06:24
steven__dabaR: nm i didnot reload it a noob lol06:24
ZykoticK9wers, "sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture $PACKAGE.deb"06:25
dabaRlinuxgec1o: am I on #ubuntu or what?06:25
chmacI'm trying to add key id B1572604 but getting a timeout error and the web interface isn't loading...06:25
sean12837I have a PHP script that simply reads some entries from a remote mysql database.  I am running this script on a linux machine which has 4 IPs (eth0, eth0:1 eth0:2, eth0:3).  Is it possible to force the PHP script to use a specific IP to access the remote database?06:25
crucialhoaxPsynoKhi0: Thats fine, anything will help, I am at a loss. I do not understand how inserting a usb drive causes the system entirely to die, usually at the worst times :(06:25
wersZykoticK9, thanks a lot!06:25
linuxgec1odabaR: yes, you are. i've learned the hard way that while it's good for many thing,   ubuntu us not the best for  EVERYTHING.06:26
DanaGinteresting thing: http://users.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/Screenshot-netbook.png06:26
chmacsean12837: I'm not sure if you can force that within the PHP script itself, but you could probably bind apache to one IP06:26
DanaGany of you read Mark Shuttleworth's thing about the new notifications?06:26
YokanzoCan anyone tell me if Ubuntu supports booting from PCI SATA controller cards on older motherboards?06:26
DanaGMy screenshot shows why it's STILL better to have the buttons on the right. =þ06:26
chmacsean12837: Maybe more relevant to ##php or #apache though06:26
YankDownUnderYokanzo, Should do fine mate06:26
DanaGYokanzo: Depends on the motherboard BIOS and the add-in card's ROM, partly.06:27
YankDownUnderChanging the buttons ain't a hard thing to accomplish...just a gconf hack...06:27
dabaRlinuxgec1o: whatever works is the best for anything, for sure, anyway, thanks for your input.06:27
Geoffrey2ok, what is the .xsession-errors file?06:27
YokanzoI got an A8V Deluxe which means that it came out when SATA was still new06:27
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, Um...it contains the errors that X spits forth when not playing nicely...06:27
DanaGAnd even if the motherboard doesn't natively support it, you could put a small boot partition on a main drive, and then the rest somewhere else.06:27
YokanzoIt has a SATA controller attached to the bios but only supports SATA1 while my drives are SATA 206:28
Yokanzoi wanted to make a file server06:28
roger_Yokanzo: I used to have one. It worked great back in the day with other ubuntu distros pre-dating 9.0406:28
YankDownUnderThe real difference between a workstation and a file server: The file server doesn't have your pr0n on it.06:28
Yokanzooh great, so the general consensus is that its possible to boot from a SATA controller?06:28
PsynoKhi0nocturnus: my bad, yes, partition type W95 in fdisk, choice code "b"06:28
roger_lol at yank06:28
CogitoErgoSamYank:  Depends how much pr0n you're talking about :D06:28
YokanzoThanks guys, very much appreciated.06:29
roger_and Yokanzo: I would say yes, That being my experience. But again, not every system is alike.06:29
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.06:29
YankDownUnderCogitoErgoSam, Ok...true true true....but I was "generalising" :)06:29
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, mine has error messages created by it looking for stuff that doesn't exist anymore...06:29
CogitoErgoSamI'm just playin' along06:29
nocturnusPsynoKhi0: right-o06:29
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, It's actually safe to delete that file mate...it gets recreated every time you fire up Xorg...06:29
linuxgec1odabaR:  yeah..  i tried installing a web app developed in debian by a narrow-minded dev. had some nasty, hard-to-maintain pinning i had to do,  jsut to get it to START working. when you have to go off-road like that,  i hate some things about ubuntu. my other distro is better at "off the normal path" stuff like that.06:29
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, which file?06:30
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, the .xsession-errors06:30
YokanzoWhat kinda transfer rates can you expect with a SATA card anyway?06:30
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, yeah, but that won't solve the errors I keep getting06:30
CogitoErgoSamno, it won't.  Not all errors are critical though06:30
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, gconf-sanity-check has a cow every time I boot up06:30
DanaGYokanzo: what matters more is that the add-in card has an "option ROM".06:31
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, What you can do (the purpose of this file) is to chase down the programs you DON'T have any longer, and remove them from your desktop environment, or any other related place...(or in settings, etc etc etc)06:31
YokanzoWhat's an option ROM?06:31
DanaGfor example, with a silicon image sata controller, some boards have a jumper to enable or disable it.06:31
linuxgec1oZykoticK9: what will removing quiet and slapsh from the boot do for me, to get a non-blank gui?06:31
DanaGWith it enabled, and with the motherboard set to allow "scsi" (and other such terms) boot, it's usable.06:32
linuxgec1oZykoticK9:  just unhide all the guts?06:32
CogitoErgoSamlinuxgec1o:  Its no guarantee but, like the i915 attempt, if you do it via the grub menu it can't hurt06:32
DanaGWhen a motherboard boots, it pokes all its add-in cards to see if they offer a boot ability.06:32
ZykoticK9linuxgec1o, it might not do anything - but you might see an error message, or if plymouth splash is the problem will remove it.  Yes unhide all the guts.06:32
YokanzoEven older mobos Dana?06:32
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, I'd simply like to get rid of the nice box that pops up and tells me gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with a status 25606:32
chmacAnyone know if keyservers operate on a port other than 80/443?06:32
YokanzoMy A8V came out around 200506:33
abadabad00hi. i reinstalled pulse audio and my sound finally works. I lost my volume indicator in the taskbar though. I've searched ixquick and google, but no answers. Anyone know how to get the volume icon in the task bar?06:33
ZykoticK9abadabad00, if lucid - right click, add to panel, indicator applet06:34
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, Have you tried removing gconf-sanity-check from the startup applications?06:34
nomad77abadabad00: try gnome-panel --restart if ZykoticK9 's tip fails06:34
DanaGYokanzo: yeah, old motherboards can likely do it, too.06:34
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: *06:35
abadabad00ZykoticK9 - yes, I am in Lucid. Indicator applet unfortunately only adds the envelope (for email)06:35
DanaGNext time you reboot the thing, if you already have the add-in card, try poking around in the BIOS settings.06:35
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: darn sorry, bad paste, hang on06:35
DanaGThough, something to note: PCI-based SATA controllers are a pain.06:35
ZykoticK9abadabad00, if you see the mail icon, but no volume - i'm sorry i don't know.  good luck.06:35
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, it's not needed?06:35
DanaGThe PCI bus is a bottleneck... heavy disk activity bogs down absolutely everything else.... even things not touching the hard drive.06:36
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HAL#USB_sticks_and_drives_do_not_automount_correctly this is what I experienced in Arch, might be useful to you06:36
abadabad00nomad77 - "Unknown option --restart"06:36
term_oldcomp1? got buntu 10.04 setup on this old athlonxp2800+ with 256Mb RAM.  if I upgrade RAM to 512 will it auto detect new amount?06:36
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  It might be possible through gconf-editor...I'm digging around the Panel settings to see if I can find something corresponding to the volume06:37
DanaGYokanzo: what's the onboard chipset?  With ordinary hard drives, you may be better off sticking with onboard SATA.06:37
roger_term_oldcomp1 yes it will06:37
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - thanks!06:37
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, Well, depends on yer perspective. Does everything work already without it spitting forth a cow every time you boot?06:37
ZykoticK9nomad77, abadabad00 to restart gnome-panel, just kill it and it should auto restart with "killall gnome-panel"06:37
YokanzoI have two onboard chipsets06:37
crucialhoaxPsynoKhi0: Thanks :)06:37
Yokanzoa Promise SaTA 378 TX206:37
PsynoKhi0term_oldcomp1: most probably yes, unless maybe the sticks are bad06:37
PsynoKhi0crucialhoax: np!06:37
mellodo you speak spanish?06:38
Neffhello i installed the ISO on a SD card for my netbook and it stops at the initramfs prompt with mount usage06:38
ZykoticK9!es | mello06:38
ubottumello: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:38
DanaGhmm, if "Promise" is real SATA raid, that may still be worthwhile.06:38
Yokanzoand a VIA VT8237 Southbridge06:38
YokanzoThese controllers are a part of the motherboard06:38
Yokanzonow the VIA has been giving me shit ever since I had this machine06:38
itsfaithI have an AMD K3 3D processor, this laptop has 28mb ram. Is there a version of Ubuntu that'll work on it?06:38
mello!uk mello06:39
DanaGyeah, VIA is a pain.06:39
abadabad00ZykoticK9 - the taskbar momentarily disappeared and came back, but no volume06:39
maluI want to know Tamil to english transliteration tool?06:39
YokanzoIt wont detect either of my harddrives because they are SATA206:39
Yokanzoeven if I set a jumper to limit it to 150 mb/s06:39
DanaGHmm, check the drive for a jumper to set them to SATA1 mode.06:39
term_oldcomp1? another q, this old comp has a raptor 74Gb.. doesn't seem to be running full speed.  any way to confirm it's set right switch wise?06:39
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: 28MB? is it a typo? :)06:39
grung0rSInce upgrading to 10.4,there is something funky about my graphics driver settings. I can't get above 1152x864, and it resets to 640x480 upon every restart. furthermore, the window widgets are missing in gnome until I enable the extra effects, which I also have to do upon every restart. any suggestions?06:39
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  I'm also looking around and there might be a way through the user settings as well, located at /home/<username>/.gconf/apps/panel06:39
itsfaithNo, rofl06:39
YokanzoYeah I tried using a jumper the VIA will have none of it06:39
roger_wow dude06:39
itsfaith3gb harddrive06:39
DanaGbleh.  stupid Via.06:40
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  If I find a key for the volume app specifically I'll let ya know06:40
itsfaithHeck, I just want any linux on it06:40
DanaGPromise sounds.... uh... pun.  never mind. =-þ06:40
Neffhas anyone successfulling installed the netbook ubuntu with an SD or flash drive?06:40
YokanzoThe promise would've been fine and that is how i'm able to talk to you06:40
Yokanzobut i'm trying to dual boot with windows 706:40
Yokanzo64 bit06:40
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - Okay06:40
Yokanzoand theres no such thing as promise drivers for 64bit in IDE mode06:40
Yokanzoi'd have to cheat and make a raid with 1 drive06:40
Yokanzobut that means losing valuable data on these drives06:40
term_oldcomp1hey itsfaith...  try out Puppy Linux for that comp.  it's a dream for older systems06:40
DanaGhmm, no option to put it in RAID mode yet not configure RAID?06:40
itsfaithIt's not my main computer or anything just a play around old one06:40
crucialhoaxPsynoKhi0: I might have found something...06:40
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: hmm not sure you'll be able to use anything that the net install, and don't count on having a GUI :P06:41
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: anything else than*06:41
itsfaithdang, but windows 98 runs on it06:41
YokanzoLike the promise controller was intended for a 2 disk raid but i set it to IDE mode which is basically JBOD06:41
ZykoticK9abadabad00, do you have indicator-sound installed?  to verify in terminal "apt-cache policy indicator-sound"06:41
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: and win98 is 12 years old ^^ BUT!!06:41
Yokanzothe bios allows me to do this06:41
Yokanzothe VIA on the otherhand is totally fussy06:41
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: check out DeLi Linux06:41
YokanzoThats why i have two options06:41
itsfaithi heard of this mintlinux thing, is that good?06:42
Yokanzoeither somehow beg for a refund on my Win7 ultimate edition 64bit and get 32 bit instead once again underusing the 64bit capabilities of my CPU06:42
amaboi installed the radel-egtk theme and i'd like to remove it and try reinstalling it - how might i do that?06:42
term_oldcomp1Linux Mint using more resources than normal ubuntu06:42
Yokanzoor get a controller06:42
nomad77itsfaith: maybe tinycore on that06:42
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: mintlinx is based on ubuntu... ubuntu no-go = mint no-go06:42
DanaGYokanzo: what actual motherboard is it?06:43
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: DeLi Linux is aimed at computer with 20.30MB RAM06:43
YokanzoAsus A8V Delux06:43
itsfaithoh cool06:43
YokanzoAsus A8V Deluxe*06:43
GadenaWhy mint? Is it better?06:43
abadabad00ZykoticK9 - Installed "none"06:43
itsfaithi just heard http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100304122412AAzXd6V06:44
itsfaither saw it suggested there06:44
sujiLet me know any web conferencing tool for ubuntu?06:44
ZykoticK9abadabad00, "sudo apt-get install indicator-sound" then :)06:44
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  I'm afk a few minutes but then I'll keep look around for ya, if you find an answer in the meantime send me a PM so I can know how to do it too :D06:44
prayiiitsfaith: take all yahoo answers with a grain of salt06:44
itsfaithfor sure, thats why i came in here06:44
roger_Prayii: I totally agree.06:44
YokanzoIf Promise tech actually made 64bit drivers instead of acting like a bunch of jerks I'd have no problems06:45
roger_Most are stupids copy+paste06:45
term_oldcomp1? is there a way to edit grub menu from windows x64 ?06:45
PsynoKhi0Gadena: depends, Mint ships with all the proprietary codecs pre-installed, has a different theme, and a few extra tools...06:45
DanaGYokanzo: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-IE/vistawu/thread/3b5e83b6-fe37-48a4-8f8f-77d911879ad706:45
DanaGthough, that's a topic more for ##windows06:46
itsfaithug, slow going deli linux dl06:46
PsynoKhi0there should be torrent06:47
itsfaithtinycore have a ui?06:47
DanaGtry other mirrors.06:47
itsfaithger gui06:47
itsfaither gui, rather, hah. forgive me06:47
term_oldcomp1btw I want to thank the ubuntu team for making samba sharing work by default06:47
malu I want to know Tamil to english transliteration tool?06:47
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: another alternative: lowRAM flavour of SliTaz06:47
nomad77itsfaith: check distrowatch.com,yes a gui06:48
itsfaithok swell06:48
crucialhoax!fstab > crucialhoax06:49
ubottucrucialhoax, please see my private message06:49
PsynoKhi0itsfaith: http://www.slitaz.org/en/get/flavors.html06:49
itsfaithheard it doesn't support usb drives06:49
itsfaithon that page?06:50
ftabcan I have /etc/default/grub file content please, I am using Lucid Lynx but the file is empty for me06:50
datroublergood morning i have a problem installing the fglrx driver since the update to 10.406:50
YokanzoThanks Dana I'll check it out06:51
=== Cylon is now known as monkyness
PsynoKhi0ok I'll try again with a concrete example: I currently run karmic/arch linux as dual boot on an oldish laptop, ubuntu manages grub, both share a partition for home, different users... I'm planning to upgrade to Lucid, do I need to pass the partman/alignment=cylinder parameter at the start of the ubuntu installation?06:51
NeoCicakhi all... quick question.. is the amd64 version of ubuntu ISO going to work for intel 64 bits processor ? (i have a core 2 duo laptop)06:51
NeoCicakor is the amd64 ISO only going to work with AMD processors?06:52
Geoffrey2interesting...I'm in the .gnome2 folder in my home directory, and see no session file....assuming it's been moved or renamed?06:52
UbuntuJeffNeoCicak, it will work on your core 2 duo06:52
GneaNeoCicak: no it works with anything 64-bit - intel and amds06:52
CogitoErgoSamNeo:  It works fine with my intel Q660006:52
GneaNeoCicak: but not itaniums06:52
PsynoKhi0NeoCicak: works with intel 64bits (not itanuim)06:53
NeoCicakGnea: thx... the word 'amd' is misleading then :P06:53
amabocould anyone help me in how i might go about installing these themes? http://dg09.deviantart.com/art/Nuala-Port-for-Linux-157697487?offset=10#comments06:53
ubottuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.06:53
doleyb_NeoCicak: well amd came out with it first, so intel is like the copycat there..06:53
PsynoKhi0NeoCicak: so is i386 then ;)06:53
NeoCicakhehehe.. yeah, i suppose06:53
GneaNeoCicak: feel free to suggest another :)06:53
NeoCicakthx all06:53
mN-Jackhow can u use linux to see satellite view?06:54
mN-Jackany clue :P06:54
dhruvasagarmN-Jack: satellite view of what ?06:54
dhruvasagarmN-Jack: what about google-earth06:54
Cory`Anyone know where to download the new ubuntu logo font?06:54
PsynoKhi0satellite view? you mean google earth?06:55
mN-Jacknot really06:55
_Zappy__Hello ! How can I force the Software Center to install new software on another partition ?06:55
Streetboyshelo gud day can i ask something06:55
mN-Jacklike live06:55
dhruvasagarmN-Jack: google maps also has a satellite view06:55
ZykoticK9!ask | Streetboys06:55
ubottuStreetboys: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:55
dhruvasagarmN-Jack: live ? how can you do it in windows ?06:55
UbuntuJeffamabo, I am looking for you and trying to figure it out for ya06:55
dhruvasagarStreetboys: just ask :)06:55
Streetboysubunt vs windows 7.. which ic better06:56
mN-Jackimpossible huh06:56
MoheroPlease use the format !ping {location} {# of pings (default of 5, 20 max)}06:56
dhruvasagarStreetboys: ubuntu :)06:56
abadabad00so very close. I got sound working again with pulse (i really want to keep using pulse), but the configuration settings reset upon restart (or logout). Anyone know how to get sound settings to stick even after a logout?06:56
amaboUbuntuJeff: thanks!!06:56
bazhang!ot > Streetboys06:56
ubottuStreetboys, please see my private message06:56
=== ea-haya is now known as urartu
_Zappy__Hello ! How can I force the Software Center to install new software on another partition ?06:56
datroublergood morning i have a problem installing the fglrx driver since the update to 10.406:56
PsynoKhi0Streetboys: depends on what you want to do06:56
dhruvasagarmN-Jack: can you do it in any other operating system !?06:56
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:56
CogitoErgoSamaba:  Where are you saving teh settings06:56
YankDownUnderStreetboys, Cost? Ubuntu. Time spent getting it to do what you want? Ubuntu. Support issues? Ubuntu. Drive space? Ubuntu. Lack of viruses and crap? Ubuntu. Your choice.06:56
dhruvasagar!repeat | _Zappy__06:57
ubottu_Zappy__: please see above06:57
Streetboys<dhruvasagar> why ubuntu06:57
bazhangStreetboys, please discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here06:57
_Zappy__I guess nobody knows then06:57
PsynoKhi0datroubler: what problem?06:57
dhruvasagarStreetboys: because you have much better control over your system, all the tools that are there are free, there is a huge community of people ever ready to help...the list goes on06:57
YankDownUnderStreetboys, Tell you this - Ubuntu has gone far out of it's way to be the easiest, simplest, fastest install with best apps and best support. End of story.06:57
datroublerPsynoKhi0: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146949606:57
shledahi, can some one help me with this issue which I am facing after upgrade -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147158406:57
MrKeunerintel wifi 5300 keeps getting disconnected sporadically, anybody has a solution for that?06:58
dhruvasagarmN-Jack: your asking if its possible to view live satellite view in ubuntu, I am simply asking if it is possible in any other operating system ? do you know any such tool at all!?06:58
datroublerPsynoKhi0 i already talked with minimec here in the chat but we couldn't find a solution06:58
Geoffrey2ok, can someone tell me where the gnome sessions file is?06:58
UbuntuJeffamabo, well I can tell you right off the bat, the NualaBlack and BLue and Graphite and those themes, you need to have emerald installed, then open the emerald theme manager and you can install those .emerald files06:58
alclglis the intel atom n450 processor considered a x86_64?06:58
mN-Jackno i dont know06:58
datroublerPsynoKhi0 in the board nobody answers my qustion06:58
cjaeIf I have openoffice installed shouldn't I have java installed?06:58
amaboUbuntuJeff: i figured - i'm installing emerald now06:58
cjaeCannot install frostwire says no java06:59
=== urartu is now known as ururus
dhruvasagarmN-Jack: I don't know either, i've never heard of any. I know there are some eclipse based tools that NASA uses to do the same, but then they have the direct access to the satellites06:59
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  Got it!  sudo apt-get install indicator-sound06:59
abadabad00Streetboys: Depends on what you are planning to use your computer for. For example, I dualboot between Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.04. I use Ubuntu because I don't like constantly being attacked while on the internet (exploits, trojans, viruses, etc.). I also use specific programs in Ubuntu that don't run in Windows. On the flip-side, I use Windows because there are several programs in there that only run in windows (my EPROM progra06:59
abadabad00mmer for example), and I even have hardware that only runs in windows (my scanner).06:59
Prez00who's running intel 965 chipset?  I try to activate compiz and i get windows with no borders...i think i remember having a similar issue with karmic, but not quite sure06:59
shledacjae: you may have to locate java and set its path in your rc profile/shell profile06:59
mN-Jackyep yep06:59
ZykoticK9!emerald > amabo06:59
ubottuamabo, please see my private message06:59
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  Then just remove and add the indicator applet to the panel again06:59
dhruvasagar!repeat > dhruvasagar06:59
ubottudhruvasagar, please see my private message06:59
Cory`Anyone know where to download the new ubuntu logo font?06:59
dhruvasagar!repeat | dhruvasagar07:00
dhruvasagar!repeat > _Zappy__07:00
ubottu_Zappy__, please see my private message07:00
AbuMaiaCory`: I don't know if it's completed yet07:00
MilesTwhats a command for performing arithmetic operations to values while in the command line ( eg program | cut -b25-34 | ?? )07:00
Sna4x8Hi, I'm trying to upgrade to 10.04.  I get this error: update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-21-generic\ Can't open /scripts/functions\gzip: stdout: No space left on device07:00
YankDownUnderCory`, I'd check the Ubuntu home page => media and marketing, etc etc etc07:00
ZykoticK9Cory`, I still don't think the font is ready - i could certainly be wrong though07:00
YankDownUnderSna4x8, Sounds like your /boot is, um, full.07:00
ZykoticK9Sna4x8, guess your drive is full07:00
Sna4x8MilesT: You can use bc.07:00
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:01
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:01
ftabhow do I install usplash on lucid lynx ?07:01
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »07:01
Sna4x8YankDownUnder: Ahh, yea I guess it has 94% usage.07:01
bazhangdhruvasagar, /msg ubottu please07:01
IdleOnedhruvasagar: stop that07:01
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - thanks! I've got things working now! Only thing is my setup (one Sound Blaster Audigy 4 and one M-Audio Audiophile 192) doesn't work properly unless I configure it with 'paconfig'. But the config doesn't stick (if I restart or even log out and log back in without a restart it goes back to 'normal' / nonworking mode). Any idea how to get the settings to stick?07:01
dhruvasagarbazhang: ok will try that07:01
Sna4x8YankDownUnder: I have 123GB free on my main partition though.  So what, I need to resize boot?07:01
YankDownUnderftab, Um - Lynx uses plymouth...07:01
dhruvasagarI was just trying to get a list of commands that ubottu recognizes07:01
YankDownUnderSna4x8, Yeah - just by about 50mb mate07:02
Xcellhey, why is it when i try to install 195.36.24 in 10.04, it tells me that i have logcal errors  ??07:02
bazhangdhruvasagar, /msg ubottu factoids07:02
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00: Where are the settings in question being saved?07:02
Sna4x8YankDownUnder: Word *busts out gparted.  Thanks.07:02
ftabYankDownUnder, when I try to start StartupManager it exits with this error Grub2 detected07:02
ftabUsplash not detected07:02
ftabSplashy not detected07:02
dhruvasagarbazhang: thank you07:02
abadabad00Streetboys: You need more help? Just msg me and we can talk about what you are using your computer for (programs, aims, objectives, etc) and then figure out a solution for you (ubuntu, windows, dualboot, whatever...)07:02
PsynoKhi0datroubler: right off the bat, I think the opensource driver doesn't have powersaving in the versin that ships withLucid, no wonder it turns hot07:02
YankDownUnderftab, Um...cuz usplash ain't installed...PLYMOUTH is installed...07:02
Xcellmaybe 10.04 is still 2 broke to handle it.07:03
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - not sure07:03
datroublerPsynoKhi0 yes but with 9.10 i had no problem with fglrx07:03
_Zappy__What's the point in having a seperate storage partition if in the Software Center you can't say where to install new software to ?07:03
ftabYankDownUnder, how do I fix my boot screen ?07:03
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - I run paconfig from the commandline but it just opens up a GUI. No way to tell what it is doing behind the scenes...07:03
ftabYankDownUnder, is there utility there for fixing that ?07:03
YankDownUnderftab, If you want, you can remove plymouth (and it's themes) and install usplash and startupmangler all in one go.07:03
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  try running it from the command line with the parameter --help07:03
MikaelErikssonHiya folks. Here's my problem. I upgraded the other day from KK to LL. Did it straight from the software update center. Everything went kinda fine, until I got a question about GRUB and which partition it should be installed to. My mouse finger slipped, and I pressed Next, without selecting a partition. Got a message which told me I did bad, but the Back-button didn't work :( The system...07:04
MikaelEriksson...continued to install just fine, but when i rebooted it hung. I get the startup screen with some funky red dots, but it freezes there. What should I do now? Don't really want to install everything from scratch...07:04
YankDownUnderftab, apt-get remove plymouth && apt-get install usplash startupmanager07:04
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - Good call! Unfortunately it still just opened up the GUI07:04
PsynoKhi0datroubler: did you you do a web upgrade?07:05
ftabYankDownUnder, I would like to keep plymouth, but I need to fix the boot image, where the image is distorted ? and the color depth seems to be very low like 8bit,07:05
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  Next up, see if the application has a hidden folder in your home directory for its settings07:05
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - lemme see what ixquick.com can turn up07:05
UbuntuJeffamabo, did you get it to work?07:05
datroubler PsynoKhi0 yes07:05
PsynoKhi0datroubler: ah :(07:05
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - k... checking home folder07:05
PsynoKhi0datroubler: do you have a separate /home partition? >.<07:05
Aimmortalserver irc.prison.net07:06
PsynoKhi0datroubler: I mean, did you do a web upgrade from Karmic to Lucid?07:06
YankDownUnderftab, Then you can just install a different plymouth-theme => and also check the settings in /etc/default/grub07:06
YankDownUnderI was lucid before I installed 10.04...been that way for at least 12 years...07:06
datroubler PsynoKhi0 good question what do you mean with it? i have only one partition for ubuntu and the /home folder is on the same partition07:06
CogitoErgoSamabadabad00:  Most of the time user settings and configurations get saved in a hidden folder in your home directory, and most programs check there first for settings.  Following that, the usual alternative location is the application's folder in /etc/07:07
ftabYankDownUnder, when I try to view /etc/default/grub the file seems to be empty. How can I restore that?07:07
PsynoKhi0datroubler: damn07:07
YankDownUnderftab, That is not an image, it's a text file that contains the settings for grub.07:07
datroubler PsynoKhi0 why?07:07
amaboUbuntuJeff: no i didn't - every time i click the file in emerald theme manager it doesn't change a thing07:07
ftabYankDownUnder, yes, I from view I meant there is no content07:07
amabodoes anyone know of a fix?07:07
urkkiWhere can  I find tomboy-folder, can't find it in home folder, even when hidden are shown07:08
UbuntuJeffamabo, are you running compiz atm?07:08
amabovisual effects?07:08
PsynoKhi0datroubler: ok web upgrades in my experience aren't reliable07:08
CogitoErgoSamftab have you tried reinstalling grub?07:08
YankDownUnderftab, Hmmm...and you're running 10.04?07:08
UbuntuJeffamabo, yeah like the cube and all that07:08
ftabYankDownUnder, yes07:08
amaboUbuntuJeff: believe so07:09
ftabCogitoErgoSam, what would that do? and is there any reason for doing that ?07:09
YankDownUnderftab, Are you "root" when you view this file?07:09
datroubler PsynoKhi0 i believe you. did you read my problem in the thread?07:09
ftabYankDownUnder, yes07:09
UbuntuJeffamabo, hit ctrl alt R I think, it should bring up RUN APPLICATION, type in that emerald --replace, see if that shows it then.07:09
AbuMaiaamabo: alt F2 also07:09
YankDownUnderftab, Strange that. It should contain heaps of stuff...like, um, it's 865 bytes long...07:10
CogitoErgoSamftab:  The majority of apps like grub, when installed, run setup scripts that generate default config files like /etc/default/grub.  If its missing, resinstalling might trigger the creation of those files.07:10
PsynoKhi0datroubler: I was wondering if you had /home on a separate partition, or at least if a clean installation of ubuntu might not imply too much work for you07:10
amaboUbuntuJeff: woo woo :) thanks07:10
YankDownUnderftab, Nab a copy of /etc/default/grub from the livecd, copy it to /etc/default/ and see if that resolves the issue with image resolution...07:10
ftabCogitoErgoSam, how do I reinstall it? YankDownUnder would that be better ?07:10
ftabYankDownUnder, I don't have CD ROM :( , I always upgrade from internet07:11
UbuntuJeffamabo, welcome, now if you want it to stay that way permanently, you will need to change the command that controls the window decorations in Compiz config settings manager, just to let you know.07:11
Geoffrey2there are never times I feel more like drinking than when I'm trying to diagnose some problem with Ubuntu.....07:11
YankDownUnderftab, No...it would not be better...it's simpler to copy a single file than to sit through an entire re-installation...07:11
YankDownUnderftab, Well, it's easy enough to grab the file from the source ftp dirs mate.07:11
ftabYankDownUnder, ok let me give it a try07:11
CogitoErgoSamftab:  Replacing the single file would be easier, definitely.  But if that doesn't work, reinstalling might.07:11
YankDownUnderftab, Roger that - going for a smoko and coffee...07:12
CogitoErgoSamftab:  Since if you're missing one file, there might be more missing too.07:12
amaboUbuntuJeff: what do you mean?07:12
PsynoKhi0datroubler: btw can you translate the last error message about the package system?07:12
datroubleryes mom07:12
PsynoKhi0that sounded way weird...07:12
teratomaim running lucid.  my wireless nic rt2570 stopped working.  iwas running lucid beta.  what do i do ?07:12
UbuntuJeffamabo, meaning if you restart or log out and log back in right now, that will be changed at the top, the window buttons and all that, it will be what it was before. If you want it to use the emerald theme from now on I can tell you how to set it to do so if you want.07:12
YankDownUnderCogitoErgoSam, This is true, but he does have things relatively running...so he needs to get a fish, first, then find out if he needs a boat, crew and gear next...07:12
phoenix_srvHello everyone, I got a bit of a question. Last night I upgraded from ubuntu 9.10 to ubuntu 10.04, and at one point, i was asked a few questions regarding installing grub. I opted to install the grub on all disks and partitions (i.e., /dev/sda, /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, etc) - i have windows seven installed on this system, and now, whenever i attempt to boot it, grub just hangs with the little underscore in the top left of the screen. Is there a way I can rem07:13
amaboUbuntuJeff: that'd be great07:13
Geoffrey2many, many moons ago, gnome had a file called sessions, and it listed all the applications that would be run every time it was fired up...apparently it no longer exists, as i can't find it...anyone know what I should be looking for?07:13
datroubler PsynoKhi0 "the package system is damaged" "check the package sources (third party) if this is the case deactivate them and do apt-get install -f"07:13
YankDownUnderphoenix_srv, I use a Vista recovery disk to rebuild the boot - then it works fine.07:13
datroubler PsynoKhi0 i already did it07:13
UbuntuJeffamabo, System => Preferences => Compiz Config Settings Manager, scroll down till you see  Window Decoration, open that and you will see something that says Command: /usr/bin/compiz-decorator <== change that to emerald --replace07:14
ZykoticK9Geoffrey2, it's gone.  I don't know of a gui replacement currently.07:14
PsynoKhi0datroubler: ok, do this: go to System > Software sources07:14
AbuMaiaI have a program that *only* runs if I use ./ while in its directory.  It does not run if I call it in terminal with the full path.  Is there any way I can add it to startup programs and have it successfully run?07:14
phoenix_srvYankDownUnder: in reference to your reply, thank you, but as stated above, i haven't created the recovery disk yet, and also, i am not able to boot the vista recovery partition07:14
CogitoErgoSamYankDownUnder:  I concede the point; my perspective in recommending reinstalling is related to the number of people with lucid install probs stemming from incomplete or interrupted installations, and reinstalling a single app like grub still tends to be pretty quick, unlike a full reinstall.07:14
YankDownUnderCogitoErgoSam, You get the beer tonight mate!07:15
ZykoticK9AbuMaia, could you share the whole path?  are there spaces in it's name?07:15
YankDownUnderphoenix_srv, There is a d/l on the net of an ISO that's about 100mb in size - does the Vista boot recovery for ya07:15
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - no luck on finding the config files, but that may be because it is just using 'normal' pulseaudio bundled utilities. I dug up where I originally got the file: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=759147   Wonder why the changes in pulseaudio config isn't sticking past a restart07:15
phoenix_srvYankDownUnder: is that a free download (legally)? if so, that'd be a great help :) thanks07:15
ururusdoes anyone get paid doing this tech support?07:15
ururusor do anyone do tech support on side of irc ?07:16
AbuMaiaZykoticK9: no spaces.  full path is /home/abumaia/BOINC/boinc --daemon  Using that full path does not work, it only runs when I'm in the BOINC directory and run ./boinc --daemon07:16
PsynoKhi0datroubler: do you have the Software Source window in front of you?07:16
datroubler PsynoKhi0 yes07:16
Geoffrey2ok, so I'm chased my tail back to the starting point, basically07:16
CogitoErgoSamururus:  Pretty sure we're all just linux nerds, but the way I see it is that the more I help others the more I learn myself07:16
ldezHaving a strange problem where for a few weeks now when I go to a site with an embedded YouTube video, it shows the video, ready to be started, all buttons appear fine.. but I get no response when hitting the play button... Works fine if I pull up YouTube.com and search the name of the video.. seems just to be an issue with embedded YouTube.... other embedded flash player works fine, only have noticed the issue with YouTube specifically... any hel07:16
PsynoKhi0datroubler: ok, what repositories are enabled for yu right now?07:16
YankDownUnderphoenix_srv, Yes mate - got it a while back - just had to google it a bit and WHAM, it was there (and free)07:17
ZykoticK9AbuMaia, i don't know then.  Good luck.07:17
ururusCogitoErgoSam: true07:17
phoenix_srvalright, thanks, i'll take a look07:17
PsynoKhi0datroubler: and on which default server?07:17
=== agnel is now known as agnel-brb
CogitoErgoSamAbuMaia:  try this:  /home/abumaia/BOINC/boinc\ --daemon07:17
PsynoKhi0datroubler: I don't want to stress you but I gotta go to work very soon :/07:18
MikaelErikssonphoenix_srv: I have exactly the same problem...but the opposite. I didn't select any partition (my finger slipped) and now Ubuntu hangs on the start screen. No Vista installation on my system, I just upgraded. I really don't know what to do...07:18
ZykoticK9CogitoErgoSam, affraid that's not correct07:18
muffin2Does anybody run ubuntu guest in sun virtualbox?07:18
_Zappy__Hello !07:18
muffin2I think I found a solution to boot time pause on ubunt lucid when shared folders are in /etc/fstab.07:18
datroublerPsynoKhi0 do you mean this: http://www.abload.de/img/udey45l.png07:18
AbuMaiaCogitoErgoSam: nope, gives me a "no such file or directory" error >_<07:18
phoenix_srvMikaelEriksson: for you, i'd probably recommend just booting up from the live cd, and reinstalling grub from scratch using that07:18
Geoffrey2the immediate question is, since I upgraded ubuntu to 10.04, every bootup has gconf-sanity-check exiting with a status 256...it was suggested I simply remove that from the Startup Applications, but it doesn't even show up on the list of startup applications07:19
phoenix_srvthat should fix your problem07:19
CogitoErgoSamAbumaia:  you could try moving the app to /usr/bin to make it accessible from anywhere07:19
_Zappy__Is it possible to install software from the package manager and tell it to install on another partition then the main one where ubuntu's system lives ?07:19
CogitoErgoSamabumaia:  You'll need to use sudo to cp it there07:19
phoenix_srvand YankDownUnder, i believe i found the updated version of your disk here: http://neosmart.net/blog/2009/windows-7-system-repair-discs/07:19
arandmuffin2: Report it on the bug report ;)07:19
phoenix_srvjust in case you ever need the reference07:19
Gypsyfetishcan I update from the 10.04 re lease candidate to the LTS version from the update manager? or is it better to do a fresh install?07:19
muffin2arand : Upstart coders are already on it.07:19
muffin2I just want to provide an impromptu circumvention07:19
ZykoticK9_Zappy__, moving install locations in Linux is Non-Trivial.... ie. very hard to do.  Good luck man.07:19
macoGypsyfetish: if you install updates youre there07:20
MikaelErikssonphoenix_srv: yep, sounds clever. (re)-installing grub is obviously an option on the live cd?07:20
PsynoKhi0datroubler: argh I'm using irssi in xterm, having trouble using URLs :( anyway, try this: change the default server, and reload your package list07:20
CogitoErgoSamabumaia:  or make a symbolic link to it in /usr/bin07:20
Gypsyfetishty Maco07:20
AbuMaiaCogitoErgoSam: I'd rather not.  It contains several files in the middle of being processed, and moving it out of /home renders it vulnerable if I have to do a reinstall07:20
YankDownUnderphoenix_srv, Yeppers - dotssit! Ta!07:20
phoenix_srvMikaelEriksson: yes, there is some official documentation on it07:20
phoenix_srvI'll just grab you a link07:20
ZykoticK9!final > Gypsyfetish07:20
ubottuGypsyfetish, please see my private message07:20
AbuMaiaCogitoErgoSam: ln -s /home/abumaia/BOINC /usr/bin/BOINC ?07:20
_Zappy__ZykoticK9, So . I guess the best thing to do is just increase my Ubuntu system partition ?07:20
CogitoErgoSamAbuMaia:  How about just making a link to it in /usr/bin?07:20
MikaelErikssonphoenix_srv: sweet, much appreciated!07:20
PsynoKhi0MikaelEriksson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows07:20
ldezAll: Having a strange problem where for a few weeks now when I go to a site with an embedded YouTube video, it shows the video, ready to be started, all buttons appear fine.. but I get no response when hitting the play button... Works fine if I pull up YouTube.com and search the name of the video.. seems just to be an issue with embedded YouTube.... other embedded flash player works fine, only have noticed the issue with YouTube specifically... an07:20
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, I believe you'd suggested simply removing gconf-sanity-check-2 from the startup list...problem is, I don't see it there...is there a file I need to modify to take it out?07:21
arandmuffin2: THis channel, in it's temporary nature, might not be the best medium, forum/blog/bugcomment would likely cater a better audience.07:21
ZykoticK9_Zappy__, i install a lot of commercial gaves, so i have a huge / partition (it drives me a little crazy when all these people recommend 8GB / partitions - they wouldn't work for me)07:21
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, I'll check - hang tight mate07:21
phoenix_srvMikaelEriksson: PsynoKhi0 beet me too it :P07:21
CogitoErgoSamabumaia:  yeah I think that ln command will work07:21
MikaelErikssonAnd thx to you, too, psynokhi0!07:21
PsynoKhi0phoenix_srv: too slow my little padawan!07:21
phoenix_srvhaha, yes indeed07:21
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, okie07:21
PsynoKhi0MikaelEriksson: så lite så07:22
abadabad00CogitoErgoSam - no luck on finding the config files, but that may be because it is just using 'normal' pulseaudio bundled utilities. I dug up where I originally got the file: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=759147   Wonder why the changes in pulseaudio config isn't sticking past a restart07:22
MikaelErikssonpsynokhi0!: Men värt så mycket!07:22
_Zappy__ZykoticK9, So how can you tyell it to install and search apps in another partiton ?07:22
PsynoKhi0MikaelEriksson: tsh english!07:22
MikaelErikssonMay the Force be with you all. Back to work now.07:22
ZykoticK9_Zappy__, you can't07:22
=== excalq1 is now known as excalq-home
_Zappy__ZykoticK9, That's a bummer07:23
PsynoKhi0datroubler: how is it going?07:23
_Zappy__So it can only store data ?07:23
datroublerPsynoKhi0 i get the message that i have 2 damaged packages07:23
AbuMaiaCogitoErgoSam: nope, still no luck.  trying to run boinc by itself raises a not installed error, and full /usr/bin/BOINC/boinc path has same result as before07:23
DanaGhmm, how usable is btrfs with ubuntu?07:23
ZykoticK9_Zappy__, you could mount /usr or /opt to another parition and that would work - but again, non-trivial if you already have stuff installed.07:24
UbuntuJeffI have another cairo dock question if thats okay, when you have a stack on it and your scrolling over the stack it shows parts of the folders around it there names, like faded is there a way to turn that off? its making it hard for me to see what I am clicking on.07:24
excalq-homesimple question - does an ubuntu install customise itself to the computer it's being installed on? i.e. would installing it and swapping the disk to a diff. computer matter?07:24
CogitoErgoSamabu:  the link in /usr/bin should be to the binary itself, not the folder07:24
PsynoKhi0datroubler: do you get any tip as to what to do next?07:24
_Zappy__Thanks ZykoticK9 ... I hoped it to be easier07:24
DanaGexcalq-home: aside from ending up with eth0, eth1, eth2, eth10 (depending on mac address), about the only other issue is video drivers.07:24
datroublerPsynoKhi0 yes i show you mom07:24
DanaGATI and NV binary drivers trample on the open-source drivers for everything else.07:25
excalq-homeDanaG: ok thanks07:25
PsynoKhi0it STILL sound weird :P07:25
PsynoKhi0datroubler: please no URL I can't use them07:25
datroublerPsynoKhi0 no url? can i send u pictures in irc?07:26
PsynoKhi0datroubler: if you get any direction on how to solve the broken package, just do as the message says :P07:26
PsynoKhi0datroubler: I supposed it involves apt-get or dpkg07:26
datroublerthe dialog told me to look after damaged packages07:26
datroublerPsynoKhi0 and id did it07:26
AbuMaiaCogitoErgoSam: still nogo07:26
ZykoticK9datroubler, if you have broken packages try "sudo apt-get -f install"07:26
phoenix_srvdatroubler: you mean look for?07:27
datroublerPsynoKhi0 the two damages packages: fglrx-amdcccle and fglrx-kernel-source07:27
datroublerPsynoKhi0 es look for07:27
ftabYankDownUnder, sorry grub2 was not installed after installing that I got it fixed, but Now I have another problem07:27
FloodBot4datroubler: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:27
ldezAll: Having a strange problem where I go to a site with an embedded YouTube video, it shows the video, ready to be started, all buttons appear fine.. but I get no response when hitting the play button... Works fine if I pull up YouTube.com and search the name of the video.. seems just to be an issue with YouTube when embedded in a different site.... other embedded flash player works fine, only have noticed the issue with YouTube specifically... an07:27
CogitoErgoSamAbumaia:  What's the output of "ls -l /usr/bin/<nameofyourlink>"07:27
ZykoticK9ldez, 64bit?07:27
PsynoKhi0datroubler: sorry gtg to work, hope someone else will be able to help you >.<07:27
PsynoKhi0later peeps07:27
ldezZykoticK9: yes07:27
datroublerPsynoKhi0 ok thanks07:27
ftabI am using Dual monitors, before it was working well, and one window would stretch into one monitor only07:28
AbuMaiaCogitoErgoSam: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 25 2010-05-04 00:25 /usr/bin/boinc -> /home/abumaia/BOINC/boinc07:28
ldezZykoticK9: Just got done upgrading to 10.04 and was hoping that would help...07:28
MellowDudehi im getting error on a windows hd mount error driver already mounted07:28
MellowDudebut its not07:28
ZykoticK9ldez, if you're using the flash from repo (which is 32bit) then see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/clicking-in-flash-not-working to correct clicking issue07:28
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, Check this: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=20842707:28
YankDownUnderftab, Oyo boyo - wassup...07:29
MellowDudeand when i do the Disk Utility it says its uses it as a ext4 swap07:29
ftabbut now after maximizing it it would stretch across both the monitors07:29
ldezZykoticK9: Awesome thanks bro, seems to describe my problem perfectly.. I'll check this out07:29
CogitoErgoSamAbumaia:  and /home/abumaia/BOINC/boinc is the binary?07:29
MellowDudebut i didnt give it permission to how i fix it07:29
AbuMaiaCogitoErgoSam: yes07:29
ftabYankDownUnder, but now after maximizing it it would stretch across both the monitors07:29
aranddatroubler: so if you run "aptitude install -f" what does it suggest?07:29
YankDownUnderftab, Um...hmm...sounds like you have to muck with yer xinerama/xorg settings matey07:30
datroublerarand: Aktueller Status: 0 kaputt [-2].07:31
datroublerarand do you understand this07:31
CogitoErgoSamYankDownUnder:  So, since he had to reinstall grub to get it to work, do I get that beer back from ya?  :D07:31
datroublerarand or should i try to translate07:31
MellowDudenvm i find out my self i just re protion a little of the main drive for swap take swap off the other drive07:31
aranddatroubler: I'll manage I think07:31
datroublerarand kapuut= damaged07:31
YankDownUnderCogitoErgoSam, Er...reckon so...but it's a black black beer mate....07:31
ldezZykoticK9: You're a king dude.. easy fix.. big ups to you07:31
ZykoticK9ldez, glad to help07:32
datroublerarand http://paste.ubuntu.com/427453/07:32
CogitoErgoSamI have several bombers of Three Floyd's dark lord russian imperial stout in my basement07:32
CogitoErgoSamDoesn't get much darker than that07:32
CogitoErgoSamBut that's offtopic I suppose07:33
YankDownUnderCogitoErgoSam, Stronger than 6.7? :)07:33
CogitoErgoSamThis year's batch was around 1507:33
YankDownUnderBeer is offtopic? Dang...(ah, well, same in Fedora, Mandriva, Gentoo, CentOS as well)07:33
CogitoErgoSamhehe I'mma send you a PM about beer anyway so we don't clog it up07:34
YankDownUnderCogitoErgoSam, 15 is more than 6.7%07:34
songerhow can i remove firefox?07:35
phoenix_srvsonger: in the terminal, type: sudo apt-get remove firefox07:35
CogitoErgoSamSonger:  A number of ways, from both the command line or from gui applications.07:35
nomad77songer: sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox to remove its configs07:35
soreauwhat is the option to show icons in system>administration?07:36
CogitoErgoSamsonger:  those command line options will be the quickest though07:36
ururusCogitoErgoSam: how do we change permissions of a file the command?07:36
ururusi forgot long time not using linux07:36
songeri need to remove everiting07:36
* YankDownUnder thinks maybe apt-get remove firefox && apt-get install microsoft-internet-exploder might work...07:36
phoenix_srvururus: chmod 755 filename07:36
CogitoErgoSamururus:  chmod07:36
aranddatroubler: If you look in those directories /usr/lib/fglrx and /usr/share/ati what is in there?07:37
ururusoh yeah remember now07:37
phoenix_srvobviously substituting the values for whatever octal values you like :P07:37
ururusor chmod +x filename07:37
_Zappy__Trying to install subversion, but I get the following error:07:37
CogitoErgoSamururus:  The numbers use octal representation, but you can use the letters quickly too (ie x for execute, r for read, w for write)07:37
_Zappy__Couldn't find package libxvidcore4-dev07:37
phoenix_srvSurion: its in the gconf editor somewhere07:37
phoenix_srvim just looking it up for you now07:37
_Zappy__How can I fix that ?07:37
ZykoticK9soreau, i believe you could use "gconftool-2 -s /desktop/gnome/interface/menus_have_icons --type boolean true" just use the path if you want to use gconf-editor07:38
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, ok, tried the backup trick...lost a bunch of errors in the errors file, got a whole bunch of new errors, and I'm still getting that exit status 256 on startup07:39
ururusCogitoErgoSam: setting up dsl on ubuntu is fairly easy right? we dont need so much scripts like ppp0 dial up stuff?07:39
phoenix_srvZykoticK9: beat me too it as well P07:39
phoenix_srv:P *07:39
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
CogitoErgoSam_Zappy_:  I'm assuming you're trying to install video codecs?  Easiest way is to just do the whole restricted extras package from the command line or software center07:39
songerCogitoErgoSam,  i already know but I can; with fire fox07:39
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, Have you tried finding out what the "exit status" error means via Google or such?07:39
datroublerarand in /fgrlx: libglx.so.xlibmesa and in /ati http://www.abload.de/img/atizwm6.png07:39
songerCogitoErgoSam,  thanks07:39
_Zappy__Thanks CogitoErgoSam I'll try that07:40
CogitoErgoSam_Zappy_:  From the command line its "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras", or just search the Software Center for "Ubuntu Restricted Extras"07:40
lrc03aab g07:40
songernomad77, says Building dependency tree07:40
ururusis ./configure; make; make install or is it | <--07:40
CogitoErgoSam_Zappy_:  And obviously if you're using a different flavor of ubuntu like kubuntu that'd be kubuntu-restricted-extras or whatever07:40
Geoffrey2YankDownUnder, I've tried, problem is information overload, I get 30 different possible explanations, covering five different versions of ubuntu..figuring out which applies to me, that's the fun part07:41
ururustar -zxvf filename.tar.gz07:41
nomad77ururus: generally but read any install/readme files07:41
_Zappy__CogitoErgoSam, Just trying to install subversion07:41
ururusnomad77: what about dsl setup in ubuntu fairly easy or need ppp0 dial up type scripts ?07:42
CogitoErgoSamururus:  What do you mean installing dsl?  If your router/modem is already set up, ubuntu should automatically detect and set up the connection07:42
ururusnomad77: or it just asks to put my localhost IP?07:42
nomad77ururus: should be auto,uses dhclient07:42
songernomad77,  Building dependency tree , Package firefox is not installed, so not removed07:43
G-manwhat is the best type of file system to use with a fresh install of Ubuntu the latest distro07:43
YankDownUnderGeoffrey2, Well, the niggly stuff is what makes it all the more fun as a puzzle...as long as you can boot and use, it's all good...but it is kinda strange that...could be from a nonexistent program trying to startup via the init scdripts or in your startup....07:43
nopeG-man: for what use?07:43
nomad77songer: then youre good07:43
__danthemanmy vote goes to ext3 or 407:43
G-manweb browsing, video stream, and mp3's07:43
nopeext4 works nice07:43
nopedesktop then07:43
DanaGhmm, how's butterfs?07:43
CogitoErgoSamG-man:  The current newest fs is ext407:43
nopeI run ext4 here07:43
red2kicG-man: Whatever suit you well. ext4 is for me. I like new stuffs. :)07:44
__dantheman< ext4, too07:44
nopeDanaG: I wouldnt use btrfs in production07:44
CogitoErgoSamG-man:  Well, newest commonly used one for personal use; not gonna get into server / data warehouse kinds of situations07:44
nopebut for testing, sure07:44
nomad77production i'd use ext3 myself07:44
songerbut firefox still there, nomad7707:44
G-manshould i make the hard drive partitioned or no?07:44
* YankDownUnder prefers ReiserFS...the professional choice of murder suspects! :)07:44
CogitoErgoSamG-man:  Planning on dual booting?07:44
nopeG-man: if you partition it properly, a reinstall would be a lot easier07:44
nomad77songer: you installed firefox,how?07:44
ldezYankDownUnder: hahahahaha07:45
G-manG-man this is on another computer im looking at it right now07:45
nopeYankDownUnder: I`m probably gonna get stoned here, but I actually prefer ZFS :)07:45
aranddatroubler: hmm, if you run apt-get check, does it indicate which packages are broken?07:45
G-mani popped in the Gparted live cd07:45
CogitoErgoSamYankDownUnder:  Although not technically FOSS, Truecrypt is a nice choice for the sensitive stuff regardless of file system :)07:45
Kitar|sthttp://www.getfreexboxlive.net/?i=2363 did anyone try his viral thing where you haveto invite 5 people to get 1600 microsoft points ? (no need to register or anything)07:45
Kitar|stoops wrong window07:45
FloodBot4Kitar|st: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:45