duffydackin theory U1 is awesome...  just lacking in practice a little...or is that just me?  its hit n miss as to wether it works or not.  I`ll stick with it.00:51
duanedesignhello terwilliger01:21
duanedesignwhats going on?01:22
terwilligerHi duane. Quick question. It took nearly 45 minutes to sync a tiny amount of text. I know you guys are having scaling problems, but is that to be expected now, or is there something on my end?01:22
terwilligerWhat I'm asking is that experience in line with what other users are experiencing, or should I look around my setup for a bottleneck?01:24
duanedesignterwilliger: unfortunately there is probably not much you  can do right now.01:24
duanedesignterwilliger: i know the team will not be getting much sleep as they improve the situation01:25
terwilligerOK. I understand the problems. I just wasn't sure of the dynamics of the thing. I'll sit back while you add capacity.01:25
duanedesignterwilliger: I know they dont like it just as much, no more, than us01:25
terwilligerMust mean you have a very successful introduction. Much luck to you.01:26
duanedesignterwilliger: thank you for your patience01:27
terwilligernp. yw01:27
beunosyncing is super fast for me now01:42
beunoanyone care to try?01:42
duanedesignhello beuno01:43
beunoheya duanedesign01:44
duanedesignbeuno: finally got my phone fixed this weekend. Been using a backup phone since the phone sync was introduced.02:27
duanedesignLove the phone sync!02:27
beunoduanedesign, :)02:30
beunohappy to hear that02:30
duanedesigni posted this early this morning. Just some nice feedback i thought everyone would enjoy reading. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147098502:32
rootchordthere is no option to add this computer on the ubuntu one website02:35
rootchordany ideas?02:35
duanedesignhello rootchord02:36
rootchordsorry to be rude...just frustrated02:36
duanedesignrootchord: yes that is a bug that is hitting some people upgrading02:36
duanedesignrootchord: fortunately it is an easy fix :)02:36
duanedesignrootchord: close the Ubuntu One Preferences window if it is open02:37
duanedesignrootchord: open a Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)02:37
duanedesignand run this command02:38
duanedesign u1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login; u1sdtool -c02:38
duanedesignThis should force a web browser to open and put you at step 2 of the process.02:38
rootchordwoot! thx!!02:39
kermiacbeuno: file syncing is definately faster today :) i could sync a 3 kb txt file in only a couple of mins & a 1.2mb archive in around 30 mins :)02:39
beunokermiac, a new rollout was done a few hours ago, things should really pick up now02:40
kermiacawesome - thanks for all the hard work (and long hours) you guys have been doing lately to fix this :)02:41
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elzappYay! Syncing seems to work properly for me today :)07:08
elzappmorning all07:08
elzappgreat work guys07:09
elzappOkay, I was a little quick to say that..07:13
elzappIt has been working properly, now it's very slow, byt no sign of bug #57114207:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 571142 in ubuntuone-servers "syncdaemon looses connection" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57114207:16
elzappvery slow actually07:20
elzappthat seems to have been temporarily, it's better now07:28
khussein78 i cannot access ubuntu one, i can access the website07:52
khussein78i am behind juniper firewall, which ports should be opened ?07:52
elzappkhussein78: you need port 443 (https) open outbound... none inbound08:06
khussein78it is opened08:08
khussein78but when i click on connect from ubuntuone it just do nothing08:08
elzappfrom the settings panel?08:11
khussein78yes i go to system->preferences->ubuntu one08:17
khussein78may be i am setting it up wrongly08:19
elzapphave you read this? http://bit.ly/caHbOf08:35
esunyerHi everyone08:39
esunyerI've have problems with folder syncing08:40
esunyerI'd like to unsubscribe a folder but the u1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder command doesn't work08:41
esunyerAny idea ?08:41
kermiachello rye :)08:51
kermiacnot sure if it was just luck, but 4.6mb pdf just d/l through u1 in around 2 mins :)08:51
ryekermiac, there was a massive update yesterday, i see that i got to QUEUE_MANAGER in no time.. but still cannot declare this as super fast :)08:52
ryewow, IDLE08:53
kermiacrye: no, maybe not "super fast" - but it's definately improving :)08:53
ryewell, i can now test how ~/.Private behaves in UDF08:55
ryekermiac, i agree, this is a good sign :)08:55
coastGNUAnyone from Germany achieved paypal payment for ubuntuone??09:04
ryeok, the files from ~/.Private get synced, however web ui rendering is not that happy with ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWbsowM1kx4QVETIwr6... file names that cannot be wrapped09:51
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didrockswell, seems that ubuntuone is hanging on a new lucid installation too, got ubuntuone-login process running and nothing else (I'm logged in ubuntuone-preference and can see my account details)09:59
ryedidrocks, wait, do not kill ubuntuone-login10:03
ryedidrocks, could you please provide more details as per in what state your system is now? Was that a fresh install, what applications were already started?10:04
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didrocksrye: well, u1sdtool -s was hanging. So, it's a fresh install, with keeping my home folder, BUT removing the ubuntu one data directory (so, old .cache/.local, but no more Ubuntu One directory). I'm making some tests in real case. It seems old metadata + no data is bad for u110:07
ryeold metadada and no data? your files that correspond to the metadata are there, right?10:07
didrocksfor installed app, I have a lot of them installed, all ubuntu-dev-tools basically, no particular graphical application apart from chromium set by default, but I don't think this can be related10:07
SDonatasHey, does your ubuntu one works under ubuntu 10.04 x64? Just installed it and ubuntu one doesn't work at all10:08
didrocksrye: yeah, I keep them for my previous installation10:08
BlackZSDonatas: doesn't work for what?10:12
SDonatasnothiing works - files are not syncing, couchDB (evolution) also shows no contacts10:14
SDonatasi tried to reinstall few packages related to couchDB, but nothing changed10:14
SDonatasIts funny because that was fresh install of 10.04 x6410:15
ryeSDonatas, regarding couchdb contacts - this will be resolved soon, the replication for couchdb is disabled for the time being. Regarding file sync - could you please run http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/ubuntuone-debug-collect.sh ?10:15
ryehmmm. I might have an idea why browser is not started when ubuntuone-preferences is loaded. Something tells me this is couchdb related10:17
BlackZSDonatas: once you have the debug, file a bug on launchpad or put it into a paste and link to us. but I'd prefer the first way10:19
BlackZrye: it could be, but, with firefox?10:20
ryeBlackZ, some couchdb magic happens before firefox is started, so when something fails in couchdb startup the code does not make it to firefox.10:20
ryeso far this is the best explanation I can think of10:21
BlackZrye: I think too it's related to couchdb10:21
ryehm, connect_desktopcouch_exclusion in ubuntuone-preferences calls couchdb ... hmmmm in my case it did HEAD /management ang received 50010:25
ryehmmm.... is it possible for ubuntuone-login to start using desktopcouch at the same time when ubuntuone-preferences do something with it?.. somethink like race condition between two startup processes?10:27
BlackZrye: it could, yes10:29
BlackZseems so10:29
ryeand this may actually be the reason why I can't reproduce that locally reliably. In my case i am running in virtual machine that has a large chunk of itself usually in disk cache that allows faster startup10:31
ryeno thisfred/CardinalFang here...10:32
ryeBlackZ, according to http://paste.ubuntu.com/427525/ the "users" database is created twice10:32
BlackZI don't think it's a cache-related problem10:34
ryethere are two couchdb starting at the same time10:34
rye[Tue, 04 May 2010 09:09:57 GMT] [info] [<0.2.0>] Apache CouchDB has started on
rye[Tue, 04 May 2010 09:09:57 GMT] [info] [<0.2.0>] Apache CouchDB has started on
BlackZok, now we know with surely it's a couchdb-related problem10:37
BlackZand not a problem related ubuntu-one10:37
ryedidrocks, are you still here ?10:39
didrocksrye: sure10:39
didrocksrye: I've just copied the metadata (again ;)) and a fresh shot with no metadata started the sync10:40
ryedidrocks, we need your valuable input - could you please pastebin the contents of ~/.cache/desktop-couch/desktop-couchdb.log* ?10:40
didrockssure, one sec10:41
ryeand both ubuntuone-login and ubuntuone-preferences start operating with couchdb on NewCredentials10:46
didrocksrye: ok, this is the pastebin of the one before removing the metadata to get a sync: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427535/10:47
rye[Tue, 04 May 2010 08:54:38 GMT] [info] [<0.2.0>] Apache CouchDB has started on
rye[Tue, 04 May 2010 08:54:38 GMT] [info] [<0.2.0>] Apache CouchDB has started on
ryewe have a winner10:47
BlackZrye: is there a bug filed for that?10:47
ryebut in this case no 500 response. Hmmm.10:48
ryeBlackZ, not yet, but i am now ready to try reproducing this in controlled environment10:49
BlackZrye: ok, I'm trying too - however when LP will be back I will file a bug (or search for an existing one)10:50
ryegrr, no, something is wrong - NewCredentials signal is fired only when the authentication has _already_ happened in the past and the token is in gnome-keyring10:55
ryeAnd here's why subsequent ubuntuone-preferences restarts do not trigger ubuntuone-login to start logging in - UbuntuOne.OAuthDesktop.main Currently in the middle of OAuth: rejecting this11:03
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duanedesignhello beuno11:46
duanedesignoops, sorry11:46
duanedesignmorning all11:47
ryeanybody running lucid with -vga std and got more than 800x600 resolution?11:58
ryewell, it looks like syncdaemon is in better shape than yesterday12:03
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duanedesignrye: yep, I just dropped a 500k file in my Ubuntu One folder and it took 6 seconds aprox. :)12:16
ryeduanedesign, yes, and we found that couchdb starts twice when ubuntuone-preferences are opened - ubuntuone-preferences call couchdb routines when NewCredentials signal is received as well as ubuntuone-login, which may lead to some kind of problems but the browser window issue cannot be attached to this, unfortunately12:21
duanedesignrye: i also finally got my cell phone replaced. I was finally able to try out phone sync. I love it!12:25
hyperairhi rye, regarding your patch in #30228, is there a reason for dropping --background from start-stop-daemon?12:41
hyperairrye: also, i noticed you defined DEFAULTFILE on top of the script but do not use it anywhere in the script.12:41
ryehyperair, let me recall that... ubottu, bug #3022812:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 30228 in gsmlib "init script is broken" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3022812:41
hyperairhmm ubottu needs to be pinged here?12:42
ryehyperair, no, it just did not match the bug number :)12:43
hyperairheh okay12:43
hyperairwhoops =p12:43
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dakiraHi. Is there any way getting rid of the new nautilus context-menu entry (sync with ...)?13:49
dakiraJust the entry in the context-menu. Nothing else.13:50
JaymacI know contacts sync is currently disabled... Is it possible to manually download contacts and add them to evolution?  Failing that, is there an ETA for the contacts sync being enabled again?13:51
dakiraJaymac: you COULD just use funambol yourself and have the same benefits.13:54
JaymacI installed funambol on my phone to test the phone sync - it eats my battery... I've got Ubuntu One all set up though so will wait a few days before I think about using something else :)13:55
ryedakira, the context menu is provided by /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/libnautilus-ubuntuone.so - you might want to remove the library and restart nautilus. The library will come back on upgrade, though13:59
dakirarye: Is the contextmenu entry everything the library provides, or will removing it have other negative side-effects?14:00
ryedakira, it provides context menu, sharing dialogs and emblems on the files and folders (i forgot about emblems completely)14:01
kklimondarye: why there are no emblems on folders other than Ubuntu One? nautilus limitation?14:01
dakirarye: the general problem is: you share 1 or 2 folder with ubuntu one. But you have that extra menu-entry always and everywhere (even though you only needed it twice)14:02
popeycan someone help me get notes sync working on windows?14:04
dakirarye: maybe there should be an option to deactivate the extra menu entry14:04
ryedakira, i think that grouping Ubuntu One items in Ubuntu One submenu would also help. Since you might want to make public files more than once14:05
dakirarye: exactly. Don't get me wrong. I think it is great that you can sync files with Ubuntu One no matter where they are. But somehow the Ubuntu One context menu annoys me in every day usage.14:10
ryedakira, hm, i guess the best thing would be to integrate into nautilus sharing dialog / file preference, since e.g. file publish requires another click to get URL which is not really intuitive for me14:11
dakirarye: yeah. I like that idea. but i guess it would mean patching nautilus instead of just adding an extension. I'm not sure if there are any hooks to add stuff to the preference dialog14:15
Jaymacpopey, isn't note sync disabled at the moment?14:18
ryeJaymac, no, note syncing is not disabled14:18
ryepopey, what error do you get?14:18
ryeand frankly speaking i don't have any windows development env to rebuild tomboy to support verbose logging...14:19
Jaymacrye: oh, sorry.. the notice on the ubuntu one page is a bit misleading in that case: Notes and Contacts sync between desktops and the cloud is disabled while we ramp up for the new users. Sorry for the inconvenience.14:20
ryeJaymac, yes, the notice is definitely no longer valid, note syncing is done through snowy protocol which goes to couchdb internally. Only desktopcouch replication is affected14:22
Jaymacrye, ok, thanks for info.  Do you know when contacts sync will be enabled again by any chance?14:24
popeyrye: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427653/14:25
ryeJaymac, checking this with the people responsible for couchdb...14:26
Jaymacrye, Thanks :)14:26
ryepopey, is that my replacement library or the stock one?14:26
popeyyour replacement library doesnt work, you offered it to me a week or so ago14:27
ryeJaymac, the plan is to start using several couchdb services to balance the load and starting the service right now will cause additional fires (i.e. bug #564209)14:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 564209 in ubuntuone-servers "CouchDB throws a timeout error on all connections" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56420914:27
ryepopey, yes, that's why I asked - that thing definitely does not work :)14:28
ryeFailed to get auth URL from https://one.ubuntu.com/notes/. Exception wa14:28
ryes: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'System.Web.HttpUtility' from a14:28
ryessembly 'Tomboy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.14:28
ryethis is definitely something client-side14:28
Jaymacrye, ok thanks for info.. hopefully it will be solved soon :)14:29
popeywell it goes via my proxy, i can see the entry in the log14:29
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ryeJaymac, me too, i pretty much depend on couchdb replication/server-side access for phone syncing testing...14:30
ryepopey, hmmm... what's the tomboy version again?14:32
popeyrye: 1.2.014:33
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larsemilmy evolution does not seem to sync with ubuntu one... what can i do to achieve this? thought it was automagic...15:45
ryelarsemil, currently evolution sync is disabled. The team is working to increase the capacity of couchdb and bring the sync back15:46
larsemilah that explains alot. when will this feature be back online? i was so happy when i saw there was as well a symbian client!15:47
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ryelarsemil, the exact ETA is not yet known16:02
larsemilrye: is it months away or is it half a year away?16:04
ryelarsemil, it is more likely less than a week away16:05
larsemilwell that sounds just fine to me rye. thanks alot16:05
cythso I am thinking about making a scala client lib for ubuntu one and using it to make a cross OS client.  seems like it needs to be done, so I was looking for client specs16:33
cythI saw on the wiki there is a python script? where can I find this? also fail on not linking it to a repo or something in the wiki.16:34
ryecyth, the sources for ubuntuone client are available at https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client16:35
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rodrigo_mandel, hola!17:05
rodrigo_mandel, I've merged my mono-bindings branch in gnome git (should show up in lp soon), so just work from there to fix the issues, ok?17:06
mandelrodrigo_, hola, cool, I was going to bring that up17:06
mandelrodrigo_, I managed to take a look at what we need to do, we need to write the metadata to fix issues with the generated code (no .Net complient) and some .custom files to ensure that the code is C# like17:07
rodrigo_mandel, if you're ok with it, I'll leave it to you now, ok?17:07
mandelrodrigo_, superb, I'll take care of that17:08
ryeSamizdata, hi!17:22
SamizdataHowdy.  How's everyone?17:22
SamizdataI have apparently seriously broke my U1 tool.17:24
SamizdataBroken, even.17:24
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ryeSamizdata, what release are you running and what is broken for you?17:26
SamizdataThe current one in Lucid.  Basically, I deleted my CouchDB folders as per the current workaround for the Gwibber Account Add bug.17:27
ryeSamizdata, gwibber account add bug?17:27
SamizdataSo, I am unable to get U1 to allow me to resync or add my computer (after following the FAQ instructions).17:27
SamizdataThere are some issue with adding accounts like Facebook to Gwibber.  It just never completes.17:28
ryeSamizdata, good, let's make sure all prerequisites are intact - could you please check that there is nothing running with ubuntuone in it - ps auxww | grep [u]buntuone17:28
SamizdataIn fact, following the FAQ instructions never opens the web page to allow me to add my computer.17:28
ryeSamizdata, hm... never opens the web page - what browser are you running as the default one?17:31
SamizdataIt even gets a little worse.  I tried a purge/reinstall and now the preferences dialog locks,17:31
ryeSamizdata, ok, may I ask you to patch the sources a little bit?17:32
SamizdataAnd I got a little happy and removed this PC from my U1 account.17:32
SamizdataWell, I am certainly willing to try.17:33
ryeSamizdata, this is not that is usually done but we fail to reproduce such bug, so your experience may be extremely valuable17:33
ryehm... Samizdata could you please try running ubuntuone-preferences in the terminal - is there anything printed there?17:34
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SamizdataException in thread Thread-4: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/lib/python2.6/threading.py", line 532, in __bootstrap_inner     self.run()   File "/usr/lib/python2.6/threading.py", line 484, in run     self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs)   File "/usr/bin/ubuntuone-preferences", line 162, in do_rest_request     callback(result)   File "/usr/bin/ubuntuone-preferences", line 348, in parse_devices     self.17:35
ryeSamizdata, hmmm17:36
SamizdataThen it locks and I have to force kill it.17:36
ryeSamizdata, could you please copy/paste the whole output as is to http://paste.ubuntu.com  and give the url here?17:37
ryethis is definitely something new for me...17:37
SamizdataSure, sure.  BRB.17:38
ryeSamizdata, ok, in order to un-freeze it - could you please edit /usr/bin/ubuntuone-preferences and replace gtk.MODAL with gtk.DIALOG_MODAL - that's bug #56722317:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 567223 in ubuntuone-client "crashes after clicking manage account" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56722317:41
SamizdataGive me a sec here.17:41
ryeSamizdata, additionally - could you please collect primary debug info with http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/ubuntuone-debug-collect.sh ?17:43
SamizdataSure.  What do I need to know about the scripit?17:43
SamizdataScript, even?17:43
ryeSamizdata, syncdaemon is trying to report an error but the window fails to get created. I am extremely interested in the error message, which should be in the log file as well17:44
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ryeSamizdata, the script ubuntuone-debug-collect.sh gathers the exception log, the version of installed software and progress MARKs and then pastebins this info17:44
ryeSamizdata, well, it actually asks you whether you want to pastebin it17:44
SamizdataOkey doke.  Should that source replace be global or just one spot?17:45
ryeone spot, i believe - https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-client/error-dialog-errors17:45
SamizdataChange made.  Running the script now.17:46
dobeyah, fun17:46
JamesChildsI need help, if anyone would mind.17:47
SamizdataJust a sec.  Need to install pastebinit17:48
ryeJamesChilds, you can ask the question right away17:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:48
JamesChildsOk, I have signed up for SSO, Ubuntu One, etc.17:48
ryewow, i did it for the first time17:48
JamesChildsFollowed several tutorials, but Can't figure out how to add my computer to my "Cloud"17:49
JamesChildsOh sorry about the Ask to Ask, Wont happen again17:49
ryeJamesChilds, when you open ubuntuone-preferences the window should open asking you to add your computer - i believe this is not happening, right?17:49
gswaindoes this channel have anything at all to do with ubuntu private cloud?17:50
* hyperair wonders why desktopcouch needs so much memory17:50
hyperairand so much cpu17:50
JamesChildsWell, I cant get my Ubuntu one account connected to my physical machine.17:50
ryeJamesChilds, but when you open the preferences that window actually opens, right?17:50
JamesChildsYes, with the options "Manage Account" and "Support Options", Both of which I have exhausted17:51
Samizdatarye - New error.  Let me know when you are ready.17:51
ryedobey, is there any way to dump the state of ubuntuone-login while it is running in order to see where it actually hangs?17:52
ryeJamesChilds, there is a quick fix for this condition but I would ask you to stay online for next 5 minutes in case we come up with some kind of diagnosing for this issue.17:53
dobeyrye: assuming that it's actually hanging, you would have to use a debugger to do that17:53
ryeSamizdata, what error is displayed now?17:53
JamesChildsOkay rye, No problem17:53
SamizdataGot empty result for devices list.17:54
ryedobey, well, gdb on attached python process is not really helpful since the required libs are not loaded on startup :(17:54
mandelrodrigo_, I'm going to be wrapping the glib CouchdbStructField objects returned by the contacts documents in more C# classes such Address, EmailAdressetc.. do you mind?17:54
dobeyrye: pdb17:54
rodrigo_mandel, no, no problem17:54
ryedobey, pdb requires startup as well, once we kill ubuntuone-login and restart preferences app everything would go back to normal :(17:55
JamesChildsrye, If it helps you any, this is a clean install of Ubuntu 10.04, Installed less than an hour ago17:56
ryeJamesChilds, have you started using gwibber / ( Broadcast messages ) before running ubuntuone ?17:57
ryeJamesChilds, ah - one more17:57
dobeyrye: you can attach to any running process with gdb17:57
dobeyrye: i presume pdb can probably do the same too17:57
JamesChildsrye, I was trying to configure Ubuntuone while setting up gwibber17:58
dobeyrye: "attach <pid>" iirc for gdb17:58
ryeJamesChilds, could you please paste the output of ps auxww | grep [c]ouch to http://paste.ubuntu.com ?17:58
ryeJamesChilds, "ps auxww | grep [c]ouch"17:58
ryedobey, but what if the user gets "Got empty result for devices list" ?17:59
JamesChildsrye, http://paste.ubuntu.com/427772/17:59
dobeyrye: what about it?17:59
rohanis there any way to get rid of _all_ traces of ubuntu one from your installed 10.04 system?18:00
dobeyrye: i thought you were wondering about -login hanging, not preferences18:00
ryedobey, we have now both users - JamesChilds has ubuntuone-login hung w/o opening browser window and Samizdata had ubuntuone-preferences hanging ( MODAL  bug) but now it displays an error message with "Got empty result for devices list"18:01
SamizdataBTW, my cat had no useful suggestions AT ALL.  <grin>18:02
dobeyrye: the preferences hanging issue was because of the MODAL thing, so it's already fixed :)18:03
ryedobey, yep, in -proposed18:03
dobeyrye: i am not sure why it's showing an error for the empty devices list though18:03
SamizdataWell, the preferences thing still has one problem - As soon as you click close on the error dialog, it keeps looping, BTW.18:03
SamizdataWell, the dialog would not close with the close button.  You have to close it with the window close widget.18:04
ryeJamesChilds, ok, just to check that we did all we could - could you please do: gdb -p 191818:04
ryeJamesChilds, and then when gdb prompt appears - bt18:05
ryeJamesChilds, and then paste the output of bt to paste.ubuntu.com18:05
JamesChildsrye, it did not give an output, it says [ No Source Available ]18:06
ryeJamesChilds, after that please quit the debugger -  q ; and kill ubuntuone-login process - kill 191818:06
ryeJamesChilds, ok, you may quit the debugger and kill the process, there is not much we can do to diagnose that. Fresh install. How can one fresh install be different from another one...18:07
JamesChildsrye, Wiat there was more, I apologize -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/427776/18:07
dobeySamizdata: hrmm, maybe you only applied part of my patch then18:08
ryeJamesChilds, erm, ok, i believe you can quit the debugger18:08
JamesChildsrye, I did, Sorry I am not that experienced with Linux18:08
dobeySamizdata: did you just manually change the script to s/MODAL/DIALOG_MODAL/ ?18:08
ryedobey, ah, sorry - my fault, i asked to do MODAL replacement only, not the full patch18:08
SamizdataYup.  Just what rye said.18:09
dobeySamizdata: ok, well that issue is also already fixed :)18:09
ryeJamesChilds, ok, you have killed ubuntuone-login process now could you please close the preferences application and then open it again?18:09
JamesChildsrye, I don't think I killed the ubuntuone-login process, would you like to tell me how?18:10
ryeSamizdata, you can enable proposed updates to get the fix for that18:10
ryeJamesChilds, just type "killall ubuntuone-login" in the terminal18:10
ryeJamesChilds, one more, during the installation - were you connected to the network or have you updated your system immediately after the installation?18:11
JamesChildsYes I have updated18:12
JamesChildsrye, Thank you18:12
JamesChildsrye, It worked and is now asking me to add my computer. I have NO clue how you managed that, but thanks! =]18:12
ryeJamesChilds, believe it or not, but i have no idea why that works for the second time. I am going to set up a fresh install again. Just hoping to get at least some progress on this bug :(18:13
ryegggrrrr. I hate unknown bugs18:13
SamizdataSorry.  Breaking things appears to be a life skill.18:14
JamesChildsrye, Could it be an issue with my hardware? I have an offbrand PC, Everex. They don't even have a support site and for some reason Windows XP will not run on the machine.18:14
JamesChildsrye, Could it have been*18:15
ryeJamesChilds, unfortunately this does not look like hardware dependent bug, it always boils down to ubuntuone-login failed to open the browser and ... hmmm18:15
dobeyJamesChilds: i highly doubt it is due to hardware18:15
ryehmmm.... xdg-open is used... and noo18:15
dobeyJamesChilds: and i build my own workstations :)18:15
SamizdataHeh. Same here.18:15
JamesChildsrye, dobey, is there anyway I can help pinpoint the source of this bug?18:16
ryeSamizdata, btw, could you please enable proposed updates and update ubuntuone-client so that dobey won't kill me because I am bringing back old bugs?18:16
SamizdataSure.  Already enabled proposed.  Updating now.18:16
dobeyJamesChilds: Maybe bring a sacrifice to the Krakken? :)18:17
dobeyrye: hrmm, that should proabably be in -updates by now, have to ping about that...18:17
SamizdataNah.  Virgin sacrifice is a MS thing.18:18
ryeJamesChilds, the only thing that I can see as something that could help is to go back in time before you launched ubuntuone-preferences do some source changes and start it. But I believe this type of debugging is not yet invented18:18
JamesChildsIs this version of Ubuntu bringing that many issues?18:18
dobeyJamesChilds: no, but software and people are imperfect. no matter how many times we test it on our machines, it might still break in some random other user's system :)18:19
ryeJamesChilds, frankly speaking so far it brings the less amount of issues for me...18:19
ryebut as always, "works for me" does not mean "works for everyone"18:19
JamesChildsrye, don't mock me as I am not a professional, but you could install Ubuntu into a virtual machine, and do what you just said? I may be wrong =/18:19
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
ryeJamesChilds, I have 4 virtual machines with Lucid already and they suffered pretty much to make this bug reproducible :(18:20
dobeyJamesChilds: yes, he does that quite a lot :)18:20
SamizdataBTW - Downloading updates.  Slow connection.18:20
ryedobey, going back in time would be nice type of debugging for such issue, really.18:21
ryeHmmm... vm snapshots?... but i need to trigger the bug in the first place. I start hating this bug even more now.18:21
JamesChildsrye, dobey, could it have just been a fluke? My computer is rather old and my CPU definetly seems to be dying.18:21
ryeand I bet it is simple, completely simple...18:22
dobeyrye: maybe it's a weird timing issue somewhere?18:22
ryeJamesChilds, unfortunately no, as you can see when you killed ubuntuone-login it worked fine... so there is something really weird in *that first run*18:23
dobeyJamesChilds: no, you're not the only one that seems to have it, but i can't get it to happen :(18:23
ryedobey, I wanted to blame couchdb but it turned out it is not even contacted before new credentials are received18:23
dobeykenvandine: ping18:24
ryeJamesChilds, one more, are you on i686 or amd64 / x86-64 architecture ?18:25
NielsEshould ubuntuone be able to connect again atm?18:26
JamesChildsrye, x8618:26
ryeNielsE, the file sync is back up if you wondering about that18:28
* rye installs 5th virtual machine18:28
NielsErye: cause it's still not connecting18:29
ryeNielsE, what does u1sdtool --status show ?18:30
ryeJamesChilds, does your login require password or it is done automatically ?18:31
dobeyrye: hrmm, that's true, gnome-keyring has changed a lot from how it was in karmic18:32
dobeyrye: i wonder if some of the issues might be from that18:32
SamizdataStill here and still grinding.18:32
directhexi see no way to recover from u1ms hanging on "Connecting you to the Ubuntu One Music Store..." ?18:32
ryeSamizdata, ok, does preferences app display a correct closeable error for you?18:33
dobeydirecthex: i think the answer is 'hit aquarius upon the head' :)18:33
directhexif there's meant to be some kind of context menu or something, then i might just not be hooking a signal somewhere18:33
NielsErye: <python trace> -- failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-blabla: Connection refused18:33
NielsEI have the version from proposed18:34
Samizdatarye: It's still grinding. About 5 more minutes.18:34
directhexworked that time18:34
JamesChildsrye, Sorry I was away. Do you mean when I boot up my computer? Yes I have a password requirement.18:34
NielsErye: here is the python trace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427787/18:35
ryeJamesChilds, ok, then it is not hm... gnome-keyring?.. ubuntuone-login may ask the keyring for something but i got keyrings removed completely18:36
ryeNielsE, hm, it looks like something is wrong with your dbus - are you able to start dbus-monitor --session ?18:37
NielsErye: no..18:37
JamesChildsrye, I don't have keyrings set up, Only my default login password18:38
=== cpg is now known as cpg|away
ryeNielsE, well, it looks like either dbus daemon died or ... what does 'ls -l /tmp/dbus-obdk8QjDnv' give you ?18:39
NielsErye: nothing18:39
ryeNielsE, have you by any chance cleaned /tmp completely recently ?18:39
NielsEno not myself, It's a clean install since the 2th18:40
ryeNielsE, basically it means that all dbus functionality is broken for you now - does messaging indicator work?18:41
NielsErye: it worked this morning, I'll try to check it out18:42
SamizdataDone downloading.  Grinding through updates.18:42
JamesChildswell thank you rye and dobey, youve been a great help. Hope I helped you to atleast a little bit18:43
JamesChildsAny other info anyone would like before I leave?18:43
ryewow, i got buffer i/o error on a downloaded ISO with matching md5...18:43
NielsErye: when someone talks to me I get a black balloon telling me what the person sais18:43
ryeNielsE, that may mean that the removal of the socket happened after the application started (linux allows file removals even when it is opened, the file will disappear from the file system but the applications can still use it, complete removal will happen once the last application closes the file)18:45
NielsErye: could hybernating trigger an empying of tmp?18:46
NielsErye: I think I'll try to restart and run the u1d status again18:46
ryeNielsE, hmmm it should not... is there anything else in /tmp ?18:46
NielsEa few pulse files, keyring, libgksu, ssh, virtual-xx, .X0-lock etc18:47
SamizdataAnd done.18:47
NielsErye: I'll be right back, rebooting18:49
SamizdataWhen you are ready, rye.18:51
NielsErye: I rebooted and it gives "connection: Not User With Network", that's also all over my syncdeamon logs18:52
NielsErye: also "description: ready to connect"18:53
ryeNielsE, u1sdtool --connect18:53
NielsErye: that gave me a newline, but the --status has not changed18:53
dobeyrye: uhm. i guess you're not on holiday then? :P18:55
ryeubuntuone-login happily opens the browser, on fresh install, arghhh18:55
dobeyrye: i think it's a ghost in the machine :)18:56
ryedobey, i decided to celebrate the international worker's day by working and swap this day with some other one in the future18:56
dobeyrye: heh18:56
dobeyinternational? why am i working then? :P18:57
duanedesignhmmm, good point18:57
ryedobey, yes it is international* (*Terms and conditions apply. Not available in all countries)18:57
aquariushuntlogger, ping?18:58
ryeSamizdata, so what is the error now? I believe there is something still not working, right?18:58
dobeyrye: i think it's a scam, like "World Series"18:58
ryeSamizdata, ok, could you please check whether you have "UbuntuOne token for https://ubuntuone.com" in seahorse - Applications / Accessories / Passwords & Encryption Keys ?19:00
SamizdataLooking now.19:01
SamizdataToken found.19:01
SamizdataDelete it?19:02
ryedobey, in case the device list is empty and token is in the keyring then it does not prompt to add the machine19:02
ryeSamizdata, yes, please19:02
ryedobey, is that supposed to happen?19:02
SamizdataDone and done.  Retrying.19:02
SamizdataThat's apparently fixed that.19:03
ryewhat is ubuntuone-login creating on startup that can be broken at first but becomes fixed on subsequent startups?19:04
dobeyrye: is what supposed to happen?19:04
ryeCardinalFang, btw, we found that ubuntuone-preferences and ubuntuone-login call desktopcouch at the same time and trigger double startup of the service19:05
SamizdataNow all I need to do is wait for things to actually sync, right?19:05
CardinalFangrye, ah yeah.19:05
ryeSamizdata, yes, these should be fast now actually19:05
ryeCardinalFang, is there a bug report for that or new one needs to be created?19:06
SamizdataCool.  My contacts will return!19:06
ryeSamizdata, as per contacts not everything is started now - desktopcouch replication is disabled for the moment19:06
CardinalFangrye, I think Bug#530541 covers it.  See if you agree.19:07
SamizdataLe sigh.  Oh well.19:07
CardinalFangIt's pretty convoluted.19:07
SamizdataI can grab them manually through the web interface then.19:07
ryeubottu, be nice bot and parse Bug#530541 into bug #53054119:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 530541 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-service crashed with RuntimeError in run_couchdb()" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53054119:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:07
NielsErye: do you know why --status sais 'Not User With Network' or shall I open a bugreport?19:08
ryeCardinalFang, well , it is not crashing actually, it just starts up two desktopcouch instances that start couchdb databases and each tries to check whether users/management databases exist and one fails with 500... sometime19:08
ryeNielsE, could you please run http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/ubuntuone-debug-collect.sh to collect some basic info ?19:09
NielsErye: no prob19:09
SamizdataOh, well.  The proposed Gwibber doesn't work anyway.  Le sigh ^ 2.19:10
CardinalFangrye, Sucks.  I don't think there's a bug that's not full of noise.  if you create another, please assign it to me.19:11
ryeSamizdata, hm, could you please shut down gwibber and run it from the terminal?19:11
NielsErye: http://pastebin.com/DAxPyf1u here it is19:11
ryeSamizdata, i've been using gwibber for quite some time and had no issues with adding accounts (again as always, "works for me" :(19:12
SamizdataSure.  But it's ever weirder from before.  I do Facebook connect, and authenticate but there's not even an add button towards the bottom any more.19:12
NielsErye: if you were not a developer you would be pretty lucky ;)19:13
dobeyrye: you do realize that gwibber is like 5 different processes now, right?19:13
ryedobey, gwibber-service and gwibber... and desktopcouch...19:14
dobeyrye: gwibber-accounts19:14
ryedobey, wow19:14
dobeyrye: gwibber-preferences, gwibber-poster, gwibber-error also :)19:15
Samizdata<beats up all the Gwibber processes as this problem started the whole thing>19:17
ryeNielsE, so when you do u1sdtool --connect it does not want to connect... Are you running NetworkManager and is it in charge of the network you are connected to now?19:19
NielsErye: yes, yes and yes19:19
dobeywhat does "not want to connect" mean exactly?19:20
NielsEdobey: this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427822/19:20
dobeywhat happens in syncdaemon.log when you do u1sdtool --connect though?19:21
dobeyin ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log19:22
DnaXvds: hi :)19:22
NielsEdobey: this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427823/19:23
dobeyhrmm, but that log doesn't have debug info19:25
verterokNielsE: do you have firefox  open?19:25
dobeyNielsE: is there a syncdaemon-errors.log next to that file?19:25
=== huntlogger is now known as apachelogger
ryeSamizdata, hm, just added facebook account to gwibber - when you add Facebook account does it open Facebook page inside the widget where you enter your credentials ?19:25
apacheloggeraquarius: pong19:25
verterokdobey: syncdaemon might be waiting for the "Ihaztoken" signal from oauthdesktop19:26
ryedobey, no, there isnt http://pastebin.com/DAxPyf1u19:26
aquariusapachelogger, heya. Will you be at UDS?19:26
dobeyerr exceptions19:26
SamizdataYup.  Previously, hitting the Add button would do nothing, but with the proposed version, there's no add button.19:26
apacheloggeraquarius: unfortunately not, though I might be able to attend remotey19:27
SamizdataWoof.  That was weird.19:27
dobeyNielsE: right, do you have a firefox window open? there should be a new window or tab asking you to add your computer if you haven't done that yet19:27
SamizdataI authorized a second time and the button appeared.  It is fixed!19:28
ryeor we have another user with ubuntuone-login being uncooperative...19:28
aquariusapachelogger, ah, OK. One of the sessions we're running is about Ubuntu One on non-Ubuntu things like Kubuntu, Windows, and so on -- obviously this is relevant to you, so if you were there I was going to mark your attendance as essential :P19:28
NielsEdobey: no error log, I have opera enabled as a default atm, but it opens my browser when I click on "account beheren" (manage account)19:28
ryeNielsE, opera 10.10 ?19:28
NielsErye: yes19:29
dobeyoh, opera :(19:30
NielsEdobey: but I have added my account to ubuntuone when I did not have firefox yet, would it help if I reverted the default application back to firefox?19:31
apacheloggeraquarius: I'll try to remote attend anyway :)19:32
dobeyNielsE: it will probably work a million times better if you change the default to firefox, yes :)19:32
aquariusapachelogger, that would be excellent, if you can manage it; you're likely to be the most knowledgeable person about things that U1 does that aren't necessarily portable off stock Ubuntu :)19:32
SamizdataAlright, you amazing chappies (and chappettes), I must away with me and sleep.  20+ hours and running.19:32
NielsEdobey: changed back to firefox, --connect gives me the same result\19:33
ryeNielsE, and now you will definitely need to kill ubuntuone-login - it just stays in waiting for opera to return to it but opera has never started for some reason19:33
ryewhich is also beyond my understanding of the processes19:34
NielsErye: ah k19:34
NielsErye: whoah, it asked me to add my computer, and now it seems connected19:36
dobeyet voila19:36
NielsErye and dobey: the folders are pouring in :) superduper thanks, hope it'll keep working :)19:37
* rye is happy that we no longer have to deal with state errors, only startup/registration is somehow strange19:37
dobeyNielsE: it should be generally fine. opera just seems to have some weird issues :(19:37
aquariusNielsE, is opera set as your default browser?19:39
ryeaquarius, i can reproduce it every time - with opera not starting19:39
NielsEaquarius: not anymore :-)19:39
aquariusrye, how was opera set as the default browser? does opera itself ask it, or was it set in Preferred Applications?19:40
ryeaquarius, preferred applications19:40
NielsEI set it in preffered applications btw19:40
aquariuswhat I'm wondering is whether the Preferred Applications line for Opera should be being set differently. rye, NielsE, what did you set as the custom line in Preferred Applications?19:40
aquariusah, or did you pick Opera off the menu?19:41
NielsEaquarius: pick it off the menu19:41
ryeaquarius, the issue is that it _does not_ run from xdg-open within ubuntuone-login but it works great when it is run in xdg-open in terminal19:41
NielsEwhen you pick it off the menu it sais "opera %s"19:41
aquariusrye, yeah, I'm just wondering why :)19:41
aquariusNielsE, yeah, just tried it myself :)19:41
Schnitzhi all19:46
Schnitzmy couchdb seems to have blown right into my face19:46
Schnitzthis is the replication log19:48
beunoSchnitz, we have replication disables atm19:48
beunowe're working out soem load issues19:48
beunoso we had to disable replication to keep it responsive19:48
Schnitzis this the reason why i have that error in my log and gwibber is not starting?19:49
imbrandonrye: i mannaged to get the ubuntuone stack in debian ( sid and sqweeze ) working yesterday with some minimal patches ( mostly for python 2.5 ) all the way upto the music store, the last main piece is desktopcouch19:49
dobeySchnitz: i guess gwibber not starting is a separate issue19:52
dobeyimbrandon: what patches for python 2.5?19:52
imbrandondobey: to force use of python 2.6 on systems where 2.5 and 2.6 are installed ( like debian sqeeze and OSX )19:54
imbrandonbut 2.5 is default19:54
dobeyimbrandon: ah, so just patching the scripts for the #!/usr/bin/python bit?19:54
imbrandonyup basicly19:55
imbrandonlike i said minimal ;)19:55
dobeyimbrandon: hrmm. in the build tree, could you run "make lint" and pastebin the output? :)19:56
imbrandonubuntuone-client was just chaging the #!/ , but in the music store plugin i had to change the control to use 2.5 ( because rhyhmbox on sqweeze is 2.5 based atm )19:57
imbrandondobey: sure, lemme get back on my debian box, on lucid atm, give me ~2 min19:57
dobeyimbrandon: no problem, thanks :)19:58
imbrandondobey: kk i'm here now20:00
imbrandonmake lint, in which build tree20:00
imbrandonubuntuone-client ?20:01
yltsrchi all20:02
Schnitzbeune did you also disable file replication?20:02
yltsrccan anybody help me with u120:02
mandelyltsrc, just as the question, if there is someone that knows the answer they get back to you ;)20:02
imbrandondobey: probably not what you were looking for but http://paste.ubuntu.com/427844/20:03
yltsrci have 2 pcs, and they are both didn't synchronize with u1 storage20:03
yltsrcfirst one is lucid (updated after release)20:03
dobeyimbrandon: haha, lovely!20:04
yltsrcand the second one is lucid too (updated to alpha3, and now updated to release)20:04
dobeyimbrandon: ah, you probably don't have pyflakes installed20:04
dobeyimbrandon: if you install pyflakes then run make lint, it should do the right thing :)20:05
imbrandonk, one sec20:05
dobeySchnitz: file sync is not disabled, no20:05
Schnitzdobey: hm...because my u1 is populated with files and folders but everything has the status "uploading"20:06
yltsrchow i can catch errors?20:06
yltsrcto fix them both20:06
dobeySchnitz: you mean on the web site?20:07
dobeyyltsrc: what exactly isn't syncing? files?20:07
yltsrcdobey: yes, files20:08
yltsrcand tomboy too :)20:08
imbrandondobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427846/20:09
dobeyyltsrc: i don't know about tomboy exactly, it uses a different rest api which we just provide support for on the server. but for files you can check ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log for errors (there might be older versions with timestamps appended to the filename)20:09
yltsrcdobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427848/20:11
dobeyimbrandon: cool, thanks :)20:11
yltsrcthats all20:11
imbrandondobey: yup, np20:12
dobeyyltsrc: looks like the connection timed out. what does "u1sdtool -s" show?20:12
yltsrc    is_connected: True20:13
yltsrc    is_error: False20:13
yltsrc    is_online: True20:13
yltsrc    connection: With User With Network20:13
yltsrc    description: processing queues20:13
yltsrc    queues: WORKING_ON_CONTENT20:13
dobeyyltsrc: ok, so it should be syncing, but it might be a little slow. you can run "u1sdtool --waiting-content" to see more detailed info about what files are waiting to sync20:14
yltsrcsecond one have an error AUTH FAILED20:15
dobeyyltsrc: ok, does that second machine show up in the devices list in ubuntuone-preferences?20:16
peterihspeeds and connection seems a lot better today20:17
yltsrcno, I remove it from list, but now i can't add it20:17
peterihyltsrc, I had to use u1sync --authorize to add machines20:18
dobeyyltsrc: if you open Accessories->Passwords & Encryption Keys, and remove the "UbuntuOne token for https://ubuntuone.com" on that machine, and try to connect again, it should work20:18
yltsrcdobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/427854/20:21
peterihI've emptied my account but it shows 14.8 MB usage... Did someone here mention that is is some kind of trash functionality?20:21
dobeypeterih: what does "emptied" mean?20:22
yltsrcpc successfully added to list, but i've got an eeror on terminal20:22
peterihdobey, removed all files20:22
dobeyyltsrc: yeah, the error is a sort of weird artifact it seems20:22
dobeypeterih: do you have any notes/contacts/bookmarks/gwibber messages? :)20:22
dobeypeterih: the data stored in couchdb counts toward your quota also of course20:23
peterihdobey, No. Never used any of that20:23
dobeypeterih: hrmm, and the web site shows all your folders as empty?20:23
peterihdobey, yes20:23
dobeypeterih: interesting. i'm not sure what that would be then.20:24
peterihdobey, It's difficult to file a bug report, since I don't really have much information to give20:25
mkarnickisomebody called me? I had an issue with irc client.20:29
mkarnickiaquarius: thanks for the mail!20:30
yltsrcdobey: can i help you to fix my bug?20:38
dobeyyltsrc: what bug?20:41
dobeyyltsrc: you can ignore that error. the bug is already reported. it's not a real issue. just an oddity. you should be able to connect and sync files now20:42
yltsrcdobey: i am not sure, but i still can't sync files20:44
dobeyyltsrc: what does u1sdtool -s say?20:44
yltsrcserver rescan20:45
yltsrcu1 prefs show that sync in progress, but u1sdtool --waiting-metadata don't show anything20:45
dobeyyltsrc: then it is working. it might take a few minutes, but it is checking for changes on the server20:45
dobeyyltsrc: patience young padawan :)20:46
yltsrcfirst pc synced, i am happy :)20:47
=== cpg|away is now known as cpg
windmillThere Is No "Add this Computer button"!!21:15
windmillWhat do I do?21:15
windmillWhere should I be looking?21:16
peterihu1sync --authorize21:16
windmillThe program 'u1sync' is currently not installed.21:16
peterihapt-cache search u1sync21:17
windmillubuntuone-client-tools - Ubuntu One client tools21:18
windmillDO I install that?21:18
windmillok, installing, why is that not installed already?21:19
peterihI guess the reason is that normally there would be an Add this PC button21:19
windmillok, I now have the "Confirm Computer Access" page21:20
windmillwhich is cool21:20
windmillThis problem seems to be affecting both my laptops so I guess it's account related21:20
peterihI think it is Ubuntu One related :)21:21
dobeypeterih: please don't tell people to run u1sync --authorize :)21:21
peterihdobey, Ok, just trying to help21:21
windmilldobey, why not?21:22
windmilldobey, have I done something terrible ?21:23
dobeybecause u1sync is an experimental tool (which is why it is in a separate package), and not really kept up to date with the rest of the ubuntuone pieces.21:23
windmillUbuntuone is kept up to date ?!21:23
peterihthen u1sync should not be in apt21:23
dobeyu1sync is not ubuntuone. it is an experimental tool21:23
windmilldobey, this is the only thing that has solved my problem21:24
dobeypeterih: yes well it's in a separate package and not installed by default for a reason :)21:24
windmilldobey, is there a better way?21:24
dobeywindmill: well i don't know exactly what your problem was, and likely never will now, so i can't really answer that.21:24
dobeywindmill: obviously you hit some bug, but now you probably never will again21:25
dobeyso it makes it hard to get any potentially useful information about it :)21:25
peterihdobey, The thing is, us simple users expect that things in Software Center is not experimental21:25
windmilldobey, ok, on my laptops neither could get the get the "Add computer" page despite neither being added to the account21:26
windmillI was able to log in but not add computers21:26
windmillI can add them with the u1sync tool21:27
peterihwindmill, I apologize for misleading you21:28
windmillpeterih, I don't think you did21:29
windmillpeterih, I think that was very helpful advise, I just don't see why it need to be hidden21:29
windmill:) I'm gunna go and install that on my other machine now and add that too21:31
dobeybecause if you use u1sync incorrectly, you will mess up your files21:31
windmilldobey, oh ok, well that is a worry I suppose21:32
windmillwhat is interesting is that using u1sync to authorise stops the ubuntu preferences window from hanging21:39
duanedesignwindmill: got that pesky 'no add computer button'?21:40
windmillduanedesign, yes21:40
peterihwindmill, I had the same frozen window problem21:41
duanedesignwindmill: it also caused the preferences window to hang?21:41
duanedesignpeterih: i didnt know that was on of the symptoms. Good to know21:41
duanedesignwindmill: did you get the computers added ok?21:41
windmillI added one just not on peterih's advice using u1sync tool21:42
windmillI'm about to add the other, dobey thinks I shouldn't be using that tool because bad things might happen21:43
windmill"bad things" has not be well defined21:43
duanedesignwindmill: yeah i used to recommend that tool too. I was advised the same thing :)21:43
dobeyno, the 'prefs hang' is already fixed in -proposed (and should be uploaded to lucid-updates in the next couple of days)21:43
windmilldobey, I read the bug on launchpad it's a one line fix right?21:44
dobeyif 'bad things' was well defined, i wouldn't care because the bugs would already be fixed :)21:44
dobeywindmill: no it's not a one line fix21:44
duanedesignwindmill: did you see this page. It has a command you can use to get over that bug.21:44
duanedesignwindmill: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ#How%20do%20I%20add%20my%20computer?21:44
peterihduanedesign, I tried that. It didn't work for me21:45
windmillduanedesign, yeah I found that too and, no it didnt' work for me either21:46
dobeypeterih, windmill: and you're both using firefox as your default browser?21:47
windmillThe part about it not opening the browser window is not the problem I'm seeing, the window opens but is not the "add computer page"21:47
peterihdobey, yes, firefox21:47
duanedesignpeterih: hmmm. What i did, this was before that page was made, was  u1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login. Then ps uaxxc | grep ubu to make sure all processes were stopped21:47
duanedesignthen launch Ubuntu One preferences manually from the me Menu21:48
duanedesignFWIW :)21:48
windmilldobey, I had firefoz on one laptop and chromium on the other, both opened, neither displayed the "add" page21:48
dobeywell what did they display?21:48
peterihfor me, the dashboard21:49
dobeyi am very surprised that u1sdtool --authorize would have worked for you then21:49
peterihit was u1sync21:50
dobeyu1sync, whatever21:50
dobeybecause that sounds like a problem on the server side21:50
windmilldobey, it worked and has just worked again (this time on the laptop with chromium and default browser21:50
windmilldobey, AND it has stopped the prefs window crashing on that machine too21:51
windmilldobey, they displayed the sso page then the ubuntu one account, but not the "add computer" page21:52
windmillso in summary, authorising with u1sync tool 1) allows you to add the machine 2) stops the prefs window crashing21:53
dobeyit doesn't stop the prefs tool from hanging21:55
hcooperHi - since buying an album this morning (~13 hours ago), it seems syncing has broken. The "My Downloads" window in rhytmnbox box says "Transferring to your Ubuntu One storage", and the tracks aren't listed in the "Purchased" list. I've tried his from two machines with the same effect.21:55
hcooperany ideas?21:55
windmilldobey, it does stop it hanging :)21:56
windmilldobey, I've just tested it twice21:56
dobeywindmill: it might reduce the possibility of it hitting the code where it hangs, but it does not magically fix the code.21:56
windmilldobey, that could be right :)21:57
dobeywindmill: the only thing that fixes the code is the fix i already put in and which is waiting to be uploaded to lucid-updates21:57
dobeyat best the request for the list of devices from the server won't error again, and it won't hang21:57
windmilldobey, I've lost the launchpad bug now, was it something to do with reading the list of devices then, it did seem to crash where it would normally do that22:02
dobeywell i know the code, so yes22:04
dobeythat code path only happens inside the devices tab22:06
windmillseems to crop up22:07
dobeygotta go, later22:07
peterihTime to sleep, good luck windmill22:14
sauls1967I just made my first purchase.  I see my music going to my cloud but not to my laptop yet.  how long does that take and where does it put the files22:23
windmillsauls1967, Don't know, I tried to buy music yesterday and it failed.... still waiting to see if I get charged22:25
sauls1967I got a receipt22:25
sauls1967and it says it is transferring to my ubuntu one account22:25
sauls1967and then it is supposed to sync up22:25
windmillmy syncing is very slow at the moment22:26
windmillso I would guess it'll take a while22:27
windmilldoes the little cloud icon not exist any more?22:30
kklimondayeah, it got removed for some reason22:35
elgringo190hi there23:17
elgringo190are there some problems with the u1 server atm. It seems they sync incredibly slow.23:18
elgringo190ok, sorry... i allready read on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status23:21
elgringo190but thanks for your help anyway. But nextime, please not all at the same time :)23:22
=== cpg is now known as cpg|away
zerwasAre there other mailing lists besides ubuntuone-users where i can suggest new features?23:45

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