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rlameiroScottL: ping02:26
rlameiroI took the liberty to change the ubuntustudio wiki to reflect the new releas02:27
rlameiro*release/   I hope its ok.02:27
ScottLTheMuso, debian squeeze has rakarrack 0.4.2 while ubuntu has 0.3.004:19
ScottLif i do a sync request doesn't that request for the upcoming (development) version?  i.e. maveric?04:19
ScottLhow would i get the update into lucid?04:20
ScottLjust file a bug with a patch?04:20
ScottLsorry if i'm being dense (i probably am) i've been trying to ask persia for a couple of days rather than bug you04:25
* persia hasn't seen the question: only "are you around" when I wasn't.04:27
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates04:27
persiaBasically, just create a tested minimal targeted patch, and follow that procedure.04:27
persiaPh, given context, it's not likely to happen (large upstream version change).  You'd do better to get it into maverick, and then do a lucid-backport.04:37
ScottLgroovy!  hiya persia04:43
ScottLi was looking at outdated on http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/ubuntustudio.html#outdatedinB04:44
ScottLi had set a calendar reminder about them to sync (or apparently sru) but it looks like sync is the way and i know how to do that04:44
ScottLtwo more questions though if you don't mind04:44
persiaJust ask :)04:46
ScottLhow do i approach getting outdatedandlocalb synced as well?  if ubuntu changes are picked up in debian i can just sync, correct?04:46
ScottL(oops, i guess three questions now)04:46
ScottLbut if there are changes i should file a bug with a patch?04:47
ScottLs/changes/changes still required04:47
persiaSo, targetting maverick, and looking at the mdt output.04:47
ScottL"mdt output" ?04:48
persia"Not in squeeze" needs a reason why, or should be gotten into Debian.04:48
persiamdt -> multidistrotools04:48
ScottLside question (yikes, another one!), did you get my email where i responded to your critique, specifically about "acting lead"?04:49
ScottLmdt, gotcha04:49
persiaI get email when people tell me they sent it :)  I'll go dig it up.04:49
persia"same version" means nothing to do04:49
persia"same version + local changes" means the changes should be reviewed, patches sent to Debian, etc.  If there is stuff that isn't acceptable to Debian, merge it.  If there isn't, then it's better to sync some future Debian version.04:50
persia"same version by rebuilt" can be ignored04:50
persia"outdated in maverick" ought get handled by autosync once that's enabled.  If something fails to autosync, then it's worth investigating more.04:51
persia"outdated + local changes" means doing a merge and *then* processing as "same version + local changes".04:51
persia(simply because one needs to validate that the changes still apply, etc.).04:52
persiaSometimes one gets lucky with "outdated in maverick" and discovers a sync opportunity.04:52
persia"Not in Maverick" can be ignored: I asked for mscore removal because musecore replaces it.04:52
ScottLbut roughly how soon can we actually sync?  the schedule shows the toolchain uploaded on may 604:53
persia(although sometimes one wants to hunt down *why* it's not present)04:53
persiaYou can file sync bugs now, if you like.04:53
persiaLooks like the archive is frozen, and all uploads need manual approval (based on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text= )04:55
persiaBut some stuff is already being uploaded :)04:55
ScottLi will start tomorrow night, i want to use the requestsync from ubuntu-dev-tools instead of doing them by hand (at lunch)04:55
persiaAnd I see a bundle of stuff in the sync queue (although please don't request a sync *except* to overwrite a merge, as autosync will be enabled soonish)04:55
ScottLrakarrack as an example -> for lucid it was an autosync, for maverick it will require a sync request, correct?04:56
persiagenerally the sequence is: archive enable (frozen), toolchain rebuilds, archive open, import the SRU candidates, start accepting other uploads, autosync.04:56
persiaBecause there's no Ubuntu-specific patch, it will autosync once the autosync is turned on.04:57
ScottLsorry, i'm slow tonight, been a long, long day and i'm tired :(  but i wanted to get somethings lined out04:57
persiaWhereas e.g. gimp will need investigation.04:57
ScottLoh, okay, and i now see above where you said "outdated in maverick", sorry 'bout that04:58
ScottLbut syncing to maverick and then backporting to lucid will take some time, perhaps a month?04:59
persiaShould be doable in a week under normal circumstances.  At this point in the cycle, probably a minimum of 3 weeks.05:01
ScottLthanks perisa05:05
ScottLlast question, do you think you might add a comment or endorsement to abogani's ppu application?05:05
persiaUnless I've been working with someone *very* closely, I don't do that: I sit on the board that receives those applications, which makes me feel uncomfortable making such an endorsement to the board except in cases where I'm the overwhelmingly most frequent sponsor.  That said, in my role as administrator of the sponsors team, I spend a lot of time trying to get others to sponsor stuff, so am rarely someone's regular sponsor.05:10
ScottL_that's understandable, i just didn't want people to overlook it or forget if they were planning on it05:20
* ScottL_ is going to bed05:20
quadrisprohi guys09:22
scott-workrlameiro: thanks for changing the wiki!18:24
rlameironp, but the same guy ointed at 2 more things18:25
rlameiroone of them i cant change, is on the ubuntustudio.org webpage (the iso size one) and the other is the full list of packages of this version18:26
scott-worki was going to ask stochastic about updating the website for the first18:30
scott-workand email the guy back for the second one18:30
scott-workbut i don't think i'll get to it till later this week (there's another email i want to address first)18:31
rlameiroi can change it, if i have the package list i can try to make it18:31
scott-worki was going to point him to the help.ubuntu.com pages18:32
scott-workhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio being one18:32
rlameiroI just now found that Falktx is portuguese, and looking at the maps is not too far away from me, i sended him a PM on the ubuntuforums18:32
rlameiromaybe i can meet him18:32
scott-workand the last one to specifically point him towards18:32
scott-workrlameiro: where do you live, i was thinking it was close to Spain for some reason (and i hope i didn't offend you with the question)18:33
rlameiroPortugal, next to Spain18:33
rlameirobut near the Ocean18:33
rlameiroi live in two cities, depends the day, Porto and Aveiro18:34
rlameiroscott-work: well the latter link is great18:34
rlameiromaybe the main US wiki should point at it18:34
scott-worki've tried to keep it up to date18:34
scott-workwe probably need to address the help. vs wiki. pages18:35
rlameirocan  I link to it?18:35
rlameiroor leave it like that?18:35
rlameirowe could probably duplicate the page, one on the hep and other on the US wiki18:36
rlameirobut its duplicate effort18:36
scott-worki'm not sure how to proceed with it right now, it's probably something for an upcoming meeting18:36
rlameiroabout the meetings, maybe there is a need to schedule one, at least to debate the US focus, so people can work, and gather information and man power to make it work18:38
scott-workby this weekend i'll schedule one18:40
rlameirodo you have some weekday in mind?18:40
rlameiroSunday?? 15:00 GMT/UTC18:41
scott-worki haven't given it thought yet, but i'm up for about anytime18:41
scott-workis that the usual time we had before?18:41
rlameirostochastic: ping18:41
rlameirostochastic did schedules for the meetings, maybe he have a good idea on the best timings and days18:42

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