squarebracketanything i should know before i upgrade?17:24
astraljavasquarebracket: That you have made good backups of your /home and other valuable data?17:27
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bloomproblems with ubuntu studio and hp dv6 1350sl20:40
bloomhangs up at start20:40
bloomcan anyone help me?20:41
holsteinhey bloom20:49
holsteinis this lucid?20:49
bloomall of two20:57
bloom10.04 what is?20:57
bloomi'm really desperate20:57
bloombetween parenthesis20:57
bloomi used cracked cubase with cracked reason on my company's pc with xp20:58
bloombut after i change company and they take back the notebook20:59
bloomso after i buy a notebook20:59
bloomthis notebook20:59
bloomwith winzozz 720:59
_guitarman_where does it hang on boot?20:59
_guitarman_booting into win7 or ubuntu21:00
bloombut winzozz 7 hates my cracked cubase21:00
bloomubuntu obviously21:00
bloomloading the kernel21:00
bloomafter the b43 drivers21:00
_guitarman_or generic21:00
bloomrealtime 64bit21:00
_guitarman_try the generic boot21:00
_guitarman_generic kernel boot21:01
bloomubuntustudio has the realtime kernel by default or not?21:01
_guitarman_should be - it was on mine21:01
bloombut doesn't jack need the realtime one?21:02
_guitarman_do you see the grub menu on boot?21:02
_guitarman_bloom: there is a difference between realtime kernel and realtime privs for an app21:02
_guitarman_you can run jack in realtime in a generic kernel21:02
_guitarman_try that first21:02
bloomreally i m trying now to install the 32bit version21:02
_guitarman_oh ...21:02
_guitarman_32 bit 10.04?21:02
_guitarman_lucid ubuntustudio?21:02
_guitarman_ah good21:03
bloomi downloaded all of two21:03
bloombut i suppose that on core duo it's better the 64bit version21:03
_guitarman_dunno. i run 32bit21:03
bloomreally my problems like musician are far beyond these21:04
bloomthe driver for tascam fw1804 doesn't exist21:04
bloombut in that pc i'm not able to install the system21:05
bloomthe funny thing is that i'm an engineer and i do the programmer21:05
_guitarman_heheh doesn't mean you don't get annoyed and not want to deal with a install that didn't work21:06
bloomthat's true21:07
bloomi wait now to finish the i386 install and try this21:08
_guitarman_you are just hoping to use onboard sound?21:08
_guitarman_not your tascam right=21:08
bloomtascam is firewire21:09
bloomit would be good if i could give a hand for writing the driver21:09
bloomi have also a edirol ua25ex21:10
bloomi tried ubuntustudio on my eeepc21:10
bloomand the edirol board (usb) goes21:10
_guitarman_oh good - it works21:11
bloomi don't loose so much time to configure it cause on eeepc it was unusable21:11
bloomtoo much slow21:11
_guitarman_yeah thats the processor and ram in those things21:12
_guitarman_too wimpy21:12
_guitarman_i edit a podcast on my hp mininote21:12
bloombut in general i find it more slow and heavy than xp21:12
bloomi tried also on a pentium4 with 2.8ghz21:13
_guitarman_hmmm, well - think of it this way.21:13
bloomthe first impression was that it's a little bit immature, from a user perspective21:14
_guitarman_here's a question for you bloom21:14
_guitarman_can you broadcast your recording session as you are making it under windows xp?21:14
_guitarman_not through webcam or whatever21:14
_guitarman_what software?21:15
bloomno, i don't know21:15
bloomand i love linux21:15
bloomi use only that system21:15
bloomon work or at home21:15
bloomi do a question back to you21:15
_guitarman_yeah.  its not perfect, but there is power in linux audio21:16
_guitarman_it is coming along. and i choose to use it even if some of it is unpolished21:16
_guitarman_because the quality of some of it is very good.21:16
bloomcan you record midi and audio with the best linux software ?21:16
bloomardour i think21:16
_guitarman_i really like ardour and the plugins, and hydrogen is a easy drum machine21:16
_guitarman_bloom: if you must do midi and audio, use qtractor21:17
_guitarman_if you are willing to do it all audio route midi into softsynth and that as an audio input in ardour then go ardour21:17
bloomwith cubase you can, and it is so useful21:17
bloomyeah i have to experiment21:17
_guitarman_yes this is a weak point currently - qtractor is the most useful for this now21:17
_guitarman_ardour 3.0 in development will solve this but its not ready at all now21:17
bloomi heard rumours that in the next version of ardour... exactly21:18
_guitarman_its true21:18
_guitarman_its in the works21:18
_guitarman_and apparently its looking really good21:18
bloomi think that a couple of years and it surpassess all proprietary systems21:18
bloomi tried ableton live past few weeks21:19
bloomwe wanted to sync two pcs with midi21:20
bloomi don't tell you the pain with win7 and drivers21:20
bloomall my audiocards doesn't work21:20
bloomto start the drivers you have to press f8 at the start everytime and choose to disable the digital sign control for drivers21:21
bloomand i notice that midi sync was very unprecise21:22
_guitarman_bloom: i dont doubt it - i do tech support for windows apps21:22
bloomi just wonder to write a sync for apps using a lan21:22
bloomthe point is that with gnu/linux you can do such these things21:23
bloomok it installs grub21:25
_guitarman_yeah - thats why i like to run under this platform21:26
bloomkernel now seems to be 2.6.32-21 generic21:26
_guitarman_thats as expected21:26
bloomit's the menu on grub21:26
_guitarman_choose that21:27
bloomoh yeah it starts21:27
_guitarman_dont bother installing linux-rt like you might have done in the past21:27
bloommaybe it was 64bit version21:27
_guitarman_you will need to install the ppa for the kernels that build on the current generic kernels21:27
bloomthat don't go21:27
_guitarman_the linux-rt in the repo of this is the rt kernel from karmic21:28
_guitarman_so need ppa ... but try with generic first - it performs pretty decently21:28
bloomoptimization after21:28
_guitarman_get things working first21:28
bloomyez i'll play around with the various software for a little bit21:29
bloomand take docs to  see how help for the tascam drivers21:30
RemunJ66See you. Have a good sleep.21:53
ronjHello. I noticed 10.04 has two realtime packages, linux-realtime and linux-rt. I did as usual and installed -rt, which works fine with jack so far. However, could somebody explain me the difference or point me to somewhere it's explained? Didn't find anything.22:22
bloomhey jackbeat doesn't work in 10.04 i38622:44
holsteinronj: thats a great question23:08
holsteini dont have the answer to that right now23:08
holsteinBUT that is on my list of things to find an answer soon23:09
ronjmaybe a new method to reach low latencies without the big RT patch23:09
ronjmaybe a plan to CONQUER THE WORLD23:09

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