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N-S[X1]Hello. I'm experiencing random lock-ups of my Xubuntu 9.04. Where should I start looking for answers?01:41
N-S[X1]They can go on for several minutes and then suddenly un-freezes and the system acts normal again.01:41
anom01yno luck with the plymouth / nvidia issue and 10.04 ?02:30
ochosi_anom01y, what do you mean?02:41
anom01ywell like 1000 people are in Ubuntu complainaing about blank screens, failed bootups and other problems.02:42
ochosi_i don't have any problems02:42
anom01yapparently its from Plymouth (part of Ubuntu), and Nvidia02:42
anom01ywell I sure did02:42
ochosi_using the proprietary nvidia driver and plymouth02:42
anom01ycouldn't install it after 3 days of trying02:42
anom01yyeah well it should just work, I know.  But it didn't02:42
ochosi_at first i used nouveau, but not having power management on a laptop makes it pretty useles imo02:42
ochosi_can't say it just worked02:43
ochosi_had to install the kernel headers02:43
ochosi_somehow the dependencies of nvidia-current weren't all too great02:43
ochosi_but with a tiny grub hack you can even get plymouth and flicker-free boot with nvidia's drivers02:44
ochosi_anyways, the problem is that the proprietary nvidia driver doesn't support kms (kernel mode setting) which is needed for plymouth02:44
ochosi_so ubuntu introduced a fallback option for that02:44
ochosi_and that's working pretty ok if you ask me02:45
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ramenfan123if my laptop had a problem with the ubuntu 10.04 kernel (intel graphics card problem), would xubuntu have the same problem?04:20
robertzaccourhow do i set my wireless to connect at startup?04:35
robertzaccourhow do i set my wireless to connect at startup?04:40
_pg_i downloaded xubuntu 9.10 for PPC iso but its 757 mb! how can i burn this on a cd?04:56
robertzaccourhow do i set my wireless to connect at startup?05:03
ramenfan123_pg_ make a bootalbe usb drive05:05
robertzaccour_pg_, try a dvd05:09
robertzaccourubuntu is still developed for ppc?05:09
robertzaccouri thought ppc was a dead arch05:09
ramenfan123xubuntu still supports it05:09
robertzaccouroh ok05:10
ramenfan123i think...05:10
robertzaccourbut why ppc?05:10
ramenfan123_pg_ have you had a look at debian?05:10
robertzaccourCentOS and YellowDog are PPC05:11
robertzaccourand slackintosh is ppc05:11
BesogonCan nybody help me with samba?05:12
BesogonI can't share my homedir05:12
Besogonfor guest account05:12
robertzaccourBesogon, is it for a business? just curious05:13
robertzaccouri'm a one computer kinda guy. always works out for me05:14
robertzaccouractually using my new netbook right now, works great :)05:14
aigooDoes anyone have suggestions for a good pdf viewer?05:15
Besogonaigoo, go to adobe site05:16
Besogonrobertzaccour, You said you were one computer kind of guy. But all the same. Home dirrectory should be visible for my netbook for guest acount because the netbook  has SHARE sequrity05:18
aigooWhat should I download to make the mouse work in cli?05:24
ramenfan123aigoo you dont need to dl anything to use a mouse in cli...05:28
Besogonwhat is cli?05:28
ramenfan123command line interface05:29
BesogonI did it. there should be nstalled a package... I can't remember now what exactly05:30
robertzaccouri prefer gui for almost everything05:30
Besogonyes. but when you hove no X on your server mouse is usefull too.05:31
robertzaccourBesogon, what happened?05:33
aigooI've installed gpm and it works now.05:34
BesogonWhat are you interested about?05:34
BesogonOK. In my samba file I have string: guest account = nobody05:36
Besogonand at the [homes] section :guest ok = yes05:37
Besogon"net rpc user" told me that "nobody" account exists05:37
Besogonthen I'm trying to connect to my [homes]05:38
Besogonsmbclient //roma-desktop/homes05:39
BesogonAnd get: "Anonymous login successful"05:39
Besogonbut "tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME" after this05:40
robertzaccourBesogon, sounds complicated05:40
_pg_ I need help installing ubuntu on a ppc g3 iMac. I downloaded ppc xubuntu but it won't fit on a cd. And I cant get any intel macs to boot to it to install via target disk mode.06:16
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ06:18
Sysimmh, was there irc channel..06:18
moetunesther's #ubuntu-ppc iirc06:18
moetunesit's #ubuntu-powerpc06:19
Sysii've heard there isn't very much ppc users/devs anymore06:20
moetunes_heh - he left straight after asking06:20
moetunes15 ppl on that channel06:20
homebrewciderhi all, just upgraded from xubuntu 9.10 to 10.04, now thunar is acting weird. it won't let me select a file, say a jpg06:59
moetuneshomebrewcider: you can open dirs?07:03
homebrewciderfrom the tree on the left, yes07:04
moetunesbut not in the larger are on the right?07:05
moetunesin terminal does   ls -l   show that you own all files in your home dir?07:06
moetunesthere's been a couple of ppl mention this issue07:07
homebrewciderI assume so, it has mal mal ....with me being Mal07:13
homebrewcidershould i uninstal thunar?07:15
homebrewciderand try again07:15
moetunesmight be better to close thunar and remove its' config as a first go07:18
moetunes~/.config/xfce4/thunar   iirc07:18
moetuneshomebrewcider: do it from terminal07:19
homebrewcidersays no such directory07:26
moetuneshomebrewcider: it might be .config/thunar - use the tab button in terminal07:28
homebrewciderthere's a .config/Thunar directory07:29
homebrewcidernow it's working07:30
homebrewciderwithout me really doing anything07:30
homebrewciderdid I wake it up?07:30
moetuneswho knows? :]07:35
homebrewcidernow it's not working again07:39
moetunesI wonder if it is having issues due to hd errors...07:45
homebrewcideri have a .config/thunar filw but waht file am I looking for in there?07:50
moetuneshomebrewcider: if you delete the folder it will remake all relevant files07:51
homebrewciderdelete the whole .config/Thunar folder?07:52
moetunesI would07:52
moetunesto start from scratch with it07:52
moetuneshomebrewcider: do it while thunar isn't running07:53
homebrewciderno, no difference07:58
moetuneshomebrewcider: if you do   sudo thunar   in terminal does it then work?07:59
homebrewcidersame problem if I do that07:59
homebrewciderone thing I noticed though08:00
homebrewciderit remade the thnar folder and I opened the file in it using krusader08:00
homebrewciderthe file isthunarrc08:00
moetunesyep - it is where your settings are saved08:00
homebrewciderfirst line says DefaultView=void08:01
moetunessays the same here so that's not it08:02
moetunesyou could   sudo apt-get remove --purge thunar   then reinstall it08:03
homebrewcideryeah, might do that08:04
moetunesapart from that I don't know what else to suggest08:04
homebrewciderthanks for your help08:04
moetunesnp helping a fellow aussie :]08:04
homebrewcideroi oi oi08:04
homebrewciderwhere are you?08:04
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evanthia_after upgrading to lucid, thunar doesnt show my sd card on my Asus eee 90109:29
evanthia_is there some missing software?09:29
evanthia_in dmesg the card gets detected09:30
evanthia_running thunar as root I see the sd card09:35
evanthia_what gives?09:35
_Techie_is it mounted with read access for regular users?09:36
MaxFramesok, so I have a problem since I've upgraded to 10.04 and no one's been able to help me yet09:56
MaxFrames1 time out of 3 approximately, when I shut down the system the screen goes black, the cursor stops blinking and two of the keyboard leds start flashing (caps lock and scroll lock)09:57
MaxFramesand the PC freezes so that I have to shut it down pressing the power button09:57
MaxFramesthis never happened with 9.10 and I have no clue as to what the led flashing means and how to solve this09:58
TheSheepit means kernel panic10:17
_Techie_i find it funny that your getting  akernel panic on shutdown10:19
MaxFramesit's not that funny actually... expecially because I have no idea why it is happening, I did nothing but upgrading to 1010:32
MaxFramesanyway, are you sure it means kernel panic? shouldn't all three leds blink? in my case the num lock led is not blinking10:33
MaxFramesoh and another thing... this is admittedly non-important... the splash xubuntu logo in 10.04 is butt ugly... surely it can't be meant to be that way... must be a resolution problem... in my case it' all jagged and in false colors like it was a 65k colors image viewed in 16 colors10:39
subspiderSysi, how are you man ??11:03
Sysifast visit11:04
ramenfan123if my laptop had a problem with the ubuntu 10.04 kernel (intel graphics card problem), would xubuntu have the same problem?11:14
MaxFrameser... no one can help me then? (see above)11:30
frnknstnWho do I send flowers to over the decision to swap to xscreensaver?12:42
killroghello all... I am real new to this linux/Xubuntu thing and am having problems with my res13:08
killrogI seem to have only 256 colors13:08
killrogon  an ATI rage 128 VR13:09
killroghello? any1 out there13:10
psycho_oreosyou'll need legacy ati driver13:11
killrogok, I think I have that13:11
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto13:12
killrogI think I got the driver, I did a get-app for ati driver13:13
ocshi. I can't hear audio on 10.04. In the previous installation (9.10) it worked... what could I do?13:13
_Techie_ocs, check your outputs arent muted13:14
killrogsrry to be such a noob, but I did the first thing it said to do on that help page and got nothing13:16
killrogwhat does that mean13:16
killrogI cut my teeth on DOS but linux blows my mind\13:17
ocs <ocs> hi. I can't hear audio on 10.04. In the previous installation (9.10) it worked... what could I do?13:20
ocsalsamixer is ok13:20
opm595howdy all13:21
opm595Looking for the eqivalent of gnomeppp for Xfce. Trying to crank a Hauwei K3520 USB Modem via Vodafone. Or should I keep away from the GUI's and stick with wvdial?13:23
psycho_oreoskillrog, which driver did you get?13:25
psycho_oreosopm595, I use network manager (albeit I'm with 3) for that13:25
opm595Yep, everyone seems to be saying the same thing. Three seems to be much more Nix happy for some reason. Hmmm13:26
psycho_oreoswell I have huawei E1803, I'm sure network manager should work with it, can't see why not13:28
psycho_oreosand no, their support on nix is shoddy, I managed to figure out some myself13:28
psycho_oreosthere's another tool which I don't think depends on gnome but possibly Qt called umtsmon (albeit that doesn't have fields to input pin)13:29
opm595Ok, might be worth a try13:29
psycho_oreoson the other hand 3's user-less and password-less configuration doesn't work well with wvdial13:29
psycho_oreoswhat's wrong with network manager anyway13:30
opm595Right. bottom line is I've had heaps of headaches connecting Vfone via any Nix distro that's been released in the last 12 months. (x)Ubuntu 8.10 I found was brillaint just setup the packages from Betavine + Net Manager and bingo  - online in 5 mins13:32
psycho_oreosahh I haven't bothered connecting my huawei dongle directly to my nix recently, initially I purchased their (3's) router, needless to say that it was complete garbage13:33
psycho_oreoss/nix\ recently/nix\ until\ recently/13:34
opm595Aah, just call a friend of mine who works for Three. Said he'd bring around a handful of USB modems/cards and see what works etc.13:39
opm595I'll report back what happens13:39
opm595Crickey! It's pumkin hour! I'm off to count Penguins  :) Seeya's13:45
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AUX129i installed skype on a fresh xubuntu 10.04 installation, and i cannot seem to get my mic working. how do i configure pulseaudio to detect my microphone?17:01
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga17:22
_pg_hello, I am trying to put Xubuntu on a g3 ppc imac and I have issues, I downloaded the cd but it is like 722 mb and wont fit on a cd. So i downloaded the alternate (xubuntu 9.10 ppc alternate) and burned it to a cd and now i cant boot to that either. any ideas?18:01
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ18:02
xubuntu013alguien habla español??18:29
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:32
_pg_pero hoblo un poco18:32
lillemanYo! My eth0 is missing when I start. It works fine on the liveCD, and I can start it manually by adding it to /etc/network/interfaces and then do /etc/init.d/networking restart18:48
lillemanBut I cant get the network manager to work :/ And I need the network at boot, since I have NFS shares in my fstab18:49
arthurjohnsonlilleman: Your trying to run it via network manager?18:50
lillemanarthurjohnson: Network in network manager is disabled... and enabling it has no effect18:50
lillemantried to add a wired network there to, didnt work18:50
arthurjohnsonlilleman: Check to see if auto eth0 is set, and that its commented out in interfaces18:51
arthurjohnsonlilleman: like this:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/427796/18:51
arthurjohnsonlilleman: Network Manager won't work if there is an "iface" line18:51
lillemanOkies. First out there was only the loopback in my /etc/network/interfaces... then it didnt work (it worked when I first installed, and even after reboot yesterday.)18:52
lillemanSo I added "auto eth0"18:52
lillemandidnt work18:52
arthurjohnsonlilleman: Did you restart?18:53
lillemanerh... hm.... *thinking*18:53
arthurjohnsonlilleman: I would reboot the computer18:53
arthurjohnsonlilleman: That way your sure18:53
lillemannow it works18:55
lillemanwhen I added "auto eth0"18:55
lillemanBut, why did it shut down in the firstplace?18:55
arthurjohnsonyeah, the auto line needs to be in there.  Otherwise network manager won't look at the interface.18:55
lillemanI shouldnt need to to that after a fresh install, would I?18:55
arthurjohnsonlilleman: Sometimes.  Did you use desktop or alternate?18:56
arthurjohnsonlilleman: Odd.  Might have found a bug ;)18:56
xubuntu983xubuntu 10.04 installation is really sweet18:56
arthurjohnsonIf I do a ubunbu minimal install then add xfce4 or xubuntu-desktop from the command line, it doesn't always show up.18:56
lillemanHm... just a thought, I run ubuntu 9.10 on my "normal" computer, and it only has the loopback in /etc/network/interfaces18:57
xubuntu983anybody running vdr on xubuntu 10.04?18:58
lillemanarthurjohnson: hm... Alrighty. I could see if I can reproduce... but not today. I want to watch a movie on my new xubuntu HTPC :D18:58
lillemantyvm for the help!18:58
arthurjohnsonlilleman: You are most welcome.18:58
xubuntu983lilleman: what are you using for your htpc? xbmc?18:59
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_pg_any g3 users?19:35
moetunes_pg_: there is #ubuntu-powerpc for that mate :]19:42
_pg_im in there too ;) thnx19:42
S0210I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.4 but my Thunar is screwed up. Sometimes it stops accepting left mouse clicks. Is there a way to debug what's going on? :-(20:11
charlie-tcaswitch it back to icon view or use compact view instead of detailed view20:12
charlie-tcasee https://launchpad.net/bugs/52011820:13
S0210?! It works. Ctrl-1 Ctrl-2 solved it...20:13
S0210ah.. and already reported. Great! Thank you!20:14
charlie-tcayes. You are welcome20:14
_pg_can xfce use compiz? or does it come with something comprable?20:20
Sysixfce has own copositing20:21
Sysiin window manager tweaks20:21
Sysibut it also works with compiz20:21
_pg_Sysi: cool thanks!20:28
_pg_Sysi: is there anything like E's panels in xfce?20:29
_pg_Sysi: Enlightenment?20:29
Sysiidk, never used that20:30
Sysidocks work with compositing on20:30
_pg_gotta run, thanks for the nfo20:33
S0210Where is menu.xml?20:42
S0210I found it. :-]20:43
S0210No, it's not the one. :-[20:44
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ircipimpwhat is the preferred way to install xubuntu with encrypted lvm? Until karmic i used to start the live cd and perform a manual encryption and partitioning. then i ran the installer on top of it. I've read in the technical notes and one bug report, that encrypted lvm+swap has issues. So: Can i use the livecd for this? or the alternate installer?21:23
ircipimpthanks for any help21:23
ircipimpalso i'd like to perform raid configuration21:24
charlie-tcaI don't think it makes any difference how you do it, lvm + swap + raid is going to be a fail21:25
ircipimpok. will it work without swap?21:27
ircipimpi probably have enough ram anyways21:27
ircipimpcan the live cd do an encrypted lvm install at all?21:32
arthurjohnsonAnybody else here using Chrome on 10.04?21:53
lostsonarthurjohnson: im using chromium22:00
arthurjohnsonHm. Google Chrome Beta is acting flakey on one of my xubuntu machines.  Won't load tabs sometimes, while the same tabs in firefox on the same machine load fine.22:02
lostsonarthurjohnson: so far mine has been solid i use the daily builds22:07
server_sidecan i install from a usb pen drive?22:11
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent22:15
S0210I've just installed firetray add-on in my Thunderbird 3.04 (under Xubuntu 10.04) but starting Thunderbird gives "Segmentation fault". Can I manually delete/remove this extension?23:03
S0210I found it :-]23:05
haavarosI'm trying to start a live USB session on a comp that usually runs ubuntu. I'm just now looking at a blinking screen, and the process has stopped at "Starting init crypto disks [OK]". I've checked the USB for error, none found. Is there a way I can install xubuntu in another way? e.g. alternate iso, and then installing the desktop environment?23:11
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