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thorwilmpt_: guess i should better stop ... what to do now with the pad?17:44
mpt_thorwil, just remember the address :-) -- we can look at it again next week17:44
godbykmpt_: anything else that needs to be done before next week?17:45
mpt_godbyk, I don't think so17:45
mpt_I've mailed Robert Ancell about getting instructions for trying out the new Sudoku version17:46
* mpt_ -> dinner17:49
hyperairis it me or does ubuntu not have a graphical user interface for properly configuring the sounds anymore?18:22
hyperairi remember one of the older ubuntus did18:22
qensehyperair: Isn't the volume control not good enough?18:25
qenseYou can select the different in- and outputs there.18:25
hyperairqense: i meant the event sounds =\18:25
hyperairqense: i remember having a whole list of events i could configure (i used to disable everything), but now i can only configure the alert18:26
hyperairit seems there isn't an easy way to install new sound themes either.18:27
qensehyperair: I thought there is a session at the UDS about that.18:33
hyperairqense: i can't attend UDS, my semester hasn't ended yet and i still have to show up for lab sessions18:34
hyperairand UDS is at the other end of the world18:34
qensehyperair: two inconveniences :)18:37
hyperair...okay, now i regret toying around with the sounds. they're... irritating >_>19:32
qenseyes they are :)20:32

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