sbalneavEvening all02:02
ferranovskyHi, i have a problem13:27
ferranovskyin the Edubuntu version 10.04 has been chosen for wallpaper, a picture of Mads Rosendahl.13:29
ferranovskyIt is actually a modified image from one of my photographs. A I do not care to be used as wallpaper for Edubuntu, in fact I presented as background for Ubuntu. The problem is that I'd like authorship was recognized in Edubuntu documentation and the wiki.13:29
ferranovskyi try to contact with the webmaster of ubuntu but he/she don't contact with me13:29
dgroosGood Morning14:33
dgroosI've spent the last almost 2 hours trying to get my new install of Edubuntu Lucid to boot from another partition on 'my' new server.14:34
dgroosTo no avail.14:34
dgroosI've tried startupmanager and the kernel I want to boot from isn't there.14:35
dgroosI've found that changing the boot flag doesn't matter (first by experience then by reading...)14:35
sbalneavMorning all14:35
dgroosMorning sbalneav.14:36
sbalneavdgroos: Hmmm, can you call up the grub menu?14:36
dgroosthe new grub2?  How?14:36
dgrooswith startupmanager?14:37
ograhit shift on boot14:37
dgroosI'll try--hi ogra14:37
dgroosafter bios is done, right?14:38
dgroos(It's doing a 'routine check of drives' can I skip this?)14:41
sbalneavNah, let it go.14:42
sbalneavYou can never get enough fsck'ing :)14:42
ogratss tss tss14:44
dgroosOK done... Now I logged in.  Was something else supposed to start?14:44
ograyou should see the grub menu if you hit shift right after the bios14:45
dgroosRight after I hit the shift key I saw some dialog box flash on the screen and it had the word grub on it but didn't really see what it said--I'll try again!14:46
highvoltagehey dgroos and ogra14:49
sbalneavMorning highvoltage14:49
highvoltagemorning sbalneav!14:50
ograhi hi highvoltage14:50
dgroosGood morning highvoltage14:50
mhall119highvoltage: did you see ferranovsky's messages from earlier?14:52
dgroos"grub loading please wait"  then it went through a few lines but then goes through normal load.  I've tried 3 times, pressing shift for various amounts of time.  Any idea?14:53
dgroosogra and sbalneav:  Thanks for your help again.14:55
sbalneavdgroos: are you holding down shift, or just pressing it?14:55
sbalneavseems to indicate you need to hold it down.14:55
highvoltagemhall119: nope, checking scrollback now and kind of catching up on IRC... slept waaaay too long today14:56
dgroosMy students are coming soon so I've got to go and I've got students after school so I can't touch base after school BUT... I'll be back on line tomorrow (and earlier!).14:56
dgroosI was holding it down.  I'll read that page as well and come more prepared tomorrow!14:57
dgroostake it easy.14:57
dgroos(Oh--I did read much of that page--I'll read it more slowly...)14:58
sbalneavQuick packaging question, for anyone to answer15:24
sbalneavIf I want a package to create an empty directory, in /etc, what's the "best" way to go about that?15:24
sbalneavPostinst script?15:24
mhall119why empty?15:25
sbalneavWell, this is the xexit program I made up for alkisg yesterday15:25
mhall119okay, I'm not familiar with it15:25
mhall119what's the purpose of having an empty directory in /etc?15:26
sbalneavit executes a run-parts on a directory, so you can have an Xsession.d-like set of scripts that can be run on termination of an X session15:26
sbalneavso I want to create an empty diw where admins can drop whatever scripts they want, a la /etc/X11/Xsession.d15:26
mhall119okay, and you want to pre-create those directories15:26
mhall119not sure then15:26
sbalneavNeither was I15:27
mhall119you could make a "sample" script that doesn't do anything, and install it in those directories15:27
sbalneavyeah, that'd work, I suppose15:27
mhall119not sure what kind of performance hit that would cause15:27
sbalneavthen just use a .install file15:27
mhall119or if it'd matter15:27
mhall119debian/install yeah15:27
mhall119that what I used anyway15:28
sbalneavI'll give that a whirly15:28
sbalneavOur text keeps lining up15:28
sbalneavit's like synchronicity15:28
sbalneavMany miles away15:29
sbalneavThere's a shadow on the door15:29
sbalneavOf a cottage on the shore15:30
sbalneavOf a dark Scottish lake15:30
sbalneavMany miiiiles awayyyyyyy15:30
mhall119sbalneav: http://www.xkcd.com/276/15:41
isforinsectsWho wants to start a facebook suicide pact?18:10
alkisgNah, I've done that two years ago.18:10
alkisgLast year it was the zombie group...18:10
alkisg(or I misunderstood the question :D)18:10
bencrisfordisforinsects: dont understand what you mean :P?18:11
dbclintonHi, I'm having trouble installing ltsp on 10.04. The live CD session went well - I managed to boot thin clients to the server - but when I installed to the HD there was no ltsp and no install-ltsp GUI. I found ltsp-manager in synaptic, but that crashed before going GUI ([Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/X11/xkb/keymap/').18:34
dbclintonHow is the actual ltsp install supposed to work? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?18:34
sbalneavdbclinton: I beleive the ltsp install is there by default.19:07
sbalneavfirst thing to check is if the ltsp-server-standalone package is installed.19:08
sbalneavmhall119: heh19:08
sbalneavalkisg: Check my PPA19:09
alkisgsbalneav: hello - I pinged you in the morning (mine), it turns out there was a very easy solution for me:19:09
alkisgWe ask the clients every 3 seconds to get us a screenshot (thumbnail). I just modified that to `getscreenshot || exit`19:09
alkisg...and problem solved, the client exits if an X display isn't present19:10
sbalneavthat'll work.19:10
alkisg...but xexit is very very useful, we should put it on the wiki as a better alternative to gnome-watchdog19:10
sbalneavWell, I'll keep working on the xexit anyway.  I could use it here, at legalaid.19:10
alkisg^^ that's not a good implementation. xexit is much much better.19:11
dbclintonltsp-server-standalone is installed (although I think I'll have synaptic reinstall it)19:14
dbclintonsbalneav: synaptic seems happy with my ltsp-server-standalone install...though still no ltsp.19:18
sbalneavdbclinton: is /opt/ltsp there?19:24
dbclintonyes, but /opt/ltsp/i386 is empty19:25
sbalneavSo, then you'll just need to do an ltsp-build-client --arch i38619:25
dbclintonJust tried: got a "I: Retrieving Release19:28
dbclintonE: Failed getting release file http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release19:28
sbalneavSounds like a network connectivity problem there19:30
sbalneavcan you ping archive.ubuntu.com?19:30
dbclintonI'm behind an ipcop proxy...but everything else is working fine and I can ping from terminal19:30
dbclintonI also just browsed to http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release so that's open to my computer19:31
sbalneavWonder if you need to set the http_proxy shell variable....19:33
dbclinton--- archive.ubuntu.com ping statistics ---19:33
dbclinton3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2002ms19:33
dbclintonI've toggled "use the same proxy for all protocols" in proxy preferences. Shouldn't that do it?19:34
sbalneavtry (in the terminal as root:)19:35
sbalneavexport http_proxy=your.proxy.address:port19:36
sbalneavbecause you're running the ltsp-build-client from a shell prompt, and it doesn't use the gnome proxy19:36
sbalneavso once you've set the proxy, then try the ltsp-build-client, and happiness should occurr19:37
dbclintonNot so fast, I'm afraid. I ran export http_proxy= etc. and terminal took it with no error message. But still no happiness.19:38
sbalneavso ltsp-build-client still fails?19:38
dbclintonWhen I ran it with sudo, however, I got "sudo: export: command not found"19:38
sbalneavdo this:19:39
sbalneavsudo -i19:39
sbalneavexport http_proxy=...19:39
sbalneavyou can't sudo the export19:39
sbalneavyou have to do it all from the same environment19:39
sbalneavthat work any better?19:41
dbclintonStill a problem.19:41
dbclintonI ran both commands after the sudo -i but I still can't access release19:42
sbalneavwhat happens if you type (in the same terminal):19:43
sbalneavwget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release19:43
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:43
sbalneavHere's what mine looks like:19:44
dbclintonThat's something! I forgot to include authentification...I'll try it again...19:44
dbclintonI'm still having authentification trouble: Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 407 Proxy Authentication Required19:47
dbclinton2010-05-06 14:46:47 ERROR 407: Proxy Authentication Required19:47
dbclintonThat really seems to be the difference between my system and yours: is there any way to set authentification from terminal?19:48
sbalneavWell, http://blog.mypapit.net/2006/02/how-to-use-apt-get-behind-proxy-server-ubuntudebian.html19:48
sbalneavmake sure your proxy vars are set up correctly19:49
dbclintonI'll work on that right away...19:49
sbalneavlooks like http_proxy=http://username:password@server's the way to go19:50
sbalneavYou've definitely just got a problem with the proxy.  Once that's solved, you should be good to go.19:55
dbclintonAbsolutely. I'll keep plugging away. I appreciate it so much! Thanks a million!19:56
dbclintonLooks like it's working!19:58
bencrisfordhighvoltage: ping20:02
highvoltagebencrisford: pong20:08
bencrisfordhighvoltage: I seem to remember there was something at the meeting that we said we'd do today, but I don't remember what :P20:09
highvoltageadvocacy list creation, introducing some of the interested members, etc20:09
sbalneavdbclinton: \o/20:09
highvoltageI've just been out of action all day20:09
highvoltageI decided to take another hour map shortly after waking up this morning... and ended up waking up at 3pm :)20:10
highvoltage(seems to have done me very well though)20:10
highvoltagebencrisford: if we could do that tomorrow that would be great20:10
mhall119highvoltage: hour maps?20:10
mhall119doesn't sound very useful20:11
highvoltageheh, 'nap'20:11
bencrisfordhighvoltage: ok :)20:11
* bencrisford could do with one of highvoltage's "1 hour naps"20:14
bencrisfordits only a matter of time before my caffeine levels drop to dangerous levels and I fall asleep on my keyboard20:15
highvoltageouch I thought you already stopped20:16
highvoltage(with the coffee)20:16
bencrisfordI did20:17
bencrisfordfor a week or so :(20:17
bencrisfordI just couldn't do it for any longer20:18
mhall119I haven't had a cup of coffee in several hours20:23
bencrisfordmhall119: are you ok?!20:28
mhall119bencrisford: it's been rough, I'm not gonna lie20:28
bencrisfordmhall119: well, its actually been over 12 hours since my last cup20:29
bencrisfordby the time I get home its too late for coffee, and the $*&% they call coffee at school is no way near strong enough, so I don't bother20:30
mhall119wow, you're my inspiration bencrisford20:30
sbalneavWell, xexit seems to work quite nicely20:31
sbalneav0ubuntu3's been uploaded to my ppa20:31
sbalneavI've got 3 scripts on my /etc/Xexit.d:20:32
sbalneavpgrep -f evolution-data-server | xargs kill -9 || true20:32
sbalneavpgrep pulseaudio | xargs kill || true20:33
sbalneavgconftool-2 --shutdown || true20:33
sbalneavWhen I log out: absolutely 0 processes left behind.20:33
rmainardI can boot and log in/out with only one user if I leave the settings on default. if I change to the vesa I can boot and login with all of my users but I cannot log out without the system hanging up. I am using the intel 845G chipset in my thin clients. Does anyone have any ideas?20:59
dgroosGood Afternoon All21:26
dgroosAs no students showed for after school I've got some tech-time :)21:27
dgroosI got a new server and have partitioned it with GParted.  It has 2 larger partitions and a swap.  I've cloned my old server on one of those partitions and installed lucid on the other.21:29
dgroosI can't seem to boot from the lucid partition.  I used startupmanager and it wasn't able to find find the lucid kernel.21:30
dgroosI think the problem is the way I defined the partitions--I think I was only able to make 1 of them a / root (the old jaunty).21:31
dgroos I've spent 2+ hours and read but still don't know how to get the computer to notice the bootable kernel on the new partition.  Any ideas?21:32
alkisgdgroos: are you on a live cd on that pc?21:44
dgrooshi alkisg21:45
dgroosI'm on the pc but not live--I'm running on the jaunty kernel that's on the 'other' parition.21:46
alkisgAh, ok21:46
alkisgrun `sudo fdisk -l` and paste the results21:46
dgroosDisk /dev/cciss/c0d0: 145.6 GB, 145659002880 bytes21:47
dgroos255 heads, 32 sectors/track, 34864 cylinders21:47
dgroosUnits = cylinders of 8160 * 512 = 4177920 bytes21:47
dgroosDisk identifier: 0xa125a12521:47
dgroos           Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System21:47
dgroos/dev/cciss/c0d0p1               1       16711    68179828+  83  Linux21:47
dgroos/dev/cciss/c0d0p2           16711       17432     2939864+   5  Extended21:47
dgroos/dev/cciss/c0d0p3   *       17432       34863    71119755   83  Linux21:47
dgroosPartition 3 does not end on cylinder boundary.21:47
dgroos/dev/cciss/c0d0p5           16711       17432     2939863+  82  Linux swap / Solaris21:47
alkisgdgroos: use pastebin for more than 3-4 lines21:47
dgroosdidn't know I could type that fast, did ya?21:47
alkisgas it keeps the channel clean21:48
alkisgdgroos: erm, you have a primary partition after the extended partition21:49
alkisgSome programs might get mixed up with that, it isn't a good tactic21:49
alkisgYou'd better delete teh second and the fourth partition there (extended + swap) and create a primary partition in that space for swap21:50
alkisgdgroos: also, run: `sudo blkid`21:50
dgroosoutput is here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/429147/21:53
dgroosSo, I but from live cd, go to gparted, delete the 2 small partitions, then move the Extended partition up so that it is next to the first partition, and in the remaining space at the end create a new partition--swap.  Right?21:56
alkisgdgroos: the problem is that you have grub 1 in jaunty, and it doesn't see the ext4 partition of your lucid21:57
alkisgSo you should change to using the lucid boot manager first21:58
alkisgTo do that, install the lucid grub to mbr21:58
alkisghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD21:58
alkisg(copy/paste all of it, it has spaces so your irc client may not consider it all as one link)21:59
dgroosThanks alkisg!  I'll do this and get back...21:59
dgroosalkisg: not having the correct grub, is that why I don't get 'sd1' and 'hd1' etc as drive names when I do fdisk?  is the name c0d0p1? or is it /dev/cciss/c0d0p1?  I need to know to do the steps in that link...22:17
alkisgdgroos: did you boot with a lucid live cd?22:18
dgroosI'm following the directions on the page you linked to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover%20Grub%202%20via%20LiveCD22:27
dgroosIt says to 'mount the file system'  I assumed it was referring to the old jaunty system so mounted that partition.22:28
alkisg(sorry for the delays, I'm programming something...)22:28
alkisgNo, that's not the jaunty system22:28
alkisgIt's the lucid system that you must mount22:29
dgroosok I'll un-do all I've done so far and redo that correctly...22:29
alkisgok. After those steps you'll boot into lucid in your hard disk22:30
alkisgThen with a grub update from there, you'll see both OSes22:30
alkisg...and finally, you'll need to boot into jaunty and tell the grub there NOT to write itself anywhere22:30
alkisg(so that it doesn't overwrite the lucid grub in the mbr)22:31
dgroosOK how do I un chroot?22:31
alkisgso... do what the page says, then boot into lucid, and ping me again22:31

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