Quintasanargh, why the hell there is a SEGV in there?00:01
apacheloggerdoesnt like you00:02
Quintasanapachelogger: that's not a reason to spew SEGV's at me :S00:03
Quintasanapachelogger: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69524/troll.tar.gz00:03
* Quintasan is going to regret this00:03
apacheloggervalgrind talks about memleaks in X and fontconfig \o/00:04
apacheloggerwith a qt hello world app00:04
apacheloggeralso still getting loads of possible losses regarding eventdispatcherglib00:05
Quintasanapachelogger: btw. I've asked this, if I'm doing (inside a constructor) QPushButton *problemButton = new QPushButton(somecraphere, [wtf to put as a parent?]00:05
apacheloggerjefferai: http://people.ubuntu.com/~apachelogger/tmp/valgrind.log should you ever get example files, maybe this helps too :)00:06
apacheloggerit's from a hello world example00:06
jefferaiapachelogger: tell thiago this00:06
jefferaior tzander00:06
Quintasanapachelogger: 60mb of memory?00:06
apacheloggerQuintasan: yup00:07
jefferaibut don't tell them I told you00:07
Quintasanhey don't tell me that my TrollFace app steals even more @_@00:07
apacheloggerjefferai: you shouldn't have said that00:07
jefferaiwhere do you see 60mb?00:07
Quintasanmegabytes :P00:08
Quintasanpossibly lost: 59,018 bytes in 970 blocks00:08
JontheEchidnathat's 5.9 kb00:08
Quintasan0.45 megabyte00:09
jefferaithat's 59 kb00:09
JontheEchidnayeah, woops00:09
JontheEchidnanot MB though00:09
jefferainobody can do math00:09
Quintasanokay, everything is fine, apart from the whole app throwing SEGV's all around00:10
Quintasanomfg, it's not the image's fault that the app i crashing00:12
apacheloggerQuintasan: did I just break it or is the resource file empty?00:17
Quintasanit's empy here too00:18
apacheloggerneed I say more00:19
Quintasanapachelogger: even if you add the trollface it still fails to display it00:19
Quintasandunno why :S00:19
Quintasanapachelogger: fixed tarball -> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69524/App1.tar.gz00:20
Quintasanthough it still spews crap at me :(00:20
apacheloggerQuintasan: I would use QPixmap to begin with00:24
apachelogger"The QPicture class is a paint device that records and replays QPainter commands."00:24
apacheloggerthat does not sound like you want that :P00:24
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* Quintasan hugs apachelogger00:25
Quintasanapachelogger: one more thing00:27
Quintasanapachelogger: void TrollFace::Troll()00:27
Quintasanapachelogger: when I put there trollImage->show(); and then click on the button the whole app segfaults00:27
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* apachelogger needs to check something00:35
apacheloggerwell then00:36
apacheloggerhow do I put this00:36
apacheloggerQuintasan: what would "QLabel *trollImage = new QLabel(this);" do?00:36
apacheloggeroutside the context of your app00:37
apacheloggerin general00:37
apacheloggerwhat would that line do00:37
Quintasancreate a pointer to QLabel object with...00:37
apacheloggerah ^^00:37
apacheloggerwhat scope does that object have :P00:37
apacheloggerclass scope?00:38
Quintasanso what should I put as a parent in that constructor?00:38
apacheloggeralso mind the live time00:38
apacheloggertrollImage = new QLabel(this);00:38
apacheloggerQLabel *trollImage = new QLabel(this);00:38
apacheloggerwith the former you asign the member pointer trollImage a QLabel object on the heap00:39
apacheloggerwith the latter you create an entirely new pointer of local scope and life time00:39
apacheloggerthe member however stays untouched00:39
apacheloggerand that is why you get a segfault, because obviously the member will point to some random junk00:39
apacheloggerthat said it would be much more sensible to initialize member pointers to 0 IMHO :P00:40
Quintasanapachelogger: I see it now :S00:40
apacheloggeralso makes tracking of the issue easier00:40
apacheloggerif you init to 000:40
apacheloggerand then you get a segfault because you are trying to access 000:40
Quintasanapachelogger: still, what I00:40
apacheloggerwell, then obivously the assignment went wrong00:40
apachelogger    trollImage->setPixmap(QPixmap(":/img/troll.png"));00:41
apacheloggerthat is how I would load the pixmap ;)00:41
apachelogger+ problemButton and trollImage need ot be parented00:41
apachelogger+ IMHO you need to revise your member var names ;)00:42
Quintasan4th time I ask this00:42
apachelogger+ you will have to update the widget size once the image is shown00:42
Quintasanthose are minor thng00:42
QuintasanI'm having problems with typing :S00:42
apacheloggeralso, IMHO you should only create the qlable and load the pixmap in Troll()00:43
apacheloggerotherwise it sits in mem for no good reason00:43
Quintasanapachelogger: Sput told me to parentize my widgets because I will not remember to delete them later, what should I use as the PARENT when I'm declaring things in CONSTRUCTOR?00:43
apachelogger    trollImage = new QLabel(this);00:44
apacheloggeras per documentation there is this constructor that expects at first arg a pointer to a qwidget00:44
apacheloggersince TrollFace's base class is QWidget, and since this is a builtin pointer you just use this00:45
apacheloggersame for the qpushbutton00:45
apachelogger    problemButton = new QPushButton(tr("problemButton", "Problem, officer?"),00:45
apachelogger                                                 this);00:45
apacheloggeroh, actuall00:45
apacheloggerQuintasan: inside a qobject you can use tr() ;)00:45
apacheloggeranother intersting thing to remember00:45
apacheloggerQuintasan: and finally ... you dont necessarily need to parent the members, but if you dont you need to create an appropriate dtor00:46
apacheloggerso usually you want to parent them ;)00:46
apacheloggerQuintasan: destructor00:46
apacheloggerctor = constructor; dtor = destructor00:46
QuintasanI still don't entirely get the "Trollface::Trollface(QWidget *parent) : QWidget(parent)" line00:47
Quintasanespecially the : QWidget(parent)00:47
apacheloggeryou initialize a QWidget using the parent pointer you got00:47
QuintasanI understood like this00:48
QuintasanTrollface::Trollface(QWidget *parent) needs a pointer to QWidget, right? So we create a QWidget and pass it to Trollface :P00:49
Quintasanmaybe that's why I don't get it somehow00:49
Quintasanapachelogger: http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/initialization-lists-c++.html is that what I'm looking for?00:52
apacheloggerhow do I put that00:52
apacheloggerQuintasan: TrollFace _is a_ QWidget00:53
apacheloggerit is a special kind of QWidget, but still a QWidget00:53
apacheloggerthe idea of polymorphism is that you can address it as QWidget even though it is a specific QWidget00:54
apacheloggeri.e. the QWidget is the base class of TrollFace00:54
ScottKPolymorphism makes my head hurt.00:54
apacheloggernow the thing is, in order to work with TrollFace as if it were a QWidget (i.e. access it members and all) it needs its very own instance of QWidget00:55
apacheloggerimagine it like a matrjoschka00:55
apacheloggeroutside you have TrollFace, and inside is a QWidget00:56
apacheloggerand IIRC inside the QWidget is a QObject00:56
apacheloggerso you create a TrollFace and the TrollFace creates a QWidget and the QWidget creates a QObject00:56
apacheloggersay you dont define no constructor00:57
apacheloggerthen the compiler will make a rather crappy one for you00:57
apacheloggercalled default ctor00:57
imbrandondont define no :)00:57
apacheloggerthat thingy takes absolutely no arguments is the biggest crap evar00:57
apacheloggeradditionally that thingy will call the default ctor of QWidget00:58
apacheloggerand so on00:58
apacheloggeruntil everything is one way or another constructed00:58
Quintasanapachelogger: so and default constructor for TrollFace would be TrollFace() which calls QWidget() which calls QObject() and each and everyone is empty?00:58
apacheloggerif you define a ctor but do not explictly initialize an instance of the base class as you do with : QWidget(parent) the compiler will still be fancy and automatically use the default ctor of QWidget00:59
apacheloggerwe do not want that00:59
apacheloggerwe want to allow ourselfs (or maybe a user of our class) to define a parent00:59
apacheloggeri.e. maybe is trollface a child of another QWidget because TrollFace gest embedd in Amarok or something01:00
apacheloggerso you implement a default constructor that can (but doesnt need to) access one argument01:00
apacheloggerof the type QWidget*01:00
apacheloggernow, earlier I said that a default ctor is one that does not accept nor arguments (<= imbrandon :P)01:01
apacheloggerand this is archived by making 0 a default for that QWidget*01:01
apacheloggerso if I want a TrollFace I can do TrollFace() or TrollFace(randomQWidget*)01:02
apacheloggerboth will use the same ctor01:02
* Quintasan saves that for later01:02
apacheloggerand in order to pass the latter on to the base of TrollFace (i.e. QWidget) we init QWidget ourselfs01:03
apacheloggerfinally please note that, would you not do that, the compiler would call QWidget() and you affectively would end up without parent, because the parent magic is implemented somewhere beyond QWidget, so since the compiler calls QWidget(), your base will not know anything about the parent...01:04
apacheloggerif that makes any sense ^^01:04
* apachelogger should have gone to bed 2 hours ago01:04
* Quintasan goes to bed too01:04
apacheloggerQuintasan: oh, btw, the dtor will thanks to the same magic call the default dtor of the base class, so any memory the base class uses is freed again ;)01:05
apacheloggerunless you use glib :P01:05
Quintasanapachelogger:  I don't get anything you say to me but it's because lack of sleep :P01:08
ScottKTm_T: In ~75 minutes there will be new clamav packages in lucid-proposed.  Could you install them and verify clamav-daemon works (doesn't segfault on start)?01:33
ScottKIt's a powerpc specific fix.01:33
* genii slides Tm_T a super-caffeinated coffee01:38
ScottKNot a great rush in any case since it has to properly age in -proposed before it can move to -updates.01:44
ScottKnixternal: Done with powerpc for a while so you can turn it off again if you didn't already.02:55
imbrandonhum ok so i want to use a gst pipe in pyqt directly instead of phonon, anyone played with that ?03:41
imbrandonnixternal: bleh03:51
nixternalI have always wanted to do that to someone03:51
JontheEchidnaThis is a personal favorite of mine: http://imagemacros.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/rtfm_noob.jpg03:51
nixternalfinally, and go figure, it is the hillbilly that I get it with :)03:51
nixternalhaha, nice03:51
nixternalwish my cycling clothes would hurry up and finish washing...i need sleep!03:53
nixternaland they are done...good night all!!!04:11
ScottKnixternal: You should probably 'dent your laundry status before you go to sleep.04:13
JontheEchidnawhoa, these are seriously neat: http://leogg.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/ubuntu-ids-2/04:48
macoJontheEchidna: ooh shiny05:53
Tm_TScottK: will try07:11
Tm_Tapachelogger: no I didn't have that dependency issue, I'm on 38607:12
Tm_TScottK: starts just fine07:20
agateauapachelogger: ping08:38
Tm_TScottK: and runs and stops fine08:47
Tm_TRiddell: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4.3 gives 40308:50
Tm_Talthough it's mentioned in http://kde.org/info/4.4.3.php08:50
RiddellTm_T: published now09:50
Tm_TRiddell: thanks (:09:55
Mamarokhm, I still have 8 kdebase and plasma packages not updating,  do you have a ETOA for those packages?09:59
Tm_TMamarok: amd64?09:59
Mamaroksince those are kdebase, workspace and plasma-worksapce packages it seems rather essential...10:00
Mamarokyes, 64bit10:00
Mamarokbut I have an Intel 64bit, why do you guys insist on calling it amd?10:00
Tm_TMamarok: it's the architecture name10:01
Tm_TMamarok: I think it's done under one hour now, https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ppa/+build/171791210:01
Mamarokfinally :)10:02
RiddellI don't know why the buildds are so busy :(10:02
Tm_Ti386  14 builders  1153 jobs (14 hours)10:04
Tm_Teverybody updating their ppas to lucid era?10:04
Mamarokyeah, the week after release is usually heavy load10:05
Mamarokbut why does that affect the building process?10:06
Mamarokand project PPAs should defnitely have higher priority over individual ones10:06
Tm_Tshould, yes10:10
Tm_TMamarok: some 5 minutes now is my uneducated guess10:18
Tm_Tas it's building docs now, almost done10:18
Tm_T...if that log can be trusted10:20
Quintasanghostcube: hi there10:52
* Quintasan is installing lucid on KVM to close some bugs10:52
ghostcubehi Quintasan :)10:53
QuintasanWhy slideshows on CD are not in Polish? I'm sure I have translated all of them.11:11
dpmQuintasan, did you finish the translations before the non-language-pack deadline -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule? As far as I know, all translations were exported from Launchpad and integrated into the package correctly11:13
Quintasandpm: I'm pretty sure that I've done it before the deadline. Maybe I missed it because of timezones :P11:15
Quintasandpm: well, it's not someone is going to cry but having the main title in Polish and then the rest in English looks sill11:16
QuintasanI'm still missing the words @_@11:17
dpmQuintasan, I fully agree, but the best thing now would be to investigate why that happened, so that it is not repeated. I'd suggest opening a bug against the Ubuntu Slideshow being as much detailed as possible (i.e. which particular strings are missing translations, if you did the translation before deadline, screenshots, etc.) -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/+filebug11:19
Quintasandpm: seems it's my fault11:31
Quintasandpm: some translations were not accepted somehow in Launchpad11:31
QuintasanKPK is really useless11:38
dpmQuintasan, no worries. You might want to contact the Ubiquity Slideshow developers to ask them if they could be added perhaps in 10.04.1 once they are accepted. Btw, don't you have a translation mailing list to coordinate Polish translations and avoid these misunderstandings?11:46
Quintasandpm: we have but most of the dudes do Ubuntu things and Kubuntu is left partly untranslated.11:47
dpmoh, I see :(11:47
Quintasandpm: I can accept translations myself but I must've missed them or something went wrong11:47
dpmQuintasan, bummer. But yeah, get in touch with the Ubiquity Slideshow guys, as I say, perhaps they can be put in Kubuntu 10.04.1, since unfortunately those translations cannot be updated in language packs11:48
apacheloggeragateau: pong11:51
apacheloggerTm_T: oh, k ^^11:51
Tm_Tapachelogger: what did I do now?11:51
Tm_Tapachelogger: oh, yeah, all is fine now both 386 and 64bit11:52
Tm_Tor atleast should be11:52
agateauapachelogger: what's the status of the KDE client for U1?11:57
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agateauapachelogger: (oh, and hi!)11:57
apacheloggeragateau: in planing stage11:57
agateauapachelogger: ok, thanks11:58
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ofirkRiddell: any news about the website?13:30
Riddellofirk: no, sigh, I guess the sysadmins are at the UDS location already doing stuff there :(13:30
Riddellso I'll need to hassle them in person next week13:31
ofirkI am wondring, what is our relation with canonical? it seems that they don't care about kubuntu public relations13:33
Riddellto be fair, www.ubuntu.com hasn't changed either13:34
=== effie_jayx_ is now known as keffie_jayx
ofirkyeah, but that is because they weren't ready for the change13:36
ofirkwe are ready13:37
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ScottKTm_T: Would you please comment in Bug #574906 on clamav working on powerpc.13:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 574906 in clamav "Clamav 0.96.0 clamd fails to start on powerpc" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57490613:45
ScottKapachelogger: Would you please give us the benefit of your expertise in Bug #571286.13:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 571286 in couchdb-glib "Data loss of postal addresses between Evolution and Ubuntu One's Funambol exchange/web UI" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57128613:47
ScottKGood $TIMEOFDAY everyone.13:47
* apachelogger falls over13:47
RiddellGood 13:47 to you too ScottK13:47
apacheloggerI should go get something to eat :P13:47
ScottKRiddell: How goes the battle against tryranny and foreign opression?13:48
Riddellthe polling booths are open I hear, I'm due at the counting centre later tonight to make sure there's no corruption going on13:49
apacheloggeroh my13:49
apachelogger7 people want something from me13:49
ScottKapachelogger: Yes, but I pinged last, so by definition it's the most urgent.13:50
apacheloggerinteresting defintion13:51
ScottKIt's correct because it's the one that works best for me.  ;-)13:52
apacheloggerScottK: akonadi does use free-form addresses IIRC13:52
Sputand it worked, ScottK!13:52
ScottKapachelogger: Would you please check and say "It's good, bad, don't care" in the bug as applicable.13:52
* apachelogger dislikes the idea of making fdo follow crap someone else invented for no good reason13:53
apacheloggergotta look into it a bit more though13:53
ScottKIf that SRU goes in we'll be pretty much stuck with it.13:53
* ScottK was tempted to write "Web service bought a proprietary thing that's incompatible with FOSS is not on the list of allowed reasons for SRU", but refrained.13:54
* apachelogger finds that sensible though :P13:55
apacheloggerjust so I get this right13:55
apacheloggerevolution uses free-form street field13:55
apacheloggerso does the fdo spec13:55
apacheloggerso does akonadi13:55
apacheloggerso does legacy KDE stuff, which probably follows what vcd supports13:56
Sputah yeah. good old U1 :>13:56
* ScottK thought people would find it's absence in Kubuntu a feature and was a bit suprised to be found wrong.13:56
apacheloggerand they are seriously proposing that we change all of that because they feel that using some prop crap is a viable option for a company that is supposed to make money using floss?13:56
Sputfwiw, afaik Akonadi's SyncML support use(d|s) Funambol as well13:57
Sputat least last year's GSoC project for SyncML support required libfunambol13:58
ScottKapachelogger: I don't mind if they use proprietary stuff in their server.  I do mind if they create a permanent diff between (K)(U)buntu and the rest of the world over it.13:58
Sputno idea if/hpw that relates :)13:58
apacheloggerSput: well, looking at akonadi alone it is no problem eitherway13:59
Sputapachelogger: yeah, but if the real reason for this behavior is phone syncing support...14:00
ScottKapachelogger: Will kmail consume the data either way?14:00
apacheloggerbecause especialy in context of the couchdb resource definition @ fdo, the resource needs to map akonadi data to match the spec14:00
apacheloggerScottK: akonadi abstracts that pretty nicely, yes14:00
* ScottK hopes this is going into the bug.14:00
Tm_TScottK: will do14:00
ScottKTm_T: Thanks.14:01
apacheloggerSput: that is reason to disobey an established standard?14:01
freeflyingkmail should provide an option for not using akonadi as backend14:01
apacheloggermaybe we should make ooo default to MS office doc format after all14:01
freeflyingmaybe more reasonable14:01
apacheloggerseeing as it improves interoperability14:01
apacheloggeroh oh oh14:02
Sputapachelogger: from reading the bug, the established standard has already been adapted :)14:02
apacheloggerScottK: I see trouble emerging eitherway14:02
Tm_TScottK: is my comment sufficient?14:02
ScottKSput: It's not clear if that's an adopted change or a proposed one.14:02
Sputah. tenses.14:02
apacheloggerwe have address114:02
apacheloggerand address214:02
apacheloggerand the user creates an entry using both on a phone14:03
ScottKTm_T: Fine.  Thanks.14:03
apacheloggerso that gets synced into U114:03
apacheloggerfrom U1 we sync into akonadi14:03
apacheloggerand now!!!14:03
apacheloggerakonadi/kaddressbook uses free-form address data14:03
apacheloggerso, either akonadi/kaddressbook is changing its behaviour14:03
SputI was just wondering about how it'll work once Akonadi speaks with phones directly, disregarding U1 (and it'll probably use Funambol as well), in which case maybe adapting the standard to match reality wouldn't be that bad14:04
apacheloggerOR the akonadi-couchdb resource needs to dump address2 (more like not add it to the akonadi entry)14:04
ScottKSeems to me more sensible for their web app thingy to be smart enough to convert free form address data to the format needed by funabol instead of imposing that on the user.14:04
Sput... or that, if it can be done sensibly :)14:05
apacheloggerIMHO the only solution here is14:06
apacheloggera) serverside abstracation, to somehow squeeze the client form-free address into funabol14:06
apacheloggerb) get a revised version of vcard spec and implement that across floss to come up with a non-form-free addresss field14:07
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apacheloggermaking every u1 client implementation follow funabol, just because they are too stupid and ugly to follow a freaking standard is just not sensible14:07
Sputas long as the standard isn't adapted to what appears to be reality (or not?), it's not14:08
apacheloggerSput: that funnyball is not reality14:09
* apachelogger thinks vcard is much more established :P14:09
* Sput wonders what SyncML does natively14:10
Sput"Any client that supports SyncML contact sync, MUST use vCard 2.1 to convey contact information."14:11
Sputthat looks quite clear :)14:11
Sputthat's from an Apple spec though :>14:11
apacheloggerapple only knows the word MUST anyway :P14:12
Sputin any case, looks like SyncML uses vCard and vCal to exchange data, which is also the only sane thing to do14:12
Sputmost notably is doesn't have address1 and address214:12
* apachelogger finds the couchdb-glib stuff increidbly confusing -.-14:14
Sputso yeah, I take back what I've speculated before and agree that the only sane thing to do is honoring existing well-established standards14:15
apacheloggerapparently evolution does not use free-form streets14:17
apacheloggerbut also uses that street + ext stuff14:17
Sputthat's what the guy said in the bug14:18
apacheloggeroh, must have overread that14:18
apacheloggerinteresting is that EContact dervies from EVCard14:19
* apachelogger fires up evo14:20
apacheloggerI dont get it14:22
* apachelogger also finds that documentation rather useless14:23
apacheloggerbut in evo I have a free-form text field for the address14:23
apacheloggerno clue where it gets ext from14:23
QuintasanI'm getting disconnected all the time :S14:24
ScottKsebas: Reading kde-devel it seems it's time to have the "What version of Qt will KDE support with KDE SC 4.5" discussion.  I suspect we'll be going to 4.7 and most distros will too, so it'd be nice to have a discussion about it and get everyone in agreement.  I seriously never want to have to deal with the Qt 4.5/KDE 4.2 mismatch we had in Jaunty again.14:28
Tm_TScottK: agreed14:33
Tm_Ttheres plenty of Qt 4.7 dependencies in trunk already14:38
apacheloggerSput: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428952/ anything youd add?14:38
=== mcas_quassel is now known as mcas
Sputapachelogger: b) is weirdly put, also misses a verb14:40
Sputb) as far as we (that is me and a KDE gentoo developer) can see, akonadi will support phone sync via syncml (an established standard), and syncml enforces exchange of contact data via vCard (an established standard). (that said I wonder why the fdo spec cant implement vcard to begin with)14:41
Sputor "an even more established standard" :)14:42
apacheloggerthat sounds like fun ^^14:42
Sputalso, all mail clients I know of support exchanging contact data via vCard, so do the groupware servers I know14:44
Tm_Teven phones14:44
sebasScottK: good point, let me think about that14:45
ScottKsebas: Thanks.14:45
SputTm_T: and phones.14:45
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
Sputnow that I think about it, forcing the street information to be 1-2 fields makes no sense - there's address schemes that require more fields14:48
apacheloggeras I understand it address1 is still free-form14:49
apacheloggerjust that ext is somehow supposed to enhance it14:49
apacheloggerno clue how or for what14:49
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SputMAH BRAINZ!1!14:49
apacheloggerkubotu: order brain for Sput14:50
* kubotu shouts: OMG!!!!! RED ALERT! We lost a brain. Get me a medic, NOW!14:50
* apachelogger posts comment and starts reviewing some C code14:50
ScottKapachelogger: Thanks.14:50
apacheloggeralso I find it concerning how quickly they are on changing the spec14:51
apachelogger...what if a company internally implemented that couchdb stuff using the spec...14:51
ScottKRight, well now's your chance to speak up.14:52
* apachelogger adds that comment too14:52
ScottKJust be glad I decided to review that unaccepted queue yesterday for potential SRUs.14:52
apacheloggerkubotu: order cookie for ScottK14:53
* kubotu slides one of world's finest cookies down the bar to ScottK.14:53
Sputorder steak for ScottK14:55
Sputkubotu: order steak for ScottK14:55
* kubotu slides steak down the bar to ScottK14:55
ScottKhmmmm.  Steak for breakfast.  Wonderful.14:55
* Quintasan hands ScottK a glass of water14:55
QuintasanYou'll need it. :P14:55
ScottKThanks, but I've got coffee brewing already (2nd pot)14:56
rgreeningoh my... two more sleeps.. then no sleep for a week.15:12
rgreeningI don't know how persia does it all year round. it's hard enough to stay up all night for one week, let alone 52 :P15:13
* persia sleeps sometimes15:13
rgreeningon the odd rare occaision...15:13
ScottKapachelogger: I read your comments.  Thanks.15:18
jussiare any of the KC about?15:28
rgreeningjussi: ya15:29
jussirgreening: pm ->15:30
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* ScottK adds up http://design.canonical.com/2010/05/menu-bar/ and the number of Qt people coming to UDS and thinks distro patches for Qt.17:37
apacheloggerit is getting silly17:38
apacheloggerubuntu is so innovative17:39
apacheloggerlook how they are ahead of windows in copying osx17:39
apacheloggerthat is so sad17:39
* maco snorts17:39
ulyssessome people said KDE copying Windows too17:39
macoi for one think win7's notifications are better than notify-osd17:39
macoand knotify17:40
apacheloggerthey accidently moved the buttons to the left17:40
macobecause win7's are more like growl :P17:40
apacheloggerand now they accidently make this move they invisioned for 30 years17:40
apacheloggerand their wallpaper does not look like a osx one either17:40
apacheloggerif ubuntu is not becoming one almost free osx clone, then I dont know what is going on17:40
macoapachelogger: hey does plasma desktop have a "slideshow" wallpaper setting?17:41
apacheloggermaco: not by default I think17:42
macoi see gnome users in #ubuntu ask for a way to have the wallpaper change automatically. i /thought/ kde had that setting, but i know for-sure that windows does (which probably explains the sudden interest in that feature)17:42
macowow, there's an ubuntu mirror at liberty university?17:45
apacheloggermaco: I think that would only make plasma even crashier17:45
apacheloggernow that I worked off the highlights I could probably go find something to eat17:45
macointernet says kde had it in 2005! hehe17:46
ScottKmaco: There are things I like about notify-osd, but no actions and it getting behind make it unusable from my perspective.17:51
ScottKThere are things I think could be better about KDE's too.17:51
macowin7 notifications come back from fading when you mouseover and they have actions. not multiple-button actions that ive seen but onclick()17:51
macothe thing i dont like in kde is the GIANT WALL when you get a bunch because they dont queue17:52
ScottKThere needs to be something between the wall and one ... at .... a ... time ... no ... matter ... how ... long ... it ... takes.17:53
ScottKapachelogger: Don't worry.  Now that Android runs on iPhone, Apple will be busy sueing themselves.17:54
JontheEchidnathe good news is that there's less of a wall in 4.5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z31MLWMOuU17:54
ScottKJontheEchidna: Nice.  Progress at least.17:56
JontheEchidnaI doubt notify-osd will ever progress much17:56
ScottKNow if only recently completed jobs wouldn't pop back up with new notifications, we'd be getting somewhere.17:56
JontheEchidnaHelp us obi-wan kenobi, you're our only hope17:57
ScottKBTW, that recent notifications thing is the doom of using persistent notifications for updates availalbe and restart required.  If you cancel it, those go away.17:57
Sputmaco: in KDE trunk, the notifications don't stack up anymore17:57
Sputgenerally, the whole notification thing has been muchly improved with the new notifier17:58
ScottKSo the persistent notifications are not at all persistent in the traditional sense.17:58
JontheEchidnaIn that they aren't monoliths constantly presenting themselves, yes17:58
Sputhmmm... don't they still hake the (i) show a number?17:58
Sputand when you click on it, they pop up again?17:58
ScottKSput: Nope.  They are gone (at least in 4.4)17:59
ScottKapachelogger: You got more noise to deal with in that bug.18:01
SputScottK: humm. I need to check that out.18:02
macooh wow18:06
macoinstalling kubuntu in vmware, vmware asks for user/pass/fullname and then just boots straight to the "installing system" part of the installer O_O18:06
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: you got mentioned in a dot.kde.org story18:06
ScottKJontheEchidna: Which one?18:08
JontheEchidnaThe choqok one, at the top18:09
* ScottK looks again18:09
ScottKRight.  There it is.18:10
macohm well *this* is problematic18:23
macoso any of you tried lucid in a vmware vm yet?18:23
macokdm is taking no keyboard input whatsoever. text login works fine though18:24
macoScottK: check this out 201018:29
macocopy and paste in windows is weird18:29
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apacheloggerSput: any opinoins on the noise, Ill not get to reply until tomorrow I suppose19:02
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: cool19:03
* apachelogger is famous again ^^19:03
macohow do i get an onscreen keyboard on kdm?19:28
pascalFRhumm kde SC 4.4.3 works again ;)19:42
apacheloggermaco: I think kvkbd's readme explains20:08
macoapachelogger: ossi says need 4.5 or to modify Xsetup scripts20:12
macohowever i found http://communities.vmware.com/thread/26145420:12
rgreeningthat would be cool. I need Ubuntu with that for my Archos 5it touch screen20:13
macogoodness, you all weren't kidding about big kubuntu fonts21:08
maco(at uds barcelona, when someone... a few of you.... were saying theyre huge and that its Riddell's thing to have huge fonts)21:09
macofirst time ive looked at a clean install in a while21:09
JontheEchidnaI always bump all of them down one notch, but I believe we're following upstream in this regard21:11
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macoJontheEchidna: i just changed the dpi and that helped though it seems 96 and 120 are the only options. my screen is 9421:39
ari-tczewcould someone check enforceability of change in package cmake? I want to drop it because this change is involve to upgrading from jaunty to lucid, but we're tracking now maverick development. more info on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cmake/2.8.0-5ubuntu123:11
JontheEchidnaI don't think I would have personally been so forgiving to people who tried the upgrade :P23:19
ari-tczewJontheEchidna: so to drop, or not to drop? :>23:23
JontheEchidnaI'd drop it23:23
ari-tczewI'd like to drop, because I think that this is not necessary change23:23
JontheEchidnaNot worth the diff with debian imo23:24

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