Guest415Let me see if I  understand. So mutiverse repository is now call "partner" in Lucid?   Adept lists a multiverse repo (it's checked) , then there's another tab "Other software" and on that tab theres a couple of "partner" listings.   Now this is confusing00:00
apparleGuest415: no multiverse is multiverse00:01
dolomiteyurimxpxman: 64 or 3200:01
apparleGuest415: but the sun java packages have moved from multiverse to partner00:01
yurimxpxmandolomite: 3200:01
apparleGuest415: and if you are on lucid, you can't have adept00:02
dolomiteyurimxpxman: and I'm assuming you installed the libdvdread3 package and ran the install-css script?00:02
yurimxpxmandolomite: yeah, I did00:02
dolomiteyurimxpxman: can you recall when you last updated libdvdcss2?00:03
yurimxpxmandolomite: I can play the movie if I run "vlc dvdsimple:///dev/dvd" but no menus.. and I can't rip it with another program00:03
Guest415apparle i'll add the partners.    I can' have adept :-)  cause i've got it.  I installed it.  via apt-get.  SOmething wrong with that?00:03
Guest415on lucid btw 64 bit00:04
apparleGuest415: adding the partner repos would do your job00:04
apparleFor other guys:.... is adept still in development00:05
Guest415I don't understand the interface on k-package manager.  Adept was more synaptic -ilke.   Synaptic is more intuitive. IMO00:05
yurimxpxmandolomite: version is 1.2.9-2medibuntu400:05
apparleGuest415: I agree that adept was better looking than kpackagekit... but it is discontinued, so it is recommended that you use kpackagekit. But I personally recommend the command line apt-get00:07
yurimxpxmanGuest415: synaptic intuitive? For whom? It relies on package names.. not good for a new user00:07
apparleyurimxpxman: +100:08
sebrhey folks -- anybody know if there is a particular package that I need to install to add igoogle gadgets to my plasma workspace?00:10
doleybsebr: did you just click in Add Widgets and Get New?00:12
sebrYes, the only options I have are plasma widget00:12
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bloodsmithyup... managed to delete my hard drive when i tried upgrading to 10.04 LTS... always fun00:18
bloodsmithso now i have to reinstall all of my programs and whatnot, half of which i cant remember what i had. could anyone with any grace in their soul give me a list of some must have software?00:20
dolomiteyurimxpxman: there appears to be a bug.00:23
yurimxpxmandolomite: with my dvd issue?00:23
yurimxpxmandolomite: was it ever resolved?00:24
djusticebloodsmith: i can pastebin my dpkg-selections-list if you want...00:24
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bloodsmithdjustice: sure, it couldnt hurt, thanks00:24
dolomitethere's something that worked for someone. removing file: /home/user/.dvdcss/<name of DVD>00:24
apparlebloodsmith: I would recommend, firefox, vlc. kubuntu-plasma-addons, kscreensavers, kscreensaver-xsavers, kubuntu-restricted-extras00:24
dolomiteyurimxpxman:  ^00:25
djusticebloodsmith: http://pastebin.com/RMAyfBmH00:26
yurimxpxmandolomite: doesn't help :(00:27
bloodsmithapparle: i tried installing the firefox bundle that came with the OS, but it kept throwing up error messages. Said something along the lines of "Firefox is already installed, you DBag"... I couldnt find the program however, so now im a bit miffed...00:27
skierpageMy PC resumed from standby badly and now on-board 3COM 3C940 LAN doesn't work. even after BIOS reset  The chip's diagnostics and BIOS are all for DOS.  Do I run them from WINE, DOSBox, or DOSemu ?00:27
bloodsmithdjustice: thank you kindly, good sir00:27
djusticebloodsmith: click 'raw' or 'download' up top. then run 'cat filename > dpkg --set-selections'00:27
djusticebloodsmith: then 'sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade'00:27
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apparlebloodsmith: open konsole... write "sudo apt-get install firefox"00:28
skierpageShould I run them these DOS progs from my bootable Lucid kubuntu desktop USB, if so how can I tell if it has an emulator on it?00:28
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.500:28
djusticekool new game: osmos. iz flipn sweet. but 10$. (piracy ftw)00:28
yurimxpxmandolomite: were there any other notes on the problem?00:28
dolomiteno, not so far.00:29
ewwwphoriadoes anyone know if IBM Lotus Sympthony is Gnome or KDE based?00:29
djusticebloodsmith: oh yea, my dpkg selections are about 4gb. so dont do that unless you want a 'fully pimpd' system. i run 4 tattoo shops (gfx/office/games) on that setup.00:29
yurimxpxmandolomite: that wouldn't explain why dvd shrink doesn't work, either, though00:29
bloodsmithapparle: got it, ty00:29
dolomiteif you can revert to older version of libdvdcss2, please do that and report back. this problem appears to be in the latest version00:30
dolomiteyurimxpxman: ^^. I'm going away from the computer for a little bit.00:30
skierpageskierpage, http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/10.04/kubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.manifest has the packages on the CD.  No Wine, DOSBox, or DOSemu00:31
bloodsmithdjustice: so basicly, if i want a "fully pimped system", download the "DJustice Ultra Super Mega package collection"00:31
bloodsmithdolomite: i was the dude that was worried about losing my data from the other day! guess what! i lost my data! WOO!!!00:31
bloodsmithdolomite: i couldnt remember if i used this name or sainumeri, did i get it right?00:32
ewwwphoriais the koffice package in Kubuntu Lucid in KDE4?00:32
djusticebloodsmith: yep ;)00:32
djusticeewwwphoria: nope. koffice-kde4.00:32
ewwwphoriaor do I have to install the koffice-kde4 packages?00:32
djusticeewwwphoria: is still unstble.00:32
ewwwphoriadjustice: alright, thanks.00:32
djusticebloodsmith: soundz liek you did it wrongly. :P00:32
bloodsmithdjustice: what kind of programs and whatnot do you have on that list?00:33
djusticeewwwphoria: that being said, they mostly work fine. ;)00:33
bloodsmithdjustice: yeah, wrong to the limit00:33
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djusticebloodsmith: err. gimp/inkscape/chromium/firefox/visualboyadvncae/zsnes/pcsx/ooffice/koffice/kde-full/etc00:33
djusticebloodsmith: just enough to compile kde from source, run the tattoo shops (graphics and office apps), and waste time on lame/free games. :)00:34
ewwwphoriawhat about the OpenOffice that comes with Kubuntu, is it KDE based?00:35
bloodsmithdjustice: hah, lol, might just have to get that then. at the very least ill browse it and get some ideas on what to download, im at a friends house using his internet, so i really dont want to kill his bandwidth, you understand...00:36
djusticeewwwphoria: ooffice isnt kde... it's kde-themed tho. so it fits in nicely.00:37
lvlechhi is this kubuntu support channel?00:37
djusticebloodsmith: koolkool. you can edit that list. before setting selections. i keep lists handy for diff setups/reasons. :)00:37
ewwwphoriadjustice: that's what I wanted to know actually, thanks.00:37
djusticelvlech: yep :)00:37
djusticeewwwphoria: np :)00:38
lvlechdoes anyone know how to allow files to saved on the desktop00:38
djusticelvlech: the ~/Desktop folder. save them there.00:39
lvlechbut I don't see it on my desktop00:39
lvlechI have to go into the desktop folder in /home00:39
djusticelvlech: or you mean a folderview style desktop activity? right click the desktop->settings->change 'desktop' to 'folderview'00:39
djusticelvlech: or 'add widgets'->folderview00:39
djusticethen point the folderview at the desktop folder.. iirc that's default..00:40
bloodsmithdjustice: yeah, editing would be a good idea. what is inkscape? im assuming its some sort of tattoo editing program?00:40
lvlechdesktop activity settings?00:41
djusticebloodsmith: nah, its a vector app. like adobe illustrator on drugs. good drugs. all(most) of kde's 'scalable'ness was made with it.00:41
djusticelvlech: that's it.00:41
djusticelvlech: under 'activity'. change type to 'folderview'00:41
bloodsmithdjustice: aaaaahhh, i see... useless to one such as i, however... i do believe...00:41
lvlechty! it works00:42
djusticebloodsmith: its really simple actually... no math involved.. just point and click stuff.. handy app :) til kde's karbon gets stable enough.00:42
* djustice iz off to try Lucid00:43
* djustice waves00:43
bloodsmithdjustice: ok, i have no programming background aside from one semester of C++ in highschool... lol, that and if i were to try to create something, im pretty sure that i could find anything i wanted on the net anyways, soooo...00:44
chxhi. I am on lucid, how can i close all children windows of one application? right now the only thing i can do is restart the app and that's ouch01:01
ewwwphoriawhats the best media player for KDE is it still kaffeine01:02
frogonwheelsewwwphoria: that's what I use.01:02
frogonwheelser no01:02
frogonwheelsewwwphoria: er, sorry, confusion.  for audio, I use amarok.01:03
frogonwheelsewwwphoria: for video, xine or vlc.  Kaffeine was always a bit flakey for my liking.01:03
frogonwheelschx: that sounds like a very application specific question.01:04
genii"dragon player" seems default now01:04
chxfrogonwheels: does it? Well, it's Skype, Kopete and I guess I will meet a few more.01:04
ewwwphoriai don't like the trial dragon player leaves on recent document01:04
frogonwheelschx: err task-bar  right-click, close01:04
frogonwheelsworks for me01:04
chxone window01:04
ewwwphoriais there a way to disable recently played or documents for good?01:04
chxwhaqt if you have twenty?01:05
frogonwheelschx: , as I said, task-bar close works for me... just closed two windows in skype that way01:06
frogonwheelsnow 3.01:06
* frogonwheels shrugs.01:06
ewwwphoriafrogonwheels: i'm trying out moc, amarok seems to crash a lot, have to investigate why...01:06
zushow can i remove gnome player? somehow it got installed? when firefox was asking to install missing plug ins,...01:07
frogonwheelschx. move your mouse over the (say) skype icon in your task bar, press and hold right-click, select 'close' release mouse-button.01:07
chxI bet that works if they are grouped?01:08
chxno :(01:09
chxok so01:09
chxyou have skype01:09
chxyou multiple chat windows01:09
frogonwheels.. you have 20 windows open , and they're not grouped?01:09
chxi want to close all chat windows?01:09
chxum i have 4 1920x1200 monitors01:10
chxso ... no :P01:10
chxmy taskbar is kindabig :)01:10
geniiI have 6 monitors01:11
chxgood for you01:12
chxwas hard enough to get four out of a laptop01:12
zusplease pm i will be away for a few minutes,..to my previous question (if  possible)01:12
djusticemmkay. GM965/intel. 10.04. GLX==fail. why?01:16
djusticerawr. back to chakra for me >:[01:24
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djusticeapologies to the channel. <3 ubuntu people. just not autoconfigurations...01:34
djusticemeanwhile: *hugs*01:34
* genii sips his coffee and thinks about the hugs01:37
DracirateHey :)01:53
OmnipotentEntityhey guys, I just upgraded to lucid and now when I log in to KDE it crashes, running start kde seems to point to an issue with nvidia driver and lo removing the nvidia drivers seems to cause kde to work happily.  But... I like having hardware acceleration and reinstalling nvidia-current causes the issue to reappear.  Any ideas?02:05
darkdelusionsis there a way to kix the kbluetooth icon so it not all messed up?02:14
dolomitebloodsmith, are you still around?02:23
OmnipotentEntitygot it fixed thanks.02:24
DracirateHey ^^02:24
Dracirateanyone know how to install GLIBC_2.11 ?02:25
Draciratei need it for a game02:26
Dracirate./Tibia: ./libc6/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.11' not found (required by /usr/lib32/libGLU.so.1)02:26
derekulwhat wine packages do i download02:29
geniiAsk in #winehq02:29
Dracirateanyone know?02:31
dolomitehi biggFREE!!!!02:40
dolomiteBiggFREE: hi!!!02:41
derekulim updateing Kubuntu 9.10 to 10.4 right now02:41
DracirateHello people :]02:42
dolomiteDracirate: so what version is your libc6?02:43
dolomitederekul: exciting02:43
derekulits allmost done getting new package02:44
dolomite./Tibia: ./libc6/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.11' not found (required by /usr/lib32/libGLU.so.1)02:44
dolomitewhat wine packages do i download02:44
derekuli updated my motherboard and cpu to a 6 core02:47
dolomitewhat processor is that, derekul?02:48
david_hello there??02:49
hstefanSo, i've installed kubuntu and my internet connection became VERY SLOW when I use this OS. Do you have any suggestions?02:49
david_are you running multiple wifi anteannas?02:50
Draciratemaybe is the ipv602:50
hstefannope, its not wifi, its a wired connection02:50
hstefanDracirate: in this case, what should i do?02:50
derekulare u n or g02:51
david_dunno, I do know others seemed to have that problem as well, maybe a diferrent hardware driver?02:51
Draciratesorry about that.02:51
hstefandamm, I dunno what do do02:51
david_have you checked hardware driver updates?02:51
hstefanno, on my way for it.02:52
derekulim running wireless n router wired here at home with no problims02:52
david_give that a try02:52
david_running wireless and doing fine myself02:52
derekulim all n here02:53
david_I just started using UE and is the best ubuntu flavor I found yet02:53
Draciratei am kinda rejecting Gnome02:53
Draciratethe gnome shell suck02:53
david_I haven't had any problems with it, only issue I've had is my card reader isn't recognized02:54
derekulim so use to useing redhat its a big chang to Kubuntu02:54
david_never used red hat myself02:55
Draciratethe only problem i got was the splash screen02:55
Draciratebut now looks better02:55
david_I tried ubuntu, UE, mint, and fedora02:55
hstefanthe problem is not any driver02:55
Dracirateis the splash screen02:55
hstefandamm, dunno what to do02:55
Dracirateis to small02:55
david_gonna head, but glad I found this on here02:56
david_will be back for sure02:56
david_tc all02:56
Dracirateyou too02:57
hstefananyone has another idea?02:57
hstefanalso, how can I disable ipv6?02:57
Draciratemaybe that help in kubuntu too02:58
hstefanthank you, I'll give it a try too.02:59
zushow can i remove gnome player? somehow it got installed? when firefox was asking to install missing plug ins,...03:01
Draciratesudo apt-get uninstall gnome-player03:03
zuswould that also remove all the other stuff as well not just the player?03:04
Draciratewhat else you want to remove?03:05
zusi didnt want to install it, it appeared after installing missing plug-ins for firefox, but i never had gnome player before now.03:06
Draciratesudo apt-get uninstall gnome-player only remove the gnome player03:06
sidHartDracirate: no such thing as uninstall..shud be apt-get purge <pkg>03:09
zussidHart,  i did that and it came back as no such package...03:11
Dracirateso the gnome-player03:11
sidHartzus: what package did u enter?03:11
darkdelusionsDoes the kubuntu install not install the nvidia drivers by default?03:12
zusahh it says GNOME MPlayer,....i  think dragon is based of Mplayer so is this GNOME MPlayer ok to remove?03:12
sidHartzus: the package name is mplayer03:13
sidHartzus: shud be sudo apt-get purge mplayer03:14
sidHartzus: dragon doesn't need any gnome stuff03:14
zussidHart, so Mplayer and GNOME MPlayer would be two different packages03:14
sidHartzus: the gnome menu names has nothing to do with the package name that apt-get recognize..03:16
harolddongI thought dragon was based on xine03:17
zuskaffieine is from what i was told before03:17
zusagain no such package03:18
zusthis is kinda wired.03:18
genii"kinda" ?03:19
zusits there in the menu but  it's not found in the "sudo apt-get purge <pkg>"03:20
sidHartzus: replace <pkg> with mplayer03:21
zussidHart,  yep03:21
sidHartzus: ??03:22
zusi did03:22
zussame out come03:22
zusit's still in the menu in multimedia03:23
sidHartzus: edit the kde menu and find out which is the command line03:23
zussidHart,  one sec .03:23
zussid it says gnome-mplayer %u03:24
zusforgot to hit tab03:25
sidHartzus: then replace <pkg> with gnome-mplayer03:25
zussidHart,  that did the trick... what  exactly did i do? ( still learning the command line myself)03:27
sidHartzus: sometimes the menu names does not correspond exactly the package name03:29
sidHartapt-get requires the exact name..03:31
yotuxhello I have a network question03:33
yotuxWhat should the transfer speed be on a 1Gb connection03:33
sidHartzus: you can learn more about apt-get by reading - try this ' man apt-get'.  a good companion is dpkg.  so try man dpkg too03:34
yotuxcurrently I am using SSH to transfer files and I only get 1.1mbs/s03:34
sidHartzus: to find out what packages are installed try this03:34
Dragnsliceryotux- there are a lot of factors that determine transfer speed between two computers03:35
sidHartzus: dpkg -l | grep 'what-u-r-looking'03:35
DarthFrogsidHart: I find this to be very useful for finding out what packages are installed: alias lspkg="dpkg --list | grep ^ii.* | cut -d ' ' -f 3 | sort | less"03:35
DarthFrogThen grep the output03:35
zussidHart,  thanks :)03:36
sidHartzus: np..glad to be of help03:36
yotuxDragnslicer:  any idea where to start?03:36
sidHartDarthFrog: i prefer mine first as it wud tell me desc and version03:38
Dragnsliceryotux- unless the two computers are connected through a crossover cable or both connected to a gigabit switch, you won't get 1 Gbps transfers anyway03:39
yotuxI have my Dlink NAS box my Gigswitch and my Desktop03:39
yotuxI use wifi to link to the web router03:40
yotuxI am thinking wifi is the issue?  slowing down the 1GB interface03:40
darkdelusions!! nvidia03:42
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:42
zussidHart,  yeah i dont mind having gnome items but first i want to get used to default items would certainly help in learning what is what from who and where...03:47
romehi room! is anyone familiar with netbeans ide? i have problems with my 6.8 installation on kubuntu!03:48
romei always get red exclamation marks left to my code03:49
romecode assistance is configured properly03:49
romeany suggestions?03:49
olskolircmy firefox version 3.6.3 keeps crashing - just disappears for no reason - I tried to downgrade by purging and when i reinstall an old version, i get back firefox 3.3.6 - how can i get 3.0?03:50
romeolskolirc i have the same problem sometimes playin quakelive03:51
* darkdelusions grumbles03:54
dolomiteolskolirc: sudo apt-get install firefox = <version>04:07
ramais it possible to circumvent the GLX memory leaks in Lucid in this way?04:08
olskolircit keeps over writing dolomite to the 3.6.3 but i just thought to delete .mozilla in my home directory and that should take care of it and then I can get the version I want04:08
olskolircits the .mozilla that holds all the settings dolomite04:08
olskolircI purged first04:08
olskolircthen rm -rf .mozilla04:08
dolomiteolskolirc: I'm surprise purge didn't take care of that.04:09
olskolircnope with three tries04:09
olskolircits all hidden in the .mozilla04:10
dolomiteolskolirc: so after rm -rf ./.mozilla any luck?04:10
olskolircim not done yet04:10
olskolircgoing to find 3.004:10
olskolircmy repository doesn't have it it has 3.0 dummy upgrade which takes me to 3.6.3 same as the 2.0 dummy upgrade i just might find a an older bz2 then soft link my own plugins04:11
olskolircI sound like I know what im talking about huh? haha we'll see brb04:12
dolomiteolskolirc: oh yeah, of course the lucid repos wouldn't have the 3.0. darn. if you're comfortable compiling; bz2 should be successful.04:12
olskolircfor the first time my firefox icon is gone now it reads ?04:12
dolomitedarkdelusions: why are you grumbling?04:12
zusis there an off topic for kubuntu?04:13
dolomite!offtopic | zus04:13
ubottuzus: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!04:13
olskolircubottu threat04:13
zusdolomite,  gracias (it is cinco de mayo 8) )04:14
dolomite!es | zus04:14
ubottuzus: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:14
dolomitehaha, happy cinco04:14
olskolircniceee dolomite where can i get the ubottu commands?04:14
dolomiteolskolirc: I have no idea; I just try them and learn when people use them.04:15
olskolircok im going to look for firefox brb04:15
dolomiteget it done!04:15
olskolircI found an old one, not easy to find http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/Mozilla-Firefox-3-Download-48870.html04:16
olskolircnevermind that link doesn't work04:17
dolomiteolskolirc: I had the same issue a whie back; it's a pain in the butt to find old firefoxes04:18
olskolircoh im determinded i work at home and i can't have firefox crashing on customer sales leaving me holding the phone stuck on stupid04:19
olskolircim so pissed at mozilla!04:19
olskolircgiving us a piece of s* that doesn't work!04:19
beltorakis there a way to run something from the k-menu as root?04:21
olskolircI got it now dolomite http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/download-firefox-browser-version-3.html04:21
olskolircits a bz2 file04:21
dolomiteolskolirc: no need to share with me; I left firefox years ago.04:22
dolomitebeltorak: what exactly?04:23
olskolircwhat do you use dolomite konq?04:23
beltorakdolomite: anything - like to be able to select the system settings icon and right click and run as root.... or something similarly easy04:23
olskolircmy konq is broke i can't get an address bar or internet buttons like home, back forward i don't know where they all went04:23
dolomitekonq on this machine cuz it's slow. chromium on my main machine.04:23
olskolircsigh lotsa work here guys04:23
dolomitebeltorak: there are exceptions but generally you can type 'kdesudo <program name>' from terminal04:24
dolomitebeltorak: in this case kdesudo systemsettings04:24
beltorakright, but i like the auto-complete i get, which goes away when using kdesu as the first command...04:25
beltorakif i start typing "system", i get a suggestion for "systemsettings", but if I do "kdesu system" there's no such intelligence04:25
beltorakto the UI04:25
dolomite beltorak: I don't know about your auto-complete04:26
dolomitebut that's how you launch from CLI04:27
beltorakwell i was using the "run" input box, but that really only works when I know the application name04:27
zusdolomite,  maybe everyone is asleep in the off topic channel, hehe aint seen anything going on04:27
beltorakif I'm just exploring the k-start menu it would be nice to be able to select something and runas root04:27
dolomitezus: not a talkative bunch tonight I guess!04:28
dolomitebeltorak: would be pretty  nice but if you use CLI enough you'll memorize the programs you use the most04:28
beltorakunderstood, but the point is that i typically don't run these things often..... anyway, guess i'll cahlk it up to a feature request. Where would I file that? KDE's bug database?04:30
beltorak**chalk it up to....04:30
beltorakhow do I change the GTK settings while in KDE? wireshark looks like crap cause the font is 12 or 18 point or something.... or better04:32
beltorakis there a decent kde based packet sniffer? i dont need promiscuious04:32
dolomitebeltorak: make a suggestion at forums.kde.org04:33
romewireshark is just fine04:33
beltorakok; thanks dolomite04:40
romei have tried wireshark now too, but i cannot choose any interface04:41
zusin the setting under file associations i changed mpeg3 to amorok, nothing changed. im trying to make mp3 open amarok instead of VLC.  VLC is opening im guessing since it's been installed after amarok was.04:41
dolomitevlc and amarok each have their own file associations right?04:43
dolomite(they each have settings for it?)04:43
zusim not sure? but before i installed VLC every mp3 i opened, opened with amarok04:45
zusi only got VLC to play the files dragon player and amarok wouldnt open and after installing it everything open in VLC04:46
zusi realized this when files onced opened with amarok are now opening in VLC04:47
darkdelusionsHas anyone had sound issues in lucid I can hear the start up sound when I boot up or even when I log off but i am unable to hear any sound in amarok, wine, vent, Firefox04:48
gohmifunezus: I'm going to quickly chime in. When you go to the filetype menu from the properties dialog, what is the first program listed?04:49
zusgohmifune,  checking04:50
zusgohmifune,  under file associations for mpeg?04:51
gohmifunewhatever the filetype you're trying to change is.04:52
darkdelusionsNM my question my PCM was turned down :)04:53
dolomitedarkdelusions: whew! it's never that easy.04:53
zusat first it was GNOME-MPlayer but that got removed,...but it was the only one there.04:53
darkdelusionsdolomite: no kidding04:53
gohmifunezus: so you don't have anthing associated with mp3?04:54
=== ilya is now known as ilya-x
dolomitezus I thought you said you'd already associated04:54
darkdelusionsdolomite: but i have had great success with 10.04 I have had to fix any of the little quirks that my laptop has04:54
zusgohmifune,  i clicked add and wrote amarok and still nothing04:54
dolomitedarkdelusions: it's been pretty hit-or-miss but so far it's been a great OS04:54
zusim happy with it, its all these little settings that get me frustrated when i cant get them fine tuned after trying for a while04:55
darkdelusionsdolomite: I have an asus laptop and it got a light sensor in it and every release i have to go in and hack a file to get it to work... I was estatic when my jack sensing for my headset worked right out of the box04:55
dolomiteits a beautiful thing indeed04:56
gohmifunezus: you typed amarok where?04:56
zusgohmifune,  where it once said GNOME-MPlayer04:57
ilya-xI've just installed whatever updates KPackageKit found today (around 9 bug fixes), and now I have extra items in my boot loader list... is this intended behavior? It now lists 2.6.32-22-generic04:57
ilya-x  and 2.6.32-21-generic04:57
zusgohmifune, when i click  mpeg3 in the box where it says application prefered order04:59
dolomiteilya-x: hello again. these new entries are bootable right?04:59
ilya-xI've only booted into 2.6.32-22-generic, which seems like what everything should've been updated to... so not sure why it lists the older version as well05:01
gohmifunezus: are you typing amarok in this window. http://imagebin.ca/view/2AyCjDBA.html ?05:01
dolomiteilya-x: I believe you can remove them in grub but I'd recommend keeping them in case you run into an issue that's resolved by booting into the old kernel05:01
dolomiteilya-x: doesn't hurt!05:01
ilya-xis it just going to keep on adding more and more entries into grub every time I allow it to update my system?05:02
ilya-xor does it just keep the most recent one for backup?05:02
ilya-xhow is it "supposed" to work?05:02
dolomiteilya-x: I don't know actually. grub2 is not familiar to me. kernel updates aren't *that* frequent though05:03
=== chx is now known as chx_zZz
zusgohmifune,  i went to settings-advanced-file associations-audio-mpeg3   http://imagebin.ca/view/U_N96uXP.html05:06
gohmifunezus: an idea. Delete Amarok, and click add again05:07
DarthFrogilya-x: In my experience, all the old kernels are kept.05:07
gohmifunezus: don't type it in this time.05:07
gohmifunezus: find it in the list of programs05:07
zusgohmifune,  ok it updated, didnt do that before...05:08
gohmifunezus: does it work now?05:09
zusim checking now05:09
zusgohmifune,  VLC is still opening05:10
gohmifunezus: hm, is VLC listed?05:10
zusgohmifune,  no only amarok.05:11
gohmifuneis VLC running?05:11
zusnope i think i fixed it...05:12
zusone sec05:12
zusgohmifune,  are mp3's mpeg3?05:13
gohmifuneto my knowledge.05:13
zusi  found VLC as the top program over amarok under mpeg05:13
gohmifunezus: It does group them together sometimes05:14
zusso what is mpeg3?05:14
gohmifunezus: mpeg3 is audio, mpeg is video05:14
zusgohmifune,  thats what i thought,  should i go back to nothing under mpeg3 as it originally was?05:15
gohmifunezus: did it work then?05:15
zusyep, but i fixed it under mpeg not mpeg3.05:16
zusleast thats where i found VLC at05:16
zusgohmifune,  now i would not want amarok to open when watching videos dragon player cant play (the reason VLC was installed ) [checking that out now]05:18
gohmifuneyou mean VLC as an alternative to DragonPlayer?05:19
zusgohmifune,  ok all seems ok, and yeah05:21
gohmifuneeverything is working?05:21
zusi have some .swf files that are videos 9i've used VLC to watch them) but aren't  playing in them now05:21
zusin 9.10 VLC played them but not now05:22
zusok im back on track now,...some how firefox and every window got laggy05:32
zusnow i have  bug fixes. hope its something new and not brought on by my mucking about05:37
gohmifuneI have the FF problem too05:38
zusbrb system restart is needed.05:39
=== fire is now known as bawww
* zus takes a deep breath05:40
bawwwhey, is it possible to access Ubuntu One Music store through Amarok?05:41
darkdelusionsIs the system connection in knetwork manager still not implemented05:43
gohmifunebawww: I'm pretty sure it is rhythmbox only05:43
bawwwgohmifune: why'd they do that, limit it to rhythombox?05:44
bawwwgohmifune: amarok has the ability too, doesn't it?05:45
zusgohmifune,  thank you  for helping me and everyone else as well.05:45
bawwwi donno i like it when kubuntu doesn't get a lot of the new stuff  that ubuntu gets05:46
bawwwlike the theming and weird windicator idea05:47
bawwwi guess we'll get another alternative, maybe music that servers ogg/FLAC?05:47
zusi kinda wish kubuntu did05:47
zusfor the last few weeks of karmic i was using kde4.4.2 and i was "nothing changed"05:48
darkdelusionsor pluse audio!05:48
Luija1006Hello people I need help kate does not wanna open the .js files in 10.04 I dont know why, I click edid with grease monkey, I selected kate and it says and error is happening: It cannot interpret the .js when in 9.10 It could do with the same scrip05:49
zuswhen i first tried kubuntu the network manager had a window that showed who was avaialble for wireless with waves and thier distance from me...how can i get that back?05:49
darkdelusionszus: click on the icon and choose connect to another network05:51
gohmifunebawww: kubuntu lags behind a bit, but we have the other services, so it is doable. There are tradeoffs05:52
gohmifuneI'm out guys. Take care.05:53
zusdarkdelusions,  it just gives me a list, wich is just as fine but i thought the other gui was cool too05:54
bawwwzus: there's a lot of stuff done under the hood05:54
bawwwthe lucid ubuntu theme wasn't that great also05:55
JoelitoQuestion, how to remove kopete from starting on user login?05:56
darkdelusionsbawww: do you know if there is a way to setup my wireless as a system account or is that just an check box there for future development?05:56
bawwwdarkdelusions: you mean automatically connect to a wifi when you login?05:57
macodarkdelusions: connections configured in /etc/network/interfaces are considered system ones05:57
macoim guessing that checkbox displays its status as one of those05:57
macoas opposed to being used for toggling it05:57
maco(is the checkbox unclickable?)05:58
zusdoes anyone use read it later for bookmarking in Firefox?05:58
darkdelusionsmaco: ya the check box is unclickable05:58
macoyeah so im guessing its for disply, not for configuration05:58
darkdelusionsI just want to have the wifi auto login no matter who login and not have to login to kwallet05:58
bawwwdarkdelusions: might have to get your hands dirty in command line for that06:00
darkdelusionsI was hoping they had added an option like in ubuntu where you could enable it for all users06:00
bawwwthere is definitely a way to set your default wifi probably in /etc/network/interface06:00
eks010help I have a gateway netbook with win 7 starter     I installed ubuntu netbook via wubi    and   after install i rebooted and all I get is (after hitting enter to load ubuntu) is a flashing curser (underscore) and never load but if I edit the command in grub for recovery mode (chande hd to 0,1 insted of 0,2 it loads06:02
eks010can anyone help?06:02
=== ep is now known as Guest17658
zusthe same thing i did with amarok and VLC i can do for browsers?06:13
juragan_kambingHello All I From INDONESIA06:15
DarthFrogjuragan_kambing: Hello from Canada.  You don't have to shout, we can hear you. :-)06:16
juragan_kambingkUBUNTU IS THE BEST06:16
DarthFrogjuragan_kambing: Please turn off your Caps Lock.06:16
zuswhat makes kubuntu so completely different? before trying it i asked about it and was told its ubuntu with the kde.07:07
zusbut there are somethings kubuntu dont have from ubuntu and the other way around.07:08
zusyea a total new guy thing to ask, but to me its defiantly two different worlds, not asking wich is better dont get me wrong07:10
moetuneszus: 'cause kde has most of it's own apps it is pretty different to ubuntu but works the same if that makes sense07:11
zusmoetunes,  it does, but only cuz i've been using kubuntu for a little less than 2months.07:11
zusi did like ubuntu alot, if i change back i wish i can take some things from kubuntu and mash em up.07:15
zusnumber one reason i changed was dolphin07:15
moetuneszus: only prob with mixing gtk and kde is load times for diff apps  - works ok07:18
zusmoetunes, i probably didnt get to use nautilus as much use as i have dolphin07:22
moetuneszus: I never thought nautilus was the best for me...07:23
zusthe video mentioned doplhin having the same features and then some over nautilus so i was sold.07:24
zusespecially if a file manager was one of the daily use programs for me07:25
moetunesyou can dual pane dolphin apparently - never tried tho07:25
zusclick plit to turn it on and off07:25
zus i use that alot to shuffle  files from one hdd to another. rarely use column unless im working with a folder. i love the terminal option to be under dolphin,  im in the (cli) directory rather than having to right click a file and click open in terminal.07:27
zuswhat i have not tried to look for yet is themes in dolphin, and the terminal07:28
zusin ktorrent how can i keep TPB  as the search engine till i change it manually?07:32
zusit seems to change every time i search for something, unless i search  from within the site in the k torrent window07:33
cmptrwhat is the most suitable mp3 plugin for amarok? thanx08:03
jobobHello. Jobob is on schedule today! If you need help Ask me!08:09
=== jobob is now known as Jobob
JobobJobob is on schedule! send messages now!08:26
Jobob :D Anyone need help?  :D08:30
Jobob :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)08:30
moetunesJobob: stop it pls08:30
Jobob... it is u moe08:30
Jobobi added a capital to my nickname08:31
kwtmHi!  Anyone willing to guide a diehard KDE3 fan who's trying to get used to KDE4?08:53
Tm_Tkwtm: ask, and the answers will be given when available (:)08:53
kwtmOki!  Anyone have tips on how to run programs from the keyboard?  I set it so that the K-button is activated with Ctrl-Esc, and it lets me search programs.08:54
Tm_Tkwtm: you can do that, but you also can press alt+f208:55
kwtmUnfortunately, when I type in "Kate", it gives the choice of either "Kate" or "run Kate" and says: "I have no idea which choice you want, so unless you move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse to click on one of these, I'm just going to sit here and stew."08:55
Tm_Tkwtm: tab and then use arrows to choose08:56
kwtmTm_T: Ah, I see that the Alt-F2 selector is a bit more intelligent and defaults to the first choice without needing any mouse clicks,  Thx.08:56
Tm_Tkwtm: in kmenu, just arrows up and down change your selection08:56
kwtmIs there a way to set an application to be launched by shortcut?  Eg. in KDE3, I used to have an "app" called "insert timestamp into Klipper" and I had a shortcut key, but here I don't know how to run that script with a single keypress.08:57
Tm_TI know it's possible, but I don't know exactly how, sorry08:58
kwtmOkay.  How do I minimize or maximize windows on the keyboard?  I can't seem to get the usual Alt-Space menu from which to choose "minimize" or "Advanced > Keep Window Above Others" etc.08:59
Tm_Tkwtm: alt+f3 gives the menu, but I think there's direct shortcuts for those too09:00
kwtmTm_T: Ah, didn't know about Alt-F3.  Thanks!09:00
kwtmWhat is Nepomuk for, in everyday practical terms?  Is it just so you can use Strigi to look for files quickly?09:01
Tm_Tkwtm: nepomuk is the whole system to hold and handle metadata of any information, strigi is just file index/search part of it (:09:02
Tm_Tor this is how I see it anyway09:02
kwtmTm_T: What I mean is: for now, is Strigi the only practical use for Nepomuk, or should I be doing anything differently to take advantage of Nepomuk?  For example, can I write a script to say "nepomuk --find-photos Photos_of_my_wife"?09:03
Tm_Tkwtm: ye something like that can be done09:03
Tm_Tkwtm: or search all photos of something with rating of 4 stars09:04
kwtmWhat about Akonadi?  Is that part of Nepomuk?09:05
Tm_Tkwtm: Akonadi is keeping your PIM information, which can then be used with nepomuk (don't know how well this works with current stable releases)09:10
kwtmTm_T: I see.  Okay.  What about multi-key shortcuts?  Like Win-A,B means one thing, Win-A,C means another?   Not sure how to set this.09:11
Tm_Tkwtm: me neither09:11
kwtmis Kmail always active even when I don't see any such icon on the screen (neither system tray nor taskbar)?09:24
kwtmI keep getting these pop-ups saying "can't access ~/var folder in Kmail" or something.09:25
Tm_Twell, you can set it to have systray always when it's on, dunno how it acts when it's not configured such way09:25
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eagles0513875hey guys09:29
eagles0513875im having issues getting lucid onto my 2tb hdd09:35
eagles0513875it seems like the installer keeps dying09:35
eagles0513875at the point where it starts to format the hard drive09:35
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:36
RaGNORAKeagles0513875 can you pm me if it works i am planning on buying a 2tb HD don't want it to f*** things up a bit for me ._.09:37
eagles0513875RaGNORAK: yes i will im fighting with the installer atm :(09:38
pepeeis someone having problems with the kubuntu-backports repo?09:40
pepeeI can't upgrade because there are some broken dependencies09:41
moetunespepee: tried in konsole   sudo dpkg --configure -a   ?09:43
pepeegonna try09:44
pepeehmm I have mixed two repos :S09:44
pepeekubuntu-ppa/backports and kubuntu-ppa/ppa09:45
eagles0513875!usb | RaGNORAK09:45
ubottuRaGNORAK: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:45
=== SwissTorExit is now known as starslights
eagles0513875RaGNORAK: see the first link09:45
* starslights great the chan 09:45
eagles0513875hi starslights09:46
jtheuer__does lucid support writing to google calendars?09:46
starslightshi eagles0513875 :D09:46
jtheuer__in kontact09:46
=== ubuntu is now known as eagles0513875
eagles0513875RaGNORAK: im back09:53
thedoghi folks, someone knows a kde 4.5 nighlty ppa?09:56
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eagles0513875hey Tm_T09:57
eagles0513875RaGNORAK:  :( almost had it10:02
Anubishi ! i'm trying to set up a ldap server10:03
Anubisbut i can't find in /etc/ldap/ the slapd.conf10:03
Anubisi installed slapd, migrationstools, ldap-utils and db4.x-util10:04
ubottuLDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information, installation instructions and getting clients to authenticate via LDAP see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer10:05
eagles0513875Anubis: that what you looking for ?10:05
Anubiseagles: i'm on that page, but it seems that the openldap guide presents some error10:06
eagles0513875Anubis: try in terminal sudo updatedb && locate slapd.conf10:07
Anubisi've done that already10:07
eagles0513875Anubis: have you checked in /etc10:08
colomarhi! I have a problem with kubuntu and java. When I start Scrumworks via Java Web Start (openjdk or sun-java, doesn't matter) in kubuntu, it hangs when trying to render certain elements of the UI. In Ubuntu (from a live CD) it works fine. I've tried installing LXDE alongside KDE and started in LXDE but had the same problem.10:09
Anubiseagles: yes10:09
Anubisi have only ldap.conf10:09
Anubisand i have this directory structure: sasl2, schema and slapd.d10:10
eagles0513875Anubis: :( wish i could help ya out a bit more :( but i havent worked with ldap that much :(10:11
Anubiseagles: dont worry10:15
colomar(Sorry if my introduction was too long. I didn't want to interrupt the current conversation with too many messages, so I went for one long message instead.)10:17
eagles0513875colomar: thats the way you shoudl do it10:19
* eagles0513875 wonders if colomar has video driver installed10:20
starslightsabout video driver, i am happy no more problem with booting, i just installed first the update before the driver and so run well10:22
eagles0513875colomar: you have the video driver installed im gettign the impression that your missing video acceleration from  your video card for rendering the ui10:24
colomarI have desktop video acceleration10:25
* eagles0513875 ponders10:26
colomarCompositing works fine with opengl10:26
eagles0513875colomar: what are you using for the ui swing or awt10:26
colomarHow can I find that out?10:26
jtheuer__does compostiting also work on integrated intel graphic cards?10:26
* colomar doesn't know much about java10:27
colomarjtheuer__: Yes it does on my machine10:27
eagles0513875colomar: can you check if you have direct rendering10:27
eagles0513875colomar: in terminal type this glxinfo | less10:28
eagles0513875if direct rendering is yes you have full 3d acceleration if no then your missing a driver10:28
colomarIt's yes10:28
eagles0513875colomar: what exactly is scrum works10:29
eagles0513875oh wait colomar i know what the problem is10:29
eagles0513875cd's have slow read write access so its trying to read from the cd as well as render scrumworks10:29
eagles0513875to eliminate that issue you would need to install lucid onto ur machine10:30
colomareagles0513875: That was a misunderstanding. It does work with ubuntu lucid (gnome) from a live cd (and on my colleague's machine with installed lucid), but it does not work with my installed kubuntu lucid10:31
colomarWith a opensuse 11.2 live cd it didn't work either. So it must either be a problem with KDE or Ubuntu (gnome) does something that fixes it. I'm not sure10:32
colomarAnd to answer your other question: Scrumworks is an application for managing the Scrum software development process. It doesn't do anything fancy. It's basically just some tree components it tries to render10:34
eagles0513875colomar: that i find totally strange10:34
eagles0513875colomar: your machine up to date10:34
colomareagles0513875: Yes.10:36
colomarIt seems to actually be a bug in scrumworks. I just found this: http://community.danube.com/danube/topics/scrumworks_client_not_working_with_kde_kubuntu_9_1010:37
colomarBut the strange thing is that it doesn' affect Ubuntu10:37
colomarBut it can't be kwin because I had the same problem when starting it on the same machine from LXDE10:38
eagles0513875colomar: is the scrumworks source code available10:38
eagles0513875cuz i know java and maybe i could try and debug it10:38
colomareagles0513875: Sadly it isn't available :(10:40
coreberserkerHello!~ =]10:41
coreberserkerIs anyone one right now/10:41
eagles0513875!hi | coreberserker10:41
ubottucoreberserker: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:41
eagles0513875!ask | coreberserker10:41
ubottucoreberserker: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:41
eagles0513875RaGNORAK: ill be back10:41
coreberserkerOKay Well I was wondering if anyone has problems with Dolphin crashing like me?10:42
coreberserkerI already submited a bug report for it but I was just wondering if anyone has been having the same problem10:43
feodorThe following problem occurred: it was kubuntu 9.10. OpenOffice 3.1. Quietly open file format Excel XML 2003. Installed kubuntu 10.4. OpenOffice 3.2. Files no longer open and save. In what may be the problem?10:44
=== ubuntu is now known as eagles0513875
starslightscoreberserker:  yes, it's because of Nepomuk10:46
eagles0513875RaGNORAK: and colomar: im back10:46
starslightsIf this crash annoys you too much, disabling Nepomuk10:46
starslightsin the System Settings might be a temporary workaround.10:46
coreberserkerstarslights: Thank you I'll give that a try =]10:47
starslightsyou are welcome, i must say that it crash more when the system are fresh after less for me10:48
coreberserkerAhhh Okay I turn it off in the service manager right?10:49
eagles0513875ty RaGNORAK10:49
starslightsyeah, i think so, i don't have do that , i know how work without too much crash now10:49
=== naught101_ is now known as naught101
starslightsor click right on the icone in the taskbar10:50
colomareagles0513875: Which part of KDE or which difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu might most likely cause the problem? It is okay for me to change my system for scrumworks to work, but I'd like to keep as many KDe components as possible10:54
eagles0513875colomar: if you use gnome you can still keep kde apps10:54
Buckyhi. i need to join some rar files in which a single file is splitted, but ark doesn't allow me to do it...11:01
eagles0513875http://pastebin.com/LkdyXjnf <---can anyone tell me why i keep getting this error and im booting off a live usb11:02
moetunesBucky: tried unrar from konsole? - unrar e /path/to/first/file11:03
coreberserkerBucky you need to install the rar parts of ark11:04
Buckymoetunes: unrar is already installed?11:04
Buckycoreberserker: fron kpackage?11:04
moetunesBucky: try in konsole   unrar   and hit tab button11:05
chalcedonyis there anything somewhere that i can read about how to join directories in command line?11:05
coreberserkerIf you try going to kpackagekit and search rar and scroll down you will  see archiver for .rar files11:05
toImportant note: normally "unrar x" is better than "unrar e".11:05
toDon't use "unrar e" unless you know the difference.11:05
moetunesto: only diff is the extracted path11:06
coreberserkerBucky: I'm sorry it may be the package Unarchiver11:07
moetunes!info unarchiver11:08
ubottuPackage unarchiver does not exist in lucid11:08
coreberserkerubottu I have it installed11:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:09
coreberserkerlol xD11:09
moetunesif unrar gets installed ark will use it11:10
coreberserkermoetunes thats right11:10
coreberserkerI had to learn that the hard way11:10
colomarCan somebody please send my thanks to eagles0513875 when he (or she?) returns?11:22
Tweycolomar: MemoServ can.  /msg MemoServ help11:24
=== SwissTorExit is now known as starslights
colomarmsg MemoServ send eagles0513875 thank you for your help. I hope I can get scurmworks to work without changing too much in my system.11:30
colomararg sorry11:30
* colomar is stupid11:31
colomarTwey: Thanks for the tip with MemoServ, I didn't know that.11:31
colomarBye all, gotta get back to work11:31
ahoxHi, what is the right way(tm) to mount a network drive? So far I put it in the fstab, and I had an initscript mountall. This does not work anymore...11:41
ahoxit complains at bootup that it can not mount the filesystem.11:43
moetunesahox: you need to look at nfs11:46
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.11:46
ahoxthat's what I did using the static mount method. Problem is that at boottime the network is not ready yet and hence bails out with an error11:53
ahoxmoetunes: and I am using sshfs and not nfs11:56
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=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
moetunesahox: well I don't know about that11:57
rethushave kubuntu 9.10 with kde 4.3.5. KDE 4.4.1 is still stable (isn't it?) where can i esyly get this kde-version, and may there problems for updating?12:13
=== aperson is now known as hightlazard
Tm_Trethus: 4.4.3 is latest stable, but apparently 4.4.2 is latest available for Karmic currently, see http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4.212:15
rethusTm_T: so i only add it to the package-manager and do an upgrade12:16
rethusbut is it such easy? or may i break my kde with this upgrade?12:17
rethusupdatemanger tell about 87 updates and 67 blocked updates12:17
rethusso i better use synaptic for upgrading?12:18
Tm_Trethus: perhaps, or apt-get12:19
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
ubuntuHi all.  I need help with a wired networking issue.  After testing suspend (unsuccessfully) I'm unable to restart my wired connection (eth0).  old "ifup" commands refer me to Upstart, but doesn't seem to help.  Any tips on starting networking?12:35
Luija1006Hello people I need help kate does not wanna open the .js files in 10.04 I dont know why, I click edid with grease monkey, I selected kate and it says and error is happening: It cannot interpret the .js when in 9.10 It could do with the same scrip12:36
=== ubuntu is now known as confuzzed
durrehey! I've just installed kubuntu 10.04 but I'm having trouble with mysql. I cant start/stop/reinstall it. I had the exact same problem with ubuntu 10.04 which is why I reinstalled. any suggestions?12:38
chizaramI just installed Ubuntu 10.04 a few days ago12:42
chizaramI'm new to the Ubuntu platform12:43
chizaramHowever, I am having issues with sound on Skype12:43
chizaramMy PC is a Dell Inspiron 154512:43
chizaramI would be happy to get suggestions on how to fix the sound problem12:43
clasificadoHI ALL12:44
chizaramWhen I use the Skype Test Call service12:44
chizaramI am able to hear the voice of Echo (the skype system), but not my own voice12:44
chizaramAny suggestions please?12:44
confuzzedchizaram - does your microphone work in other applications?  Are the channels unmuted in the sound mixer?  Is hardware plugged in correctly?12:47
chizaramI'm using the inbuilt microphone of the laptop12:48
chizaramI did a search on Google and saw some things on PulseAudio, ALSA, etc12:49
chizaramBut I'm not sure how that helps12:49
chizaramWhen I go to System/Preferences/Sound12:50
chizaramThe five tabs available are: Sound Effects, Hardware, Input, Output, Applications12:50
chizaramIt doesn't give me the option to set PulseAudio as was mentioned in some of the searches12:51
chizaramDo you know what could be the issue?12:51
confuzzed1)  open the sound mixer and make sure that your microphone is not muted and that levels are up12:52
confuzzed2) test microphone using another software program (not skype) - if this works, then problem is just skype related12:52
chizaramHow do I get to the Sound Mixer?12:53
confuzzedYou are running Kubuntu or Ubuntu?12:53
Zombie__may I seek help here regarding ktorrent?13:03
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wincidehi all, im having a strange problem with amarok (2.2.0) . Is not playing a song after another automatically, i have to press play or double clic each time a song ends to play another one ... Someone is having the same incidence?13:11
stas_Всем привет! русскоязычные есть кто может помочь с убунту? дрова поставить не могу13:16
JobobI am on schedule! send messages!13:17
Jobob :D13:17
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
JobobAnyone need help13:18
=== ubuntu___ is now known as eagles0513875
stas_:( видимо нет13:18
Pici!ru | stas_13:18
ubottustas_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:18
JobobPlease use english when chatting in the IRC channels13:19
ubuntuto po rusku do mnie13:19
FloodBotK1ubuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:19
jayp1hi, just started kde13:19
stas_?? :)13:19
jayp1why does amarok not play last.fm?13:19
Jobobjayp1 you need help with KDE or kubuntu13:19
Jobobjayp1,I dont know13:20
jayp1yes. amarok say I need to pay13:20
jayp1rythymbox plays ok13:20
ubunturythymbox no!13:21
ubuntugnome no !!13:21
jayp1anyone else have this problem?13:21
Jobobplease tell me what is going on so i can understand13:21
jayp1just try to play a last.fm radio13:21
jayp1and get a message saying13:22
Jobobis this a problem with kubuntu,ubuntu or edubuntu13:22
Jobobwhat os13:22
Jobobi know the version but your running kubuntu13:23
Jobobcan you tell me what is going on CLEARLY so i understand13:23
eagles0513875Jobob: whats your issue13:24
jayp1ok. on amarok i click internet>last.fm13:24
eagles0513875ok and whats the error your getting jayp113:24
Jobobeagle i am helping13:24
jayp1and the radio channels give me a message saying13:24
eagles0513875Jobob: we all can help13:24
Jobobi know...13:24
eagles0513875jayp1: whats the message13:25
Jobobi prefer on my own though13:25
Jobobi ask other people when i need help13:25
jayp1"To listen to this stream you need to be a paying ...."13:25
eagles0513875ok Jobob ill back off13:25
Jobobjust dont say it like that.13:26
Jobobi think your being rude to me...13:26
jayp1how about you stop bickering13:26
eagles0513875well im sry13:26
* eagles0513875 goes back to swearing at lucid and why it wont install13:26
Jobobjayp1... what?13:26
Jobobeagle... what?13:26
eagles0513875Jobob: installation fails for me im on a live usb13:27
Jobobwhat message comes up13:27
jayp1Jobob: do you want me to ask it again?13:27
Jobobright i will do both at same time13:27
eagles0513875Jobob: the failure message has something to do with input/output13:27
Jobobwhat does it say13:27
jayp1Jobob: To listen to this stream you need to be a paying ...."13:27
jayp1is what amarok says13:28
eagles0513875Jobob: its saying it cant read the cd/dvd whats strange is im using a live usb13:28
Jobob??? interesting. please ask kubuntu about that problem jayp113:28
Jobob!!!I am now offline. Please check back later!!!13:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:29
jayp1how do you mean ask Kubuntu?13:29
eagles0513875jayp1: just ask in the channel he means13:29
eagles0513875Jobob: no idea on my issue13:29
jayp1is this not the channel?13:29
eagles0513875apachelogger: do you mind if i pm you as i think i might have found a show stopping issue here with the installer13:29
eagles0513875jayp1: ya it is13:29
apacheloggereagles0513875: why not write it here?13:30
eagles0513875apachelogger: ok13:30
eagles0513875my issue is this im trying to do a clean install of lucid 64bit and it keeps failing on me at a certain point after formatting when ti comes to installing the packages etc13:30
eagles0513875i have tried the alternate etc13:30
eagles0513875im not sure if this is a problem with ubiquity ext4 or the size of the hard drive im trying to install on which is 2tb13:31
eagles0513875any idea13:31
apacheloggereagles0513875: please define what you mean by failing13:31
eagles0513875and its getting quite frustrating as its not only with the live cd but alternate as well13:31
eagles0513875i get errno5 popping up saying input/output failure then mentions the cd drive and cleaning the lense and what not13:32
eagles0513875let me run the installer again and ill get you the exact error13:32
apacheloggerRiddell: ^13:34
eagles0513875also checksums match so thats not the issue13:35
apacheloggereagles0513875: ubuntu-bug ubiquity I'd say13:35
=== effie_jayx_ is now known as keffie_jayx
eagles0513875apachelogger: even the link that allows you to update ubiquity prior to installation has the same issue after updating13:35
* apachelogger couldn imagine why an IO error should occur for any other reason than broken media though13:36
eagles0513875apachelogger: O_O13:36
eagles0513875the usb is a few months old13:36
eagles0513875the other one is older and i was thinking that was the problem13:36
apacheloggermaybe the usb hub/controller is messing things up, or maybe the driver for same13:37
apacheloggereagles0513875: can you install from an actual cd?13:37
eagles0513875apachelogger: same issue13:37
apacheloggermaybe there is a general IO problem in the kernel *shrug*13:37
eagles0513875im running out of places to turn13:38
eagles0513875was about to email the dev mailing list13:38
apacheloggereagles0513875: report a bug13:39
eagles0513875against what though13:39
eagles0513875apachelogger: at one point i did get it installed but programs were crashign left right and center and a backtrace showed it was python2.6 a shared object of it13:42
apacheloggereagles0513875: maybe you should try with a smaller partition size :P13:42
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:42
* apachelogger finds 2 tib a bit too large for sensible usage anyway13:43
apacheloggerfor installing a OS at least13:43
eagles0513875i know but im planning on using this to host a few things so i need the space13:43
eagles0513875and its the only drive right now in this machine13:44
apacheloggerthat is still not the way to do it13:44
eagles0513875apachelogger: http://pastebin.com/jn5wqVYJ <--- the error i get during installation13:44
apacheloggeryoud have the OS on a seperate partition and the data stoarge another one13:44
eagles0513875how much for the os 500gb for os and 1.5tb for the rest13:44
apacheloggersay you create a web server you would at least have / and /var/www be different partitoins13:44
apacheloggerthat said /home will probably be seperate too13:45
apacheloggeretc. etc.13:45
apacheloggereagles0513875: OS? 20 GiB13:45
apacheloggermaybe 3013:45
apacheloggerbut I doubt you will get to scratch 20 even13:45
* apachelogger is living perfectly happy with 2013:45
* eagles0513875 wonders if the same issue will occur with partitioning the drive13:46
apacheloggereagles0513875: just partition a / of size 20 and nothing else13:46
apacheloggerif installation works then at least we know that the partiton size is at fault13:46
LantiziaHey, some of my apps have absolutely GIANT fonts - how can I stop that?13:46
c3ldisplay settings are not saved between reboots, why?13:47
eagles0513875apachelogger: what on earth is biosgrub?13:47
otswimhello, i have sound issues since 10.04; i have no sound on amarok even though speaker-test gives output13:47
eagles0513875otswim: have you checked kmix to make sure nothing is muted13:49
JobobI am ready for questions! send now!13:51
eagles0513875lol Jobob getting help from a dev13:52
Jobobi was having lunch13:52
Joboboh well13:53
eagles0513875Jobob: i am13:53
Jobobi may go and come back after a while at any time13:53
otswimeagles0513875: yes; but i put pulseaudio first in 'multimedia' system settings instead of HDA intel and now it's ok13:56
Jobobhas eagles ignored me13:56
Jobobor i ignored him13:57
Jobobcos i didnt13:57
=== ubuntu is now known as eagles0513875
eagles0513875apachelogger: are there daily snapshots of lucid?13:59
Jobobeagle where u go13:59
eagles0513875Jobob: super nasty lock up during installation took me to the splash screen and froze13:59
eagles0513875!u | Jobob13:59
ubottuJobob: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.13:59
Jobobubottu your not bot are you14:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:00
bazhangJobob, /msg ubottu14:00
Jobobomg he is a bot14:01
bazhangJobob, did you have a support question?14:01
Jobobno i help14:01
bazhangJobob, spamming is not help14:02
Jobobnot needing help i give support14:02
Jobobignore bazhang14:02
* eagles0513875 waits for the punishment14:02
bazhang!ot | Jobob14:02
ubottuJobob: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!14:02
miniBillI can't report crashes, when I click the confirm button it just reports an unknown (to it) error and stands still14:04
eagles0513875miniBill: to report bugs go to launchpad14:05
eagles0513875!lp | miniBill14:05
ubottuminiBill: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/14:05
miniBillok. anyway, I'm gonna report an horde of bugs XD14:06
miniBillbe prepared14:06
Jobobubottu dosnt know much14:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:06
miniBillwhy isn't kdevelop included in lynx? how can I get it?14:06
miniBillubottu: dont worry, we know that14:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:07
Jobob.... perhaps i should remove him as bot14:07
bazhangJobob, stop that14:07
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
Jobobur not admin or bot or dev so get lost14:07
bazhang!ops | Jobob trolling14:07
ubottuJobob trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger14:07
miniBillI hate lost14:07
Jobob?channel emergency?14:08
miniBillso I wont get it14:08
eagles0513875!kdevelop | miniBill14:08
* eagles0513875 waves good by to Jobob14:08
PiciJobob: Please take the offtopic comments elsewhere.14:08
Jobobeagle why did you do tha14:09
miniBilleagles0513875: ?14:09
eagles0513875miniBill: kdevelop is in the repos in its in backports repo the new 4.4 version of kdevelop14:09
Jobobwhat does this channel emergency thing do...14:10
fbxxklanyone know how to use the xdvdshrink gui?14:10
eagles0513875Jobob: brings the ops in here now either join kubuntu-offtopic or stop deraailing this channel as a support channel please14:10
eagles0513875ty Pici14:10
miniBilleagles0513875: luvja14:10
eagles0513875miniBill: ok14:10
* eagles0513875 away14:10
eagles0513875!ot | Jobob14:11
ubottuJobob: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!14:11
Jobobubottu what14:11
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:11
Jobobanyone need help here14:12
PiciJobob: If people need help, they will ask. This channel is not for general chatter.   Please use #kubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-offtopic for that.14:12
miniBillhow can I distinguish wheter a packet comes from "normal" or "backport" repo in aptitude?14:13
Martiinianyone know how Open Source software projects are started14:13
Buckyhi. got a plasmoid that shows me the wrong comic!14:13
Buckyit shows le petit prince instead of xkcd !14:13
miniBillBucky: what does wrong mean?14:13
miniBillMartiini: what's the question?14:13
MartiiniminiBill: synaptic shows origin of packets14:13
miniBillMartiini: ty :)14:14
PiciminiBill: I'm not sure if aptitude has an option to do that, but apt-cache policy packagename   will14:14
Buckyanswer above14:14
MartiiniI wanna see open source CAD project .. dont understand why there isnt one14:14
miniBillqcad ?14:14
miniBillBucky: is this plasmoid included in kubuntu, or did you get it from the internet?14:14
miniBillMartiini: why?14:14
BuckyminiBill: the one included14:16
miniBilllol, didnt notice ubuntu irc server was on freenode, and auto-ghosted myself XDXDXD14:17
MartiiniI have an idea ... of .. like .. CAD environment .. professional & geared towards cooperation (Autocad, Sketchup, Solidworks etc). There are many companies that provide CAD software for linux ... but there should be one to conquer all14:17
miniBillMartiini: you can either improve an existing one or create a new one :)14:17
MartiiniIn case CAD project is created ... why wont they cooperate for it ...14:18
Martiiniqcad is 2D .. not really like Autocad .. etc etc14:18
miniBillthat's because it needs more love XD but I think we're going OT14:19
BuckyminiBill: no hope with the comic?14:20
miniBilldidnt get your answer: where did you get the plasmoid from?14:21
Buckywas the one given with kubuntu; the answer was just 2 lines under your question!14:22
MartiiniJames May from Top Gear said "all great leaps in human progress occur for war effort" .. people should be made to think some software is really good for their ends ..14:23
miniBillBucky: can't find it. how it's named?14:24
miniBillMartiini: cant follow ya14:24
BuckyminiBill: add object>graphics> comic stripe (don't know if is exactly like this, mine is not in english..)14:26
markchi, akonadi issues, kmail starts okay and gets my mail then I get an error about can't lock innodb something and notice that a 2nd mysqld-akonadi process has started and that's what causes the lock error, because the first one already has it open... anyone else notice this and/or have a solution?14:27
miniBillBucky: found it, and it works for me. tried reconfiguring it?14:27
=== jefferson_ is now known as jefferson__
BuckyminiBill: don't know how to do. kubuntu newbie14:28
m_tadeuhelp...when I click on my knetworkmanager icon it says "Network Management disabled"14:28
Buckythere's a folder to delete?14:29
markcm_tadeu: try right mouse button on it and see if you can configure it14:29
miniBillBucky: uh, I dunno the widget internals, but have you tried rightclicking and trying a different webcomick?14:30
m_tadeumarkc: only shows up that pop-up...saying that message...14:32
markcm_tadeu, maybe try reinstalling anything to do with network manager14:33
noaXessi try to enable the google translator widget.. but.. it just loads anything.. but can't use it.. any idea? status: unable to load widget, no network connection..14:34
noaXessso.. if i have no network connection.. how can i post here? :) ;)14:34
miniBillI've got your same error o_O just noticed14:35
XandeRecifeAlgum brasileiro ou brasileira?14:37
BuckyminiBill: were you referring to me?14:37
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.14:38
m_tadeumarkc: tried to reinstall the network-manager and network-manager-kde...rebooted but no luck14:38
markcso, no one has any akonadi/kmail porblems here? ;-)14:39
noaXessminiBill: you mean what i'm wrote.. or something other?14:39
m_tadeuI can see that both processes are running14:39
markcm_tadeu, unfortunately I don't have mine installed either, I just use the low level /etc/network/interfaces ifupdown system14:40
m_tadeumarkc: that's how I manages to connect right now....but it's useful on my laptop14:40
markcm_tadeu, I could help you with that but it's not solving your main problem14:41
markcm_tadeu, ah right :)14:41
miniBillmarkc: I do, but different ones14:41
miniBillnoaXess: what you wrote14:41
noaXessok.. what can there be the problem? why does it load?14:42
speedvinHey anyone have an checked and working idea for building deb package from application sources?14:42
miniBillm_tadeu: tried using wicd? I personally prefer it over network-manager14:42
miniBillnoaXess: no clue :)14:42
miniBillspeedvin: checkinstall ?14:42
m_tadeubtw markc, my akonadi is giving me an error that "Nepomuk service is not registered in DBUS"14:42
m_tadeuminiBill: let me check14:42
=== Nicotra is now known as etreus
BuckyminiBill: so you've got my same issue?14:43
miniBillBucky: not as you, but as noaXess14:43
speedvinminiBill: I readed about it but some peapole say's that it's an old method and does not include  deps in deb package14:43
miniBillBucky: my webcomic reader works like a charm14:43
markcm_tadeu, yeah, I've had that one too... but my main error is the can't access a lockfile... because there are 2 mysql processes running14:43
BuckyminiBill: ah, ok14:43
noaXesscomplicated.. talking to more then one ;)14:43
miniBillspeedvin: you can specify deps during build if you want. imho checkinstall is good for small/fast/temporary solutions14:44
Buckyhow do i delete a comic?14:44
markcm_tadeu> but does your kmail work anyway?14:44
miniBillnoaXess: definatively14:44
miniBillBucky: cant you do that in the configuration screen for the widget?14:44
speedvinminiBill: I will try that method but makepkg (Arch) is definitly easier...14:44
Buckywanna try to do the main resolution method with pcs: switch off and on14:44
speedvinbut anyway thanks14:45
markcspeedvin> yay! for arch :)14:45
markcspeaking of which, seeing I can't use kmail on lucid I'll reboot back to my archlinux partition14:46
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
miniBillI'm gonna try arch one day or another14:47
speedvinArch is really nice,easy and simple14:47
miniBilli dont need an easy distro. i need an updated, with lots of packages, possibly supported, and not broken one14:48
miniBilland kubuntu fits nicely14:48
speedvinyou are right14:48
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
speedvinMy dream is to have kubuntu with rc init scripts ,clean and bleeding edge14:49
speedvinbut anyway Kubuntu is nice now too.14:50
=== hightlazard is now known as aperson
electroweakhi guys my mouse and touchpad stopped clicking after last nights update. it's moving around but just not selecting and clicking except the taskbar. isn't it weird14:54
miniBillelectroweak: yeah, it is :) have you tried using a different mouse/protocol, or using vnc?14:54
electroweakI just run the update last night and shutdown when I started the notebook today this happened.14:55
electroweakI can perform actions on the task bar left and right click is OK but I can't click on the icons in the K menu14:56
miniBilland what about other apps? are they working ok?14:57
MartiiniminiBill: do you live in UK ?14:57
electroweakNo I can't use the mouse pointer in anyway just moving around14:57
electroweakNo I live in Turkey14:57
electroweakopps sorry didn't read that :)14:58
miniBillMartiini: finger me :) Italy, anyway14:58
miniBillelectroweak: so, you can use it on the taskbar only?14:59
electroweakif I right click to an item on the task bar I am able to use the mouse in that window until I try to click somewhere else14:59
miniBillI see. did you try using e.g. fluxbox to see wheter its an X, application or KDE issue?15:00
=== petr_ is now known as assential
electroweakno I didn't try anything else I just wanted to get an idea from you guys. let me try that and I will be back shortly :)15:01
assentialHI ALL15:01
assentialhow to install drivers for my EPSON PRINTER?15:01
assentialepson stylus cx15:02
assential"sudo apt-get install epson" ????15:03
miniBillno such packet exists on my system o_O15:03
assentialminiBill meeeeen15:04
miniBillassential: ???15:04
assentialminiBill    get out --- I am askinhg!15:04
assentialminiBill  I was first15:04
miniBillassential: sorry?15:04
assentialminiBill     wait wheile I do not be successifyed15:04
=== Lanta is now known as Lantizia
assentialminiBill   sucesfued15:05
assentialHOW TO INSTALL PRINTER DRIVERS??????????15:06
bawwwwhat is a good music manager besides amarok for KDE?15:06
miniBill!ops | assential trolling15:06
ubottuassential trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger15:06
assentialbawww  bitch boys15:06
txwikingeryes miniBill15:07
apacheloggerquite the trolling day today15:07
miniBillapachelogger: agreed15:07
miniBilland my connection is working like organic smelly substance15:08
otswimwhich instant messenger supporting msn would you recommend me?15:20
Tm_Totswim: Kopete15:20
otswimTm_T: i have problems on kopete so i'm trying to find another one15:21
Tm_Twhat problems?15:22
miniBillotswim: amsn, pidgin, emesene. but imho kopete is the best15:22
otswim"hello, sometimes the enter button doesn't work to send message and i have to bind it to ctrl+enter (and sometimes it does); can someone help please? i'm on kopete 1.0.0 kde 4.4.2 kubuntu 10.04"15:22
Tm_TI have seen this before15:23
howlymowlyhi poeple...  short question about the new 10.04:  I got some boot problems..  it always hangs after  the plymouth boot splash...  I can restart without problems with ctrl-alt-del but I always have to restart 2 times in order to finally get into my desktop...  any idea?15:23
miniBillhowlymowly: tried checking the logs/looking at the console?15:24
howlymowlyminiBill: which one should I look at :)?15:24
miniBillwhen it hangs, can you switch to the text console? or, have you tried temporary deleting the splash parameter?15:25
howlymowlynope.. I can not swtich to the console  ..  al that works is a restart with ctrl-alt-del...15:26
otswimTm_T: you've seen the problem but not the solution? :D15:26
howlymowlyctrl-alt f*  does nothing... miniBill15:26
miniBillhowlymowly: so, try deleting the splash parameter from kernel boot line, and check the messages15:26
howlymowlykk...  I'll be right back :)15:26
speedvinWhat do you prefer chinstall or dpkg-buildpackage15:27
miniBillspeedvin: i personally only used the former15:28
speedvinformer? you mean dpkg-buildpackage?15:30
smokealotwhen issuing hibernation in 10.04 it hangs, and when having to shut down manuly and restart all network interfaces disappears and anyone els had this problem?15:30
miniBillspeedvin: I mean checkinstall15:30
speedvinand it's better?15:30
miniBillsmokealot: does it do it when you put it into standby?15:31
miniBillspeedvin: dunno :)15:31
bawwwanyone know of PPA for KDE SC 4.4.3 update?15:32
speedvinbawww: I15:35
eagles0513875apachelogger: tried partitions on the drive and still failed15:39
eagles0513875///j kubuntu-offtopic15:44
rgreeningbawww: kubuntu updates PPA will have this15:48
rgreeningbawww: ill get url...15:49
rgreeningbawww: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ppa15:50
miniBillwhat does 4.4.3 brings better than 4.4.2?15:51
bawwwthank you rgreening!!!15:52
BenPAhi all ... trying to get my quickcam to work with kubuntu installed cheese and it still does not work ... any ideas?15:52
miniBillany error messages?15:52
BenPAminibill: nope15:53
BenPAminibill: doesn't find the cam but dmesg indicates it's there15:53
bawwwminiBill: here's the change log for KDE SC 4.4.3: http://www.kde.org/announcements/changelogs/changelog4_4_2to4_4_3.php15:54
BenPAminibill: sorry thought you were asking me15:55
zusbawww,  is 4.4.3 going to be for the next distro or just slightly behind and is for lucid?15:55
rgreening np bawww15:56
bawwwzus: i guess since it's s recent release they probably didn't want to include it in an LTS release15:57
zusbawww,  is this stable? or should i stick with 4.4.2 for a little bit longer?15:59
bawwwzus: downloading it right now16:02
bawwwzus: it should be pretty safe to update to16:02
zusbawww,  :) let me know16:03
zushow can i revert firefox back to google search engine? it BACK on yahoo?!?! again!16:04
etreusbut ftp service on ppa.launchpad.net is working? dput say Connection failed ...16:05
smokealotminiBill: it did the same thing but it says over the network icon network device unmanaged16:06
DarthFrogzus: browse to "about:config" in Firefox, Filter for browser.search.order16:06
zusi found 2 entries goolge is over the yahoo one16:08
zusDarthFrog,  search,order.1 google search.order.2 yahoo..... can i delete or remove the yahoo entirely? i dont care to use thier search engine unless i go to thier page on purpose16:09
DarthFrogzus: Go for it.16:10
zusDarthFrog, ...how to safely remove it16:10
DarthFrogzus: Toggle the entry to blank.16:13
zusDarthFrog,  thank you, but now i have no idea whats going on here, i tried another search and it's on google.16:15
craigzhengHello all... anyone have expertise with keyboard layouts? I've got a minor conflict between KDE and a Gtk program...16:17
DarthFrogzus: Isn't that what you want?16:18
zusDarthFrog,  yeah, since using ubuntu/kubuntu i've  googled, never have i seen the yahoo page with the comcast banner.... it was doing it every search last week but ive purged and removed FF and reinstalled it, that seemed to have fixed the problem however after 3 days of using the new install this was the only page thus far...16:21
zusim just particular i guess, if i wanna use yahoo, ill navigate to thier page and search from there.16:22
brad_the new kubuntu is SLOW16:25
brad_I've had to drop to openbox16:25
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zeltakhi guys, does any one know how to assign a global shortcut to "OLD" application menu in kde?16:35
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vincehi there16:58
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bawwwzus: everything seems to be working fine with the KDE SC 4.4.3 upgrade.17:21
zusbawww,  sweet,  whats does the sc mean17:22
bawwwsoftware compilation17:23
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n8wwhats the correct syntax for the time command? when i execute "time bash script.sh" it works but no addtitional info is shown....i dont know how to implement those % options17:23
n8wwhen i execute "time %M bash script.sh" it gives me an error17:24
dolomitejust another beauiful day on #kubuntu!17:25
zusbawww,  ok, where do i download it?17:25
zushello dolomite  it is a beautiful day17:25
bawwwjust use this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ppa17:26
bawwwzus: in command line type: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa17:27
zusbawww,  brb,.. is that a site or the ppa i load into kpackagemanager?17:27
Piciits "add-apt-repository" not "apt-add-repository"17:27
bawwwthen do: sudo aptitude update && sudo safe-upgrade17:27
bawwwPici: thanks for the correction17:27
bawwwPici: I think both ways work17:28
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Picibawww: hmm. looks like you might be right.  I don't think that was the case in Karmic though.17:29
bawwwPici: they shouldn't made it something shorter and easier to remember add-repo or add-ppa17:30
bawwwyeah that's true, i don't remember both options on karmic17:31
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dolomitethat's what alias is for bawww17:31
bawwwdolomite: yes, of course17:32
* dolomite is leaving the computer to make some breakfast.17:32
bawwwbut that would've been better from get go17:33
bawwwdoes anyone have a work around for the flash clicking issues on lucid?17:42
aeonorisThe flash clicking issues?17:43
bawwwit seems to be affecting the 64 and 32 bit version17:43
bawwwyou can't left click on adobe flash videos17:43
bawwwlike clicking the play/pause button on youtube17:43
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SaintlySacrficeHey all17:44
aeonorisI am totally able to do that, bawww.  What browser are you using?17:45
SaintlySacrficeNetwork management is disabled. How do I enable it lol17:46
hagabakabawww: try using Alt-Tab to switch to another window and back, and clicking again? that usually fixes it for me17:46
aeonorisAre you a part of the html5 beta?  I have had HTML5-Youtube issues on XP, I am not sure if they are OS specific17:46
bawwwhagabaka: : that worked, but do i have to keep doing that?17:47
bawwwaeonoris: nope, just kubuntu regular youtube user17:47
hagabakait usually starts happening when I close another window17:47
SaintlySacrficeHow do I enable knetworkmanager17:47
hagabakaI don't know what's causing it...17:47
bawwwhagabaka: are you using the firegesture extension?17:47
aeonorisbawww: You could try turning //on// html5, perhaps that would help?  http://www.youtube.com/html5 is the beta17:48
hagabakanope, I'm not using firefox17:48
hagabakaI think it's probably related to the flash plugin or XEmbed17:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:49
hagabakaand yeah, I use html5 on youtube. it still happens for other flash stuff though17:49
zusbawww,  cant i add it in the gui? i dont think im doing it in the terminal correctly17:49
SaintlySacrficeEnabling nework management?? Am I muted here?17:49
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hagabakaSaintlySacrfice: do you have network-manager-kde installed?17:51
SaintlySacrficeIf that's Knetwork Manager then yes?17:51
bawwwzus: yes you can, but it's easier with the command line because it imports the keys also17:52
rellis_Hi everyone. I've recently installed Kubuntu 10.04. In the past I've always been able to use "CTRL+<ARROW KEY>" to move left/right by whole words at the konsole/bash prompt. For some reason this doesnt work in 10.0.4. Any ideas what this effect is caleld or how to get it working?17:52
SaintlySacrficeMy wifi worked yesterday till I closed the laptop and it shut down17:52
rellis_now when i hit ctrl+arrow i get ;5C or ;5D printed17:53
SaintlySacrficeHagabaka any ideas?17:53
zusbawww,  haha my spelling is atrocious, and thats why i wasnt getting it - ok now update and upgrade?17:54
hagabakaSaintlySacrfice: what about the package network-manager?17:55
hagabakawhat you see is probably just the UI, it says "disabled" if the package is not installed17:55
bawwwzus: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade17:55
zusbawww,  i didint  type safe-upgrade17:56
SaintlySacrficeI have the kde one.17:56
hagabakabut I don't have it installed myself, it was rewriting my resolf.conf so I didn't have DNS servers on start up each time17:56
SaintlySacrficeAll of this worked yesterday.17:57
bawwwzus: upgrade is fine also17:57
SaintlySacrficeSomehow my comp goin to sleep disable management17:58
zusbawww,  where do i report bugs/crashes for kde4.4.3?17:59
SaintlySacrficeWhen I click on network manager, the box just closes and the manager never pops up17:59
snarksterive got a serious problem.. i can get my desktop to show up only as root.. when i try to log on with my user account, it fails17:59
snarkstershould i just dump all my config files into a backup folder and try to log in again?18:00
aeonorisWhen I tab the same program together, is there a way to make them only have one entry on the task bar?  For example, I am using Skype and have made all of the windows tabbed with each other via middleclick+drag.  However, they still show up as seperate entries on the task bar.  I can use taskbar grouping to put them together, but then when I click on it it still requires I click on a specific one until the window will open.18:01
aeonorisbefore the window will open*18:01
aeonorisaeonoris: Norrath18:02
bawwwzus: follow this guide: http://techbase.kde.org/User:DarioAndres/Basic_Guide_about_Crash_Reporting18:02
bawwwzus: if it's a specific bug you know about https://bugs.kde.org/18:03
bawwwzus: remember to clear your ~/.kde folder and remove the ~/.kderc after you upgrade to 4.4.3. also note it will delete your kde settings18:03
dolomiteis the 4.4.3 upgrade working now?18:04
SaintlySacrficeGerry so stuck18:04
bawwwworking smoothly18:04
SaintlySacrficeMy driver for wifi is broadcon sta, and it's active.18:05
SaintlySacrficeSomebody help me :(18:06
James147SaintlySacrfice: whats your problem?18:06
zus can i just rename the ~/.kderc in case i need it? and by clear the ~/.kde folder you mean what excatly ... this is new to me yet18:06
vinceJames147: When I click on network manager, the box just closes and the manager never pops up18:06
bawwwzus: renaming it would be better18:06
SaintlySacrficeJames147 network management disabled18:06
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* vince just saved a copy/paste for SaintlySacrfice18:07
bawwwzus: renaming both the folder ~/.kde and the file ~/.kderc18:07
SaintlySacrficeVince: I love you :D18:07
bawwwzus: also log out and log back in to see the changes taking effect18:07
vinceSaintlySacrfice: How did that happen...any unusual behaviour ?18:07
vincecause it happened to me a few weeks ago, couldn't find a way to fix the problem18:07
=== jtheuer__ is now known as jtheuer
zusbawww,  the entire .kde folder? im in there now and i dont see ~/.kderc18:08
SaintlySacrficeVince I closed my laptop last night, something I haven't done since the new boot.18:08
speedvinhey anyone know how to run gcc-snapshot?18:08
bawwwyes, rename that to ~/.kde-old or something18:08
Manyfoldafter my upgrade to 10.04 LTS everything tends to crash18:08
SaintlySacrficeMaybe unistall the manager and reinstall?18:09
vinceSaintlySacrfice: Does it say "network manager disabled" when you click on the tray icon ?18:09
bawwwzus: you don't have to have to do it, but it better to do it when doing a new upgrade18:09
SaintlySacrficeVince yes18:09
Manyfolddolphin , plasma desktop openoffice18:09
bawwwzus: that way it doesn't clash with the new kde settings18:09
vinceThat sh!t happened to me, I tried to uninstall/reinstall the network manager, didn't work...:/18:09
zusbawww,  do it now while its still working in the terminal or wait18:09
vinceI'm still looking for a solution in case that happens again18:09
Manyfoldwhere is the problem and how can i stop that?18:10
SaintlySacrficeVince then what did you do to get it working now?18:10
bawwwzus: do it after you finished the upgrading18:10
dolomiteManyfold: did the upgrade go smoothly? no errors?18:10
vinceSaintlySacrfice: Clean install :/18:10
Manyfolddolomite: yes18:10
speedvinhas anyone know how to run gcc-snapshot?18:10
dolomiteManyfold: your install sounds pretty broken. is a fresh install out of the question?18:10
James147SaintlySacrfice: did you upgrade to 10.04?18:11
Manyfolddolomite: i would loose my home directory18:11
Manyfolddolomite: where are crashes in kde applications logged?18:11
dolomiteManyfold: I'm assuming it's on the same partit ion as root? do you have any way to back up?18:11
SaintlySacrficeVince I'm tryin somethin..18:12
Manyfolddolomite: not really my hd is full18:12
dolomiteManyfold: KDE writes its errors out in ~/.xsession-errors18:13
zusbawww,  as far as kde settings what exactly would that be? the widgets and stuff? my desktop is still default from installing off the live cd18:13
James147Manyfold: just so you know, the installer dosent seem to wipe /home if you chose not to format the drive its located on (but there is always a potential for data loss so backups should be taken)... at elast when i tryed it in a vm18:13
dolomiteJames147: I'm getting the impression that Manyfold doesn't have a separate /home partition18:15
Manyfoldok i am now in .xsessionerrors and will try to look up the relavant crashes18:16
James147dolomite: dont think it matters, if you dont choose to format / then only the system folders are cleared (/home is left)18:16
James147dolomite: but i only quickly tested that on a vm once ^^18:16
dolomiteJames147: if it's true, that's an amazing feat18:16
dolomiteJames147: and I was here for that test, haha18:17
James147dolomite:  :D18:17
vincedolomite: Your nickname sounds like Sodomite to me haha18:17
James147dolomite: will try it again now, at least to confrim it18:17
dolomitevince: that's a stretch, man. I'm just a CaCO3 rich mineral.18:18
aeonorisIs there a way to have KDE open the entire group of grouped windows when I click on a window group, instead of opening a list that has me click on a specific window?18:18
dolomiteJames147: in the name of science, yes!18:18
vincedolomite: haha18:18
zusbawww,  ok install seems to be finish- so if i rename the .kde itll make a new one  when i reboot?18:18
vincewell i'm just a pycho-killer18:18
dolomitezus: yes18:18
dolomitevince: vaughn?18:18
dolomiteaeonoris: have you looked at the taskbar settings regarding app grouping?18:19
zuswish me luck- brb18:19
bawwwzus: rename then boot18:19
* dolomite is stepping away for 5 minutes18:19
aeonorisdolomite: Yeah, none of them appear to remove the list thing18:19
James147zus: almost everything in /home/USER will be recreated if needed on login :)18:20
vincedolomite: Well, my full nickname is vince_bateman18:20
zusJames147,  thanks18:20
dolomiteaeonoris: I'm not sure. it could help to do some googling18:24
dolomitevince: creepy18:24
dolomitehi vuxi18:24
vuxiHow can I add a vcf file (with different contacts in it) to Kontact/Akonadi18:26
vincedolomite: haha18:26
aeonorisdolomite: Yeah, I tried googling but I guess I just can't phrase it right or something, since I'm only getting unrelated results18:27
dolomitevuxi: isn't that the same thing as a vcard?18:28
zusfirst thing i noticed,.... kwallet is asking me for everything now...not before after a fresh install18:29
vuxiI did it this way. The result is that i get the E-mail addresses and so on in the addresbook but for example the birthday calender does not notice the data18:29
floownwhen I play a swf in Firefox (for example a Youtube) then I play sound in my Amarok, there is no sound. I must kill or quit Firefox and reload Amarok if I want play my music!18:30
vuxidolomite: the vcf is stored in the home dir an addad via the Akonadi options18:30
dolomitevuxi: is vcf the same as vcard?18:31
vuxi dolomite: I dont know18:31
floowndolomite: sure18:31
dolomitethanks floown. so vuxi: kontact won't take your VCF?18:32
vuxilets say: only parts of it18:32
floown(someone can help me for my sound problem please?)18:33
vuxiin the addresbook I have no problems18:33
dolomitefloown: state your question plese18:33
floowndolomite: when I play a swf in Firefox (for example a Youtube) then I play sound in my Amarok, there is no sound. I must kill or quit Firefox and reload Amarok if I want play my music!18:33
dolomitevuxi: so you can import the vcf with no problems. where do the problems arise?18:33
SaintlySacrficeAlright Vince you still here18:33
dolomitefloown: sounds fun! have you checked your default devices in system settings18:34
SaintlySacrficeJames147, you here?18:34
James147SaintlySacrfice: I am18:34
SaintlySacrficeAlright I figured this out18:34
dolomiteJames147 is testing in the name of science!18:35
SaintlySacrficeWhat I need is this....18:35
vuxithere are birthday dates stored in this file. And there is a function in the calender that adds a birthday calender (that should itself look the dates up in the addressbook). And the last one doesn´t work18:35
floowndolomite: yes I have, the configuration (in multimedia) is the same for all entries18:35
SaintlySacrficeBut I need you to tell me how to run the commands listed there.18:35
SaintlySacrficeCan you do tht?18:35
dolomitevuxi: so if you manually look at the contacts, are the birthdays there? or did they not even get imported?18:36
vuxiyes all the dates are there18:36
James147SaintlySacrfice: ok18:36
dolomitefloown: what is the sound setup in amarok?18:37
dolomitevuxi: I'm not familiar with this calendar; is it a component of kontact?18:37
* James147 is reading the above link18:37
James147SaintlySacrfice: ok, first open up a terminal (konsole will do)18:37
vuxiIts the calendar component of Kontact ( I`m using a german system. Dont know how its called in the english version)18:38
floowndolomite: cool, it works now, I have reinstall pulseaudio then a new option appear in my multimedia configuration18:38
vuxiand it worked perfectly the week ago (before updating to 10.04)18:38
SaintlySacrficeJames147 open18:39
dolomitefloown: good to hear it; sound problems are very difficult to fix18:39
James147SaintlySacrfice: then  type into it this command to stop networkmanager "sudo service network-manager stop"  (all commands without quotes :)18:39
=== root is now known as Guest97608
SaintlySacrficeJames147 alright network manager disabled18:41
James147SaintlySacrfice: if that works then type this next one (be careful with this one as it will premintly delete a file) "sudo rm /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state"  (Note: you can use <TAB> to auto complete paths and commands)18:41
dolomitevuxi: you upgraded to 10.04? I might recommend saving that vcf file and removing/purging kontact and reinstalling18:42
James147SaintlySacrfice: and finaly type this one to restart network amanger "sudo service network-manager restart"  (Note: bash keeps a history which you can access with the up arrow key, ussful in this case as you can edit the first command to save on typing :)  )18:43
vinceSaintlySacrfice: Yes I am18:44
vinceAny luck?18:44
James147SaintlySacrfice: I have had knetworkmanager crash before when trying to stop network-manager, if it has just run it again after you have finished the commands above (alt+f2 > type: knetworkmanager<ENTER>)18:44
vuxidolomite: I did not "update" the system. I reinstalled everything because of other problems. I only kept the vcf and the kmail dir with my mails18:45
zusthanks for the  kde 4.4.3 help18:45
Manyfoldi found it18:46
* James147 wonders why he dosent ahve 4.4.3 yet and goes to find out 18:46
jimmy51_i've just booted to the boot menu on the 64 bit livecd.  can i just boot to an terminal session without loading xserver?18:46
SaintlySacrficeVince it worked! Sweet thanks James147 for the help18:47
dolomitevuxi: OK. from what I'm looking at online, there aren't any problems reported regarding the calendar and vcf. did you reinstall kontact as part of all of your reinstallations?18:47
vinceSaintlySacrfice: what did u do?18:47
Saintlywoot back on the lappytop18:48
Saintlyannddd off the iphone :D18:48
Manyfoldhttp://pastebin.com/gx7wt3Zp is this information usefull in anyway?18:48
James147Saintly: :D18:48
SaintlyJames147: wierd, my icon for connected is different now. LOL18:49
vuxidolomite: yes I installed a complete new Kubuntu fresh from a DVD.18:49
dolomitevuxi: ok then I'm not sure how to fix your is'sue. If you18:50
dolomite're willing to try something new, I wonder how thunderbird will deal with your vcf18:50
vuxiok I´ll try this tomorrow18:50
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
Reign1hi, how to fix broken dependencies in kubuntu?18:51
dolomiteManyfold: doesn't look good. did you upgrade to 10.04?18:51
James147Reign1: you can try "sudo aptitude install -f"18:51
vinceSaintly: Thanks for the link, that's exactly what happened to me18:51
Manyfolddolomite: yeah it happened after the upgrade18:51
James147Manyfold: can you try running "sudo aptitude install -f" and see if it fixes anything?18:52
dolomiteManyfold: oh yeah and you cant back your stuff up and do a fresh install right? James147 how's that test going?18:52
zusi cant keep amarok from moving about, when i spread the middle box the panels on the side only expand one way even with the lock panel checked/unchecked18:52
James147dolomite: restarting the vm now18:53
bawwwabout the h.264 licensing by canonical, is it only restricted to oems like preinstalled dell or is it for every user that uses k/ubuntu?18:53
bawwwi think it would be too expensive for every user?18:53
SuN__help me !18:53
dolomiteManyfold: James147 is running a test that could ensure that you can do a fresh install of 10.04 w/o losing your home directory18:53
SuN__I installed Kubuntu 10.04 but the hard thing to break the system I can not even log in the terminal gives me no how can a live CD to Recover a system without format ...?18:54
vuxidolomite: Thanks for now18:54
=== simon_ is now known as Guest10909
dolomitevuxi: which I had something more for ya. report back.18:54
ManyfoldJames147: it installs over 200 packets new18:54
James147Manyfold: :S looked like your system hadent finished doing stuff, not sure if that command will actually fix anyhting but it might :)18:55
vuxidolomite: ok bye18:55
sabaalUpgrading initramfs-tools fails because my boot partition is full. If I just unmount it and remove the fstab entry, will the installer point grub to its new location on the root partition?18:55
pucko-sabaal, you should probably copy the contents over before you unmount it.18:58
progre55hey slackers )18:58
James147dolomite: Looks like eveerything in /home remains after a reinstall if you dont choose to format /18:59
pucko-SuN_, I don't understand a thing you just said18:59
dolomiteJames147: in your opinion, will not formatting / even fix the install if it's broken?19:00
sabaalpucko-, I just want to make sure the bootloader will know which partition to look on.19:00
Saintlyvince: anytime bro19:01
vinceSaintly: :)19:01
James147sabaal: if not you can easaly reinstall grub from a livecd :)19:02
sabaalAh, I hadn't thought of that.19:02
sabaalWell, off to give it a try. Thanks.19:02
pucko-sabaal, run grub-install afterwards just to be sure. I don't see why it wouldn't work.19:02
dolomiteManyfold: you should consider trying a fresh install from a CD/DVD. It appears that if you don't choose to format / directory, you won't loose your /home either.19:05
Manyfolddolomite: but will /usr be erased completely?19:06
dolomiteManyfold: /usr is part of / so I'd think not. James147 please confirm19:06
James147Manyfold: dolomite: According to the install all system directorys will be erased (including /var /etc /usr   some other ones) but if you want to make sure delete it before installing :)19:07
dolomiteJames147: Manyfold doesn't want /usr erased, I think.19:08
Manyfoldwould rather like to run some tests for maxima and octave and verify the work19:08
Manyfoldthey work19:08
Manyfoldcause thats what i do with this computer watching tv ,reading and numerical simulations19:09
James147Manyfold: But I suggest making a backup of your data if you can (things can always go wrong) and make sure that you DONT check the format button :) and that you select the manual partition option19:09
Manyfoldso you still say fresh instal IS THE OPTION?19:09
dolomitesorry Manyfold I wish there was an easier option but the crashes you're getting aren't pretty.19:09
Machtinyohoho guys, why can't i use shift+arrows/delete in the console?19:10
Manyfoldwill do so this night19:10
James147Manyfold: possibally not the "only" option, just the eisiest19:10
Manyfoldthank you for your help and time19:10
dolomitegood luck19:10
dolomiteMachtin: I'm assuming you get letter output for shift+arrow keys?19:11
Machtinpardon, i think i meant ctrl+arrow, dolomite19:12
Machtintab-switching via alt+arrow works, but deleting complete words at once doesn't.. that's the annoying thing19:13
James147Manyfold: Ctrl+arrows works here in konsole (4.4.2) delete and backspace dont :S19:13
dolomiteMachtin: I'm the opposite of James14719:13
James147dolomite: lol19:13
dolomiteisn't this controlled in konsole setting?19:13
ManyfoldJames147: you surely mean Machtin19:13
James147Manyfold: sorry :)19:14
James147Manyfold: tab completeion chose you and I forgot to check :D19:14
Manyfoldand armyops just failed19:14
Manyfold./armyops-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:14
dolomiteManyfold: sooner than later?19:15
Machtini don't know whether it's a setting, but it's kind of annoying to jump to a certain position in a command that slowly19:15
dolomiteMachtin: doesn't konsole have keybinding settings? (I'm not on my KDE machine right now)19:15
James147dolomite: it does,19:16
Machtini don't have the slightes clue. :/19:16
dolomiteMachtin: check it out!19:16
Machtinactually, it just worked and that was fine for me.. now it doesn't.19:16
James147Machtin: Konsole > settings > edit profile > input19:17
Machtinhm, nice.. somehow got the arrows working :)19:19
Machtinwell that's fine so far. thanks!19:20
Machtinas i'm on it: i wonder why alt+f2 doesn't work any longer?19:21
dolomiteMachtin: for the run command? works perfectly for me19:22
Machtinit's set in my global keyboard settings tab.19:22
Machtinhmh, strange19:22
James147Machtin: krunner might ahve crashed, try rerunning it :)19:22
Machtinhm, i set it manually.. works now19:22
Machtinthanks .)19:24
bawwwis there a way set wallpapers from gwenview?19:24
Machtinohhh, another thing :P19:24
Machtini have a program installed, it's in my home-directory.. when i click on the launch-script in dolphin or so it won't work, when i do ./launchscript.sh it does work19:25
dolomiteMachtin: is the file executable? chmod +x19:26
zusfirefox is asking to install missing plug ins. last time i did it i got  GNOME-MPlayer...well this time i have a few choices... there is gnine launcher there is VLC multimedia plugin - totem mozzila plg in and gecko media wich was the gnome-mplayer  which one do i chose? -19:26
dolomiteVLC is very nice19:26
dolomitethe plugin takes care of a lot of things at once19:26
bawwwzus go with gnome-mplayer19:26
dolomitebawww: awww19:27
Machtindolomite: guess it is, since i can see it launch.. the load-icon of the program appears, but it doesn't continue loading..19:27
bawwwzus: gnome-mplayer is compatible with quicktime trailers19:27
zusthat wont open VLC everytime i get a chat in facebook like  kaffeine did will it?19:27
dolomiteMachtin: run it from konsole and see if there's an error holding it back19:27
dolomitezus: no it's integrated19:27
bawwwdolomite: vlc support in firefox wasn't that great when i tried it19:27
dolomitehaha, quicktie19:27
Machtindolomite: that's the problem.. it works when i launch it in the console19:27
Machtini thought it might be the wrong terminal or so..19:28
capreaDoes anyone here use 'MeshLab' ?19:28
dolomiteMachtin: I think you can tell it to launch in terminal19:28
bawwwdolomite: really, they have the best quality movie trailers19:28
rome_hi room! can i install ubuntu 10.4 server on a pentium2 machine 192MB SDRAM 6GB?!?19:28
dolomitebawww: I know. I wish I could somehow get over how much I hate Apple.19:28
dolomiterome_: that's looking a little slim there19:29
bawwwdolomite: i wish i didn't have to depend on a gnome application, but it gnome-mplayer does things smoother19:29
rome_dolomite: i don't want any gui19:29
dolomiterome_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubuntu#System_requirements19:29
dolomiterome_: I think I'm wrong19:29
rome_dolomite: thx!19:30
Machtindolomite: can't find that option in dolphin.. but the tool works when i launch it via Konsole19:30
dolomitebawww: if it works it works! I try to keep mplayer off my system haha19:30
dolomiteMachtin: I think the option is in the preferences of the .sh file19:30
progre55dolomite: why do you hate mplayer so much? )19:30
dolomiteOH NO!19:30
progre55dolomite: it's the best.. at least for me)19:30
zusme too  i just deleleted it last night gnome-mplayer  hehe didnt  know what it was doing in my system19:31
* dolomite hides while progre55 walks past him in the hall19:31
progre55lmao :D19:31
progre55dolomite: and why do you hame ME that much? :D19:31
progre55every time I'm here, you either hide or duck )19:31
dolomiteprogre55: you and I go way back! like last thursday. your questions are always amusing; I don't hate you.19:32
dolomitezus: check out the VLC plugin and see if it takes care of your needs19:32
* progre55 is satisfied with the excuse )19:32
Machtinstill can't find it.. but never mind.19:33
dolomiteso what brings you here today progre55?19:33
zusdolomite,  least now i know how to get rid of it19:33
progre55dolomite: boredom :)19:33
=== jkaegi___ is now known as jkaegi_
dolomiteprogre55: tell me about it. I'm just passing the time in the nerdiest of places. haha19:34
progre55lol )19:34
progre55though I'm kinda tired for amusement and amusing questions today.. feel like taking shower..19:35
bawwwdolomite: yeah, i hate apple too but between flash resource hog and apple's trailers19:35
dolomitebawww: I'm hoping flash will eventually just fry my system and I can organize a class-action lawsuit against adobe19:35
bawwwdolomite: it's a difficult choice we need some sort of open source friendly alternative, like ogg, theora trailer site19:35
progre55dolomite: so are you saying you dont have the flash plugin installed?19:36
capreaI want to get more information about a package in apt called 'mesa-utils' how can i get this info, like man pages, without installing it?19:36
* progre55 is thinking to replace his flash with vlc.. ?19:37
James147caprea: aptitude show mesa-utils19:37
dolomiteprogre55: I tried to "make do" with gnash for as long as possible but, yes, I eventually yielded and installed flashplugin-installer19:37
* progre55 changed his mind..19:37
dolomitegrrr, James147, give me time teo typ19:37
James147dolomite: NEVER!!!19:37
bawwwlol, wish we could file a suit against flash19:37
dolomitealias xxx = "correct answer"19:38
dolomitenow you're dead, James14719:38
James147dolomite: does taht make me a zombie?19:38
dolomiteJames147: kill -9 James14719:38
* progre55 sudo kill -9 James14719:39
* James147 bites dolomite19:39
progre55damn, I was late this time..19:39
* progre55 got "such process doesnt exist"19:39
dolomiteprocess: dolomite PID: 0001 status: zombie19:39
dolomitehaha progre5519:40
progre55btw, has anyone fixed the plymouth splash screen bug here?19:41
progre55today I tried this.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/551013/comments/7319:41
dolomiteprogre55: everyone has had luck with that fix; you're the only one who hasn't!19:41
progre55kinda worked, but not satisfactory )19:41
progre55my TTY resolution was too small19:42
Reign1guys, if my fonts on kubuntu are kind of too small, what would you suggest? as i guess this "problem" should be common19:43
James147Reign1: you can change the font size system settings > apperence > fonts19:43
progre55wow =) my resolution changed to 480x640, and now when I change it back, the fonts are too small :)19:49
progre55hmm.. only in systemSettings19:51
progre55any ideas, please?19:51
marcel_sprech ihr deutsch19:53
progre55oops, not only in systemSettings.. in all new applications I open..19:53
ubottumarcel_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:53
James147progre55: system settings > appearence > fonts | you can try changing the font size or forcing a dpi?19:54
progre55James147: that's what I just did.. no use19:54
James147progre55:  :S not sure waht else to do except try restaring x and see if its still liek that19:55
electroweakHi guys I just installed 10.04 amd64 everything was fine at first but I installed some updates last night and I turned on the computer now I can't use mouse or touchpad19:58
electroweakI can move the pointer but I can't click anywhere unless I right click and select something on the task bar any ideas19:58
progre55well, now it's fine19:59
progre55stupid CS19:59
=== christian is now known as Guest65611
rome_marcel_: hier spreche deutsch20:01
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.20:01
Reign1how to enable bitmap fonts on console?20:04
ubuntu___aguante el kuguntçu carakjoo20:09
ubuntu___windows se la come!!!20:09
FloodBotK1ubuntu____: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:09
ubuntu____VOS TE LA COMES20:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:10
ubuntu_____viagra por 2pe20:10
ubuntu___DO YOU LIKE WINDOWS ?20:10
RalphSpencerI discovered something which I guess is a problem on your side.20:10
RalphSpencer5b256bf515ae49749ac03a1af9d407c0 kubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso20:10
ubuntu_____what did you discovered?20:10
RalphSpencerIs what the http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download says.20:10
ubuntu___TE VOY A LLENAR DE VIRUS20:10
RalphSpencerBut when I try to get the file on torrent, it is different.20:10
ubuntu_____el culo tenes lleno de virus20:10
RalphSpencerRequest English please.20:11
RalphSpencerRequest English please.20:11
ubuntu___cuchame carita de sorete20:11
ubuntu___que alguien lo calle al profe20:11
ubuntu______arreh :$20:11
progre55James147: save the channel =)20:11
ubuntu___jaja xD20:11
DarthFrog!es| ubuntu___20:12
ubottuubuntu___: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:12
RalphSpencer54a83342ae79ea57919bff833d8a13f6cf1201db is what bittorent shows to me20:12
blue112Hi here.20:12
RalphSpenceron the info page.20:12
James147progre55: what am i ment to do?20:12
blue112I have a problem with kate. I can't write on a sftp file, and I don't understand why.20:12
progre55James147: help them )20:12
ubuntu______el q lo calla 5 p20:12
ubuntu______damian les entregala cola20:12
progre55James147: actually, I thought you were one of the ops =)20:12
ubuntu______ 8 p20:12
RalphSpencer5b256bf515ae49749ac03a1af9d407c0 kubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso is what the GetKubuntu page says. But Bittorent shows this sum on the download info page: 54a83342ae79ea57919bff833d8a13f6cf1201db20:13
ubuntu___dale prefiero estasr 3 hs en el buffeet20:13
ubuntu___no digas esos julian20:13
ubuntu______axel sopla las vei20:13
DarthFrog!ops| troll ubuntu______20:13
ubottutroll ubuntu______: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger20:13
ubuntu______las ganas q tiene20:13
ubuntu___axel lame teta20:13
blue112Nice :p20:13
progre55finally )20:13
* apachelogger shakes head20:13
nixternalfirst time i have been around to do that in a while :D20:13
* progre55 's boredom was destroyed20:14
=== jupiter is now known as Guest45429
rgreeningI think we all saw that20:14
* DarthFrog thanks nixternal20:14
rgreeningI had finger on the button20:14
nixternalbooyah, i beat ya to the punch rod!!!20:14
apacheloggercould someone please get rid of nixternal too :P20:14
blue112So, I have a problem with Kate. When I try to save a file to a distant sftp server, it says : Access denied. Could not write to /var/www/V3/reponse/functions.php.part. Where /var/www/V3/reponse is the distant server path to the file. What can I do ?20:14
nixternaloh boy, i finally do some work and now I will take flak over it20:15
RalphSpencerPlease check this image: The highlighted md5sum is not what BitTorrent shows for the torrent! http://imagebin.org/9589420:15
RalphSpencerIs it a problem?20:15
rgreeningapachelogger, dont dis mr vista lover20:15
RalphSpencerIf yes, gotta be big one D:20:16
* apachelogger hugs the visternal20:16
* apachelogger stops hugging20:16
apacheloggerdoesnt like it20:16
James147RalphSpencer: try running a manual md5 sum on the image, if it fails try redownloging it :S20:17
nixternalRalphSpencer: i don't believe 'infohash' is the same as the 'iso md5sum'20:17
nixternalthe md5 sum will only show once the entire iso is downloaded, then you can run 'md5sum foo.iso' and match them up20:17
RalphSpencerJames147: Do you see the speed on there my friend?20:18
blue112No one can help with my kate problem :( ?20:18
RalphSpencerIts just 21.2% complete by the way.20:18
apacheloggerspeedy download20:19
James147RalphSpencer: then that would be  why, md5 checks to see if a file looks teh same as another, its not going to if you dont ahve the full image :)20:19
James147RalphSpencer: when teh image is complete run an md5 sum, I dont know what "infohash" is20:19
electroweakHi guys I just installed 10.04 amd64 everything was fine at first but I installed some updates last night and I turned on the computer now I can't use mouse or touchpad. I can move the pointer but I can't click anywhere unless I right click few times until a dropdown menu opens on the task bar or windows. I can open the Kmenu but pointer won't select anything20:20
RalphSpencerok ok ok ok .. pachka pachka pachka pachka20:20
jimmy51_!info brasero20:22
ubottubrasero (source: brasero): CD/DVD burning application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.0-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 319 kB, installed size 1060 kB20:22
apacheloggerJames147: infohash is something torrent specific, each torrent got a hash to ensure that the download is all in one piece and no malware/code was injected into the download20:24
whammohi how do I change wallpaper in lucid?20:26
jimmy51_whammo: right click on the desktop, choose Desktop Activity Settings20:27
jimmy51_whammo: wallpaper settings are right there20:27
whammoahh thanks!20:29
Avtttin trying to get to a yahoo chatroom20:30
buckfastshould I be installing backport packages of kde?20:30
Avtttgaim wont connect to a yahoo chatroom. logs in tho20:31
Avtttany ideas?20:31
DarthFrogAvttt: gaim is a GNOME app.  Perhaps you'd get better support in #Ubuntu?20:32
Avtttwaaait lol20:32
djusticemmkay. besides gaim and gyachi and every gtk solution (failcake!). what's the yahoo webkam/chatroom app?20:32
Avtttthey sent me over here20:32
Avtttim using kubuntu man20:33
Avtttcant get any chat working on it20:33
DarthFrogAvttt: Well, konversation and quassel are the KDE IRC clients.20:33
djusticeAvttt: no reason for it to fail. maybe if you pastebin'd the log file someone could help more..20:33
djusticeDarthFrog: :? and irrsi is ncurses... lol.20:34
Reign1how do i change font for the console?20:34
djusticeDarthFrog: no plasmairc? :P20:34
djusticeReign1: edit /etc/default/console-setup20:35
Reign1djustice: hm, so if i wanna use inconsolata font in console/terminal, what do i change?20:37
djusticeReign1: FONTFACE. make sure the font is consolesavvy first. or you might get borkage. dunno tho. ive never done it on an ubuntu system.20:39
Reign1anyone else did change console/terminal fonts?20:44
appleseedI've downloaded all the packages into a directory for installation with dpkg. I'm not a sudoer, so I have to install the program in my own homedirectory, but dpkg still wants superuser privilege even though I use the options that specify my homedir as the installation folder. How can I get dpkg to work without needing sudo rights?20:53
llutzappleseed: you cannot, installing software using the package-management always needs root-privs20:54
pucko-appleseed, you can extract the packages manually20:54
appleseedthey are .deb , ok I'll google to see how it's done, thx pucko and llutz20:55
pucko-appleseed, will obviously not be registered in the pkg db20:55
geniiappleseed: ar -x filename.deb               then untar the data,tar,gz20:55
appleseedI'll give that a go, thx genii20:56
pucko-i suppose it's possible to set up a separate dpkg db in a chroot eenvironment20:56
appleseedworks nicely genii, now I can get to the /usr/lib libraries directly after extraction, which is all I want20:59
RalphSpencerok ok ok ok .. pachka pachka pachka pachka21:00
Avtttgyachi installed lol21:02
daweedhola hola21:05
daweedhello justus21:06
daweeddid any one can help me?21:06
justusI got very heavy lags here, I'm running Kubuntu 10.04 64bit, on a 3,2Ghz Q6600 with 8Gig Ram with a 9800GTX so basically it should not lag... I'm just running VLC and that's about it...21:07
justusthe video (720p only) lags heavily21:07
justusand even X lags21:07
justuscan I control how fast my cpu is running? and if all cores are available? top shows me Xorg and firefox with 40-50% load...21:08
justusguess it's too much to ask an OS to simply work ...21:11
daweedi want to burn in k3b some videos downloaded from youtube on mp4 and flv i try to burn it but it on dvd proyect i just add the files to video_ts only and i dont know what else do i need it say that need little more files or someting it says that it doesnot contain the necesari dvd video files , the resulting dvd most likely not to be playable on hifi dvd player, X could not determine the zise of resulting image file21:13
jussijustus: have you installed video card drivers?21:14
justusyes I have21:14
jussi!info devede | daweed21:14
ubottudaweed: devede (source: devede): simple application to create Video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.16.8-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 1976 kB, installed size 4024 kB21:14
jussijustus: and you have restarted after that install?21:15
justusjussi: a few times21:15
* genii pops in for a sip of coffee21:15
Reign1guys, what them to use to make my panel/taskbar transparent?21:15
justusI recently ran into the problem that / was full, so everything kept crashing on me until I manually deleted everything in the trashbin21:15
justussomething there still isn't completely right *sigh*21:16
daweedjustus: ubottu can you explain little more im newbi here is my firt time w/ linux and is kubuntu21:16
jussijustus: strang, I have a similar setup and its running fine (Q6600, nivida 9500 GT 4 GB ram)21:16
justusI can't acess that one over the file manager21:16
Reign1what *theme21:16
Luija1006Kate doesnt wanna open .js files, but in 10.04 in open them perfectly. Its now says it cannot interpret the file, can someone help me? (trying to edit a script installed with greasemonkey)21:16
jussidaweed: ubottu is a bot. go install devede from kpackagekit.21:16
justusjussi: the thing is my whole install seems pretty much crappy, only that's the 3rd install and I honestly can't believe that I crap up quite THAT often...21:16
Luija1006Kate doesnt wanna open .js files, but in kubuntu 9.10 in open them perfectly. Its now says it cannot interpret the file, can someone help me? (trying to edit a script installed with greasemonkey)21:17
jussijustus: 3rd install from the same disk?21:17
daweedohhh tnks justus21:17
geniidaweed: The application which can make DVDs you can play on a regular player is called devede. It will make all the DVD layout for you, you just add the footage you want in it.21:17
Luija1006Kate doesnt wanna open .js files, but in kubuntu 9.10 in opened them perfectly. Its now says it cannot interpret the file, can someone help me? (trying to edit a script installed with greasemonkey)21:17
justuswubi ;)21:17
jussi!repeat | Luija100621:17
ubottuLuija1006: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.21:17
jussijustus: yök. tried to redownload the wubi installer file?21:18
jussijustus: is there a reason you dont want to go with a rea install?21:18
justusyes, I don't want to reformat and I have no money for another hd21:19
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
jussijustus: why not just resize?21:19
jussi!away > dendrobates21:19
ubottudendrobates, please see my private message21:19
daweedjustus:  devede is better than k3d?21:19
justusdaweed: you mean jussi not me ;)21:19
jussidaweed: not better, but for a different task21:19
justusjussi: I want the least complicated approach, so unless wubi could have something to do with my problem?21:21
geniidaweed: k3b for instance does not know how to take a FLV file and make it into a format that a regular DVD player can use. The program devede can do this21:21
djusticedaweed: nah devede is pretty complex for such a simple task.. check out kxtodvd instead.21:21
djusticeor even wine convertxtodvd is easier/less gnomish than devede (pygtk, ick!)21:22
jussijustus: it may. most of us stay away from it because it always seems to have some strange bugs. resizing is not very hard, the installer can automatically do it for you. just defraga about 3 or 4 times before you do it.21:22
justusjussi: well, I guess I'll just do the smart thing then21:22
justusbyebye kubuntu O_o21:23
jussijustus: sure, if that suits your needs better.21:23
djusticehttp://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KxToDVD?content=122178 <- kxtodvd. win.21:23
justusseriously, that's the third time I tried going over from Windows, I don't seem to get a grip on linux desktop osses21:23
daweedyou guys all of you are very kind thanks very much21:23
jussi!info kxtodvd21:23
ubottuPackage kxtodvd does not exist in lucid21:23
djusticedaweed: np :)21:24
djusticejussi: no packages yet. its new.21:24
jussidjustice: generally we prefer not to recommend things to people outside of the repos, unless there is no other alternative21:24
Luija1006Kate doesnt wanna open .js files, but in kubuntu 9.10 in opened them perfectly. It now says it cannot interpret the file, can someone help me? (trying to edit a script installed with greasemonkey)21:24
djusticejussi: may be in a ppa somewhere.21:24
djusticejussi: there is no better alternative ;) imho..21:24
jussidjustice:devede is quite an acceptable alternative.21:25
jussi!wfm | djustice21:25
ubottudjustice: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/21:25
djusticejussi: pft. using pygtk? and kxtodvd is almost 2x as fast..21:25
justusI'm just interested: is it something I did wrong? Because my problems started with files I deleted in the trashbin NOT being really deleted... I still have no idea how that happened...21:26
jussidjustice: its not about speed, its about stability21:26
daweeddjustice: is kxto dvd the correct name? i cant found it to download21:26
djusticejussi: im the author of kxtodvd. its stable. very small. very simple.21:26
jussijustus: Im not sure. there may be a bug or it may be something else, its hard to tell with the limited info21:26
neptune_Hey I try to install chrome but i get this Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libnss3-1d (>= 3.12.3) . anybody knows what i should do?21:27
djusticedaweed: check that link ^^ on kde-apps21:27
djusticeneptune_: wait for a chrome pkg rebuild or find that particular package somewhere..21:27
jussidjustice: and its not in our repositories. so it hasnt been checked by people other than you. so we dont recommend it to our users.21:27
jussineptune_: are you on lucid?21:28
daweeddjustice: do you mind kpackagekit i cant found it there21:28
jussidaweed: I strongly suggest you use devede for now. it should easily do what you need.21:29
djusticejussi: kool :) idc rly. just tryin to help the dude.21:29
djusticedaweed: i can link you to a deb if you want.. it wont show under kpackagekit tho..21:29
Luija1006Kate doesnt wanna open .js files, but in kubuntu 9.10 it opened them perfectly. It now says it cannot interpret the file, can someone help me? (trying to edit a script installed with greasemonkey)21:29
Reign1guys, what theme to use to make my panel/taskbar transparent?21:30
djusticeReign1: i like Shadowed's panel.. pretty transparent..21:30
djusticeReign1: or for 100% transparent, you can take BareNaked's panel..21:31
djusticeheh, it was already in a ppa. :321:32
daweedjussi: with devede say that package dependency could not be found remove the package libpostproc51 before21:33
daweedwhat can i do21:33
Avtttwine is already in kubuntu21:44
Avtttbut I installed yepic and tryed to open21:44
Avtttand popup window says its loading then it disapear21:45
Avtttany idea?21:45
bawwwBreakthrough for Free Software Gaming--Ryzom Announces Full Release of Source Code and Artwork, and a Partnership with the Free Software Foundation to Host a Repository of the Game's Artistic Assets21:45
AvtttI also installed zinc chat and when I login it also disapears21:45
Avtttgoes back to the terminal21:45
Avtttplease can someone help?21:45
Avtttam I missing something21:45
djusticeAvttt: i guess it doesnt work with wine :) maybe try again? or try a different version of wine?21:45
Avtttthis came with it lol21:46
Avtttand I have this thing called synaptic package manager21:46
Avtttbut thing dont connect21:46
polyneuxKDE4.0, plugged in new hard drive, seems to read OK, "Please enter password to use this device", cant enter anything into the field, blinking text cursor...any ideas?21:54
DarthFrogpolyneux: Dumb question: Did you click in the field first to give it the focus?21:55
polyneuxDarthFrog: Yeah, it highlights blue and whatnot just like any other text window21:55
DarthFrogpolyneux: Strange.  Sorry, that's all I can think of.21:55
DarthFrogpolyneux: I presume that your keyboard is working?   (I'm full of simple-mindedness today!  Well, I'm full of something, anyway. :-)21:56
polyneuxDarthFrog: Yeah I can enter text elsewhere22:01
polyneuxDarthFrog: No worries though, I think I just broke the whole kaboodle by fiddling with ram xD22:04
appleseedI've copied lib files *.so *.so.0 *.so.0.0.0 *.a to another directory, although during g++ linking those libraries are not seen with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to the new folder. I also see that the library files have lost their blue and green colour with ls. Is there some sort of tool that I need to run to get their colour back and make them visible for proper linking?22:12
appleseedLD_LIBRARY_PATH is not used at that point sorry, but I do have the -L/dir in my makefile22:13
roberto_hi - looking for help with internationalization22:26
roberto_there is an awful lot of people attached here for this to be this quiet -- anyone home? :)22:28
Mamarokroberto_: maybe you should be a bit more precise, ask your question first?22:29
roberto_oo sure :) I have my system set up for spanish, because I'm most comfortable with it. but I chat a lot in portuguese and the nasal vowels don't seem to be a part of the spanish keyboard layout. I thought to use iBus, but Portuguese (nor spanish for that matter) are lsited there. How can I type a nasal vowel?22:30
Mamarokroberto_: you could add a second keyboard to your system, in the system settings -> Region & Language -> Keyboard22:31
Mamarokthen add the keyboard switcher in the same settings to make it show in the system tray, then you can just click on the flag and change it22:32
MamarokThat's what I do when I need either a Swiss German or Swiss French keyboard22:33
wllkmbllI can't hear sound when I watch youtube videos, does anyone know how to fix this?22:34
roberto_so it's not iBus at all?22:34
roberto_thank you22:34
Mamarokroberto_: well, I never used a direct iBus command, I just use different keyboard layours22:35
roberto_wow I gotta say, looking at these portuguese keyboard layouts I'm confused ..  Iused to just type alt+ñ to get the tilde and then type the vowel .. I never needed anything else. But the letters there are all sorts of letters in these keyboards I've never seen22:38
cranvilwllkmbll: i usually have to open kmix and push the pcm-volume up after every install to hear sound in flash videos22:38
Mamarokroberto_: hm, I have a keyboard with the Swiss layout, where the German and French special characters are already printed on, you could try the extended options22:39
Mamarokin the same system settings window, the Sdvanced tab22:41
wllkmbllcranvil: Everytime I try to open it the icon flashes by my cursor then nothing happens22:41
kwtmMamarok: You seem familiar with KDE4.  Do you know how to get multi-key shortcuts?  (e.g. "Alt-A,B" does one thing, "Alt-A,C" does another)22:42
wllkmbllcranvil:Nvm, I figured it out. Thanks for your help22:42
Mamarokkwtm: check the keyboard settings in the system settings, you can adapt the global shortcuts and in the individual apps you can change the local ones22:46
kwtmMamarok: When I check the keyboard settings, I can't find the button for "multi-key".22:47
Mamarokkwtm: but multi key will not really work, you need to combine different function keys, or hange the levels of your keyboard layout22:47
Mamarokkwtm: because there is none22:47
Mamarokkwtm: have a look at the advanced keyboard layout options22:47
kwtmMamarok: No multi-key!!?  Oh, mannn.... Okay, what about assigning a kmenu entry to a shortcut key?  That option seems to have disappeared, too.22:48
Mamarokkwtm: well, if by multi-key you mean multiple letter keys at once then no, and it doesn't sound like a good idea anyway IMHO22:49
kerncoAre we expecting there will be packages for Qt 4.7 beta and Qt Creator 2.0 beta?22:49
Mamarokbut you can combine pretty much all function keys with the other keys22:49
Mamarokkernco: not in the release cycle, those might show up in the backports PPA or beta PPAs, check the http://kubuntu.org website22:50
kwtmMamarok: I mean pressing keys in sequence, e.g. "Alt-A, release, then press B" will (for example, in my old KDE3) trigger my script to insert a timestamp into Klipper.22:50
Mamarokkwtm: hm, I never used that so I don't really know, sorry22:51
Mamarokbut if it was there before it is likely that it still exists, did you check the various system setting options for shortcuts?22:51
kwtmMamarok: In KDE3, I could go to a kmenu entry (say, for Firefox) and assign shortcut key, like "Win-F" (I know, no multikey, but I'll be happy with single key).  Is that available in KDE4?22:54
Mamarokkwtm: did you try?22:55
Mamarokkwtm: obviously not, else you would know you can :)22:55
Mamarokyou can set shortcuts for pretty much everything in KDE422:56
kwtmMamarok: Yes, I tried.  It doesn't seem to work.  (Apparently it only takes effect while the desktop is showing and no other program has focus?)22:56
Mamarokhm, file a bug then?22:56
kwtmMamarok: Let me try again just to make sure.22:56
dolomiteyo yo yo22:57
kerncokwtm: Settings > Configure Shortcuts isn't what you're looking for?22:57
kwtmMamarok: Well, I don't know if I should file a bug.  I've seen other people file bugs and they get dumped to a side.  "wont fix" or "not important" or "it's not supposed to work that way" or "why do you want to do it that way, anyway?" etc.22:57
kwtmkernco: Will try that way.  I was using "menu editor" > "shortcut key"22:57
Mamarokkwtm: did you try?22:58
kwtmkernco: I remember now: I tried under "global shortcuts" and it made me select whether it was "kalarm" or "kmix" etc.  I looked at "khotkeys" but wasn't sure how to use that or whether it was what I wanted.22:59
kwtmMamarok: Yes, I tried it again, and confirmed that it did not work.23:00
kwtmkernco: Is there a setting for "hotkey to activate my own script"?23:00
Mamarokkwtm: I meant, did you try filing a bug? If your rationale for a feature addition makes sense, I very much doubt it is set aside23:00
kwtmMamarok: I've tried filing a bug before, and got shoved to a side, so I'm not going to try again unless I can't move forward otherwise.  I've already spent hours googling for the solution, and I need something that works, not something that will work if I convince the right people.23:01
kerncokwtm: So you want to use a keyboard shortcut to execute an arbitrary command no matter what the program has focus?23:02
kwtmMamarok: I actually just want to get my work done in the minimum time, and filing a bug involves spending enough time poring through the web and forums and IRC to make sure it's not already filed, and then checking the bug list to make sure it's not a duplicate, etc.23:02
kwtmkernco: Correct.  I am happy to limit the arbitrary to a terminal, non-gui command.23:03
kerncokwtm: You can probably accomplish that by going lower-level than KDE.  Maybe you can put something in xorg.conf that does it.23:05
kwtmkernco: Oh dear.  Okay.  I was hoping KDE4 would be able to do something like that.23:05
kwtmIn general it seems that KDE3 is more functional (global shortcuts, multi-key) even if KDE4 has flashier graphics.23:06
kerncoI'm not sure about that, since there's stuff you can do in KDE4 that you couldn't in KDE3.  But there's definitely some features from KDE3 that are still missing, yes.23:07
kwtmThere are some global shortcuts that work, like Alt-F2 to run a command.  How would I change that shortcut?  I don't even know what program it is that pops up when I press Alt-F2.23:09
kerncoIt's called krunner23:09
kerncoIt should be in global shortcuts I think23:09
kwtmAh, krunner.  Okay, having that name somewhere in the settings/help file would have helped.  Will check global shortcuts again, now that I know what I'm looking for...23:10
kwtmwhat does khotkeys do?  Can I make new hot keys?23:11
dolomitewasn't alt+f2 present in kde3 too?23:11
avihaykwtm: system setings-> keyboard & mouse -> global keyboard shortcuts23:11
Walzmynkwtm: khotkeys is a way to asign key combinations to make shortcuts to commands23:11
kerncokrunner is a really nice tool.  It's moved past just being a way to run a program and is moving towards Gnome Do.23:11
avihaykwtm: the component you need to select is: "Run command interface"23:11
kwtmavihay: Okay, I found the answer to my question, but I have to say that you are not the first to say "system setings-> keyboard & mouse -> global keyboard shortcuts" but then I still get lost.23:12
kwtmavihay: Ah, okay, "run command interface" --that was the piece I was missing.23:12
kwtmavihay: Hey, can I add my own component?  Like "add ~/bin/MyArbitraryCommand.sh" to the components?23:12
WalzmynWhen copying files is there a way to make the copy process copy files linked by a symlink instead of copying the symlink itself?23:12
avihaylet's be more specific. you want a global shortcut to do something when you press a key combination?23:13
kwtmWalzmyn: khotkeys might be what I'm looking for.  Is there any way to configure it other than from system settings?  RIght now it seems to be limited to defining what key will activate "print screen" and I can't add my own.23:13
Walzmynkwtm: been too long since I've used it, to be honest23:14
avihayyou can create your own hotkeys23:14
kwtmWalzmyn: you mean cp -l or cp -L?23:14
kwtmWalzmyn: I mean, cp --deference or cp --link?23:14
WalzmynI was using GUI. I was looking at the man page for cp trying to figure out if it followed links or just copied them23:15
Walzmynkwtm: in khotkeys, click the edit button on the lower left - there's a "new" option there. Looks like what you're looking for23:15
Walzmynkwtm: so, cp -L will copy the file not link, is that what it means by follow the link?23:16
kwtmWalzmyn: When I go to SystemSettings > Kbd/Mouse > Global Shortcuts > KHotkeys, is that khotkeys itself?  Or is khotkeys a separate program?  I can't seem to invoke it from the cmd-line.23:17
kwtmWalzmyn: I believe "cp -L" will do it, but test.  One of either "cp -L" or "cp -l" is what you want, but I don't know which one.23:17
Walzmynkwtm: I just hit alt-F2  --> khotkeys23:19
kwtmWalzmyn: Wow, it worked!!  I finally have my 6-character timestamp back again!!!23:20
kwtmI can save backup files again!23:20
Walzmynkwtm: i'm so glad... what's a 6 character time stamp?23:21
apparlehi guys23:21
kwtmWell, normal timestamps look like this: "2010-05-07 06:21:35".  My timestamp looks like this: "A576Ll"23:21
kwtmSo I can stick my timestamp into filenames easily, and it will always produce a unique, "pseudorandom" stamp but containing useful info: exactly when that file (or timestamp) was created.  And the filenames don't have to be 20 characters long!23:22
Walzmynah, that cp -L was the trick. Wonder if there's a way for force that on the GUI23:22
kwtmWalzmyn: You don't necessarily want to force it, at least by default.  If you're talking about something like krusader, you can define your own menu item for that.23:23
WalzmynI like that. What'd that have to do with khotkeys?23:23
Walzmynkwtm: no, i just meant for a single copy, not all the time23:23
kwtmWalzmyn: khotkeys: I needed a way to easily produce the timestamp without having to jump to the cmd line all the time (e.g. I might be saving a file in Firefox and just want to insert the timestamp into the filename).  SO khotkeys can make the timestamp appear.23:24
kwtmWalzmyn: What GUI are you using?  Dolphin?  Konq?23:25
Walzmynah, sweet idea. I might borrow it, I use a date stamp in my photo names23:25
WalzmynDolphin. but now that I know how to do it with CLI i'm set23:25
kwtmWalzmyn: The reason I mentioned the 6-character timestamp was because too many people keep telling me, "KDE 4 already has <some feature or other> that lets you put in timestamps".  And I want to say, "no, I mean my OWN brand of condensed timestamp!"23:25
Walzmynsuper's ready over here. ya'll take care23:26
kwtmWalzmyn: I wonder if you'd be interested in my python script to rename photo names with a timestamp?23:26
kwtmWalzmyn: It goes into the EXIF data and pulls out the time that the photo was taken, then adds a 6-character timestamp to the filename.23:26
WalzmynSure. I'll give it a look23:26
kwtmWalzmyn: That way if I fiddle with the photo in GIMP or KolourPaint or something and destroy the EXIF data, the timestamp is still there.23:27
* Walzmyn nods23:27
kwtmWalzmyn: Needs a bit of cleanup.  I'll stick it in my Slashdot journal.  What's your email address?23:27
Walzmynwalzmyn at gmail23:27
kwtmWhat the TUTTI FRUITTI --I used the kmenu to run kmail and it started Amarok.  <sigh>23:28
Walzmynhehe, i'm out - food23:28
apparlehow to add custom actions to dolphin right click23:29
kwtmbye walz.23:30
sunielo elo23:36
sunijest tu kto?/23:36
suniqurwa shrek jestes??23:37
Luija1006Kate doesnt wanna open .js files, but in kubuntu 9.10 it opened them perfectly. It now says it cannot interpret the file, can someone help me? (trying to edit a script installed with greasemonkey)23:42
kerncoLuija1006: Sounds like the file is binary or something23:50
kerncoCan you open it in other text editors?23:50
Luija1006kernco the option to edit is into greasemonkey, then you choose your editor of choice, i could not tell you where the script is23:52
Luija1006but I dont understand really whats happening, in 9.10 it opened every .js flawlessly23:53
kerncoDo you know the name of the file?23:54
moj0risingHi. Silly question: How can I add a network printer in Kubuntu 10.04.23:55
kerncoKate will open any text file, it doesn't matter what the extension is.  So it's probably being given a bad filename23:55
moj0risingI've tried using the applet in System Settings and it hangs when I enter an IP address.23:55
Luija1006zer0rez: but then you have 2 laptops? its because I need the opinion of someone with ubuntu in Imac23:57
Luija1006Sup guys I have 3 questions about linux in Imac: 1) It is worth to install Linux into an imac or I should buy another computer in the market?, 2) Would you keep Mac Os or delete it?, 2) There is no hardware problems and its true the speed of linux in Imac pro is god? Thanks for your time :)23:57
moj0risingI've also Googled around and it wasn't easy to fnind much on this, surprisingly.23:57
Luija1006Mac Book Pro23:57

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