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spmwgrant: it is running; but appears it is rather beautifully broken. possibly from the reroll00:16
spmwgrant: ok. that looks to be working again. reverted back to prior the rollout and seeing stuff happen again. I call shenanigans00:29
wgrantspm: As you might have noticed, I've been dropping in and out a bit. What's happened since I LOSA-pinged?00:30
spmlala. I hadn't.00:30
spmwgrant: it is running; but appears it is rather beautifully broken. possibly from the reroll00:30
spmwgrant: ok. that looks to be working again. reverted back to prior the rollout and seeing stuff happen again. I call shenanigans00:30
spmis all you may have missed00:30
AdamDV-iPodWould it be revealing too much if someone was able to tell me what is the lp servers run?00:31
thumperhardy right now00:31
spmmy 2c observation is a misconfig/code mess - looks like it's trying to talk to a local postgres instance, vs the db servers00:31
thumperor do you mean hardware?00:31
AdamDV-iPodNope, hardy is a good answer00:32
AdamDV-iPodAre there plans to upgrade to lucid?00:32
AdamDV-iPodI see00:32
wgrantWhat's it dying with?00:33
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* wgrant crosses fingers, and asks again: How's it failing?00:35
spmwgrant of the dropouts: psycopg2.OperationalError: could not connect to server: No such file or directory Is the server running locally and accepting connections on Unix domain socket....00:35
wgrantSo, it seems that my entire Optus cable node drops out whenever I ask how it's broken :P00:38
wgrantBut that looks like a broken config.00:39
* ajmitch would blame the censorship00:40
wgrantspm: Ahem. So, nothing else is showing that sort of failure?00:42
spmwgrant: not yet........00:43
wgrantspm: Because that doesn't look even slightly Soyuzy.00:44
wgrantI refactored buildd-manager lots during 10.04, but nothing that low-level.00:44
spmthis seems to be a change between the roll; and the reroll; i've reverted to the version from the roll; and that's fine. so... the opportunitys for brokenness are reduced.00:45
AdamDV-iPodWhy python over php or another language?00:45
wgrantOh, so it's actually OK now?00:45
wgrantAdamDV-iPod: Um, well, PHP is... PHP.00:46
spmand the configs are the same revno; so not config based. my 2c.00:46
wgrantspm: Bah. I was going to accuse the prod configs.00:46
wgrantspm: Has it died again, or is it just busy processing uploads?00:51
wgrantit's not done much for a few minutes.00:51
spmmanually stopped; chasing stuff with jelmer00:51
wgrantWhereas it should be doing lots every 5 seconds.00:51
spmwho isn't here btw. he is 'away'. says so in his irc client.00:52
AdamDV-iPodLaunchpad depends on got-core. How ironic?01:02
jelmerAdamDV-iPod: ah, you mean git-core?01:02
mwhudsonit's for testing git imports01:03
AdamDV-iPodYea. Stupid touch screen.01:03
AdamDV-iPodLp supports git imports?01:03
jelmerAdamDV-iPod: That's probably to test the git import functionality01:03
AdamDV-iPodThe functionality never ends!01:04
spmthe kitchen-sink module is my personal favourite01:06
maxbIs there really one?01:07
maxbSubversion has a kitchen_sink.c :-)01:07
spmmaxb: I have no idea; but I wouldn't be terribly surprised :-)01:08
thumperAdamDV-iPod: we do everything except what people really want, like wikis and dashboards01:12
* thumper tries not to be too bitter01:12
thumpermust be coffee time01:13
AdamDV-iPodPeople want wikisband dashboards eg?01:13
thumperAdamDV-iPod: I don't grok what you just said01:14
AdamDV-iPodErr, eh. I hate the iKeyboard01:14
Guest44380Translation: People want wikis and dashboards now, ey?01:14
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thumperGuest44380: how many ids do you have?01:15
AdamDV2Nah, Nickserv hates me.01:15
AdamDV2I have AdamDV and TuxIce01:15
AdamDV2Pidgin randomly cuts out, and doesn't identify to nickserv.01:15
thumperluckily someone is working on wikis :)01:15
thumperwell that sucks01:16
AdamDV2Ooh nice :)01:16
AdamDV2And yes, it does. However, its my only option. I loathe Empathy.01:16
jelmerthumper: Ooh, I wasn't aware of that - who?01:16
thumperalthough since they aren't a priority, it is an idle / evening task01:16
thumperjelmer: me01:16
thumperjelmer: I should have something that will serve a bzr branch as a wiki soon01:17
AdamDV2Rocketfuel is installing obsolete versions of postgresql, apparently.01:17
thumperjelmer: it is my evening fun01:17
thumperAdamDV2: yeah, not yet updated to 8.401:17
jelmerthumper: that sounds really cool01:17
thumperAdamDV2: it does work with 8.401:17
AdamDV2I see.01:17
* thumper uses 8.401:17
* AdamDV2 uses MySQL01:17
* thumper needs food and coffee01:18
jelmerthumper: It looks like Dulwich trunk itself works but the combination dulwuch+bzr-git is broken against http repos atm :-/01:18
maxbPresumably once we go lucid and 2.6 for real, there'll be somewhat more motivation to get on with the move to 8.401:18
thumperjelmer: which versions should I take then?01:18
thumpermaxb: there is no reason not to use 8.4 now01:19
jelmerthumper: the last version I know at least works is from 13 april01:19
thumpermaxb: it was just that stub hadn't gotten around to it01:19
thumperjelmer: which versions are they?01:19
thumperjelmer: cause I really wanted 909 of bzr-git01:19
thumperjelmer: oh, and you commit *a lot*01:19
AdamDV2I have *never* had apt-get take 1 hour, 15 minutes and going.01:20
AdamDV2You guys aren't exaggerating when rocketfuel says "This will take awhile"01:20
jelmerthumper: bzr-git 889, dulwich 56201:21
thumperAdamDV2: you obviously don't upgrade to the beta OS early01:21
AdamDV2I don't usually upgrade.01:21
thumperjelmer: [rs=jelmer] upgrade to lp:bzr-git 89901:22
jelmerthumper: alternatively I can look at fixing the issue with http, it shouldn't be too hard01:22
thumperjelmer: from lp's bzr-git branch01:22
thumperjelmer: if you can fix http, I'll upgrade bzr-git on LP asap01:22
jelmerthumper: I don't really have time to do that now though, probably friday evening01:24
thumperjelmer: ok, np, lets look to upgrade early next week01:24
thumperjelmer: I can add it to my Monday tasks01:24
jelmerthumper: are you going to be at UDS?01:24
thumperjelmer: nope01:24
* thumper afk for food01:25
wgrantthumper: This is where I am confused. Why are the things that would make LP less completely unattractive not priorities?01:25
thumperwgrant: best answer for that is "ask jml" :)01:26
* thumper takes laptop to coffee ship01:26
wgrantAlso, I should look at wikkid at some point.01:27
* wgrant looks at wikkid.01:27
thumperwgrant: I've just pushed my work from the last few days into trunk03:23
maxbSomething deeply weird is happening to the Debian package syncer: https://edge.launchpad.net/debian/+source/subversion/+publishinghistory04:02
ajmitchit's been happening for awhile, I think04:09
ajmitchStevenK has been looking at it04:10
ajmitchat least with regards to out-of-date stuff :)04:10
ajmitchthe old version is due to debian being a bit strange, and having 2 different versions of source packages, see this in 'rmadison -u debian subversion'04:12
maxboh, it's picked the version in hurd-i38604:19
ajmitchugly, isn't it?04:20
maxbDo you know where the bug might be found (I assume there is one) - registry? soyuz?04:21
ajmitchmost likely related to bug 568745 which I filed04:23
mupBug #568745: Debian unstable record of gpt missing <gina> <Soyuz:Triaged by stevenk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/568745>04:23
* ajmitch should put in the info about duplicate info in the Sources.gz from debian04:23
* AdamDV2 curses04:30
wgrantajmitch, maxb: But gina has been able to handle multiple versions for either a few weeks or a couple of days.04:51
wgrantStevenK: That was one of your first branches, wasn't it?04:52
StevenKwgrant: I think so04:52
ajmitchwgrant: that subversion +publishinghistory is showing the first version listed in Sources as being the latest04:52
wgrantajmitch: That suggests that it just hadn't picked it up before.04:53
wgrantProbably because StevenK's change hadn't landed yet.04:53
wgrantSo when his change landed, it picked up both versions. But the real latest version was already there, so it wasn't recreated.04:53
wgrantSo only the old one was new, so it appears to be the latest.04:53
ajmitchthat sounds reasonable04:54
ajmitchit just looks a little odd when https://edge.launchpad.net/debian/+source/subversion has that old version as the latest upload04:54
wgrantYes, that is slightly COMPLETELY INSANE.04:54
StevenKRight. The bug is that gina is of the opinion that gpt 1.0.4-3 already exists in the database, so it doesn't import it04:54
wgrantBut it's right.04:55
ajmitchthat's special04:55
wgrantIt's not a bug.04:55
wgrantOh, wait, different one.04:55
StevenKwgrant: It does not exist for Debian sid.04:55
ajmitchat the time I filed that bug the sync hadn't been requested for lucid either04:55
wgrantStevenK: What suggests that it thinks it's already there?04:58
StevenKwgrant: Because of the log messages05:03
wgrantStevenK: Pfft.05:09
StevenKwgrant: You don't have much faith in logs now, do you? :-)05:19
wgrantStevenK: I might point out that this is gina we are talking about.05:21
wgrantI don't have much faith in it, let alone its logs.05:21
StevenKwgrant: Point05:21
StevenKwgrant: So I think the bug is in _getSource in lib/lp/soyuz/scripts/gina/handlers.py05:25
StevenKwgrant: Since that function is effectively the one that decides if the package has been imported and can be skipped, or hasn't, and needs to be imported.05:26
wgrantStevenK: See, I looked at that, but it looks fine.05:28
wgrantWhat is the log message that tells you that it's skipping it?05:29
wgrantI only see a log call when it isn't being skipped.05:29
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wgrantAnd, well, https://edge.launchpad.net/debian/+archive/primary/+copy-packages?field.name_filter=gpt&field.status_filter=&field.series_filter= makes it pretty clear that 1.0.4-3 was never in that archive.05:33
wgrantAnd _getSource's query looks correct to me.05:33
wgrantStevenK: So, I doubt it's skipping it because it's already there -- unless you have a log message to prove it.05:34
StevenKJust getting logs synced05:34
StevenK2010-05-06 02:06:20 INFO    SourcePackageRelease already published with no chang05:49
StevenKes as Pending05:49
StevenKwgrant: ^05:49
StevenK2010-05-06 02:06:20 INFO    gpt already exists in the archive05:50
wgrantOh, interesting.05:50
wgrantIt really could do with logging the version string, though.05:50
wgrantStevenK: So, there's only one source version in unstable, but are you sure that's not from a stable/testing run?05:53
StevenKwgrant: Exactly the same message for sid, lenny and squeeze05:56
StevenKwgrant: But yes, the SQL reads cleanly and looks right06:02
wgrantStevenK: Have you tried convincing it to spew SPR/SPPH versions and IDs? I am really really confused at how this can go wrong.06:02
wgrantMy first thought was that it didn't know about archives.06:03
wgrantBut it does.06:03
wgrantIt restricts the location correctly.06:03
StevenKwgrant: I can't recall how to pull the SPPH out, since the SQL returns the SPR06:07
wgrantStevenK: The thing prints out 'Pending', so it has the SPPH somewhere there too.06:07
wgrantBut that's probably in publish_sourcepackage.06:08
StevenKI was thinking in _getSource06:08
StevenKA debug print of what it thinks is actually in the archive06:08
wgrantRight, but if you're going to get a patch applied, it's probably best to get as much debugging in as possible.06:09
wgrantI'd be printing out the version we're searching for, and the found SPR and SPPH IDs.06:09
StevenKwgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428746/06:11
StevenKwgrant: I don't think that's enough, but I welcome suggestions06:12
wgrantStevenK: SPR IDs too, please.06:12
StevenKwgrant: It's .id?06:13
wgrantStevenK: Yes. http://paste.ubuntu.com/428748/ would also be handy.06:15
StevenKwgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428750/06:17
wgrantStevenK: LGTM06:17
=== spm changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad Development Channel | Week 4 of 10.04 | PQM is open | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | Get the code: https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting | On-call review in irc://irc.freenode.net/#launchpad-reviews | Use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ for pastes
spmwgrant: LGTM ? Lets Go To Mothers????07:06
StevenKLooks Good To Me07:07
* spm holds up the humour meter near StevenK ... hrrm. reading near 0....07:08
wgrantSo, yes, hopefully that patch will tell us something less useless.07:09
adeuringgood morning08:03
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mrevellMorning Launchpadderisers.09:22
StevenKwgrant: Still here?09:26
wgrantStevenK: I am.09:29
StevenKwgrant: Right, so we get this:09:30
StevenK2010-05-06 07:15:51 INFO    SourcePackageRelease already published with no chang09:30
StevenKes as Pending (SPPH 478847)09:30
StevenK2010-05-06 07:15:51 INFO    gpt already exists in the archive09:30
* wgrant hunts out SPPH 47884709:30
StevenKI have it, going to paste09:30
wgrantgpt 1.0.4-1 in sid09:30
StevenKgpt          | 1.0.4-1        | debian | sid09:30
wgrantSo... you're sure it's looking for -3? Does the log say so?09:31
StevenKMy debug message doesn't fire at all :-(09:31
StevenKOh, duh09:31
* StevenK asked spm for the wrong thing09:32
wgrantarchive.txt is too long.10:58
noodles775yep (well, *exceptionally* long... all the doc tests are long :/)11:00
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maxbWhen the datacentre upgrades to lucid, as a side effect of the updated dpkg, the form of the quilt metadata in all source format 3.0 package import branches is going to change13:27
maxbFrom the .dpkg-source-applied file to the .pc/ directory13:28
wgrantmaxb: Hm, it's not already running a very recent dpkg?13:28
maxbNot *that* recent13:29
maxbThe change is in
wgrantOh, really really recent.13:30
wgrantThis would be a james_w thing, right?13:32
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leonardrBjornT, can you help me track down the apache configuration for launchpad in production?14:07
leonardri thought it would be in lp-production-configs but that only has launchpad configs14:08
BjornTleonardr: i think you need to ask a losa for that14:10
leonardrlosas, will you induct me into this secret?14:10
maxbjames_w: Once the udd importer starts running on lucid, lucid's dpkg will be producing a different form of quilt metadata in unpacked sources, so there will be spurious churn in the first versions of every 3.0 package imported after the change14:20
maxbI don't think there's anything to be done about that, though14:20
james_wno, I don't think so14:21
maxbIn a perfect world we'd move the format change into its own revision, but ETOOMUCHFAFF14:21
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manishleonardr, you free?15:47
leonardrmanish: i'm actually about to go afk for a bit. are you available at around 12:30?15:47
manishleonardr, 12:30 UTC?15:47
leonardrmanish: sorry, that was stupid15:48
leonardrin about an hour and a half15:48
manishleonardr, sure15:48
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jmlwgrant, I'm happy to answer an email, or talk at UDS or what have you17:19
manishleonardr, am back. Whenever you are free, just tell me17:23
leonardrmanish, i'm back17:23
manishleonardr, I was just checking your mail again. It is highly insightful. I never thought of that situation17:23
manishthe major question is have is what I mentioned at the end of the second mail I sent. How will the apps know about the new API? this makes Apps API specific?17:24
leonardrmanish: let me pull up your second email to respond in detail17:24
leonardrbut, it's true that there's a limit to the server-side changes that a client can hide from an app17:25
manishleonardr, i see, this was the mail I was talking about https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-dev/msg03314.html17:25
leonardrthanks for link17:25
leonardrthe advantage of the launchpadlib approach is that even in the worst case, where a client based on launchpadlib totally breaks, launchpadlib itself does not break17:25
manishleonardr, Yeah. i can see that. Probably that caching is taken care by the library (launchpadlib) rather than the app17:26
manishanother questions is that how will I come to know what all versions of API are present?17:26
manishmeans via code? not manually17:27
leonardrmanish: that's a very good question. right now there is no machine-readable advertisement of the available versions17:27
leonardri would really like to add one, and if you need it, that would give me a reason to fight for time to add it17:27
manishor maybe we can parse the +apidoc page to check the existence, but it would be a brutal thing17:27
leonardri want to publish a json equivalent of the +apidoc page at http://api.launchpad.net/17:28
manishanother problem with LP is that the WADL file is present behind OAuth17:28
manishit should be publicly available17:28
leonardrmanish: i agree. the service root and the version list should not be protected17:29
manishleonardr, what I intend to make is a component which takes in WADL file and then converts it to a library which can be loaded at runtime17:30
manishand another component which checks the API version and calls the above component17:31
leonardrthat sounds pretty good. let me respond to your message in order17:31
manishleonardr, sure17:31
leonardrso we covered #1 a little bit17:32
leonardra client written against version 1.0 that uses checkBugIsValid will not break when we release version 2.0 with checkBugValidity17:32
leonardrit will break, but that's not the time when it will break17:32
leonardrit will break when 1) someone tries to upgrade it to use 2.0 instead of 1.017:32
leonardror when 2) we end-of-life version 1.017:33
leonardrour goal is to work with developers so that they upgrade their applications (and fix problems like this) well before an old version reaches end-of-life17:33
manish^^ point. The most apt one17:33
leonardrso, now on to #2 with that for context17:36
leonardrwait, does that answer your question about having multiple backends?17:36
leonardrthe idea is that you will have one backend and you will gradually upgrade it to keep it up to date with launchpad17:37
leonardrsince launchpad is always available there's no need to have a 1.0 version and a 2.0 version. once you port your app to 2.0 you can get rid of the 1.0 backend17:37
manishleonardr, I meant that there is a backend for example named foo17:38
manishand the app just tells it what version of API it is built for17:38
manishand the backend foo passed it the library which is linked17:38
leonardrah, i see17:38
manishI havnt done it, just planning to do it this way17:38
leonardryes, the app will say it's based on version 2.0, and you will give it a library based on the current wadl file for version 2.017:38
manish^ exactly17:39
leonardrthis should work fine17:39
manishI think this way there wont be hundreds of copy of the library17:39
leonardrthe one caution i would give you is to make sure you take advantage of whatever caching features are present in your http client17:39
manishand every app doesnt need to be bundled with a copy of library17:39
leonardrso that you don't retrieve the wadl file every time17:40
manishyeah. it would be surely there. It17:40
manishwhen the app requests for example v2.0 of API17:40
manishthen foo would hunt for library for it17:40
manishif not present, it would download the WADL and generate the library17:40
manishand then passed17:41
manishthe generated library is stored in the library cache17:41
manishmeans relevent location as per the OS17:41
leonardrok, i just want to be clear that the wadl file for 2.0 may change once a month when a new launchpad is rolled out, or even more often than that on edge17:41
leonardryou will need to occasionally check for changes and possibly re-download the wadl and regenerate the library17:41
manishis it so?17:42
manishonce a stable API is released, it should be stable17:42
manishany new changes should be in a new version.17:42
leonardrfor most new features, it's easier for us to just add them to all versions than to specifically exclude them from old versions17:43
manishanother problem with WADL is the enormous size17:43
manishit takes minutes to download it17:43
leonardryou will need to build this flexibility in anyway, to allow clients to access the 'devel' service17:43
manishsomething has to be done here17:43
leonardrmanish: this is why i talked about the caching17:43
leonardrwe have made a number of improvements17:44
leonardri am working on one final improvement, which is compressing the wadl in transit17:44
manishleonardr, that's cool17:44
leonardr(i implemented this a long time ago and only recently discovered that it didn't work)17:44
leonardrlet me quickly outline the levels of caching17:44
leonardrthe first time a user starts an application the full wadl will be downloaded17:45
leonardronce i make the compression fix, this will be about 100k instead of over 1 megabyte17:45
manishYes. based on the app API version17:45
leonardryes, per version17:45
leonardrthis wadl file will be used for 1 week (unless it is the devel wadl, but you won't use the devel wadl in a real application)17:45
leonardrno requests for the wadl at all17:45
leonardrduring that week17:46
leonardrat the end of that week, the client will make a _conditional_ request for the wadl17:46
leonardrif the wadl changed in that week (because we rolled a new version of launchpad), the client will download the new wadl--another 100k17:46
leonardrif the wadl has not changed (because launchpad has not been updated), the client will download nothing17:46
leonardrand will use the existing wadl for 1 more week17:46
manishwell, how to achieve this?17:47
manishsome headers in the request?17:47
leonardryes. it is already implemented in launchpadlib + httplib217:47
leonardri want to make sure you implement it too, or use an existing http client library that understands caching and conditional requests17:47
leonardrso you can receive the same benefit17:47
manishI mean does the request to fetch WADL returns a specific header which contains a specific code?17:48
manishlike the revision no of the API17:48
leonardrsort of. there are two headers17:48
manishthen I could do a HEAD request and read this revision no17:48
leonardrCache-Control: max-age=60480017:48
leonardrETag: "004e1871cab3546c277f7ebae72513058bc6b50f"17:48
leonardrthe ETag is analogous to the revision no17:48
leonardrthe Cache-Control tells the client that it can use this document for 1 week17:48
manishokay. For each WADL revision,  ETag is different?17:49
leonardrthe ETag must change when the document changes17:49
manishokay. Sort of Hash value?17:49
leonardrso there's a week when you can just use this document from the cache without requesting it again17:49
leonardrat the end of the week, you can make a conditional request17:49
leonardrGET /1.017:50
leonardrIf-None-Match: "004e1871cab3546c277f7ebae72513058bc6b50f"17:50
leonardrthis tells the server to compare the ETag you give it in If-none-Match against the current ETag17:50
leonardrif the ETags are the same, that means the wadl has not changed17:50
leonardrthe server will send:17:50
leonardr304 Not Modified17:50
leonardrCache-Control: max-age=60480017:50
leonardrthat means you can use the existing wadl for another week17:50
leonardrif the ETags differ, the server will send17:51
leonardr200 Ok17:51
leonardrCache-Control: max-age=60480017:51
leonardrETag: "some-new-etag"17:51
leonardrand then the new wadl, which you can cache for a week17:51
leonardryou can make a HEAD request, but then if it turns out the wadl has changed, you will have to make a GET request anyway17:51
leonardrso you might as well make a conditional GET request17:51
leonardrdoes this make sense?17:51
manishAbsolutely. :)17:52
manishIt clears so many of my doubts17:52
leonardrlike i said, hopefully you can use an existing C# http client that understands these rules17:52
leonardrthey are standard parts of http17:52
leonardrbut if not, they are fairly simple to implement17:52
manishIt's pretty simple to implement this17:52
manishIf-None-Match headers solves so many of my doubts17:53
manishotherwise I would have gone crazy17:53
leonardryes, it's very useful17:53
manishmy biggest fear was what about the people who are under slow internet connection17:54
manishor who pay per kb17:54
manishso compression of WADL is very useful17:54
leonardryes, it's very bad that the compression system has been broken for so long17:54
leonardrunless you have any questions, i'm going to go back to work on that17:54
manishNope. Nearly all doubts solved which I had presently17:55
leonardrping me again if you have more questions17:55
manishleonardr, sure.17:55
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sinzuimars, ping18:08
sinzuisalgado, ping18:13
salgadohi sinzui18:14
sinzuisalgado I am hacking on bug 575317. I cannot delete the account because it is18:14
sinzuiused required by the OpenIDSummary table. I think I need to update that table18:14
sinzuito point the entries to the remaining account. This may be pointless because18:14
sinzuiother schema parts I do not know about also link to Account. I could change18:14
sinzuithe openid of the merged account to ensure authentication falls back to email18:14
mupBug #575317: Person merge must delete merged account <Launchpad Registry:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/575317>18:14
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sinzuisalgado, maybe our OpenIdRPSummary table is obsolete. Lp is not the real OpenId provider18:16
salgadoit is obsolete, yes18:16
salgadobut you're right that there may be other tables referencing the row you want to delete18:17
salgadoI guess changing the OpenID identifier of the merged account is the easier solution, while we don't get rid of the Account table completely18:18
marssinzui, pong18:18
sinzuiThere is a function that allows us to change the openid. I could use it to make the merge account unmatchable18:20
sinzuimars, salgado has confirmed my discoveries about account. ^ I will instead change the account's openid identifier so that there is no match--fallback to the email address to select the Lp person18:20
marssinzui, cool18:21
sinzuimars, I will prepare a script to that we can run in production that will update the merged accounts.18:27
salgadoChex, the script sinzui described above should make it unnecessary to delete that account you were trying to delete18:32
sinzuiChex, yes it will. I have will not know the rules of what must change until I complete the test I am writing18:33
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* maxb is amused by the Code/Branches backtracking22:01
thumpermaxb: I wasn't particularly happy with the change when it happened22:04
maxbI like Code better too22:04
wgrantCan someone please EC2 https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bug-576168-no-disabled-latest-ppas/+merge/24812? Vanished instance count so far: 122:29
wgrantsinzui: About bug #576478: it doesn't make sense to have Packagings at all for virtual packages like that.22:42
mupBug #576478: Common link for virtual package providers <Launchpad Registry:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/576478>22:42
sinzuiwgrant, no?22:42
sinzuiwgrant I think we need to know which ones are virtual then...Edwin may have a step to a solution. He is adding real database data for DSPs. We can ignore the packaging questions if the DSP is virtual22:44
wgrantsinzui: *Binaries* are virtual, not sources.22:45
wgrantAnd they won't exist in the DB, since they are virtual.22:45
wgrantThey only exist by being Provided by another binary.22:45
wgrantThey are used for things like mail-transport-agent, where any one of many packages can fulfil the dependencies.22:45
wgrantThey do not represent a particular piece of software.22:46
sinzuiwgrant, I see. Thanks for explaining that22:49
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wgrantCan someone please suspend https://login.launchpad.net/+id/mHhGP3h? He spammed the dev wiki overnight.23:20
maxbIdentity theft too :-(23:22
wgrantHm, yes, the name was different a few hours ago.23:24
wgrant"Eugene Griffin"23:24
wgrantWrong URL.23:25
wgranthttps://login.launchpad.net/+id/7k7hHkp is the real one.23:26
wgrant(had to steal it from the wiki source, since the links point to the LP person, which doesn't exist)23:26
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