sjamaanmaxb: It imported all revisions and then barfed saying "bzr: ERROR: The specified path is inside a branch. Specify a different URL or a different repository layout (see also 'bzr help svn-layout')."00:01
thumpersjamaan: I'll try to get dulwich and bzr-git updated together asap00:02
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* sjamaan tries the import again with --until=1629700:03
jelmerthumper, sjamaan: hi00:06
thumperjelmer: sjamaan was having issues with bzr-svn pulling a particular revision from subversion00:07
thumperjelmer: also can I take trunk of dulwich and bzr-git?00:07
jelmersjamaan: that svn repository appears to require authentication ?00:09
jelmerthumper: let me check...00:10
sjamaanjelmer: user 'anonymous', password is empty00:11
sjamaanjelmer: I think the main issue here is that trunk was removed, so I'm trying to tell it to read trunk@revno00:12
jelmersjamaan: if trunk was removed, what are you using now?00:13
sjamaanI want to keep the old revision as an archive on launchpad00:14
sjamaan"old revision history", I mean00:14
sjamaan(the git import is just a regular flat file import, no history)00:15
jelmersjamaan: so the current svn repo is empty ?00:16
sjamaanjelmer: Other things are kept in there too00:16
sjamaanMaybe I can copy the old trunk revision to a tag that's available at HEAD00:16
jelmersjamaan: that would work00:17
sjamaanok, lemme try00:17
jelmersjamaan: after that you should be able to use "bzr branch <url-to-tag>" to import that revision00:17
jelmeror have launchpad import <url-to-tag>00:17
sjamaanfsck, I get a 403 forbiddden when trying that00:20
* sjamaan asks around00:20
jelmersjamaan: when trying the copy you mean, or the import ?00:23
sjamaanWhen trying the copy00:23
sjamaanIt's possible, since I'm not all-powerful in that repo ;)00:23
sjamaanI'm asking the site's maintainer00:23
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sjamaanNo response yet. I'll see tomorrow. Time for sleep00:35
sjamaanGoodnight, and thanks for the help so far00:35
jelmersjamaan: g'night!00:37
thumperjelmer: so bzr-git and dulwich trunk?00:42
jelmerthumper: I should probably do some basic QA, but currently distracted by the buildd-manager issue wgrant brought up00:44
ActionParsniphey guys.02:04
ActionParsnipi am not permitted to access https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas02:04
lifelessActionParsnip: right02:06
lifelessActionParsnip: I get the same, I'm not sure if its a bug or just a url that isn't meant to work02:06
wgrantlifeless: What's the traceback?02:06
spmit works, for mee.02:06
wgrantIt normally works.02:06
ActionParsnipcan i please be granted acces02:07
wgrantspm: Well... you do have superpowers.02:07
ActionParsnipits the search page for the ppas :)02:07
lifeless    *02:07
lifeless    * Module zope.traversing.adapters, line 44, in traverse02:07
lifeless      __traceback_info__: (<SourcePackagePublishingHistory at 0xda4e210>, 'displayname', [])02:07
lifelessUnauthorized: (<SourcePackagePublishingHistory at 0xda4e210>, 'displayname', 'launchpad.View')<br />02:07
spmwgrant: yes; ie it's a real url. probably a bug of some sort.02:07
wgrantlifeless: Aha. Thanks.02:07
wgrantBut that's impossible.02:07
lifelesswgrant: /edge/launchpad-rev-9336/lib/lp/soyuz/browser/../templates/distribution-ppa-list.pt instance at 0xe4783d0>02:07
lifelesswgrant: welcome to software02:08
lifelessActionParsnip: thanks for reporting this; I'll file a bug on it now.02:08
lifelesswgrant: soyuz you think?02:09
ActionParsnipthanks :D02:09
wgrantRight, but that hasn't changed recently... I am hunting.02:09
wgrantlifeless: But Soyuz, yes.02:09
lifelesswgrant: could it be a masked/rethrown error from the db ?02:09
wgrantThe code actually lives in Registry, but that's an accident.02:09
wgrantI guess it's probably because one of the last few uploads is in a disabled PPA.02:11
wgrantspm: Can you confirm that?02:11
wgrantOne of the PPAs in the list should show up greyed out.02:11
spm2 most recent. haha02:12
wgrantSo it'll resolve itself in a few minutes, probably.02:13
lifelesswgrant: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/57616802:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 576168 in soyuz "https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas broken when recent uploads are to disabled ppas [we think]" [Undecided,New]02:17
spmupdated with screen shot a clicky to disabled ppa for further amusement value02:23
lifelessspm: thanks02:24
easter_eggsomeone wakeup?06:56
easter_eggno? ;~07:02
easter_egghenninge, good morning :-)07:47
henningeeaster_egg: good morning, you are up early! ;)07:47
easter_egghenninge, Im a zombie x.X07:48
easter_egghenninge, can you make a favor to me when my account isn't fixed?07:48
henningeeaster_egg: I don't know yet but I will try harder ...07:54
easter_eggThe brazilian ubuntu documentation team is back to active recently and I am member of this team. The team owners reactivated the mailing list. The problem is I can't join in the list on my launchpad account by reason of which you know...07:56
easter_eggThis is the team:07:56
easter_eggCan you join in the mailing list for me?07:56
easter_eggor know someone that can do this for me?07:56
ricotzhello, i am trying to copy a package from one ppa to another and always getting an OOPS-1587A59507:57
easter_eggwould be a great favor.07:57
easter_eggThe team owners is pressing me to much07:58
easter_eggbecause I need to report my texts to revision07:58
easter_eggand at this time, I'm asking for someone else to report in my place07:59
easter_egghenninge, is possible to make this big favor? =]08:00
henningeeaster_egg: done, you are subscribed ... ;)08:08
spmeaster_egg: I've just subbed you manually; but I wonder if perhaps the preferred email address is *preferred*?08:08
spmeaster_egg: the current preferred is root@....net, I suspect the google one may be preferred?08:09
easter_eggspm, no.. the root@... is preferred =]08:11
spmheh; np; I shall make no further changes08:11
easter_egghenninge spm, thank you very much. This point in my side when the bug with being fixed08:13
easter_eggbeing fixed*08:13
noodles775ricotz: Yes... it's most likely bug 575426 which is being worked on.08:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 575426 in soyuz "SHA1-based copy checking breaks when there are expired sources in the target" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57542608:19
sjamaanCould someone please assign the branch https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/chicken/main to the "chicken" team?08:48
thumpersjamaan: I can do that08:49
easter_egghenninge, The list can receive my emails now. I tested =]08:49
easter_eggthanks o/08:49
sjamaanI managed to get the svn tree imported into a bzr tree too08:50
easter_eggAnd now I will sleep and dream with my account in launchpad working again x))08:50
easter_egghenninge, what the time for clock here?08:50
easter_egghenninge, there*?08:50
sjamaanthumper: What would be the right status of a branch that got moved into another VCS?  'merged' or 'abandoned'?08:51
thumpersjamaan: abandoned is god08:51
henningeeaster_egg: sweet dreams, it's 9:51 in the morning here! ;)08:52
henningeeaster_egg: and 4:52 where you are, right? ;-)08:52
easter_egghenninge, Here, the sun has not arrived yet. 3:52, you almost hit08:53
henningeeaster_egg: oh, I thought all of Brazil was on the same time zone.08:53
henningeI have Recife in my world clock.08:53
easter_egghenninge, we have three time zones08:55
easter_eggGTM -2, GTM -3 (Official time zone, of Brazilia) and GTM -408:55
easter_eggIm on GTM -408:55
easter_eggAt Manaus, Amazonas... aka hell08:56
henningeeaster_egg: oh yeah, I heard about that (from someone living in Recife) ;)08:58
henningeeaster_egg: that's really in the middle of nothing, isn't it?08:58
henningewell, If I dare to call the jungle "nothing" ...08:59
henningeAlso, I found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Time_zones_in_Brazil-en.png08:59
easter_egghenninge, Here, the normal temperatures hit of 29 to 36 Celsius09:00
henningeI should let you sleep now ...09:01
easter_egghenninge, Im freezing at 2409:01
henningethat is even hotter than Recife, I admit.09:01
* henninge was in Recife almost two months ago.09:01
easter_egghenninge, At Manaus, there is less forest than inside the state09:01
easter_eggHere is just a drab metropolis09:03
easter_eggBut just one think don't make me happy in this town09:03
easter_eggthe internet09:04
easter_eggis the world's most expensive09:04
easter_egghenninge, I pay a sum of money equivalent to US$ 150.00 for 128kB/s09:06
easter_eggAnd, if you ask: "The velocity is 128kB/s"? I will say: "No, maybe 60kB/s in the best times of connection"09:07
easter_eggsometimes I get 122kB/s from apt and some torrents, However it is quite rare09:08
ringodsI am having problems accessing http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/jaunty/scons/jaunty/files09:09
easter_egghenninge, ok... I will sleep now. I'm dying of sleepiness09:09
easter_eggthank you very much for help =]09:10
easter_eggI will back later09:10
ringodsActually, I seem to have problems on any project using "View branch content"09:15
ringodsI couldn't find any planned maintenance being reported. Anyone else having problems toos?09:17
Pegasus_RPGhello. LP's revision/code browser is down09:26
ringodsPegaus_RPG: was this planned, or is it a technical problem that popped up?09:28
wgrantLOSAs: ^^09:30
Pegasus_RPGringods: Oh I have no idea, I'm just reporting the rpboem09:40
ringodsPegasus_RPG: I reported the same just before you joined the chat room. But it seems there is no one on support on the 6th of the month09:41
Pegasus_RPGthat's a little concerning. Ah well, not critical for us at this point.09:47
ringodsnot critical here either, but why reporting if nobody is listening? :-)09:48
thumperlosa is a key word here09:49
thumperwe seem to be short on admins09:50
thumperthere is an event going on09:50
thumperplease be patient09:50
maxbAlso, we seem to have been rather short on CHR people of late.09:50
* thumper is on tomorrow09:51
KIAazeIs it possible that "package accepted" messages from the PPA are also delayed due to the recent release? Or do Display Name changes affect package submissions?10:10
KIAazeI tried to dput at least 3 packages these last days and never got any mails10:10
KIAazethe command-line output always said the upload was successful10:11
noodles775KIAaze: hi, what's your username, ppa and package? I'll try to find out in the logs.10:11
noodles775KIAaze: so, just to confirm, your latest upload worked (you got the email?), and the previous one caused a failure (OOPS-1587PPA6) which I can't yet see as the report hasn't been synced.10:20
KIAazeyes, the latest one worked10:20
KIAazeafter changing the display name10:20
KIAazeI'm reuploading the other ones to see if it will work10:21
noodles775Display name changes should not affect package submissions... when the error report is (hopefully) synced we can see the problem.10:22
KIAazeand it is still possible to submit 8.04 builds?10:22
KIAazebecause at first I though that was the problem10:23
maxbhardy's still very much alive10:23
wgrantHardy's got nearly another three years to live.10:23
oojahI'm getting consistent oopses trying to copy PPA packages, both on edge and normal: OOPS-1587B83110:45
noodles775oojah: Sorry, yes that's bug 575426 which is currently being worked on.10:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 575426 in soyuz "SHA1-based copy checking breaks when there are expired sources in the target" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57542610:47
oojahnoodles775: Ok, thanks. As long as you're aware of it! :)10:48
noodles775erm, StevenK, can you update the status of that ^^ :)10:48
KIAazejust got an oops copying packages too.11:16
dholbachcould it be that we have no packagesets for maverick yet?11:40
dholbachjelmer, noodles775: ^ do you guys know?11:41
noodles775dholbach: it could be... I'll find out what needs to be done.11:42
dholbachthanks a bunch - bug 57624211:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 576242 in soyuz "Everything is "unseeded"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57624211:42
dholbach(it was a bug in the sponsoring tracking - every package turned out to be "not in any packageset" :-))11:42
* dholbach hugs noodles77511:43
* noodles775 hugs back 11:43
noodles775dholbach: so yes, there's a script that needs to be run to clone the pkg sets from the previous release... I've pinged cjwatson who has the power :)11:47
dholbachmaybe it should be included in the "this is how we do releases documentation"11:48
dholbachI can mention it to slangasek11:48
dholbachthanks noodles77511:51
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apware we expecting PPAs to be able to accept uploads for maverick yet?  i seem to be getting rejected with the somewhat cryptic error below:12:41
apwCannot build any of the architectures requested: any12:41
wgrantapw: Not yet.12:42
apwwgrant, when might we expect that to change?  whats the gating feature?12:42
wgrantIt hasn't been turned on, and turning it on is in the new release cycle process.12:42
wgrantSo it might just have not been got to yet.12:42
wgrantHm, it looks like it should have been done days ago.12:43
wgrantAh, no, toolchain's not done yet.12:44
wgrantapw: PPAs are meant to open when the new series does. Maverick is still frozen for toolchain changes.12:44
apwwgrant, ahh ok waiting for toolchain freeze is it ... sigh ... thanks ... i guess i'll let the cronjob waste its time then12:45
apwthanks for the info12:45
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sangiwhile trying to install loggerhead ./serve-branches is throwing an error like this: import bzrlib.foreign ImportError: No module named foreign12:51
wgrantsangi: #bzr may be more help.12:51
sangiwgrant, ok12:52
jelmersangi: the version of bzr you're using is too old12:52
sangijelmer, bzr version is 1.5-112:53
jelmersangi: I'd recommend using at least 2.0 if you're using a recent version of loggerhead12:53
sangijelmer, ok12:53
lamotheHi all, who/what controls the featured projects on the LP "home page"?13:09
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leonardrlosas (mthaddon, Chex): i need to take a look at launchpad's production apache configuration in preparation for filing an rt to change it. can you induct me into this secret?14:15
Chexleonardr: hi, I can take a look at that for you, give me a few14:22
leonardrchex, thanks14:23
mjg59I have a deactivated launchpad account that I'd like to reactivate. The "Mail me my password" link doesn't appear to actually do so.14:30
cody-somervillemjg59, what account?14:45
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mjg59cody-somerville: mjg59@codon.org.uk15:02
cody-somervillemjg59, mjg59 being your launchpad id?15:04
leonardrChex, ping re production apache configuration15:05
cody-somervillemjg59, Reactivated your account for you.15:06
cody-somervilleTry using the "forgot password" to log in now.15:06
mjg59cody-somerville: Thanks!15:10
cody-somervillemjg59, No problem. Welcome back to Launchpad :-)15:12
mjg59cody-somerville: Hm. Doesn't seem to have shown up.15:14
mjg59How long should a forgotten password request take to turn up?15:14
cody-somervillemjg59, This might be a stupid question but did you check to see if it is being caught by a spam filter?15:16
mjg59cody-somerville: Yup. I run the MX and there's been no delivery attempts.15:16
cody-somervilleI used the contact user feature on your launchpad page to send you an e-mail. Lets see if you get that.15:18
wgrantBoth SSO services just sent password reset emails to me without trouble.15:19
mjg59cody-somerville: Yes, the test email came through15:22
mjg59FWIW, even though my account is deactivated, I'm still getting all the bug mail for things like the kernel and acpi-support15:23
mjg59So mail from launchpad to me works in the general case15:23
cody-somervillemjg59, what page are you trying to reset your page on?15:29
mjg59launchpad.net, I click the "Forgot my password" link15:29
mjg59https://login.launchpad.net/GJTT08xQnLkCgvGg/+forgot_password to be precise15:30
cody-somervillelosas: ^^15:33
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alkisgHi, I'm trying to copy packages from one of my ppas to another of my ppas (Lucid to Lucid, copy existing binaries). And I'm getting17:24
alkisgOops! Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad. We’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience. (Error ID: OOPS-1587F1500)17:24
alkisgI tried 2-3 times, the same. Should I retry later on? Or change some of the options (e.g. recompile)?17:24
alkisgI also tried specifying Lucid as the series, and telling it to recompile, but again I got an oops. It looks like I'll have to reupload... :(17:35
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MethsCan you approve merge proposals by email?18:38
beunoMeths, yes, but you need to sign the emails IIRC18:39
MethsOh, okay, thanks.18:40
BlindFreakazoidhi, I have a problem: this branch https://code.launchpad.net/~konradgraefe/pidgin-birthday-reminder/trunk seems to be updating forever :(19:07
BlindFreakazoid(I noticed it some hours ago...after http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~konradgraefe/pidgin-birthday-reminder/trunk/files it is updating for more then 15 hours now)19:09
alkisgIs launchpad down?19:19
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KIAazeis launchpad down?19:19
beunoKIAaze, alkisg, we're having network issues19:20
beunoshould be fixed in a few minutes19:20
alkisgThank you19:20
KIAazeok, thanks19:20
beunoshould be back now19:20
alkisgYup, it's fine19:21
maxbalkisg: Several copy-packages related things broke in the last rollout, your OOPS is probably bug 57542619:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 575426 in soyuz "SHA1-based copy checking breaks when there are expired sources in the target" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57542619:27
alkisgmaxb, thank you, I'll watch that bug. For the moment I reuploaded to the other ppa.19:28
KIAazedo source packages for intrepid get deleted automatically?19:51
KIAazecan't get https://launchpad.net/~cae-team/+archive/ppa/+files/candystore_0.0.5.orig.tar.gz anymore19:52
KIAaze.debs are still downloadable19:52
maxbKIAaze: Given that that is source for a published version, the fact that that link is broken is a bug20:25
KIAazeknown bug?20:26
maxbIt might be. I am unsure20:29
maxbKIAaze: bug 522800. thought I'd seen it before20:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 522800 in soyuz "Broken link in PPA package details page" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52280020:35
bilalakhtarPeople, is it possible to create PPAs for debian? if so, how?20:38
KIAazethanks maxb20:38
beunobilalakhtar, not possible, no20:38
bilalakhtarbeuno: But when I go to https://launchpad.net/debian20:40
bilalakhtarbeuno: it shows on the right hand side a link for debian PPAs.20:40
maxbThe support is vestigial. It really shouldn't be shown20:41
bilalakhtarbeuno: and sabdfl said something about it yesterday20:41
bilalakhtarbeuno: I am posting what he said about it20:41
bilalakhtarbeuno: maxb: see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/429123/20:43
beunobilalakhtar, that means it's a good idea, not that it's done20:44
bilalakhtarbeuno: ohk20:44
bilalakhtarbeuno: yeah, it should really be done, since launchpad should be an open development environment, not one that is limited to ubuntu20:45
beunobilalakhtar, sure, it's open source, anyone can contribute a patch for that20:45
bilalakhtarbeuno: Anyone can do that, but, the final decision HAS to be taken by canonical20:46
maxbNot really. This requires commitment of builder machines in the datacentre20:46
maxbbeuno: ^20:46
beunomaxb, I think that's the easiest part20:46
beunobilalakhtar, I think it's taken, just needs the work done20:46
bilalakhtarmaxb: What canonical could do is, assign a few machines for building for other distros, while appoint the rest for ubuntu20:47
* maxb points to the *2 day* backlog of PPA builds currently and disputes beuno's suggestion that more PPA capacity is easy20:47
beunomaxb, lucid release20:47
beunoyou can't use that as proof!20:48
bilalakhtarBut one problem that comes in the way is that some distros are RHEL-based, some are Debian mased, some their own, so building for them would be difficult to set up20:48
maxbbeuno: Even after the borrowed builders were returned, the queue is still getting *bigger*20:48
maxboh. possibly because the build farm is turned off20:49
maxbCP in progress?20:49
beunoI don't know that much about the curent state these days20:49
bilalakhtarmaxb: the major problem here are rebuilds of packages20:50
beunobilalakhtar, as far as I am aware, the reason why there aren't any PPAs for Debian is because of the amount of work needed. Nobody has done it.20:50
bilalakhtarwhat the hell, why are SO many build machines disabled?20:51
maxbLOSAs: Is the build farm melting, or is it down for maintenance?20:52
KIAazeconcerning the additional debian package building service, something like this would be nice: http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service ;)20:52
KIAazeI wonder if it's also possible to add deb repos from there20:52
noodles785There was an issue with buildd's timing out after 30s and disabling themselves...20:53
bilalakhtarThe problem right now is not the debian ppas, but the BUILD FARM PROBLEM!20:53
psusiI get this trying to push: Unable to obtain lock lp-69637264:///~psusi/ubuntu/lucid/ureadahead/mine/.bzr/branch/lock held by psusi@bazaar.launchpad.net on host crowberry [process #19287] locked 5 hours, 13 minutes ago20:53
psusiany idea what the deal is?20:53
beunopsusi, bzr break-lock lp:~psusi/ubuntu/lucid/ureadahead/mine20:55
psusihow do I know that the process is not still running?20:57
bilalakhtarPPAs are one of the reasons why I prefer lp over sf20:57
psusibzr help says only to do that if you are sure20:57
bilalakhtarthe build farm is slowly limping back to life20:57
noodles785yeah, I'm re-enabling the ppa builders that have "No route to host" as the error.20:58
KIAazepsusi, I think I had that once too, but I was the only one using the branch. If that's your case, there shouldn't be a big risk.20:59
psusiyea, I am... which is why I'm wondering why it was locked by some process on host 'crowberry'20:59
KIAazeand if it says the lock is held by you, I guess it's ok to break it yourself20:59
beunopsusi, you may have control+c'ed or something21:00
KIAazedid a push fail?21:00
psusidon't think so21:00
bilalakhtarwhat is this "crowberry" host for? are ALL the branches on it?21:00
psusiI have no idea what "crowberry" is21:00
bilalakhtarpsusi: did the branch appear in lp?21:00
beunoyes, it's the branch server21:00
psusithink so... haven't checked today... just did a pull earlier, made some changes, and am now trying to push21:00
beunopsusi, it's held on crowberry because bzr uses a smart server21:00
beunoit executes commands remotely21:01
bilalakhtarbeuno: ALL the branches are on crowberry?21:01
beunobilalakhtar, lets say yes21:01
bilalakhtarbeuno: it means hundreds of GBs on that poor little server21:01
beunopsusi, there should be no problem in breaking the lock, there won't be anything running for 5 hours21:01
beunoI don't think that server is poor at all, it has a very nice house21:02
bilalakhtarbeuno: but, why on one server? that server is the central point of lp... lp can't be anything without code hosting21:03
beunobilalakhtar, I think assuming that there are back up servers is a safe bet21:04
bilalakhtarbeuno: yes, of course, backup will be there21:04
bilalakhtarbeuno: well, that server is lucky to be in a canonical office :)21:05
bilalakhtarI have a question. Did Ubuntu development take place in lp from the beginning? or it was shifted here/21:06
beunolp wasn't always there, but as soon as it was, Ubuntu used that, yes21:07
persiaNot quite.21:08
* beuno defers to persia21:08
persiaLP was first used for LP: Ubuntu didn't get involved until something like bug #80.21:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 80 in rosetta "cannot see who put in bad translation" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8021:08
persiaAnd at that time bugzilla was used for bugs in main, up through something like bug #6000, when Ubuntu switched over to use Malone.21:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 6000 in vice "vice 1.16-4 FTBFS" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/600021:09
persiaanyway, that was long ago :)21:09
noodles785OK, all builders are re-enabled.21:09
bilalakhtarnoodles785: congrats, I have been tracking that by refreshing the page21:09
bilalakhtarwell, one thing I didn't understand, sabdfl created his account on lp after bug #1 was filed. on the bug page, it is written that sabdfl filed the bug21:11
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)21:11
bilalakhtarlooks like ubottu can't retrieve bug #1 info21:11
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)21:11
* psusi misses ubuntu bug #1: Microsoft has a dominant market share ;)21:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121:20
TresEquisanybody know if it is possible to wire up LP bug tracker notification to go to CIA.vc?22:06
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KIAazesabdfl probably has root powers on launchpad22:31
drubinHi guys, who would i be able to pin about https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider/+question/10839322:56
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wgrantHas ISD stopped hiding yet?22:58
thumperdrubin: https://edge.launchpad.net/~canonical-isd-hackers try the contact this team's owner23:28
thumperdrubin: can't hurt23:28
* thumper runs for coffee23:28
drubinthumper: ye I was hoping to polietly catch some one on IRC guess I will do the more formal stuffs23:28
thumperdrubin: well stu@canonical.com , I'll look for his irc nick23:29
thumperdrubin: stuartm23:30
thumperdrubin: not sure if he sits on freenode though23:30
thumperdrubin: also, he is on UK time23:30
drubinthumper: I will email him23:30
drubinI just didn't want to spam random people about the ticket23:31
thumperfair enough23:31
wgrantWhy does the team running the core Ubuntu authentication service not exist publicly?23:31
wgrantThere are several questions a day about c-i-p.23:31
drubinsecurity by obscurity23:33
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