cwillu_at_workalthough I suppose that's more my choice of daughterboard than anything00:00
rcn-eeyeah, those crappy usb mini a's to other...00:00
cwillu_at_work(3 images there)00:01
rcn-eesmall but useful, easy to fit a project/product around it..00:02
cwillu_at_workabout half the size of the beagle, and the same vertical clearance as the beagle's hdmi port00:02
cwillu_at_workthey publish/open-sourced the schematics and such for the daughterboards, although not for the actual mainboards00:03
cwillu_at_workthey bring out all of the pins though, or at least the vast majority of them00:04
cwillu_at_worksome day when I'm right, I kinda wanna make an overo super computer :)00:04
cwillu_at_workdaughterboard with slots for like 16 mainboards :)00:05
rcn-eethat would look sweet, lots of cpu power in a small area..  i know a another guy was buiding a full rack of beagles last year, but the pic's never surfaced..00:06
Martynrcn-ee : I've got something better :)00:10
Martynrcn-ee : and I'm bringing it to UDS :)00:10
rcn-eereally small tegra 2? ;)  nivida finally okay'd me, but they are still backordered...00:11
Martynrcn-ee : Really awesome arm cluster :)00:11
Martynthe first smooth-stone prototype00:11
rcn-eeah very cool... are they shooting for min-atx form factor. ;)00:12
Martynbut I can't really talk about form factors00:13
MartynIn fact, even the prototype I'm bringing has to be kept in the box, and not opened00:14
rcn-eethat's defintelly an early proto...00:14
cwillu_at_workMartyn, ignore the man in the sunglasses and dark hat00:21
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DanaGhmm, how do I get the u-boot to user the initramfs flashed by flash-kernel?04:39
zumbilool: that's great -- i wish i could have more time to do this kind of work :)09:22
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NCommanderlool: if your around, can you take a look at approving this: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/mobile-maverick-arm-improved-subarch-detection/10:35
ograrcn-ee, so looks like we have a workaround for the rootstock hang !10:55
NCommanderogra: \o/11:04
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zumbiogra: what do you think of using multistrap instead debootstrap?11:12
ograwhat does it gain us over just using the mirror argument to rootstock ?11:12
ogranote that there is no problem to point it to a debian mirror ... it will likely just break on the hardcoded ubuntu stuff after debootstrap atm11:13
ograwhich someone will have to fix for debian if a debian compatibility is wanted11:13
zumbiogra: oem or thrid parties repositories to be supported11:14
zumbiogra: i'll have a look for debian compat but in terms of multistrap11:14
zumbiif you find it appropiate11:14
ogradoes it behave like debootstrap otherwise ?11:14
ograi have no objections if it doesnt break the current behavior11:15
zumbimultistrap behaves like debootstrap, but you can also add $your_business_mirror for customized packages11:15
ogra(i.e. it has to work with qemu-arm-static ... and should support all the ubuntu debootstrap scripts we use by default)11:15
zumbiogra: sure, i'll try not to break current11:15
zumbiqemu should not be a problem, I'll have a look to debootstrap ubuntu stuff, but do you have a patched debootstrap?11:16
ograin ubuntu ? just a bit i think11:17
zumbiit might be good then to add a switch so one can pick up which on to use (atm) debootstrap or multistrap11:17
ograhmm 1.0.20ubuntu1 ... the version indicates that everything should be in debian11:17
* ogra reads the description11:18
ogra"A debootstrap replacement with multiple repository support"11:18
ograthe word replacement scares me a bit11:18
zumbiwell, it is just a matter of having a switch for each one of them (at the moment)11:19
ograswitching back and forth should be no prob11:19
zumbiogra: you might not see it right now, but I only see benefits from using multistrap11:19
ograit only scares me that i know debootstrap is maintained by the same person in ubuntu and debian so i can 100% rely on it to work for both11:20
ograwithout having to fix patch or touch it at all11:20
persiaAlso, all the rest of our tools use debootstrap, so it would make something the odd one out.11:21
zumbiyes, that's a plus, we maintain multistrap and we are not hostile11:21
ograbut as i said, being able to switch between debootstrap and multistrap shouldnt be any prob at all11:21
zumbiwe as emdebian11:21
persiazumbi: If you'd be happy to *also* maintain it in Ubuntu, that makes the decision less awkward :)11:21
persiaogra: Do you support --debootstrap-mirror already?11:21
ograpersia, i support only the mirror atm11:22
zumbipersia: sure, do i have to fins a sponsor for ubuntu or do an nm?11:22
ograno reason --debootstrap-mirror couldnt be added with a few lines though11:22
zumbi(apologies for my spelling)11:22
persiaThere are no maintainers in Ubuntu, so everything is kinda NM (but we pretend we're in Uploaders without changing it).11:22
ograzumbi, we sync from debian :)11:22
persiaIf you can get a single source tree that works well for both environments, then we can just sync, which is easiest.11:23
ograif there is ubuntu support in the debian package we'll automatically get it11:23
zumbiok, that should not be a problem or if it is we should work on it to fix it.11:23
ograif you look at debootstrap, it just has two ubuntu scripts (and a bunch of links) added over debian11:23
ograhmm, no i lied, its a few more11:24
ogra9 actually11:24
ograbut using the same since the gutsy release11:25
zumbianyway, i'll have a look sometime, do not expect any soon :)11:25
zumbibtw, wookey will be arround at uds11:25
ograoh, nice11:25
zumbihe is our project leader11:25
ograi met him at a CELF in amsterdam11:26
ograwe were discussing solar thermal systems ;)11:26
ograsince we both own one11:26
zumbiyes, hehe, he likes that stuff11:26
zumbiwell, thanks for the attention11:27
ograzumbi, btw :) http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/watchthesun/11:31
zumbiis that a demo or your system? cool -- i used to work for a company which did things like that with sensors and stuff :)11:35
zumbiuhm.. and it is real time :)11:36
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ograyep :)11:36
ograwell, delayed, it rsyncs the data to the public server every hour11:36
ograthe relatime ubuntu machine sits in my basement11:36
zumbiwookey had a similar thing, http://www.wookware.org/talks/hotwaterballoon-Fosdem2009.pdf11:39
zumbihe tracks temps with rrdtool graphs11:39
ograyeah, i havent found the time yet for the matching rrd setup11:40
ograist on ym TODO list but my job doesnt leave me much time for it11:40
ograthe site i showed you was actually supposed to only be the start, clicking on a sensor on the page should pop up the mrtg/rrd graph11:41
zumbithere is a project (flukso.net) which might be of help11:44
ograoh, nice !11:44
zumbithey have a monitoring rrdtool based system with git repo, http://github.com/icarus75/flukso11:44
zumbibut I have not check out the code to see if it is generic or if it is to much hardware dependent11:45
* ogra would love to bring ubuntu into home aoutomation some day11:45
zumbithere was a talk/bof on that topic on later debconf, interesting stuff.. yes11:46
loolasac: Any input on the improved-subarch detection spec?12:11
loolasac: I'm going to prepapprove it, we can decide to schedule or not12:12
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rcn-eehey ogra, (qemu apt bug) those 3 times that it did work, did you just stick the "echo 3 /proc/cpu/alignment" in the install script? my two machines still locked up...18:55
persiarcn-ee: You might want to check the #ubuntu-devel logs: soren reported that the symptoms were very common to some seen for x86 in hardy.19:05
rcn-eethanks persia, it's almost to the point i should just auto login there too. ;)19:06
persiaIt's not a bad idea in general.  Most of the core discussions for all architectures happen there, and it's a point of coordination between all the different development teams.19:11
ogra_cmpcrcn-ee, its "echo 3 >/proc/cpu/alignment"19:59
ogra_cmpcrcn-ee, needs to go somewhere after the mount stuff in the installer script20:00
rgreeningpersia: ping20:19
* persia mumbles about contentless pings20:19
rgreeningpersia: just wondering about the possibilities of Ubuntu on ARM for Archos 5it? ARM Core A820:20
rgreeningpersia: specs are 32GB of storage, an 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, 256MB of RAM, 802/11b/g/n WiFi, a USB port, and runs Android 1.620:21
* persia is trying to figure out *which* Cortex-A820:22
rgreeningdunno if suitable to hackin ubuntu on to it.. but Id be willing to help out if its usable as a device we may want to target20:22
rgreeningdont have the unit in fromt of me to see if I can figure it out persia20:23
persiaYeah, should work fine.20:23
persiahttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-live/current/lucid-netbook-armel+omap.img would be the image you want.20:24
persiaMight need some hints to the kernel: it *should* boot on any OMAP3, but it's never quite that simple :)20:24
persiaI think there's some special codecs and video drivers, but I don't know the package names offhand.20:25
persiaAnd, as much as you like Kubuntu, running it with only 256MB of RAM will be extra fun :)20:26
rgreeningpersia: ya well aware of that. im thinking ubuntu for this20:26
persiaJust remove the "k" from the URL :)20:26
rgreeningpersia: so, this thing has an internal flash, and I assume I just write the img to it using the imagewriter ya?20:27
rgreeningpersia: also, do we have an easy way to backup whats there? so it can be restored? or thoughts on this?20:28
persiaNo, it's not going to be quite that simple :)20:28
rgreeningfigured as much20:28
persiaFirst step would be to track down some device-specific forum, and make sure you know how to backup & reflash the flash.20:28
persiaNext would be to try to find a way to boot *selectable* kernels (because you want to make sure you don't flash something that bricks the device)20:29
rgreeninghttp://archosfans.com has some useful links. I believe Archos released a developer linux image for the 5it20:29
persiaThen try booting the kernel.  When that doesn't work, find/make a kernel that boots, and try to get that into the Ubuntu kernel tree.20:29
persiaNote that folks will be annoyed if you make their devices stop booting along the way :)20:30
persia(most folks running the omap kernels seem to have BeagleBoards)20:30
rgreeningThis may be something for me to poke around with at UDS in the evenings20:31
persia*once* you have a working kernel, then you probably want to do an HD-install, following one of tbm's guides on how to install to a NAS.20:31
rgreeningpersia: this unit has a SD card slot and I have a 8 GB card in it20:31
rgreeningcould use that?20:32
persiaIf you can find a way to convince the bootloader to boot off SD, sure :)20:32
rgreeningloads of fun20:32
persiaIt's probably running some version of uboot.20:32
persiaBut determining which, and how to adjust the config, and how to avoid bricking it in the process is where you get to have fun :)20:33
* rgreening remembers the easy days of dd20:33
persiadd works, but you have to be *running an OS* to run dd :)20:34
persiaThis kind of fiddling isn't arch-specific: there's plenty of powerpc designs that have the same issues.20:34
persiaIt's about not having a standard for all devices to use the *same* hardware-bringup interface, so one can link into OS-specific second-stage bootloaders (e.g. grub)20:35
rgreeninghere's a link to someone else hacking on this apparantly: http://fladnag.net/blog/category/archubuntu/20:35
rgreeningtru dat20:35
persiaCool, so the find-way-to-swap-kernel-without-bricking-it and find-kernel-config-that-works steps should be easy.20:36
rgreeningI think he is using the develop edition firmware from archos20:37
rgreeningI may have to pop him a msg20:38
rgreeningty persia20:38
persiaLet me know how it goes, and if you get it working, please document *how* on the wiki.20:38
persiaI'd like a little more RAM, but if it works, and can have USB Host somehow, I'd personally prefer it to a BeagleBoard.20:39
* persia likes shiny plastic cases20:39
persiaNote that it will suffer from all the standard issues that Ubuntu has at 800x480 :)20:39
persiaYou probably want to install lubuntu-desktop or similar on it.20:40
rgreeningjust watching this. part way thru a ubuntu desktop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GIyeonA5jE20:41
rgreeninghe has to reboot/hard shut as not touch and no keyboard. hah20:42
persiaLooks like Archos as a "mini-dock" that you want to get to have a keyboard.20:44
rgreeningor a bluetooth kdeboard. I have a bluetooth mouse and it works well with it20:44
rgreeningyes. I have used a mouse with this20:44
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Guest20529in chicago ...23:00
* cwillu_at_work stalks rcn-ee 23:37
persiaMight be getting late in the day for that :)  rcn-ee's are best caught a few hours earlier.23:47
cwillu_at_workya, I only got my images in a row a few minutes ago23:49
cwillu_at_workI've found a hardware dependent btrfs failure :)23:49
cwillu_at_workor a btrfs dependent hardware failure :/23:50
cwillu_at_worksame card and image works in both beagles and overos if the rootfs is ext323:50
rcn-eenah i'm back.. ;)  wow... so it's only btrfs on overo..23:50
cwillu_at_workand at least that one specific file23:50
rcn-eethat's just crazy...  so what do we do next.. get the btrfs's guys involved/23:51
cwillu_at_workI poked them as well, yes23:51
cwillu_at_workI'm guessing it's something with the "retrying using single block read" honestly, i.e., either btrfs isn't flushing properly, or something23:52
cwillu_at_workooo, reply in #btrfs23:52
rcn-eecwillu_at_work,  btw.. just in case... you haven't tried the right? (i think i found another gcc/kernel bug...23:53
cwillu_at_workyou saw the pastes right?23:53
rcn-eegood, lucid's version stops at uncompressing.. (actually just loading as i see it..) grabbing a beer and taking shoes off. ;)23:54
cwillu_at_workshhhh, he's thinking :p23:57
rcn-eepatiently waits.. (they don't log their channel do they)23:57
cwillu_at_workusually I'm trying to get cmason's attention23:59
rcn-eei couldn't find anything quick oh, well it'll be interesting to see what he thinks..23:59
cwillu_at_workI wouldn't hold your breath yet :)23:59

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