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thorwilkwwii: good morning! so with a 2nd introduction of a web-designer on the list, who seems to be somewhat competent, it would be great if you or one of your colleagues could explain if a new theme for the wiki and/or the brainstorm site would be welcome and what the conditions would be08:19
kwwiithorwil: right, thanks for that...will do08:48
kwwiithorwil: unfortunately, dom and the web crew are not in belgium with us :-(08:53
kwwiithorwil: might take a week or so to figure things out08:53
thorwilkwwii: i'm about to ask N. Deschildre to get to know who's in charge of brainstorm now. meanwhile just a note to the list that this is being investigated would be nice08:54
kwwiicool, will do08:55
* thorwil wonders where the flood of introductions comes from and if anyone one of them will actually do something12:01

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