ZeRoDeAtH50435question, how do I do this in linux:http://pastebin.com/PzRs1jbi00:01
pedro3005fala lobinho00:40
lobinhooh, sorry for the wait, pedro300501:12
lobinhomy connection dropped and I hadn't seen your message =)01:12
pedro3005lobinho, how goes?01:13
lobinhogood, good01:14
lobinhowhat's up?01:14
pedro3005not much01:14
pedro3005lobinho, chega ai no #ubuntu-beginners-dev01:14
lobinhosorry, I'm a little busy right now01:16
lobinhoI'll go out for dinner with the folks here and once I get back I'll log back in ;)01:16
pedro3005ok, have a good time :)01:16
pointydriphello, I just upgraded to 10.04 and I get past the logo screen on boot, I believe it is a problem with the my nvidia card, can anyone help02:14
pointydripi first tried manually installing the nvidia drivers in the recovery console, but that didn't help02:18
pointydripare you not supposed to be able to revert to older kernels in GRUB once upgrading to 10.04?02:21
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pointydripanyone have experience with 10.04 and nvidia cards?02:28
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: You should be able to use older kernels via grub if you haven't uninstalled them.02:28
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: What's your Nvidia problem?02:29
pointydripI get: usplash:427 freeing invalid memtype02:29
pointydripthere was originally an issue with the mouse pointer input, which prevented me from logging in at first so I rebooted02:31
pointydrip...installed the drivers manually from the recovery console,02:31
pointydripnow on boot it freezes at the ubuntu logo02:32
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: What card do you have?02:33
pointydripgtx 28002:33
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Have you tried one of the older kernels?02:35
pointydripI can't revert for some reason, all the ones that were previously stable i get (before anything) a blinking dash for a while then: usplash:427 freeing invalid memtype mmmmmmffffffffff....02:37
pointydripim on my laptop02:37
pointydripfor now02:37
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Can you try reinstalling the drivers?02:38
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pointydripyes, I just ran --config gl_conf, ldconfig, nvidia-xconfig and it gives me: WARNING: Unable to parse X.Org version string02:40
pointydripi'll try reinstalling02:40
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: You might want to try "sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)" and "sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config xorg-dev" before you reinstall02:41
pointydripokay, thnx02:41
pointydripthat didn't seem to work, I did notice that when I upgraded it installed headers 2.6.31-21 and 2.6.31-22, using t2.6.31-22 I made it to the login screen but couldn't do anything because of the pointer error, which after reinstalling is gone, but now it brings me to the command login instead of a graphical02:56
pointydrip2.6.32-22 still freezes at the ubuntu logo02:56
pointydriphow do I start x server from command line?02:58
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: startx02:58
pointydripi get: exec: 3: usr/bin/X: not found02:59
pointydripit says no such file directory or process03:00
Jon_MonrealCan you sudo apt-get install - reinstall xserver-xorg03:03
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Beautiful good or beautiful bad?03:07
pointydripwell the choice of colour scheme for 10.04 is down right ugly, but at least it's working to a certain extent03:08
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Hahahaha. Pointer working?03:08
pointydripyeah, there are some window border peculiarities03:09
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Also, if you try reinstalling the drivers, I would highly recommend trying EnvyNG http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html03:09
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: What are the effects of these peculiarities?03:11
pointydripthe borders are missing03:11
Jon_MonrealCan you go to a terminal and type: metacity --replace03:12
pointydripthat fixed it for the terminal window briefly, now things are freezing up03:13
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: A restart might be a good idea if it's not unfreezing.03:14
pointydripokay, so should I try it again? or something else03:16
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Yeah, try it again. Hopefully you won't even need to startx this time03:16
pointydripyes i'm back in, but with the same issue03:17
Jon_MonrealTry metacity --replace again03:17
pointydripokay it's working, I think what i did was closed the terminal window last time, is there a bash script I can create for this at startup?03:18
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Try metacity --replace &03:20
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: And then restart. If it messes up again, we'll do something else.03:21
pointydripokay, I've had issues with metacity in 9.10, but at least I can play around with it now03:22
pointydripno that still didn't work, anyways that gets me out the whole I was in, now I have a mad rush to finish web updates...03:24
pointydripthank you very much for the help03:24
mohi1hey starcraftman03:40
starcraftmanevening mohi03:41
starcraftmanit is I!03:41
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mohi1starcraftman, i saw your name in red when i used pidgin. Any reasons??03:42
starcraftmanhow goes mohi1, channel is quiet.03:42
starcraftmanmohi1: magic! I'm that good.03:42
mohi1starcraftman, now only i came and lol LIAR03:43
* mohi1 thinks starcraftman must be evil so that his name is RED :P03:43
starcraftmanreally? Hmmm, perhaps. Does red have to be evil though?03:44
mohi1starcraftman, you told PabloRubianes to get in?? who gave permission for him?? xD03:44
starcraftmanmohi1: he came to back me up on not being evil, clearly.03:44
starcraftmanRight PabloRubianes?03:44
PabloRubianesof couse03:45
mohi1starcraftman, red is evil (defined by mohi =])03:45
mohi1starcraftman, you failed :P03:45
mohi1and i know PabloRubianes will never speak truth in his life03:46
starcraftmanmohi1: are you implying PabloRubianes is biased in my favor? Well I never.03:46
PabloRubianesmohi1: please this is the support channel. we can talk in -team03:46
* starcraftman slips PabloRubianes another few cookies and beer under table.03:46
starcraftmanPabloRubianes: true, but it was dead quiet. Over we go.03:47
* mohi1 steals the cookies03:47
PabloRubianesstarcraftman: yeah but this is logged... so all the non sense is recorded ;-)03:47
TJ_DHi all, got a question, not sure if anyone can help. I'm fairly certain the code language I'm using is somewhat specific to the program it interacts with, but I'm guessing it's somewhat similar and so maybe someone can help.04:22
TJ_DI posted up my problem here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428697/04:23
vuxpyraokay so like i just installed 10.04 but now the wireless and bluetooth adaptors arent working. halp plz?05:53
shahan Chromium B.S.U05:56
shahanChromium B.S.U is not installing from UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER05:56
eks010help I have a gateway netbook with win 7 starter     I installed ubuntu netbook via wubi    and   after install i rebooted and all I get is (after hitting enter to load ubuntu) is a flashing curser (underscore) and never load but if I edit the command in grub for recovery mode (chande hd to 0,1 insted of 0,2 it loads05:57
eks010help me?05:57
shahannothing is being installing05:57
shahanlet me take a restart of my PC..... will be back after taking BREAKFAST... WITH BREAD and Nocilla06:01
ddecatorvuxpyra: have you checked to see if you need to install a proprietary driver for your wireless card?06:02
ddecatorand eks010 already got off =\06:03
vuxpyrahow do i do that. sorry sorta new to ubuntu06:09
ddecatorgo to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers, and it will let you know if any are available06:09
shahannow its downloading after restarting the PC06:12
ddecatorshahan: good to hear =)06:12
vuxpyrathxx. il try it out later. gotta connect thru cable first06:13
ddecatorsure thing06:13
shahana problem with GRUB07:23
shahanin LUCID07:23
shahanI have to restore it07:23
shahanhow to do it in LUCID?07:23
shahanis there any easy solution?07:23
shahana GUI solution?07:24
swoodyshahan: this isn't a GUI solution, but it's a pretty easy to follow copy/paste command line guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:25
swoodyscroll down to 'Recover grub2 via LiveCD'07:26
shahanswoody: tnx07:30
shahanswoody: its preety easy07:30
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shahanI am back13:00
shahanelectricity gone....13:09
shahanI have to go13:09
shahangoing to learn PHP and SQL14:31
shahanbut looking for a easy way to learn it in UBUNTU14:31
ZachK_shahan: Meaning?14:33
shahanZachK_: that is looking for a place to write programme14:33
shahanZachK_: in Windows I used to in DreamWeaver14:34
shahanZachK_: Adobe Dreamweaver14:34
ZachK_shahan: Look at Bluefish14:34
shahanZachK_: I have installed it14:34
shahanZachK_: but looking for more better things14:34
ZachK_Have you looked at notepad ++14:35
shahanZachK_: no..14:36
starcraftmanshahan: I'd say more just find a half decent bunch of tutorials on net or maybe even a book from library/amazon. The ide/editor you use isn't a big factor imo.14:36
starcraftmanZachK_: that's only windows btw.14:36
shahanstarcraftman: hmm14:37
starcraftmanshahan: I can't recommend off hand, I'm not a big php guy.14:37
shahanstarcraftman: ok... tnx14:37
starcraftmanshahan: and for IDE you might want to try eclipse or netbeans, both have php/web deveolopment plugins.14:38
starcraftmanthings like bluefish or quanta are more for web only where eclipse/netbeans more general ide.14:38
shahanstarcraftman: netbeans is too big14:46
shahanstarcraftman: I think BLUE FISH is good14:47
starcraftmanshahan: didn't say was for everyone, guess its more a professional coders environment.14:47
shahanstarcraftman: hmm14:47
shahanstarcraftman:  okk....14:47
shahanstarcraftman: I will practice in BLUEFISH14:47
shahanstarcraftman: tnx for help14:47
shahanstarcraftman: what do u do in PC?14:47
shahanstarcraftman: now looking for a good source for learning it14:49
starcraftmanshahan: I'm a computer science student, mostly do system programming.14:55
starcraftmanjava, c++, such, like perl too.14:56
shahanstarcraftman: I wanna learn PERL14:56
shahanstarcraftman: hmm14:56
shahanhow to learn it?14:56
starcraftmanshahan: well I got taught mostly in a web programming class, also got a book from O'reilly called learning perl.15:01
starcraftmanIt's quirky, takes some getting used to.15:01
starcraftmanshahan: do you have any programming background?15:02
shahanstarcraftman: no15:03
shahanstarcraftman: no programming background15:03
shahanstarcraftman: I am from BUSINESS FACULTY15:03
shahanstarcraftman: but now.... I wanna learn Programming15:04
shahanstarcraftman: but ... how to start?15:04
shahanstarcraftman: I am in confusing15:04
shahanstarcraftman: confusion15:04
starcraftmanshahan: ah, I see. That would be a bit of a problem, getting into programming with no background can be time consuming.15:06
shahanstarcraftman: no problem15:06
shahanstarcraftman: I am interested to learn PHP and SQL15:06
shahanstarcraftman: I have a little bit idea about HTML15:06
starcraftmanshahan: html isn't so much a programming language as a markup. Mark ups simply dictate how something should look (i.e. whats on the page). Real functionality of a page comes from javascript that actually has variables and functions and such.15:08
nemixok n00b here, trying to set up my first linux box, ubuntu 10.04 server, for file sharing, printer and scanner sharing15:08
nemixserver is up15:08
nemixwindows boxes and osx box can see it15:08
nemixcan see the shared test file folder15:08
nemixcannot see the printer at all15:09
nemixthat i've attempted to share15:09
starcraftmanshahan: do you mind learning another language before php, python's a good language to start with imo and free books like  > http://diveintopython3.org/ are good.15:10
starcraftmannemix: What computer is the printer attached to?15:10
nemixprinter is attached to the ubuntu server, my desire is to share out the printer and scanner, to all other computers on the network15:10
nemixubuntu sees the printer, drivers and stuff i installed seem to work fine15:11
nemixand i've shared it out with the basic settings and a guide a found, but i must have missed something somewhere15:11
starcraftmannemix: this just a cli server or your running with a gui?15:11
nemixwhats cli?  client?15:12
shahanstarcraftman: tnx15:12
shahanis there anyone who has used gMobileMedia?15:12
starcraftmannemix: command line interface. A server can be run without a graphical top component, decreases resource load.15:12
nemix10.04 x86 server install, i'm managing via vnc log in to the gui desktop15:13
shahangMobileMedia is a software used for browsing the PHONE line Nokia PC Suite15:13
nemixnope, i'm vnc'd into the gui desktop  <---- n00b and command line is scary lol15:13
shahanis there anyone who has used gMobileMedia?15:14
shahangMobileMedia is a software used for browsing the PHONE like Nokia PC Suite15:14
shahanis there anyone who has used "gMobileMedia"?15:14
starcraftmannemix: its only scary until you try.15:14
starcraftmannemix: anyway, hmmm, can I see guide you were following? I usually just buy independantly networked machines and have them set up to print over network.15:15
nemixlet me see i had so many posts open15:17
nemixand yeah, i'll learn command, one step at a time, first osx box with terminal and now my first linus15:18
nemixlinux even15:18
ZeRoDeAtH50435how do I access the device manager on Ubuntu or check to see if I have one installed15:19
nemixi dont see the post i was using15:20
nemixbut here's what i have15:20
nemixso system / admin15:20
nemixi see the printer there15:20
nemixonly one15:20
starcraftmanZeRoDeAtH50435: device manager? lspci or lsusb commands maybe?15:20
nemixunder the server menu15:20
starcraftmannemix: k, and it prints fine if you test it?15:21
nemixi have publish shared printers connected to this system15:21
nemixthen on the preferences of the actual printer itself (right click preferences)15:21
nemixi have under policies15:21
nemixenabled / accepting jobs / and shared15:22
nemixall checked15:22
nemixaccess control is allow printer for everyone except these users15:22
nemixand no users are liste15:22
nemixlisted even15:22
starcraftmannemix: sounds like ya done what I woulda said, lemme see my own printing config.15:23
nemixmaybe its some other kind of network setting i'm missing15:24
ZeRoDeAtH50435I need the one for network adapter, have to open the properties page, then the advanced tab15:24
starcraftmannemix: One thing you might want to note is:http://localhost:631/admin in a browser. One stop adminning for cups printing, some prefer this interface.15:24
nemixso in that interface15:25
nemixthe printers tab15:25
nemixshows a printer15:25
nemixbut hte administration tab doesnt15:25
nemixah prehaps i'm an idiot, the admin tab printers section is just supposed to be buttons not a list i guess15:27
starcraftmannemix: that's fine, it should only be under printers tab.15:27
starcraftmannemix: click advanced blue button, you have sharing on?15:27
nemixadvanced button where exactly?15:28
starcraftmannemix: aministration tab > sever settings > advanced.15:28
nemixlink not a button you threw me15:29
nemixshare printers protocol15:29
nemixcups is checked, ladap and slp not15:29
nemixdo i need all checked?15:29
starcraftmannemix:  the show and share printers lines are checked right?15:30
starcraftmanhmmm, pretty sure ya only need cups protocols. k, check the other ones then too15:31
starcraftmanit should be working. Maybe cups service needs restarting, you can do it with following command:15:31
starcraftmansudo service cups restart15:31
starcraftmanIn a terminal Applciations > Accessories > Terminal15:31
nemixjohn@ubuntu-server:~$ sudo service cups restart15:32
nemix[sudo] password for john:15:32
nemix * Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd                         [ OK ]15:32
nemixyeah lol15:32
nemixi know where the terminal is15:32
nemixjust not good at it15:32
nemixgood with it, i should say15:33
starcraftmannemix: check other systems now then see if sharing ok?15:33
nemixdoesnt look like it15:34
nemixno printers were found15:34
nemixmaybe some other network setting unrelated specefically to printer is hosed15:34
starcraftmansigh, this is why networking is a pain.15:34
nemixalthough both mac and pc see the server15:35
starcraftmannemix: it could be, unfortunately networking has many points of failure.15:35
nemixand see the file share folder15:35
nemixdag nab it, printer sharing was supposed ot be easy lol15:36
nemixscanner sharing was goign ot be the hard part15:36
starcraftmannemix: hehehe, sorry, not something I've lots of experience with.]15:36
starcraftmannemix: you posted on ubuntuforums.org?15:36
starcraftmanThey likely have more experienced networking people.15:37
starcraftmanchannels kinda quiet atm apart from me.15:37
nemixnot yet, but i will15:37
nemixlike the instant feedback of irc15:37
starcraftmannemix: I understand, well your welcome to hang around we got some more knowledgeable folks than I, when they wake up.15:39
nemixearly risers eh?15:39
starcraftmannemix: some just busy, some work, some go to school.15:40
nemixi hear yeah15:40
nemixi should be working right now15:40
nemixI'm happy i got file sharing working right out of the box15:50
nemixnow i'm greedy and want print and scanner too15:50
nemixyeah all my file shares seem to work great15:57
nemixpos printer15:58
nemixi guess worse comes to worse i could just share the printer from my win7 box15:58
nemixis there a built in disk defrag in here somewhere16:14
geirhanemix: http://linkpot.net/behead/16:22
phillwBut Linux filesystems don't need defragmenting!16:26
phillwWhoever told you that is deeply mistaken, this is one of the most common myths of Linux.16:26
phillwWhat is true is that Linux filesystems avoid, where possible, fragmenting their inode tables. This means that the index of how files are split up (fragmented) across the disk, and where those parts are, tends to be kept together as a whole.16:26
nemixi kind of knew that, but i have a usb drive thats lived on windows for years16:26
nemixwith good data16:26
nemixnow its on my linux server16:26
hobgoblinext4 changes that I think16:26
nemixso i need to plug it back to windows defrag16:27
nemixthen go forward using it on the ubuntu server?16:27
phillwi was quoting one of the devs for ureadahead http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8998483&postcount=116:27
LzrdKinglinux filesystems get fragmented but don't need to be defragmented16:30
nemixhmm well i'm making progress16:32
nemixnetwork can see the shared printer now16:32
nemixneither one prints16:32
nemixbut from windows the print job shows as completed job16:32
nemixjust no print16:32
nemixdid make noise though16:32
nemixosx just doesnt do anything on print command16:32
nemixbit at least they see the damn printer now16:32
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geirhanemix: There might be a fat defrag tool for linux, but I don't know what it's/they are called in such a case.16:43
nemixi'm playing with an old box16:46
nemixnot even sure how much ram is in there16:46
nemixis there a like system profile where it shows you processor and ram?16:47
Jon_Monrealnemix: Try Applications>System Tools>System Profiler and Benchmark16:48
pointydriphello I just upgraded to 10.04 and must use the command:/$ metacity --replace17:04
pointydripin order for desktop to be functional, how do I make this persistant?17:05
pointydripalso for some reason the window controls are on the wrong side (close, minimize maximize)17:06
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Hello again17:10
pointydripokay, forget that last part I see now it is a new design feature, metacity still does not run correctly on startup17:11
pointydriphi jon_monreal, having finish my work I'm back to tinkering with metacity17:11
geirhapointydrip: System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> [Visual Effects] -> (*) None17:11
pointydripyes I have that setting17:12
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Go to a terminal and type gconf-editor and press enter17:14
pointydripalready there17:14
Jon_MonrealThen navigate to destkop>gnome>applications>window_manager17:15
Jon_MonrealAh, that appears to be deprecated17:16
pointydripno I have it17:16
Jon_MonrealThe key has been deprecated17:17
Jon_MonrealLet's see17:19
geirhapointydrip: The setting you set in appearance properties will only be saved if you exit gnome cleanly17:20
pointydrip....actually I just left the command:/$ metacity --replace    sit in the terminal for a while and it eventually returned to the command line17:23
pointydripi just rebooted  and everything works fine17:23
pointydripfor future reference how do i leave gnome cleanly? (through my own will)17:24
geirhaChoose logout, reboot, shutdown from the menu in the upper-right corner17:26
geirhaOr you can use the gnome-session-save command from a terminal17:26
pointydripbut in the case of the command:/$ metacity --replace  still running...is that all I had to do, just wait for a while until it finished? then reboot normally17:28
Jon_Monrealgeirha, pointydrip: This was due to a previous problem with X not starting that we worked on previously. The problem that came up was that the windows were without borders (and effects were not enabled)17:28
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Yes, that should work.17:29
pointydrip3rd reboot now...works great17:30
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Are you still planning on trying to install those Nvidia drivers?17:31
pointydripi looked at envy in the software center and it said its not support for amd6417:31
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: I didn't think it was in the software center17:33
pointydripthat's strange, there were 3 packages under envyng search a moment ago, all of which said were not compatible with amd64, now i search for them and theres nothing17:35
pointydripanyways a problem exists now that I can't open firefox, I would install envy as soon as I can figure this out17:36
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: I wonder if they were removed from the repos or something17:36
pointydripthats what I think,17:36
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: With EnvyNG DKMS even installs the drivers when you update your kernel, so you don't have to do anything17:37
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Re Firefox: go to a terminal and type firefox --debug17:38
pointydripit's still working...is libmoon the package for silverlight? it mentions that when i run from terminal then i get seg fault17:40
pointydripI also have 2 profiles for running in seperate x screens17:40
pointydripi have a feeling that did not transfer well to 10'0417:40
pointydrip2 firefox profiles that is17:41
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Yes, Moonlight I believe17:41
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/moon/+bug/53879617:41
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: You might want to indicate that the bug affects you if you have a Launchpad account17:41
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Looks like, for some reason that status of the EnvyNG package is listed as "Deleted" on Launchpad17:44
pointydripyep, getting rid of libmoon moonlight-plugin-core moonlight-plugin-mozilla makes firefox run fine17:46
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Looks like envyng was replaced with jockey17:48
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Which is simply System>Administration>Hardware Drivers.17:49
pointydripjockey was standard pre-lucid was it not?17:50
pointydripat least in karmic and jaunty, but it never worked for me until lucid17:50
Jon_Monrealpointydrip: Yeah, it's been standard, but EnvyNG was still an option.17:51
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip: Yeah, I had jockey fail on me in a previous release. Does it show your driver?17:53
pointydripyes as well as the alternatives I was trying yesterday17:53
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip: Did you already try jockey?17:54
pointydripuntil now the jockey drivers always failed and I alsways had to get the most current from nvidia.com,17:55
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip: You mean with different systems?17:55
pointydripno with this one17:55
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip: Aww snap.17:56
pointydrip1I read in lucid notes that there is increase nvidia drivers support through jockey, but there is subsequently less support on the nvidia website17:57
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip1: You could still try the textual EnvyNG installer if you want to.17:58
pointydrip1you think it's better than jockey?17:59
Jon_Monreal1I've had more success with it in the past17:59
Jon_Monreal1But YMMV of course.17:59
Jon_Monreal1Binaries are still available at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/amd64/envyng-core/2.0.1ubuntu318:00
pointydrip1I was eventually planning on trying both nvidia/ati simultaneously I suppose this would help with things18:00
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip1: I've never heard of that resulting in anything great lol18:01
pointydrip1story of my life...18:01
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip1: That is, you won't get Crossfire/SLI or anything like that18:02
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip1: Even if you had Windows18:02
pointydrip1of course, it's more for testing convenience18:02
Jon_Monreal1pointydrip1: That's the only reason I've ever seen for it being done, but I've only ever seen it done with a Mac Pro18:03
=== Jon_Monreal1 is now known as Jon_Monreal
pointydrip1Jon_Monreal: well i'll be sure to post my results should I have any kind of success, that is if I can even squeeze anything next to the gtx 28018:06
Jon_MonrealIf you get envyng-core, you have to run it with with envyng at the terminal18:06
Jon_Monrealpointydrip1: Yeah, that could be a bit difficult lol18:07
Jon_Monrealpointydrip1: I'm gonna go for a couple mins, if you need help maybe someone else can assist you. Otherwise, I'll be back in a few.18:10
pointydrip1I should be okay, thanks for the help18:11
frank1_My last ipod classic 80gb was a simple plug and play device with rhythembox. Now my newish 120gb classic doesent seem to transfer music. any ideas?18:54
LzrdKingcuz apple hates ubuntu users19:03
frank1_well maybe but my 80 gb works fine19:08
LzrdKingthey didn't hate ubuntu users back then19:08
frank1_so basically this new ipod is a brick to me?19:09
pedro3005not all is lost19:10
pedro3005does it have some sort of model number?19:11
frank1_mod number a123819:12
frank1_it shows up in rhythmbox just like my 80 and transfers fine but with i disconect the ipoop says theres no music19:13
pedro3005frank1_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4849761&postcount=21419:14
frank1_i have a bad feeling about this lol19:17
frank1_i dont even wanna use amarok. it doesent even detect my music library19:17
frank1_rhythembox was nice and easy19:20
frank1_amarok has always given me problems19:21
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frank1_how easy is it to just run wine on 9.1019:24
geirhaJust as easy as in 9.04 ;P19:29
frank1_well ive never used it before19:30
geirhaInstall the wine or wine2 package, then right-click an .exe file in nautilus and choose run with wine19:30
geirhaOr maybe it's open with19:30
frank1_and i can run itunes with wine?19:30
geirhaI doubt it19:30
frank1_alright than19:31
frank1_fuckin wonderfull19:31
pedro3005wine2?! didn't hear the news19:31
Jon_Monrealfrank1_: You could run iTunes in a virtual machine if you have a copy of Windows19:31
geirhaYou go to appdb.winehq.org and search for a windows app, then you can see how well it works with wine.  http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=134719:31
frank1_i do have a copy of windows. i hate windows. and i hate itunes. i just want rhythembox to work with my 12019:32
geirhabronze and silver means parts of it will work, but likely not satisfactory. You generally want gold or platinum rating19:32
frank1_i just traded my 80gb for  a 120gb thinking that it would work as seemless as befopre19:33
geirhapedro3005: I probably meant wine1.2 :)19:33
Jon_Monrealfrank1_: Things don't always work seamlessly with proprietary hardware19:33
pedro3005geirha, oh :P I was looking at their homepage, very confused19:34
Jon_Monrealfrank1_: Installing a VM is surprisingly easy. Here's a tutorial, if you need one: http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=154619&d=127250119119:34
geirhaOne of the new things with 10.04 though was that ipods was supposed to work much better...19:35
frank1_if thats the case ill just upgrade19:36
frank1_just didnt want to deal with the downtime if it wasnt gunna fix the problwm19:36
frank1_john: got another link? that one wont work cuz im not logged in19:38
geirhafrank1_: Well, I've just read that somewhere. Don't know if it will fix your problem. I stay away from half-eaten apple products19:38
geirhafrank1_: A safer approach is to download the liveCD, and try to sync from the live session.19:39
frank1_geirha: yea me to but my zune 80 died and i got the ipoop 80gb for 60bucks19:39
frank1_and flash devices just arent offering enough storage yet. i cant downgrade19:40
frank1_so alas, i have to make due with what i got19:40
frank1_a half eaten rotten apple19:40
geirhaIt certainly sounds promising19:45
AJH101Drubin: Hello I gave up trying to log in and have decided to reinstall. First of course I need to copy some files from my /home folder. How can I change permissions? Have tried right-clicking but I am not allowed access. Any ideas?20:29
geirhaAJH101: Are you in a live session?20:32
AJH101Right now? Yes20:32
geirhaAlt+F2: gksudo nautilus20:32
AJH101and then?20:33
geirhaThat'll give you a nautilus window with root privileges. Should have full access to all files20:33
AJH101ok will try thanks20:33
AJH101Looking great. Thanks20:34
geirhaIf you want to drag and drop files, you need to run that again so you have two nautilus windows running as root.20:36
AJH101I was planning to cut and paste - will i need two windows that way too?20:37
geirhaAt least the one you drag files to must be running as root, because that window is the one that initiates the transfer, and need the read access.20:37
geirhaAh, no, with copy/paste you can do with one :)20:37
AJH101Always like the simple life... :-)20:37
BurkyMy question is this20:53
BurkyI am a new user to Ubuntu, and it is great, but I can't get my linksys wireless card to work20:54
ddecatorhave you checked to see if there is a proprietary driver for it?20:54
BurkyI downloaded the ndiswrapper tried to install it and got the error message "Installation of the ndiswrapper-source failed" "Ignoring package maybe you need to ass something to sources, maybe the contrib and non-free archives" Did I do something wrong?20:56
BurkyADD not ass sry20:56
ddecatortry going to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers and see if anything shows up for your wireless card (i'm not sure if linksys has proprietary drivers or not)20:57
BurkyI was told by linksys that they don't support linux21:00
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BurkyJust checked and have no proprietary drivers on the system21:01
ddecatorhm, alright. do any networks show up in the network manager, or does it not even detect anything?21:02
Burkyno detection of anything21:03
Burkythe only one I can use is my wired connection21:03
ddecatorand this happens even after a reboot?21:03
BurkyHere's the situation.  I was given a laptop by a friend that was running windows. It had way too much security crap on it so I wiped it and installed Ubuntu. So nothing was ever installed in the first place21:05
ddecatori'm assuming you installed Ubuntu 10.04?21:07
Burkyjust  upgraded from9 yesterday21:08
ddecatorah, ok. did the wireless card work on 9.10?21:09
Burkynever tried it21:09
Burkygetting ready for vacation, and want to check mail while i'm there21:10
ddecatoralright, well one thing you can try is running 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' in a terminal to make sure everything is up-to-date just in case it's due to an outdated package. i know there was a kernel update recently which could help21:13
BurkyI will try that thanks. I need to switch computers will you be here for a few more minutes?21:14
ddecatordefinitely =)21:14
BurkyThanks bbs21:15
Burkyddecatur, you still here?22:04
ddecatorBurky: yes22:04
BurkyNice. Figured out how to get the driver installed, now just to see if it will connect.  Only prob is  don't know if there are any networks to connect to22:06
ddecatormy experience has been that, even if i don't think there are networks, there are a few people randomly have setup somewhere nearby, haha22:07
ddecatorand the second half of that sentence made little sense..22:07
BurkyI tend to type behind my thought process22:14
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ddecatorsame, haha22:18
ddecatorhave you had a chance to test it yet?22:18
=== Ches|Away is now known as Chesamo
th5thevening all23:07
ddecatorhey th5th23:08
th5thcould someone help me with an install problem?23:08
ddecatorwe can try =)23:09
th5thtrying to install a command line system (to start with) on a Samsung NB30 netbook. Installation appears to go fine, but when I reboot afterwards I am left with a blinking cursor...23:09
ChesamoWhat are you using to install?23:12
ChesamoWhich disc, I mean23:12
th5thalternate 386 iso burnt onto usb with unetbootin23:12
ddecatori keep hearing about this =\23:13
ChesamoI haven't used that in a long time...23:13
th5th...that bad huh? :P23:13
ibuclawyep, that bad23:13
ibuclawwhat are we talking about?23:13
th5thtrying to install a command line system (to start with) on a Samsung NB30 netbook. Installation appears to go fine, but when I reboot afterwards I am left with a blinking cursor...23:14
ibuclawSamsung Netbooks <323:14
ibuclawth5th, yours come with a trapdoor to the RAM modules?23:14
ibuclawthe greatest idea ever IMO23:15
ibuclawI bought my N110 with a 4GB SoDIMM23:15
ddecatorwell that topic shifted pretty quickly =p23:15
ibuclawddecator, I'm a professional procrastinator, what can I say? =)23:15
ibuclawth5th, when you say a command-line system, you mean a minimal installation?23:16
th5thyeah. it's called command line installation on the menu.23:17
th5thany ideas? i can get to a shell on the / partition with rescue mode if that will be useful...23:19
ChesamoIn rescue mode?23:20
ddecatori think this came about with a kernel update...do you have any older kernels you can try booting into?23:20
th5thno its's a fresh install. netbook arrived yesterday :D23:20
th5thi suppose i can try doing an install from the 9.10 iso...23:21
ibuclawI can not actually see a command-line install, although I'm pretty certain I've come across it before23:27
ibuclawth5th, did you use a netboot or alternative iso image?23:28
th5thalternate iso23:29
th5ththen used unetbootin to boot from usb23:29
ibuclawI am aware of what unetbootin does23:29
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ibuclawth5th, when you boot from the netbook, hold down Left Shift23:31
ibuclawdoes a grub menu appear?23:31
th5thno nothing23:33
ibuclawth5th, grub probably didn't get installed then23:33
ibuclawhence unbootable system23:33
th5thmakes sense :) what are my options?23:33
ibuclawis probably something to do with the conversion of the alternate CD into a USB medium23:34
ibuclawiirc - ubuntustudio didn't play well (and that was some 2 years ago when I last looked at it)23:34
ibuclawso you can either: 1) get the GUI LiveCD and convert that using unetbootin, as that is tried and tested to work.23:35
ibuclawor 2) get the netboot iso - which is a tiny 9MB image that requires an ethernet connection to install23:35
ibuclawworks perfectly with unetbootin, and offers some extra fun configuration options, such as full disk encryption and LVM.23:36
th5ththat sounds good. i would like to start from the bottom up with the system if possible. do you have a link to the netboot one? i have not come across it.23:36
ibuclawth5th, it's in the repos23:37
* ibuclaw gets archives23:37
ChesamoBottom up?23:37
* Chesamo perks up23:37
ibuclawth5th, you can either get mini.iso and let unetbootin extract it to the pendrive23:38
ibuclawor download boot.img.gz23:38
ibuclawgunzip boot.img.gz23:38
ibuclawand dd if=boot.img of=/dev/sdX23:39
ibuclawthe primer probably being the easier option =)23:39
th5thgoing with mini.iso23:39
th5thgotta transfer the ethernet cable to the netbook now. back soon (hopefully ;) )!23:40
ibuclawth5th, I wrote a guide a while back http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=126254623:40
ibuclawor not =)23:40
UbuntuBoyI can't change language in lynx my Interface Language it's a fusion between french and english23:44
geirhaThat means it's not fully translated into french23:45
UbuntuBoyi remove all english language files but the same problem exist23:46
geirhaActually, no language has fully translated all Ubuntu programs.23:46
geirhaYou can help out by translating the missing parts if you like.23:47
UbuntuBoyNo it's fully translated after the instalation but now it's not23:47
UbuntuBoyi don't have problem whit Programs But i want the desktop translated in my language23:48
geirhaSo you've gone to System -> Administration -> Language support, set french as default, then logged out and back in again?23:50
UbuntuBoyi do that more than one time i do this always but whitout succes23:50
TJ_DHi all23:52
UbuntuBoyhi man23:52
geirhaHm. That's odd. You could try #ubuntu-translators , they probably know what could be wrong.23:52
TJ_DI'm trying to get my ipod earbud/microphone setup to work in Ubuntu, but as far as I can tell no sound is going out/in...If I plug my sound card into my stereo, it plays fine, but if I plug my headphones in I get no sound/recording ability23:54

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