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CorsarioHi everybody01:00
CorsarioI dunno if I'm the only one with problems on my sound board. Can anyone help me?01:00
CorsarioWhen I used Ubuntu 9 it's ok, the sound work properly, but now, I formatted and installed Ubuntu 10.04 and this doesn't recognize my sound board AC9701:03
micahgCorsario: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems01:04
AquinaThat's a bit unlikely. Have you activated all that stuff in your mixer?01:04
CorsarioIn the mixer doesn't appear the hardware01:05
CorsarioAnd the only 'exit' I have is a false exit01:07
CorsarioIt's hard... I tried to follow the page /DebuggingSoundProblems but I simply din't find my sound board...01:20
CorsarioWhen I type lsmod | grep -i snd, it doesn't return anything01:21
arandThere's quite a bit of new activity on Bug #329146 which I reported back in Jaunty prerelease, and had since disappeared.. Should new reproters be directed to a new bug report or should it be reopened?04:28
ubot4Launchpad bug 329146 in nautilus (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "nautilus unable to start on login (affects: 5) (dups: 1)" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32914604:29
shishireI just marked bug 485225 as confirmed, and confirmed that the proposed patch does in fact fix the bug.  I've never been on this end of the bug-tracking system before, what happens now?06:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 485225 in ftgl (Ubuntu) "Won't link when using ftglGetLayoutBBox (affects: 2) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48522506:04
arandshishire: subscribe ubuntu-reviewers and add the patch tag... I think06:06
persiaThat's almost never right06:07
persiaThere's a script that does that in some cases.06:07
persiaHm.  It is right in this case.  I don't understand why :(06:08
shishirethis bug is slightly unusual in that upstream probably won't respond, the original developer has been awol for almost 2 years now.  Does that change anything?06:09
persiaNot really, no.06:09
persiaI just don't understand why it didn't get auto-subscribed.06:09
arandHmm, might be that the script sometimes fails...06:11
persiaIndeed, although I suspect the number of cases where the team shouldn't be subscribed exceeds the number where it should.06:11
arandHmm, is it more when there's a proper debdiff ready, that that should happen?06:12
persiaNo, debdiff goes to sponsors, not reviewers.06:14
persiaAnyway, let's focus on the fix, rather than the potentially messy process.06:16
persiaSo, several things need to happen, as follows: 1) someone should make sure the patch is documented in the upstream bug in case someone else adopts upstream, and make sure the patch is known in Debian.06:17
persia2) Someone needs to prepare an upload (for either Ubuntu or Debian) and get the patch included in the package.06:17
persia3) Someone needs to make sure that the upload is included in the latest Ubuntu release.06:17
persiashishire: How much of that are you up for doing?  Any?  All?06:18
lithper1_somebody submitted a new package request (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/486914), this request has been granted, and a new package crated. however, the status is still "New". is this normal?06:18
ubot4Launchpad bug 486914 in ubuntu (and 1 other project) "[needs-packaging] Create package: J (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Wishlist,New]06:18
persialithper1_: Yep: it's a bug in the way that changelog-closes-bugs works.  Just mark it Fix Released if the package is now available in Ubuntu.06:18
shishireI'll document upstream.  That's easy.  I don't know how to do 2 and 3, but I'm willing to do so if someone can explain how06:18
thekorngood morning06:19
ddecatormorning thekorn06:20
thekornhey ddecator06:20
persiashishire: Great.  Thanks.  There's a high chance that 2) can be inspired by a well-written Debian bug with the patch attached, in which case 3) may be just a matter of tracking the status.  Please feel free to ask if it seems stuck again.06:25
shishireThere's currently no bug reports for the package in debian.  Create a new one, upload the patch, and note it's fixed down in Ubuntu?06:26
persiaWell, except that it's *not* fixed in Ubuntu :)06:26
persiaBut yeah, create a new bug report, and attach the patch.06:26
shishireI'll link to the ubuntu report, and try to add it as a watch06:26
persiaMost of the time the maintainer will include available patches in the next upload.  if that doesn't happen for a while, then it's worth seeing about including it in Ubuntu (but it's lots of extra work to include in Ubuntu and then have to uninclude it later once it's included in Debian)06:27
shishireummm...does "This source is not published in Debian" mean that the debian upstream doesn't have the ability to patch it?06:28
* persia gets confused, and looks harder06:28
shishireoh... wrong bug tracker06:29
persiaIt is so published in Debian: http://packages.qa.debian.org/f/ftgl.html06:29
persiaHeh.  Right.  patch to sourceforge in the existing bug, patch to Debian in a new bug.06:30
persiaMake sure there are LP watches for both bugs.06:30
dholbachDevelopment and MOTU Q&A Session in #ubuntu-classroom in 20m06:41
shishireok, pushed it upstream: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=580451 .  I'll check on it tomorrow07:14
ubot4Debian bug 580451 in libftgl-dev "libftgl-dev: Typo in FTLayoutGlue ftglGetLayoutBBox()" [Normal,Open]07:14
persiashishire: Thanks!07:17
shishirethis process has interested me.  I'm signing up to join the bugsquad, and I'll see if I can't help squash some bugs :D07:18
ddecatorshishire: good to hear! =D07:20
persiait's Patch Day!  Anyone with time to help review patches, please come to #ubuntu-reviews and join in!08:00
zuswhen are patch days?08:02
ddecatorbah, i need to help out with one of those sometime..08:03
persiaOnce in a while.  This is the first one, and no firm regular schedule has been determined.08:03
persiaddecator: Well, since nobody knows when the next one will occur, you might want to jump in today :)08:04
ddecatorpersia: does it go the whole day?08:04
persiaddecator: It's for the entirety of 5th May, anywhere on the globe, which means it ends in about 4 hours.08:05
ddecatorpersia: i'm about to go to bed =(08:05
persiaWell, you can try to review one quick before you sleep, or you can stop by another day (although there might not be as many people working with you at the same time).08:06
ddecatornot enough time unfortunately, but i'll hop in the channel and see if i can't help here and there08:07
ddecatorhey baptistemm08:12
zusi just caught up,... patch day is all of may 5th?08:15
zushehe for the last 3 hours its been may 6th. talk about being a day late and a buck short08:16
persia3 hours?  Depends where you are.08:16
persiaIt's still 5th May in some places, so there's a few more hours to go.  We'll keep at it until 5th may hits the international date line, and is no more.08:17
zusus eastern time. i think its -5 from UTC08:17
baptistemmheya ddecator08:17
baptistemmhello persia08:17
persiaHey baptistemm08:17
nasevzHow can I report a bug when system is not bootable? I have the same bug as reported in forums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1457176 (No boot after kernel upgrade to 2.6.32-21 on Lucid Beta2)08:19
nasevzthe same problem is with kernel08:19
zuswell, im header to bed, before i fall asleep on the keys, wich i havent done since world of warcraft -08:20
zuspersia, thanks for the info on the patch days08:21
persiazus: Happy to share.  The reviewers team always appreciates help, even on non-patch days, so drop by another day if you like.08:21
zusi saved the room =)08:22
persianasevz: I'll recommend starting with `ubuntu-bug linux` once you got the system booted.08:24
nasevzok, but I can't boot it with or If I boot with kernel that does work, I guess the bug would not be in the report.08:27
persianasevz: Yeah, but I'm not sure how else to get the information about the machine the kernel team wants into the report.08:42
BUGabundo_remotetriim triim, triim triim08:55
arand_persia: (Hmm, likely more appropriate here): So it's sponsors rather than -sru that should be subscribed there? If so are you able to unsubscribe them? (I don't seem to be able now...)09:20
arand_Also, should the plymouth taks be marked confirmed high as well, should I open Lucid tasks for it? And since there's two bugs, subscribe both or only one? The one which has loads of affected and steve assigned to it, or the one where the debdiffs and the testing reports are?09:24
persia-devel is appropriate.  I can unsubscribe sponsors, but not sru.09:25
persiaBut it looks like both should be subscribed in this case, as the SRU procedure says to subscribe the SRU team, and then upload, and if one can't upload, one subscribes the sponsors team to have someone else upload it.09:27
arand_persia: Ok, Should I mess with the status and open lucid tasks for the 571707 bug, and should I subscribe sponsors and sru to 553745 as well?09:39
persiaFor SRU, you need to mess with status and nomination.09:40
persiaIt's probably better to have the sponsors only subscribed to one bug (with the upload candidate that fixes both).09:41
persiaBut the SRU team would be subscribed to both bugs.09:41
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arand_Ok, hope that turned out right now (seems the lucid tasks were already there), dunno if I shouldto request the "high" priority of the new plymouth task in 571707 from someone here?09:47
persiabug #57170710:00
ubot4persia: Bug 571707 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/571707 is private10:00
persiaWell, shouldn't be private if it's an SRU bug.  Might need privacy review :)10:01
persiaSays public on the bug report though, so maybe the bot is confused.10:01
LaibschHow do I mark bug 48708 as affecting the Japanese Kaizen project (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-jp-improvement/) ?10:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 48708 in evince (Ubuntu) "evince should Suggests xpdf-japanese (or poppler-data when it'll be available) (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 4)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4870810:02
persiaarand_: Let's wait for someone to approve the lucid nominations first.10:02
LaibschWhen I click on "affects project" it wants to link in upstream10:02
persiaHave you tried the "Choose another project" link?10:03
persiaBut I don't see the point: adding Suggests won't help.10:04
persiaIn fact, it's duplicate to something else10:04
* persia hunts10:04
LaibschI agree that suggests won't help10:04
LaibschI'm not necessarily advocating any solution10:05
BUGabundo_remotewho in here is supporting chromium besides fta?10:05
Laibschthat ticket for me is about "evince on Ubuntu" has broken Japanese support in a normal installation10:05
persiaOK.  Generally we don't tend to use alsp-affects that much for the Kaizen project: many of the Kaizen bugs are in Japanese, and end up being translated (as new bugs).10:05
LaibschI'm not familiar with how things are currently done10:06
LaibschBut I think the most sensible thing is to indeed translate the bug10:06
Laibschand then either mark as dupe or do the translation in the original report10:06
LaibschI did mark bug 190609 as dupe to bug 432736 a few days ago10:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 190609 in ubuntu-jp-improvement "firefox+CUPS-PDF で日本語のファイル名が扱えない。 (dup-of: 432736)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19060910:07
persiaTranslations in original reports breaks the Ubuntu bugs standard practice.10:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 432736 in cups-pdf (Ubuntu) "cups-pdf chokes on non-ascii characters in filenames (affects: 1) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43273610:07
Laibschand now it's gone from the Kaizen overview10:07
persiaMarking as duplicates hides stuff.10:07
Laibschwhich is not good10:07
Laibschit should still be there10:07
persiaWhich is why duplicates aren't used for this.10:08
persiaYou might want to chat with nobuto or hito_jp about how the bugs in the Kaizen project are managed.10:08
* persia undupes 19060910:08
Laibschwhat's the use?10:09
LaibschLook at the line I just added to the description10:09
Laibschthat's how it should be done10:09
persiaFor all 300 languages?10:10
Laibschthere's no use creating another Japanese island10:10
Laibschwith a bunch of ticket that don'T get fixed in Ubuntu proper10:10
persiaThat's not what that is.10:10
Laibschbut only make it in the Japanese remix10:10
persiaThere are an active set of folks that work on fixing those bugs in Ubuntu proper.10:10
persiaAnd, generally, *every* triaged bug against the Kaizen project ends up being duplicate of some regular Ubuntu bug.10:11
persiaWhich is by intent.10:11
Laibschand they should clearly show that relation10:11
persiaLaunchpad doesn't support that.10:11
Laibschsure it does10:12
Laibschnobody prevents you from continuing discusion in a duped bug10:12
persiaNot in original language.  Anyway, please don't, or if you do, first confirm with nobuto and hito_jp that it is a desired change to the model.10:12
Laibschand then somebody can bubble up a translation to the main, English-language ticket10:12
persiaIt doesn't work that way, because of how Malone notifications get sent.10:12
persiaSo folks end up getting all the updates to *all* the dupes via email.10:13
persiaAnd they complain about this when they can't read it.10:13
Laibschso what10:14
persiaSo, the entire *point* of the Kaizen project is to allow folks who don't want to get the English updates to avoid it.10:15
Laibschare you sure about that?10:26
LaibschI thought it was the other way round10:26
persiaHow do you mean?10:26
Laibschto have a safe heaven for the always-frightened-of-English crowd to express themselves freely10:27
Laibschthat's been my understanding10:27
persiaRight, which is why it's not interesting to duplicate the bugs, because then that crowd gets the updates to the Ubuntu task as well, which frightens them.10:27
persia(because of how Malone notifications work)10:28
LaibschI don't think so10:28
LaibschI know they will get more mails10:28
LaibschBut I don't think it will frighten them10:28
Laibschas long as they know they have their little "Japanese garden" where they are not expected to be talking English10:28
Laibschso, this caters to all three types:10:29
Laibscha) Japanese frightened of English10:29
Laibschb) those comfortable with both camps10:29
Laibschthe gatekeepers10:29
Laibschc) those not capable to speak English (most of the devs)10:29
Laibschcurrently b) are not well-served and they are critical IMHO, because they are the ones breaking up the Japanese island10:30
Laibschand getting things into the mainstream, Ubuntu proper10:30
persiaI think that this is more on-topic in -jp : that said, the issue is that mail gets send in incomprehensible languages to some or other folks.10:30
LaibschI get that all the time ;-)10:37
Laibschusually has something about "stick" or "pole" in the subject10:38
punehey boys, ive got a really annoying bug in the new ubuntu 10.411:05
punehopefully somebody here knows how to fix it11:05
punei was using 9.10 AMD64 and everything was fine.  then i let it update to 10.4.  and now my keyboard and mouse dont work11:05
punethey work in grub as i can select different kernels to boot.  but once ubuntu starts, they arent recognized11:06
BUGabundo_remoteits 10.*0*411:06
BUGabundo_remoteplease try #ubuntu for support pune11:07
puneso this isnt considered a bug?11:07
BUGabundo_remoteif you can't use it, it might11:10
BUGabundo_remote... left11:10
joaopintohow do we enable apport ?11:27
BUGabundo_remotesomething in the defaults11:28
BUGabundo_remoteechoing an 1 there , somewhere11:28
baptistemmit's explained in the wiki11:29
persia/etc/default/apport isn't it?11:29
baptistemmI guess11:29
joaopintowell, that doesn't seem to work11:29
thekornhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed has an "enable apport"-section11:29
joaopintoI mean11:29
joaopintoisn't it supposed to change ulimit -c ?11:29
joaopintoit didn't catch my crash and ulimit -c is set to 011:29
joaopintojanito@janito-desktop:~$ initctl list | grep apport11:30
joaopintoapport start/running11:30
joaopintois there an apport daemon that should be running ? I can't find it on the process list11:30
joaopintohum, it is working per the sh -c 'kill -SEGV $$' test11:41
charlie-tcaThere are things apport won't catch11:44
joaopintois not catching whatever is crashing gnome-settings-daemon :|11:45
charlie-tcawhat about a gdb backtrace while running?11:45
yofeliirc was checking for kernel segfault notifications, if apport catches a crash you should have a segfault message in dmesg12:04
yofel*apport was  checking...12:04
joaopintocharlie-tca, it crashes on the gnome session startup12:05
thekornqense, happy birthday ;)12:10
qensethekorn: thanks! :)12:11
BUGabundo_remoteuuuhh cake13:11
BUGabundo_remoteI mean, Happy b'day qense13:11
BUGabundo_remotewould help if he was here :(13:12
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo_remote13:16
charlie-tcaWhy did you wait until he left?13:17
* charlie-tca runs to hide again13:17
BUGabundo_remoteI was having lunch13:19
BUGabundo_remotejust came back charlie-tca13:19
BUGabundo_remoteI sent him a dent13:19
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cshongHello! I hope someone can help me. Situation is like this: I reported a linux kernel bug #575783  at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/575783  . Someone leave comments and want me to test whether the bug has been fixed in the latest kernel mainline built, then post  the result. But, I am not be able to fullfill the request because after I install the latest kernel mainline build, my computer will freeze if I14:40
ubot4cshong: Bug 575783 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/575783 is private14:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 575783 in linux (Ubuntu) "Cannot eject DVD/CD-ROM drive with the hotkey button (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:40
cshongSo, what can I do?14:41
greg-gI believe you were cut off, cshong, the last I saw was "my computer will freeze if I"14:42
cshongmy computer will freeze if I boot Ubuntu with the latest mainline build.14:42
greg-gobvious enough :)14:43
cshongThat means for the bug #575783, I cannot do what had been requested due to the freeze caused by the latest kernel mainline built. How can I tell him/her (the person who leave comment on the bug to request it) about this?14:49
ubot4Launchpad bug 575783 in linux (Ubuntu) "Cannot eject DVD/CD-ROM drive with the hotkey button (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57578314:49
greg-gcshong: I believe you did already, you have left a comment to that affect on the bug 5 hours ago, correct?14:52
ubot4greg-g: Bug 5 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/5 is private14:52
cshongYa. But I worry if he/she not see it. Never mind, I am very patient, I will wait for a few days for someone to reply.14:55
greg-gcshong: you can also join the #ubuntu-kernel channel and see if they have any suggestions on next steps to diagnose.14:59
cshongJoined before, but my message cannot be sent. don't know why.15:00
greg-gcshong: what error did you get?15:01
greg-gwhen trying to talk in the -kernel channel15:01
cshongCannot send to channel: #ubuntu-kernel15:01
cshongThe above are the error message I receive when sending message to the channel.15:04
yofelcshong: I'm just guessing, but are you registered?15:04
cshongNot. Need to register?15:05
greg-gcshong: do you see the conversation happening in -kernel right now?15:05
yofelhm, but the channel mode shouldn't require that :/15:05
cshongYes, I did see someone chatting in the channel.15:06
cshongSame thing happen after I leave and join again.15:10
ograask in #ubuntu-ops15:10
cshongWell, never mind. It is late night in my country now. I will ask tomorrow.15:16
persiaTry again: the mode ws just changed.15:16
cshongOk now trying.15:17
vishhrm , seems "Fred" has been going around on a tagging spree ;)15:31
greg-gvish: yep, I got a few15:31
Laibschcan sombody please have a look if bug 441756, bug 456846 and bug 475901 are dupes?16:43
ubot4Laibsch: Bug 441756 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/441756 is private16:43
ubot4Laibsch: Bug 456846 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/456846 is private16:43
ubot4Laibsch: Bug 475901 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/475901 is private16:43
persiacertainly look like dupes to me16:45
Laibschsame request for bug 403277, bug 403876, bug 393980 and bug 40371416:46
ubot4Laibsch: Bug 403277 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/403277 is private16:46
ubot4Laibsch: Bug 403876 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/403876 is private16:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 393980 in scim (Ubuntu) "scim-launcher crashed with SIGSEGV in _Unwind_DeleteException() (affects: 1) (dups: 1) (heat: 11)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39398016:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 403714 in scim (Ubuntu) "scim-launcher crashed with SIGSEGV in _Unwind_DeleteException() (affects: 3) (heat: 10)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40371416:46
Laibschhow does one determine the "dupeness"?16:46
Laibschpersia: thanks16:46
persiaFor crashes, I tend to check to make sure it's crashing at the same codepoint for the same reason.16:46
persiaBut it really depends on the bug.16:46
persiaIn all three of these cases, the stacktraces appear to have the same issue, so I'm guessing there's an incorrect cast or unsafe assignment happening.16:47
LaibschI think I understood that enough to be able to check myself in the future16:50
Laibschpersia: so, the other four would be dupes, as well, right?16:52
persiaThe other four?16:53
* Laibsch hugs lp-set-dupe16:54
Laibschsame request for bug 403277, bug 403876, bug 393980 and bug 403714 <- those four16:54
ubot4Laibsch: Bug 403277 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/403277 is private16:54
ubot4Laibsch: Bug 403876 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/403876 is private16:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 393980 in scim (Ubuntu) "scim-launcher crashed with SIGSEGV in _Unwind_DeleteException() (affects: 1) (dups: 1) (heat: 11)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39398016:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 403714 in scim (Ubuntu) "scim-launcher crashed with SIGSEGV in _Unwind_DeleteException() (affects: 3) (heat: 10)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40371416:54
LaibschI've already marked them dupe now16:54
persiaLooks like that to me.16:55
persiaNote that you can't just look at the very top of the stacktrace, but have to go back a couple steps.16:56
Laibschlp-set-dupe doesn't do anymore what it was conceived for :-(16:56
persiaSometimes you'll end up with 10 bugs that all crash in, say doit(), but doit() is being called unsafely in 4 different places, while it is itself a safe function, making it 4 bugs.16:56
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JFoso, where do you think bug 576066 should go? It is quite obviously not a kernel issue.17:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 576066 in linux (Ubuntu) "ums_cypress missing from lucid server cd (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57606617:19
persiaJFo: I'd say ubuntu-meta: it's really a seeds issue, but that's the closest package.17:29
JFohmmm, ok thanks persia :)17:30
persiaJFo: That said, this is only true if there exists a package that contains that driver.17:30
persiaIf that driver isn't provided by a *different* package, then it is linux that should be providing it (either inside the modules package, or in a separate package)17:30
JFosounds good to me. Thanks persia17:33
persiaSorry I don't know enough about the driver in question to give a clearer answer :)17:34
BUGabundo_remoteyofel: wasn't it supposed to open +1 today?!17:35
yofelbelieving Pici yes17:35
BUGabundo_remotewill wait a few more hours17:36
hggdhseems to be open, but needs invitation17:36
persiahttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick still says "Pre-release Freeze", so it might be early yet.17:36
charlie-tcaI was thinking tomorrow, if the toolchain uploads today17:37
* charlie-tca back to hiding then... ;-)17:40
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MrKanisterHi there. Could someone please renew my Ubuntu Bug Control membership? Thanks in advance.18:47
MrKanisterMy launchpad page is https://launchpad.net/~mrkanister18:47
shishireIf a bug report is in spanish, at it's about the spanish translation of the ubuntu docs, does it need to be translated into english?18:49
DrKenobishishire :-/18:55
DrKenobii am thinking, but i dont know what to say to you. Gran duda...18:56
shishireI noticed a lot of bugs got submitted in spanish over in the #ubuntu-bugs-announce channel.  I took a look, and at least some of them are translation issues, so I've been "also affects" ubuntu-translations, but I don't know whether I should also either translate the text or ask for a translation.18:59
jbichapedro_: thanks for your Open Week session, you motivated me to finally apply for Bug Control19:00
yofelpedro_: nice session :)19:00
* yofel hugs pedro_19:00
pedro_jbicha, awesome! looking forward to see your application there ;-)19:00
balachmar_ghe ghe I'm also here to do some bugs :)19:00
* pedro_ hugs yofel 19:00
shishirebalachmar_, I hope you mean fix, although the alternative might be amusing19:01
pedro_cool, please do look into the mentoring program if you're new with the bug triaging19:01
pedro_it's an awesome way to start19:01
Salvad1Hello. Can anyone replicate this before submitting?19:02
balachmar_shishire: Well, triage bugs first... fixing them well if I can...19:02
* pedro_ -> lunch19:02
Salvad1Is gksudo in a terminal emulator.19:03
Salvad1Is gksudo synaptic in a terminal emulator.19:03
shishirebalachmar_, I meant as opposed to creating bugs :P19:03
Thiago-Bris anyone using empathy right now?19:03
hggdhSalvad1: replicate what?19:03
Salvad1I got: "sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts" after an non correct one.19:04
hggdhSalvad1: known bug19:04
Salvad1Good to know.19:04
Salvad1And reported?19:04
hggdhSalvad1: yes, I am looking for it now19:05
yofelThiago-Br: not really, but what's the issue?19:05
balachmar_shishire: Well I guessed as much :)19:05
Thiago-Bri'm not able to stop the automatic rolling19:06
Thiago-Brof any chat19:06
Thiago-Brsorry auto scrolling19:07
jbichaThiago-Br: that's how empathy works, perhaps in a future release that will be fixed19:08
bdrung_jcastro: rdenis (lp name) is an upstream dev who triages a lot of vlc bugs. he should gain the right to set all statuses and see private bugs.19:08
jcastro_bdrung_: sure19:08
jcastro_has he signed the CoC?19:08
Thiago-Broh, so this issue is known, right19:08
jbichaThiago-Br: you could try installing pidgin instead if empathy annoys you too much19:08
bdrung_jcastro: yes19:09
jcastro_bdrung_: ok19:09
jcastro_bdrung_: do you talk to him regularly? Basically he just needs to know to not triage bugs for projects he's not a part of, since it's not that granular19:10
Thiago-Brjbicha: thanks, i know pidgin, i'm just giving empathy a try19:10
bdrung_jcastro: sometimes. not regularly.19:11
DrKenobican anyone who know spanish read this? http://ubuntuone.com/p/2YX/ Its a "guide" to report bug i made while i am learning to report bugs. Opinions?19:11
jbichaThiago-Br: I try empathy every so often hoping, but it's not usable enough for me yet19:11
jcastro_bdrung_: ok I'll just send you a mail.19:11
jcastro_bdrung_: I mean, send him a mail. :D19:11
jcastro_bdrung_: upstreams who want to do bugwork in ubuntu are more than welcome, keep em coming. :D19:12
Thiago-Brjbicha: are empathy and pidgin ready for msn video calls? (i know emesene)19:13
jbichaThiago-Br: sorry, I don't use MSN (just IRC & XMPP), but I've heard both apps do video now19:14
om26erThiago-Br, none do msn now. empathy did then microsoft changed something on their server side and now no audio/video calling for MSN :(19:15
Thiago-Brom26er: no, emesene can do19:17
om26erThiago-Br, video only19:17
bdrung_jcastro: when sending him a mail, please CC me. i appreciate upstream helping triaging bugs.19:17
Thiago-Brvideo, voice and obviously, chat19:18
Thiago-Brjbicha: thanks, i would rather to use only xmpp instead of msn but here in Brazil msn is the most used (yet, i hope)19:19
om26erThiago-Br, http://kakaroto.homelinux.net/2010/03/amsn-0-98-2-to-be-released-without-audiovideo-support/ applied to emesene too afaik19:19
Thiago-Brom26er: hahaha microShitf19:23
Thiago-BrSteve Balmer have been in Brazil a few days ago and told that the brazillian policy of supporting open source software and linux is wrong and the correct is to take a more neutral position about it19:26
charlie-tcabut... steve balmer will say whatever he needs to in order to keep users19:27
Thiago-Brof course19:28
DrKenobifunny people this windows users19:29
BUGabundofunny... haven't use u1 for ages.. not I login, change a share, and now its 404 :|19:35
DrKenobiu1 its not workking proporly19:36
BUGabundotell me about it :)19:37
kklimondawell, it's slow but it should work just fine19:39
kklimondathe 404 sounds scary19:39
kklimondaBUGabundo: u1 got decent in last months, you should probably give it a try.19:39
DrKenobiyes, its much better now!19:39
kklimondait's almost up to par with with dropbox ;)19:40
DrKenobiU1 --> Internal Server Error19:41
* yofel misses the *sync now* button :/19:42
yofelit's nice that it syncs in the background but I can't figure out when it does it, and if I want to have it sync before I shut down I don't know how...19:43
DrKenobiyofel, i was thinking the same today19:45
BUGabundoI never care about that with dropbox19:46
BUGabundoit circles around when syncing and has a list of changes19:46
charlie-tcaI finally dropped u1 because I can't get it to sync on more than one system19:47
DrKenobiu1 is working now19:49
DrKenobinot anymore19:51
=== JFo-afk is now known as JFo
GeekSquidUser Interface bug reported in #ubuntu, on Live Disk screensaver needs to be turned off by default in 10.04.2, the screensaver activates and locks the screen on the live disk, and as there is no password, you cannot unlock the screen.21:45
=== shishire is now known as Shishire
jeandanielhello, my Lucid system can't reboot, after a system upgrade including an upgrade of grub. The upgrade was done from a console, and I could read a big scary message about grub on gpt being unreliable (in capital)21:51
jeandanielmy laptop is a macbook with gpt and bootcamp, I think it is a common setup, are there other users impacted? would you have a piece of advice to make this system boot again?21:52
jeandanielany recomfort ... :(21:53
micahg!support  | jeandaniel21:53
ubot4jeandaniel: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org21:53
BUGabundomuaau micahg21:54
joaopintoGeekSquid, I can't reproduce that21:55
micahgBUGabundo: muaau?21:55
jeandanielyeah, break my laptop and lead me to professional support plan ...21:55
micahgjeandaniel: #ubuntu is free21:56
micahgjeandaniel: we help file and triage bugs in here21:56
GeekSquidjoaopinto: strange, KimK in #ubuntu reported it, what are the default settings for the screensaver in Lucid, is it set to lock the screen? KimK may have checked lock screen unknowingly, I believe lock screen should be uncheckable on the live disk21:57
* persia thought it might be Bug #527833 (which could use more information)21:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 527833 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "After grub-pc is upgraded on my SSD with GPT, it no longer has a BIOS Boot Partition until I manually chroot in and set it myself (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52783321:57
jeandanielmicahg: please spare me21:57
micahgjeandaniel: take a look at the bug persia just posted21:57
joaopintoGeekSquid, the lock is set, but since there is no password it doesn't ask you for a password to unlock21:58
persiajeandaniel: Hrm?  No really, we focus on tracking and coordinating bugs here.  Workarounds are usually handled by the #ubuntu crew.21:58
persiaThat doesn't mean we can't help you determine which bug you have and what information is required to get it investigated, but it does mean that we're not well-prepared to actually solve your issues directly.21:58
persia(and it's to get more information about the issue and make sure it got into a bug report that I suggested you come here)21:59
micahgjeandaniel: I apologize, I didn't know you were directed here21:59
jeandanielno problem, I read the bug report, I am not sure it is adapted since it is three month old while my system was updated a few minutes ago.22:00
* persia suspects not enough folk have GPT disks22:00
persiajeandaniel: Ah, and your system worked fine until *very* recently?22:01
jeandanielit is an update from an hour ago22:01
GeekSquidjoaopinto: strange, I'll look into this further, although I don't expect to get anywhere, probably something the user did to make it do that, so long for now22:01
GeekSquidjoaopinto: thanks for your triage time22:01
jeandanielmy system is an up to date Lucid system. installed from scratch at 9.1022:01
persiaHave you found a workaround that lets you boot, or are you completely unbootable?22:02
micahgpersia: last kernel update had at least 2 GPT changes22:03
jeandanieli face the bootcamp menu: grey background and two icons22:03
persiamicahg: Yeah, and also https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/508173 changed which may have moved the issue :(22:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 508173 in grub2 (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "postinst has errors with grub-probe that cause the system to stop booting (affects: 1) (heat: 16)" [Medium,Fix released]22:03
jeandanielwhen I click on the linux icon labelled "windows", I expect to see the grub first stage but the screen show no changes22:03
persiaThat seems more like grub than the kernel, but I may be mistaken.22:04
jeandanielit is completely unbootable for an experienced linux user22:04
ddecatormaybe try reinstalling grub using a live CD?22:05
ddecatoridk if that works differently on macs22:05
jeandanielyes this is the enxt step, I am not an expert in grub tools though22:05
jeandanielthere was an explicit error message on aptitude saying "grub is unreliable in GPT mode"22:06
persiaWell, making it boot is easy: boot off alternate media, and give it a funny kernel command line.22:06
persiaBut there's probably *lots* of folks that will run into this (at least all recent Apple hardware)22:06
jeandanielthis was in capital, so I expect the bug in the grib upgrade22:06
arandIf preparing an SRU from version 2.14 (of mountall), should the version number be 2.14-0ubuntu1? ubuntu0.1?22:06
persiaSo we ought try to get a bug filed, which kinda means figuring out what bit to file agianst, and what information to add.22:07
persiaarand: -devel would likely be a better place for that sort of question.  I think it's 2.14.1 (because it's special for mountall).22:07
jeandanielif there was a bug in the kernel I think I would have seen the grub menu22:07
persiaarand: I believe mountall is differnt than most pacakges that way.22:07
arandpersia: Ok, will reask, thanks22:08
persiaAnyone done some grub triage?  What information do we need?22:08
persiaLooking at some other bugs against grub2, it seems like there's no apport hook for it.22:13
persiaAnyone else have GPT hardware available to confirm?22:13
jeandanielpersia: maybe you should tell people with GPT hardware a simple test before asking them to upgrade and confirm22:16
persiaWhat sort of test do you suggest?22:17
persiaBasically, I'm hoping one of the folk regularly about can replicate and try to get fixed, so you can safely apply a workaround and get on with whatever you do with Ubuntu.22:18
persiaIf you're up for just filing the bug and waiting for developer feedback, that works too, but that might mean an extended time (especially since many developers are preparing for a week-long conference next week).22:18
jeandanielpersia: I am concerned about people not being able to reboot after the confirmation22:18
persiajeandaniel: When was the last time you updated before the recent one that caused the issue?22:19
jeandanielpersia: less than a week for sure. I am up for anything helpful for me and for you22:20
yofelwhile we're at grub, bug 576245 -> wth?22:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 576245 in ubuntu (and 1 other project) "can't start multiple os after installing 10.4 (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57624522:20
persiaHrm.  I'm just noticing the update was published 3rd May, so wondered if it was something else, but "less than a week" makes me think it's grub2 1.98-1ubuntu622:21
jeandanielDoes someone know which handy bootable system could fit on a 100 MB usb key (the only removable media available at this time)?22:25
persiaNote that I'm *not* sure if that works with usb-creator22:26
persiaNor have I ever figured out how to get Apple hardware to boot fom USB.22:27
jeandanielI think I have to press a key (don't know which one, it is 'c' for cdrom), I am curious which one it could be, anyone?22:28
balachmarHi, just to be sure: I just responded to the following bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/576645 should I mark it incomplete now?22:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 576645 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel cannot boot (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]22:29
ddecatorbalachmar: yes, and we usually replace BUGNUMBER with the bugnumber for the person ;)22:30
jeandanielonce I get the mini.iso, should I just dd it from the file to the key device?22:30
persiajeandaniel: 'c' is for CD-ROM.22:30
balachmarddecator: aah I see that is a bit nicer yes :)22:30
ddecatorbalachmar: but anytime you request more information, you should mark it Incomplete22:30
balachmarI cannot edit my comment now can I?22:30
persiajeandaniel: The mini.iso is designed to burn to business-card CDs.  You'd need to convert it.  usb-creator *might* work.  The folks in #ubuntu might have other suggestions.22:30
persiabalachmar: No.22:31
ddecatorbalachmar: it's not a big deal, the user should figure it out22:31
jeandanielpersia: ok, I'll ask there how to 'burn' the mini.iso to the key *from macosx*22:32
balachmarddecator: Well yeah, but if I could edit my comment I would have done that. No need for an extra comment.22:32
persiaOh, heh.  RIght.  If you don't have a blank CD, you're probably stuck :(22:32
yofelbalachmar: also, I guess you copied the response from somewhere else (as it's edited), you'll find the original here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses#Debugging%20Kernel%20General - Adapting it to the bug report (removing the unnecessary parts) would be nice ;)22:32
ddecatoryah, i forgot to remove a part from a canned response a couple days ago and the user wasn't too happy with me >.<22:33
yofelbalachmar: at least adapting it to the report in question makes it sound a bit less... mechanic22:33
ddecatori guess i was "condescending"22:34
balachmaryofel: I did, I removed the part of jaunty. But I thought it might be useful know what to do if apport-collect doesn't work or something. So I kept the rest.22:34
balachmarHow could I have improved my response?22:35
yofelbalachmar: sure, but it still says 'If you use an older release ...' which sounds confusing22:35
yofelin this context22:35
balachmaryofel: Aah that is true.22:35
balachmaryofel: next time I will paste the apport-collect stuff. And the other method only when asked, because there are problems with apport-collect.22:36
yofelbalachmar: here's what I just used somewhere else (for lucid): http://paste.ubuntu.com/429168/ [one apport-collect gone, python-launchpadlib should be installed on lucid by default and removed notice to older release]22:37
balachmarBy the way, how do you guys test if bugs occur on your computer. I for example rather not install everything in my own running version of the OS, do you guys use a VM or is there a simpler or lighter method?22:37
ddecatorlive CD, VM, or if we use the software ourselves already22:38
yofelI'm an alpha tester so I don't mind having a lot installed, but if it's another desktop environment I use a VM or CD22:38
ddecatoryofel: +122:38
balachmarok thanks! Will first upgrade to lucid with this machine (it is a machine I use a bit less, so it has not been updated yet.) and then use testdrive.22:40
ddecatortestdrive is really nice22:40
persiajeandaniel: I've just gotten some feedback from one of the updates testers, who has given me the procedure for making sure this gets reported as a regression.  Would you mind filing a new bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+filebug?no-redirect22:41
persiaI'll make sure it gets updated with the right information, but want to make sure you get appropriate notifications about the issue and it's solution.22:42
jeandanielno problem, thanks for your help. I am currently fighting with putting the iso on the usb key from macosx22:43
persiajeandaniel: Good luck with that.22:44
persiajeandaniel: Just let me know the bug number once you've been able to file.22:44
yofelbalachmar: something else: starting with lucid apport tags the bugs with the release the bug was reported against, 'lucid' in this case. When the tag is missing we usually add it, can you please do so for bug 576645? thanks22:53
ubot4Launchpad bug 576645 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel cannot boot (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57664522:53
balachmaryofel: of course comma separated?22:55
yofelbalachmar: no, space22:55
balachmaryofel: thanks :) done22:55
yofelbalachmar: thank YOU for helping out ;)22:56
balachmaraah, the person already did it! Now I am not technical enough to read all the log stuff...22:56
balachmaryofel: well, I use Ubuntu a lot, so why not give back a bit of my time.22:57
yofelbalachmar: and another thing, if you're really interested in doing kernel triage you should read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelTeamBugPolicies#Bug%20Triage22:58
balachmaryofel: so I should move it to confirmed? because the apport has been done?22:59
ddecatorbalachmar: we only confirm when the same bug can be reproduced on a second machine23:00
balachmarddecator: that is what I thought but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelTeamBugPolicies#Bug%20Triage it says: Once all the information has been provided, the bug should be moved from an Incomplete state to a Confirmed state.23:01
yofelkernel team and desktop team are a bit weird, yes :P23:02
ddecatorhuh...that's odd23:02
yofelmotu too actually, in general, don't touch kernel or packaging bugs when you find one, the status definition is a bit different for those teams (and fix committed for desktop team)23:03
ddecatorheh, that's what i get for primarily working with one package =p23:04
persiaHey.  *Please* touch packaging bugs.23:04
balachmarSo it is better (for me) to let it stay on new?23:04
balachmarpersia: meaning help with packaging new stuff into ubuntu?23:04
persiaThe only sorts that shouldn't be fiddled with are the *workflow* bugs: essentially freeze exceptions and syncs.23:04
yofelpersia: I meant that as in 'Please sync/merge' or needs-packaging ...23:04
persiayofel: Ah, OK.23:04
persiabalachmar: No, I meant that if someone reports a bug *in the packaging* it oughtn't be treated special: it's still a bug that needs triage like any other.23:05
yofelmy fault for being vague23:05
persiaExamples would be stuff like "missing dependency on foo" or "missing conflict on bar"23:05
balachmarpersia: ooh I see. (Haven't seen one yet)23:06
jeandanielpersia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/57666223:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 576662 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "latest grub2 renders gpt based system unbootable (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]23:06
robertzaccourHey I reported a bug a while back and did apport-collect and wanted to know if there was anything else that could be done23:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 574406 in linux (Ubuntu) "Realtek ALC272: Capture non-functional on 1025:034a (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]23:07
persiajeandaniel: Thanks!23:07
persiabalachmar: I forget the number, but I filed one against "linux" because `apt-get source linux` doesn't get the "linux" source code.23:08
persia(yet another example of a packaging bug)23:08
robertzaccourmy logitech plug-in headset works fine though23:08
yofelbalachmar: examples you shouldn't touch include bug 567208 or bug 493242 (if anything make sure the latter is tagged needs-packaging)23:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 567208 in freebsd-buildutils (Ubuntu) "Please sync freebsd-buildutils 7.2-2 from sid (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56720823:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 493242 in ubuntu "[needs packaging] Opengoo (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49324223:08
persiaI think it's safe to touch needs-packaging bugs, but they're boring (tag, set to wishlist, change title, ignore)23:16
jeandanielpersia: de nada, cheers23:31
balachmarHi, just to ask for a second opinion on #151622 it got reopened lately, but only to mention another bug report about the same problem but in newer software. What should I do mark invalid (as it was) or mark as duplicate of the new bug report?23:53
micahgbug 15162223:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 151622 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) "Impress cannot play embedded videos (affects: 1) (heat: 9)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15162223:54
balachmar(ghe ghe didn't know how to trigger the bot... )23:54
micahgbalachmar: you can mark the older one as a dupe of the newer one if you want23:57
balachmarok, then I will do that.23:57
micahgbalachmar: general rule is whichever bug has better information is the one to use23:58

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