RAOFbryceh: Good morning!  How's launchpad? :)00:01
Nafaiwell that was annoying00:13
Nafaimy internet connection was down for a couple hours00:14
RAOFFor any interesting reason?  Did an elephant escape from the zoo and run amok, knocking down power lines and telephone cables? :)00:16
nigelbabuheya bryceh00:17
NafaiRAOF: I haven't heard the reason.  The home owner's association for the condo I rent pays for the connection, so I don't know any details00:19
brycehRAOF, I finally got it up and running (more or less) on my own hardware00:20
brycehmostly I'm reading and reading and reading00:20
RAOFI understand that it's surprisingly difficult to setup a launchpad instance.00:21
jpds./rocketfuel-setup; cd launchpad/devel; make run ?00:22
RAOFNafai: Tell them to make something up involving elephants :)00:22
brycehmostly it's scripted, so most of the time is figuring out why the scripts failed with some obscure error00:22
RAOFThe *best kind* of mostly scripted :)00:22
lifelessRAOF: hows middle island?00:23
RAOFlifeless: Pretty good.  Our stuff arrived yesterday, so there's a chance that I can set up my desk & comfy chair just in time to leave for Brussels!00:23
RAOFSampling the many and varied breads available.00:25
nigelbabuanyone seen chris?00:30
nigelbabubryceh: did u check out patch day?00:30
chrisccoulsonnigelbabu, which chris? there are lots of us here...00:30
brycehnigelbabu, no I forgot.. how'd it turn out?00:31
nigelbabuchrisccoulson: oh, you :)00:31
nigelbabubryceh: still going on, 50%+ DONE!00:31
nigelbabu185 down to 8200:32
brycehnigelbabu, I think it'll make a big difference00:32
nigelbabubryceh: hopefully :)00:32
nigelbabuchrisccoulson: that ltsp bug... wanted to talk to you about that00:32
chrisccoulsonah, ok00:33
chrisccoulsonthat bug again ;)00:33
nigelbabuyou still have concerns with that patch right?00:33
chrisccoulsonnigelbabu, yeah, the patch was wrong the last time i looked at it00:35
chrisccoulsonand i don't think that has changed00:35
nigelbabuchrisccoulson: ok, so I'll leave the patch-needswork.  btw lxde seems to have had a similar solution comitted00:35
chrisccoulsonok, thanks00:36
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chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:28
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didrockschrisccoulson: hey, how are you?10:43
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks, yeah, i'm good thanks. pretty busy though10:44
chrisccoulsonhow are you?10:44
didrockschrisccoulson: I'm fine too. Busy at the dx sprint :)10:44
joaopintoargh, the theme random failing theme load bug is really annoying, does anyone know a master bug and if it's already reported upstream ?10:48
chrisccoulsonwhat bug is that? are you sure it's not just g-s-d crashing?10:53
joaopintochrisccoulson, I am not sure is crashing, I am sure it's failing to start10:57
chrisccoulsonif it's failing to start, it generally means it is crashing in some way ;)10:58
joaopintochrisccoulson, it's failing for me on >50% of my boots, re-login usually fixs it, so it's likely to be a race condition on the first login only10:58
joaopintoah ok10:58
joaopintoI only have this issue on my desktop, neved had on the laptop10:58
joaopintoI mean, most likely to happen on the first login10:59
joaopintoI have filed the bug 574296, but I guess I am not alone and there are already previous bug reports for this11:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 574296 in gnome-session "Gnome theme not applied on session start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57429611:00
joaopintoI no longer can show ubuntu booting to my friends, since it's likely to fail from the start :P11:01
joaopintochrisccoulson, should I set ulimit -c and try to capture a coredump ? assuming g-s-d is crashing ?11:02
chrisccoulsonyou could just enable apport and let that catch it11:02
joaopintook, changing /etc/default/apport and rebooting11:04
joaopintohum, failed to load, no crash report11:08
joaopintoulimit -c is still reporting 011:08
chrisccoulsonjoaopinto, ~/.xsession-errors will probably contain a clue11:18
joaopintoThe program 'gnome-settings-daemon' received an X Window System error.11:19
joaopintoThis probably reflects a bug in the program.11:19
joaopintoThe error was 'BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)'.11:19
chrisccoulsonso, it's crashing ;)11:19
chrisccoulsonapport should catch that sort of crash no problem, but you need to run g-s-d with the --sync option11:19
joaopintobut apport did not catch it, and it doesn't seem enabled because of the ulimit -c value11:19
chrisccoulsonand you can do that by editing the desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart11:20
joaopintook, now i just need to figure how to enable apport :)11:22
joaopintochrisccoulson, appport is catching segmentation faults, tested it manually, but it not catch anything for the g-s-d error11:40
joaopintochrisccoulson, when you mean it crashes it is expected to be a segmentation fault ?11:41
chrisccoulsonit won't be a segmentation fault, it will probably be a SIGABRT11:41
joaopintoand apport should catch that ?11:42
joaopintochrisccoulson, sh -c 'kill -ABRT $$' does not trigger apport11:44
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chrisccoulsonjoaopinto, i don't know why that doesn't work for you then, but i just tried it and it works as expected12:37
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joaopintochrisccoulson, I think I didn't have the --sync yet, I will try to reproduce now, tks12:58
vishmpt_: hey! meeting time ;)13:01
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dpmhi pitti, can I ask you to move the current language packs in lucid-proposed to lucid-updates? We talked about this last week. That's about the langpacks in -updates being the ones we wanted to ship for the release but an older export being used by mistake instead15:38
dpmArneGoetje, ^15:38
pittidpm: yep, can do15:38
dpmthanks a lot pitti15:39
Nafaigood morning16:15
dobeyfor the "upstream link" on the package series in ubuntu, is there any way to actually specify the right series? i only see a way to set the project, but not the series on the project.16:18
* ccheney thinks he is finally going to be selling his old home today :)16:56
Nafairunning some errands, bbl17:25
duanedesigndidrocks: i see some work was done on the OneConf blueprint. Nice!17:36
didrocksduanedesign: sweet, did you see that's it's currently schedule on Monday (can still move)? :)17:40
duanedesigndidrocks: Monday will be great17:42
duanedesigndidrocks: we got stipple set up using plugIns so we can easily add and subtract features.17:43
didrocksit's in the afternoon for us, so should be good for you too17:43
didrocksduanedesign: great, I'll have a look at that tomorrow17:43
duanedesigndidrocks: also got started on CouchDB attachments. That way we can save the vim folder with the .vimrc for example17:43
didrocksduanedesign: I guess my script will be good for you to include, but we can see how stipple and oneconf can interact17:43
duanedesigndidrocks: yeah I put it in for now17:44
didrocksyeah, it will be great to advise using stipple for advanced users17:44
duanedesigndidrocks: but as a plug in17:44
didrocksok :)17:44
duanedesigndidrocks: that way as oneConf comes on line we can easily adjust to fill a need if it exists17:44
didrocksduanedesign: right, but OneConf will be installed by default if it get accepted. Not sure that we want all the Stipple content. Hence the fact I was thinking that for me oneconf is automatic and will require low user interaction and stipple is the CLI tool "to get more"17:45
duanedesigndidrocks: I agree17:46
duanedesigndidrocks: I put package sync in as a plug in but will likely take it out when OneConf gets accepted.17:52
didrocksduanedesign: great and I'm interested to develop some stuff that doesn't fit in OneConf in stipple too :)17:53
duanedesigndont want to confuse users. Plus I imagine your effort will be much better than anything I could put together :)17:53
didrocksdon't say that ;)17:53
didrocksI'll have to go, see you!17:53
duanedesignok bye didrocks17:54
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* Amaranth wonders why seb128 would think bug 576059 would be compiz18:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 576059 in compiz "Gnome focus problem / hanging" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57605918:39
Amaranthoh well, bounced back18:39
Nafaiback around19:46
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