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akgranerkirkland, alrighty I'll start tracking people down00:34
akgranerzul, ping per kirkland he said to see if you could maybe lead the server Q&A tomorrow since he can't?00:44
grapzhi, i'm having some issues with 10.04 and the MCP89 chipset on a MacBook Pro trying to boot 10.04 LiveCD01:31
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maxbCan anyone tell me what 'invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP' in dmesg means?04:27
jk-max: something tried to execute an invalid instruction04:41
jk-can you pastebin the whole dmesg?04:41
bullgard4'~$ ps -ef | grep flush; root       252     2  0 May05 ?        00:00:00 [flush-8:0]' What process spawns this process? Where is described the function of this process?06:22
RAOFI'm pretty sure that no userspace process spawns that process, and it's a kernel thread to handle the write-queue to one of your block devices.06:26
CytotoxicTCellWhat IO scheduler does ubuntu 10.4 use?06:31
bullgard4RAOF As the [] clearly states, it is a kernel process.06:38
bullgard4RAOF: Where can I find additional information about it?06:39
RAOFDidn't we have this coversation before?06:40
RAOFAh, yes “look for a definition of stuct file_operations in the filesystem implementation, it should have a line like '.flush = ext4_flush'”06:40
bullgard4RAOF: I havew found a generic definition of the structure in  /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/Documentation/filesystems/vfs.txt but not yet the specific definition in the ext3 filesystem implementation. 06:58
RAOFgrep ext3_flush **/*.c might help. :)06:59
psurbhigood morning!07:21
jk-hey psurbhi07:22
jk-psurbhi: why the change from csurbhi?07:23
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psurbhijk, no such reason.. just made it aligned to my name :)07:33
* psurbhi compiles the patch for 54361707:33
psurbhijk, when are you traveling to brussels?07:50
jk-psurbhi: 2 days time07:52
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* apw waves to jk- 08:08
apwo/ all08:08
jk-heya apw08:13
apwlong time no see ... hows DT going08:14
jk-yeah, good! looking forward to some intresting discussions at UDS :)08:14
jk-still getting my head around how to best handle the crazy ARM clocks though08:15
jk-i think the clock configuration on imx51 is turing-complete08:15
apwheh now that is an interesting thought08:16
jk-yeah, maybe I can calculate a fibonacci sequence using only the clocks08:16
apwsounds like a nightmare08:16
jk-naw, it's ok. just trying to figure out a way to represent it that isn't going to bite us later08:17
apwbjf, you 'there' already ?08:17
bjfapw, yup08:17
apwbjf they run out of beer yet?08:17
bjfapw, the first run at them was tried last not, but they held out08:18
jk-have the breweries been informed that the kernel team is coming to town?08:18
apwbjf, i have low expectations sadly08:19
apwjk-, we always try and tell them to order 3x, they always laugh, until the end of the first night08:19
bjfapw, low for what?08:19
apwbjf, the beer holding out08:19
bjflots of good hiking/walking trails in the forest08:20
bjfthe showers are _AWSOME_08:20
bjfneed to figure out the laundry setup08:20
persiaAnyone happen to have a link to best-practice for reporting fail-to-boot bugs?  Someone in #ubuntu-bugs wants to report one, and I'm not sure `apport-bug linux` is the right answer.08:21
persiaOh well, normal bug then :)08:24
cooloneyapw: i am trying to cross build ti-omap kernel, but failed 08:24
cooloneypls help me take a look here08:24
cooloneyeven with skipabi=true and skipmodule=true08:25
apwyep you have to have validly formed abi/module info even with skips enabled08:25
apwskip just says "if the result is bad, ignore it" it doesn't mean "don't do the checks"08:26
cooloneyapw: right, i know that.08:26
cooloneyapw: i just fresh git clone the tree08:27
apwwhich one?08:27
cooloneyand checkout ti-omap branch08:27
cooloneyand cross build it 08:27
cooloneythen failed like this08:27
cooloneylooks like the build scripts corrupt08:27
apwok ... i'll try it here08:27
cooloneyapw: ok, thanks.08:27
apwcooloney, looks more like the abi info is corrupt to my eye, but let me try here08:28
cooloneyapw: thanks, dude08:30
apwcooloney, building now, will be about 10 mins08:32
apwcooloney, what is the sha1 of your tip08:32
apwor the base you are using which ever08:32
cooloneyapw: cool, your build machine is powerful enough08:32
apwarm cross builds are about 2x the speed of native ones, go figure08:32
cooloneyapw: oh, you mean the ti-omap branch of main?08:33
cooloneyapw: it is 841b9542344b64c7d7607404ca9fd54a8ce72a7408:33
apwyeah just wanted to know where you are working from, to confirm its the same08:33
cooloneyapw: the default thing, i did not change anything before cross building08:34
psurbhicking, apw, morning :)08:34
cooloneycking: morning, 08:34
apwcooloney, ok this happens here for me as well, will investigate08:43
cooloneyapw: you are the man08:47
apwnp ...08:49
apwcooloney, ok i think i have this sorted out ... give me a couple to confirm09:14
apwbjf, whats the network like there?  you able to work on it?09:16
* psurbhi breaks09:17
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ckingapw, asking bjf if the network works is a little premature - once we have a gazallion developers on the network it's gonna suck09:23
apwcking, indeed was more interested as he is there for 3 days before 09:24
bjfapw, i'm in the conference area now, on the wireless and it's working nicely right now09:27
* apw wonders where smb is09:28
bjfapw, don't know what it's going to be like when the riff-raff show up :-)09:28
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apwbjf, we'll kill it in the face in 10s of arriving i am sure09:28
bjfapw, there is a design team sprint happening right now and somehands going one09:29
apwbjf, yeah so not so many people i guess09:29
bjfapw, nope, not yet09:29
apwsmb, yo ... you got anything pending for the ti-omap lucid branch?  i've just found a packaging bug in it thats stopping all builds and i want to slam it in09:30
bjfapw, we've taken over the hotel wireless as usuall, it's our folks managing it09:30
apwthats something at least09:30
smbapw, Nope nothing for that as far as i can remember09:30
bjfapw, kind of have the run of the place to myself, very nice actually09:30
apwok, you ok with me pushing it?  right now its not possible to build ti-omap at all09:30
apwbjf, must be very odd09:31
smbapw, sure go for it09:31
bjfapw, it is a bit09:31
cooloneysmb: yeah, that also affects me as apw said09:31
apwwhich floor shall i work from today09:31
bjfcking, you mentioned someplace for me to do my conference writeup?09:31
smbcooloney, you also running ti-omap stuff?09:32
bjfapw, they have a very nice coffee bar room with lots of 'snacks' 09:32
cooloneybjf: https://wiki.canonical.com/KernelTeam/Conferences/09:32
apwbjf, sounds like a a disaster09:32
cooloneysmb: right, i try to cross build it today09:32
cooloneyand met such issue which apw should slove it now09:32
bjfcooloney, thanks09:32
apwsmb, cooloney, ok pushed ti-omap ... cooloney could you rebase on that and test09:33
cooloneyapw: no problem, 09:33
apwif it builds ok for you as well then i'll call it good and send out the patches09:33
cooloneyapw: synced and building now on emerald09:34
smbapw, Any other known disasters. I partially try to recover from upgrading to lucid on my main netbook09:35
apwsmb, na thats the only one i know about at least09:35
* smb wants his high resolution back on the external lcd09:36
apwsmb, so very picky09:36
cooloneyapw: so i am just wandering what's the CONFIG_UNUSED_SYMBOLS? 09:36
apwit makes EXPORT_UNSED_SYMBOLS produce things which are meaningful in the ABI09:37
cooloneyapw: it will cause the abi checking fail, interesting..09:37
smbapw, I am not even starting about thunderbird loosing all of lightning in that process. 'cause I know you don't care. :-P09:37
apwonly cause the abi-checker is itself broken09:37
* psurbhi tests the patch for lp54361709:46
cooloneyapw and smb, the new CONFIG_UNUSED_SYMBOLS patch fixed this building issue of ti-omap.09:55
psurbhiapw, what do you mention in a patch taken from kernel bugzilla? (which is not yet upstream)09:56
psurbhias in, instead of commit <sha-id> upstream09:56
apwOriginalLocation: perhaps09:56
smbpsurbhi, In case it is in linux-next you could take that sha and linux-next09:58
smbpsurbhi, Or i would say cherry-picked from <url to bugzilla>09:58
psurbhismb, thanks :)10:01
psurbhismb, apw, there seems to be a second patch which has come in just now from Jens Axboe10:15
psurbhiI tested Dmitrys patch and that works fine10:15
ubot3psurbhi: Error: Could not parse XML returned by bugzilla.kernel.org: The connect operation timed out10:16
apwpsurbhi, interesting10:16
smbHm someone mentioned another patch yesterday10:16
psurbhismb, its just come in today10:16
psurbhiinfact i could not see this posting till morning10:16
smbWhen kees was asking yesterday, someone pointed to a mail thread10:17
* apw still can't see it cause its taking so long10:17
psurbhiapw, yeah.. its taking a long while..to open for me too10:17
psurbhismb, ok.. it was posted on kernel bugzilla today.. anyway.. i think we will wait for a while?10:18
smbI would suggest you make a kernel with both of them and give it to kees for testing10:18
psurbhiand meanwhile also test this new patch10:18
apwpsurbhi, well i guess if the patch looks reasonable we want to test both together, and get them to kees10:18
apwfor testing10:18
psurbhismb, apw ok10:18
psurbhiwhere do i keep the kernels? i have one on emerald now10:19
apwpsurbhi, people.canonical.com ?10:19
psurbhiapw, ok10:19
apwpsurbhi, i normally make like lpNNNN-lucid in mine and put them there10:20
psurbhiDmitrys patch is a very small change.. and is tested ..whereas the patch by Jen Axboe introduces some new status "WB_SYNC_NONE"  to fix this one..and its untested by anyone so far10:27
psurbhiapw, smp ^^10:27
apwpsurbhi, so is jens' patch a replace ment for dmitry's ?10:27
psurbhiapw, yes, his version fixes the bug in the proper way.. whereas dmitrys patch is sort of a hack10:28
apwdamn, so it depends if jens is intending on CC: stable his10:28
psurbhihow about taking dmitrys patch as of now and then later reverting that to jens one.. once it goes to stable?10:29
apwi guess we could consider taking Dmitries with the revert of the hack we have and then move to jens' if we get it via stable10:29
psurbhiok :)10:29
* cking wonders if electioneering allowed on voting day10:29
psurbhiso do you think, i should send the email out on u-k mailing list?10:29
apwcking, what does that mean?10:30
smbpsurbhi, apw Hm, yeah. We want to move as quickly to a solution that does not regress other cases and solves the long umount10:30
smband then later probably revert that in favour of Jens' patch when it is in stable10:30
psurbhismb, yep...so do i send out the email with dmitrys patch?10:30
psurbhiok..cool.. so i will do it right away..10:30
apwseems like a plan then ... so yes get it out on the list10:30
* smb hopefully remembers untils then10:31
ckingapw, just got a phone call from Labour giving me some push to vote for them. That's not allowed is it?10:31
psurbhiso, then i will put a note in the patch email saying we wait for Jens patch and later revert to it10:31
apwcking, it seems rather unethical to me, but i suspect they are just calling all not yet voted people to encourage them which is techinically allowed10:31
smbcking, "Thanks you for calling. I would have voted for you, but now that you call..."10:31
apwpsurbhi, yeah please do put a note10:31
ckingsmb, my response exactly10:32
smbpsurbhi, And clearly make it a SAUCE patch10:33
bjfcking, you have it soo easy, you can't believe all the calls we get when it's election "season" here, and it goes on and on and on and ...10:45
bjfcking, what's nice in oregon is that we can vote by mail, and once you vote, it's marked in the roles and they stop calling you :-)10:45
bjfcking, the rule is "vote early, vote often"10:46
ckingbjf, 6 weeks is enough for me - didn't see one doorstep visit at all and got just 2 phone calls10:46
bjfcking, can't remember how many people i had at the door10:46
bjfcking, what's funny/annoying is i'm registered democrat, the wife is registered republican, we get it from both10:47
bjfcking, she doesn't vote republican, just too lazy to change her registration10:48
ckingbjf, I think because I did a postal vote I got zero hassle from the parties this week10:50
cnd_miniapw: the CONFIG_UNUSED_SYMBOLS on mvl-dove isn't set, does it need to be, including any trees based on it?11:01
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apwcnd, it should be, but it clearly doesn't break anything so you don't need to worry11:02
apwit will get fixed naturally as we move forward11:02
cndok, thanks11:02
apwcnd is it not very early where you are?11:02
cndapw: I'm transitioning to brussels time11:03
cndso it's not as terrible on the first day or so11:03
apware you mad :)11:03
apwthat sounds a bit mad, waking up early voluntarily11:03
cndthat, and my wife is in ob/gyn rotation11:04
cndmeaning she gets up at 4:15 am11:04
cndshe just put in a 30 hr day non stop yesterday...11:04
apwso safe for her patients11:04
cndgot up at 4:15 on tuesday, came home at 8 am on wed11:04
apwmental, they do that here, one does not want to be in a hospital i cannot do a thing that tired11:05
cndshe's just a med student so she doesn't really DO too much yet11:05
cndI don't know if attendings and residents work off the same schedule11:05
cndbut they may11:05
apwheh i bet she is giving drugs and the like ... its all stupid11:06
ckingapw, it's only people's lives at stake. apw, you need to be alert so you don't break millions of PCs11:06
cndnah, doesn't have that power yet11:06
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cndis that what caused the EC breakage?11:06
cndapw, do you need more caffeine?11:06
apwi always need more of that11:07
* apw got up at 7 to vote, and i am already useless ... 11:07
cndapw, when do you normally get up?11:07
apwlass was going and made me go too11:07
apwmore like 811:08
cndmy stomach gets all discombobulated when I get up any more than an hour earlier than usual11:08
cndso I'm hoping to head that off by doing a slower transition of sorts11:08
cndthis is really just a test to see how well this works11:09
ckingapparently beer softens the blow 11:09
apwcnd, sounds bad ... though getting up at 4 for a week before you get there sounds bad too11:09
cndI just remember going to a conference in greece a few years ago, and I was dead tired all the time11:09
apwyeah throw in beer till any sickness can be attributed to that11:10
cndapw, I've actually been inching my way11:10
apwyeah figured you might11:10
cndan hour earlier to bed and to rise each day11:10
apwstill mad11:10
ckingcnd, you will get used to it after a few years of travel around the globe11:11
cndI'm starting to become very jealous of sabdfl's private jet :)11:11
cndand I haven't even done any international travel yet!11:12
apweven his jet doesn't get rid of the timezone change11:13
cndyeah, but at least he isn't packed like a sardine11:14
cndmaybe he can get some sleep?11:14
cndI never am able to11:14
cndargh, marvell hal driver build infrastructure is utter crap11:16
cndit breaks on anything higher than -j111:16
cndanyone know of a way to force one specific subdir of the kernel to be -j1?11:16
cndthey do this stupid thing where they have a dummy.o target at the front of all the real targets, and dummy.o depends on their rule to make all the makefiles for the rest of the targets11:17
cndwhich breaks horrendously as soon as you do -j2 and it tries to compile the first real target before it has a Makefile11:18
apwcnd, hrm ... t11:21
apwthere must be a way11:21
baptistemmHello & good morning11:21
baptistemmhi manjo11:22
baptistemmmanjo, good bet for bug 41648711:22
cndapw, what I tried is generating the Makefiles myself, and then committing that result11:22
ubot3Malone bug 416487 in bluez "Bluetooth Doesnt Work - Eee PC 1005HA-P" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41648711:22
apwcking, hey checkout google.co.uk graphic11:22
cndof course the generated makefiles use absolute directories in their -I statements...11:22
cndthough it may just be one Makefile11:22
cndso I might be able to patch that to $(src)11:23
ckingapw, nice google image of No.1011:23
apwcnd can't you just fix the makefile so that all of the files depend on dummy.o's depenacies11:24
cndapw: seems logical, and I've tried to think of ways, but I can't figure it out11:25
cndapw: it's like: obj-y := dummy.o dir1/ dir2/ dir3/ dummy_end.o11:25
apwcnd, how come our mvl-dove trees do not have this issue11:25
cndwhere dummy_end.o goes and deletes all the Makefiles!11:25
cndapw, perhaps they don't build these drivers?11:26
apwthey definatly make new makefiles and delete them11:26
cndI'm not sure11:26
apwbjf, was it you who did mvl-dove originally ... does this ring a bell11:26
bjfapw, just catching up with the discussion11:26
apwcnd, are you starting from mvl-dove or making your own tree ?11:27
cndapw, starting from mvl-dove, and applying some patches on top11:27
apwi ask because mvl-dove is configured differently as it cannot build 'out of tree'11:28
bjfapw, cnd, yes i remember that there were some big issues with mvl-dove builds11:28
apwok so you should have that11:28
bjfapw, cnd, one of the things is it wouldn't build out-of-tree11:28
cndin fact, it's all mergeable into mvl-dove except that we need to build uImages instead of zImages11:28
cndbjf: well, I'm trying to build in-tree11:28
ckingbjf, that's a tad unpleasant11:28
apwcnd, well thats normal, all arm use those11:28
bjfapw, cnd, that's why you see at the beginning of the build, we rsync the code over to the build directory11:28
apwbjf yep, if cnd is based of mvl-dove that should be turned on anyhow11:29
cndapw, only if they use uboot11:29
cnddoes anyone use redboot?11:29
cndif not, then we should just switch over to making uImages11:29
apwi mean we generate the uImages as they are flashed as i recall ...11:29
bjfcnd, it sounds like you started with their tree and are bringing it back into ours11:29
cndcause our current build process doesn't allow building different outputs for different flavours11:30
bjfcnd, how about starting with our tree and applying their changes ontop of ours11:30
apwogra, am i right in thinking the kernel-flash extracts the uImage and we fake install zImage for arm generally ?11:30
persiaLots of folks use redboot11:30
persiaapw: Yes, kernel-flash should mask the platform-specific kernel installation hackery when it doesn't boot from /boot11:30
cndbjf, that's what I'm doing, starting with mvl-dove and applying patches11:31
bjfcnd, switching from uImages to zImages or vice versa is easy11:31
apwcnd ... so we probabally should do the same for this11:31
ograapw, not really, zImage is the source for generating the uImage11:31
ograapw, so its not really a fake 11:31
cndbjf, yeah, but integration into the oem builds is what concerns me11:31
bjfcnd, i don't know what that means11:31
cndbjf, well I don't really know all it entails either yet :)11:31
apwogra, yeah i more meant we still just generate zImage for arm and put that in /boot, and do the uImage step at 'update-<bootloader>' time instread11:31
ograpersia, apw, and its flash-kernel :)11:32
ograapw, its a kernel postinst thing yes11:32
apwcnd, ^^ make sense?11:32
bjfapw, no, we were generating uImages at one point for uboot targets11:32
ogracontrolled by /etc/kernel-img.conf11:32
cndapw: yes, for the uImage part11:32
ograas well as by update-initramfs11:32
cndbjf: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=cndougla/hedley.git;a=commit;h=844a81b8f6332ba7ce701ca7ae79d784d9ef4ab111:32
* persia consistently calls that the wrong thing except when prefaced by apt-get source :(11:33
apwbjf, yeah but we have switched to consistenty using the same11:33
bjfapw, ah11:33
ogracnd, where does your kernel live on your device ? 11:33
apwcnd seems reasonable11:33
ogragot flash or in a partition11:34
cndogra: we're still just in the board bringup phase, but right now I've been putting it in /boot/uImage11:34
cndand made a simple uboot boot script to load it using ext2load11:34
ogracnd, is your u-boot capable of reading ext2/3 ?11:34
cndmost of this is going to change11:34
cndthis is just for board bringup really11:34
ograyeah, that should work fine, the dove way of doing things should work11:35
ografor NAND take a look at the omap version :)11:35
cndwe just got lucid up on it two days ago11:35
ograthe important bit is the flash-kernel-installer.postinst 11:35
ograthat does the initial system setup from ubiquity/d-i11:35
cndapw: bjf: this is what I didn't catch when I statically generated the Makefiles: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=cndougla/hedley.git;a=blob;f=arch/arm/plat-orion/mv_hal_drivers/mv_hal/pmu/Makefile;h=60933f5425f1487d90dad88264d79fb9919c1d90;hb=844a81b8f6332ba7ce701ca7ae79d784d9ef4ab111:36
=== cooloney-afk is now known as cooloney
cndogra: yeah, I don't know myself how the live image build process works yet11:36
cndI've been putting that off11:36
cndsince I haven't got a kernel building outside my home dir yet :)11:37
ogracnd, bring the device to UDS we can take a look together11:37
bjfcnd, i remember them reaching all over their tree with relative paths to get to objs11:37
ograshould be quick to get it going11:37
ograand i can add all bits to flash-kernel then, i'm just merging it anyway :)11:37
cndogra: I don't know we'll have the time though, cking was suggesting to leave it at home...11:37
ograwell, there are the evenings ... 11:38
ograwe just shouldnt spill beer into it ;)11:38
cndI'll think about it11:38
cndhonestly, I'm not sure whether it's strictly my area anyways11:38
apwa good oppotunity to get ogra to fix it for you11:38
cndI'm the kernel hwe guy for the project11:38
cndthere are other people working on the rest of course11:38
ograsure, as you like :)11:39
* cking hates bringing hwe work to UDS as it eats into valuable UDS time11:40
cndthat and it's a sizeable hunk of metal I don't want to deal with unless I really must11:41
cking..and the parts are limited too11:41
fqhhelli, I run command "hdparm -B 128 /dev/sda", but after a while, it restores to 254 automatically. Anyone meet this? 11:50
=== cking is now known as cking-afk
apwfqh, which release you on ?  that sounds like something laptop-tools might do12:25
apwlag, yo12:26
apwsmb, cking-afk  .... meet lag (Lee)12:27
smbhey lag 12:27
apwhe seems to have settled on a nick at last, and one  i can spell finally too12:27
smbapw, And one you can even live. :-P12:28
apwCannot build any of the architectures requested: any12:35
apwsmb, does ^^ mean anything to you in a PPA upload response ?12:35
smbapw, Hmm, not immediatly12:36
apwsounds like something a bit mad to me12:36
apwDistribution: maverick12:36
apwhave i spelt maverick right?12:36
smbapw, I thought so. Looked better than me doing Maverik12:37
smbapw, Can I look at the dsc or build log?12:38
apwsmb, the reject email is in your inbox as it was the maverick pre-proposed which failed12:38
apwlinux_2.6.34-1.6~pre201005061100_source.changes rejected12:39
smbapw, Does not look any other than all of the previous ones to me...12:41
=== cking-afk is now known as cking
ckinglag, hiya!12:41
apwyeah i suspect its right, and i suspect we may not yet have chroots or something ... but someone needs to tell me :)12:42
=== cking is now known as cking-afk
cking-afkback in 1012:42
smbapw, Yeah maybe there is no buildd for maverick that volunteers for building12:42
apwyeah something like that i suspect12:42
lagapw, smb, eking: Hello =:-)12:45
apweeeeeking :)12:45
apwits a 'c'12:45
smbapw, The e-commerce version of cking. :-)12:45
lagcking: Sorry, and hello12:46
lagsmb: We've met haven't we12:46
lagcking: We haven't met yet12:46
apwi likes the idea of him squeaking like that12:46
apwlag, spot on12:47
smblag, Yeah, /me was the quiet one at the end of the table12:47
apwsuffering from .en overload :)12:48
smbMore from music overload I think12:49
lagsmb: Yes, I remember you12:49
lagapw: Who is 'the technical one' you wanted me to meet?12:50
lagIs that cking?12:50
apwyeah cking is the detail guy :)12:50
=== cking-afk is now known as cking
ckingme? detailed? nah12:53
apwyeah right12:53
* apw notes he is 2 foot tall12:53
ckingyeah yeah yeah12:53
* cking is a troll that likes shiny hardware12:56
apwcnd, about ?  mumble test ?13:02
cndapw, one sec13:02
fqhapw, I am running ubuntu-10.04. 13:04
* lag is off to make the most of his final weekdays off for 3.5 months!13:07
fqhapw, my usb-disk /dev/sdb  can keep the setting, but the disk inside the laptop can't.13:07
lagcking: Nice to meet you13:07
ckinglag, hope to catch up with you face-to-face sometime :-)13:09
apwfqh, the internal one is the one on we might expect things to manage13:15
apwif its 10.04 its likely pm-utils13:16
lagcking: I think apw is planning a meet up-town in the next upcoming weeks. It would be good to meet then?13:17
fqhapw, I tried pm-powersave, but "hdparm -B /dev/sda" tell me that pm-powersave did not change the "APM_level".13:24
ckinglag, I'm up for it sometime after UDS :-)13:29
ograapw, your ports mail doesnt refer to omap and friends, does it ? 13:41
apwogra, nope, literally what used to be linux-ports13:42
ograthats what i thought13:42
ograjust wanted to make sure 13:42
apwomap et al are already in there and with stable13:42
apwports is an anomoly as it used to be separate and now half isn't13:42
cndfrom lwn:13:53
cndThe question about regularly used distributions led to some interesting results, with Ubuntu (54%) and Debian (44%) far ahead of any of the rest. The next tier was led by Fedora (24%), followed by Red Hat Enterprise Linux (21%), other OS (20%), CentOS (19%), and other Linux (15%). All of the rest came in at less than 10%: Gentoo, openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Mandriva, and Oracle Unbreakable Linux (with 13 responde13:53
cndnts) in that order.13:53
ograwow, the low suse value is intresting13:56
JFopgraner-afk, or apw how should I respond now that 'the man' has commented on bug 57551814:11
ubot3Malone bug 575518 in linux "linux kernel contains GPL violations" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57551814:11
apwJFo, lets look into it at UDS14:12
JFoapw, ok14:12
apwi think we are doing mostly all we can do in that vein as it is14:13
JFoI thought so too, but it sounds like he wants more maybe14:14
JFoat any rate, shelved till UDS14:14
mjg59JFo: The list of files he provides *all* have source14:16
mjg59Every single one of them14:16
mjg59Close it as notabug14:16
mjg59drivers/char/ser_a2232fw.ax is the source for drivers/char/ser_a2232fw.h, for instance14:17
apwyeah from discussions we had the other day i suspect most of his noise is noise14:17
apwwe should do a formal review like mjg59 is showing and confirm/deny his allegations etc before enflaming any further14:18
mjg59Now, admittedly, there isn't always a toolchain included with the source14:18
apwthough i think we will close it not a bug in the end, i think its best to have the the full list of limitations14:18
mjg59But gcc isn't in the kernel source either14:18
apwindeed so14:19
apwand as you pointed out yesterday they are being ripped out over time, and will gone either way14:19
mjg59And how can anyone claim that drivers/scsi/sym53c8xx_2/sym_fw1. is a binary?14:19
apwby reading and believeing the militant fringe produces mostly14:19
mjg59Anyway. If you look at his list, the second one each time is the source for the previous file14:20
mjg59Some searching actually indicates that the linux-libre deblob tool leaves those files in because they have source, so it's just factually incorrect rather than any kind of legitimate complaint14:21
mjg59I suspect that those ones will stay in the kernel, given that they're GPLed and have source and there's no reason to move them out14:21
apwmjg59, typical ... and now we have to tip-toe round to get it closed ... ahh well14:21
apwmjg59, yeah seems so14:21
mjg59But Launchpad seems to refuse to send me my password or let me create a new account for reasons I haven't determined14:22
mjg59Let me see if I can rectify that14:22
apwmjg59, hrm ... should bitch at them on #launchpad14:22
mjg59Ah, hang on, there's the address I used14:23
erUSULit is true performance is default governor in lucid ?14:38
* erUSUL did not upgrade yet but someone in #ubuntu claims it14:38
ograerUSUL, aLeSD just asked the same in #ubuntu-devel and got an answer14:42
erUSULthat being? nvm will find the logs ...14:43
=== pgraner-afk is now known as pgraner
greg-ga bug reporter is trying to ask a question in this channel, but he is getting a "cannot send to channel" response. he is communicating just fine in -bugs.15:04
ograstill ? 15:04
ograthat was changed recently15:04
ograthe channel auto-banned unregged people somehow 15:05
ograbut its +t since a few days15:05
apwgreg-g, you used to have to be registered, i thought that was fixed when this came under the IRC council15:05
cndapw: smb: http://www.jrin.net/2010_02_06/how-to-dismantle-and-upgrade-dell-mini-101215:05
greg-gapw: thanks.15:06
ograapw, i'd say it is ... i havent seen any issues15:06
greg-gcshong: see above discussion which you can probably read but not respond to :)15:06
ogracshong, try to leave the channel and re-join it theoretically there is no reason you cant speak15:08
ograbetter ? 15:09
greg-gogra: he said the same thing happens (he's in -bugs also)15:10
ograi know :)15:10
* ogra wonders why there is no ChanServ in here 15:11
JFoapw, ogra, chase had issues the other day when his nick was cnd-mini15:11
persiaogra: It's built-in: it is a managed channel15:11
JFoas that nick is not registered15:11
JFobut when he changed it back to cnd, it was fine15:12
ograJFo, yes, but that was supposed to be fixed since the -n was dropped15:12
persiaRight.  Looking at channel modes, it needs to be a registered nick here.15:12
JFolooks like it is still an issue15:12
apwthen its still not fixed and we need to figure out quite how it is changed15:12
PiciSee /mode +q15:12
apwpersia, how can you tell15:12
ograi had similar probs when my nick changed to ogra_ during reconnects15:12
Pici/mode -q $~a15:12
ograbut that was gone with the change15:12
persiaapw: /cs info #ubuntu-kernel and /cs access #ubuntu-kernel list are the commands I usually use.  You ought have powers to fix it.15:12
apwi have powers on this channel, Pici what does that one do ?15:13
Piciapw: It removes the mute (quiet) on all unregistered users15:14
* ogra looks in awe to apw ...15:14
ograso powerful15:14
JFoapw owns all15:14
apwi wish :)15:14
apwPici, where can i find the docs for that :)15:14
JFowho's your big bad channel daddy?15:14
* apw slaps JFo 15:14
Piciapw: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml15:14
* JFo giggles15:14
persiaapw: Nice work.15:16
apwPici, thanks ... hopefully that'll fix it once and for all15:16
Piciapw: I hope so too15:16
MyXelf_i have a framebuffer dude15:16
MyXelf_could anyone guide me, plz?15:16
sconklinapw: While not a KMS bug, here's a performance bug that appears to also exist in mainline that we need to figure out https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/55559515:17
ubot3Malone bug 555595 in linux "Intel graphics performance regression in 2.6.32-19 lucid kernel update (was: Firefox Slows Down Compiz)" [Medium,Triaged] 15:17
apwsconklin, sounds like loads of fun15:17
persiacshong: We see your message.15:18
MyXelf_it is related to the framebuffer modules in lucid lynx15:19
apwMyXelf_, asking if you can ask questions takes up more space than just asking the question15:19
apwif someone knows they'll chime in i am sure15:19
MyXelf_oops, thanks15:19
MyXelf_here i go15:19
* apw sighs15:20
MyXelf_i installed a fresh lucid, on the first boot15:20
MyXelf_i can see the framebuffer using 1280x800 resolution15:21
MyXelf_the splash and the ttys15:21
MyXelf_checking with fbset the current driver, it says is using radeondrmfb15:21
MyXelf_(1280x800 isn't a recognized resolution in hwinfo --framebuffer, neither in grub2 vbeinfo)15:22
MyXelf_but i'm able to use it15:22
cshongI reported a bug #575783 about the kernel. Then, someone leave a comment and request me to test whether the bug exist in the latest kernel mainline built. .....15:22
ubot3Malone bug 575783 in linux "Cannot eject DVD/CD-ROM drive with the hotkey button" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57578315:22
MyXelf_after installing fglrx drivers from repo15:22
JFocshong, that was probably me15:22
MyXelf_i can't use that resolution anymore15:23
MyXelf_fbset says is using EFI fb15:23
MyXelf_i have 2 questions15:23
cndMyXelf_: is this x86?15:23
cshongAfter install the latest mainline built and restart, my computer freeze if I boot into ubuntu with the installed mainline kernel.15:23
MyXelf_1- can i force somehow another fb module?15:24
JFocshong, did you use the information from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMainlineBuilds ?15:25
apwJFo, bear in mind the latest daily may well be a duffer,  cshong which version did you install?15:25
JFoah true15:25
MyXelf_2- what is preventing fglrx from using the same resolution as the other driver?15:26
MyXelf_i tried using uvesafb, to no avail15:26
mjg59MyXelf_: Sounds like a bug in the fglrx drivers15:27
mjg59MyXelf_: Which are closed source, so not fixable by Ubuntu developers15:27
apwyeah i'd say get a bug files on fgrlx i recon15:27
MyXelf_can i force using another fb module?15:29
apwMyXelf_, the framebuffer is normally selected by the drivers15:29
MyXelf_but i was looking that through grub you can force it somehow15:30
MyXelf_using video:<fbmodule>:mode_option= ...15:31
mjg59MyXelf_: Only to modes in your vesa bios. 1280x800 isn't.15:32
mjg59You need to use radeon to set the mode to 1280x800, and that means you can't use fglrx15:33
ograyou could knock on AMDs door and ask for KMS support :)15:33
ograthey are only what, a year or two behind here ? 15:34
cshongWhat I downloaded and installed are these 3 files: linux-headers-2.6.34-999-generic_2.6.34-999.201005061008_i386.deb, linux-headers-2.6.34-999_2.6.34-999.201005061008_all.deb, and linux-image-2.6.34-999-generic_2.6.34-999.201005061008_i386.deb.15:34
MyXelf_i'm a little bit confused with all those terms KMS / DRM / DRI15:37
JFoKMS-kernel modesetting15:37
ograthats what your radeon driver uses to give you the shiny resolution15:38
* ogra sighs about all these grub2 bugs ... 15:38
ograwhy cant people stop editing /etc/default/grub and make typos15:38
JFoogra, you want me to answer that? :015:39
apwwe failed to ship the finger cutter with the CDs ?15:39
ograah, thats it !15:39
JFoapw,  +115:39
ograRunning postinst hook script /usr/sbin/update-grub.15:39
ograGenerating grub.cfg ...15:39
ograinsmod: can't read 'png': No such file or directory15:39
ograat least thats a new one :)15:40
sconklinMyXelf_: DRM == Direct Rendering Manager, DRI == Direct Rendering Infrastructure15:41
* JFo notes those two as I was not 100% sure of them :)15:41
Zobjo_Ohello JFo 15:41
cshongMore information: Before I found the bug, I install Ubuntu 32-bit version by using wubi on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit version. I download 32 bit version of Ubuntu because I do need to install it on older 32-bit computer also. To save bandwidth, I didn't download the 64-bit version.15:42
ubot3cshong: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: mismatched tag: line 2112, column 815:42
JFoZobjo_O, the reason I asked you to post here is so others get the benefit of the conversation :)15:42
JFohi Zobjo_O 15:42
Zobjo_OJFo, i meet the same pb that the bug 572249on my asus eeepc 1201n under ubuntu 10.04 l... it's freeze when i download big files across transmission15:43
ubot3Malone bug 572249 in linux "Hard freeze on large file transfers with Atheros AR8132 / L1c" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57224915:43
cshongBefore I found the bug, I install Ubuntu 32-bit version by using wubi on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit version. I download 32 bit version of Ubuntu because I do need to install it on older 32-bit computer also. To save bandwidth, I didn't download the 64-bit version.15:43
ubot3cshong: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: mismatched tag: line 2112, column 815:43
sconklinMyXelf_ JFo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Architecture15:43
JFoZobjo_O, do you have the same hardware profile as the original reporter?15:43
JFothx sconklin 15:43
MyXelf_going to rtfm15:43
cshongError in sending message here again. "Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: mismatched tag: line 2112, column 8"15:44
Zobjo_Onot exactly but i belive the same network card15:44
Zobjo_OAtheros AR8132 / L1c15:46
cshongBefore, I install Ubuntu 32-bit version by using Wubi even though my Windows 7 is 64-bit version. Will this relate to the bug I reported?15:46
ubot3cshong: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: mismatched tag: line 2112, column 815:47
cshongBefore, I install Ubuntu 32 bit version by using Wubi even though my Windows 7 is 64 bit version. Will this relate to the bug I reported?15:47
ckingcshong, I cannot see why Ubuntu 32 bit won't work on a 64 bit Win 7 system.15:50
ubot3cking: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: mismatched tag: line 2112, column 815:50
Zobjo_Owhere can i find a new driver for Atheros AR8132 / L1c15:50
MyXelf_thanks everybody15:50
MyXelf_i feel enlightened15:51
cshongThanks cking15:51
cshongAnd, since I cannot boot Ubuntu with the latest kernel mainline built i downloaded (version 2.6.34-999), is this a bug? Do I need to report?15:52
JFoZobjo_O, ok15:53
ckingcshong, Wubi just shoves a ubuntu image into a file in the NTFS partition, so it does not matter if you are using 32 or 64 bit Windows, or 32 or 64 bit ubuntu15:53
Zobjo_OJFo, ??15:53
* ogra wonders what confuses ubot315:53
ogralikely Ubuntu 3215:53
ubot3ogra: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: mismatched tag: line 2112, column 815:53
JFoZobjo_O, just finished looking at the bug15:53
Zobjo_Owho, you ?15:54
JFohave you filed a bug for your issue and added it as a duplicate of this one?15:54
JFoI prefer for all affected to file separate bugs15:54
JFoyes, me15:54
ogasawaraakgraner: are you gonna do a thurs morning kick off blurb for UOW, or can apw and I just start on the hour15:54
Zobjo_OJFo, it's the same pb15:55
akgranerogasawara, classbot will voice everyone and change the topic15:55
akgranerthen I'll intro you all :-)15:55
ogasawaraakgraner: cool, thanks15:55
akgraneryou're welcome :-)15:56
JFoZobjo_O, all the same, I'd still like a bug from you. Just in case you are not solved by the same fix that solves them15:57
JFothat does happen often15:57
cshongTomorrow, I will report another bug about the latest downloaded Kernel mainline. 15:57
JFocshong, that may not be necessary15:57
JFoas we use the mainline for testing only15:57
JFoit is not a released kernel15:58
JFothanks for offering though :-)15:58
cshongThen, I change my mind.15:58
apwakgraner, are you handlng the question bot thing for us ?15:59
akgranerI can or you all can 15:59
akgranereither way is fine with me15:59
apwogasawara, you ever done it?  i don't think i've taled to the bot before perhaps we should let akgraner  ?15:59
ogasawaraapw: yah, the using the bot to field questions is new to me, I'm fine if akgraner wants to help with that16:00
akgranerwe can try it 16:00
akgranerand adjust fire as necessary :-)16:00
Zobjo_OJFo, i always write a comments about my pb 16:01
* JFo shifts right 10 degrees16:01
JFoZobjo_O, what do you mean?16:01
Zobjo_Oi write a comment about my pb (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/572249)16:02
ubot3Malone bug 572249 in linux "Hard freeze on large file transfers with Atheros AR8132 / L1c" [Medium,Triaged] 16:02
cshongAs a computer science student, I do understand that fixing a bug may need a lot of time. I can still boot into Ubuntu if I select the original kernel version during booting. And, I can still eject my DVD drive by using "eject" command. So, I will be very patient to wait for my reported bug to be fixed.16:03
JFoI see, but I prefer you open a new bug for your issue Zobjo_O as it could turn out to be slightly different from the one reported16:03
JFocshong, thank you :)16:04
Zobjo_OJFo, how can i do to open a new bug (i'm sorry but i'm beginer on ubuntu)16:04
cshongHope that I have a chance to contribute to Ubuntu's development after I graduate.16:06
JFofrom a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) run the command: apport-bug linux16:07
JFoZobjo_O, ^16:07
JFocshong, I am sure you will. Good luck in your studies :)16:07
cshongThank you.16:08
JFoZobjo_O, if you are interested in learning more about the apport command I have given you above, you can look here: http://man.he.net/man1/apport-bug16:08
cshongFor bug #575783, if anyone do feel that I need to report the bug to the main Linux kernel development team ( http://www.kernel.org/ ), or have anything need me to do, just leave a comment on the bug web page. It is night time in my country. I need to sleep now. Good night.16:12
ubot3Malone bug 575783 in linux "Cannot eject DVD/CD-ROM drive with the hotkey button" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57578316:12
JFogood night cshong 16:13
Zobjo_OJFo, thanks i try to create a new bug16:14
JFothank you Zobjo_O 16:14
JFojust let me know the bug number here and i can take a look16:14
* cking goes to look at his sick server box16:28
JFoSupport Escalation: bug 57606417:09
ubot3JFo: Error: Could not parse data returned by Malone: list index out of range17:10
JFoubot3, you are broken17:10
ubot3Factoid you are broken not found17:10
JFonm, you aren't broken17:11
JFoapw, ogasawara ^^17:11
ckinghorray, disks fsck'd ok, and upgrade worked fine, server no longer sick17:12
manjoJFo, how do they expect us to fix it without much info... 17:21
JFono idea manjo 17:21
* manjo wonders how much more time does 8.04 have support wise ? 17:23
manjoI think its a pretty bad idea to go with a product launch on a pretty old lts like 8.0417:24
ogramanjo, http://www.ubuntu.com/products/ubuntu/release-cycle17:25
ograone year17:25
ogra(for desktops)17:25
manjowow lts server support until 201317:26
manjoprobably in 3yrs we will have 2.717:26
manjoI can understand if they have certified apps on 8.04 otherwise it might be better off to move them to 8.0417:28
smbmanjo, You could say that 8.04 was the latest LTS up to some days ago17:29
manjobut looks like they are launching a new product based on 8.04+17:30
manjoplanning seems to lack forsight 17:30
manjosmb, I sent an SRU your way17:38
smbmanjo, I might ignore it for a bit while finishing other stuff, why?17:39
manjosmb, fix minor rtl8192se driver makefile isse17:39
manjominor fix rather 17:40
apwmanjo, more bloody fixes for that driver ... what sort of heap of crap is it?17:41
smbmanjo, Minor rather in the sense of complexity than size17:41
smbmanjo, but ok17:41
smbThough I would let others have looks on it17:41
manjoapw, right less complex fix, upgrade of that driver caused a makefile break17:41
ckingone presumes the driver is getting better over time..17:42
apwcking, we can only hope17:44
manjoits still not upstream yet... I should talk to my contact in realtek to get them into staging atleast17:45
=== kamal-away is now known as kamal
cnd_minihow can I build a kernel from the git tree exactly (or close to) how it's built in the archive?18:12
=== cnd_mini is now known as cnd
cndmeaning including the d-i packages and everything18:13
cnddoes just running 'fdr clean && debuild' do it?18:13
apwcnd, you need 1) to build the binary-arch target18:16
apw fdr binary-arch18:16
apwsecond the chroot needs to declare itself a buildd18:16
apwtouch /CurrentlyBuilding18:16
apwelse you don't get udebs regardless18:16
persiaIs there a reasonable way to have that not depend on /CurrentlyBuilding ?18:17
persiaI'm not convinced that this wouldn't be absent in a future Soyuz.18:17
apwpersia, we'll notice that when the CDs stop building i guess18:17
apwcurrently the build does depend on that a lot, and i have plans to pull it all into one place18:18
ckingsigh, another day, another 2 BIOS issues18:18
persiaOK.  I've seen traffic indicating plans to make it go away, so take care :)18:18
apwso that instead of needing to add a /currently/building one can say like 'fdr fake_buildd=yes binary-arch and it will do the right thing18:18
apwpersia, heh well i am sure they will tell us, as we depend on it in anohter way to know the ddeb mechanism to select ... so they will have to tell us for that18:19
apwbut yes it sucks so i plan to make it be a selection in one place18:19
persiaCan you not depend on the presence/absence of pkg-create-dbgsyms for the ddeb mechanism?18:19
apwso we can make it sensible later18:19
apwpersia, depends what the presence/absence of that means18:20
persiaThat package tends to only be installed in buildd chroots.18:21
JFocking, I enjoyed your comment about BIOS QA :)18:21
apwpersia, well the key issue is that the offical way to tell right now is that file18:21
persiaBut /CurrentlyBuilding exists because of an awkward hack in some Soyuz wrapper scripts in launchpad, which is more fragile.18:21
apwso us using it is right, that is very ahrd to change it now, and no way to fake it is mental18:21
persiaapw: For what value of "official"?18:21
apwpersia, for the value of us asking the archive admins how to tell and them saying that was the way18:22
ckingJFo, yea, it's getting me down - these guys are shipping before testing IMHO18:22
persiaHeh.  OK.  I suspect there's a soyuz-hackers/archive-admin gap, but if that's the advice they're giving, it probably ought be stable for a bit :)18:22
* cking feels sorry for JFo having to see my stream of consciousness pass by him all day in Emails18:23
persiaI'm unsure whether the Soyuz sbuild transition is happening for lucid or LTS+1, so it might be in July/August, or it might be in two years that the change happens.18:23
apwpersia, i care not what the mechanism is, and i also recognise we are in a bad place should they change18:23
JFocking, actually i gain a lot from it18:24
persiaOK.  Just wanted to make sure you weren't relying on a discovered hack that wasn't recorded somewhere.  If you've been specifically advised, I'll expect someone is caring for some stability in the interface.18:24
ckingJFo, glad to see you gain from my pain ;-)18:25
* JFo lives off the tears of others18:25
=== cking is now known as cking-afk
=== JFo is now known as JFo-afk
apwpersia, no working on their recommendation, but also we are revamping and fixing our crap so its 1) more common, 2) easier to fix, and 3) use that easier to fix to make things like /CB easier to isolate and change18:26
ogasawaracnd: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelMaintenanceStarter#Cross-compiling for ARM (should maybe make sure that is up to date if you're looking to document)18:30
cndogasawara: hrm... how did I miss that...18:30
apwwiki search sucks ?18:30
cndoh, I think I was looking in KernelMaintenance18:30
cndI don't think I tried ..Starter18:30
ogasawaracnd: yah, definitely not the easiest thing to find18:31
cndhmmm, that has 'export DEB_BUILD_ARCH=armel'18:31
cndbut dpkg-architecture -aarmel spits out:18:31
cndwhich seems more correct...18:32
cndor =i386 in the i386 chroot18:32
* manjo needs food 18:35
apwcnd possibly so18:42
cndapw: No module interdependencies found. This probably means your modules.dep is broken.18:43
cndIf this is intentional, touch /home/cndougla/hedley/ubuntu-lucid/debian/build/no-modules18:43
cndapw: https://pastebin.canonical.com/32018/18:44
eagles0513875hey guys im having some super serious issues with getting kubuntu installed not sure if im in the right place 19:04
apw#ubuntu is normally the first port of call for any support issues, here is the right place for kernel issues19:05
eagles0513875when installing with ubiquity withough being in debug mode i get a lot of .so objects and messages saying that the version is older then what is on the cd19:05
eagles0513875apw: i have been everywhere from kubuntu to ubuntu 19:05
eagles0513875i guess ill try ask the foundations team like rgreening suggested :( 19:05
apwif its ubuiquity errros then here is unlikely to be the right place either, if i was gettting ubiquity errors i'd probabally start with foundaations on #ubuntu-devel19:06
eagles0513875apw: its shared object errors19:06
apwthose are all userspace things :)19:06
eagles0513875apw: but after a certain point thoguh the installation failes completely19:07
apweagles0513875, not sure how that makes it a kernel issue19:07
eagles0513875apw: ok19:08
apwseeing the errors like a picture or something may help someone decide19:08
apwbut if its .so errors, sounds like userspace to me19:08
eagles0513875thanks anyway apw 19:08
apwgood luck19:08
eagles0513875thanks i need it 19:08
eagles0513875im getting super frustrated :( with this19:08
DelemasI need Ubutu 10.04 LTS w/ support for the 3ware 9750 4i. What is the recommended means of getting that? Run one of the kernel team's 2.6.33 based kernel? Or is there a cleaner solution I'm missing?19:12
manjoDelemas, on server install ? we do have the 3w-9xxx driver not sure if that works for this card or not 19:21
kamalapw: hiya - Can you unconfuse me about kernel-ppa-pre-proposed?  My "Dell hang on resume" patch appeared in that PPA (2.6.32-22.33~preNNNN...) so I guessed it would appear in the 2.6.32-22.33 release kernel -- that's out now but it doesn't include many of the patches from 33~pre, including mine.  Do we know when it will be released?19:22
federico1hi all19:23
federico1I'm looking for chase douglas19:23
federico1does he hang around here?19:23
Delemasmanjo, I believe the required driver is 3w-sas which is added in 2.6.33 and available as a source download for 2.6.8 to 2.6.32 from 3ware. I guess what I'm asking is was the 3w-sas driver added as a separate package or in another repository I've missed. 19:23
apwkamal, right it was planned to be in there, but then there was an emergency day-0 kernel which was released19:24
kamalfederico1: Chase is nick ' cnd ', and yes, he is normally in this channel.19:24
smbkamal, It might be the pre-proposed was build from the whole stack of updates before we picked urgent ones for immediate release19:24
federico1kamal: thanks!19:24
federico1cnd: ping :)19:24
cndfederico1: what's up?19:24
apwassuming smb doesn't have to do a security in the middle it will be in the next upload19:25
federico1cnd: I'm looking at bgo#610482 and your patch there - pretty interesting!19:25
apwthough that is quite likely ...19:25
federico1cnd: so we have a few bugs, I think:19:25
smbapw, kamal I would not assume that not19:25
manjoDelemas, not sure we carry that driver ... 19:25
federico11. g-s-d gets more than 1 input event for XF86Display19:25
federico12. the timestamps in those events are reversed19:25
kamalapw, smb: ok great -- I was somewhat less confused than I thought -- thanks guys.  :-)19:25
cndfederico1: is that bug # on fdo?19:26
federico1cnd: bugzilla.gnome.org19:26
federico1cnd: ubuntu bug 48418619:26
ubot3federico1: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Ubuntu: HTTP Error 404: Not Found19:26
manjoapw, wonder why we don't carry the 3w-sas driver, seem to be added to mainline in October 0919:26
apwit seems unlikely its not in our source19:27
cndfederico1: ahh, ok19:27
apwmanjo, its either its not enabled cause 1) error, or 2) known issues19:27
cndfederico1: give me a minute to context switch in this bug19:27
Delemasapw: I would love to know why....19:27
cndfederico1: ok, yes19:28
cndI think we put b in lucid19:28
apwas noone has noticed in the whole of the release cycle i assume its not widespread19:28
cndbecause it fixed an issue for me19:28
apwmanjo, what config option is it19:28
cndwhere sometimes when opening the lid and resuming it wouldn't switch back19:28
federico1cnd: argh, one sec, phone call...19:28
cndfederico1: we may want to take this elsewhere as well19:29
cnda quieter channel?19:29
manjoapw, we don't even have the src ./drivers/scsi/3w-sas.c19:29
Delemasapw: CONFIG_SCSI_3W_SAS19:29
Delemasas of
apwmanjo, we don't delete source files ?19:30
apwif its in 33.0 then its not in lucid19:30
manjoapw, yep I am confused 19:30
manjoapw, git log says 3w-sas: Add new driver for LSI 3ware 9750 Fri Oct 23 14:52:33 2009 -070019:30
manjoapw, that is mainline19:30
* manjo confused19:31
DelemasThat is what I was hoping for. i.e. the addon driver for 2.6.32 and lower...19:31
manjoapw, something we can add to backport modules ? 19:31
apwits somewhat too late for lucid now, these are things that need to be found in early testing19:31
apwmanjo, perhaps ... why does noone test before release?19:32
DelemasWeird 'cause there is a download from 3ware for 9.10...19:32
manjoogasawara, apw, we should open up a channel where people can request drivers to be added 19:33
manjofor M19:33
apwnot particualarly wierd, there are 100s of dodgy vendor drivers out ther19:33
ogasawaramanjo: it's called kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com :)19:33
* apw assignes manjo to man the channel19:33
* manjo ducks19:33
Delemaswell there are lots of 3ware cards in linux boxes... *shrugs*19:33
apwluckily ii pired pretty low19:34
* manjo belly got in the way19:34
apwDelemas, its hard to suck up all the card drivers in the world, we need user requests and justifications for them19:34
apwas many are just crack19:34
manjoDelemas, so as of now I don't think there is support for that card ... but you could try the main line build of our kernel and see if that wroks for you ... but that kernel is unsupported 19:35
DelemasI'm just checking the build for the module now...19:35
manjoapw, in the mean time we could perhaps consider adding that crack to backport moules package 19:36
apwyou could indeed, you'd want to evaluate how good it is as well, we don't want to support something which doesn't really work 19:36
manjoapw, right 19:36
manjoapw, do we support s**t that gets packaged in backport modules ? 19:37
DelemasFruit you guys have it turned off in that kernel too even though it supports it....19:37
manjoDelemas, that can be fixed easily19:37
apwDelemas, then the default in mainline must be off19:37
* manjo spoke too soon19:38
apwand that normally indicates its low quality19:38
manjoI can see Tejun Heo cleaned up a bunch of stuff in that driver recently 19:39
federico1cnd: sorry - my dad was calling19:40
cndfederico1: np19:40
federico1cnd: so, thanks for debugging that19:40
apwmanjo, wahts the default selection for the option?19:40
apwi'd check if my machine wasn't rattling my teeth doning a sync19:40
federico1cnd: I think I'd feel more comfortable just ignoring the warped event, rather than trying to set the configuration again19:40
federico1cnd: I thought that we were passing bogus values to XRRSetCrtcConfig(); never imagined that the timestamps would be the problem19:41
federico1(it's also pretty hard to reproduce, at least on my end...)19:41
cndfederico1: yes, I felt the same way, except:19:41
cndI ran into an issue with my new dell mini19:41
cndwhen I open the lid, it emits the two events (opening the lid resumes the machine from suspend, btw)19:42
manjolooking 19:42
cndif I had a vga cable plugged in on suspend19:42
cndthen on resume, if we ignored the first event then it somehow wasn't switching off vga19:42
apwmanjo, where is the damn driver?19:42
cndand if you were in only-vga mode, you had no screen19:42
cndso for ubuntu at least, we went with sending the event twice19:43
apwif the config option Delemas quoted is right its not in 34-rc619:43
manjoconfig SCSI_3W_SAS19:43
manjo        tristate "3ware 97xx SAS/SATA-RAID support"19:43
manjo        depends on PCI && SCSI19:43
manjo        help19:43
manjo          This driver supports the LSI 3ware 9750 6Gb/s SAS/SATA-RAID cards.19:43
manjo          <http://www.lsi.com>19:43
manjo          Please read the comments at the top of19:43
manjo          <file:drivers/scsi/3w-sas.c>.19:43
cndcause it's better in my mind to get my screen back, even if it flickers someone else's an extra time19:43
federico1cnd: so, plug vga and make it the only enabled monitor, suspend, unplug, unsuspend -> no display?19:43
cndbut who knows how many people see both events too?19:43
cndmaybe it's a buggy graphics card, and few others see them19:44
Delemasapw: I wish I could find something concrete about issues. Yes that's the option...19:44
cndfederico1: correct, on your repro scenario19:44
cndas far as I can remember19:44
cndit was a while ago :)19:44
federico1cnd: that's weird.  It *could* be that something is settling down, and in the first event, the VGA still reports as being connected, when in fact it's not.  That *could* be that old bug in the intel driver which made it say that VGA was connected when it wasn't (or is that code too new to be that bug?)19:46
cndfederico1: that very well could be the issue19:46
apw3ware 97xx SAS/SATA-RAID support (SCSI_3W_SAS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) 19:46
cndI didn't have time to fiddle with the driver itself19:46
cndand there's some weird stuff in there about not honoring the lid switch in older cards19:46
apwmanjo, it defaults off: 3ware 97xx SAS/SATA-RAID support (SCSI_3W_SAS) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) 19:47
cndso I figured we might as well just do the best we can in userspace19:47
federico1cnd: yeah, lids are a big problem right now19:49
federico1cnd: so, I'll push your patch19:49
cndfederico1: ok, thanks :)19:50
DelemasMurphy's law everything else supports it but what I want to run... :)19:50
federico1cnd:  something to keep in mind - one thing I've been wanting to do to reduce flicker is that when we are going to change the RANDR parameters, first fade all monitors to black, then do the switch, then fade back in19:50
federico1cnd: macos does that and it looks very smooth19:50
federico1cnd: so *that* fading may give us enough time to let hardware and drivers to settle down19:50
cndahh, yes19:50
manjoDelemas, looks like its not a stable driver, so supporting it in an LTS is not a good idea19:51
cndfederico1: well, we can change this behavior when we get to that point19:51
cndI certainly don't care whether we ignore or readjust the second19:51
cndI just want things to work :)19:51
manjoDelemas, I think its an easy call not to deal with that driver until it gets stable19:52
Delemasmanjo, it's in the stable kernel, not marked experimental and available for bsd and el5 etc....19:52
federico1cnd: well, if it didn't work for you when ignoring the second, let's re-emit the change19:52
federico1cnd: give me a few minutes and I'll push it19:52
cndfederico1: np19:52
cndlike I said, we applied the patch to ubuntu pre release19:53
cndso there's no urgency from us19:53
apwmanjo, Delemas, as for the mainline builds they just take the default from upstream which is off ... which needs some thinking about to fix there19:53
cndfederico1: thanks for following up on this!19:53
cndsorry to drag you into the kernel den19:54
federico1cnd: np - I want to get to the core of these oddities; otherwise multi-monitor support looks like a total fail19:54
cndand honestly, the patch fixes an error warning, but no bad behavior19:54
cndso if you see any whiff of regression, let us know19:54
cndwe should both revert it if it there's any regression19:55
cndI guess, no bad behaviour other than the vga suspend no-vga resume case19:55
federico1cnd: any ideas on where the two input events may come from?19:56
cndfederico1: nope19:56
cnddidn't get that far19:56
cndI'd assume from the i915 module though19:57
manjoDelemas, I just checked the readme on lsi, fedora & suse include this driver as unsupported ... 19:57
manjoapw, ^19:57
manjoimho better of going for a better supported raid card in linux19:58
apwi guess the right thing to do is get a bug opened asking for it, and we can decide what if anything we can do about it now we are released as a team19:58
=== JFo-afk is now known as JFo
manjoapw, +120:00
manjoDelemas, ^20:00
Delemasya this is really being an uphill battle.I guess I'll just get a 9690SA instead.20:01
apwDelemas, i'll add trying to make those drivers self enable in mainline builds to my todo list20:02
Delemasapw Thanks. Eventually that card will replace the 9690SA so support would be good.20:03
grapzHi. I'm trying to get 10.04 to work with the new MacBook Pro (7,1), but there seems to be a problem with the MCP89 chipset, as in it doesn't find any SATA drives. Should this be reported at Launchpad or at bugzilla.kernel.org ?20:13
manjograpz, yep20:13
grapzas in both ?? :)20:13
manjoright 20:13
grapzexcellent :)20:14
manjograpz, looks likes there is no upstream support either...20:19
grapzwell, i know some MCP89 support was added back in 2.6.29 or so in ahci.c20:20
manjograpz, is that an audio chipset... looks like there is one by that name .. 20:20
mjg59manjo: It's a motherboard chipset20:20
mjg59Includes audio, sata and other stuff20:21
grapzthe latest from nVidia20:21
manjooh no!20:21
manjo:) 20:21
grapzor, one of the latest..20:21
manjograpz, probably a matter of device ids? can you open a bug ? 20:22
cndapw: argh... I'm really pissed off at kernel-wedge20:22
cndit's so opaque20:22
grapzmanjo: yeah, i will. is there a site that sais what logs i should add with it ?20:22
cndbut I *think* I've got my issues fixed20:22
manjograpz, use from command line ubuntu-bug linux 20:23
manjothat will upload all the logs 20:23
manjowe need 20:23
grapzahh, excellent, cool...20:23
manjograpz, can you give me device id ? I can quickly look in src 20:23
grapzmanjo: here is a lspci from yesterday: http://codepad.org/XCodPSbX20:25
manjolooking 20:25
manjocnd, don't you have a macbook pro? 20:28
cndmanjo: a macbook and a dell mini 1020:28
cndmanjo: why?20:28
manjocnd, <grapz> Hi. I'm trying to get 10.04 to work with the new MacBook Pro (7,1), but there seems to be a problem with the MCP89 chipset, as in it doesn't find any SATA drives. Should this be reported at Launchpad or at bugzilla.kernel.org ?20:29
cndmanjo: yeah, likely different innards in that one20:29
cndI have a Macbook (5,1)20:29
cndand the major versions (7 vs 5) are comparable20:29
grapzthe 7,1 got released 2 weeks ago in Eurpoe atleast20:29
cndaren't comparable20:29
Delemasmeh 9690SA doesn't support 6Gbps drives....20:29
grapzmanjo: i'll reboot into livecd and make the bug, back in a bit20:31
manjograpz, sure20:31
manjocnd, what is your host bridge (lspci) ? 20:32
manjo7.1 is Host bridge: nVidia Corporation Device 0d6020:32
cndmanjo: 00:00.0 Host bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP79 Host Bridge (rev b1)20:33
cndmanjo: 00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: nVidia Corporation MCP79 Host Bridge [10de:0a82] (rev b1)20:33
manjook so found both in http://pciids.sourceforge.net/pci.ids20:37
manjoGrapz, found it in http://pciids.sourceforge.net/pci.ids20:38
manjo0d85  MCP89 SATA Controller20:38
manjo0d89  MCP89 SATA Controller (AHCI mode)20:38
manjo0d8d  MCP89 SATA Controller (RAID mode)20:38
Grapzmanjo, was it ubuntu-bug -s i should use?20:39
manjoubuntu-bug linux20:39
Grapzheh, that option isn`t mentioned in ubuntu-bug --help20:40
manjooops ubuntu-bug -p linux then20:41
DelemasAnyone have a suggestion for high performance SAS2 controller which is Lucid Lynx friendly?20:41
Grapzmanjo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/57660120:50
ubot3Malone bug 576601 in linux "mcp89 sata not detected" [Undecided,New] 20:50
manjoGrapz, you will need to open a bugzilla.kernel.org report as well, looks like it needs upstream work to get the driver working 20:56
Grapzmanjo, ok, so should i reference it to the bug at launchpad or?20:56
Grapzwill do20:56
Grapzmanjo, what category should I post it in? Drivers?20:58
bjfapw, voting goes on until 10:00 p.m.?21:01
bjfapw, should be closing right about now21:01
manjobjf, ?21:01
bjfmanjo, UK elections21:01
manjoindications are towards a hung parliament21:02
Grapzmanjo, should I just attach all the logs from the Ubuntu bug?21:02
manjoyes that will help 21:03
manjoor they should be able to reference it from launchpad 21:03
manjoapw, is it going to be Cameron ? 21:04
apwbjf, another hour21:05
apwhung to cameron slight i suspect21:05
federico1cnd: ping21:07
cndfederico1: pong21:07
Grapzmanjo, https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1592321:07
ubot3bugzilla.kernel.org bug 15923 in Other "SATA doesn't work on MCP89 chipset" [Normal,New] 21:07
federico1cnd: I'm confused - you said this bug happened when you just open the laptop's lid to unsuspend?21:07
federico1cnd: and did you actually press XF86Display, or do those keypress events just come out of nowhere?21:08
cndfederico1: they came from somewhere, but I did not press any XF86Display buttons21:09
federico1(i.e. why is this patch in handle_fn_f7() rather than on_randr_event())21:09
cndfederico1: I assume someone in the kernel is generating the events21:09
cndI don't really know21:09
bjfapw, right i forgot i'm an hour ahead of you :-)21:10
federico1ok, *that* is weird :)21:10
manjobjf, where are you?21:10
bjfi'm in belgium (uds-m location)21:10
manjoah in somehands?21:11
apwi think he is just there in the location21:11
bjfmanjo, just hanging with mark, he called me up and asked me to come over21:11
manjofunny guys21:12
apwwho was being funny, no it21:12
apwnot i, even21:12
manjobjf & mark21:12
bjfmanjo, according the the kernel calendar :-) I was at a linux audio conference in utrecht, the netherlands and then came down to uds-m21:12
bjfmanjo, rather than fly home and turn around and fly back21:13
manjoapw, looks like its a 1/2 hr flight for you21:13
bjfmanjo, right now there are the folks and somehands, the design team sprint and then me21:13
apwmanjo, 2 hours on the train, three including the ends i hope21:14
manjoah train even21:14
apwyep, avoid the ash at all costs21:14
manjoheh 21:14
manjohear now the ash is in scotland21:14
manjothey stopped talking at it in the US media21:14
cndsomeone shoot me21:18
cndI'm so tired of this kernel wedge issue21:19
* manjo shoots cnd21:19
cndoh thank goodness, my kernel finally built right...21:20
manjos**t I just shot you 21:20
manjoapw, when do you guys mumble on thu ? 21:22
manjoogasawara, ^21:23
apwmanjo, not sure we've done it recent cause of release week etc21:23
manjoah ok21:23
manjoogasawara, so you need separate patches for maverick? or can you apply the sru patch from lucid ?21:28
apwmanjo, i think ogasawara is afk for a couple of hours this afternoon21:33
akgranerapw, ogasawara thank you again for your session this morning!21:36
akgranersorry it got a little nuts for a few mins21:36
apwakgraner, seemed to go better than average21:52
akgraneroh good 21:53
akgranerthanks again for running the open week session...21:54
bjfakgraner, wish you were here, have noone to hang with :-)21:58
bjfakgraner, i'm at uds-m location already 21:59
bjfakgraner, everyone else off doing their "somehands" thing21:59
akgranerbjf, big kid table 22:01
akgranerbjf, you reserved it right22:02
bjfakgraner, ACK!22:02
akgranerbjf, good!  glad you remembered22:03
akgranerbjf, what's the weather there temp wise?22:04
cndapw: in case you are interested, see all the changes in the latest release at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=cndougla/hedley.git;a=summary22:05
cndmaybe we want to pull the UBUNTU commit to the Ubuntu kernel tree?22:05
bjfakgraner, 50s22:06
akgranerapw - Rikki said the proposed kernel is working well for her and he wireless stuff is working like it should - she said to send a Thank you to and I quote "the bestest kernel team"22:07
bjfakgraner, it's cool but dry right now, i think thats supposed to chage (supposed to get wet)22:07
akgranerbjf, thanks - :-) now I need to find a bigger suitcase 22:07
manjoakgraner, load the suitecase with taquilla ? 22:15
akgranermanjo, nah - just stopping a the duty free area on the way in 22:15
akgranerJFo,  is on the same flight he can carry it :-)22:16
manjoakgraner, entourage 22:17
manjoakgraner, buy him a big mac will you 22:18
manjoout for a bit23:05
ogasawaramanjo: the SRU re the rtl8192se fix ups? Usually just mention in the email that you want it applied to maverick as well.23:38
ogasawaraI assume it should apply cleanly23:38
ogasawaramanjo: so if you can, just reply to your email that you want it for maverick also so it doesn't fall off my radar23:39
ogasawaramanjo: ah nm, as I'm catching up on my email I see you've already done this :)23:40

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