epkugelmasswhere is the appropriate place to file a bug for a kernel/Xorg segfault?00:09
lun4tichallo again... *sing*00:13
lun4ticman i hate 24h disconnections00:19
lun4ticsomeone still awake?00:20
ubuntujenkinsepkugelmass: I suggest you ask in #ubuntu i am not sure00:20
epkugelmassthanks ubuntujenkins. i did get some help.00:20
ubuntujenkinslun4tic: whats your question i will try and solve it00:21
lun4ticno question just checking if someone is there ^^00:22
ubuntujenkinsok I am off to bed godbyk will be up soon hopefully night all00:23
epkugelmassgodbyk, does the install-pkgs.sh work on lucid?00:41
epkugelmassi have texlive installed, but the script says i don't00:41
* ubuntujenkins can't sleep00:42
ubuntujenkinsepkugelmass: how did you install texlive00:43
epkugelmassaptitude install texlive-full00:43
ubuntujenkinsthats where you are going wrong, the packages don't work. You have to install it by following the instructions at the end of http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors00:44
ubuntujenkinsif you follow that it should work fine :)00:44
epkugelmassbut it's texlive 2009...what's the problem? I would rather stick to the package system than go off installing random things00:44
ubuntujenkinsepkugelmass: basically the packages are too old and there is stuff missing. I am working on the stuff to fix it but that will not be ready for a couple of weeks.00:45
epkugelmassubuntujenkins, the website says "The Ubuntu Manual requires TeX Live 2009. The version of TeX Live in the Ubuntu 9.10 repositories is 2007. In Lucid, there are packages for TeX Live 2009."00:45
ubuntujenkinsepkugelmass: thats a typo on the website00:46
* ubuntujenkins files a nug00:46
ubuntujenkinsno problem00:46
* ubuntujenkins goes to bed third time lucky hopefully00:52
ubuntujenkinswish i could get to sleep00:52
ubuntujenkinswe have over 60000 downloads01:08
IlyaHaykinsongodbyk, hi05:49
godbykIlyaHaykinson: hey.06:15
IlyaHaykinsonso, grr, new machine here, and for some reason it decided to let me install tex, but install-pkgs script didn't detect it06:16
godbykdid you have it create the symlinks during install?06:17
IlyaHaykinsonnow i re-ran the tex installation script, and it's redownloading everything (on my slower home connection)06:17
IlyaHaykinsonah. ok, i figured that may have been my mistake.06:17
IlyaHaykinsoni am doing it now.06:17
IlyaHaykinsonin the new re-download.06:17
godbykyou can create them after the fact; it's just a bit more difficult.06:17
IlyaHaykinsonis there a shortcut (i.e. i could cancel the current download and symlink manually)?06:17
godbykIf everything's been installed already, then yeah.06:18
godbykapt-get install perl-tk06:18
godbykthen run 'tlmgr --gui'06:18
godbykyou will have to provide the full path to tlmgr06:18
godbykon my machine, the non-symlinked file is /usr/local/texlive/2009/texmf/scripts/texlive/tlmgr.pl06:19
godbykoh, you'll need to run tlmgr using sudo, too.06:19
* godbyk should set up yet another bot to handle tex-related questions. 06:19
* godbyk keeps forgetting all the niggling details when he doesn't have to do this too often.06:19
IlyaHaykinsonsweet, this helped. thank you.06:23
godbykdid you get the symlinks created okay?06:24
IlyaHaykinsonyup. all good.06:48
godbyk'kay. cool06:51
* IlyaHaykinson sent an email to the technical writers mailing list, asking about tips about user research and audience analysis07:10
godbykthere's a technical writers mailing list?07:10
IlyaHaykinsonok, gnite. tty tomorrow at the meeting.07:19
ubuntujenkinsmorning o/07:35
godbykmorning, ubuntujenkins07:38
godbykHey, jcisio.08:18
jcisiogodbyk, I tried compile several times, but get no index or glossaries08:18
godbykI know.08:19
godbykIt's a problem I'm still trying to solve.08:19
jcisiodo you have any input?08:19
godbykCould you rephrase the question? :)08:19
jcisioAny idea why it doesn't work?08:20
godbykIt has to do with the makeglossaries and xindy programs.08:20
godbyk(Well, makeglossaries calls xindy, too, so it's mostly xindy, I think.)08:20
jcisioI was trying to add the 4th xelatex continously in Makefile, obviously it didn't work08:20
jcisiowhat does xindy do godbyk ?08:27
godbykxindy is the program that generates the index and glossary.  (mostly handles sorting of entries.)08:27
jcisioI try compile ubuntu-manual-vi.tex myself without success08:28
godbykI suspect the issue is with setting the appropriate language (and sorting system), but I'm not sure yet.08:28
godbykI'll be with you in about 15 minutes.08:28
godbyk(watching the end of a video)08:28
jcisiotime to go to school, g9 godbyk_08:33
ubuntujenkinssee you all later08:43
lun4tichi, is there an "update" command for the bzr repo?12:38
lun4ticso that i don't have to download the whole thing again12:39
lun4ticjust the changes12:39
hemanthlun4tic, bzr pull12:43
lun4tichemanth: thx12:46
hemanthlun4tic, np12:46
lun4tic"po4a::tex: Kann nicht von einer Datei lesen, ohne einen Dateinamen zu haben" hm... whats wrong? it says "cant read from file without having the filename"12:54
lun4tictrying to "make ubuntu-manual-de.pdf"12:54
lun4tictexlive 2009 on lucid12:54
godbykI'm not sure.12:55
godbykI don't get that error on mine.12:55
lun4tic" at /usr/bin/po4a-translate line 229"12:55
lun4ticthe line after the error12:55
lun4tici use the ubuntu packages12:56
lun4ticbecause i had them allready installed and the ubuntu-manual website says lucid has the texlive 2009 allready12:56
godbyklun4tic: Ah, well, those the texlive packages in ubuntu don't work (regardless of what the website may suggest).12:57
godbyklun4tic: but the error is coming from po4a-translate which is in the po4a package (which is what I'm using)12:57
lun4tichm.. it complains about ccicons.sty13:24
lun4ticis there a package for that allready?13:24
lun4ticgoogle cant find any package that has this file13:24
ubuntujenkinslun4tic: the script in the pkgs folder of the branch installs it for you13:24
lun4ticthat script doesn't recognize my texlive 2009 packages -.-13:25
godbyklun4tic: you can't use the texlive packages from ubuntu. you MUST install them from upstream.13:26
lun4ticChecking TeX Live version...Status: install ok installed13:26
lun4ticNo version of TeX Live was detected.13:26
ubuntujenkins+1 to godbyk13:26
lun4ticwhy? if it is the same system13:26
godbykIt's not.13:26
godbykThe lucid packages are too old13:27
godbykand they're missing things we require (like ccicons)13:27
lun4ticso i guess i'll stick to the "beta" pdf... ^^13:27
lun4ticbuilding stuff with having to download >2gig on this "high speed" line is not so funny...13:28
lun4ticcan someone build me the current german version and mail it to me?13:28
godbyklun4tic: I just fixed up the german version a couple hours ago (some bad tex-related bugs in the translations).13:31
godbyklet me build the pdf and upload it for ya.13:31
godbykgimme a few minutes.13:31
lun4ticare the screenshots in the pdf then?13:32
godbykthey will be, I think.13:32
lun4tici know some people who could also read it through (no geeks or technicians so they're good "gunea pigs" ... ;-) ) but they keep asking about missing pictures ^^13:33
godbyklun4tic: Can you look over the suggested translations I made and approve them if I haven't mucked something up?13:38
godbykThen I can download the latest translations so the german doc will compile successfully.13:38
lun4tichm.. so if it says "plain text" all of the "commands" are just formatting info right?13:44
godbykSometimes they're formatting info and sometimes they do more than that.13:45
ubuntujenkinshmm the package clisp is causing me a problem xindy depends on it but clisp will not install properly13:46
c7pgodbyk thank you for the corrections on the greek translation13:47
godbykc7p: You're welcome. They can be difficult to track down sometimes.13:47
godbykc7p: Please read through the translations I modified to make sure I didn't screw anything up along the way.13:47
c7pgodbyk: yes13:47
jcisiowhen I work on Launchpad, there're suggestions that I don't know where do they come from, like this13:48
lun4ticgodbyk: if the suggestion and the current translation is exactly the same but the suggestion is yours should i confirm yours because of some corrections you've made?13:48
jcisioSuggestions ubuntu-manual in Ubuntu Manual lucid-e1 by Kevin Godby  2 hours ago13:49
jcisioah someone is asking the same question13:49
godbyklun4tic: As long as I haven't screwed up the language itself, it should be fine. I only touch the translations when I'm trying to fix bugs in the LaTeX coding.13:49
godbykjcisio: I went through a couple languages earlier to fix some bugs that were preventing the PDF from compiling.13:50
lun4tici found some mistakes13:50
lun4ticbut could be somebody who changed the sentence while he was building the sentence in his mind... ^^13:50
lun4tica word to much and stuff like that13:51
* ubuntujenkins is back to lectures talk later13:52
jcisioah yes, ok thanks13:52
lun4tic"\glspl{applet}" <-- what about plurals in that case?13:52
lun4ticeven in the english version there should normally be "applets"13:53
godbyklun4tic: leave that as is, but in the \newglossaryentry for 'applet', add a 'plural={applets}'13:53
lun4ticcause the sentence is talking about applets that can be put in panels13:53
godbykthe 'pl' part tells latex to use the plural form.13:53
godbykSo in the English version, \gls{applet} = applet, and \glspl{applet} = applets.13:54
lun4ticmaybe it is allready plural then13:54
lun4ticbut i didn't know glspl13:54
lun4tici don't have a built pdf to verify13:54
lun4ticso i'm just guessing ^^13:54
jcisioOMG, forgot about the meeting at 22h local time, I have an appointment at 20h15 for Iron Man 2!!!13:57
godbykI'd say your first meeting takes priority, jcisio. ;-)13:57
jcisiowell, film length: 124min, should be 30 min late though13:59
jcisiogodbyk: normally the duration of the meeting is how long?13:59
godbykWe try to stay inside of an hour, but almost always fail.14:00
godbykThis meeting is covering a lot of ground, too, so we'll probably be around for a while.14:00
jcisiook thanks, so I'll try to be ontime, it's 3am in Vietnam, so I don't think there are other translator in my language14:01
c7pi have got a problem with the compilation of the manual14:03
godbykc7p: I think I fixed a bunch of those in the translations a few hours ago, but there may still be a couple I missed.14:04
jcisioI sometimes have that, too14:04
godbykc7p: If you can review the translation changes I made and approve them, I'll update the .po files in the repository and we can try recompiling it.14:04
c7palso there are no screenshots on the pdf14:04
jcisiothe "LaTeX Warning: Label(s) may have changed. Rerun to get cross-references right." message, sometimes I must delete the output pdf and rerun make command14:04
godbykc7p: The screenshots only get added to the PDF after all the screenshots for that language have been taken.14:05
godbykYou can see the progress of screenshots at that site.14:05
c7pelProgress: 100%14:05
c7pwe have uploaded all the screenshots :/14:06
godbykc7p: You're right. It looks like those screenshots are in the repository already.14:06
godbykc7p: So they'll show up automatically when I can successfully compile the PDF.14:06
c7pgodbyk: ok :)14:07
humphreybcall go in here!14:07
vishhumphreybc: for elementary , we have several members still waiting in the queue ;)14:07
vishoops! late line :/14:07
vishhumphreybc: heh , had typed that when we were talking about the members and seem to have forgotten :/14:08
godbykheh. nice.14:08
godbykwe should hold further ayatana-ux discussion in #ayatana, probably.14:08
humphreybcvish: huh what who now?14:08
humphreybcgodbyk, jar14:09
vishhumphreybc: when we were talking about rejecting memebers to ayatana UX team14:09
humphreybcohh right14:10
humphreybcI felt real bad14:10
vishgodbyk: i had suggested that to mpt, but i think -meeting sounds more official14:10
godbykoh, I meant right now if we wanted to continue the discussion or something.14:11
godbyk*someone* may as well use it, right? :)14:11
humphreybcnothing to talk about?14:11
humphreybcwe don't have any plans or anything14:11
humphreybcor any contributors or time to make much happen14:11
godbykI feel so useless. :)14:12
humphreybcNo doubt mpt, vish and I will talk about it over a beer at UDS.14:13
humphreybcthe others can remote participate with a virtual beer in Runescape or something14:13
vishhumphreybc: are you old enough to have beer? ;p14:14
humphreybcvish: I am insulted! Yes, yes I am. I'm 19 :)14:14
humphreybcI've had many beers14:14
humphreybcoften too many14:14
* vish thought the drinking age is 21 in NZ..14:14
humphreybcnah it's 18 here14:14
godbykit's 21 in the US14:14
humphreybc18 in belgium too14:14
humphreybcvish: how old are you?14:14
vishgodbyk: yea , i get those two confused14:14
vishhumphreybc: heh , pretty old ;)  2814:15
* godbyk is older!14:15
humphreybc28! you're practically a pensioner14:15
vishgodbyk: thanks that makes me feel better ;)14:15
godbykI'm 31.14:16
c7pI think I'm the smallest here :P14:16
humphreybcgodbyk's OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD14:16
nisshhhumphreybc: lol14:17
jcisioI thought that I was the oldest14:17
humphreybcnisshh is YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNG14:17
humphreybcnah pretty sure popey claims that in this channel14:17
nisshhlol, humphreybc your only 19 :)14:17
humphreybc<3 you popey14:17
nisshhor 18 i cant remeber14:17
humphreybcI be 20 in a month. I feel old.14:18
* godbyk breathes a sign of relief.14:18
humphreybcpopey's gonna be middle aged soon14:18
humphreybchow daunting14:18
* humphreybc feels like he's going to get a kick from popey at UDS14:18
vishpopey: lets do it pls ;)14:19
popeyI'm susprisingly nice in person.14:19
godbykhumphreybc: You're young and spry -- you can probably outrun him.14:19
popeyi dont run14:19
popeyi throw things14:19
humphreybcpopey: "I'm surprisingly nice in person." <<< I LOVE this quote.14:19
humphreybcIn fact, I'm going to tweet it now, I love it so much.14:19
godbykOoh, popey has missile projectiles. Nevermind. :)14:20
* humphreybc is also good at ducking14:20
* humphreybc really should go to bed14:23
humphreybcUMP meeting in like, 6 and a half hours14:23
* nisshh is staying up till 4am!14:23
c7pgodbyk: from what i see on the pdf the chaplink generates sth like   " Chapter : Μάθετε14:23
c7pπερισσότερα. ", so the 'Chapter' isn't translated and also the "Figure" near screenshots isn't translated too. what can we do about it ?14:23
godbykc7p: Let me look into it for you.14:24
popeytis funny, many people have a completely different character when they get to uds humphreybc  :)14:29
humphreybclet me know if I do and I'll fix it14:32
godbykc7p: String 993 appears to have an extra closing brace }.14:37
c7pi will check it14:39
godbykI'm fixing a couple other strings, too.14:41
c7pIf i can help you tell me how14:41
nisshheveryone: can anyone think of anything that needs to be setup to use bzr apart from installing bzr, checking for ssh key and telling bzr who you are?14:41
nisshhand also downloading the branch off of lp14:42
nisshhgodbyk: genius!14:42
godbyksomeone mentioned that we'd left that step out of the instructions the other day.14:42
nisshhgodbyk: right, ill put that in now14:43
c7palso the latex installation isn't very comprehensive, without your help I don't know if would ever install these packages14:44
godbykc7p: What snags did you hit during the latex installation?14:45
godbykWe should improve those instructions if we can, then.14:45
c7pgodbyk: it was a bit weird cause it was the first time that installed a program from a terminal window like that14:46
godbykyeah, their installer script is pretty much unlike anything else you'll ever come across.14:46
godbykI should see if there's a way I can preconfigure the options for people.14:47
jcisiothe texlive installer works with -gui, it seems14:51
nisshhdoes anyone want to go over my script before the meeting? would be great if you could!14:52
godbykjcisio: it can, yeah.14:52
godbyknisshh: what script?14:53
godbykwhat meeting?14:53
godbykwhat's happening?14:53
* godbyk is so confused! :)14:53
nisshhgodbyk: lol!14:53
nisshhShowing your age!14:53
godbyktrying to fix translations in 2-3 languages at once causes my brain to smoke.14:54
nisshhmeh, no kidding!14:54
* nisshh is watching 4 movies in a row till the meeting, ping him if you need him!14:58
godbyklun4tic: Are you still around?15:02
lun4ticgodbyk: yes15:02
godbykCould you check on the strings in the german translation that still require approval?15:02
godbykA couple that I did are latex-related bug fixes.15:02
godbykbut one of those had multiple suggestions, so I wasn't sure which to use.15:03
godbykin any case, there was just a comma missing before the description= bit.15:03
* popey switches to this channel before ops come along and tell us off for being in -meeting15:16
godbykno doubt.15:17
vishpopey: already tried that , but the topic in -meeting attracted folks from everywhere ;)15:18
* humphreybc always gets told off on IRC.15:18
vishhumphreybc: what happened to that -party kick ?15:19
humphreybcvish: I got banned15:19
humphreybcsad, huh15:20
popeynot surprising really15:20
godbykhumphreybc is no longer allowed at the release parties. :)15:20
humphreybcpretty much15:20
popeyyeah you will15:20
popeyits not permanent15:20
humphreybcpopey: in all the carnage, I guess not15:20
popeyremember they get a lot of idiots saying stupid things in there15:20
* humphreybc was just trying to take the load off the servers. *sniff*15:20
humphreybcanswer for everything :P15:22
popeypeople say stupid stuff in the party channel and don't appreciate the consequences of their actions15:22
popeywe get a lot of people posting urls which doesnt help at all15:22
popeyit actually hurts the release15:22
humphreybcI AM GOING TO BED15:24
godbykHe better be back in 2.5 hours for the ubuntu manual meeting!15:24
jcisiooh good15:27
jcisioI calculated wrong, minus 2h instead of plus 2h15:27
jcisiobut not, meeting is in 5.5h15:29
godbykah, right.15:29
godbyktoo many meetings today in too many time zones.15:30
godbykthe earlier meeting I attended was at 12 UTC, so that's why 12 was stuck in my head (which is 2.5 hours from now).15:30
godbykthough if anyone wants to meet with me in 2.5 hours to keep me awake, I'm okay with that. :)15:31
jcisioIf I have a mass search/replace in po/vi.po, should I push it in bzr?16:03
godbykjcisio: Ooh.. that's a question for dutchie.16:04
godbykI do'nt know if launchpad is set to read in the po files right now.16:04
godbyklemme look.16:04
godbykwell, it says it'll read the pot and po files (I think).16:05
godbykI'd make a small change to the po file and upload it to the branch, then check to make sure it shows up in the translations in launchpad.16:05
nisshhgodbyk: ill be up until the meeting, ill keep you company!16:05
godbykif that works, then you can try your bigger change.16:05
godbyknisshh: \o/16:05
* nisshh needs sustenance to stay up that long though!16:06
jcisiook I'll try the small change16:06
jcisioAfter some modification, now I can't find any error in my script :D16:08
godbykI ran the build script and have uploaded the latest PDFs and log files to http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/.16:55
nisshhgodbyk: what is the name of the branch on launchpad we are using for dev now? how the hell is everything arranged?16:58
godbyknisshh: Heh, right.16:59
godbyknisshh: So lucid-e1 is where the translators are working. No one else gets to touch it.16:59
* nisshh is confused as shit!16:59
godbyklucid-e2 is where new development for the second edition will take place.16:59
godbykDon't start quite yet, though16:59
nisshhno, id just like to know16:59
nisshhso i dont screw anything up16:59
godbykas I'm going to probably wipe that branch, create a new one in its place, and then copy over the files we want.16:59
nisshhthe e2 branch?17:00
godbyk(Otherwise we have to keep pulling the full history of the branches which is headed toward 200 MB when we really only want < 1 MB of tex files)17:00
nisshhit was becoming a pain17:00
godbykThen there's the maverick branch (which will probably get the same treatment as lucid-e2). it'll contain our work for the maverick edition.17:00
nisshhok cool17:01
godbykso translators, thorwil and his title pages, and minor tweaks by me are working on e1.17:01
nisshhthats cleared that up for me17:01
godbykeveryone else will be working on e2 soon.17:01
nisshhyea, i hope to talk to humphreybc about my contributions sometime tonight too17:02
nisshhwanna do more17:02
nisshhfeel like i didnt do a very good job on e117:02
godbykwell, we're hopefully going to redeem ourselves a little bit with e2. fix *all* the bugs and add back in a few of the sections we had to remove because they were unfinished.17:05
nisshhbut i have got alot better with writing now, i was terrible at first but now i know how it should be and can fit it together nicely.17:08
ubuntujenkinsevening all17:21
ubuntujenkinshello nisshh what are you up to?17:24
nisshhwaiting for the meeting to start in a few hours17:30
ubuntujenkinsI hopefully will have my project work done by then17:32
lun4ticgodbyk: no suggestions left i guess18:25
dakerhello @all18:51
dakerhi ubuntujenkins18:51
ubuntujenkinshello daker18:51
Red_HamsterXDid I miss the meeting?18:51
* Red_HamsterX un-idles after, like, a week.18:52
ubuntujenkinsnope later tonight18:52
ubuntujenkinswe have a few new quickshot members including a bot18:52
Red_HamsterXA lot can change in a week, apprently.18:53
quickshotdevsUseage: +<factoid> Examples: +website , +blueprint , +qssource , +involved , +question , +style , +use , +ppa , +quickshot , +code , +launchpad18:53
ubuntujenkinsI think that is all the factoids on it, when we get new users we have to tell them lots of stuff and its the same each time. also if we need the bug link etc its all there18:54
Red_HamsterXThat seems useful.18:57
quickshotdevsYou can file a Quickshot bug here https://bugs.launchpad.net/quickshot18:58
ubuntujenkinswe can add more when we think of more18:58
Red_HamsterXAny Easter Eggs to be discovered?19:08
Red_HamsterXI dunno why I capitalised that.19:08
ubuntujenkinsEaster Eggs in what?19:12
Red_HamsterXThe bot.19:12
ubuntujenkinsnot that i know of its just supybot based19:13
ubuntujenkinssorry I haven't made any I will have to think of some19:18
* ubuntujenkins actually reads the question properly19:18
* ubuntujenkins no google search now looks like yahoo19:23
quickshotdevsThe Quickshot code base tries to follow some conventions  a list of them is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/quickshot/style .19:23
=== sonicbadger is now known as ChrisWoollard
ubuntujenkinshello everyone who is joining us for the meeting o/20:29
ubuntujenkinsits in half an hour20:29
semioticrobotichi ubuntujenkins20:29
ubuntujenkinshello semioticrobotic, hows you?20:30
semioticroboticnot too shabby.  yourself?20:30
ubuntujenkinsgood, doing uni work20:30
semioticroboticI'm about to do the same.  Just logged in to stake out a spot.  :)20:30
semioticroboticI'll see you in a half-hour20:30
ubuntujenkinssee you in half an hout20:30
semioticroboticare we in here?20:31
semioticroboticor in the meeting room20:31
ubuntujenkinsthats what the wiki says20:31
semioticroboticsee you there20:31
ubuntujenkinshello daker20:39
dakermeet my bot20:40
ubuntujenkinscan we play in #quickshot?20:40
dakerubuntujenkins, you are there ?20:43
ubuntujenkinsyep with your bot20:43
nisshhhumphreybc: so is the meeting in here on in -meeting?20:59
humphreybcin meeting20:59
thorwilgodbyk: http://cometdemo.lshift.net:8080/greed/aa2be1f2/21:17
godbykthorwil: cool.  not sure if rst has enough markup commands for us as is, though.21:18
thorwilgodbyk: i just recalled this when Ben said "the translators want to be able to see their works faster" :)21:19
=== dutchie changed the topic of #ubuntu-manual to: Ubuntu Manual Project discussion | Lucid Edition 1 released! Go and download/buy it | | Style Guide: http://files.ubuntu-manual.org/style-guide.pdf | Website: http://ubuntu-manual.org | Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual | IRC logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Ubuntu Guidelines: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Code of Conduct: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/
godbykHey, c7p.21:29
godbykWe're in #ubuntu-meeting right now if you want to join us.21:29
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godbykHey, guys. We're meeting in #ubuntu-meeting if you'd care to join us.21:35
godbykSome new site mockups you can take a look at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/humphreybc/sets/72157623882545941/21:36
ubuntujenkinsI should have turned the highlighting of the word manualfor that meeting the jumping x-chat icon kept popping up on my project work22:39
godbykubuntujenkins: I was thinking the same thing.22:39
c7phey godbyk do you have some time?22:40
godbykc7p: sure, what's up?22:40
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: meet hemanth, he joined us last week and is going to help with the gui/program side22:42
c7pi compile the manual successful, although screenshots weren't in place and more importantly some letters on a word are in bold22:43
ubuntujenkinshemanth: Red_HamsterX deals with the server stuff22:43
Red_HamsterXubuntujenkins, when I have some of the Quickshot server working, I'll start adding management scripts to PyRC, so it can do fun hardcoded things before we have proper web interface methods.22:43
Red_HamsterXHi, hemanth. You're going to learn to hate my laissez-faire anti-micro-management style.22:43
godbykc7p: For the bold text, are you referring to the headings?22:43
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: don't worry i can't attack the gui until after the 15th june22:43
Red_HamsterXI like having zero involvement in development, but coming in at the last moment and demanding things be rebuilt according to my dreams.22:44
Red_HamsterX(No, not really)22:44
Red_HamsterX(I'm just here for help if you need me)22:44
humphreybcI was thinking, since we're going to have the capability for videos on our website, could we use Quickshot to record screencasts too?22:44
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: we also have Sunk on the team helping with python backend stuff22:44
c7pgodbyk: see the pdf to understand what I mean22:44
humphreybcjust by using recordmydesktop22:44
Red_HamsterX(I'll be focused on the server side until I'm needed on the client)22:44
c7pgodbyk: for example on page 722:45
Red_HamsterXWhy not just use recordmydesktop directly?22:45
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: whats wrong with record mydesktop?22:45
Red_HamsterXBuilding that into Quickshot seems like unnecessary feature creep.22:45
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: +122:45
godbykc7p: are you looking at the pdf on the builds server? or some other pdf?22:45
godbyk(just so I'm looking at the same one.)22:45
humphreybcubuntujenkins: nothing, but we'd just need to make it easier for people to submit the videos22:45
ubuntujenkinsRed_HamsterX: no problem with "(I'll be focused on the server side until I'm needed on the client)"22:45
c7pthey are the same on the page formatting22:45
humphreybcJust an idea. We probably won't have that many videos at first anyway22:46
Red_HamsterXSo Sunk will be focused on the GTK/Qt/whatever internals and general coding consistency, then?22:46
humphreybcSo individually uploading them will be fin22:46
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: I don't think we will make it in this time22:46
Red_HamsterX(I like working on that stuff, but more free time's good)22:46
humphreybcubuntujenkins: that's fine. You guys are doing a rockin' job anyway!22:46
humphreybcright, i'm off. be back later :)22:46
godbykc7p: okay, if you're referring to the headings, then the problem is that the headings font doesn't have bold greek letters, only bold latin letters at the moment.22:46
Red_HamsterXBye, humphreybc~22:46
ubuntujenkinssee yu humphreybc22:46
godbykc7p: I'm going to have to find a different font to use for greek headings for now.22:47
c7pgodbyk: ok :) ty22:47
jcisioDroid font, for example ;)22:47
godbykjcisio: the droid fonts don't have nearly the character set support (last I looked) that we need.22:48
jcisiomaybe, I didn't test in all languages, but they look good in some22:48
godbykwe did look at the droid fonts a few months ago and determined that they weren't suitable.22:50
godbykI haven't looked at them lately, though, so some things may have changed.22:50
godbyk(I can't remember all the issues now, either, I'd have to check the logs.)22:50
jcisiogodbyk, the builds on builds.um.org always use old version of translation?22:50
godbykjcisio: those are using the translations that I downloaded earlier today (a few hours ago).22:51
godbykI think the downloaded translations lag slightly behind, but they should be fairly up to date.22:51
jcisioI saw the revision date is 29 april22:52
jcisioand Vietnamese is 0.7% (actually 23%)22:53
ChrisWoollardIt was a nice meeting. See you all later. Sleepy time now. Bye22:53
godbykjcisio: strange.. maybe my laptop was out of date when I ran the script. I'll pull and run it again.22:54
jcisioand index & glossary are always available when build with your laptop ;)22:55
Red_HamsterXdaker, regarding the new Qs server interface, would it be sufficient for me to give you a simple header/body/footer template to work with for styling?22:56
Red_HamsterXOr would you like to have left and right panels in the body, too?22:56
Red_HamsterX(I won't actually be doing anything with them. I'd just like to build the general layout first, to make your job as easy as possible while I hack away at the logic)22:57
c7pdaker could you fix this http://ubuntu-manual.org/downloads/?lang=el22:58
godbykjcisio: it looks like my laptop did have an older version of the repository -- sorry about that! I'm rebuilding them now. (it may take a while)22:58
jcisiook thanks godbyk22:58
godbykthe index/glossary issue is usually due to typos in the \newglossaryentry lines in the translations (at least so far, that's been the case).22:59
dakerRed_HamsterX, can you explain pls ?23:02
Red_HamsterXI'm just thinking about how to build the includes structure.23:02
Red_HamsterXStandard header (title), body (content), footer (copyright) layout or something where there's a provision for information on the left and right sides of the body.23:03
Red_HamsterXLike a persistent navigation system.23:03
Red_HamsterXActually, maybe I'll need to reflect on it a little and decide myself.23:03
Red_HamsterXBased on what the user actually needs to do.23:03
Red_HamsterXI'll try to keep the CSS simple and the repeated elements abstracted, though.23:04
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk: this  updmap --enable Map ccicons.map command well its not finding the ccicons.map file that is in /usr/share/texmf-texlive/fonts/map/dvips/ccicons any suggestions?23:08
godbykubuntujenkins: run 'sudo texhash /usr/share/texmf-texlive' first23:09
godbykthen see if it can find the .map file.23:09
ubuntujenkinsthanks godbyk that got it23:11
ubuntujenkinsnow i have to make a package do that23:11
jcisiogodbyk, for the translator, I think we need a one page cheatsheet for things not to be translated23:12
c7pthere is a file23:12
jcisiostyle-guide is a bit long23:12
godbykWe could probably do that.23:13
godbykMost of the translation bugs I see with regard to tex commands are in the \newglossaryentry (which is confusing enough to begin with!) and occasionally someone translates a command itself.23:14
godbykotherwise, the bugs are usually just typos. misspelled commands, too many or to few braces, etc.23:15
jcisioyes from the style guide, cite only things those should not be translated23:15
jcisiomany translator translates text in \gls though23:16
godbykjcisio: pages 14 and 15 of the style guide show things that shouldn't be translated.23:16
jcisioyes I'm aware of that23:16
godbyk(a few things on page 14 *should* be translated, though.)23:16
jcisioyeah, that's one problem23:17
jcisiothe second is that translator doesn't need to read all that23:17
jcisio(I must confess I read that document in less than 1 minutes)23:17
godbykit's really more for reference.23:17
jcisioand missed the point about gls23:18
godbykto quickly explain the basics of the latex syntax and which bits should and shouldn't be translated.23:18
jcisiothere're much more translators than authors or editors23:18
jcisioso there should be a dedicated document, one or half page, for them23:19
jcisioall they want to know is: things should not be translated23:19
jcisiowell, more than once, I through the style-guide.pdf, and I'm after how many of them read more than 1 page23:20
godbykI think knowing a tiny bit of context is probably a good thing, too, though.23:20
godbykI often have to fix errors that are made because the translators just don't understand the syntax. So they inadvertently break things.23:21
jcisioin Vietnamese there're dozen of translators23:21
jcisiome too23:21
jcisiothat why I think about a dedicated guide for only translators23:21
godbykAre there things the translators need to know that aren't in chapter 4 of the style guide?23:21
godbykI'm not suggesting the translators need to read the entire guide -- on the contrary, I think they should be able to read chapter 4 and that should cover all they need to know.23:22
jcisio1/ things must not be translated 2/ some notes (like dont change `` '' into " ")23:22
godbykThe quotes can be modified if your language uses some other quotation marks, though.23:23
godbykIf you use American-style quotes, then they should be left as is, however.23:23
godbyk(Or turned into their unicode counterparts.)23:23
jcisioit breaks, I think23:24
godbykthe builds should be updated now, btw.23:24
godbykit shouldn't break.23:24
jcisiothey replace those by “ ” and it breaks23:25
jcisioI fixed once when it threw an error on that23:26
godbykit should generally work.23:27
godbykbut if your language uses American-style quotes, then leaving them as `` and '' will be fine.23:27
jcisiowhen copy/paste from OpenOffice, it is “ ”, or if they type themselves, "...", (can't distinguish " and '')23:28
c7pgodbyk, i hope you find a good font for headings :), night all23:29
godbykc7p: I'll try. :)23:29
godbykg'night, c7p23:29
c7pgodbyk, ty g night :)23:29
godbykjcisio: Ah, well,  “ ” are fine, but " is evil and won't be correct.23:30
jcisioyes, they just don't know, I must say well sometimes they should copy/paste23:32
jcisioyou had to fix at least once \Idots in Vietnamese ;)23:32
godbykYeah, that one was funny because I knew exactly why it occurred. :)23:33
jcisiogodbyk, builds look good, and warning come back from 4 to 122 in en_US23:33
godbykjcisio: yeah, I ran an extra script previously to filter out some of the warnings I don't care about.23:38
godbykI haven't reran that script yet.23:38
godbykmost of the warnings are just about the margin notes getting moved around a bit.23:38
jcisiodo you know how to fix those warnings?23:38
godbykyou can't.23:38
jcisio(I get that in my thesis, too ;))23:39
godbykit's just latex doing its thing.23:39
jcisiotoo much warning23:39
godbykgenerally it tells you that when it moves a marginpar to avoid running into another marginpar or to prevent it from running off the end of the page.23:39
jcisiothese warnings happen only with complex layout?23:40
jcisioI saw a few documents compiled without any warning23:40
* jcisio don't have time dig into LaTeX warnings23:41
godbykyeah, usually when you have a more complex layout or when you use a lot of marginpar's.23:41

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