chrisccoulsonmicahg - i'm not too sure what happens after the sessions at UDS, this is my first time ;)00:02
chrisccoulsonbrb, need to recover hard disk again :(00:02
micahgchrisccoulson: really, cool00:02
micahgchrisccoulson: one more more thing to discuss when you get back00:05
micahgchrisccoulson: you back?00:28
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i am00:29
chrisccoulsonthat took a while to recover my laptop this time00:29
micahgchrisccoulson: k, so Seamonkey is experiencing a bug with xul191, I just requested landing on the branch, it basically causes it to crash under some circumstances.  It's an issue with cairo 1.8.10 and xul191, so I'm wondering if it's something worth SRUing or if the release next week is soon enough00:30
chrisccoulsonthe release next week is probably soon enough00:31
micahgchrisccoulson: I think we have 2 or 3 reports already, I figure, if it can land on before release, we can include it as a patch, otherwise, I think we have to use in source cairo + our LCD patch00:32
chrisccoulsonhopefully we don't have to go down that route, as that's quite a big change in the stable release00:36
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah, I figured that00:37
micahgchrisccoulson: should I prepare stable branches for Seamonkey for the security PPA (Hardy, Jaunty, Karmic)?00:39
chrisccoulsonyeah, can do. that should be a fairly simple update, as it doesn't require updating anything else on the system00:40
micahgchrisccoulson: k, so, those you can probably push to security PPA tomorrow, I guess 2.0.5 in Lucid with the crash issue isn't any worse than 2.0.4, so you can probably push that too00:43
micahgchrisccoulson: so, you tag each release as released, but edit the changelog if changes are necessary?00:43
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, that's what i've been doing for the stable branches00:44
micahgchrisccoulson: k, but what about Seamonkey, since we have to spin again once it's released, should we tag still?00:45
micahgchrisccoulson: I was going to append, ~pre1 to each of the builds for Seamonkey then after release, we can remove that00:45
chrisccoulsonah, good point. we should probably tag those too if we're going to release them in the PPA00:46
micahgchrisccoulson: I was also wondering if we need to push the after release builds to PPA since, if we push straight to archive, they'll be available sooner for i386/amd64 (won't have to wait for all arches before pocket copy)00:47
chrisccoulsonthat's true. the advantage with pocket copying though is we avoid version skew between arches, which is a problem when a package has some arch all binaries00:48
chrisccoulsonthat tends to confuse users, as they can end up with a 2 hour period where they have an uninstallable package00:49
chrisccoulson(assuming 2 hours is the frequency of the publisher runs)00:49
micahgchrisccoulson: ok00:50
micahgwell, builders probably won't be too busy anyways, so it'll only be 8hrs after release or so00:50
chrisccoulsonyeah, the builders aren't doing much at the minute00:50
micahgah, 5 hrs, armel is the longest build00:51
micahgso that's not too bad00:51
micahgchrisccoulson: I might be able to get the list early and have the branches ready locally to push after release with the new changelog00:52
chrisccoulsonthe release is going to happen at UDS next week isn't it?00:53
micahgchrisccoulson: yep :)00:53
chrisccoulsonheh, perfect timing ;)00:53
chrisccoulsonat least with the ff364 update, it's just a case of pocket copying it to -security now00:54
micahgbut it's usually evening UTC when it's released, so it'll be after teh sessions are done for the dat00:54
chrisccoulsonduring the beer drinking session s;)00:54
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah, but we need to do stable updates as well as ff35 will be released the same day and ff30 will be vulnerable00:55
micahgchrisccoulson: sorry, will have to finish up SM stuff in the morning, fading fast06:47
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BUGabundo_remotetriim triim, triim triim08:55
DASPRiDanyone playing quakelive and noticing segfaults of firefox when trying to join a game?09:58
BUGabundo_remotefta: FYI http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=4340811:25
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micahgchrisccoulson: I'm testing the SM2.0.5 tarball now15:16
micahgchrisccoulson: seamonkey is building now16:15
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)16:19
sebnermicahg: another TB related question, my old TB (already 0.3.x but just before the fresh-install) automatically limited my writing to 80chars when composing a mail. Just noticed that this isn't the case now16:29
ftaBUGabundo_remote, pushed your bug to the devs a few minutes ago, you already have a fix16:33
micahgsebner: I think that's a setting somewhere16:33
micahgbut weird that it would change like that16:33
sebnermicahg: bah, just problem with a clean install :P16:33
BUGabundo_remotefta: fix?16:33
ftaBUGabundo_remote, there's a patch in the review queue now16:34
micahgsebner: I can look for the setting later if you want16:34
ftaBUGabundo_remote, it's trivial, so it should land quickly16:34
sebnermicahg: would be nice, I'll search myself for now and let you know if I find it so you don't waste your time16:34
BUGabundo_remotefta: great16:35
BUGabundo_remoteit keeps blowing my session :(16:35
micahgsebner: will you be at UDS?16:35
sebnermicahg: unfortunately not, no time - no money .. sebner = poor student :D16:36
micahgjcastro: if I subscribed, but participation isn't required, do I have to show up to the session?16:36
micahgk, because I subscribe to 2 sessions at the same time and one of them I'm running :)16:38
micahgmy typing is getting worse16:42
fta*sigh* i wanted to run the js benchmarks on all the builds of chromium beta, but launchpad no longer has them :(16:58
ftanot even the source tarballs, oh my, this is useless17:00
micahgchrisccoulson: SM2.dev (head) and SM2.lucid branches pushed17:21
micahgchrisccoulson: should I make SM2.hardy, .jaunty, .karmic on my way in to $WORK?17:24
chrisccoulsonmicahg - yeah, feel free to do that if you get the chance17:24
DASPRiDcan it be that this bug is related to some firefox update? http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?p=357899#post35789918:19
Mook_sbDASPRiD: what version of firefox?18:22
DASPRiDthanks for the reminder, adding that to the bug report there18:24
DASPRiDMook_sb, looking into it?18:28
Mook_sbDASPRiD: not really, but I know it's information useful for whoever does (because 3.6.4 has crazy out of process plugins if I remember correctly)18:29
DASPRiDwasn't that 3.7?18:29
Mook_sbno, see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases/Firefox_3.6.418:30
DASPRiDi see18:31
DASPRiDthat bug is known18:34
ubottuMozilla bug 559704 in Quake Live "XF86DGANoDirectVideoMode fatal X11Error with quakelive [@ linux-gate.so@0x422]" [Normal,New]18:34
DASPRiDMook_sb, when did firefox 3.6.3 get into lucid? with the release or later?18:36
Mook_sbDASPRiD: I have no clue - I just hang around here, I don't even really use ubuntu :p18:37
DASPRiDlol :P18:37
DASPRiDshame on you :)18:37
chrisccoulsonff3.6.3 has been in lucid since release18:45
chrisccoulsonand you can test ff3.6.4 by downloading it from https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa18:45
chrisccoulson^^ Mook_sb / DASPRiD18:46
DASPRiDah, hm well i wait ;)18:50
DASPRiDor…... maybe i try it in a few minutes ;)18:50
DASPRiDchrisccoulson, i wonder, are there 64 builds of firefox i can just download and put somewhere, so that i do not disturb my package managment?19:00
chrisccoulsonDASPRiD, why not just use the PPA?19:00
DASPRiDit upgrades my existing firefox then, right?19:00
chrisccoulsonDASPRiD, yeah, that's right19:01
DASPRiDis it already a branded version with language packs?19:01
chrisccoulsonit is a branded version (it's the version that will be copied to lucid-security next week after the official 3.6.4 release)19:02
chrisccoulsonassuming there are no issues from testing19:02
chrisccoulsonthe security updates sit in that PPA for testing until the official mozilla release, and then they are copied in to the archive19:02
chrisccoulsonso don't be afraid of using them ;)19:02
DASPRiDaha! ^^19:03
DASPRiDi always thought that security ppa is unbranded19:03
chrisccoulsonno, the security PPA is where we host what will likely become the official security updates19:04
chrisccoulsonbut the current 3.6.4 in the PPA now is almost certainly going to be the one that is rolled out next week (i don't see us doing any more updates)19:05
DASPRiDtho 3.6.4 is also a feature update ;)19:05
chrisccoulsonit is19:05
chrisccoulsonbut that's going to be the case more and more with mozilla updates19:05
DASPRiDalright, lemme check if 3.6.4 still crashes with quakelive19:07
chrisccoulsonyou're running 64-bit aren't you?19:07
DASPRiDi am19:07
DASPRiDwhy do you ask?19:08
DASPRiDhm nope, the bug is still present in 3.6.419:09
chrisccoulsonyou're mostly unaffected by the OOPP support, as long as you're using flash and nspluginwrapper from the archive19:09
chrisccoulsonit's only currently enabled for the standard flash player19:10
DASPRiDi'm using 64 bit flash plugin19:10
DASPRiDbut i also tried to uninstall flash completly, still same crash19:10
chrisccoulsonwell, that's ok for now as long as you don't notice any regressions from 3.6.3 -> 3.6.4 ;)19:12
DASPRiDi would prefer progression… :P19:13
DASPRiDchrisccoulson, but well, the lucid upgrade was kinda… bad… usually i have more minor bugs, but now i have three serious ones, quakelive not working, compiz/xorg + nvidia have high cpu usage and video playback stutters (probably due to pulseaudio issues)19:17
chrisccoulsoni'd suspect that the compiz/xorg high cpu and video playback issues are all video driver problems19:17
chrisccoulsonand the firefox crash is more than likely a plugin issue19:18
DASPRiDthe video plackback thing is a bit strange… one thing is: in the first 3 days after lucid upgrade, quakelive worked, when whatching a video, it was stuttering, when i played quakelive afterwards, the sound had a delay of about 2 seconds until i killed pulseaudio and restarted it19:19
DASPRiDthat bugs me even more, that quakelive was already working on lucid with 3.6.4 and suddently stopped working yesterday19:19
DASPRiDthat makes me feel that it isn't a firefox issue19:19
chrisccoulsonyeah, nothing has changed in firefox since a few days before release19:21
DASPRiDnor has the quakelive plugin changes19:22
DASPRiDhm, what about that one there? http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4947119:22
DASPRiD0x00007ffff7ddaae3 in ?? () from /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.219:22
DASPRiDwhat is that file?19:22
chrisccoulsonthats part of glibc, and almost certainly not of any use in helping diagnose the problem19:23
DASPRiDinteresting,m i deleted the quakelive folder, and it redownloaded the game content, now it works again19:25
DASPRiDalright, two problems to go ;)19:28
chrisccoulson_bah, my laptop has ground to a halt19:33
chrisccoulson_i may as well try out quakelive on my desktop instead ;)19:33
DASPRiDchrisccoulson, hehe19:45
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micahgchrisccoulson: seamonkey branches are ready, but not tagged for stable releases, I test build lucid and hardy20:41
micahgchrisccoulson: I'm not sure if we need a new version of devscripts or not for seamonkey20:42
micahgchrisccoulson: I also started on teh SRU for gnome-shell20:55
ddecatormicahg: did you ever figure out if the "Report broken website" option was taken out on purpose?22:25
micahgddecator: no22:30
* micahg forgot22:30
micahgddecator: poke me later22:31
ddecatormicahg: alright, no problem, i've got other stuff to work on in the meantime, i just saw the bug in my inbox and thought i'd ask22:31
BUGabundoLOLOLOL @ darth vader http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ljFfL-mL70&feature=player_embedded23:04
ddecatormicahg: hm, is firefox supposed to offer the ubuntu language packs alongside its own installed languages when spellchecking (bug 576360) possibly a regression from bug 66015?23:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 576360 in firefox "Firefox have double entries in menu for languages" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57636023:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 66015 in firefox-3.5 "Duplicate spell checking dictionaries for every entry" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6601523:26
micahgddecator: no, it uses system dictionaries, the thing is Firefox is fixed, so it's no longer a Firefox issue, we need to clean that up for Maverick23:35
micahgddecator: or rather, Firefox has done all they are willing to do for the issue :)23:35
ddecatormicahg: gotcha. so what should i do with the report?23:35
micahgddecator: low/triaged, tracking bug for multiple dictionaries23:36
* micahg thinks using the old one is like beating a dead horse, note the old bug and explain that Mozilla fixed their end23:36
ddecatormicahg: er, track which bug?23:37
micahgddecator: track the need to fix the multiple dictionaries23:37
micahgthe issue is symlinks on the system23:37
micahgddecator: we need a dictionary audit23:38
micahgccheney: are you going to be at UDS?23:38
ddecatormicahg: ok, i understand the issue, but are you saying to track another report?23:39
micahgddecator: well, the bug can be used to track the cleanup of the dictionary packages23:39
ddecatormicahg: ok, so is there anything i need to do on the report for that?23:40
micahgddecator: nope, just note it23:40
ddecatormicahg: ah, alright, got it. thanks. and one more quick question: firefox honors the gconf settings for whether it should show icons or not, but only after a restart. is that something that could be made instant? (bug 424711, not sure if i should just close it)23:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 424711 in firefox "Ignore settings in Appearance of showing icons" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42471123:42
* micahg is looking23:47
micahgchrisccoulson: ^^^ do you know if this is supposed to be immediate or after restart?23:48
micahgddecator: I remember there was a bug for when that was fixed so it would work, but I don't know about this one point23:48
ddecatormicahg: alright23:49
chrisccoulsonmicahg - it should update immediately really23:49
micahgddecator: k, do you have the original bug where it was fixed, you can see if there's a bug blocking it on b.m.o23:50
micahgddecator: otherwise, I'll look later23:50
micahgddecator: so, mark the bug confirmed23:50
ddecatormicahg: i'll take a look after i respond to the rest of the bugs in my inbox23:50

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