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jkuis it a common problem that after upgrading to 10.04 mythfrontend wants to mount your removable although there isn't any sdcards or usb-sticks attached?06:24
jkuI ran into this problem and spent quite a lot of time figuring out what is problem, and how to round it06:25
jkuand actually the problem was the frontend setting "Monitor CD/DVD (and other removable devices)" which hasn't been problem earlier06:26
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qwebirc43809I have the latest avenard 0.22 fixes installed on mythbuntu 9.10. I tried to update to 10.04 and therefore added the auto-builds to upgrade to mythtv-0.23. But whatever I do, it just ignores the weeklybuilds when refreshing. It refuses to update to mythtv 0.23. Any hints ?08:18
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AmokPauleHello, can someone recoomend me a good tv card to use with mythbuntu. i think i have analog cable in germany.12:09
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HeManHi! Is the diskless client configurator removed from mythbuntu-control-center in 10.04?16:57
mrandHeMan: Yes.  A volunteer is working on figuring out all the steps so it can be added back in the future.17:12
HeManCan I help?17:13
HeManI have pretty good understanding in LTSP17:13
mrandIf you two could work together, it would be awesome!  The only way I know to contact him is via his blog: (07:53:34 AM) Demerzel: http://learnonthejob.blogspot.com/2010/05/building-diskless-mythtv-frontend-with.html  there may be other ways.17:14
Zinn[learnonthejob.blogspot.com] Learning on the Job: Building a Diskless MythTV Frontend with Mythbuntu 10.04 - Lucid Lynx17:14
mrandHe's trying to get all the steps scripted, then it can be added back to MCC.17:15
Nidhoeggersince today my remote isnt working. i looked up if the modules got loaded -> no. when i try to "modprobe lirc_serial", then it tells me the ressource is busy19:38
Nidhoeggerwhat can i do?19:38
Nidhoeggerokay when i do setserial it works, but how can i automat this?19:42
Nidhoeggerthat its done manually?19:42
Nidhoeggercan i somehow get themes for mythbuntu mythtv that are NOT widescreen?20:11
rhpot1991Nidhoegger: there should be non widescreen themes in there20:15
Nidhoeggerive installed mythbuntu yesterday, all themes for mythtv are widescreen (except für the mythtv blue standart theme)20:15
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sabhain!help diskless20:29
Zinn!help diskless For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].20:29
mrandNidhoegger: I think Childish is the only other available 4:3 theme (it's brand new - not sure if it is included in Myth auto-builds yet or not - I need to check)20:33
mrand(besides MythCenter, the blue theme)20:34
rhpot1991mrand: did the old 4:3s get dropped or soemthing20:34
rhpot1991it used to be there was a 4:3 for every 16:9 pretty much20:34
rhpot1991since I've stopped using 4:3 I'm not sure what the current state or it is20:34
mrandYeah, MythUI basically pushed the reset button.  I was half toying with the idea of porting Mythbuntu to 4:3.20:34
tgm4883rhpot1991, I don't think many 4:3 got converted to 0.2220:35
mrandbut about the time I finished with that, I'd hope to have HD ;-)20:35
rhpot1991thats prob why20:35
rhpot1991ancient technology, people are working on other things20:35
rhpot1991mrand: I vote you just buy a new tv instead20:35
mrandYou can vote with your dollars.20:35
rhpot1991I'm in a TV upgrade bind if I ever decide to20:37
rhpot1991the one upstairs barely fits into the cabinet, so the better one downstairs wont make it up there20:37
rhpot1991and it makes sense to upgrade the best one and cycle around20:37
tgm4883rhpot1991, new cabinent20:38
mrandI wonder if I can convince the wife it is either upgrade the TV or upgrade the oven.  I'm not sure which she would pick, actually.20:38
rhpot1991tgm4883: its some fancy wood things, they aren't cheap20:38
tgm4883rhpot1991, wall mount20:38
tgm4883I wish all problems were this easy to solve :)20:38
rhpot1991tgm4883: and do what with the then empty cabinet?20:38
mrandrhpot1991: circular saw.  Reshape the fancy wood thing.20:38
mrandhahah tgm488320:38
tgm4883rhpot1991, bonn fire20:38
rhpot1991somehow I think that will end up resulting in a war I wont win20:38
* mrand remembers Bonfire20:38
rhpot1991much like the time I was ordering an antenna20:38
tgm4883rhpot1991, assault rifle20:39
rhpot1991which apparently may be an issue again now20:39
tgm4883rhpot1991, move to canada20:39
tgm4883seriously, i'm on fire right now20:39
rhpot1991tgm4883: I wouldn't mind20:39
rhpot1991canadians are nice20:39
rhpot1991and I like snow20:39
rhpot1991and hockey20:39
mrand /topic ask tgm4883.  He has answers.20:39
* tgm4883 opens tgm4883's issue resolver, you have problems, I got answers20:39
sabhainRe: diskless server.  I'm running a diskless setup in 8.04, now 2 years without touching it.  Thinking about upgrading, but hear that MCC no longer has the diskless config stuff.  Diskless server still in existence?20:46
rhpot1991last release you could still use diskless just no gui to set it up20:47
rhpot1991not sure about the state in lucid20:47
sabhainthanks for reply.  Is it on the chopping block?20:47
tgm4883sabhain, no, it just wasnt' converted to MCC-revamp20:47
tgm4883the dev got busy with life20:47
sabhainthat be laga?20:48
HeMansabhain: just looking into creating a diskless setup by hade20:48
sabhainI'll have to go back and find my notes, the MCC stuff was a little buggy at the time I did it (first with 7.10), so my recollection is that I did it by hand.20:48
tgm4883sabhain, yea20:48
sabhainlaga was always supremely helpful.20:51
sabhainHeMan: diskless is really quick.  My first setup was to boot from flash with root mounted on NFS .. and that was pretty clean.  But the diskless was enough faster that it was worth the PIA.20:52
sabhainby quick I mean .. bootup, usage .. etc.  Not *necessarily* the initial setup.  It's been a long time since I did it, and haven't really touched it in 30 months or so.  I've been dragging my feet on upgrading, but might get a HD-PVR .. so I need to get to .22 at least20:54
HeMansabhain: I've ben running it on earlier versions but I've updated my frontend to 64 bit and the gui doesn't have the tool to create it in 10.0420:55
sabhainit was all chroot stuff wasn't it?  seems like it was mostly running a script?  I had pretty identical hardware across 3 FE's .. so it wasn't that bad.20:58
HeMansabhain: http://www.xpmediacentre.com.au/community/linux-general-setup-support-discussion/41765-mythbuntu-diskless-front-ends-everywhere.html explains it pretty good21:09
HeMansabhain: the issue is to give --mythbuntu --mythbuntu-user-credentials "newuser":"userpassword" to ltsp-build-client21:10
sabhainHeMan: thanks for the link!  That brings me back quickly.  I'm a couple of weeks from pulling the trigger, but needed to start reading up so that downtime is minimized.  WAF at a consistent high .. don't want to risk it.21:13
HeMansabhain: I virtualized my backend and uses lvm snapshots so that I can test the upgrade without any downtimes21:14
HeMansabhain: that's a lifesaver when your kids also is depending on it...21:14
HeManhmm, I should have used my proxy, now everything has to go by ADSL instead of gbit...21:16
sabhainHeMan: yep .. kids also.  My problem is that I never was able to get FCC mandated Firewire working on my STB, so I'm paying for digital cable, but only piping HD OTA (HDHR) and analog cable into mythbuntu.21:17
HeMansabhain: ok21:17
sabhainHeMan: I really need to get off my tail and pipe the output of the STB into myth, and add the Hulu and some of the newer stuff in.21:17
sabhainI figure that adding the 20 or 30 new HD channels into the system will buy me another 2-4 years of peaked WAF.21:18
HeMansabhain: I have similar problem, but here it is the DVB-T reception that isn't that great21:18
sabhainOnly downtime was when my one year old reprogrammed my snapstream firefly .. and it took me a couple of weeks to sort it out.  We had a keyboard on the mantle .. everyone figured out what the keystrokes were within a few days.21:19
HeMansabhain: It's good enough to get the EPG but not the programs21:19
sabhainHeMan: that's not good.  OTA here is the best HD you can get.  I watch mosquitoes humping on PBS just because it's really clear.21:20
HeMansabhain: :)21:20
dewmansabhain, hahahahaha21:20
dewmanthat was a good one...21:21
condaWhenever I try to delete files in mythvideo it always says failed to delete file21:22
sabhainHeMan: reading through that link reminded me of one thing I always did different.  I have the DHCP setup on the router, not the backend.  It was a little tricky at first, but I don't want to bring the whole house's WAN access down if my backend is down or needs to be serviced.  I'm in the habit of using the DDWRT to set static IP's for all machines anyway .. so that was easy.  Then I think there was some redirect stuff21:28
sabhainthat you can add right to the DDWRT which makes the backend dhcp stuff unnecessary.21:28
HeMansabhain: me too, I'm using openwrt on the router21:29
sabhainHeMan: right, me too .. if I recall, there was a big thread over at ubuntuforums that detailed the router setup for the network booting.  My only headache at the time was getting the diskless server stuff to play nicely with my MVPMC stuff.  They used different versions of one of the services.21:30
HeMansabhain: ok21:31
HeMansabhain: I have my phone "netbooting" (loading configuration) so I have to have special rules for that21:31
sabhainI struggled big time with it, but the source of the troubles was that mvpmc was sort of old and not up to date.  I can't remember which service it was, but it just wouldn't accept commands from the updated mythbuntu version.21:33
sabhainHeMan: this was the big laga thread back when I last messed with this.  I think the router based PXE stuff is on page 22 or so.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71107921:42
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] [8.04] Mythbuntu-diskless: Testers wanted! - Ubuntu Forums21:42
HeMansabhain: ok21:42
HeManbleh, why do I always forget to use screen when doing these kind of slow jobs?21:43
condaWhenever I try to delete files in mythvideo it always says "failed to delete file". anyone know why it says this?21:44
tgm4883conda, sounds like permissions issues21:48
tgm4883are the files owned by mythtv?21:48
condano the user21:51
tgm4883conda, it has to be owned by the mythtv group in order for mythtv to delete it21:55
condai will try changing it21:55
condano it still doesnt work21:56
tgm4883what is the full path to the file?21:58
condanvm it does work thanks21:58
condawhy doesnt giving write access to other users work?22:01
condachown -h22:02
jreppikshello all, I have a haupauge hvr-2250 and I'm trying to get it to see my dish network receiver,  and it seems no matter what setting I do, it will not see the receiver.  I know there are some limitiations with the tunner,  any thoughts on how it should be connected? Copper vs. S-video?  Set up for input connections?23:17
chilukI also have a 2250 and last I checked the analog tuners in it do not have drivers yet.23:31
Zinn[www.kernellabs.com] SAA7164 Linux Driver – KernelLabs.com23:32
chilukjreppiks I hope that doesn't come as too much of a disappointment23:33
jreppiksI could have sworn that I saw someone on a post a long long timer ago (should have book marked it) that was using the 2250 w/ DN23:36
mrand2250 doesn't support analog it appears.  only digital23:46
jreppiksso only over the air is what you're saying...23:49
silverdulcetjreppiks: and Clear QAM cable channels23:49
chilukdoes anyone know if the 2250 driver is integrated into 10.04?23:50
chilukthat might be worth the upgrade alone.23:50
silverdulcetchiluk: yes it is, just need to download the firmware23:50
chiluknice .. is the firmware in a package somewhere?23:52
silverdulcetI don't think so, you have to extract it, I believe there is a howto on linuxtv.org23:53
Zinn[linuxtv.org] LinuxTV.org - Television with Linux23:53
chilukyeah I've been extracting it all along.23:53
chilukI'm excited not to have to build it for once though,23:54
silverdulcethmm, I upgraded my mythbuntu 9.10 install to 0.23 via the autobuilds repo and now mythwelcome hangs at 10 seconds, it looks like mythshutdown is hanging in the mythbackend log23:56
silverdulcetmythshutdown: Could not initialize myth context. Exiting.23:58
silverdulcetand there is some stuff about not being able to connect to the database, but recording and playing previous recordings works fine.23:58

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