pleia2anyone about to review a fridge post in 30 minutes or so?08:22
pleia2dpm: you about? :)08:35
dpmpleia2, I am, how can I help?08:35
pleia2dpm: just need another fridge editor to review before I publish: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/203308:36
dpmpleia2, sure, let me have a look. What kind of review do you need? What should I look for?08:37
pleia2dpm: I am still a newish editor, so any glaring problems08:38
pleia2I think it's ok, just need another pair of eyes to be sure08:38
* dpm reads the post08:38
dpmpleia2, looks great to me. Info is there, no glaring typos, no broken links. In the future you might want to use more HTML syntax (<strong></strong>), to e.g. highlight things like the "Americas", "Asia/Oceania", etc. headers, but I know that this really is a pain without a WYSIWYG editor. You can also choose the PlaneUbuntu topic if you want this to go on the Planet as well as on the Fridge. All in all, looks great to me!08:43
pleia2yep, I will apply the planetubuntu topic once the forum post syncs08:43
pleia2thanks dpm :)08:43
dpmno worries :-)08:44
akgranerReminder - Woo Hoo Ubuntu Weekly News team meeting today at 2300 UTC20:51
akgranerhi - one of you awesome Fridge editors review this submission for me please :-D and Thank you!  http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/203423:14
akgranerCan one of you I meant to add23:14
MTecknologyakgraner: A ?Terra A20 netbook with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS23:18
MTecknologyakgraner: that ? is supposed to be there?23:18
akgranernope sorry23:18
akgranerdidn't catch that23:18
MTecknologyakgraner: looks good23:19
* akgraner goes to look at it again :-)23:19
akgranerMTecknology, quick question can I just tag it for the planet?  or do I need to let this one hit the Forums 1st23:32
* akgraner can't remember does everything from the Fridge get discussed on Forums23:33
MTecknologyakgraner: I think you can just tag it for planet. Don't take my word for official - but I don't see why it shouldn't aggregate there too.23:36
akgranerk thanks :-)23:36
akgranerNews meeting in 10 Minutes :-)23:49
MTecknologyakgraner: I guess myrtlebeachbums heard you - and scott_ev23:50
scott_ev+1, yup23:50
akgranersweet and mootbot-uk is here too23:51
* akgraner <3's Mootbot-UK :-)23:51
johnc4510myrtlebeachbums: hey dave23:53
myrtlebeachbumsOn the phone here harassing a credit card company. ;)23:54
johnc4510give em some for me please23:54
akgranerhey - harass some for me too23:54
scott_evjohnc4510: you need one of these: http://tinyurl.com/29vcxyp23:56
tychePut "The Rite of Spring" on in the background, particularly the "Dance of the Sacrifice" (last movement).  That'll help get your rage up to cow them.23:56
johnc4510nhandler: hey bud23:57
nhandlerHi johnc451023:57

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