hexmodeczajkowski: ??02:10
dholbachgood morning06:40
hexmodeczajkowski: just sent you an email :)14:10
* hexmode wants to make sure he's communicating14:10
czajkowskiyes I got it14:11
czajkowskijust in the middle of stuff14:21
czajkowskihexmode: I think posting it to the list would be a good idea14:21
czajkowskihelp get discssions and folks on board14:21
hexmodeyeah... ok.  I wasn't trying to rush you.  Sorry.  My emails seemed to be disasperating, is all.14:22
txwikingerMorning dholbach14:36
dholbachhi txwikinger14:37
txwikingerdholbach: Everyody going to UDS with train?14:37
dholbacha couple of people, yes14:40
txwikingerWell.. I thought all the airports will be closed again14:42
dholbachparts of the uk afaik14:42
txwikingerWe don't get any news about it anymore.. I guess it becomes boring after a while14:44

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