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* genii sips00:50
* h00k toasts00:50
* funkyHat wiggles00:57
* genii sips a bit more while wiggling and toasts h00k00:58
* MrPancake sits on a plate01:42
dholbachgood morning06:40
Jordan_Ukk17 in #ubuntu08:27
ubottuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu (kk17 kk09)08:28
Tm_TI'm on it08:29
Tm_TJordan_U: thanks08:29
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from kk17)08:30
Jordan_UTm_T: Thank you. Is there a good way to get your attention in the future without using !ops in the channel? The "Help! Channel Emergency!" feels like feeding the troll.08:31
Tm_TJordan_U: hinting here or using the ops call, those are the methods08:32
Jordan_UOk, thanks again.08:33
Tm_Tsomeone should change +1 topic10:35
Tm_Tit's still saying it's "official lynx discussion"10:35
jussiTm_T: its currently invite only...10:38
jussiie, not open10:38
jussiopens at or after UDS.10:39
Tm_TI know, wouldn't hurt change the topic though, considering there's plenty of people still in10:39
Tm_T"Channel is currently closed until after UDSM, for Meerkat" or something10:40
Tm_Tjussi: thanks sir10:41
Tm_Thi jrib10:49
jribhey Tm_T10:50
IdleOneI hate people who make stupid remarks and then leave the channel.12:37
bazhangI marked him in bt12:38
IdleOnebazhang: just shows me what little chickens they are12:39
bazhangcheck the quit message on Ocean in -ot12:39
IdleOneI have seen it before12:39
Tm_Tit's not very friendly12:39
bazhangthought he was supposed to change it12:39
bazhangfar from it12:39
IdleOneoh I don't know12:40
IdleOneI find it kind of amusing in a dark humor sort of way12:40
IdleOneagree that it is not appropriate.12:40
IdleOnewho did you mark in bt?12:41
IdleOneok explain what that means exactly marking?12:42
bazhang[oCean_] (~Alex@unaffiliated/ocean/x-5251811): Alex is the nasty quit message in -ot12:42
bazhangits @mark #channel nick comment12:42
nhandlerIdleOne: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/nhandler/OperatorGuide#Adding%20marks12:43
IdleOnethank you12:43
IdleOneso later on if you do a @bansearch wasabeh that mark will show up12:45
bazhangif he's online12:45
IdleOneok so how is a @mark useful?12:48
IdleOnedoes the bot msg the person who set the mark when that user/nick comes back online?12:49
Tm_TIdleOne: we can mark someones misbehaviour when it's not warranted a ban yet12:49
elkyit puts stuff in the bantracker so that we can check when someone's tripping our trolldar12:49
IdleOneok I see, so when we get that "This person is a troll" feeling we can go look at bt12:50
bazhangsome clients have that function independent of the bantracker12:50
bazhangiirc Konversation did12:50
IdleOnelike a blacklist?12:50
IdleOneumm watchlist12:50
elkyMore like keeping score.12:56
bazhangany thoughts on banforwarding ocean_ here to change the quit message?12:56
IdleOneI used to have a really awesome op script back in the day on mirc :/12:56
Tm_Tbazhang: I'd say yes12:56
IdleOnebazhang: can we really start dictating what people can/can't have has a quit message?12:57
IdleOneI mean I understand his quit is not nice but it isn't vulgar in any way12:57
bazhangIdleOne, that one is all about rape. so I'd say it goes against the guidelines, coc, at the very least12:58
IdleOneI did not even think of it on those terms12:58
Picime either :/12:58
elkythe chloroform one?12:58
elkyi get the feeling it's a bitchx one, i could be wrong.12:59
Tm_Tdoesn't matter12:59
elkyyeah, but lots of folks use it not knowing it has stuff that awful in it12:59
IdleOnebitchx had/has some of the worst quit msg's ever13:00
Tm_Tit's default is "I'm too lame to read manual" or something like that, right?13:00
elkyit randomises by default13:00
elkyoh, the name, yes13:00
PiciMy logs suggest that its not a bitchx quitmsg.13:01
Tm_Tah, that one13:01
PiciUnless bitchx's rng is completely broken.13:01
elkyfair enough13:01
Tm_Tbut that also doesn't matter, it's inapropriate, whatever the reason off its existance is13:02
PiciFor the record, I personally don't have an issue with it.13:02
Tm_TI don't like it, and as bazhang noted it suggests something very bad things13:03
elkyTm_T, it's not about excusing it, it's about approaching the user in a productive manner13:03
PiciThats fine, no one said that we all always have to agree.13:03
Tm_Telky: ah, true13:03
IdleOneThink about it for a second, would a rapist ask that sort of question?13:03
bazhangjust a suggestion the ops in that channel can do as they see fit.13:03
elkygoing "you think rape is funny!" is different to "are you aware that..."13:03
Tm_TPici: no, we all have to agree with me (;13:03
elkyIdleOne, yes.13:04
IdleOneelky: ok. I am going to differ to your judgement on this13:04
elkyIdleOne, you seem to have a fairly narrow definition of 'rapist'13:04
Tm_Telky: in either case, I would start with the latter13:04
PiciTm_T: If you'd like to take them aside, go ahead.13:04
IdleOneelky: I am not trying to defend the quit message. I just did not think of it in that way until bazhang said it.13:05
Tm_TPici: I'm not op there13:05
elky<Pici> Thats fine, no one said that we all always have to agree. <-- actually, i'm pretty sure we're not actually /allowed/ to all agree.13:06
elkyit becomes a conspiracy or something when we do.13:06
eagles0513875afternoong my fellow ubuntu users14:00
bazhanghi eagles051387514:00
eagles0513875is there any chance i can get my ban on kubuntu-devel lifted as i need to talk to the devs urgently to some serious installation issues i have been having with lucid14:00
ubottuIn ubottu, Jobob said: what? is it crazy... i did not do any of that14:01
topylieagles0513875, installation issues sound more like something you should either get help for in #kubuntu, or report bugs on launchpad14:03
eagles0513875topyli: i have been trying to get help in kubuntu but from what im seeing or have seen in there is that nobody seems to be having my issues im still trying to trouble shoot the exact caus of the problem14:03
IdleOneeagles0513875: try #ubuntu14:04
ubottuIn ubottu, Jobob said: that is CRAZY14:04
eagles0513875IdleOne: so there is no chance getting my kubuntu-devel ban lifted as it has been a number of years since that was put in place14:05
bazhangeagles0513875, doubtful at this point14:06
eagles0513875why though :(14:06
eagles0513875that ban was when i was first starting out using kubuntu and i was eager to help out and was still learning14:06
IdleOneeagles0513875: if it has been there for that long I don't see it being lifted14:06
eagles0513875well i had another one for motu which was lifted14:06
ubottubazhang called the ops in #kubuntu (Jobob trolling)14:07
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from jobob)14:07
eagles0513875can i ask you guys a kinda offtopic question14:08
eagles0513875are there daily snapshots of lucid?14:08
IdleOnelucid is released14:08
bazhangeagles0513875, how about in #ubuntu-offtopic please14:08
IdleOneif there is nothing else. Please don't idle here14:08
eagles0513875ok thanks guys :( /part14:09
bazhangJobob is randomly joining and spamming then quitting #xubuntu , #ubuntu , and now #kubuntu14:09
funkyHatI just had a silly idea for an extra mode that an ircd could have -- like +q but the user can't see they have been muted14:14
funkyHatCould be useful for some trolls ⡈D14:14
PiciThe heck?  jobob tried to DCC me his kubuntu iso14:15
IdleOnefunkyHat: I don't understand why +q is shown14:15
funkyHatI don't think changing q to be stealth would be a good move14:16
funkyHatMenZa: the uptime line on the dahouse stats page makes no sense ⢁|14:20
funkyHatOops, wrong channel14:20
alexfpmshi, how can i hide my ip ?14:48
ubottuWant to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks  More information available in #freenode14:48
bazhangalexfpms, /join #freenode for help14:49
alexfpms /join #freenode14:50
bazhangwithout the space14:50
alexfpmssorry for copy/paste14:51
bazhangalexfpms, please dont idle here if there is nothing further, thanks14:53
ubottuminiBill called the ops in #kubuntu (assential trolling)15:06
PiciI know I've mentioned that particular quiet to the -kernel guys before.15:17
MenZafunkyHat: inorite15:23
PiciI'm extracting the current banlist and comparing it to what we have in the bantracker.  We have a lot of old stuff in there.15:29
h00kin the current banlist?15:35
Piciin #ubuntu15:38
h00kright, gotcha15:40
bazhangrgreening, hi16:07
rgreeningalrighty then... thanks jussi16:09
bazhangbe aware that prebenr was trolling in #xubuntu earlier16:49
persiaThere's a query about +1 in -bugs.  I suspect it's independent, but I've advised folks to watch https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick to see when it's not in "Pre-release Freeze".17:37
* mneptok thunders past17:45
jussipersia: thats about right17:47
persiaThat's what I figured, and that it would save folks poking other folks, but that then makes it important that the other folks watch the same thing :)17:48
ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (CytotoxicTCell)20:03
ubottuCytotoxicTCell called the ops in #ubuntu ()20:03
* genii slides Pici a yummy cookie20:04
ubottuDarthFrog called the ops in #kubuntu (troll ubuntu______)20:13
geniiMan. Every time I get back to my computer today there were ops calls.20:19
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (CytotoxicTCell)20:40
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (JAHSDGH)22:03
h00kjpds: you're quick.22:04
jpdsh00k: Yes.22:05
Bcelli demand you unban me from ubuntu or i will develop antibodies23:09
jpdsHmm, antibodies.23:16
persiaHeh.  encourage development by increasing bans: it's a new incentive model :)23:17
jpdspersia: We /must/ change our development model around it.23:18
persiaDunno.  We'd have to get more IRC ops to maintain bans on everyone we wanted to develop stuff.23:19

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