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slangasekogra: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/lucid/release/ - I see them here?11:02
slangasek(perhaps you were racing me? :)11:02
ograthat wasnt hard given your traveling time though :)11:03
ogradid you arrive safely now ?11:03
slangasekyeah, I think you commented here *while I was publishing*11:03
slangasekI'm safe, and I've arrived somewhere11:03
slangasekI haven't reached Göttingen yet, but my flight to FRA should be boarding soon11:04
ograyoure on the train then ?11:04
dokoflight to FRA from Goettingen?11:05
ogranext stop afer göttingen is my home town :) wave if you pass kassel ;)11:05
ogradoko, in an ultralight plane through the rain, eh ?11:06
* ogra doubts there is any airport like thing in Gö11:06
slangasekflight to FRA from *London*, train from FRA to Goettingen11:06
ogra*to* goetiingen ?11:06
ograwhere do you go from there ?11:07
slangasekI'm trying to get *to* Goettingen for SambaXP11:07
ograi thought you try to get to brussels11:07
slangasekBrussels on Saturday11:07
ograi was just a bit confused by the direction11:07
ograso you passed kassel already most likely :)11:08
slangasek11:04 < slangasek> [...] but my flight to FRA should be boarding soon11:12
slangasekso no? :)11:12
ograoh, right11:14
ogra"I haven't reached Göttingen yet" was the part that confused my brain11:14
lamontslangasek: you want livecd-rootfs 1.115 before you do your first round of CD fs images, fwiw13:36
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