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dominicdinadaHmmmmm I gots a Question :)00:46
jetoledon't we all00:47
dominicdinadaMy Questions is how the hell do I modify webmin to work with samba00:48
dominicdinadaisnt it just calling the old samba and not smdb00:48
jetolewell the first step is to join the #webmin room since it's not a ubuntu package00:49
jetolesomeone in here may know but you will probably have a quicker response there00:49
dominicdinada2 people in the webmin room00:49
jetolereally? wow00:49
jetoleI don't like webmin but thats just a personal quip00:50
dominicdinadadoubt it and considering there are more chances that other users of ubuntu server have encountered this problem...............00:50
dominicdinadai dont like ebox the same as you00:50
jetoleyeah maybe. Can00:50
akgranersmoser, ping - since kirkland can't lead the Ubuntu Open Week server Q&A tomorrow at 1600 UTC  - could you or zul or maybe mathiaz?00:50
jetoleyeah maybe. Can't believe there are only 2 in #webmin00:50
jetoleI guess I'm not the only one who doesn't like it00:50
dominicdinadaok there is 4 now sorry00:51
jetoledominicdinada: try #webmin on irc.undernet.org00:51
jetoleI think thats the official channel00:51
jetoleor maybe not00:51
jetoleI just googled it and not sure it's official but look there and let me know00:52
dominicdinadok forget that00:52
jetoleactually it looks like the official channel may be on freenode00:53
jetolemaybe just ditch webmin00:53
dominicdinadeither way some user here has prob run into the problem and gotten around it00:53
cclausendominicdinad: I assume you you have seen !webmin and know about ebox?00:54
dominicdinadebox is trash00:54
cclausenwell, ok00:54
cclausenI consider samba trash, but whatever00:55
jetoleimho webmin is a gui for people afriad of either the command line of the man page. It doesn't offer anything but a prettier interface, again, imho00:55
jetolecclausen: thats harsh00:55
dominicdinadjetole: of course i am going to learn the command line.... but for starters the web gui is alot easier00:55
jetolecclausen: people need either smb or pdc and I don't know of another product sans windows server00:55
cclausenjetole: what about the cifs server in likewise open?00:56
jetoleok, I stand corrected on one front. Haven't used likewise open00:56
dominicdinadand not to be to far off topic ubuntu-server or any linux server is awesome .... but Server2008 did alot right and that stuff is so powerful now... i guess MS is making a serious effort to compete00:57
jetoleactually I kinda agree00:57
jetoleI hate windows but I am moderately impressed with 2k800:57
cclausenI assume the main reason people try to use non-Windows is the non-trivial license cost00:59
dominicdinadYea and since its all MS related its support is easy but I am trying to learn ubuntu-server and i find that gui is easier for starters for me... there is always a shell or ssh once you get the basics down00:59
cclausenI work at a university so we get pretty good discounts00:59
dominicdinadcclausen: yeah MS is so expensive and well Mysql is the most widely used DB and of course ms wants their own DB...00:59
jetoleActually, one area where micsorsoft has really impressed me is sql server 2k8. I still have some issues with it (cannot do non transactional database if I want to, cannot provide cluster for scalability / failover cluster only, some other things) but then again I don't know any RDBMS that got it all right01:00
dominicdinadAcademic Alliance gave me everything free... for personal use of course01:00
cclausenMicrosoft's SQL server is significantly better for anything more than a simple web site backend01:00
cclausenMySQL doesn't even handle external authentication.  I have to create accounts for each user in MySQL.  its really annoying.  Of course with the Microsoft products one just grants access to an existing user account01:01
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dominicdinadCorrect like their DB for say companies using it for employee db's or a store using it for product db blah01:01
cclausenI wish I could use MySQL to replace FileMaker though..01:01
cclausenFileMaker is not fun to deal with...01:01
dominicdinadcclausen:  but anyhow like i  was saying i am trying to learn ubuntu and well need to haxor the webmin maybe01:02
jetolecclausen: yeah but again, can't do a scalable cluster and can't create a non transactional database. The transactional aspect isn't that vital but with HA on sql server it comes down to a max of 3 servers where only 2 can be used and neither at the same time01:02
cclausendominicdinad: I think it will end badly tying wedmin on ubuntu as per the warning01:02
dominicdinadI remember using Filemaker back in highschool and that crap was horrible ....01:02
* jetole agrees with cclausen @ webmin warning01:02
* jetole has never used filemaker01:03
cclausenjetole: yeah, true, we have Oracle stuff for our main campus-wide systems.  That has all kinds of fancy options01:03
jetolecclausen: I think linux handles mass configuration in clusters much better then active directory (see cfengine (although I wouldn't) or or preferably puppet)01:03
dominicdinadI have not used oracle in over a decade myself either :(01:03
cclausenbut for my purposes, a single database server that uses AD permissions, MSFT SQL works fine.  Account management is the only big issue I have with MySQL actually.01:04
jetoleah I wish I had oracle. I haven't used it but I do use ocfs file system for clustered shared disks01:04
cclausenjetole: really? group policy scales across the world01:04
dominicdinadcclausen: with Server 2k8 yea01:04
jetolecclausen: perhaps but when it comes to configuring applications it becomes limited01:04
cclausenjetole: not really, just write your own templates for registry changes01:05
jetoleyeah thats where01:05
cclausenyep, dealing with FireFox is a problem01:05
jetoleno. If you become familiar with puppet then you will see the difference01:05
cclausenthere is no MSI version and no easy way to enforce policies like with IE01:06
jetoleI run a mixed environment windows and linux01:06
cclausencfengine, bcfg2, and puppet still manage individual config files though.  this is not as granular as having group policy change ONE specific config item in teh registry on a case by case basis01:07
cclausenand then there are management systems for Mac OS ...01:07
jetolecclausen: well puppet can be granular but when it comes to application files, for the most part you are right01:08
jetolepuppet == OSX01:08
jetoleafaik puppet is everything sans windows01:08
cclausenwell, yeah01:08
cclausenI meant more end-user config management for OS X with Open Directory01:08
jetolebut I don't run OSX anywhere01:09
jetoleI'd honestly like a single sign on system for windows, linux and everything else that isn't windows dependent01:10
jetolesamba pdc is a joke though and samba 4 has been in alpha state forever even though MS is contributing to it01:11
dominicdinadjetole: i honestly thought that 2k8 addressed that I could take the time to check my textbook01:11
jetoledominicdinad: addressed what?01:11
dominicdinadof course if it was a win domain controller01:11
jetolewell I can install a pdc through samba but that's old school01:12
jetoleor I can install a 2k3/2k8 domain controller through samba 4 if I want to use alpha code01:12
dominicdinadaddressed a single login system ofcourse that would only be if it was under a win domain01:12
dominicdinad   blah gotta learn samba01:12
dominicdinadI just wanna create like 4 shares god01:13
jetoleI don't know how I can add a user to linux and then plug windows into the lan and have it auth against windows except through a samba pdc01:13
dominicdinadusing my user name login to access with full write priv.....01:13
jetoledominicdinad: how long have you been working on this?01:13
dominicdinadof and on since lastnight.... took a break and finally hooked up a thumb and copied the files to the server where i wanted them to be01:14
jetoletoo long. Time to pick up the samba manual and do this by hand01:15
jetolecheck out #samba. They can help direct you to some good readmes01:15
dominicdinadyeah I guess I see what their samples are01:15
cclausenjetole: one can use some non-standard stuff on windows to allow for LDAP and Kerberos logins01:16
cclausensee pgina for instance01:16
jetoledominicdinad: but yeah. been 24 hours working on installing the gui that isn't needed. thats too long01:16
jetolecclausen: I know of it01:16
cclausenif you need a cross-platfomr filesystem, I'd look at OpenAFS01:17
dominicdinadno it has been installed... but Then i was looking at other options for the gui then... I read the how tos but I don't get why shares need to have specific users written into the smb.conf file why wont it just inherit user groups etc01:18
jetoleI would look at OpenAFS more closely first01:18
jetoledominicdinad: don't know. I don't use samba but I have set it up before01:18
jetolecclausen: openAFS is not a general purpose file system01:19
jetoleyou need to know openAFS and need to justify why you are installing it first01:19
cclausenjetole: actually, it IS a general purpose filesystem.  what general case are you thinking of does it not handle?01:20
cclausenor do you simply mean native support from OS vendors?01:20
jetolethat afaik it's read only on all openAFS clients01:21
cclausenuhh, no01:21
cclausenthat would be wrong01:21
cclausenreplicas are read-only01:21
jetolewell a admin in openAFS mentioned that to me last week01:21
cclausenbut you just don't replicate things like user home directories01:21
cclausenan admin in #openafs ?01:21
cclausen(I am one such person)01:22
jetoleoh so you're saying like install openafs on my thumb drive for moving files between computers01:22
cclausenits a network file system01:22
cclausenwould you use samba for that?01:22
jetolemaybe it was you who mentioned it.01:22
jetoleyes but samba is NAS.01:22
jetoleI don't follow the correlation but to be honest I don't care right now01:23
jetoleno offense but I really don't. I need to solve a preseed problem01:23
cclausenoh, I am not offended01:24
cclausenI am searching through the channel logs though.  if someone (including myself) provide wrong info, that should probably be fixed01:25
dominicdinadok how would i share /var/www so that the share requires the user to login. so that it inherits any of the system users which have access via group ? can someone pastebin an example01:37
jetoledominicdinad: #samba01:53
dominicdinadalready there01:53
dominicdinadAhhh dead channels01:55
dominicdinadebox != active, samba != active = ubuntu-server has the answers ::P01:56
bogeyd6care to paste your original problem?01:58
bogeyd6dominicdinad, ?01:58
dominicdinadhang on01:59
zulakgraner: sure02:02
bluethundr_what means the 'A' in an aptitude search?        "i A courier-imap"02:02
akgranerzul, awesome :-)02:02
zulakgraner: if smoser can take the cloud questiosn02:02
akgranerzul, I hope smoser will see your request :-)02:03
zulakgraner: as do i02:03
akgranerI'll get you both added to classbot :-)02:03
zulakgraner: when is it again?02:03
akgraner1600 UTC tomorrow02:04
zulakgraner: whats that EST?02:04
zulakgraner: sure02:05
akgranerwell right now we are in EDT02:05
zulsame difference ;)02:05
akgraneryeah the kernel session kicks off at 1100 EDT02:06
akgranerfollowed by server :-)02:06
jetoleI'm running the install of a server in a vm (kvm via libvirt on my workstation). Does anyone know anyway I can somehow mount or view the installers filesystem from my workstation?02:07
akgranerzul - classbot makes it easy02:08
akgranerwhen you want to post a question - you pm classbot with !q02:08
zulakgraner: sounds good...ill dodge the questions then ;)02:08
akgranerif you want to answer it you pm with !y02:08
akgraneror !n02:08
akgranerand they show up in -classroom from -chat02:08
zuli should be saving this then ;)02:09
akgranerI'll be voiced as well02:09
akgranerk thanks02:09
dominicdinadbogeyd6:  sorry had a collect call and well I am trying to create a share02:12
dominicdinadok how would i share /var/www so that the share requires the user to login. so that it inherits any of the system users which have access via group ? can someone pastebin an example02:12
bogeyd6actually quite simple02:12
bogeyd6dominicdinad, in  your samba configuration you put security = user02:13
bluethundr_what package provides libauthmysql.so ?02:13
dominicdinadand that inherits the users read write access?02:13
bogeyd6it will require  a username/password of the local system and inherits if the user is part of the group www-data02:14
bogeyd6you need to change any perms in /var/www/ to be group r/w02:14
bogeyd6dominicdinad, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba#File%20Sharing%20%28Basics%2902:14
dominicdinadok now I was working with webmin before and manually changed the permission to 777 of the www dir and it stopped working02:14
dominicdinadi read that but was unsure02:15
bogeyd6777 is everyone r/w02:15
bogeyd6depending on your setup you might want 770 in /var/www/02:16
dominicdinadso it would make sense that server blocked it until the r/w was set to a safe mode02:16
bluethundr_why when I aptitude search courier-authlib-mysql I get nothing, nada, zilch?02:16
bogeyd6bluethundr_, which version02:17
BluDragynIs upgrading from hardy lts to lucid lts (server on both) as simple as "Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?02:17
bluethundr_hardy.. 6.0.6 .. management decision to use this version02:17
bogeyd6bluethundr_, sudo apt-cache search courier-authlib-mysql02:17
bogeyd6thats a horrible decision02:17
ScottKbluethundr_: No.02:18
bluethundr_that apt-cache turns up nothing02:18
dominicdinadbogeyd6: there is no security line in the global that i can see so i just append it to the last line correct?02:18
dominicdinadnevermind it is there02:18
bluethundr_ScottK: no, what?02:18
bogeyd6dominicdinad, near the top, you should do a search for "security"02:18
dominicdinadI see the line their hmmm02:18
bogeyd6bluethundr_, its not on your system02:18
ScottKbluethundr_: No it's not just a matter of apt-get dist-upgrade.02:19
bluethundr_ScottK: ah ok.02:19
dominicdinadI know the users I am logged in as is apart of the www-data group02:19
ScottKHardy is 8.04 in any case.02:19
ScottKAre you on Dapper, 6.06 or Hardy 8.04?02:19
bogeyd6courier-authlib-mysql is not available in 6.0602:19
bluethundr_6.06 is dapper,02:19
bluethundr_I am on dapper02:19
bogeyd6dominicdinad, can you pastebin your smb.conf ?02:19
bluethundr_bogeyd6: thanks for the tip.. I guess I can download it02:20
bogeyd6bluethundr_, courier-authlib-mysql is not available, you will need to steal another package from the earliest release and attempt to force it to install without requirements02:20
ScottKbluethundr_: LTS to LTS upgrade to Lucid, 10.04 is not recommended until 10.04.1 comes out in ~3 months.02:20
bluethundr_bogeyd6: ah, good idea02:20
dominicdinadbogeyd6: will try02:20
bogeyd6ScottK, he already stated he cant change the 6.0602:20
bluethundr_ScottK: good tip02:20
bogeyd66.06 is end of life bluethundr_ :(02:21
bluethundr_bogeyd6: gotcha!02:21
bogeyd6!pastebin | dominicdinad02:21
ubottudominicdinad: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:21
dominicdinadbogeyd6: Im connected via SSH :/02:22
bogeyd6dominicdinad, putty?02:22
ScottKbogeyd6 and bluethundr_: 6.06 has another year and a month of support for servers.  It's not end of life.02:22
ubottuPuTTY is an !SSH client for Windows. Please see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage and downloads. See also !scp (Secure CoPy)02:22
bogeyd6ScottK, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases02:22
ubottuSCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/02:22
bluethundr_ScottK: understood. thanks for the clarification02:22
bogeyd6dominicdinad, please just sudo cat /etc/samba/smb.conf and then highlight the text press cntrl + c then go to pastebin and paste it02:23
ScottKbogeyd6: That page says June 2011 (Server) as EOL for Dapper server.02:23
bogeyd6I stand corrected, you are right ScottK02:24
bogeyd6bluethundr_, look what i found, http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/courier-authmysql02:25
bluethundr_bogeyd6: dude, you rool! \m/02:26
ScottKUniverse wasn't enabled by default in Dapper.02:26
ScottKYou have to enable it before packages from it are visible.02:26
bluethundr_bogeyd6: muchas gracias and a margarita for your cinco de mayo02:27
bluethundr_ScottK: excellent02:27
ChmEarlon lucid server, I fire wget from /etc/rc.local but network is not up yet02:32
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ChmEarlso I think maybe fire an #at script to delay now+30 seconds02:33
ChmEarlby the time I get the login, network is up02:33
ChmEarlany suggestions? the rc.local works on karmic on the same box - network comes up a few seconds earlier on karmic02:35
dominicdinadabogeyd6, http://pastebin.com/cuCCKHnz02:35
bogeyd6dominicdinada, starting on line 34802:36
ChmEarlis it a bad idea to build an #at job with shell via rc.local02:37
bogeyd6dominicdinada, changes submitted02:37
bogeyd6line 351 being most important02:38
dominicdinadacorrect that is what I was asking about the user inheritance ? or just add user1,user202:40
dominicdinadaor security = user02:40
bogeyd6you want to deinfe a create mask?02:40
bogeyd6well security = user allows you to authenticate02:40
dominicdinadaok I will try adding 2 users that are created on here02:41
bogeyd6see like create mask = 077402:41
bogeyd6would allow any users in the group and including the owner to r/w the files02:42
jetoledoes anyone know how to see all options of a d-i line in preseed. For example, right now I am looking at d-i partman-auto/init_automatically_partition and I don't know what possible values I can place there are02:45
dominicdinadaso i could add the create mask to the smb.conf in that share?02:46
dominicdinadaor chmod the folder02:46
dominicdinadaok my www folder is owned by www-data.... the file permissions are drwxrwx--- which is 773 right ?02:48
dominicdinadaeer 77002:48
ScottKjetole: There is and #ubuntu-installer channel.  IDK if they take support questions in there or not, but I expect most people who'd know are either recovering from last week's release or getting ready for next week's Ubuntu Developer Summit.02:53
ScottKis and/is an02:53
jetoleScottK: thanks02:54
jetoledidn't know said channel was there02:54
ChmEarlwow problem solved. Its easy to script the #at cmd with here-is literal02:56
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smoserakgraner, i'm actually on a swap day tomorrow. I dont have any big plans at the moment. i'll see if I can't make it in. no promiess though :-(03:46
akgranersmoser, ok  - any suggestions for who else can field cloud questions?  zul ^^^03:48
akgranersmoser, appreciate it if you can - but enjoy some time off  - :-D  no worries03:49
smoseri dont know :-(03:49
akgranersmoser, okie dokie :-)03:50
AdamDV2Does anyone have a working mysql+Apache solution?04:24
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:31
* ajmitch would assume that there are a few people with a working apache & mysql04:31
twbProbably mysql.com and apache.org do, at least :-/04:32
ajmitchmysql.com probably runs on an oracle DB by now04:32
twbServer: Apache/2.2.13 (Fedora)04:33
twbDoes Oracle even support Fedora (as opposed to RHEL)?04:33
AdamDV2Okay, lets rephrase.04:34
AdamDV2Can anyone link me to a guide to getting apache work with mysql auth?04:34
twbAdamDV2: did you try the Ubuntu server guide?04:34
AdamDV2I'm not looking to install mysql+apache04:35
AdamDV2I'm looking on how to setup libapache2-mod-mysql, so that httpauth can be verified against a mysql db.04:35
twbOh, I missed "auth", sorry04:35
ajmitchbut you want libapache2-mod-auth-mysql ?04:35
AdamDV2So far, it looks like its been broken since gutsy.04:35
* ajmitch sees no bugs open against it04:37
twbAdamDV2: if there's a specific issue that you're experiencing, you should report it.04:40
AdamDV2Bug report is already filed.04:42
AdamDV2It was filed back in '07, and has never been fixed04:42
ajmitchbug # ?04:43
ajmitchyeah, that's for apache 1.x04:45
ajmitchprobably why noone saw it04:46
* AdamDV2 facepalms04:47
KaprenakisQuestion about installing webmin05:10
lifeless"don't" ?05:11
ajmitchand he didn't even stay around long enough to see that05:19
lifelessI know05:22
lifelessI would not have said it otherwise ;)05:22
AdamDV2Webmin is now not advocated?05:27
ajmitchit never has been05:28
AdamDV2I've never liked it, but I notice alot on UF love it.05:30
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bluethundr_I found an ubuntu deb of courier-authlib-mysql which I _really need_ to get this imap server authenticating. I tried installing it with dpkg -i to no avail... http://pastebin.com/mWK9AJxq05:32
twbNothing people like is any good05:32
bluethundr_I would appreciate some help getting past this error05:32
twbHm, I meant: Nothing is any good if other people like it.  -- Diesel Sweeties #86105:32
lukehasnonameI remember someone suggesting MariaDB take over MySQL as the default MySQL-fork database. Any actual chatter about that?05:33
twbbluethundr_: you are getting that error because you're trying to dpkg -i "some deb I found", rather than using the normal apt infrastructure.05:33
twblukehasnoname: you'd have to talk to #mysql about that.05:33
lukehasnonameI mean, in Ubuntu05:34
bluethundr_well, management has mandated standardization on a rather old 6.06 dapper install... apt knows not of this package sadly with this release05:34
twblukehasnoname: as for me, I've yet to see a use case for MySQL for which postgres or sqlite wasn't more compelling.05:34
bluethundr_unless there is a repo I can add that will know of it05:34
twbbluethundr_: you need to explain to management that "installing some shit I found" will totally invalidate the point of sticking to an old release.05:35
twbbluethundr_: but you might find that dapper-backports has what you need (if you're allowed to use it).05:35
bluethundr_twb: I will.. tho they are hard headed and illiterate on these issues05:35
bluethundr_yes I can use backports as long as I don't go to a newer release05:36
twbHmm, can rmadison check foo-backports?05:36
twbWhat's the URL?  My (Debian) rmadison has -uubuntu and -ubpo, but no -uubuntu-bpo05:37
ScottKIt's included in the regular Ubuntu results05:38
twbOK, so I can assume that courier-authlib-mysql isn't available in dapper-backports05:38
ScottKTry clamav if you want a package known to have packages in backports05:38
twbScottK: yup, I see it.05:39
bluethundr_ah! with backports I now see this entry with an aptitude search... BB  courier-authlib-mysql  what means the BB if I may ask?05:39
bluethundr_I also see this entry: ci  courier-authmysql05:40
twbbluethundr_: that's the thing you just tried to install.  BB means "broken, broken"05:40
bluethundr_twb: ah, understood05:40
twbIIRC ci means configured, installed.  "dpkg -l foo" will tell you the exact mapping05:41
bluethundr_now I see:  c   courier-authlib-mysql  and ci  courier-authmysql05:41
bluethundr_ah ok05:41
bluethundr_thank you05:41
bluethundr_dpkg -l tells me this: http://pastebin.com/G0C45a1V05:43
twbSo "rc" means "Desired=Remove, Status=Config-files"05:44
twbi.e. it has been removed, but its config files remain (not purged).05:44
bluethundr_oh man.. I just did a purge on courier-authlib-mysql and then tried to reinstall it.. but aptitude is not finding it now for some reason05:46
bluethundr_why would purging this package cause apt to no longer know about it? how can I make it aware of it again?05:49
ScottKIt won't.05:54
bluethundr_ScottK: purging makes apt permanently unaware of an app?05:57
ScottKIt doesn't affect that.05:57
bluethundr_ScottK: ok, then I am unclear as to why after purging courier-auth-mysql issuing aptitude search courier that package no longer turns up as a result05:58
cclausenbluethundr_: its in universe.  do you have that repo enabled?05:58
bluethundr_cclausen: I believe so, let me check05:59
bluethundr_yes I do have deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper universe06:01
twbbluethundr_: apt only knew about that package because you partially installed it out-of-band with dpkg -i06:02
twbcclausen: he's on dapper06:02
bluethundr_twb: oh I see06:03
bluethundr_so it appears that I am stuck with the problem of finding a dapper repository that is aware of this library06:03
twbbluethundr_: unless you want to learn about how packaging works in dpkg/apt, you probably won't get anywhere.06:04
bluethundr_twb: I am willing to learn.06:04
twbEven if you did know that stuff, you might find that it's practically impossible to get <new package> onto <old release>.  I once tried to do that with mysql for a similarly stupid customer.06:04
bluethundr_twb: right.. understood... it is very trying dealing with untechnical folks who describe themselves as "able to speak the language of tech" as in my particular case06:05
ScottKNote that Dapper ships with Courier 0.47 and the oldest courier-authlib-mysql we have in the archive is from Courier 0.60.1.  There is essentially a zero percent chance of those working together.06:21
ScottKIf you hope to do this at all, I'd grab the courier source package from Hardy and try to build it on Dapper.06:21
* ScottK is off to bed, so good luck.06:21
cclausenbluethundr_: do you really want the courier-authmysql package?06:23
cclausenthat appears to be in dapper06:23
cclausenbluethundr_: the actual deb might also still exist in: /var/cache/apt/archives06:25
deslector hi, anyone here with webdav experience?06:27
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:27
deslectorhe he, ok...06:28
deslectorhave you had good experience using webdav (lucid server, apache dav module) from windows XP through the Internet?06:29
clintbdeslector: I've used webdav w/ mod_dav in a custom built apache ... not on Lucid. Are you having issues w/ ubuntu or just curious about mod_dav?06:51
deslectorclintb, just curious... never used it before, and want to know what to expect if I put the server in production, he he06:52
clintbIts pretty much the reference implementation for webdav so it works very well.06:56
deslectorclintb, is not the dav module i06:58
deslector'm worried about... is the windows xp clients :-)06:58
clintbwell what are you going to have them doing?06:58
deslectorclintb, basically, I want to have a shared folder06:59
clintboh, you know you can use samba for that, right?06:59
deslectorclintb, yes, but the clients and the server are not in the same LAN06:59
deslectorclintb, they will be using Internet to communicate06:59
deslectorclintb, I know I can make samba work through firewalls, etc. but seems more complicated07:00
deslectorclintb, and I read webdav was supposed to be a good replacement for that scenario07:00
clintbYeah it works.07:02
deslectorclintb, ok, thanks for the info :-)07:04
forgerHi, I've tried to install 10.04 on raid1 + lvm (/dev/md0 is /dev/sda1 + /dev/sdb1 (ext4, root); /dev/md1 is /dev/sda2 + /dev/sdb2 (swap) and /dev/md3 is lvm), and everything seems configured ok until reboot - cat /proc/mdstat shows two first raid arrays as degraded, without any member disks and /dev/md3 is rebuilding with /dev/sda and /dev/sdb as members.08:10
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uvirtbotNew bug: #576255 in apache2 (main) "can't install apache2.2-common (2.2.14-5ubuntu8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57625508:21
coffeedudemorning lambrecht08:27
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jwoodsany way to resize a live ext3 partition?08:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #575917 in samba (main) "Cannot setup remote printers to Windows XP from Ubuntu 10.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57591708:56
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twbUnder what circumstances would a Hardy system boot enough to be sshable, succeed in mounting swap and /boot by UUID, fail to mount /home and /srv by UUID, and return "unknown" when I run runlevel(1)?09:07
twbMake that runlevel(8).09:07
twbjwoods: you can grow an ext3 filesystem online, but you cannot shrink it.09:07
jwoodstwb: thought it was something like that09:25
twbThus, my boss has *finally* learned not to allocate 100% of the LVM to a single root filesystem.09:30
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tdnI am trying to make an initrd with an init script that boots up and does the following: boots up; partitions the harddisk to one big partition; mkfs a root fs; mounts this fs; rsyncs some basic files to this partition; installs boot loader; reboots. I have created a proof of concept initrd with an init script that just echoes hello world and the exits. How can I partition the disk from this init script? How do I get acccess to tools such as fdisk10:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #576307 in samba (main) "error (bashism?) in postinst" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57630710:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #576314 in nagios3 (main) ""+" character in service_description causes causes web interface error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57631410:46
PC_Nerd101Hi,  is there any application that will change the mirror that aptitude uses to get updates?  Package manager on desktop version has a drop down from memory...  so is there an equiv on server ?11:19
Jeeves_PC_Nerd101: 'vi' :)11:20
kamilHi! I've got problem with apache11:22
kamili have Listen on 80 but it dosen't listen on port 80 on nmap localhost port 80 it dosen't show and from external i have 80/tcp   closed http11:23
kamilsomeone have idea what is wronh?11:23
PC_Nerd101jeeves: Righteo... I might try a sed solution as an alternative.11:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #576332 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.0  not installed  failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57633211:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #576339 in rabbitmq-server (main) "package rabbitmq-server (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57633911:56
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jetoleHey guys. unlike 9.04, 10.04 installs puppet with a no run set in the /etc/default/puppet. Now I install my OS via preseed and in 9.10 when puppet was run it automatically configured the OS however thats not happening in 10.04. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to have puppet start on new installs that can be setup from preseeding?12:11
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bluethundr_I am trying to delete a record from a table in MySQL but failing to do so for some odd reason: http://pastebin.com/PWE5SirC14:19
Picibluethundr_: get rid of that * between DELETE and FROM14:19
bluethundr_Pici: That did it... thank you! ;)14:20
mianosmHey would you guys mind looking at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147441414:30
bogeyd6 mianosm https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems14:37
bogeyd6same concept14:38
bogeyd6but you can build up from the cd and skip the embarassing archive timeouts14:38
mianosmNot really embarrassing - just odd that you _have_ to have a network connection in order to install an OS.14:39
bogeyd6it auto checks for updates14:39
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mianosmSo I need to build my own ISO to install an OS offnet?14:39
bogeyd6and really the norm is you have an internet connection14:39
bogeyd6you just do a command line install14:39
bogeyd6edit the apt sources14:39
bogeyd6then apt-get install whatever you want14:39
mianosmI'm fairly sure the command line install also had the same hangup, I will try again though.14:40
fauxhawkanyone else having problems installing 10.04 without an internet connection?14:40
mianosmfauxhawk: If the target PC has no internet access, you may want to prepare an AptOnCD iso before to continue.14:40
mianosmI'm reading that as: Create your own iso, as the alternate/server installs require a network connection.14:41
fauxhawki don't have cdroms on these servers...14:41
cclausenfauxhawk: so how are you installing then?14:43
failoverpendrive !14:43
fauxhawkcclausen: usb and UNetbootin14:43
mianosmI tried the pendrive way of creating a usb as well, it can't find the cdrom or drivers for the nonexistent cdrom.14:43
failovermianosm, you don't need, there is a workaround !14:44
fauxhawkfailover: what is that14:45
fauxhawkfailover: I'm having the same issue as mianosm14:45
failoveryou can pass a options too start install looking for files in usb instead cdrom !14:45
fauxhawkfailover: cool story bro, what are they14:46
failoveri will find, givme a moment !14:46
fauxhawkfailover: awesome!14:47
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failovergo to "Know Issues" section14:48
failoveralso use "usb-creator-gtk" instead of unetbootin !14:48
failoverIf you get "Incorrect CD-ROM detected" error on detection stage, reboot, press F6 and then ESC to go to manual boot line editing, and add the option 'cdrom-detect/try-usb=true14:48
cclausenkamil: could a firewall be blocking port 80?  does port 80 show in netstat -ant output?14:48
fauxhawkfailover: the issue isn't detecting the CDROM, it's that the installer is looking for a network mirror14:49
fauxhawki do not have a network connection on the server14:49
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fauxhawk*internet connection14:49
fauxhawkit's in a test server farm14:49
failoverfauxhank, my tip is for mianosm !14:51
fauxhawkfailover: mianosm and i are having the same issue14:51
failover<mianosm> I tried the pendrive way of creating a usb as well, it can't find the cdrom or drivers for the nonexistent cdrom.14:52
fauxhawkoh ok14:53
mianosmfailover: I'll give it a try, do you have a link for the usb-creater.exe I can't seem to find the one that is mentioned in the documentation.14:54
failoverusb-creator-gtk comes with ubuntu !14:55
mianosmI need usb-creator.exe14:55
failoverfauxhawk, you can use a pendrive to install ubuntu-server from a dvd iso maybe !14:55
mianosmSadly, I have to use exe's and such for work.14:55
ScottKmianosm: It's on both the Ubuntu web site and pretty much all the current ISOs.14:56
mianosmScottK: can you paste in a link, I'm really bad at Internets today I guess. :(14:56
failovermianosm, i don't think there is a usb-creator-gtk for windows, but you can run from a livecd :)14:56
ScottKSorry, I don't know where exactly.14:56
ScottKfailover: There is a usb-creator for Windows.14:56
mianosmI don't know where either - the 10.04 iso definitely did not have any *.exe in it when I unzipped it.14:57
cclausentdn: you probably need to either copy the tools you need (and dependencies) into an initrd.  Or, I would look at making your own modified installer and using that instead.14:57
failoverOk, now i think there is a usb-creator-gtk, i just never saw one !14:57
failover* for  windows !14:57
ScottKI'm not sure if it's on the server ISO.  I know it's on desktop and kubuntu.14:58
mianosmI find it odd that alpha and beta went by without anyone having this issue. :( Setting up cluster nodes with NFS I would think would replicate this issue.14:58
fauxhawkScottK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Live_USB_creator15:00
fauxhawkScottK: says there is not windows version but it is planned15:00
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ScottKfauxhawk: Then it needs to be updated.15:01
fauxhawkScottK: cool, someone should update it and point to the windows versin15:03
ScottKI agree.  Someone should.15:03
SlipperyChickenwe're deploying a new server into a data center.  i'm torn between using RAID10 or using LVM over a bunch of RAID-1's15:28
SlipperyChickenall opinions welcomed. :)15:29
SlipperyChickenit's going to be your basic LAMP with postfix and file storage.  we'll want to grow storage as needed.15:30
_rubenSlipperyChicken: I'd use LVM either way .. and if it's truly hardware raid, I'd go for raid1015:44
_rubenthen again, it also depends on the capabilities of your raid controller15:44
bogeyd6does it _ruben , does it?15:44
bogeyd6its probably fakeraid and we all know how linux feels about that15:45
bogeyd6and i quote15:45
_rubenwhether or not it support growing your luns15:45
bogeyd6FakeRAID is not supported by Ubuntu. Trying to install Ubuntu on such a partition could easily result in the loss of all your data.15:45
SlipperyChickenit's a supermicro board coming in.15:45
_rubeni would never recommend fakeraid15:46
bogeyd6yah see15:46
SlipperyChickenit's got a MegaRaid controller on it apperently.15:46
_rubendoesnt have to be .. we have supermicro systems with adaptec hardware raid controllers in em15:46
bogeyd6AOC-LPZCR2  is a real raid card from super micro15:46
bogeyd6Problem is, if the raid card is not a completely separate (plug that sh*t in) card it is fakeraid IMHO15:47
bogeyd6any integrated raid is too risky to trust in production, again IMHO15:47
SlipperyChickenthey're just a seperate SATA controller that the driver connects do, arn't they ?15:47
SlipperyChickento *15:48
SlipperyChickenSUPERMICRO MBD-X8DTi-LN4F-O Dual LGA 1366 Intel 5520 Extended ATX Dual Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 Series Server Motherboard15:48
_rubencheck the specs, when in doubt, go with software raid15:48
SlipperyChickenif that helps15:48
bogeyd6its fakeraid :(15:48
SlipperyChickenthat's what we're thinking, i'll check.15:48
_rubeneither way, i'd keep the "raid" stuff in the same place, so no raid0 (hw or mdadm) + striping in lvm, just do it all in hw/mdadm then15:49
Picisoftware raid is fakeraid15:49
bogeyd6ubottu disagress15:49
_rubeni'd say fakeraid is (an implementation of) software raid .. software raid doesnt have to be fakeraid15:50
SlipperyChicken    *  Intel ICH10R SATA 3.0Gbps Controller15:50
SlipperyChicken    * RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 support (Windows)15:50
SlipperyChicken    * RAID 0, 1, 10 support (Linux)15:50
_rubenin my book atleast15:50
SlipperyChickenmind the flood.15:50
_rubenich10r, fakeraid15:50
_rubengo with mdadm raid10 then15:50
bogeyd6SlipperyChicken, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:50
Pici_ruben: right, sorry.15:50
tdncclausen, ok.15:51
jeiworthhi all, looking for a decent howto to enable vnc server on a machine that has no display attached to it but it seems a bit hard to find, the ubunutu-desktop package is installed so it has x and gnome but i can't activate a display for x, so startx doesn't run...15:51
SlipperyChickenwhat's RAID-10 like to manage using mdadm ?   i've only used RAID-115:51
SlipperyChickenjeiworth, tightvnc.15:52
_rubenSlipperyChicken: the debian/ubuntu installer doesnt support raid10, but you can create a mdadm raid10 volume with the mdadm command yourself just fine (even during the install and the installer will pick it up)15:52
_rubenman mdadm15:52
SlipperyChicken_ruben, what's it like to expand ?15:53
SlipperyChickensay, if we needed another 2TB's 6 months from now.15:53
_rubenSlipperyChicken: should also be in the manpage, i never needed to do that myself15:53
_rubenit is supported though afaik15:53
_rubenwell, i did do it years ago, when it wasnt really supported yet15:54
SlipperyChickenwhat about performance ?15:54
_rubenwhat about it?15:54
_ruben"it's good"15:55
SlipperyChickenhow do they compare.  i've only been reading opinions, and can't find cold hard data comparing them.15:55
SlipperyChickeni guess.. we'll be using LVM regardless, it's just the matter of RAID-1 vs LVM mirroring.15:56
jeiworthSlipperyChicken thx, will check it out, although i'd prefer preinstalled vino-server...15:57
SlipperyChickenRAID-1 you have to use the exact same drive, right ?15:57
SlipperyChickenbogeyd6, any thoughts to the above ?16:00
bogeyd6i am unsure how to proceed, we dont use physical drives here, everything is on iscsi16:00
_rubenLVM does mirroring? thought it only did (basic) striping16:00
bogeyd6SLES servers setup in a SAN16:00
jeiworthSlipperyChicken: well, anyway, tighvnc worked like a charm right from the start so thanks :)16:03
_rubenthose SANs dont use physical drives either ? ;)16:03
bogeyd6_ruben, storageworks16:03
SlipperyChickenjeiworth, no problemo, check out the resolution and bit depth too, turning them down will make it run faster over DSL and junk.16:05
SlipperyChickenlooks like LVM over a bunch of RAID-1's is my best option.16:05
jeiworthSlipperyChicken, yeah, i directly initialized with those params, now trying to figure out how to use display 0 by default ;)16:06
_rubenSlipperyChicken: be sure to look into LVM's striping options then, not sure how flexible and all they are16:06
SlipperyChickenjeiworth, use this.... :016:06
SlipperyChickenor localhost:016:06
jeiworthSlipperyChicken: good point, it says so in the short help as well ;) say, to have it autostart with boot it should be enough to make an entry in rc.local, right?16:08
jeiworthSlipperyChicken: ok, thx, now i just have to figure out why the keyboard is all screwed up *g*16:10
halvorshow can i fix that? May  5 17:02:23 ss1 dovecot: deliver(halvors-skymia.net): Fatal: Plugin cmusieve not found from directory /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/lda16:19
hggdhsmoser: ping16:21
wack47good morning all16:24
zulhggdh: i think he has the day off today16:26
melrokzthe ubuntu server 10.04 has no GUI???16:29
savidWhat's the "proper" directory under which to store database backups that are transferred via NFS?16:30
melrokzhow do i install one?16:30
cclausenmelrokz: you can install packages from aptitude.  I'd say that installing a GUI on a true server can lead to problems though16:30
melrokzno, I'm just learning it... so i need a GUI to start with... right?16:31
melrokzwhat kind of problems, btw?16:32
halvorsit it posible to have gui on server?16:32
melrokzare those packages on the install cd?16:33
cclausenhalvors: it is possible16:33
cclausenmelrokz: that I am not sure of.  I don't think the gui packages are on the server cd.16:33
melrokzhmm.. I think i have to go 4 a course on ubuntu server then...16:34
cclausenmelrokz: you can have security problems with X, etc.  the more things on your server means the more things you need to patch and better chances of something causing some weird compatibility problem with their other software or hardware16:34
melrokzwill RHCE do? or will i have to learn anything extra?16:34
cclausenIs that a Red Hat source?16:35
cclausenerr, course16:35
melrokzred hat certified engineer16:35
hggdhzul, thanks16:35
cclausencertain commands are specific to distros.  Learning how rpms work in Red Hat won't help you with debs and apt in Ubuntu16:35
TeTeTmelrokz: you can install the GUI on Ubuntu server, but the GUI components will only be supported for 3 years, not for 5 years as server components for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS16:36
cclausencertainly the course can't hurt when learning general Linux commands, but some of the information taught won't be applicable on Ubuntu16:36
cclausenTeTeT: yeah, true.  that is the other reason not to install the GUI16:36
TeTeTmelrokz: there are Ubuntu specific courses available from Canonical, see http://www.ubuntu.com/training/certificationcourses16:37
melrokzIn India?16:37
TeTeTmelrokz: we're looking currently for training partners there, but some courses are e-learning, others are taught via the Internet16:38
TeTeTmelrokz: so you might go with UCP e-learning, and then take the Deploying Ubuntu server online course (just for example)16:38
halvorshow can i fix that? May  5 17:02:23 ss1 dovecot: deliver(halvors-skymia.net): Fatal: Plugin cmusieve not found from directory /usr/lib/dovecot/modules/lda16:39
melrokzhmm... how come red hat has a GUI then? Does it mean that red hat is less stable?16:40
melrokzi've to make thechoice.16:41
melrokzthe choice16:41
TeTeTmelrokz: check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI for reasons why it is not enabled by default on Ubuntu16:41
melrokzk, thanks.16:41
melrokzbut i think u could provide it as an option on the CD (if harmless :-))16:42
bogeyd6i cant keep using the mirror.anl.gov. i need to setup my own mirror i think16:43
melrokzhmm... i see... "user-friendly" brings in more problems!16:45
cclausenhalvors: the plugin is missing.  find out which one and install it, or configure dovecot to not use it.16:48
melrokzjust for learning... can i get an ubuntu server cd image with a GUI???16:48
cclausenI would do it the other way16:49
cclausenget the normal desktop cd16:49
cclausenand just install the server packages that you need16:49
cclausenyou can install packages from botn cds on the same system if you do it right16:50
cclausenor, just download from the online repositories16:50
jcastrozul, ok so the bot will message you16:54
jcastroand then !q to the bot shows you the question the person is asking16:54
jcastrothen you can !y or !n if you want to answer it or not16:54
jcastroand the bot will paste the question into the channel16:54
skrite99someone know of a good up-to-date info on tuning mySql tables (especailly MyISAM)  i am finding lots of info but on old equipment. 'if your server has more than 256 megs of RAM..... etc..'17:08
Mrsome1how I can go to bugzilla admin panel ?17:12
zulserver q+a going on at #ubuntu-classrom right now17:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #576413 in samba (main) "smb:// in nautilus stoped working with DNS domain after upgrading to lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57641317:18
halvorscclausen: how can i install it?17:46
cclausenhalvors: I'm not sure what package you need.  if you know the package name, use aptitude to install it.17:47
halvorsi dont know what the package name is so what should i do then?17:47
cclausenhalvors: check this bug report17:48
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 516040 in ubuntu-release-notes "dovecot sieve plugin renamed from cmusieve to sieve" [Undecided,Fix released]17:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #576501 in vm-builder (universe) "vmbuilder doesn't recognize --ec2 flag" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57650118:02
thesheff17anyone good with pxeboot settings here?  I'm looking to run a post command that gets a python script from a local web server with wget and it never works?18:03
thesheff17I have tried d-i preseed/late_command string wget http:/; in-target chsh -s /bin/zsh18:05
savidHi.  getting this error when starting nfs-kernel-server:  * Not starting NFS kernel daemon: no support in current kernel.18:06
thesheff17which version?18:06
savidthesheff17,  1:1.2.0-4ubuntu418:06
thesheff17hmm..it should be like 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 etc18:07
thesheff17have you installed these packages? sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server nfs-common portmap18:08
savidthesheff17,  oh, ubuntu version?   10.0418:08
savidthesheff17,  yes, all of those are installed18:09
thesheff17well then you may have to modprobe it18:09
thesheff17odd that it isn't built in by default18:09
savidI modprobed "nfs",  didn't do anything18:09
savidI may just install unfs3 instead.18:10
thesheff17yea that looks good to18:10
thesheff17make sure you are root18:12
thesheff17I just did modprobe nfs and no problem18:12
thesheff17w/ ubuntu 10.04 amd desktop18:12
thesheff17also lsmod | grep nfs18:14
thesheff17works fine18:14
Hypnozthesheff17: I am using a kickstart type file with pxe, and at the end of it I have it wget a lot of files18:30
Hypnozthesheff17: wget -q -O /root/pxe/resolv.conf18:31
thesheff17installing ubuntu?18:32
Hypnozthesheff17: yeah, 8.04 LTS.18:32
mneptokafter an in-place upgrade from Karmic to Lucid my thttpd daemon no longer launches from init. there's no interesting output in /var/log/messages|thttpd.log|syslog|etc. any thoughts?18:32
thesheff17well I'm wondering if it works with 10.04...and I'm running amd64 bit....18:33
thesheff17doe thttpd have its own log files?18:34
mneptok /var/log/thttpd.log18:34
thesheff17Hypnoz could you post that file somewhere so I can see it?18:35
thesheff17this preseed.cfg file is a pain18:35
mneptokthere's no output at all there. there's onlt http access logs from the previously working instance in /var/log/thttpd.log.1 etc etc18:35
thesheff17I would check permissions18:37
thesheff17or also a higher debug level....I do hate when you don't get no indication what is going on.18:38
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MkoolsFor using tomcat6 I have edited my .bashrc file, do I also need to edit /etc/environment file?19:07
mneptokthesheff17: i'd be very, very displeased if a permissions issue happened on an *upgrade*19:09
tesseracterhi. im trying to add a user to a server that only allows ssh key access, they are getting permission denied. i added them as a user, added .ssh dir, added a pubkey to authorized_keys, chmod is set to 600. they are connecting with ssh username@dev.host.com. I currently log in the same way, to the default ubuntu user account.19:15
MkoolsCan any one please help?19:15
SlipperyChickenif anyone has one of those IBM Netfinity 5000 servers and has the administrator password locked out, pull the BIOS/CMOS off and turn it on.  It'll boot without the chip in.  Problem solved. :D19:15
SlipperyChickentesseracter, are you using the same key ?19:16
tesseracterSlipperyChicken, no, its a different user, so its their key, and they cant connect.19:16
SlipperyChickenbut you can connect ?19:17
tesseracteryes, I connect, they get permission denied, so ssh is configured correctly, at least for the default user.19:18
SlipperyChickencan you connect with a key and log in without a password ?19:18
tesseracterSlipperyChicken, yup. it asks me once the first time after a reboot, but after that, no password.19:19
mianosmI had a question earlier, and have figured out the work around for it, if someone is looking for it (now or in the future): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147441419:19
SlipperyChickenare the permissions the same for both accounts in .ssh/ and authorized_keys ?19:20
mianosmAlso, to use keys with ssh - your home directory can not have +write for group/others.19:21
SlipperyChickenmianosm, are you sure ?19:22
SlipperyChickena server at work is like this.19:22
mianosmYes, I made my home directory writable to my group - and ssh will not allow me to use a key with that permission.19:22
Mkoolsmianosm: Can you help me?19:22
SlipperyChickenwith read/write/exec on owner and group19:22
mianosm~ can not be 77?19:23
mianosmMake it 755 and test it ;)19:23
SlipperyChickenoh i see what you're gettin' at. :)19:23
SlipperyChickennvm . :)19:23
tesseracterSlipperyChicken, no, interestingly enough. ubuntu .ssh is set to 700, auth_keys to 755, newuser is 644 for .ssh, 600 for auth_keys.19:23
tesseracterand everything in ls -Al /home/ is 755.19:25
SlipperyChickenset everything to the same as yours.19:25
tesseracterSlipperyChicken, changed the permissions. the only thing left that is different is the key values, and the user:group names.19:28
tesseracterstill perm denied.19:28
SlipperyChickenask the user to debug the ssh connection19:30
SlipperyChickensee what's failing19:30
tesseracter(just checked /etc/ssh/sshd_config. no allow or deny user lines or anything either.)19:31
zulinteresting smbfs is gone from debian unstable19:32
tesseracterSlipperyChicken, -v gives a bunch of stuff, ending with the user offering id_rsa and id_dsa, then saying not more keys to try. permission denied. am I missing something dead simple, or is this puzzling?19:39
stanman246i've got 4 disks, one of them is faulty. Pulled them off a Buffalo Terastation Nas. How do i access the array when i put them into a 10.04 livecd?19:49
=== Hypnoz` is now known as Hypnoz
mcas_stanman246: which type of array?19:53
RoyKstanman246: md or hw raid?19:55
stanman246if i run mdadm -E /dev/sdb6 i can see that from the 4 disks one is faulty and removed19:56
RoyKcat /proc/mdstat should show if it's detected19:56
stanman246it's not19:56
stanman246no personalities an <none> unused devices19:57
RoyKhm.. are the drives tagged?19:57
stanman246kinda new on this, how do i see if they19:57
RoyKshould be automatically detected if they were19:57
stanman246are tagged...19:57
RoyKthe old box - did that see the array?19:57
stanman246well i had to apt-get install mdadm with the livecd19:58
RoyKdo you have access to its root dir?19:58
stanman246it's from a terastation nas19:58
stanman246as in mount the sdb6 to /mnt/disk6?19:58
RoyKI guess sdb6 is only one of four drives?19:59
RoyKor sdb19:59
stanman246sdb is19:59
stanman246have got sda ... sdd19:59
stanman246being the disks19:59
RoyKcan you install ubuntu onto something and boot from it while the drives are attached?19:59
stanman246not really, only got 4 sata ports20:00
RoyKan usb pen?20:00
stanman246if i try to mount sdb6 i get: mount: unknown filesystem type 'linux_raid_member'20:00
RoyKyou need md to see them20:00
stanman246am running of an usb pen (ubuntu livecd 10.04)20:00
RoyKmultiple devices20:01
RoyKthe linux raid thing20:01
stanman246could i assemble the array with mdadm without using the faulty disk?20:01
stanman246md isn't in the ubuntu livecd?20:01
RoyKcan't remember - thought it was, though, but not sure20:02
stanman246is there some mdadm command to check if it is?20:02
stanman246mdadm 'sees' the raid array 0 through 320:02
stanman246it sees 3 active devices20:03
skrite99hey all, i have a server that doubles as an IVR server with asterisk. Durring peak times, when the procs are all maxed out, the voice quality on asterisk suffers. Is there a way i can dedicate resources to asterisk that will not be used by anything else?20:04
stanman246and one failed20:04
thesheff17skrite99 you can use nice command20:05
thesheff17put asterisk as a higher priority20:06
RoyKskrite99: first of all, asterisk sucks. next, try to nice out the other stuff. asterisk can be started in 'real time priority' (-p iirc), but this can make the system hang completely if (or when) asterisk fucks up20:06
RoyKskrite99: also make sure the jitterbuffer is enabled20:07
thesheff17haha I had no idea what asterisk is.....20:07
RoyKit's a PoS VoIP solution20:07
RoyKI used to work with it for some years20:08
thesheff17and as soon as I saw pbx I shuttered a little.20:08
RoyKit's so pbx you can't use it for anything bigger than a small in-house thing20:08
RoyKthey even refuse to fix the RTP stack, because 'it's not meant to be a softswich'20:09
RoyKtry to bridge 200 calls through ass-trix and the box is likely to die20:09
RoyK100 calls will make them all sound like micky mouse20:09
codecowboyhi. do any / all of these EC2 Lucid Lynx instances include a LAMP stack? http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/release/20:10
mcas_stanman246: no md on live cd only alternate or server cd20:11
RoyKif asterisk was run as an open source project, things would be fixed quite quickly, but alas, it's not. its controlled by digium.com and they don't let any code in unless you sign their disclaimer, which is like giving away your fist-born20:11
stanman246darn.... well i did an apt-get install mdadm and tried mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda6 *and so on20:12
wack47i upgraded my distro from 8.10 to 9.04 and now for some reason i get this error in my kernel log http://pastebin.com/FRL35Zpm20:12
wack47it happens no matter which kernel i try to boot20:12
RoyKsee http://karlsbakk.net/fun/asterisk_architecture.jpg for an architectural overview and http://karlsbakk.net/fun/asterisk-installation.wav for what'll happen next20:12
stanman246it said mdadm: /dev/md0 has been started with 3 drivers (out of 4)20:12
RoyKthesheff17, skrite99: those were for you :)20:13
stanman246in /dev md0 is visible20:13
RoyKcan you mount /dev/md0?20:13
stanman246next i tried to mount m0, but got me a "mount: structure needs cleaning" back20:13
skrite99RoyK, thanks20:13
skrite99RoyK, looking up the jitterbuffer20:14
stanman246now i need to clean md0?20:14
mcas_stanman246: do you have a new disk to replace the faulted one?20:14
stanman246not now20:15
RoyKskrite99: I ordered the jitterbuffer to be written some time back and it was included in asterisk 1.4. not sure if it'll help you, though20:15
stanman246i thought i'd copy the content to an usb disk20:15
RoyKskrite99: check the i/o load - that's the worst beast on linux20:15
skrite99RoyK, what alternative to asterisk should i look into?  Asterisk is what we are using now with a digium card, but  i am not married to it.20:15
RoyKfreeswitch is quite good20:15
skrite99RoyK, and thanks for your help20:15
stanman246can i assemble anyway with one disk missing?20:16
stanman246or somehow clean the structure?20:16
RoyKstanman246: you should have access to your data even with a disk missing20:16
RoyKthat is, if this is raid5 or raid620:16
RoyKone drive missing from a stripeset (aka raid0) means you're fucked20:17
codecowboyhi. do any / all of these EC2 Lucid Lynx instances include a LAMP stack? http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/release/20:18
mcas_stanman246: perhaps this link can help you out20:18
skrite99RoyK, how do i see i/o load?20:18
RoyKsar / top / vmstat20:19
RoyKsar is quite nice20:19
RoyKapt-get install sysstat20:19
skrite99cool, thanks20:20
RoyKskrite99: if you enable it in /etc/default/sysstat and start it /etc/init.d/sysstat start - it'll run periodically and you can run 'sar' to see the load over time20:23
wack47i upgraded my distro from 8.10 to 9.04 and now for some reason i get this error in my kernel log http://pastebin.com/FRL35Zpm20:24
wack47it happens no matter which kernel i try to boot20:24
RoyKdoes it start?20:24
wack47royk: you asking me if it starts?20:25
RoyKdoes the box start?20:26
wack47royk: yes it starts and runs fine, but restarts on my 3 times a day20:26
wack47sometimes i have to manually restart it20:26
RoyKthat's a bitch20:26
RoyKfind anything in the logs before the restart?20:27
wack47yeah you are telling me, the boss doesnt like it either20:27
RoyKI doubt that problem in the logs are related to this20:28
RoyKpossibly a faulty driver20:28
RoyKcan you attach a serial console to this?20:28
Pirate_Hunterhi people if I wanted to encrypt all data communication on my box what are the options available?20:29
Pirate_HunterRoyK, sounds like something is overheating on your box at least that was a problem I had with another box20:30
blinkin21i was wondering if you could help me with a matter regarding SASL AUTH20:30
RoyKPirate_Hunter: not my box :)20:30
blinkin21 i am performing some tests20:30
Pirate_HunterRoyK, the positive side less of a worry for you20:30
blinkin21 and i couldnt say why different results20:31
wack47Roky: yes i can20:31
blinkin21root@mail:/etc/default# testsaslauthd -u andrei@sama.ro -p andrei20:31
blinkin21connect() : No such file or directory20:31
wack47oops sry RoyK20:31
wack47not Roky20:31
blinkin21root@mail:/etc/default# testsaslauthd -u andrei@sama.ro -p andrei -f /var/spool/postfix/var/run/saslauthd/mux -s smtp20:31
blinkin210: OK "Success."20:31
RoyKwack47: attach a serial cable and use minicom or something on another station - log it all20:32
Pirate_Hunterencrypting data communication on a webserver can anyone suggest ways to do so specially on sending and receiving requests20:34
thesheff17Pirate_Hunter just use SSL20:34
Pirate_Hunterthesheff17, hmmm thought their were more options...20:36
RoyKPirate_Hunter: why?20:36
[diablo]hi, good evening. Does anyone know please when 10.04 JEOS will surface please?20:36
RoyK[diablo]: doesn't installing jeos 8.04 and do-release-upgrade help?20:36
Pirate_HunterRoyK, huh...? is that why, to my last post to you?20:36
[diablo]mmm aint tried that actually20:36
[diablo]however an ISO would be nicer ;-)20:37
wack47Royk: also cant update anything related to apache, php5, or mysql! http://pastebin.com/xTnZcSVU20:37
CaptainTrekhow can I reboot apache?20:37
CaptainTrekwhats the command?20:38
RoyKPirate_Hunter: there aren't any other good ways of encrypting web traffic than (a) SSL or (b) VPNs20:38
PiciCaptainTrek: sudo service apache2 restart20:38
RoyKCaptainTrek: apache2ctl restart20:38
RoyKCaptainTrek: apache2ctl graceful20:38
dominicdinadaanybody using ebox in here?20:38
Pirate_HunterRoyK, awww ok at least now I know20:38
CaptainTrekholy hell, Pici, you're literally everywhere, huh?20:38
* RoyK prefers the commandline20:38
thesheff17Pirate_Hunter...yea everyone just use SSL no reason not to...are you looking for a specific feature?20:39
PiciCaptainTrek: I'm in ~50 ubuntu related channels.20:39
CaptainTrekPici: o.O20:39
* RoyK is in one ubuntu-related channel20:39
Pirate_Hunterthesheff17, at this moment I can't really say, I guess just seeing what is available for encrypting data communication on different level, i.e. admins working together, or requests from other boxes (other than ssh) etc20:40
dominicdinadaAnybodyusing Ebox in here ? that can help with module errors20:40
RoyKPirate_Hunter: just use ssl20:41
* RoyK still prefers the commandline20:41
RoyKweb-based administration ftl20:41
CaptainTrekPici: can I ask you to do me a favor via PM?20:41
thesheff17yea I just use SSL and SCP/SSH....there are other encryption methods like http://code.google.com/p/cryptsetup/20:41
thesheff17for encrypting actual files20:41
PiciCaptainTrek: go ahead20:41
Pirate_HunterRoyK, sure that is my main option20:42
dominicdinadaRoyK: I dont care that you prefer to use the command line im asking about problems with web interface20:42
Pirate_Hunterthesheff17, will check that link out doubt I will ever use it20:42
thesheff17I use it when I offsite hard drives20:42
thesheff17to whatever backup company20:43
thesheff17I guess if you where really paranoid you could encrypt the files and then transfer them over scp & ssl....but there is really no reason20:43
dominicdinadathere is sftp also20:43
thesheff17as long as your ssh keys are big enough you have nothing to really worried about.20:44
dominicdinadasftp is built into ubuntu-server just make sure you are using a client that supports sftp20:44
thesheff17and good passwords20:44
thesheff17I prefer to use rsync tunneling through scp....very fast transfers20:45
RoyKthesheff17: passwords? why not keys?20:45
Pirate_Hunterooooh ok that may be helpful, I think I did read about luks somewhere or at least the name I think it was something about how heavy it was and not light at all... maybe... not sure any more but will definitely look at it now20:45
thesheff17even if your ssh keys are very long and someone gets your password....they have access to your system.20:45
Pirate_Hunterthesheff17, rsycn tunnelling through scp how you do that20:46
thesheff17when I used luks I actually encrypted the whole drive....and then you just mount it20:46
RoyKthesheff17: if someone gets your password, you're fucked anyway20:46
thesheff17it was pretty fast20:46
Pirate_Hunterconsidering how unstable in a way is the current box setup errrh raid 0s with lvm, that may be helpful for full storage backups20:47
thesheff17rsync uses ssh by default20:49
RoyKPirate_Hunter: raid0 is quite a sport20:50
thesheff17rsync also has compression20:50
thesheff17built int20:50
RoyKor --compress-level=something20:51
RoyKbut nothing by default20:51
CaptainTrekhow can I change the ports that Apache listens on?  so that I can only allow access through say port 80 and not 8080?20:51
RoyKunless you enable gzip in ssh20:51
CaptainTrekexcluding firewall-side settings20:51
RoyKCaptainTrek: ports.conf20:51
thesheff17CaptainTrek the default port is 8020:51
CaptainTrekokay, so port 8080 isnt used?20:52
CaptainTrekunless configged?20:52
thesheff17usually tomcat uses 808020:52
Pirate_HunterRoyK, :p it makes sense considering the box will be running with two/three more boxes etc with a distribution file system20:52
thesheff17and jboss20:52
RoyKPirate_Hunter: which fs?20:53
Pirate_HunterRoyK, at the moment its been stuck between gluster and mogilefs as preferred choice. Ceph looks really good but under heavy testing :(20:55
Pirate_HunterHadoop also showed up but... (I'll leave it as that)20:55
skrite99RoyK, hey, got some sanity back into my  IVR system, have the stats monitor, great help.20:55
RoyKskrite99: np20:56
RoyKskrite99: I'd recommend using something else than asstrix, though20:56
stanman246RoyK: got a bit further with the raid issue21:08
stanman246RoyK: but when i try to mount i ge a "structure needs cleaning"21:08
stanman246xfs_repair wants me to destroy the log, but am a bit scared to do so. Don't know i i'd lose data21:09
RoyKthe log may contain new data not written to disk21:09
RoyKbut probably not very much21:10
stanman246so if i'd dd if=/dev/md2 of=/media/largeDisk and then xfs_repair -L i would be safe wouldn't I21:10
RoyKI'd backup the separate disks if I were you21:10
RoyKif you have space for it21:11
RoyKdd if=/dev/sda of=somelargefile121:11
stanman246i can mount it with -o ro,norecovery21:11
RoyKthen it should be safe - but then - just my two cents21:12
stanman246and when I df -H i can see the amount21:12
stanman246of data sitting in the mnt dir21:12
RoyKdo you have sufficient space to back it up?21:12
stanman246the mounted dir?21:12
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dominicdinada!master mode21:13
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RoyKstanman246: yes21:13
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stanman246it's 530G I can put that to the 1T usb21:13
RoyKstanman246: if you have, back it up first, then try to recover21:13
RoyKback it up, play with it later21:14
dominicdinada!ot | guntbert21:14
ubottuguntbert: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!21:14
stanman246but if i enter the dir and ls -la i get false data21:14
RoyKstanman246: rsync -avP /source /dest21:14
RoyKthen, after that has made a copy of what can be done, move on21:15
guntbertdominicdinada: ?? please don't send random commands to ubottu in the channel21:15
dominicdinadaI was asking a question21:15
stanman246i'd be copying the false data right?21:15
RoyKpossibly, yes21:15
RoyKbut better than losing the whole set21:15
dominicdinadaabout how to tell if my cards support master mode21:15
stanman246ur right21:15
dominicdinadaof the 3 that is21:15
guntbertdominicdinada: what question? I saw only several bot commands21:16
dominicdinadaguntbert: about an hour ago i asked along with ebox21:16
stanman246what if i'd dd all the /dev/sdX6 to the 1T usb, all except the broken one, would i then be more save?21:16
dominicdinadaOk I am working on setting up a wireless access point and trying to see if there is a simple way to tell which wireless cards support master mode21:17
stanman246or would it be enough to dd the /dev/md0 (the raid array) to the 1T?21:17
guntbertdominicdinada: master mode?21:17
dominicdinadato use as a wireless access point21:18
cclausenstanman246: if you need more space, you can dd | bzip2 -9 or similar to compress the data first21:18
RoyKstanman246: just dd the devices to the new disk21:19
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
RoyKstanman246: you can assemble the data if you have the devices21:19
guntbertdominicdinada: I have obviously no idea :-)  -  but I would think you have more luck in ##networking21:19
RoyKstanman246: xfs will probably clean it up, but you can't be sure21:19
dominicdinadathis was a topic in here yesterday so i will disregard your helpful input21:20
stanman246it'll take a lot of time, but better be safe then sorry21:20
stanman246gonna dd the sdX6 partitions to the usb disk.21:20
guntbertdominicdinada: do as you please :-)21:21
RoyKstanman246: try that first21:21
RoyKstanman246: then, when they're safely backed up, try xfs fsck21:21
RoyKthe backup will hopefully remain untouched, but then, you never know21:21
stanman246k, thanks a lot RoyK21:21
dominicdinadaI cant find the pastebin someone sent me of their network and for some reason something overwrote my interfaces :(21:22
RoyKstanman246: there's a reason I use zfs for large volumes these days :)21:22
stanman246xfs is running in the stupid buffalo terastation... :(21:22
thesheff17haha I have a terastation that totally crashed and they wouldn't help me21:23
cedwardsI've setup a number of kvm guests (ubuntu 10.04 server), all bound to br0. this works as expected.21:23
dominicdinadaiface eth1 inet dhcp          so just change this to static 192.......... right to keep this machine wired interface a static like right ?21:23
RoyKthe problem with xfs is there's a low number of users21:23
cedwardsI now need one of these guests to bind to a second bridge, connected to a separate network and I'm having issues.21:23
RoyKext[34] has far more users, meaning faster bug fixing21:23
dominicdinadacedwards: i have virbr0 ? why no br0 ?21:23
stanman246thesheff17: lost ur data? (don't make me scared here, heheh)21:23
cedwardsdominicdinada: I have br0 and br1, configured as per this example: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Networking21:24
cedwardsdominicdinada: the problem is once I activate br1 my routing gets all screwed up.21:24
stanman246a new machine, running ubu with raid5 on zfs.....21:24
RoyKstanman246: ubuntu and zfs??21:24
dominicdinadaroyk: n0 y0ur n0t funny21:25
RoyKstanman246: how can you make that work? zfs is not compatible with gpl21:25
thesheff17yea the device had a red light and out of support and they wouldn't help....luckily I had a copy of that data that went offsite every week.21:25
dominicdinadacedwards: oh i thought you were talking to me cause I am taking on the task of making my server an access point also21:25
RoyKand running zfs in fuse wastes a lot21:25
cclausenRoyK: openafs isn't GPL and it runs on Linux21:25
cedwardsdominicdinada: looks like we've got the same issue then.21:25
RoyKcclausen: is it in the repositories?21:26
dominicdinadacedwards: actually i got 3 wifi cards and well which to use for me so far lol21:26
cclausenRoyK: apt-cache search openafs-fileserver21:26
RoyKafs != zfs21:26
cclausenwell, no21:26
stanman246righto, sorry21:26
stanman246need to read more...21:26
Pirate_Huntercan some help me out just tried command  netstat -atun | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sed -e '/^$/d' |sort | uniq -c | sort -n and ip is in the list however I have no clue why and who are they21:26
stanman246thanks anyway and i will come back to let someone know21:26
Pirate_Hunteriut doesnt seem to be part of canonical hmmm...21:27
cclausenRoyK: there is also the nexenta stuff that uses a GNU userland on a Solaris kernel21:27
cclausenthat does have zfs21:27
RoyKcclausen: it's like "my dick is so long it gets all the way from a to z when I lay it on the keyboard"21:27
RoyKcclausen: nexenta uses debian userland, but osol is a little better21:28
dominicdinadacedwards: you saw this ?   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint21:28
cedwardsdominicdinada: mine is all wired, so I don't think that applies.21:29
dominicdinadaoh dont mind me then21:29
cclausenRoyK: I was just trying to say that the "GPL compatible" isn't an outright limiting factor21:29
RoyKcclausen: zfs works in fuse atm21:30
RoyKcclausen: but an FS in fuse limits performance21:30
cclausenRoyK: ah, right.  just can't be in mainline kernel due to GPL, right?21:32
cclausen(same problem openafs has actually, so some people are working on writing a GPL compatible afs client)21:32
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=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
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ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:41
diabolicali have having trouble getting my card into mastermode :(21:56
jjjjjhey guys.  i have a friend who upgraded to Lucid Lynx.  afterward, his resolution is very high.  how can i change the res of the bash shell?21:59
jjjjjany ideas?22:00
cclausenjjjjj: a console tty?  not X ?22:02
cclausenjjjjj: I edit /etc/default/grub and change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=  to include nofs nomodeset22:03
cclausenand it got me a normal text 80x25 console22:03
cclausenyou can actually choose specific resolutions though22:03
cclausenlook in /etc/default/console-setup, I think22:03
jjjjjwhat do i look for?22:05
diabolicaljjjjj, the resolution if it is high you should be able to spot it with settings like 1200x80022:07
diabolicaljjjjj, 640x800 is low res22:07
jjjjjwhat line?  sorry, but this is not my computer with the problem, but a friend's, so i can't see the file22:08
diabolicaljjjjj, IDK whats the problem with the high resolution just increase the font size22:09
cclausenFONTFACE="VGA" FONTSIZE="16"22:11
cclausenmaybe just try increasing the FONTSIZE until its something that works for you?22:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #576633 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-pgsql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade:" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57663322:11
diabolicalgfxmode is the resolution also22:11
cclausendiabolical: that only affect grubs though, right?22:11
diabolicalYa ....22:12
diabolicalas it is commented out on mine22:12
cclausenI think they wanted the linux console changed22:12
diabolicalsince i am using gnome-desktop22:12
cclausenbut yes, that might be worth trying too22:12
cclausenI am trying to disable the graphical console myself22:12
garymcanyone know why all of a sudden my ping to my PPTPD VPN server is really slow22:13
diabolicalwell if grub is set with 1000x800 or 1200x800 or something else that is the problem22:13
diabolicalremove the console?22:13
cclausenit messes up Ubuntu under the MSFT Hyper-V hypervisor22:13
cclausengarymc: over loaded?  internet connection actually that slow?22:13
garymcno internet isnt that slow22:13
cclausendiabolical: no, just force a text mode 80x25 like how it worked in hardy or dapper22:13
garymcI changed a setting rebooted server22:13
diabolicalgarymc, did you limit the the Tx - Rx ?22:14
garymcIt didnt work so I changed back and now its fuked22:14
cclausendiabolical: disable just the graphics mode, not the consoles22:14
garymcI changed a setting in /etc/ppp/firewall-masq22:15
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garymcrebooted server22:15
garymcthen changed it back and rebooted server but didnt correct it22:15
cclausengarymc: maybe that settings wasn't the problem in the first place?22:16
garymcmaybe not22:16
garymcyou know anything about PPTPD VPN ?22:16
diabolicalcclausen,  not sure :( about forcing resolution if i had my iso's i could look into the boot file to see what sets mode22:17
diabolicalwait i think i have an iso for a different linux that has the reso in lemme look22:18
jjjjjcan anyone post their /etc/default/console-setup ?22:29
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dominicdinadahow to connect to a remote desktop :(22:40
handheldCardominicdinada: what are you saying about remote desktop?22:43
dominicdinadaoh i set another computer to allow remote desktop and have downloaded some clients but they all seem to just login to a command shell via ssh22:43
dominicdinadawtf why do i need 10 ssh tools when putty > all22:44
handheldCarwhat kind of operating system is this other computer?22:44
bogeyd6it is true, putty > all22:44
dominicdinadawell it is ubuntu server 10.0422:44
dominicdinadathe machine i wanna connect and well im on lucid here but my other computer is win722:45
dominicdinadaServer = Remote Desktop Server     Clients will be = Ubuntu and win722:45
bogeyd6ill let lucid mature and marinate for a few months before i switch the 9.10 servers22:47
handheldCarnot a bad idea bogeyd622:47
dugger5688Anyone in here ever set up Samba on Ubuntu and set up roaming profiles for windows XP boxes? I could use some help if anyone has a good guide, or wants to PM me. I think I have everything working as far as ubuntu goes... but I'm having some trouble on the XP side.22:47
handheldCardominicdinada: i don't think you use rdesktop or vino for ubuntu server since it has no gui. just ssh or putty.22:47
dominicdinadahandheldCar:  that i use it or can use it ?22:48
dominicdinadahandheldCar: i put gnome on it :/22:48
handheldCardid you put vino?22:48
dominicdinadai dont think so./..   ssh   sudo apt-get install vino ?22:49
handheldCaryep might be up there by default. sudo aptitude install vino22:50
dominicdinadabrb need to reboot from updates22:50
dominicdinadaok it is installing now22:53
dominicdinadawhat about clients then ?22:54
handheldCarfor win7 you'll need a vnc viewer22:54
handheldCarnot sure about ubuntu22:54
dominicdinadaok :(22:54
cclausenyou could install freenx on both ends22:54
cclausenI consider it "better" than VNC22:54
dominicdinadafrom aptitude ?22:54
cclausennot sure if there are packages available or not22:55
cclausenthere appaer to be debs on the nomachine site: http://www.nomachine.com/download-package.php?Prod_Id=188822:56
cclausenyou can just use VNC, but last I saw, it wasn't all encrypted and that could end badly if you aren't using it purely over an internal network22:57
handheldCarsounds good. here's a tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX23:01
cclausenoh, cool23:02
cclausenyou can get it from apt, just not the default repo23:02
dominicdinadacclausen:  ok thanks23:06
AmokPauleHello, when i try to start mysql on lucid i get the following message: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111)23:24
garymcanyone able to help me setup an ipsec server?23:26
garymcim just bashing my head off the floor now23:26

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