nigelbabuall the love around :)00:02
akgranerpleia2, thank you00:33
akgranerkids had after school stuff I needed to take care of today00:33
akgranerHi all - just a reminder I'll send to the mailing list as well :-)  There is an Ubuntu Open Week Session, Thursday, May 6th, @ 1800UTC - *hopefully* we won't have the trollish behavior we have had in the past during this session, however as a precaution, any UW Members who can and wouldn't mind helping in classroom-chat would be great04:56
IdleOneakgraner: I would love to be there but I will be at work :/ sorry I have to miss it05:03
akgranerIdleOne, sorry you have to miss it, but there will be longs05:04
IdleOneyes I know and I will read them05:04
svakshaouch... it will be past midnight IST..i would have kept awake but i have a 5:30am mentor chat :(05:05
IdleOneI'm happy to report thought that I asked sabdfl about an ETA on translating the Code of conduct and dpm told me that he is going to be discussing it with the rest of the translation team at UDS :)05:05
IdleOneso that is awesome news, hopefully the CoC will be available soon to all languages ( or as many as possible)05:06
IdleOnenot exactly UW related but I think it will still be helpful to this team05:07
elkyIdleOne, well, it's one of the things we've discussed in passing05:22
IdleOneelky: yes I know, it got brought up again when Edith was translating the pages for WPD05:23
dholbachgood morning06:40
pleia2congrats maco, dinda and elky! :)08:23
pleia2and czajkowski!!08:24
pleia2there is a woman on every regional board now08:24
pleia23 in Americas, wow08:24
czajkowskioh I got in08:25
czajkowskinice going to have a UW presence on all of the boards08:27
elkyI was wondering when the announcement would go out. We kind of expired yesterday or so.08:27
elkydoesn't look like we've unexpired yet either.08:29
pleia2dholbach set them up a few minutes ago08:31
pleia2just finished :)08:31
czajkowskipleia2: we shall celebrate on Sunday :D08:31
czajkowskipleia2: fancy booking into spa sunday evening or a massage or someting I'm booking mine today08:31
dholbachelky: you did08:32
pleia2czajkowski: ooh, not a bad idea08:32
elkydholbach, i checked my mail like right before I said it :P08:32
dholbachahh, gotcha :)08:32
dholbachmail takes long to Autralia ;-)08:32
* czajkowski hugs dholbach 08:32
* dholbach hugs you all :)08:32
elkynah, my mail is still with dreamhost :(08:32
elkydreamhost mail servers are bleegh08:33
elkyand evolution being evolution makes it worse.08:33
macopleia2: you too ;-)12:21
Pendulumcongrats maco elky pleia2 czajkowski !12:23
akgranerHi all don't forget today 1800 UTC UW Session for Open Week - hope to see you there - :-)  also any one who can help monitor/moderate -classroom-chat would be welcome15:16
elkyakgraner, do you have content privs for fridge?15:19
akgranerelky, you mean can I post  - yes I am one of the editors15:20
akgranerso is pleia2 as well15:20
Pendulumakgraner, I may be able to help but I can't garantee at this very moment that I can for sure15:20
elkyakgraner, cool, could you just dump the content I put up at http://www.geekosophical.net/?p=472 there so something goes up for the zareason folk15:20
akgraneryep was going to do all that after I got through this the UW Session today15:21
elkyah ok15:21
akgranerfinishing the last few slides for that now15:21
czajkowskisent mail to folks on the UW list re dinner some night at UDS, everyone is welcome16:41
pleia2Ubuntu Open Week session about Ubuntu Women in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat starts in a couple minutes :)18:58
pleia2Pendulum: any ETA on the latest interview? my flight is early on saturday so until next week tomorrow is my last day I have to review19:19
pleia2(and UDS weeks are crazy! :))19:19
Pendulumpleia2: sorry! will get it to issyl0 tonight to look at so I would guess she'll get it to you early tomorrow19:25
Pendulumissyl0: ^^19:25
pleia2no problem, thanks :)19:25
issyl0Pendulum: great, thanks.19:33
Pendulumhiya MichelleQ19:36
MichelleQhey Pendulum19:36
czajkowskievenig folks19:37
MichelleQhey there, czajkowski19:38
Pendulumhiya czajkowski19:38
PendulumMichelleQ: so is your house officially chicken pox free?19:38
MichelleQ*think* so.19:38
MichelleQI'll go with a yes in another couple of weeks.19:38
MichelleQI'm still technically in the incubation period, if I were to get them19:39
czajkowskipleia2: not long now :)19:52
AlanBellgood sessions akgraner and czajkowski, just got home and read them21:03
akgranerAlanBell, thanks21:03
akgranergot that mootbot-uk talk ready :-P21:03
AlanBellinteresting point21:05
* AlanBell checks the UDS schedule21:06
AlanBellnot seeing it in there as a plenary21:10
akgranerthen lightning talk time then :-)21:11
AlanBellcould be21:11
AlanBellperhaps it should have been a blueprint21:12
akgranerI don't have half the ones I wanted to add finished - so might be adhoc sessions for some of the stuff I wanted to talk about21:13
akgranerbut it's all cool21:14
akgranerubuntu women is there and the status.net one is there21:14
* AlanBell doesn't quite get the blueprint concept21:18
macoAlanBell: its a spec21:18
macoin software design you write up a detailed spec before you start coding21:19
macosame idea21:19
macowell you could just start coding too21:19
macobut some people claim that not planning results in badness21:19
macoclearly theyve never played with legos :P21:19
akgranerAlan but the LoCo teams and stuff are encouraged to use them as roadmaps21:19
czajkowskiblueprint can also be used as a check list linking to a spec21:20
AlanBellyes, I get that part (although there is nowhere on the blueprint to write a spec, that all goes on the wiki page)21:20
czajkowskiAlanBell: you link to a spec on a wiki21:20
akgraneryep whiteboard21:20
czajkowskinope link to a wiki page.21:20
macoi do find the "but write it all on the wiki, not here" thing weird21:20
jussiIm with alanbell on this...21:20
akgraneryou can do both - depending on you want to use the blueprint21:21
AlanBellpicking one at random https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-maverick-software-center-front-end21:21
akgranerthere are many teams that have full specs on the whiteboard21:21
macoAlanBell: its pretty much just for tracking, the way its done in lp21:21
macoits a ToDo list21:21
akgranerAlanBell, basically it's a tool to help you stay on track21:21
macotarget a bunch of specs at a milestone and mark them done as you go21:22
akgraner+1 what maco said21:22
macoer a bunch of blueprints21:22
AlanBellthat does not seem to explain much to me, but it has an approver and a bunch of subscribers21:22
macoanyone can propose a ToDo item21:22
macodrafter writes up the detailed plan21:23
macoapprover is someone with authority that rubber-stamps it and says "yes, we'll do that"21:23
czajkowskiso managers as an example21:23
macoor on smaller projects, the lead developer21:23
AlanBellIt was suggested I do a blueprint relating to Alfresco, so I did https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-maverick-alfresco21:24
AlanBellI suspect that one isn't going anywhere, but I don't know why it is less compelling than the other one21:24
AlanBellI could do a similar description relating to the roadmap for mootbot-uk but I don't get how it proceeds to having other people look at it21:26
akgraner AlanBell what are the changes you want to happen with it21:26
akgranerif any21:26
* AlanBell notes this has drifted offtopic somewhat21:26
AlanBellrewrite in python for a start21:26
AlanBellbetter output21:26
akgranermentoring I'd say on blueprints :-)21:26
AlanBellpossibly more monochromatic to appease doubters21:27
akgranerok so you would add those as part of your plan21:27
macoi put 2 blueprints on my project's lp page just so visitors could see what's planned21:27
akgranerAlanBell, then you can figure out the next steps for each of those goals21:28
akgranerand who can / will help do them21:28
akgranerand a goal date for when you want to have those things implemented21:28
akgranerI would ad adopting by -meeting as well to those goals21:29
czajkowskiAlanBell: am I in the doubters camp :p21:32
AlanBellI fear you may be :-)21:39
AlanBellbut I will win you round21:39
akgranerAlanBell, I think it's a great tool - I am telling every one about it21:41
AlanBellso where do the goals go? on the whiteboard?21:41
czajkowskiAlanBell: sorry!21:42
AlanBellThere are certainly things I don't like about the formatting, the use of tables to get a coloured background is pretty grim21:43
AlanBellI would like coloured text on the IRC nicks but moin doesn't really do that unless you do raw HTML which is cheating.21:44
czajkowskiicky colour!21:45
czajkowskihtml and colour ----> WEbsite :)21:45
AlanBelluseful colour21:46
czajkowskino it's not, I've read 7 loco wiki pages today, some had colur, much harder to read21:48
akgranerczajkowski, we know how you feel about color21:52
akgranerbut there are some of us who like it  - as I smile the run21:52
czajkowskiyup I dont like it, I also know you worship it. each to their own.21:53
AlanBellthe colour isn't that important, I just ran out of ways to highlight things21:53
AlanBellthe nickcolour thing just sounds like a fun algorithm to write21:54
AlanBellbut as moin doesn't really support it that probably won't happen21:54
akgranerAlanBell, like the HTML logs21:54
AlanBellyes, like the html logs21:55
AlanBelleveryone has their own colour based on the nick21:55
akgranerI do like those21:55
akgranerbut I just like how mootbot-uk - sorts the logs21:55
akgranerI find that more helpful than the colors21:56
akgranerinstead of highlighting it - maybe it could add - the word Action Item in the box in front of the item21:56
AlanBellyup, breaking up the conversation into topics and picking out the actions and votes and such is nice21:57
akgraneryou know the little boxes it highlights the various items in21:57
akgranerjust add words instead of color as it's already set apart from the rest21:57
akgranerthat might be an option21:57
akgranerdunno  - just brainstorming21:58
AlanBell~+larger+~ sounds promising21:58
akgranerthat it does21:59
pleia2hmm, did we not send an email to the list letting them know about the UOW session?22:00
pleia2was just going to reply to it with a link to the logs, and I can't find such an announcement, oops22:00
macoi dont recall seeing one...22:00
akgranerOh I tweeted and dented it22:02
akgraner#fail on my part22:02
akgranerthis week is crazy22:02
akgranerthis is why 3 leaders is a good thing  - we can't all lose our minds at the same time with packed schedules can we?22:05
Pendulumwho here is losing there mind with a packed schedule right now?22:07
MichelleQI've *only* got world domination on my schedule for this week... Gotta make time for the PTA after all.22:08
czajkowskiI am in dire need of a choclate fix22:09
czajkowskiI also found the yummiest cookies in the UK, white choclate chip22:09
MichelleQczajkowski: I, too, need some chocolate.  And some ibuprofen.22:12
czajkowskithis is gonna require me leaving the house to go to shop. EFFORT22:12
Pendulumczajkowski: you don't have an emergency chocolate supply?22:23
czajkowskidont be daft22:24
czajkowskinothing lasts that long here22:24
czajkowski3 of us in this house22:24
czajkowskiah sod it I'll get dressed and walk around corner22:24
czajkowskiI need chocci22:24
MarkDudeGreat sessions , czajkowski akgraner  :)22:24
akgranerMarkDude, thank you  - Sorry I didn't get to your question22:25
MarkDudeThats cool22:32
MarkDudeDo you know if the Marriott in Greenburg  is the only place to stay for SELF, or are there other options that are practical. Google only helps so much.22:34
MarkDudeZareason does not have HP's travel budget :( We would fly in to Charlotte - its half as much22:35
pleia2if it's the same place as last time, there are some days inn cheap motels around, hang on22:37
pleia2oh, at the marriot this year22:38
pleia2very different location :)22:39
czajkowskiMarkDude: thanks22:43
MarkDudepleia2, It is next door to a crematory :P22:45
czajkowskihttp://twitgoo.com/ureko?cx=u Chocolat fix22:46
MarkDudeIt IS near the Amtrak tho22:46
akgranerMarkDude, Spartanburg, SC22:46
MarkDudeSry the expensive airport is gsp22:48
MarkDudeI found some rooms there for $13922:49
akgranerthe SELF rate is $9922:49
MarkDudeNow I have to figure out how to get from Charlotte NC - to SELF22:49
akgranerin Spartanburg22:49
akgranerwhat day are you coming in22:49
* MarkDude facepalms22:50
MarkDudemaybe thursday22:50
akgranerI know there are some people flying in to CTL22:50
MarkDudeIf not there are other options22:51
MarkDudeI am amost willing to take Greyhound - almost :)22:51
akgranerbut not sure what days - pop into  #southeastlinux fest and see if GTSwagger or ke4qqq know what time day people are arriving - and if some ride shares are available22:51
akgranerI meant22:51
akgranerMarkDude, they are the one they would know - I think I am supposed to have that info some where but can't put my hands on it right this second22:53
MarkDudeI forgot about ke4qqq - good idea22:54
pleia2according to our process document we should have started this: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/LeadershipElectionProcess23:13
akgranerpleia2, yep - drafting the email now23:15
akgranerI realized it today when I was fixing my slides23:15
pleia2yeah, I was just cycling back to some loose ends I have before UDS23:15
akgranerthis is just not a good day for me it at all23:15
* pleia2 hugs akgraner 23:15
akgranerI think my short term memory has just failed me23:16
akgranerwow - I have never felt more absent minded in my life - nor felt so unorganized - not liking this feeling at all23:16
pleia2happens to the best of us :)23:18
valorieakgraner: you might think of delegating some of your work23:20
valorieinstead of Doing It All23:20
valorieseriously, everywhere I go, you are doing Something23:20
akgranervalorie, I delegate a lot of it23:22
valoriegood deal23:22
akgranerthat's why I am not doing so much next cycle23:22
valorieeven so, you have a lot on your plate23:22
akgraneryep - breaking the plate and using a saucer soon :-)23:23

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