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hmw!de | uso_00:00
swebneverblue, so what the command of clear uninstall00:00
GeekSquidgeorge_: to install teamspeak type in terminal... sudo apt-get install teamspeak-client00:00
rahdukeon 10.04 everytime I startup my keyring manager asks for its password, its interfering with XBMC launching how can I set it to remember or disable the popup? I'm not even sure which service is requesting it.....00:00
garrett_Ubottu: sorry, im have grub installed on my computer and i am trying to get windows xp running but it wont let me00:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:00
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neverbluesweb: why are you using soundforge ?00:00
GeekSquidsweb: sudo apt-get remove --purge packagename00:00
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hmwhuh? Gehe nach #ubuntu-de für Support auf Deutch00:00
acerimmergarrett: did you install ubuntu after XP?00:00
ZykoticK9rahduke, disabling autologin is the easiest way to get rid of the keyring issue.00:01
dugger5688Rahduke: check Ubuntu one settings.00:01
geirhadick-richardson: Not sure what you mean or why that means you need the deprecated cli-version00:01
rahdukedugger5688: Iill look into it00:01
garrett_ubottu: i am having trouble with grub00:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:01
rahdukeZykoticK9: disabling autologin defeats the purpose00:01
hmwrahduke: one can enter an empty password to the keyring in order to get rid of the annoying additional password checks00:01
garrett_i am having trouble with grub00:02
acerimmergarrett_: I sent you a Direct Chat invte00:02
hmwrahduke: of course that might be a security problem00:02
hmw!grub2 | garrett_00:02
ubottugarrett_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:02
sebsebsebgarrett_:  ubottu is a computer program a bot, what is your problem with Grub?  Which version of Ubuntu?  Grub or  Grub 2?00:02
rahdukehmw: what if I've already set it to a specific password? It doesn't seem a keyring manager has been included by default00:02
hmwrahduke: i would like to know that, too. Chances are good, that Google knows the answer. Just type the full question into google.00:03
swebGeekSquid, thank @"'-00:03
george_Yeah the problem Geeksquid is that that is the old version00:03
garrett_sebsebseb: grub 200:03
neverbluesweb: perhaps you missed my previous question, why are you using sourceforge ?00:03
sebsebsebgarrett_: well look at hte page the bot gave00:03
mkquistgarrett_:is xp installed?00:03
rahdukehmw: I've already been there...lol. I really prefer to just disable the popup somehow00:03
GeekSquidgeorge_: there may be a newer version compiled already @ https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas00:04
hmwrahduke: hmm... let me try my luck00:04
garrett_sebsebseb: i have already looked there with no luck00:04
DeathMetalDeanSealedWithAKiss, haven't found any ways of getting flash yet, you had any luck?00:04
acerimmergarrett_: sudo updtate-grub00:04
acerimmergarrett_: sudo update-grub00:04
rahdukehmw: I remember seahorse used to manage the keyring, i'm gunna look in the repos00:04
hmwrahduke: i just got 35.000 entries when i googled "how to disable keyring ubuntu"00:04
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ZykoticK9rahduke, hmw to disable the keyring you need to remove the current one, then reset all your password for networking selecting no password - then agreeing to the "unsafe storage" option.  which does make your system much less secure.  as i origionally said, disabling autologin in the "easy" way00:04
SealedWithAKissDeathMetalDean, I have been playing the PS3 so no I haven't.00:04
DeathMetalDeanSealedWithAKiss,  lol xD ok00:05
hmwZykoticK9: remove == uninstall??00:05
ZykoticK9hmw, not uninstall!00:05
cosmicjokehey all, anyone have any ideas what it might mean when on installation of lucid only one of my neighbors shows up in my wireless?  lol, is just new to me... usually either wireless works or it doesn't, not partially.00:05
ZykoticK9hmw, just the keyring file00:05
rahdukeZykoticK9: well this is a media center so ideally there wouldnt be a login screen and it XBMC would launch fullscreen00:05
Grizmawehmw, yes - if you use purge it will also remove any configs00:05
acerimmercosmicjoke: it means his router is not running wep/wap protection00:06
rahdukeZykoticK9: it was working fine w/ 9.1000:06
hmwGrizmawe: ZykoticK9: aargh... why dont you tell us, what file it is *grin*00:06
ZykoticK9rahduke, i use Mythbuntu successfually without a login on both karmic and lucid00:06
cosmicjokeahhh, so any idea why mine is hidden?00:06
uso_Türkce yazisalim00:06
jorozcoUsing the lowest speed to burn my iso failed.  What's odd, is that the CD's setup / integrity check fails the MD5 checksum verification on the same file all the time: ./dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz. Any ideas?00:06
sebsebseb1tr | uso_00:06
sebsebseb!tr | uso_00:06
ubottuuso_: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.00:06
ZykoticK9hmw, i won't directly support it sorry00:06
neverbluecosmicjoke: can you be more specific as to what your question is, all in a single line (not multiple posts) ?00:06
rahdukeZykoticK9: this unit doesn't have a cablecard, didnt see a need for mythbuntu....00:06
ZykoticK9rahduke, i was just pointing out00:07
acerimmerjorozco: use windows to burn the iso.  You might need the utility from feinman00:07
hmwsometimes i really doubt this "not supported" issues, like using sudo for becoming root permanently. So what? well... Ubuntu.00:07
epkugelmasswhere is the appropriate place to file a bug for a kernel/Xorg segphault?00:07
rahdukeZykoticK9: I'm not sure how to see what service is requesting the key, do you have any idea?00:07
ChrisC_Can you delete pulseaudio and install just ALSA?00:08
GeekSquidhmw: sudo -i00:08
acerimmerjorozco: isorecorder.alexfeinman.com00:08
hmwGeekSquid: i know. and SHHH! thats not supported00:08
ZykoticK9rahduke, 9 out of 10 it's nm-applet (network manager)00:08
uso_ubuntu-tr veriyorum ama nafile00:08
sebsebsebChrisC_: you can remove it some how, but probably won't be that easy,  where as some distros you can easilly disable it and just use alsa00:08
ZykoticK9cya guys00:08
cosmicjokecurrently my list of wireless network connections only includes one my neighbors (not mine or any of my other neighbors) -  i'd like it to work again is all, lol.  i have a realtek 8172 wireless card in my thinkpad.  any ideas?00:08
rahdukeZykoticK9: what happen to the network icon in indicator-applet?00:08
GeekSquidhmw: if I am not root how can I break anything, ha ha00:08
rahdukeZykoticK9: it only shows up when on Wifi00:08
hmwrahduke: google for "how to disable keyring ubuntu"00:09
theGmanZykoticK9: Nope,I still get: Input can't be opened... What the heck?00:09
cosmicjokesorry if i'm inept at explaining my problem :/00:09
ChrisC_Does anyone know how to do it?00:09
sebsebsebChrisC_: also if you remove it in Ubuntu, it might effect sound applet00:09
neverbluecosmicjoke: what is the question?00:09
acerimmerChrisC_: do WHAT?00:09
rahdukehmw: what do u think i typed into google? How to make assumtions people know nothing about google?00:09
Grizmawehmw, gnome-keyring i think. Dont know about uninstalling it though. You may want to delete ~/gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring, see if that helps first00:09
GeekSquidChrisC_: uninstalling pulseaudio causes a automatic fallback to alsa00:09
ChrisC_Remove pulseaudio and havej just ALSA.00:10
rahdukehmw: if i had found a result that satisfied my question i would not turn up here00:10
ChrisC_GeekSquid: Oh does it I'll have to try that now.00:10
theGmanDoes ANYONE know how to solve the error: Input can't be opened in the vlc player when trying to play a dvd?00:10
cosmicjokedo you think there might be a problem w/ wireless driver that lucid selected for me on install?00:10
hmwrahduke: because i just found a lot of instructions there? uhm... Grizmawe just gave the answer, what file needs to be removed, btw. Thanks Grizmawe btw00:10
acerimmercosmicjoke: very possible.  realtek drivers are a pain.00:10
neverbluecosmicjoke: is your wireless working ?00:10
epkugelmasswhere is the appropriate place to file a bug for a kernel/Xorg segphault? I'm using fglrx00:10
hmwrahduke: i gave you the search term, i was not "LMGTFY"ing you ;-)00:10
Black_DogHello #ubuntu00:10
cosmicjokeno, not w/ lucid... i'm currently booted into windows atm00:11
theGmanIs it because the dvd is auto mounted? I believe I had that issue in a diff distro and unmounting solved it but unmounting it doesn't seem to be that easy...00:11
sebsebseb!hello | Black_Dog00:11
ubottuBlack_Dog: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:11
hmwaargh-.-.- find doesnt find keyrings, when i search for keyring *swears a lot*00:11
jorozcoThanks for the suggestion :) But I left Windows years ago.00:11
rahdukethat didnt work00:11
neverbluecosmicjoke: but it is working in Windows ?00:11
rahdukethat didnt work00:11
rahdukeand so on00:11
cosmicjokeneverblue: aye, it works in windows.00:12
Droopsta915Hello, I can't find anything online on how to uninstall Ubuntu from my flash drive. Anyone know a good place to look?00:12
neverbluecosmicjoke: so the hardware is fine, its the driver00:12
Black_DogI installed Cairo-dock, downloaded a new theme and now I cannot log into my box. I can see the login screen, but when I put in my password it will flash my background and then voila back to the log in screen. If someone would like to help me I would be very happy!00:12
sebsebseb!usb | Droopsta91500:12
ubottuDroopsta915: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:12
hmwrahduke: hmm i see ...00:12
neverbluecosmicjoke: did you try the Ubuntu forums, looking for your type of wireless card yet ?00:12
acerimmerGotta go wipe the headcrab blood off my crowbar.  cya.00:12
GeekSquidepkugelmass: here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer00:12
cosmicjokeright, i tried the driver though from realtek's website --- it worked w/ karmic, but doesn't seem to w/ lucid00:12
hmwrahduke: what ubunt version? how can i reproduce the situation? must be some setting somewhere in the dephts of gnome00:12
rahdukeill keep at it00:13
theGmanAnyone? Someone? Plz? :P00:13
rahdukeZykoticK9: thanks for your effort :)00:13
hmwrahduke: perhaps a stupid question: did you relogin?00:13
Grizmawerahduke, may also help to install gnome-keyring-manager00:13
Black_DogI tried to reboot and relog in00:13
jorozcoDroopsta915: You could try re-formatting the flash drive. That's worked for me in the past (using gparted)00:14
DeathMetalDeanSealedWithAKiss, you may call me a genius, I fixed the problem00:14
rahdukeGrizmawe: i've just done that and added seahorse plugins, gunna messaround00:14
neverbluecosmicjoke: are you using a 64bit OS, did you use a 64bit OS before ?00:14
DeathMetalDeanSealedWithAKiss, lol xD go to Ubuntu Software Centre and search "flash" then just install the Adobe Flash Plugin00:14
hmwGrizmawe: shouldt the manager be installed by default?00:14
Black_DogIs there a "safe mode" for ubuntu00:14
Black_Dogit is 10.0400:14
neverblueBlack_Dog: LiveCD might be what your looking for....00:15
sebsebsebBlack_Dog: or recovery mode from Grub00:15
sebsebsebBlack_Dog: from the boot loader00:15
duongthaihahi any one know where can i down load the correct flash for ubuntu 64 bit00:15
mkquisttheGman: did you try opening the file with command line?00:15
epkugelmassGeekSquid, I already have fglrx installed. this is not an installer issue. anyway, the fglrx-installer package no longer exists. how am i supposed to use ubuntu-bug?00:15
cosmicjokei'm not using 64 bit atm, as i had troubles w/ my wireless driver in 64 bit for karmic (it wouldn't stay connected) -  32 bit for karmic worked fine, so for lucid i went 32 bit00:15
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:15
theGmanAnyone to help getting vlc to play a dvd? Getting: Input can't be opened. Movie player works fine.00:15
hmwBlack_Dog: on boot it says "press esc for grub" (or "boot menu") should be 2 seconds i believe. This brings up a boot menu, you should have an alternative entry somehow like what you want. But perhaps booting the live cd is a better option00:15
Black_DogOkay, thank you!00:16
sebsebsebtheGman: what kind of DVD?00:16
theGmansebsebseb: Regular store-bought dvd.00:16
sebsebsebtheGman: commercial bought DVD?  One you made yourself?00:16
sebsebsebtheGman: ok00:16
dassoukia noob here, just installd ubuntu on a netbook alongside win 7. i get sent to the build-in shell (ash_ initramfs .. ive read some solutions on google, but way beyond my head00:16
sebsebsebtheGman: did you install the program for DVD support or not?00:16
cosmicjokei could always try the 64 bit version and see if somehow it has a working wireless driver, but i'm not optimistic lol00:16
Hornet-my fakeraid array (raid5) is no longer mounted at boot time, causing booting to fail... not sure how I can fix it without reinstalling everything?00:16
garrett_grub will not load windows xp00:17
theGmansebsebseb: Like I said, movie player works fine. I installed the libdvdread thing from the Ubuntu website..00:17
sebsebsebtheGman: yes that's what I mean00:17
theGmansebsebseb: It's just the vlc player says the input can't be opened for some reason..00:17
sebsebsebgarrett_: Clean install of Ubuntu? Please provide more details00:17
hmwdassouki: your install went sour somehow.  installing again _might_ help perhaps. Sometimes does. Also check the drive for health. This shouldnt be happening usually.00:18
mkquisttheGman: did you install css?00:18
Droopsta915jorozco: I'll give it a whirl. Thanks00:18
garrett_sebsebseb: what details u need?00:18
sebsebseb!details | garrett_00:18
ubottugarrett_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:18
theGmanmkquist: Didn't know I needed to? what's the pkg name?00:18
mkquisttheGman:  libdvdcss200:18
sebsebsebgarrett_: saying that XP  can't be booted from Grub,  doesn't  answer,  how you installed Grub for example00:18
mkquisttheGman: css encryption00:18
sebsebsebgarrett_: if you put Ubuntu on recently or not, and that kind of thing00:18
hmwis dvdcss2 included in ubuntu-restriced-extras?00:19
sebsebsebgarrett_: and whch version of Ubuntu you have installed00:19
theGmanmkquist: Thx.00:19
chidJust curious about downgrading, is there any way to retain programs that I've installed00:19
mkquistgarrett_: can you boot to ubuntu?00:19
mkquisttheGman: np =)00:19
sebsebsebchid: Downgrading the whole of Ubuntu that is not supoprted, but you can clean install00:19
sebsebseb!downgrade | chid00:19
ubottuchid: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.00:19
hmwchid: *eek* i wouldnt dare do that to my install.00:19
chidsebsebseb but if I clean install I'll lose everything I installed00:20
garrett_sebsebseb: version 10.04, i can boot into ubuntu, i turn on the computer, i am brung up with the choices, i choose windows xp, i select it and then all i get is a screen with a blinking cursor00:20
chidcan I keep the deb packages00:20
FallynHey guys. How're you today?00:20
sebsebseb!grub2 | garrett_00:20
ubottugarrett_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:20
dassoukihmw, how can i check the drive for health00:20
garrett_sebsebseb: yes grub 200:20
hmwchid: you might use live cd to repartition, install a second ubuntu (the "new older" version) and mount the "old newer" version for fetching config files.00:21
fatumMy audio device is: VIA 1708S Sound output works fine, however I'm hoping to get sound input setup.  Is anyone familiar with the VIA 1708S?00:21
sebsebsebgarrett_: right well that's a start to read that page,  if you don't understand it though, which you probably won't exactly if your new, well  people here can help and such00:21
hmwdassouki: can you still boot w7? use that00:21
mkquistgarrett_: boot into ubuntu and open terminal and 'update grub2' see if that helps...  just a suggestion00:21
chidhmw, don't think that'll work easy :p00:21
mkquistgarrett_: usually grub2 is pretty good at picking up on installed os's00:21
PCti xpress 200 Radeon?00:21
hmwchid: i know, but might save some of your work00:21
sebsebsebgarrett_: you might have to edit Grub 2, and get it booting   XP yourself00:21
duongthaiha@ubottu thanks a lot00:22
PCI need help00:22
GeekSquid!ask | PC00:22
ubottuPC: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:22
sebsebsebgarrett_: or maybe this is the sign,  time to no longer use a pshyical install of  XP, only  Ubuntu, and Windows for stuff that isn't say 3D games inside Ubuntu in a virtual machine, if the computer can handle it00:22
PCwhenever i try to run a live session or try to install ubuntu is all shaking and fuzzy00:22
PCits on a ati xpress radeon 20000:22
hmwchid: btw. having another ubuntu on the drive allows you to boot into it, thus not having the other file system mounted, so you can back it up with parted or dd00:22
GeekSquidPC: what version of ubuntu?00:22
hmwchid: partimage, i meant00:23
chidbut I can backup any time anyway00:23
GeekSquidPC: Laptop?00:23
garrett_sebsebseb: well i need the physical version, but how can i get grub 2 to boot windows? it doesnt work00:23
PCNo desktop00:23
mkquistsebsebseb: on that note, quick question, can a 3rd person shooter like cod2 be run in vbox? effectively? if the hardware is up to task?00:23
PCH ppavlion a1130n00:23
hmwwell... i was just brainstorming00:23
PCi added extra ram00:23
sebsebsebgarrett_: That depends on the apps you want to run, if you really do need a pshyical install or not, and if your computer  has at least well I would say 1GB RAM for a Windows vm.00:24
UbuntuBoymy friend gets this error when trying to install: could not start device/dev/mapper/asr_pictures-no such file or directory00:24
garrett_sebsebseb: yes i need the physical copy00:24
sebsebsebmkquist: I think if you got good enough hardware, you can actsauly now days run loads of 3D games in Virtualbox and quite well.00:24
wildbat_laptopgarrett_, http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Boot_Sector00:24
FallynI'd like to ask. On an ubuntu install -- My GPU is a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 -- My screen quivers and shakes, anyone experiancing the same problem?00:24
hmwUbuntuBoy: does he have a RAID controller?00:25
sebsebsebgarrett_: Why?  anyway good luck trying to fix Grub 200:25
wildbat_laptopFallyn, try the newest driver?00:25
PCWe did that00:25
mkquistgarrett_: have you tried updating grub?00:25
dassoukihmw: ya i can boot into win 700:25
sebsebsebFallyn: so you installed Ubuntu, installed the propritary driver for the card, and now issues booting up, or ?00:25
garrett_sebsebseb: look are u gonna help me or not?00:25
FallynAye. PC has the latest driver00:25
FallynNo no. It boots fine00:25
FallynBut, the screen quivers00:26
garrett_mkquist: yes and to no sucess00:26
FallynAnd shakes00:26
hmwdassouki: do a physical check for the drive (the full check, i cant tell how to do in windows)00:26
FloodBot4Fallyn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:26
FloodBot1Fallyn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:26
sebsebsebgarrett_: I can't really help you as such, since I don't mess around with Grub 2, when I can avoide it :)00:26
Lichtegreetings Ubuntuists00:26
sebsebsebgarrett_: altough I want to make it look nicer on the other computer...00:26
PCIt quviers alot00:26
hmw!hi | Lichte00:26
ubottuLichte: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:26
UbuntuBoyhmw: he has got the message on 2 different computer with 2 different cds of 10.04. But 9.04 worked fine. Would a raid controler cause that error?00:26
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PCand the card is open source its xpress 20000:27
Lichtehow can I get a systemtray icon for Empathy ??00:27
hmwUbuntuBoy: I need to admit, that that was a wild guess, due to the "mapper" thing.00:27
deshymershmm when i do a lsmod I dont see my wireless driver attacked to my nic card, I'm using lucid and it is a broadcom nic card and the broadcom driver is installed00:28
GeekSquidLichte: that is the one with your username in it in the upper right00:28
PCwhy is everyone ingnoring me00:28
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UbuntuBoyhmw: I'll ask him and check back, bye00:29
GeekSquidPC: perhaps they are looking up a solution for you00:29
hmw!wifi | deshymers00:29
ubottudeshymers: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:29
garrett_anyone willing to help me with grub 2?00:29
GeekSquid!patience | PC00:29
ubottuPC: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:29
peterklsanyone get sataraid to work yet?00:29
LichteGeekSquid: yes, but when I close out the contact list, that is grayed out00:29
iflemagarrett_ is window xp on the first partition of you harddrive..... do you know? XP will not work unless its up front at least it never used to..........00:29
deshymershmw: I've been through a few of those but I'll go read again00:29
hmwdeshymers: this one seems pretty cool. helped me already.00:29
PCwell my grpachis is ope nsource and it quivers during a live session and install00:29
deshymershmw: ok thanks00:29
garrett_iflema: im not sure, how would i know?00:29
sebsebseb!patience | PC00:29
ubottuPC: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:29
iflemagarrett_ in a terminal sudo fdisk -l00:30
GeekSquidPC: I am not sure that it is directly related to your graphics, there may be other things going on00:30
PCI have a hard drive failure00:30
PCbut i have another hd00:30
Lichteah i see.....it only gray's out when I click on Offline, but then I have to start Empathy to get logged back in00:31
iflemagarrett_ pastebin the results and paste link here00:31
Iowahcis there a good application to massedit MP3 Tags, (maybe with autodetection through filename) and organizing the music like iTunes ( i.e. /path/to/music_lib/Interpret/Album/Song.mp3) ?00:31
Iowahcand it should be CLI00:31
Lichtethanks GeekSquid00:31
garrett_Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes00:31
garrett_255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders00:31
garrett_Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes00:31
garrett_Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes00:31
garrett_I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes00:31
garrett_Disk identifier: 0x9b5d9b5d00:31
FloodBot1garrett_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:31
PCSouhld hd failure should do with the quivering?00:32
iflemagarrett_ pastebin the results and paste link here00:32
hmwPC: do you have a CRT or a LCD00:33
PCI have a crt00:33
garrett_iflema: do u see it?00:33
ActionParsnipIowahc: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/man1/mp3info2.1p.html00:33
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iflemagarrett_ sorry about that.... youll have to pastebin the results and paste link here00:33
hmwPC: 1) hd wouldnt do that 2) your CRT might be breaking down slowly. Try to use it on another computer to cross-check. NB: Resolution/Frequency might be related00:34
swebi remove my task icons uch as the rythmyc box from gnome00:34
swebhopw can irecoover it ?00:34
IowahcActionParsnip: thx, and a application to organize by MP3 Tags?00:34
garrett_iflema: u see it now?00:34
mkquistgarrett_: post the link for the page00:35
ActionParsnipIowahc: not sure on that, usually apps read the tags and organise in the gui00:35
sweb i remove my task icon such as the rythmyt  box from gnome00:35
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Cryp71cI have an odd bug where (in UNR) the top bar which previously contained the title bar for the currently focused window, wifi indicator, clock, and shutdown button has gone away. I can't seem to find a way to get it back.00:35
swebhow can i recover it ?00:35
garrett_iflema: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428614/00:35
IowahcActionParsnip: I know, but an organized FS would be nice though00:35
iflemagarrett_ goit00:35
hmwsweb: You lost the list of programs on the bottom panel? If so: right click to the panel, "add to panel" scroll all the way down, drag "window list" to the panel.00:35
duongthaihai using empathy and i am wondering how can people type other name at the beginning of the reply. Is there a short cut or i have to type manually00:35
* iflema T :)00:35
swebhmw, no the panel that show rythmicbox icon00:36
ActionParsnipIowahc: all i know is to manually do it. iwouldn't trust an app to move stuff around personally00:36
swebwhat's name ?00:36
Cryp71cduongthaiha, my irc client allows me to type the first few characters and then hit "tab" and it auto-fills it for me.00:36
freezwayhey i was thinking about upgrading to 10.04, but i heard something about a nvidia bug... will this affect me with a GTS 250?00:36
iflemagarrett_ issuing a      sudo update-grub      in a terminal when in Ubuntu should sort that00:36
hmwsweb: that might be the notification area perhaps. same story: add to panel...00:36
IowahcActionParsnip: Thanks :)00:37
duongthaihaCryp71c: thanks a lot i using it now00:37
garrett_Iflema: i have already tried that00:37
hmwfreezway: you can always boot a live cd and see for yourself00:37
swebhmw,  notification area  is empty00:37
ActionParsnipfreezway: i havent seen any bug personally00:37
benjamintheyonWhat is the easiest way to get the contents of a single folder displayed in a gnome-panel?00:38
chetnickmy conky has black instead of transparent background after upgrade. Any ideas how to fix this? Nothing was changed in .conkyrc.00:38
swebhmw, indicator aplet i found it00:38
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hmwsweb: i am not using 10.04 :( perhaps it is indicator appled, or even something else. Or something is seriously broken. Cant help any firther00:38
ActionParsnipfreezway: i always add the nvidia vpau ppa and install their driver00:38
freezwayhmw, ActionParsnip, i'll download a live cd... my dad wants one anyway... WOOHOO for 1.5Mbps internet!00:38
JetPackTuxedoso I was in Windows the other day (I don't even remember why) and I noticed that my fan was spinning a lot faster then it ever has in ubuntu. Do I need some sort of special fan driver? Or is there a way to make it spin up more?00:38
AAA_awrightWho keeps changing the UI every six months? I mean, how hard is it just to not change what isn't broken?00:39
hmwfreezway: if you dont have an old computer, you can boot from a USB stick, thats even more cool, since you can add software permanently.00:39
ActionParsnipfreezway: nice, yeah grab it dude, you can install the nvidia driver in the livecd and test too00:39
Cryp71cAnyone? UNR 10.04, top bar (which holds the clock, wifi indicator, etc.) has gone missing...anyway to restore it?00:39
duongthaihai am using ubuntu 64 bit and got the flash 64 installer. I can watch flash on firefox but it doesnt work on chrome. When i go to youtube using chrome it show me missing plug-in. Is there a way to fix it plz? Thanks a lot in advance00:40
ActionParsnipCryp71c: right click desktop -> add panel00:40
garrett_iflema: still there?00:40
Cryp71cActionParsnip, right clicking on the desktop only gives "Change Desktop" option.00:40
freezwayhmw, ActionParsnip, My computer's mobo CLAIMS to be able to boot from it... god knows how... Under the boot options i tried all the options... none work.00:40
ActionParsnipduongthaiha: copy the .so file to /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins00:40
Theravadanhow can i make it so a mouse gesture changes the workspace window?00:40
ActionParsnip!resetpanel | Cryp71c00:40
iflemagarrett_ interesting..... im just looking over you posts in this room today......00:40
ubottuCryp71c: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:40
duongthaihaActionParsnip: whre can i find the so file plz00:41
hmwfreezway: too bad. one should assume, that the computers already learnt how to boot from thumb drives. :(00:41
ActionParsnipduongthaiha: how exactly did you install the plugin00:41
ardantusplease help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/428616/00:41
garrett_iflema: oh okay, let me know if u find something please00:41
ActionParsnipfreezway: what type of media are you booting?00:41
ActionParsnipfreezway: did you MD5 test the ISO before using it?00:41
freezwayusb drive... 2gb..00:41
freezwaybut it works from a cd...00:42
duongthaihaActionParsnip: i follow this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash#Flash for x86_64 and used the command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer00:42
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freezwayActionParsnip, i burnt the same file to a cd...00:42
iflemagarrett_ the ubuntu version is 10.04 yes?00:42
garrett_iflema: yes00:42
dassoukia frensh installation of ubuntu is going into initramfs ... with an alert /dev/disk/by-uuid/abun ch of numbers does not exist. dropping to a shell00:42
hmwardantus: i dont know the software you are using, neither did you tell us, what you were trying to accomplish. Perhpaps lsof <path to mount point>  helps you, it will show you, what programs are accessing a drive00:42
iflemagarrett_ clean install or update?00:43
MarcWeberIs there a command to verify package integrity such as md5 check?00:43
MarcWeberI'm talking about installed packages only00:43
ActionParsnipduongthaiha: try: sudo find / -name "libflashplayer.so"00:43
garrett_iflema: update from 9.1000:43
Cryp71cActionParsnip, "gnome-panel: no process found"00:44
mkquistgarrett_: what does it say when you run update-grub?00:44
ActionParsnipfreezway: MD5 testing the ISO is useful, try disabling some hardware in BIOS like sound and LAN00:44
mkquistgarrett_: does it 'see' windows?00:44
duongthaihaActionParsnip: I am running it now seem to take a while so plz wait00:44
ActionParsnipduongthaiha: well yeah, optical drives are god slow00:44
benjamintheyonWhat is the easiest way to get the contents of a single folder displayed in a gnome-panel?00:44
iflemagarrett_ what im tring to get at is what grub version... 1 or 200:44
hmwCryp71c: perhaps you only need to start gnome-panel. Press ALT-F2 and type in   gnome-panel00:45
garrett_iflema: grub 200:45
iflemagarrett_ probably 200:45
atmosphereI need some help with Secure Shelling00:45
duongthaihaActionParsnip: i got one result at [sudo] password for duongthaiha:00:45
jribatmosphere: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)00:45
FloodBot1duongthaiha: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:45
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: you can add a folder view (its in the right click -> add item thing) the default is home but you can change the pointed to folder00:45
Stevenwaldonhey, is there someone who may know why Ubuntu 10.04 keeps freezing at the load screen?00:45
duongthaihaActionParsnip: do you know which one should I copy00:45
ardantushmw: I try to make ubuntu 10.04 templates, i am follow from http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/ubuntu-10-04-openvz-templates/00:45
ActionParsnipduongthaiha: ok then run: sudo cp /usr/share/ubufox/plugins/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins00:46
Cryp71chmw, alt + f2 doesn't do anything -_-00:46
freezwayatmosphere, what iis ur problem?00:46
atmosphereMy problem is I am unable to secure shell to my ubuntu 10.04 server unless I have an active session logged in locally to the server, I believe this is due to my home drive being encrypted, anyone have an idea how to work around this?00:46
chetnickmy conky has black instead of transparent background after upgrade. Any ideas how to fix this? Nothing was changed in .conkyrc.00:46
hmwCryp71c: uhm. you said, when you right click the desktop, only a thing shows up. is tat right? only one menu entry?00:46
Stevenwaldoncryp, are you tlaking to me?00:46
freezwayatmosphere, not a clue :/ sorry00:47
hmw!tab | Stevenwaldon00:47
ubottuStevenwaldon: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:47
PCShould i try another monitor?00:47
garrett_iflema: grub 200:47
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: is it named Add to Panel->"folder view"? because I don't see that option among the many.00:47
Cryp71cStevenwaldon, anyone who will assist me :) but no00:47
PCI have a lcd Sylcvian monitor00:47
iflemagarrett_ i suggest ya get ya winblows cd and go into recovery mode and fixmbr fixboot to test if winblow is ok.... then reinstall grub after.... actually i reccomend you get ride of winblows all together but.....00:47
wildbat_laptopgarrett_, try http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Boot_Sector00:47
Cryp71chmw, yes, I only get "Change Desktop Background" when I initially installed UNR, I did have this top toolbar.00:47
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: sounds likely, go for it. You can always remove it00:47
cowk_sunyihey.. sorry for this direct question. I just confused how i can make my FD be writeable when I'm running my Lucy thru FD. Is it any way to make it writeable?00:47
duongthaihaActionParsnip: it work like magic :D thanks a lot for your help. I am quite new to linux so ... :D00:48
hmwChetic: sounds like your graphic card was not recognized by lucid lynx. do your panels/windows have shadows? if not, you need to find out "how to enable compiz", might be impossible perhaps00:48
atmosphereI think it has to do with the fact my drive is not mounted until I'm logged in locally so it's not able to see my public key...00:48
ActionParsnipduongthaiha: Linux isn't hard at all, just think logically and the answer is there00:48
garrett_iflema:i will try that, i will come back to let u know00:48
hmwCryp71c: that sounds very weird. i dont know UNR tough. I assume, you alread rebooted?00:48
atmospherebut I can't be the only one who wants his home drive encrypted, but still wants to use a keypair for secure shelling00:48
cmchello does anyone know how to enable two finger scrolling on the asus 1005ha in ubuntu 10.0400:48
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: What I'm saying is I don't see an option under the "Add to Panel" dialog that references a folder or folder view. Possibly a plug-in or something that I don't have...?00:48
PCshould i use another moniroe hmw00:48
Cryp71chmw, yes, several times :(00:48
Cryp71cActionParsnip, any idea?00:48
wulfyiflema, not exactly helpfull suggestions to tell a user to drop another os ...... end of day each and every os out there achives at least some part of what is needed by the user regardless of other peoples opinions00:49
freezwaywhile im here... how could i make it so i'd have both 64 and 32 bit ubuntu on my flash drive?00:49
jribatmosphere: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/encfs/+bug/319909 is related (has a workaround)00:49
Cryp71cActionParsnip, it appears I don't have gnome-panel even installed, attempting to run it from terminal gives me such info.00:49
hmwPC: try a healthy monitor, that can display the resoluition, your ubuntu was trying to display. Flickering is usually a bad sign for CRTs00:49
iflemagarrett_ that ok with me........ have a looking supergrub disk aswell.... will boot ubuntu and maybe windows00:49
ActionParsnipCryp71c: then install it, sounds like you removed it00:49
PCIll try it00:49
dassoukihmw: there doesn't seem to be a problem in the hdd, live cd works fine too00:49
PCThanks hmw00:50
Cryp71cActionParsnip, ah hell, I removed evolution and several of its things without paying much attention.00:50
atmospherejrib ... that sounds like it should work!!, I'll give it a go... how did you find that so fast00:50
jribatmosphere: see also http://superuser.com/questions/61057/ssh-with-authorized-keys-to-an-ubuntu-system-with-encrypted-homedir and https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/362427/comments/1200:50
ActionParsnipCryp71c: yeah removing evolution does that (very weird)00:50
atmospherejrib i've googled that hundreds of times already :\00:50
iflemawulfy whatever...... it sounds like winblows is screwed need to verify if its so important00:50
EntityRebornIn 10.04, the close and minimise buttons are on the left, instead of the right. Any way to switch this and keep the same theme?00:50
dominicdinadaok 4 people in webmin yay!00:50
acerimmerCryp71c: that necessarily means your data is gone.  Check your home folder for hidden fiels00:50
hmwCryp71c: You can try creating another user. If that does not help or you cannot do it, then: do you have the option of re-installing? that would be my next step.00:50
ActionParsnip!controls | EntityReborn00:51
ubottuEntityReborn: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see http://alturl.com/b6ja | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://alturl.com/x5d600:51
jorozcoI've tried k3b to burn ubuntu-10.04-server-i386.iso. It burned the image successfully, even verification passed after burning.  Still, when I try to install Ubuntu Server 10.04, the integrity fails at Packages.gz. Has anyone else experienced this issue?00:51
EntityReborn<iflema> wulfy whatever...... it sounds like winblows is screwed need to verify if its so important00:51
jribatmosphere: I googled "ssh encrypted home"00:51
EntityRebornwinblows is ALWAYS screwed00:51
ActionParsnipEntityReborn: there are thousands of guides for that exact thing, did you not websearch any ata ll??00:51
cmcDoes anybody know how to enable two finger scrolling in ubuntu 10.04 at all?00:51
EntityRebornActionParsnip, as always, thanks :)00:51
funkyHatMarcWeber: for what purpose? There are a few things which perform similar functions, debsums is one, tripwire and aide log md5sums for the whole system (or as much of it as you want) and can be quite useful as intrusion detection tools00:51
Cryp71cTo a reinstall!00:51
wulfysigh is it so hard for people to understand something like be objective?00:51
MarcWeberfunkyHat: debsums00:51
atmospherejrib: thank you very much this looks very promising00:51
Cryp71cThanks gents.00:51
jribatmosphere: yep, seems like it should work, good luck00:51
ActionParsnipCryp71c: sudo apt-get --reinstall install gnome-panel00:52
hmwdassouki: in this case, just try another go for the install. You might get lucky. I had that 2 times out of very many installs already, strange "hickup" when installing. Try to send some positive karma waves onto your pc first ;-)00:52
funkyHatMarcWeber: yes, that is the name of the package.00:52
MarcWeberfunkyHat: I mounted the same partition by accident twice. I get some segfaults running terraView. So I want to ensure that my double mounting didn't cause too much troube.00:52
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: What I'm saying is I don't see an option under the "Add to Panel" dialog that references a folder or folder view. Possibly a plug-in or something that I don't have...? sorry I can see you're crazy busy.00:52
Cryp71cActionParsnip, well...if only it were that simple, I have to muck around my wireless to get it to pickup a signal.00:52
Cryp71cActionParsnip, network tools doesn't seem very useful, what's a wifi manager I can launch from terminal to make this simple?00:52
ActionParsnipCryp71c: use the installation CD as a repo00:52
silvernodeis there any way to get the latest versions of software over the next 6 months rather than simply bug and security fixes?00:53
Cryp71cActionParsnip, oooo, that's nice.00:53
JetPackTuxedoHas anyone had any weird problems with glipper?00:53
jribsilvernode: no, ubuntu is not a rolling release distro00:53
Cryp71csilvernode, you can update the individual packages / applications as they make their updates available.00:53
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: if you right click some empty panel space you will see add to panel00:53
Grexeowhere do I put UpStart scripts in Lucid?00:53
hmwsilvernode: another linux distribution. Ubuntu isnt very "bleeding edge"00:53
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: That's not my issue. I can get there. I do not see anything about a folder within that dialog.00:53
jribGrexeo: /etc/init iirc00:53
Cryp71cActionParsnip, how can I use the cd as a repo for installations?00:53
cmcis there a way to enable two finger scrolling in ubuntu when the checkbox has been grayed out?00:54
silvernodeWhat's a good way to make it bleeding edge?00:54
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: http://images.howtoforge.com/images/ubuntu_system_panel/big/2.jpg00:54
jribsilvernode: use a different distro.  Ubuntu is not the distro for you if you want bleeding edge00:54
ActionParsnipCryp71c: look in software sources in administration00:54
Grexeojrib: thanks00:54
dominicdinadCan someone give me a hand or answer a question in regards to samba and ubuntu ?00:54
jribdominicdinad: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)00:54
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benjamintheyonActionParsnip: That's not my issue. I see that option. I can add many things. I cannot find a way to add a FOLDER specifically.00:54
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:54
hmwsilvernode: http://distrowatch.com/00:54
JetPackTuxedoPretty much everytime I start my computer I get an alert that glipper has crashed. Any ideas?00:55
jribsilvernode: if you like ubuntu, I would recommend debian testing or maybe testing/unstable mix if you are comfortable doing that00:55
chrometigerdoes anyone know how to install "x3 reunion" on 10.04   i keep getting this error when trying to run the installer with wine "Setup.exe is not marked as an executable , if this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source it may be dangerous to run"00:55
YankDownUnderFlipper has crashed? Oh No!00:55
wulfychrometiger,  right click properties permisons click allow to run as executible00:55
chrometigerwulfy: its on a cd00:56
Trellianwould this be the right place to get some help with a problem i'm having with upstart not setting runlevel on lucid?00:56
PinWizI have audio in all users except one. Any ideas to fix it?00:56
Cryp71cActionParsnip, this netbook has no cd-rom drive, and I've already mounted the thumb drive that has the source. How can I trick the software sources into thinking this is a cdrom?00:56
shane2peru_JetPackTuxedo, glipper has had problems for a while now, there are fixes, however it isn't simple.  Best thing to do is install parcellite00:56
wulfychrometiger, no clue then :) normaly i run things right off the hdd00:56
silvernodejrib, I come from Arch Linux. I was a loyal Ubuntu user for many years before. With the latest release of Ubuntu I am impressed. I was simply trying to see if it was possible to maybe add a repo or something to get the latest and greatest.00:57
chrometigerdoes anyone know how to install "x3 reunion" on 10.04   i keep getting this error when trying to run the installer with wine "Setup.exe is not marked as an executable , if this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source it may be dangerous to run"00:57
hmwsilvernode: http://distrowatch.com/00:57
k0d3g3arne1 here upgraded to ubuntu 10 and running multi-head video on Nvidia?00:57
jribsilvernode: just not how ubuntu works.  You could run the development version of ubuntu if you want, but it breaks and is meant for developers and testers00:57
geniiGah WINE00:58
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: just fired up my desktop system (adding stuff to panels seems hard in UNR) and indeed it isnt there00:58
acerimmersilvernode: maybe run that bleeding edge stuff in vbox?00:58
silvernodejrib, I was using 10.04 beta for a while so I know what you mean.00:58
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Ok at least I'm not simple. Haha...any ideas? It doesn't appear built-in, do you know of a method?00:58
silvernodehmw, I have tried over 100 distros on distrowatch and I came back to arch every time. Although Ubuntu still strikes a little love with me still.00:59
JetPackTuxedoshane2peru, is parcellite basically the same thing?00:59
ActionParsnipCryp71c: i think if you use the apt-cdrom (or whatever the command is) then you can add it as a repo. There will be guides around on how to add it00:59
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: let me websearch00:59
jribsilvernode: honestly, there's not much point in a rolling release.  You probably have a handful of apps that you like and want the latest version of (for some reason; I won't go into that).  If they are popular you can find ppas for them and if they aren't you can maintain them yourself.  So you could use ubuntu that way00:59
shane2peru_JetPackTuxedo, yes, it is the same thing00:59
shane2peru_JetPackTuxedo, runs a little more stable though on the system00:59
hmwsilvernode: I love Ubuntu. I hate Ubuntu. I can't decide. It's support is really awesome.01:00
JetPackTuxedoshane2peru, alright, thanks!01:00
shane2peru_JetPackTuxedo, no problem01:00
dassoukiwould ext4 and swap5 b my linux partitions01:00
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Thanks a bunch! The only thing I turned up was an ability to browse folders; I'm more interested in displaying a single folder's contents. I could do it via launchers but I'd have to update that manually.01:00
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: so what do you exactly need01:00
shane2peru_hmw, silvernode  I too love ubuntu and then something breaks or something, but I just decided I'm going to stick with it, and keep a good running system, and I quit bouncing around. :)01:01
benjamintheyonI need to display the contents of a single folder in a panel, without having to simply create launchers for each of its items and manually update those when the folder contents change.01:01
* acerimmer waves hello01:01
hmwshane2peru_ i want something with less magic. Perhaps I will build an LFS again.01:01
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: you could use a gdesklet but it would display on the desktop and not the panel01:02
shane2peru_hmw, enjoy, I just ran out of time to keep doing that. :)  that is what draws me back every time, simple have a desktop running in about 40min.01:02
hmw!hi | acerimmer01:02
ubottuacerimmer: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:02
silvernodehmw, When I tried Arch Linux I have to admit I was confused. Over time Arch Grew on me. Especially the AUR. There are so many programs in the AUR that I cannot find in Ubuntu. Now I am an avanced Arch user and I love it.01:02
acerimmerhmw: finally found the irc commands.  just testing.01:02
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Hmm. That's strange, I feel like what I'm trying here is not that bizarre to not exist. But I suppose I'll look into gdesklet and get back to ya if I have questions. Thanks!01:03
hmwacerimmer: might be better to do that in another channel. try /join #ubuntu-offtopic or creat your own room01:03
* iflema smoke me a kipper.... ill be back for breakfast....01:03
* iflema what a guy...01:03
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: it did used to exist01:03
acerimmeriflema: FISH!01:03
chrometigerdoes anyone know how to install a windows app "off a install CD"   i keep getting this error when trying to run the installer with wine "Setup.exe is not marked as an executable , if this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source it may be dangerous to run"01:04
Trelliancan someone help me debug an upstart issue i'm having where the runlevel isnot properly set?01:04
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Weird! seems like a no-brainer to me. Maybe a different DE or something. I'll check out the gdesklets. thanks.01:04
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: http://code.google.com/p/gnome-menu-file-browser-applet/01:05
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/42992588/file-browser-applet_0.6.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb    for 32bit. Do you use 64bit?01:06
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: I saw that and it's a little different than my goal. I was hoping to replace icons/files on my desktop with an auto-hiding panel to clean things up, but it doesn't look like that's possible. I really appreciate your wild goose chase though haha01:06
MadWombathow do I run programs installed by gem as root?01:06
liuchongwow,so many person01:07
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: seems to fit the bill from what I can see01:07
skyriderHello fellows. Recenly I've downloaded DVD ISO images of Lucid from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com and checked their sha256 hash sums - everything is correct. But when I check the authenticity of SHA256SUMS file with gpg - it says file have BAD signature from "Ubuntu CD Image Automatic Signing Key".01:07
skyriderAm I doing something wrong with checking the signature? Or SHA256SUMS.gpg file on ubuntu mirrors really did not match the SHA256SUMS file hosted there? Did anyone except me tried to check the signature?01:07
skyriderWithout checking the signature we can't trust in authenticity of ISO images.01:07
skyriderFull output of sha256sum, wget and gpg commands you can see here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/ECyj7zaF01:07
bastid_raZorbenjamintheyon: cairo-dock  possibly.. it has an auto-hide feature plus is a dock for your launchers01:07
Lichtewhat is the command to show where all the files for a package are installed ??01:07
MadWombatif I do sudo rake, I get command not found, I added /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin to root's .bashrc, I removed evn_reset from sudoers01:08
ActionParsnipchrometiger: you may need to copy the data to your HDD to set the executable bit01:08
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: In all honesty, it's an aesthetics thing. I just wanted a single panel to monitor everything in a particular folder, and display an icon for each in the panel, with that panel auto-hiding. I feel bad that you're still looking for me, I'm being picky and I know it. haha01:08
skyriderLichte: "dpkg -L packagename"01:08
benjamintheyonbastid_raZor: I'll look into cairo-dock, thanks01:08
Lichtethanks skyrider01:08
dpratt71I'm trying to run a game under Ubuntu running on VirtualBox; perhaps not surprisingly, I get an error: OpenGL Warning: XGetVisualInfo returned 0 visuals for 9a5a0e001:08
MadWombatI can always do sudo su -, but it seems subversive01:08
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: well if its not right you won't install it so makes sense01:08
ActionParsnipMadWombat: use: sudo -i    instead01:08
MadWombatActionParsnip: tried that, same result01:08
ActionParsnipMadWombat: where do the apps get installed to?01:09
dpratt71is there any hope that I could reconfigure something and get it working, or should I just give up?01:09
MadWombatActionParsnip: /var/lib/gems/1.801:09
TrellianMadWombat: it could also be that the program you want to start is not in your current users' $PATH, try running it with the full pathname01:09
MadWombatit is01:09
siropiohi, i want ti install joomla on localhost but i have LAMPP so i dont have a htdocs but my path is in /var/www/ so i put there the joomla files but when i typed http://localhost/joomla/ the installation page didnt came up01:09
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: That's exactly it. I just want all icons off my desktop, but still have easy and aesthetically pleasing access to them. I'll come up with something that suits me, thanks again for all your help!01:09
siropioany ideas?01:09
FloodBot1siropio: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:09
k0d3g3ardpratt71, have you checked if your game will run under Wine?01:10
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)01:10
chrometigerActionParsnip:  i was hoping for a work around, i was going to do that as last resort01:10
hmw!patience | dpratt7101:10
ubottudpratt71: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:10
MadWombatTrellian: I checked, it is in the path01:10
geniidpratt71: Applications which require direct hardware access are probably not best run under an emulator01:10
bastid_raZorbenjamintheyon: look into 'shortcuts' or 'quick browser' plugins01:10
=== ahmed is now known as Guest58229
benjamintheyonbastid_raZor: Is this for cairo-dock or gnome-panel?01:10
bastid_raZorbenjamintheyon: cairo-dock01:10
TrellianMadWombat: i assume it's also chmod +x ?01:10
ActionParsnipchrometiger: the file is read only so you cannot change the files unfortunately01:10
hmwdpratt71: also don't assume, that everyone has read the text, you are referring to with "someone knows it?". Keep posting your issue every now and then (perhaps something between 5 and 15 minutes) while you try finding a soluition on google.01:11
MadWombatTrellian: yes01:11
benjamintheyonbastid_raZor: Ok will do. One last -- does cairo-dock play nice with gnome/gnome-panel?01:11
ActionParsniphmw: or any other search engine ;)01:11
hmwActionParsnip: oh, i almost forgot, that there are some. my bad.01:12
bastid_raZorbenjamintheyon: yes, it has the ability to replace the bottom panel with some of its plugins also the top if you desire. it is a do-all dock.01:12
chrometigerActionParsnip: got it finally    in terminal  switch user,  then            wine "drag exe from cd into ternimal"     works01:12
ActionParsniphmw: thats why i ALWAYS say websearch. I think the phrase "google it" and suchlike is constrictive and immature01:12
benjamintheyonbastid_raZor: Beautiful. As soon as I get file sharing set up on this thing I'll give it a whirl!01:12
dpratt71hmw: I am a bit confused by your responses01:13
hmwActionParsnip: yea. i'll try memorize that phrase of yours01:13
ActionParsnipchrometiger: switch use to what?01:13
woodyjlwI do not want to dual boot but I have three 250 gig hard drives, one is sata and two are ide, if I unplug the windows 7 on the sata and install ubuntu on the ide and tell the bios to boot from sata first I could still F8 and pick the ide ubuntu to boot to that one when I want to right???01:13
djusticemy xorg.0.log has "EE: Failed to Initilize GLX (NVIDIA compatible driver not found)" <<- and i dont even have an nvidia card... intel. help?01:13
acerimmerdrpratt71: don't forget the ubuntu forum01:13
ActionParsnipchrometiger: then it will need to be ran as root as it will install to /root/.wine and not /home/$USER/.wine01:13
Trellianwoodyjlw: that's correct01:14
hmwdpratt71: sorry, i was just confused about your question "can someome help me with that" and i didnt know, what "that" you were refering to. ;-) also, there is no use in asking ever 10 seconds, people here tend to help, if they can. Welcome to Ubuntu, btw.01:14
geniiwoodyjlw: Much depends on how the bios reports what drives it sees to the operating system01:14
ActionParsnipwoodyjlw: techically all drives are IDE, you mean PATA01:14
swebrythmbox not add file01:14
swebwhy ?01:14
benjamintheyonAnyone have a link to a great simple Samba tutorial for sharing between two Ubuntu machines on a LAN? I'm finding a ton that are not relevant01:14
djusticesweb: permissions. check em.01:14
chrometigerActionParsnip:  ah  right,  crap  let me start over lol01:14
woodyjlwTrellian,  I thought so , thanks01:15
geniiwoodyjlw: Unplugging a drive re-arranges the order the bios reports them for instance01:15
djusticedamn borked upgrdes... every time... liek you guys are aiming at me...01:15
swebdjustice, it's a network folder that i can play by dblclick with totem01:15
ActionParsnipwoodyjlw: or you can just disable the drives you want leaving in BIOS. Much easier01:15
Trellianbenjamintheyon: for simple filesharing i would use NFS instead of samba, it is just that much easier to configure01:15
hmwbenjamintheyon: one needs to set a smb password somehow. weird thing. perhaps this helps:
woodyjlwgenii, I know . I would have to reconfigure bios when done01:15
mdgHello!  Anyone here use moc to listen to shoutcast streams?  I just installed streamtuner and it closes when I try to listen to a shoutcast stream - any ideas?01:16
woodyjlwActionParsnip,  yes that too01:16
bastid_raZor!samba > benjamintheyon .. follow the links01:16
ubottubenjamintheyon, please see my private message01:16
benjamintheyonTrellian: That'll be perfect - does it allow for Windows file sharing down the line? That is an eventual goal. If not, I should probably start with Samba?01:16
dpratt71hmw: it was intended as a two-part question: state the circumstances and then ask the question; apologies if I annoyed anyone01:16
benjamintheyonhmw: I'll take a peak at that, thank you.01:16
benjamintheyonbastid_raZor: Thanks!01:16
hmwdpratt71: you didnt annoy me, i was trying to be helpful.01:16
hipitihopin karmic I was running the Zopier Communicator (alsa) SIP client but I found I could not have skype and zoiper running as they would steal each others audio. There is also an OSS version of zoiper, so now that I'm on lucid and about to re-install it which would be recommended ?01:16
Trellianbenjamintheyon: well, yes and no... windows does have support for nfs, but if your ultimate goal is to also use windows clients then i would advice not to use nfs01:16
swebdjustice, any idea ?01:17
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+question/80811    has a sample of my smb.conf file, you will need to run: sudo smbpasswd -a $USER     to add a samba account if you are sharing your home folder some. Just paste the snippet in /etc/samba/smb.conf and reboot, you can now access the samba share nice, obviously chamge user names and such as you need01:17
woodyjlwI love 10.04 but still cant get my gaming where I want it with my ati 2600 hd.   the proprietary ati driver still sucks. unless there is a better open source one01:17
woodyjlwI would love to boot MS completely01:17
benjamintheyonTrellian: OK. I do have a windows server I'd eventually like to connect to. But maybe I'll just throw together NFS real quick to get some music on my brothers brand new Ubuntu machine. Thanks!!01:17
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Hmm that's almost over my head. I'll save that message and review it when I understand. I think I'll start with NFS for the time being. Thanks for the help01:18
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: the page pretty much shows how to configure samba :). You will need to install samba too: sudo apt-get install samba01:18
Trellianbenjamintheyon: if it's just to quickly exchange some files, you could also just scp them to your brothers' machine01:18
swebi cannot load network derive with rythmbox please help me01:19
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: if you read the page its actually hugely simple :)01:19
swebadd file add folder not work in rythmbox01:19
mdgHello!  Anyone here use moc to listen to shoutcast streams?  I just installed streamtuner and it closes when I try to listen to a shoutcast stream - any ideas?01:19
benjamintheyonTrellian: I'm not sure what that is. I'd like to keep it permanently available.01:19
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Ok you've persuaded me to take the plunge. Samba it is. Hahaha01:19
ActionParsnipsweb: mount it and then tell rhythmnbox to use the mount point folder01:19
dpratt71it may also be worth mentioning that this is an open source game (and compiles under Linux) and I am running a VirtualBox VM with hardware acceleration enabled01:20
woodyjlwis there a better way to configure my ati 2600hd without using the hardware drivers to fetch it?  I still get a lot of screen tearing in WOW01:20
Trellianbenjamintheyon: scp is like copy, but then over the network01:20
dpratt71I should say "3D acceleration enabled"01:20
benjamintheyonTrellian: I see...01:21
Trellianwoodyjlw: are you running wow in directx or opengl mode?01:21
walt1eed some upgrade help.  Can I upgrade from ubuntu 9.10 to kubuntu 10.0401:21
swebActionParsnip? how can mount 'smb://vashka-desktop/1tb/'  ?01:21
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: whats also cool is if you use the text file config you can ssh over, edit the file in nano / vi etc, restart the service and BAM another share01:21
hipitihopbenjamintheyon, for a longer term and better solution, consider looking at something like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squeezebox_Server01:21
ActionParsnipsweb: you can add samba mounts in /etc/fstab01:21
mdgAnyone know why streamtuner keeps shutting down when I try to play a shoutcast stream?01:21
ActionParsnipsweb: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/configure-a-system-to-automount-a-samba-share-with-etcfstab/01:22
crdlbmdg: have run it in a terminal to see if it prints an error?01:22
woodyjlwTrellian,  umm not sure, but I bet in direct x... lol I bet that would be why. I will try to run in opengl then. I bet that would fix it01:22
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: In other words remotely add shares? Also real quick if I have a partition called "Storage" mounted, what would the terminal path be to that?01:22
ActionParsnipmdg: launch it from terminal, the output may help01:22
benjamintheyonhipitihop: Hmm...I'll check it out!01:22
Trellianwoodyjlw: from the top of my head you use the '-opengl' switch to start Wow.exe01:22
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: indeed, and you wont need silly vnc to do it either ;)01:22
djusticesweb: nope. just permissions. what does 'add' mean? add the file's location to the current playlist? bc it doesnt support that particular file protocol i guess... dunno. i dont use it.01:22
mdgstreamtuner: /home/marsha/.streamtuner/config:293: punkcast.com.py: no such handler01:22
mdgstreamtuner: /home/marsha/.streamtuner/config:316: basic.ch.py: no such handler01:22
mdgstreamtuner: /home/marsha/.streamtuner/config:336: google-stations.py: no such handler01:22
mdgSegmentation fault01:23
djusticemmkay. 10.04. GM965/intel. GLX==fail. why?01:23
FloodBot1mdg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:23
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Hmm alrighty that sounds useful01:23
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: if you run: mount     it will tell you01:23
woodyjlwTrellian,  thanks01:23
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Perfect, just what I needed01:23
djusticemy X log says EE, it wants nvidia. i have no nvidia. wtfwtf. ubuntufail!01:24
KAKEcoderhow do i auth myself on this server?01:24
crdlbdjustice: that's happening because you installed the nvidia driver at some point01:24
Trelliancan someone help me debug an upstart issue i'm having where the runlevel is not properly set? it's not because there's no 'lo' entry in /etc/network/interfaces as many launchpad bugs state.01:24
Pici!register | KAKEcoder01:24
ubottuKAKEcoder: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available in #freenode01:24
PCi just tried it01:24
KAKEcoderty, ubottu01:24
PCits my monitor01:25
PCits having problems01:25
alirioi have a problem with the instalation01:25
hipitihopanyone here using twinkle sip client on lucid and would they recommend or not01:25
mdgare those python errors?01:25
awaadWhat is the path of the default backgrounds in Ubuntu 10.04 ?01:25
microhaxoDoes 10.04 support trim natively?01:25
djusticecrdlb: wuut? thx for the tip. i never installed them tho..01:25
walt1need some upgrade help.  Can I upgrade from ubuntu 9.10 to kubuntu 10.0401:25
crdlbdjustice: 'sudo apt-get --reinstall install xserver-xorg-core' should hopefully overwrite the nvidia GLX module with the standard Xorg one01:25
Jamie-UoAHi guys01:26
Jamie-UoAjust a quick one I hope. How do you add fonts to the selection in system? I've got the packages installed but I only see the installed one when I go through. Plus open office has all the menus in what looks like winddings?01:26
aliriowhen i choose install, it does not detect my mouse or my keyboard01:26
djusticecrdlb: sweet boobs!! thanks!01:26
Trellianthe system boots, but stalls halfway during the boot process, if i then ssh into the box the runlevel command returns unknown, manually doing telinit2 will compleet the boot process01:26
swebActionParsnip, how can i affect fstab change01:26
PCHow can i make my compaq mv920 work with ubunt 10.04 its fuzzy on there01:26
swebrestart somthing ?01:26
ActionParsnipsweb: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab01:26
macodjustice: watch it01:26
swebActionParsnip, i change the config of fstab how can i affect change to mount changes01:27
awaadCan any one tell me the path of the default backgrounds in Ubuntu 10.04 ?01:27
ActionParsnipsweb: that doesnt make sense01:27
djusticemaco: ha! sorry :) i was flustered.01:27
hmwThere is a lot of really good articles on [wiki|www].ubuntu.com, but I feel somewhat lost in there. I wish for a "manual to the manual" - some overview, more than just an index. Is there something like that?01:27
hipitihopsweb, sudo mount -a01:27
alketI have a list of city names in text file seperated by new line, how can I sort them Aphabeticaly ?01:27
ActionParsnipsweb: you add the fstab entry and the share will mount at boot01:27
microhaxoDoes 10.04 support trim native???01:27
djusticestil tho. i nvr installed those nvidia pkgz. so sumbodyz fail.01:28
Trellianmicrohaxo: unfortunately, no01:28
Plughalket: Use sort01:28
Trellianmicrohaxo: you need kernel 2.6.33 at the minimum for full TRIM support01:28
hackelSince doing a fresh install of 10.04, I can no longer shut down my computer (it always reboots) nor suspend or hibernate.  Any suggestions for troubleshooting this?  I've got a Dell M1530.01:28
microhaxoTrellian: any workarounds?01:28
alketPlugh, which program, im in Gedit and OO.org doesn't display text correctly01:28
Plughalket: the command line program called 'sort'01:29
alketPlugh, how to do that01:29
awaadCan any one tell me the path of the default backgrounds of Ubuntu 10.04, please ?????????????????01:29
Plughalket: sort < file-to-be-sorted > sorted-file01:29
hmwalket: type "man sort" in the terminal for the manual01:29
alketPlugh, thank you01:29
Piciawaad: /usr/share/backgrounds/01:29
Jamie-UoAbackgrounds are in usr/share/backgrounds01:30
Jamie-UoAbeat me to it Pici01:30
Trellianmicrohaxo: compiling your own kernel works01:30
djusticecrdlb: you rock dude. i was 10 minutes from a reinstall. thanks.01:30
theDomhi, can anyone help me set up a php server01:30
Trellianmicrohaxo: the 10.04 kernel 2.6.32 just doesn't have full TRIM support01:30
mdgOkay, streamtuner has an error regarding audacious/audacious2 - anyone know how to get moc to play shoutcast streams?01:30
unop!lamp > theDom01:30
ubottutheDom, please see my private message01:30
kermitksoftirqd has been eating 12% of my CPU for the past week or more, what changed? is anyone else having this problem?01:31
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: When I restarted samba (and actually even when I started it initially) I ran into some errors. A few lines are not recognized. How can I show you the errors?01:31
swebActionParsnip, another problem01:31
microhaxoTrellian: Thanks for the info.01:31
hmw!pastebin | benjamintheyon01:31
ubottubenjamintheyon: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:31
swebmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //vashka-desktop/1tb01:31
Jamie-UoACan any one help with font errors?01:32
tophyris there a simple/quick way to convert to cmdline-only bootup?01:32
hmwhas pastebinit been repaired already?01:32
PlughJamie-UoA: Just ask your question01:32
hmwtophyr: install sysv-rc-conf and remove gdm for RunLevel 201:32
hmwtophyr: thus, after booting, you end up on the console. init 3 will further boot up to gnome01:33
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428639/plain/01:33
tophyrhmw is there anything other than gdm that needs to get cut out of RL2? if not i can just do that by hand01:33
david_hey all01:33
mdganyone here using moc to listen to shoutcast streams?01:33
Jamie-UoAok I've downloaded fontpackages (MSCore) but I can't select them in Appearance. Plus open office has all the menus in what looks like windings01:33
mdganyone here even using moc?01:33
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: let me read ;)01:34
david_anyone have an easy way to run ubuntu from ram?01:34
Trelliansweb: you probably need to set the filesystem type to cifs01:34
hmwtophyr: that would prevent gdm from start. i think, this is what you wanted.01:34
tophyrhmw cool, yeah pretty much01:34
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: can you pastebin /etc/samba/smb.conf please01:34
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: For the record I copied and pasted directly from the forum post you had made.01:34
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Okie.01:34
=== randomusr is now known as Guest69823
swebTrellian, cifs also in fstab not work01:35
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428640/ "MY CUSTOM SHARE" is where my edits are just to save you a few minutes.01:35
Trelliansweb: does it work on the commandline?01:35
ActionParsnipsweb: you may need to make a credentials file and give that to authenticate you01:35
sweb[ 1548.724571]  CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -2201:35
swebActionParsnip, i mkdir /mnt/1tb01:36
lucas-arghello, how can i downgrade lucid-proposed updates?01:37
swebit's my new fstabline01:37
sweb//vashka-desktop/1tb /mnt/1tb      cifs   username=xxx,password=xxx 0 001:37
Guest69823how can I change my terminal to vt220 for instance?01:37
PCHow can i make my mv920 monitor to work on ubuntu?01:37
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: looks ok, give it a reboot, see if its sharing nice01:37
ActionParsnippc: run: lspci | grep -i vga    websearch for the output to find guides01:38
Guest69823PC, what do you mean, "How can I make it work on Ubuntu?01:38
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Ok I will. Real quick, if it's ignoring those parameters there is no need for them to be there eh?01:38
lucas-argis it possible to downgrade lucid-proposed updates?01:38
hmwGuest69823: i don't know, but you can configure Backspace and Delete Key in the gnome terminal under Edit / Profile Preferences / Compatibilirty01:38
ActionParsnipbenjamintheyon: not seen that before and the items added are in the samba manual, strange01:38
Trelliansweb: try the command ' mount -v -t cifs -ousername=xxx,password=xxx //vashka-desktop/1tb /mnt/1tb ' dows that wor?k01:39
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: Ok. I'm gonna reboot, eat dinner, and Ill be back. Thanks again for your help.01:39
Guest69823hmw, i miss the point of that01:39
PCNo i meant ubuntu work on my mv 920 MONITOR not the computer and on my lcd its not shakey or fuzzy01:39
david_anyone have an easy way to run ubuntu from ram?01:39
Jamie-UoAHey just a quick one I hope. How do you add fonts to the selection in system? I've got the packages installed but I only see the installed one when I go through. Plus open office has all the menus in what looks like winddings?01:39
ActionParsnipdavid_: the liveCD does it01:40
david_oo cool01:40
hmwGuest69823: i guessed, that your wanting to make it behave like vt220 might only be an issue with those key, i didnt find anything else by my quick look throught the options.#01:40
ActionParsnipdavid_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM01:40
CloudMonkeeanyone know why vmware workstation 7.0 isn't suppported in 10.04?01:40
Trelliancan someone help me debug an upstart issue i'm having where the runlevel is not properly set? it's not because there's no 'lo' entry in /etc/network/interfaces as many launchpad bugs state.01:40
Guest69823hmw, understood01:40
Trellianthe system boots, but stalls halfway during the boot process, if i then ssh into the box the runlevel command returns unknown, manually doing telinit2 will compleet the boot process01:40
swebTrellian, mount error: could not resolve address for vashka-desktop: No address associated with hostname01:41
Trelliansweb: try substituting vashka-desktop with it's ipadres and see if it works then01:41
hmwGuest69823:  i suppose you will have to mess around with the shell configuraion itself then01:41
Guest69823hmw, any other benefit to using  a terminal other than xterm?01:42
swebin nautilus `smb://vashka-desktop/1tb/` is open i can open files01:42
swebread it01:42
Trelliansweb: nautilus does some extra funk to resolve netbios names01:43
=== jbunting is now known as codingjester
hmwGuest69823: i am not certain, if i understood that. Anyhow, I have only been using the Gnome Terminal or the Console so far.01:43
ActionParsnipsweb: i'd add an entry in /etc/hosts and you will be ok, set the sharing server to a static IP to avoid issues. It will also make the name resolve faster01:43
pad_sis it better to install 32-bit or 64-bit on a 64-bit capable laptop ?01:44
sweboffff with ubuntu 9.10 i did not have this stupid problem01:44
ActionParsnippad_s: depends, how much ram have you got and what is the main use?01:44
k0d3g3arpad_s, depends if you have hardware on that machine that needs drivers that don't have 64 bit support really01:44
iAcceptedGuys i need help.01:44
ActionParsnipsweb: log a bug then01:45
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:45
k0d3g3ariAccepted, don't we all :)  You should see my mortgage!01:45
hmwGuest69823: what are you trying to accomplish?01:45
hackelSince doing a fresh install of 10.04, I can no longer shut down my computer (it always reboots) nor suspend or hibernate.  Any suggestions for troubleshooting this?  I've got a Dell M1530.01:45
swebActionParsnip, last question how can i know which file that rythmbox can open ?01:45
swebwith wich premission01:46
uLinuxim updating ubuntu and now it shows this message about Grub01:46
hmwhackel: sudo init 0 should shut down. your symptoms sound somewhat weird, perhaps it is a BIOS issue?01:46
iAcceptedk0d3g3ar: which program should i use for perl language.01:46
pad_sActionParsnip, 4GB RAM, main use programming, watching movie and online videos01:46
ActionParsnipsweb: it will run as your user so that will dictate the permission. I dont uderstand your question01:46
uLinux"keep the local version currently installed"01:46
=== STiK is now known as AndrosNightmare
StevenXHello. Can anyone help me out. I am looking for a program that allowed me to do multiple things. One of the things that it allowed me to do was to start up firefox typing only "fi". It would bring up a "window" kinda of.01:46
uLinuxi just want the new kernel01:46
ActionParsnippad_s: 64bit then as you have more ram than 32bit can address (without pae)01:46
KlickI need to take a bootable thumbdrive and convert to an iso file any utils that would help?01:46
=== AndrosNightmare is now known as STiK
hackelhmw: I never had an issue prior to upgrading to lucid though, been using this machine for 2 years now.01:47
swebActionParsnip, ok thank for time, it's to late for me .... i'll be back soon01:47
StevenXIt ran all the time, and I had to press a key combination and so if I wanted to run xchat, all I had to do was press that key, and type in xch and it would auto-complete it for me.01:47
pad_sActionParsnip, ok thanks.. i will download the 64bit version01:47
Klicki know this probably doen't have anything to do with ubuntu01:47
uLinuxafter updating kernel it says "keep the local version currently installed"01:47
StevenXKinda like "read" my mind on what I was looking for. (FYI, it's not ctrl+f2)01:47
k0d3g3ariAccepted, I think that Synaptic just has the one 'perl' application there.01:47
CloudMonkeeanyone use Evolution Mail? if so, I want to know how to switch from one synchronize account mailbox to another.01:47
uLinuxi just want the new kernel!01:47
ActionParsnippad_s: remember to md5 test the iso before downloading01:47
ActionParsnipnot downloading, burning01:47
iAcceptedk0d3g3ar: Synaptic, Sorry im a noob by the way.01:48
vsingh165I'm trying to figure out why GNOME takes so long to log in01:48
ActionParsnipuLinux:  what file is it saying will be editted?01:48
iAcceptedk0d3g3ar: Synaptic?01:48
pad_sActionParsnip, is that to make sure its downloaded properly ?01:48
vsingh165I've sifted thru log files and haven't really found anything pertaining to my problem01:48
ActionParsnippad_s: exactly ;)01:48
uLinuxActionParsnip configuration file grub01:48
pad_sActionParsnip, sure will do.. thank you01:48
k0d3g3ariAccepted, Go to your System Menu, select Administration, and then Synaptic Package Manager.  Then do a search for 'perl' and you can download it right from there01:48
gnaccan someone tell me how to get the gnome filemanager to stop opening up new windows?01:48
CloudMonkeeCan anyone help me with Evolution Mail. It's a very simple question.01:48
hmw!ask | CloudMonkee01:49
ubottuCloudMonkee: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:49
mdgany command line junkies here tonight who listen to internet radio?01:49
ActionParsnipuLinux: I'd say install the maintainers, if you check the differences you can see whats shaking but usually the maintainers is ok01:49
StevenXanyone? lol.01:49
uLinuxok ill do it01:49
hmw!anyone | lol01:49
ubottulol: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:49
gnacmdg: yes, but not via the cli01:49
Cryp71cWho was talking earlier about removing things from the tray bar in UNR? Is there anyway to do that?01:49
ActionParsnipStevenX: sounds like gnomedo01:49
uLinuxreboot brb01:50
dominicdinad!lol | hmw01:50
ubottuhmw: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.01:50
iAcceptedk0d3g3ar: Would that download the language or a program?01:50
hazyredhi guys, i'm having problems getting tethering to work with my iphone on a 10.04 fresh install. turned tethering on, connected and nothing happened. any suggestions?01:50
k0d3g3ariAccepted, language I think.01:50
vsingh165anyone noticing gnome having weird issues?  sometimes my cursor goes crazy and it cycles thru all the menus/buttons on screen; it goes back to normal after a few seconds01:50
mdggnac: I'm trying to get moc to play shoutcast streams - - I just found out streamtuner has an error regarding audacious/audacious201:50
hmw*facepalm* (i feel urged to say *fp*)01:50
gnacHow do I get the gnome filemanager to stop opening up new windows everytime I click on a folder?01:50
StevenXActionParsnip, that's it!!!!!01:50
KlickI need to take a bootable thumbdrive and convert to an iso file any utils that would help?01:50
TrellianStevenX: try launchy01:50
k0d3g3ariAccepted, you can use GEdit or any IDE for your code.  They are just text files afterall01:50
vsingh165@gnac: open up a folder and go to Edit -> Preferences01:50
dominicdinadhmw: what do you mean01:51
maestrojedAs I use ubuntu more and more my biggest fear is in buying accessories. How do you know if they will work with Ubuntu? For instance, do I need be picky when buying an external hard drive to use as a back up drive?01:51
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gnacvsingh165: I didn't see anything there about new windows.01:51
mdgmoc doesn't like the playlist.... I must be doing something wrong01:51
hmwdominicdinad: i was refering to someone else, who used LOL. nevermind. i am usually not using any abbrevations01:51
k0d3g3armaestrojed, you should be fine with any devices that use common interfaces (ie. USB, Firewire, etc.).  Ubuntu has excellent interface support built in01:51
iAcceptedk0d3g3ar: Ugh, this is going to be hard ill look it up i don't want to bother you,.01:51
vsingh165@gnac: go to "Behavior" tab, and there's an option "Open each folder in its own window"01:51
Guest52771can anyone help with my Ubuntu 10 wifi signal on my laptop?  for some reason it seems to flash for packets either received or transmitted01:51
maestrojedK0d3g3ar: thank you01:52
uLinuxnow i have 2 different kernel entries01:52
gnacvsingh165: ty01:52
CloudMonkeeI'm running Ubuntu 9.04, and, for some reason, I can't get my Nvidia Geforce GT 220 card to be recognized to run proprietary drivers. Anyone, at all, know the solution to the problem?01:52
ActionParsnipuLinux: if the current kernel is ok, you can remove the old one. i'd test for a while just to be sure01:52
k0d3g3arCloudMonkee, do you have the NVidia drivers installed?01:52
vsingh165gnac: np...by the way, are you having issues with gnome in 10.04 (if you're running that)01:52
gnacvsingh165: no, not yet.01:53
ActionParsnipCloudMonkee: add the nvidia vpau ppa and install the nvidia-lx-185 package which will install the latest 195 driver01:53
vsingh165gnac: my cursor sometimes goes nuts and cycles thru all the menus and buttons for a few seconds, then comes back to normal again.  it's weird01:53
CloudMonkeek0deg3ar, no i don't. it usually just recognizes it. In 9.10 & 10.04, it does, but I have to run 9.04 for vmware workstation01:53
gnaclol, no, haven't seen that.01:53
ActionParsnipvsingh165: after it happens run: dmesg | tail -n 2001:53
uLinuxubuntu shows a weird color when is shutting down01:54
ActionParsnipvsingh165: see if it gives any clues01:54
uLinuxbut this happens since lucid01:54
ActionParsnipvsingh165: do you have a mobile phone near the mouse cable (if its a wired one)01:54
arvind_khadriuLinux, its desired01:54
uLinuxand before showing Login window01:55
hmwuLinux: that should be not a problem. they just are too lazy to program some clearing of the video RAM. I wonder, why they dont fix this. On my computers, Linux often looks weird, while shutting down.01:55
vsingh165ActionParsnip: found something in dmesg (lemme pastebin it)01:55
uLinuxit shows something but the image is weird01:55
ActionParsnipvsingh165: pastebin away01:55
Cryp71cHrm, trying to get wireless working, sudo ifconfig -a lists a "wlan0" ; I try "sudo ifconfig wlan0 up" and get "SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory"01:55
uLinuxmaybe thats because they dont shutdown too often01:55
ActionParsnipCryp71c: if you run: sudo iwlist scan    do you see SSIDs?01:55
hmwuLinux: heh. that might be it.01:55
robsonhow can i get python-lxml 2.2.2 or better? apt-get is choosing lxml 2.1.501:56
vsingh165ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/HN1X7A5j01:56
uLinuxand sometimes i have to reajust the displaying image01:56
vsingh165ActionParsnip: it logs that everytime the mouse gues nuts01:56
Cryp71cActionParsnip, wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down01:56
uLinuxafter boot01:56
vsingh165ActionParsnip: i do have wireless keybd but mouse is wired, maybe that has to do with it?01:56
ActionParsnipvsingh165: ok now use that output in websearches to find bugs and/or guides01:56
vsingh165ActionParsnip: this never happens in win701:56
ActionParsnipvsingh165: what windows does or doesnt do is moot01:57
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents01:57
vsingh165ActionParsnip: yeah, but if windows isn't doing it, it's most probably an ubuntu-related issue01:57
uLinuxbtw i have problem that i asked a lot of times here: How can I fix hour/clock format at Login window, Pidgin etc..?01:58
david_ahhh!! lol some help. Was following the tutorial https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM and it wants me to install grub but ive no idea what to chose01:58
ActionParsnipvsingh165: windows is a completely different OS with different drivers and different support01:58
Trelliancan someone help me debug an upstart issue i'm having where the runlevel is not properly set? it's not because there's no 'lo' entry in /etc/network/interfaces as many launchpad bugs state. The system boots, but stalls halfway during the boot process, if i then ssh into the box the runlevel command returns unknown, manually doing telinit 2 will compleet the boot process01:58
ActionParsnipvsingh165: if it didnt happen in say redat then thatis of interest01:58
ActionParsnipvsingh165: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=610501:58
robsonhow can i get a package from lucid if i'm using jaunty?01:58
ActionParsniprobson: you need a ppa01:58
robsonActionParsnip: what's that?01:58
ActionParsnip!ppa | robson01:58
ubotturobson: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.01:58
ActionParsniprobson: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas01:59
ActionParsnipoops, duplicate link, nice01:59
mdgwhen I try to get mocp to play from here:  http://classic.shoutcast.com/sbin/shoutcast-playlist.pls?rn=9557&file=filename.pls -- I get nothing01:59
uLinuxin Ubuntu clock format is 24 but at Login window, Pidgin, etc is 12 clock01:59
hiexpoCryp71c,  - what are you trying to do02:00
Cryp71chiexpo, get my wireless up and running.02:00
hiexpowhat kinda wireless card you have?02:00
vsingh165ActionParsnip: looks like it may be my mouse...it is 2 yrs old after all.  time 4 a new one I guess02:00
hiexpoCryp71c,  - what kind of wireless card u have model brand and version number02:01
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hmwwoohooo.... i cant stop loughing about https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/102:01
robsonActionParsnip: i found my package in there, now what?02:01
k3rni want to modify an ls output in a script. i don't want the file extensions, it should cut anything after the first dot in the filename. can anyone give me a pointer on how to do this?02:01
ActionParsniprobson: add the ppa. If you give a link I can give you commands etc02:02
rohitHello, I want to add a domain to dns entry, I don't know where to add it. My isp's DNS server is broken for Google and I want to add google.com => How can I do that?02:02
hmwk3m: you might want to cut anythig after the _last_ dot.02:02
hiexpohmw, lol02:03
ardantuswhat is the meaning of "tar --numeric-owner -vzcf /vz/template/cache/ubuntu-10.04-i386-minimal.tar.gz"02:03
hmwit's so hilarious02:03
k3rnhmw: yea maybe last dot - anyway how can i do that?02:03
benjamintheyonActionParsnip: I rebooted, and I manually started samba, and there is no share. Interestingly there WAS before I rebooted. Any ideas?02:03
robsonActionParsnip: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxml/2.2.4-102:04
hmwk3m: i am checking on my own... no idea so far. but you asked for some pointers ;-)02:04
k3rni am not that into awk i think one could do it with it02:04
uLinuxanybody having issues with clock format in login window, pidgin.. why does it show AM and PM if i chose 24clock format...02:04
Cryp71chiexpo, Broadcom BCM4312 rev 102:04
wizardyesterdayk3rn, I use.... ls | cut -d '.' -f 102:04
hiexpoIdleOne,  - what is up there couch cussion :)02:04
rohitI meant Domain to IP address entry02:04
wizardyesterdayk3rn, that will give you stuff to the left of the dot and file extension02:04
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tsyj2007hi ,i want to know which python ide is good02:04
robsontsyj2007: i use dr python02:05
k3rnwizardyesterday: this looks promissing! let me try!02:05
Trelliank3rn: ls | while read file; do echo "$file" | sed -e 's/\..*$//g'; done02:05
ActionParsniprobson: 32bit or 64bit ubuntu?02:05
tsyj2007robson, what is dr02:05
robsonActionParsnip: i believe 6402:05
ouyestsyj2007, as far as i know  Eric02:05
robsontsyj2007: middle and last initial02:05
ActionParsniprobson: what is the output of: uname -a02:05
mustuhi all02:05
ouyestsyj2007, just try02:05
Ganymederohit, add it in /etc/hosts02:05
tsyj2007ouyes, ok02:05
robsonActionParsnip: definitely 64 bit02:05
rohitGanymede: aha, thanks :)02:05
mustuis there any other room for Community ?02:05
hiexpoCryp71c, http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/b4302:06
ActionParsniprobson: sweet ok02:06
tsyj2007ouyes, but i am using gnome,not kde02:06
hiexpoouyes,  - howdy02:06
ActionParsniprobson: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxml/2.2.4-1/+build/1456295/+files/python-lxml_2.2.4-1_amd64.deb02:06
Ganymederohit, a better option would be to use a better DNS server such as level3's public DNS or google's public DNS or HE's public DNS02:06
Trelliank3rn: basically pipe output of ls through sed -e 's/\..*$//g'02:06
rohitGanymede: I just tried Google's DNS server, are they safe? Is it reliable?02:07
unopk3rn, Trellian, that fails with filenames containing spaces02:07
robsonActionParsnip: how do i install the package? dpkg?02:07
hiexporohit, if it was not why would we tell you that ?02:07
Ganymederohit, i don't use it personally so i don't know how reliable it is02:07
=== brycec is now known as brycec_afk
ouyeshiexpo, sorry what is -  howdy?02:08
rohitGanymede: cool, np02:08
Trellianunop: not on my system ..02:08
ActionParsniprobson: sudo dpkg -i python-lxml_2.2.4-1_amd64.deb02:08
hiexpoouyes, hello02:08
flamranyone know how to fix wine error "ERROR_INSTALL_LANGUAGE_UNSUPPORTED" ? Please..02:08
ouyeshiexpo, hello02:08
rohithiexpo: Just asking if there are any known problems02:08
tsyj2007robson, it is writen in gtk?02:08
BiggFREEWhat dpkg means ?02:08
ActionParsniprobson: looks like thats a lucid deb02:08
robsontsyj2007: no it's wxPython i think, that or fltk02:08
hiexporohit, not aware of any i think its ok02:08
k3rnTrellian: wizardyesterday: it works, but i want to use the -x option with ls - then only the first columne gets listed !?02:08
robsonActionParsnip: it is02:09
rohithiexpo: that's all I wanted to here :) thanks02:09
tsyj2007robson, not qt??02:09
robsontsyj2007: no it's not qt02:09
freddy_dudenoob here, installed netbook edition, and i get an error whe ni boot into linux, and it puts me in initramfs shell02:09
BiggFREEWhat dpkg means ?02:09
tsyj2007robson, ok ,thanks02:09
robsonActionParsnip: thanks!! my code works, independent study is OVER :)02:10
unopTrellian, k3rn - for i in *.png;  do echo "${i%%*}"; done02:10
unopTrellian, k3rn, or rather - for i in *.png;  do echo "${i%%.*}"; done02:10
BiggFREEWhat dpkg means ?02:11
robsontsyj2007: yeah it's wxPython i checked02:11
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.02:11
ActionParsniprobson: as long as you are happy02:11
ActionParsniphaahhaha next release is maverick meerkat02:11
robsonActionParsnip: very happy right now, that independent study took over a year02:11
magn3tsI have to reinstall nvidia every other reboot after upgrading to 10.04. I only have good graphics every other boot. This is terribly frustrating and I'd love any advice! thanks!02:11
Trelliancan someone help me debug an upstart issue i'm having where the runlevel is not properly set? it's not because there's no 'lo' entry in /etc/network/interfaces as many launchpad bugs state. The system boots, but stalls halfway during the boot process, if i then ssh into the box the runlevel command returns unknown, manually doing telinit 2 will compleet the boot process02:12
hiexpo!9.10 \ magn02:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:12
k3rnwizardyesterday:  ls | cut -d '.' -f 1 works fine, but i want the output of ls in columns02:13
unopk3rn, -x lists files in lines tho? not columns02:14
k3rnunop: okay yea, in fact i want to pipe the complete output to cowsay ;p02:15
k3rnunop: and i want it to be in columns ...02:15
unopk3rn, perhaps.  for i in *;  do echo -ne "${i%%.*}"$'\t'; done02:15
n2diyk3rn: qsl?02:15
cparegood evening room02:15
k3rnn2diy: ?02:15
unopk3rn, that's tab separated. you could do space separated with -  for i in *;  do echo -ne "${i%%.*} "; done02:16
n2diyk3rn: your nick looks like a ham radio call sign.02:16
geirhak3rn: for i in *; do echo "${i%.*}"; done | column02:16
hiexpo!hi \ cpare02:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:16
shane2peru_!hi | cpare02:16
ubottucpare: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:16
k3rnn2diy: meaning what?02:16
hiexpo!hi | cpare02:16
Doctehwhats the text mode IM client called?02:16
freddy_dudenoob here, installed netbook edition, and i get an error whe ni boot into linux, and it puts me in initramfs shell02:16
n2diyk3rn: I thought you were a brother ham.02:16
ActionParsnipDocteh: you can use irssi02:17
cpareAnyone in the room experienced with the "Me Menu"???02:17
ardantuswhat is mean for " tar --numeric-owner"02:17
=== brycec_afk is now known as brycec
unopDocteh, IM client for what tho?  jabber, msn, yahoo?02:17
ActionParsnipardantus: read: man tar02:17
DoctehActionParsnip: yea, irssi + something, but i never remember what the thing is called02:17
k3rnn2diy: ham?02:17
hmwis there a FF addon, that lets me select (doubleclick) and access a dictionary through the context menu?02:17
magn3tsI have to reinstall nvidia every other reboot after upgrading to 10.04. I only have good graphics every other boot. This is terribly frustrating and I'd love any advice! thanks!02:17
n2diyk3rn: ham radio operator!!!!02:17
Doctehunop: msn aim or gmail chat02:17
cparehello all - thanks for the warm welcome02:17
k3rngeirha: THANKS - i think i got as i wanted02:17
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: try: sudo nvidia-xconfig02:18
k3rngeirha: ls | cut -d '.' -f 1 | column | cowsay -n02:18
=== freddy_dude is now known as dassouki
Doctehn2diy: where is n2?02:18
ubuntunewbhey, all. Does anyone know how to set keycombos for screen pivot?02:18
Dark_WolfIs there any way I can choose which X display a program runs on on startup?02:18
n2diyDocteh: NY and NJ02:18
ActionParsnipdocteh: bitbee02:18
Dark_WolfI have 2 docks, and it's annoying to have them both start up on the same monitor02:18
shane2peru_magn3ts, I just saw a thread on that on the forums02:18
hiexpoardantus, perhaps you should learn a bit more about linux before / know one is gonna spoon feed you here google is your best friend02:18
bb2hi, iḿ trying to install lemonpos from ubuntu center sofware but there is an error any help?02:19
unopDark_Wolf, write a wrapper script that sets the display before running the program?02:19
PlughDocteh: The zone numbers in US calls no longer truly indicate what part of the US they are in.02:19
shane2peru_magn3ts, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1466150&highlight=install+nvidia+drivers+lucid  there it is, they have some fixes, read through the posts there02:19
CloudMonkeeIn Ubuntu 9.04, why can't my system find my proprietary driver for a Geforce GT 220 nvidia card?02:19
Dark_Wolfunop: how would I go about setting the display?02:19
shane2peru_magn3ts, I haven't yet done it, but I have nvidia too, just havn't installed the drivers yet02:19
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash02:20
shane2peru_CloudMonkee, check out this link:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1466150&highlight=install+nvidia+drivers+lucid02:20
DoctehPlugh: canada is VA/VE but looks like USA uses more letters :)02:20
unopDark_Wolf,  DISPLAY=$blah program02:20
DingGGuhow can use shell command "du" see only folder?02:20
shane2peru_CloudMonkee, do you mean 10.04?02:20
Dark_Wolfunop: where $blah would be $1 or just 1?02:20
unopDingGGu,  du directory_name02:20
ActionParsnipDingGGu: du -h /path/to/folder02:21
CloudMonkeeshane2peru_, no, I"m in 9.0402:21
shane2peru_CloudMonkee, in that case ignore my link. :)  my baed02:21
shane2peru_CloudMonkee, bad02:21
ubuntunewbdoes anyone have any suggestions as to how to set hotkeys for screen rotation? I can't seem to find anything on Google.02:21
unopDark_Wolf,  $1 if you are passing the display value to the script - but I would have throught you would hard code that rather than have it be dynamic02:21
Narya!flash x6402:21
dattawhy is gwibber not loading?02:22
Dark_Wolfunop: I'm just going by what you said. I dunno what I'm doing02:22
dattaI have it installed but it's not showing at all02:22
k3rnunop, geirha, Thanks again!02:22
unopDark_Wolf, for example, if you wanted firefox to launch on display :0.1   then your command becomes    DISPLAY=:0.1 firefox02:22
ActionParsnipNarya: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/12/64bit-flash-ppa.html02:22
maestrojedDoes ubuntu have backup software built in? What is the best software to use? I am about to buy an external drive for backup.02:22
CornwallHi, I'd like to run a .sh script after my network connects to eth0. How would I go about that? Will placing the script in /etc/network/if-up.d achieve this? If so, I don't think it has worked02:23
Naryaty ActionParsnip02:23
ActionParsnip!backup | maestrojed02:23
ubottumaestrojed: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:23
unopCornwall,   man 5 interfaces   # look for pre-up and post-up02:23
shane2peru_maestrojed, you need to install it, but yes there are plenty of backup solutions02:23
maestrojedActonParsn: Thank you02:23
maestrojedshane2peru_ TY02:23
ActionParsnipmaestrojed: there is no single best application for any single task02:23
unopCornwall, that won't work if you are using something like network-manager to control your connections however02:23
NaryaActionParsnip, E: Couldn't find package flashplugin64-installer02:24
shane2peru_maestrojed, no prob02:24
dattahiexpo: thanks but I don't think even what is included in ubuntu's directory is included in ubotto02:24
Cornwallunop: I'm using network  manager02:24
ActionParsnipNarya: did you add the ppa?02:24
Syco54645my usb drive is no longer mounting. when i do an fdisk -l the id is b. i assume that is what is wrong with it?02:24
Naryaoops missed that part ActionParsnip thank you!02:24
woodyjlwI have to reset my bluetooth visibility every time I reboot or wake to reconnect my mouse and it wont save the bluetooth name after I enter it in02:24
Syco54645if so what can i do to fix it?02:24
PlughI've updated my laptop and desktop from 9.10 to 10.04. On the laptop, the minimize/maximize/close gadgets stayed on the right. On the desktop they are now on the left. How do I move them back to the right on the desktop?02:24
ActionParsnipNarya: read ALL of the page, it helps quite a bit02:24
unopCornwall, NM doesn't use the  /etc/network/* files at all - as far as i know -- NM's not very versatile02:24
dattadid anyone get any message from gwibber saying what had happened?02:24
NaryaActionParsnip, ok thank you!02:25
unopCornwall, you could use wicd instead of NM - it allows you to run scripts02:25
Cornwallunop: well, how about running it on resume? I could just make the script sleep for a little bit02:25
woodyjlwim using ubuntu 10.0402:25
aaron-n-nikkiwhat can i use to open rar files?02:25
unopCornwall, ok, maybe I should ask what you are actually trying to do first?02:25
ardantusActionParsnip: always "tar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive"02:26
hmwaaron-n-nikki: "unrar"02:26
Trellianaaragh, i hate upstart :(02:26
aaron-n-nikkiis that the name of it?02:26
Cornwallunop: My end goal is to run a script that will log me into my network - I get kicked off after an hour of inactivity. So the only time I have to log back in is when I wake up in the morning02:26
NaryaActionParsnip, flash is still not working on firefox after following all instructions02:27
hmwthat is the command02:27
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: sudo apt-get install rar unrar02:27
Plughaaron-n-nikki: Install the unrar-nonfree package. It has rar and unrar command line programs02:27
ActionParsnipNarya: what browser do you use?02:27
NaryaFirefox ActionParsnip02:27
Cornwallunop: er, rather, resume my computer* (I have a script to handle all the other inactivity02:27
vago_hi I download via synaptic  Solar theme now, how I can install it?02:27
hiexposudo apt-get install unrar free02:27
vago_anybody know?02:27
Dark_WolfHow do I get a command to work without a path prepended? I tried putting the script in /bin, but it still can't find it.02:28
sebsebsebvago_: for Plymouth?02:28
dattain system>> preference there is broadcast too but gwibber's not loading02:28
vago_sebsebseb,  yes02:28
sebsebsebvago_: remove the other theme's and it should use that one instead02:28
unopCornwall, I would keep the connection alive perhaps to avoid the inactivity - like pinging a host every set interval02:28
Dark_WolfApparently the system is looking for the script in my home directory02:28
PlughDark_Wolf: Did you mark the script as executable?02:28
sebsebsebvago_: well that Ubuntu text boot one,  can probably stay02:28
shane2peru_sebsebseb, what is Plymouth?02:28
vago_are u sure? and how I can remove default theme?02:28
Dark_WolfPlugh: Yeah02:28
unopDark_Wolf,  /bin has to be in your PATH variable02:29
Cornwallunop: During sleep? How would I achieve that?02:29
sebsebsebvago_: in Synaptic02:29
sebsebsebvago_: there may be another way to do this, but this is the way I know works02:29
woodyjlwI have to reset my bluetooth visibility every time I reboot or wake to reconnect my mouse and it wont save the bluetooth name after I enter it in... using 10.0402:29
Dark_Wolfunop: /bin isn't by default? O-o02:29
vago_ok I will try it right now02:29
sebsebsebhiexpo: no factoid yet, but maybe there should be one02:29
markus_hy everybody02:29
aaron-n-nikkiPlugh: how do I install the package?02:29
dattahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/428665/ this is the error that pops up after trying gwibber in the terminal02:29
unopDark_Wolf,  do check.  echo "$PATH"02:29
markus_I miss a volume control in the panel. where can I find that?02:29
sebsebsebshane2peru_: the graphical boot up that Fedora and Mandriva had before Ubuntu,  unfortuatnly it does not like propritary Nivida or ATI drivers,  well I guess that depends on the driver02:29
unopCornwall, hmm, well - wicd then02:29
vago_sebsebseb,  which one I need to remove? there is no any default theme in synaptic02:30
dattais it that a file is missing or some problem with proxy?02:30
Dark_Wolfunop: Thanks :)02:30
ubuntunewbhow do i go about enabling custom keyboard shortcuts? I cannot assign a key combo to the shortcuts02:30
sebsebsebvago_: search synaptic for  plymouth02:30
shane2peru_sebsebseb, ahh, ok, thanks02:30
unopDark_Wolf, is it? because if i remember correctly, for non-root users ubuntu has a skewed PATH02:30
Dark_WolfIt's /usr/bin02:30
Plughaaron-n-nikki: You can install it using Synaptic02:30
vago_sebsebseb,  I search but there is no something like default theme..02:30
sebsebsebshane2peru_: your not on 10.04 yet?02:30
NaryaActionParsnip, the Adobe Flash Player 64 bit alpha installer is installed02:30
Cornwallunop: I really like networkmanager, though.... :(. Do you not know of a way to run a script on resume? I have found /etc/pm/suspend.d, but that runs a script on both suspend and resume, I believe. My script blocks will suspend from working.02:30
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: sudo find / -name "libflashplayer.so"02:31
sebsebsebvago_: no it won't say default theme, just look to see what thems are installed02:31
sebsebsebvago_: have you got more than one theme installed?02:31
vago_sebsebseb,  no02:31
Henry_BRsplash(while booting) isn't shown in ubuntu lucid. how could i fix this?02:31
ActionParsnipNarya: cool,  but it doesnt run in firefox?02:31
sebsebsebvago_: no  plymouth ubuntu-text  or anything like that?02:31
ubuntunewbnevermind, found it ^.^02:31
aaron-n-nikkisudo find rar unrar02:31
sebsebsebHenry_BR: ok what do you see instead?02:32
EntityRebornIs there a way to bunch wallpapers together in the same way the space ones are bunched?02:32
ActionParsnipNarya:  sudo find / -name "libflashplayer.so"    what is output? Did you restart firefox after installing it?02:32
sebsebsebvago_: right those are the defaults02:32
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: can use: which rar; which unrar02:32
vago_remove and logo and text?02:32
sebsebsebvago_: text can probably stay, but be sure to remove plymouth-ubuntu-logo if you want the solor theme instead02:32
=== diabolical is now known as dominicdinada
Trelliancan someone help me debug an upstart issue i'm having where the runlevel is not properly set? it's not because there's no 'lo' entry in /etc/network/interfaces as many launchpad bugs state. The system boots, but stalls halfway during the boot process, if i then ssh into the box the runlevel command returns unknown, manually doing telinit 2 will compleet the boot process02:32
unopCornwall, I believe I've used a script in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ sometime ago02:33
shane2peru_sebsebseb, oh, I have been on 10.04 for over a month now, guess I'm just not up on this stuff, I spend too much time using my computer instead of tinkering lately. :)02:33
vago_sebsebseb,  I find this way02:33
vago_sudo update-alternatives --install \02:33
vago_/lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth \02:33
vago_/lib/plymouth/themes/solar/solar.plymouth 10002:33
FloodBot1vago_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:33
Henry_BRsebsebseb, a black window02:33
vago_I will try it right now, after that I will try how u say :-)02:33
Naryathat was the problem forgot to restart FF. Thanks again ActionParsnip02:33
sebsebsebHenry_BR: right yeah I know about this kind of issue02:33
sebsebsebHenry_BR:  Which graphics card you got?02:33
markl_is there an easy way in ubuntu to set up a network scanner?02:33
UncleDAlmost done with my upgrade from Karmic->Lucid. Round of applause please?02:33
unopCornwall, you have to check what $1 is in the script - it can be one of  "suspend", "hibernate", "resume" or "thaw" -- so you can base your actions on this condition02:33
dattasorry looks like a bug has already been reported02:33
Henry_BRintel g950 i guess02:33
Cornwallunop: my problem is that my script uses the lynx text browser in the background to log in. When I suspend, I cannot get to that login page because I haven't been timed out yet. I tried setting a timeout for the script, but it still inhibits suspend..02:33
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
ActionParsnipNarya: cool, thought it would be ;)02:34
Cornwallunop: I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with $102:34
woodyjlwI crashed ubuntu 10.04 on my dual boot. I am going to install on different drive and dont want to have to reinstall windows7 so is there a way to fix the boot sector for windows and delete the broken ubuntu?02:34
sebsebsebHenry_BR: or if you don't know,  well Nivida or ATI?  Intel maybe?02:34
=== qwerty is now known as Guest45649
ubuntunewbdoes anyone know where the empathy tray icon images are located in the filesystem?02:34
Dark_Wolfunop: Alright now...new problem: It's only running one dock at a time. It waits until one closes before opening the other02:34
ActionParsnipmarkl_: do you mean access one or setup ubuntu as a network scanning server?02:34
unopCornwall, $1 being the first argument passed to the script when it is called.02:34
EntityRebornIs there a way to bunch wallpapers together in the same way the space papers are bunched?02:35
hiexpoeasy way synaptic unrar free02:35
vago__sebsebseb,  it work but only when I shutdown computer02:35
vago__sebsebseb,  When I start it, it use old login form, and no animation.. just black screen.. default loading is not show too02:35
Cornwallunop: How would I go about basing actions via condition? You don't have to tell me, but I don't really know how to google for this02:35
unopDark_Wolf, you might want to send the task into the background .. add a & to the end of your command.02:36
sebsebsebvago__: hrm02:36
sebsebsebvago__: Which graphics card?02:36
aaron-n-nikkiActionParsnip: Says no such file or directory. I did sudo apt-get install rar  unrar02:36
ActionParsnip!info rar | aaron-n-nikki02:36
Henry_BRsebsebseb, is an intel... let me see... INTEL  950 128MB02:36
Dark_Wolfubuntunewb: Have you tried something like /usr/share/empathy?02:36
vago__sebsebseb, Intel HD 4100 or something like that.. Dell Inspiron default card02:36
ubottuaaron-n-nikki: rar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:3.9.b2-1 (lucid), package size 542 kB, installed size 1164 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)02:36
=== debian is now known as Guest10750
Guest10750is there any console/terminals that blend into the desktop background02:36
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: make sure you have multiverse repo enabled02:36
Cornwallunop: ah, I'm guessing I use if/then. So would I say "if pm-suspend"?02:37
vago__sebsebseb,  now i remove it from synaptic02:37
vago__will try again02:37
sebsebsebright you both got Intel  Henry_BR and vago__  you both should be able to use Plymouth with that02:37
=== Guest10750 is now known as manchot
unopCornwall,  in the script you'd have something like.   case "$1" in  suspend)  my_suspend_command_here;; resume) my_resume_command_here;; esac02:37
aaron-n-nikkiActionParsnip: how i do that?02:37
Dark_Wolfmanchot: The default terminal is transparent in Lucid. You can also set earlier versions to do this with profiles.02:37
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: use software sources in administration02:37
ubuntunewbDark_Wolf: i looked for it, but didn't find it; maybe i overlooked it. let me try again.02:37
=== shonen is now known as codingjester
unopCornwall, yea, basically conditional checking - you can use your if/then/else if you like02:37
jdsandersonWhere can i get help with 10.0402:37
Dark_Wolfjdsanderson: here :P02:38
sebsebsebjdsanderson: yeah here02:38
sebsebseb!ask | jdsanderson02:38
ubottujdsanderson: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:38
jdsandersonI am having video driver problems02:38
vago_sebsebseb, now it work :-)02:38
Cornwallunop: excellent. I'll fiddle with this. Ubuntu does use pm-utils, doesn't it?02:38
sebsebseb!details | jdsanderson02:38
ubottujdsanderson: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:38
vago_sebsebseb,  do you know, how change login form ?02:38
Henry_BRsebsebseb, I have tried to do: sudo aptitude reinstall Plymouth... didn't work02:38
unopCornwall, well, check out some of the other scripts in that directory - should give you an idea of how to construct the script of yours02:38
jdsandersonand cant find xorg.conf02:38
sebsebsebvago_: what's up with your log in screen?02:38
sebsebsebHenry_BR: uhmm plymouth is already installed by default02:39
vago_sebsebseb, for example from art.gnome.org02:39
Dark_Wolfubuntunewb: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/linux_customize_terminal.html <-- Check there02:39
unopCornwall, I'm not too sure actually - I run a system that's far removed from ubuntu as it stands02:39
jdsandersonati radion moble m6 ly02:39
sebsebsebHenry_BR: in 10.0402:39
vago_sebsebseb,  it use default login form, but I wanna change it :-(02:39
aaron-n-nikkiActionParsnip: don't see multiverse repo02:39
jbrouhardjdsanderson, What exactly is the driver problem ?02:39
Cornwallunop: ha, okay. Well, I will try this out. Thanks so much for your help02:39
ActionParsnipjdsanderson: lucid annoyingly doesnt ship with an xorg.conf02:39
sebsebsebvago_: there is some sort of program in the repo that can get a background from Gnome and put as  background in GDM 2.  GDM 2 sucks though,  may as well use KDM or something else really :)02:39
Henry_BRsebsebseb, i tried to (re)install02:39
vago_sebsebseb,  KDM? what is that ? :-)02:39
sebsebsebvago_: KDE Display Manager02:40
sebsebsebvago_: of course if you never installed a KDE app on there before, it is going to want to put on quite a lot of stuff02:40
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: under the ubuntu software tab iths the 4th tickbox down02:40
Dark_Wolfubuntunewb: The only annoying thing about versions of the terminal pre-Lucid is that the transparency goes straight to the desktop; it doesn't show underlying windows02:40
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: it says multiverse in the brackets02:40
vago_sebsebseb,  :-D  but Gnome not bad too :-) I watched some videos in Youtube ;-) I never installed KDE yet :-)02:41
jdsandersonsometimes ti works, sometimes it freezes, sometimes it 3ds some times it dosent sometimes i close the lid and it starts workin when i open it again sometimes i have to re boot............02:41
vago_sebsebseb,  which program u can advice to change login screen ?02:41
ubuntunewbDark_Wolf: terminal? I'm trying to fix empathy. It has a bugged icon for one of its functions, and i'm trying to fix it :P02:41
sebsebsebvago_: well since uhmm I guess 2004 or was that 2005,  I have mixed Gnome and KDE apps02:41
jbrouhardjdsanderson, are you using the restricted drivers ?02:41
aaron-n-nikkiActionParsnip: ubuntu software center?02:41
sebsebsebvago_: so  Gnome usauly with KDE apps in it, sometimes other way round though02:41
un214full screen flash updates screen very slowly and/or hangs (lucid amd64)02:41
lucas-argim having slow transfer rate with ubuntu i have a iw3945abg wireless card, is it any bug reported?02:41
PlughI got the min/max/close gadgets appearing where I wanted them by resetting the theme via System->Preferences->Appearance02:42
jdsandersonno restricted drivers preasent02:42
Dark_Wolfubuntunewb: Sorry... helping two people at once is hard xD02:42
sebsebsebvago_: since neither Desktop environment is good enough for me on it's own02:42
un214this was working all throught the alphas and only got broke on the last RC02:42
Dark_Wolfmanchot: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/linux_customize_terminal.html <-- Check there02:42
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: no, under the system menu -> administration -> software sources02:42
Dark_Wolfmanchot: The only annoying thing about versions of the terminal pre-Lucid is that the transparency goes straight to the desktop; it doesn't show underlying windows02:42
Trellianis it ok to set /boot to noauto? will apt dist-upgrades automount it?02:42
jdsandersonright now it is working02:42
jdsandersonbut took three boots02:42
jbrouhardjdsanderson, I'd recommend using the restricted drivers02:42
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=mainmenu.png02:42
jbrouhardcause the FOSS version are rather buggy i think.02:42
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: i can't make it any clearer now02:43
sebsebsebvago_: KDM yeah :)  uhmm LXDM by default that will say Lubuntu if you install from Ubuntu repo,  a rather nice screen though.  There's slim as well  which will say Debian if you install from the repo, and that one is rather customizable it seems by the site that it woudn't take much to make your own theme.02:43
ChromiumChrisHello all!02:43
aaron-n-nikkiActionParsnip: i'm there just don't see it02:43
Henry_BRI'm considering to remove EMPATHY because this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/573814 . Does anyone know what program should I use instead of Empathy?02:43
manchotDark_Wolf, thank you. I am reading it.02:43
jdsandersonthere isn't one all the old ati drivers are open sorce02:43
vago_sebsebseb,  I have not installed Desktop Environment02:43
sebsebsebvago_: even a way to get the old GDM working, but that's a bit pointless02:43
vago_sebsebseb,  I install it right now :-))02:43
mc_Henry_BR, pidgin?02:43
sebsebsebvago_: uh no you don't understand then02:43
ubuntunewbDark_Wolf: It's fine :)02:43
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: http://cybernetnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/ubuntu-software-sources-proprietary-drivers.jpg   its the bottom tick box in the highlighted area02:43
vago_sebsebseb,  ? :-)02:44
aaron-n-nikkiActionParsnip: check marked02:44
ubuntunewbDark_Wolf: I've looked high and low for the icon stash, and i can't seem to find the set i'm looking for.02:44
sebsebsebvago_: you already have one it's called Gnome02:44
jbrouhardjdsanderson, I dunno, there's two differnet sets of ATI drivers floating.. one community built, one built by ATI themselves.02:44
sebsebsebvago_: KDE is another popular one02:44
jdsandersoni would like to force hardy's driver it worked perfecrt02:44
vago_sebsebseb,  but I find in repo GNOME Desktop Enviroment package02:44
ActionParsnipaaron-n-nikki: ok click close and run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get rar unrar02:44
sebsebsebvago_: and you can mix  Gnome and KDE apps together02:44
manchotDark_Wolf, can I launch a borderless, transparent, maximized terminal that goes into the background?02:44
sebsebsebvago_: Ubuntu uses Gnome,    Kubuntu uses KDE02:44
Dark_Wolfmanchot: I think I know what you're looking for, or something similar. Give me a sec.02:45
vago_sebsebseb,  I uninstall kubuntu because it not work with my wifi02:45
jdsandersonhang on , i'll find which one he is using right now02:45
ChromiumChrisHello all!02:45
=== phantom is now known as Guest44568
sebsebsebvago_: Lubuntu uses LXDE.   Xubuntu uses  XFCE.  differnet looks and differnet apps,  you can log in to the actasul desktop environment from the log in screen.  or use it's apps in   the one you have installed,  you can use  KDE apps inside Gnome for example02:45
chidare there any 'driver' checking software for ubuntu02:46
chidlike to upgrade and stuff ;P02:46
sebsebsebvago_: also  Ubuntu,  Kubuntu, Lubuntu,  and Lubuntu are all Ubuntu under the hood, so your wireless  should  also work in Kubuntu02:46
sebsebsebvago_: two Lubuntu's no that was meant to be Xubuntu  as well02:46
vago_sebsebseb,  and how I can install KDE in my UBUNTU? :-)02:46
ChromiumChrisI'm not new to Ubuntu (I once had 6.06, 8.04, and 9.04) and I know have a question02:46
jdsandersonusing xserver- xorg-video-02:46
sebsebsebvago_: by installing Kubuntu02:47
ChromiumChrisI have 10.04 installed on my laptop, and my laptop supports an HDMI-out.02:47
Guest44568hey how can i add Lubuntu to my choices of GUI's when i log in02:47
vago_sebsebseb, no way to leave ubuntu and install KDe on it ? :-(02:47
ChromiumChrisbut when i Plugged it in, nothing happened.02:47
ChromiumChriswhat do I do to make it appear on my TV?02:47
sebsebsebvago_: yes02:47
Dark_Wolfmanchot: yakuake may be as close as you can get02:47
sebsebsebvago_: one of them will be the default,  and you can choose the other one from the log in screen, when you want it02:47
vago_sebsebseb,  really I install Ubuntu for skype, because when I install kubuntu, I can't install skype I don't know why :-(02:47
Dark_Wolfmanchot: http://weichen.files.wordpress.com/2007/02/screenshot5.png02:47
vago_sebsebseb,  I try again same package, but no changes..02:48
sebsebsebvago_: you should be able to run Skype in Kubuntu as well02:48
jbrouhardjdsanderson, I'd try the restricted drivers if it's not enabled02:48
jbrouhardthey may be more stable02:48
=== flamekebab_ is now known as Flamekebab
manchotDark_Wolf, yakuake is the program to have that effect?02:48
sebsebsebvago_: anyway you don't need the whole of Kubuntu/KDE  installed to  have it's KDM log in screen02:48
hiexpo? once registered i should be able to join any channel right02:48
jdsandersonyes restricted is enabled no driver02:48
ChromiumChrisHow do I get 10.04 to appear over HDMI?02:49
vago_sebsebseb,  is it ok that I install ubuntu and kubuntu with Wubi?02:49
Dr_Willishiexpo:  after you 'identify' to the services on connection.02:49
shane2peru_ChromiumChris, you may want to consolidate your question to one line, and give them a minute02:49
sebsebsebvago_: just like you don't need the whole of Lubuntu installed to  have it's LXDM log in screen02:49
Dark_Wolfmanchot: Yakuake slides a teminal down from the top of the screen. It's transparent and spreads the width of the screen. It's also borderless except for the bottom, but that may be removable.02:49
shane2peru_ChromiumChris, right, like that. :)02:49
vago_sebsebseb,  there is not chance change login screen and add effect in Gnome?02:49
ChromiumChrishaha, I'm really new to this IRC stuff02:49
sebsebsebvago_: what do you mean?02:49
hiexpoDr_Willis,  - ya its wierd i can not join backtrack anymore says i need to register02:49
ActionParsnipmanchot: yakuake is sweeet, teres also tilda and guake for gnome etc02:50
Dr_Willisvago_:  GDM is only slightly 'changeable' in its appearance02:50
shane2peru_ChromiumChris, no problem, everyone has to learn at one point or another02:50
Henry_BR:-( My Ubuntu Lucid looks like an Alpha System.02:50
chidapt-get install psb-kernel-source problem > http://pastebin.com/v3FPngny02:50
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: then get theming :)02:50
Dr_WillisHenry_BR: so?02:50
manchotActionParsnip, I heard about tilda, but what is teres.02:50
manchotDark_Wolf, thank you. yakuake - a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. I am using gnome now02:51
ActionParsnipmanchot: typo s/teres/theres02:51
chiddoes anyone have any idea why I can't install psb-kernel-source on 9.1002:51
Dr_Willismanchot:  theres a few other 'pop out/down' terminal programs in the repos also. guake I think is another02:51
vago_sebsebseb,  my english is not good, that why u don't understand me :-( I asked can I change login form, and add some effects in Gnome? Or I need to install Kubuntu and remove Ubuntu?02:51
=== brycec is now known as brycec_reboot
sebsebsebvago_: effects such as Compiz or?02:51
manchotDr_Willis, can tilda do that?02:51
wo_spill** help ** my laptop isn't finding ANY wifi networks, mine, or my neighbor's .. running 10.04 here, any ideas??02:51
sebsebseb!compiz | vago_02:51
ubottuvago_: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz02:52
Dr_Willis!info tilda02:52
ubottutilda (source: tilda): terminal emulator with first person shooter console likeness. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.09.6-2 (lucid), package size 78 kB, installed size 588 kB02:52
vago_sebsebseb,  I don't know Compiz? I think I already installed it02:52
JoshDreamlandI told Jaunty to update to Karmic, now it won't boot. Brings up some tty layer with (initramfs)... I've never seen this before. Assuming it's actually "init RAM filesystem," this explains why I have no access to /. But I need such access to fix this mess. Can anyone help?02:52
Dr_Willismanchot:  same idea. Hit a key. terminal slids up/down/in/out02:52
Henry_BRSo... how could I say that Ubuntu is a good OS to my friends if my OS doesn't work. @@02:52
ChromiumChrisvago_: Alt+F2, then type compiz02:52
JoshDreamlandIn other words, how can I mount /dev/sdb1 / ?02:52
sebsebsebvago_: ok one thing at a  time02:52
sebsebsebvago_: plus there is also a great manual for newbies02:52
sebsebseb!manual | vago_02:52
ubottuvago_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:52
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: it is a good OS if you deem it so, some people hate it02:52
manchotOk. I am testing tilda and guake. thank you guys!02:53
Dr_Willisvago_:  You can change the appearance of the GDM login screen in some ways.   check the (not in the repos) tool 'gdm2setup' for an easy gui to do it in.02:53
vago_it just flash my monitor.. and thats all :-(02:53
ChromiumChris!info guake02:53
ubottuguake (source: guake): A drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-3 (lucid), package size 139 kB, installed size 960 kB02:53
wo_spill** help ** my laptop isn't finding ANY wifi networks, mine, or my neighbor's .. running 10.04 here, any ideas??02:53
sebsebsebvago_: you can change it's background, and that's about it02:53
Dr_WillisChromiumChris:  theres a few others. but i cant rember their names02:53
ChromiumChriswo_spill: did you install the drivers?02:53
ActionParsnipwo_spill: if you run: sudo iwlist scan    does it find any?02:53
wo_spillchromium -- I've never had to before ..  I don't know who makes my 'nic02:54
sebsebsebvago_: if you want a nicer looking background by default,  I suggest KDM02:54
ActionParsnipwo_spill: if not run: sudo lshw -C network     use the product line in websearches to find guides02:54
Dark_Wolfmanchot: KDE applications run in gnome, you know :P02:54
wo_spillthanks ..  trying a few things here ..02:54
=== hacker is now known as Guest39901
ChromiumChriswo_spill: Simply plug your laptop in via ethernet, then check for new drivers02:54
vago_sebsebseb,  I think I have installed gdm2 because in System preference I already have Login Screen02:55
sebsebsebvago_: yes by default  with 10.04, you get GDM 202:55
vago_sebsebseb,  but there is no any options to change something..02:55
facugaichSo, I installed 10.04 and now I can't figure out how to add depth to the windows in my rotating cube, I have the feeling those settings have been moved somewhere else...02:55
sebsebsebvago_: indeed it's not that configurable unlike the old version02:55
Dr_Willisvago_:  look for the tool 'gdm2setup' or other unoffical tools.02:55
sebsebsebvago_: you will need another program to change the background02:55
manchotDark_Wolf, I have yet to test the pompous kde environment.02:55
ChromiumChrisfacugaich, are you using Compiz?02:56
=== eric is now known as Guest53747
sebsebsebDr_Willis: there is something in the repo that will  change background by the way02:56
shane2peru_hey that guake is pretty neat02:56
WarlockHi everithing02:56
Henry_BRActionParsnip, here people, free software community, says that gnu/linux should be used... in schools, home, etc... But, I feels like it cause more hating than loving... I feels like first the community should implement a better OS before want people, simple users, using it. I don't know...02:56
sebsebsebDr_Willis: or at least get from Gnome website first, and then be able to do it02:56
Dark_Wolfmanchot: The terminal's going to work the same in GNOME as it would in KDE02:56
sebsebsebDr_Willis: when the user has picked a background02:56
facugaichChromiumChris, yes and CompizConfig02:56
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  You can run the gnome-setings tool as the 'gdm' user and cahnge a fews things02:56
Warlocksome chilean ?02:56
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: thats the goal of ubuntu02:56
sebsebsebDr_Willis: right, but this person is a new user02:56
wo_spilluhm, my 10.04 is barfing on me.  my sudo password isn't working.  wtf02:56
mc_facugaich, under Effects, the first option should be 3D Windows02:56
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  or just edit that ugly default wallpaper  in gimp02:57
jribwo_spill: your "sudo password" should be the same as your user's password02:57
ActionParsnipwo_spill: boot to root recovery mode and run: passwd foo     replace foo with your usual username02:57
ChromiumChris!info python02:57
vago_Dr_Willis,  I find it, now install it02:57
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.6.5-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 144 kB, installed size 640 kB02:57
sebsebsebDr_Willis: oh can go into the folder with the background, and edit it and save there, and log in screen changes as well?02:57
Dark_Wolfmanchot: Scratch that, yakuake is buggy in GNOME. Use Tilda instead.02:57
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  it should.02:57
wo_spilljrib -- I know. I'm not a total newb, but I'm really suprised that 10.04 isn't working (wifi) 'out of the box'02:57
manchotDark_Wolf, trying guake now. will test Tilda in a moment. Thank you !02:57
sebsebsebDr_Willis: anyway you calling both default backgrounds ugly so 9.10 and 10.04 or?02:57
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  i set up grub, gdm, and my user to use the same wallpaper. :) that way i dont see it ever really change02:57
jribwo_spill: is your issue wifi or sudo?02:58
markl_ActionParsnip: scanner, i have an HP all in one printer/scanner with an ethernet port.  i'm also a total n00b at scanners.  what is the easiest way to set it up?02:58
Henry_BRActionParsnip, but Ubuntu has many bugs... I'm considering try another system. I don't know. With 9.10 i didn't have problems, but now... 10.04 is fucking stressing me02:58
sebsebsebDr_Willis: I was like bugger GDM 2, i'll just use KDM instead :)02:58
facugaichmc_: Under "Effects" there's Animations, Blur Windows, Fading Windows, Minimize Effect, Water Effect, Windows Decoration and Wobbly Windows02:58
markl_can it scan and dump the files on a samba share or something, or should I configure it via usb02:58
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  i perfer a simple solid color.. so Yes.. I find most of the 'dithered gradient rorshack tests' ugly :)02:58
Dark_Wolfmanchot: though Tilda may not be very pretty. Either way, good luck. Time for me to go02:58
sebsebsebDr_Willis: also what I like about KDM is with more than one user on the computer, it will have the user name, of the last person that was on it ,showing in text02:58
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: windows also has many bugs02:58
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  set it to auto login, and you never notice it. :)02:58
mknarrhay guys hows everyone doing ???02:58
ChromiumChrisIs there an easy way to add my HP All-In-One with wireless printing to Ubuntu?02:58
wo_spilljrib -- I just tried 'sudo iwlist scan', and it won't take my password02:58
flotopocohi, can sombody tell me how to start network-admin?02:58
mc_facugaich, hmm, ok no idea then...02:59
wo_spillarg.  I just installed it two days ago.02:59
flotopocoim nw :$02:59
sebsebsebDr_Willis: could do auto log in, but nah02:59
jribwo_spill: what *exactly* happens?  What do you mean by "take" your password?02:59
Dr_WillisChromiumChris:  network printers should work.  You may need to use the Cups web admin to configure it.02:59
ChromiumChris!info cups02:59
ubottucups (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.3-1 (lucid), package size 1882 kB, installed size 8204 kB02:59
Dr_Willisbye all02:59
ActionParsnipmarkl_: if you can ping the printer's IP you can set it up as a network printer. There is an app under administration02:59
=== erlik is now known as erl1k
ChromiumChrisDr_Willis: Where do I go to add a printer? lol03:00
=== erl1k is now known as erlik
sebsebsebvago_: probably easier to just install another screen, that has a good background by default, than mess around with other programs to  get background changed03:00
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:00
ChromiumChrishiexpo, thanks03:01
vago_sebsebseb,  and how I can install another screen?03:01
sebsebsebvago_: as for eye candy  when it comes to Ubuntu/Gnome  and  Kubuntu/KDE,  KDE is well I guess nicer looking by default in most distros, but  it's also more geek to customize than Gnome03:01
Henry_BRActionParsnip, for me it is only more slowly, and things works, splash works, msn works, webcam works, etc... (little things like webcam and msn are keys to conquer people). or... internet banking, for exemple... i have to boot in windows to login in my account. I'd like to remove windows, but... I can't. :\03:01
shane2peru_ChromiumChris, if you have an HP, and you plug it in (USB) it should recognize it and set it up, others perhaps too03:01
hiexpoChromiumChris, no problem03:01
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: webcams are hugely supported, if you run lsusb you will see identifiers which you can use to find guides03:02
shane2peru_ChromiumChris, otherwise System -> Prefrences -> Printers03:02
markl_ActionParsnip: can a network printer scan documents onto my network hard drive?03:02
ChromiumChrisshane2peru, I know, but it's a wireless printer03:02
sebsebsebHenry_BR: yeah silly banks, some/many will even force people to use the rather insecure Internet Explorer for Internet banking03:02
shane2peru_ChromiumChris, ahh, ok, in that case see the above.03:02
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: for msn there is amsn and emesene and even pidgin03:02
hiexpoChromiumChris, bluetooth03:02
flotopocoi have a problem whit the bottons in the flash web pages, like youtube :O how i can fix it?03:02
wo_spillmy desktop has an exclamation point on the wireless networking icon, up in the RH corner. left-click used to show all of my neighbor's routers AND mine.  now I see none!!03:02
sebsebsebvago_: open the terminal03:03
ActionParsnipmarkl_: ive not used a scanner at any length so am unsure, hp love linux so i'd say more than likely03:03
sebsebsebvago_: you know how to do that right or?03:03
mknarrflotopoco,  hay man the flash problem is caused by aving compix enabled03:03
wo_spillI just upgraded to 10.04, this is my first attempt on this installation to go wifi03:03
mknarrflotopoco,  having *compiz*03:03
vago_sebsebseb,  right03:03
ActionParsnipwo_spill: right click it and disable the wireless, then right click again and select enablewireless03:04
vago_I open it03:04
flotopocomknarr what i must to do?  (sorry if my english is bad )03:04
Bigbucks2518I need help03:04
flotopocoI have compiz03:04
shane2peru_!question | Bigbucks251803:04
ubottuBigbucks2518: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:04
vago_flotopoco, russian ?03:04
jribwo_spill: is sudo fine then?03:04
Henry_BRActionParsnip, I tried many times, spend many hours to make my webcam works. In skype, now, it works. But... try http://twitcam.com/. or another websites with language learning or something like, that use flash, etc, with webcam...03:04
sebsebsebvago_: how much space did you give Ubuntu?  Hard disk space for Ubuntu really isn't an issue, as long as you didn't give it a totally stupid amount of space.  Linux programs hardly take up much hard disk space unlike Windows.  However since  you probably haven't installed a KDE app before...03:04
vago_flotopoco,  ok ;-)03:04
hiexpo!help | Bigbucks251803:04
vago_sebsebseb,  like 50Gb03:05
SudhaAm i allowed to use the pictures avaiable in http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/1004features  in my website to promote ubuntu ? or should i send a mail to somene for permission ?03:05
flotopocook thx mknarr03:05
sebsebsebvago_: ok not a problem then03:05
Bigbucks2518I am dual booting win7 and 10.04 and duringrhe partition, it stopped letting me do anything. I can type and move the mouse, but I cannot click anything03:05
wo_spillomg.  I'm going to hell for this one.03:05
shane2peru_Sudha, there are some public graphics available on wiki03:05
shane2peru_!language | wo_spill03:05
ubottuwo_spill: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:05
Sudhashane2peru, so i should not copy from "take the tour" ?03:05
wo_spillbad language?03:05
PiciSudha: See http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/  if you are unsure03:06
sebsebsebvago_: sudo apt-get install kdm   it will probably want to put on quite a lot of KDE programs, but that's fine.  then in the terminal it will ask which one to use, and with arrow keys select KDM and hit enter.03:06
shane2peru_Sudha, just a second and I will find it03:06
wo_spillif only I could remember what it was.03:06
Bigbucks2518What should I do03:06
vago_sebsebseb,  It ask Do you want to continue?03:06
ade2_markl_, for my hp network all in 1 printer/scanner, I used xsane to connect to it and and scan stuff.03:07
sebsebsebvago_: ah right yes,  and yes you do03:07
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: the flash plugin can use webcam afaik03:07
chidah, I think I know what's wrong03:07
JoshDreamlandIf I could just ask again how to mount my hard drive to / from initramfs...03:07
SudhaPici, "You are welcome to display on your computer, download and print pages from this website provided the content is only used for personal, educational and non-commercial use."03:07
chidI borked an upgrade03:07
SudhaPici, so i am allowed ?03:07
=== mickster14 is now known as mickster04
vago_sebsebseb,  ok now it download and install something :-)03:07
hiexpoPici,  _ hello03:07
PiciSudha: If you are not sure, I believe  that there is a contact link on that page somewhere.03:08
Picihiexpo: hi03:08
Bigbucks2518I am installing windows 7 and03:08
ActionParsnipchid: boot to live cd and chroot to the installed system to then run: sudo apt-get -f install03:08
shane2peru_Sudha, well, I can't find it now, but there was a web page giving the buttons away that could be used on web pages etc.03:08
Bigbucks2518It froze during the partition in ubuntu install03:08
vago_sebsebseb,  default display manager GDM or KDM?03:09
sebsebsebvago_: KDM03:09
Bigbucks2518But I can still move the mouse and type03:09
ActionParsnipBigbucks2518: did you md5 test the iso youo downloaded?03:09
Bigbucks2518What should I do?03:09
markl_ade2_: is that installed by default?  i see a sane-utils package03:09
Henry_BRActionParsnip, how? in skype I have to write "x=yyy/zzz    skype" in terminal for it works with webcam... but with flash i don't know. And x=yyy/zzz... is not human being =\03:09
hiexpo9.10 still better03:09
DeathMetalDeanIf I download Ubuntu Studio from their site, will I have an option to choose Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio when I start up my laptop or will it overwrite Ubuntu?03:09
ChromiumChrisThe printer worked!03:09
sebsebsebDeathMetalDean: you don't need to get it from the site03:09
ade2_markl_, probably not, but if you run xsane, it should tell you how to get it.03:09
sebsebsebDeathMetalDean: you can install it into your Ubuntu install03:10
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: just remember what ubuntu is and the masses of money which other OS developers have03:10
DeathMetalDeansebsebseb, :o how do I do that?03:10
ChromiumChrisDeathMetalDean: You can use the package manager to add all the UbuntuStudio files03:10
vago_sebsebseb,  and what now?03:10
shane2peru_DeathMetalDean, if you install it on a separate partition you can use either.03:10
facugaichSo, I installed 10.04 and now I can't figure out how to add depth to the windows in my rotating cube, I have the feeling those settings have been moved somewhere else...03:10
skylI have a lucid iso.  Can I check if it corrupted before I burn it?03:10
sebsebsebvago_: yeah you need xorg restarted  properly before KDM shows,  re booting the computer will do the trick03:10
Henry_BRActionParsnip, and about webcam in flash...03:10
sebsebsebvago_: then come back here one you seen it, and tell me if you like this one better :)03:10
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: not sure, i dont use webcams. I think they are creepy03:11
shane2peru_facugaich, you probably need to install compiz config manager03:11
facugaichskyl, Yes, you have to compute its md5 sum and then compare it to the one supplied by Canonical03:11
hiexposkyl, yes md5suns03:11
facugaichshane2peru, Yeah I have it, that's where I'm looking03:11
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:11
sebsebseb!studio | DeathMetalDean03:11
ubottuDeathMetalDean: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org03:11
skylfacugaich, hiexpo got a quick bit of bash or python I can apply to that problem?03:12
facugaich!md5 | skyl03:12
ubottuskyl: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:12
shane2peru_facugaich, hmm, I don't have it in front of me, but I know the settings are in there somewhere.03:12
sebsebsebDeathMetalDean: sudo apt-get install  ubuntustudio-desktop I think03:12
Henry_BRActionParsnip, :O but video is a good thing in learning languages or when your mother lives 30hour from you :S03:12
DeathMetalDeansebsebseb, kk thanks03:12
ActionParsnipHenry_BR: i guess03:12
sebsebseb!info ubuntustudio-desktop03:12
ubottuubuntustudio-desktop (source: ubuntustudio-meta): Ubuntu Studio Desktop Package. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.70 (lucid), package size 9 kB, installed size 36 kB03:12
VigoDeathMetalDean: It is also in Synaptic.03:12
facugaichshane2peru, I found them right away in 9.10, but it seems they have been moved somewhere else with 10.403:12
vago__sebsebseb, It change login form only ? :-)03:12
sebsebsebvago__: yes it's a differnet log in screen03:13
vago__sebsebseb,  because all be the same.. only login screen :-)03:13
shane2peru_facugaich, hmm, could be I didn't get compiz up and running yet on mine03:13
sebsebsebvago__: yes03:13
vago__sebsebseb,  ok it's not bad, but how I can change to older one ?:-)03:13
sebsebsebvago__: have you seen it yet?03:13
sebsebsebvago__: older one do you  mean the old version of Grub?03:13
sebsebsebuh GDM03:13
vago__sebsebseb,  ? I see new login form I already rebooted :-)03:13
ChromiumChrisDeathMetalDean: UbuntuStudio is kinda like Windows XP Media Center, it's Ubuntu with some modifications added. Same with Edubuntu.03:14
sebsebsebvago__: older one, the one you had before?03:14
vago__sebsebseb,  yes03:14
vago__before install KDM03:14
sebsebsebvago__: that's easy to do,  but  you could try two other ones first if you want03:14
sebsebsebvago__: then pick03:14
vago__sebsebseb,  ?03:14
vago__sebsebseb,  I don't understand u03:14
ChromiumChriscan I run KDE apps on Ubuntu? Or do I need to install the kubuntu-desktop package?03:15
Henry_BRIn Emesene my webcam works. How could i have my webcam recognized by flash/websites in firefox?03:15
sebsebsebvago__: there's also LXDM and slim that you can install in the same way and try in the same way.   as for going back to GDM,  just remove  another one that you installed, and it will ask you to set up the log in screen again and which one to use03:15
shane2peru_ChromiumChris, no you can run kde apps, they do pull in the some kde dependencies though03:15
=== fclaude is now known as help
vago__sebsebseb,  and how I can uninstall KDM now? and use my older one ? :-)03:16
ChromiumChrisThank you shane2peru03:16
SingAlonghi all. i'm attaching a monitor to my notebook. Is it possible to show different screens on the notebook screen and thr monitor?03:16
=== help is now known as Guest33717
shane2peru_ChromiumChris, no prob03:16
sebsebsebvago__: don't want to try  LXDM or slim first?03:16
=== Guest33717 is now known as fclaude
vago__sebsebseb,  not really :-)03:16
ArrickAnyone here ever used a turtlebeach 1x1 Midi cord with Ubuntu and found software to run a Korg Triton Pro X 88 key keyboard with the software?03:16
=== brycec_reboot is now known as brycec
ChromiumChrisa few more questions03:16
SingAlonghi all. i'm attaching a monitor to my notebook. Is it possible to show different screens on the notebook screen and the monitor?03:17
mickster04SingAlong: yes03:17
ChromiumChrisDoes Ubuntu support the Macbook Multitouch trackpad?03:17
sebsebsebvago__: LXDM is worth trying really.  However to remove KDM.  well you can do sudo apt-get remove KDM   or  well  when I remove programs from Ubuntu i'll use purge instead of remove,  so it does config files as well03:17
sebsebsebvago__: sudo apt-get purge kdm03:17
skylso, if the md5 sum is not matching, the iso is bad. What are the most common causes?03:17
mickster04ChromiumChris: i think so, you may have to set up binndings to do the same stuf mac does tho...03:17
sebsebsebskyl: bad download03:17
vago__now which one u advice to do? purge or remove?:-)03:18
sebsebsebvago__: purge03:18
SingAlongmickster04: any particular pkg you can point me to?03:18
theGmanWould someone tell me what app I use to start/stop services as well as difining which ones are automagically started at bootup?03:18
melrokzI have lucid (stable). How do i remove entries from the new GRUB menu?03:18
mknarrsebsebseb, ca u actualy use the short forms to uninstall the kubuntu KDM manager i thought u had to use    sudo apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop manager ???03:18
mickster04well...it does it by default, so i have misinterpreted your question?03:18
ChromiumChrismickster04: Does it support the two-fingered scrolling?03:19
sebsebsebmknarr: yes you can use the short03:19
mickster04ChromiumChris: yes that should be default03:19
mickster04ChromiumChris: altho on lucid mayb not03:19
SingAlongmickster04: so do i just hookup the other monitor and it works?03:19
mickster04ChromiumChris: but easy to fix03:19
mknarrsebsebseb, kool thx03:19
sebsebsebmknarr: also package kubuntu-desktop-manager won't exist or whatever,  I think it's just known as KDM, but maybe not03:19
mickster04SingAlong: should do03:19
GrexeoI have just installed Ubuntu server (lucid) and SSH isn't starting automatically. How do I fix this?03:19
theGmanWould someone tell me what app I use to start/stop services as well as difining which ones are automagically started at bootup?03:19
ActionParsnipmelrokz: remove the kernel which is referenced03:19
camel_I've got this issue w/ 10.04 - I can't play many videos on youtube b/c hitting the play button does nothing, some work, some don't ... i can right click on a video if it's youtube and hit 'watch on youtube' and that works b/c it autostarts .. any ideas?03:19
mickster04SingAlong: should for powerpoints etc03:19
theGmanStill new to ubuntu... :s03:19
DavidJHeinrichcan server mobos take desktop RAM if it is of the same speed rating?03:20
ActionParsnipGrexeo: is openssh-server installed?03:20
sebsebsebmknarr: also calling it kubuntu-desktop-manager is rather bad really, since  it's KDE that made it not Kubuntu developers03:20
theGman!services >theGman03:20
ChromiumChrisAnd can I install Ubuntu on the PS3 via "Other OS" feature (I know it was removed, but we have an old older model that has the original firmware)03:20
SingAlongmickster04: this is my use case, suppose i have emacs running on one screen, can i show chrome on my other monitor?03:20
GrexeoActionParsnip: yes I'm using it atm, but it just doesn't start by itself at boot03:20
theGmanHey, I tried right? :P03:20
ChromiumChris!info emacs03:20
ubottuemacs (source: emacs23): The GNU Emacs editor (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 23.1+1-4ubuntu7 (lucid), package size 21 kB, installed size 52 kB03:20
Patrinstarhi guys, i ran an update recently, and after rebooting, all I'm getting is my wallpaper, no panel, icons, or anything...however all of the processes (i.e. gnome-panel) are running03:20
ActionParsnip!boot | Grexeo03:20
ubottuGrexeo: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto03:20
theGman!info services >theGman03:20
mickster04SingAlong: yes, i think it acts as an extra scren i believe03:21
theGman!info services03:21
ActionParsnipPatrinstar: press ALT+F2 and run nautilus03:21
ubottuPackage services does not exist in lucid03:21
ChromiumChris!info services | theGman03:21
ubottutheGman: please see above03:21
Pici!msgthebot | theGman03:21
ubottutheGman: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".03:21
melrokzcan i edit grub.cfg in GRUB2? I am confounded by the script files....03:21
PatrinstarActionParsnip, that brings up a filemanager, but doesnt restore my desktop icons03:21
theGmanPici: Thx :)03:21
sebsebsebmknarr: why sending me a notice?03:21
mickster04melrokz: no not really03:21
sebsebsebmknarr: instead of standard message03:22
mickster04melrokz: what are you trying to do?03:22
PatrinstarActionParsnip, interestingly enough, if i run `killall gnome-panel' in a terminal, it appears to restart the process and then the panel shows up03:22
melrokzi need to remove 2 lines - 'memtest 86' and 'windows xp'03:22
theGmanSo, I still haven't any idea what to use to start/stop services or what to use to define ones to automatically start when booting?03:22
PatrinstarActionParsnip, kinda strange, its like the process loaded but forgot to display anything03:22
sebsebsebmknarr: you just did it again by mistake, it seems03:22
mknarrsebsebseb, lol srry haha03:23
ActionParsnipPatrinstar: hmm, usually nautilus draws the desktop03:23
Loshkimelrokz: you can edit grub.cfg directly, but you will lose the changes any time update-grub gets called, which includes whenever there's a kernel update...03:23
mickster04melrokz: you can uninstall one and remove the ability to search for other os's i think:/03:23
PatrinstarActionParsnip, yea i know...for some reason the same trick doesnt work with nautilus03:23
SingAlonghow do i choose the windows that appear on different screens (i have a monitor connected to my netbook03:23
ActionParsnip!panelfix | Patrinstar03:23
ActionParsnip!fixpanel | Patrinstar03:23
mickster04SingAlong: explain in more detail03:23
theGmanIn other distros I could either use service mysql start/stop/restart (from root term) or a pkg system-config-services to select which were started at boot.03:23
mknarrSingAlong, you need to use your driver software to set up the second monitor03:24
theGmanWhat do I use in ubuntu to accomplish this?03:24
ActionParsnip!resetpanel | Patrinstar03:24
vago_sebsebseb, ok now it's old one :-) good, may be you know how install loginform from art.gnome.org website? it download tar.gz archive.. and there is a lot of files03:24
ubottuPatrinstar: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:24
sebsebsebvago_: uhmm03:24
SingAlongmickster04: I have the monitor setup and it displays my irc terminal and now the external stuff like the desktop bar with the applications menu etc are in netbook screen03:24
sebsebsebvago_: look in synpatic  search for uhmm walllpaper03:24
mknarrSingAlong, CCC - catles control center or Nvidia - nvidia display manager03:24
mickster04theGman: sudo service mysql start.stop etc doesnt work?03:25
sebsebsebvago_: there's some sort of program that will get the background change on GDM,  from gnome website03:25
sebsebsebvago_: plus a few background packages for the desktop03:25
ChromiumChrisCan I share my ubuntu desktop with a Windows desktop03:25
mickster04ChromiumChris: vnc?03:25
PatrinstarActionParsnip, k, did that, i'll try logging out and back in03:25
ChromiumChris!info VNC03:25
ubottuPackage VNC does not exist in lucid03:25
PatrinstarActionParsnip, but i think there's more to it than that03:25
mickster04SingAlong: is that a problem?03:25
SingAlongmknarr: i have a netbook. it doesnt have nvidia hardware03:25
ChromiumChriswhat is VNC?03:25
theGmanmickster04: I hadn't tried just myswl, it was always mysqld in the others I've used.03:25
PatrinstarActionParsnip, since the desktop isnt showing either03:25
mickster04theGman: tab cmoplete it03:26
theGmanSry, myswl -> mysql03:26
mknarrSingAlong, what integrated video card r u using ?03:26
sebsebseb!vnc > ChromiumChris03:26
ubottuChromiumChris, please see my private message03:26
ridz16can someone plz help me, my ubuntu desktop is a mess I can't get in it03:26
camel_anyone know why the play button on a video wouldn't be working.  Videos that autostart play fine, just no button love for me03:26
vago_sebsebseb,  I don't find any prog in synaptic to modify GDM03:26
mickster04theGman: tab complete it, it will give you options if there are more than one...03:26
SingAlongmickster04: mknarr on my netbook... it's an acer aspire one 150D. let me check the card03:26
PatrinstarActionParsnip, oh sorry, i was wrong, i can get the desktop to draw if i restart nautilus03:27
sebsebsebvago_: there is something I Know there is since I have used,  do I really have to load up an Ubuntu virtual machine? hrm03:27
vago_sebsebseb,  and u don't remember name of that program right ?:-D03:27
* sebsebseb loves Virtualbox03:27
ActionParsnipPatrinstar: are the panels ok now though?03:28
sebsebsebvago_: hang on and i'll do it03:28
PatrinstarActionParsnip, panels are fine, they just dont show up when i first login...03:28
vago_ok :-)03:28
IbagI need a bit of help with the MySQL piece of a brand new install of Ubuntu server.  Am I in the right place?03:29
camel_Ibag, what are you trying to do?03:29
ridz16can someone plz help me, my ubuntu desktop is a mess I can't get in it03:29
ActionParsnipPatrinstar: you could make a script to kill the panel then rerun them while you work out a fix03:30
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:30
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:30
UbuntuJeffridz16, more information please, what do you mean you can't get in it?03:30
ActionParsnipPatrinstar: if you login as another user is it ok?03:30
IbagI'm trying to run mysql -u root - give me "Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'03:30
theGmanI got it, I guess it's gonna take a while to get the hang of what ubuntu calls stuff. Kinda fun really. :P03:30
IdleOnealsamixer in 10.04 does not work anymore?03:30
PatrinstarActionParsnip, yea, the thought just crossed my mind, just not a very elegant solution03:30
DingGGuhey guys, I need help03:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:30
k3rncan i somehow modify the pgrep output so that it can be displayed using cowsay -n? the pgrep command seems to be too long ...03:30
camel_Ibag, have you setup a password for root?  If not run via terminal mysql_secure_install and set one up03:31
chidhey guys, I've accidentally installed a bunch of 910 drivers but I have a 9.04 installation how can I remove all of them quickly?03:31
camel_Ibag, otherwise the command you're looking for is --> mysql -u root -p03:31
camel_that should prompt you for a password03:31
DingGGuhow can make user?03:32
ActionParsnip!adduser | DingGGu03:32
ubottuDingGGu: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo03:32
CloudMonkeecomcast cable sucks03:32
IbagI haven't done anything to the MySQL config - I'll try that mysql_secure_install and the mysql -u root -p03:32
ActionParsnipIbag: why are you logged in as root?03:32
DingGGuoh nono03:32
=== zenergi_ is now known as zenergi
IbagI'm not logged onto Ubuntu as root, just trying to do the initial config of MySQL and all the guides say use mysql -u root03:33
DingGGuwhen i user this command, useradd correctly?03:33
IdleOnewhen I type alsamixer in terminal I get: cannot load mixer controls: Invalid argument03:33
DingGGumake folder & user03:33
camel_Ibag, ok ... yeah set a root password for mysql ... also it will ask some ?'s ... remove test db's and users ... reload privileges03:33
ActionParsnipDingGGu: sudo adduser newname03:33
DingGGuoops, homefoler03:33
commander_can u use gnome globalmenu on 10.4?03:33
ridz16i have a screenshot, a photo of my monitor actually, this is what happen after I select ubuntu a black screen shows up with commands and stuff!!! idk what to do http://bit.ly/duBpGN03:33
DingGGuif i use that command, i can't login03:34
ActionParsnipDingGGu: then use the user management tool, it will be handled03:34
DingGGu.. i can't use notilus03:34
Ibagok, the mysql -u root -p thing at least got me to a mysql> prompt.  Thanks.03:35
ActionParsnipDingGGu: its not pat of nautilus, look in the administration menu under system03:35
ActionParsnipDingGGu: the link in the factoid explains it all for you, saves having to bother asking all these questions03:35
camel_anyone know why the play button on a video wouldn't be working.  Videos that autostart play fine, just no button love for me03:35
sebsebsebvago_: installing the program  I think it is03:36
camel_(flash of course)03:36
sebsebsebvago_: into my vm03:36
vago_ok I will try to find it03:36
=== huber is now known as huber-
sebsebsebvago_: no i'll tell you if it the one soon03:36
ActionParsnipridz16: try booting to livecd and changing the etc/fstab file on your partition to use /dev/sda1 (or whatever yours is. sudo blkid     will show you what it is) and change the UUID for that instead03:37
ActionParsnipridz16: backup the original first03:37
sebsebsebvago_: ok this is  it,   sudo apt-get install gnome-art03:38
ActionParsnip!info gnome-art03:38
ubottugnome-art (source: gnome-art): install GNOME themes from art.gnome.org. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-12 (lucid), package size 26 kB, installed size 204 kB03:38
sekyourboxHello, I would like some help fixing my broken upgrade installation package. I cannot install any other applications because of this issue. I'd appreciate any help http://pastebin.com/FmCBK57U03:39
vago_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)03:39
vago_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?03:39
sebsebsebvago_: ah right yes03:39
sebsebsebvago_: you can't have Synaptic open, when  you want to use an apt-get command03:39
hmwa friend can access a share with the GUI, but when I issue # smbtree, i see nothing. What am I doing wrong?03:40
sebsebsebvago_: since really all Synaptic is is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for these commands.03:40
vago_ok installing03:40
vago_ok now rebbot?03:40
sebsebsebvago_: no03:40
ActionParsnipvago_: you only need to reboot to change kernel, reboots are for windows03:41
sebsebsebvago_: yes only for important stuff such as a new kernel you need to re boot, really03:41
Henry_BRMy webcam works in flash-firefox and skype, using this tip: http://www.ubuntudicas.com.br/blog/?p=258703:41
sebsebsebvago_: or changing log in screen03:41
sebsebsebvago_: well you could maybe just log out of the account for that03:41
bens_join #rhythmbox03:42
vago_sebsebseb,  ok :-) Now I open it and it download themes it's ok ?03:42
jew_can somone help me install a new theme for ubunto?03:42
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:42
melaniei have a problem whit my screen, they turn black when come the login03:42
sebsebsebvago_: it's easy to use, but at first it's like, how to use this, so i'll guide you through this03:42
IdleOnewhen I type alsamixer in terminal I get: cannot load mixer controls: Invalid argument03:42
sebsebsebvago_: so you can change log in screen03:42
sebsebsebvago_: background03:43
sebsebsebvago_: have you got the program open yet even? I guess not03:43
SudhaI need a BASIc photo editor like "paint" of windows03:44
vago_sebsebseb,  I already open it03:44
vago_but Install button doesnt active why ? :-(03:44
melaniei have a problem whit my screen, they turn black when come the login somebody can help me?03:44
bens_Can anyone confirm that rythmbox in 10.04 can write to an ipod 3/4 gen?03:44
sebsebsebvago_: yes I seen this as well03:44
vago_sebsebseb,  or I need use download only and only then Install ?03:44
ActionParsnip!info gpaint | Sudha03:44
ubottuSudha: gpaint (source: gpaint): GNU Paint - a small, easy to use paint program for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.3-6 (lucid), package size 116 kB, installed size 776 kB03:44
sebsebsebmelanie: which graphics card?  Intel Nivida AT I?03:44
SudhaActionParsnip, ubottu thanks03:44
melaniebut is not my graphic card03:45
k3rnwhat tol scan i use to modify the pgrep output? i.e. line feed after each process? max length of line...03:45
sebsebsebvago_: odd since last time when I tried it, was just download theme, and say to use it and that was that03:45
jew_okay i downloaded aliernarena-2007-x86.run ..how do i install/ play the game?03:45
sebsebsebmelanie: your on 10.04 yes?03:46
castle`anyone know how i can revert back to the gnome indicator applet from ubuntu 9.0403:46
franxhi i did a standard update on ubuntu 10.0403:46
sebsebsebmelanie: ok the boot up 10.04 has can be a bit odd,  altough it seems to mainly happen when people have propritary Nivida or ATI drivers installed03:46
darkdelusionsjew_: chmod +x aliernarena-2007-x86.run then do a ./aliernarena-2007-x86.run03:46
vago_sebsebseb, I open Art > Other themes > Login screen, and it download 136 themes.. but now when I select one of them, Install button not active.. it's inactive03:46
ActionParsnip!info alienarena03:46
ubottuPackage alienarena does not exist in lucid03:46
sebsebsebvago_: yes I got same problem hrm03:46
sebsebsebvago_: in my vm03:47
sebsebsebvago_: maybe a bug in the program03:47
franxnow it is asking me about confiiguring grub-pc03:47
vago_sebsebseb,  :-((03:47
jew_whats that mean? lol i just downloaded ubuntu yesterday ..dont know much about it03:47
jew_put that in terminal?03:47
ActionParsnip!info alien-arena | jew_03:47
ubottujew_: alien-arena (source: alien-arena): Standalone 3D first person online deathmatch shooter. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 7.33-2 (lucid), package size 453 kB, installed size 1028 kB03:47
franxdo i want to "continue without installing grub-pc"03:47
sekyourboxHello, I would like some help fixing my broken upgrade installation package. I cannot install any other applications because of this issue. I'd appreciate any help http://pastebin.com/FmCBK57U03:47
ActionParsnipjew_: its in the repo. you dont need that file03:47
franxi cant seem to go forward without checking the box03:47
magn3tsI have to reinstall nvidia every other reboot after upgrading to 10.04. I only have good graphics every other boot. This is terribly frustrating and I'd love any advice! thanks!03:48
sebsebsebvago_: hold on i'll try something, to see if that gets it working better, well two things I guess03:48
jew_oh okay ..so i type somtin in the terminal to get it out?03:48
ActionParsnipjew_: sudo apt-get install alien-arena03:48
ade2_k3rn, you should be able to pipe output of pgrep into whatever.  What are you trying to do exactly?03:48
sebsebsebjew_: since your new this is a good download for you by the way03:48
melaniewhat can i do?03:48
jew_thank you very much03:48
sebsebseb!manual | jew_03:48
ubottujew_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:48
vago_sebsebseb,  Ok I will smoke, and come back :-) if u get it work, pvt me please :-)03:48
jew_sweet thanks03:48
IdleOnemaco: what was that ubuntu audio channel you mentioned from today?03:48
melaniewhen i boot, i turn off the screen until the login(music) and everytihg is alright!03:49
sebsebsebmelanie: oh so is the issue after you have logged in from log in screen?03:49
franxthe default ubuntu 10.04 doesnt use grub as its loader03:49
sebsebseb!grub2 | franx03:50
ubottufranx: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:50
Izinucsfranx: really?03:50
sebsebsebmelanie:  well there won't be any music, untill you have logged in to the user account03:50
wulfyhey sebsebseb is the grub menu meant to be graphical or black/white text plain ol menu?03:50
vago_sebsebseb,  Install button work with splash screen only :-(03:50
franxsebsebseb why when i update it asks me to "continue without installing grub"?03:50
sebsebsebwulfy: it's meant to be black and white and boring looking, unless you customize it, sadly Grub 2 isn't as easy as the old version to customize and make look good.03:50
franxi havent changed anything from standard install, simply doing an update03:51
wulfysebsebseb,  ahhh dunno where i got the idea it was graphical..... thought it was the remains of a old backtrack install03:51
sebsebsebwulfy: it can be graphical03:51
sebsebsebwulfy: well I guess the new one can, like the old03:51
wulfysebsebseb, as by default not something id done03:51
franxit might have sometthing to do with updating the kernel03:52
mikelissAny reason why gedit's spell check things I'm in the UK? I'm in the US. The rest of my system knows it.03:52
k3rncan i let pgrep insert a line after each command found?03:52
wulfymikeliss, its trying to emphersis the fact us brits spell things the right way03:52
sebsebsebwulfy: indeed  British English :(  American English :(03:53
wyrlssmikeliss Tools >> set language ?03:53
sebsebsebwulfy: ah I did that wrong03:53
sebsebsebwyrlss: the first :( is meant to be a :)03:54
shazbotmcnastyWhat's the best DVD ripper? I tried bestbot but there's only 3 votes03:54
mikelisswulfy: Look at that. Totally didn't see that, thanks.03:54
ActionParsnipmikeliss: in gedit click tools _> set language03:54
wulfymikeliss, sorry bud was meant to be more helpfull than wit03:54
ActionParsnipshazbotmcnasty: there is no single best application for any task you can think of03:54
shazbotmcnastyActionParsnip, I know, what's the best in your opinion.03:54
shazbotmcnastyI need to rip a DVD03:55
IdleOnewhen I type alsamixer in terminal I get: cannot load mixer controls: Invalid argument03:55
ActionParsnip!info acidrip | shazbotmcnasty03:55
ubottushazbotmcnasty: acidrip (source: acidrip): ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.14-0.2ubuntu5 (lucid), package size 63 kB, installed size 308 kB03:55
sebsebsebvago_: ok I just basically left my vm alone03:55
mikelisswulfy: Oh, I meant to direct my reply to wyrlss, actually.03:55
sebsebsebvago_: let screensaver  come back on03:55
sebsebsebvago_: went back to it, whilst the log in screen thing is open03:55
franxdoes anyone else when they update to the new kernel in 10.04 get the screen from debconf only allowing you to continue if you DONT conf03:55
shazbotmcnastyActionParsnip, is it GUI or CLI?03:55
franxconfigure grub?03:55
sebsebsebvago_: then I clicked one, and it seems that yes this time it will work let me install03:55
wulfyMikeliss i noticed dont worry :D03:56
ActionParsnipshazbotmcnasty: its a gui app03:56
ade2_k3rn, perhaps I misunderstand, but I think it already does that.  For example, if I run "pgrep sshd", I get a number of PIDs, each on a line by itself.03:56
shazbotmcnastyoh goody03:56
red2kicshazbotmcnasty: There also are dvdrip. You could use that.03:56
* shazbotmcnasty claps03:56
vago_sebsebseb, may be if I will close it and open again it will work?03:56
shazbotmcnastythank you ActionParsnip and red2kic03:56
sebsebsebvago_: yes maybe03:56
sebsebsebvago_: hopefuly03:56
vago_I will try it right now03:56
MaliciousScripthey all03:56
vago_sebsebseb,  same problem...03:57
vago_for me install button work only in splash screen03:57
MaliciousScriptcan someone tell me the name of the new font in 10.0403:57
ActionParsnipshazbotmcnasty: could just make an ISO of the disk. Much easier ;)03:57
gbear14275my ubuntuone store is gone from rythmbox...03:57
shazbotmcnastyActionParsnip, I'd love that.03:57
sebsebsebvago_: oh I was in splash screen hrm03:57
wyrlssI have come for help: Photobucket does not show a preview for my images (in the regular gtk file browser) but 4chan does. Why?03:57
shazbotmcnastyActionParsnip, how would I go about doing that?03:57
guest_i made a guest account - but it still sees and reads and executes from / folder03:58
guest_can that be limited only for the guest account?03:58
guest_that they dont see anything but only browse the net?03:58
Jordan_Uk3rn: If you want a blank line beteen each pid then: pgrep foo | (while read PID; do echo $PID; echo; done)03:58
ActionParsnipshazbotmcnasty: dd if=/dev/sr0 of=~/image.iso03:58
shazbotmcnastyoh goody03:58
wyrlssgbear14275 Is the plugin still in the list?03:58
red2kicActionParsnip: I think he want GUI. :303:59
gbear14275wyrlss: no... Can't seem to find it03:59
ActionParsnipshazbotmcnasty: assuming /dev/sr0 is your optical drive. you can use: sudo lshw -C drive    to check03:59
IdleOnecrimsun: ping04:00
wyrlssgbear14275 reinstall rhythmbox-plugins maybe?04:00
shazbotmcnastyActionParsnip, that command didn't have any output04:00
gbear14275I just upgraded and new rythmbox plugins were installed...04:00
ActionParsnipshazbotmcnasty: it won't, its working away04:00
=== nathan_ is now known as nathanbw
sebsebsebvago_: strange now I can't just install it again in terminal after removing, right well then in that case, I give up04:01
wyrlssgbear14275 hm. there is a new update. Will apply and report back.04:01
sebsebsebvago_: however...04:01
Jordan_Ushazbotmcnasty: Most commands only give output if that is their purpose (e.g. ls) or there is an error.04:01
shazbotmcnastyActionParsnip, no the lshw04:01
ActionParsnipshazbotmcnasty: then try: sudo lshw -C disk04:01
sebsebsebvago_:  someone earlier suggested getting some program that isn't in the repo for changing background,  someone else suggested editing the default background.   I suggested just using KDM, LXDM or Slim instead.04:02
vago_sebsebseb,  .. I will try to google with that problem04:03
shazbotmcnastyActionParsnip, that showed all disks04:03
shazbotmcnastybut it's okay04:03
shazbotmcnastyI got it04:03
shazbotmcnastyI just tried to play the dvd with vlc :)04:03
ActionParsnipshazbotmcnasty: yes as well as the names it goes under like /dev/sr0 etc04:03
sebsebsebvago_: Why don't you like the default look anyway?04:04
ieynri have an NEC based usb 3.0 pci express card (with two usb ports on it) and it seems to use the xhci_hcd module as the driver. is there any reason why my webcam has trouble coming up on it but works fine on my standard motherboard port? this is on ubuntu 10.04 release as kernel 2.6.31-10-rt04:05
sekyourboxHello, I would like some help fixing my broken upgrade installation package. I cannot install any other applications because of this issue. I'd appreciate any help http://pastebin.com/FmCBK57U04:05
vago_sebsebseb,  it's ugly :-) and if there is chance to change it, why not ? :-)04:05
magn3tsI have to reinstall nvidia every other reboot after upgrading to 10.04. I only have good graphics every other boot. This is terribly frustrating and I'd love any advice! thanks!04:06
sebsebsebvago_: yeah it isn't that nice04:06
mattnwho can i bug about installing WoW to my box, ive already tried wine and some others that dont seem to work. please private message me..04:06
wyrlssgbear14275 I updated and still have the store.04:06
ubottusekyourbox: dpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.04:06
vago_ sebsebseb http://art.gnome.org/faq.php It's really good faq :-)04:07
fsckroothello 'ello04:07
sebsebsebvago_: ok04:07
arnprosekyourbox try using aptitude after rebooting?04:07
vago_sebsebseb,  hah, but it's not work with login screen :-d04:08
vago_only with themes04:08
arnprosekyourbox use first aptitude remove purge, then install agen04:08
Jordan_Usekyourbox: Run "sudo apt-get -f install" with no other package manager running.04:08
gbear14275wyrlss: I used to... but just started up my machine and its not there anymore.  In fact previously I purchased an album on ubuntuone... but never got it deliverd04:09
gbear14275ok, this is getting to be rediculous... is there a support option for purchased products?04:11
=== TannerF is now known as TannerF-afk
hmwThere is something weird, that looks somewhat like a bug to me. I have a softlink ~/bin ---> /media/something/bin. When I cd ~/bin, touch TEST, mv TEST .., ls .., i see the test file alongside with the files of /media/something/bin. If I the try to mv ../TEST .  i cannot, because it accesses the home directory (test it with mv ../FileInHome .). This is somewhat strange, might it be a bug? Is this wanted? Why?04:11
sebsebsebgbear14275: I guess try  #ubuntuone04:11
erossso I'm playing quake live in firefox, on lowest appearance settings in Gnome/openbox.. movement is jerky04:11
wyrlssgbear14275 https://one.ubuntu.com/support/04:11
sekyourboxJordan_U, did that04:11
mdeleross: and?04:12
sekyourboxarnpro, fixed the error but i still get "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall" when trying to install something04:12
erosswondering how to smooth out the game play?04:12
Jordan_Usekyourbox: Did you do it without getting the error "Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?" ?04:12
sekyourboxyes, there are no other processes using it04:13
erossps -ef reveals a bunch of python and evolution running in the background..04:13
IdleOnewhat do I need to install to get back my volume control on panel?04:14
ActionParsnipeross: do you use desklets?04:15
red2kicIdleOne: ubuntu-desktop? :<04:15
UbuntuJeffIdleOne, are you using alsa or pulse audio?04:15
erossno, just a weather, calendar, volume control panel applet and couple of launchers on panel04:15
ieynrhmw: i think I follow what you're saying. maybe the way to consider it is that your ~/bin area is still within the context of your home area, as much as possible, since you dropped the symlink in place there. but the moment you move a file *out* of that area, it sort of gets out of dodge, and gets kicked out. for all other intents and purposes you're still operating under your little virtual...04:15
ieynr...home area04:15
IdleOneUbuntuJeff: pulse04:15
sekyourboxarnpro, what next steps should I take to troubleshoot further?04:16
ActionParsnipeross: the panel items are most likely python based04:16
skritehow do i get those cool popups in rhythmbox ?04:16
sekyourboxJordan_U, yes, there are no other processes using it04:16
red2kicIdleOne: My money is on gnome-media04:16
UbuntuJeffIdleOne, add back to your panel something called Indicator Applet04:16
gbear14275every other time I open rythmbox.... there are stores... the others... there are not04:16
gbear14275wtf is going on?...04:17
hmwieynr: i continued playing, mv ../TEST . actually works, but tab completion doesnt. If I mv ../<tabsomething> . i get "no such file or directory" - so its a bash issue, i suppose04:17
IdleOneUbuntuJeff: that gives me an envelop04:17
wyrlssgbear14275 Rythmbox is both a particle and a wave.04:17
scotHey guys, I formatted my /home hard-disk during 10.04 installation. I don't think I checked format, but whatever....it's ext3, and I chose to mount it ext4 at installation. What's the best tool to unformat a partition with?04:17
ieynrhmw: the only thing I can suggest is that something like zsh (z shell) might have a clever override or something simple you can do to tweak or override that behavior. i have a feeling it will take a long time to find, however. right maybe zsh has different behavior, it's worth a try04:17
UbuntuJeffIdleOne, it should give you a volume icon to, well it does for me.04:18
Nullifi3dscot: you cant "unformat" a partition04:18
UbuntuJeffIdleOne, well a volume icon and the enevelope04:18
scotNull, fine, what's the best tool to recover the files?04:18
IdleOneUbuntuJeff: do I need to reboot after reinstalling pulseaudio?04:18
red2kicscot: You can't unformat. :(04:18
gbear14275wyrlss: lol, I'm probably a little too frustrated right now... but I didn't change a dang thing and all of the sudden this is jacked up... was looking forward to giving ubuntuone another shot... but now its up and disappeared like a fart in the wind04:18
UbuntuJeffIdleOne, it wouldn't hurt, its worth a shot04:18
ActionParsnipscot: you could try formost but its only really ood for user data04:18
hmwieynr: although i was only curious, i wanted to try other shells forquite a while, but i am still not really as familiar with bash as i would like to be, before comparing. Thanks for the hint.04:18
gbear14275that and the little battery tab on my brand new batter broke so it doesn't even stay in my computer anymore04:19
scotI only care about user data, foremost also only supports graphics files for the most part04:19
Gneagbear14275: it's probably because it automatically detects what's up and what's not.  kind of nice, actually, so that I don't accidentally click on something that's not there, thus not wasting my time.04:19
Nullifi3dscot: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery04:19
red2kicIdleOne: Did you play my bet?04:19
Gneagbear14275: duct tape.04:19
gbear14275Gnea: so you're saying ubuntuone is down04:19
XzulienHey, I'm trying to figure out how to change my gui resolution via terminal in Lucid ^^, think someone can shine some light on this?04:20
gbear14275Gnea: thats why I'm not seeing it?04:20
Gneagbear14275: seeing as how I don't run rythmbox very often, and I've never seen ubuntuone as an authorized music store, no04:20
ieynrhmw yes I'm pretty happy with bash and actually perhaps bash has improved over the years too. i've always known of zsh being out there as the mega swiss army knife of shells I guess04:20
red2kic!tty | Xzulien04:20
ubottuXzulien: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.04:20
sekyourboxHere is my issue after the next steps... http://pastebin.com/PixUn5nq04:20
UbuntuJeffIdleOne, are you still here Idle?04:21
erossit seemed evolution was my issue, account wasn't set up but was running in background04:21
red2kicsekyourbox: Try "sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock" :X04:22
wyrlssgbear14275 one is up. I'm looking at the store right now.04:22
Xzulienwhat should I do in the case of a custom/nonstandard resolution?04:22
dexteri need help with my copmuter science hw. i am supost to create a table using html and the same one using php i don't understand what i would do differently04:23
UbuntuJeffthis is a linux help channel, not computer science help04:23
sekyourboxred2kic, somehow that doesn't sound like a good thing to try04:23
gbear14275dexter: read your textbook04:23
winXPuserdexter, google, #php, and #html04:23
restfulldexter i can help04:23
* winXPuser hides04:24
red2kicXzulien: TTY is often used temporarily most of the time. I say leave it alone and use a terminal instead. If you need TTY, then okay and do what you must do. Suck it up with large texts.04:24
hmwieynr: if you feel like chatting about zsh, i'd be interested in hearing about the differences/pros. PM me if you like.04:24
red2kicsekyourbox: Because of my emotion? I think that'll resolve your E: issues with administrative.04:24
hmwXzulien: i love to watch videos with the ASCII-out codec of mplayer on the console *g*04:25
UbuntuJeffDoes anyone else find compiz a little annoying?04:25
XzulienSo I take it you have no idea? =\... I use the command line enough, I have too many things I plan to be doing via gui on this machine.04:26
sekyourboxred2kic lol04:26
sekyourboxsorry i copied and pasted...04:26
senthilThis is a really newbie question, but I lost my irc password04:26
senthilHow do I reset it?04:26
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, use metacity or openbox instead ;)04:26
SemitonesHey, I've got a slight annoyance. I upgraded from 9.10, and I'm stuck with two empathy panel icons: the new one, and the old one. Is this a common problem with an easy fix? Or is this first time it's come up?04:26
sekyourboxI was wondering what the hell you were talking about lmao04:26
UbuntuJeffjabirali, lol do you use openbox? just curious. Plus I was just asking out of curiousity. I like some features in it, but overall not sure seems to lag my stuff. lol04:27
magn3tsI have to reinstall nvidia every other reboot after upgrading to 10.04. I only have good graphics every other boot. This is terribly frustrating and I'd love any advice! thanks!04:27
DanDareHello. I have Win7 and Ubuntu on this machine. If i just restore an WinXP image to some partition and run grub2 from Ubuntu it will detect stuff, add on boot, and boot into XP ?04:27
acerimmerDanDare: sudo update-grub should fix it04:28
DanDaresounds pretty cool, thanks acerimmer04:28
UbuntuJeffmagn3ts, are you running the one that comes from the Hardware Drivers in Ubuntu, or the one from the Website?04:29
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, running gnome+metacity on my desktop, just switched to standalone openbox on my laptop (after a period of using "awesome", a tiling windowmanager)04:29
DanDareand brrr... there's any way to resize a Ubuntu partition (i think that's ext4) ?04:29
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php04:29
XzulienAlternatively I could deal with a way to force a detection of the proper monitor I have on the machine. It's a dell mini, so it has an Epson 10'' monitor04:29
winXPuserDanDare ^04:29
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, but I've used gnome+openbox on desktop before, works like a charm :)04:29
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, I am using Hardware Drivers but I have the nvidia vdpau's team PPA loaded up as well04:29
DanDarenice, thanks winXPuser04:29
senthilAnyone? Help with reseting irc pass04:29
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, do you think they are conflicting? I never had this problem with 9.1004:29
monty_hallanybody get syntaxhighlight-geshi in the mediawiki-extentions package to work?04:29
winXPusersenthil. join #freenode04:29
monty_hallI copied the script from available -> enabled04:30
UbuntuJeffmagn3ts, you install it and it works fine after what a restart? or does it just not load?04:30
monty_hallnothing happens when I save a media wiki entry.04:30
senthilwinXPuser: I'm connected04:30
UbuntuJeffjabirali, I have used openbox before, but I don't know I like the panels, and xfce looks odd to me lol. so mainly just been using gnome.04:30
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, I install, reboot, its fine. I reboot, its in graphical safe mode, I uninstall the kernel module, reinstall, repeat.04:30
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, like I said, very strange and very frustrating04:30
winXPusersenthil. /join #freenode <-this is a channel, irc://irc.freenode.net/freenode04:30
ridz16i want to master all ubuntu commands04:31
ridz16where do I go?04:31
DanDareHow it's called that program to make CD image files bootable from USB stick? ubootanything cant remember the name now04:31
UbuntuJeffmagn3ts, did you update your kernel?04:31
winXPusersenthil. that  is network support channel04:31
senthilwinXPuser: Cool, thanks.04:31
eazel7anyone knows where to get updated mono packages?04:31
eazel7launchpad is not helping04:31
UbuntuJeffmagn3ts, how long has it been doing this? like since you upgraded or just recently?04:31
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, well, initially when upgrading but this happens multiple times a day, not just from a simple kernel upgrade sadly.04:31
ridz16hey dandare04:31
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, both. I just upgraded recently.04:31
DanDarehello ridz1604:31
xevinall: knows we can change the query area font size for mysql query browser?04:32
winXPusereazel7, sudo apt-get update mono ?04:32
SemitonesWhat is the nature of plymouth's issue with Nvidia binary drivers?04:32
ridz16that's what i Use for ubuntu 1004:32
DanDareAhh that, many thanks ridz1604:32
KingTutare you here ertz?04:32
eazel7funny, ubuntu is lagging in mono versions04:32
tonyyarussoeazel7: Three words:  "Time based releases"04:32
UbuntuJeffmagn3ts, I would go through synaptic and uninstall anything nvidia graphics related that is installed and set it for COMPLETE removal, that should remove the config files and all that. Reboot should bring you back to simple graphics. then install it again, maybe a config file is staying there from your upgrade and its causing a problem.04:33
KingTutwhat exactly is ubuntu?04:33
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com04:33
ridz16I hope xubuntu ppl use chrome instead of firefox cuz it uses 10mb less memory04:33
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, already did that :) apt-get remove --purge all the nvidia packages by name, hand04:33
hmwridz16: read the book on www.linuxfromscratch.org and build your own Linux system. Then read all the source codes until you explode from the overload.04:33
hmw!documentation | ridz1604:33
ubotturidz16: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com04:33
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, never tried using openbox along with the rest of gnome? That is, you keep the panels, desktop and everything gnome - the only difference is that window handling is done by openbox instead of metacity or compiz :)04:33
ridz16hmw: lol04:33
ridz16hey how do I do the reply in red msg thingie04:34
UbuntuJeffmagn3ts, lol dang it. only other guess I have is try installing the one from Nvidia's website itself. That is the one I am using after having trouble with the one from the Hardware Drivers.04:34
hmwridz16: also read http://www.pathname.com/fhs/ very informative04:34
tonyyarussoridz16: say someone's name at the beginning of the line, like I just did to you.04:34
UbuntuJeffjabirali, no I haven't is it really any better?04:34
eazel7tonyyarusso: so? can't I ask for updated packages?04:34
=== senthil is now known as senthilnambi
ridz16thnx for the suggestion04:34
r3mHi, on the ubuntu website they show how to upgrade from 8.04 lts to 10.04 lts. Im using 8.04 but i dont know if its lts. all 8.04 are lts?04:34
ridz16tonyyarusso thnx04:34
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, I think I'm going to disable the nvidia vdpau repo, try that, if that doesn't work, I'm going to do what you suggested and instlal it from nvidia, though when I do that I always have to Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get to X when my PC boots. :( oh well04:34
xevinhello anybody knows how we can change the query area font size for mysql query browser?04:35
ridz16tony it didnt work04:35
tonyyarussoeazel7: Not really, no.  Occasionally a few things will be backported, but usually those are relatively small things to avoid breaking other stuff.04:35
UbuntuJeffmagn3ts, yeah you have to install it from X without a graphical running. hopefully it works for ya.04:35
tonyyarussor3m: Yes.04:35
r3mtonyyarusso thanks, how non lts version are called?04:35
acerimmerr3m: update manager should give you the option to upgrade the distro to 10.0404:36
tonyyarussoridz16: It will only be red on the client of the person you're talking to.  For instance, on my client I actually see the beginning of the line in yellow.04:36
Loshkiridz16: type 'tony' then hit tab for autocompletion. The name has to be exact...04:36
magn3tsUbuntuJeff, no, I just meant that the driver causes Ubuntu to stay on TTY1 when it boots rather than switching to tty7 which X runs on... it's strange and it only happens after manually installing the nvidia driver. the repo versions never do that to me04:36
eazel7tonyyarusso: I'm not asking for 'official' packages, just updated one04:36
SmehSo, I am attempting to install 10.04 server and have the fakeraid bug.  I've managed to get partman to complete successfully in the installer switching to CLI and renaming the partitions but once complete, it does not boot. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? I've done some reading and fiddling but I don't really know enough to know what i should be looking for.04:36
r3macerimmer: thanks04:36
tonyyarussoeazel7: In that case, there *may* be a PPA available.04:36
Smehif anyone thinks they can help i can provide more detailed info, of course04:36
arandeazel7: If you need the latest and greatest, normally a ppa or external repository is required (with the safety considrations included)04:36
matthew123I selected the folder I want to share btw ubuntu and virtual box (xp) how do access this folder with in the virtual machine?04:36
UbuntuJeffmagn3ts, that is really weird, mine just loads normal not sure which tty it loads on.04:36
tonyyarussor3m: 6.06, 8.04, and 10.04 are LTS.  4.10, 5.04, 5.10, 6.10, 7.04, 7.10, 8.10, 9.04, and 9.10 are normal releases.04:37
eazel7arand: thanks, I know, that's what I'm asking, I cannot find anything in launchpad, so I though someone here might know a source04:37
r3mtonyyarusso: thanks04:37
sekyourboxupdated http://pastebin.com/CkKDH2Rm please help04:38
sistemahi all... anyone can recommend a TV card for ubuntu??04:39
tonyyarussoeazel7: https://edge.launchpad.net/~directhex/+archive/ppa, https://edge.launchpad.net/~directhex/+archive/monoxide04:39
tonyyarussosekyourbox: It means to run 'sudo apt-get -f install' literally, without any package arguments.04:40
tonyyarussooh wait, you did, later.04:40
sekyourboxtonyyarusso, lol sorry...04:41
sekyourboxtonyyarusso, I hit up and modify, and mess around and such04:41
Loshkieazel7: http://www.mono-project.com/DistroPackages/Ubuntu says "...Mono is considered a "core framework" in Ubuntu, meaning it has many applications depending upon it (roughly 40 applications). Due to this, the chance of one of those applications breaking due to unexpected changes in their underlying framework is considered too high to risk an update....". (So it might be hard, if not impossible, to get updates)...04:41
arandeazel7: Lucid comes with  2.4.4~svn151842-1ubuntu4   isn't that fairly recent no?04:41
tonyyarussosekyourbox: maybe try 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure mountall' ?04:42
red2kicsekyourbox: Well, did you?04:42
sekyourboxred2kic, did i what?04:42
red2kicsekyourbox: rm!04:42
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, not really. I find openbox to be more flexible; it is easy to e.g. make firefox automatically open in fullscreen on desktop #2, which I use in order to dedicate my workspaces to different tasks (browsing, coding, reading, etc) and set some standard setting for e.g. all Wine-apps. Other than that, it seems to be faster than metacity on older machines - but if your machine is that old, perhaps running gnome isn't the best idea04:43
eazel7arand: considering the progress done in the last year with mono, I want desperately to move to the 2.6.x versions04:43
matthew123how can I access ubuntu files from xp in virtual box I've already selected the folder but I can't find it in my virtual machine04:43
sekyourboxred2kic, no04:43
eazel7arand: also, mono is a virtual machine, it's rare if they break a running app04:43
sekyourboxtonyyaruzzo, no luck04:43
arandeazel7: Since Debian is still on 2.4, so I reckon that would be the firts hurdle...04:44
tonyyarussosekyourbox: bother.  I think that was my only guess...04:44
UbuntuJeffjabirali, my machine is 2gb ram, nvidia 8400 512mb graphics card, and a core 2 duo. I just don't like compiz all that much and figure see whats the best way to get even more speed out of my machine. lol04:44
red2kicIdleOne: Was it gnome-media?04:44
Loshkijabirali: how do you make firefox open in fullscreen on desktop #2 in openbox?04:44
UbuntuJeffred2kic, I don't think hes actually here, he went quiet.04:44
sekyourboxdarn power-save features ruined the upgrade04:44
ollieAnyone want to help me get my display back?04:44
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, I see, hehe :P04:45
IdleOnered2kic: what?04:45
red2kicUbuntuJeff: Hence the highlighted messages. :P04:45
UbuntuJeffjabirali, what are you using currently using like atm?04:45
red2kicIdleOne: I believe it is gnome-media that'll get you your volume icon.04:45
micky212hi guys04:45
UbuntuJeffIdleOne, if that doesn't work look at this its exact problem your having with a solution. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143604304:45
ollieCould anyone help with an X/Grub problem?04:46
jabiraliLoshki, 2 sec04:46
intokanybody good with intel socket 478 IGP graphics? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9227361#post922736104:46
micky212got to remove transmission bit torrent client ! how04:46
acerimmerollie: describe04:46
IdleOnethank you red2kic and UbuntuJeff04:46
ollieI recently got notified for a set of upgrades04:46
ollieone included GRUB04:46
ollieHad previous trouble installing grub to disk after I upgraded to 10.0404:46
UbuntuJeffmicky212, sudo apt-get remove transmission-gtk?04:46
red2kicIdleOne: Fine. You want to argue. Just do "aptitude show ubuntu-desktop | grep media" It's in the repo and I know you probably didn't use ubuntu-desktop. :)04:46
ollieTried to install GRUB again but it failed04:46
arandeazel7: mono-project.com has this very quote on their page: " Mono is considered a "core framework" in Ubuntu, meaning it has many applications depending upon it (roughly 40 applications). Due to this, the chance of one of those applications breaking due to unexpected changes in their underlying framework is considered too high to risk an update.04:47
FluffyMasterHey guys, I am trying to install Ubuntu on my netbook (while keeping windows on it) but when i go to install it, the installer doesnt recognize any partitions.  How do i fix this?04:47
ollieThen system crashed04:47
ollieand X hasn't started up since04:47
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop and haven't really set it up much, so it runs gnome with metacity (haven't installed proprietary nvidia drivers yet). My laptop runs archlinux, with standalone openbox.04:47
IdleOnered2kic: i don't see where I was arguing when I said thank you04:47
ollieI'm currently 100% command line04:47
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, on my desktop computer right now :)04:47
Smehnoone interested / able to assist with 10.04 fakeraid bug workaround assistance then I take it? :)04:47
acerimmerollie: any error msgs?04:47
micky212UbuntuJeff : Thanks04:47
ollieIt said it could recognize my Logitech Wireless receiver04:47
olliepresumably for my mouse04:47
UbuntuJeffjabirali, sorry a lot of questions, will you stay on metacity or openbox? on your desktop.04:47
ollieRemoving that did nothing04:47
arandeazel7: And I assume that that makes it tricky to simply slap up packages for a new version.04:48
eazel7arand: I'm sure they're quoting ubuntu04:48
red2kicollie: Keep everything in one line. Plz.04:48
arandeazel7: Possibly..04:48
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, I'll probably copy over my openbox config from the laptop when I'm satisfied with it :P04:48
FluffyMasterHey guys, I am trying to install Ubuntu on my netbook (while keeping windows on it) but when i go to install it, the installer doesnt recognize any partitions.  How do i fix this?04:48
UbuntuJeffjabirali, okay that has convinced me, brb going to install openbox and see how this goes lol, brb04:49
shazbotmcnastyDoes anyone know of a good "private" torrent tracker? Where there is no searching capabilities?04:49
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, Hehe :)04:49
tonyyarussoFluffyMaster: Does it see an unpartitioned disk, or no disk at all?04:49
donaldo My subwoofer and speakers are built in directly to my laptop toshiba x205, how to enable?04:49
tonyyarussoshazbotmcnasty: um, do you want a private tracker or just one that doesn't have an index?04:49
jabiraliLoshki, still here?04:49
sekyourboxdonaldo, lol04:49
Smehmay as well host your own tracker if you just want to be able to host private torrents imo04:49
Loshkijabirali: yes, still here....04:49
FluffyMastertonyyarusso:says "no operating system on hard drive"04:50
shazbotmcnastytonyyarusso, well actually I guess the question is, I need to share this file via torrent, and I don't want it to be available to everyone, just the people I give it to - I can just do this with transmission and don't need a tracker...right?04:50
ollie@acerimmer any advice?04:50
tonyyarussoFluffyMaster: huh.  But it's the right drive and everything?  (check the size for starters)04:50
costreFluffyMaster, You're trying to install throughUSB?04:50
intokanybody good with intel socket 478 IGP graphics? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9227361#post922736104:51
donaldo My subwoofer and speakers are built in directly to my laptop toshiba x205, how to enable?04:51
tonyyarussoshazbotmcnasty: I don't think transmission includes a tracker, althoug hsome clients do.04:51
Loshkieazel7: if you *must* have up-to-the-minute binaries, I guess there's no substitute for downloading the source and compiling it yourself....04:51
winXPuserdonaldo, install a driver for them?04:51
donaldo My subwoofer and speakers are built in directly to my laptop toshiba x205, how to enable?, any idea?04:51
robvdlAnyone have any experience using softdog?  I have modprobed softdog, and removed it from the module blacklist, I am not running the watchdog daemon so I expect my machine to reboot after some time but it doesn't04:51
red2kicdonaldo: Try the link.04:51
acerimmerollie: can't seem to recall anything quite the way you've described.  Assuming the system is still in place, i'd sya you're looking at a grub rescue situation.  Soluation is in the forums or google "reinstall grub"04:51
red2kic!pulse | donaldo04:51
ubottudonaldo: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions04:52
winXPuserdonaldo, install a driver for them? Ithink google their models, download from toshiba website04:52
costredonaldo, search ubuntuforums for alsa guide04:52
FluffyMastertonyyarusso: yeah, i shrunk my windows partition by 30GB(because wubi wasnt letting me install correctly) and was going to install.  When i get there, it says C: has no OS on it04:52
sekyourboxdude, there is no such thin with a laptop with a built in subwoofer04:52
acerimmer!grub rescue|ollie04:52
FluffyMastercostre: external CDROM Drive04:52
ollieacerimmer: can you suggest a command line browser that i could use? Currently I'm quite limited04:52
jabiraliLoshki, OK, I posted the last part of my ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml to http://pastebin.com/DfS5SqNE04:52
red2kicsekyourbox: Lies. I have 15" built-in.04:52
costreFluffyMaster, And you have set the BIUOS to check the external drive as the 1st choice?04:52
donaldodoes not work, alsa04:52
Loshkijabirali: very cool, thanks very much...04:52
red2kicdonaldo: You're using alsa?04:52
donaldocostre, red2kic, ubottu, winXPuser, does not work04:53
acerimmerollie: oops.  if there's a CLI browser, i'm completely unaware of it.  sorry04:53
robvdlthere are laptops with built in subwoofers, the asus g51 gaming laptop04:53
eazel7Loshki: yes, that's what I'm going to do04:53
acerimmerl8tr eveyrone04:53
sekyourboxred2kic, wow thats sick04:53
FluffyMastercostre: it boots and loads correctly, it just says that my hard drive doesnt have any OS on it, and i can format it, but i want dual boot with windows04:53
shazbotmcnastytonyyarusso @ "um, do you want a private tracker or just one that doesn't have an index?"   -- well not PRIVATE really...just one that I can use for personal use04:53
donaldored2kic, for some reason, does not work the last version of alsa04:53
shazbotmcnastytonyyarusso, one that doesn't have an index would be nice though04:54
DingGGuoops web04:54
shazbotmcnastyI don't want people to get my torrents04:54
jabiraliLoshki, for each application, the <decor>-tags specify if the window should be decorated, the <x> and <y> specify where the window should spawn, <fullscreen> obviously specifies if it should be fullscreen, and <desktop> specifies which desktop it should spawn on (use "all" to let it be on all desktops)04:54
Loshkiollie: cli browsers if I recall correctly are lynx, also links. There may be others...04:54
donaldored2kic, cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 |grep Codec04:54
donaldoCodec: Realtek ALC26804:54
red2kicdonaldo: You might have to enable it. Try alsamixergui (it's GUI!)04:54
jabiraliLoshki, use the command "xprop|grep WM_CLASS" to get the window class to use in the <application>-tag04:54
Loshkijabirali: I like it better than the configs I've seen for other window managers, some of which predate XML04:54
tonyyarussoFluffyMaster: It's a little bit of a shot in the dark, but I'd start with running Windows chkdsk on the Windows install.  You can still boot Windows, yes?04:54
FluffyMastertonyyarusso: i can still boot windows fine, and all partitions are marked as healthy in disk management04:55
tonyyarussoshazbotmcnasty: ok, that's easier.  Wikipedia has three or four listed on the "Tracker" section of the BitTorrent page I believe.04:55
isurittell me about your self04:56
jabiraliLoshki, hehe, I know the feeling :)04:56
donaldored2kic, Hello. I have a Toshiba x205-S9349, with a Intel 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller. After I installed lynx I only get sound from 2 speakers. I'm trying to get to work my 4.1 built in speakers, I have tried several ways with no luck.04:56
qdbhello. my locale is qazaq, my sister's is russian. but both firefox are english. i cannot find how to change or install language, russian for my sister, at least. in #firefox ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.5.9/linux-i686/xpi/ is suggested to me, i installed ru.xpi , changed  general.useragent.locale to ru and tried RU , in about:config, but it is still english, this is in my ubuntu account.04:56
red2kicisurit: #ubuntu-offtopic04:56
Loshkijabirali: I'm using fvwm right now but I'm shopping for a new window manager...04:57
Loshkiqdb: I dunno the answer to your question, but if you speak Russian, I bet someone on #ubuntu-ru will know how to do it...04:58
red2kicdonaldo: Did you tried alsamixer though? You said several ways but that's not quite what I wanted to know.04:58
jabiraliLoshki, Aha, cool. Last time I tried fvwm was in 2004, I gave up before I learned to configure it lol04:59
qdbLoshki i understand english04:59
DanDarefvwm is nice04:59
donaldored2kic, yes no LFE control04:59
DanDareeven better is Xfce04:59
intokanybody good with intel socket 478 IGP graphics? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9227361#post922736105:00
BookmanLubuntu is way better than xfce05:00
red2kicdonaldo: #alsa or #pulseaudio -- Try them. Also, what card? I'll try and find you something useful.05:00
qdbmay be this is because my hack to ubuntu locale system.05:00
jabiraliFvwm seems really flexible05:00
Absoluthi anyone ok with wine?05:00
frunksockhi, after upgrading to lucid, SSH X11 forwarding no longer works -- I've tried many servers it used to work with.  I get the following error: connect /tmp/.X11-unix/X0: No such file or directory05:00
XzulienI've always liked lxde, might try Fvwm now though xp05:00
PipI'm wondering the default gnome terminal font information05:00
ChannelZAnyone writing Upstart configs?05:00
Absoluti got a big problem now :(05:00
xam0xanyone here use LVM?05:00
DanDareAbsolut, i cant drink too much... give me horrible headaches05:01
DanDaresorry for the joke05:01
dravidan1234Need help with wireless05:01
_pg_are there any self proclaimed grub experts in the house? I have been fighting it all day and could really use some help05:01
ChannelZFirst play with Upstart for me.. I have a dead-simple one;  I can 'start' it and it runs, gives me the PID, but afterwards it thinks the service is stopped.  A status shows 'stop/waiting' even though the process is indeed running05:01
red2kic_pg_: There are!  In #grub!05:01
jew__anyone here familar with runescape?05:01
undecimqdb: I'm sure that someone in #ubuntu-ru has fixed this problem before and will know what to do.05:01
winXPuserdravidan1234, this is not support channel, try #ubuntu ?05:01
winXPusererr oops05:01
_pg_red2kic: i was harrassed in there earlier. i think ill take my chances in here05:02
winXPuserdravidan1234 state your issue in full then05:02
XzulienWhat do you need help with specifically pg? ^^05:02
Loshkiqdb: you sound like a native speaker to me. But I meant that the guys there would know the answer, I didn't mean to imply there was any reason you shouldn't be here, Please excuse me if it sounded that way...05:02
red2kic_pg_: I see. Well, ask the real question. If anybody here know, they'll be likely to respond.05:02
FluffyMastertonyyarusso: chkdsk came back clean05:02
donaldored2kic, alsa ubuntu 10.04, Realteck alc268, toshiba x205 4 speakers harman/kardon whit subwoofer05:02
dravidan1234I am on #ubuntu05:02
fourcolorsis the chromium browser in the synaptics package manager the same thing as the chromium browser on the Google site?05:02
Qilleranyone have Wireless Realtek RTL8187B driver ?05:02
tonyyarussoFluffyMaster: I'm fresh out then...05:02
tonyyarussofourcolors: yes, although possibly a different version.05:03
DanDarethe best about Ubuntu is its community so far05:03
jew__can somone tell me the terminal sudo line to install google desktop search?05:03
Pipfourcolors, the same05:03
fourcolorstonyyarusso, thank you05:03
undecimfourcolors: On the google site is probably more up-to-date, but it is the same browser as chromium (but not the same as chrome)05:03
Smeh_pg_: What sort of grub issues? I can't help (I have grub related issues myself) just curious05:03
dravidan1234laptop is picking up a strange up from my wireless ap05:03
fourcolorsundecim, not the same as Chrome? you mean Chrome OS?05:03
fourcolorsundecim, is that the difference you mean?05:04
jew__can somone tell me the terminal sudo line to install google desktop search?05:04
donaldored2kic, my computer http://laptops.toshiba.com/laptops/satellite/X205/X205-SLI1, Audio device info05:04
Smehi have 10.04 fakeraid bug and manually sorting out the partitioning / grub is a little confusing to say the least.05:04
_pg_Xzulien: I had a working triple boot on my macbook pro until I upgraded to 10.04 last night. After it finished, i tried rebooting and grub says: error: image_put_ not found (or very similar). I tried reinstalling grub from rescue cd and I get an error warning about blacklists and using --force.05:04
undecimfourcolors: No, i mean not the same as chrome the browser. Chromium is the open source browser than chrome is based on. Chrome is the closed-source browser that Google built based on chromium. Chrome OS is a cloud OS in development by Google.05:04
Xzulienheh... Grub 2 is annoying.05:05
UbuntuJeffjabirali, in openbox now. even got my favorite dock working, I like it. lol its changed a lot since when I used it a year back.05:05
fourcolorsundecim, oh.... what do you think is better? Hum... I like to support the open source stuff more though05:05
FluffyMastertonyyarusso: i mean i dont want to get rid of windows if i dont have to.  i tried using wubi and it said something about "no root file system is defined" when i installed it05:05
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, cool :P05:05
_pg_Xzulien: putting it lightly.05:05
undecimfourcolors: I would stick with Chromium, because of potential privacy issues with Chrome.05:06
_pg_Smeh: I had a working triple boot on my macbook pro until I upgraded to 10.04 last night. After it finished, i tried rebooting and grub says: error: image_put_ not found (or very similar). I tried reinstalling grub from rescue cd and I get an error warning about blacklists and using --force.05:06
fourcolorsundecim, I like that, google knows too much about me anyway haha05:06
Smehoh right. obs different issue then, though i've come across that while doing my usual googling05:06
red2kicdonaldo: Are you Jose?05:06
Smehprobably related to the same partman bug though i guess05:07
donaldored2kic, no05:07
jabiraliUbuntuJeff,  a copy of the parts of my ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml that defines standard settings for new windows is posted at http://pastebin.com/DfS5SqNE05:07
undecimfourcolors: Google knows everything, lol. At least they are one of the less evil companies out there...05:07
Xzulienhmm.. give me a sec pg.05:07
red2kicdonaldo: Did you try this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto05:07
fourcolorsundecim, ya ya agreed, I hope it stays that way for a while at least05:07
_pg_Xzulien: i will give you all the time you need. I will map my drive for you. I will pastebin and reboot and do whatever it takes to be as open to help as possible05:07
sistemahi all.. anyone with expirence with TV cards?05:07
ChannelZTV dinners..05:08
UbuntuJeffjabirali, since you seem more fluent in openbox the me, how do I set what starts up with it? like the programs I want to auto run when openbox starts.05:08
donaldored2kic, I did not find that information helps. I have to go, thanks for your attention. see you later.05:08
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, most of the options are self-explanatory. The name you put in the class=""  in the <application>-tag, you get from running "xprop|grep WM_CLASS" and clicking on a graphical window.05:08
FluffyMasterDoes anyone know how to fix the "no root file system is defined" error when you install ubuntu with wubi?05:08
red2kicdonaldo: Good luck.05:08
Loshkijew__: google turned this up: http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/06/28/how-to-install-setup-and-use-google-desktop-search-in-ubuntu/, It says there's a google-desktop package but I can't find a match on http://packages.ubuntu.com05:09
dravidan1234            05:09
jew_thank you . is there a list somwhere with all the downloads on the repos?05:09
tumenjargali've one question05:09
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, I usually run my automatically started applications from ~/.xinitrc, but if you use GDM or something, I think you can put it at the end of ~/.config/openbox/autostart.sh05:09
tumenjargalproblem is cdrom mount05:10
tumenjargalwhy not mount?05:10
Theravadanwhat's the best torrent app?05:10
red2kic!best | Theravadan05:10
ubottuTheravadan: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:10
jef91Howdy all - so just updated my system to the .22 kernel05:10
undecimFluffyMaster: Unfortunately, Wubi has a lot of boot problems and the more advanced Ubuntu users seldom have experience with it and therefor can't help you much with it. When it works, it's good for testing out Ubuntu, but you should do a normal install of Ubuntu if you want it to be reliable.05:10
red2kicTheravadan: Transmission are already installed. Use that. It's a "best" torrent apps IMO.05:10
jef91And now I cannot access my tty logins any longer05:10
eveningskyHow do I turn on 64-bit software virtualization in VirtualBox?05:10
Theravadanred2kic, thx05:11
jew_thank you . is there a list somwhere with all the downloads on the repos?05:11
tumenjargallet me know cdrom mount?05:11
Loshkijew_: you can browse packages by release via http://packages.ubuntu.com. Is that what you need?05:11
tumenjargalI cant mount cdrom05:11
jabiralitumenjargal, what exactly happens? Do you get an error?05:11
FluffyMasterundecim: i would LOVE to do a normal install, but i want to keep windows on the system.  when i try to install, it says that my harddrive has no operating systems on it05:11
tumenjargalno error05:12
_pg_Xzulien: i have tried a lot already, let me know if you need info or output05:12
tumenjargalnot mount cdrom05:12
jew__loshki: yes thank you05:12
=== piju[QRT] is now known as piju
winXPuser!wubi | FluffyMaster05:12
ubottuFluffyMaster: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.05:12
tumenjargallet me know format cd?05:12
jabiralitumenjargal, what happens when you go to Places -> Computer, and click on CD/DVD drive?05:13
undecimFluffyMaster: When you are installing, if you choose the option to set up partitions manually, do you see your Windows partition?05:13
hornetswhat happend to gnome-terminal transparecy on Lucid?05:13
undecimhornets: Do you have desktop effects enabled?05:13
tumenjargalthereis not showing05:13
FluffyMasterundecim: no, it just shows the harddrive as empty, but its not, as i can still boot and function in windows05:13
jew__which desktop envirorment is best to use if your new to linux? ubunto?05:14
jabiralitumenjargal, is this an empty CD? Do you want to burn music or data to it, or do you want to access something on it?05:14
undecimFluffyMaster: Did you at any point convert your hard drive to a dynamic disk in Windows?05:14
hornetsundecim: lemme see05:14
tumenjargali want burn xp boot05:14
FluffyMasterundecim: i dont know?05:14
jabiralijew__, Ubuntu and Kubuntu are both fine, but I'd personally start with Ubuntu05:14
UbuntuJeffjabirali, is there a run application for openbox? like alt f2 does in gnome?05:14
hornetsundecim: I have desktop cube enabled05:15
jew__okay thank you for information jabirali05:15
hornetsand expo05:15
undecimFluffyMaster: Maybe "dynamic disk" isn't the correct term (been a while since I've messed with that), but it's something you would have done manually from the storage manager under administrative tasks.05:15
gerzelQ: Screem editor used to be in the ubuntu repositories for the last version, I upgraded to the latest version and it is no longer there.  Do some apps take longer to get into the repositories than others?  I am debating compiling from source from www.screem.org, does anyone have a better way?05:15
undecimhornets: Do you have the transparency enabled, in gnome-terminal in the profile settings?05:15
FluffyMasterundecim: then no, i dont think i have05:15
isurittell me about your self05:15
Loshkijew__: we usually avoid the question, because it comes to no consensus, but my opinion is that beginner's should stick to the defaults until they know what to expect, and where lots of support is available, so yes, that means: ubuntu running the default desktop05:16
acerimmerFluffyMaster: have you tried the alternate install?05:16
Loshkiisurit: please stop that, you are clearly in the wrong channel...05:16
hornetslol, I changed the option and back to transparent05:16
hornetsit works!!1105:16
undecimFluffyMaster: Are you sure you have the correct drive selected?05:16
hornetsthanks undecim05:16
undecimhornets: np05:16
FluffyMasterundecim: yeah, i only have one drive05:16
jew__are there any good applications that i can use that will get me used to using the terminal and exploring ubunto?05:16
jew__and its wonderful power? :)05:17
digiforSorry my network dropped out. What is the best way to download yourtube video with Ubuntu 10.04?05:17
jabiralidigifor: sudo apt-get install youtube-dl05:17
isuritLoshki that's funny joke!05:17
undecimFluffyMaster: You're not installing from USB are you? USB drives will show up too.05:18
acerimmerdigifor: check firefox plugins OR just play the vid, go to the /tmp and copy the media file05:18
winXPuserdigifor https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1500205:18
Loshkiisurit: Actually, I thought you might be a bot. We don't chat here, please go to #ubuntu-offtopic if you'd like to chat...05:18
undecimFluffyMaster: though they shouldn't show up as empty...05:18
LasNoteanyone worked with an Arduino under Ubuntu?05:18
LasNotethe software poackage is giving me fits05:18
FluffyMasterundecim: I am installing from an external CD Drive, as this is my netbook05:18
OddbioHello, I have done a completely fresh successful installation of Ubuntu 10.04. However, when I try to upgrade I get an error for one of the packages:  "linux-libc-dev"  more specifically the error is:  "unable to stat './usr/include/asm-generic/mman.h' (which I was about to install) "   Yes, that last part in the parenthesis is a part of the error message.  Any ideas? perhaps I could install mman.h manually?05:19
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, I don't think so. I usually run all my stuff from either keyboard shortcuts or directly in a terminal (I have setup the system to spawn a terminal with Super+return).05:19
Smehdoes anyone know if this bug has progressed?05:19
tumenjargallet me know CDROM mount problem?05:19
jew__are there any good applications that i can use that will get me used to using the terminal and exploring ubunto, and its wonderful power? :)05:19
Smehhaving followed a few of the workarounds i'm still having no luck05:19
undecimFluffyMaster: Are you getting the error from Wubi the first time you try to boot it, or have you ever been able to boot into your Wubi install?05:19
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, but I remember using a GTK2-based "run command"-dialog some years ago, don't remember the name of it though05:19
acerimmerjew__: try the server edition05:20
=== snoopy is now known as Guest79858
cybertaur1hey, i recently installed 10.04 and seem to have killed grub or something, i'm not quite sure05:20
cybertaur1i'm dual-booting windows 7 and ubuntu05:20
tumenjargallet me know CDROM mount problem?05:20
Smehcybertaur1 : welcome to 10.04 :)05:20
jew__how do i do that?05:20
cybertaur1Smeh: thanks, haha05:20
tumenjargalI dont see cd rom on computer:///05:20
Smehtumenjargal : you're not explaining your problem with sufficient detail for anyone to help you.05:20
FluffyMasterundecim: first boot.  it says "no root file system is defined.  Please correct this from the partitioning menu"05:21
acerimmerjew__: well, i installed virtual box and installed ubuntu server as a virtual computer05:21
isuritLoshki Why so serious?05:21
Loshkijew__: Take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal. Also, there is a ubuntu manual now, at http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:21
acerimmercybertaur1: describe what happens05:21
undecimFluffyMaster: ]I think the Wubi error and the problem with real installs is caused by the same problem.05:21
UbuntuJeffjabirali, lol only problem I have is I can't figure out how to get my gnome panel to go back to the same look it had in gnome, instead of this weird grey color. lol05:21
Loshkiisurit: to keep the noise down in a very busy channel...05:21
cybertaur1so right now what happens is that when i select the windows 7 option ("Windows 7 (load) (on /dev/sda1)"), it brings me right back to the same menu05:21
tumenjargalProblem is cd rom not mount05:21
jew__should i get virtual box and mess around?05:21
undecimFluffyMaster: Can you boot to a live CD, open a terminal, and run "sudo fdisk -l" and give me a pastebin of the output?05:22
acerimmercybertaur1: can you get the grub terminal?05:22
Smehi'm going to guess cybertaur1 had a working multiboot until he installed 10.04 :]05:22
Jordan_Ucybertaur1: Can you pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc"?05:22
cybertaur1immediately before this, i was getting a different error when selecting windows 7: "grub_getcharwidth not found"05:22
cybertaur1Smeh: 100% correct :D05:22
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, I found it. The program is called "gmrun", it is in the repos.05:22
FluffyMasterundecim: yeah, give me a second to boot it up05:22
cybertaur1acerimmer: i'm something of a newb... i can boot up ubuntu but not windows. do i have to be logged in to do what you or Jordan_U describe?05:22
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, run "gnome-settings-daemon &" in the end of your autostart.sh ;)05:22
acerimmercybertaur1: wait 105:23
tumenjargallet me know cd format?05:23
AndroidHey there ...05:23
cybertaur1oh, for what it's worth, i "fixed" the grub_getcharwidth problem with the command `grub-install /dev/sda`05:23
UbuntuJeffjabirali, that worked lol thanks man05:23
cybertaur1it's possible i typed `grub-install /dev/sda1` but i'm not sure05:23
Androidim having some trouble with installation.. is there a help channel05:23
Androidor i ask here05:23
intokanybody good with intel socket 478 IGP graphics? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9227361#post922736105:23
bullgard4'~$ ps -ef | grep flush; root       252     2  0 May05 ?        00:00:00 [flush-8:0]' What process spawns this process? Where is described the function of this process?05:23
undecim!ask | Android05:23
ubottuAndroid: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:23
anon^_^hi anyone very experienced with compiling around?05:23
Jordan_Ucybertaur1: If you typed /dev/sda1 it would explain the problem you are having05:23
Smehgrub-install should fail if you try to target a device that doesn't exist, so i doubt it05:24
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, good :P05:24
acerimmercybertaur1: http://www.webupd8.org/2009/05/fix-restore-grub-boot-loader.html05:24
Androidahhh sweet, sorry some irc are picky bout that stuff05:24
Jordan_Ucybertaur1: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Boot_Sector05:24
cybertaur1so if i type in `grub-install /dev/sda` that should fix it? or add another entry to the menu?05:25
tumenjargalMy cdrom not mount (UTF Volume)05:25
acerimmercybertaur1: wait, you can't get windows to start?05:25
jabiralianon^_^, I used Gentoo for a year and went through LFS once ;)05:25
tumenjargallet me know it05:25
Androidok Using a gateway m6750 laptop, and used the wininstaller to install Ubuntu, but my wifi doesnt work..05:25
cybertaur1acerimmer: that's correct.05:25
LoshkiAndroid: don't worry about it, just hit us with the gory details and we'll try and help...05:25
Smehcybtertaur1 : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9240317 is a post by someone with a very similar issue also, btw.05:25
Jordan_Ucybertaur1: grub-install won't help, it's windows' bootloader that needs to be restored05:25
bullgard4!ask | anon^_^05:25
ubottuanon^_^: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:25
undecimAndroid: Can you connect to the internet with an Ethernet cable? (temporarily)05:25
Jordan_Ucybertaur1: Follow the instructions in the link I gave.05:25
anon^_^how would you modify the following install line to user checkinstall05:26
Smehwait, that might not be multi-boot, actually.05:26
anon^_^make install-libs install-headers05:26
cybertaur1Jordan_U: thanks, i'm going through them now05:26
AndroidYes the Lanwire works fine, jus the wifi wont work, ir does see it or something05:26
anon^_^it has additional arguments, and I'm not sure if or how checkinstall can handle that05:26
acerimmercybertaur1: try to run windows repair.  You might have scrambled your master boot record.  If repair works, you might then need to restore grub.05:26
theGmanOk, 2 issues. 1. Why is it that since upgrading to 10.4 my usb wifi keeps dropping the conn, it eventually get's it back but it's frustrating..05:26
undecimAndroid: While connected via Ethernet, go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers, and you should see a wireless drive there. Activate it, reboot, and you should have wireless.05:27
tumenjargalUniversal Disk Format File System?05:27
budlustis there any way to get rid of these bubbles in empathy?05:27
theGman2. When I plugin either my usb HD or stick - neither get's recognized unless I reboot.05:27
winXPuserwhat is the command for manpages in Terminal?05:27
AndroidDid that and none appear in there, its blank.. was reading use ndisgtk, but i dont know how to find the.inf file05:27
jew_shall i get this? http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/x11/eterm to learn about the terminal?05:27
theGmanAre these both related to a usb bug?05:27
acerimmerwinXPuser: man man05:27
undecimbudlust: A different empathy theme05:27
winXPuser!Terminal > winXPuser05:28
ubottuwinXPuser, please see my private message05:28
gaspar|workHello! I just have changed font size to a smaller one (8pt). Is there a way to make buttons smaller? They still seem to be suited for bigger font05:28
jabiralianon^_^, according to manpage: checkinstall [options]  [install command]05:28
=== Absolut is now known as b4c4Di
FluffyMasterundecim: okay here is what it says05:28
theGmanOh and  3. I saw this question before but it wasn't an issue for me at the time. How do I get my window decorations "x" back to the right?05:28
jabiralianon^_^, I haven't tested this, but does "checkinstall make install-libs install-headers" work?05:28
anon^_^I haven't tested05:29
Loshkijew_: you don't need it. There are plenty of terminal programs in Ubuntu. The default terminal should be everything you need for the foreseeable future...05:29
acerimmertheGman: ubuntu tweak can switch directions05:29
theGmanNone of them are on the right anymore, but the "theme" shows them there...05:29
cybertaur1Jordan_U: you are a gentleman and a scholar. and a lifesaver05:29
cybertaur1acerimmer: thank you very much for your help as well05:29
FluffyMasterundecim: wait hang on, let me join on the live cd comp05:29
acerimmercybertaur1: good luck.05:29
anon^_^I don't want it to install and then have to weed out all the files installed because no log is created05:29
theGmanacerimmer: So I just use ubuntu twaek in a root term?05:29
dominikI am haveing trouble to get Ubuntu to run my display at 1980 x 1200, I just killed the xorg config file and that fixed the problem, but it also meant I was not useing the NVIDEA driver... so I configured xorg again, restarted teh system and no luck im back to the bad resolution, any idea what I can do?05:29
theGmansry tweak?05:29
anon^_^so I'm trying to get an answer from someone experienced in compiling, before going down the rabbit hole05:29
cybertaur1it's back up and working; i just booted into windows05:30
acerimmertheGman: that's what I did.  You'll need to unlock the tweak command on that page to make the change.  admin password05:30
undecimFluffyMaster: Make sure you use paste.ubuntu.com for pasting the output, otherwise you will get a flood mute.05:30
bullgard4The process popularity-contest has the user »nobody«. What is the function of the »nobody« user?05:30
eveningskywhat is the most recent repository with kqemu?05:30
acerimmertheGman: I'm assuming you have ubuntu tweak installed already???05:30
Androidundecim: Did that and none appear in there, its blank.. was reading use ndisgtk, but i dont know how to find the.inf file05:30
theGmanacerimmer: Where is it that I have to go to unlock it? (still very new to ubuntu/deb)05:30
theGmanacerimmer: Not sure.05:30
acerimmertheGman: ah.  no prob.  It should be in the software center05:31
tumenjargalUBUNTU Cant Mount UDF let me know it?05:31
tumenjargalUBUNTU Cant Mount UDF let me know it?05:31
undecimAndroid: Sorry, don't know much about ndiswrapper or ndisgtk.05:31
tumenjargalUBUNTU Cant Mount UDF let me know it?05:31
FloodBot1tumenjargal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:31
winXPuser!repeat | tumenjargal05:31
ubottutumenjargal: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.05:31
undecimbullgard4: It's a system user with lowered permissions.05:31
WalhterHey all05:31
jabiralianon^_^,  It shouldn't do anything weird. The "make install-headers install-libs"-part is in this case passed as an argument to checkinstall; best case scenario it works, worst case scenario you get an error about not using commandline options correctly05:31
winXPusertumenjargal, i honestly have no idea what UDF is though05:31
WalhterDVD format05:32
wo_spill** PLZ HELP ** I just installed 10.04.  I made the mistake of typing in a password for my keyring, and now it wants it after every startup,  how do I fix this??  thx05:32
Walhterand it can05:32
jabiralianon^_^, just make sure that you run it prefixed with "checkinstall" ;)05:32
bullgard4undecim: Thank you. Using your information, I will continue my snooping.05:32
Loshkibullgard4: I don't seem to have *any* processes owned by 'nobody'. So now I'm wondering if there's something strange about my system (or yours)?05:32
theGmanacerimmer: Ok, I installed it. Where/how do I use it?05:32
Androidundecim: thanks05:32
UbuntuJeffjabirali, tired of me yet? lol. I tried that rc.xml and I setup mplayer as the class name full screen on desktop 2. but it still starts normal on desktop one.05:32
undecimbullgard4: it's like how some processes run as root, some also run as "nobody" because they don't need the elevated permissions. This way, if a service using it is compromised, an attacker only has the permissions of nobody instead of root05:32
greezmunkeyUDF - Un Documented Filesystem... ?05:32
gaspar|workDoes anyone know where is "Menus and Toolbars" settings hidden in 10.4?05:32
acerimmertheGman: start ubuntu tweak05:32
anon^_^thanks jabirali05:32
jabiralianon^_^, also, if you run an install command as a normal user, you won̈́t have the rights to install anything at all, so there is no risk05:32
jabiralianon^_^, np :). Did it work?05:33
anon^_^didn't test05:33
anon^_^going to kitchen brb05:33
WalhterSo I got 3 2TB drives, should I use raid 5 or 10?05:33
acerimmertheGman: window manager settings has the left/right alight05:33
theGmanacerimmer: Typing that in a term win is reporting unknown job: ubuntu...?05:33
undecimAndroid: If I were you I would do a google search for setting up your specific card on Ubuntu, or post on the forums05:34
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, are you sure you got the correct classname? What was the output of "xprop|grep WM_CLASS" and clicking on mplayer? And what did you put as <application>-tag in rc.xml?05:34
Loshkiundecim: so if I'm not running any servers, I shouldn't expect to see any user 'nobody' processes?05:34
acerimmertheGman: ?  Wait, are you still on a terminal?  I thought you had gnome running05:34
theGmanAnd can anyone clue me in on my usb probs?05:34
tumenjargalNo UDF DVD support?? fstabs udftools rlly?? UBUNTU Cant Mount  UDF05:34
tumenjargalhelp me05:34
Serephwhat is the command to format a drive?05:34
Androidundecim: i did a big search and it told me to do the ndisgtk way05:34
theGmanacerimmer: I do have it running. I take it it's an app then. :P05:34
Androidusing and browsing the .inf file05:35
tumenjargalproblem is same http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61700905:35
wo_spill** PLZ HELP ** I just installed 10.04.  I made the mistake of typing in a password for my keyring, and now it wants it after every startup,  how do I fix this??  thx05:35
Androidor use ngdiskmanager(something) and extactign the files from the .exe05:35
bullgard4Loshki: The reason that you have no user »nobody« may be: i.) You did not enable the popularity-contest feature. ii.) The process 'popularity-contest' is not running on your computer at this moment.05:35
undecimundecim: Well, there are services on desktop systems even. Like udev, cron, ufw... Some of them run as root, some of them run as nobody, and some of them run as another separate user.05:35
Walhtertumenjargal: it should be fine, udf has been in linux kernel for a while05:35
acerimmertheGman: yes.  if installed properly, it's Applications>System Tools>Ubuntu Tweak05:35
pawan_tejwanianybody can pls tell me how to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on HDD with NTFS partitions, without removing NTFS partitions05:35
undecimLoshki: Well, there are services on desktop systems even. Like udev, cron, ufw... Some of them run as root, some of them run as nobody, and some of them run as another separate user.05:35
LeftmostA bug I'm trying to track down has been marked as a duplicate of https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/533604, which Launchpad tells me I don't have permission for. Why might this be?05:35
kasun_DELETE ERROR: hello, today I copied some files to my pen drive. Then when I tried to remove them, they gives 'cannot remove `file.name': Input/output error'! What should i do05:35
UbuntuJeffjabirali, gnome-terminal", "Gnome-terminal"05:35
theGmanacerimmer: Nope, guess I'll have to use syn pkg mgr. stand by...05:36
Serephpawan_tejwani: you partition it using the cd and add a ext4 partition and install to that05:36
Jordan_Upawan_tejwani: The installer handles that just fine and is fairly straight foreward.05:36
FluffyMasterundecim: i do not know how to use this paste thing.  i put it in and hit paste and what do i do now, lol?05:36
arandwo_spill: You can change keyrings via the Applications>Accessories>Passwords...05:36
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, you have to run the command and right-click on the movie player window ;)05:36
undecimFluffyMaster: It should redirect you to a page with what you pasted as static text. Copy the URL from the address bar, paste it here, and I can click it to see your text.05:37
pawan_tejwanisereph: does that requires manual partitioning , I am completely new to linux I am inside IRC also with windows xp itself05:37
Loshkitumenjargal: the last post in that thread said he had a solution...05:37
Walhterpawan_tejwani: or I think there is a way to make a growing img file that gets mounted05:37
FluffyMasterundecim: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428726/05:37
wo_spillarand -- okay, I'm there, now what?05:37
kasun_DELETE ERROR: hello, today I copied some files to my pen drive. Then when I tried to remove them, they gives 'cannot remove `file.name': Input/output error'! What should i do05:37
Walhterpawan_tejwani: you're better off using VirtualBox05:37
UbuntuJeffjabirali, WM_CLASS(STRING) = "xv", "MPlayer"05:38
wo_spillARAND -- that got it.. thanks so much dude --  KEEP OPEN SOURCE ALIVE!!!05:38
arandwo_spill: I guess just delete the relevant key.05:38
undecimFluffyMaster: Was that the only disk from fdisk?05:38
dominikis there a way to clear private data in ubuntu like there is in firefox?05:38
prayiiWalhter: what about the WUBI installer?05:38
Walhterkasun_: unmount it and remount it05:38
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, that's the correct one. You use the latter one. In rc.xml: <application class="MPlayer"></application>05:38
pawan_tejwaniwalhter: yes sir I want to install Ubuntu actually but dont want to remove the partitioning system (NTFS) for windows ,05:38
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, all settings regarding mplayer should then be put inside those application-tags05:39
acerimmerdominik: you can clear places and documents05:39
greezmunkeypawan_tejwani: then a wubi is your only choice I can see.05:39
undecimFluffyMaster: Do you see these partitions in GParted? (System -> Administration -> GParted)05:39
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, remember that caps lock matters :)05:39
Walhterprayii: never used it05:39
slideMy WIFI indicator led on my HP laptop won't stop blinking. can anyone help me fix it? I found a script that does echo none > /sys/class/leds/iwl-phy*/trigger but it doesnt work05:39
UbuntuJeffjabirali, http://pastebin.com/tLKcy6xj thats my rc.xml so you can hopefully tell me whats wrong with it05:39
undecimdominik: What private data do you need to clear?05:40
abhijainhow to change pdf to office file in ubuntu05:40
kasun_Walhter: I've done it several times. tried in another machine too. but no success.05:40
FluffyMasterundecim: no, it says my entire HD is unallocated05:40
pawan_tejwaniwalhter: actually I am having 3 HDDs One with WIndows xp, One with Fedora 12 and I want the third one to be with Ubuntu. But dont want to install it on virtual Box or wubi (dont want to make my system dual boot) and want to preserve NTFS file system also. Can you please help then? :)05:40
greezmunkeyabhijain: you need to edit a pdf?05:40
theGmanacerimmer: Nope, it seemed to all be installed right, Need I logout/in for it to be there?05:40
acerimmerpawan_tejwani: oh, well so long as it's simple05:40
UbuntuJeffjabirali, wait this is the shorter version of just the applications section. sorry didn't know it was that long http://pastebin.com/LbC6KDtN05:40
acerimmertheGman: yeah, log out, log in as root.  i'll be here05:41
Walhterpawan_tejwani: why not? virtualbox is perfect for that05:41
abhijaingreezmunkey: yeah i want to edit pdf05:41
theGmanCan SOMEONE/anyone clue me in on my usb probs?05:41
undecimFluffyMaster: And GParted says that you are looking at /dev/sda?05:41
Walhterpawan_tejwani: or any other VM app05:41
FluffyMasterundecim: correct05:41
theGmanacerimmer: Will do, but it's not the bigger iss atm.05:41
greezmunkeyabhijain: you could try this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfedit/05:41
greezmunkeyabhijain: I'd make a backup first though ;)05:42
acerimmertheGman: OK then05:42
pawan_tejwani@acerimmer: and @walhter: its because Fedora has that option while installing it on system that on which partition you want to install and which disk will it boot from , But ubuntu has just two options i.e. it just can install on complete HDD or it makes my system dual boot .05:42
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, that one looks correct. You clicked "Reconfigure" or something like that in the openbox menu, tried running mplayer again and it still doesn't open on desktop 2?05:42
acerimmerpawan_tejwani: OK - I'm officially underwater on this so I'll leave it to the experts...05:43
theGmanacerimmer: I seem to have lost plug-n-play on my usb HD and thumbdrive. When I plug either in they're no longer auto recognized as they were befor upgrade...clues?05:43
pawan_tejwaniwalhter: manual creation of partitions I dont know. Can you suggest anything dude?05:43
PCXan some one help me? can iget my ubuntu to work on my mv920 monitor it wroks fine on my lcd it dosent shake as much in lcd05:43
Chookiewhy do you guys insist on using a bootloader on PS3 that DONT work......05:43
undecimFluffyMaster: If I were you, I would do a complete backup of my data, then resize my Windows partitions either with Windows' partition manager or with a tool like Partition Wizard.05:43
Chookiewhy distro it!??!?!?!?!05:43
PCits a CTR05:43
acerimmertheGman: I seem to recall that's a system option setting.  I'll look05:43
undecimFluffyMaster: Then see if the installer detects the partition after that05:43
UbuntuJeffjabirali, nope, does it matter that I am trying to open it via mplayer command in terminal?05:43
Walhterpawan_tejwani: yes, you can do manual05:44
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, no. "gmplayer" and "mplayer" both had the same WM_CLASS on my machine. Wait 2 sec, I'll bring out my lappy and test there05:44
johnfghi folks05:44
UbuntuJeffjabirali, okay thanks05:44
undecimFluffyMaster: Just make sure you have a complete backup though, because as far as I can tell, there is something wrong with your partition table.05:44
theGmanpawan_tejwani: Um, unless you are double/triple booting...how are you intending on getting to any of the other os'es?05:45
ubottujohnfg: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:45
theGmanacerimmer: Thx.05:45
johnfgI wanted to download a 32 bit version of 10.04 server, but don't see it on ubuntu.com05:45
tstavropHey guys.  I have a Dell laptop (Inspiron E1705), and I'm trying to get the wireless card working (Broadcom 440x) on Lucid Lynx.  Any suggestions?  I know there are proprietary drivers available, but I can't find them :-\05:45
theGmanpawan_tejwani: Because, at one point, I was quadro booting with no issues.05:45
pawan_tejwaniwalhter: on 250GiB HDD if you have 5 partitions each of 50GiB and you want to just configure one for the Ubuntu (same as boot device) what should be done for the same <Its the second hard drive>05:45
FluffyMasterundecim: i am about to just say "screw it" and just overwrite the entire harddrive05:45
acerimmerjohnfg: at the site where you specify location, you also specify 32/6405:45
tyler-jameststavrop, make sure you update your repositories05:45
pawan_tejwanitheGman: dude I am having Three HDD's ...05:46
tyler-jamesrun sudo apt-get update05:46
tyler-jamesthen reboot05:46
pawan_tejwanitheGman: So no point in  making the system dual or try boot... :P05:46
tstavropthe issue is I cannot connect to the internet until I get the wireless drivers working05:46
johnfgOops, I didn't see the other alternatives.  acerimmer Thanks!05:46
acerimmerwell , i've got osx Snow Leopard/Windows7/Lucid but only on ONE disk.05:46
undecimFluffyMaster: If you want to do there, you might try cloning your Windows drive first, if you have the hard drive space somewhere (like an external drive)05:46
undecimFluffyMaster: want to do that*05:46
shishiredo the ubottu bots have http access?  i.e, can they link bug reports given a bug number in launchpad?05:47
theGmanpawan_tejwani: The number of HD has nothing to do with it. You will need a way to select which os to boot to, ie a grub menu or something.Until yesterday my main os was fedora 1205:47
Jordan_Ushishire: Yes, why?05:47
tyler-jamesoh snap!05:47
shishireJordan_U, trying to figure out the best way to provide links to bug reports in general05:47
=== patrick is now known as Guest22263
theGmanpawan_tejwani: I understand the confusion. The sys is STILL dual or tri booting, regardless of how many hd's there are.05:47
Jordan_Upawan_tejwani: Making it dual boot simply means that the grub menu will have options to boot the other OSs, you can tell grub not to create such menu entries.05:48
vuxpyrasame problem tstavrop05:48
tyler-jamesi believe the live cd has wireless drivers on board05:48
theGmanpawan_tejwani: Meaning, it's not a single os sys.05:48
shishireI can always link the URL, but it's generally better if it gets some context too.05:48
tyler-jamesso i think if you pop it it then select it in the software sources, you could load it off there05:48
pawan_tejwanitheGman: the boot device priority settings from your boot loader of motherboard itself does much more simple work:P05:48
eks010help I have a gateway netbook with win 7 starter     I installed ubuntu netbook via wubi    and   after install i rebooted and all I get is (after hitting enter to load ubuntu) is a flashing curser (underscore) and never load but if I edit the command in grub for recovery mode (chande hd to 0,1 insted of 0,2 it loads05:48
eks010can you help me?05:48
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, now this is really weird... I changed "Wine" to "MPlayer" in the original config I linked you, saved, reloaded openbox and opening videos worked fine - it both placed my mplayer on desktop 8 and set it to fullscreen.05:48
theGmanpawan_tejwani: However, you will have to create the partitions manually so you can specify which hd it gets installed to. (I've been doing this plenty over the last two days)05:49
theGmanpawan_tejwani: If you say so. :)05:49
eks010you can also email me at:    erikwmatc@gmail.com05:49
abhijainis there any option in open office ffor edit pdff05:49
PCWhat is a good way to dualboot ubuntu using 2 hdd?05:49
UbuntuJeffjabirali, can you paste exactly what you put?05:49
pawan_tejwanitheGman: yes dude thats what I wanted to do, Being a windows user I dont have so much Idea, Can you please help me?05:49
kasun_please anybody know a solution for this? DELETE ERROR: hello, today I copied some files to my pen drive. Then when I tried to remove them, they gives 'cannot remove `file.name': Input/output error'! What should i do05:49
pawan_tejwanitheGman: in creating the manual partitions05:49
PCI want to use my "Non-failing" hd wich is my windwos hd..05:49
macoabhijain: you can install openoffice.org-pdfimport and then youll be able to import pdfs into OOo, but i warn you it is /very/ buggy05:50
eks010help I have a gateway netbook with win 7 starter     I installed ubuntu netbook via wubi    and   after install i rebooted and all I get is (after hitting enter to load ubuntu) is a flashing curser (underscore) and never load but if I edit the command in grub for recovery mode (chande hd to 0,1 insted of 0,2 it loads05:50
eks010can you help me ?05:50
Chookieno one ever helps me..05:50
Chookieno one have a ps3?!05:50
PC!patince | Chookie05:50
eks010you can read my thing and email me too at:05:50
budlustchookie, what about ps3?05:50
eks010help I have a gateway netbook with win 7 starter     I installed ubuntu netbook via wubi    and   after install i rebooted and all I get is (after hitting enter to load ubuntu) is a flashing curser (underscore) and never load but if I edit the command in grub for recovery mode (chande hd to 0,1 insted of 0,2 it loads [23:48] <eks010> can you help me?05:50
vuxpyramy lucid lynx has problems w the wireless and bluetooth. any suggestions? linux noob here05:50
theGmanpawan_tejwani: Sure, it's not difficult. Once you begin the install process when it gets to the partition section, just tell it to create manually.05:51
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, http://pastebin.com/a4u4Y7Z605:51
Chookiebudlust; what bootloader supports ext4 for ps3?!05:51
Chookiethe one with the new ps3 versions yall pack in a bogus bootloader05:51
greezmunkeykasun_: did you get an error number05:51
Chookiekboot cant see ext4..05:51
undecimeks010: Press e to edit the menu entry from grub and remove the "quiet splash" and see if that lets you boot.05:52
UbuntuJeffjabirali, and to start a video in it your typing in the terminal mplayer andnameofvideo, right?05:52
theGmanacerimmer: Any news on that config setting you were checking into for me?05:52
pawan_tejwanitheGman: nopes , I mean when I done the same thing with ubuntu 9.1 My all the systems gone (including windows xp and fedora 12)05:52
quesoHow do I configure which terminal is started when I hit Ctrl-Alt-T?05:52
theGmanpawan_tejwani: Did you get my priv msg query?05:52
acerimmertheGman: sorry g, it appears I misremembered.  couldn't find it05:52
theGmanacerimmer: Np. It's frustrating.05:52
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, yup05:53
acerimmereks010: http://linux.dipin.info/2010/01/how-to-restore-grub-in-ubuntu-remix-910_11.html05:53
UbuntuJeffjabirali, odd, mine just opens it in a window on whatever desktop I am currently in05:53
FluffyMasterundecim: i extended my windows partition into the unallocated space, and am booting the live CD again to see what happens05:53
Chookiewtf is really goin on man.05:54
budlustchookie, no idea try http://www.ps3-hacks.com/05:54
budlusti havent used on ps3 since 3.2105:54
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, this is really odd. This file is located in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml, right? And you remembered to use the "Reconfigure"-option in the openbox menu after saving the config file?05:54
macoChookie: sony's latest update made ps3s unable to run linux05:54
Chookiewhy does ubuntu make ps3 isos with a bogus bootloader?! i been complaining since 9.10 about it05:55
Chookiei didnt update.....05:55
Chookieim still at 3.1505:55
macoah ok05:55
Chookiesony gettin sued and PROB gonna re-add it anyways ;p05:55
acerimmerChookie: not ubuntu's fault.  complain to sony bcs they killed linux os on ps305:55
Chookiekboot CANT READ ext4 ;(05:55
Chookieits not sony05:55
UbuntuJeffjabirali, well there is my problem apparently I used the wrong rc.xml file05:55
Chookieits the bootloader you guys use in the isos..05:55
johnfgIs 10.04 (which I'm just downloading server) running bind 9.7?05:55
budlustoops mt05:56
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, Aha :)05:56
FluffyMasterundecim: still unallocated05:56
acerimmerChookie: you CAN choose not to install grub , you know.  it's an advanced option just before disk writing begins05:56
undecimFluffyMaster: Can you access the partitions from a file manager?05:57
bobthemilkmanI'm having some troubles getting 64-bit virtualization in VirtualBox from the repositories for 9.10 x64.05:57
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, you need to copy the folder /etc/xdg/openbox to ~/.config/05:57
eks010help I have a gateway netbook with win 7 starter     I installed ubuntu netbook via wubi    and   after install i rebooted and all I get is (after hitting enter to load ubuntu) is a flashing curser (underscore) and never load but if I edit the command in grub for recovery mode (chande hd to 0,1 insted of 0,2 it loads05:57
eks010hlp me?05:57
Chookieacerimmer; eh?05:57
eks010help I have a gateway netbook with win 7 starter     I installed ubuntu netbook via wubi    and   after install i rebooted and all I get is (after hitting enter to load ubuntu) is a flashing curser (underscore) and never load but if I edit the command in grub for recovery mode (chande hd to 0,1 insted of 0,2 it loads05:57
FluffyMasterin windows, yes.  I can get into disk management.  In linux, no05:57
acerimmerChookie: yes?05:57
eks010help me?05:57
Chookieso install w/o a bootloader?05:57
UbuntuJeffjabirali, I just changed it now on to the next problem. i told you going to get tired of me lol05:58
Chookieyou have to install otheros.bld before starting disk install.05:58
acerimmerChookie: go direct chat.  I just sent you the invite05:58
undecimbobthemilkman: Do you have hardware Virtualization enabled? I'm pretty sure you need it for 64-bit guests. The setting is usually in the bios if you have a newish computer,05:58
Chookiewont connect.05:58
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, hehe :P05:58
UbuntuJeffjabirali, have any luck with adobe air in openbox? lol05:58
bobthemilkmanundecim: Maybe! Let me try restarting my computer!05:58
eks010helo can someone help me?05:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:59
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, never used Adobe Air lol :P.05:59
* jabirali googles05:59
XgatesI don't have usplash installed only Plymouth on a custom install with only LXDE and I'm trying to get it so that I can just see the console booting in framebuffer, I've tried a few things, but can't seem to get any to work where the console text booting up will run at like 1024x768, would anyone know to do this in Lucid?05:59
undecimFluffyMaster: I have no idea. Clearly the partitions are available to fdisk, which means Linux can see them, but GParted (which I assume is also used by the installer) can't see them. It makes no sense to me.06:00
acerimmerChookie: ok, during install, after you've set up your partitions, selected user account names and your time zone, JUST BEFORE things start writing, you get a final screen showing what you've selected.  IN the lower right of the screen is "advanced options"  Within that is a go/no go install bootloader or select WHERE bootloader goes.  DON'T install bootloader if you don't want it.  HOWEVER<...06:00
Chookieso weird...06:00
acerimmer...I don't hack ps3 so don't know how you'll boot wtihout a loader...06:00
slxoWhat package is "add-apt-repository" included as part of?06:00
UbuntuJeffjabirali, I use it because I have a twitter account and I use tweet deck for my twitter lol06:00
Dracirate /msg NickServ identify 11069006:00
UbuntuJeffDracirate you typed that in local06:01
Chookieand i do text install ;/06:01
Chookiemy tv is an SDTV...LOL!06:01
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, never used Twitter lol :P06:01
* jabirali googles twitter06:01
UbuntuJeffjabirali, I have one called whylinux :P06:01
jabiralij/k, I know what it is, but I never used it ;)06:01
aetarici'm having trouble booting. X11 doesn't start on boot, but it works when i call sudo gdm from cli.06:02
rootlinuxusrhave linuxreviews lol only one review up though >_>06:02
acerimmerChookie: wt?  OK, but I KNOW you have bootloaer options in a text install including the option to NOT install a loader.06:02
zipperaye any1 knows how to set vuze to auto start on boot?06:02
Chookiethen linux wont go from ps3.06:02
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, you mean a twitter account? Or a page of some sorts?06:02
Chookiew/o bootloader right?06:02
k3rnIs it possible to get tab completion for self made shell scripts? how is this done?06:02
UbuntuJeffjabirali, a twitter account06:02
bullgard4slxo: /usr/bin/add-apt-repository is provided by the package python-software-properties06:03
slxobullgard4: thanks06:03
acerimmerChookie: me: NOT  a ps3 hacker.06:03
zipperaye any1 knows how to set vuze to auto start on boot?06:03
aetaric!repeat | zipper06:03
ubottuzipper: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:03
ChookieI got ubuntu 10.04 running on my ps3 by installing the petitboot bootloader. (the version for ubuntu 9.x as I was having the mount error)06:03
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, aha cool :P06:03
Chookiefound a diff bootloader ;)))06:03
Jordan_UChookie: Have you filed a bug report?06:04
Chookieyeah since 9.10...06:04
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, where do you live btw?06:04
UbuntuJeffjabirali, Indiana you?06:04
Jordan_UChookie: link?06:04
kasun_greezmunkey: no.06:04
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, Norway :)06:04
UbuntuJeffjabirali, good wheter?06:05
UbuntuJeffjabirali, weather lol06:05
greezmunkeykasun_: wow, that took a while :)06:05
UbuntuJeffjabirali, I added you to my friends list if thats okay with you06:05
albertolempirahey guys, i'm outside the US and i want to listen some streaming radio stations but since i'm not in america can't listen any of them. I've tried with several free proxy servers with no success. Can somebody give me ideas on how to get it? thanks in advance06:05
Chookiechannel is dead lol...06:06
kasun_greezmunkey: sorry, i just saw it :)06:06
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, it's unstable lol. I currently live in Trondheim, and there is a saying that here, there are 3 seasons per day06:06
mianosmHey guys, I'm trying to install 10.04 LTS on a SC1425, without an active Internet connection. Is that possible?06:06
aetaric!info lwiod06:06
UbuntuJeffjabirali, lol as long as you don't loose an arm a leg or electricity its all good06:06
rootlinuxusrshould be, you don't need an internet connection for cd06:06
ubottuPackage lwiod does not exist in lucid06:06
theadminmianosm: Yes, you can install it, unsure what's a "SC1425", but normally you would not need to use networking during install06:06
mianosmrootlinuxusr: I'm getting stuck at the "choose your mirror" portion.06:07
mianosmEven after choosing to setup my (static) network later, it still lets me know that it can't touch any of the mirror archives.06:07
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, two days ago it was sunny outside so I put on shorts to walk the 10 minutes to my closest grocery store. It had started snowing before I got there, and when I got home again it was raining :-/06:07
acerimmerChookie: http://psubuntu.com06:07
jabiraliUbuntuJeff, I'm from eastern norway so I'm not really used to this unstable weather yet lol :P06:07
UbuntuJeffjabirali, I feel your pain06:07
theadminmianosm: I always installed without networks. I just choose a location, then it complains that it can't connect to apt mirrors or some stuff like that, then it goes on installing normally, just have to apt-get update after installing06:08
anon^_^jabirali checkinstall works as it should when not using sudo command as prefix06:08
jabiralianon^_^, great :)06:08
anon^_^problem is there's no way to tell if the commands follow work06:08
mianosmit keeps kicking me back to the selection screen. :( theadmin06:08
theadminmianosm: hm.06:08
anon^_^without using sudo and letting it run its course06:08
mianosmgo back and continue are definitely the choices, but continue kicks me back06:08
PCUh how do you dual boot with 2 hdd?06:08
theadminmianosm: Maybe Lucid install procedure is different a bit... is there any kind of "skip"?06:09
PCxp and ubuntu06:09
theadminPC: Install XP on one, install Ubuntu on another?06:09
mianosmNo, just <go back> and <continue>06:09
mianosmboth seem to have the same effect.06:09
jabiralianon^_^, if it is successful, it will create a .deb package in your working directory. IIRC, the .deb is basically a .tar.gz-file, so you can try to look inside it to see if the correct files are there.06:10
basttraxHey all.06:10
basttraxI somehow lost my little main icon that allowed me to get to my chat/email/broadcast easily.06:10
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
basttraxand idea how to get it back?06:10
jabiralianon^_^, if the package is how it should be, you can install it with "sudo dpkg -i" or double-clicking graphically06:10
anon^_^it doesn't get that far jabirali.  checkinstall attempts install first, if it fails it cleans up and exits06:10
anon^_^a deb normally is created after install06:11
theadminbasttrax: Right click the panel, add to panel, Indicator Applet Session06:11
basttraxtheadmin, Thanks :)06:11
anon^_^that's what I meant by the only way to find out is using sudo06:11
PCtheadmin: dose it change the boot loader if i use 2 hdd?06:11
bobthemilkmanOkay, there was no virtualization options in my BIOS menu.06:11
albertolempira hey guys, i'm outside the US and i want to listen some streaming radio stations but since i'm not in america can't listen any of them. I've tried with several free proxy servers with no success. Can somebody give me ideas on how to get it? thanks in advance06:11
jabiralianon^_^, it doesn't give any error before exiting?06:12
jabiralianon^_^, and you did run it like "checkinstall make install-headers install-libs"?06:12
anon^_^actually it did06:12
jabiralianon^_^, ok06:12
macocheckinstall doesnt work for everything, by the way06:12
theGmanacerimmer: Hey, I got the tweak thing avail. But it's under system->preferences and shows four diff menu opts...galeon, nautilus, menus and sessions...whichone do I use?06:12
macoits really not the proper way to make a deb. id suggest #ubuntu-packaging if you'd like to learn to do it right06:12
acerimmertheGman: what?06:13
theGmanacerimmer: To fix the win deco to put the "x" back on the right?06:13
acerimmertheGman: Applications>System Tools06:13
* iflema would it make any difference if it where hommus?06:13
PCwill the bootloader change if i install ubuntu on a diffrent hdd?06:13
acerimmertheGman: Applications>System Tools>Ubuntu Tweak06:14
theGmanacerimmer: It doesn't show up there. Only under system->preferences with four menu choices...06:14
theGmanacerimmer: All with a gTeakUI - Prefix.06:14
acerimmertheGman: OKay that IS weird.  How did you install tweak?  Synaptic?06:14
_pg_I am trying to install grub and its complaining about blacklists. anyone?06:15
theGmanacerimmer: And that's whether logged in as root OR user..06:15
mianosmnew requirement for installing 10.04: Internet connection. :(06:15
acerimmertheGman: seems like you've got parts of the tweak package BUT>>06:16
theGmanmianosm: What if you downloaded the livecd for it?06:16
mianosmWill I be able to install a JeOS off of a livecd?06:16
mianosmI'll give it a whirl theGman06:16
slxoHow do I grant sudo permission to an existing user that is lacking?06:16
theGmanacerimmer: No doubt, but I don't/didn't see anything else to install for it? Maybe I should remove it and do it again?06:16
acerimmertheGman: http://ubuntu-tweak.com will give you the complete06:16
theGmanmianosm: Can't hurt right?06:17
aetaricslxo: add them to the admin group06:17
Xgatesanyone not running plymouth and usplash and just has the console text booting?06:17
slxoslxo: via command line?06:17
slxoaetaric: via command line?06:17
aetaricslxo: that's how i do it...06:17
undecimslxo: sudo gpasswd -a user group06:17
theGmanacerimmer: Remove the current one first eh06:17
acerimmertheGman: be safe,  kill it all06:18
aetaricXgates: is that how you want your system to boot?06:18
slxoundecim, aetaric: thanks06:18
ircuserBluetooth is not working. How to make it work? (10.04, Dell Vostro 1500)06:18
bullgard4'~$ ps -ef | grep flush; root       252     2  0 May05 ?        00:00:00 [flush-8:0]' What process spawns this process? Where is described the function of this process?06:18
Xgatesaetaric: yeah I've only got LXDE installed, I had the console booting yesterday just showing the text at 640x480, but can't remember how, so now I'm trying to get it to boot at 1024x76806:19
wyrlssAnyone who uses facebook: When you select a photo to upload, do you get reasonable sized thumbnails?06:19
slxoundecim: "user is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported"06:19
K4kI keep getting an error 15 file not found when I run "find /boot/grub/stage1" someone please help, I'm living off a live CD...06:19
undecimslxo: You need to be logged in as and admin... it wouldn't make much sense if a user could add themselves to a group.06:19
K4kI've tried mounting /dev/sda1 manually and creating a chroot environment to no success as well06:20
slxoundecim: nono, I did that as root06:20
Xgatesaetaric: I need to change to this --->  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet" and I'm using this to have it stay hopefully - GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=1680x105006:20
slxoundecim: but the user is still getting that error06:20
aetaricXgates: that should work06:20
Xgateswell I thought you had to blacklist vga16fb06:20
slxoundecim: i am logged in ssh as root and NX as a normal user. normal user fails sudo06:20
undecimslxo: That user will have to log in since you added them.06:21
aetaricslxo: did you relog?06:21
undecimslxo: Their current login is still using the non-admin privileges06:21
wyrlssK4k http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/grub-setup-problem-boot-grub-stage1-not-found-175689/06:21
theGmanacerimmer: It's all good now. thx. :)06:21
nixjrafter updating to 10.04, the volume slider is missing from the desktop panel06:22
acerimmertheGman: no prob.  did you find the setting you need06:22
rootlinuxusrjust upgraded to 10.04, and my images are now longer loading in Firefox.06:22
theGmanStill haven't figured out how to make my sys stop killing my usb stuff...06:22
rootlinuxusrthis supposed to happen?06:22
slxoundecim, aetaric: relogged and still happening. trying reboot06:22
undecimnixjr: add the "indicator applet" to the panel06:22
undecimslxo: Reboot won't do anything06:22
aetaricslxo: you shouldn't need to reboot for permissions06:22
undecimslxo: Have the user run "groups" to verify s/he is in the admin grou[06:22
Xgatesdarn I wish it was easy to just get text console at bootup in FB, not the splash06:23
nixjrundecim, ah think you, i was looking for "volume applet"06:23
mohawkboiAnyone had any luck setting up a G25 Steering wheel. Mine does not work correctly.. Force feedback, 900 degree steering angle not working.06:23
Xgatesstupid splash and plymouth a mess06:23
acerimmertheGman:Tweak> Desktop/Window Manager Settings/Window Titlebar Button Layout/Place06:23
theGmanHey all, is there any way I can make my sys permanently stop using the INTERNAL wifi? I have my external (usb) on an extension with a signal booster and it's defaulting to the internal...not nearly as good a sig..06:23
greezmunkeyQuestion regarding the ln command: I want to create a link to a directory off of "/" that I created. The directory is chown/chgrp to my user already. Can I ln to this directory (from my $HOME) with "ln -s /directory Linkname"? If I do, can I redily access it as if it were in my home dir?06:24
theGmanacerimmer: Thx. Already got it, thus the "it's all good" part. ;)06:24
aetaricXgates: i wish i didn't have to start GDM/X11 every time i reboot06:24
=== Locos_epraix is now known as chinchi29
Xgatesanyone know how you can boot Lucid with just the text showing in the console instead of the splash/plymouth running in framebuffer for the text?06:24
Cryp71cis there anyway I can get a .deb (or other ubuntu-friendly package) for gcc or build-essential (if gcc is included in that) ?06:24
macogreezmunkey: should work, yeah06:25
undecimXgates: remove the "quiet splash" from the grub line06:25
acerimmertheGman: Cool.  Enjoy.06:25
Cryp71cUsually you would snag that through apt-get, but I'm trying to get internet connectivity working on a fresh UNR installation of 10.04.06:25
Xgatesundecim: I did that already, that's not all there is to it06:25
beswhen i try to install server 10.4 i386 edition using an ide dvd drive, i receive a message that says "no common cd drive found"06:25
aetarici hate plymouth so far06:25
greezmunkeymaco: Seems to have - I am curious about being able to use that as part of my home dir. Will I end up creating screwey permissions on files I place there?06:26
macogreezmunkey: nope06:26
theGmanNvm, it IS apparently using the correct one. Ignore the question. :P06:26
greezmunkeymaco: cool, thx :)06:26
undecimXgates: Doing that from grub will make it happen for one boot. If you want to remove it permanently, you need to remove it from /etc/default/grub and run "sudo update-grub"06:26
greezmunkeymaco: testing that now...06:26
macogreezmunkey: if some /other/ user puts files in there, theyll be owned by that user06:26
Xgatesaetaric: well I did a custom install from the alternate iso for Lucid only installing LXDE and it's great, I just want to kill what little of plymouth is taking over the boot process06:26
iflemaCryp71c use the install media as a package source and see how far ya get......06:27
greezmunkeymaco: I chown/grp only to me06:27
LoshkiCryp71c: so if don't have connectivity, how are you going to get the .debs to the laptop?06:27
dbumgcc is in synaptic in lucid06:27
Cryp71cLoshki, thumb drive.06:27
aetarici've heard good things about lxde06:27
Xgatesundecim: I did that too and that's not all there is to it either, you need to do some more hacking to get it to boot only text in framebuffer06:27
Cryp71ciflema, I tried to add the thumb drive (installation media) as a cd-rom but got no where with it. I've resorted to trying to snag the packages and move them across -_-06:27
macogreezmunkey: if thats part of your usecase, i suggest setting the directory to be setgid (chmod g+s) and putting you and the other users into the same group, setting the dir's group as that one, and setting owner & group permissions to match06:27
mohawkboiAnyone had any luck setting up a G25 Steering wheel. Mine does not work correctly.. Force feedback, 900 degree steering angle not working.06:28
Cryp71ciflema, if you have advice regarding setting the thumb drive as a software source, I would rather attempt that.06:28
GodricBrutusi remember a greasemonkey script? i think that allowed me to change the color of the ubuntu forums site. anybody know what that was? i think it was greasemonkey06:28
iflemaCryp71c i dont know... ill have a look.....06:28
aetaric!repeat | mohawkboi06:28
ubottumohawkboi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:28
LoshkiCryp71c: the main problem you face would be making sure you got all the dependencies, I would have thought....06:29
Xgatesundecim: just removing quiet splash does nothing06:29
Cryp71ciflema, I googled around for a while and found apt-cdrom but I couldn't get that working.06:29
jew_i accidently deleted my main panel with all my info on it ..is there any way i can restore the defualt main panel on the top of ubunto?06:29
karma_policejust installed 10.04 on an old dell dimension computer and the resolution is horrible.. installed a proprietary nvidia driver and cannot adjust it.06:29
Cryp71cLoshki, yeah, iflema's solution is better, but I can't get any clear-cut instructions on how to use a thumb drive as software source.06:29
greezmunkeymaco: I think I see, that would preserve individual users file permissions, like in a shared directory??06:29
almoxarifejew_: no, but you can add a panel and start from scratch06:30
acerimmerjew: right click, create a new panel and add the applets.06:30
Cryp71capt-cdrom is as far as I got, but no matter how I use it, I can't get it to recognize properly.06:30
greezmunkeymaco: I can read up on that!06:30
GodricBrutusi remember a greasemonkey script? i think that allowed me to change the color of the ubuntu forums site. anybody know what that was? i think it was greasemonkey06:30
slxoundecim, aetaric: $ groups | asdf admin | $ sudo apt-get update | [sudo] password for asdf: | asdf is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.06:30
k4kOk, I tried "grub-install --root-directory=" with the appropriate directory for the drive but it doesn't do anything06:30
macogreezmunkey: yeah thatd be a shared directory. the creator would always be listed as the owner, but if you make it setgid & give group rwx permisions they can all operate on the files equally06:30
karma_policeubuntu and old nvidia do not coincide06:30
jew_but i dont know what is on the other one ..i tryed to add the same ones ..but like the volume control and the wifi thing and all that isnt on the list06:30
wyrlssk4k nothing or Nothing?06:30
acerimmerjew; make a new user and login as that to see the default06:31
greezmunkeymaco: nice - like riding a bicycle with one wheel missing...!06:31
dbumor old ATI for that matter06:31
ubottuHi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins06:31
k4kwyrlss: it came up to the standard screen showing me all the args06:31
undecimslxo: did you have the user run "groups" to see if s/he is an admin?06:31
macogreezmunkey: huh? what about unicycles?06:31
Dracirate /msg NickServ identify 11069006:31
FlannelDracirate: You'll want to change that password06:31
slxoundecim: yes, and it is06:31
karma_policeguess i'm in the dark with this prob06:31
macoDracirate: time to change your password?06:31
jew_how do i move stuff on the panel?06:31
wildbat!resetpanel > jew_06:31
ubottujew_, please see my private message06:31
k4kwyrlss: I guess maybe I'm confused what it wants after root-directory= amybe06:31
dbumright click....move06:32
acerimmerjew_: right click on the applet, click "Move"06:32
wyrlssk4k =/boot /dev/[whatever]06:32
greezmunkeymaco: I was illustrating my foggy knowledge of links, about like struggling to ride a bike with one wheel missing...06:32
skritehow do i get the popup notifications with rhythmbox ?06:32
macogreezmunkey: ah06:32
jew_what private message? lol ..and okay thanks06:32
slxoundecim: any other ideas?06:32
macojew_: ubottu just sent you a PM06:32
undecimslxo: Run "sudo visudo" as admin, and make sure that "%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL" is uncommented06:32
k4kwyrlss: oh wow really, there's a space there? Who knew...06:32
jew_how i check it?06:33
iflemaCryp71c apt-cdrom -d requires a listing in /etc/fstab..... pain.....06:33
wildbat!resetpanel | jew_06:33
ubottujew_: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:33
Cryp71ciflema, actually, I tricked it and got it working.06:33
wyrlssk4k I don't think there's any /dev under /boot.06:33
GodricBrutusi remember a greasemonkey script? i think that allowed me to change the color of the ubuntu forums site. anybody know what that was? i think it was greasemonkey06:33
macojew_: well its in the channel now, but how you check PMs would depend on your irc client06:33
k4kwyrlss: yea that's where my confusion was...06:33
Cryp71ciflema, I went into software sources and hit 'add cdrom' and after it prompted me to insert a cd rom, I mounted the thumb drive to /cdrom and it worked.06:33
macoGodricBrutus: the forums have a theme setting dropdown in the bottom right corner of the page, iirc06:34
k4kwyrlss: if you have happen to have it can you re-send me that link since I had to reboot into live again I lost it06:34
iflemaCryp71c =)06:34
GodricBrutusmaco, thanks06:34
Cryp71ciflema, unfortunately, it appears gcc isn't on this UNR image -_-06:34
slxoundecim: no such string was in the file. added it and trying again06:34
macoGodricBrutus: but yeah i do remember a GM script that lets you pick the theme for any site for which themes have been contributed06:34
iflemaCryp71c =(06:34
macoGodricBrutus: just dont know what it was :P06:34
slxoundecim: bingo. thanks a lot06:34
undecimslxo: np06:34
wyrlssk4k http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/grub-setup-problem-boot-grub-stage1-not-found-175689/06:34
jew_thank you for the pm whoever sent it06:34
jew_and thanks all for help/info06:34
circuitmanhi,i'm using ubuntu 9.04 but the sound is not as good as it is in winodws06:34
k4kwyrlss: thanks :-)06:35
acerimmerwildbat: OUCH.  ran the script and it totally messed up my panels.  I'll have to recreate.06:35
circuitmanhelp me how to configure ubuntu to get good sound experience06:35
wildbatacerimmer, ??? huh?06:35
Cryp71c"Insert the disc labeled 'Ubuntu-Netbook 10.04 _Lucid Lynx_ - Release Candidate i386 (20100419.1)'"06:35
Cryp71cWhich specific image does that refer to (from the ubuntu site) ?06:35
acerimmerwildbat: i ran the reset panel script you sent to jew06:35
undecimCryp71c: ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386.iso06:36
wildbatacerimmer, that will reset your panel ~ lol don't run it if you ain't resseting ;p06:36
wyrlssskrite Plugins > status icon06:36
iflemaCryp71c whats this in aid of wireless drivers?06:36
skrite_wyrlss, thanks06:36
acerimmerwildbat: yeah it reset alright.06:36
circuitmani cant get the same sound experience as in windows.help me guys06:36
Cryp71ciflema, silly Broadcomm.06:37
Cryp71ciflema, BCM4312 b/g Rev 106:37
Researcher-I am using polipo as a cache server, but cannot access the website running on other lan connected servers ? can any one tell me the solution ? also there is no help available for such at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Polipo06:37
Cryp71cdmesg reports lots of issues with the firmware that shipped with this UNR -_-06:37
iflema!broadcom | Cryp71c06:37
ubottuCryp71c: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:37
gameyharpBest media player on linux?06:38
wyrlssUm. Again question: I don't have facebook, so I can't test it, but does the upload on facebook have decent sized thumbnails?06:38
ShadeSwyrlss: who cares facebook needs to die06:38
karma_policewill have to stick with xp on this computer...06:38
gameyharpwhat about for audio06:38
ShadeSit became the datamining big brother that we all feared google would become06:38
acerimmerkarma_police: HERETIC!06:38
wyrlssShadeS Yes, but my wife uses it.06:38
karma_policedamn nvidia and their propietary drivers06:39
gameyharpis there a winamp equivalent?06:39
k4kwyrlss: http://pastebin.com/PE5QtYJ206:39
ShadeSyou shouldn't have gotten the goverment involved in your personal affairs06:39
circuitmangameyharp:that what i'm here for.I'm not getting same sound experience as in windows06:39
ShadeScircuitman: what doy ou mean 'sound experience'06:40
moetunesgameyharp: try rhythmbox or amarok06:40
wyrlssShadeS wtf are you talking about?06:40
circuitmanShadeS: i mean the quality of the sound is bad06:40
karma_policeanyone know any fixes for old nvidia drivers for ubuntu? i have been googling with not much luck06:40
wyrlssShadeS I liked getting free moneys for college.06:40
karmic_koalachannel in spanish_06:40
ShadeScircuitman: what audio drivers are06:40
moetunes!es | karmic_koala06:40
ubottukarmic_koala: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:40
ShadeSwyrlss: the only thing more expensive than a wedding is a divorce06:40
dholbachDevelopment and MOTU Q&A Session in #ubuntu-classroom in 20m06:41
circuitmanShadeS:may be gstreamer plugins06:41
wyrlssShadeS Well thank the gods mine cost $100. Now go test facebook for me.06:41
ShadeSpiss off06:41
ShadeSi don't have a facebook nor ever will i06:41
ShadeSgood to hear the mrs has you by the nads too06:41
moetunesShadeS: watch the language pls06:41
circuitmanShadeS:i dont know what drivers my ubuntu has06:42
zipper_how do i activate shockwave on lucid?06:42
ShadeScircuitman: are you sure it's not an eq setting that you're missing?06:42
ShadeSor does it just sound like a low bit rate mp3 instead of a full quality sound?06:42
scunizizipper_: do you have a file you want to view?06:42
zipper_scunizi: i wanna play games online but they want me to install shockwave06:43
circuitmanShadeS:there is no equilizer setting in the media player06:43
dbumzipper: have you restarted after upgrade..... I had to do that before shockwave would work06:43
ShadeScircuitman: what areyou using currently for your media player?06:44
circuitmanShadeS:wma and mp3 audio06:44
undecimdbum: are you talking about shockwave or flash?06:44
zipper_And also how do i activate java on chrome06:44
ShadeSthose sounds like file formats not media players06:44
circuitmanShadeS:the defalult media player06:45
ShadeSI'm ot sure what that is for ubuntu..06:45
undecimzipper_: Adobe doesn't make a Shockwave Linux client. Your best bet for shockwave is to download and install Firefox on Wine and install shockwave in it.06:45
zipper_undecim: aye okay06:45
zipper_another question06:45
zipper_how do i activate java on chrome06:46
undecimzipper_: Have you isntalled restricted extras?06:46
moetunescircuitman: install ubuntu-restricted-extras for those codecs06:46
zipper_undecim: yea i did06:46
wyrlssExecuting grub-install without the --no-floppy flag can also lead to this when there is a problem detecting the path of the floppy device06:46
undecimzipper_: no idea then.06:46
zipper_undecim: it doesn't seem to work on chrome06:46
zipper_undecim: it worked for mozilla!06:46
wyrlssWho pastebinned the "Auto-detection of a filesystem module failed" err?06:47
undecimmozilla uses a different plugin architecture than chrome.06:47
White-Horsefor some unknown reason i lost my network icon from the top right panel anyone know how i can get it back ?06:47
circuitmanmoetunes: i installed the codecs to play mp3 and wma audio. But the quality of playing is not good as it is in windows06:47
zipper_Google Chrome requires Java 6 Update 12 or greater (Java 6u12+), as indicated in the Google Chrome Help Center. The Chrome browser is new and not officially supported by Sun for Java 6. We at Sun are working hard to add support for Chrome as soon as possible, and we expect to announce support in the near future. Please check back for updates.06:47
undecimzipper_: Well, It's Oracle now, not Sun. There's no telling what will happen to Java.06:48
wyrlssWhite-Horse: indicator applet06:48
wyrlssWhite-Horse: Wait, no, maybe.06:48
microlithundecim: that's easy. It will be06:49
acerimmerWhite-Horse: network manager applet06:49
circuitmanmoetunes: i installed the codecs to play mp3 and wma audio. But the quality of playing is not good as it is in windows06:49
dbumanybody try to use emapthy with myspace contacts in lucid? it shows I connect to server but no one can see me and I can't see myspace offline contacts.  I think its just myspace chat... it sux06:49
k4kOk so I'm stumped, I've tried several variations of using grub-install including "grub-install --root-direcotory=/boot /dev/sda1" and it tells me to make sure sda1 is mounted (which it is) and suggests running "grub-probe /dev/sda1" to find out the modules to use in --modules= and I found it was ext2 so I did --modules=ext2. Thoughts?06:50
jew_how do i get a full new desktop theme for panels and everything?06:50
moetunescircuitman: I read it the first time - can't add more than what others have suggested06:50
mohawkboijew art manager06:51
wyrlssk4k Executing grub-install without the --no-floppy flag can also lead to this when there is a problem detecting the path of the floppy device:06:51
wyrlssk4k http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB206:51
jew_is there one in the software manager?06:51
White-Horseacerinmer there is no network manager applet in the add to panel06:51
subirhi i just installed ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop, but am having a problem printing...it's just giving blank pages; with ubuntu 9.04 it was working properly06:51
mohawkboijew yes install it.06:51
circuitmanmoetunes:how to get good sound same like in windows06:52
jew_oh okay i found it . thanks again guys06:52
dbumsubir: I had to untinstall drivers and reinstall (I upgraded though)06:52
liami have run the upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 and it is stuck on "installing the upgrades" and the terminal is saying "found linux image: ..." what should i do?06:52
scunizisubir: go to http://localhost:631 and verify you have the right driver.. if it looks ok try adding another printer (same one) .. sometimes it just takes adding it again to make it work.06:52
moetunescircuitman: I never have sound issues so i can't suggest anything sorry06:53
hateballcircuitman: maybe if you describe the actual issue06:53
k4kdoing "grub-install /dev/sda1 --no-floppy" gave me a message that auto-detection of filesystem module failed and again recommends the --modules arg06:53
k4kwyrlss: ^^06:53
hateballcircuitman: it's pretty hard for us to know what you mean by "same like in windows"06:53
mohawkboik4k kick it06:53
GodricBrutusis there some app that i can install that will allow my to drag the pointer to select multiple files in GNOME?06:54
wildbat_laptopliam, "found linux image:...." don't sound like a error why don't you give us more details?06:54
k4kwyrlss: could it be because it's on an EXT4 FS?06:54
circuitmanhateball: what i can tell u is just listen an mp3 song both in linux and windows then you will know the difference06:54
Xgatesholy freaking Crud what's it going to take just to boot this dang Lucid with a text console06:54
durreI'm on ubuntu 10.04 with a corrupt mysql installation. I'm unable to remove mysql and need some help. dpkg --purge .. apt-get remove etc doesnt seem to wanna work06:54
crdlbGodricBrutus: you can't already do that? where exactly is this?06:54
* Xgates bangs head06:54
wyrlssk4k I don't know, I am damn near retarded.06:54
GodricBrutuscrdlb, nautilus06:55
Xgatescome on there must be some Ubuntu geeks around here that know how to hack this thing....06:55
GodricBrutuscrdlb, in list view06:55
hateballcircuitman: I dont use Windows. *What* is the difference? More bass? Do you need to adjust an equalizer?06:55
subirdbum, scunizi ok thnx will try that06:55
mohawkboicurcuitman try installing someform of graphic equiliser plugin to the software you are using for playback. Also check your drivers for your soundcard06:55
wyrlssk4k http://georgia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=894256606:56
circuitmanhateball:its not about bass or treble. its about the overall sound06:56
circuitmanyou will only know when u play the same song in both06:56
wyrlssk4k has some similarity.06:56
exy666I wanted to record audio streams from other apps in audacity, installed jackd, and am presently soundless (running 9.10).  Anyone able/care to advise whether it would be better to try to configure jack or roll back?06:56
wyrlsscircuitman Can you quantify that?06:56
dholbachDevelopment and MOTU Q&A Session in 3m06:57
k4kwyrlss: you're a genius, that did it!06:57
wyrlssk4k Again, I am damn near retarded.06:57
circuitmanwyrlss: in linux it's like listening in a tape recorder06:57
White-Horsesolved: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=923800206:58
circuitmanwyrlss: in windows its a different thing06:58
mikubuntuhey guys, since i did an upgrade to lucid my volume control in the top panel disappeared and i can't find another one!  i tried right click on the panel, add to panel, but no volume control in that list to select.06:58
wyrlsscircuitman Like it's playing at a lower bitrate?06:58
macomikubuntu: any chance you disabled pulseaudio right before it disappeared?06:58
crdlbGodricBrutus: ah, I don't think that's possible, but you can use Ctrl and Shift06:58
circuitmanwyrlss: may be thats the problem06:59
White-Horsethanks guys have a good night/day06:59
GodricBrutuscrdlb, yeah, i know. was wondering if there was an app or something that will allow me to do that06:59
CytotoxicTCellHow do i use the brain fuck scheduler06:59
k4kwyrlss: You think it's necessary to follow through with the "update-grub" step? Because now it's not working...06:59
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:59
mikubuntumaco, not that i know of06:59
CytotoxicTCellseriously, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_Fuck_Scheduler07:00
wyrlssk4k I think updating grub after you get fix is a good idea.07:00
mikubuntuhow would i check into that maco07:00
crdlbGodricBrutus: that would require modifying nautilus itself07:00
wyrlssk4k to fix the fix. Maybe.07:00
serkan_14Hi ! I am using Ubuntu 10.04. My adobe flash is crashing after hours. I mean i can using after fresh format but it is crashing a few hours later even i am not doing any thing on Ubuntu as configuration or installation. Opera and firefox can not use the flash at the same time. I dont have any other problem on my system.  Can you help me please!07:00
mohawkboiwyrlss do you know how to configure a G25 force feedback wheel in lucid?07:00
k4kwyrlss: I'll do some more poking because update-grub gives me cannot find device for /07:00
k4kso idk...07:00
exy666anyone know if audacity + pulseaudio can capture sound from other apps, or if something like jack is needed?07:00
wyrlssmohawkboi I don't know what that is.07:00
GodricBrutuscrdlb, i see. i thought it might have been like that app that lets you cary the clipboard over to different apps when the source app is closed.07:01
GodricBrutuscrdlb, in comparison07:01
GodricBrutuscan i disable the fact that my right-click acts as a left-click sometimes? like if i were to right click on my desktop and accidentally right click again on one of the menu items that come up, it acts as if i right clicked on the menu item because it activates the clicked item07:01
mikubuntumaco, how would i check that pulseaudio angle?07:02
macomikubuntu: ps -ef | grep pulse07:02
wyrlssk4k http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/Howto_Fix_Grub07:03
undecimWell, this is a bummer... I'm trying to work out a way to do a real (non-wubi) install of Ubuntu from Windows without any removable media at all, but the installer always thinks it has to change the partition table, and won't do it because /cdrom is mounted to that drive... Time to try the alternate install I guess..07:03
mikubuntumaco, just b4 you said that i entered pulseaudio in term and got this: E: pid.c: Daemon already running. E: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.07:03
wyrlssk4k mebbe you can get this super grub disk thing? It looks like it slices dices and makes julienne fries.07:03
serkan_14I am using Ubuntu 10.04. My adobe flash is crashing after hours. I mean i can using after fresh format but it is crashing a few hours later even i am not doing any thing on Ubuntu as configuration or installation. Opera and firefox can not use the flash at the same time. I dont have any other problem on my system.  Can you help me please!07:03
CytotoxicTCellhow often is ubuntu released?07:03
=== MortenTemp is now known as Morten_
k4ksudo grub-mkconfig07:03
k4kwrong shell07:03
xiambaxevery 6 months07:03
mikubuntumaco, to be sure do you mean enter    ps -ef | grep pulse   into terminal?07:04
scuniziundecim: you can't do the install from inside windows.. you have to boot to it either from cd/usb/dvd or there's also a netboot option.07:04
dbumXgates: did you try this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131378907:04
macomikubuntu: yeah but sounds like you already got the answer i was looking for...that yes its runnign07:04
mikubuntumaco, so i wonder where it swallowed my volume control to?07:05
Zobjo_Ois someone have a asus eeepc 1201nl under ubuntu 10.04 ?07:05
macomikubuntu: dunno. i just know that the applet requires pulse and that often people remove pulse and get the surprise that their volume thingy is gone too07:05
undecimscunizi: I've managed to isntall the live environment to the hard drive with Unetbootin and boot into it by installing syslinux manually (and botching the DOS bootloader, but grub should eventually replace that), but the installer won't install, because no matter what I do, the isntaller thinks it has to commit partition table changes, even though I already have all the partitions and filesystems set up before installation.07:06
pepeehi people. I installed a newer kernel just for testing, and indeed resolved my problem (support for WEP-shared key on ath9k)07:07
scuniziundecim: undecim are you using the manual partitioning section of the install or automatic?  even with manual you need to tell the partitioner assign your precreated partitions to the appropriate mount points.. ie / and /home and /swap07:07
pepeebut now I'm getting segfaults and I can't install some apps. wireless-backports didn't help me07:08
mikubuntumaco, i found a pulseaudio launcher in the menu and just put it back up to the panel, gonna go check it now .. thx07:08
serkan_14I am using Ubuntu 10.04. My adobe flash is crashing after hours. I mean i can using after fresh format but it is crashing a few hours later even i am not doing any thing on Ubuntu as configuration or installation. Opera and firefox can not use the flash at the same time. I dont have any other problem on my system.  Can you help me please!07:08
CytotoxicTCelldoes ubuntu support HT?07:09
mikubuntumaco, its a different icon then used to be there, so maybe thats why it wasn't automagically put back up after upgrade07:09
scuniziCytotoxicTCell: use to ..07:09
Xgatesdbum: no that's Karmic I'm using Lucid07:09
scuniziCytotoxicTCell: not sure if it still does or if you might need a special kernel07:09
pepeeCytotoxicTCell, I suppose it depends on your CPU07:09
CytotoxicTCellIntel Atom07:09
dbumXgates: I'm guessing it don't work then..... I would also like to know how to do this07:10
undecimscunizi: Yes. I used partition wizard to resize all the partitions beforehand and setup a FAT32 for unetbootin/shared between Windows and Ubuntu, a swap partition and a root partition, and used the live environment to set up all the filesystems in advance. I went to the manual partitioning (was forced there actually) and just set mount points (no resize, no formatting) but on the last step it says it can't install because it has to commi07:10
undecimt partition table changes and can't do it because /cdrom is mounted there.07:10
undecimscunizi: I'm going to try the alternate install next to see if that works. This is all in virtual machine for testing so it's easy to start over.07:11
scuniziundecim: the cdrom is mounted where?07:11
scuniziundecim: do you have usb available?07:11
k4kwyrlss: yea...the stuff in that wiki page isn't working07:11
undecimscunizi: /cdrom is mounted at /dev/sda2, because unetbootin installed to the hard drive.07:11
blackshellhow do i change th boot order in my dual boot laptop?07:12
scuniziundecim: so unetbootin is in the same partition that you're tring to install to?07:12
undecimscunizi: no, I'm installing to a partition adjacent to it07:12
scuniziundecim: sounds like it should work.. no usb ports huh?07:13
undecimscunizi:  It's just that ubiquity is over-cautious07:13
blackshellhow do i change th boot order in my dual boot laptop07:13
undecimscunizi: Well, like I said, it's on a vm, so I could really just use an iso, but I'm trying to work out a way to do it with no external media.07:14
scuniziundecim: netboot and install from there?07:14
mjagomikeubuntu: run gnome-volume-control-applet for original07:14
undecimscunizi: Yeah, I guess that could be done, but I'm assuming that whoever would be doing this doesn't have a server to netboot from.07:15
moetunes!grub2 > blackshell this will give a clue07:15
ubottublackshell, please see my private message07:15
scuniziundecim: I think ubuntu has something in the cloud for you to do that with.. possibly on an ec3 server.. hang on07:16
jeeveshow can I find the size of a directory?07:16
mtx_initor df07:16
jeevesmtx_init, so, "du /directory/"?07:16
undecimjeeves: Either with the Disk Usage Analyzer, or from the command line with "du -s directory"07:16
Chripherhow do I logon to existing session on a windows machine from ubuntu like mstsc /admin or mstsc /console in windows07:16
DexterLBhi again07:16
GSF1200Sdoes anyone know why nm-applet will connect to a network, but for some reason dhclient will not establish an IP alone, and WICD will not connect to a network either?07:17
moetunesjeeves: try  du -hs --apparent-size /path07:17
Xgatesdbum: all I can get is 640x480, not sure if it's the radeonfb that don't work cause I use the radeon X driver07:17
DexterLBso has anyone got this card to work? http://en.store.creative.com/products/product.aspx?catid=1&pid=16770&nav=107:17
jeevesmoetunes, thanks.07:17
xiambaxXgates, Did you do a distro upgrade?07:17
dbumXgates: I use that driver too (X800)07:18
GSF1200Sboth WICD and dhclient fail to establish an IP address, but network manager works fine- I really need internet from command line.. Arch linux works fine. dhcpcd doesnt establish an IP either07:18
dbumXgates: I was looking @ splashy (synaptic)07:18
k4kwyrlss: ended up having to run grub-install --recheck --root-directory=/mnt --no-floppy /dev/sda107:18
k4kworks now07:18
dbumXgates: haven't tried it yet though07:18
serkan_14has ubuntu 64 bit 10.04 general problem with adobe flash ? can somebody use it here properly at lest 10 hours the adobe flash ?07:18
xiambaxGSF1200S, Open network utility from gnome. Tell it to allow connections for all users on the system07:19
shachafHmm. Many web pages I see say that Evolution should have a "Google" option in "New Calendar", but I don't seem to have one.07:19
GSF1200Sxiambax: I dont have gnome- what package is it so I can install it, run it, and remove it07:20
kngspookOkay, so I need someone with a little more ssh-foo than I have at the moment. If I have 3 computers, such that A | B C, where '|' is a one-way firewall, what ssh command can I do from A to B to make it so connections to port 2000 on B are tunneled to port 2000 on A?07:20
shachafHuh. Odd. Suddenly it's there after restarting, even though I ran Evolution for the first time a few minutes ago.07:20
mrintegritydoes anyone know how to configure nvidia for multihead on a laptop + lcd monitor that will autodetect and change configuration when i attach / detach the second screen? Is that even possible?07:20
xiambaxits just part of the network applet07:20
moetunes!flash64 | serkan_14 tried this link?07:20
ubottuserkan_14 tried this link?: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava07:20
scuniziundecim: I followed a link from ubottu and came up with this page.. don't know if it will help but might give you some info to work with. http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/08/install-any-linux-distro-directly-from.html07:21
Xgatesxiambax: no I installed Lucid with a alternate iso and just installed LXDE was all, so real stripped down. ;)07:21
Xgatesit's to fast to need a splash07:21
Xgatesjust want the console to boot but what a PAIN07:21
serkan_14moetunes: i did it. it is woriking but flash is crashng after about 10 hours. that is my problem.07:22
GSF1200Sxiambax: is there anyway I can apply this to all networks, even the ones I havent connected to yet? I see what you mean- I enabled that checkbox- thanks alot07:22
xiambaxNo problem07:22
undecimscunizi: Thanks. I'll take a look at it.07:23
xiambaxYeah it should work with future ones too07:23
xiambaxThat will connect to your networks on boot07:23
Jordan_UXgates: What do you mean "just want the console to boot"?07:23
GSF1200Sxiambax: cool beans.. thanks :)07:23
meowbuntuis there a later skype than that in synaptic for ubuntu 8.0407:24
meowbuntuskype will not sign in for me07:24
greezmunkeymaco: That link works great - I needed to do some filesystem maintenance!07:25
undecimscunizi: No good. This is the same thing unetbootin does, but with a different boot loader. It's going to have the same problems.07:25
macogreezmunkey: yay :)07:25
scuniziundecim: too bad.. good project.. when/if you get it working you should try to add it to the community docs07:26
undecimscunizi: I was going to put it on my blog, and copy it to a howto in the tutorials section of the forum. I guess I can copy to the docs, too.07:26
scunizitime for bed.. night all.07:27
greezmunkeymaco: jsut for kicks, I added another dir, set it as you suggested, and tested with three usernames here - all good, was working to tie that into samba but got bored with it.07:27
bp0new google chrome beta uses system gnome skin07:28
=== ani__ is now known as AniX
liam i have run the upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 and it is stuck on "installing the upgrades" and the terminal is spamming "found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-22-generic" the upgrade progess bar is about half and it has been like this for hours. What should i do?07:28
shazbotmcnastyI'm using Ubuntu 9.04, and my CD/DVD drive won't burn07:29
shazbotmcnastyit reads, but it won't right07:29
`mikei am having some problems with ssh, can somebody assist me please?07:29
AniXAnyone exprience with 7134/7130 tv tuner card ..can help me plzz07:29
wyrlssshazbotmcnasty Brasero?07:29
meowbuntuanyone know about skype07:29
shazbotmcnastywyrlss, I've used a whole bunch of burners07:29
=== mjago is now known as topazzz
shazbotmcnastymeowbuntu, what about it?07:29
unimatrix9hi there07:29
Jordan_U!anyone | meowbuntu07:29
ubottumeowbuntu: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:29
greezmunkeyshazbotmcnasty: did you install the drive after installing the OS?07:30
unimatrix9how would i start on the bash ( gnome terminal ) an application to run on top ?07:30
bullgard4What file includes the definition of the ext3 filesystem?07:30
xiambaxMeowbuntu, What would you like to know?07:30
shazbotmcnastygreezmunkey, no07:30
Alexia_DeathThe DCC exploit thing is annoying. My router does not have patced firmware and kvric does not let me set network specific port.07:30
mae_taehuh! seems that im in the wrong channel, it seems people here are already dead07:30
shazbotmcnastygreezmunkey, I don't think so...07:30
XgatesJordan_U: sorry I mean I don't want the splash I just want to see the console boot with the text and in framebuffer mode about 1024x768 but I can't seem to get it, been at it a few days, not sure if it's an issue cause I use the radeon X driver, or it's just a pain to do so with Lucid07:30
shazbotmcnastyI'm not sure D:07:30
unimatrix9whats the bash command to run an program " on top "07:31
liam i have run the upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 and it is stuck on "installing the upgrades" and the terminal is spamming "found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-22-generic" the upgrade progess bar is about half and it has been like this for hours. What should i do?07:31
meowbuntui have skype on 8.04 it is still loggin in after 10 mins. i used the one from synaptic called skype-mid07:31
bp0AniX, yes...07:31
bp0support for 7130 has been broken since 9.0407:31
AniX Host ani-desktop Kernel 2.6.32-21-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Distro Ubuntu 10.04 lucid07:31
shazbotmcnastygreezmunkey, if I did, what would I have to do? like I said, it READS, just doesn't write07:32
xiambaxmeowbuntu, Its time to upgrade dear07:32
=== topazzz is now known as topazz
greezmunkeyshazbotmcnasty: I asked because I installed a burner here, but Braseor wouldn't work. Came here, someone suggested installing brasero again. I decided on k3b instead, and it worked fine. Uninstall/reinstall on brasero would have probably worked as well...07:32
wyrlssxiambax I think that's what he was looking for.07:32
AniXbp0 my card driver is loaded but still not geting any signal in tv time07:32
meowbuntunot ubuntu sorry cant on my machine.07:32
xiambaxOr you can pull your skype config files07:32
xiambaxand see if that resolves your issue07:32
macogreezmunkey: hehe nice07:32
meowbuntuwhat is the next version of skype for 8.04 then07:32
GodricBrutuscan i disable the fact that my right-click acts as a left-click sometimes? like if i were to right click on my desktop and accidentally right click again on one of the menu items that come up, it acts as if i right clicked on the menu item because it activates the clicked item07:32
bp0AniX, yes tuning is brokein for 7130 based cards since ubuntu 9.0407:33
shazbotmcnastygreezmunkey, nah, I've uninstalled and reinstalled both k3b and brasero07:33
shazbotmcnastythanks though :D07:33
meowbuntuxiambax, some people have older computers needing older os ok dont be so rude07:33
xiambaxMeowbuntu, rm -rf .Skype/07:33
bp0AniX, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/45883207:33
meowbuntu^ in terminal07:33
greezmunkeyshazbotmcnasty: 'twas a stab in the dark :)07:33
AniXbpo yes my is 7130 card07:33
bp0go to that bug and click "does this bug affect you"07:33
xiambaxI wasn't being rude07:33
meowbuntuxiambax, is that in terminal07:33
bp0then wait... there is nothing else to do07:33
xiambaxclose skype before you do it though07:33
shazbotmcnastymeowbuntu, it was a suggestion, not an insult - I don't think it was him being rude, it was you.07:34
liamwhat will happen if I cancel my 10.04 upgrade while it is half way through the task "Installing the upgrades"?07:34
xiambaxshazbotnasty, Woh Woh, Its ok. I can fend for myself. Im Hard as #$@%07:34
meowbuntushazbotmcnasty, yes i know i have had people harassing me on another irc channel just before i came here07:34
meowbuntusorry xiambax '07:34
wyrlssI think normal human communication is crippled on the internet, so we shouldn't worry about who's rude and who's not.07:34
meowbuntuxiambax, no output07:34
xiambaxIts ok07:34
dbumunimatrix9: I think compiz has a setting in it where you can run certain programs as always on top07:34
xiambaxIn your home folder07:35
xiambaxYou need to delete the .Skype folder07:35
xiambaxanyway you can do it07:35
FloodBot1xiambax: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:35
Chripherhow do I logon to existing session on a windows machine from ubuntu like mstsc /admin or mstsc /console in windows07:35
meowbuntuxiambax, y delete that folder07:35
darkblacksnakei need to install sony vegas in ubuntu07:35
darkblacksnakehow i can do it?07:36
Jordan_Umeowbuntu: Are you sure that your 10.04 will run more slowly on your hardware? Ubuntu doesn't add much bloat with new releases and in in some area's reduces it.07:36
mrintegrityChripher: xrdp iirc07:36
AniXThis is dmesg and lspci log    plzz check and give me any solution http://pastebin.com/yTLz6H4S07:36
=== dexter is now known as Guest73435
xiambaxMeowbuntu, Corrupted config issues could be causing the issue. We need to isolate.07:36
meowbuntuJordan_U, all i know is ubuntu 8.10, 9.04,9.10 all had problems that 8.04 does not that is y i am reverted to what workes07:37
meowbuntuok sure07:37
xiambaxI run ubuntu 10.04 on a sempron 1.6ghz with a gig of ram for my work desktop.07:37
AniXbpo now there 6 people reported include me07:37
xiambaxIf I can run it on there smoothly anyone can do it07:37
AniXbpo i hope they replay soon07:37
meowbuntuxiambax, ok deleted07:38
greezmunkeymeowbuntu: I agree w/ Jordan_U 10.04's cpu/memory "foot print" here is nearly identical to what 9.10 was.07:38
xiambaxnow open skype and try to connect07:38
=== zniavre_ is now known as zniavre
wyrlssdarkblacksnake http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=15124&iTestingId=3566807:38
xiambaxDead whale down a beach much?07:38
meowbuntuxiambax, p2p cpnection fail but i have a working internet conecgtion07:39
mrintegrityanyone know how to disable notifications in empathy / irc? i don't want "blah has joined the room" type messages (particularly in #ubuntu)07:40
yumi1I install the Ubuntu 10.04 now. But grub can not see the windows 7. How to add it there from terminal ?07:40
xiambaxMeowbuntu, Just upgrade man, It'll be the best thing you ever did07:41
shazbotmcnastyHow do I give write permissions for my cd/dvd drive?07:41
bullgard4What file includes the definition of the ext3 filesystem?07:41
shazbotmcnastyit's /dev/sr007:41
meowbuntuxiambax, thanks for you help but i dont want to upgrade atm07:41
xiambaxIm gonna go install windows 3.11 on my i7 guys. Goodnight07:41
AniXbp0 mine showing v4l207:41
kasunDELETE ERROR: hello, today I copied some files to my pen drive. Then when I tried to remove them, they gives 'cannot remove `file.name': Input/output error'! What should i do07:42
shoonyahow to set default profile settings for gnome-terminal for all users (global)07:42
wyrlssmeowbuntu Think you can just fill the dependencies for the skype package manually?07:42
shoonyai know it can be done by changing gconf schema, but don't know the location of the same in ubuntu07:42
meowbuntuwyrlss, well as it is skype-mid and i seen other skype applications out there i am going to look around google07:43
wyrlssmeowbuntu Right, I meant the one they have up on skype.com07:43
meowbuntuyes a newer version may still work on 8.0407:44
wyrlssmeowbuntu I haven't checked the dependencies, I know it SAYS 8.10, but who knows.07:44
Jordan_Ukasun: Your flash drive may be broken, can you pastebin the output of "dmesg"?07:44
=== jesse__ is now known as Guest54239
meowbuntugoogle should know lol07:44
meowbuntuwyrlss, such and this may be a different package07:45
narendraAnbody have expericen in tftp network booting for installation07:46
jew_is adobe dreamweaver compatible with ubuntu 10.4?07:46
greezmunkeyshoonya: Check this out: http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/GNOME.html#GCONF07:46
bazhangjew_, check the appdb; help in #winehq07:46
bazhang!appdb > jew_07:46
ubottujew_, please see my private message07:46
wyrlssmeowbuntu there is a .deb available though.07:46
shazbotmcnastyHow do I give write permissions for my cd/dvd drive? It's /dev/sr007:47
brucieeJordan_U, it's really long. around 100lines i guess. should I upload it to google doc and give the link?07:47
bp0AniX, it is a driver problem not ubuntu problem tho, you might want to bring it up in #linuxtv07:47
wyrlssmeowbuntu I am just a simple caveman, but I think .deb is easier to deal with.07:47
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
AniXbpo checking....07:48
narendraMy LAN has DHCP server somewhere. How Can i install tftp based network installation07:48
StrongOrderStrongOrder: hello07:48
PyrokineticsHi this is the third day I am asking but im trying my luck again :P I need a remote solution for my home computer which is running ubuntu 10.04 64 bit, TeamViewer is only black and the built inn VNC I can view, log into my user but then nothing happens when i click the icons nothing happens07:49
StrongOrderStrongOrder: done with the po files?07:49
bazhangStrongOrder, got an ubuntu support question?07:49
shoonyagreezmunkey: i want to set the geometry size of gnome-terminal. i have already done that by adding --geometry option in /usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop07:49
Jordan_U!pastebin | bruciee07:49
ubottubruciee: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:49
shoonyagreezmunkey: this does not apply to nautilus-open-terminal07:50
shoonyahas to be set in the default gconf schema07:50
moetunesPyrokinetics: what is in your .vnc folder on the comp you're connecting to?07:51
meowbuntuwyggler2, i can only try the 8.10 .deb file and see if it works07:51
circuitmani want to downaload the 10.4 as torrent.please suggest me a secure torrent to downlaod the iso image07:51
shoonyagreezmunkey:  on fedora the default schema is /mnt/fedora/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults/%gconf-tree.xml07:51
ubottuLucid can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/lucid/desktop/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/lucid/server/ubuntu-10.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture.  Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/07:51
Pyrokineticsmoetunes: idk its built in when i installed 10.04 and i just connect from tightVNC with my IP adress07:51
greezmunkeyshoonya: I can paste a screen shot if you like...07:52
shoonyagreezmunkey: sure07:52
greezmunkeyshoonya: type gconf_editor in a terminal, see what you find.07:52
brucieeJordan_U, thanks. here it is. http://paste.ubuntu.com/428787/07:52
greezmunkeyshoonya: that would save me the trouble...07:52
shoonyagreezmunkey: ok, i have gconf-editor open in front of me07:53
moetunesPyrokinetics: I use vnc and you need to have it set up so it serves the desktop how you want it07:54
Xgatesdbum: huh (X800)?07:54
greezmunkeyshoonya: shoonya apps>gnometerm>Profiles>default07:55
dbumxgates: radeon X driver07:55
shoonyagreezmunkey: ok got it. thanks07:55
Pyrokineticsmoetunes: i have checked allow others to view and control, unchecked the confirm connections manualy and set a password07:55
dbumxgates: You get verbose boot to work?07:55
meowbuntuwyrlss, unmet dependancies the first one it shows i tryed to install isn it ws already the latest version. the ubuntu 8.10= installer does not work on the 8.04 lts desktop07:55
Pyrokineticsmoetunes: I can view and loging when im at the login screen but after im inn i cant do anymore07:56
Xgatesdbum: only 640x480, seems like it don't like loading FB for me07:56
wyrlssmeowbuntu can you install the dependencies manually without a dist upgrade?07:56
meowbuntui thought the lts versions where supported for 3 years y is skyoe not able to07:56
wyrlssmeowbuntu I wouldn't suggest it except that you appear to be crazy.07:56
meowbuntuwyggler2, not crazy just sencable man07:57
moetunesPyrokinetics: I don't use the default ubuntu vnc connection tho - I set it up myself...07:57
dbumxgates: don't really want 640x480... thanks though..... gonna google some more07:57
meowbuntui use what works not what does not07:57
Jordan_Ubruciee: Did you try rm and get that error between booting and running dmesg?07:57
wyrlssmeowbuntu LTS means Canonical.07:57
Pyrokineticsmoetunes: how do I do that07:57
wyrlssmeowbuntu Canonical does not make Skype.07:57
Xgatesdbum: yes that's not exactly FB, LOL...07:57
moetunesPyrokinetics: on the comp you want to connect to   sudo apt-get install portmap vnc-server07:58
kasunJordan_U, rm returns the same error.07:59
Xgatesdbum: this seems to be still in affect, at least for me:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/40151407:59
Pyrokineticsmoetunes: and you can control it?07:59
kasunJordan_U,  rm -f doesn't work either07:59
shazbotmcnastyHow do I give put myself in the CD/DVD group so I can write cd/dvds??? It's /dev/sr0.07:59
moetunesPyrokinetics: I set it to show the fluxbox desktop I set up so yes07:59
wyrlssmeowbuntu Are you sure it's an issue with the Skype program?08:00
red2kic-irssiHello all. I'm trying to learn how to irssi. Is it usually to have red "!" before the channel name?08:00
moetunesshazbotmcnasty: are you in the cdrom group?08:00
Jordan_Ukasun: I meant did you get that error before running dmesg. dmesg displays the kernel log and I didn't see any io errors there. If you did run rm and get that error, and it didn't produce a message in dmesg, then that means it's less likely to be a hardware problem.08:00
shazbotmcnastymoetunes, well i need to do that to, how would I go about doing so?08:00
bazhangred2kic-irssi, yo9u should ask in the irssi channel or read their documentation08:01
Xgatesdbum: ahh I just noticed something on that URL:  After struggling a lot with kernel modules and boot options I finally found by accident that adding the "fbdev" kernel option allows my system to provide framebuffer devices08:01
shazbotmcnastyI removed gnome.... so I can't use the gnomenu08:01
brucieeJordan_U, yes, i got the error before running dmesg.08:02
Xgatesdbum: this is what that guy is running on the kernel :  ro quiet splash radeon.modeset=0 video=uvesafb:2560x1600-60 fbdev08:02
=== phillip is now known as count0nz
red2kic-irssibazhang: I have done that and have customized some things so far. However, I'm comfortable in asking experts (such as you) since I'm not getting the layout the way I like.08:02
dbumxgates: hum.... gonna play with it tomorrow.... gotta get some sleep for now.... thanx08:02
moetunesshazbotmcnasty: I would edit   /etc/group   and add your user to cdrom line08:02
brucieeJordan_U, and after it too. As I remember (not sure) my pen got removed (physicaly) and got connected again when I was copying the same files.08:03
shazbotmcnastymoetunes, it is on that line D:08:03
sudookI join to ubuntu channel!08:03
Jordan_UXgates: dbum: kernel mode setting in the radeon driver is usually a better way to go to get full resolution console than uvesafb08:04
moetunesshazbotmcnasty: does your user show in the cdrom group when you type   groups   in terminal?08:04
flodinsudook: are you sure?08:04
kasunJordan_U, I got that assumption because, my pen folder 'autorun' opened in the middle of copying, but seemed copying went smoothly08:04
sudookhope you have a good time for everyone.08:04
XgatesJordan_U: what video=radeonfb?08:04
Pyrokineticsmoetunes: fluxbox?08:04
shazbotmcnastymoetunes, this is the output for groups "hazbotmcnasty adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin sambashare admin08:04
Jordan_UXgates: modeset=108:05
sudookflodin, just join the channel XD08:05
moetunesshazbotmcnasty: then you're able to use the cd apparently08:05
XgatesJordan_U: sorry some of my Linux a bit rusty, where do I do this at?08:05
moetunesPyrokinetics: yep - my choice for a desktop for the server I connect to occasionally with vnc08:06
kasunJordan_U, sorry I had to leave right now. Please post a possible solution if you have. Ill try it in a little time. thanks in advance!08:06
flodinsudook: keke08:06
Pyrokineticsmoetunes: why can't things just work x) im so lostr08:06
flodinsudook: but do you know how to part channel!?08:06
Jordan_UXgates: It's a kernel parameter, modeset=0 disables kernel mode setting, modeset=1 enables it. What version of Ubuntu are you using, and what GFX card?08:07
pyavI have a problem in ubuntu 10.04.The volume control icon is not coming in the takbar.Any solution with anyone08:07
sudookflodin: no, just to see ...08:07
Iowahchow to compare two directories and showing differences only within cli08:07
XgatesJordan_U: Lucid, but only with LXDE on a custom install I did and a ATI 3200HD08:07
red2kicpyav: Check under indicator (I think).08:07
moetunesPyrokinetics: afaik you need to have X installed on the comp you want to connect to - does it have an X environment?08:07
pyav@red2kic:what indicator?08:07
circuitmantry to download the 10.04 iso image using torrents.but i'm getting less speed08:07
Pyrokineticsmoetunes: yes I think so08:08
red2kicpyav: The envelope.08:08
Jordan_UXgates: Do you have fglrx installed? (fglrx is not compatible with kernel mode setting so having it installed disables KMS)08:08
* sudook go to working08:08
XgatesJordan_U: no I'm using the X driver is all08:08
bagatoreBonnne journée pour tout le monde08:08
moetunesPyrokinetics: it might pay to hook a monitor up to it and check/set things08:08
pyav@red2kic:what envelop?Sorry i couldn't understand.08:09
AniXayav add to panel> notification applet08:09
AniXpyav add to panel> notification applet08:09
PyrokineticsI got two monitors and a TV on it08:09
circuitmantry to download the 10.04 iso image using torrents.but i'm getting less speed08:09
=== Galerien__ is now known as Gal
AniXpyav indecator applet *08:10
circuitmantrying to download the 10.04 iso image using torrents.but i'm getting less speed08:10
red2kicpyav: Look on Top-Right. Look for "Envelope" The volume indicator should be under there. Also, you can try run gnome-volume-control-applet08:10
AniXcircuitman try to open a port..08:10
AniXchck frewall if u useing any08:11
GodricBrutuscan i disable the fact that my right-click acts as a left-click sometimes? like if i were to right click on my desktop and accidentally right click again on one of the menu items that come up, it acts as if i right clicked on the menu item because it activates the clicked item08:11
LuckySMackim trying to fix an issue of a command not being included into my $PATH.so in my console i echo $PATH and the path to the directory with the commands is shown but it is repeated almost 20 times. i have commented out all the instances of the path being included into $PATH and it still shows up 20 times. is there a way I can make it refresh the PATH so it doesnt show whats not included anymore?08:11
MononaI'm having trouble getting input on an M-Audio Fast Track Pro.  The input doesn't seem to be on in the device.  There's no readable system output on JACK either.  I'm on Hardy 8.04.  How can I get a mic in?08:12
stanman246hi in here, i'm having issue's with compiz and 10.04. Every boot i have to re-enable visual effects to extra08:12
Zobjo_OJFo, hi i'm writting you for the bug n° 572249... i meet the same pb than pablomme on my Asus eeepc 1201nl... is it a solution to resolve this pb of freeze ?08:12
Galstanman246: ati graphic card?08:12
stanman246if i don't i loose all taskbars from the active windows08:12
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
XgatesJordan_U: so would I add to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=" ro quiet splash radeon.modeset=1 video=radeonfb:1024x768-60 fbdev" ?08:12
stanman246err.. intel i think, it's a laptop08:12
Galstanman246: ok, I had the same problem with my ati, but the fix only works for ati... sorry08:13
stanman246what did you do?08:13
XgatesJordan_U: I've been trying to also use GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=1024x768 with no success08:14
Jordan_UXgates: The video=radeonfb:1024x768-60 fbdev shouldn't be necessary (but then again KMS should also be working by default in 10.04)08:14
Jordan_UXgates: Ubuntu's kernel doesn't honor the video mode passed to it by the bootloader, for whatever reason.08:14
e-frameHi, is there any virtualbox with usb support for lucid ?08:15
Xgateswell this thing doesn't seem to like FB for my ati chip then, or I'm not setting things correct then08:15
XgatesJordan_U: so far all I'm doing is running GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=1024x768 & GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768 and then I 'blacklisted vga16fb' and then tried loading vesafb to /etc/modules, that's it08:16
Aciiddid anyone elses MPD broke upon upgrading to Lucid08:16
Jordan_UXgates: If radeon KMS doesn't work, and 1024x768 is supported by vesa on your machine, then uvesafb should work (it's just nicer to use native drivers when possible)08:16
Jordan_UXgates: Does the grub menu show up in 1024x768?08:17
Xgatesuvesafb, that's the same as vesafb?08:17
XgatesJordan_U: yeah grub shows up in 1024x76808:17
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Morten_Hey, does anyone know what the status is with "switchable graphics" in linux/ubuntu?08:18
SilverCodedid anyone elses nvidia drivers break when upgrading to the new kernel?08:18
Jordan_UXgates: Then uvesafb will almost certainly work.08:18
=== Guest27073 is now known as baddog
pumpkindoes the 9.10 install CD include kernel-headers?08:18
Jordan_Upumpkin: No.08:18
stanman246Gal: it's an intel 965GME08:18
pumpkinJordan_U, thanks.08:18
XgatesJordan_U: well if you saw what I posted, the changes I made, any suggestions what to change in all that?08:18
Jordan_Upumpkin: You're welcome.08:19
Galstanman246: I told you, it only work for ati, I know nothing about intel integrated graphic chip...08:19
=== pinoyskull- is now known as pinoyskull
hellphyrehey everyone, can anyone help me with lucid lynx and windows shares?08:20
stanman246Gal: np08:20
Jordan_UXgates: Haver you actually tried booting with video=uvesafb:2560x1600-60 yet?08:20
hellphyre<---  issues08:20
stanman246was just wondering what you did, maybe i could learn from it08:20
XgatesJordan_U: since I did a custom install with only LXDE all that's installed is just plymouth, but not any splash stuff, so after grub loads the screen goes blank then I'll get some console text, not sure why it's not just booting straight to verbose instead of to a blank screen first, like it's trying to load something, maybe plymouth trying to load a splash08:20
greezmunkeyGal, can you elaborate on your ati fix? Link?08:20
LuckySMackhow do i fix the $PATH when something is showing up 20+ times when i only have it once in my bashrc file? i have the same effect when i remove the path from $PATH as well08:21
XgatesJordan_U: that video=uvesafb:2560x1600-60 is just something I posted, I'd make it for my box instead ----> video=uvesafb:1024x768-6008:21
nibbleri get mails that got forwarded (as attachment) by ubuntu. how would i properly view those?08:21
AniXXgates in grub  check vbeinfo ... check if there urs resulition listed or not08:21
XgatesAniX: how do I check that?08:22
sveinseHi. How can I make Empathy sign in automatically? I always have to select the envelope icon and then chat to make it sign in. (I'm running lucid)08:22
Jordan_UXgates: Try that then, you may need to add uvesafb to your initramfs but try first without.08:22
Galstanman246: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=921881608:22
AniXuneed to reboot ..and open grub comman08:22
Galhope that helps08:22
XgatesJordan_U: try first without what?08:23
Jordan_UXgates: AniX: Since grub can use 1024x768 that mode is a supported VBE mode.08:23
Jordan_UXgates: Adding uvesafb and v86d to your initramfs08:23
AniXwhats urs resulition?08:23
tdnIs there a global .Xdefaults? I can make on in my home directory, but I would like to make on somewhere in /etc that applies for all users.08:23
XgatesJordan_U: what like - GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="video=uvesafb:1024x768-60" ?08:24
ph8morning all08:24
Jordan_UXgates: Yes.08:24
XgatesAniX: 1366x76808:24
XgatesJordan_U: ok08:24
XgatesJordan_U: should I comment --> #GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=1024x768 ?08:24
AniXXgates and nvidia too?08:24
hellphyreim trying to connect to my windows workgroup but it doesnt show any files in the windows network folder runnig 10.4, any ideas on what im doing wrong?08:24
Jordan_UXgates: Doesn't matter either way.08:24
XgatesAniX: no Ati 3200HD, I'm using the X radeon driver08:25
XgatesJordan_U: ok08:25
toastedmilkI'm getting an authentication failure trying to use su from the terminal.  Am I doing something stupid?08:25
pumpkinWhat is the recommended way for a offline install, including nvidia drivers, gimp, g++/gcc, java-sdk? Using the latest LTS.08:25
Jordan_U!root | toastedmilk08:25
ubottutoastedmilk: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:25
kk17Root kikke08:26
toastedmilkJordan_U, yes, but im trying to install a source package08:26
greezmunkeyGal: you know about ati drivers? This box has a ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL (rev 27), xorg.conf driver=ati, but I'd like to explore alternatives if they exist. I've googled around without much success.08:26
kk17Me too08:26
kk17What is this server08:26
Jordan_Utoastedmilk: What does that have to do with anything?08:26
ph8morning all, i've just upgraded my main desktop to lucid after several successful upgrades on my laptops and others. This system is a three screen one, powered by two nvidia cards - i have the latest (current) nvidia drivers and had no problems with my config under karmic. All looks good now apart from when I use my far left screen the mouse goes 'crazy' (starts jumping around seemingly randomly) and once that starts happening all commands are non responsive an08:26
ph8d eventually restart X, I end up back at the login screen - any idea where i should be looking? I can use the right hand side two screens fine08:26
FloodBot1kk17: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:26
toastedmilkJordan_U, so, sudo make ?08:26
kk17what floodbotl fucker?08:26
toastedmilkJordan_U, or make install rather08:26
Jordan_Utoastedmilk: "./configure; make; sudo make install"08:27
kk17Jirius pask08:27
FloodBot1kk17: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:27
Aciidprofessional finnish troll08:27
XgatesAniX: your checking something?08:28
Aciidkk17: oh comeon.. satp12-132.dnayritysnetti.net08:28
respireit says in apt-cache show ubuntu is origin of network manager package08:28
kk17MITÄ VITTUU08:28
Aciidkk17: mene nukkummaan08:28
pepeenah, he's not good at trolling08:28
kk17Mää tuu saatana sivelee sua pallooo08:28
kk09eino on homo08:28
respirei want to fix a bug in it. im not a very skilled bug fixer but if you help me fix this bug i will have been taught to fish and you may get more patches and less bug report :)08:28
Jordan_U!ops | kk17 kk0908:28
ubottukk17 kk09: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!08:28
AniXsudo apt-get install v86d hwinfo       Xgates08:28
respireanyone willing to help me?08:29
hellphyrewhat a tool08:29
bobthemilkmanI'm having trouble upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04. I believe the issue relates to a problem with python being unable to use an http proxy, or not properly respecting the http_proxy ENV variable.08:29
kk09oskari on homo08:29
Aciidvoi vitun pentu painu jo08:29
kk17Joo varmaa08:29
Tm_TAciid: stop08:29
XgatesAniX: what do I need these for?08:29
AniXto check suported resu..08:29
respirebobthemilkman, if it's a python problem you are having and not respecting or using a http proxy i can fix it for you but it won't be for free :D08:29
kk17ooks messis??+08:30
kk17OOKS MESSIS?08:30
XgatesAniX: well 1024x768 should be supported08:30
kk17ooks messis08:30
* respire hasn't the time to do for free sorry08:30
kk17ooks messis08:30
FloodBot1kk17: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:30
AniXthen use sudo hwinfo --framebuffer Xgates08:30
bobthemilkmanRunning sudo do-release-upgrade causes hang, ctrl+c says that it was broken   File "/usr/lib/python2.6/socket.py", line 507, in create_connection \n   sock.connect(sa)08:30
Xgatesok one sec08:30
builtrsIs the ATI driver compatible with Ubuntu 10.04 right now?08:32
Galbuiltrs: no exactly08:32
respiregoood website of GDB tutorial if nobody will hand-hold me ? :)08:32
Galbut you can live with it if you dont plan on playing video games08:33
sveinseAnyone knows how I can make Empathy sign in automatically? I always have to select the envelope icon and then chat to make it sign in. (I'm running lucid)08:33
ravibnHi! When I boot it is going to grub rescue I am not able to see any OS listed How to bring back the list?08:34
builtrsGal: Thank you, and it is supported for the future?08:34
red2kicsveinse: System --> Preferences --> Startup Applications?08:34
XgatesJordan_U: this didn't work... ;(  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="video=uvesafb:1024x768-60" ?08:34
Galbuiltrs: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=921881608:35
Galyou can try that for now, i have desktop effect and so on08:35
Galbut no opengl08:35
Galand they are planing on fixing it as soon as they can08:35
jeukkubobthemilkman: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/57443908:35
Jordan_UXgates: sudo apt-get install v86d08:36
jeukkubobthemilkman: I had the same problem... couldn't fix it08:36
kaushalis there a tool available for Hard Disk Health status available on ubuntu ?08:36
Jordan_UXgates: Then try rebooting.08:36
Jordan_Ukaushal: System > Administration > Disk Utility08:36
builtrsGal: Thank you very much.08:36
ParsonsAnyone know how to get an Xbox 360 to see 10.04 - network sharing? I use uShare and it worksperfect on 9.10, but I can't get it to work on the new distro.08:36
bobthemilkmanjeukku: Did you see response #2?08:36
sveinsered2kic: I can add it to the Startup apps. However, the envelope icon on the top panel, what is that and does it have some kind of config?08:37
Galbuiltrs: no problem08:37
kaushalI mean on the Ubuntu Server08:37
bobthemilkmanI'll just do that overnight, I suppose.\08:37
budlustsveinse :if you want to autojoin channels contact list>room>manage favorites> then join channels you want to auto join then and check auto join on channels08:37
XgatesAniX: I'm going to  install v86d hwinfo  in one min.08:37
kaushalJordan_U: I mean on the Ubuntu Server08:38
XgatesJordan_U: yeah I'm going to08:38
jeukkubobthemilkman: no I didn't see that. I edited sources.lst and did dist-upgrade. Didn't work too well...08:38
bobthemilkmandist-upgrade didn't work for me. It told me I was up to date.