verterokmkarnicki: can you patebin the error?00:00
mkarnickiverterok: thank you!00:00
mkarnickiverterok: sure00:00
mkarnickiverterok: my compile command missed the parameters probably http://paste.ubuntu.com/428598/ , I don't want to bother you. I'll manage :)00:02
verterokmkarnicki: np, I can stay around00:02
mkarnickiverterok: let me fix the compile command00:02
verterokmkarnicki: hmm, looks like maven can't find the dependencies :/00:03
mkarnickiverterok: yes.. I can download them manually00:05
mkarnickiverterok: i fixed the compile arguments, but it still misses two jars00:05
mkarnickiverterok: and I'm new to maven, so the only way for me would be to manually download them :D00:05
verterokmkarnicki: oh, maybe I can download that because I have the codehaus maven repository in my settings00:06
verterokmkarnicki: and many other maven repositories :/00:06
mkarnickiverterok: anyway I can add that?00:06
mkarnickiverterok: aah ;)00:06
mkarnickiverterok: is it some config file content I could add?00:07
verterokmkarnicki: yes, I'm checking my config ATM, gimme 2'00:07
verterokmkarnicki: check http://www.jboss.org/netty/downloads.html00:09
mkarnickiverterok: will do!00:10
verterokmkarnicki: the oauth stuff is here: http://code.google.com/p/oauth/source/browse/code/maven/net/oauth/core/oauth-consumer/20090823/00:11
mkarnickiverterok: what's the simpliest way to throw the netty jar in? another -D declaration, or some destination folder?00:12
mkarnickiverterok: thank you, you are very helpful. appreciated!00:12
verterokmkarnicki: I'll push a fix to the pom.xml, gimme 2'00:12
mkarnickii mean, I appreciate00:12
mkarnickiverterok: ok, i've got both.00:13
mkarnickiverterok: I'm holding you back from cooking, not good ;P00:13
verterokmkarnicki: np, :)00:15
verterokmkarnicki: run 'bzr pull' just pushed revision 1800:15
verterokmkarnicki: running the mvn compile command shoudl fetch the netty jar automagically00:16
mkarnickiverterok: sorry for lame question, should I do that inside ubuntuone-java- .. ?00:16
mkarnickiverterok: done! trying to compile00:17
mkarnickiverterok: it's downloading :)00:18
mkarnickiverterok: I'll report back in a sec. it seems to have hung during download. let me investigate.00:19
mkarnickiverterok: your push fixed netty, but I had to add this oauth jar to maven manually, now compiling00:24
verterokmkarnicki: I'll push a fix for the oauth jar real soon now :)00:25
mkarnickiverterok: opps.. just a sec00:25
mkarnicki[INFO] An Ant BuildException has occured: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "/home/mike/src/ubuntu/protobuf-2.3.0/src": java.io.IOException: error=13, Permission denied00:25
verterokmkarnicki: wron argument00:26
verteroktry with: /home/mike/src/ubuntu/protobuf-2.3.0/src/protoc00:26
mkarnickiverterok: I owe you beer. by the end of the month, that'll be twenty xD00:27
verterokmkarnicki: just pushed revision 19 with a fix to the pom.xml, so it also download the oauth jar(s)00:27
verterokmkarnicki: now, I'll let you play a bit with it...and I'll head to the kicthen ;)00:28
mkarnickiverterok: I think I'll pull it then, since now I got ;P this: error: error reading /home/mike/.m2/repository/net/oauth/core/oauth-consumer/20090823/oauth-consumer-20090823.jar; error in opening zip file00:28
mkarnickiverterok: thank you so much!00:28
mkarnickiverterok: bon apetit!00:28
verterokmkarnicki: thanks! ping me if you find any other quirk00:28
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mkarnickiverterok: it tries to compile now, but gives me tens of symbol missing errors. I think I know what's the problem, but not ure of the solution. you use this switch -Dstorageprotocol=$HOME/Projects/ubuntuone-storageprotocol/trunk - but I don't have trunk folder in my ubuntuone-storage-protocol. is this the python ubuntuone-storage-protocol in the -D switch?00:53
mkarnickiverterok: I used this command to compile - mvn compile -Dprotoc=/home/mike/src/ubuntu/protobuf-2.3.0/src/protoc -Dstorageprotocol=/home/mike/src/ubuntu/ubuntuone-storage-protocol/00:56
mkarnickiverterok: but since ubuntuone-storage-protocol contains python code, I feel really dumb doing that..00:57
verterokmkarnicki: not only python code, also the protocol definitions00:57
verterokmkarnicki: please pastebin the output of the compile command00:58
mkarnickiverterok: ok00:58
mkarnickiverterok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/428626/00:59
mkarnickiverterok: note line 13. something to be worried about?00:59
mkarnickiverterok: compile command was exactly: mvn compile -Dprotoc=/home/mike/src/ubuntu/protobuf-2.3.0/src/protoc -Dstorageprotocol=/home/mike/src/ubuntu/ubuntuone-storage-protocol/01:00
mkarnickiverterok: I do hope I'm not disturbing your meal :P01:01
verterokmkarnicki: check line 7-801:01
verterokmkarnicki: your protobuf install seems to be broken01:01
mkarnickiverterok: crap.. I shouldn't have installed the 2.3.0 build01:01
verterokmkarnicki: try doing a: make distclean && configure && make01:01
mkarnickinow, how do i reverse make install hehe01:01
mkarnickiverterok: ok01:02
verterokmkarnicki: no idea :p01:02
mkarnickiverterok: still, it'll compile into libprotobuf.so.5 . i compiled it before. nevertheless, I'm trying now again.01:03
mkarnickiverterok: (compinling protobuf) where did you mention I could find libprotobuf.so.6 ?01:04
verterokmkarnicki: what version of protobuf do you have installed? apt-cache policy protobuf-compiler01:05
mkarnickiverterok: Installed: 2.2.0a-0.1ubuntu101:05
verterokmkarnicki: that's enough to compile it! :p01:06
mkarnickiverterok: forgive my speed of compilation. this machine has a CULV processor.01:06
verterokmkarnicki: just point it to the default protoc: /usr/bin/protoc01:06
mkarnickiverterok: ok, make has finished01:06
verterokmkarnicki: np, but there is no need to compile protobuf01:07
verterokmkarnicki: you already have a good-enough version installed01:07
mkarnickiverterok: you mean.. maven?01:07
mkarnickiverterok: sorry, I'm new into that stuff..01:07
verterokmkarnicki: no, protobuf01:08
verterokmkarnicki: no need to compile 2.3.x01:08
verterokmkarnicki: the version installed in your system (from the package) in enough01:08
mkarnickiverterok: got it01:09
mkarnickiverterok: give me a sec01:09
mkarnickiverterok: [INFO] BUILD SUCCESSFUL <3 ;)01:10
mkarnickiverterok: you are patient :)!01:10
mkarnickiverterok: thank you.. :)01:10
mkarnickiverterok: that was a ride01:10
verterokmkarnicki: heh, np :)01:10
mkarnickiverterok: too bad, now I know how clever you are and will be bothering you on a regular basis xD j/k01:11
verterokmkarnicki: jajaja :)01:11
mkarnickiverterok: great. now I have a great starter kit for my app ;D01:12
mkarnickiverterok: you gave me some brain food, now I'll have to digest that :D01:13
mkarnickiverterok: thanks again for time spent helping me out.01:14
mkarnickiverterok: I'll let you know how are things when I'll start using your toys ;)01:14
mkarnickiverterok: and officially, that will be approx at the and of this month.01:15
mkarnickiverterok: south america, huh :) have a nice evening then :)!01:16
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verterokmkarnicki: ok, good to know :)01:16
verterokmkarnicki: thanks, now I'll run to get some dinner01:17
* verterok waves!01:17
verterokmkarnicki: later!01:17
* mkarnicki waves, bye bye!01:17
raphahey, cool, my album which i ordered some 2 months ago is finally complete =) - looks like the syncing is working at last!01:31
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duanedesignmkarnicki: congrats on Android U102:46
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gbear14275my ubuntuone store is gone from rythmbox...03:57
duanedesignuh  oh04:02
gbear14275I previously tried to purchase music thorugh the ubuntuone ryhtmbox interface... it is in my cloud, I was charged for it, but now rythmbox doesn't even have the store in it anymore... how can I fix this... I did a fresh install and this was all working 3 days ago04:12
duanedesigngbear14275: hello04:19
gbear14275hello duanedesign04:19
duanedesigngbear14275: sounds like you might be afected by bug 57067204:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 570672 in libubuntuone ""connecting..." page when adding tracks to the basket" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57067204:20
duanedesigngbear14275: hmm, but from discussions i have seen it was workedaround by04:21
duanedesignby rightclicking the icon in the notification area and close it from there04:21
gbear14275duanedesign: Is there anyway to mitigate this or avoid it in the interim.  I'm frustrated that after trying to support this new store with a purchase... the album never even made it into the rythmbox application (let alone my machine) and now rythmobox wont even connect to ubuntuone04:22
duanedesigngbear14275: are the songs in Ubuntu One in the cloud? You can test this by looking at the web interface at one.ubuntu.com/files, under User Defined Folders > Purcased from Ubuntu One04:25
gbear14275duanedesign: yes04:25
duanedesigngbear14275: ok. Is Ubuntu One connected?04:26
gbear14275duanedesign: It says synchronization in progress...  But has said that now for over half an hour with no progress04:26
duanedesigngbear14275: if you open a Terminal and run:  u1sdtool -s04:27
duanedesignwhat is the output04:27
gbear14275want a multi line paste here?04:28
gbear14275connection: With User With Network04:29
gbear14275    description: doing server rescan04:29
gbear14275    is_connected: True04:29
gbear14275    is_error: False04:29
gbear14275    is_online: False04:29
gbear14275    queues: WORKING_ON_BOTH04:29
duanedesigngbear14275: yeah its ok. just us in hear. <.<  >.>04:30
duanedesigngbear14275: its doing server_rescan. That is the last step before connecting to the cloud server04:31
gbear14275duanedesign: how long does that typically take?04:32
duanedesignis_online:False   should change to  is_online:True  shortly04:32
duanedesigngbear14275: sync has been getting better. Things got very slow due to the hugr increase in users associated with the release04:33
gbear14275duanedesign: just checked again, now on queue manager04:33
gbear14275so...  is there supposed to be a ubuntuone plugin in rythmbox's list of plugins... because my rythmobox no longer has one04:33
gbear14275hm nvm... looks like it got uninstalled somehow04:35
duanedesigngbear14275: Edit > Plugins04:35
gbear14275duanedesign: oops sorry... wrong button04:37
gbear14275ok, so I have the plugin reinstalled... the status according to the ubuntuone plugin is now "transferring to your ubuntu One storage".  Is there any typical time associated with that (which I assume means dl to my computer)?04:38
duanedesigngbear14275: you can download the songs using the webUI if you want them right away.04:39
duanedesigngbear14275: things are a bit slower thann normal as the team is rolling out upgrades to deal with the increase in users04:40
gbear14275duanedesign: trying to let this "do its thing", not necessarily impatient... but am thinking something must be amiss because it seems to be taking VERY long04:40
duanedesigngbear14275: yeah, i understand04:40
gbear14275I waited about an hour for something to happen last time and it never downloaded to my computer04:40
gbear14275duanedesign: you have any experiences with the music store yet?04:41
duanedesigngbear14275: there definetly could stand to be some improvement as far as letting the user know 'exactly' what is going on04:41
duanedesignu1sdtool -s is nice, but it takes a while to figure out what all the lines mean04:42
duanedesigngbear14275: i did get a song awhile back04:42
gbear14275duanedesign: perhaps a "place" in the queue?  e.g.  "there are XXX number of jobs before you"04:42
gbear14275duanedesign: the other thing I am nervous about, it placing the file in the correct place in the correct format.  I know songs go in .ubuntuone but not sure the directory structure below that and would prefer the tool to do it itself04:43
duanedesigngbear14275: oh that reminds me. You can check  u1sdtool --waiting-content04:43
gbear14275woah...  duanedesign looks like i have quite a few files04:44
gbear14275duanedesign: this doesn't seem right as all these files listed are already on my machine and unchanged04:46
duanedesign /3304:47
gbear14275$ u1sdtool --current-transfers04:48
gbear14275Current uploads: 004:48
gbear14275Current downloads: 004:48
duanedesigngbear14275: it is probably working on metadata04:49
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-metadata04:49
duanedesignalso you can open a Terminal and monitor the syncdaemon.log with the command:04:50
duanedesigntail -fn 50 ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log04:50
gbear14275oh cool!04:51
gbear14275yeah i'll just watch the log04:51
duanedesignsee how the metadata and content numbers get smaller.  http://fpaste.org/dKpC/04:52
duanedesignit is not uncommon for you to have several entries where it does not change04:53
duanedesignbut it should change over time04:53
gbear14275yeah i'm watching the log right now which makes me feel better about progress happening04:53
duanedesignfor instance mine said metadata: 4; content: 22 for 10 minutes before it changed to metadata: 2; content: 22;04:54
gbear14275what command gives you that info?04:55
duanedesignthe tail -fn 50 command04:55
duanedesignwhat does your u1sdtool -s say now?04:56
gbear14275$ u1sdtool -s04:57
gbear14275State: QUEUE_MANAGER04:57
gbear14275    connection: With User With Network04:57
gbear14275    description: processing queues04:57
gbear14275    is_connected: True04:57
gbear14275    is_error: False04:57
gbear14275    is_online: True04:57
gbear14275    queues: WORKING_ON_BOTH04:57
duanedesigngbear14275: ok thats good04:57
duanedesignhere is mine after it finished syncing. So you can see what it will look like. Notice the queues line.04:58
duanedesignState: QUEUE_MANAGER connection: With User With Network description: processing queues is_connected: True is_error: False is_online: True queues: IDLE04:58
duanedesignit will go idle after its done04:59
duanedesignhope that helps some :) The STATES are a bit confusing, but that is what i have figured out05:00
duanedesigngbear14275: i am off  for the evening. If you have any additional questions the whole U1 team is here between 13:00 - 21:00 UTC on weekdays05:03
duanedesignhappy syncing! :P05:03
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elzappYay! IDLE!06:39
elzapp queues: metadata: 0; content: 0; hash: 006:39
mkarnickiduanedesign: thanks :)08:59
mkarnickiduanedesign: (for the congrats after 3 AM here)09:00
slideHow do I force a resync of my account in ubuntu? I uploaded something via the site and i cant figure out how to see it on my machine09:46
ryeslide, what does u1sdtool --waiting-meta  and u1sdtool --waiting-content return when executed in the terminal?09:53
slideneither returned anything09:57
ryeslide, ok, is your computer connected to ubuntuone - what does u1sdtool --status say ?09:58
sliderye, any idea?10:12
ryeslide, let me try putting the file and see whether it works locally10:13
ryeslide, ok, i see what you mean - pinged team members about that, for the time being you can do u1sdtool --refresh=$full_path_to_directory_to_refresh10:16
slideif its in the root use --refresh=/ ?10:17
ryeslide, i believe it will be u1sdtool --refresh=$HOME/Ubuntu\ One10:17
ryeslide, alternatively you could reconnect syncdaemon via the ubuntuone-preferences menu and it would do the same kind of refresh10:18
rye* ubuntuone-preferences dialog10:18
ryeslide, have the file appeared locally?10:19
* rye needs to wake up... "did the file appear locally" is a better sentence10:19
slideusing --refresh nope10:20
slidereconnecting syncdaemon worked10:21
slideor maybe it was a delayed reaction to --refresh heh10:28
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ildellahey. as for: https://one.ubuntu.com/support/installation/ I should see a button "Add your computer" on my UbuntuOne page, but I can't see it... how can I add the computer I am on now?12:21
ryeildella, could you please check what URL (address of the page) you are now in your browser ?12:21
ildellabut I can't see the button also in other pages12:22
ryeildella, have you started ubuntuone-preferences ? From the MeMenu (option is called  "Ubuntu One..." )12:22
ildellayep, I tell you the story:12:23
ildellaI have noticed that UO wasn't keeping sync, and that I have almost 8 machines connected12:23
ildellaprobably the same machine with different old installation of Ubuntu12:23
ildellanow I removed them all12:23
ildellathe ubuntuone-preferences are started12:23
ildellaAccount pane is all "unknown"12:23
ildellaand "disconnected". If i click on "connect"...12:24
ryeildella, ah, ok, the system still thinks you are authenticated - could you please open Applications / Accessories / Passwords and Encryption Keys and remove the entry called "UbuntuOne token for https://ubuntuone.com" ?12:24
ildellammm, strange, there is not such a key12:25
ryeildella, ok, then lets try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ#How%20do%20I%20add%20my%20computer?12:27
ildellaok, I am doing that12:29
ildellaok now UO preferences say : sync in progress12:31
ildellabut everything is still unkwnown, disconnected and all the sync checkboxes are unmarked12:31
ildellaI'll wait a while12:31
ryeildella, could you please reopen preferences application?12:32
ildellaI did, it is in sync, 1.3%12:32
ildellaah great now the services sync are all marked12:32
ildellaok I can see local files appearing on the browser12:33
ildellais working now12:33
ildellathanks, I'll wait here till the end to confirm everything is ok12:34
ryeildella, ok, it looks like the preferences application is not asking for additional details once it is authorized. So yes, it would be great if you could confirm that everything is working fine for you12:37
ildellais better for sure. on website, computer is present and on local preferences, I can see name, email and marked services..12:38
ildellabut is stucked at 1.3% of 25MB...12:38
ildellastille there... what if I press "restart" on the device tab?12:42
ryeildella, are you waiting for the files to upload or download?12:43
ildellaI think is uploading now but I have also to donwload some folders to complete the sync12:43
ryehm, what if we just do a simple flock() on the pid file in order to prevent startup of the second instance of desktopcouch?... Hmmm. Need CardinalFang12:44
ildellamaybe is just slow cause I am sync three folders with lot of small files...12:44
ryeildella, could you please check what does u1sdtool --status ; u1sdtool --waiting-meta; u1sdtool --waiting-content12:44
ryeildella, you can paste the output to https://paste.ubuntu.com12:45
ryeildella, yes, i believe it is slow because of many small files. Currently the overhead for every file is pretty noticeable but the team is working to provide faster sync experience12:48
ildellayep but I think is stucked. is not going over line 214612:49
ildellawhat is restart button supposed to do?12:51
ryeildella, you can see that there is a lot of metadata requests - u1sdtool --waiting-meta12:52
ildellaah they are not completed, they are requested12:53
ildellaall right12:53
ryeildella, they all need to be processed before actual upload/download starts. Ubuntu One works better with larger files but when there are not many of them12:53
ildellanow I understand, so I just wait12:53
ryeildella, currently the sync process is not as fast as it should be so that's where the development resources primarily are12:54
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ildellathere is not a way to understand at what point of the upload process is?13:04
ryeildella, the upload/download is done in two parts - first metadata queue is processed and then the actual uploading/downloading will start. In case the content queue is being processed you can see the filenames in u1sdtool --current-transfer13:07
johnyOGood morning14:15
johnyOI synced a empty folder in order to add the music thats sitting on my cloud space but nothing ever happens.  Am I missing something?14:16
ryejohnyO, so the music is on the web ui but not locally, right?14:17
ryejohnyO, is u1sdtool --status showing IDLE?14:17
duanedesigngood day rye14:19
ryeduanedesign, hello!14:19
duanedesignrye: i started a spec with the intention of reducing the number of bugs in the 'New' queue14:20
dancalloanyone know when the sync between desktops and the cloud will be reenabled?14:20
ryeduanedesign, it looks like I got in infinite loop trying to reproduce the issue in ubuntuone-login.14:20
duanedesignrye: oh no :\14:20
ryeduanedesign, based on all the tests this cannot be reproduced in virtual machine14:21
duanedesignrye: that is strange14:21
ryeduanedesign, i had 10 virtual machines yesterday with lucid :)14:21
ryeduanedesign, in various combinations and upgrade path.14:21
ryeduanedesign, ok, back to bugs which look like I have been ignoring..14:21
dancalloany help? Anyone?14:22
duanedesigndancallo: what is not syncing for you? Files or Contacts and Notes?14:22
dancalloContacts. Hasn't worked since I moved to 10.04 LTS14:23
johnyOkeep getting command not found14:23
dancalloI am unable to access my contacts on Couchdb in Evolution mail through UbuntuOne. Evolution mail doesn't see them.14:24
ryejohnyO, "u *one* sdtool --status" ?14:24
duanedesignjohnyO: that is u1 not ul14:24
ryedancallo, the replication is still disabled, yes14:24
dancalloThe status on UbuntuOne's website says sync has been disabled between desktops and UbuntuOne. My question is when will this be fixed.14:25
johnyOyes idle14:25
dancalloduanedesign, rye, any ideas?14:27
duanedesignjohnyO: are the songs in Ubuntu One in the cloud? Looking at the web interface at one.ubuntu.com/files, under User Defined Folders > Purcased from Ubuntu One14:27
beilabswhats the deal with the notes in ubuntuone? Not synching at all for me!14:27
ryedancallo, checking with the team members, this is pretty much all I can do at the moment...14:27
ryebeilabs, is there any error you are receiving?14:28
dancalloOkay, when will you know something about it?14:28
ryebeilabs, could you please shut down tomboy; and start it from the terminal with tomboy --debug14:28
ryedancallo, well, the question is asked, waiting for someone to answer.14:29
dancallok. Thanks.14:29
beilabsrye: The remote server returned an error: (500) INTERNAL SERVER ERROR14:29
beilabslooks like its on your end14:29
ryecouch is dead14:29
ukevhi, I've got problems syncing my tomboy notes again14:29
duanedesignjohnyO: could you please reconnect syncdaemon with:   u1sdtool -d; u1sdtool -c14:29
beilabsukev: same here14:30
ukevlast time the problem was that a had an empty notes14:30
ukevbut this tame tomboy-recovery.py doesn't print anything14:30
ryebeilabs, ukev - this is server-side, i called the admins14:30
beilabsrye gracias14:30
beilabsrye where you based?14:30
ukevok great14:30
dancallorye, wish I had direct access to the team. I would ask them why they aren't answering you.14:30
ukevthen I will go sleeping and try again later14:31
duanedesignjohnyO: what does u1sdtool -s say now. You can paste multilines of text at http://paste.ubuntu.com14:31
ryebeilabs, I am in Kiev, Ukraine. By "calling" i mean I contacted them via internal IRC.14:32
johnyOState: SERVER_RESCAN14:33
johnyO    connection: With User With Network   description: doing server rescan   is_connected: True    is_error: False   is_online: False    queues: WORKING_ON_METADAT14:33
dancalloIs anyone else able to connect to their contacts through Couchdb on UbuntuOne Cloud?14:33
duanedesignjohnyO: ok SERVER_RESCAN is the last step before it connects to the server14:34
ryedancallo, no, at the moment any access to couch outside of the datacenter is restricted14:34
duanedesignjohnyO: lets give it a second. See if it goes to queues: IDLE before you get your files14:35
dancallorye, where can I go to get better status on when this will be fixed?14:35
johnyOback to idle14:35
duanedesignjohnyO: is anything showing  up locally in ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One14:36
johnyOyea the music shows up there14:37
johnyOjust not in the folder I  synced14:37
duanedesignjohnyO: ok14:37
johnyOsince it doesn't let me created a shortcut I wanted to have another folder on my desktop14:37
beilabsrye, all back working now...thanks dude14:38
duanedesignjohnyO: you created this folder in Ubuntu oNe or in your Home directory and set it to sync with Ubuntu one14:38
duanedesignjohnyO: which one? Is the folder ~/Music or ~/Ubuntu One/Music14:40
ryedancallo, unfortunately I cannot provide the ETA. Here's what the latest news are - the replication is disabled to prevent frequent couchdb failures. The plan is to set up the redundant servers and as thisfred said "Sharding is almost ready"14:40
dancallorye, okay. I guess I'll just have to wait. Thanks for your assistance and info.14:41
duanedesignjohnyO: ok14:41
duanedesignjohnyO: can you please  run the command:  u1sdtool --list-folders14:44
duanedesignjohnyO: and see if your folder shows up14:44
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johnyOit does, I copied the above location from that command14:45
ryejohnyO, the .ubuntuone/Purchased* cannot be changed to another folder, unfortunately it is dictated by the server side and server side is not able to query about the location of the XDG folders. And even if it can it synces the file to the same path on all the machines14:48
johnyOI don't really need it changed, I just need the music folder to have the same contents as the Purchased folder since I can't create a link to the Purchased folder14:49
duanedesignjohnyO: do you have anything in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log14:51
duanedesignif you need to you can paste multiline text at http://paste.ubuntu.com14:52
johnyOits empty14:52
duanedesignjohnyO: ok. Can you paste the contents of  ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log14:54
ryejohnyO, you made a symlink from /home/bryan/Music to ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One ?14:54
johnyOThe other way around14:55
johnyObut it kept saying it couldn't find the Purchased folder14:56
johnyOI read somewhere that a link can't be created to that folder14:56
duanedesignjohnyO:ohh, so you made  ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu a symlink?14:57
duanedesignhello Nagz14:58
johnyOyea I tried14:58
Nagzgot a short question: does the ubuntuone syncdaemon trigger on file changes or sync after specific time periods ?14:58
Nagzi never know if it's buggy or if it just hasn't triggered yet^^14:58
johnyOI was trying to make the music folder I created a link to that folder14:59
duanedesignNagz: file change. The Contacts sync after I think 10 minutes.14:59
Nagzso if the icon doesn't change to syncing after a short period of time my syncdaemon is frozen ?15:00
duanedesignjohnyO: yeah that doesnt appear to work15:03
ryeNagz, you can see what it does behind the scenes by running u1sdtool --waiting-meta (file/folders create/removal) and u1sdtool --waiting-content (actual upload/download queue)15:03
duanedesignjohnyO: i made a symlink of my ~/.ubuntunone/Purchased... folder and tried to make it a UDS and it sows up in u1sdtool --list-folders but will not sync to the cloud15:04
Nagzulsdtool -> package not found / command not found ^^15:06
johnyOI wouldn't matter to me if it shows up in the cloud.  I just wanted easy access to the music I purchase.  when I try using that link it says it can't find that location15:06
duanedesignjohnyO: ahh I can see the folder15:06
johnyOIf I try to do it through nautilus the option to create a link is grayed out15:06
duanedesignjohnyO: hmm.  yeah that is what i did. Navigated to /.ubuntuone/Purchased From... r-click and selected Make Link15:08
ryejohnyO, if you are completely sure to have Music as link to Purchased from Ubuntu One - then you can do this via the terminal - ln -s "$HOME/.ubuntuone/Purchased rrom Ubuntu One" "$HOME/Music"15:09
ryeln - make link, -s - symbolic15:09
johnyOwonder why make a link is grayed out on mine15:09
ryeln -s "$HOME/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One" "$HOME/Music"15:10
Nagzwhich package do i need for ulsdtool ? google didn't help15:11
duanedesignNagz: are you using Karmic?15:11
ryeNagz, that's abbreviation of ubuntu one - u1sdtool, not "U L SDTOOL"15:11
johnyOI don't have that folder in /home/ubuntuone15:11
ryejohnyO, the folder is in $HOME/.ubuntuone15:12
johnyOits it /home/.local/.ubuntuone15:12
Nagzi'm on lucid15:12
johnyOI got it15:12
Nagzoh yeah that's hard to see^^15:13
ryeNagz, np15:13
duanedesignrye: i was noticing the number of bugs in the 'NEW' queue was slowly increasing. It seems like there might be some that are 'stuck'. In that triagersmight be uncertain what to do with them.15:32
Nagzis there a way to delete top level folders (MyStorage) ?15:37
Nagzi stopped syncing a folder and its still there ... from the web i can only delete subfolders15:38
duanedesignNagz: does it still show up when you run the command u1sdtool --list-folders15:39
duanedesignrye: i know some reports are there for good reason, but i wanted to get your input about seeing if a community effort could help in reducing the 'noise' in the queue.15:40
duanedesignNagz: you can delete the folder with the command : u1sdtool --delete-folder=FOLDER_ID15:41
duanedesignNagz: you get the Folder_ID from the previous command15:41
ryeduanedesign, i believe /Bugs page needs to be updated. Most of the issues will not be seen in Lucid at all so that creates a long page which is scary to look at15:43
duanedesignrye: that is a good idea15:44
ryeduanedesign, how about I will move Karmic-specific bugs to Bugs/Karmic ?15:44
ryeduanedesign, and we'll keep Lucid ones on /Bugs page, something like an archive of known bugs15:44
duanedesignrye: that is a good idea. Keep current releases on /Bugs, but move past (supported) release bugs to /BugsKarmic15:46
ryejoshuahoover, are you ok with /Bugs page being moved to /Bugs/Karmic and /Bugs page will provide details about current release only?15:46
ryejoshuahoover, not /Bugs/Karmic but BugsKarmic15:46
joshuahooverrye: sure, that sounds like a good idea!15:46
ryehm, "karmic bugs" sounds strange15:46
ryewow, that is a loooong page15:47
Nagzduan does this command take a while ?15:48
duanedesignrye: i made a page. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Specs/MaverickBugWorkflow15:48
duanedesignrye: my intention was to increase the effectiveness of the community effort to triage bugs15:48
duanedesignrye: some of that came from the Other teams similar pages. I left it on there because i thought you guys might find some of it helpful15:49
Nagzit gets stuck in the process15:49
duanedesignNagz: yeah i did it the other day15:49
duanedesignNagz: and it did seem to take a bit15:49
Nagzkk then I'll wait15:50
ryeNagz, delete-folder adds the entry to metadata queue and will not return until the queue item is processed15:50
Nagzwaiting-metadata on second terminal is empty15:51
=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
Nagzdeletion worked, but the process got stuck15:58
Nagzthanks for the help guys ... i'm out for now16:01
ryehm... delete folder returned an error?16:03
dobeyrye: it might wait for success/failure16:03
dobeyif metadata is running, it could be a fairly long time16:04
ryeduanedesign, I did initial cleanup, will scan the bug reports to build Lucid-specific list (which is not that long really)16:04
duanedesignrye: nice16:05
duanedesignrye: did you ever get GreaseMonkey to work?16:05
duanedesignI think kermiac has some scripts/responses that i have been meaning to ask about16:06
ryeduanedesign, something is really broken with my greasemonkey... hmmm16:08
dobeyi need look at some bugs to see about doing some automated triage16:11
verterokrye: I just found an old script to manually trigger the oauth token request stuff (it uses ubuntuone-login, but don't depend on syncdaemon or other stuff)16:19
verterokrye: do you think it might be useful to debug auth problems?16:20
ryeverterok, hm... Might be very useful. Unless (and this is what I am afraid of) ubuntuone-login is switched to webserver mode - in this case it ignores all auth requests... but this can prove that actually16:21
ryeverterok, i am extremely interested in it16:21
verterokrye: yes, but at least you can trigger oauth stuff manually and avoid starting syncdaemon...which is == to faster iterations ;)16:22
verterokrye: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/429013/16:22
verterokrye: is the simplest script ever, but it can be extended with singal receiver to know what ubuntuone-login is sending...16:23
dobeyverterok: ugh16:30
dobeyverterok: that doesn't use ubuntuone-login16:30
verterokdobey: ooops, right...wrong script :p16:31
verterokrye: ignore that script16:31
Schnitzhi all16:31
verterokdobey: thanks for looking at that...I'm doing scripts cleanup and messed up the copy & paste16:31
verterokrye: that script16:32
Schnitzi am trying to get u1 to work for several days now. i already couln't get it to work with 9.0416:32
verterokrye: starts the oauthdesktop stuff (just like ubuntuone-login) :p16:32
Schnitzfolders sync, but files don't16:33
Schnitzhttp://nopaste.info/90357b0fec.html please check this for a log of my upload16:34
ryeSchnitz, could you please run the following script in the terminal - http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/ubuntuone-debug-collect.sh16:34
rye2010-05-06 16:31:31,335 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - INFO - Not enough space for upload 14 bytes (available: None)16:35
ryehow can this possibly be?16:35
Schnitzrye my store is empty16:35
Schnitzi am not _that_ stupid ;-)16:35
Schnitz0 bytes Used (0.0%)16:35
ryeSchnitz, exactly, None is not a number16:35
Schnitzthat is what the website said16:36
SchnitzYou are currently using 0 MB of your 2.0 GB available for synchronized data.16:36
rye2010-05-06 16:30:04,898 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - INFO - Server rescan: will query 1 objects - one object only - i believe that's some default one/root16:36
Schnitzi also thought so16:37
Schnitzplease find the script results here: http://pastebin.com/9Sz9Kviv16:37
ryeSchnitz, hm, have you removed anything by any chance?16:38
ryeSchnitz, i.e. from Ubuntu One directory or from server?16:39
Schnitzsince everything looked so arbitrary, i decided to empty my local ubuntu one directory _and_ the one on the server16:39
Schnitzrestarted ubuntu one and reconnected my computer16:39
Schnitzto try adding a small single text file16:39
ryeSchnitz, ah, ok, now ubuntu one tries to remove all the files (which looks like it can't because there are none) but every unlink message takes a loong time16:40
ryeSchnitz, i believe you will want to reset the metadata instead - do you have any files in Ubuntu One ?16:40
Schnitzrye: i thought this way i have at least the chance for a clean log. at first i thought "oh great ubuntu one out of the box" and moved a folder in the ubuntu one folder. however, in the webinterface i could see that folders are being created, but no files are being uploaded16:40
ryeSchnitz, i mean something valuable in your ~/Ubuntu One/ directory ?16:40
Schnitzthe error message was already the one you quoted from my nopaste. "not enough space... available: none"16:41
ryeSchnitz, the folders are created first, then after all folders are created the files start to be uploaded. but "not enough space"?16:41
dobeyrye: clearly there seems to be an issue on the server with that account :)16:41
Schnitzdobey: my account is behaving so strange. it also says "you currently have 1 contact" but then the contact list is empty16:42
Schnitzi mean in the web interface16:42
ryedobey, or no - free space query is waaay at the bottom thus it does not know how much space is left... but 14 bytes?..16:42
ryeSchnitz, ok, let's perform resetting of your client-side ubuntuone account16:43
dobeyrye: what do you mean it doesn't know?16:43
Schnitzrye: sure16:43
dobeyrye: 14 bytes could be the size of a single file16:43
Schnitzdobey: according to ls that file has exactly 14 bytes. it is a very small text file.16:44
dobeyrye: FreeSpaceInquiry happens quite a bit in syncdaemon actually16:44
ryedobey, http://pastebin.com/9Sz9Kviv - look at the bottom of the metadata queue16:44
ryeAccountInquiry, FreeSpaceInquiry... it started removal pretty early16:44
Schnitzrye: is there a wiki entry or something that explains the client side reset16:44
dobeyrye: yes, they are part of the meta queue, so they could get stuck behind other things potentially16:46
ryeSchnitz, well, you can do a subset of https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+faq/778 - basically you will need to 1. quit ubuntuone-client - u1sdtool --quit; 2 - remove ~/.local/share/ubuntuone 3. connect ubuntuone-client - u1sdtool --connect16:46
dobeySchnitz: if you open ubuntuone-preferences, what does it say your quota usage is, at the top?16:47
dobeySchnitz: after it updates and doesn't say "Unknown" for everything, that is16:47
Schnitzdobey: before resetting ubuntu one 0.0 KB Used (0.0%). now i will reset it and check again16:47
dobeyoh i forgot it doesn't show what your quota size actually is there16:49
dobeyand i don't think it logs the results16:49
dobeyso probably won't help either16:49
ryecool, my third lxc build fails16:49
Schnitzrye: i did that procedure16:50
Schnitzrye: ubuntu one preferences still looks all the same16:50
Schnitz"Synchronisation in progress" and 0.0% used16:50
Schnitzthe testfile appears with status "uploading" on the webinterface16:53
ryeSchnitz, ok, what does u1sdtool --waiting-meta and u1sdtool --waiting-content say ?16:53
Schnitzrye: waiting-meta has no output and waiting-content has 1 line: operation='Upload' node_id='d896e472-fca9-4a06-bb71-143a8653086c' share_id='' path='/home/fms/Ubuntu One/foobar.txt'16:55
rye14 bytes16:55
rye5 minutes16:55
ryesomething is really really really slow16:55
Schnitzrye: i never had a single file uploaded to u1 as far as i know16:56
Schnitzrye: i don't have any network problems...16:57
ryeSchnitz, could you please re-run the script i pointed you at and post the results?16:57
verterokrye: the oauth trigger (if there is no token in the keyring, I think) script: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/429028/16:57
Schnitzrye: http://pastebin.com/YyVKGVCW16:58
ryeSchnitz, i have a bug number for you - bug #57581716:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 575817 in ubuntuone-client "Interrupted upload is not retried" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57581716:59
ryeSchnitz, could you please post ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log ?16:59
Schnitzrye: http://pastebin.com/KkkCdkT917:00
ryeSchnitz, 1st issue - the service is slow and the upload does not complete in time/server drops the connection. 2nd issue - when connection is dropped bug #575817 happens. The fix for that bug will be released in SRU17:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 575817 in ubuntuone-client "Interrupted upload is not retried" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57581717:01
Schnitzrye: but why should that only happen to me?17:01
duanedesignrye: have you ever used bughugger?17:05
Schnitzand it's also extremely hard to believe that the service is so slow that a file <1kb can't be uploaded. i mean shouldn't then more people have problems?17:05
ryeSchnitz, checking uploading now17:05
Schnitzrye: http://pastebin.com/SVPVe3se17:07
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
ryeSchnitz, it is stuck17:07
Schnitzrye: i can't believe it, the second test file appeared on the webinterface as really being there17:08
Schnitzrye: i can download it and it has the correct contents. but still it is far too slow to be of any use. i currently have ~300mb in my dropbox and i can't wait for 2 weeks until it's uploaded on u1 :-(17:09
Schnitzguess i'll have to just wait for another 3 months again and then retry if u1 became faster17:11
ryeSchnitz, frankly speaking I hope it to become faster in nearest 2 weeks, next week is UDS-M and I am not sure whether there are sprints regarding Ubuntu One17:12
ryeSchnitz, but server speed issue is what hurting ubuntuone now most, i agree17:12
Schnitzyeah it's sad it doesn't scale the way it would have to. dropbox, even though it's proprietary and things, did an amazing job there. i just can't experiment with my data while writing a master thesis ;-)17:14
dobeyrye: it's not all server speed issues17:16
ryedobey, and reupload failure on client reconnect, right17:17
dobeyrye: some of the annoying speed issues are just client architecture things, like the lack of priority problem17:17
Schnitzi mean it's a free service so there is no need to complain. but if you bought the 50GB then you'll be so gutted.17:17
ryedobey, and query grouping - like why would the client need to send 1000 MakeFile()s and waiting for every to respond. Send all requests at once. If it fails, then... resend?17:18
ryeSchnitz, yes, that's why the server-side now is being adjusted.17:19
Schnitzrye: as i said - i will give it a try again after a while. thanks for your help anyway.17:22
ryeSchnitz, thank you, feel free to come back here. I hope that next time you will try to use Ubuntu One it will be much faster.17:23
dobeylunch time :)17:25
duanedesignthere was some new goodies added to the OneConf blueprint. https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-maverick-oneconf17:38
duanedesignneat Software Center mock up17:38
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ukevany news about the tomboy sync issue?18:00
ryeukev, i have just synced tomboy notes - looks fine - what error do you get?18:05
ukevI could just not sync, no concrete errror message18:05
ukevrye, didn't you mean that it's a server side problem a few hours ago?18:06
ryeukev, the server-side issue was taken care of, so the connection is now fine. Could you please start tomboy from the terminal as tomboy --debug and try to sync it?18:07
ukev(bye the way I'm using karmic)18:07
ryeukev, that's ok18:08
ukev[ERROR]: Synchronization failed with the following exception: The remote server returned an error: (500) INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.18:08
ryeukev, ok, that's interesting... is there anything else printed? something like a web page or so?18:10
ukevwhat du you mean with a webpage? an url or some html?18:12
=== cpg is now known as cpg|away
ryeukev, some html, yes18:13
ukevthere are a few urls which belongs to the auth process but nothing unusual18:13
ukevimmediately after the  "Generated auth header" the exception accurs18:14
ukevStack trace for previous exception:   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.CheckFinalStatus (System.Net.WebAsyncResult result) [0x00000]18:14
ryeukev, ok, looking into how can this be debugged...18:14
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
ukevdebugging... again :)... I should get some free extra space for the time I invested here allready for debugging in ubuntu one (tomboy + evolution adresses + firefox sync) ;)18:18
=== cpg|away is now known as cpg
ryeukev, what's your IP address?18:53
ukevrye, still here?19:13
ryeukev, yes, this is a server side issue, i found the report and the fix is on the way19:14
ryeukev, and test is being written to prevent this in the future19:14
ukevok great19:18
ukevdo you think it needs long that the fix will be activated?19:22
ukevI've to go and need my notes on the way19:22
beunoukev, I hope to have it deployed tomorrow19:23
beunoworst case it will be up on Tuesday19:23
ukevhm ok, so I will copy the notes on my usb drive19:23
ukevthanks :)19:23
xnoxI'm getting internal server error & 502 errors on ubuntuone19:45
GatuRatzHi,anyone knows if this is working? When I put files into my local folder then they upload. But the files which are visible in the web interface do not download to my computer.19:54
ryexnox, confirmed - there are some network issues currently, the team is already looking into them19:56
xnoxrye, on top of that I somehow broke my gnome-keyring cause when I launch ubuntuone-preferences i get gnomekeyring daemon IO errors =)19:56
xnoxso it might be my computer being broken and hence banshee can get authentication token to ubuntuone19:57
xnoxrye, thanks the service is awesome =)19:57
ryexnox, well, are you able to use seahorse?19:57
ryeApplications/ Accessories/ Passwords and Encryption keys ?19:57
xnoxrye, it only shows me gpg & ssh keys to launchpad I see no desktop / browser passwords19:58
joshuahooverrye: is there anyway for a user to send us debug info concerning the add computer process not working?19:58
ryejoshuahoover, well, currently one.ubuntu.com returns an error so there is not much he can do19:59
marcosrorizubuntu one is not working here20:01
marcosrorizwhat should I do?20:01
joshuahooverrye: oh? is this something that just started happening?20:01
ryejoshuahoover, we are back online20:02
joshuahooverrye: ok, good! :) so, any way to get some debug info from a user who is experiencing problems with adding their computer to their account?20:02
xnoxrye, I think I'm hit by the issue that my machine somehow become unauthorised and now I'm having troubles reregistering it. I've managed to restart gnome-keyring-daemon and now everything seems ok20:03
ryejoshuahoover, verterok posted the script to re-auth, but i haven't tested it and I don't really know what it does20:03
ryeok, we are in flux20:04
marcosrorizmy ubuntuo one is messed up20:04
marcosrorizwhat can I do20:04
joshuahooverrye: hmmm...where is that script?20:04
marcosrorizit's not working20:04
ryemarcosroriz, sorry about that; the source of the problem is identified20:04
ryemarcosroriz, ok, the offending service is restarted20:06
marcosrorizwhat can I do20:09
marcosrorizis there like a way to reset u1?20:09
marcosrorizbecause its not working20:09
marcosrorizmaybe if I reset it20:09
ryeok, I'm now able to cause nautilus crash in ubuntuone directory...20:10
xnoxRight on ubuntuone website I've removed my machine but locally in ubuntuone-preferences app i'm still listed as <LOCAL MACHINE> without a "remove" button20:11
rye100% reproducibly20:11
xnoxHow do I purge *all* ubuntu one settings from a user account?20:11
* xnox just wants to buy a hot single from music store ;-)20:11
joshuahooverxnox: it sounds like you've removed all computers from your account successfully20:12
xnoxyeah but my local machine still thinks it's ok and doesn't start up "adding new machine" process20:12
joshuahooverxnox: if you quit the u1 preferences and then start it again, do you get prompted in a browser window to add your computer?20:12
joshuahooverxnox: oh, ok...if that's the case, can you try this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ#How%20do%20I%20add%20my%20computer?20:13
xnoxjoshuahoover, thank you this is what i need =)20:13
xnoxubuntuone-login: no process found20:17
ryexnox, ok, could you please check whether you have ubuntuone token in seahorse?20:18
xnoxyes I do shall i delete that ?20:18
verterokjoshuahoover: trigger request oauth token (only if there is no token in the keyring, I think) script: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/429028/20:19
xnoxrye, after deleting the token20:19
xnoxnew machine registration got triggered and it looks like I'm syncing horay20:20
ryexnox, ok, dobey is ubuntuone-login supposed to re-auth re-requesting oauth/browser dance if it receives AUTH_FAILED ?20:21
xnoxrye, if only we can get calendar & contact sync with gmail and have our ubuntuone documents & pdf getting quick view like on google search results now.........20:21
marcosrorizI'm stuck on20:21
marcosroriz    description: doing server rescan20:21
dobeyrye: ubuntuone-login has no idea about auth failed20:22
dobeyrye: syncdaemon gets auth_failed20:22
ryemarcosroriz, could you please run http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/ubuntuone-debug-collect.sh ?20:22
ryedobey, ah... hm... should it do re-auth?..20:22
ryei believe it should20:22
dobeyi don't know20:23
ryeverterok, when syncdaemon receives AUTH_FAILED what should it do?20:23
dobeythere was was an issue with that because auth would fail even though token was valid, for other reasons20:23
dobeyand the applet used to re-auth whenever auth_failed happen, which would cause the loop asking to add the computer :-/20:23
ryedobey, yep, i was in that loop :)20:24
verterokrye: I don't know what's current behaviour...I think AUTH_FAILED is a no-exit error, and you need to bounce syncdaemon (and get new tokens maybe?)20:24
ryeverterok, well, i believe it restarts, gets AUTH_ERROR then restarts again, need to check20:25
verterokrye: oh, ok. if it enters in a infinte restart loop, that's bad20:25
marcosrorizany idea?20:26
xnoxrye, isn't it a bit wrong that I can *publish* purchased music?20:27
ryemarcosroriz, what does does "u1sdtool --current-transfer" return ?20:27
dobeymarcosroriz: doesn't look stuck to me, looks like it's going through the paces20:27
marcosrorizmarcos@Geapis:~$ u1sdtool --current-transfer20:27
marcosrorizCurrent uploads: 020:27
marcosrorizCurrent downloads: 020:27
marcosroriz    description: processing queues20:28
ryeand --waiting-meta is broken due to utf8 conversion issues. great20:28
xnoxState: AUTHENTICATE20:28
xnox    connection: With User With Network20:28
xnox    description: doing auth dance20:28
xnox    is_connected: True20:28
xnox    is_error: False20:28
xnox    is_online: False20:28
xnox    queues: WORKING_ON_CONTENT20:28
xnox=((((( i can download them off the website but I'd rather sync them20:29
ryexnox, ok, so you were able to add your computer, right?20:29
marcosrorizmarcos@Geapis:~$ u1sdtool --waiting-meta20:29
marcosrorizOops, an error ocurred:20:29
marcosrorizTraceback (most recent call last):20:29
marcosrorizdo I need to pastebin this?20:29
xnoxrye, finaly yes. I managed to buy music. I can now see files on the website but the sync is not getting triggered20:30
xnoxrye, also I believe it is a license violation that you can download mp3 which I just bought of the music store cause i hit publish20:30
ryexnox, checking the auth20:30
xnoxrye, http://ubuntuone.com/p/2Yk/20:30
xnoxrye, if you can download that i'm illigally distributing music which I just bought20:31
ryemarcosroriz, xnox - the service which provides syncdaemon sync is now under extremely heavy load after recent restart. The team is looking into this. authentication does not complete in time and the queue processing is not advancing.20:32
marcosrorizok :)20:32
marcosrorizI wonder how many ppl are connected, It must be a lot of users20:34
marcosrorizI work with distributed systems, and I know that this stuff is hard20:34
xnoxLet's see how good ubuntubot is20:36
xnoxQuestion #10995420:36
xnoxhaha didn't provide a link =)20:36
xnoxthank you all =)20:37
ryemarcosroriz, upon reconnect the client performs server-rescan which is a time consuming and db intensive task. After user successfully authenticates it continues loading the server with the rescan, and based on the fact that a single server-side instance now has 1k+ users that's pretty much a lot20:37
ryexnox, let me find the bug report20:38
marcosrorizthanks for the patience guys20:40
ryexnox, no, i believe i can't find one20:42
duffydackim cleaning my U1 config to try fix the problems with it, so im starting again..  i removed the key stored in pass/encryption keys but do I need to remove the 2 desktopcouch keys too?   or does something else use them?20:57
ryeduffydack, desktopcouch keys are not related to the server-side; they are for local authentication; what problems are you having?21:00
duffydackill remove em then..   its just taking forever to do anything.. i gave up waiting..21:01
duffydackeverything is set to sync, its just not going anywhere.. i`ll just reconfig it.21:02
xnoxduffydack, U1 servers are currently experiencing very high load because of all the people who upgraded from Hardy and jumped onto U1 bandwagon =)21:03
ryexnox, true, i am still WAITING to authenticate :(21:04
xnoxme too =)21:04
xnoxcan we please change the chanell topic & tweet / dent about this?21:04
Luchettohi @ all... I need a help with my account I can't sync data between my PC and the web service21:23
=== cpg is now known as cpg|away
Luchettois this a help chan? or am I in the wrong place?21:27
beunoLuchetto, we're having load issues with our servers21:28
beunowhat problem are you having?21:28
Luchettobeuno, well.. I'm stuck with ubuntu one that say syncing...21:29
beunoso that's a server-side issue21:30
beunowe're working on it21:30
Luchettoso is not my problem?21:30
beunoit will take a little while to normalize21:30
beunoLuchetto, nope, it's ours  :)21:30
Luchettobeuno... np I will wait... I have another question if you can help me21:30
Luchettowell... I'm new on ubuntu one... i was wondering if the files I put on my ubuntu folders is share with lot of ppl or only with my computer21:31
Luchettoand how to set the sharing propieties... I mean... I don't want others look at my files...21:32
beunoLuchetto, by default, nobody else can21:32
Luchettoin case... how I can change it?21:32
beunoLuchetto, right-click on a folder, and select "Share on Ubuntu One"21:33
Luchettoand than?21:33
Luchettoif I press share the folder will be visible to all the world?21:34
dobeyLuchetto: you can't publish folders yet, no. share just lets you share with specific people21:35
dobeyLuchetto: if you don't want others to access your files, then don't share/publish them21:35
dobeybeuno: and that doesn't let you adjust whether something is shared or not. it only lets you share it to others21:36
LuchettoI'm a little bit confused... files and folder that I put on my ubuntu one folder will be share only with my cloud of computers...is this right?21:37
Luchettoif I press shre on ubunto one in other folders that folders will be public?21:37
Luchettodobey Am I in right?21:38
dobeyLuchetto: no21:38
dobeyLuchetto: by default, none of your files are shared with anyone else. only your account can access them21:39
dobeyLuchetto: "Share on Ubuntu One" will let you share a folder with another person with an ubuntu one account21:40
dobeyLuchetto: and "Publish on Ubuntu One" will let you set individual files as publically visible through a special URL21:40
Luchettook... suppose that I want to share image files with my other computers... how can I do that?21:40
Luchettosorry images folder21:41
LuchettoI suppose I have to right click and choose share on ubuntu one...21:44
Luchettodobey, are you still in?21:45
dobeyshare is to share to other people21:47
dobeyif you have a folder in your home directory outside of the "Ubuntu One" folder, which you would like synchronized to your other computers, you just right click on it and choose "Synchronize on Ubuntu One"21:47
Luchettoand so how can I do that?21:47
yltsrcOOPS-ID-1587appserver134253 is mine, can i help you?21:49
Luchettodobey anyway the problem remain cos I can't share files... I'm stuck... beuno told me that is a server side problem...21:51
Luchettois this right?21:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:51
dobeyi don't know what you mean that you can't share files21:51
Luchettoi post you a screen shot21:52
Luchettoyou can see the ubuntu one folder with the not syncronized icon21:53
Luchettobut I'm logging in21:54
dobeyLuchetto: if you open ubuntuone-preferences, what does it say?21:54
dobeyok :)21:55
Luchettothan after a while disocnnect21:55
xnoxAm i suppose to have ubuntu-one appindicator or not?21:55
dobeyLuchetto: our servers are being somewhat overloaded with new users, so it may be a little slow and disconnect at times, but should reconnect and wait to reconnect automatically. but we're working on the servers at the moment as well to try and get them to handle the overwhelming load better. sorry if there is any inconvenience because of it :)21:56
Luchettodobey but it don't syncing... I have try to restart my pc... connect and disconnect a lot of times but nothing...21:56
dobeyxnox: no21:56
xnoxdobey, thanks it's just in karmic i did have notifier that's all =) i guess it got merged into me-menu21:57
Luchettodobey... so is right...it's a server side problem... can I can sleep tonight :D21:57
dobeyxnox: we got rid of the applet for lucid21:58
Luchettoinfact... The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.21:59
LuchettoLOL... sometimes answers are more near that they appears...21:59
Luchettothanks dobey for your patience and sorry for my "OLD SCHOOL" english :D22:00
Luchetto...very old...22:00
kklimondahey guys, any ETA on contact syncing you can give?23:14
statikhi kklimonda, it will probably be next week. we're just about finished with the code for splitting traffic across multiple couchdb servers.23:16
statikkklimonda, will you be at UDS?23:16
RoAkSoAxhi all... tomboy notes are down correct?23:46

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