ScottLrlameiro, hi, i'm here00:28
ScottLjust cooking dinner00:28
rlameiroScottL: when you have some time ping me00:29
ScottLbut go ahead if you have a question, i'm just going back an forth00:29
rlameiroi just founf FalkTX is from Portugal00:29
rlameiroI was speaking with him, to see if he is interested in help closely the team00:30
ScottLyeah, you said you might go visit him, that's pretty cool00:30
rlameirowell, he also makes an audio live cd 00:30
rlameiroso, maybe he could be the  guy to do it :D00:30
ScottLhuh, that's pretty interesting, i'd be curious to see how well it tests00:31
ScottLdoes he have it available to people to download?00:31
rlameirohe will be releasing it shortly00:32
rlameiroits based on ubuntu 10.0400:32
rlameiroScottL: https://launchpad.net/kxstudio00:34
ScottLi'm not against a live cd but it would need to serviceable fulfill a need00:38
ScottLbut i am interested to see how it performs00:38
rlameirobut the objective isnt more the live00:41
rlameirobut he packages a lot of software00:41
rlameiroif he could make it for ubuntu MOTU00:41
rlameiroit would be great00:41
rlameirothe liveCD/DVD is a bonus :D00:41
rlameiroalso he already implemented jack200:41
rlameiroand a all jackified system00:42
rlameiroScottL: well, it seems that he already released it00:45
rlameirotoday :D00:45
rlameiroi will download it and test it00:45
ScottLsorry, was on phone call00:50
ScottLThe.muso is already working on jack2 with the debain archives00:51
ScottLbuilding the package and installing it is not all that's involved, getting it into the archives is essential00:52
rlameiroyea, i know00:52
ScottLthat's funny that he released it today :)00:53
rlameirobut if it make to motu would be great00:53
ScottLi'll download it tonight00:53
ScottLdoes he want to be MOTU?00:53
rlameirowell, i dont know00:53
rlameiroi need to catch him on msn00:53
ScottLlol, yeah, that might be good to know first ;)00:54
rlameiroyea ;P00:55
ScottLstochastic has tried to get faltx to help the dev team already but he didn't really seem to committed00:56
rlameiroAFAIK, he doesnt have internet at home, he uses internet on a frinds house00:56
rlameirohe also doesnt use IRC...00:56
rlameirokinda weird00:57
rlameirobut, maybe he could do some stuff00:57
ScottLbut i *really* do want to see what the live CD will do in terms of performance00:58
rlameiroIf you use it from a usb flash drive, it will be faster of course00:58
ScottLif he could document his process that would be good also00:59
ScottLit looks like it might be based on KDE from the documentation on sourceforge01:07
rlameiroit is based on KDE01:07
* abogani have just found a lot of interesting video/slides at http://lac.linuxaudio.org/2010/?page=program I really suggest you to take a look! :-)07:38
rlameiroScottL: ping12:36
ScottLrlameiro, yes?12:37
rlameiroabout yesterday conersation about falktx wanting to be motu or not, i found this falktx's post at linuxmusicians.com12:37
rlameiroAt first I started packaging some basic stuff, then sent it to REVU (Ubuntu packages "reviewing" system, for non-official Ubuntu devs like me)12:37
rlameiroBut it takes a long time to get a package accepted, and we are only 3 months away (and some days) from the final release...12:37
rlameiroSo I decided to create a PPA and build the packages there.12:38
rlameiroThe PPA location is: https://launchpad.net/~falk-t-j/+archive/lucid/12:38
rlameiroScottL, it seems that at least he wanted to try that the packages become "official"12:38
ScottLstochastic got him to submit the packages but then no one (including me :( ) followed up on them in REVU12:40
ScottLfaltx has some incredible talents12:40
ScottLit would be great if we could harness them effectively12:41
rlameiroi am looking revu now12:43
persiaHe has been around before, but yeah, he needs a helping hand to get really involved.12:53
persiaHe seems good, so it's probably mostly a matter of building enough history of work on packages that he can be granted upload rights.12:53
jussiLads, does anyone want to take over management of the ML? it could do with some custom filters to stop the spam a bit better and a little love, which I just dont have time to do. I can continue to run listadmin on a regular basis, but other than that I dont really have time. 18:00
jussiScottL: stochastic astraljava ^^18:00
rexbronhey jussi18:01
jussioh hai rexbron18:01
scott-workjussi: what is typically involved in maintaining the mailing list?  I'm certainly interested18:04
jussiscott-work: basically maintaining some filters for spam, checking listadmin daily, not too much really. just needs someone to get inthere and weeed out some stuff. 18:05
scott-workjussi: if you can't get stochastic or astraljava to do it then I will18:07
jussiscott-work: it can have any amount of people, so perhaps it worth passing out the passwords to a few people.18:07
scott-workjussi: good point, then count me in :)18:07
* persia suggests it's worth passing out the passwords to only a few *select* people (although more is often better, as long as it's the right more)18:09
jussipersia: I agree, but still, more than one18:20
persiaYes :)18:25
scott-workpersia: i sent an email to cory per our discussion the other day, you were cc'd on it18:32
persiaHeh.  You've obviously come to understand how I read email :)18:32
scott-workheh, i was just typing that18:33
scott-workbut i just wanted to give you a courtesy notice about it18:33
scott-workach, work is crazy last week and this week, probably next week as well :(18:33
scott-workI just got my O'Reilly "Learning Python" 4th edition book, yay!19:57
stochasticjussi, I'm afraid I really don't know much about mailing list moderation22:07
scott-workhi stochastic !22:08
stochastichey scott-work 22:08
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates22:30
stochasticscott-work, when are we going to plan to have the next team meeting?22:34
stochastichey cory22:42
ckontrosScottL: I'ma total toolbag and forgot to reply to your imortant email last week. I'll get on it. As far as the lead goes, sure. You got my +1.22:42
ckontrosHi Eric.22:42
persiaHey ckontros!22:46
ckontrosyo yo22:46
persiaDid you get a chance to try lucid?  Any huge condemnations other than our failure to allow anyone to configure networking?22:46
ckontrosSadly, I haven't tried Lucid/Studio in months. 22:47
persiaOh my.  You must be *really* busy!22:47
ckontrospersia: More than I care to be for sure.22:48
scott-workhey, thanks ckontros, i appreciate that22:49
ckontrosscott-work: If there's anything "official" you need me to do, let me know.22:50
* persia thinks that because the channel is logged, lots of officialness already happened :)22:51
scott-workstochastic:  do you have a preference for the next meeting?  I was hoping to have it soon22:55
scott-workthanks again, cory22:55
* scott-work is going home, but will check IRC at home22:57

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