CaponeBHHey guys, how are you? Im using Ubuntu Studio 9.10, do you recomend me to change to 10.04? Any big difference?02:59
holsteinhey CaponeBH02:59
holsteinif it aint broke right ?02:59
holsteinnah, what do you do mostly?02:59
holsteinaudio? video?03:01
holsteini think its a good idea to update to an LTS version for longevity if nothing else03:01
CaponeBHI use for audio03:02
holsteinand so far, the upgrades have been reported to be working well03:02
CaponeBHsorry for taking so long to answer03:02
holsteinno worries03:02
CaponeBHnice, so i will download it03:03
holsteinyour going to do a fresh install?03:03
holsteinor you mean, start DLing packages... i see03:04
holsteinlet us know how it goes03:04
holsteinalso, if your into audio recording03:05
holsteinyou might enjoy #opensourcemusicians03:05
CaponeBHYeah, actualy ubuntu studio is the first that i use03:07
CaponeBHbut i installed it wrong03:07
holsteinhow so?03:07
CaponeBHi didnt choose to install the packages03:07
holsteinyou can add them03:07
CaponeBHso i had to choose by hand what did i want03:07
CaponeBHbut now im formating it to install it again03:08
holsteinyou can add all the packages to a normal lucid install03:08
* holstein prefers the fresh install03:08
CaponeBHcause i want to see the music programs that comes with it03:08
CaponeBHbut i installed some nice ones by hand03:08
holsteinyou can run synaptic and search ubuntustudio03:09
holsteinOR sudo apt-cache search ubuntustudio03:09
CaponeBHi wish i knew that before hehehe now is too late...but thats ok... i wnjoyed the system a lot03:09
holsteinand read about the meta-packages03:09
holsteinthe meta-packages are like collections of packages03:09
holsteinCaponeBH: now you know :)03:09
holsteini do the same thing03:10
CaponeBHow...nice... i will try to learn more about that03:10
CaponeBHeasier than choose one by one hehehe03:10
holsteinformat, and reinstall just to see about it03:10
holsteinyou can read about it here03:10
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation03:10
CaponeBHbut do u think i will have problemas with the grub???03:11
holsteinalso https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation03:11
holsteinCaponeBH: no problems03:11
holsteinjust be aware03:11
CaponeBHcause i have windows and ubuntu studio, cause i need windows to use skype since i couldnt use it on ubuntu 9.1003:11
holsteinis it one hard drive?03:11
holsteingrub2 should go and find your windows partition03:12
holsteinno problem03:12
CaponeBHyeah...but its kind of c: and d: so c: is windows and d: is ubuntu03:12
holsteincheck out03:12
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub203:12
holsteinBUT you should be find03:12
holsteinif you add the realtime kernel03:12
holsteinyou'll want to go in there and edit grub03:13
CaponeBHim worried about keep the configuration of the old ubuntu studio, but i think that will work too...hope so...03:13
holsteinCaponeBH: your trying to use your old home folder?03:13
holsteinfrom karmic?03:13
DeathMetalDeanare there any benefits of having Ubuntu Studio than just downloading the files onto Ubuntu?03:13
CaponeBHjust a moment guys... come back in some minutes...got to watch my team play... thanks for the help....03:14
CaponeBHim formating my old ubuntu studio03:14
CaponeBHand installing it again03:14
CaponeBHso this time i install it right03:14
CaponeBHand choose to install the music packages03:14
holsteinyour welcome anytime CaponeBH03:15
holsteinDeathMetalDean: i dont think so03:15
DeathMetalDeanholstein, Ok :o03:16
holsteini prefer to add the packages i want from the repo03:16
holsteinyou should get the same system in the end03:16
holsteinthere are some configurations you might need to do03:16
holsteinyou might want to read over that03:17
holsteinIF you have any issues running JACK03:17
DeathMetalDeanholstein, ok thanks :)03:18
DeathMetalDeanholstein, whenever I went to 10.04 on Ubuntu yesterday some of my programs stopped opening somehow like, tuxguitar etc, would I be better off trying Ubuntu Studio in a different partition or something?03:24
holsteinthats interesting03:25
holsteincan you list what is not working?03:25
holsteinDeathMetalDean: also03:25
holsteintry launching them in the terminal03:25
holsteinand see what the complaints are03:25
holsteinand if your not running JACK03:25
holsteintry sudo running them03:25
holsteinthat shouldnt matter03:26
holsteinwe shoule be able to trouble-shoot that03:26
DeathMetalDeanmeta@meta-laptop:~$ sudo tuxguitar03:26
DeathMetalDean[sudo] password for meta:03:26
DeathMetalDeanException in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/swt/widgets/Control03:26
DeathMetalDean        at org.herac.tuxguitar.gui.TGMain.main(Unknown Source)03:26
DeathMetalDeanCaused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Control03:26
DeathMetalDean        at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:200)03:26
DeathMetalDean        at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)03:26
DeathMetalDean        at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:188)03:26
DeathMetalDean        at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:307)03:26
DeathMetalDean        at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launcher.java:301)03:26
DeathMetalDean        at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:252)03:26
DeathMetalDean        at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(ClassLoader.java:320)03:26
DeathMetalDean        ... 1 more03:27
DeathMetalDeanthat's what came up when I try to open with the terminal03:27
holsteinyou might want to pastebin that in the future03:27
holsteinso you dont get kicked03:28
* holstein should have said03:28
holsteinDeathMetalDean: do you have java installed?03:28
DeathMetalDeansorry didn't mean to spam, I dunno if I have java, just got this new version, I probably don't have java cuz when I upgraded to 10.04 I had to reinstall flash03:29
holsteinno worries :)03:29
DeathMetalDeannope, don't have java :o03:29
holsteinthat would be my first step03:29
holsteini havent used tux guitar03:29
holsteinbut it looks like it needs java03:30
DeathMetalDeanholstein, yeah I'm pretty sure it does, I remember my brother mentioning that one time lol I had this problem quite awhile ago I think03:30
DeathMetalDeanholstein, can I install java from the terminal?03:32
holsteinyou can03:32
* holstein apt-cache search - ing a couple option03:34
holsteini havent installed it in lucid yet ;)03:35
holsteinhave you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras ?03:38
DeathMetalDeanholstein, yup I have03:42
* holstein installing tuxguitar03:44
holsteinyou should have openjdk03:45
holsteinmaybe tuxguitar dont like openjdk03:45
holsteinDeathMetalDean: hmmm, it opened for me with openjdk03:47
holsteinmabye its something else then...03:48
DeathMetalDeanholstein, I've no idea D: lol03:48
holsteini'll refer you to #opensourcemusicians while i think about it and get another beer :)03:48
DeathMetalDeanholstein, alrighty :)03:49
holsteinthe only package i added that you probably dont have is03:49
holsteinsudo get install default-jre03:49
holsteinBUT that really shouldnt matter03:49
DeathMetalDeanI'll try it anyway lol :p03:50
CaponeBHHey guys, me again, sorry... i dont know why, i asked to format the drive that it was installed ubuntu studio03:54
CaponeBHand now its not installing03:54
CaponeBHit appears a red screen03:54
CaponeBHsaying about some files that it couldnt be removed03:54
CaponeBHcan someone help me pls?03:55
holsteinyou have 2 drive?03:55
holsteinone FAT03:55
holsteinOR NTSF03:55
holsteinand the other for ubuntu?03:55
holsteini would grab a live DE03:56
CaponeBHyeah... ntfs the windows03:56
holsteinsomething with Gparted03:56
CaponeBHi think i will format it with windows cd... and than try again03:56
holsteinand really get rid of everything but the NTSF03:56
holsteinthe windows CD will make an NTSF or FAT probably03:57
holsteinnot that theres anything wrong with that03:57
holsteini would want only ONE NTSF on the disc03:57
holsteinand just have ubuntu use the rest of the space03:57
CaponeBHwell...i think is my best shot... i can format again to fat32 with the ubuntu studio cd no?03:58
holsteinCaponeBH: i also thing the graphical installed does a better job at laying those options out03:58
holsteinCaponeBH: maybe if you do advanced partitioning03:58
holsteinBUT i have no idea what that looks like in that installer03:58
holsteinive never used it03:59
CaponeBHi think the problem is the grub03:59
CaponeBHi cant even turn on windows anymore03:59
CaponeBHi reseted my computer03:59
CaponeBHand its showing a screen with gru rescue>03:59
holsteinyou can run fixmbr03:59
holsteinn windows03:59
holsteinfrom the widows rescue console03:59
holsteinand get the MBR for windows back04:00
holsteinif you want to get windows booting04:00
holsteini would just zero everything but the windows partition04:00
holsteinand let ubuntu deal with it04:00
CaponeBHi think i will just reinstall everything...04:02
CaponeBHthink is the only way04:02
holsteinthat'll do04:02
holsteinyou can use a 3rd party boot loader too04:02
CaponeBHi knew that the grub would have some problem...it always have...at least with me...04:02
holsteinthats the only one ive ever used04:03
holsteinyou can have it boot partitions without installing it too04:03
holsteinor it use to04:03
holsteingreat rescue featuer04:03
StevenGJI haven't had the time to do as much research as I'd like on Ardour and JAMin and such, but I'm looking at using this laptop computer as a portable mastering machine for songs I produce in a studio I work at, and I'm trying to compare JAMin/Ardour mastering vs. using Windows Vista w/ Ableton Suite 804:24
CaponeBHwindows cant format the partition...because its fat32 and it doesnt recognize it anymore04:25
StevenGJIf I were to do this I'd install Ubuntu Studio as the only OS on the machine04:25
CaponeBHi dont know why...but with time...seems that installations are getting worse instead of better...04:25
CaponeBHi need windows man...04:25
CaponeBHunfortunelly linux doesnt support me in some stuffs...04:26
StevenGJsorry if I interrupted anything04:26
StevenGJ Just trying to get pointed in the right direction of seeing the mastering capabilities of jamin vs ableton04:26
CaponeBHnah, thats ok... we are all here to help each other ...thats fine :)04:26
StevenGJlol good deal04:26
StevenGJnot looking to get spoon fed, per se, but I need to figure out what software I'm going to be using in two weeks04:27
StevenGJI've been mastering tracks in Ableton with no problem but I don't want to be selling clients short04:27
StevenGJI've heard Pro Tools allows you to do things to the audio spectrum you can't do in ableton, but I'm not about to go buy more equipment just to use Pro Tools04:27
StevenGJSo I look into the open source community I love so much but currently don't have a *nix machine to test the software on04:28
StevenGJand I'll be here all night trying to research this in the best way possible04:33
holsteinStevenGJ: #opensourcemusicians04:56
holsteinthe opinions will be biased :)04:56
StevenGJlol I'll ask there as well04:56
StevenGJjokes on me04:56
StevenGJsoon as Dumb and Dumber is over lol04:57
holsteinCaponeBH: did you get sorted?05:02
* holstein had a call05:02
holsteinmy folks trying to install a printer in windows 705:02
holsteini used crossloop to get over to the box05:03
holsteinthats the most time ive spent in front of windows 705:03
holsteinStevenGJ: i really like using JamIN05:04
holsteini havent seen ableton in a while05:04
holsteinBUT jamin has multiband compressors05:05
StevenGJas does ableton05:05
holsteini just run everything OUT to it05:05
holsteinfrom JACK05:05
StevenGJI use multiband to remove everything below 30-35 hz or so and level out the audio05:05
StevenGJdoes JAMin allow editing the left/right channels of the audio itself?05:06
holsteini want to say no05:06
holsteinBUT you could have 2 instances05:06
holsteinand route them accordingly in JACK05:06
holsteini havnet tried though05:06
holsteinit might be in there05:06
StevenGJbecause that could help with stereo enhancement and there's limited ways to do that in ableton05:07
holsteinthe way routing works in JACK, you can do whatever you want05:07
holsteinthe possibilities are daunting really05:08
holsteini remember i was using cubase and XP05:08
holsteinand i got my rig working in linux05:08
holsteinand i literally just stared at the screen for a couple months ;)05:08
StevenGJnever was a big fan of cubase, then again I've always used ableton I barely dabbled in it05:08
holsteinso many options05:08
StevenGJI definitely need to try running a virtual machine of ubuntu studio, would that have the same audio capabilities for testing?05:09
holsteinStevenGJ: cubase just came with the presonux firepod05:09
holsteinits OK05:09
StevenGJyeah it came with the firestudio projects I'm using too hehe05:09
StevenGJI run a few of those to the main computer on firewire05:09
holsteinStevenGJ: if you have a lot of ram05:09
holsteinif the host box05:09
holsteini dont see why not05:10
holstein2 GB05:10
StevenGJwell if I run into glitches I'll know what th eproblem is at least05:10
holsteinthat would do it well05:10
StevenGJ4GB DDR2 on this laptop05:10
holsteini think you can test reasonably with that05:10
StevenGJI don't ever connect the actual recording equipment to this anyways I just use a M-Audio FastTrack Pro and connect it to the monitors whenever I need big playback05:11
holsteinso you'll have USB in Vbox05:12
CaponeBHGood night guys...see you soon...problem resolved with a hard solution...formated windows first...and now installing the ubuntu studio with all the packages...05:45
CaponeBHhowever, thanks for the help05:45
holsteinlater CaponeBH :)05:47
exy666sorry if this is off-topic but maybe someone here would know: is it possible for audacity to record audio from other apps with vanilla 9.10 (no studio), or would I need to configure something like JACK?07:06
StevenGJas far as I know JACK's the only thing in linux that'll port audio from one application to another, but don't quote me on that07:11
StevenGJI know audacity in windows won't unless you setup hardware inputs to be program output07:12
exy666thanks.  checking audacity forums where they make it sound easy by referencing UI i don't find.  appreciate the response.07:14
exy666presently have a half-configured JACK, no audio, and deciding whether to figure that out or roll it back.07:15
MononaI'm having trouble getting input on an M-Audio Fast Track Pro.  The input doesn't seem to be on in the device.  There's no readable system output on JACK either.  I'm on Hardy 8.04.  How can I get a mic in?08:31
kilonuxhello, just installed US 10.4.  Need help09:53
kilonuxanyone there?09:53
astraljavakilonux: Usually better to type your problem instead, if someone's around and willing to respond, they will.09:55
kilonuxEthernet was plugged during install, but the dhcp conf. failed. I continued the install and it seemed to me like it downloaded a loy during install.  Now there is no internet connection possible on this fresh install. neither eth or wifi, no icon up right. this worked fine on this notebook using Ubuntu (from Gutsy to Jaunty)10:03
kilonuxdownloaded A LOT10:04
astraljavakilonux: Why do you think it downloaded stuff? I really have doubts it could have, when networking setup fails.10:05
astraljavakilonux: Well anyway, can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file, please?10:05
astraljavakilonux: Be sure to cover for possible wireless passwords, if any.10:06
kilonuxastraljava: I will transfer this file using my usb flash,  will take some minutes, thanks10:08
kilonuxastraljava:  no need to to use the usb flash: there are only : auto lo   and iface lo inet loopback10:11
kilonuxlspci  is ok :  : intel 3945 abg10:12
astraljavaWait, does US 10.04 use NetworkManager? Or is it still gnome-network-admin?10:13
* astraljava doesn't have it installed10:13
kilonuxhow then connect and get something installed?10:14
astraljavakilonux: Add a line "iface eth0 inet dhcp" to that file, and do `sudo ifup eth0`, see if the connection is brought up. If not, post errors.10:18
kilonuxok , I will have to disconnect this machine, then10:19
kilonux(if I don't find my other cable.......)10:20
kilonuxastraljava:  found the other cable . US 10.4 is now connected on the cable  and outlet that  verified working .10:29
kilonuxifup  gives : No DHCPOFFERS received10:30
kilonuxNo working leases in pers. database - sleeping10:31
astraljavaHmm... tricky. Lemme browse the net for possible answers.10:36
kilonuxi'm browsing as well, but I'm not very lucky10:37
astraljavaJust to make sure, do `ps -ef | grep Network` and report back whether NetworkManager is running or not.10:46
kilonuxastraljava:  answer is :user  1701 1444 0 11:49 pts/0 00:00:00 grep color auto Network10:51
astraljavakilonux: No NetworkManager, then. That's good. Open up gnome-network-manager.10:52
kilonuxastraljava: gnome-network-manager :command not found,10:54
astraljavakilonux: Might be gnome-network-admin, sorry.10:55
kilonuxstill not found10:55
kilonuxdpkg  says  gnome-network-admin is there10:57
astraljavadpkg -L gnome-network-admin, does it show something under /usr/bin11:10
kilonuxdpkg-L says usr/bin  and /usr/bin/network-admin11:15
astraljavaAhh... so there's no gnome- prefix. :) Well, open that up and see what you can do with it for eth0 config. I've never used it, but I believe it's pretty intuitive.11:18
astraljavaOne thing that came to mind, do `sudo lshw -c Network`, and check with `lsmod` that the driver mentioned in the first command is loaded.11:24
kilonuxastraljava:  this is  menu- system -admin-network and it is not very exiting11:24
kilonuxok I' try that11:24
astraljavakilonux: Yeah it's possible you can't do anything more with it than what we already configured into /etc/network/interfaces.11:25
kilonuxastraljava:  I don't find any mention of driver in lshw, my wlan0 (disabled) and eth0 are there;       And in lsmod the iwl3945 shows up 4 times. I don't recognise eth0 driver11:39
astraljavakilonux: It should be mentioned there in the "configuration:" line, "driver=" or something. You want to look it up in the "description: Ethernet interface" section.11:41
kilonuxastraljava:  sorry t'was kind of hidden ...11:42
astraljavakilonux: No prob. :)11:42
astraljavaIs it loaded, ie. can you find it with `lsmod`?11:43
kilonux used for mii11:43
kilonuxand  strangely r8169 is also listed under the Module column11:45
astraljavaThat's where it should be, if it's loaded.11:45
astraljavaDamn, no luck there, then.11:46
kilonuxquite funny11:46
kilonuxMaybe better that I install the plain ubuntu and then add apps I need11:47
astraljavaWell, you can try getting support also from other channels, and mailing lists first.11:48
astraljava...or the forums.11:49
kilonuxyes i havent abandonned yet11:50
astraljavaSome people report problems with acpi, with cards using that same module. Maybe you could try to boot up with acpi=off kernel parameter?11:54
kilonuxwould you be able to make a short description of my problem?11:54
astraljavaYou could try this too: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/286489/comments/1311:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286489 in linux "Intrepid Ibex 2.6.27-7: r8169 driver does not work with Realtek RTL8111B gigabit ethernet chip in Ubuntu 8.10 BETA" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:55
kilonuxI never had probs using plain ubuntus - never tried lucid though11:55
kilonuxSure I'll have a look,11:56
astraljavaHmm... well then I don't know what could be the reason, don't know the differences in the networking department when comparing US to Ubuntu vanilla.11:57
astraljavaOkay, I need to go for a bit. I'll be back later, hope you find the solution somewhere, if not, I can try to help when I return again. :)11:58
Blank__i know there's something weird with US and dns lookups compared to vanilla Ubuntu12:05
kilonuxBlank__: but u don't know what, is it so?12:06
Blank__it seems to take too long to query the primary dns server12:06
Blank__which in my case is automatically assigned from my belkin router as itself, when it has no dns server capabilities12:07
kilonuxi know very little 'bout all that12:10
Blank__i've managed to more or less solve the issue by running a dns cacher on my server, and directing lookups there12:11
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