markolyaI have ubuntu 10.04 on a server and experience pretty strange upstart behaviour20:39
markolyaI have my own service config and it seems that whenever I do stop/start command just hangs until ctrl-c20:40
markolyaeven if I copy/paste known-to-work config there, like cron20:41
markolyamoreover, if I save this service under different name it seems to work20:41
markolyaI wasn't able to find any references to such issue20:43
markolyadeleting service file doesn't help20:45
sadmacmarkolya: man 5 init, look at the expect stanza20:57
markolyathanks for the answer20:58
markolyaI actually did look at it20:58
sadmacmarkolya: actually, that's not entirely consistent with the renaming thing..20:58
sadmacmarkolya: hmm20:58
sadmacmarkolya: what name?20:58
markolya"kittens", if this matters20:58
sadmacbut it works with other names?20:59
markolyabasically I take contents of cron.conf, write it to kittens.conf and start kittens hangs20:59
markolyaif I write it to kittens1.conf it doesn't hang20:59
markolyaI mean start kittens1 doesn't hang21:00
sadmacthat's strange21:00
sadmacin fact I have no explanation21:00
markolyait actually wasn't like this when I started yesterday21:00
markolyaI think some of my changes to conf file brought it to such state...21:00
sadmacmarkolya: have you tried rebooting? maybe upstart is retaining some sort of state around the name "kittens"21:00
markolyaI do not really want to reboot this machine21:01
markolyait looks like that it is retaining some sort of state21:02
sadmacnot a lot of ways to clear that unfortunately21:03
markolyaI was just thing that while I have this state I can provide some information to original author since it looks like a bug21:03
sadmacits semi-well-known. The exact cause isn't certain but the preferred fix is a redesign of that portion of the code, so I don't think we need it much narrower21:03
markolyahmm... ok... is there any bug on launchpad for this so I could see changes on it and try fixes when they are released?21:04
sadmacnot sure.21:05
markolyasorry, I'm new here... are you Scott James Remnant?21:07
sadmacmarkolya: no. Keybuk is. He's not on now21:07
markolyaoh, thanks21:08
markolyaI'll probably continue using rc.d for now, thanks for your help!21:11

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