Aquina...install "htop" and choose order by PID then use F5 to see tree mode.00:00
mnemocsearching for what in particular?00:00
mnemoc(I see the process trees)00:01
mnemocwhat do you mean by "dependancies"? .... a parent of a bunch of processes?00:02
Aquinawhat does your application (where you have to save something) depend on?00:03
Aquinawhat does your application (where you have to save something) depend on?00:03
mnemocit's hanging directly from pid 100:04
AquinaSo in theroy you can crsh gdm and reinit it afterwards. Honestly I've never done that, but...00:05
Aquina...it's automatically done on runlevel changes. .-)00:05
mnemocbut if the X restarts all the processes on that DISPLAY will suicide... or not?00:06
AquinaBest bet (you *may* loose your work though): CTRL+ALT+1 (tty1), then enter sudo init 1, let it do...00:06
mnemoci'm chatting with you from tty1 :)00:06
Aquina...and then a prompt asks you what to do choose exit there or return or goto runlevel 200:06
Aquinathen you will be brought back to runlevel 2 and you can relogin a newly created gdm session on tty7 :-)00:07
AquinaThat's the theory at least.00:07
AquinaOh btw. the kill of gdm may take half a minute.00:07
AquinaWell... as I said you may loose data.00:08
AquinaIs it an OpenOffice document or your opened IDE?00:08
bardothanks to all help, the solution for the 855 intel driver in my laptop was in the boot menu option "i915.modeset=1".00:09
AquinaMaybe there is an autosave and recovery on crash. That's at least the default for OpenOffice.org. In *that* case you can safely risk a kill.00:10
mnemocgimp, gvim and terminator (tiled terminal) with several sshs00:10
Aquinasshs have no save the history is in the .basg_history files on the end.00:10
AquinaI will check GIMP save feature in case you tell me the version.00:10
mnemocthe one that comes in 10.0400:11
mnemoci suppose it does00:11
mnemocso runlevel 2 here is equivalent to the "classic" runlevel 5?00:11
AquinaWell.. 3 is classic, huh?00:12
mnemoc3 is classic without X00:12
Aquina4 and 5 for other stuff. I think in Fedora it's 3.00:12
AquinaAh I think you're right.00:12
Aquinaah i cant fnd a hint on GIMP I'll try myself00:13
mnemocso, if it don't return soon... it didn't work, and i sent the world to hell, and went to sleep :)00:14
arthurjohnsonIs there still a runlevel with upstart?00:14
Aquinahm no recovyry after..00:15
Aquina... kill (-4) ion GIMP for Xubuntu 8.04 LTS00:15
AquinaI think runlevels always exist.00:15
AquinaI will check.00:16
Aquinayes, upstart just replaces the bsd-style init.00:17
mnemocAquina: `init 1` "worked".... killed everthing and made my ttys ask me for auth again. init 2 doesn't start X, so I rebooted00:20
mnemocweird bug... sad i couldn't collect the data00:21
mnemoci'll go to sleep and try to recover some of the work00:21
mnemocAquina: thanks a lot for your effort, and time00:22
mnemocgood night :)00:23
Aquinainit2 started X on 8.04 LTS and gdm too. :-(00:28
Aquinanite, mnemoc00:28
* genii sips his coffee01:10
* arthurjohnson sips his Dew Voltage01:22
Darkthinkerhave a question about non free driver and install of them,,  kinda knowelge about about freebsd and some linux but not xubuntu03:24
intokanybody good with intel socket 478 IGP graphics? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9227361#post922736104:49
opm595hi all, could some tell me what the cmd is for Termainal. For the life of me I can't remember, just done a fresh install and want to add a shortcut. It's terminal-xfce4 or something  . .08:09
opm595Terminal in meant to say - I'll learn to spell one day :)08:10
moetunesisn't it   xfce4-terminal   ?08:10
opm595Spot on. Thanks heaps moetunes08:17
moetuneshappy to help opm595 :]08:18
opm595Have fun, back later, dinner time here :) Seeya's!08:33
handjobHi all. Yesterday i wasted so much time tring to set command line resolution in grub2/legancy. I've heard at grub's irc that respecting "vga=" parameters is broken  by default in 10.04. Is that true? If Yes, how can I fix this?08:35
moetuneshandjob: I heard that too - haven't heard of a fix tho08:38
moetunesprob have to wait for a grub update08:38
handjobGrub is ok, kernel isn't - that's what I have heard.08:39
moetuneskernel is it - shouldn't be too long for a fix then08:40
handjobHow so. I am bit dissapointed - the update was more of an anal rape then new quality.08:49
moetunesit's a lts - a long view is taken afaik - it will be at its' best in a month or two08:52
moetuneshandjob: if you think you can do better for no charge...08:53
arossouwanyone know what the cause could be for desktop panel and icons dissapearing when loggin in (Xubuntu 9.10)08:53
arossouwseen that on several pc's now08:53
handjobGod damn i am switching back to debian ^^. Sorry but no idea.08:56
moetunesall you'll get with debian is old software08:56
moetunesarossouw: using compiz?08:58
handjobdebian unstable = ubuntu?08:59
moetunesnot quite handjob08:59
handjobElaborate please.09:00
arossouwmoetunes: not sure, how do you verify that, its a standard xubuntu 9.10 installation09:00
arossouwmoetunes: if i move the home directory to another name and recreate it, it logs in09:00
moetunesarossouw: not enabled desktop effects or anything?09:00
arossouwmoetunes: no, just standard installation09:01
moetunesarossouw: what dir?09:01
arossouwmoetunes: i move /home/user to /home/user old, then mkdir /home/user , chown user:user /home/user, then everything is perfect09:01
moetunesarossouw: but is not right at next boot?09:02
arossouwmoetunes: if i did that , it works perfectly even after reboot09:02
moetunesarossouw: something wrong in .config then would be my guess - try renameing just that folder and do a logout/login09:03
arossouwi'll try that on the next computer i see ,that has the same problem09:04
moetuneshandjob: ubuntu works with upstream developers - debian takes progs as they come afaik09:04
handjobOh. Thank You for information.09:05
moetunesseems a bit short sited to give up 'cause of one short term inconveience handjob  - but it is your choice09:07
handjobYes, in fact i was joking - I just switchd back from debian to ubuntu for more pain. By the way there was more of short term inconveience after the update, but I don't want it to sound like whining.09:09
handjobmoetunes, Does using Uvesafb or kms will affect my X session?09:10
handjobI am afraid it will.09:11
moetuneshandjob: afaik those have the same issue as vga= ...09:11
moetunesjust from what I noticed in passing09:11
handjob...damn. Thx. Any idea how to change command line resolution? My screen is too big for work outside X with the "default" ressolution.09:13
moetuneson a tty?09:13
handjobElaborate please, I am not following.09:14
moetuneswell I don't know - you use ctrl+alt+f2 e.g. to get to a tty09:14
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.09:14
moetunesthere you go - last point09:15
handjobI am afraid I have tried that already.09:16
handjobBut thank You anyway.09:16
moetunesas you said it is a kernel issue09:17
handjobI would like to try with uvesafb, however, it is pointless if it will affect also the X session and it will?09:20
psycho_oreoswhy uvesafb?09:21
handjobDoes 9.10 have the same issue or is it only the latest kernel?09:22
psycho_oreosdefine latest09:22
handjobpsycho_oreos, somebody sugested it to me and I am running out of alternative sollutions.09:22
handjobpsycho_oreos, Good question. What kernel is shipped 9.10?09:23
psycho_oreoshandjob, what are you trying to achieve apart from the fact that you want to use uvesafb as per someone's solution?09:23
psycho_oreoshandjob, afaik its 2.6.32 which is not the latest (let alone latest-stable) from kernel.org09:24
handjobpsycho_oreos, change of resolution outside (only outside) x enviroment.09:24
psycho_oreoshandjob, and you require uvesafb? why not just set vesafb? i.e. vga=xxx09:25
handjobpsycho_oreos, Afaik it won't affect the new kernel.09:25
psycho_oreoshandjob, and which one is that? newest stable? or newest straight from git?09:26
handjobWait, let me mount to check.09:27
handjobWon't accept any vga= prarameters form grub2/legancy.09:28
handjobI am wandering what is the latest version that did?09:29
psycho_oreoslegacy should accept vga=, I've tried it and it works09:29
psycho_oreosand that version sounds like its coming out from lucid no? if so, it sounds like you are on an older/earlier version of the distro09:30
handjobWell I have tried it also and it didn't maybe it's my error.09:30
psycho_oreostry vga=ask and hit space when prompted, failing that would possibly mean its not set in the kernel config. I know that jaunty allows it but jaunty has ancient kernel fyi09:31
handjobNow I am running on karmic upgraded to lucid, however, on this box i do not require usefull command line resolution.09:31
handjob"vga=ask" should i put it in menu.lst?09:32
psycho_oreosI gotta admit upgrading is never clean, expect some broken bits09:32
psycho_oreosyes if you want to give it a try09:32
handjobI will, but before would You be so kind to take a look at my menu.lst. Maybe the error is on my side.09:33
psycho_oreospastebin it09:33
psycho_oreoswell I don't see vga=ask line I do see vga=0x30109:34
handjobYes I have not yet tried Your suggestion, I was asking since I thought i could make an error passing the wanter ressolution.09:35
handjobBut if everything is fine i will check the ask option.09:36
psycho_oreosreplace 0x301 for ask, simple09:36
handjobpsycho_oreos, I am back. The ask option somewhat works - is asks, but whatever the answer is it always boots in the same ressolution.09:52
psycho_oreoshandjob, hmm not sure, *ubuntu sometimes has this thing interfering with resolution, not quite sure what it is but I initially suspected its something to do with initrd but now it could be something to do with resuming (from hibernation?)09:55
handjobpsycho_oreos, No hibarnation. This is dmesg http://pastebin.com/4m4rEKdE . I don't think that it's only my problem. There are some similar cases on the net that i have read of.09:57
psycho_oreoshandjob, dmesg output isn't useful in such cases like these. I have had similar problems before in the past but have never bothered to fix it properly myself.09:58
handjobLazy boy.09:59
psycho_oreos*ubuntu goes into a pre-boot environment where the kernel is actually using that vga= parameter then resumes boot with another kernel or something like that whereby it does not carry on user's set commands10:00
psycho_oreosyou are :p using *ubuntu10:00
psycho_oreosand like I said before, upgrades are never clean, expect broken bits10:00
handjobYes I am and I thought there is some strang in-between boot state.10:01
handjobThx for everything psycho_oreos .10:01
handjobNow I am going to brag about this on some kernel irc.10:01
psycho_oreoshandjob, p.s. on my clean install of xubuntu jaunty, I don't have such issues :p10:02
psycho_oreosmaybe you should probably try clean installs10:02
handjobHi again. If i chroot into another os previously --bind(ding) devs/proc/sys can I install software as I would being loged in the "normal" way?10:47
handjobOther OS is also *buntu.10:48
lansengreetings, does the new partition alignment in Lucid Lynx have an impact on dual boot setups with other Linux distros?13:13
bazhangnot afaik13:14
lanseneven when distros share a common /home partition?13:14
bazhangwhich two distros13:15
lansenoy... several different ones, Arch Linux on a laptop with shared /home partition, SliTaz on a desktop13:16
lansenLucid will tkae care of GURB in both cases13:17
lansenGRUB* >.<13:17
bazhangyou mean grub2?13:17
lansendoing a clean install of the root partition in both cases13:17
bazhangread the grub2 wiki?13:18
lansenerm... not really sure what that has to do with partition alignment...13:19
lansenhmmm maybe a better question would be: does the new partition alignment in Lucid require a repartitioning of the harddrive?13:20
lansennvm I guess I'll play it safe and pass the partman boot parameter13:28
bazhangJobob, stop that13:57
dreamerqualcuno parla italiano ?14:46
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:46
dreamerok, thankyou14:47
PrebenRHi I found a security issue with xubuntu 10.0415:28
PrebenRproblem is to find which package to report it against.15:29
PrebenRI had changed the fs of one of my partitions and I forgot to update fstab.15:29
PrebenRso when rebooting I was asked to skip mounting or do manual repair15:30
PrebenRwhen I chose the latter I got root shell without being asked for a passowrd15:30
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: That may be intentional.15:31
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: Considering there is no root password15:31
mr_pouitand anyway, someone with physical access to the computer can do anything15:31
PrebenRdepends on how you have setup bios and the computer15:31
PrebenRand what level of encryption you have taken15:31
arthurjohnsonmr_pouit: Indeed.  Password protecting the console doesn't protect against usb keys with rescue systems, boot keys, etc.  In fact, you can change grub to read init=/bin/bash and bypass any password controls15:32
arthurjohnsonThe latter is how I break onto customer systems if I have to do forensics.15:33
PrebenRIf I in the bios set a passowrd and also set it to boot from HDD first15:33
PrebenRthen why on earth should the computer boot the usb?15:33
Sysidisconnect HDD15:33
Sysior/and take it with you15:33
arthurjohnsonSysi: Exactly.  Put the hard drive in another machine, mount it in a usb enclosure, etc.15:34
PrebenRyes, of course if you steal the HDD and put it in another computer15:34
mr_pouit(that's not xubuntu-specific, it's the same in ubuntu. If you want you can try to file a bug against the 'friendly-recovery' package PrebenR)15:34
PrebenRbut that is kind of extreme15:34
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: Most servers are locked up in fort knox style data centers anyway.15:34
PrebenRmy point is simply that it has been custom in most distros to ask the root password for accessing15:35
PrebenRthe system when a failure occurs15:35
arthurjohnsonIn fact, to get to one of my dedicated servers you have to get past the keyscan outer doors, then keyscan the mantrap outside the data room, then biometrics to get all the way through the mantrap, then a physical key, then you have to know the kvm password.15:35
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: Its distro specific.  Fedora and Centos are the same way.15:35
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: You only need to boot to init 1 to get root access without a password15:36
PrebenRwhy do you need to do that if you open up backdoors for accesing the computer some 1000 km away?15:36
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: My recommendation is the same as mr_pouit, file a bug report against friendly-recovery15:36
PrebenRthanks I will15:37
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: We don't have any control over that.15:37
PrebenRit is then not possible to encrypt / in ubuntu?15:37
PrebenRas root doesn't have a password15:37
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: In fact, if you want to harden your server its not that hard, refer to the bastille project.15:37
PrebenRI just don't want ubuntu to end up as a crappy apple copy with no mind on security15:41
arthurjohnsonDangit.  I forgot how to expand package details with ubotto15:41
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: Anywho, see the package "bastille" that will allow you to harden your server, including setting passwords on the recovery console.15:41
bazhang!find bastille15:42
ubottuFound: bastille15:42
PrebenRthanks I will (after changing my daughters diaper ;-)  )15:42
bazhang!info bastille15:42
ubottubastille (source: bastille): Security hardening tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.0.9-12.1 (lucid), package size 452 kB, installed size 1960 kB15:42
arthurjohnsonThanks bazhang15:42
arthurjohnsonThats what I've always used to harden my servers that need extra security.15:43
PrebenRanother point, why on earth is there no xsession.desktop for gdm in xubuntu but there is a xterm f.ex?15:53
PrebenRand why does the spash on my 1440x900 look like a C64 from the 80's? and not small and nice as one other resolutions?15:54
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: This is a support channel, your comments and complaints should be directed to #xubuntu-offtopic15:55
Sysiwhat graphics card / driver?15:55
Sysimu splash got bad after installing restricted driver15:55
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: I believe the problem with splash is a known bug, I think they are working on it15:55
PrebenRso if something is missing it is off topic15:55
Sysiif something isn't asking for help it's offtopic15:56
PrebenRSysi, ati HD487015:56
PrebenRwell I asked for help yesterday15:57
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: I was referring to your complaint about the xsession.desktop file being missing.15:57
PrebenRbut nobody answered15:57
arthurjohnsonPrebenR: Not the video resolution issue15:57
PrebenRso in the end afer 2 hours I managed to find the solution myself15:57
PrebenRso much for support15:57
arthurjohnsonI have to fix my own problems all the time ;)15:57
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.15:58
PrebenRubottu, I find that arch linux wiki has more answers than ubuntu itself. actually ;)15:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:58
bazhangits a bot PrebenR15:59
Sysiand enough clever to say that :D15:59
PrebenRsorry, didn't recognise  it from the name15:59
bazhangno problem15:59
Sysiyou don't have to use ubuntu if you don't like it16:00
Sysiif you want unstable rolling release, go ahead16:00
* arthurjohnson hugs Xubuntu16:00
arthurjohnsonAll this bashing, I thought it could use a little love16:01
Sysimah buntu ♥16:01
* arthurjohnson group hugs all the *buntus!16:01
arthurjohnsonYes, even Kubuntu ;)16:01
PrebenRash friendly.recovery works like it does, why do one consider that a program with a security bug giving root acces is a bug and not a feature16:01
PrebenRdon't get me wrong, I love(x) ubuntu16:02
arthurjohnsonCan we move the discussion of friendly.recovery and the xsession.desktop to the offtopic channel?16:02
bazhanglets keep support here please PrebenR16:03
arthurjohnsonThis channel should be reserved for support.16:03
bazhangall other chat in the -offtopic channel please16:03
PrebenRI just don't want it ending up like something that only thinks about newbie-friendliness and not security16:03
korahi, im running 10.04 now; has anybody else tried to use xfce-globalmenu from the gnome globalmenu team? it says that i have to manualle activate the globalmenu setting for gtk by posting this "export GTK_MODULES=globalmenu-gnome" in my xinitrc. i also tried this line in my .profile but the normal gtk menus dont disappear. any ideas?16:07
junctionsHello there16:45
arthurjohnsonGreetings junctions16:45
junctionsI'm new to the IRC support deal, but thought I'd give it a try, so excuse me if I don't work the nettiquete correctly16:46
SysiMyrtti is gone :/16:46
junctionsbasically I wanted to know if anyone can help me with an AspireOne 751h and it's graphics configuration, as I just upgraded to Lucid Lynx disregarding the fact that no fix for the graphics bug is found on it's help.ubuntu.com page16:47
junctionsmaybe you guys can point me to how I would go about addressing this issue here (or if you think another way is better such as the ubuntuforums.org)16:48
neiliob1973needing help with bad display in Firefox after upgrade17:44
Type00the logo on bootup is all messed up can i change that?18:09
charlie-tcaIt is a direct cause of kms, There is no way to fix it right now18:09
Type00charlie-tca, kms?18:10
Type00can i remove the boot logo then or change it to one that will display properly if its a problem?18:14
Type00charlie-tca,  you know how?18:15
charlie-tcasure. create the logo you want, then replace /lib/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-logo/xubuntu-logo.png with it, keeping the name the same18:17
charlie-tcaHowever, very few images/text will look right18:17
Type00charlie-tca, so what kinda image format would work on it?18:20
charlie-tca16-color or less18:20
Type00charlie-tca, thanks for your help:)18:20
charlie-tcaYou are welcome18:20
=== _pg__ is now known as _pg_
Type00how can i change the permissions of a file?18:31
Type00whats the name of the desktop effects app for xubuntu?18:34
Sysixfwm4, the window manager :)18:34
Sysisettings → window manager tweaks18:34
Sysior install compiz and try to set that up18:34
Type00Sysi, settings?18:36
Sysiin menu18:36
Type00i dont see that do i need to install it18:37
Type00manager tweaks?18:37
Type00or xfw18:37
Sysiyou shouldn't need18:37
Sysiif you have xubuntu18:38
Sysi"window manager tweaks"18:38
Type00hmmm i wonder if its because i have built in video?18:42
Type00i have installed compiz but its not in my menus :/18:49
Type00how do i enable compix in xubuntu?18:54
digitalstimulusdoes anyone know of a way to trim down Xubuntu for very old hardware?19:00
Sysiinstall and use lubuntu-desktop19:01
digitalstimuluswithout having to build from the ground up and select everything manually19:01
Sysiif we talk like 128mb ram19:01
digitalstimulus90 MB19:01
Sysiinstall lubuntu, it could run ok19:01
digitalstimulusis it selectable through apt?19:02
digitalstimulusI've never heard of or seen lubuntu19:02
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu19:03
digitalstimulusthanks :)19:05
Type00so is that desktop environment ffaster that xfce and more light weight?19:06
Sysiof course then missing some features19:06
Type00what is the lightest weight widow manager?19:07
Sysiratpoison propably19:07
Sysibut it's even beyond rough19:07
digitalstimulusi'm trying to refurbish a 350 Mhz, 90 MB RAM, 6 GB HDD system...Xubuntu was a bit too much of a hog.  The goal is to give away the computer to someone who may have no knowledge of how to use a computer at all19:07
Sysilxde uses openbox19:07
digitalstimulusgoing to try lubuntu, hopefully I can get those non PnP ISA cards working in lubuntu19:08
Type00sysi how do enable compiz in xubuntu?19:08
Sysialt+f2 "compiz"19:08
arthurjohnsondigitalstimulus: You could try some of my Lean Ubutnu methods:  http://leanubuntu.blogspot.com/19:09
arthurjohnsonThe "Lean Xubuntu" install I'm on only uses 60 megs once booted up.  You would have to use a light window manager thou.19:09
arthurjohnsonThats about what Lubuntu uses, FYI19:09
digitalstimulushopefully lubuntu isn't "too light", I am not going to be around to help whoever gets this computer19:10
arthurjohnsondigitalstimulus: With so little RAM you may want to consider not using a desktop env all together.  WindowMaker can be setup to be pretty user friendly.19:10
digitalstimulusI've not dealt with such old hardware in years19:10
arthurjohnsonLXDE is a fine environment, but it doesn't have nearly as many features as Xfce.  That was my only complaint.19:11
digitalstimulusright now xubuntu is loaded on it and it takes about 5 mins to boot up19:11
Sysithat old machine is hardly usable for browsing internet19:11
arthurjohnsonPlus the file manager doesn't have a volume manager, that is removable devices don't show up on the desktop.19:11
digitalstimuluslots of swapping, I have a few more older systems, so i'm trying to find something I can 'install and go' for each one.19:12
arthurjohnsonSysi: I agree.  None of the major browsers will run very well at all.19:12
digitalstimuluswithout having to spend lots of time confiruging19:12
digitalstimulusit actually runs firefox decent, after the swap fest, it's ok19:12
digitalstimulusobviously stuff like flash and video would choke19:13
arthurjohnsonYou might want to try Chromium, the build in Lucid is actually really good.19:13
digitalstimulusbut the internet was around in 1998 :)19:13
Sysiarthurjohnson: i did that minimal with just: xorg, gdm, xfce4, xfce4-goodies, midori (browser)19:13
arthurjohnsonAnd it uses a third of the RAM of Firefox19:13
arthurjohnsonSysi: How did that work out for you?19:13
Sysibut adblock19:13
Sysiarthurjohnson: well19:13
arthurjohnsonSysi: makes a pretty lean mean machine doesn't it!19:14
digitalstimulusI'll go with slow and more newbie friendly over fast and "more confusing", this computer may end up going to someone who has never used a computer before19:14
Sysifunnily it has even different wallpapers than xubuntu19:14
arthurjohnsonI like the Xfce Smoke wallpaper, that one is pretty sweet.19:14
charlie-tcadigitalstimulus: you are building a system for someone that has never touched a computer, you really should increase the ram to 256MB at least, so they don't get the idea computers are not useful19:15
Sysio hai charlie :)19:15
digitalstimulusI would if it didn't use pre-SDRAM modules19:15
digitalstimulusI think they're EDO19:15
charlie-tcaHello, Sysi19:15
arthurjohnsonSysi: Check out the later article on leanubuntu, you can install the Xubuntu graphics and it doesn't take up any more RAM19:15
arthurjohnsonSysi: Its the Lean Xubuntu article19:15
Type005how much you gonna sell that for?19:16
Sysiarthurjohnson: i don't like gnome19:16
arthurjohnsoncharlie-tca: I'll second that.  It would run Xubuntu 10.04 pretty well, the memory footprint is lower than 9.04, the last time I checked Xubuntu's memory foot print.19:16
Sysii have enough ram for any DE in all my machines19:16
arthurjohnsonSysi: I don't care for Gnome either.  Not enough config options for me, and I don't want to run Compiz.19:17
arthurjohnsonSysi: or can't on some of my machines19:17
Sysii tried compiz on xfce because of window switches, didn't like it19:18
Sysikde is pretty good after much setting up19:18
Type00kde heavier than xfce?19:18
arthurjohnsonType00: Depends19:19
digitalstimulusthis poor computer's video can't do over 640x48019:19
arthurjohnsonType00: If you run all KDE applications, its around the same footprint of Xfce running similar apps19:19
arthurjohnsondigitalstimulus: Boat anchor19:19
digitalstimulusarthurjohnson, nah19:19
arthurjohnsonI wouldn't run a modern wm/de on anything less than 800x600, and thats pushing it19:20
digitalstimulusIf I put 1000 of them in a cluster of sorts, I might be able to get the power of this computer19:20
arthurjohnsonAgain, thou, it depends on what they are going to be using it for.19:20
Type00so a p4 2 gig and 512 mb ddr onboard video would run kde?19:20
Sysieasily propably19:21
arthurjohnsonType00: I would immagine.  I haven't used Kubuntu since 8.04 thou.19:21
Sysii ran it on eee 701 and it worked well19:21
digitalstimulusYes, I just reloaded a P4/512...with ubuntu though.  It was pretty snappy19:22
Sysiexept that if i had firefox on music player stopped occasionally19:22
digitalstimulusgnome, not kde19:22
digitalstimuluspuppy linux is looking promising for this old hulk19:26
arthurjohnsondigitalstimulus: I would have to agree.  Its kinda what puppy was designed for.19:28
arthurjohnsondigitalstimulus: A P4/512 with Xubuntu would be very snappy.19:29
digitalstimulusI've got it running in a VM right now testing.  Going to try lubuntu though.  Puppy is really "dumbed down" so to speak and fast to boot19:29
arthurjohnsonDid they ever update seamonkey on puppy?19:29
digitalstimulusNot sure19:30
digitalstimulusSeamonkey 1.1.1819:30
arthurjohnsonThats like Firefox 219:31
arthurjohnsonmaybe even firefox 1.  Pretty old.19:31
* arthurjohnson thinks we're breaking protocol in this channel19:31
charlie-tcawhere did sunbird go?19:32
digitalstimulusAnyone have any ideas on how to make xubuntu less resourceful?19:32
digitalstimulussince this is #xubuntu19:32
charlie-tcaI finally found a stand-alone calendar app that worked for me, it is no longer in the repository as of the final version of 10.0419:32
charlie-tcadigitalstimulus: make it pure xfce:19:32
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »19:32
digitalstimulusthat sound promising19:33
digitalstimulusthanks charlie-tca19:33
charlie-tcano problem19:33
arthurjohnsoncharlie-tca: They dumped sunbird a while ago.19:33
arthurjohnsoncharlie-tca: They recommend Thunderbird + Lightening19:33
charlie-tcait just went away the end of april19:33
arthurjohnsonI think its on their main page.19:33
charlie-tcaI don't want thunderbird, though19:33
arthurjohnsonMe neither.19:34
charlie-tcaI like claws-mail. It works for me better than thunderbird19:34
* arthurjohnson still uses Pine19:34
arthurjohnsonAloung with ircII and centerim19:34
Type00how do i set an app to start up when linux starts up?19:39
charlie-tcayou want it for all users?19:40
charlie-tcayou can put a link to it in /etc/rc.local , and turn on the executable permissions for /etc/rc.local19:40
Type00how do i create a short cut to the task bar too?19:43
charlie-tcatask bar??19:43
Type00the bar at the top19:43
charlie-tcatop panel? maybe19:43
charlie-tcaright click, left-click 'Add New Item'19:44
charlie-tcaAdd a launcher19:44
Type00where are the logos for the apps?19:44
charlie-tcaclick the big square with the ugly picture in the launcher, then in the 'Select icon from: " box, click the arrows on the left, click on 'all icons'19:46
charlie-tcaI guess that is a brown/orange diamond I click on19:46
Type00greeat thanks, how do a daemon to start say screenlets on start up?19:53
charlie-tcafind the .desktop file that runs it, copy it to /home/USER/.config/autostart19:56
charlie-tcaIt will then run when the user logs in19:56
charlie-tcaYou can usually find the .desktop file by looking in /usr/share/applications19:57
charlie-tcaThere are probably other ways to do these things, these are just the way I do it19:58
type00hey, xubuntu dont seem to picj up my cd drive20:43
Sysidoes usb-drives work?20:44
charlie-tcaDoes it work with a data cd?20:44
charlie-tcaIt no longer shows up in /media/cdrom unless there is a cd in the drive, and then it doesn't always show up anyway in there20:44
type00i have placed a cd in and it still dont show20:45
* charlie-tca out of ideas20:46
type00its detected in the bios20:46
type00hence the install of the os20:46
Type00so chmod is to set permissions on files21:24
Type00what can i use for my web cam software wise?22:05
arthurjohnsonType00: Cheese works really good, so does skype with some sort of compatibility plugin.22:28
CheeseI do?22:28
CheeseHmm, need to get Cheese, actually22:28
arthurjohnsonCheese is fun22:29
arthurjohnson!info cheese22:29
ubottucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.0-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 62 kB, installed size 244 kB22:29
arthurjohnsonOh, and Empathy works.  My webcam is a Logitec QuickCam, those seem to be the best supported in Linux22:30
Type00yeh i have a logitech quickcam express22:31
TheSheepany luck getting them to work in flash?22:31
Type00how can i set my user for admin privs?22:32
TheSheepType00: system->users ad groups->manage groups->admin22:32
TheSheepor 'advanced settings' and then 'manage privileges'22:33
Type00i cant change the permissions on the xubuntu logo asi need to replace it22:36
Type00say operation not permitted when i chmod22:36
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo22:38
Type00what is sudo then?22:42
Type00i though if iwas set to admin i could edit any files on my system22:42
TheSheepno, then anyone could get you to run some script that would destroy everything22:43
TheSheepeach time a root privilege is needed, you need to give your password22:43
TheSheepwell, unless you just did that less than 5 minutes ago22:44
TheSheepthis way scripts can't act as root without your knowledge22:44
Type00got it thanks22:44
Type00is copy 'cp'?22:44
TheSheepyou can also just run 'gksu thunar'22:45
Type00does any one know where i can edit the logout image, as i have sorted the boot image as the existing ones are all distorted on boot and logout22:53
svideoproblem--Can anyone please help me i want to know how to extend or show my desktop on tv with my realmagic hw+ card22:55
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1222:55
svideoproblemTheSheep: does it work with a pci card without installing the drivers (win2000 :()22:56
TheSheepsvideoproblem: in the simplest case, just connecting your tv and running 'xrandr --auto' should work22:56
TheSheepsvideoproblem: no, it only works on linux22:56
svideoproblemTheSheep: yes i meant the drivers are only for windows 200022:56
svideoproblemokay i go try xrandr22:56
svideoproblemshows only my onboard vga22:57
xubuntu_newbierunning xubuntu and having a sound problem that i can´t seem to fix from forum notes...is this the chat room to come to?   is there a better one for xubuntu problems?  all help appreciated..:-[22:58
svideoproblemaumix and mixersettings good? (not muted) xubuntu_newbie22:59
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: yes, this is the place23:00
xubuntu_newbiegot gui alsa mixer up...master, pcm, cd and pc speaker full volume and not muted...line-in and microphone muted...i do get beep when i shut down or type an illegal character...otherwise no sounds in xubuntu...still works when i boot windows(bleah)...23:01
xubuntu_newbiesound originally worked...then i got over ambicious and tried to instal ubuntu studio...but that was too much for my old laptop...so i tried to uninstall ubuntu studio   and sound has gone away.....except for shutdown beep as mentioned earlier.23:03
svideoproblemxubuntu_newbie: : u only have xubuntu installed now?23:04
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: how do you test for it?23:05
xubuntu_newbieas best as i can tell...still learning linux/xubuntu....23:05
xubuntu_newbiei figure uninstall zapped some parameter or file somewhere...but can´t seem to figure out what.....have reinstalled alsa several times using forum notes....that stuff didn´t seem to help....or hurt...23:07
svideoproblemxubuntu_newbie: u know how to open terminal? try aumix and check sttings23:07
xubuntu_newbiecan do23:07
xubuntu_newbiegive me a moment...let u know results...23:08
svideoproblemTheSheep: can u help me, xrandr i got but it shows only my onboard connected screen and not my pci videocard with svideo out to tv plugged23:08
TheSheepyou have two video cards23:09
svideoproblemTheSheep: it is recognised by lspci but what now ? (yes sorry for confusion)23:09
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama23:09
TheSheepit's going to be much more complicated23:09
TheSheepbut doable23:10
svideoproblemokay so theres no need for me to compile the dxr3 linux driver for the card?23:10
svideoproblem(that didnt work :p)23:11
TheSheepI'm not sure, but (x)ubuntu comes with most drivers included23:11
TheSheeponly a few closed-source ones need to be installed separately23:12
svideoproblemokay how to install xinerama, is it just libxinerama1 or 0 dont remember23:12
TheSheepsvideoproblem: try with two separate screens first23:12
TheSheepsvideoproblem: if that works, go for xinerama23:13
xubuntu_newbiek...aumix shows same as alsa mixer...vol, pcm, spkr and cd at 100%...other at 0%...such as pcm2, line, mic, igain, line1, difital1, phonein,phoneout and video23:13
TheSheeppcm2 might be important23:13
xubuntu_newbieaumix balance is in middle for all...23:13
svideoproblemhow do i do that if i disable this one i cant try to enable the tv out23:13
xubuntu_newbiek...want me to boost pcm2 up to 100%???23:13
svideoproblemxubuntu_newbie: good23:13
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: won't kill you :)23:14
svideoproblemtry installing gnome alsa mixer23:14
TheSheepsvideoproblem: you can add two graphics cards to your xorg.conf23:14
xubuntu_newbieprobably not;-)23:14
TheSheepsvideoproblem: meh23:14
svideoproblemxubuntu_newbie: that worked for my soundproblem23:14
svideoproblembut i did have no sound at all so might be no fix for u23:15
svideoproblemTheSheep: how would i go about doing that? its a very old one im on a P3 now23:16
TheSheepsvideoproblem: I think that link for dualhead above had a howto23:16
TheSheepsvideoproblem: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Using_multiple_monitors_with_XFree86#Multihead23:17
svideoproblemTheSheep: cool was on same page :)23:18
xubuntu_newbiesetting pcm2 didn´t seem to have any effect...still no sound...23:19
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: how do you test that?23:21
svideoproblemTheSheep: sorry i feel like a noob but last time i was messing with xorg was way back :p23:22
TheSheepsvideoproblem: man xorg.conf  <-- this helps23:23
xubuntu_newbietried playing a short video w/sound, tried playing a midi file, tried internet radio.....no go on any of them....all of them used to work...23:24
svideoproblemTheSheep:  but i dont have one, in /etc/X1123:24
TheSheepsvideoproblem: then make it23:24
svideoproblemxubuntu_newbie: i presume u did update after ur install?23:24
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: maybe you are missing codecs?23:25
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats23:25
xubuntu_newbiei had previously tried updating codecs as per forum notes...but that didn help...23:26
xubuntu_newbiehow can i be sure i really got them ???23:27
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: try this: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp  (it will make noise)23:27
TheSheepctrl+c to stop23:27
svideoproblemxubuntu_newbie: type: sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer and try again. worked for me... if not u can sudo apt-get remove gnome-alsamixer23:27
xubuntu_newbiek ...let me try noise maker first...then will try gnome alsa...23:28
xubuntu_newbienot hearing anything with ...cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp23:28
TheSheepok, then it's the card, not codecs23:28
TheSheeptry increasing volume on all channels, sometimes it detects the names wrong23:29
xubuntu_newbiesome card setting got messed up???   card works fine when i boot up windows....23:29
TheSheepby card I mean the driver and/or channel settings23:30
TheSheepnot hardware23:30
TheSheepbtw, is there a hardware volume control by any chance? ;)23:30
xubuntu_newbiehow do i increase sound on all channels???  how is that differnt that boosting vol using aumix???23:31
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: use aumix23:31
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: but also do it on the channels like linein and phone23:31
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: they may be labeled incorrectly23:31
xubuntu_newbieyeah, buttons on laptop...again...they work great with windows....should be on full....i clearly hear beep at shutdown time...23:31
xubuntu_newbiek....when you said channels...i wasn´t sure that´s what u meant...  will do...23:32
TheSheepalsamixer shows more of them so try with that23:32
TheSheeprun the noisemaker in other window and play with them all23:33
Type00i cant seem to get compiz to work23:36
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz23:36
xubuntu_newbieyikes.....went through alsa mixer...got to an item call DAC...it was set to 0...so i started to bump it up.....WOW....the noise was deafing!!!:-D23:38
xubuntu_newbiewhat is DAC????  just out of curiosity???23:39
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: the chip on your sound card, afair23:40
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital-to-analog_converter23:40
Type00has any one got compiz running on xubuntu?23:48
xubuntu_newbiemidi now works...video....wav files...mp3...internet radio......DAC  seems to be the setting....had to turn down all the volume settings as it was toooooo loud!!!!    thanks so much!!!   don´t remember any of the forums notes on sound issues saying to check the DAC setting with alsa mixer.......this chat room is great....!!!!!...:-D...was that too over the top!!!23:48
TheSheepxubuntu_newbie: you actually did it yourself, all we could do is encouragement23:48
GiZyhi 2 all23:48
xubuntu_newbieand direction!!!!  yoda!!!23:49
TheSheephello GiZy23:49
TheSheepType00: I did some 2 years ago, but it probably all changed since, try asking on #compiz23:49
GiZyi'm newbie on xubuntu? and i apologise for my bad english =))23:49
TheSheepGiZy: your English is good so far :)23:50
TheSheepGiZy: what's your problem?23:50
Xorgproblemhello, im now from shell lol how do i make my xorg?23:50
GiZywhen i choose user and type passwd login screen just reboot))23:51
Xorgproblemi dropped gdm23:51
XorgproblemGiZy: can u try another session? will it reboot too?23:51
GiZynow i can login onlu as root23:51
TheSheepXorgproblem: it should work without any, autodetecting everything23:51
TheSheepGiZy: can you check the /home/youruser/.xsessionerrors file for anything that may be related?23:52
TheSheepXorgproblem: you can also generate one with 'Xorg -configure'23:53
GiZyokay boss ^__^23:53
XorgproblemTheSheep: a few red stripes for a sec but screen remains black while testing23:55
GiZy(xfce4-mixer-plugin:2669): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.023:56
GiZy(xfce4-settings-helper:2661): libxfcegui4-WARNING **: ICE I/O Error23:56
GiZyit's what i need?)23:56
TheSheepGiZy: do you have free space left on your disk? you can check with 'df -h'23:58
GiZyanyway google is my friend23:58
GiZyyep, 400Gb =D23:58
TheSheepon h eroot partition too?23:58
XorgproblemTheSheep: i lost my gdm and xorg.conf.d is not working either23:58
TheSheepon the root*23:58
TheSheepXorgproblem: how did you lose it?23:59
GiZyit's a magic23:59

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