akgranerLogs from tonights meeting can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/2010052700:08
Deindrethanks akgraner00:09
akgranerDeindre, you are most welcome00:09
Deindreakgraner: I'll hope to be here more often :)00:11
MichelleQoh, I see I managed to miss it.00:11
MichelleQsheesh...  I promise I don't try to miss them.00:11
akgranerMichelleQ, and Deindre :-)00:12
* Pendulum waves00:12
Pendulumsorry for missing the meeting! still trying to get things coordinated now that I've moved00:13
MichelleQhow did the move go?00:13
Pendulumrelatively painless other than yesterday having record breaking heat00:16
MichelleQyeah, it's been awful down here already too00:16
Pendulumtoday was fine00:17
Pendulumhigh of about 7800:17
Pendulumbut yesterday the "official" high was 98 and we had thermometers that said 10200:17
MichelleQyeah, we're sitting at about 94, feels like 10400:18
DeindrePendulum: 102 ... in what unit? Farehneit?00:19
rwwone would hope00:19
PendulumDeindre: yeah00:22
PendulumI should probably point out, too, that this is in Connecticut, not someplace where this level heat is normal this time of year00:22
Pendulumelky: if you can't chair the next meeting, I can.00:23
Deindreok, I'm going.. i'ts about 2:00 a.m. here... good night!00:25
akgranerLogs and overview sent to Mailing List  - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2010-May/002853.html and posted on the forums - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9370785#post937078500:38
elkyThe competition voting is now closed01:23
akgranerthanks elky :-)01:23
elkyakgraner, It'll ruin the surprise from jono's announcement if I unveil the results page now, won't it01:23
elkyI'd best not do that part just yet then :)01:24
elkyThere were 357 voters registered and 287 vote sets were validated by email tokens. is the final tally01:24
akgranerthat is awesome!01:25
elkyand someone's daddy must have been ringing every single person he knows01:25
elky1st place is 201 votes, second is 123 votes01:25
elkyAnd, skimming through the voter data, you see a surname match, followed by 3 or so other names/domains voting from that IP address01:26
elkyCan't really say it's stuffing since it's plausibly other people on the same/work network01:26
macoor the girl's mum, dad, and brothers01:27
elkymaco, um, it's the dad.01:27
macoand sisters, though if sisters i'd guess they vote for self instead of each other :P01:27
elkymaco, the dad's work was where the cow-orker was 6 of the first 11 votes.01:28
elkyyes, I was impressed at how fast it happened too01:28
elkynot happy impressed01:28
elkyhe was paying attention to twitter apparently, saw me muse about stuffing, thought I judging by ip01:29
elkyno dear, unless you have 6 people with the same name, two with the exact same string at hotmail and gmail01:29
Pendulumwow, if you're going to stuff, at least be creative about it01:30
elkyPendulum, inorite!01:30
Pendulum(for example, if I ever wanted to stuff on something, I have 3 or 4 completely separately named e-mail addresses --for the record because they're for different groups of people and/or spam things)01:31
elkyI think most of us do01:32
Pendulumbut that's my general rule on things: if you're going to bend the rules and/or be annoying, at least be creative about it01:33
elkyAlso, I'm happy to note that the 2nd winner, that jane chose, will be going to someone whose submission (of a child, not baby) contained something akin to "the laptop you see has no battery and is falling apart, please she needs a netbook"01:34
elkyPendulum, exactly. boring troll is boring.01:34
elkycreative non-abusive troll will be played with until zie gets boring01:35
MichelleQcreative trolling?  I'm in.01:44
elkydid gwibber's facebook stuff break?01:46
akgranerdunno - I don't think I posted anything today...01:55
elkyAll I'm seeing is a convo I had last night with someone.02:00
elkyah there we go, it's magically updated now. all i had to do was complain to thin air02:29
nigelbelky: thats gwibber most of the time :(02:41
elkynigelb, i've had a good run with it. so long as I close it before suspending02:42
nigelbelky: It doesn't show anything from identi.ca except for @replies and I use identi.ca for most conversations02:43
dholbachgood morning07:38
janc_lgmcan somebody remove the registered users only flag from #u-w (if the trolls are gone)?07:39
hypatiaremind me how to do that?07:39
rwwhypatia: /mode #ubuntu-women -r07:45
hypatiathx rww07:49
AlanBellrww: I am pretty flexible on times, pretty much anything sane from a UK timezone point of view. Where in the world are you?08:25
rwwAlanBell: California08:25
rwwso 8 hours behind you08:25
AlanBelltime for bed then!08:26
rwwand akgraner is an hour or two ahead of me, iirc, so probably better to do it in our morning and your evening rather than the other way around08:26
AlanBellyes, sounds good08:26
rwwhypatia: pynchon is wiggles09:02
rww(ident matches)09:02
* hypatia nods09:04
vishakgraner: re: the logo topic from the meeting , i have also given troy this channel# , will follow up with troy as well09:13
=== janc_lgm_ is now known as janc_lgm
pleia2hypatia: your hat is showing ;)17:04
nigelbpleia2: hat? oh +o?17:41
hypatiathx pleia2 :)17:47
MoiraAah hypatia17:54
MoiraAwas about to ask if you were a bot17:54
MoiraAjust as well I didn't :)17:54
vishpleia2: is it wrong to have the op status , why do people remove that once the task is done?17:59
vishprobably a Q for -irc :)17:59
pleia2vish: http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml18:00
pleia2"We strongly suggest that you avoid configuring your channel to "auto-op". Use the chanserv "op" command to obtain channel operator status only when needed. This will help to keep your channel temperature low and reduce conflicts."18:00
pleia2freenode recommendation, and it works well18:00
vishah ha18:00
vishpleia2: thx18:00
pleia2sure thing18:00
akgranerJono is getting ready to announce the winners of World Play Day19:09
akgraner# 25 Orla O'Donohue Community winner!19:15
pleia2yay :)19:15
akgranerJane's Pick - Photo #20 Jordan McCarthy19:16
akgranerjono's pick - Photo #18 - Erika Hamilton19:19
pleia2akgraner: thank you for saying them here too, I can't watch jono's stream while working :)19:19
akgranerpleia2, you're welcome - I'll get this post out soon...19:20
tinymHi. I just read the logs from the last meeting. I want to be involved with the Ubuntu women website re-design/development. Where exactly do I make that known so I can participate?21:15
rwwtinym: Talk to pleia2, I think. If I remember correctly, there'll be a post on our mailing list asking for volunteers at some point21:19
tinymthanks rww21:19
pleia2tinym: currently we're waiting on the new logo for the team and templates from the community website project: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website21:20
pleia2if you want to do something now, you're welcome to join the community website project21:20
pleia2but as rww said, I'll send more specific tasks to the list when we have them :)21:21
tinympleia2: thank you muchly :D21:27

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