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KuriKaidoes anyone know if there will be a menu that shows what programs are running in the background? e.g. gnome-do, gloobus...11:19
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qensegood afternoon16:17
qensetedg: Could you please have a look at <https://code.launchpad.net/~qense/indicator-application/doc-intro-fixes/+merge/25835>?16:26
qenseIt doesn't fix the Mono bindings, but it does fix some other things.16:26
tedgqense, Yeah, looks good.  I was a bit confused with the status name changes, but now I realize what you did :)16:44
qenseNow they're using a way that the generators of GObject can find as well.16:44
tedgqense, About changing the assemblies directory, have you talked to hyperair about that?  I know that he did some work in getting those dirs cleaned up.16:44
qensetedg: That was the exact change he made afaik.16:44
tedgqense, Ah, okay.  I see.16:44
qensetedg: Thanks!16:49
* hyperair wonders what that was about17:01
jcastrotedg: hey since qense is here17:01
jcastrocan we talk about the fixes to app indicator so we can finish off gnome-bt, etc?17:01
qensejcastro: that'd be fine with me17:01
qensehyperair: I changed the Makefile to install in lib/cli rather than just lib17:02
hyperairah cool.17:02
qensethat's all for the hyperair-related changes17:02
tedgjcastro, Cool.  The big one is getting bratsche's GTK+ patch for add/remove signals backported into Lucid.17:03
hyperairi see.17:03
jcastrotedg: do we want it in lucid?17:03
jcastrotedg: it works in lucid, I was thinking forward for maverick17:03
seb128tedg, jcastro: I've the gtk change ready for lucid17:03
tedgjcastro, yes.  We need to get gnome-bt in a better state.17:03
seb128but it doesn't work17:03
seb128or it requires gnome-bt changes17:04
qenseWho did gnome-bt?17:04
bratscheNafai I think?17:04
qenseHow's he doing? I heard he had some health problems?17:05
bratscheOh, I didn't know that. :(17:05
qenseRead it on Twitter.17:05
qenseI'll search for the gnome-bt bug report to see if it contains any details.17:06
qensejcastro: Who'll be doing hplip?17:06
seb128qense, bug #55884117:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 558841 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu Lucid) "bluetooth "devices" menu item not working in bluetooth indicator (affected: 12, heat: 92)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55884117:08
jcastroqense: not sure yet17:08
qenseseb128: thanks. I was looking at bug #497856, but that's not about the issue.17:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 497856 in GNOME Bluetooth "Support application indicator (affected: 2, heat: 12)" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49785617:08
seb128qense, tedg: you can get gtk with bratsche's change in the ubuntu-desktop ppa if you want17:09
qenseseb128: I'd love to be powerful enough to have access to the ubuntu-desktop, but unfortunately I'm a mere mortal. :)17:10
seb128it would be useful if somebody could look why gnome-bt still doesn't work17:10
seb128qense, it's a public ppa?17:10
* qense is reading the bug report right now17:10
seb128just add it to your sources.list?17:10
qenseseb128: Ah, the other thing you can do with a PPA, of course.17:10
seb128tedg, qense: if somebody can confirm the gtk there works we can get it in lucid updates17:12
qensebratsche, seb128: What about the issue mentioned in comment 22? Is that related to the bug we're talking about?17:12
qenseseb128: I'll give it a try.17:12
* tedg doesn't have working bluetooth in his new laptop... :(17:12
tedgIt's going to be hard for me to verify it working.17:12
qenseseb128: But doesn't libappindicator needs changes to use the newly created 'add' signal?17:12
qensebratsche: ^^ ?17:12
qenseseb128: Also, the latest patch is <http://bugzilla-attachments.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=162132>, isn't it?17:13
seb128qense, look to the bugzilla.gnome.org bug, the change has been updated17:13
qensegood :)17:14
seb128the ppa build has the new one17:14
qenseinstalling the new GTK+ right now17:15
qenseBut I do think that it won't have any effect as long as nothing is listening to the new signals.17:16
seb128what should listen to it though?17:17
seb128is that something ted ish?17:17
seb128tedg, ^17:17
qenseThat's definitely something tedish.17:17
seb128so not gnome-bt?17:18
qenseWell, the bug is about the menu not updating correctly when changes to it have been made, right?17:19
seb128I'm not sure it's the software code that should do the update or the indicator17:19
qenseIn that case it is an issue in GTK+ for the new signals and in libappindicator for using those signals.17:19
qenseWe're listening to several signals from GTK+ to update parts of the menu and we should add this signal to the signals we're checking.17:20
seb128tedg, ^ can you confirm that's right?17:20
seb128seems to make sense17:20
seb128but I want to be sure before pushing gtk17:20
qensePushing GTK+ won't make a different just now, iirc. At the moment we can only test if this change doesn't break anything else.17:22
seb128qense, right, but if that's required to fix libindicator so we need to get it first in lucid so we can start now17:25
qenseBut we can't confirm yet if the signal behaves properly.17:25
seb128so let's wait for you or ted to come with the indicator change17:26
seb128so we can confirm if it's working17:27
seb128I will get the change in maverick meanwhile so it will help testing17:27
qenseI'm running the new GTK+ right now and now system crashes yet.17:27
qenseI've restarted the indicator-application-service and plugged my Bluetooth adapter in afterwards and I am still able to confirm the bug.17:28
qenseno crashes17:28
seb128or "no"?17:28
seb128better ;-)17:29
seb128right, I can confirm the bug is still there17:29
qenseseb128: Shall I open a bug task for the indicator-application source package and the indicator-application project?17:34
seb128qense, if you are sure it's the right source to connect the signal yes17:35
qenseWill do and then it's dinner time!17:36
seb128enjoy dinner17:36
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kermiachi tedg :) Did you get my email re the indicator-applet apport hook? - bug 58317423:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 583174 in Indicator Applet "Apport hook for indicator-applet (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58317423:02

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