SkEmOhow do i identify as root in the root folder?00:05
SkEmOor better, how do i edit a file as root?00:06
n8wanyone usin s2disk for hibernation?00:07
Tm_T!sudo | SkEmO00:07
ubottuSkEmO: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo00:07
schwarz22I can't get my computer to recognize my printer. It suddenly stopped recognizing the printer a week ago. I have 10.04, and the printer was being recognized after I reinstalled with the latest version of kubuntu. My husband, who also has the new version, has no printer recognition problems, so it seems to be an isolated problem.00:32
schwarz22I am very new to the Linux scene, so I am unfamiliar with technical jargon.00:33
BluesKajschwarz22, which printer?00:33
schwarz22I have a Canon i56000:34
schwarz22It's about 6 years old00:34
=== avihay_ is now known as avihay
BluesKajschwarz22, does  the printer show up in system settings/printer configuration ?00:38
schwarz22No, it lists two options: 1) print to postscript and 2) print to pdf00:39
schwarz22My previous troubleshooting options included unplugging the printer, and then plugging it back in, and closing and reopening okular.00:40
jinnyI need a new computer fast... I'm thinking about getting a laptop, but I have never had a laptop... can I plug in my external LCD monitor and get a 3D-accelerated dual-head desktop with all laptops? ATI? nVidia? Because I don't want to be restricted to a tiny laptop screen all the time00:42
BluesKajschwarz22, according to some quick research , the BJC7000 linux driver works with cups and your i560 printer.00:54
schwarz22Can you tell me which package that driver comes in? And if not, can you tell me how to install that driver?00:55
SkEmOok crazy question, to update from a cd, i need to get the alternate cd or the desktop cd/netbook cd are fine?00:56
TorchSkEmO: desktop is ok00:59
SkEmOoh phew01:00
BluesKajschwarz22, unfortunately i haven't been able to find the linux driver yet, but I'm still researching01:01
BluesKajschwarz22, could you run this in the konsole and post the output pls, bjfilterpixus560i01:14
schwarz22command not found01:14
schwarz22I found a deb file on openprinting.org01:15
schwarz22Trying to install it per their instructions01:15
schwarz22Got the driver now, just so you stop looking... thanks for the help.01:29
BluesKajschwarz22, does it work ?01:31
schwarz22yeah, working ok01:32
schwarz22got the bjc-7000 driver as part of the gutenprint lsb package from openprinting.org01:33
john__Hey all, how do you enter single user mode on 10.0401:35
john__it used to be that you could hit escape in grub, and then select it, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.01:36
BluesKajschwarz22, good stuff :)01:38
OxDeadC0defor some reason in 9.10 on another laptop the default user isn't being allowed to list wirelesss networks or connect to them (but I can get it to list them with sudo iwlist wlan0 scan)01:39
OxDeadC0decould there be some permission issues going on? ath5k problems?01:40
schwarz22Thanks. :)01:41
okapi14hi all, anyone use kita2 here? I have the following error "Kita2 needs ja_JP.UTF-8 locale." anyone know how to fix it?01:41
BluesKajOxDeadC0de, you can configure it in system settings/advanced/login manager/users01:50
BluesKajoops sorry01:52
BluesKajOxDeadC0de, ignore my post...wrong person01:53
zusi dont remeber if ive asked but is there a bittornado channel?01:57
zusand there is, nvm. thanks01:57
zusi must cant spell right:)01:57
SkEmOit failed!! damn it02:21
BluesKajzus, deluge is an excellent torrent client and there's always ktorrent too.02:39
zusBluesKaj,  i use ktorrent before i like it alot, but the site wont use ktorrent, and  in thier faq foe linux user says bittornado,...02:41
BluesKajzus, which site02:42
zusjust dont know how to make a torrent to upload02:42
zusBluesKaj,  i read/reading the faqs i cant firgure it out.02:46
BluesKajbest to check the forums for linux torrent clients , to keep things legal here02:47
zusyep =)02:51
Barridusvirtuoso is taking up a ton of resources for no apparent reason, what's it for03:22
Mattxf86ok, so i have a problem04:19
Mattxf86If I'm not using my live disk, I can't get grub to find my OS. I installed it on a sd card, but found out that sd's aren't bootable on my system.04:20
Mattxf86anyone on here?04:21
Mattxf86luis, can i get some help04:27
Mattxf86or anyone04:27
Mattxf86can i get some help04:31
RazionAnyone have experience dealing with multiple applications not being able to use sound at the same time?04:32
Mattxf86Im not sure theres anyone on here to help, no one seems to respond Razion04:33
RazionMattxf86 This channel is quieter than #ubuntu. But people are here. You need to be patient.04:33
RazionWhat're you having issues with, anyways?04:34
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=== caruts is now known as carutsu
RazionAnyone have experience dealing with multiple applications not being able to use sound at the same time?04:34
obindoes anyone know why i couldn't get wine doors to load on kde04:37
obinhello does any one know how to world of warcraft working in wine herw04:40
zusanyone know how i can update ktorrent? or at least get the 4.0 version04:42
obini don't think any one is in here that can help i think you can run it in normal updates i belevie04:47
zusyeah in the normal updates nothing is comming up for me yet04:51
zusobin,  does this help you for WoW?  http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=403104:53
zusobin,  http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=14154 or that04:54
tecjnologyanyone here have trouble with knetworkmanager? mine acts up on the regular06:00
darkdelusionstecjnology: like what kinda of issues06:13
tecjnologyit gets stuck on the screen at times, sometimes its only partly visible. it also breaks out into the task manager so its like a running program but you cant close it06:14
darkdelusionsthat issue I have no had06:14
tecjnologyits constant on mine06:14
darkdelusionshave not even06:14
tecjnologywhen its partly visible i have to resize it to get it all back =]06:15
tecjnologyis there a way to use another network manager?06:16
darkdelusionsSomeone suggested another network manager to me a while back (and I am running it i am trying to remember the name of it06:17
darkdelusionssudo apt-get install plasma-widget-networkmanagement06:20
darkdelusionstook me a minute to find it06:20
darkdelusionsits the one I use and it 10x better then knetworkmanager06:22
darkdelusionsor whatever the default is called06:22
tecjnologyi'll give it a shot, thanks!06:24
StrongOrderHello people! I am new to KDE, and I wonder how to make remote ssh logins integrate with kwallet? On Gnome, when I ssh into a server where I put my public key, I get asked for a password (GUI) and it remembers that for a period of time. How to do that under KDE with wallet?06:36
zuswould some one walk me through compiling ktorrent 4.0 please? the cli isnt really a strong point and im not quite getting thehelp.ubuntu.com.community/compilingsoftware06:41
tecjnologydarkdelusions: quite nice man, thanks for your help06:42
darkdelusionstecjnology: np it much better then default06:42
zusso if ktorrent is already installed and i have to compile and make ktorrent 4.0... when i build a common directory where ill be building the package in how/will it interfere with the previous ktorrent?06:50
SkEmOoh well06:55
SkEmOmy laptop died after updating packages in lucid06:55
zusoh no!06:55
SkEmOim actually not kidding06:56
zusshouldn't be a big problem though? right?06:56
zusre-do the updates then?06:56
SkEmOi cant06:57
SkEmOit wont start06:57
SkEmOall i get is a shell with no root06:57
zuswhat about the live disc?06:58
SkEmOim gonna try06:58
SkEmOalthough i can get GRUB menu06:58
zusim waiting on some help in compiling software06:59
zusi have to make a directory in  /usr/local/src but i dont know what that is or really what im doing...im just poking around till i think i might know what im doing07:02
jussiSo my kmail has decided to separate itself from kontact. How do I get it back integrated?07:29
itahi all, I have a problem with enabling desktop effects. It is disabled every time I login my system. I have ati card and I've install the proprietary ati driver.07:54
skamsterhello all.. does someone know which splash-engine kubuntu uses? it doesn't seems to be usplash, like it's written yet.. (there are no configs and also the update-alternatives for uspash doesn't work).. i just want to change the picture and the resolution..08:22
sksriharshahi !!!08:23
basajaunhi can somebody tell me what the heading from phonon rc is once opened I have wiped it clean unfortunately with heading as well please?08:23
sksriharshagot a problem regarding video display in dragon player while playing video files ...08:23
basajaunits in /.kde/share/config can someone have a look08:24
sksriharshaactually , i have no video output in dragon player except that the audio works fine ..any idea regardin this ??08:24
sksriharsha@basajaun : I think its related to hardware i.e audio right ??08:25
basajaunplease look at your own file in kate and tell me what the heading between brackets at the top of the file says08:27
basajaunit open in kate in normal user08:27
sksriharsha[AudioDevice_HDA Intel, AD198x Digital\nIEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output_playback]08:28
basajaunok so its probably adio device thanks08:29
sksriharshaguys . help me out .. no video output in dragon player :(08:29
sksriharshayep .. welcome buddy :)08:30
sksriharshacan somebody tell me .. regarding no video n audio i dragon player :( while playing avi files ...08:33
=== hingo_ is now known as hingo
sksriharshahelp required ......... some1 please respond ..08:39
sksriharshano video in any player :(]08:39
sksriharshahello !!! somebody please help me .. no video output while playing video files in dragon player ...08:48
avihaysksriharsha: try to use another player first, it might just be the dragon08:51
sksriharshasame with other players too .. :(08:51
sksriharshatried mplayer too ..08:52
avihaymplayer and vlc?08:52
sksriharshawith mplayer its not working .. i think its related to video driver .. :(08:52
sksriharshadidn't try vlc though .. since my internet is usable for browsing only .. i can't download too much :(08:53
avihayis it a specific video thats not working?08:55
sksriharshanot a single video is working .. tried avi , mkv .. etc ..08:55
sksriharshainstalled all codecs too .08:55
sksriharshaany idea ??08:57
sksriharshai tried kaffeine too .. audio is thr but no video :(09:00
sksriharshaany idea guys ??09:03
avihaywell, I know that there were some issues with video and compositing09:04
sksriharshai tried playing video files with out compositing ..09:05
sksriharshastill no luck :(09:06
sksriharshajust now tried .. kaffeine without composting ... video was blacked out :( but sound is thr09:09
=== josh_ is now known as featherofLucid
sksriharshahey .. without compositing kaffeine worked fine with video driver:xshm .. but didn't work with compositing :(09:16
SkEmOyay!! i manage to go livecd on lappy!09:27
SkEmOinstlling now09:27
SkEmO7.10 ¬¬09:27
FloodBotK2SkEmO: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:27
SkEmOlawl FloodBotK209:27
zusthough im still waiting HAHA09:27
SkEmOzus hows your ktorrent going?09:27
SkEmOoh crap09:28
zusSkEmO,  poop!09:28
SkEmOwhat was that again?09:28
SkEmOhow to compole ktorrent 4?09:28
zusmight be people are all drunk from the weekend no biggie lol!09:28
SkEmOomg ppl get drunk on the weekends?! blasphemy!09:29
zusim at the make a directory in usr/local/src but i dont know what im doing09:29
SkEmOcd stopped!!09:29
SkEmOdamn it!!09:29
zuswell,...its been an alright memorial weekend for me so far09:30
SkEmOi forgot about memorial day >.>09:33
SkEmOi missed the sales09:33
e_t_zus: the command to create a directory is mkdir.09:34
zuse_t_,  i've never been that comforable with the cli...plus am i creating a directory for ktorrent 4? then where is the previous version installed?09:36
zusSkEmO,  i did not go anywhere myself...only to a family get together really09:37
e_t_zus: are you compiling ktorrent from source?09:37
zuse_t_,  yes trying to, :)09:38
zusAs of version 4.0rc1 you first need to compile and install libktorrent before you do ktorrent09:39
e_t_zus: Have you downloaded the tar.bz2 files from the website yet?09:41
zusi've downloaded the ktorrent-4.0.0.tar.bz2 and libktorrent-1.0..0.tarbz2....09:41
zustheyre in my download folder09:41
e_t_OK. Let's make a special build directory in your home. At the same time, let's get you more used to the command line. It's really not scary.09:42
zusthanks,.. been at this (off and on all day) sorta...09:43
e_t_Open a terminal window and type "mkdir ~/build"09:44
e_t_Now type this: "mv ~/Downloads/libktorrent-1.0.0.tar.bz2 ~/build/"09:48
e_t_That will move the tarball into the build directory.09:48
e_t_Do the same, but with "ktorrent-4.0.0.tar.bz2" instead of libktorrent.09:49
zusno such file in directory ?!?!09:49
e_t_Hmm. OK. Well do this part graphically. Open your downloads folder in Dolphin (or Konqueror) and try to find the two files visually. Then copy and paste them into build09:51
zusboth files copied...09:52
e_t_OK. Back to the terminal. Change directories with "cd ~/build"09:53
zus~/build$_  is what i got correct?09:54
e_t_Now give the command "tar -xjvf libktorrent-1.0.0.tar.bz2" This will uncompress the file into something you can use. Do the same for the other file.09:56
zusis this the same as https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo   i was up to "sudo chown yourusername....." part09:56
e_t_You don't have to do the chown thing because this is inside your home directory. You already own it!09:57
zusalright, both files are done09:59
e_t_Well do libktorrent first: "cd libktor" Then, before pressing Enter, press Tab. That should complete the directory name for you.10:01
zusthis does seem easy enough but i'd never had known..10:03
e_t_Well make a build directory here, then change into it: "mkdir build && cd build"10:04
SkEmOdamn it!!!10:04
SkEmOmountall doesent work!10:04
MehrabHi, I used to connect my pppoe connection through knetworkmanager, but for some reasons I made a connection through pppoeconf in console, after that I cannot connect with KNM, and it says Unmanaged, and no more respond10:06
e_t_zus: Now, we probably need to install some software, because KDE stuff has particular dependencies. Install the kde-devel meta-package with "sudo apt-get install kde-devel". This will take some time to download and install, depending on your connection. After this, I think you will be able to follow the instructions on the ktorrent website.10:09
hrwhow stable is kde 4.4.80 in maverick?10:09
e_t_Mehrab: What are the contents of /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state ?10:10
zuse_t_,  do i do it the same directory we last built?10:11
Mehrabe_t_ : here http://pastebin.com/ti1n5aLt10:12
e_t_zus: It doesn't matter where you call apt-get from. It doesn't actually install things where you are, it always installs things to where they need to be.10:12
e_t_Mehrab: Is NetworkManager running? (ps -eaf|grep network)10:14
wedohow can i identify the default runlevel10:14
e_t_wedo: The default runlevel for Debian-derived systems (like Ubuntu) is 2. This is different from other Linuxes like RedHat/Fedora, whose default runlevel is 5.10:16
Mehrabe_t_ : It's working, I think.   http://pastebin.com/3uGW2UCz10:16
wedoe_t_: when I check the runlevel it gives me "unknown"10:17
wedohow can I force it to boot on runlevel 210:17
e_t_Mehrab: Oops! Capital N (ps -eaf|grep Network)10:17
e_t_wedo: Where are you checking the runlevel?10:18
wedoin the konsole10:18
e_t_wedo: What command?10:18
wedoe_t_: i used command : runlevel10:18
Mehrabe_t_ : http://pastebin.com/9843Z3ec10:19
e_t_wedo: You have the latest Ubuntu? The same command on my system returns "N 2".10:19
wedoyes I have lucid 10.4 with all updates10:20
wedoe_t_: my main problem is that there are some autostart programs does not start automaticaly e.g.: Knetworkmanager & cups10:21
e_t_Mehrab: I'm sorry. That's the end of what I know to do.10:21
SkEmOwedo you lucky man/girl10:23
Mehrabe_t_ : thanks anyway ;)10:23
wedoSkEmO: what do u mean :)10:24
SkEmOwedo my laptop died after all teh updates :S10:24
SkEmOnever reached lucid10:24
SkEmOnow all the filesystem on it is unmounted and i cant mount it back10:24
wedooh sorry to hear so10:24
SkEmOit sucks10:24
e_t_wedo: were there any errors during the update process?10:29
wedoit was working fine10:30
e_t_wedo: I'd try an apt-get remove + apt-get install cycle on what's not working. That might reset them.10:31
wedoe_t_: I did so but its same10:32
wedoe_t_: I think the problems comes from the runlevel10:32
zuse_t_,  its done installing the last bit ya had me do,...this is from the site...do i start from line 3? http://pastebin.com/FXQSCECA10:32
wedoe_t_: I cannot shutdown or reboot my pc through the kickoff menu options, I have to use the command line10:33
e_t_zus: I think you should be able to start from #5. I had you do #19 just now, so you can skip that.10:34
e_t_wedo: I think the runlevel is another symptom of a deeper disease, though I don't know what.10:36
zuse_t_, thank you so very much...the site makes a bit more sense as i read it and scrolled back...10:36
wedothanks e_t_10:36
e_t_zus: I told you the command line wasn't scary.10:36
zusoh do i uninstall the old ktorrent? or will this overwrite it? will it be a folder in my home all in my way or tucked away where the old ktortent is now...10:37
zuse_t_, is lines 5 and 6 supposed to be one line?10:39
e_t_zus: The last step in the compile process is "sudo make install". That will write it to system directories so that it can be used. It is a different step from just "make". Usually, compiled software will be installed to /usr/local/ instead of /usr/.10:40
zuslines 5 and 6 made the cursor become >10:45
e_t_Press Ctrl+C to get out of that. Be sure you get the whole line, including the .. at the end: "cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` .." That should take a little time to complete. Then, once cmake is done, type make.10:48
zusgees -- configuring incomplete, errors occured!10:52
zusmissinf GMP_INCLUDE_DIR GMP_LIBRARIES is the text,10:52
e_t_zus: Let's try "sudo apt-get install libgmp3-dev" They do cmake again.10:54
zuse_t_,  ok.. got errors again,...(missing: QCA2_LIBRARIES QCA2_INCLUDE_DIR) was there something i didnt download i should have?10:58
e_t_zus: Yes. This is the un-fun part of compiling -- getting all the dependencies in order. Enter the command "aptitude search qca2" and see what comes up. You are looking for packages that end in -dev (dash dev). You can do this process for all the errors you get until you don't get any. If aptitude doesn't come up with what you need, put the error into Google. That will almost certainly tell you what to do.11:01
zusand then do this for the other folder as well the ktorrent4?11:02
e_t_zus: Yes.11:02
zuse_t_,  thank you very much for getting me this far11:03
e_t_zus: Well, I've got to go for now. It's 3 in the morning and I need to sleep.11:04
* SkEmO takes a gun and shoots his laptop11:04
* SkEmO slaps LjL11:04
zuse_t_, i hear you its 6 am here!11:04
LjLSkEmO :)11:04
SkEmO5am here!!11:04
LjLSkEmO: since when do you use kubuntu?11:05
SkEmOLjL buongirono principessa :D11:05
SkEmOLjL since before it died on me D:11:05
SkEmOit killed me laptop!!11:05
LjLwell your laptop probably deserved to die ;(11:05
SkEmOeverything is unmounted now except /dev/sda111:05
zusi hate to quit in the middle but i NEED to go as well....11:06
zusSkEmO,  ya can shoot me too lol later guys11:07
SkEmObaii zus11:07
zusSkEmO, more like bbl  :)11:07
LjLSkEmO: i checked the logs... you've upgraded to lucid but the upgrade failed and your filesystem doesn't mount?11:09
LjLSkEmO: can you reach a root shell now?11:10
SkEmOim at it11:10
SkEmObut as root@(none):~#11:10
LjLSkEmO: is this a recovery shell?11:10
LjLSkEmO: do you have internet from it?11:11
SkEmOhmm i dont know11:11
SkEmOi guess so11:11
SkEmOits plugged11:11
LjLSkEmO: try "ping www.google.com" to check11:11
SkEmOping: unknown host www.google.com11:12
LjLSkEmO: hm that's not too good. unfortunately with current Ubuntu versions, if NetworkManager doesn't start, you don't get a connection11:13
LjLSkEmO: now i'm shooting in the dark here, but try "apt-get -f install" to fix any broken packages you might have, see what the output is like11:13
SkEmOLjL i think this never made it to lucid, not that i think off11:13
LjLeh, NetworkManager has been around for a few releases though, not just Lucid11:14
SkEmOw: not using locking for read only sth11:14
SkEmOE unable to write to /var/cache/apt11:14
SkEmOe: package lists or status file coult not be located11:14
SkEmOwait, not locvated, parsed11:14
LjLSkEmO: hmm so there's still a problem with (un)mounted filesystems. what does the output of "mount | grep sd" look like?11:14
SkEmOit says /dev/sda1 on /type ext 3 (rw, relatime, erros= remount11:15
LjLoh, so that's mounted... but it can't find /var/cache/apt? that's not too good11:16
LjLtry an "ls /var" to see if the /var directory exists11:16
SkEmObackups cache crash lib local lock log mail11:17
SkEmOcrach and lock are highlighted11:17
LjLSkEmO: what about "ls /var/cache/apt" (just tell me if it gives an error or show files)11:18
SkEmOarchives pkgcache.bin srcpkgcache.bin11:18
LjLSkEmO: anyway, would reinstalling be an option? do you have files you need to recover? because this isn't looking *too* good really11:19
LjLit can probably be fixed, like everything, but it's going to be a headache11:19
SkEmOwell i've been trying to reinstall11:19
SkEmObut the installation freeze11:19
SkEmOthat when the cd works >.>11:19
LjLSkEmO: do you have a fast internet connection? if so, you should probably get the Minimal CD, which has a text-mode installer and downloads everything from the internet (so it doesn't have to read from the CD)11:20
SkEmOi got 4mb connection now11:20
SkEmOim gonna go buy cd's today11:21
SkEmOi ran outta them11:21
LjLSkEmO: did you burn the CD you used at the slowest possible speed? sometimes CDs that are burned too fast don't work well11:21
SkEmOi did with the last one11:22
SkEmObut still doesent read it11:22
SkEmOi burnt it at 6x11:22
SkEmOIMO its the dvd drive11:22
LjLSkEmO: hmm. well, let's go on looking at your recovery shell anyway. see if you can get an internet connection... do "nano /etc/network/interfaces", and tell me if there's something saying stuff similar to "iface eth0 inet dhcp" (might not be eth0)11:23
SkEmOsec, lemme get there again, i rebooted11:24
SkEmOwait before the grub screen there there ethernet controller working11:24
LjLeh but that's just the BIOS saying that11:25
SkEmOok LjL11:34
SkEmOi get a new scren11:34
SkEmOand it says11:34
SkEmOauto lo11:34
FloodBotK2SkEmO: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:34
SkEmOiface lo inet loopback11:34
LjLSkEmO: ok, try this:   echo "iface eth0 inet dhcp" >>/etc/network/interfaces11:37
LjL(be careful, you need *two* >> signs there, otherwise you'll delete the file)11:38
SkEmOoh god11:38
SkEmOso lemme exit this then11:38
LjLSkEmO: oh, i made you do nano... you can just add that line in nano if you prefer11:38
SkEmOwait on shell LjL?11:38
LjLSkEmO: just add the line     iface eth0 inet dhcp     in nano11:38
LjLthen ctrl+x to save and exit11:39
satishfirefox is too slow on kubuntu!  why is that so11:40
SkEmOLjL do i need the "?11:40
LjLSkEmO: no11:40
SkEmOi get an error writing on /etc/network/interfaces11:41
LjLoh crap11:41
LjLthe filesystem really isn't mounted for writing then, despite what "mount" says11:41
LjLSkEmO: exit nano, tell it to not save, then do "mount /dev/sda1 -o remount,rw"11:41
LjLSkEmO: then tell me if "touch /test" gives you any error11:42
SkEmO[668.548828] EXT FS on sda1, internal journal11:42
satishcan anybody tell me why firefox and dolphin are very slow and use almost 100% of cpu11:43
LjLi wouldn't know satish11:43
satishis there any bug?11:44
SkEmOLjL nope, no errors11:44
LjLSkEmO: ok, then try again this:   echo "iface eth0 inet dhcp" >>/etc/network/interfaces11:44
satishshould i update11:44
SkEmOiface: command not found11:45
LjLSkEmO: no this time type the whole thing, including echo, "" and everything11:45
SkEmOoh lol ok11:46
SkEmOgives me no errors11:47
LjLSkEmO: ok, now try "ifup eth0"11:47
LjLfail like what11:48
SkEmOifup: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate/....11:48
LjLSkEmO: try "ifconfig eth0 up"11:48
SkEmOeth0: error while getting interface flags11:49
SkEmOno such destination11:49
LjLSkEmO: is yours an ethernet card, or wireless?11:49
LjLyou said plugged in so i assumed wired11:49
SkEmOcos wifi cant be enable manually11:50
SkEmOi get a weird msg11:50
LjLyeah wifi is quite certainly a mess to enable from console11:50
LjLi use ethernet myself so i'm not very familiar with it either11:50
LjLtry "ifconfig -a", see if eth0 shows up there11:50
SkEmOyes it shows11:59
SkEmOeth0 link encap: ethernet etc etc etc11:59
LjLSkEmO: eh, i don't think it's really connected, but try "ping" anyway to check (that's google's IP)12:00
judgenHow do i get a soundblaster pci128 to work with ubuntu?12:01
SkEmOconnect: network is unreachable12:01
LjLjudgen: should work by default in theory...12:02
LjLSkEmO: ok, nevermind the network, try once more "apt-get -f install" in case we actually managed to mount the filesystem read/write this time12:02
SkEmOi did the apt-get upgrade and it works >.>12:02
SkEmOits nuts!12:02
LjLSkEmO: yeah, it's because we remounted the filesystem rw12:02
judgendoes ont show up in lspci sadly12:03
LjLSkEmO: i hope the filesystem is not broken though, because if it is, apt-get upgrade may mess it up even more12:03
SkEmOthe install works12:03
SkEmOits removing a few packages and installing enw ones12:03
LjLjudgen: not even in lspci? that's weird, it should show up, even if there is no driver for it. try "sudo lshw -C sound" and see if it shows there12:04
LjLSkEmO: but you said you are in the *install*? the graphical install?12:04
SkEmOno i mean the apt-get -f install12:04
SkEmOk, all done LjL12:05
LjLSkEmO: ah right. so how many packages did it upgrade, roughly?12:05
SkEmOpsh like 5012:05
judgenLjL that command only shows PCI (Sysfs) and SCSI12:05
LjLSkEmO: ok well try "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop", although i doubt it will work without an internet connection12:07
LjLbut if you're lucky it won't need to fetch any new packages12:07
SkEmOubable to fetch some archives12:08
LjLSkEmO: let's try the network again... do you know what your IP address is usually?12:09
LjLi mean to the router12:09
satish_does gyachi supports chat rooms12:09
LjLSkEmO: do "ifconfig eth0 that-ip-address"12:09
LjLSkEmO: if it gives an error, do "ifdown eth0 ; ifconfig eth0 down" and then try again12:10
SkEmO[2339.203149] r8169: eth0: link up12:10
judgendarn this sb128... this is futile. I broke my realtek HDA and im desperate for some tunes.12:10
SkEmOno errors LjL12:11
SkEmOyay! its enabled on the router!!12:11
SkEmOi can see it12:11
satish_hi friends can anyone tellme if does gyachi supports chat rooms12:11
LjLSkEmO: oh hey, that sounds promising. try now "route add default gw the-IP-address-of-your-router"12:11
LjLSkEmO: then again "ping" to see if google works12:12
SkEmOnetwork unreachable xD12:12
LjLbut why12:12
SkEmOi dont know12:13
LjLSkEmO: please do "cat /etc/network/interfaces" and confirm that the last line reads "iface eth0 inet dhcp", and that there's no other line with "eth0" in it12:13
SkEmOit works now LjL12:14
LjLoh wow12:14
SkEmOneeded to do the route add default gw the-IP-address-of-your-router"12:14
SkEmOnow it pings google12:14
SkEmOnow the apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?12:14
LjLSkEmO: now you need to add a valid DNS. do:  echo nameserver >>/etc/resolv.conf12:14
LjL( is an italian DNS server, but it should work for you too)12:15
LjLSkEmO: after that yes, try apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:15
SkEmOafter the ping i lost the shell!!12:16
SkEmOits just the cursos blinking12:16
SkEmOdamn desktop typing!!12:16
LjLeh, hit ctrl+c12:17
SkEmOit works!12:18
SkEmOoh wait12:18
SkEmOcant establish connection12:19
LjLdid you see what mirror it was trying to contact?12:19
LjLlike us.archive.ubuntu.com12:19
LjLtry "ping mx.archive.ubuntu.com" then12:19
SkEmOno ping12:20
SkEmOunknown host12:20
LjLSkEmO: does it at least resolve it? i.e. tell you that it's
LjLSkEmO: hmm "cat /etc/resolv.conf" and see if the nameserver i gave you is still there12:20
SkEmOno such file or directory12:21
LjLno such - what12:21
LjLSkEmO: ok i have no idea why that happened, but do again:  echo nameserver >>/etc/resolv.conf12:21
SkEmObash_ cat/etc/resolv.conf : no such dile or dir12:21
LjLthen try again, either the ping or the apt-get12:22
SkEmOdoes "nameserver" goes like that or needst o be teplaced to telecommitalia or sth?12:23
SkEmOim pinging but no ping12:23
LjLSkEmO: no, it's just "nameserver"12:23
LjLSkEmO: does it resolve it though?12:23
LjLresolve the name12:23
SkEmOnope, it doesent12:24
SkEmOit just says ping: unknown host mx.archive.ubuntu-com12:24
LjLSkEmO: ok, maybe that server doesn't work for you for some reason... but, your router should be able to act as a DNS server, so let's try that12:25
LjLSkEmO: echo nameserver the-IP-of-your-router >/etc/resolv.conf12:25
LjLthis time only one ">"12:25
LjLthen ping again12:26
SkEmOsame thing12:26
SkEmOit just says ping: unknown host mx.archive.ubuntu.com12:27
TorchLjL: default route?12:27
LjLTorch: hmm?12:27
TorchLjL: did you have him add a default route?12:27
* Torch only skimmed the backlog.12:27
LjLTorch: yes12:27
TorchLjL:  ah, good. ;-)12:27
jonah1980hey guys, i've found there's a touchpad section in kde settings, but all options are greyed out. i want to turn the tapping off on my laptop touchpad, how can i get these settings to be enabled please??12:27
LjLTorch: before that, any ping would give "network unreachable", now it seems to work with IPs12:27
LjLSkEmO: try "ping", if that works, we'll try using that as a mirror (it's the IP of mx.archive.ubuntu.com)12:28
SkEmOthat works12:28
SkEmOhow do i use it as mirror?12:29
SkEmOapt-get install kubuntu-desktop IP?12:29
LjLSkEmO: ok try this then, be careful to type it all correctly:    sed -ibackup 's/mx.archive.ubuntu.com/' /etc/apt/sources.list12:29
LjLthen "sudo apt-get update"12:29
oxymoronTwo bugs I want to fix, Kopete doesnt login after typed Kwallet password and still asks me for password for ALL my accounts ... and then Konversation (Current using) on startup cannot connect to host, so I have to restart it every single time to connect properly xD12:30
LjLeh, without the sudo12:30
SkEmOafter g' thers a space before the /etc/apt/sources.list?12:31
LjLSkEmO: yes12:31
oxymoronHow do I solve them?12:32
LjLif "apt-get update" works, then the install should work too12:32
SkEmOit does12:32
SkEmOsorta its connecting12:32
LjLeh, it should take very little time to connect :|12:33
SkEmOthen it fails12:33
SkEmOerr http://seurity.ubuntu.com lalalala12:33
Torchoxymoron: for konversation, try #konversation. sho, the dev, is usually there.12:33
LjLSkEmO: oh right, security12:33
LjLSkEmO: do "nano /etc/apt/sources.list" and comment out security and any other lines that don't have
LjL(comment out = add a # at the beginning)12:34
SkEmOwait cos its retrying12:34
LjLoxymoron: i don't have that problem with Konversation in Lucid12:35
oxymoronTorch: Not sure its Konversation specific, actually I think QT or KDE but yeah I try there.12:35
LjLKopete i dunno, i don't use it12:35
Torchoxymoron: with startup you mean on login12:35
oxymoronLjL: I didnt use to have either, but when updating to 4.4.3 it became that way ...12:36
oxymoronTorch: Yes, when startup KDE and it starts from last time.12:36
LjLah, i'm on kde 4.4.212:36
oxymoronLjL: I was as well, until Torch recomennded me to test 4.4.3 to see if Kopete would work then, but it wasnt xD12:37
oxymoronIs it possible to rollback?12:37
Torchoxymoron: yes, but i wouldn't recommend it.12:38
SkEmOok done12:38
SkEmOsome have ##12:38
Torchoxymoron: KDE apps can (and regularly do) convert settings on update. those settings would break when going back.12:38
SkEmObut those i didnt touched12:38
* oxymoron thinks theres a problem when application starts up from last session in KDE.12:38
SkEmOok file saved12:39
oxymoronTorch: They usually break up settings on update as well, thats why you cant upgrade from Karmic to Lucid for instance flawless.12:39
LjLSkEmO: ok, try apt-get update again12:39
Torchoxymoron: actually they don't.12:39
oxymoronOr some people can, but most people got settings incompability somewhere.12:39
SkEmOgah! it wont connect!12:39
oxymoronTorch: It does for me since 7.0412:39
Torchoxymoron: make a difference between KDE and kubuntu please.12:40
Torchoxymoron: kubuntu updates never work.12:40
LjLSkEmO: :| what to? the IP?12:40
Torchoxymoron: kde updates usually do. it's the exception there are problems.12:40
oxymoronTorch: Kubuntu uses KDE ... so if KDE doesnt work, Kubuntu doesnt either :P12:40
SkEmOwell its still trying12:40
SkEmObut i think its cos its says karmic instead of hmm whatever is 9.0412:40
MamarokSkEmO: Jaunty12:41
SkEmOyes that, thanks Mamarok12:41
SkEmOLjL failed to fetch files12:41
oxymoronMamarok: Btw I am curious, why isnt Maverick alpha news released on any *buntu website?12:42
Mamarokoxymoron: because it's too new?12:42
LjLSkEmO: did it only ever try to connect to the IP, there weren't any hostnames shown?12:43
Mamarokoxymoron: it is on the relevant wiki pages for developers12:43
oxymoronMamarok: All other alphas before, even alpha 1 have been released, now its golden silence everywhere.12:44
Mamarokoxymoron: it's not out yet, only a freeze has been anounced yesterday12:44
SkEmOerr karmic release.gpg could not connect to (
LjLgrr but why12:45
Mamarokoxymoron: subscribe to the Ubuntu-deve-announce mailing list and you will get noticed. Mind you, we do no support for Maverick, so please don't sak in here12:45
LjLif it pings, why doesn't it connect12:45
SkEmOw: failed to fetch
SkEmOim gonna ping it again12:45
MamarokSkEmO: why not change the mirror?12:45
SkEmOto what?12:46
LjLMamarok: because the mirror itself is up...12:46
LjLMamarok: his DNS isn't working, and probably something else too12:46
MamarokLjL: still, it can be out of sync12:46
SkEmOok i did the apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:47
SkEmOand it says already the newest version12:48
SkEmOthe following packages were automaticalle installed12:48
oxymoronMamarok: I wont use Maverick this early, not so many improvements yet ... But it seems awesome with KDE 4.5, QT 4.7 and new default web browser reconq :) To shame no Akonadi yet, but hopefully they force the worker to work faster so they maybe make it until october.12:48
SkEmOuse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them12:48
Mamarokoxymoron: just don't ask Maverick question in here, that's all I ask you12:48
=== ahmed is now known as Guest67526
LjLSkEmO: eh but if the "apt-get update" isn't working, i wouldn't trust it too much about saying it's the latest version12:49
Mamarokthere is #ubuntu+1 for that12:49
SkEmOlol indeed cos its not12:49
oxymoronMamarok: It wasnt any questions above, just assumptions12:51
LjLSkEmO: see if this works, "wget"12:52
SkEmOit says connecting to ip12:54
LjLbut doesn't?12:56
SkEmOionno its just there12:56
LjLit's not working, or it'd have connected already12:57
LjLi don't know. i really have no idea why it would ping, but not connect12:57
LjLasking somewhere else if anyone has ideas12:57
SkEmO:D thanks12:58
SkEmOim asking too12:58
SkEmOLjL someone said "is the port open?" @,@12:59
SkEmOhmm connection timed out now13:00
LjLSkEmO: yeah that's the first thing they suggested to me, too, but very unlikely to be the problem. someone else has told me the routing might be incorrect, on the other hand, which sounds more like it13:00
LjLSkEmO: so try "tracepath" (or if that doesn't work, "traceroute") and see if it looks like it's getting out of your local network13:01
SkEmOon tracepad13:02
SkEmOroute fail13:02
SkEmOresume pmtu 6553513:03
SkEmOon t tracerout13:03
SkEmOthe program traceroute can eb found in the following13:03
LjLok, it's because traceroute is not installed13:03
LjLit doesn't matter13:03
SkEmOtry: aptget install <selected package>13:04
LjLdo "route" and tell me what it says, roughly13:04
LjLit should have as "default gateway" your router's address13:04
SkEmOkernet ip routing table13:04
SkEmOdestination gateway genmask flags13:04
SkEmO192.168.1.0 * u13:05
SkEmOdefault ip u13:05
LjL"ip" there is which ip, your router's, or your computer's?13:05
SkEmOmy routers13:05
LjLdoes it have "eth0" in the last column?13:06
SkEmOdamn i cant see screen is too small13:06
SkEmOlemme attach the tv to it13:06
LjLSkEmO: do "route | more" if the screen is too small to show the whole thing13:07
SkEmOget the same results13:07
LjLSkEmO: so no "eth0" in the last column? the columns i have are:   Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface13:08
LjLyours stop at Flags?13:08
LjLthis would be much easier if we could use a pastebin... but that needs an internet connection in the first place ;(13:08
|vinxs|salve a tutti13:09
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:09
|vinxs|ubottu va bene anche per kubuntu lì? ho un problemino13:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:10
SkEmOhehe yea13:10
SkEmOit stops at flags13:10
LjL|vinxs|: sì, è supportata anche Kubuntu su #ubuntu-it13:10
|vinxs|thanks LjL13:11
LjLyou're welcome13:11
LjLSkEmO: does "ifconfig" (without -a this time) show eth0?13:11
SkEmOyes, it does13:11
LjLSkEmO: is an IP address shown?13:11
SkEmOinet addr and bcast13:12
LjLSkEmO: i'm waiting for someone to answer me, they probably know better about these routing issues13:16
SkEmO:) ok13:17
oxymoronTorch: May you ask things about Rekonq in here? Its in official sources?13:18
Torchoxymoron: i don't know, i'm a KDE guy, not a kubuntu guy ;-)13:18
LjLoxymoron: you can ask here, sure13:18
LjLnot that i could answer them or that anyone else seems to be around, but you can ask :P13:18
Torchoxymoron: i think there's #rekonq. dunno how frequented that channel is though.13:19
oxymoronI wonder, the adress bar in rekonq is REALLY SMALL and the text is REALLY tiny, how to change that?13:21
oxymoronIts the ONLY thing that annoys me, and one of the most important things.13:21
LjLSkEmO: i dunno, the other person isn't answering. you could also try rebooting, since it's possible that apt-get -f install fixed stuff and might let you have a more acceptable boot... but we'll lose the network settings we've managed to set up so far13:21
SkEmOLjL i dont think rebooting works cos im not sure it mounted13:23
SkEmOcos if i do mountall i get13:23
SkEmOmountall: root filesystem isn't mounted13:24
LjLSkEmO: that's so weird. it should be mounted now though, or we wouldn't have been able to change the files we changed13:25
SkEmOunless... it was temp13:26
LjLbut this is not the live cd is it?13:26
oxymoronANybody uses Rekonq?13:28
SpaceManoxymoron: did the #rekonq chan help?13:29
gt_buenos dias alguien me puede ayudar acargar una foto al facebook que no se como ???13:30
LjL!es | gt_13:31
ubottugt_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:31
SkEmOLjL yeah but he wants to upload a pic on facebook xD13:31
LjLyeah well13:31
LjL-es is a mess of a channel anyway, they probably won't notice what he's asking is offtopic :P13:31
SkEmOi joined xD13:32
SkEmOthere should be a #facebook13:33
=== gt_ is now known as yamileth
oxymoronSpaceMan: Everyone seems idle in there unfortunatly13:37
SpaceManI did try "sudo apt-get install rekonq" but it wanted to install 271MB so I gave up13:39
Guest91048does the ubuntu gnome archives work for kubuntu or will it need dependencies?13:39
SpaceManmost of the 271MB was KDE4, I'm still using KDE313:40
=== Guest91048 is now known as Avasz
moetunesGuest91048: all ubuntus use the same repos13:40
Avaszmoetunes, oh.. okez. thank.13:40
moetunesnp :]13:40
Avaszwhihc will be better? installing kubuntu-desktop in my gnome or installing kubuntu erasing my current os?13:41
moetunesboth will work fine - it comes down to choice13:42
SkEmOLjL im gonna reboot it13:44
SkEmOis there a command to do it or just ctrl+alt+del?13:45
LjLSkEmO: yeah give it a try. "reboot" is the command13:45
SkEmOoh god13:48
SkEmOit reboots and i get the kubuntu loading13:49
SkEmObut then i get13:49
SkEmOfsck from util-linux-ng 2.1613:49
LjLthat's fine, it's checking your disk, which is probably a good idea after all the mess...13:49
SkEmOinit: network interface (lo) pre-start ptocess (450)13:49
SkEmOinit: network interface (lo) post-start process (457)13:50
SkEmOand the cursos blinking after that13:50
LjLSkEmO: tried hitting ctrl+c?13:50
SkEmObut only shows ^C13:51
LjLSkEmO: eh well, i guess you're going to have to boot into recovery mode again after all13:52
LjLSkEmO: actually13:52
LjLSkEmO: try first ctrl+alt+f2, if by any chance there's a terminal there13:52
SkEmOrebooted, sec13:53
SkEmOhmm ok13:55
SkEmOnow it doesent show the lo13:55
SkEmOk did the ctrl+alt+f213:56
SkEmObut just shows a black screen13:56
LjLthen recovery mode it is skemo13:57
LjLthough i wouldn't know what to do even in recovery mode if we don't get to understand what's wrong with the connection13:57
SkEmOwhats "PXE-ROM"?13:58
SkEmOoh god i have 3 kernels now13:58
SkEmOok keeps saying this14:00
LjLi think it's something in your BIOS, not sure14:00
SkEmOmountall: /proc: unable to mount14:00
SkEmOmountall:/proc/self/mountinfo: no such file or directory14:01
SkEmOmountall: root filesystem isnt mounted14:01
SkEmOinit: mountall main process terminated with general error14:01
moetunestried with an earlier kernel?14:02
SkEmOi have the 2.16.17, 2.16.18 and 2.16.1914:03
LjLSkEmO: if you can't boot into recovery mode in any way, edit your kernel line (hit "e" on GRUB) and add "init=/bin/sh" to it14:05
SkEmOwait im enabling the internet14:07
gt_cubuntu es14:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:09
=== gt_ is now known as yamilet
yamiletayuda porfe14:10
moetunesyamilet: give it up pls14:10
LjLyamilet, este canal 1) es en inglés 2) es acerca de Ubuntu, no de Facebook14:11
yamiletayuda para cargar unas fotos a mi face alguien que me ayude14:11
moetunesyamilet: /j #facebook14:11
SkEmOisnt it harder to get here than to upload a pic?14:12
LjLSkEmO, i must reboot and then leave now, i will be back in some three hours or so14:14
SkEmOkk LjL, grazie per tutto :D14:14
SkEmOi will go too, be back on the afternoon14:14
LjLprego ;) sorry i couldn't get it fixed14:14
SkEmOyou helped a lot! thanks :D14:15
Kash-7hi everybody ..14:43
Kash-7can somebody giveme a little help about how to configure microphone in kubuntu ?14:43
Kash-7problem solved14:58
=== vezeena is now known as V
silbo__can you solve my problem xD15:02
silbo__how could i compare the bytes 010 and 1015:02
tsimpsonwhat exactly are you trying to do?15:03
=== V is now known as vezeena
silbo__do you know huffmann encoding?15:04
silbo__the one with the binary tree15:04
=== vezeena is now known as Vezeena
silbo__i need to make bytes 010 and 10 so that they have different values15:05
tsimpsonin what language?15:06
=== Hazamonzo is now known as [-Haza-]
tsimpsonyou should ask in ##java, but you need to register your nick to join there15:07
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode15:07
=== [-Haza-] is now known as ws
=== ws is now known as Hazamonzo
tsimpsonHazamonzo: please pick a nick and stick to it15:08
Hazamonzotsimpson: Sorry buddy. Had to change nicks to do some channel admin. Then made a mistake changing my nick back :)15:09
tsimpsonHazamonzo: ok :)15:09
zhaolegendmany people don't talk15:19
zhaolegendhow long have you used kubuntu?15:20
Kirill0v1 week :D15:20
zhaolegendnot long. I use ubuntu more often.15:20
Kirill0vi used wifiway & ubuntu 815:22
zhaolegendubuntu 8.04?15:22
zhaolegendhave you tried 10.04?15:23
Kirill0vnow i'm running kubuntu 10.0415:23
Kirill0vEpic win15:23
zhaolegendi never used Epic.15:25
Kirill0vi want to use windows only at work15:25
zhaolegendgive a short introduction?15:25
zhaolegendyou can do it in Linux too15:26
BluesKajhowdy folks15:26
Kirill0vindesign works fine in wine?15:27
zhaolegendin vitual box or vmware15:29
zhaolegendwine is not working well15:29
zhaolegendtime to go. bye15:30
Kirill0vbye~ and thanks15:31
84XAAEUI2Please log in before attempting to verify your registration.15:38
84XAAEUI2this is silbo again15:38
=== Hazamonzo is now known as [-Haza-]
84XAAEUI2where do i have to log in?15:39
RazionAnyone around who has any idea how to deal with audio conflicts?15:50
RazionWhatever program I open first upon logging in locks my sound to  that program.15:50
RazionThe only exception being that phonon-based applications can run simultaneously (dragon player/amarok).15:51
=== tiannamistii is now known as mistii
RazionAnyone around who has any idea how to deal with audio conflicts?15:55
RazionWhatever program I open first upon logging in locks my sound to  that program.15:56
RazionThe only exception being that phonon-based applications can run simultaneously (dragon player/amarok).15:56
XandeRecifebom dia15:56
Tm_TRazion: pulseaudio might help15:57
RazionTm_T: It comes with Kubuntu 10.04. I bloody removed it because I was having the same problem.15:57
Tm_TRazion: if your phonon & all other apps uses pulseaudio, it should not block anything15:58
Tm_TRazion: other option is to make sure your system uses some other software mixer15:58
RazionTm_T: The problem is that not all apps use pulseaudio...My firefox sure doesn't. And other programs that did conflicted, as well.15:58
RazionTm_T: Recommended mixers besides pulseaudio?15:59
Tm_Tbasic alsa's plug:dmix15:59
RazionTm_T: Which is kmix on Kubuntu, yes?15:59
Tm_TRazion: no, totally different thing15:59
RazionTm_T: I have alsa, but don't seem to have dmix. What gives?16:00
Tm_TRazion: dmix is not separate program, it's plugin that is built in to alsa, so to speak16:00
RazionTm_T: Alright. So how do I access it?16:01
geof270wireless help w 9.0416:02
Tm_TRazion: old sources, no idea if these things are still valid: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Dmix && http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Setting_up_Dmix_for_ALSA16:02
* Tm_T loves proper hardware mixers16:02
Tm_TI gotta go for awhile16:03
RazionAlright. Thanks.16:03
project_86I need help getting voice chat to work on XMPP/Gtalk.16:05
RazionOkay. This is getting ridiculous. Fresh install of 10.04. Audio doesn't work for more than one program at a time. Uninstalled pulseaudio. Same problem running off just alsa. Any ideas?16:28
Dahkmarvnabend an alle16:35
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.16:36
Pici!de | Dahkmarv16:36
ubottuDahkmarv: please see above16:36
apparleguys if I open a pdf in okular which has images, then okular doesn't anti alias the pictures, is there any setting for this?16:37
BluesKajRazion, check your alsamixer in the konsole , the pcm ctrl and others are either mured or turned off...i know this is stating the obvious but it must be mentioned16:38
RazionBluekaj: Turns out, I'm actually getting all my sound...But the ones that I thought were "locked" were coming out of the damn soundcard instead of the USB headset.16:41
RazionBluekaj: Any clue how to get them all where they need to be?16:41
DahkmarvHey everyone, I'm german but now trying englisch:P I've got one problem/question. My musicdatabase is larger then 100.000 tracks. There isn't a program which is able to manage all the tracks, they crash. The question is, is there any programm, i could use only to manage my music, without playing/burning/converting/... Only search the music and the prog tells me the path to the found tracks?16:42
RazionBlueskaj: Mistyped your name. But those two messages are for you, clearly. ^_^16:42
adilalpmanhi all16:42
adilalpmani have a problem about my soundcard on my kubuntu 10.04 till long times16:42
adilalpmancan anybody help me16:42
RazionDahkmarv: Tried Amarok?16:43
Dahkmarvyes, amarok/rythmbox/banshee/aqualung/ario all are crashing^^16:43
Dahkmarvor the search spend more then 50seconds per trac16:44
adilalpmani have a problem about my soundcard on kubuntu 10.04 till days16:44
adilalpmanbut i still cant resolve it16:44
adilalpmancan anybody help me16:44
RazionGMPC, perhaps?16:44
Dahkmarvnever heart, I'll try16:44
adilalpmanmy problem is written this address >> http://osdir.com/ml/ubuntu-users/2010-05/msg02952.html16:45
RazionKein problem. ;]16:45
adilalpmancould u pls check it?16:45
Dahkmarvdoes the gnome programm GMPC work with KDE?16:45
RazionOkay, so...I have sound coming from multiple outputs for no good reason. Anyone have any ideas? Need to get it all on the USB headset.16:46
RazionDahkmarv: Programs generally work regardless of what X environment they're based off of,.16:46
RazionDahkmarv: So...Ja, sicher. xD16:46
Dahkmarvahh okay:)16:46
Zhenyahi guys! I'm having major issues with trying to get dual monitors working on a thinkpad t41. Everything except a straight cloning with low resolution gets me garbled screen! Does anyone have any experience fixing this?16:51
Mutant1I installed KDE yesterday but now all my smoothness of fonts is gone now16:55
Mutant1can any one help me16:55
adilalpmani need help too :(16:56
Mutant1how can i revert my system to day before yesterday16:56
harjothow do i restart the 'keyboard'?16:59
BluesKajRazion, I'm not sure what you mean by "where they need to be", it depends on your souncard setup , on board or pci first of all.17:00
harjotAre there any keyboard modules or something?17:00
harjotBecause sometimes the keyboard wont let me type unless i hold down the key17:01
harjotWhich makes it repeat17:01
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Dahkmarvwhich programm i've got to use to edit config files?17:03
harjotMy keyboard wont let me type after a while unless i hold down the key resulting to something similar:17:03
harjotaass tthhiiss17:03
DarthFrogHave you tried a new keyboard?17:05
harjotDarthFrog: the keyboards not the problem17:07
harjotDarthFrog: Im certain17:07
harjotDarthFrog: because a ctrl-alt-bcpse fixes it17:07
DarthFrogTrying a different keyboard gives weight to your certainty. :-)17:08
=== desudesudesu is now known as desu
harjotDarthFrog: its a laptop17:10
DarthFrogYou can plug a USB keyboard into a laptop.17:10
DarthFrogBut if you don't want to bother ...17:10
harjotIm pretty sure its not the keyboard17:11
harjotLike 95%17:11
ScuniziIs there a kde front end to efax?  I'd just like to avoid efax-gtk if you know what I mean.....17:12
DarthFrogharjot: OK, keep your keyboard.  swap out your keyboard controller then, instead. :-)  Get my drift?  I think you have a hardware problem.17:12
harjotDarthFrog: Im thinking its software related, as this has never happened beofre17:14
harjotDarthFrog: what if i reset the keyboard language?17:14
DarthFrogharjot: That just translates the keyboard input into different glyphs.17:15
DarthFrogBut, hey, give it a shot.17:15
razdI know I can try this myself, but since I'm here I might as well ask. A friend of mine mentioned throwing out his old tower. It occured to me that I could turn it into an NES/SNES/PSX emulation machine. Anyone have any experience with game console emulators on Kubuntu? If so, are they as solid as they are on Windows? I wouldn't go past the PSX era, so I'm not worried about PS2, Xbox, etc...17:18
harjotI tried that, but i dont think my video card is good with much17:19
razdPlaystation One... the original one?17:20
harjotrazd: Ive had no luck with emulators, mainly because of my graphics17:20
harjotrazd: try pcsx17:20
razdYeah, I have a spare vidcard lying around that I know works with Ubuntu17:20
razdIf it's compatible with this tower's mobo, I might just try it17:21
harjottry it17:22
harjotI think you need a bios though17:22
harjotFor pcsx17:22
harjotNot sure17:22
razdYeah most playstation emulators work that way, I understand17:22
razdShould be fun if it works. I'm tired of losing saves on SNES carts and PSX memory cards17:23
harjotYeah, i think pcsx is stable, its been around for some time17:23
razdCool... thanks17:23
adilalpmanwhy i cant get any help17:24
adilalpmanfrom ubuntu team17:24
adilalpmantill days i cant really understand :(17:25
razdMight be a good chance to try out Mythbuntu17:29
* razd shrugs17:29
DarthFrograzd: Mythbuntu is excellent.17:29
razdYeah I just stumbled across the MythGame module for MythTV... if I could control the interface with my USB controller, I'd be all set17:30
DarthFrogDoes your USB controller work with LIRC?17:31
DarthFrogUnlikely, never mind. :-)17:31
razdOh man that would be cool... an infrared game controller hooked up to MythGame17:32
DarthFrogDoes such a thing exist?17:33
razdBut I have a wireless dual-shock PSX controller that works with my little USB adapter thingy, so that'll do17:33
razdalthough, if I remember correctly, Ubuntu had trouble with the analog sticks last time I tried any emulation on it... about 2 releases ago :)17:34
=== elcuco is now known as cuco
razdOh look, they even have packages to get an Xbox 360 controller working17:40
razdDear lord, I'm afraid I'm never going to leave my house again... This is going to be awesome17:41
DarthFrogYou'll have to leave sometime, you'll run out of toilet paper! :-)17:41
DeathKnighthow to use kde??? its driving me crazy..17:48
PiciCongrats, you're using KDE then :P17:48
BluesKajDeathKnight, kubuntu-desktop ?17:49
shadeslayerKDE 4.5 crashes even in gnome here ;)17:49
BluesKajsudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop , DeathKnight17:49
DeathKnightit just crashed17:49
DeathKnightBluesKaj, yes i did that in gnome17:49
shadeslayerDeathKnight: any idea what it says about the crash?17:50
shadeslayerwhich app,backtrace,etc17:50
DeathKnightit just crashed when i was trying to resize the panel.. and it went below the screen17:50
DeathKnightshall i do that again and get the result17:50
DeathKnightdidnt crash this time.. :(17:50
DeathKnighthow do i move the panel to top?17:51
BluesKajwhat app are you talking about ?17:51
DeathKnighti dont know what it is called in kde.. i am talking about the panel.. the panel.17:52
DeathKnightpanel with all menus and notification areas etc17:52
shadeslayerDeathKnight: there should be a cashew in the panel..... far right17:52
BluesKajDeathKnight, log out and back in , at the login page choose kde from the menu.17:53
DeathKnightyeah there is someting..17:53
DeathKnightshadeslayer, what do i do with the cashew?17:53
shadeslayerDeathKnight: click it,youll get the settings for the pane;17:54
razdclick it cautiously17:54
DeathKnightys.. but there is no option to take it on top..17:54
shadeslayerhave a close look at every button,everything is right there\17:54
DeathKnightscreen edge.17:54
shadeslayerDeathKnight: -_-  .... look carefully... something called " Edge "17:54
shadeslayerDeathKnight: yes!17:54
DeathKnightyes... one thing done..17:55
DeathKnightbit hard to use this..not hard but confusing..17:55
razdIt takes some getting used to, but I've found KDE to be the most customizable desktop manager out there17:57
razdTook me a while to get the hang of workspaces, activities, and just what the heck Plasma is17:58
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DeathKnightrazd, oh.. ok.. i will try..17:59
DeathKnightbut why dows this KDE remind me much of windows?18:00
harjotBecause the bars at the bottom18:00
razdbecause it uses the same desktop metaphor that most desktop managers use18:00
noaXess_kubuntunormaly grub2 should be installed if i upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04, right?18:01
razdnoaXess_kubuntu: I'm pretty sure Kubuntu 10.04 installed grub 1.98 on my machine18:02
razdalthough I'm at work, so I can't verify that18:02
DeathKnightand.. my computer used to boot within 15 secs.. and after installing this it is taking 30+ secs.. why?18:02
noaXess_kubunturazd: so thats package grub218:02
razdDeathKnight: what OS were you booting into before?18:03
noaXess_kubuntumy fresh upgraded 10.04 has still grub 0.9718:03
DeathKnightrazd, lucid18:03
razdDeathKnight: I'm assuming you were running Ubuntu (gnome) and not Kubuntu (KDE)?18:04
DeathKnightrazd, true true.. i just installed kde about 15 mins ago18:05
=== mgagne_ is now known as wftl
shadeslayerDeathKnight: well,if you install more stuff onto your HD,it will take some more time to boot obviously18:06
razdah ok, I'm not much of a guru on the topic, but I do know the general consensus is that you may have some performance problems if you have both Gnome & KDE installed18:06
shadeslayerlike mine... i have almost all KDE debug packages installed... and boot is near 25 secs18:06
shadeslayerbtw does anyone know if the kubuntu installer supports GPT ?18:07
apparleguys how does kubuntu look with compiz instead of kwin18:07
DeathKnightshadeslayer, ok..18:07
RazionI have audio coming out of different outputs. Some programs output through the onboard sound, some through the USB headset. Any idea how to get them all to output to the headset?18:08
razdnoaXess_kubuntu: did you use the entire disk during install or did you just install to a partition?18:08
oxymoronWhen using unrar to extract rar archives my Dual Core CPU uses almost 40% and Xorg 10 % and my computer frooze once in awhile, and goes REALLY SLOW? WHY?18:08
shadeslayerapparle: should look the same,but dont expect it to enable all effects kwin has18:08
shadeslayeroxymoron: uh... how big was the archive?18:08
shadeslayeroxymoron: and 10pc CPU by xorg is probably due to plasma-desktop18:09
oxymoronshadeslayer: Like 21 GB, but happens when extracting 4 GB files as well.18:09
razdnoaXess_kubuntu: I'm thinking you may have somehow missed installing grub into the MBR during install... that's the only thing I can think of18:09
Razionoxymoron: Files that big usually lag, mate.18:09
oxymoronshadeslayer: I extract from terminal so I dont understand Xorg.18:10
oxymoronRazion: WHY?18:10
BluesKajI'm considering trying out dropbox , but it seems to be set up for gtk-libs and gnome . I'd like to keep my OS as kde pure as possible altho one must use some gtk based apps like synaptic in some cases. Is there a kde version or do i have to install nautilus and all the gtk dependencies , in order to make it work?18:10
shadeslayeroxymoron: ah.. well those are quite big and will take CPU cycles18:10
oxymoronIt shouldnt take so much power that the system become unstable ... lol18:10
shadeslayeryou didnt expect it to idle at 10 pc :P18:10
Razionoxymoron: That's a hell of a lot of data. I don't know the technical details of it, but archives have always done that in my experience.18:10
razdnoaXess_kubuntu: try booting SuperGrubDisk from a cd and see if you can work the problem out from there18:11
apparleBluesKaj: what is dropbox18:11
oxymoronRazion: Not in Windows, there I oculd run winrar with several rar archives in like 4 GB parallelle, not lag at all.18:11
apparle!info dropbox18:11
ubottuPackage dropbox does not exist in lucid18:11
shadeslayerapparle: ;)18:11
shadeslayer!dropbox | apparle18:11
oxymoronrazd: Just admit, unrar sucks in Linux18:11
apparleshadeslayer: when did that change from !info to directly package name?18:12
apparleshadeslayer: and I still didn't get any reply18:12
razdoxymoron: he has a grub issue... I wasn't talking about unrar... but yeah, it's gone noticably slow in my experience18:12
shadeslayerapparle: yeah,no factoid :P18:13
shadeslayerapparle: and i dont think theres a dropbox package18:13
apparleshadeslayer: what's factoid :P18:13
razdthere isn't a dropbox package... I was looking for one the other day :/18:13
shadeslayer!factoid | apparle18:13
ubottuapparle: Hi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots18:13
petr_what about movie player for kubuntu 8 ????18:13
=== petr_ is now known as Guest70329
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:14
Guest70329all my players is bad work with my PC18:14
=== Guest70329 is now known as assential
apparle!info kubuntu-restricted-extras18:14
ubottukubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Kubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 39 (lucid), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB18:14
apparleshadeslayer: that's different isn't it18:14
BluesKaj!info dropbox18:15
ubottuPackage dropbox does not exist in lucid18:15
oxymoronrazd: Sorry wrong person18:15
oxymoronRazion: : Just admit, unrar sucks in Linux18:15
shadeslayerapparle: yes.. the factoids are the stuff right after !18:15
assentialwhen I start big film (8GB)    my vlc player crash!18:15
RazionOxymoron: Why? o_o;. I don't use it.18:15
BluesKajapparle, dropbbox is a web based backup and sync for files etc18:15
shadeslayertheres something on kde-apps.org about dropbox...18:16
oxymoronRazion: Nevertheless, it sucks no matter what, its not optimized at all for Linux. Then big file handling isnt Linux best sides ...18:16
shadeslayerdont remember the name,but its a context menu18:16
shadeslayeri think..18:16
DeathKnighthmm.. can anyone show me a screenshot of their kubuntu dekstop?18:16
FloodBotK3assential: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:16
assentialalll!!!   listen to me!18:16
RazionOxymoron: I'm not sure why you're trying to argue with me. I wasn't preaching the superiority of Linux, or anything...o_o;18:16
oxymoronRazion: And then I have a 3 GHz Dual Core, SSD Disk ... and 4 GB RAM18:16
assentialI want to see film "11-14"    and I can not do it!18:17
oxymoronRazion: I am factoing, not arguing :P18:17
assentialvlc does not work!18:17
shadeslayerassential: tried dragon player?18:17
Razionoxymoron: Well "factoing" doesn't increase your unrar times. :P18:17
shadeslayerassential: also,open a bug with VLC player then18:17
apparle!patience | assential18:17
ubottuassential: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.18:17
BluesKajyup shadeslayer apparle, I was looking at akregator kde apps , http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Kdropbox?content=12326918:17
shadeslayerassential: it crashes every time?18:17
assentialnono !   only sound!18:18
oxymoronRazion: No, but it sure feels better xD18:18
assentialSount exists but images not exists18:18
Razionoxymoron: Your time could be better spent trying to fix my sound. :P18:18
shadeslayerassential: ah..18:19
assentialshadeslayer  no!   63 MB  I want not to wait downloading18:19
shadeslayerassential: i think its a problem with phonon,you could try the phonon-vlc backend18:19
shadeslayerassential: whats a 63 MB download?18:19
assentialshadeslayer   dragonplayes18:20
* shadeslayer wonders how assential does not have dragonplayer if he has kde18:20
GerwinDragonPlayer is 414 kb...18:20
shadeslayerassential: are you sure you have KDE?18:21
assentialI did not say that I have KDE18:21
BluesKajDeathKnight, http://imagebin.ca/view/GKZdV2I.html18:21
assentialI have kubuntu 818:21
RazionI have audio coming out of different outputs. Some programs output through the onboard sound, some through the USB headset. Any idea how to get them all to output to the headset?18:21
oxymoronRazion: I could do a lot of better things yes ... but im sick, some weird virus that nobody knows what it is, called Virus-38 regarding doctor ... Nevertheless, I dont think I can think clear enough to fix your sound :P18:21
Tm_Tshadeslayer: it's easy to have kde without dragonplayer18:21
apparleassential: are you saying you have kubuntu 8.04?18:21
RazionOxymoron: xD18:22
shadeslayerTm_T: doesnt it depend on kubuntu-desktop18:22
shadeslayerassential: \o/18:22
apparleRazion: see in the phonon settings18:22
Tm_Tshadeslayer: you can have kde without k-d18:22
oxymoronRazion: Then I dont see why you should listen on everything in headset anyway, bad for ears :P18:22
Razionapparle: They're all set to th headset.18:22
shadeslayerassential: that is 2 years old!18:22
assentialI am conservator18:22
RazionNext idea?18:23
DeathKnightBluesKaj, ok.. so simple yet good.18:23
apparleassential: but 8.04 is no longer supported as it is very old, so it is highly recommended that you install 10.0418:23
DeathKnightbut i want a good.. cool one..18:23
shadeslayerTm_T: not without dep issues :P18:23
BluesKajassential, well it's good to let us know what version before ppl start searching for ways to help18:23
apparleRazion: and the applications you are using, all use phonon?18:24
Tm_Tshadeslayer: brrrh, not really, but this is irrelevant now18:24
shadeslayerTm_T: yeah.. :P18:24
BluesKajDeathKnight, I used to use desktop icons but now they're mostly useless to me , everything can be launched from the panel18:24
Razionapparle: No. Firefox doesn't. The phonon ones go to the headset. The others go to the speakers.18:24
Razionapparle: Sorry, firefox and a couple games.18:25
DeathKnightBluesKaj, ok..18:25
assentialI am a conservative18:25
assentialI like 8.0418:25
apparleRazion: the headset driver also uses alsa right?18:25
DeathKnightBluesKaj, and do you know if i have just kubuntu 10.04 then will it boot fast?18:25
BluesKajconservatives can be conservative and still up to date with stable installs18:25
RazionRazion: Presumably. I have no idea. It shows up in the alsa mixer, so...18:26
assentialIs it stupidly?18:26
assentialAm I stupid?18:26
apparleassential: but 10.04 has many new features, it is faster, looks better, and I think it will play your file18:26
apparleRazion: :)18:26
apparleRazion: ok in alsa mixer try selecting the output to headset18:26
BluesKajDeathKnight, yes , having 2 desktops is redundancy and causes the sytem to bog down somewhat18:26
assentialbut windows 2002 (xp)   play all big files fine  (8GB)18:26
DeathKnightcan or cant i get the gnome menu in this?18:27
DeathKnightthe one with applications, places and system? in a cool looking way..18:27
apparleassential: Windows 2002 (XP) came with a lot of updates like SP1 and SP2.....18:27
Razionapparle: There is no such option. What mixer am I supposed to be using?18:27
apparleassential: similarly here you have 10.0418:27
BluesKajDeathKnight, gnome apps will run fine in kde and vice versa...try them both for a while to make up your mind18:28
apparleRazion: use alsamixer command in konsole18:29
BluesKajI prefer kde , due to my being an old windows user since 199218:29
shadeslayerhadrian: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/beta18:29
assentialapparle ok18:29
DeathKnightneed to sleep now.. customizing tomorrow.. cyall later..18:30
apparleRazion: and then use F6 as written in top right corner18:30
hadrianshadeslayer : thank you\18:30
shadeslayerhadrian: no problem18:30
apparleassential: wait18:30
shadeslayerhadrian: though i would still pass on the advice i got,to compile Qt as well18:30
apparleassential: have you tried playing the file in kaffeine18:31
hadrianshadeslayer : ok18:31
Razionapparle: Oh. The hell. Had no idea that existed.18:31
apparleRazion: by that are you refering to that mixer or to that option18:32
Razionapparle: The mixer. xD Firefox is still outputting to the onboard sound card. Do I need to log out/restart alsa?18:32
assentialapparle  yes...  everyehere file work....  but in one after 1 minut disappear image!18:32
assentialassential    in coffete  appear error message...18:33
apparleassential: coffete?....18:33
apparleassential: I seriously think you should try 10.0418:33
Razionapparle: Ah. according to this mixer, the default is the onboard. Is there any way to make the headset the default?18:34
assentialapparle  kaffete wark....  but video go with "steps"...  5 shots per second...   and sound disappeared18:34
assentialI have bad integrated 128mb videocard18:35
Razionassential: What's you're native language?18:35
apparleassential: when have you installed linux? which graphic card do yo have18:35
Zhenyahi guys! I'm having major issues with trying to get dual monitors working on a thinkpad t41. Everything except a straight cloning with low resolution gets me garbled screen! Does anyone have any experience fixing this?18:35
RazionWow. Don't know my own, apparently.18:35
Razionassential: Have you tried the RU channel?18:35
assentialno no18:35
assentialI am bunned there18:36
RazionWhy the hell...18:36
assentialfuck russians?18:36
RazionWhy did you get banned from the RU channel, dare I ask?18:36
apparleassential: don't you such language18:36
assentialI do not know18:36
Razionapparle: Ah. according to this mixer, the default is the onboard. Is there any way to make the headset the default?18:36
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:36
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .18:37
apparleassential: ^^18:37
assentialgive me link on RU channel please18:37
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:37
assentialopa     [21:37] [404] #ubuntu-ru Cannot send to channel18:38
Razionapparle: Any ideas, mate?18:38
assential[21:38] <assential> allo!18:38
assential[21:38] [404] #ubuntu-ru Cannot send to channel18:38
apparleRazion: ohh sorry was away..... I don't know but search google18:38
RazionI got into the RU channel just fine, assential.18:38
RazionNot sure what your problem is.18:38
hadrianshadeslayer : once i add that PPA to my system, how do i actually download wat i need ?18:38
assential[21:39] <assential> ыыыыыыыыыы18:39
assential[21:39] [404] #ubuntu-ru Cannot send to channel18:39
Pici!register | assential18:39
ubottuassential: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:39
shadeslayerhadrian: just update and upgrade.. and libqt4-dev i think18:39
apparleassential: which graphic card you have18:39
Piciassential: You must register before you can talk there, please see ubottu's instructions.18:39
assential21:39] <assential> !register | assential18:39
assential[21:39] [404] #ubuntu-ru Cannot send to channel18:39
Piciassential: No. You need to follow the instructions here before you can talk there: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration18:40
apparleassential: we have understood that you are unable do join bug please don't flood the cannel18:40
Piciassential: If you need help with those instructions, please ask in #freenode18:41
hadrianshadeslayer : trying ...18:41
RazionI've got a couple programs outputting sound to my onboard sound card. The rest go to my USB headset like they should. Any ideas on how to push the rest back into line?18:42
RazionI'm rather close to pushing my keyboard off a cliff, and installing Ubuntu over my Kubuntu install. *Twitches*18:42
assentialYES!  I registred18:43
assentialbut I do not want nickname "assential" !    it is shit nickname18:43
shadeslayerassential: #freenode18:43
shadeslayerassential: just do /nick my_nicl18:44
Piciassential: Please stop swearing, you have already been warned once.18:44
assentialok   I get out   to russian chat18:44
RazionI've got a couple programs outputting sound to my onboard sound card. The rest go to my USB headset like they should. Any ideas on how to push the rest back into line?18:47
apparleRazion: see this18:51
apparleRazion: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting#Configuring%20default%20soundcards%20/%20stopping%20soundcards%20from%20switching18:51
apparleRazion: but the link seems old so I don't know if it still works18:51
apparleRazion: and next time reframe your question to .... how to change the default alsa sound card18:52
BluesKajRazion, your soundcard will auto default to it's outputs , it's designed to do so , as are media apps ..some other apps like talkbooks , skype etc are designed to default to the headphone out , but not the USB ports , so it's hit and miss in your case18:54
apparleRazion: if you use everything to headphone when it is connected, then setup the defaults according to the link (if it works). When it doesn't find your sound card it will fall back to the speakers18:55
Razionapparle: I don't know the device name of the headset.18:57
apparleRazion: see the name in the sound settings18:57
apparleRazion: oh wait18:57
RazionBluesKaj: There's no way to just tell it to send bloody everything to the headset? It's not an uncommon setup.18:58
BluesKajto the headset yes, but not to a usb afaik, Razion18:58
RazionBluesKaj: Ah. So you're saying it would work with a non-usb one. Well, that's annoying.18:59
apparleRazion: thee linux world is taking a transistion from normal to phonon.... to solve your problem... but that can't happen that fast19:00
BluesKajwell Razion , it depends on your soundcard and your available audio capture options19:01
apparleRazion: did you read that link well19:01
RazionApparle: Yes.19:02
apparleRazion: they have mentioned the command "cat /proc/asound/modules" in konsole... it will give you the sound cards19:02
BluesKajit should show the soundcard  in alsamixer19:03
Razionapparle: that command returns nothing.19:04
Razionapparle: Er. The command doesn't work, rather.19:04
apparleRazion: what.... when you run "cat /proc/asound/modules" in konsole... with the quotes removed.... then it returns nothing?19:05
Razionapparle: Yes.19:05
BluesKajaha Razion , you need driver maybe, open the konsole and type alsamixer19:05
apparleRazion: if that were the case.. you shouldn't be getting the sound at all19:05
apparleBluesKaj: but that file is supposed to contain the kernel modules of various sound cards19:05
apparleBluesKaj: basically he needs to find the kernel modules of the loaded sound card19:06
RazionBluesKaj: It's open.19:06
=== elcuco__ is now known as cuco
BluesKajsome setups don't have asound.conf19:06
BluesKajerr asoundrc.conf19:06
BluesKajRazion, what does the card say in alsamixer19:07
Razionmine has asound.conf, not rc.19:07
apparleRazion: so what, their name should be listed under /proc/asound/modules isn't it?19:07
apparleBluesKaj: ^^19:08
RazionApparle: How do I check?19:09
Razionapparle: As I've said, the command "cat" does nothing.19:09
RazionAnd now it does.19:09
RazionThe hell.19:09
apparleRazion: :)19:09
RazionOkay. My default sound card is the USB headset now.19:13
RazionSo why the hell is firefox still adamant about playing through the sound card?19:13
TorchRazion: because firefox is no phonon/kde app19:14
RazionTorch: So the solution here is install Ubuntu > Kubuntu, or light my browser/flash on fire?19:15
TorchRazion: i don't understand a word19:16
RazionTorch: How do I fix it? Is there a phonon/kde browser that supports flash?19:17
TorchRazion: but anyway... the solution is to either stick to KDE apps (and phonon-aware apps) exclusively or to set the output for apps that don't adhere to phonon settings some other way.19:17
lycanhey can someone give me a hand plz19:18
lycani'm using kubuntu and when i create file , automaticly it creates also a green file (backup)19:19
RazionTorch: Okay. Konquerer is a KDE app. It outputs to the sound card as well.19:19
RazionTorch: Is it FLASH that's the issue, in this case?19:20
TorchRazion: flash is definitely not a kde app ;-)19:20
lycansomeone can help me?19:20
Torchlycan: which app are you talking about?19:20
lycanwhen i create a text file19:21
Torchlycan: in kwrite or kate?19:21
lycanit automaticly creates also19:21
lycana green file19:21
RazionTorch: Okay. So how can I get it to output correctly, then?19:21
lycanbut i want to create only the text file19:21
lycanhow can i do that?19:22
TorchRazion: i have no idea about flash and how to configure it. i avoid it as much as i can.19:22
Torchlycan: in kate, pick configure kate from the settings menu. go to "open/save", go to the advanced tab and untick "local files" under "backup on save"19:23
Torchlycan: basically the same procedure in kwrite.19:23
lycanah ok tjans dude19:23
lycanthanks dude19:23
Torchlycan: well, this is a particularly stupid default setting and people complain about it for years ;-)19:24
lycanthanks damn keybord19:24
lycanu're right19:24
apparleRazion: did you do what the link said?19:35
Razionapparle: Yes. It now has an index of 0, but still feels like letting the onboard be the default.19:35
apparleTorch: Razion has set the default sound card in alsa, and still it is not working?19:36
apparleRazion: I suggest you try restarting19:36
apparleRazion: and check if the file you modified has been saved correctly19:36
vbgunz__can anyone help me figure out why when my computer should have gone to sleep "suspend to ram" it instead at some point just shut down?19:42
Hamrabattery runs out?19:44
vbgunz__my pc is setup to sleep an hour after going idle. this morning, it should awoken but was really just off. I saw a lot of orphan file cleanups scroll by. can I figure out why the pc shutdown rather than go to sleep?19:44
vbgunz__Hamra: Desktop19:44
vbgunz__Hamra: power in the house seemed fine. nothing else reset, not even the pc next to this one19:44
RazionWell...Having my USB headset set as the default causes alsamixer to report "no such mixer device"19:44
razdvbgunz__: if your power supply unit isn't sufficient to run your hardware, your computer will shutdown19:46
razdvbgunz__: this happened to me after adding a new hard drive... i would tell it to sleep at night, and in the morning, i'd find it shut down completely... the PSU was the problem19:46
n8wguys have u got any solution to the "network management disabled" after hibernation etc??19:48
vbgunz__razd: I really hope my psu aint dying, pc seems stable wether in Kubuntu or Win719:48
vbgunz__I guess my question is, is there a record of what possibly happened that cause a shutdown?19:49
apparlevbgunz__: you mean it just turned off, didn't even hibernate19:50
n8wi mean do i have to everytime after hibernation change the value to true in the networkmanager.state?19:50
n8wif so, then 10,4 sux big time....19:51
shadeslayern8w: try kde 4.4.419:52
shadeslayermaybe it contains a fix?19:52
shadeslayerit should be released soonish.. they just finished testing the upgrdes19:52
n8wshadeslayer:  hmmm im afraid to do that,coz last time i ended up with a black screen:)19:53
shadeslayern8w: hehe.19:53
vbgunz__n8w: this happens every single time you hibernate?19:54
n8wshadeslayer:  i hope they will release a fix for that soooon...19:54
n8wvbgunz__:  90% of times19:54
vbgunz__n8w: so you can reproduce it 9 times out of 10?19:55
vbgunz__so this will happen at least once in your next 2 times trying to hibernate?19:55
n8wvbgunz__:  ye i think so...19:55
apparlen8w: for the moment I suggest you exit network manager and then hibernate and start it after you resume19:55
n8wapparle:  when i use s2disk instead of the default hib mechanism, it never happens19:56
vbgunz__n8w: do you have the kernel option of pci=nomsi in grub?19:56
vbgunz__n8w: if not, I can try to walk you through updating grub to pass that paramater if you don't know how19:56
n8wapparle:  but i dunno how to implement s2disk so its bein used as a default hib mechanism19:57
apparlen8w: how do you use that s2disk option19:57
n8wapparle:  sudo s2disk19:58
apparlen8w: ok19:59
n8wapparle:  that works fine, but implementin s2disk into 10.4 is not the same as on 9.419:59
vbgunz__n8w: do you want to try the pci=nomsi option?19:59
n8wapparle:  in 9.4 ive edited some configs(dont remeber which ones) n it was used as a default mechanism20:00
n8wapparle:  when i tried to do the same on 10.4 i could not find those configs...20:00
n8wvbgunz__:  what do u use as a hibernation machanism?20:01
apparlen8w: I don't know about that20:02
n8wapparle:  besides other things ive tried this: http://www.linuxscrew.com/2007/09/06/get-suspendhibernate-working-fast-in-ubuntu-feisty-fawn-704/20:03
=== 13WAAYAUN is now known as genux
vbgunz__n8w: I suspend and hibernate from the menu manually. Also, I've setup to suspend to ram in systemsettings > advanced user settings > power management20:03
n8wapparle:  it doesnt work, it kicks up s2disk but it gets stock on "snapshotin system"20:04
vbgunz__I use to have crazy problems suspending to ram and hibernating until I started passing the pci=nomsi option at boot. that solved all issues.20:04
n8wvbgunz__:  i dont use suspend to ram at all, coz it never wakes up20:04
vbgunz__n8w: do you know how to update grub?20:04
n8wvbgunz__:  have never tried it:)20:05
vbgunz__you have kubuntu 10.04?20:05
n8wvbgunz__:  thats smth i never mess with20:05
n8wvbgunz__:  yep20:05
vbgunz__n8w: you know how to use the terminal?20:05
apparlevbgunz__: you are going from GRUB to GRUB2?20:05
n8wvbgunz__:  ye20:06
vbgunz__apparle: ?20:06
vbgunz__n8w: do this > ls /etc/default | grep grub20:06
apparlevbgunz__: you asked  do you know how to update grub?20:06
vbgunz__n8w: do you have that file?20:07
apparlevbgunz__: oh... u were telling hime20:07
apparlevbgunz__: sorry20:07
vbgunz__apparle: oh, no, asking n8w if he know how to update grub20:07
n8wvbgunz__:  ye got it20:07
vbgunz__n8w: awesome do this > sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub__backup20:08
vbgunz__n8w: always backup your stuff man20:08
n8wvbgunz__:  ye toaly:)20:08
n8wvbgunz__:  go on20:08
vbgunz__good, do you know how to open files using admin in your favorite editor?20:08
n8wvbgunz__:  ye20:09
vbgunz__e.g., kdesudo kate /etc/default/grub20:09
n8wvbgunz__:  done20:09
vbgunz__find the line that looks like this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="..."20:09
vbgunz__whats in the double quotes is different20:09
n8wvbgunz__:  listen im a noob, but not a toal noob:)))20:09
vbgunz__all good my friend, find that line and within the double quoted string add pci=nomsi20:10
vbgunz__so it'll probably look something like "splash pci=nomsi"20:10
n8wvbgunz__:  mine contains this. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"20:10
vbgunz__yeah, thats good, make it look like "quiet splash pci=nomsi"20:11
n8wvbgunz__:  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pci=nomsi"20:11
vbgunz__save that file and run this in the terminal > sudo update-grub20:11
n8wvbgunz__:  all sone20:12
n8wvbgunz__:  *done20:12
n8wvbgunz__:  ok so what have we done?:)))20:12
vbgunz__awesome, the sudo update-grub is pertinent, without it, the changes you made will be lost. now reboot and try suspending to ram20:12
vbgunz__you will hopefully be able to suspend to ram and hibernate without messing with knetwork manager20:13
n8wvbgunz__:  uff ok the moment of truth is here:D20:13
vbgunz__you should be able to do this from the menu manually and set it up to do this from advanced power management20:13
n8wvbgunz__:  ok im gonna reboot n suspend...i will hopefully see u in a bit:)20:14
vbgunz__n8w: cool stuff\20:14
vbgunzn8w: ran some test? suspend to ram work?20:25
n8wvbgunz:  nope....20:25
n8wvbgunz:  when i did suspend to ram, it didnt wake up20:26
jedixis there an up to date page with settings required to get gigE speeds out fo my gigE hardware?20:26
jedixI have it doing ~35MB/s over scp20:26
n8wvbgunz:  n then it didnt even boot up...it got stock on the screen kubuntu...it has happened to me before so i knew what to do20:26
vbgunzn8w: can you double check /etc/default/grub and just make sure the pci=nomsi is still there?20:26
n8wvbgunz:  so i had to go through the recovery n startx manually20:27
vbgunzn8w: sounds like you could have much bigger problems20:27
vbgunzis all of your hardware very new?20:27
n8wvbgunz:  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pci=nomsi"20:27
n8wvbgunz:  MSI gx70020:27
vbgunzn8w: I remember when I had my suspend problems, it all started with an MSI board20:28
n8wvbgunz:  everythin was workin fine on 9.0420:28
n8wvbgunz:  even s2disk as default mechanism worked20:29
n8wvbgunz:  im kinda gettin tired of 10.420:29
vbgunzn8w: if the pci=nomsi option really didn't work out for you, you can move the backup over it, or edit it again to remove the pci=nomsi option. then remember you need to update-grub for those options to take effect20:29
jedixdid try noacpi?20:30
vbgunzn8w: I can understanf your frustration. I too went right through it with 9.04 trying to get suspend and hibernation working correctly20:30
n8wvbgunz:  well lets hope that there will b a fix available soon20:31
vbgunzn8w: oh yeah, by the way, do you have S1 and/or S3 power saving enabled in your bios?20:31
n8wvbgunz:  dman, i dunno...20:32
n8wvbgunz:  im not even sure that there r options like that20:32
vbgunzn8w: you can try checking your bios for power features and see if you already have s1 and/or s3 power saving features enabled. do you know how to get into your bios?20:32
vbgunzn8w: you need to have global state S3 enabled in order for you to suspend to ram20:33
n8wvbgunz:  i could take a look at it...but i dont think thats the prob here...20:34
apparlen8w: problem fixed?20:35
n8wapparle:  nope;)20:35
vbgunzn8w: you can always check and make sure you have at least S3 for suspending to ram20:35
apparlen8w: have a look at this http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=18837&start=2020:35
vbgunzn8w: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Configuration_and_Power_Interface20:35
apparlen8w: the link it gives might help you20:35
apparleok I got to go bye guys20:36
n8wapparle:  cya n thx20:36
apparlen8w: I am sure that will fix it ;) cya20:36
n8wapparle:  ive tried that20:37
n8wapparle:  that was the first thing ive tried....20:37
n8wapparle:  it executes s2disk,but it gets stock on "snapshotin system"20:37
n8wapparle:  the link ive sent u before contains the same guideline20:38
vbgunzn8w: if you can confirm your bios supports S3 for suspend to ram and you have it enabled, a bios update might solve it20:39
n8wvbgunz:  ye but listen man, everythin was workin on 9.4...20:39
n8wvbgunz:  since then i havent changed anythin20:40
vbgunzn8w: I hear you, I've personally gone into my bios maybe a dozen times since 9.4 so I am sort of thinking about how I manage my own pc20:40
n8wvbgunz:  ye ok:) it has been quite a while since some changes in bios took place in my case...20:41
n8wvbgunz:  all i need is a reliable hibernation....i dont even care about suspend to ram20:42
vbgunzn8w: for me suspending and hibernation are very important so I can relate20:42
zusi need help with kpackagekit please i get this http://pastebin.com/x2FCHAVg when i try to search for anything..20:45
n8wvbgunz:  btw what ppa do u use for kubuntu updates?20:46
vbgunzn8w: everything is official, the only ppa I have enabled is http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu20:47
vbgunzn8w: that delivers KDE 4.4.4 right now20:47
n8wvbgunz:  ok, im not gonna take 4.4.4:))20:50
n8wvbgunz:  i ended up with a black screen last time:)20:51
vbgunzn8w: haha, I can really understand your reason. I think it is stable but I've had my issues with being on the cutting edge.20:51
n8wvbgunz:  but its temptin:)20:52
vbgunzn8w: i think in the beginning with KDE 4 being such a moving target and things being brand new, there was room for a lot of error. but lately, I find KDE to really be rock solid and issues small20:53
zusi need help with kpackagekit please i get this http://pastebin.com/x2FCHAVg when i try to search for anything.. does anyone know what went wrong. and how to fix it20:54
vbgunzn8w: someone earlier kept recomming noapic, I think they kept referring it to you, it may be worth a try.20:54
vbgunzn8w: you sort of remember how to edit and update grub kernel options now right?20:54
n8wvbgunz:  ye i do;)20:54
vbgunzgood stuff, you live and learn20:55
vbgunzone sec\20:55
Zhenyahi guys! I'm having major issues with trying to get dual monitors working on a thinkpad t41. Everything except a straight cloning with low resolution gets me garbled screen! Does anyone have any experience fixing this?20:55
vbgunzyou might want to remove the pci=nomsi and maybe try booting up with noapic, anyhow, check this out for some stuff that might work out for you https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions20:55
n8wvbgunz:  aight i will take a look at it20:55
vbgunzn8w: scroll and breeze through kernel options20:55
n8wvbgunz:  thx a lot for your help man20:56
vbgunzn8w: thats community20:56
n8wvbgunz:  then im happy to b part of it,)20:57
vbgunzgood stuff :)20:57
Zhenyaanyone here that can lend their brain and help me with my display issues?20:59
zusis there anyone that can help with kpackagekit errors?21:10
Buckyhi. when my laptop goes in stand by and the screen goes black, i don't know how to reactivate it! simply touching the touchpad or hitting a key don't work21:11
vbgunzBucky: what does the power button do?21:11
Buckyvbgunz: it partially reactivate the apps, but the screen continues to be black21:12
vbgunzBucky: that seems to be a theme lately, can you switch to tty 1-6? if you know what that is?21:13
Buckyno, i don't know what youre talking about :-)21:13
vbgunzBucky: are you on another computer? can you test this now?21:14
vbgunzBucky: You use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F1 through F6 to switch to tty 1 through 6 respectively21:14
Buckyi'm on the laptop which has the problem. after the issue i simply reboot with the power button21:14
Buckywhat is tty* ?21:15
vbgunzheh, I am not even sure myself, I sort of just always refer to it as that. its 6 terminals though you have available to you by default with Kubuntu21:16
vbgunzsay you can't get into your gui, terminals F1 through F6 are there to sort of help you do what needs to be done without a gui21:16
Buckyno the problem is different! i dont think i have problem with the gui, the screen simply doesnt turn on again!21:17
Buckyi wont see a terminal as well, i think21:19
vbgunzBucky: not really too sure what the problem is, keep asking, hopefully someone could help you out. I thought your gui was failing21:19
Buckydont you know when you touch the touchpad with your finger, or move the mouse to reactivate the screen? simply my laptop doesn't want to do!21:21
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vbgunzBucky: I don't own a notebook so I don't have much experience with their possible problems :(21:23
Buckyvbgunz: thanks for your attention anyway!21:23
vbgunzBucky: real quick though, once your computer goes into standby, you can wake it up *but* the display doesn't power on, correct?21:23
Buckyyes, correct21:24
vbgunzBucky: interested in your problem I saw that if you had effects enabled while your pc entered into standby there may be a chance of your display not coming back up. do you have effects enabled?21:26
Kash-7somebody know a good softphone to use in kubuntu ?21:26
Buckyvbgunz: yes, they are enabled21:27
lycanhey quassel is like xchat right???21:27
vbgunzBucky: one sec, I am checking something out21:28
Buckytake your time!21:28
vbgunzBucky: have you seen this http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3825488&postcount=221:28
vbgunzBucky: if you have questions, just ask21:29
ybitquick q, where in the compiz settings do you adjust the showing of the plasma desktop21:29
ybitright now, it it just dims what's on-screen21:29
ybitand then shows the plasma desktop stuff and i no likey21:29
lycanhey c'mon someone can answer me please?21:30
vbgunzlycan: quassel is an irc client21:31
lycanand xchat?21:31
vbgunznot sure, I never used it21:31
lycanah ok thanks21:31
vbgunzlycan: googling xchat, well yeah, seems like the same thing21:31
lycanah ok21:32
Buckyvbgunz: the post reguards ubuntu+nvidia, i use kubuntu+ATI. however i'll try to uncomment some lines21:33
vbgunzBucky: Backup your stuff21:33
vbgunzBucky: just ask if you need help doing some stuff21:33
Buckyok, next time i'll ibernate, i'll let you know. thanks21:37
vbgunzBucky: good luck!21:38
Whammohi can anybody tell me how to purge screensavers?21:56
Armi^2evening all. Somehow sabnzbdplus is unable to update. Removing it gives me a error message Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should  reinstall it before attempting a removal.21:57
Armi^2I tried it with apt-get remove -f sabnzbdplus, but did didnt work21:57
Armi^2how can I remove it?21:57
WhammoArmi^2: have you looked to see if it is listed as installed via synaptic?21:58
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Whammodoes anybody know how to purge whatever silly code makes my screen go black if I don't move my mouse? I do not want or need this ever21:59
avihayis it a screensaver or entering powersave mode?22:07
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cachi world22:17
cacHow can i find the repositories in kubuntu, this is new for me22:17
=== 13WAAYBRS is now known as genux
n8wanyone familiar with pm-utils22:47
MilitantPotatoI can't seem to find the powerdevil package23:01
SpaceManI'm trying to install 10.04 but the 'prepare partitions' stage doesn't list any drives/partitions, there is a 300GB drive attached via a pci sata card23:05
TorchMilitantPotato: it's part of kdebase-workspace23:05
SpaceManhow can I show this drive in the install stage?23:05
MilitantPotatoTorch: Any idea why it's not loading during startup?23:06
TorchMilitantPotato: do you get an error message? or what's the problem?23:06
MilitantPotatoBattery Monitor complains that it's not running23:07
TorchMilitantPotato: powerdevil is a kded-module. you can check which modules run in system settings in the kded configuration23:07
TorchMilitantPotato: advanced -> service manager23:08
TorchMilitantPotato: should be in the list of startup services. and should be checked.23:08
MilitantPotatoTorch: Service manager complains that KDED it's unable to contact KDED23:08
TorchMilitantPotato: ah, so that's the root of the problem... hmm.23:09
MilitantPotatosudo kded returns "Aborted"23:10
TorchMilitantPotato: it runs as your user23:10
TorchMilitantPotato: no sudo23:10
TorchMilitantPotato: question is why it cannot start at login (as it should).23:10
MilitantPotatoSame result, tried that first23:10
TorchMilitantPotato: run kdebugdialog and tick kded in the list of debug-outputting apps23:11
TorchMilitantPotato: then try again23:11
TorchMilitantPotato: hopefully you'll get more output23:11
TorchMilitantPotato: if yes, please pastebin it.23:11
MilitantPotatoIt was already checked.23:12
TorchMilitantPotato: hmm.23:12
MilitantPotatoThere was a complaint about unable to connect to an Ibus daemon from kdebugdialog23:13
TorchMilitantPotato: that's not important23:13
MilitantPotatoFigured, but the devil's in the details (perfect pun yea?)23:13
TorchMilitantPotato: sorry, i think i'm not able to diagnose this further. you might try asking on #kde.23:14
MilitantPotatoWhere is kded run from?23:14
TorchMilitantPotato: i'm not really an expert on kde startup procedures, so i don't know. i could find out, but it'd still know too little to really help you.23:14
MilitantPotatoNo worries, thanks for the help reguardless23:15
supermagnumhello, can anyone help me with my toucshreen ?23:20
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supermagnumsomehow, it is not deteced.. the hardware is there23:25
supermagnumi have tried to follow the instructions frm this page : http://www.google.no/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=2&ved=0CCoQFjAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbugs.launchpad.net%2Fbugs%2F577257&ei=iYgFTLvgLpaUOMHEmYYF&usg=AFQjCNEy6kMuUuWuUHJNDqfM7upUj9pATQ23:26
supermagnumbut that did not help.23:26
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ionutdoes anyonw knows an alternative an alternative for the application write room (used on mac) ?23:45
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ganayaHi, how do you stop plasmoids snapping to grid?23:48
Typos_Kingionut:    write room?23:49
ionutTypos_King: yes, i found pyroom , but i don't like it too much. do you know another?23:50
Typos_KingI guess I dunno 'write room' :(23:51
Typos_KingI mean, I don't even know what it's23:51

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