lfaraonewgrant: should a new method be created to replace syncSource, or can we modify the behavior of it? (if there are existing clients I don't want to break them)00:32
wgrantlfaraone: We'll be adjusting syncSource, right.00:32
lfaraonewgrant: do we send out announces for archive-admin-performed syncs? if not, why should the behavior change for motu-requested syncs?00:34
wgrantlfaraone: Except for autosyncs, yes, we do.00:34
wgrantAnyway, I should leave for uni in a couple of minutes.00:34
lfaraonewgrant: okay, and no changes file is generated for that either, right?00:34
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MikeChelenis it possible to fork a project, or is there some other recommended way to contribute code to a project?05:49
mwhudsonMikeChelen: generally you just push up a new branch of the project05:49
MikeChelenmwhudson: should it be done through bzr or the project page to register a branch?05:51
mwhudsonMikeChelen: through bzr is easiest05:51
MikeChelenmwhudson: is there a guide for how to do that?05:52
mwhudsonperhaps, but it's easy: bzr push lp:~$you/$project/$branch_name05:54
mwhudsonah, https://help.launchpad.net/Code/UploadingABranch <- MikeChelen05:55
MikeChelenok, just have to get the authentication set up05:55
MikeChelenmwhudson: got it, thanks! should the branch name be anything in particular?05:57
mwhudsonMikeChelen: generally i choose a name that will remind me later of what the branch is for (for example, if it's to fix a bug, putting the bug number in)05:58
mwhudsonMikeChelen: you can request a merge proposal against the project's trunk too05:59
MikeChelenmwhudson: that is the right thing to do, if the code will hopefully be included?06:00
mwhudsonMikeChelen: yes06:01
MikeChelenstill figuring out bzr basics :)06:07
MikeChelenis there any way to allow download for particular packages?06:08
MikeChelenthat is probably only for the main team right06:09
mwhudsonMikeChelen: i don't understand, sorry06:11
MikeChelenmwhudson: it would be nice to have some way of downloading a subdirectory of the project, packaged into a .zip or other single file06:12
mwhudsonoh right06:13
mwhudsonyeah, that's a still unimplemented feature06:13
wgrantwin 906:36
dupondjeHi, there seems to be a little missing code when subscribing someone :)08:17
dupondjewhen I subscribe for example ubuntu-sponsors, its just a normal icon that gets added in front, not a star like when I refresh :)08:18
BlackZdupondje: report it as a bug, if you think it's08:22
vishdoes anyone know about the new "Expired" status?08:26
vishis it available only when the bug has expired and only for the Bug control members , or for anyone ?08:27
vishand do the expired bugs show up in the searches?08:27
dupondjeBlackZ: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/58816208:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 588162 in Launchpad itself "Icon of the newly Subscribers isn't always correct (affected: 1, heat: 0)" [Undecided,New]08:29
BlackZthanks dupondje08:29
dupondjenot that its very special :P08:29
vishdupondje: i can confirm that bug , it happens to all the teams ;)08:29
BlackZwell, actually I'm not sure if it's a bug08:30
dupondjewell its not a bug really08:30
dupondjemore a missing feature ? :)08:30
BlackZdupondje: probably08:30
dupondjeah well08:30
dupondjeif somebody feels bored :P08:30
wgrantI discovered that when I was fixing the AJAX subscription code many months ago. I decided I couldn't be bothered fixing that one.08:38
wgrantI believe there's already a bug.08:39
* wgrant hunts.08:39
BlackZwgrant: seems not08:40
BlackZrebooting (I have some problems with the keyboard, argh!)08:41
noodles775fta: Hi... just to be sure, with bug 588044, you did copy from lucid to maverick *including* binaries?08:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 588044 in Soyuz "lp API not reporting copied packages (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58804408:43
fta2noodles775, i just used the "copy" feature in the PPA, without rebuild09:42
fta2noodles775, well, actually, i don't remember. I'm sure i didn't rebuild the ffmpeg-codecs in the chromium/stable ppa09:43
noodles775fta2: ok... I've updated the bugs with a bit more info.09:45
fta2i wonder why the API is so slow...10:06
fta2noodles775, Q: is there a way to bench the api (wrt speed, num of http requests, ...)10:11
fta2because it takes ~5min to create those 5 dashboards: http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/ppa-dashboard/    .. which i find incredibly long10:12
fta2Q: is it possible to get the "Missing build dependencies" reason using the API?  (like here: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa/+build/1762412)10:14
noodles775fta2: I haven't checked if the api provides utilities itself, but I know the launchpad foundations team is currently looking at tools benchmarking in general (see the "performance dashboard" thread on launchpad-dev).10:15
noodles775s/tools/tools for/10:15
noodles775I'd assume in your case it's mostly reducing the number of round-trips?10:16
fta2i think so10:17
* noodles775 looks at the missing build dependency...10:17
fta2https://dev.launchpad.net/Foundations/SystemPerformance => "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."10:17
noodles775wfm? (but yeah, very ironic :)10:17
fta2hm.. transient error, works fine now10:18
noodles775fta2: regarding the build dependency... the template is just using IBuild.dependencies which is also exported, so that should work.10:19
noodles775(you'll obviously need to only display it as a *missing* dependency if the build state is DepWait).10:20
fta2ok, thanks10:20
geserfta2: build.dependencies contains the missing dep on which the build waits10:27
geserit's successfully used for the FTBFS listing10:28
geserfta2: and with "import httplib2; httplib2.debuglevel = 1" at the beginning of your script you can at least get the LP API HTTP request shown, which you could use for counting or checking if a object is refetched too often10:31
fta2geser, already tried that, it's just showing the requests (without timing them).. and i just see there are too many10:40
fta2i wonder if this is relevant: http://code.google.com/p/httplib2/issues/detail?id=9110:41
TresEquisJust reported an issue with failing SVN imports: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/11307812:08
jpdsTresEquis: I think that that was fixed a while ago.12:10
maxbIt definitely appears to be fixed now12:13
maxbTresEquis: ^12:16
TresEquismaxb: OK, but I just saw the import fail this morning12:18
jpdsTresEquis: Yes; and the configuration issue was fixed. :)12:18
maxbweekday mornings are a good time for admins to wake up and fix things :-)12:18
TresEquisOK, thanks!12:19
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rowinggolfer_Are there any issues regarding ppa build system? I've pushed my sources to my ppa, and can see no evidence of it, nor have I had any mail about rejection or acceptance.12:20
maxbrowinggolfer_: 1) Is your gpg key known to launchpad? 2) Was your .changes file correctly signed? 3) Have you waited 5 minutes?12:21
rowinggolfer_maxb I've waited 16 hours.12:22
rowinggolfer_my gpg key did expire last month, but I "updated" it using the lucid gui tool.12:22
rowinggolfer_could that be te problem?12:22
rowinggolfer_if so I would have expected dput to report that...?12:23
maxbNo, dput would not report this12:23
maxbSearch for your key on keyserver.ubuntu.com and verify that your updated key is there12:24
rowinggolfer_lol... nice deafault apache screen http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/12:25
maxbFundamentally the problem is that dput sends the files to a dumb ftp server, and they are actually processed by a separate job12:25
maxbhttp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/ (and heh, would be nice if they put in a redirect)12:25
rowinggolfer_thanks again12:25
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rowinggolfer_maxb - yeap that's my problem. many thanks12:27
maxbDo a gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-key "Your key ID"12:28
maxbI am uncertain how long it may take for Launchpad to pick it up from there12:28
bilalakhtarHi there lp devs, what will be the new features of lp 10.05?12:34
MikeGuohi, guys, not sure what's happen. but I found the download speed is so slowly. that's normal?12:40
MikeGuothe page always told me "please try again"12:41
MikeGuoand told me "there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server"12:41
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bilalakhtarHi there lp devs, what will be the new features of lp 10.05?12:57
matsubarabilalakhtar, I think the easiest way to know before the release is to look at https://edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+milestone/10.05. mrevell will send an announcement once the release is done with the highlights13:02
bilalakhtarmatsubara: thanks13:03
rowinggolfer_milestones are fantastic. blueprints I don't get :(13:05
TresEquisIs there any talk of hosting a per-project wiki or other TTW project documentation in LP13:23
rowinggolfer_TresEquis, https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+question/3666313:25
rowinggolfer_also see this open bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/24006713:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 240067 in Launchpad Foundations "Launchpad needs a wiki (affected: 66, heat: 414)" [Low,Triaged]13:26
TresEquisrowinggolfer_: thanks, I figured it must have come up13:31
TresEquisI haven't actually worked with the LP source yet, but do have significant relevant experience with other Python / Zope based wikis13:32
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rowinggolfer_maxb - my key is now updated on the ubuntu keyserver, but as you implied launchpad doesn't know yet.14:12
Joyok, i think i have an account in launchpad, but i'm not sure what its name is. i've tried the password recovery on one, but never got the mail. what do i do?14:12
rowinggolfer_frustrating that this error passes "silently"14:12
matsubaraJoy, is this the account: https://edge.launchpad.net/~joy+launchpad? did you try the email address listed there? can you check emails are not caught by spam filters on your side?14:16
Joycan you tell me what *is* the e-mail address listed there? :))14:18
JoyEmail: Log in for email information.14:18
Joythat's what i see14:18
Joyi tried joy+launchpad@entuzijast.net14:18
Joyand mx1.entuzijast.net got no messages for that at all14:18
matsubaraJoy, doh, sorry. I thought the email was availabe to everyone (it actually is but you need to be logged in. my bad)14:19
matsubaraJoy, linux.hr is the domain. ring any bells?14:19
Joyah, ok, i'll try that then14:20
matsubaraJoy, ok. let me know if you need further help14:21
Joythanks (waiting for the mail now)14:21
Joy[joy@griffin:~]% grep -i launchpad /var/log/exim4/mainlog14:24
Joywaah. :)14:24
geserdid you try the right delimiter in your localpart?14:30
Joywell matsubara pointed to the plus14:31
Joybut then, yes, that might be an issue14:31
Joy% /usr/sbin/exim4 -bt joy+launchpad@linux.hr14:31
Joyrowinggolfer_: system_aliases for joy+launchpad@linux.hr14:31
Joyrowinggolfer_: aliases for joy+launchpad@linux.hr14:31
Joyjoy+launchpad@linux.hr is undeliverable: Unrouteable address14:31
Joyrowinggolfer_: sorry, it's my irssi expanding R:14:31
geseron your LP page it's not the +14:31
matsubaraJoy, I didn't want to post your email here and I assumed you knew it. it's joy-launchpad@linux.hr14:32
Joyoh, bother :)14:32
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* Joy should un-qmail-ize that machine one day, too14:32
Joysorry for the confusion, although that still doesn't explain why the launchpad website didn't immediately error out14:33
Joyprobably an anti-spam method?14:33
Joy2010-06-01 15:35:51 H=adelie.canonical.com []:41420 I=[]:25 F=<noreply@launchpad.net> temporarily rejected RCPT <joy-launchpad@linux.hr>: greylisted.14:36
Joyyesssh, finally14:36
Joythank you both14:36
henningesinzui: ping14:36
sinzuihi henninge14:36
henningeHi sinzui!14:36
henningejust a moment14:37
henningesinzui: defcon is seeing that his karma is constantly decreasing although he is using LP regularly. Any idea what to look for?14:38
sinzuiVery old high point work has expired after 1 year14:39
henningeso that would lead to points expiring faster than gaining new points?14:39
sinzuihenninge, defcon: spec work and burst of bug triage from last year can cause a rapid decline after one year14:39
rowinggolfer_defcon - if you are demotivated - try #fedora ;)14:39
sinzuikarma expires so that new contributors can quickly be ranked with old contributors.14:41
henningedefcon: you are saying that you have not worked on Launchpad that long?14:41
defconim active since round about 2 weeks14:43
defconbefore i paused ca. 1 year14:43
henningesinzui: it went from 40 to almost 1500 and now down to 1380 within 4 days. Is that a normal fluctuation?14:45
henningesinzui: should we open a bug to investigate further after the roll-out?14:47
defconthe last 4 days the karma was not calculated, although i answered a lot of question, did translation and so on14:47
sinzuidefcon have you worked with branches? I know karma calculation failed a few times14:48
defconhenninge, if the translation is wrong, please correct me :D14:48
defconsinzui, no14:48
henningedefcon: you're fine ;)14:49
defconhenninge, thanks :D14:50
defconsinzui, the only thing i did (since karma is decreasing) i rejoined launchpad-beta-users because it was expired14:51
sinzuiregistry (teams and project) do not privide karma14:52
sinzuidefcon, report a bug. I need to investigate this after the release or at least when I am not talking to 5 people at the same time.14:52
rowinggolfer_maxb, thanks for your help earlier - to confirm that my packages have now uploaded, thanks.15:00
maxbexcellent :-)15:01
rowinggolfer_should I delete my "intrepid" packages now?15:02
maxbrowinggolfer_: You cannot upload new intrepid ones, but you are under no obligation to delete existing ones.15:10
maxbYour choice as maintainer of the PPA15:10
rowinggolfer_maxb... thanks again. I noticed it didn't allow the new intrepid package15:12
Penguin_GuyHi! I'm relatively new to Launchpad, I've just started a team and have some working code at https://launchpad.net/~blobber - I just wanted the thumbs up that I'm going about this the right way and maybe some guidance on what to do next. Thanks.15:25
bilalakhtarPenguin_Guy: Is the blobber project registered in lp?15:30
bilalakhtarPenguin_Guy: ok, it isn't.15:31
rowinggolfer_Penguin_Guy, I would be concerned about the name "blobber"... it seems already to be the name of some established games owned by the likes of shockwave15:31
Penguin_Guyrowinggolfer_: You mean there may be legal issues?15:33
rowinggolfer_Penguin_Guy, yes.15:35
rowinggolfer_if your game gets 10,000,000 users... (and you never know)... you'll need to change the name for sure15:35
Penguin_Guyrowinggolfer_: Right, I'll change the name, is there anything else?15:36
rowinggolfer_nope, it looks good to me.15:36
rowinggolfer_but I know nothing.15:36
maxbPenguin_Guy: You should clarify the purpose of the team a bit. Is it for anyone and everyone, and you plan to request a mailing list? Or is it going to own Bazaar branches - in which case it shouldn't be an Open team?16:01
maxbPenguin_Guy: And it's absolutely the wrong thing to do to use +junk branches for collaborative work16:02
Penguin_Guymaxb: I was planning on starting a project for blobber, and let anyone join the project. I've used a +junk branch for now because I'm not really sure where the branch should be.16:04
maxbPeople do not join projects, they join teams16:04
maxbThe problem with 'letting anyone join' is that anyone can join.... and delete your branch16:04
Penguin_Guymaxb: But they need to have signed the CoC first don't they?16:05
maxbThe CoC only gates the ability to create a PPA16:05
Penguin_Guymacb: Ah, I'll get that changed right now.16:08
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vadi2Are there plans to have launchpad use the async google analytics script? http://ur1.ca/04sx5 (it's stuck on that)18:10
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BadChoiceI've a problem when creating a branch..19:13
BadChoicePermission denied (publickey).19:13
BadChoiceAnd i don't know how to solve it19:14
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thopiekarI am working on a application that should download a file from my bzr branch.. but these links that I can find on "view branch" page.. point at the file of the current branch.. but is there a link or a way to download always the latest file even after branch pushes?20:13
thopiekarI hope you understand what my problem is ;)20:13
beunothopiekar, yes20:34
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thopiekarI found now a snipplet with Acire that downloads the latest branch revision20:36
beunothopiekar, use head:20:36
beunoas the revision20:36
thopiekarso this is right? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~thopiekar/mopedix/artwork/download/head:/mopedixlogo.png-20100513112401-ksjo1e3l3gmoija7-9/mopedix-logo.png20:38
thopiekarwhat about the "20100513112401-ksjo1e3l3gmoija7-9"20:38
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beunothat's the file-if20:39
beunowhich is fine20:39
beunoit doesn't change20:39
thopiekarthis file-id will not be changed after a push?20:39
thopiekarahh ok :P20:40
thopiekarthanks beuno!20:40
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thopiekarbeuno: is there also a way to list the files of a branch without bzrlib?21:19
timourHi, I am one of the MariaDB core developers, I pushed into an LP tree 5 hours ago, and the branch page still says:21:21
timourLaunchpad is processing new changes to this branch which will be available in a few minutes. Reload to see the changes.21:21
mwhudsontimour: are your changes present?21:21
mwhudsonthe message is probably lying :/21:22
timourmwhudson, how do I check this?21:22
timourmwhudson, the reason I think there is a real problem, is because our BuildBot system didn't start building.21:22
timourmwhudson, this is the branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~maria-captains/maria/5.3-subqueries21:23
timourmwhudson, perhaps if the message is lying to me (via the web page), it is lying to out BuldBot system, and that is a real problem.21:24
mwhudsontimour: it seems the branch is damaged somehow :/21:29
timourmwhudson, what would you suggest? delete it?21:29
mwhudsontimour: the branch it is stacked on, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~maria-captains/maria/5.1, has been upgraded to 2a format21:30
mwhudsontimour: you should be able to see a upgrade button on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~maria-captains/maria/5.3-subqueries, clicking it will very likely help21:31
timourmwhudson, I heard it takes many hours to convert, would it be much faster if I just delete it, and push again?21:32
timourmwhudson, by the way, thank you for looking into this.21:33
mwhudsontimour: only the revisions not in the stacked-on branch need to be converted, it shouldn't take very long21:34
mwhudsondeleting and repushing will probably be faster though, indeed21:34
timourmwhudson, ok, I will try to minimize human time, so will try first upgrading.21:35
maxbremember also that delete/repush would remove people subscribed to the branch21:35
timourmaxb, yes, and it will remove it from BuildBot, so I pushed the "upgrade" button.21:36
timourmwhudson, maxb: Many thanks, I hope it works. Do you have a guesstimate how long it may take? Is it going to be upgraded by tomorrow?21:37
mwhudsontimour: i would guess < 1 hour21:39
timourmwhudson, I hope that this solves the problem, otherwise we will really need your help. Thank you!21:40
mwhudsontimour: np, sorry the problems are so opaque21:41
timourmwhudson, now the message that the branch is being upgraded is gone, there is still an "upgrade" button, and still "Launchpad is processing new changes to this branch". I hope this is how it should work.21:43
mwhudsontimour: that's suspiciously fast :/21:44
mwhudsonoh right, upgrading the branches this way around doesn't work :(21:45
mwhudsontimour: you could try running "bzr upgrade lp:~maria-captains/maria/5.3-subqueries" yourself, i think that will actually work21:45
timourmwhudson, and that works on the LP branch, not locally>21:46
mwhudsontimour: well, all the data gets copied up ad down the pipe but yes21:46
timourI mean should I run this locally, inside my 5.3-subqueries root?21:46
lifelessmwhudson: which way around?21:48
mwhudsontimour: doesn't matter21:49
mwhudsonlifeless: if you use the upgrade button on the stacked-on branch first, then trying to upgrade the stacked branch the same way fails21:50
mwhudsoni think21:50
timourmwhudson, ok, I started the process, let's see what happens.21:50
lifelessmwhudson: it shouldn't21:51
lifelessmwhudson: bzr doesn't care, and I'm pretty sure rockstar had tests for both ways around21:51
mwhudsonlifeless: i agree it shouldn't21:53
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timourmwhudson, lifeless: so now I started the upgrade process via the button, then via the command line at my box. I really wonder what the end result will be.21:55
mwhudsonlifeless: looking at the code though, i wonder if upgrading any stacked branch would work, never mind the format problems :/.21:56
mwhudsontimour: i don't think there will be any conflict21:56
timourmwhudson, ok, thanks for the help!21:57
barryi'm trying to get to my ppas through the lp api.  i seem to be able to get to one of them, but not the other.  that one gives a 404.  any ideas why?21:58
barryah, nm.  positional argument fubar22:00
mwhudsontimour: seems the upgrade worked, although the page isn't updated23:01
mwhudsontimour: probably if you push a new revision up it will sort itself out23:01
timourmwhudson, yes, it's done, but I have nothing to push. I'll have to figure out some meaningful change.23:02
mwhudsontimour: you could probably uncommit the most recent revision then push it again23:02
timourmwhudson, ok, will try that, thx.23:03
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timourmwhudson, I merged from another branch and pushed. Let's see what happens. Thanks for the help! Time to sleep.23:12
timourmwhudson, it seems it worked this time.23:13
mwhudsontimour: hooray23:13
mtaylorumm... I just got a key error with my ppa23:32
mtaylordid something change with signing keys?23:32
mtaylorThe following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 4FEC45DD06899068 Launchpad PPA for Drizzle-developers23:32
mtayloror rather:23:32
mtaylorW: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 4FEC45DD06899068 Launchpad PPA for Drizzle-developers23:32
thumpermtaylor: we added the user code to check if it is you :)23:34
thumpermtaylor: launchpad now officially hates you23:34
mtaylorthumper: awesome23:34
thumpermtaylor: but no idea sorry23:34
mtaylorthumper: gah23:34
mtaylorthumper: it _was_ working earlier today23:34
thumperI don't know of any changes23:34
thumpernot to that part anyway23:35
mtaylorso it's sort of disturbing for it to just, you know, not23:35
wgrantmtaylor: You're not behind an awesome transparent proxy? Which PPA URL are you using?23:35
wgrantIt hasn't changed lately.23:35
mtaylorwgrant: W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/drizzle-developers/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release23:35
mtaylorwgrant: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/drizzle-developers/ppa/ubuntu lucid main23:35
mtaylorwgrant: I added it a while ago with add-apt-repository and I use it all the time23:35
mtaylorwgrant: and no - no proxy or any sort23:36
sorenmtaylor: Works for me?23:36
mtaylorsoren: gah23:36
wgrantYeah, it's fine here too.23:36
mtaylorbut did you guys already have keys associated with that PPA installed?23:36
wgrantI didn't.23:37
sorenmtaylor: No, just did it for you now.23:37
sorenwget -q -O - http://ppa.launchpad.net/drizzle-developers/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release | md5sum23:37
soren32b3a6b4571f915be2a68b86e009879a  -23:37
sorenwget -q -O - http://ppa.launchpad.net/drizzle-developers/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release.gpg | md5sum23:37
soren0c4c8bed3a21ad3d96065c64d3a892c5  -23:37
mtaylorsoren: the same23:37
wgrantmtaylor: If we had different keys, yours would complain about a missing key, not a bad sig.23:37
mtaylorwgrant: ok. I just did an update from a different lucid machine that already had it and that one worked fine... so now - is my laptop just hosed23:38
* mtaylor cries23:38
sorenmtaylor: If you download the two and run "gpg --verify Release.gpg Release"... What then?23:39
sorenNot so happy?23:40
mtaylorsoren: Good signature from "Launchpad PPA for Drizzle-developers"23:40
soren"apt-get update" some more? :)23:41
mtaylorsoren: I keep trying it23:42
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