sskhow to add new drivers like ppp? i see that there are no modules for ppp connection using beagleboard.02:26
=== hrw|gone is now known as hrw
* cwillu yawns08:20
=== ericm|ubuntu is now known as ericm
DanaGureadahead invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0xd0, order=0, oom_adj=008:27
ograwhat HW is that ?08:28
ograboard, disk type, ram etc08:28
ograon SD card or USB key ?08:28
ograand do you have swap ?08:28
DanaGBooted from 2GB SD card (that's 90% full), no swap.08:28
ogragraphical env or only cmdline ?08:29
DanaGoh, and: on host: hub 8-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 1     usb 8-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 9      usb 8-1: device descriptor read/64, error -11008:29
DanaGCommmand line, with some extra stuff (such as deluge).08:29
DanaGXorg is installed, but no display or login manager.08:29
ograhmm, i havent seen a beagle hitting OOM in a cmdline env yet08:29
ograis that a rev B ?08:29
DanaGNope, C4.08:30
ograhmm, thats indeed very weird08:30
DanaGwhere's that ureadahead pack file?08:30
ograman ureadahead tells you08:33
DanaGah, I thought it was /var/lib/ureadahead/pack08:33
DanaGFile doesn't exist.08:33
ograthough ureadahead should gracefully exit on Sd cards anyway08:33
ograwith code 5 iirc08:33
DanaGargh, tried to load g_audio, and got screenfuls of panic.08:35
ograg_audio ? isnt that OTG stuff ?08:36
ograOTG is broken in the kernel still08:36
DanaGI hope we'll get musb built-in but all the modules... modular.08:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 566645 in linux-ti-omap (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "OTG configuration is broken on omap kernel (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [High,Confirmed]08:37
DanaGSo then I can choose to use g_audio instead of g_ether, or such.08:37
DanaGIt also rather oddly hangs lsusb on the host.08:37
ograbasically we dont have musb atm08:37
DanaGI wonder why it doesn't work as a module.08:39
ograi think it didnt work compiled in either08:41
ograamitk would know, he ported the patch back then08:41
amitkno porting involved, it was the state of musb in 2.6.3308:42
ogracooloney, can you make sure that our omap4 kernel has the same config for udebs as the omap3 one ? i think the files under debian.ti-omap/d-i/modules/ rule that, probably you can just copy them over08:42
cooloneyogra: the d-i files in omap4 was copied from omap3 debian.ti-omap/d-i/modules/08:45
cooloneyogra: they are the same, i never change that.08:46
ograthey recently changed :)08:46
ograi just checked the nic-usb-modules package yesterday and its missing the same modules the omap3 one did08:47
ogramathieu added a fix afaik it was accepted to the tree already08:48
amitk... and that is why we are moving to a unified debian tree. That will be sync'ed across all branches, all releases.08:50
cooloneyogra: oh yeah, i noticed that. will check it later. maybe just apply mathieu's patch08:53
ograthat should be fine08:53
DanaGalso weird: cnetworkmanager --syscon doesn't list the wireless connection I stuck in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/08:55
DanaGAnd it also ignores my "Wired Network" connection by that name, and instead creates an "Auto eth0".08:57
DanaGI've never managed to get headless NetworkManager to work well.09:03
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LaibschHi everyone09:52
XorAhey Laibsch09:53
XorALaibsch: joining the ubuntu party?09:53
LaibschI'm a bit surprised to find you here09:53
LaibschI think I probably was here earlier than you ;-)09:53
LaibschBut probably not as active09:53
LaibschI always you'd never budge from being a staunch Debian user and Ubuntu-loather09:54
LaibschGood to see you here09:54
* XorA is paid to be here :-D09:54
Laibschare you?09:54
* XorA is a fedora user09:54
Laibschmore power to you09:54
Laibschthey should only hire people that at least have a Ubuntu tattoo to show their commitment09:55
Laibschanything less makes no sense ;-)09:55
XorAthat might be why at UDS they kept trying to get me intot the "dark" room :-D09:55
* XorA is on contract with TI which is working on ubuntu stuff09:55
LaibschI see09:56
loolXorA: Are you based in Nice?09:56
XorAlool: Scotland :-D09:56
loolDidn't know TI had a Scotland office09:56
* XorA has been in Nice09:56
XorAlool: they dont, I contract09:57
loolXorA: Well too bad we failed meeting at UDS then, I dont think I had the chance to chat with you, or if I did I failed I associated name and face09:57
* XorA is actually based in Dallas office09:57
neureanyone used http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#NetInstall_Method ?09:57
neurei get a kernel panic on boot :/09:57
loolOh you're based in Dallas, then I might see who you are09:57
XorAlool: I was hanging with the TI dudes mostly, you would have found me in Xorg and ALSA talks09:57
Laibschlool: XorA is also one of the OE crowd09:58
amitkXorA: not everyone is perfect, I hope you don't miss the bus to salvation ;-p09:58
amitk(just kidding)09:58
Laibschhurry, doors are closing ;-)09:58
* Laibsch hears that all the time09:58
neureany suggestions?09:58
Laibschactually it's "please don't hurry or rush, doors are closing" ;)09:58
XorAamitk: hehe, Im too old for distro wars09:59
hrwamitk: better not start - he will try to move you from ubuntu to angstrom10:01
amitkhrw: I've used OE before for the Zaurus 550010:02
Laibschdoesn't the Z predate OE?10:02
* XorA still has a 550010:02
* Laibsch too10:02
* amitk too10:02
XorAwhere is the ubuntu port?10:02
Laibschnot more than one meter away ;-)10:02
LaibschXorA: working on it ;-)10:03
Laibschbut probably impossible10:03
hrwLaibsch: no, OE was made as replacement for OpenZaurus build system10:03
Laibschhrw: yes, I know10:03
neureamitk, did you have some preinstalled image of ubuntu somewhere?10:03
* hrw does not have 5500 - donated to 2.6 hacker10:03
ogra_cmpcthere is a jaunty port for the zaurus somewhere10:03
XorALaibsch: if I knew how to rebuild full ubuntu easilly it would be real easy to do an armv4 port10:03
Laibschhrw: therefore the Z was there before OE10:03
DanaGyeah, and it failed miserably last time I tried one.10:03
XorALaibsch: I just need a build farm10:03
DanaGKernel didn't have ucb1x00_ts enabled, or such.10:03
hrwLaibsch: ah yes...10:04
amitkneure: preinstall image? Not for Lucid. We will have preinstalled images for Maverick though.10:04
neureanything that i could try?10:05
ogra_cmpcneure, that netinst image uses a kernel from rcn-ee, wait for him to be around10:05
ogra_cmpcoh i lied, its hardy that was ported to the zaurus10:06
=== ericm is now known as ericm-afk
amitkneure: did you try with a different usb-ethernet adapter?10:06
ogra_cmpcuse an asix or pegasus based one10:07
neureamitk, no, i dont think i have one10:07
neurei could perhaps get the apple one10:07
neureis it known to work?10:07
ogra_cmpcalso did you file a bug aboout your partitioning error ?10:07
neureno, i didnt10:08
ogra_cmpcits very likely that you will hit it again even with a netinstall10:08
neureif i do i can try to file a report10:08
neurebut its just 'doesnt work'10:08
ogra_cmpcwell, thats not a proper erro description we accept here :)10:08
neurei have bootargs=vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:800x600-16@60 console=ttyS2,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootwait10:09
neurei wonder what i should have in order to use this rcn-ee thing10:10
ogra_cmpcno idea10:10
ogra_cmpcrootwait is definately wrong for the official images10:10
neurewhat does it mean?10:11
ogra_cmpcbut you might need it in rcn"s10:11
hrwmakes kernel wait for rootfs device to appear10:11
ogra_cmpcit means to wait for the rootfs device until it shows up10:11
ogra_cmpcsince ubuntu always uses an initramfs in the official images thats not needed10:11
ogra_cmpcwe also boot in ro mode by default10:12
ogra_cmpcbecause mountall remounts rw after fsck10:12
loolmattman wrote me that he managed to boot to a console using our ti-omap kernel + qemu-maemo!   :-)10:14
LaibschXorA: lool shared with me a couple of blueprints discussed at UDS: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-m?searchtext=arm-10:14
Laibschhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/arm-m-cross-compilers looks like something you and I may be interested in10:15
neureif i have this 16GB mmc card inserted, i get this: http://www.pastie.org/98697010:15
neureis something wrong?10:15
XorAlool: have you been to Nice BTW?10:16
neureif i dont have it in there, i get http://www.pastie.org/98697110:16
loolXorA: I came to visit, yes10:16
LaibschXorA: Ubuntu on ARM is still very young and evolving, so I have a hard time (and not enough of it)to keep up with the status10:16
loolFor a couple of days only10:16
loolI wouldn't mind going back  :-)10:16
loolit's an easy ride10:16
XorAlool: same meeting as persia jumped out of hotel?10:16
loolhaha yes10:16
XorAlool: you met me then10:16
loolI was his translator in the hospital  :-)10:16
loolXorA: I missed the morning meeting, but I think I saw you Monday afternoon10:17
loolXorA: I am the guy who talked about cross-compilation10:17
XorAlool: I was all in black wearing New Rocks10:17
XorAlool: from weds onwards I had my nails painted10:17
ograLaibsch, i wouldnt call 1.5 years "young" :)10:17
LaibschI would ;-)10:18
loolXorA: I only stayed until Tuesday evening I'm afraid10:18
loolI missed the fingernails10:18
ogralool, he had them painted at UDS too10:18
neurecould it be that there is an issue with the sdcard?10:18
neurecould that be causing issues for server installer?10:19
* XorA should get his hair hot pink to make it wasier to spot :-D10:19
hrwI remember how someone asked me 'why XorA paints his fingernails' ;d10:19
ograneure, your paste shows that you dont have a second partition10:19
neureogra, that is correct10:20
hrwlibnih - for all those with NIH problem?10:20
ograhrw, yeah *g*10:20
XorAhrw: your answer?10:20
neureogra, that is sdcard with ubuntu installer on it,  created by script by rcn-ee..10:20
ograneure, then how do you expect it to boot from mmcblk0p2 ?10:20
hrwXorA: because he can10:20
neurewell he doesnt tell what i should have as bootargs :(10:21
XorAhrw: nice catch :-D10:21
hrwXorA: I do not care how people look as long as they are fine with it10:21
neurei tried to change it to p1 but that didnt help10:21
XorAhrw: this is why I like working in linux, in the windows world I would always be the freak10:22
* XorA isnt good with suits10:22
ograneure, for netinstall you dont set root=10:22
ograit needs to load the initrd as rootfs10:22
neureogra, http://www.pastie.org/986979  -- without root10:24
ograhow did you load the initrd ?10:24
neurei dont know...10:24
neurelike this10:26
neurebootcmd=mmc init;fatload mmc 0 80300000 uImage;bootm 8030000010:28
neurethats my bootcmd i wonder if thats ok?10:28
ograthats definately not right10:28
ograwait for rcn-ee10:28
neurewhat should it be?)10:28
ograi guess he has a boot.scr file somewhere10:28
ograi have no clue about the unofficial images10:29
cwillu_at_workneure, what's the problem?10:36
ograasac, x-loader and u-boot with XM support are in maverick now10:49
loologra: Cool10:50
* ogra ponders about the x-loader-omap4 versioning10:50
ogralool, i have x-loader-omap4-L24.6-p1git20100520 what would you do with the L ?10:51
ogra(its TI versioning for the omap4 branches, u-boot has that too)10:51
ograi'm inclined to just ignore th elintian warning, but we'll get probs if we ever have a unified x-loader package (not that i expect that to happen)10:52
loologra: the L?10:53
ograis the version10:53
ograL24.6-p1 is what TI calls the release10:53
loolIt shouldn't be a problem for pdkg10:53
loolYou can have as many dashes as you like10:54
ograwell, usually x-loader is 1.1.4 or some such10:54
loolIt would be good to understand how they relate10:54
loolIs it a 1.1.4 + patches?10:54
ograif we get a unified u-boot or x-loader package we'll struggle with the versions10:54
loologra: I understand x-loader is a TI only project, so eventually everything will go upstream, right?10:55
ograi think its based on 1.1.4 but TI always uses L (for linux) 2.6 (kernel main version) -p* published version10:55
ograx-loader will even vanish soon and just become a binary header to u-boot.bimn10:55
ograbut still, the u-boot-omap4 version has the same issue10:56
ograi'd actually like to use their versioning, but once jcrigby is done and we have a unified numeric version it will force an epoch10:56
loologra: If you're taking full tarballs from them, make sure the origin is reflected in the source package name and use their versions10:56
ograat least for conflict/replacing the binary versions10:57
loolWell we could use different binary package names and provide an upgrade path10:57
ograi expect jcrigby's work to result in a u-boot source but u-boot-omap3 and omap4 binary packages10:57
ograindeed, that would work10:57
ograok, i'll keep the original TI versioning10:58
ogralool, thanks10:58
ogra(effectively it doesnt matter anyway, i dont think anyone will actually use the binaires directly, they are for the image build system)10:59
asacogra: flash-kernel on omap is kinda destructive11:00
ograasac, yes, that'll change for maverick11:00
asacwhy dont you use the defaults that are in the uboot source?11:00
asacthat looks really generic and good enough11:00
ograasac, because upstream u-boot has no concept for an initrd11:01
ograand we cant use boot.scr if we use NAND11:01
ogramaverick will change that completely11:01
asacogra: hmm. we cant use boot.scr if we use nand? why is that?11:02
ograbecause boot.scr only works from vfat11:02
asacthe default that is in uboot seems to do the right thing .. checks if sdcard is there11:02
asacotherwise uses nandboot11:02
ograbut has no concept of initrd at all11:03
ograanyway, lucid is done11:03
asacwell. thats simple to add imo11:03
ogramaverick will change the whole concept11:03
asacogra: right. problem is that once you install lucid you cant install anything else anymore ...11:03
ograsince we ship our own u-boot now11:03
ograyou can update the setup11:03
ograi'll take care for that11:03
asacah you didnt ship your own uboot11:04
ograif you have a better concept, feel free to do an SRU11:04
asacmy image has that11:04
asacthats the problem then11:04
asacall fine11:04
ogratime was to short in lucid to change the whole image build system11:04
ograwhich is why i relied on NAND11:05
ograasac, btw, any final word on the naming discussion?11:05
ograi'll start with the tool this afternoon11:06
ogra(after the mobile meeting)11:06
asacogra: remind me about what naming discussion that is ;)11:09
ograasac, casper :)11:09
ograsee the spec whiteboard11:10
asacogra: EDONTCARE ;)11:10
asaclet me see whats going on on whiteboard11:10
* asac didnt intent do raise a long discussion11:10
ograbtw, i didnt bother to rename the specs since th eteam will likely be renamed soon11:10
ograand i didnt want to do the renaming twice11:11
asacogra: well. but it was tough to find11:11
asacogra: can you paste the url again ;)11:11
asaci wont be able to find it11:11
ograyeah, agreed11:11
ograhrm, no NCommander11:13
ograhe had a task to care for libnih before the meeting11:14
ograoh, now upstart failed completely ... no wonder i dont find libnih on the ftbfs list :P11:15
ograhmm, funny, i dont see any recent upload11:16
LaibschHow does one start to build Ubuntu for ARM from scratch?11:17
LaibschI thought about starting from Jaunty and then recompiling packages11:17
LaibschBut Jaunty requires armv5t11:17
* ogra wonders why you would recompile11:18
LaibschI was wondering how to inflict a lot of pain on myself and base it off armv411:18
hrwLaibsch: you have armv4t?11:18
hrwLaibsch: armv4? strongarm?11:18
LaibschXorA seemed to be interested in it11:18
Laibschthis is as much about getting binaries as it is about learning the steps11:18
ograiirc there was a spec about rebuilding the whole distro for other arm versions11:19
loolLaibsch: The way mojo did it and which is proven to work is to rebuild the archive multiple times against itself11:19
ogranot sure where it went though11:19
hrwLaibsch: grab as fast arm buildd as possible, install ubuntu and do rebuilds for armv4/eabi? nightmare task11:19
Laibschlool: take Jaunty and rebuild the toolchain packages, then reiterate?11:19
LaibschI see11:20
loolLaibsch: Take whatever Ubuntu version, change the toolchain, rebuild the modified archive against itself, rebuild again and again11:20
LaibschMaybe sticking with armv5t is a better idea then (probably plenty of pain as is ;-))11:20
loolI'd recommend taking the latest version of Ubuntu11:20
lool(for rebuilds)11:20
ograor get some more recent HW :)11:20
ogramoney seems the easiest solution for your prob11:21
LaibschWhere is the armv7 vs. armv5t vs. armv4 switch?11:21
Laibschogra: you don't seem to understand my prob11:21
ograjaunty v5, karmic v6, lucid v711:21
LaibschI don't have a particular prob11:21
ograthe switch is done in the compiler defaults iirc11:22
Laibschogra: See my comment 19:18:4911:22
Laibschogra: thanks11:22
LaibschXorA: ^^^11:22
Laibschlool: Is there a way to find out if the numbers of compile iterations have been sufficient or not?11:43
Laibschdebdiff $deb1 $deb2?11:44
Laibschor something like that?11:44
neurecwillu_at_work, i am having hard time installing ubuntu on my beagleboard C212:04
cwillu_at_workcan you be more specific? :)12:04
cwillu_at_workare you using rootstock?12:04
neureno... 1) installer doesnt recognize my moschip network usb to etherner adapter12:04
ogra'doesnt work'12:04
neure2) server installer fails to format usb stick12:04
cwillu_at_workyou should use rootstock :D12:05
neurei guess so then12:05
neureim trying to figure out how to boot http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu12:05
neurebut i dont know what boot environment variables it needs12:05
cwillu_at_workwhich, the kernel, or u-boot?12:06
cwillu_at_workc2 will have a pretty old u-boot, but it should still boot fine12:06
neureshould i upgrade?12:06
cwillu_at_workneure, have you done ./setup_sdcard.sh --mmc /dev/sdX --uboot beagle?12:06
neurecwillu_at_work,  yes12:06
cwillu_at_workand you booted with the user button held down?12:07
cwillu_at_workyou have a serial line hooked up?12:07
neurei can see kernel booting12:07
neurebut then it fails to figure out where is root12:07
cwillu_at_workwhat's the kernel panic?12:07
ogracwillu_at_work, iirc his u-boot doesnt load boot.scr12:07
ograby default12:07
cwillu_at_workneure, boot up, and pull up the u-boot prompt over serial12:08
neureif i have some root= in boot args, it fails to mount that12:08
cwillu_at_workneure, tell me what the bootargs are set to12:08
neurebootargs=vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:800x600-16@60 console=ttyS2,115200n812:08
cwillu_at_workneure, and the card mounts fine on a desktop, and you properly unmounted it?12:08
neurebootcmd=mmc init;fatload mmc 0 80300000 uImage;bootm 8030000012:08
neurethe card has only one partition12:09
neureboot fails it says it cant find init12:09
cwillu_at_workneure, you'll need "rootwait root=/..." in bootargs12:09
neureroot= what?12:09
ndecogra: hi12:09
neureiirc i tried it12:09
ograndec, hey12:09
neurelet me try again12:09
cwillu_at_workor mmcblk0p2 if it's a second partition12:09
cwillu_at_workneure, you had rootwait as well?12:09
neurelet me try and get you the message12:10
ndecogra: if I want to get automatic login on the console by default, what's the easiest way?12:10
ograndec, i think asac has a script for that12:10
ndecogra: I don't need root login, so any user is okay12:10
ograthough thats rootlogin by default12:10
ndecogra: that's okay too...12:10
ograasac, ?? ^^^12:11
cwillu_at_workndec, /etc/init/tty1.conf sets up the login prompt on tty112:11
neurecwillu_at_work, i get [   24.414520] Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel.12:11
cwillu_at_workneure, try init=/bin/bash12:12
cwillu_at_workoh, wait12:12
cwillu_at_workone sec12:12
cwillu_at_workneure, your rootstock failed probably12:12
cwillu_at_workneure, which qemu packages did you isntall?12:12
ndeccwillu_at_work: but i want autologin. i have automatic tests that reboot the board and run afterwards, so I need to make sure that I can autologin12:13
neurei didnt12:13
neurecwillu_at_work,  i used http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu12:13
cwillu_at_workndec, that's nice.12:13
ndeccwillu_at_work: what is nice?12:13
cwillu_at_workndec, it's almost like I was giving you exact hint you need, and you missed it ;)12:13
cwillu_at_workneure, install qemu-kvm-extras-static, and rerun rootstock and remake the card12:15
neurecwillu_at_work,  i was trying "NetInstall Method" on that page12:15
neurei havent run rootstock at all12:15
neurehow much rootstock needs diskspace?12:16
neurei dont have much on my vmware  :/12:16
cwillu_at_workneure, it needs about as much room as the final image size12:16
asacndec: we have a package for that ...12:17
neureso 1 GB should be enough?12:17
cwillu_at_workre: net install, I presume you got to the part where it said "If boot fails... upgrade x-loader and u-boot ... and clean u-boot environment vars"?12:17
neureE: Couldn't find package qemu-kvm-extras-static12:17
cwillu_at_workand ignored it, given that you asked if you should update u-boot?12:17
ndecasac: which package?12:17
neureim running ubuntu 9 something in my vmware12:17
asacndec: see msg12:17
asacndec: you want autologin serial console?12:18
asacas root?12:18
asacor autologin virtual terminal?12:18
ndecasac: root or not, don't care.12:18
asacthe package isnt published yet (reason see msg)12:18
cwillu_at_workasac, come on, it's a one line change to /etc/init/tty1.conf :p12:18
asacndec: serial or virtual terminal?12:18
asaccwillu_at_work: yes, its a one line change, or some magic ;)12:19
asacwe opted in to magic12:19
cwillu_at_workbad asac, BAD.12:19
asacas you cannot change .conf files12:19
asacin a package12:19
cwillu_at_work_why_ does it need to be a package?12:19
ndecasac: serial12:19
asacndec: do you need a package or can i just give you the files?12:20
ogracwillu_at_work, because this is ubuntu :)12:20
cwillu_at_workogra, "if dkms is madness, _this_ is sparta"12:20
ndecasac: whatever is simpler for you... honestly I just need the 1-line change ;-)12:20
ogracwillu_at_work, why would dkms be madness ? we use it all over the distro12:21
cwillu_at_workogra, it was an excuse to use a good quote :p12:21
cwillu_at_workasac, agra, repeat after me:  "apt is not a global control panel"12:21
neurecwillu_at_work,  will rootstock make installer image or what?12:21
asacndec: cool. then just take that change for now ;)12:21
asacndec: and wait for the magic to pop up on a tree ;)12:22
cwillu_at_workneure, rootstock makes the final installed image, you just need to dump it onto a card and boot12:22
ndecasac: but I don't have the 1-line for now...12:22
neurei have 16GB sdcard12:22
neureso i would need 16GB free in my vmware12:22
neurewhich i dont have :/12:22
cwillu_at_workyou only need the tarball, which will be 600mb or so12:22
cwillu_at_workthen you just write it out to the sd card like it was any other hard drive12:23
cwillu_at_workmk_mmc and company does exactly that12:23
neureok so it might work even with ~2GB free to make 16GB image?12:23
cwillu_at_workneure, exactly, because you're not actually making a 16GB image12:23
neurewell it starts by "I: Creating temporary Image" so i was worried.. :P12:24
cwillu_at_workit just needs to be big enough to actually complete the install, the final size of the card doesn't matter12:24
neurei'll give it a try12:24
* cwillu_at_work cringes at the thought of running rootstock (which uses a vm internally) under vmware12:25
cwillu_at_workneure, hmm12:25
cwillu_at_workyou know, you could actually use one of the prebuilt images on the same page I bet12:25
neurecwillu_at_work, is there such?12:25
cwillu_at_workneure, brief tangent:  when reading technical documentation other than reference material (which that link isn't), it's usually a good idea to read the whole thing once through before actually attempting to follow the instructions12:26
cwillu_at_workthe instructions to use a prebuilt image is the first thing after the table of contents :p12:27
neurethe demo image in the beginning is 2G12:27
neuremy sdcard is 1612:27
cwillu_at_workdoesn't matter12:27
neureand i need the space12:27
cwillu_at_workyour reading comprehension leaves something to be desired :)12:27
cwillu_at_workfirst, the rebuilt images are tarballs, which are like zip archives12:28
neureso --imagesize 2G has very little no no meaning at all?12:28
cwillu_at_workpretty much12:28
neureok i will try12:28
neureor well12:29
cwillu_at_workit's used for the internal virtual machine during install, and rootstock can (and does by default I think?) give a raw image of that size (the end result of the virtual machine)12:29
cwillu_at_workbut a tarball is generally more useful for a few reasons12:29
ogra--imagesize 2G is important for building12:29
ograhas nothing to do with the target SD12:29
neure5 min to download the image :)12:30
neurecwillu_at_work, how about bootargs for the demo image?12:33
cwillu_at_workneure, the args I gave you before should work12:33
cwillu_at_workroot=/dev/mmcblk0p1, etc12:33
cwillu_at_workneure, there should be a boot.scr that setup_sdcard.sh makes12:34
=== ericm-afk is now known as ericm
neuregot the image now..12:35
neurewe'll find out soon12:36
neurerunning setup script...12:37
neurehow much diskspace is in use by the prebuilt demo image?12:47
neureit's taking a quite a long time to populate rootfs...12:47
cwillu_at_workneure, not sure;  less than 2gb12:50
neuredf is reporting 474404 as Used currently12:50
cwillu_at_workdf -h is nice12:51
neurethe script finished now12:52
neurenow booting12:53
neure[   24.510650] Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel.12:53
neureso.. the same error, basically12:54
cwillu_at_workneure, if you mount that sd card, is there a ./sbin/init?12:54
cwillu_at_workwhat partitions are there?12:56
cwillu_at_workls /dev/sd*12:56
cwillu_at_workand cross reference to whichever you mounted12:56
neure/dev/sda  /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sda5  /dev/sdb  /dev/sdb1  /dev/sdb2  /dev/sdc  /dev/sdd  /dev/sde12:56
neure/dev/sdb2 on /media/sdcard2 type ext3 (rw)12:57
neure/dev/sdb1 on /media/sdcard1 type vfat (rw,flush)12:57
cwillu_at_workwhat was your root= line?12:57
neurebootargs=vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:800x600-16@60 console=ttyS2,115200n8 rootwait root=/dev/mmcblk0p112:57
neurei see12:57
neurelet me try p212:57
neurei got login now12:59
markos_hi, I've managed to build ~3k packages (karmic for now) using -mfloat-abi=hard and codesourcery 2010q1 gcc 4.4.1. So far I've had minor problems, but I've hit a wall with mono and java (gcj/openjdk), anyone willing to help/point to the right directions?12:59
neurecwillu_at_work, thanks !12:59
neurecwillu_at_work,  one more q..12:59
neurehow do i add x?12:59
neuresome minimal12:59
neuresome simple, compact wm if possible12:59
cwillu_at_workneure, play around on your vm with a ubuntu-server image or some such;  basically you can apt-get install <foo> to make any install you could possibly want13:00
neurethis is the minimal demo image13:01
neurebut.. i would like to get some hint about how to proceed getting X :)13:01
cwillu_at_workbinutils build-essential cups git-corelinux-firmware network-manager openssh-server picocom python-dev python-nose python-pip python-setuptools python-virtualenv samba system-config-printer-udev uboot-envtools uboot-mkimage ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard vim winbind wireless-tools xdotool xfwm4 xorg xsplash libcap2-bin13:01
cwillu_at_workare the package I throw in13:01
cwillu_at_worka lot of them aren't going to be relevant for you though13:02
cwillu_at_workyou could also do something like "ubuntu-desktop" or "lubuntu-desktop" to get a fairly full desktop (full ubuntu, and a light ubuntu respectively)13:03
ograor ubuntu-netbook :)13:03
ograits specifically tailored for armel13:03
neuremy network doesnt seem to work13:05
neurehow do i check that?13:05
cwillu_at_work#ubuntu :p13:05
ograor on a lower level: cat /proc/net/dev13:05
neurei dont see anything other than lo13:05
neurewhich is bad13:05
neurei suppose13:05
neurethere is no eth13:05
cwillu_at_workdhclient eth0 says device not found?13:06
ograin proc ?13:06
cwillu_at_work(a device that's down won't show up in ifconfig unless you specifically name it)13:06
neureogra, proc has line for eth013:06
ograthen bring it up13:06
ograand run dhclient for it13:06
cwillu_at_workdhclient eth0 will suffice (it'll bring it up automatically)13:07
cwillu_at_workthis is typical stuff for a bare operating system13:07
neurei had to run "dhclient eth0" before my eth0 started running13:07
ogradpkg-deb: Building Package »u-boot-omap4« in »../u-boot-omap4_L24.6-p1git20100520-0ubuntu1_armel.deb«.13:07
neurecwillu_at_work, eh13:08
neurei suppose my clock is not right13:09
neureinstalling some packages i get lots of tar complaining time stamps being in future13:09
ograrun ntpdate13:09
cwillu_at_workntpdate-debian :p13:09
neurei'll wait for the packages to install first13:09
neurei hope things are not broken by running with bad clock?13:09
cwillu_at_workneure, i.e., almost nothing you're going through at the moment is specific to ubuntu or beagle13:09
cwillu_at_workit's just general "bringing up a unix system"13:10
neurei know.. :)13:10
ograif you set up your network properly it will automatically sync the clock on network bringup during boot13:10
cwillu_at_workneure, should be fine, although you'll have bogus dates on files, etc13:10
neureogra yes, i want it that way, but i was bitten by the fact that it is not like that by default on the minimal image i started from :)13:11
ograyou have to configure /etc/network/interfaces13:11
ograor use network manager13:11
ograthat will always autosync the clock on network bringup13:11
neurefirst i want x working :)13:11
neureeven before that i want openssh-server working13:11
ograsudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com13:12
ograbefore installinf stuff13:12
neurewell im already installing stuff13:12
neurei hope things will still work13:12
ograthey will, its just annoyingly niosy13:12
neureupdate-alternatives: using /usr/bin/smbstatus.samba3 to provide /usr/bin/smbstatus (smbstatus) in auto mode.13:16
neuresmbd start/running, process 132713:16
neurestart: Job failed to start13:16
neurewhats that?13:16
ogralooks like samba13:16
neureyeah is it supposed to fail like that?)13:17
ograno idea13:17
ograi never use samba13:17
neurehow do i allow lame passwords?13:19
neuresorry moved to #ubuntu :)13:19
neurehow do i remove the 'password has expired'?13:23
neuregot ssh working :)13:25
ogralool, asac, is there any interest in keeping the uboot-imx package in the archive ?13:30
ograi'm inclined to file a removal bug13:30
loologra: Does it work?13:37
ogralool, well, very roughly ... its darn slow and a mess merged of two patchsets13:38
loolIf it works and is not a huge maintenance burden, it might make sense to keep it?13:38
ograeffectively it was merged of two non working patch tarballs to make it somewhat work13:38
neurenow getting ubuntu-netbook13:39
ogratoday there shoudl be a new codebase in the freescale git that works better but i'm not really after maintaining it and doing a new release13:39
ograbeyond that it doesnt fit into the naming scheme anymore13:39
ogra(i use u-boot instead of uboot everywhere since thats what we get from all the upstream branches)13:40
neureoh no13:41
neure"ubuntu@beagleboard:~$ [ 2773.007507] hub 1-0:1.0: port 2 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling..."13:41
neurewhat is that?13:41
neuremy ssh connection to shell that was installing ubuntu-netbook was reset :/13:42
neurebut looks like it is still running13:42
neureserial still works13:42
neurebut looks like my eth0 died :/13:47
neurei had no issues with ångström13:47
neureusb worked reliably13:47
neureogra i assume my installation issues were caused by usb issues13:51
asacogra: isnt there a new git snapshot now available with all the fixes?13:57
ograasac, no idea, but their git tree was supposed to have the fixes ... i didnt check13:58
ograand i dont have interest in maintaining it (as in updates to the package)13:58
ograso if nobody takes it over or says he needs it in the distro, i'D rather remove it13:59
amitkogra: I used the imx uboot on my babbage board, it worked upto a point and then the board died. No idea if was caused by uboot. I need to use JTAG to try get it working again.13:59
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zygaogra: how can I make my nebook image look nice with 24bpp color on a beagle board?14:28
hrwzyga: use other omapfb.mode14:29
ograwhat hrw said14:30
hrwzyga: 1280x800-24@6014:30
zygaogra, hrw: is it possible to change this without rebooting?14:30
hrwzyga: fbset --depth 24?14:30
* ogra dounbts that works but would be happy to be proven wrong14:30
zygait 'worked'14:32
zygainteresting image14:32
zygait's not what I wanted14:32
zygaogra: any hints?14:32
ogradefine "interesting image"14:32
=== mcasadevall is now known as NCommander
zygaogra: sending at ogra@canonical.com14:33
zygaogra: resetting to 16 makes it even more wrong14:34
zygathe bottom 30% is black14:34
ograwhat did you set on cmdline ?14:34
zygasudo fbset -depth 2414:34
zygaon cmdline14:34
ograi'm pretty sure dynamic switching wont work with omapfb14:34
ograyou likely need to reboot and set it on the kernel cmdline14:34
ogratry 32 ther14:35
zygajust did14:35
zyganice ;-)14:35
ograbetter ?14:35
zygaogra: yeah, much more readable, check your email14:36
zyganote the blackness in the bottom parts14:36
zygarebooting bb14:36
zygaogra: I set it to14:38
zyga'root=UUID=2e97cacf-bddd-45b7-a81a-c252dd42943f ro quiet splash vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-32@60 fixrtc'14:41
zygachecking now14:41
ograyou might also want 1280x80014:41
zygait looks awsome14:41
ograi picked 720MR-16 for people that use TV sets14:41
zygamuch much better than that 16bit crap14:41
ograsince usually monitors can to 720 even with a bit streching14:42
zygaogra: why 16? tvs cannot handle true color?14:42
ograzyga, eats more ram though14:42
ograno, just a ram decision14:42
hrwon 16:10 lcds 1280x800. on 16:9 - 1280x72014:42
zygaogra: makes you want to look at the screen though ;-)14:42
ograthough we allocate 12M ...14:42
ogramight not really be an issue with that14:43
ograhrw, right, but many TVs cant do 1280x80014:43
ograwhile monitors usually are able to do 1280x72014:43
ograeven 16:10 ones14:44
hrwmy TV anyway is not able to do MR ones14:44
ograthough the 16bit are surely debatable14:44
hrw1280x720 works14:44
zygaogra, what does omapfb.debug=y do?14:57
ograspill debug messages to dmesg afaik14:57
mpoirierogra: do I remember you telling me you have a panda board ?15:47
ogra_mpoirier, still waiting for it15:50
mpoirier_Ok - I got mine yesterday.15:51
ogra_dont boot it yet15:51
mpoirier_why ?15:51
ogra_we need a special kernel patch to work around an issue that will fry the HW15:51
ogra_at least i was told so15:52
ogra_did you boot it with our kernel ?15:52
ogra_i guess if there is something shipped with it that should be fine15:52
mpoirier_there is nothing apparent that came with it.15:52
mpoirier_no SD card.15:52
mpoirier_I'm just trying to see u-boot on the console.15:53
ogra_i just uploaded x-loader-omap4 and u-boot-omap415:53
mpoirier_I should probably do the same - where from ?15:54
ogra_https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/x-loader-omap4/L24.6-p1git20100520-0ubuntu2 and https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/u-boot-omap4/L24.6-p1git20100520-0ubuntu115:54
ogra_not published yet you will have to wait a bit15:54
mpoirier_what do you mean by not published yet ?15:56
ogra_the binary packages arent published yet15:56
ogra_the source just finished building15:57
mpoirier_I have to build them myself then.15:57
ogra_or just wait a bit15:57
mpoirier_very well, I can do that.15:57
ogra_the debs should show up within the next hour15:57
mpoirier_you're still getting patches from TI ?15:57
ogra_for the bootloaders ? nope15:57
ogra_they should be fine now15:57
ogra_at least they are on blaze15:58
ogra_i'D love to know if MLO and u-boot.bin from these packages work on panda15:58
mpoirier_Well, that was my next question - I bet they won't.15:58
mpoirier_too HW specific at that point.15:58
ogra_shouldnt be15:58
ogra_but we'll see15:58
ogra_x-loader might, u-boot definately shouldnt15:59
mpoirier_definitely shouldn't work or shouldn't have problems ?15:59
ogra_shouldnt have probs15:59
ogra_MLO (x-loader) might since the wiring of the boards is different16:00
mpoirier_yes, exactly.16:00
mpoirier_mapping layout, ports...16:00
ogra_but after x-loader u-boot should just work16:00
mpoirier_depending on how they did their things...16:00
ogra_well, its all omap416:00
ogra_my blaze currently boots with that u-boot16:00
ogra_so other omap4 should too16:01
mpoirier_if uboot is doing some board specific hw initialization we could see problems.16:01
ogra_if not we need to get that fixed by TI16:01
mpoirier_I'm skeptic here 'cause I never used an xloader.16:01
ogra_well, the omap4 u-boot is supposed to work across all omap4 boards we currently have16:01
mpoirier_Always did all board specific init in u-boot.16:01
ogra_x-loader inits the HW before loading u-boot16:01
ogra_so the differences should be covered in x-loader16:02
mpoirier_in that case yes.16:02
mpoirier_Otherwize TI needs to fix.16:02
armin76ogra_: you working with TI now?16:02
mpoirier_as in talking to them ?16:02
ogra_well, try out the binaries once the packages show up (or build the packages yourself if you cant wait)16:02
mpoirier_ya... I'll have to get another SD card.16:03
mpoirier_Don't want to mix OMAP4 and OMAP4.16:03
mpoirier_by the way...16:03
ogra_3 and 4 you mean :)16:03
mpoirier_yes - brain bug.16:04
mpoirier_by the way.16:04
mpoirier_is omap4 code compatible with omap316:04
mpoirier_binary i mean.16:04
ogra_usespace wise ? yes16:04
mpoirier_I'm talking about machine instructions.16:04
ogra_its definately backwards compatible16:05
mpoirier_yes, that is what I imagined.16:05
mpoirier_Then we'll have to see about my board.16:05
mpoirier_before talking to you I simply used the SD in my beableboad in the panda...16:06
mpoirier_I don't see anything on hte console but that might just be my serial connection.16:06
mpoirier_We'll see...16:06
ogra_the userspace binaries work16:06
ogra_TI is using lucid on their boards already16:06
mpoirier_yes, they should - I'm more worried about the kernel thing you told me about.16:07
mpoirier_my beagleboard kernel might have booted.16:07
mpoirier_it would be very surprizing but still possible.16:07
ogra_its not omap416:07
mpoirier_I just hope not - if the binaries are code compatible the processor will have fetched instructions.16:08
mpoirier_most likely not gone very far.16:09
ogra_it wont boot an omap3 kernel (it cant)16:09
ogra_and your MLO wont init the board anyway16:09
mpoirier_on another topic...16:10
mpoirier_have you built maverick for ARM recently ?16:10
mpoirier_kernel that is.16:10
ogra_not yet16:10
ogra_i'm actually waiting for the kernel team on that16:10
mpoirier_Yes, Bryan is working on it.16:11
ogra_<- uses binaries ...16:11
mpoirier_I'll join him shortly.16:11
ogra_i very very rarely build kernels :)16:11
mpoirier_ok all good - no more questions.16:11
ogra_though since i have a touchbook i actually do that again :)16:11
ogra_since it has non upstreamed patches it needs to work16:12
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armin76ndec: i want a blaze :D16:20
ograWOHOOO !!!!16:25
dmartlool: with regard to bug 489242, where can I find the patches you mention?16:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 489242 in libmad (Ubuntu) "Inline assembler fix needed for libmad in Lucid on armel (affects: 1) (heat: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48924216:29
dmartI don't see a distinct libmad for maverick yet16:30
=== ericm_ is now known as ericm-Zzz
ndecarmin76: no problem. give me you mail addres ;-)16:49
armin76ndec: yey, armin76@gentoo.org :)16:52
ndecarmin76: you should send me a check first .. ;-)16:56
armin76ndec: ogra pays16:57
ograand its hard to attach blazes to mails :)16:57
ndecogra: that's why I said mail address and not email address ;-)16:57
armin76oh, sorry, i'm used to it, i'll email it to you if you give me your email :D16:58
hrwok, time for me17:00
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
ograarmin76, checks are also hard to attach to emails ;)17:01
armin76ogra: dunno, thats your choice *g*17:01
ogramine ?17:01
armin76yup, you pay17:02
cwillu_at_workmmm, avahi isn't in ubuntu-standard anymore17:12
ograjayabharath, pingaling17:12
dmartlool: ping17:13
ograNCommand1r, ^^^17:27
ografeel free to play with it17:27
ogra(for image building)17:27
NCommand1rogra: oooh, win, although I don't have my OMAP4 with me at the moment :-/17:31
looldmart: pong17:32
looldmart: The patches are in the libmad source package17:32
dmartlool: are you comparing against the current Debian package?17:33
looldmart: the libmad version is the same in lucid and maverick17:33
looldmart: I'm just looking at the patches in the Ubuntu package17:33
looldmart: Comparing the patch in the open bug and the patches in the source package17:33
looldmart: There was a complaint that libmad produces garbled output with Ubuntu's binaries17:34
dmartyeah, I saw that one17:35
dmartWhich patches are you comparing?17:35
looldmart: Which is why I looked at the patches on the ARM bugzilla and in Launchpad, I wanted to send them upstream too, but I got confused by the three different patches and wanted someone who worked on them to sort it out17:35
dmartdebian/patches/* versus http://linux.onarm.com/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=11 ?17:35
loolYes something like that, or actually I think the one you attached to the Launchpad bug and the ones in the Ubuntu package17:36
dmartI can't see any patch attached to launchpad17:37
dmart...but it looks like the one on Bugzilla may be different, is that what you mean?17:37
looldmart: Yes17:38
looldmart: You probably just linked to the bugzilla patch in Launchpad or so17:38
dmartI think that's probably it.17:39
looldmart: So there were slight differences in the ifdefs and implementation of the arm assembly17:41
dmartI'll have to take a look at that and get back to you.17:44
looldmart: Thanks17:45
armin76dmart: did you guys saw that gcc fails to build with --enable-checking?17:46
dmartarmin76: Can you check with doko?17:47
armin76will do when he's around17:49
dmartI havent tried/observed this myself.  Is this Ubuntu gcc or trunk?17:52
dmartlool: It looks like Kevin Welton's patch on linux.onarm.com is an implementation of the same thing.17:53
dmart * it's a bit neater than mine for MAD_F_MLN17:54
dmart * he's added some Thumb compatibility in imdct_l_arm.S, but it's an out-of-line assembler file and so will still be built for ARM by default17:54
dmart  * (we could change that if desired)17:54
dmart * he lacks the add pc -> adr change in imdct_l_arm.S, which would probably cause problems if the code was really being built for thumb17:56
dmartI guess I'll need to merge the patches together and make sure the merged patch hits linux.onarm.com as well as Ubuntu17:56
cwillu_at_workis there a more correct way to generate the xauth file for a user than to xauth extract - $DISPLAY | xauth -f ~user/.Xauthority merge -; chown user ~user/.Xauthority?18:11
cwillu_at_work... in xsession.d18:12
looldavidm: There are small differences like ifdef thumb versus ifdef thumb219:06
loolerr sorry davidm19:06
loolah dmart left19:07
davidmlool, NP19:10
* armin76 waits for ndec's mail :D19:38
DanaGstupid finch... screen didn't update, so I pasted twice.20:25
NCommanderan Ubuntu tablet?20:32
* NCommander has doubts about that being a great user experience since nothing is touch optimized expect the UNE launcher20:32
DanaGInteresting... some people from TI are on campus here right now.20:42
DanaGSome sort of meeting going on.20:42
zygaogra: booting with 32bit color makes the console blue21:08
gbillingsdoes anybody know how to compile + install elf-arm-gcc in lucid lynx?23:21

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